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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

A Viscount at Nutt's Corner, Belfast
9th July 1962 from Daddy & Mammy at Belfast to Miss Ingrid Allen, The Manse, Ballyclare

             1                                    1                  2                    3                   4                    5
10th August 1910 from Bea in London to Mrs. Birkmyre, Drum House, Glengormley, Belfast
This is Charlie's youngest baby, 16 months. What do you think of her? Love to all
2) 15th July 1915? from Liz in Portrush to Miss Clara Birkmyre, Drum House, Glengormley, Belfast
3) 11th June ? from Dublin to Miss C. Birkmyre, Drum House, Glengormley, Belfast
4) 16th April ? from Mrs. A. in Belfast to Miss C. Birkmyre, Drum House, Glengormley
Hope you were successful today, what do you think of this home made PC. Kind regards
5) from Ria in Portrush to Clara, Drum House, Glengormley, Belfast

1) 1929 from E. S. in Scarborough to Mrs. J. Bell, Milne's Waverley, Douglas, Isle of Man
2) Mr. John Descoby, 442 High Street, Lincoln

1) 28th July 1923? from M. in Co. Down to S/C. L. Bonar, Internment Camp, Larne
2) 4th July 1924 from Cousin Jenny in Whiteleys, Stranraer to Mrs. F. Bonar, 10 Mill Street, Larne

18th October 1894 from Mervyn Lepper at Moravian School in Neuwied, Germany to (Bots) R. L. Botsford, St. Michel's School, Westgate-on-the-sea, England!
My dear old Bots, I hope you are quite well and happy. Thanks awfully for all the papers and letters and B??? which as you think were unanswered. I sent them but they were nearly all sent back again. We have had the "grape Wall" to Leutesdorf, grapes not as good as last year. We have been ? Photographed for Fritchi's Birthday ? each time somebody moved and ? to take us six times. It is all bad weather lately. Michele Logan ? in No. V this term, dear old Lam? (Ralliard!) has left. I liked him ? An awful blackguard has come instai? We call him "blue-beard" because his whiskers are red. There is a chap called Wragge who to "? kind" who has a moustache ? it looks awfully funny, I am in the ? for French and German. I received y? and Fitbits today, thanks awfully ? ? Archie???????????????????. Heaps to tell ? no more room. All the walls ? been painted at least papered. O??? much better than before. With best ? and to Archie I am yours
                                                          1                                                         2
Sam & Lil? from Carrie
2) J. W. Charlton, Esq., 4 India Buildings, Liverpool from Montreal

War Memorial, Whiteinch Park 1933 from M. S. in Glasgow to Mrs. Cuthbert, 10 Mill Street, Larne

from Ada at Gardens Square, Princess Street, Hull to Miss N. (Nelly) Davy, c/o Mr. Dunn, Catfoss Hall, Sigglesthorne, Hull

                 1                     2                     3                    4              
26th March 1938 from R. M. Ker in Belfast to Mrs. Donnelly, 66 Broadway, City
2) from Rev. John Donnelly
3) 21st February 1915 from Jenni to Mrs. Donnelly, 66 Broadway Road, Belfast
Just a P.C., I am sure you will be surprised to hear that Martha's young man came home unexpected on Friday morning and was married this morning. I had not time to go up to tell you.
4) 15th April 1925? from E. Hill in Gateshead to Mrs. Donelly, 66 Broadway Road, Belfast

Shannon Airport, Rineanna, Co. Clare, Ireland
1953? from Lily & Ted in "Clan Ellagh" Kilkee, Co. Clare to Miss S. Donnelly, 29 Lisburn Avenue, Lisburn Road, Belfast

Cable Road, Whitehead
23rd July 1928 from Clara in Withernsea, Yorks to Mr. & Mrs. Donnelly, 66 Broadway, Belfast

Pickie Walk, Bangor 12th July 19?2 from L. B. in Bangor to Mrs. J. Donnelly, 66 Broadway, Belfast

Coastguard Station, Donaghadee
23rd July 1920 from L. P. to Mr. James Donnelly, 66 Broadway, off Falls Road, Belfast

The Bungalow, Helen's Bay
17th July 1916 from Sarah Wilson in Helen's Bay to Mrs. J. Donnely, 66 Broadway, Belfast
Dear Lizzie

The Promenade, Donaghadee
17th July 1920 from J. W. in Donaghadee to Mrs. Donnelly, 66 Broadway, Belfast

Church Place, Donaghadee
1921? from L. Donnelly in Donaghadee to Mr. J. H. Donnelly, 66 Broadway, off Falls Road, Belfast

Recreation Grounds and Ramore Head, Portrush
20th July 1933 from L. D. in Portrush to Mr. J. H. Donnelly, 48 Broadway, off Falls Road, Belfast

                1                                        2                                          3                                 4    
6.9.19 from Berlin to F. H. Fraulein A. G. Dyserinck, Holland
2) 12.1.1922 from S Graveshage to Dyserinck
3) ?
4) 29th June 1921 from S Gravenhage to Dyserinck

                                                1907                                   1921                                      1924

Ellen                                            Scrabo Tower, Newtownards                                                    
9th September 1962 from Susan in Newtownards to Mrs. T. E. Ellison, 1 Castle Park, Cavehill Road, Belfast

Church Street, Coleraine
19th August 1966 from Jean & Elsie in Coleraine to Mrs. Ewart, 209 Joanmount Gardens, Oldpark Road, Belfast

15th ? 63? from J. Stewart in Cloughey to Mrs. M. Ewart, 209 Joanmount Gardens, Oldpark Road, Belfast
Having a nice time, 49 is my number, first street in Twaddel Avenue, is George here yet? hope to see you soon.
                1                                                      2
1) 31st March 1890 from S. J. R. P. in Dover to Frederick Fisher, Esq., on Board the R. M. S. Norham Castle care of the Commander of the Packet. Lisbon
2) 24th May 190? from Belfast to W. A. Gain, Esq., Brewery Arms, Bishop Waltham, Hants

Main Street, Waterville, Co. Kerry
1952 from Ena or Ina in Waterville to Miss E. (Eileen) Gallagher, The Manse, Tralee, Co. Kerry

The Beet Sugar Factory, Carlow
27th August? 1935 from J. E. Ritchie in Pembroke, Carlow (Ceatharlagh) to Miss Gallagher, The Manse, Tralee, Co. Kerry

1                                            2                                        3                                        4
6th September 1896 from ? at Hotel St. Antoine, Antwerp to Miss A. M. Gilkes, S.S. Gem, c/o R. M. Sloman, Shipping Agent, Hamburg - L. Allemagne
Reference to Meg and I & Miss Elliott & Hilary with Lucy Gordon & Mrs. Hilden & Charlie May
2) 16th August 1877 from Jno. T. Belk, Clerk, Middlesborough School Board to E. Gilkes, Esq.
3) 8 March 1893 from Rosa Nu?? in Hotel de la Terrase, Cannes to Miss A. Gilkes, Grange over Sands, Lancashire
mention of Mary being better and able to sit up & Uncle & a Dr. Duke living in Cannes
4) 28th August 1896 from Ala??? on S.S. Gem, Sulina, Romania to Mrs. Gilkes, c/o G. B. Floyd Esq., Edgbaston Grove, Birmingham, England

1                                      2                                          3                                          4
23rd September 1891 from C. L. D. at Hotel Continental, Paris to Miss A. M. Gilkes, c/o R. W. Christy, Esq., Little Boyton Hall, Chelmsford, Essex
2) 11th August 1890 from ? in Moravian Hotel, Neuwied to Miss A. M. Gilkes, Miss Hutchinson, The Firs, Malton, Yorkshire
3) 1st August 1890 from ? in Coln (Rhein) to Miss Gilkes, The Rev. E. W. Brereton, St. James' Vicarage, Bradford, Yorkshire
4) 11th September 1891 from C. L. D. in Hotel L'Europe, Anvers to Miss A. M. Gilkes, c/o R. Christy, Esq., Little Boyton Hall, near Chelmsford, Essex
mention of Charlie
1                                 2                               3 
9th June 1944 from J. ? in Eire to Coy. Officer (Jack) Gillespie, National Fire Service, Headquarters, Templemore Avenue, Belfast
2) 22nd July 1909 from Willie & Geo? on board S.S. Lake Manitoba to Mr. S. Gray, 5 Dawson Street, Antrim Road, Belfast. Dear Mother & Father, We arrived sale, remember to say goodbye to Freddie for us, we will write as soon as we can. Goodbye
3) 27th September 1902 Miss Essie Gregory, c/o L. Graham, Esq., Tettenhall, Wolverhampton

6th June 1901 Brighton to Miss Jessie Gregory, Tettenhamm Court, Wolverhampton

7th June 1901 Wolverhampton to Miss Jessie Gregory, Tennenhall Court, Wolverhampton

11th March 1893 to Miss Jessie Gregory
1                      2                     3                        4  
6th August 1928 from Joe at 12 Linton Road, Oxford to Mrs. G. Hamilton, Solarium, 50 Balmoral Avenue, Belfast, N. Ireland The Ferns, West Hagley, Near Stourbridge, Worcester
2) 18th November 1919 from Brother Ellis in San Marche, N.M. (New Mexico) to Miss Dora Keers, 2 Thorndale Avenue, Antrim Road, Belfast
3) 10th August 1907? from Carrie at 24 Earl Street, Shipley to Miss L. (Lizzie) Kettlewell, 14 Bute Street, Bolton Woods, Bradford
4) from Maggie in Larne to Mr. H. Kettlewell, 14 Bute Street, Bolton Woods, Yorks.

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