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1868 Belfast Street Directory

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Radcliffe, Hugh, lapper, 45 Albert Street
Radcliffe, James, brick layer, 8 Radcliffe Street
Radcliffe, John, station (in Marcus Ward & Co.'s); res. 45 Albert Street
Rafferty, Alexander, plasterer, 9 Sackville Street
Rafferty, Elizabeth, 8 California Street Lower
Rafferty, George, 48 Barrack Street
Rafferty, Hugh, Bambridge Hotel, Sugarhouse Entry
Rafferty, James, fowl dealer, 41 Market Street
Rafferty, James, assistant, 71 Cullingtree Road
Rafferty, James, lapper, 34 Alexander Street West
Rafferty, John, carver and gilder, 4 Murphy Street
Rafferty, John, block printer, 2 Derby Street
Rafferty, John, blacksmith, 21 Pound Street
Rafferty, John, printer, 9 Dickson Street
Rafferty, Joseph, spinning master, 13 Sidney Street
Rafferty, Malcolm J., compositor, Seaview Place, Antrim Road
Rafferty, Patrick, blacksmith, 4 Albert Place
Rafferty, William, salesman, 47 Hanover Street
Rafferty, William, clerk, 23 Seaview Place, Antrim Road
Rafferty, William, dairy, Hamilton Street
Rafferty, Wm. E., proof reader, Seaview Place, Antrim Road
Rafter, W. P. (successor to James Hanna & Co.), linen manufacturer, and agent for Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Co., 20 Wellington Place
Rainey, Mrs. Ann, 9 Meenan Street
Rainey, Captain, ?
Rainey, George, high constable County Cess Office, 5 Queen Street
Rainey, George, car owner, 48 Joy Street
Rainey, Hugh, boiler maker, 4 Thomas Street North
Rainey, James, butcher, 9 Torrens' Market
Rainey, John, painter, 17 Bentinck Street
Rainey, John, sawyer, 2 Downshire Place
Rainey, Mrs. E., 18 Hemsworth Street
Rainey, Mrs., 14 Henry Place
Rainey, Robert, confectioner, 67 Boundary Street
Rainey, Thomas, tailor, 17 Loftus Street
Rainey, Thomas, seaman, 44 Denmark Street
Rally, Wm. John, engraver, 6 Dayton Street
Ralph, James, carpenter, 11 Hutchinson Street
Ralph, John, clerk, 65 Denmark Street
Ramsay, John, smith, 14 Lime Street
Ramsay, Margaret, grocer, 1 Killarney Street
Ramsay, Mrs., dress, mantle and short maker, 13 Queen Street
Ramsay, Robert, grocer, 49 Linfield Road
Ramsay, Thomas, confectioner, 89 Peter's Hill
Ramsey, James, cloth passer, 61 Stanley Street
Ramsey, Sinclair, draper, 55 Donegall Street and 12 Hill Street; res. 51 Patrick Street Great
Ranagan, B., practical hair cutter, perfumer, wig and head dress manufacturer, 22 & 24 Castle Lane
Randall, George (of Blacke, Randall & Co., Hudson Street); res. 14 Denmark Street
Rankin, Alexander, captain, 46 California Street
Rankin, David, painter, 34 Sandy Row
Rankin, Mrs. E., grocer, 12 Pilot Street
Rankin, George, stone cutter, 102 & 104 York Street
Rankin, Hugh, seaman, 16 Earl Street
Rankin, James, mechanic, 52 Willow Street
Rankin, Miss Jane, Wilton Street
Rankin, Mrs., teacher (in Stanhope Street National School); res., 4 Carlisle Street
Raphael, William, & Co., merchant tailors and hatters, hosiers and glovers, 19 & 21 High Street
Raphael, Wm. (of William Raphael & Co.); res. Corruna House, Ballynafeigh Road Old
Ratcliffe, Andrew, lapper, 49 Hartley Street
Ratcliffe, Mrs. Isabella, 111 Northumberland Street
Ratcliffe, Mrs. Jane, 51 Brookfield Street
Rantan, Hugh, flax buyer, 50 Durham Street
Ranten, William, grain and flour merchant, 18 & 20 May Street
Raubb, Thomas J., compositor, 10 Hamilton Street
Raw, James, engine driver, 4 Irwin Street
Ray, William, tin and coppersmith, 35 May Street
Rayson, Robert, tailor, 16 Staunton Street
Rea, Alexander, mechanic, 37 Israel Street
Rea, Alexander, hairdresser, 24 & 26 Edward Street Great
Rea, Charles, carpenter, 41 Trafalgar Street
Rea, David, pressman, 21 Arnon Street
Rea, Francis, tenter, 22 Pound Street
Rea, Hugh (of Messrs. James Macnamara & Co., West India merchants; office and stores, 70 & 72 Patrick Street); res. Clifton Lodge, Cliftonville, Antrim Road
Rea, Hugh, Ballynafeigh Road New
Rea, James, mechanic, Colligan Street
Rea, James, engineer, 2 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Rea, James D., shoe maker, 25 Talbot Street
Rea, John, solicitor, 80 Donegall Street; Dublin office, 12 Bachelor's Walk
Rea, John, carpenter, 93 Dover Street
Rea, John, clerk, White's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Rea, John, carpenter, 11 Economy Place
Rea, Joseph, baker, 53 Meadow Street
Rea, Mrs. Margaret, 13 Wesley Street
Rea, Mrs., Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Rea, Mrs. C., 55 Ormeau Terrace, Ormeau Road
Rea, Mrs. Esther, 21 Arnon Street
Rea, Mrs., Templepatrick Arms' Hotel, 50 John Street
Rea, Mrs. James, 10 Belvoir Terrace, University Street
Rea, Patrick, ship carpenter, 59 Trafalgar Street
Rea, Robert, manager (of Milewater Mill); res. 3 Weaver Street
Rea, Samuel, M.D., surgeon, 163 Botanic Road, Victoria Street Great
Rea, Smith, engineer, 13 Everton Street
Rea, Thomas, winding master, 10 Leopold Street
Rea, Thomas, brick layer, Bradford Street
Rea, Thomas, clerk (in Archer & Sons'); res. 9 College Street
Rea, Wm. & Co., linen, linen yarn and general commission merchants, 5 Bedford Street
Rea, Wm. (of Wm. Rea & Co., Bedford Street)
Rea, W. B., manager in flour mill; res. 20 Eglinton Street
Rea, W., clerk (in Richardson, Sons & Owden's); res. 6 Laburnum Place, Antrim Road
Read, R. & D., Morning News office, 6 Crown Entry
Read, Daniel (of R. & D. Read, Crown Entry); res. Millmount, Holywood
Read, Robert (of R. & D. Read, Crown Entry); res. Millmount, Holywood
Reade, R. H., managing director of the York Street Flax Spinning Co. Limited; res. 7 Wellington Place
Reade, Robert (of Bedford Street Weaving Co.); res. Alma Cottage, Strandtown
Reade, Dr. Thomas, surgeon, 7 Wellington Place
Readhead, John, grocer, 40 Hobson's Row
Ready Cash Company - Anderson & George, woollen drapers and haberdashers, 47 Castle Street
Reaves, James, seaman, 10 Ann Street North
Reavey, Charles, ship carpenter, 63 Thomas Street North
Reckis, David, grocer, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Reddington, Thomas, clerk, 15 Edward Street
Reddock, Mrs. Margaret, Richmond Street
Reddy, Dr. R. S., mercantile, boarding and day seminary, 4 Chichester Street
Redfern, Dr., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, Queen's College; res. 4 Lower Crescent
Redick, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Elizabeth Street and 46 Albert Street
Redpath, Wm., bill poster and lodging house, 22 Tomb Street
Redshaw, Thomas, wool merchant; stores and office, John's Court and 84 Hercules Street; res. 33 Earl Street
Redwood, Bernard, marine store, 48 Smithfield
Reed, George, ship carpenter, 4 Meadow Street
Reed, James, printer, book seller, and stationer, 97 Victoria Street
Reed, Isaac, dairy, 16 Durham Street New
Reed, Mrs. H., servants' registry office, 31 College Street
Rees, Mrs., 13 Gloucester Street
Regan, John, block printer, Shankhill Road
Reid, Alexander O. (of J. Robb & Co., woollen drapers, etc., Castle Place); res. Ballygowan
Reid, Agnes, 43 Langford Street
Reid, Andrew, brick layer, 4 Antrim Street
Reid, Alexander, brush maker, 36 Boyd Street
Reid, Alexander, brick layer and fire brigade, 34 Police Square
Reid, Alexander, ship carpenter, 3 Fleet Street
Reid, Captain, 8 George Street Great
Reid, David, linen merchant; res. Wellington Park
Reid, David, fire brigade, 24 Police Square
Reid, Duncan, upholsterer, 46 Mill Street
Reid, George, spirit dealer, 4 Hill Street North and 4 Valentine Street
Reid, George, clerk, Templemore Park, Ballymacarrett
Reid, Henry, seaman, 12 Earl Lane
Reid, Henry, commission merchant and Insurance agent, 35 Donegall Street and 1 Donegall Street Place; res. Rugby Terrace, The Plains
Reid, James, tailor, 20 Whitla Street
Reid, James Seaton, M.D., 2 Glengall Place
Reid, James, moulder, 90 Boundary Street
Reid, James, car driver, 13 Staunton Street
Reid, Mrs. James, 88 York Street
Reid, James (of Browne, Reid & Co., 3 Waring Street); res. Cliftonville, Antrim Road
Reid, James, Customs officer, Lodge Road Old
Reid, James, provision merchant, 52 Patrick Street Little
Reid, James, (in Post Office), 77 Hopewell Street
Reid, James, shoe maker, 27 Charlotte Street Little
Reid, James, engine driver, Cluan Place, Ballymacarrett
Reid, John, bookkeeper, 69 Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Reid, John, agent Belfast Temperance League; res. 16 Alton Street
Reid, John, clerk, 47 Ship Street
Reid, John, linen presser, 8 Combermere Street
Reid, John, Insurance agent, 75 Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Reid, John, travelling draper, 54 Broadbent Street
Reid, John, Ballymacarrett Foundry, engineer and millwright; res. Mountpottinger Street, Ballymacarrett
Reid, John, jun., grocer and spirit dealer, 114 & 116 Boundary Street
Reid, John, sen., provision merchant, 118 Boundary Street
Reid, John, painter and paper hanger, 67 Townsend Street
Reid, John, ship carpenter, 22 Thomas Street North
Reid, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Shankhill Road
Reid, John, bookkeeper, 6 Cranbourne Street
Reid, John, carpenter, Lincoln Street
Reid, Mrs., 50 Denmark Street
Reid, Mrs., 57 Joy Street
Reid, Mrs., 12 Stanhope Street
Reid, Mrs., millinery and dress warerooms, 54 Arthur Street Upper
Reid, Miss, 73 Hopewell Street
Reid, Mrs., 31 Combermere Street
Reid, Mrs., grocer and newsvendor, 109 Durham Street
Reid, Miss Margaret, dress maker, 16 College Street
Reid, Miss, 13 Hamilton Street
Reid, Oslier, blacksmith, Seaview, Ballymacarrett
Reid, Robert, moulder, 50 Hudson Street
Reid, Robert, manufacturer of embroideries, 30 Fountain Street
Reid, Robert, grocery and provision store, 28 Falls Road Place
Reid, Robert, grocer, 78 Agnes Street
Reid, Robert, carpenter, 11 Emily Place
Reid, Thomas, grocer, 27 Dickson Street
Reid, Thomas, spirit dealer, 11 Donegall Quay
Reid, Thomas, mechanic, 3 Upton Street
Reid, W., pianoforte tuner and maker, Botanic Cottage, 68 University Road
Reid, William, haberdasher, hosier and millinery rooms, 71 & 73 High Street and 1 & 3 Church Lane
Reilly, Bernard, horse shoer, 15 May Street Little
Reilly, Edward, sawyer, 1 Friendly Street
Reilly, George, superintendent of fire brigade; office, Police Square; res. 15 Gloucester Street
Reilly, James, captain, 5 Michael Street
Reilly, James, shoe maker, 31 Sackville Street
Reilly, John, flax buyer, 94 Joy Street
Reilly, John, clerk, Greenhill Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Reilly, John J., commercial traveller, 46 Tyrone Street
Reilly, John, sawyer, 32 Cinnamond Street
Reilly, John, shoe maker, 33 Sackville Street
Reilly, John, compositor, 24 Ardmoulin Buildings, Ardmoulin Street
Reilly, John, stone mason, 37 Massareene Street
Reilly, John, draper, Melrose Terrace, The Plains
Reilly, Michael, Custom House Officer, 11 Galway Court
Reilly, Mrs. Mary, 7 Adelaide Place
Reilly, Mrs., poulterer, Castle Market
Reilly, Mrs., 29 Grove Street
Reilly, Patrick, sawyer, 62 Verner Street
Reilly, Robert, carpenter, 88 Milford Street
Reilly, Stephen, brick layer, 3 California Street Lower
Reilly, William, millinery, 44 North Street
Renney, Mrs., Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Rennie, Chas., principal of Wellington Academy, 15 College Square East
Rennie, Henry, block printer, 8 Leeson Street
Rennie, Mrs., grocer, 17 Green Street
Renshaw, David, spinning master, Finn Street
Renton, Edward, grocer, 37 McCleery Street
Renwick, Robert, carpenter, 19 Frederick Lane
Reynolds, Archibald, commission merchant, agent for Atlas Fire and Life Assurance Co., and Scottish Widows' Fund, Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society's Buildings, Victoria Street; res. Linda Cottage, Dunmurry
Reynolds, Charles, manager (of Ulster Spinning and Weaving Factory); res. Windsor
Reynolds, George, shoe maker, 2 Caroline Street
Reynolds, James (of Linfield Foundry, Grosvenor Street); res. 2 Albert Terrace, Falls Road
Reynolds, James, carpenter, 86 Charles Street South
Reynolds, James, seaman, 38 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Reynolds, James, machine master, 9 Lemon Street
Reynolds, James, mechanic, 9 Dayton Court
Reynolds, John, moulder, 34 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Reynolds, John, leather cutter and shoe maker, 4 King Street
Reynolds, Lucinda, white worker, 4 Coates' Place
Reynolds, Mrs., servants' reference and registry office, 20 College Street
Reynolds, Peter (of Reynolds & Co., Northern Foundry, Grosvenor Street); res. 8 Athol Terrace
Reynolds & Co., machinists, millwrights and engineers, Northern Foundry, Grosvenor Street
Rice, Archibald, grocer, 105 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Rice, Charles, ship carpenter, 60 Fleet Street
Rice, Catherine, butcher, 33 Hercules Street
Rice, Edward, flour stores, 10 & 11 Castle Market; res. 31 Eglinton Street
Rice, James, butcher, 52 Shankhill Road
Rice, Jane, 10 Glenalpine Street
Rice, John, Prince of Wales' Hotel, Imperial Buildings, 54 & 56 Victoria Street
Rice, Mrs., confectioner, 17 Hercules Place
Rice, Mrs., 3 Colinview Terrace, Lisburn Road
Rice, Mrs., 26 Portland Street
Rice, Mrs., 80 Market Street
Rice, Mrs. Margaret, nurse tender, 33 Hartley Street
Rice, Mrs., 26 Leeson Street
Rice, Mrs., 15 Kent Street Lower
Rice, Patrick, butcher, 187 North Street
Rice, Robert, linen manufacturer, 2, 4 & 6 Arthur Place; office, 22 Arthur Street; res. Willowbank, Falls Road
Rice, William, stabling and yard, 4 & 6 Christopher Street
Rice, William, seaman, 69 Boundary Street
Richardson Brothers & Co., chemical manure manufacturers and oil crushers, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Richardson Brothers & Co., linen, linen yarn, flax, grain and general commission agents, 20 Donegall Place
Richardson, Joseph (of Richardson, Brothers & Co.); res. Springfield, Lisburn
Richardson, Theodore (of Richardson, Brothers & Co.); res. Lissue, Lisburn
Richardson, J. N., Sons, & Owden, linen manufacturers and bleachers, 14 Donegall Place [New premises building, 1, 2 & 3 Donegall Square North] Bleachworks at Glenmore, Lisburn
Richardson, Jonathan (of J. N. Richardson, Sons & Owden, Donegall Place); res. Glenmore, Lisburn
Richardson, Grubb & Co., linen manufacturers and bleachers, linen and linen yarn merchants, 4 Wellington Place
Richardson, Alexander (of Richardson, Grubb & Co.); Aberdelghy, Lisburn
Richardson, John (of Richardson, Grubb & Co.); res. Lambeg House, Lisburn
Richardson, Hugh, ship carpenter, 27 Caroline Street
Richardson, James, painter, 24 Friendly Street
Richardson, John, clerk (in post office); res. 37 Earl Street
Richardson, John, bookkeeper, 3 Boyne Square
Richardson, Mrs. Mary, 76 Crumlin Street
Richardson, Philip F., district agent for the North of Ireland for the European Fire, Life and Fidelity Guarantee Assurance Society, and general commission agent, 10 Donegall Square North; res. Rydalmount, Knock
Richardson, Mrs., Fitzroy Place, The Plains
Richardson, Thomas, travelling agent, 78 Eliza Street
Richmond, Andrew, plumber and gasfitter, 101 Sandy Row
Riddel, Geo., baker, 27 Hopewell Street
Riddel, Hill (of Magill, Riddel & Co.); res. Beechmount
Riddel, John, wholesale ironmonger and hardware merchant, patent cooking ranges, stoves, stable and cow house fittings, basket warehouse and brush makers, gun and pistol maker, saddler, stationer, and watchmaker, 21 Donegall Place
Riddel, John, & Son, iron merchants, 91, 93 & 95 Ann Street
Riddel, Mary Jane, haberdasher, 53 North Street
Riddel, Mrs. Mary, 37 Trafalgar Street
Riddel, Mrs. Sarah, 64 Tyrone Street
Riddel, Samuel, hardware merchant (of Riddel & Co.); res. Beechmount
Riddel, Samuel, designer, 1 Fitzpatrick's Buildings, Hope Street
Riddell, Wm., iron merchant (of John Riddel & Son); res. Beechmount
Riddel & Co., engineers, brass founders and finishers, house furnishing and manufacturing ironmongers and agricultural implement makers; coppersmiths and braziers, cutlers, gasfitters, wireworkers, bell hangers, mill furnishers, 21 Donegall Place; iron works, Fountain Street
Riddell, Alex. & Son, reed, shuttle and heddle manufacturers, 6 Victoria Street Great
Riddell, Alex., reed manufacturer, 8 Boundary Street North
Riddell, James (of Alex. Riddell & Son, Victoria Street Great); res. 7 Fitzroy Place, The Plains
Riddell, Mrs., Fitzroy Place, The Plains
Riddell & McCullough, bottlers, 31 Tomb Street
Ring, Edward, M.D., 14 Trinity Street
Ring, Joseph, teacher, 91 Grosvenor Street
Ringland, Thomas, director Ulster Bank; res. Windsor
Rippingham, Mrs., 100 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Risk, James, carpenter, 15 Arnon Street
Risk, William, farmer, Malone Upper
Risk, William, whitesmith, 9 Arnon Street
Richey & Co., undertakers, 86 Union Street
Richey, James, carpenter, 37 Annette Street
Richey, Mrs., 69 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Richey, Thomas, carpenter, 82 Sandy Row
Richey, William, brick layer, 5 Watson Street
Ritchie & Co., ale and bottling stores, 19 George Street Great
Ritchie, Daniel, porter and ale stores, 18 Spencer Street
Ritchie, David, superintendent (for J. Robb & Co., Castle Place); res. 160 Falls Road
Ritchie, Francis, & Sons, felt manufacturers and manure works, Ballymacarrett
Ritchie, J., manager of Northern Cooking Depot, Dock Street
Ritchie, James, shoe maker, 21 Park Street
Ritchie, James, shoe maker and pensioner, 23 Glasshouse Street
Ritchie, John, agent for Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Society, broker and commission agent, 93 Victoria Street; res. Ulsterville Cottage, Lisburn Road
Ritchie, John, boiler maker, 18 Ship Street
Ritchie, John, car owner, 9 Boyd's Place
Ritchie, John, carpenter, Thorndyke Street, Ballymacarrett
Ritchie, Hart & Co. (Mountpottinger Foundry), engineers, iron founders and boilermakers, Mountpottinger Street, Ballymacarrett
Ritchie, Lewis, mechanic, 7 Coates' Street
Ritchie, Mrs. Emma, 165 Corporation Street
Ritchie, Mrs., Seaview, Antrim Road
Ritchie, Robert, ship chandler, 83 Corporation Street; res. 20 Canning Street
Ritchie, Robert, grocer, 11 Nile Street
Ritchie, Robert, tailor, 7 Pottinger's Court
Ritchie, Thomas, draper, Alfred Street, Ballymacarrett
Ritchie, William Barlow, M.D. (of Francis Ritchie & Sons, felt and manure manufacturers); res. The grove, Shore Road
Ritchie, William, grocer, 30 Nile Street
Ritchie, William, dealer, 77 & 79 York Street Little
Roach, Mary Anne, dress maker, 11 Frederick Street
Robb, David, clerk, 2 Court Street
Robb, Gilbert, clerk, 68 Eliza Street
Robb, James B., pressman, 28 Denmark Street
Robb, James, stone cutter, 22 Nile Street
Robb, James, block printer, 6 Arkwright Street
Robb, James, shoe maker, 43 Stephen Street
Robb, J., & Co., wholesale and retail woollen drapers, silk mercers, and general warehousemen, 9, 11 & 15 Castle Place
Robb, John (of J. Robb & Co.); res. 1 Glenfield Place, Ormeau Road
Robb, John, beer and porter retailer, 31 Union Street
Robb, Mrs., 14 Sussex Street
Robb, Patrick, grocer, 20 Park Street
Robb, Patrick, clerk (Robert Henderson & Sons, Donegall Quay); res. 139 Queen Street North
Robb, Thomas, marine store, 13 West Street
Robb, William, blacksmith, 64 Frederick Street
Roberts, J. D., tailor, 8 Lancaster Street
Roberts, James, mechanic, Arkwright Street
Roberts, Susette, 15 College Square North
Roberts, William (of Roberts & MacMurray, Montgomery Street); agent for Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co.; office, 15 Montgomery Street; res. Merino, Holywood
Roberts & MacMurray, shirt and collar manufacturers, 15 Montgomery Street
Robertson, Brothers, hat and cap manufacturers, 3 Corn Market
Robertson, James (of Henry J. McCance & Co., 5 Donegall Square West); res. Greenview, Dunmurry
Robertson, Michael, grocer, 199 Lodge Road Old
Robertson, Robert, commercial traveller, 3 Spencer Street
Robertson, W. (of Hawkins, Robertson, Ferguson, & Co.); res. Glenbrook, Cork
Robie, George, draper, 49 Dagmar Street
Robie, James, compositor; res. Ballynafeigh
Robinson, Andrew, millwright, 52 Springfield
Robinson, Baptist, flax merchant, 145 Agnes Street
Robinson, David, clerk, 10 Arnon Street
Robinson, David, carpenter, 28 Christopher Street
Robinson, David, baker, 80 & 82 Union Street
Robinson, Daniel, gas fitter, 11 Riversdale Street
Robinson, Edward, winding master, 46 Ewart's Row
Robinson, Eliza, lodging house, 7 & 9 Thomas Street
Robinson, Frederick, gentleman, 3 Oldpark Terrace, Oldpark Road
Robinson, George, mechanic, Wilton Place, Shankhill Road
Robinson, George, mechanic, Morpeth Street
Robinson, George, Post Office pensioner, 8 Clarence Street
Robinson, H. D., credit drapery, 79 Grosvenor Street
Robinson, Hugh, gardener, 3 Garden Place
Robinson, Hugh (of Moore, Robinson & Co., Waring Street); res. Holywood
Robinson, Hugh, rivetter, Blackman Street, Ballymacarrett
Robinson, Hugh, carpenter, Springview Street
Robinson, Hugh, hackler, 7 Wilson Street
Robinson, James, seaman, Birch Street
Robinson, James, marble cutter, 5 Marine Street
Robinson, James, ship carpenter, 12 Garston Street
Robinson, James, shoe maker, 7 Park Street
Robinson, James, baker, 61 Talbot Street
Robinson, James, dairy, 14 Charlotte Street Little
Robinson, James, tenter, 116 Conway Street
Robinson, James, shoe maker, 1 Green Street
Robinson, James, grocer, 148 Shankhill Road
Robinson, James, car owner, 45 Hopewell Street
Robinson, James, carpenter, Wellington Court
Robinson, John, Marble and Sculpture works, 48 York Street
Robinson, John, shipwright, 1 Isabella Street
Robinson, John, butcher, 57 Hercules Street
Robinson, John, cabinet maker & upholstery warerooms, 29 Donegall Street; res. 1 Eglinton Street
Robinson, John, gardener, 24 Scott Street
Robinson, John, carpenter, 11 Everton Street
Robinson, John, spirit dealer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Robinson, John, shoe maker, 5 Church Lane
Robinson, John (of Robinson & Agnew, St. Anne's Buildings); res. Alma Terrace, Crumlin Road
Robinson, John, spirit dealer, 38 George Street Great
Robinson, Joseph, mechanic, 9 Morpeth Street
Robinson, Joseph, carpenter, 12 Gaffikin Street
Robinson, Major, paymaster, recruiting office district, Victoria Street Great; res. Cliftonville
Robinson, Margaret, 22 Townsend Street Upper
Robinson, Mary Jane, grocer, 64 Lodge Road New
Robinson, Miss, 25 Upton Street
Robinson, Miss Elizabeth, 22 Fourth Street
Robinson, Mrs. Martha, 45 Beresford Street
Robinson, Matthew, ship carpenter, 29 Trafalgar Street
Robinson, Mrs., musical academy, 138 Donegall Pass
Robinson, Mrs., 16 Sussex Street
Robinson, Mrs., Lincoln Place, Hope Street
Robinson, Mrs., 15 Stanhope Street
Robinson, Mrs., 6 Colligan Street
Robinson, Mrs. M. A., 1 James Place
Robinson, Mrs., 14 Cullingtree Street
Robinson, Mrs., Cromac Lodge, Donegall Pass
Robinson, Mrs. Jane, 50 Tyrone Street
Robinson, Mrs. Elizabeth, 9 Charlotte Street
Robinson, Mrs., 4 Economy Place
Robinson, Richard, carpenter, 90 Cromac Street
Robinson, Robert, iron ship builder, 5 Garden Place
Robinson, Robert, spirit dealer, 18 Hill Street
Robinson, Robert, brick layer, 11 Campbell's Row
Robinson, S. D., proprietor Temperance Hotel, 82 Donegall Street
Robinson, Samuel, mechanic, 14 Beresford Street
Robinson, Samuel, sexton of Falls Road Wesleyan Chapel, Bertie Place
Robinson, Thompson C., timber, mahogany and hardwood merchant, 68 Corporation Street; res. 2 Lonsdale Street
Robinson, W. A., secretary to Lagan Navigation Co.; office, 10 Police Square
Robinson, William Auchinleck, stock and share broker and accountant; office, 65 High Street; res. 9 Donegall Square East
Robinson, W. J., coppersmith, 33 California Street
Robinson, William, grocer, 26 George Street Little
Robinson, William, clerk (in J. H. Gowan's, George's Lane); res. 17 Russell Street
Robinson, William, brick layer, 1 Ariel Street
Robinson, William, 64 Market Street
Robinson, William, carpenter, 9 Meadow Street
Robinson, William, sawyer, 32 Sidney Street
Robinson & Agnew, wholesale Manchester and Scotch warehousemen, St. Anne's Buildings
Robson, John, Royal Victoria Horse Bazaar, funeral undertaker and posting establishment, 33 Chichester Street; res. Strandtown
Robson, Mrs. Richard, 30 Chichester Street
Robson, Thomas, shipwright, 156 Corporation Street
Robson, Wilson, house painter, 56 Marine Street
Roche, Joseph, 3 Benwell Terrace, Oldpark Road
Roche, W. J., muslin manufacturer, 7 Donegall Street Place; res. 2 Landscape Terrace, Crumlin Road
Roden, James, waste and tow merchant, 50 York Street
Roddy, Robert, stone cutter, 15 Nile Street
Rodgers, Alexander, grocer, 109 Peter's Hill
Rodgers, Charles, sail maker, 26 Corporation Street Little
Rodgers, Charlotte, 39 Linfield Road
Rodgers, Edward, teacher in Earl Street National School
Rodgers, Gilbert, cabinet maker, 28 Berry Street
Rodgers, Hugh, grocer, 11 Wesley Street
Rodgers, James, mill manager, 55 Lonsdale Street
Rodgers, James, shoe maker, 51 Talbot Street
Rodgers, James, shoe maker, 15 Wall Street
Rodgers, John, shoe maker, 31 Abbey Street
Rodgers, John, linen merchant, 56 Apsley Place, Donegall Pass
Rodgers, M. M., milk mercer, millinery, mantle, dress and general mourning warerooms, 64 Donegall Street
Rodgers, Mrs., 130 George Street Great
Rodgers, Miss Rachel, 76 Belvidere Place, Victoria Street Great
Rodgers, Mrs., 201 York Street
Rodgers, Mrs., 131 Shankhill Road
Rodgers, Mrs., 32 Stanley Street
Rodgers, Mrs., 75 Barrack Street
Rodgers, Mrs., 115 Balmoral Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Rodgers, Robert, mechanic, 21 Catherine Street
Rodgers, Robert, power loom dresser, 12 Renwick Place, Sandy Row
Rodgers, Samuel, commercial traveller, 16 Canning Street
Rodgers, Sarah, dairy, 46 Charles Street South
Rodgers, Thomas, grocer, 37 & 39 Sandy Row
Rodgers, Thomas, hackle pin maker, 10 Vere Street
Rodgers, William, brick works, Ballynafeigh Road; res., 139 Ormeau Road
Rodgers, Wilson, foreman hackler, Tennent Street
Rodgerson, Wm. John, seaman, 22 Corporation Street Little
Rodney, David, 109 Shankhill Road
Rodney, John, shoe maker, Norfolk Street
Roe, Rev. Thomas, minister of Ballymacarrett Church; res. 3 College Square East
Rogan, Agnes, spirit dealer, 41 Carrick Hill
Rogan, Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 1 & 2 Hamill Street and 2 Barrack Street
Rogan, Mrs., 32 Falls Road Place
Rogan, Patrick, stone cutter, 132 Millfield
Rogan, Thomas, horse shoer, 30 Catherine Street
Rogers, Alexander, grocer, 31 Patrick Street Little
Rogers, Catherine, provision dealer, 17 Barrack Street
Rogers, Hugh, grocer, 31 Cromac Street
Rogers, John (Belfast Wire Works), wire worker, worker of venetian wire and zinc blinds, and patent grease manufacturer, 43 Victoria Street; res. 35 Wellington Place
Rogers, John, tailor, 6 Eliza Street
Rogers, Mrs., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Rogers, William, clerk, 7 Kearney's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Rogers, Wm. John, commission agent, 73 Joy Street
Rolands, David, grocer, 108 Shankhill Road
Rolston, J. V., clerk, 26 Upton Street
Rolleston, James, watch maker and jeweller, 23 Donegall Street; res. 41 Christopher Street
Rollins, Benjamin, clothes dealer, 21 Chapel Lane
Rollins, George, grocer, 25 Berry Street
Rollins, George, grocer, 50 Mill Street
Rollins, Henry, engraver, 47 Christopher Street
Rollins, Mrs. Ellen, 170 Lodge Road Old
Rollins, Thomson, green grocer, 27 Durham Street
Roney, Samuel, collector, 13 Fifth Street
Rooks, The Misses, boarding and day school, 56 Arthur Street Upper
Rooney, Alexander, cooper, 71 Market Street
Rooney, Bernard, spirit dealer, 37 Corporation Street
Rooney, Daniel, wine and spirit merchant and rectifying distiller, 19 Church Lane; res. 9 Antrim Place, Antrim Road
Rooney, Ellen, 7 Moffatt Street
Rooney, James, seaman, 23 Russell Street
Rooney, James, butcher, 5 Hercules Place
Rooney, John, grocer, 4 Fountain Street
Rooney, John, brick layer, 75 M'Tier Street
Rooney, Mrs., 203 Agnes Street
Rooney, Mrs., 26 McAuley Street
Rooney, William John, railway guard, 16 Beggs Street
Rooney, William, carpenter, 4 Unity Street
Rorke, William, horse dealer, 12 Cromac Street
Rosbotham, Daniel, hair dresser, 39 Durham Street
Rosbotham, James, Ballynafeigh Road
Rosbotham, William, spirit dealer, 126 Dublin Road
Rosbottom, Robert, plasterer, 6 Scotch Street
Roseman, James, clerk, 3 Brunel Street
Ross, Alexander, mechanic, 3 Ireland's Court
Ross, Alexander, brick layer, 58 Beresford Street
Ross, Alexander, block printer, 106 Conway Street
Ross, David, baker, meal and flour store, 103 York Street
Ross, Hugh, builder, 20 Ormeau Street
Ross, James, traveller, 28 Eliza Street
Ross, James, builder, brick manufacturer, etc., Milltown House, Falls Road
Ross, John, Meadow Street Flour Mill; res., Abbotsford Place, York Street; and Larne
Ross, John, steward Ulster Club, 30 Hamilton Street
Ross, John, grocer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Ross, John, builder, 104 George Street Great; res. 12 Eglinton Terrace, Crumlin Road
Ross, John, confectioner, 97 Peter's Hill
Ross, John, brick layer, 23 McMillen's Place
Ross, Mrs., 63 York Street Little
Ross, Mrs., 205 Agnes Street
Ross, Mrs., 36 Dagmar Street
Ross, Mrs., 16 Carlisle Street
Ross, Margaret, 18 Valentine Street
Ross, Paul, brass founder, 32 Scott Street
Ross, Robert John, mechanic, 23 Cambrai Street
Ross, Robert, hatter, 8 Berry Street
Ross, Robert, seaman, Hobson's Row
Ross, Richard, M.D., surgeon, 28 Wellington Place
Ross, Samuel, grocer and provision merchant, 32 Edward Street Great
Ross, Samuel, rougher, Urney Street
Ross, Thomas, oyster rooms, 17 Curtis Street
Ross, Wm., & Co., Clonard Flax and Tow Spinning Mill, Falls Road
Ross, William (of William Ross & Co., flax spinners); res. Clonard Lodge, Falls Road
Ross, William G., insurance and commission agent; agent for Worthington & Co., brewers, Burton-on-Trent; office, 5 Arthur Place
Ross, William, tea dealer, 35 Israel Street
Ross, William, 18 William's Row
Ross, William, teacher, 9 Patrick Street Great
Ross, William, mill manager, Falls Road
Ross, William, spirit dealer and grocer, 34 Wilson Street
Rothwell, John, grocer and provision dealer, 193 York Street
Rothwell, Mrs., boarding and day school, 5 Murray's Terrace
Rothwell, William, stone mason, Queen's Bridge Place, Ballymacarrett
Roulston, Andrew, shoe maker, 160 Lodge Road Old
Roulston, Ellen, 12 Malone Place
Rourke, Charles, boot maker, 21 Queen Place North
Rourke, Mrs., teacher of music, 4 College Street South
Rowan, Hamilton, ship carpenter, 28 Alexander Street
Rowan, Mrs. Jane, 4 Trelford Street
Rowan, John, & Sons (York Street Foundry), engineers, millwrights, boiler makers, iron and brass founders, etc. 152 York Street
Rowan, John (of John Rowan & Sons, York Street Foundry); res. Mount Collyer, Shore Road
Rowan, Robert (of John Rowan & Sons, York Street Foundry); res. Mount Collyer, Shore Road
Rowan, Samuel, power loom tenter, 6 Trelford Street
Rowan, Thomas, carpenter, 4 Trelford Street
Rowan, William, carpenter, 4 Trelford Street
Rowland, Ellis, engine fitter, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett
Rowley, Matthew, pressman, 22 Hope Street
Rowley, Mrs., 22 Rochelle Place
Rowley, Mrs., lodging house, 11 Hamilton Street
Rowley, Sarah, 24 Columbus Street
Roy, Joseph, book binder, 23 Norwood Street
Ruddell, David, upholstery and furniture warerooms, 67 & 68 Smithfield; timber yard, 18 Chapel Lane
Ruddell, Thomas, designer, 72 Victoria Street Great
Rudick, William, tenter, 22 McCleery Street
Ruddock, William, gardener, 8 Belgrave Street
Rule, Alex., caretaker of Court House, Crumlin Road
Rule, H. G., district manager Liverpool and London Globe Insurance Co., 18 Waring Street
Rundel, William, colour maker, Wilton Street
Rupart, Henry, pig dealer, 57 Barrack Street
Rush, Denis, car owner, 22 Milford Street
Rushton, Samuel, foreman moulder, 65 Brougham Street
Rushton, William, moulder, 35 Dock Street
Rusk, Arthur, draper's assistant, 32 Christopher Street
Rusk, Mary, 38 Donegall Street Little
Russell, Rev. A., LL.D., principal Belfast New Academy, 1 & 3 Franklin Place
Russell, Edward, porter, 15 Colin Street
Russell, George, dairy, 6 Faulkner Street
Russell, George, tailor, 8 York Street Little
Russell, Henry, solicitor (in Crawford & Lockhart's), 6 Queen's Square
Russell, Hugh, shoe maker, 15 Staunton Street
Russell, James, steward Union Club, 9 Castle Buildings
Russell, James (of MacArthur & Co., Wellington Place); res. 7 Mountpleasant, Strandmillis
Russell, John, scrivener and law agent, 9 Arthur Place
Russell, John, wine and spirit store, 18 Mill Street
Russell, John, bellows maker, 12 West Street
Russell, John, sawyer, 16 Lettuce Hill
Russell, Letitia, straw bonnet maker and milliner, 27 Hercules Street
Russell, Miss E., 8 Bond Street New
Russell, Miss J. A., dress maker, Bradford Street
Russell, Mrs., 4 University Street
Russell, Mrs., Mountpleasant, Strandmillis
Russell, Mrs., milliner, 40 Joy Street
Russell, Mrs., 27 Killarney Street
Russell, Mrs., 29 Fleming Street
Russell, N., house, land and rent agent, 6 Castle Chambers
Russell, Nelson, grocer, 78 Carrick Hill
Russell, Ralph, grocer and spirit dealer, 108 Millfield and Brown Street
Russell, Robert (of MacArthur & Co., Wellington Place); res. 7 Mountpleasant, Strandmillis
Russell, Robert, 1 Wall Street
Russell, Thomas Hart, 4 Victoria Street Little
Russell, William, block printer, 10 Sixth Street
Russell, William, grocer, 37 Matlock Street
Russell, William, reeling master, Springview Street
Russell, William, manager (in A. & S. Henry's); res. 152 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Russell, William, overseer, Colligan Street
Russell, W. & J., cabinet makers and house carpenters, McClenaghan's Court, Mill Street
Rutherford, Isabella, confectioner, 104 Donegall Street
Rutherford, James, ornamental painter, decorator and room paper manufacturer, 5 Donegall Square North and 90 Donegall Street
Rutherford, James, spinning master, 40 Belgrave Street
Rutherford, John, grocer's assistant, 11 Malone Place, Lisburn Road
Rutherford, Martin, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Peter's Hill
Rutherford, Mrs., 42 Langford Street
Rutledge, Miss, 79 Inkerman Terrace, Dublin Road
Ryan, Andrew, pipe maker, 35 & 37 North Street
Ryan, John, blacksmith, 20 Andrew Street New
Ryan, Lewis, carver and fancy goods warehouse, 37 Divis Street
Ryan, Mrs., 17 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Ryan, Mrs. Jane, 63 Agnes Street
Ryan, Mrs. Sarah, 93 Crumlin Street
Ryan, Stephen, seaman, 54 Trafalgar Street
Ryan, Thomas, compositor, 144 Lodge Road Old
Rylski, V. H., teacher of modern languages, 50 Pakenham Place, Dublin Road


Sales, George, farmer, Buckna, Whiterock
Sales, James, bleachgreen overlooker, Ulster Canal Road
Sally, Mary Anne, 22 Watson Street
Sally, Robert, brass moulder, 73 M'Tier Street
Salmon, Peter, slater, 35 Queen Street North
Salvage, Samuel, inspector of income tax, Custom House; res. 6 Park Terrace, Oldpark Road
Sandford, James, tailor, 38 Pilot Street
Sandford, John, spirit grocer, 35 Grattan Street
Sandford, James, spirit dealer, 27 Grattan Street
Sands, Bernard, stone cutter, 5 English Street
Sands, James, commission agent, 11 Dock Street
Sands, John, bookkeeper, 56 Bentinck Street
Sands, William, grocer, 12 Hope Street
Salters, William J., clerk, Woodville Terrace, Shankhill Road
Sanders, John, 216 Shankhill Road
Saulter, Ross (representatives of), linen merchants, Donegall Square West
Saulter, Mrs. Ross, Marsden Villa, Antrim Road
Saulters, Mrs. Ann, 4 Craig's Terrace
Saulters, John, lapper, Belvoir Street, Ballymacarrett
Saulters, John, overlooker, 4 Maria Street
Saulters, M., 15 Shankhill Road
Saulters, Mrs., 20 Brougham Street
Saunders, Archibald, horse dealer, 4 Conlig Street
Saunders, Henry, cabinet maker, 4 Woodford Street
Saunders, John, horse dealer, 6, 8 & 10 Conlon Street
Saunders, Mrs., 21 Cherrymount, Crumlin Road
Saunders, Robert, cabinet maker, 62 Lagan Street
Saunders, Thomas, stabling yard, 37 Patrick Street Little
Saunders, Thomas, tinsmith, 34 Peter's Hill
Saunders, Thomas, brazier and tinsmith, 115 North Street
Saunders, William, grocer and beer retailer, 1? McGuiness's Row
Saunderson, John, pattern maker, 12 Nile Street
Saunderson, Thomas, carpenter, 36 Patrick Street Little
Savage, Charles, shoe maker, 10 Stanfield Court
Savage, David, shoe maker, 32 Gardiner Street
Savage, E., brick layer, 33 Langford Street
Savage, Eliza, grocer and spirit dealer, 24 Michael Street, and 8 & 10 George Street Little
Savage, Francis, brick layer, 47 Langford Street
Savage, Henry, stone cutter, 3 Blondin Street
Savage, Henry, seaman, 10 Crawford Street
Savage, Henry, iron moulder, 24 Lime Street
Savage, Henry, carpenter, 64 Mustard Street
Savage, Hugh, brick layer, 50 Verner Street
Savage, James, spirit dealer, 26 Lancaster Street
Savage, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Barrack Street
Savage, James, brick layer, 47 Roy Street
Savage, James, brick layer, Pound Lane, Cullingtree Road
Savage, James, soap and candle manufacturer, 8 Hercules Street
Savage, James C., merchant tailor and sewing machine agent, 49 & 51 Townsend Street
Savage, James, shoe maker, 55 Brown Square
Savage, James, marine store, 2 Short Strand
Savage, John, power loom dresser, McCleery Street
Savage, John, brickfield, Oldpark Road
Savage, John & Co., Prospect Flax Spinning Mill; office, 24 Victoria Street
Savage, John (of John Savage & Co.); res. Ardilea, Greenisland
Savage, John, tailor, 64 Beresford Street
Savage, John, spirit dealer, 158 Peter's Hill
Savage, Mrs., 55 Shankhill Road
Savage, Mrs. Annie, 26 Tyrone Street
Savage, Mrs., 26 Alexander Street West
Savage, Mrs., 29 Friendly Street
Savage, Miss, 6 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Savage, Mrs. Elizabeth, 9 William's Place
Savage, Mrs., 49 Joy Street
Savage, Mrs. Grace, 46 Crumlin Street
Savage, Mrs., 13 University Square
Savage, Patrick, Bath Tavern, Townsend Street and Divis Street
Savage, Samuel, spirit dealer, Short Street
Savage, Thomas, brick layer, 24 McAuley Street
Savage, William, brick layer, 22 Langford Street
Savage, William, tailor, 68 Henry Street
Saverga, William, clerk, Wilton Place, Shankhill Road
Sayers, John, farmer, Belvoir View, Malone
Sayers, George, compositor; res. Malone
Sayers, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 176 Agnes Street
Scandrett, James, grocer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Scandrett, Richard, cabinet maker, 74 Durham Street
Scanfield, Anthony, seaman, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Scarry, John, 2 Adela Place
Scholfield, Joseph, manager of York Street Hat Manufactory; res.5 Spamount, Queen Street North
Schulze, Otto, teacher of horsemanship, 31 Wellington Place; res. 6 Albion Street
Scotland, A., draper, etc., 25 College Street
Scott, A. L., manager for S. Ellis & Co., Malone Mills, Blackstaff Road; res. 23 Bruce Street
Scott, Alexander, plasterer, 16 Riversdale Street
Scott, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Meenan Street
Scott, Archibald, spirit dealer, 41 Patrick Street Little
Scott, Arthur, brick layer, 9 Christopher Street
Scott, Arthur, brick layer, 10 Sherbrook Street
Scott, Charles, dairy, Mount Street Lower, Ballymacarrett
Scott, Charles, coppersmith, 54 Hobson's Row
Scott, Charles, moulder, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Scott, Cinnamond & Co., soap and candle manufacturers, druggists, etc., 3 Queen Street
Scott, Cunningham, carpenter, 23 Glentilt Street
Scott, David, pawn broker, 189 North Street; res., 105 Donegall Street
Scott, David, druggist, 35 Donegall Street; res. 105 Donegall Street
Scott, David, shoe maker, 11 Hopeton Street
Scott, Mrs. Eliza, 15 Dock Street
Scott, Francis, grocer, 30 Gardiner Street
Scott, George, drapery establishment manager, 3 Colin View, Lisburn Road
Scott, George, commission merchant, 31 Victoria Street; res. 47 Victoria Terrace
Scott, George, plasterer, 47 Boundary Street North
Scott, H. & Co., Cromac Brewery, 85 Cromac Street; res. Sydenham
Scott, Henry, clerk, 29 Third Street
Scott, Holmes, plumber and gas fitter, 16 Townsend Street Upper
Scott, Hugh J. & Co., oil and grease works, Queen's Quay
Scott, Isabella, dress maker, 7 Crimea Street
Scott, J. B., agent for Life Insurance and Sick Fund Friendly Society, 40 Townsend Street
Scott, J. & S., brass founders, plumbers, steam pipe and gasfitters, 41 Academy Street
Scott, James, grocer and provision merchant, 38 Ann Street
Scott, James, traveller, 79 Academy Street
Scott, James, spirit dealer, 8 Mustard Street
Scott, James, 6 Catherine Street North
Scott, James, pensioner, 19 Killarney Street
Scott, James, butter merchant, 7 Butter Market; res. 3 Henry Street
Scott, James, linen warehouseman, 53 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Scott, James, rivetter, 13 Garston Street
Scott, James, pork cutter, 12 George Street Little
Scott, James, hackle setter, 12 Springview Street
Scott, James, pawn broker, 195 Shankhill Road
Scott, James, spirit dealer, 77 Antrim Road
Scott, James F., manager (of Forster Green & Co.'s, North Street); res. Fleetwood Street
Scott, John, pawn broker, 86 & 88 Millfield; res., 5 Cranston Place
Scott, John, block and pump maker, 15 Prince's Dock; res. Belmont
Scott, John, plasterer, 19 Boyd Street
Scott, John, butcher, 21 Edward Street Great
Scott, John, proprietor May Street Foundry; res., 59 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Scott, John, painter, 15 Boyd's Place
Scott, John, brass founder, 47 McCleery Street
Scott, John, carpenter, 59 Savage's Row
Scott, John, 10 Albany Street
Scott, John, carpenter, 3 Church Street, Ballymacarrett
Scott, John, mechanic, 53 Fourth Street
Scott, John, basket maker, 80 Boundary Street North
Scott, John, beer retailer, 1 & 3 Rutherford Street
Scott, John, pawn broker, 81 Peter's Hill
Scott, John K., commission merchant, 9 & 11? Church Street; res., Riverston, Holywood
Scott, Joseph, pattern maker, 9 Dover Street
Scott, Joseph, spirit dealer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Scott, Joseph, family grocer, 49 Castle Street, and spirit store, 40 Bank Street
Scott, Joseph, plasterer, 30 Institution Place
Scott, Maria, 61 & 63 Donegall Street Little
Scott, Matthew, grocer, 58 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Scott, Mrs. Mary, 85 Dover Street
Scott, Misses A. & M., dressmakers, 3 Arnon Street
Scott, Miss, dressmaker, 15 Sherbrook Street
Scott, Mrs., 105 Donegall Street
Scott, Mrs., 47 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Scott, Mrs., 20 Elizabeth Street
Scott, Mrs. Agnes, grocer, 199 Agnes Street
Scott, Mrs. Jane, 18 Ewart's Row
Scott, Robert, baker, 13 Killarney Street
Scott, Robert, tailor, 23 Maria Place
Scott, Robert, salesman, Tennent Street
Scott, Robert, mechanic, 20 Cambrai Street
Scott, Robert, wine and spirit merchant and commission agent, 9 Commercial Court; res. 29 George Street Great
Scott, Robert, watch maker, 4 Crimea Street
Scott, Robert, block printer, Wilton Street
Scott, Samuel (of J. & S. Scott, Academy Street); res. 24 Seymour Street
Scott, Samuel, brick layer, 11 Agnes Street
Scott, Thomas, clerk, 42 Fleet Street
Scott, Thomas, foreman (in Bristow, Valentine & Watson's); res. 5 Victoria Street Little
Scott, Thomas & Co., cabinet makers and upholsterers, 19 High Street
Scott, Thomas (of Thomas Scott & Co., 19 High Street); res. Parkview House, Sydenham
Scott, Vere, timber and scantling yard, 15 Cromac Street; res. 26 Combermere Street
Scott, W., cabinet maker, 82 Millfield
Scott, Rev. William, Grovefield, Ballymacarrett
Scott, William, chandler, 57 Langford Street
Scott, William, painter, 7 Grosvenor Street
Scott, William, carpenter, 55 Tyrone Street
Scott, William, cow dealer, 43 Verner Street
Scott, William, carpenter, 29 Maria Place
Scott, William, carpenter, 45 Langford Street
Scott, William, shoe maker, 62 Hardinge Street
Scott, William, iron moulder, 10 Dayton Street
Scott, Wm., old furniture repairer, 71 Millfield
Scott, William John, plumber, gas fitter, and lead merchant, 40 York Street; res. 8 Antrim Place
Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Society; office, 34 Arthur Street; Neil MacVicar Gourlie, district agent
Scott, Wm. M., agent for Scottish Widows' Fund; district manager Etna Fire and Life Office; office, 34 Donegall Street; res. Oldpark Terrace, Oldpark Road
Scroggie, J., provision dealer, 59 Boundary Street
Scullen, Robert, grocer, 47 Thomas Street North
Sculley, James, plumber, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Scullin, John, spirit dealer, 2 Garmoyle Street
Scully, Mrs., 41 Dagmar Street
Scully, Thomas, boiler maker, 68 Vere Street
Scully, Thomas, painter, 69 M'Tier Street
Searson, John, toy and fancy basket warehouse, 21 Corn Market
Seaton, W. C., mill manager, Ligoniel
Seaton, W. J., clerk, 30 Sherbrook Street
Seaver, Rev. Charles, Incumbent of St. John's Church, St. John's Place; res. Mountpottinger, Ballymacarrett
Seaver, Jane, 9 Malone Place
Seay, Samuel, tailor, 2 Arkwright Street
Sedgewick, Anne, grocer, 80 Charles Street South
Seeds, Henry (of H. & W. Seeds, Castle Lane); res. 1 Queen's Elms, University Road
Seeds, Henry & William, solicitors, proctors and insurance agents, 34 Castle Lane; and 6 Gardiner's Place, Dublin
Seeds, James, car owner, 27 Glentilt Street
Seeds, John, ship carpenter, 8 Fleet Street
Seeds, Mrs., 22 Henry Street
Seed, Mrs. John, 180 York Street
Seeds, Robert, LL.D., 34 Castle Lane, Belfast; and 52 Rutland Square West, Dublin
Seeds, William, solicitor (of H. & W. Seeds, 34 Castle Lane); res. 14 Clarendon Place, May Street
Sefton, Catherine, shirt and collar warehouse, 187 York Street
Sefton, J. R., & Co., linen manufacturers, Clarence Street
Sefton, J. R. (of J. R. Sefton & Co., Clarence Street); res. Holywood
Sefton, James, grocer, Dowling Street
Sefton, Mrs. Ellen, grocer, 16 Portview, Ballymacarrett
Seggons, Robert, photographic artist, 25 Athol Street
Semple, Hugh, butter dealer, 26 Stanhope Street
Semple, John, tailor, Canmore Street
Semple, John R., 127 Shankhill Road
Semple, John, seaman, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Semple, Joseph, marine artist, 106 Aughton Terrace
Semple, Mrs. Eliza, 12 Albany Street
Sempill, Thomas, slater, Foreman Street
Semple, Thomas, marine painter, decorator, gilder, picture frame maker, etc., 61 Corporation Street
Sergison, Eliza, furrier, 72 Ann Street
Service, John, boiler maker, 58 Vere Street
Service, John, smith, 75 Boundary Street North
Service, Miss, 19 Lonsdale Street
Service, Mrs., 10 Patrick Street Little
Service, William, bookkeeper, 11 Carlisle Street
Sewell, Joseph, thong maker, 54 Mill Street
Seymour, Geo., shoe maker, 12 Birch Street
Seymour, Rev. J. H., A.M., curate of Trinity Church; res. Cliftonville
Seymour, Miss Margaret, 32 Unity Street
Shane, Joseph, car owner, 14 Linfield Road
Shanks, Alexander, carpenter, 34 Hope Street
Shanks, Alexander, water turnkey, 10 Lancaster Street
Shanks, Edward, tailor, Ballynafeigh Road New
Shanks, James, head millwright, Falls Road
Shanks, John, assistant grocer, 47 Denmark Street
Shanks, John, sawyer, 24 Portland Street
Shanks, John, tailor, 31 Lindsay Street
Shanks, Matthew, carpenter, 23 Caroline Street
Shanks, Richard, overlooker in mill, 94 Market Street
Shanks, Samuel, mechanic, 5 Albert Street
Shanks, Thomas, tailor, 86 Durham Street
Shanks, William, 4 Hopeton Street
Shanks, William, clerk, 14 Wall Street
Shannon, George, chandler, 8 Friendly Street
Shannon, Henry, tailor, 71 Academy Street
Shannon, Isabella, 14 McMillen's Place
Shannon, John, mechanic, 44 Hartley Street
Shannon, John, brick layer and carpenter, 27 Charlotte Street
Shannon, Matthew, grocer, 25 Maria Street
Shannon, Mrs., 65 Thomas Street North
Shannon, Mrs., 20 McCavana's Place
Shannon, Mrs., 29 Lonsdale Street
Shannon, Nathaniel, gilder, 50 Patrick Street Little
Shannon, Robert, moulder, 40? George Street Great
Shannon, Samuel, carpenter, 14 Richmond Street
Shannon, Samuel, iron turner, 33 Cavour Street
Shannon, Samuel, merchant plumber, brass founder, and gas fitter, 16 & 18 Talbot Street; res. 14 Talbot Street
Shannon, Thomas, plumber, 8 Wall Street
Shannon, William, carpenter, Anderson Street, Ballymacarrett
Sharkey, Francis, stone cutter, 26 Mustard Street
Sharkey, John, lapper, 6 Orchard Street
Sharkey, M. A., dress maker, etc., 21 Academy Street
Sharkey, Patrick, Jews' harp maker, 66 John Street
Sharp, James, brass moulder, 22 Linfield Road
Sharp, James, preparing master, 3 Cumber Place
Shaw, Alexander, sawyer, 100 Corporation Street
Shaw, Alexander, shoe maker, 14 Boyne Square, Sandy Row
Shaw, Andrew, clerk, 7 Bedeque Street
Shaw, C. W. (of E. Shaw & Co.); res. Greenville, County Down
Shaw, Edward, & Co., yarn and general merchants, 78 Victoria Chambers; stores, 84 Victoria Street
Shaw, Eliza, milliner, 38 Peter's Hill
Shaw, Eliza, dealer, 46 Thomas Street North
Shaw, Ezekiel, iron moulder, 7 Coyle Street
Shaw, Francis, sawyer, 83 York Street Little
Shaw & Finlay, soap and candle manufacturers, 31 Ann Street; stores, Donegall Quay
Shaw, Rev. George, minister of Alfred Street Presbyterian Church; res. 8 Wellington Park
Shaw, H., gentleman; office, 9 Castle Chambers; res. Wandsworth Villas, Sydenham
Shaw, Henry, muslin manufacturer, 17 Church Street; res. 8 Albion Street
Shaw, James (of Edward Shaw & Co., Victoria Chambers); res. Ballyoran, Dundonald
Shaw, James (of Shaw & Finlay, Ann Street); res. Sydenham
Shaw, James, farmer, Hampton House, Stockman's Lane, Malone
Shaw, James, cart maker, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Shaw, James, (with Dunville & Co.); res. 24 Raphael Street
Shaw, Mrs. Jane, 1 Ormeau Street
Shaw, John, cloth passer, 131 Durham Street
Shaw, John, 26 Albert Place, Donegall Pass
Shaw, John, baker, 19 Leadbetter Street
Shaw, John & Son, wine and spirit merchants, and sub-agents for C. Dick & Son, brewers, Edinburgh; office, 9 and 10 Victoria Chambers, 80 Victoria Street
Shaw, John, (of John Shaw & Son, Victoria Chambers); res. Archburn Villa, Knock
Shaw, J. Mackenzie (of John Shaw & Son, Victoria Chambers); Archburn Villa, The Knock
Shaw, Joseph, clothes dealer, Malcolm Street, Ballymacarrett
Shaw, Joseph, chandler, 33 Denmark Street
Shaw, Martin, Castlereagh Place, Ballymacarrett
Shaw, Mrs., 2 Richmond Place, Antrim Road
Shaw, Mrs., 67 Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Shaw, Mrs. Ann, 10 Howard Street South
Shaw, Mrs. Ann, 3 Donegall Square West
Shaw, O'C. (in Harbour Commissioners' office); res. 17 Fleetwood Street
Shaw, R. J., manager (in Ulster Spinning Co., Falls Road); res. 77 Falls Road
Shaw, Robert, 14 Bond Street New
Shaw, Robert, hairdresser, perfumer and wig maker, 49 High Street
Shaw, Samuel, butcher, 161 York Street
Shaw, Samuel, 40 Brougham Street
Shaw, Samuel, muslin manufacturer, 17 Church Street; res. Sydenham
Shaw, Thomas, tailor, 24 Norwood Street
Shaw, Thomas, foreman moulder, 9 Howard Street North
Shaw, Thomas, manager of Ulster Railway; res. 78 Pakenham Place, Dublin Road
Shaw, Thomas, wholesale grocer, 29 Ann Street; res. Sydenham
Shaw, Thomas, stone cutter, Wellington Court
Shaw, William, tailor, 44 Frederick Street
Shaw, William, commercial traveller, 77 Joy Street
Shaw, William, clerk (Ulster Bank); res. 67 Ormeau Place
Shaw, William, muslin manufacturer, 4 Elliott's Court; factory, Curtis Street
Shaw, William J., watch maker and jeweller, 69 Academy Street
Shaw, Wm. M., tea merchant, North Street Arcade, North Street
Shaw, Wilson, seed and commission merchant, 76 Patrick Street Little
Sheals, Catherine, spirit dealer, 18 Church Street
Sheals, Hugh, beer dealer, 28 Nail Street
Sheals, James, bird stuffer, 32 Corporation Street; res., 55 Patrick Street Great
Sheals, John, grocer, 59 & 61 Cullingtree Road
Sheals, Mary, dress maker, 113 Carrick Hill
Sheals, Mrs., 2 Long Lane
Sheals, Mrs., 24 Malvern Street
Sheals, Mrs., 18 Bow Street
Sheals, Patrick, solicitor, 70 Donegall Street, Belfast; and 35 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin; res. Duncairn Terrace, Antrim Road
Shearer, Mrs., Colosseum Concert Hall, 4 Orr's Entry
Shearer, Mrs., 4 Eglinton Street
Shearer, Samuel, mechanic, 58 Gardiner Street
Shearer, Samuel, iron turner, 15 Gardiner Street
Sheerer, Mrs. Margaret, 6 Pilot Street
Sheil, Thomas, spinning master, 38 Crimea Street
Sheils, John, provision dealer, Waterford Street
Sheils, John, brick layer, 50 Conway Street
Sheils, William, pawn broker, Falls Road
Sheilds, Henry, painter, Bradford Street
Shields, Hugh, brick layer, Constance Street, Ballymacarrett
Sheilds, Hugh, baker, 2 Sidney Street
Sheilds, James, carpenter, 25 Fleet Street
Sheilds, John, pawn broker, 4 Conway Street
Sheilds, John, tailor, Ballynafeigh Road
Shields, Mrs. Ellen, 54 Marine Street
Sheilds, McIntyre, iron moulder, 11 Dayton Street
Sheilds, Samuel, gardener, 9 Blondin Street
Shields, Thomas, lithographic writer, 27 Henry Street
Shepherd, William, commission agent (2nd floor), 71 High Street
Shepherd, William, secretary to the Belfast and Provincial Building and Investment Co. Ltd., and Life Association of Scotland; office, 21 High Street; res., Holywood
Sheppard, Mary Jane, 19 Malvern Street
Sheppard, Mrs., 59 Willow Street
Sheridan, Mrs. Margaret, 21 Brookfield Street
Sherlock, John, mechanic, Waterford Street
Sherlock, Robert, tenter, 2 Haldane Street
Sherrard, Andrew, bakery, 17 Brown Street
Sherrard, Edward, funeral undertaking and posting establishment, 13 Fountain Street; res. Lennoxvale, Malone
Sherrard, The Misses, 2 Chichester Street
Sherrard, Robert, 26 Malvern Street
Sherrie, William, brush manufacturer, 14 North Street; res. Fitzroy Avenue, The Plains
Sherry, Charles (of Sherry & Hughes, architects); res. Linden Terrace, Falls Road
Sherry & Hughes, architects (successors to the late W. J. Barre), College Street South
Sherry, James, clerk (B. Hughes' bakery); 8 Alexander Street West
Sherry James, mechanic, 9 Ross' Place
Sherry, Michael, stone mason, Getty Street
Shevlin, Edward, marine store, 16 Winetavern Street
Shevlin, Patrick, fruiterer, 202 Lodge Road Old
Shillington, John J. (of Gamble, Shillington & Co., commission merchants, Linen Hall); res. 8 College Square East
Ship, D., spirit dealer, 41 Pilot Street
Shirra, William, whitesmith, 4 Galway Street
Short, David, shoe maker, 47 Joseph Street
Short, Mrs. Jane, 40 Cinnamond Street
Short, Mrs., grocer, 17 Raphael Street
Short, Mrs., 17 Cullingtree Street
Short, Rev. J. G., minister of Independent Meeting House
Short, Peter, engine driver, 1 Selina Street
Short, Terence, stone cutter, 19 Quadrant Street
Shortsinger, Engelbart & Co., watch and clock manufacturers, 100 North Street
Shreenan, James, flax buyer, 110 Joy Street
Sibbald, George, clerk, Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett
Sillars, Alexander, carpenter, 26 Boundary Street
Silly, Mrs., 12 Cranbourne Street
Silo, Modesto & Sons, carvers and gilders, 42 Arthur Street Upper
Silo, Modesto, Italian interpreter, 42 Arthur Street Upper
Simms, Mrs., caretaker Ladies' Clothing Repository, 75 Durham Street
Simms, Agnes, 46 Hopewell Street
Simms, A. & R., builders and general carpenters, 13, 15, 17 & 19 Grosvenor Street
Simms, Andrew (of A. & R. Simms, builders, etc., Grosvenor Street), grocer, 79 Durham Street
Simms, Isabella, boarding house, 64 John Street
Simms, John, grocer, 10 Edward Street
Simms, John, secretary of Banbridge Extension Railway Co.; office, 5 Donegall Square South; res. Church Hill, Dunmurry
Simms, Miss, 26 Queen Street
Simms, The Misses, 81 Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Simms, Mrs., 19 Mansfield Street
Simms, Reuben, poor law auditor, 3 University Terrace, University Road
Simms, Robert (of A. & R. Simms, builders, etc., Grosvenor Street); res. 40 Durham Street
Simms, Thomas, seaman, 41 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Simms, William, chamberlain of Linen Hall; treasurer of News Room, Linen Hall; accountant and notary public; agent for the Scottish Widows' Fund, Master Extraordinary in Chancery, and commissioner for Common Law Courts; res.,140 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Simms & McIntyre, book publishers, 8 Donegall Street Place
Simpson, David, clerk, 48 Bentinck Street
Simpson, David, grocer, 70 Queen Street North
Simpson, Edward, painter, 58 Durham Street
Simpson, Hugh, brick layer, 27 Keegan Street
Simpson, J., ship carpenter, 68 Thomas Street North
Simpson, James, bundler, Constance Street, Ballymacarrett
Simpson, John, brick layer, 24 Brennan Street
Simpson, John, hatter, 22 Malvern Street Upper
Simpson, John, pilot, 69 Thomas Street North
Simpson & Marshall, merchant tailors, shirt and collar manufacturers, hosiers, glovers; naval, military and colonial outfitters, 37 & 39 Castle Place
Simpson, M., car owner, 102 Cromac Street
Simpson, Miss, dress maker, 5 Bruce Street
Simpson, The Misses, millinery, mantle and shawl warerooms, 6 Donegall Place
Simpson, Mrs., Ballynafeigh Road
Simpson, Mrs., 9 Upper Crescent
Simpson, Mrs., 108 Carrick Hill
Simpson, Mrs. Jane, 13 Howard Street South
Simpson, Mrs. B. K., 182 York Street
Simpson, Robert, goods manager, Ulster Railway; res. 147 Botanic Road, Victoria Street Great
Simpson, Stewart (of Simpson & Marshall, Castle Place); res. 25 Queen Street
Simpson, Thomas, banding maker, Ballynafeigh Road New
Simpson, Thomas, engineer, 10 Malvern Street
Simpson, Thomas, carpenter, 3 Cussick Street, Lisburn Road
Simpson, Thomas, whip maker, 11 Lodge Road Old
Simpson, W. S., yarn and commission merchant, 1 Donegall Square West
Simpson, William, hairdresser, 36 Patrick Street Great
Sinclair, Alexander, grocer, 201 Shankhill Road
Sinclair & Boyd, West Indian and general merchants, Lloyd's agents, and insurance agents, 45 Donegall Quay
Sinclair, George, Woodstock Road, Ballymacarrett
Sinclair, James, grocer, 19 Patrick Street Little
Sinclair, James, street inspector, 1 Arnon Street
Sinclair, Mrs. Jane, 6 King Street
Sinclair, John (of  T. & J. Sinclair & Co.); res. Royal Terrace, Lisburn Road
Sinclair, Robert, dairy, 30 Springfield Road
Sinclair, Samuel, yarn merchant; res. 134 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Sinclair, Thomas & John & Co., provision merchants and ship owners, Tomb Street
Sinclair, Thomas (of T. & J. Sinclair & Co., Tomb Street); res. Hopefield, Antrim Road
Sinclair, Thomas, lapper, 87 Grosvenor Street
Sinclair, Thomas, lapper, Morpeth Street
Sinclair, William, carpenter, Cluan Place, Ballymacarrett
Sinclair, William, mechanic, Wilton Street
Singer Sewing Machine Manufacturing Company; Office, 7 Donegall Square North; agent, John Emerson
Singleton, John, wood turner, 11 Ship Street Little
Sinnott, James, currier, 11 Durham Street New
Skeath, Mrs., 44 M'Tier Street
Skeffington, Edward, brick layer, 14 Cullingtree Road
Skeffington, Samuel, shoe maker, Whitehall Court
Skelly, Matthew R., grocer and flour merchant, 48 Edward Street Great
Skelly, Thomas, grocer, Beer's Bridge Place, Ballymacarrett
Skelly, Richard, currier, 23 Charles Street
Skelly, William, flour and provision store, 67 May Street
Skelton, Mrs. 50 Arthur Street
Skene, Mrs., Stag's Head Tavern, 2 North Street and 1 & 3 Rosemary Street
Skene, Peter, nailer, 61 Green Street
Skiffington, David, currier, 48 Boundary Street North
Skiffington, Joseph, clerk, 49 Hopewell Street
Skillen, Alexander, smith, 30 Langford Street
Skillen, James, painter, 54 Tyrone Street
Skilling, William James, bookkeeper (N. A. Campbell & Co.'s_; res. 81 Hanover Street
Skinner, Capt. Arthur Macgregor, R.N., Ardmore Terrace, Holywood
Skinner, John, linen dresser, 20 Norwood Street
Skinner, John, 188 Agnes Street
Skinner, Samuel, seaman, 14 Cross Street
Skuse, Richard, clerk, 32 Brougham Street
Slevin, Bernard, car owner, 33 Lettuce Hill
Sloan, Adam, surgical splint manufacturer, 15 Israel Street
Sloan, Andrew & Co., brick and tile yard, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Sloan, Archibald, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 33 Castle Place; res. Holywood
Sloan, Hamilton, mechanic, 33 Hobson's Row
Sloan, J., grocer and spirit dealer, 56 & 58 Howard Street North
Sloan, James, smith, 64 Patrick Street Great
Sloan, James, car owner, 21 Bank Hill
Sloan, James, linen and damask warehouse, 33 Arthur Street; res. 4 Claremont Terrace, University Road
Sloan, James, carpenter, 23 Riley's Place
Sloan, James, boot maker, 44 Hutchinson Street
Sloan, John, spirit dealer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Sloan, John, blacksmith, 5 Dundee Street
Sloan, John, harbour constable, 4 Hemsworth Street
Sloan, Joseph, shoe maker, 16 Charlemont Street
Sloan, Mary Jane, 4 Norwood Street
Sloan, Mrs., 32 Russell Street
Sloan, Mrs., 19 College Street
Sloan, Miss M., 9 Ship Street
Sloan, Patrick, saddler, 2 Unity Street
Sloan, Robert, carpenter, Wilton Street
Sloan, Robert, seaman, 8 Shipbuoy Street
Sloan, Samuel, smith, 63 Israel Street
Sloan, Samuel, linen merchant, 98 George Street Great
Sloan, Thomas, compositor, 10 Dagmar Street
Sloan, Thomas, fitter, 5 Ship Street Back
Sloan, William, wood turner, 23 Woodburn Street
Sloane, James, shoe maker, 31 Catherine Street North
Small, Hugh, teacher in Model School; res. 46 May Street Little
Small, Hugh, carpenter, 13 Cromwell Street
Small, John, commission, insurance, land and rent agent, 10 Trinity Street
Small, John, grocer, 53 Scotch Street
Small, Michael, seaman, 12 Thomas Street North
Smart, Mrs. Margaret, 41 Savage's Row
Smart, Wm. John, lapper, 23 Wesley Street
Smeeth, Rowland, drawing master, Model School; res. 26 Carlisle Street
Smiley, Wm. James, stone cutter, 20 East Street
Smith, Alexander, agent for "Black Diamond" coaling steamer; office, 66 Corporation Street
Smith, Alexander, nailer, Ballynafeigh Road New
Smith, Alexander, 15 College Street South
Smith, Alexander, stabling yard, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Smith, Alexander, carpenter, 12 Finn Street
Smith, Alexander, builder, 7 Franklin Place
Smith, Alexander & Sons, builders, 9 Adelaide Place
Smith, Mrs. Ann, 6 Ghent Street
Smith, Anne, 14 Norwood Street
Smith, Anne, 28 Scott Street
Smith, Anne, milliner and dress maker, 1 McCleery Street
Smith, Archibald & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, St. Anne's Buildings, Donegall Street
Smith, Archibald (of Archibald Smith & Co., St. Anne's Buildings); res. Glasgow
Smith, Barry Martin, solicitor, 75 Cromac Street
Smith, Bernard, clerk, 24 Catherine Street North
Smith, Charles, jun., sewed muslin manufacturer, St. Anne's Buildings, Donegall Street
Smith, Charles, file cutter, 41 Academy Street
Smith, Daniel, builder and contractor (of Kent & Smith); res. 61 Brougham Street
Smith, David, seaman, Blackman Street, Ballymacarrett
Smith, David, stabling yard, 55, 57 & 59 Donegall Street Little
Smith, Dr., M.D., 3 Glengall Place
Smith, Edward, clerk, 75 Dover Street
Smith, Mrs. Eliza, 44 Cambrai Street
Smith, Emily, 8 Norton Street
Smith, Francis, leather merchant, 47 Academy Street
Smith, Frederick, architect and surveyor, 5 Donegall Square West; res. Wellington Park
Smith, George J., civil engineer, 5 Donegall Square West
Smith, George, seaman, 28 Railway Street
Smith, George, manager of Coey & Co.'s provision store; res. 75 Carlisle Street
Smith, George K., solicitor and commissioner for taking answers, affidavits, etc., in the Courts of Chancery, Bankruptcy and Probate in England; office, The Castle, Castle Buildings, Belfast; and 55 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin; res. Meadow Bank, Whitehouse
Smith, Henry, tailor, 8 Henrietta Street
Smith, Henry Nelson, solicitor, 75 Donegall Street, Belfast; and 20 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin
Smith, Hugh, coal merchant, 26 Milford Street; office, 4 Commercial Court
Smith, Hugh, currier, 40 Academy Street
Smith, Hugh, Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Smith, Hugh, carpenter, 11 Wilton Place, Shankhill Road
Smith, Isaac, overlooker in mill, 9 Boyne Square
Smith, J., shoe maker, 72 M'Tier Street
Smith, J. & T., butter and general merchants, 7 & 9 Gamble Street; res. Fernhill, Ballygomartin
Smith, James, 3 College Street South
Smith, James, plasterer, 5 Glenalpine Street
Smith, James, seaman, 23 Ann Street North
Smith, James, Harbour constable, Belvoir Street, Ballymacarrett
Smith, James, manager (of Lemon's rope-walk), 33 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Smith, James, blacksmith, 37 Gilford Street
Smith, James, seaman, 12 Smith Street
Smith, James, lapper, 72 Israel Street
Smith, James, 160 York Street
Smith, Jane, boarders, 27 Wesley Place
Smith, John C. (of Buckley & Smith, solicitors, Scottish Amicable Assurance Society's Buildings); res. Ardmore Terrace, Holywood
Smith, John, foreman bleacher, 15 Crimea Street
Smith, John, lapper, 4 Norwood Street
Smith, John, pawn broker, 45 Patrick Street Great
Smith, John, dealer and beer retailer, Wilton Street
Smith, John, ship carpenter, 24 Molyneux Street
Smith, John, 7 Malvern Street
Smith, John, pawn broker, 95 Cromac Street
Smith, John, cabinet maker, 14 Keegan Street
Smith, John A., civil engineer; office, 16 Chichester Street; res. 21 Joy Street
Smith, John, traveller, 17 Hopeton Street
Smith, John G., income tax officer, 2 Castle Buildings; res. Meadow Bank, Whitehouse
Smith, John, watch glass manufacturer, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Smith, John B., carpenter, 38 Dundee Street
Smith, Joseph, painter, 112 Sandy Row
Smith, Joseph, stucco plasterer, 41 Fifth Street
Smith, Miss, 6 Carlisle's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Smith, Mrs. Mary, 15 Ghent Street
Smith, Matthew, wheel cutter, 224 Conway Street
Smith, Michael, spirit dealer, 68 George Street Great
Smith, The Misses, 2 William's Place, University Road
Smith, Mrs., dressmaker, Fifth Street
Smith, Mrs., 102 Falls Road
Smith, Mrs., grocer, 56 Irwin Street
Smith, Mrs., 91 Stanfield Street
Smith, Mrs., 80 Sussex Street
Smith, Mrs., 29 Christopher Street
Smith, Mrs., 11 Dickson Street
Smith, Mrs., Abercorn Street
Smith, Mrs. Andrew, 10 Frederick Street
Smith, Mrs. M., 33 Ship Street
Smith, Owen, carpenter, 43 Hamill Street
Smith, Patrick, boot maker, 56 Scotch Street
Smith, Peter, ship carpenter, 6 Ann Street North
Smith, Robert M., agent for J. Hinshelwood & Co., Globe Parcel Express Co., 3 Queen's Square
Smith, Robert, carpenter, 41 Willow Street
Smith, Robert, lapper, Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Smith, Robert, foreman (in Harbinson & Co.'s, jewellers, Victoria Street); res. 12 Hughes' Buildings, Falls Road
Smith, Samuel, moulder, 15 English Street
Smith, Samuel, foreman cutter, 8 Hobson's Row
Smith, Samuel, printer, 11 Selina Street
Smith, Samuel (of Magill & Smith, 21 Church Lane); res. 25 Eglinton Street
Smith, Sophia, haberdasher, 98 North Street
Smith, Thomas, engraver, 16 Wesley Street
Smith, Thomas, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Smith, Thomas, painter, 27 Dunraven Street
Smith, Thomas, bookkeeper, 67 Hopeton Street
Smith, William, carpenter's yard and res., 18 Grosvenor Street
Smith, William, marine store, 76 & 78 Green Street
Smith, William S., stabling yard, 3 Gloucester Street
Smith, William & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers and exporters, James Street South
Smith, William, manager (of John Hind & Sons); res. Franklin Place
Smith, William (of Wm. Smith & Co.); res. 141 Victoria Street Great
Smith, William, mechanic, 31 Linfield Road
Smith, William, pawn broker, 98 Cromac Street
Smith, William, teacher Lodge Mill National School; res. 62 Lepper Street
Smith, William, china, glass and delf warehouse, 51 Victoria Street; res. Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Smith, William, finisher, Brookfield Place
Smith, William, Ballynafeigh Road New
Smith, William John, mechanic, 2 Finn Street
Smithfield Brewing Co., 43 Smithfield
Smilie, James, Woodstock Road, Ballymacarrett
Smollen, Mrs., Francis Street, Ballymacarrett
Smylie, Elizabeth, dress maker, 6 Sarah Street
Smylie, James, clerk, 10 Caroline Street
Smylie, Mrs., 3 Selina Street
Smyley, Oliver, beer retailer and grocer, 218 Shankhill Road
Smyley, Wm., teacher N.S.; res. 91 Academy Street
Smyley, William, shoe maker, 18 Academy Street
Smyley, William, lithographic printer, 5 Faulkner Street
Smyrl, Mrs. Sarah Ann, Linden Terrace, Falls Road
Smyth, Adam, clerk, 17 Gloucester Street
Smyth, Alexander, lapper, 44 Upton Street
Smyth, Andrew, clerk, 39 Hartley Street
Smyth, Bernard, cooper, 37 Prince's Street
Smyth, Brice, M.D., surgeon, 13 College Square East
Smyth, Daniel, poulterer, 43 & 45 Queen Street North
Smyth, David, shoe maker, 4 Market Street
Smyth, David, pork cutter, 95 Lodge Road New
Smyth, David, spirit dealer, 59 Donegall Street Little
Smyth, D. & H., posting establishment and res. 14 Seymour Street
Smyth, Edward, spirit dealer, 105 Queen Street North
Smyth, F., dairy, 26 Hercules Street
Smyth, Fielding James, brass founder, etc., 22 Hercules Street
Smyth, Francis, leather merchant, 47 Academy Street; res. 10 Lincoln Avenue
Smyth, Francis, carpenter's yard, Durham Street; res. 20 Grosvenor Street
Smyth, Garnet, commercial traveller; res. 43 Donegall Pass
Smyth, George (of the firm of Lindsay Brothers); res. 26 University Square
Smyth, George, tailor, 81 Queen Street North
Smyth, Henry (of Preston, Smyth & Co.); res. Cairnburn Villa, Sydenham
Smyth, Henry, salesman, 3 Lime Street
Smyth, Hugh, hair dresser, 78 Union Street
Smyth, Hugh, seaman, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett
Smyth, Hugh, iron moulder, 66 Stanhope Street
Smyth, James, clerk, 19 Spencer Street
Smyth, J. & T., engravers, die sinkers, lithographers and linen ornament manufacturers, 33 Castle Street
Smyth, James, coach maker, 2 Crawford Street
Smyth, James, carpenter, 11 Eton Street
Smyth, James, paper warehouse, 39 Church Lane
Smyth, James, engineer, 19 Long Lane
Smyth, James, rope-walk, Chapel Lane, Ballymacarrett
Smyth, James, watch-glass manufacturer, Portview, Ballymacarrett
Smyth, James, rope and twine manufacturer, Seaview, Ballymacarrett
Smyth, James, grocer, 94 Carrick Hill
Smyth, James, shoe store, 14 Hercules Street
Smyth, James D. (of William Smyth & Co., 1 Donegall Square West); res. 13 Donegall Square East
Smyth, James, draper, 45 Cromac Street
Smyth, John, shoe maker, 32 Waring Street; res. 100 Crumlin Place, Crumlin Road
Smyth, John, surgeon, Medical Hall, 16 Castle Place and 48 Donegall Street
Smyth, John (of Waugh & Smyth, coach builders); res. 75 Joy Street
Smyth, John, foreman baker, 2 Upton Street
Smyth, John, currier, 3 Inverness Place
Smyth, John, rope spinner, 12 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Smyth, John, lapper, 40 Hartley Street
Smyth, John, soap boiler, 23 Garston Street
Smyth, John, 28 California Street
Smyth, John, builder, 25 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Smyth, Joseph, fitter, 6 Melbourne Court
Smyth, Miss, day school, Botanic Avenue, Donegall Pass
Smyth, Miss, haberdasher, 53 Peter's Hill
Smyth, Miss E., baby linen warehouse, 71 Lodge Road Old
Smyth, Mrs. Helena, dress maker, 9 Boyd Street
Smyth, Mrs., 15 Welsh Street
Smyth, Mrs., 38 Athol Street
Smyth, Mrs., 56 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Smyth, Mrs., 20 California Street
Smyth, Mrs., 11 Arkwright Street
Smyth, Mrs. Alice, grocer, 15 Leadbetter Street
Smyth, Mrs. Jane, 30 Everton Street
Smyth, Richard, butcher, 38 Divis Street
Smyth, Robert, clerk, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Smyth, Robert, shoe maker, 93 Shankhill Road
Smyth, Samuel, muslin printer, 12 Sidney Street
Smyth, S. & W. I., surgeon dentists, 18 Chichester Street
Smyth, Samuel, wine merchant, Church Lane; res. 25 Eglinton Street
Smyth, Samuel, blacksmith, 28 Lodge Road Old
Smyth, Sarah, looking glass maker, 178 North Street
Smyth, Miss Sarah, 36 Crumlin Street
Smyth, Spence, tailor, 21 Denmark Street
Smyth, Thomas, tobacconist, 2 Castle Place
Smyth, Thomas, lapper, 46 Hartley Street
Smyth, Thomas, grocer, 35 Wilson Street
Smyth, William, hairdresser, 96 & 98 Union Street
Smyth, William, horse dealer, 8 George's Court
Smyth, William, carpenter, 28 Wilson Street
Smyth, William & Co., linen merchants, 2 Donegall Square West; bleachworks, Banbridge
Smyth, William, carpenter, 22 Ewart's Row
Smyth, William, carpenter, 33 Brown Street
Smyth, William, mechanic, 3 Portland Place
Smyth, W., clerk, 6 Radcliffe Street
Smyth, William, brick layer, 34 William's Row
Smyth, W. H., chief accountant, Belfast Bank; res. in the Bank
Snodden, John, cooper, 70 York Street Little
Snodden, Robert, brick layer, 14 Queen Street North
Snowden, John, poor-rate collector, 6 Castle Chambers; res. Sydenham
Somerset, George, mechanic, 2 Boundary Street
Somerset, James, spirit dealer, Killymoon Buildings, Falls Road
Somerset, Thomas, railway guard, Portview, Ballymacarrett
Somerville, John, weigh master, 9 Copeland Street
Sommerville, Alexander, chain maker, 1 Melbourne Court
Sourley, John, horse dealer, 77 Hopeton Street
Spackman, William, military and merchant tailor, draper and hatter, 75 Victoria Street and Globe outfitting establishment, 32 High Street; res. Holywood
Sparrow, Charles, statuary and artificial stone manufacturer, 20 Church Street
Spears, Mrs., 8 Stanley Street
Spears, William, pattern maker, 24 Ship Street
Speers, Moses, 2 Speer's Place
Speers, Mrs. Mary, 60 Cambrai Street
Spellane, Wm., musical instrument maker, 22 Torrens' Market
Spence, George, gas fitter, Springmount Street
Spence, George, foreman builder, brick maker and spirit dealer, 175 York Street and 70 Earl Street
Spence, George E., superintendent list, 5 Canning Street
Spence, Hugh, shoe maker, Malcolm Street, Ballymacarrett
Spence, James, mechanic, 53 Thomas Street North
Spence, James, carpenter, 35 Vere Street
Spence, John, butcher, 37 Durham Street
Spence, John, mechanic, 24 Moscow Street
Spence, John, carpenter, 42 Cullingtree Street
Spence, Margaret, 19 College Square North
Spence, Matthew, chandler, 16 McCavana's Place
Spence, Miss, Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett
Spence, Mrs. Agnes, 30 Stephen Street
Spence, Patrick, car owner, 23 Bank Street
Spence, Robert, ship carpenter, 1 Grove Street
Spence, Robert, spirit dealer, 69 Cromac Street
Spence, Robert, cement maker, 46 Leadbetter Street
Spencer, Robert, brick layer, 17 Francis Street??
Spence, Thomas, ship carpenter, 51 Thomas Street North
Spence, Thomas, shoe maker, 154 Corporation Street
Spence, Thomas, engineer, 19 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Spence, Thomas, miller, 46 Hobson's Row
Spence, Wm. H., clerk, 7 Laurence Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Spence, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 160 Shankhill Road
Spence, William, blacksmith, 28 Trelford Street
Spence, William, mill engineer, 4 Derby Street North
Spence, William, 130 Shankhill Road
Spence, William J., carpenter, 5 Grattan Court
Spencer, Benjamin, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Spiers, John R., coal agent, 23 Waring Street
Spiller, D. Fred., manager of News Letter office; res. Crumlin Terrace, Crumlin Road
Spiller, Edward, in Belfast Bank; res. 5 Henry Street
Spiller, Mrs., 5 Henry Street
Spiller, William, sub-manager of the National Bank branch, 56 & 58 High Street
Spotten, William & Co., linen, linen yarn, and thread merchants, spinners and manufacturers; works, Gilford
Spotten, William (of William Spotten & Co., Howard Street); res. Ardnalea, Craigavad
Spottiswood, James, brick layer, 61 Cambrai Street
Spottiswood, Thomas, carpenter, 31 Israel Street
Spratt, Thomas, car owner, 2 Maria Street
Springfield Cotton Spinning Co., Springfield Road
Springfield Weaving Factory, Springfield Road; office, 2 Bedford Street
Sproute, Mrs. Ellenor, 32 College Street
Stafford, George, lath cutter, 35 Friendly Street
Stafford, Elizabeth, manager Working Classes Refreshment and Reading Rooms, 1, 3 & 5 John Street
Stafford, Mrs., 37 Friendly Street
Stanard, John, wholesale and retail hardware and house furnishing ironmongery warehouse, 1 Skipper Street
Stanfield, Mrs. Charlotte, 12 Wesley Street
Stanfield & Kerr, coach makers, 6 Garmoyle Street
Stanfield, Mrs., 78 York Street
Stanley, John, sawyer, 30 Finn Street
Stannus, Mrs., 39 Botanic Terrace, Dublin Road
Starkey, Henry, seaman, 35 Annette Street
Staunton, Thomas, butcher, 190 North Street
Staunton, Coates & Co., carpet, room paper and damask warehouse, 9 Donegall Place
Stavely, Miss M., school for ladies , 24 Queen Street
Steed, John, tailor, 8 Sherbrook Street
Steed, John, grocer, 12 Staunton Street
Steed, John, market constable, 14 Staunton Street
Steed, Margaret, 58 Charles Street South
Steed, Mrs., 21 Spencer Street
Steed, William, tailor, 23 Murphy Street
Steele, George, foreman pattern maker, 8 Ross' Row
Steele, Henry, grocer, 26 Glenalpine Street
Steele, John, draper, 11 Donegall Street; res., Antrim Place
Steele, Johnston, car owner, 18 Charlotte Street
Steele, John Wilson, teacher of Oldpark National School
Steele, Mrs. Ellen, 48 Unity Street
Steele, Mrs. Jane, 36 Ewart's Row
Steele, George, sail maker, McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett
Steele, Robert, Scripture reader, 1 Cambridge Street
Steele, Samuel, commission agent, 65 Donegall Street; res. 64 Carlisle Street
Steele, Samuel, foreman builder, 23 Everton Street
Steele, Thomas, carpenter, 103 Lodge Road Old
Steele, William, sergeant Constabulary, 18 Napier Street
Steen, Alexander (of James Steen & Co., flax spinners); res. Skeigoneil (Skegoniel)
Steen, Rev. I., head master of the mathematical department, Royal Academical Institution; res. 46 Pakenham Place
Steen, James & Co., flax spinners, Owen O'Cork Mills; office, 5 Talbot Street
Steen, James (of J. Steen & Co., flax spinners); res. Skeigoneil (Skegoniel)
Steen, Robert, Ph. D., resident head master Classical school, Royal Academical Institution
Steen, W. (of James Steen & Co., flax spinners); res. Beer's Bridge, Ballymacarrett
Steene, Thomas, marble polisher, 6 Melbourne Street
Steenson, Edward, iron turner, 1 Raglan Street
Steenson, James, commercial traveller, 168 York Street
Steigmann, Charles, clerk in Lagan Felt Works; res. 3 Pottinger Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Stelfox, James, engineer and manager of Gas Works; res. Gasfield House, Ormeau Road
Stephens, Alexander, spirit dealer, 37 Rosemary Street; res. Strandtown
Stephens, Edwin, fruiterer and confectioner, 4 Bridge Street and 67 Donegall Street
Stephens, Joseph, sub-librarian Linen Hall; res. 38 Hudson Street
Stephenson, Alexander, carpenter, Lion Street, Ballymacarrett
Stephenson, Colin, bleacher, 170 Falls Road
Stephenson, George, solicitor and proctor, 11 Castle Chambers; res. Lisburn
Stephenson, James, clothes dealer, 13 Berry Street
Stephenson, James, woollen draper, office, Waring Street; res. 2 Malone Place
Stephenson, Jane, fruit store, 17 Bank Street
Stephenson, John, cutler, 17 Haldane Street
Stephenson, John, clerk, 90 Joy Street
Stephenson, John, boiler maker, 5 Falloon's Court
Stephenson, Miss, dress maker, 90 Joy Street
Stephenson, Mrs., 75 Brougham Street
Stephenson, Ralph, nail works, Stockman's Court
Stephenson, Richard, income tax officer, 29 Eliza Street
Stephenson, Robert, M.D., surgeon, 11 Wellington Place
Stephenson, Robert, stationer, 191 York Street
Stephenson, Samuel, clerk of works, 36 Canning Street
Stephenson, Samuel, stone cutter, 10 Isabella Street
Stephenson, William, book binder, 5 York Street Little
Sterling, James, shoe maker, Arkwright Street
Sterling, James, lapper, 4 Dagmar Street
Sterling, John, foreman moulder, 106 Peter's Hill
Sterling, Mrs., 37 Eglinton Street
Sterling, Mrs., 39 Patrick Street Little
Sterling, Robert, glazier, 19 Sidney Street
Sterling, William, lapper, 40 California Street
Sterne, William, Belfast Bank; res. 205 York Street
Sterret, John, blacksmith, 14 Corporation Street Little
Sterret, Thomas, blacksmith, 1 Cotton Court
Sterret, Thomas, whitesmith, 46 Green Street
Sterritt, John, preparing master, 5 Brunswick Street Little
Sterritt, John, blacksmith, 20 Kildare Street
Stevelly, Dr., professor Queen's College; res. 11 Wellington Park
Stevelly, William, spirit dealer, 16 Edward Street Great
Steven, Joseph, pump sinker, 27 Finn Street
Stevens, James, lapper, Woodville Terrace, Shankhill Road
Stevenson, James, linen measurer, 23 Glenalpine Street
Stevenson, Jane, 37 Lindsay Street
Stevenson, John, baker, 117 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Stevenson, John, carpenter, 35 Byron Street
Stevenson, John, grocer, 52 Lodge Road Old
Stevenson, John, clerk (Ulster Spinning Co.); res. Linfield House
Stevenson, Joseph, lapper, 6 McGahen's Place
Stevenson, Mrs. Margaret, Wilton Street
Stevenson, Miss Helena, 6 Benwell Terrace, Oldpark Road
Stevenson, Mrs., green grocer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Stevenson, Mrs., dressmaking rooms, 27 Arthur Street
Stevenson, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Dock Street
Stevenson, Robert, grocer, 1 Malvern Street Upper
Stevenson, Samuel, tailor, 27 Arthur Street
Stevenson, Samuel, Constabulary, 13 Clements Street
Stevenson, Thomas, tailor, 15 King Street
Stevenson, William, 2 Fitzwilliam Street
Stevenson, William John, mechanic, Urney Street
Stewart, A., bakery and flour stores, 7 Church Lane Upper
Stewart, A. T., & Co. (of New York), linen merchants, 13 James Street South
Stewart, A., coal factor, Queen's Quay, Ballymacarrett
Stewart, Alexander, grocer, 26 Valentine Street
Stewart, Alexander, assistant druggist, 9 Broadbent Street
Stewart, Alexander, carpenter, 51 Hopeton Street
Stewart, Andrew, butcher, 30 Edward Street Great
Stewart, Andrew, brick layer, Crimea Street
Stewart, Andrew, carpenter, 16 California Street
Stewart, Charles, mechanic, 25 Alma Street
Stewart, Charles, carpenter, 7 Conlon Street
Stewart, Charles, carpenter, 9 Maria Street
Stewart, Christopher Greenwood, confectioner, 1 Victoria Street Little
Stewart, David, brick layer, 45 Cavour Street
Stewart, David, mechanic, 83 Dover Street
Stewart, David, butcher, 25 Hamill Street
Stewart, Dr. Robert, resident manager and physician of Belfast District Lunatic Asylum, Falls Road
Stewart, George, linen manufacturer, 8 Kent Street; res. 52 Antrim Road
Stewart, Hugh, seaman, 15 Fleet Street
Stewart, Hugh, seaman, Rotterdam Street, Ballymacarrett
Stewart, Hugh L., spirit dealer, 29 Church Lane
Stewart, Mrs. Isabella, 4 Garston Street
Stewart, James, car owner, 6 Mitchell Street
Stewart, James, painter, 22 John Street; res. 28 Trinity Street
Stewart, James, spinning master, Finn Street
Stewart, James, lithographic printer, White's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Stewart, James, teacher, 20 Killarney Street
Stewart, James, hatter, Bridge Street; res. 8 Brougham Street
Stewart, James, clerk, 10 Grosvenor Street
Stewart, James, librarian, Linen Hall; res. 16 Carlisle Street
Stewart, James, timber merchant, 30 Hastings Street
Stewart, James, sawyer, 85 York Street Little
Stewart, Jane, 27 Willow Street
Stewart, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 170 Shankhill Road
Stewart, John, painter, 38 Malvern Street
Stewart, John, tailor, 29 Everton Street
Stewart, John, sewed muslin manufacturer, 26 Donegall Street; res. Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Stewart, John, dyer, 14 Arthur Street
Stewart, John, bleacher, Ashmore Street
Stewart, John, clerk, 19 Ship Street
Stewart, John, carpenter, 17 Hanover Street
Stewart, John, brush maker, 9 Grattan Court
Stewart, John, iron moulder, 128 Peter's Hill
Stewart, John, coal factor; office, Queen's Quay; res. Hobson's Row
Stewart, Joseph, dealer in hardware and fancy goods, 88 Ann Street
Stewart, M., secretary of Belfast Young Men's Christian Association
Stewart, Major, 19 Mountcharles, University Road
Stewart, Major-General, 6 University Terrace
Stewart, Marshall, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 Hutchinson Street
Stewart, Mary, marine store, 58 & 60 Union Street
Stewart, Mrs. Mary, 20 Fourth Street
Stewart, Mary, boarding house, 3 Chichester Street Lower
Stewart, Matthew, brick maker, Ballynafeigh Road New
Stewart, Miss L., milliner, 12 Eliza Street
Stewart, Miss Margery, teacher, Campbell's Row
Stewart, Mrs., 8 Ship Street Little
Stewart, Mrs., dress maker, Ashmore Street
Stewart, Mrs., 24 Elizabeth Street
Stewart, Mrs., milliner, 67 Arthur Street Upper
Stewart, Mrs., 44 Elizabeth Street
Stewart, Mrs., 12 Eliza Street
Stewart, Mrs., 100 Falls Road
Stewart, Mrs., 12 Cromac Street
Stewart, Mrs., 4 Hudson Street
Stewart, Mrs., Ulster Servants' Registry Office, 3 Academy Street
Stewart, Mrs. E., 7 Arnon Street
Stewart, Mrs. E., 22 Dock Street
Stewart, Mrs. Ellen, 83 Crumlin Street
Stewart, Mrs. Isabella, 33 Dagmar Street
Stewart, Mrs. Margaret, 44 Tomb Street
Stewart, Mrs. Robert, 80 Pakenham Place, Dublin Road
Stewart, Mrs. Sarah, 40 Dagmar Street
Stewart, Orr, clerk (in Magill, Riddel & Co.'s, Fountain Street); res. 8 Wilson Street
Stewart, Richard, 57 Ormeau Terrace
Stewart, Robert (of R. & W. Stewart, Donegall Street); res. Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Stewart, Robert, tenter, 8 Leopold Street
Stewart, Robert, sewed muslin manufacturer, 9 Bank Street
Stewart, Robert, cooper, 8 Stanley Place
Stewart, Robert, Victoria Lamp Warehouse, lamp manufacturer and gasfitter, 63 Victoria Street
Stewart, S., & Co. (late Wm. Stewart), linen, drill and muslin manufacturers, 6, 8 & 10 Kent Street Lower; res. Duncairn Street
Stewart, Samuel, clerk, 6 Denmark Street
Stewart, Samuel, clerk, 14 Spencer Street
Stewart, Samuel, grocer, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett
Stewart, Samuel, seaman, 44 Garmoyle Street
Stewart, Sarah, 32 May Street Little
Stewart, Mrs. Sarah, 3 Ghent Street
Stewart, Sarah, heddle maker, 99 York Street Little
Stewart, Stanley, iron moulder, 66 Bentinck Street
Stewart, Thomas, brick layer, 14 Gardiner Street
Stewart, Thomas, blacksmith, 25 Pilot Street
Stewart, Thomas, clerk, 28 Stanhope Street
Stewart, W. J. (of R. & W. Stewart, Donegall Street); res. 64 Pakenham Place, Dublin Road
Stewart, William & Son, trunk, portmanteau bonnet box, and travelling bag manufacturers, 6 North Street
Stewart, William (of Johnston, Stewart & Co., 11 Waring Street); res. 43 Carlisle Street
Stewart, William, spirit dealer, 92 Ann Street
Stewart, William, shoe maker, 37 Lancaster Street
Stewart, William, horse dealer, 172 Shankhill Road
Stewart, William, seaman, 4 Falloon's Court
Stewart, William, pawn broker, 27 California Street
Stewart, William, brick layer, 6 Campbell Street South
Stewart, William, grocer, 40 Christopher Street
Stewart, William, cooper, 42 Patrick Street Little
Stewart, William, tailor, 13 Friendly Street
Stewart, William, carpenter, 1 Garden Place
Stewart, Wm. J., cabinet ,maker, 51 Cavour Street
Stewart, Wm. James, teacher of Welsh Street National School; res. 31 Hopeton Street
Stinson, James, saddler and harness maker, 38 & 40 Church Street; res. 33 Canning Street
Stirling, Thomas, bookkeeper, 12 Lincoln Avenue, Antrim Road
Stirrat, Francis, C.E. and architect; offices, 3 Donegall Place Buildings
Stitt, James, coal merchant; office, 3 Queen's Quay; res. 53 Grosvenor Street
Stitt, John, whitesmith, 12 Marquis Street
Stitt, Matthew, gentleman, Ballymacarrett
Stitt, The Misses, ladies' school, 28 Hamilton Street
Stitt, Richard, blacksmith, 1 Rosebank, Crumlin Road
Stitt, Robert, bakery, 198 North Street
St. Leger, George, mechanic, 44 Agnes Street
St. Leger, John, compositor, Cromac Cottage, Donegall Pass
Stobs, James, plasterer, 43 Boyd Street
Stockard, John, smith, 97 Cromac Street
Stockman, Hugh, flax buyer, 40 Fleet Street
Stockman, Ralph, nail manufacturer, 7 Nelson Street
Stockman, Robert, 10 Holmes Street
Stoddart Brothers, merchant tailors, 1 Joy's Entry
Stoddart, John (of Monck & Co., contractors); res. Oldpark Cottage, Oldpark Road
Stoddart, William (of Stoddart, Brothers, 1 Joy's Entry); res. 10 Glentilt Place
Stokoe, Rev. John, minister of Salem Methodist Church (New Connexion); res. 40 York Street
Stokes, Mrs., 5 Hertford Street
Stokes, Mrs., bonnet and dress maker, 93 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Stokesberry, Charles, butcher, 109 York Street
Stokesberry, R., scantling and lumber yard, 19 Pilot Street
Stokesberry & Son, butchers and victuallers, 3 Hercules Place
Stone, James, shoe maker, 33 Queen Street North
Storey, Benjamin, 51 Wesley Place
Storey & Co., agents and commission merchants, 11 Police Square
Stormount, Wm., wood turner, 87 Hanover Street
Stormount, Wm. A., timber merchant, 7 Regent Street
Story, Mrs. Ellen, 34 Marine Street
Story, George, mechanic, 45 Grove Street
Strachan, Mrs., 30 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Straghan, William, grocer, Ardoyne
Strahan, John, carpenter and builder, 269 York Street; res. Skeigoneil Cottage (Skegoniel)
Strain, Alexander, bookkeeper, Donegall Pass
Strain, Hugh, car owner, 45 Annette Street
Strain, James, spirit dealer, Grosvenor Street
Strain, John, gelatiner of prints, showboards, fancy papers, etc., 4 Montgomery Street
Strain, Miss Agnes, grocer, 86 Hanover Street
Strain, Mrs. Eliza, 44 Howard Street South
Strain, Thomas, spirit dealer, 166 & 168 Sandy Row and 2 & 4 Stroud Street
Strain, Thomas, grocer, 1 Renwick Place, Sandy Row
Strain, Thomas, carpenter, 7 Melbourne Street
Strain, William, 6 Franklin Place
Strain, William John, clerk, 25 Dock Street
Strain, W. & Son, gelatiners of prints, showboards, fancy papers, etc., 45 Academy Street
Strainey, Patrick, captain, 63 Lagan Street
Strainger, Thos. G., spirit dealer, 23 Pilot Street
Stranney, James, wood turner, 35 Leopold Street
Strictland, William, foreman flax dresser, 34 Ross Street
Stringer, John, merchant tailor, 5 Chichester Street
Strong, Harriet, 1 McDonald's Row
Strong, Robert, carpenter, 41 Alexander Street West
Strothers, James, lithographic printer, White's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Stuart, A., spirit dealer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Stuart, Agnes, 3 Glenalpine Street
Stuart, James, painter, 22 John Street
Stuart, Mary, 128 Sandy Row
Stuart, Mrs., 30 Norwood Street
Stuart, Robert, grocer, Blackstaff Road
Stubbs' Protection Office; room, 33 High Street
Sturgeon, Henry, Customs' officer, Belvoir Street, Ballymacarrett
Sturgeon, James, Customs' officer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Sturgeon, Samuel, carpenter, 70 Grove Street
Sturgeon, Thomas, farmer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Sturgeon, Thomas, 8 Sturgeon Street
Suckling, Samuel, spirit dealer, 23 John Street; and 1 & 2 Fountain Square
Suffern, John, solicitor, 76 Donegall Street; Dublin office, 103 Capel Street; res. Windsor
Suffern, Jane, 2 Howard Street
Suffern, Mrs. Wm., Windsor
Suffern, Robert, accountant and draper, 87 Peter's Hill; res. 36 Lonsdale Street
Sugars, William, bookkeeper, 7 Dover Street
Suitor, Eliza, 14 Boundary Street North
Sullivan, James, painter, 16 Sidney Street
Sullivan, James, law clerk, 60 Joy Street
Sullivan, James T., accountant, 61 Carlisle Street
Sullivan, John, spirit dealer, 119 Millfield
Summerville, Alexander, smith, 7 Bolton Street
Suranger, William H. D., manager (in Casteel's flax store, 13 Albert Square); res. 14 College Square North
Surface, James, 11 Brunswick Street Little
Surgenor, William, sawyer, McCleery Street
Surgeon, James, carpenter, Emily Place
Surgeon, Thomas, printer, 11 Coates' Street
Suringer, H., commission agent, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Surplus, Richard, designer, 13 Wesley Place
Sutherland, Alexander, salesman, 61 Hopeton Street
Sutherland, Eliza, paper bag maker, 16 Crimea Street
Sutherland, Henry, carpenter, Arkwright Street
Sutton, William, band sergeant Antrim Rifles, 9 Glentilt Street
Swain, Henry, tobacco spinner, 13 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Swain, Hugh, grocer and tobacconist, 19 Queen's Square; res. Sir Henry's Buildings, Mountpottinger
Swain, John, receiver Bangor Railway; res. Richmond, Antrim Road
Swain, Mrs., Cooper's Place, Ballymacarrett
Swan, James, shuttle maker, 17 Kensington Street
Swanson, Robert, 15 University Street
Swanston & Bones, linen collar manufacturers, 6 College Square East
Swanston, William (of Swanston & Bones, 6 College Square East); res. 15 University Street
Swanston, William B., cutter, 32 Athol Street
Sweeney, Andrew, shoe maker, 17 Falls Road
Sweeney, William, mechanic, 1 Meadow Street
Sykes, David, cab owner, 95 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Symington, Samuel, manager (of linen department in Gamble, Shillington & Co.'s, Linen Hall); res. 8 Landscape Terrace
Symmonds, Stephen R., flax seed broker and commission agent; res. 31 Dock Street