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1868 Belfast Street Directory

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Gachey, Robert, assistant draper, 45 Bentinck Street
Gaffikin, Arthur C., Master Extraordinary of her Majesty's High Cough of Chancery in Ireland, Commissioner for taking special bail, and Commissioner for taking affidavits for the Court of Exchequer, Queen's Bench, and Common Pleas; accountant and agent for Bankruptcy and Insolvency.
Gaffikin, Arthur, inspector of provisions, Alfred Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Gaffikin, John, poulterer & butcher, 25 Corn Market
Gaffikin, John, paper ruler, 32 Castle Lane
Gaffikin, Mrs., Gaffikin's Row, Malone Road
Gaffikin, Robert, painter, 13 Ormond Street
Gaffikin, R., carver, gilder, etc. etc., 7 Arthur Square - res., 2 May Street
Gaffikin, Thomas, 7 Queen's Elms, University Road
Gageby, James, grocer, 114 Carrick Hill
Gageby, James, grocer, Ligoneil
Gageby, Mrs. Margaret, 17 Leopold Street
Gahan, William, shoe maker, 2 Sussex Street
Gainfort, Richard Charles, foreign correspondent (in A. & S. Henry's); res., 29 College Square North
Galbraith, James, dairy, 16 Renwick Place, Sandy Row
Galbraith, John, builder, 33 Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Galbraith, Mrs., 23 Spencer Street
Galbraith, Robert, hair cutter and perfumer to the Lord Lieutenant, and bath and photographic rooms, Kephalolutron, 3 High Street
Galgey, William, M.D., homeopathic physician, 37 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Gallaber, Francis, whitesmith, 27 Winetavern Street
Gallagher, Charles, tailor, 12 Scotch Street
Gallagher, Henry, block printer, 5 Ariel Street
Gallagher, James, grocer, 32 Linfield Road
Gallagher, James, grocer, 21 Cullingtree Place
Gallagher, James, grocer, 38 Stanley Street
Gallagher, James, butcher, 39 Hercules Street
Gallagher, John, leather store, 117 North Street
Gallagher, Mrs., 202 York Street
Gallagher, Mrs., 4 Cullingtree Place
Gallaher, Nicholas, chimney sweep, 18 Francis Street
Gallagher, Owen, marine store, 32 Talbot Street
Gallagher, Patrick, hardware dealer, 88 North Street
Gallagher, William, grocer, 146 Peter's Hill
Gallagher, William, spinning master, 36 Moffet Street
Gallagher, William, butcher, 6 Torren's Market
Gallagher & Yeates, tea merchants and tobacco manufacturers, 7 Queen's Square
Gallan, Michael, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Barrack Street
Gallay, Daniel, sail maker, 68 Earl Street
Galt, James, jeweller, 39 Hanover Street
Gallaway, David, sail maker, 54 Boyd Street
Gallaway, Miss, dress maker, 9 Ormeau Road
Galloway, James, shoe maker, 71 Boundary Street
Galloway, James, rent agent, Belvoir Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Galloway, Thomas, painter and decorator, 57 Castle Street
Galway, Ann, 39 Boundary Street North
Galway, Arthur, pawn broker, 51 Shankhill Road
Galway, James, 54 M'Tier Street
Galway, James, carpenter, 48 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Galway, John, carpenter, 9 Grosvenor Street
Galway, William, tailor, 36 Dock Street
Galeese, Patrick, sawyer, 45 Baker Street
Gambe, John, grocer and spirit dealer 49 & 51 Brown Street
Gamble, Abel, stone cutter, 3 McMillan's Place
Gamble, Arthur, pawn broker, 58 Divis Street
Gamble, Arthur, pawn broker, 66 Queen Street North
Gamble, David, brazier and gas fitter, 25 Divis Street
Gamble, H. S. & Co., general commission merchants; office, 18½ High Street
Gamble, H. S. (of H. S. Gamble & Co.); res. Alexandra Terrace, Lisburn Road
Gamble, James (of Woodburn Weaving Factory), 5 Royal Terrace, Lisburn Road
Gamble, James (of Gamble, Shillington & Co.); res. 5 Royal Terrace, Lisburn Road
Gamble, James, brick layer, 28 Andrew Street New
Gamble, John, shoe maker, 35 Lancaster Street
Gamble, John, block printer, 9 Ashmore Street
Gamble, John, baker, Portview, Ballymacarrett
Gamble, Joseph, brush maker, 47 Wilton Street
Gamble, Miss Mary, haberdasher, stationer, and newsagent; ,money-order, post office, savings bank and receiving office, 146 Shankhill Road
Gamble, Mrs. B. A., 13 Mountcharles, University Road
Gamble, Sarah, teacher of Earl Street Presbyterian National School
Gamble, Shillington & Co., linen merchants and manufacturers, Linen Hall
Gamble & Ure, flax merchants, 18 Corporation Street
Gainfort, Hannah Jane, 14 Athol Street
Garbett, William, 4 Sussex Place
Garrett, Mrs., office and timber yard, 1 College Court
Garrett, James, 7 Staunton Street
Garrett, Mrs., 19 Queen Street
Garrett, Robert, grocer's assistant, 58 Agnes Street
Gardiner, Dr. Arthur, M.D., surgeon, 12 College Square East
Gardiner, George, manager National Bank, 55 Prospect Terrace, University Road
Gardiner, John, engine driver, 5 Elizabeth Street
Gardiner, Thomas, baker, 26 Catherine Street
Gardiner, Thomas, chandlery stores, Prince's Court
Gardiner, William, fruit dealer, 33 Melbourne Street
Gardner, J. & C., starch manufacturers, 10 York Lane; res. Antrim Road
Gardner, James, bakery and flour stores, 80 & 82 Cromac Street
Gardner, Joseph, grocer, 78 & 80 Donegall Street Little
Gardner, Mrs., soap and candle manufactory, 5 Queen's Square
Gardner, Richard, confectioner, 119 North Street
Gardner, Richard, clerk, 34 Queen Street North
Gardner, Robert, salesman, 4 Downshire Place
Gardner, Robert, car owner, 19 Howard Street South
Gardner, Robert, general provision merchant, 18 Ann Street
Gardner, Thomas, heddle maker, 1 Wesley Street
Gardner, William, Finn Street
Gardner, William, 6 Fitzwilliam Street
Garigan, James, clerk, 15 Ship Street
Garner, Duncan, guard on Bangor Railway, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Garner, Edward, spirit dealer, 67 & 69 :Lodge Road New
Garner, George, tenter, 99 Northumberland Street
Garland, James, coal merchant, 5 Queen's Quay
Garland, John, bookkeeper (in B. Hughes's, Donegall Place), 174 York Street
Garland, Joseph, commercial traveller, 17 Cherrymount, Crumlin Road
Garston, Thomas, miller, 13 Ambrose Street
Garvey, Francis, plasterer, 17 Cullingtree Place
Garvey, Mrs. Sarah, 56 Beresford Street
Garvey, William, slater, Grafton Street
Gascoyne, Mrs., Alhambra Concert Hall, 21 Ann Street
Gaskin, Edward, 60 Carlisle Street
Gass, Robert, agent and traveller, 43 Victoria Place
Gaston, Joseph, lapper, 51 Hartley Street
Gaston, William, lapper, 53 Hartley Street
Gattens, Thomas, fancy box maker, Norwood Place, Ballymacarrett
Gauley, James, printer, 48 Boyd Street
Gault, Alex., wine & spirit store, 8 Frederick Street
Gault, Mrs., 18 Canning Street
Gault, Samuel, shoe maker, Springmount Street
Gault, William, teacher, 64 Henry Street
Gaussen, Charles, grain & commission merchant, 11 Albert Square; res. 4 Wellington Park
Gaussen, Dr. J. L., M.D., F.R.C.S., 24 Wellington Place
Gavin, William, plasterer, 15 Stanhope Street
Gaw, Hugh, mason, 10 Boyd Street
Gaw, John, captain, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Gaw, Miss Jane, grocer, 205 & 207 Nelson Street
Gaw, Mrs. J. & E., grocers, 41 Ship Street
Gaw, Mrs. Mary E., grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Ship Street Little
Gawley, William, grocer, Beresford Street
Gaynor, Patrick, goods manager Co. Down Railway, Cluan Place, Ballymacarrett
Geary, John, weaver, 16 Mitchell Street
Geddis, John, shoe maker, 13 Galway Court
Geddis, Matthew, carpenter, 24 Dundee Street
Geddis, Mrs. Ann, 7 Kent Street Lower
Geddis, Samuel, check clerk, Ulster Railway; res. 95 Durham Street
Geery, John, 4 Robert Street
Gelston, Joseph, jeweller, 60 Durham Street
Gelston, J. (of S. & J. Gelston, 83 Victoria Street); res., 1 Antrim Terrace, Antrim Road
Gelston, Samuel, wine merchant, 9 Corporation Street; res., Rostulla, Whiteabbey
Gelston, Samuel Moore (in S. Gelston's wine and spirit store); 83 Inkerman Terrace, Dublin Road
Gelston, S. & J., tobacco manufacturers, 83 Victoria Street
Gelston, S. (of S. & J. Gelston, 83 Victoria Street); res. Balmoral Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Gemmell, Geo., haberdasher, 40 Edward Street Great
George, Mrs., 33 Carlisle Street
George, Thomas, butcher, 70 Peter's Hill
George, Thomas, horse shoer, 7 East Street
George, William, carpenter, 12 Hutchinson Street
George, William, ship carpenter, 7 Ship Street
Geoghegan, Edward, (manager of Belfast branch Bank of Ireland, 22 & 24 Donegall Place); res. 6 Royal Terrace
Geoghegan, Patrick, clerk, 126 Nelson Street
Geoghegan, Michael, rent agent, 4 Hamill Street
Gerrard, Thomas, (in Flour Mills); res., 2 Ardmoulin Place, Falls Road
Gettis, John, cooper, 24 Trafalgar Street
Gettis, William, sail maker, 4 Curtis Street
Getty, John, gentleman, Beechpark, Oldpark Road
Getty, John, carter, 200 Nelson Street
Getty, William, nail maker, 58 Kent Street Upper
Gibb, Alexander; office, 4 York Street; res. Mountpleasant, Strandmillis
Gibb, James, traveller, 61 Durham Street
Gibbons, Ann, nurse tender, 11 Keyland's Place
Gibbon, Alexander, tailor, 37 Edward Street
Gibbony, John, shoe maker, 52 Green Street
Gibson, Andrew W., corn and flour merchant, 8 Corporation Street; res. Cliftonville
Gibson, Alexander, bleacher, 59 Springfield Row, Springfield
Gibson, Mrs. Ann, 66 Henry Street
Gibson, David, harness chain maker, 85 Union Street; res. 31 Tyrone Street
Gibson, David, carpenter, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Gibson, David, carpenter, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Gibson, D., tailor, 11 Israel Street
Gibson, E. J. & M., general grocers and provision dealers, 5 Ventnor Terrace, Falls Road
Gibson, George, linen merchant, 7 Queen Street; shop, 95 Lodge Road Old
Gibson, Hamilton, grocer and spirit dealer, 126 & 128 Divisview Buildings, Falls Road
Gibson, Hugh, tailor, 11 Annette Street
Gibson, James, brass founder and gas fitter, 33 Sherbrook Street
Gibson, James, lapper, 14 Milford Street
Gibson, James, seaman, 58 Henry Street
Gibson, James, printer, 31 William Street
Gibson, James, seaman, 79 M'Tier Street
Gibson, John, 21 Reilly's Place
Gibson, John, photographic artist and book seller, 20 Castle Lane
Gibson, John, shoe maker, 54 Queen Street North
Gibson, John, grocer, 49 Spencer Street
Gibson, John, cork cutter, 78½ Christopher Street
Gibson, John, dairy man, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Gibson, Matthew, coach painter, 5 Bond Street New
Gibson, Matthew, block printer, 30 Crimea Street
Gibson, Mrs. Anna, 58 Hartley Street
Gibson, Mrs. Jane, 39 Dagmar Street
Gibson, Mrs., teacher of music, McMillan's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Gibson, Robert, brass founder and gas fitter, McClenaghan's Court, Mill Street
Gibson, Robert, plater, McCleery Street
Gibson, R., mechanic, Henryville Place, Ballymacarrett
Gibson, Samuel, grocer and druggist, 33 & 35 Mill Street; res., 21 King Street
Gibson, Samuel, seed merchant, 75 May Street
Gibson, Thomas, painter, 12 Artillery Street
Gibson, Thomas, grocer, 21 Hartley Street
Gibson, Thomas, 8 Riversdale Street
Gibson, William, watch maker, jeweller, silversmith and optician, 5 Castle Buildings, & 174 North Street
Gibson, William, salesman, 30 Eliza Street
Gibson, William John, spirit grocer, Blackstaff Road
Gibson, William, shoe maker, 90½ High Street
Gibson, William, carpenter, 4 Portland Place
Gifford, N. B., accountant in Ulster Bank, 6 Brougham Street
Gifford, Townsend, spirit dealer, 43 Prince's Dock
Gihon, Wm., shoe maker, 4½ Patrick Street Little
Gilbert, David, mill fitter, 32 Moffet Street
Gilbert, Mrs. Edward, watch maker, jeweller, and silversmith, 43 High Street
Gilbert, Samuel, smith, Ballyhackamore
Gilbert, Thomas, clerk, 41 Regent Street
Gilbert, W. J. (of Samuel McCausland & Co.); res. Limestone Road
Gilbert, William, Cromac Park, Ormeau Road
Gilbert, William, buyer for James Lindsay & Co., Donegall Place
Gildea, John, constable Ulster Railway, 31 Irwin Street
Giles, Henry, pastry baker, 17 Kent Street Lower
Giles, William Henry, hatter, 5 Norwood Street
Gillespie, Edward, mechanic, 50 Ross Street
Gillespie, George, buyer for linen warehouse, 4 Wesley Place
Gillespie, Mrs., 19 Stanley Street
Gilfillan, David, flax dresser, Malcomson Street
Gilfillan, Henry, mechanic, 5 Institution Place
Gilfillan, Mrs. Susannah, 15 Cargill Street
Gill, Alexander, 25 University Square
Gill, James, & Son, engineering smiths, 59 Mustard Street
Gill, John, boiler and water tank makers, 47 Pilot Street
Gill, Miss, 112 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Gills, Miss E., ladies' school, 39 Brougham Street
Gillan, John, lithographic printer, 18 Verner Street
Gilland, Patrick, pork cutter, 31 Stephen Street
Gillan, Alexander, grocer, Canmore Street
Gillen, James, mechanic, 54 York Street Little
Gillen, John, cooperage, 45 Talbot Street
Gillen, Mary, grocer, 47 Cullingtree Road
Gilligan, John, Northern Counties Railway Hotel, 210 York Street
Gilligan, Michael, grocer and spirits, 15 Smithfield
Gillin, Michael, seaman, 11 Ann Street North
Gilliland, David, lumber, 6 Waterloo Street
Gilliland, Eliza, grocer, 37 Grove Street
Gilliland, Henry, sewed muslin manufacturer, 6 Frederick Street; res. 8 Queen Street
Gilliland, James, winding master, 8 Cullingtree Place
Gilliland, James, carpenter, 11 Dayton Court
Gilliland, John, foreman carpenter, 40 Carlisle Street
Gilliland, Mrs., 8 Carlisle Street
Gilliland, Mrs., 40 Carlisle Street
Gilliland, Mrs., 18 Vere Street
Gilliland, Quinton, shoe maker, 77 Lodge Road Old
Gilliland, Thomas, book binder, Getty Street
Gilliland, Wm., reporter, News-Letter Office; res. 40 Carlisle Street
Gilliland, William, baker, 10 Hartley Street
Gilliland, W. (of Gilliland & Hughes, 31 Fountain Street); res. Holywood
Gilliland & Hughes, linen merchants, 31 Fountain Street
Gillespie, Alex., haberdasher, 65 North Street
Gillespie, G., pattern maker, 15 Earl Street
Gillespie, James, carpenter, 1 Craig's Terrace
Gillespie, John, 215 Agnes Street
Gillespie, John & Co., provision merchants, 53 Tomb Street
Gillespie, John, grocer, Ligoneil
Gillespie, Miss Jane, 18 Brookfield Street
Gillespie, Mrs. Sarah, shirt maker, 6 Wall Street
Gillespie, Patrick, grocer, 32 Edward Street
Gillespie, Wm., tenter, 20 Warwick Street
Gilmer, George, blacksmith, Glenarm Street
Gilmer, James, mechanic, Glenarm Street
Gilmer, James, boot maker, 43 English Street
Gilmer, Mrs., 17 Wesley Street
Gilmer, Mrs., boarding house, 13 Windsor Street
Gilmore, Andrew P., bookkeeper, 102 Joy Street
Gilmore, Daniel, grocer, 20 Pilot Street
Gilmore, E. & A., proprietors of the Temperance Hotel, 20 High Street, and 2 Winecellar Entry
Gilmore, Edward, spirit dealer, 62 Mill Street
Gilmore, Edward, shoe maker, 44½ Rosemary Street
Gilmore, Edwd., provision dealer, 136 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Gilmore, George, spirit dealer, 129 North Street
Gilmore, Hugh, grocer, 29 Henrietta Street
Gilmore, Hugh, tinsmith, 9 Black's Place
Gilmore, H., R.I. Constabulary, 5 Brownlow Street
Gilmore, James, grocer, 53 Langford Street
Gilmore, James, coachman, 8 Sixth Street
Gilmore, Jane, dress maker, 12 Albion Street
Gilmore, John, wholesale and retail ironmonger and hardware merchant, 15 & 17 Church Lane; res. 39 George Street Great
Gilmore, John, baker, 33 Israel Street
Gilmore, John, ship carpenter, 13 Ann Street North
Gilmore, John, grocer, 9 Short Street
Gilmore, John, carter, Foreman Street
Gilmore, John, coach painter, 42 Marine Street
Gilmore, John, coal dealer, 166 Millfield
Gilmore, Joseph, warehouseman at A. & S. Henry's, Wellington Place; res. 2 Murray's terrace
Gilmore, Margaret, dealer, 105 Cromac Street
Gilmore, Owen, spirit dealer, 158 North Street
Gilmore, Owen, grocer and spirit dealer, 61 Peter's Hill
Gilmore, Robert, grocer, 6 Duffy's Place
Gilmore, Robert, 103 Donegall Street
Gilmore, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 17 & 19 Ann Street
Gilmore, Robert, carter, 27 Wardlow Street
Gilmore, Thomas, gentleman, Mountpellier Cottage, Malone
Gilmore, Thomas, pawn broker, 68 Donegall Street Little
Gilmore, Tobias, furniture dealer, 13 Charlemont Street
Gilmore, William, family grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 14 & 16 High Street
Gilmore, William, cattle dealer, 39 Durham Street
Gilmore, William, mechanic, 9 Leopold Street
Gilmore, William, pawn broker, 2 Bond Street New
Gilmore, William, clerk, 11 Maybe Street
Gilmore & Cordukes, provision merchants, 28 Academy Street
Gilmour, James, brass founder, 16 George Court
Gilmour, Jane, boarding house, 11 Corporation Square
Gilmour, Owen, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 & 3 Woodford Street
Gilmour, William, sub0constable R.I.C., 7 McIvor's Place
Gilmour, William, engine driver, 8 Bentinck Street
Gilpin, George, seaman, 10 McAuley Street
Gilpin, John, paper hanger and painter, 25 Mustard Street
Gilpin, Mrs., 32 Stanfield Street
Gilpin, Robert, seaman, 10 Bond Street New
Gilpin, Thomas, captain, 5 Friendly Street
Ginn, James, lamp lighter, 171 Agnes Street
Gilroy, William, brass founder, 53 Willow Street
Gingan, William, carpenter, 44 Hardinge Street
Girdwood, James, carpet, damask and room paper warehouse, and insurance agent, 44 High Street & Bridge Street; res. Clonaver, Sydenham
Girdwood, Wm., proprietor of Oldpark Printworks, res., Oldpark
Girvan, Matthew, stabling yard, 51 Patrick Street Little
Girvan, Mrs., 123 Pennington Place, Peter's Hill
Girvin, John, assistant (in Malcomson Bros., Castle Place); res. 4 Adela Place
Girvan, Joseph, pawn broker, 119 Pennington Place, Peter's Hill; res. 6 Duncairn Terrace
Girvan, Robt., gardener, Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Girvan, Robt., carpenter, Blackman Street, Ballymacarrett
Girvan, Thomas, grocer, 26 Grattan Street
Girvan, Daniel, milk server, 159 Nelson Street
Girvan, James, grocer, 76 Carrick Hill
Girvine, Adam, brick layer, 5 McDonald's Row, Grosvenor Street
Glasgow, Rev. Dr., Claremont Terrace, University Road
Glasgow, Rose Ann, green grocer and fruit dealer, 13 Castle Market; res. 11 George's Lane
Glasgow, Samuel, cashier (in John Hind & Sons); res. 10 Carlisle Street
Glass, Hugh, manager for John S. Brown, linen manufacturer, Bedford Street; res. 59 Grosvenor Street
Glass, James & Co., linen and cambric handkerchief manufacturers; res. and manufactory, William Street, Lurgan
Glass, John, linen buyer, 8 Brunswick Street Little
Glass, Joseph, quarryman, 3 Huss Street Lower
Glass, Richard, printer, 6 Selina Street
Glazebrook, Samuel, seaman, 18 Nile Street
Glenfield, Francis, merchant, soap and candle manufacturer, 110 High Street; res. 188 York Street
Glenfield, Samuel, soap manufacturer; res. 188 York Street
Glenn, George, confectioner, 3 Durham Street
Glenn, James, wholesale grocer and seed merchant, 81 Victoria Street; res., Roundhill House, Ballymacarrett
Glenn, Mary, grocer, 71 Durham Street
Glenn, Mrs. Sarah, spirit dealer, 65 Springfield Row, Springfield
Glenn, Robert, Harbor constable, 23 Hudson Street
Glenn, Samuel, 71 Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Glennin, Edward, coach painter, 28 Raphael Street
Glendinning, James, brick layer, 16 Coates' Street
Glenny, William B., agent for the estate of Lord A. E. Hill-Trevor, 71 Upper Arthur Street; res., Tudor Lodge, Crumlin Road
Globe (The) Woollen Drapery and Outfitting Co., 35 & 37 High Street
Globe Parcels Express Office, 3 Queen's Square - J. Hinshelwood & Co., goods carriers and express forwarding agents - R. M. Smith, agent
Glover, Francis (in Craigie Mill), Ballynafeigh Road New
Glover, George, dealer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Glover, Mrs., grocer, 20 Talbot Street
Glover, Mrs. Agnes, 20 Catherine Street North
Godbey, Robert, agent for the Waterford Brewery, ale and porter stores, 20 Pottinger's Entry; office, 35 Ann Street
Godfrey, John, butcher, 25 Carrick Hill
Godfrey, Mrs., 120 Richmond Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Godwin, William, mill furnisher, 25 Fountain Street; agent for Hallam, Bros., hackle and pin manufacturers; res. 101 York Street
Goddard, George N. R., high-constable for Upper Half Barony of Belfast; office, 7 Queen Street
Golding, John, tailor, 13 Seymour Lane
Golden, Philip, boot maker, 50 Barrack Street
Goldsmith, Oliver, Wellwood Place, Ballymacarrett
Goldstein, Isaac, general dealer, 12 King Street
Goldstein, Mrs., dress maker, 12 King Street
Golt, John, smith, 5 Falloon's Court
Golway, John, slater, 20 Portland Street
Goodfellow, Bernard, flax dresser, 85 Crumlin Street
Goodfellow, Charles, brick layer, 14 Scotch Street
Goodison & Dupré, commission merchants, 65 Hugh Street (2nd floor)
Goodman, John, lapper, 7 Gloucester Street
Goodman, John, mechanic, 11 & 13 Leadbetter Street
Goodman, Mrs., 49 York Street Little
Goodwin, Ann, milliner, Killymoon Buildings, Divis Street
Goodwin, James, commission agent, 7 Castle Lane
Goodwin, James, tailor, 5 College Court
Goodwin, Jane, dairy, 32 Brown Street
Goodwin, William, boot and shoe maker, 182 Sandy Row
Goole Steam shipping Co. (Ltd.), 4 Ulster Chambers
Gordon, Alex., M.D., surgeon, 1 Howard Street
Gordon, Alexander & Son, wine merchants, Castle Chambers
Gordon Brothers, linen manufacturers and merchants; office, Linenhall Street; factory at Lawnbrook; finishing works at Hollybrook, Randalstown
Gordon, Caroline, dress maker, 43 Albert Street
Gordon, Craigie (of Gordon Bros., Linenhall Street); res. 4 Franklin Place
Gordon, C. D., professor of music, 20 Fleet Street
Gordon & Co., flax and tow spinners; miss, Howard Street North
Gordon, David, spinning master, Colligan Street
Gordon, E., brick layer, 2 Ewart's Row
Gordon, Edward, fitter in foundry, 38 California Street
Gordon, Edward, mechanic, 4 Leopold Street
Gordon, George (in Messrs. Dunville's), 19 Catherine Street North
Gordon, George, (North Star Inn), 68 North Street
Gordon, Henry, warehouseman, 4 Willow Street
Gordon, I. W., accountant, 67 Donegall Street
Gordon, James, professor of music and dancing, 9 York Street
Gordon, James, carpenter, 12 Dickson Street
Gordon, James, cashier, 51 Falls Road
Gordon, John W., (of Gordon Bros., Linenhall Street); res. 4 Franklin Place0
Gordon, John, draper, Frank Street, Ballymacarrett
Gordon, John, cabinet maker, 31 Athol Street
Gordon, John, furniture dealer, 65 Smithfield
Gordon, John, grocer, 34 Willow Street
Gordon, John, auctioneer, 3 Elizabeth Street
Gordon, John, shoe maker, 24 Downing Street
Gordon, Joseph, tenter, 85 Shankhill Road
Gordon & Lipsey, agents for the Royal Exchange Assurance Office of London, 17 Castle Chambers
Gordon, Mary, 7 Langford Street
Gordon, Mrs., grocer, 66 Nelson Street
Gordon, Mrs., lodgings, 92 Nelson Street
Gordon, Mrs., butcher's shop, 13 Hercules Place
Gordon, Mrs., spirit store, 19 Nile Street
Gordon, Mrs. Jane, pawnbroker, 83 Durham Street
Gordon, Mrs. Sarah, spirit dealer, 19 Nile Street
Gordon, Norris, pawn broker, 83 Durham Street
Gordon, Patrick, grocer, spirit dealer and car owner, 17 Cullingtree Road
Gordon, Richard, builder, Brunswick Street and spirit dealer, 135 Durham Street
Gordon, Robert, lapper, 35 Norwood Street
Gordon, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 70 Tomb Street
Gordon, Robert, tailor, 2 Moore's Place
Gordon, Robert, 13 Wylie Street
Gordon, Robert, gardener, 45 Townsend Street Upper
Gordon, Robert W. (of Gordon & Co., Howard Street North); res. Glenmachan, Strandtown
Gordon, R. F. (of Gordon & Lipsey, 17 Castle Chambers); hon. secretary Ulster Club; res. Hollymount, Downpatrick
Gordon, Samuel, grocer and newsvendor, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Gordon, Samuel, dairy, 18 Hudson Street
Gordon, Sarah, 23 Brunswick Street Little
Gordon, Thomas, farmer, 4 Sidney Street
Gordon, Thomas, cabinet maker, 62 Hanover Street
Gordon, Thomas, butcher, 64 Hercules Street
Gordon, Thomas, butcher, 2 Ann Street; res. Whiterock Road
Gordon, William, lapper, 14 Cavour Street
Gordon, William, grocer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Gordon, W., foreman bleacher, Ulster Canal Road
Gordon, W. B., spirit dealer, Asylum View Tavern, Grosvenor Street
Gordon, William & John, butter and provision merchants, 25 & 27 Church Lane
Gorman, Catherine, cork dealer, 6 George's Court
Gorman, James, mechanic, 6 McCleery Street
Gorman, James, warder in County Antrim Jail, 6 Glenalpine Street
Gorman, John, commercial traveller, 36 Hudson Street
Gorman, Joseph, cork cutter, 134 Carrick Hill
Gorman, W., jun., linen packer, 15 Canning Court
Gorman, William, jail turnkey, 10 McCleery Street
Gormand, Swan, packer, 10 Canning Court
Gormley, James, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, 13 Police Square
Goss, William, tailor, 60 Albert Street
Goudy, Eliza Jane, house keeper, 31 Cambrai Street
Goudy, The Misses, ladies' day school, Botanic Avenue, The Plains
Goudy, James, upholsterer, 14 Unity Street
Goudy, John, rivetter, 25 Vere Street
Goudy, Robert, block printer, Anglesea Street
Goudy, Robert, shoe maker, 11 Hudson Street
Gough, Thomas, seaman, 8 Emily Place
Gould, Richard, 40 May Street Little
Goulding, William, engine driver, 30 Glenalpine Street
Gourlay, David, check clerk, Ulster Railway, 12 Institution Place
Gourlay, William H., clerk, 9 Agnes Street
Gourney, Samuel, gardener, 9 Henrietta Street
Gowan, Henry, broker and marine insurance agent; agent for the National Steamship Co., Tapscott's and Old Black Star Line Packet ships for New York, and packet ships to Australia and New Zealand, 29 Queen's Square; res., The Knock, County Down
Gowan, James, in Mr. Mullan's wholesale tea and sugar warehouse; res. Strandtown
Gowan, John Hoy, general broker, auctioneer and valuator, 7 George's Lane, and Arthur Place; res. Belleville Lodge, Ballymacarrett
Gowan, Mrs., 53 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Gowan, Samuel, & Co., ship and insurance brokers and commission merchants, 4 Corporation Street
Gowan, Samuel (of S. Gowan & Co.); res. 211 York Street
Gowdy, William, weigh master, 12 Butter Market, Patrick Street Great; res. Eglinton Cottage, Dublin Road
Goyer, Wm., lapper, Christopher Street
Gracey, James, carpenter, 81 Israel Street
Gracey, William, grocer, 179 Agnes Street
Gracey, William, carpenter, 169 Shankhill Road
Graden, James, baker, 31 Charles Street
Graham, David, dairy, 109 Sandy Row
Graham, Edward, tailor, 29 Cullingtree Road
Graham, George, carpenter, Wilton Street
Graham, Hugh, & Co., pawn brokers, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Graham, Hugh, broker and commission agent, 23 Waring Street
Graham, Hugh & Co., hat and cap manufacturers, 28 & 30 Bridge Street; res. 47 Mountview Terrace, Crumlin Road
Graham, James, clothes renovator, 40 Patrick Street Little
Graham, James, engraver, 14 Brougham Street
Graham, James (in bonded store); res., 19 Reilly's Place
Graham, James, clerk, 23 Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Graham, James, boiler setter, 142 Earl Street
Graham, James, bakery and flour store, 89 Queen Street North
Graham, James, 82 M'Tier Street
Graham, John C., house, rent and commission agent and poor-rate collector; also secretary to the Imperial Building & Investment Society, Permanent, and the Royal Land Building and Investment Co. Ltd.; office, Scottish Amicable Insurance Buildings (3rd floor), 74½ Victoria Street
Graham, John, shoe maker, 14 Catherine Street North
Graham, John, wholesale and retail confectioner, 59 North Street
Graham, John, lithographic printer, 99 M'Tier Street
Graham, John, shoe maker, 14 Shankhill Road
Graham, John, grain and flour stores, 18 Castle Market; res., 34 Eliza Street
Graham, John, carpenter, 21 Ashmore Street
Graham, John, haircutter, 62 Ann Street
Graham, John, tinsmith, 16 Caroline Street
Graham, Maxwell, carpenter, 80 Lodge Road New
Graham, Maxwell, spirit dealer, 60 Birch Street
Graham, Miss, matron of Ulster Female Penitentiary, Brunswick Street
Graham, Moses, 206 Lodge Road Old
Graham, Mrs., 50 Trafalgar Street
Graham, Mrs., bonnet maker, 43 Lagan Street
Graham, Mrs. Margaret, 59 Hanover Street
Graham, Mrs., bread dealer, 77 Kent Street Upper
Graham, Mrs., 1 Speer's Place
Graham, Mrs., 6 Meadow Street
Graham, Mrs., Clyde Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Graham, O. B., managing director of the York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.; res., Larkfield, Lisburn
Graham, Patrick, tea carrier, Abercorn Street
Graham, Richard, sawyer, 4 Earl Street
Graham, Richard, brick layer, 18 Sussex Street
Graham, Robert, reporter, 77 Dover Street
Graham, Robert, brick layer, 27 Clements Street
Graham, Robert, ship carpenter, 22 Meadow Street
Graham, Robert, grocer, 18 Everton Street
Graham, Robert, commission agent, 76½ Victoria Chambers; res. Wellington Park
Graham, Robert, carpenter, Wilton Street
Graham, Robert, sawyer, 67 Shankhill Road
Graham, Samuel, spirit dealer, 32 Henry Street
Graham, Samuel, grocer, 49 Patrick Street Little
Graham, Sarah, 3 McAuley Street
Graham, Thomas, engine driver, Hobson's Row
Graham, Thomas, brick layer, 46 East Street
Graham, Thomas, grocer, 15 Brown Street
Graham, Thomas, mill overlooker, 86 Henry Street
Graham, William, carpenter, 10 Clarence Street
Graham, William, brass founder, 22 California Street
Graham, William, 28 Spencer Street
Graham, William John, Ballynafeigh Road New
Graham, William, sculptor and monumental works; yard and residence, 98 York Street
Graham, William, chimney sweep, 26 Donegall Street Little
Grainger, David, merchant and ship owner, Liverpool; office, 1 Prince's Dock
Grainger, Mrs., 4 Richmond Place, Antrim Road
Grant, D. & W., engineers and machine makers, 38 York Street
Grant, Ellen, grocer, 5½ Durham Street New
Grant, Henry James, hosier, Auburn Place, Ballynafeigh Road New
Grant, James, spirit dealer, 28 Prince's Street
Grant, Lawrence, damask weaver, 117 Shankhill Road
Grant, Michael, spirit dealer, 14 & 16 Verner Street
Grant, Miss Elizabeth, 21 Brookfield Street
Grant, Mrs., grocer, Bradford Street
Grant, Mrs., 36 Baker Street
Grant, Mrs., Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Grant, Nicholas, mill furnisher, 69 Irwin Street
Grant, Thomas, professor of music, 81 Linden Place, Falls Road
Grant, William, pastry and family bread baker, 221 York Street
Grattan, Ann Jane, 15 Athol Street
Grattan, J. (of Medical Hall); res. Mervue, Carrickfergus Road Old
Grattan, John & Co., aerated water manufactory, 33½ Chichester Street
Grattan, Mary, eating house, 18 Marquis Street
Grattan, Thomas, surgeon and dentist, 11 College Square East
Grattan & Co., Medical Hall, apothecaries and chemists, 10 & 12 Corn Market
Gray, Alexander, farmer, 47 Hopewell Street
Gray, Alexander, engineer, 13 Bedeque Street
Gray, David, cabinet maker, 118 Joy Street
Gray, David, brass founder, 77 Unity Street
Gray, Eliza, 7 Catherine Street
Gray, Henry & Co., Townsend Street Foundry, iron founders, millwrights and engineers
Gray, Henry (of Henry Gray & Co., Townsend Street); res. 1 Landscape Terrace, Crumlin Road
Gray, Henry, seaman, Blackman Street, Ballymacarrett
Gray, Hugh, smith, Upper Malone
Gray, J. & Co., farming implement and machine makers, 51, 53, 55 & 57 May Street
Gray, James, sergeant R. I. Constabulary, 5 Bedford Terrace, Sandy Row
Gray, James, silk buyer for J. Arnott & Co.; res. 29 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Gray, James, carpenter, 66 Hanover Street
Gray, James, smith and wheelwright, Clink Hill, Malone Road
Gray, James, carpenter, 5 Welsh Street
Gray, James, carpenter, 48 Bond Street
Gray, John, carver, 64 Joy Street
Gray, John, captain, 16 Eliza Street
Gray, Martha, boarding house, 23 Sandy Row
Gray, Matthew, carter, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Gray, Miss, 85 York Street Little
Gray, Mrs. Susan, 9 William Street South
Gray, Mrs. Margaret, 48 Crimea Street
Gray, Rev. A., minister College Square North Presbyterian Church; res. 31 College Square North
Gray, Robert, ship carpenter, Rotterdam Street, Ballymacarrett
Gray, Robert, 4 College Square East
Gray, Robert, carpenter, 21 Shipbuoy Street
Gray, Robert, block printer, Urney Street
Gray, Robert, coach trimmer, 25 Glenarm Street
Gray, Samuel, grocer and spirit dealer, 29 Stanley Street
Gray, Thomas, wine importer, etc., 8, 10 & 12 Elliott's Court, and 14 Hill Street; res. Clough Lodge
Gray, William, cabinet and upholstery warerooms, 31 Castle Place; res. Templemore Park, Mountpottinger
Gray, William, scantling yard, 8 Gamble Street
Gray, William, carpenter, 28 Durham Street New
Gray, William, district inspector, Board of Public Works, 6 Mountcharles
Gray, William, blacksmith, 13 Charles Street South
Gray, Wm. John, Marley Hill Railway and Foundry Coke Works, Saltpan Row, Ballymacarrett; res. 5 Hanover Quay, Dublin
Graydon, Alexander, 23 Townsend Street Upper
Grearson, Adam, mechanic, 21 Lime Street
Green, Alexander, spirit dealer, 85 Peter's Hill
Green, Arthur, seaman, 66 Patrick Street Little
Green, Charles, huckster, 33 Carrick Hill
Green, Forster, & Co. (Golden Canister Tea House), wholesale and retail grocers, tea and spice merchants, 1, 3, 5 & 7 High Street; and  wholesale house, Corn Market
Green, Forster (of Forster Green & Co.); res., Derryvolgie, Malone
Green, George, stone mason, Derby Cottages, Ballymacarrett
Green, Henry, green grocer, 98 Millfield
Green, James, provision dealer, 21 Hill Street
Green, James, Harbor constable, 18 Warwick Street
Green, James, seaman, 9 Laurence's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Green, James, carpenter, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Green, J. R. & Co., China Tea House, 25 High Street
Green, John, 5 Windsor Terrace, Malone
Green, John, engine driver, 63 Lettuce Hill
Green, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 51 & 53 Denmark Street
Green, Michael, tailor, 24 West Street
Green, Mrs., 65 Stanfield Street
Green, Mrs. Anne, 2 Marine Street
Green, Mrs., 21 Balaklava Street
Green, Mrs. James, 61 Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Green, Samuel, shoe maker, 13 Queen Street North
Green, Samuel, grocer, 31 Queen Street North
Green, Samuel, clerk, 12 Napier Street
Green, Thomas, apothecaries' assistant, 34 May Street
Green, Thomas (late chief of the local police force), 39 May Street
Greenan, Patrick, horse dealer and car owner, 22 East Street
Greenaway, Thomas, brick layer, 7 Church Street, Ballymacarrett
Greenfield, John, wholesale and retail hosier & haberdasher, 76 & 78 High Street
Greenfield, Miss, grocer and spirit dealer, Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Greenhill Brothers, grain, flour and commission merchants, steam packet and colliery agents, etc.,27 Ann Street
Greenhill, Henry (of Greenhill Bros.); res. 1 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Greenhill, John (of Greenhill Bros.); res. 6 Wellington Park
Greenhill, Robert, tanner and leather merchant, Mill Street; res. Thronemount, Whitewell
Greenhill, William, sen., hide and wool merchant, 9, 11 & 13 Telfair's Entry; res. 6 Wellington Park
Greenhill, William, jun. (of Greenhill Bros.); res. 77 Botanic View, University Road
Greenlees, Mrs., keeper at Asylum, 187 Conway Street
Greenlees, Rev. John, minister of Ekenhead Presbyterian Church, Queen Street North; res. 10 Canning Street
Greenmount Spinning Company, Howard Street
Greenough, Thomas, engine driver, 18 Durham Street
Greenwood, George, engineer, 39 Glenalpin Street
Greenwood, Henry, clerk, Bradford Street
Greenwood, James, mechanic, 28 Lime Street
Greenwood, James, whitesmith, 11 Letitia Street
Greer, Adam, clerk, weigh master in Smithfield; res., 83 Joy Street
Greer, Alex., seaman, 39 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Greer, Henry, book seller and stationer, cricket, archery, and general fancy warehouse, 31 High Street; res. 2 College Square East
Greer, Henry, clerk (in Mrs. Moore's, Donegall Place), 2 King Street
Greer, Henry, grocer, 1 waterloo Street
Greer, James, metal merchant, 67 Donegall Street; res., Annadale
Greer, James, traveller, 64 Malvern Street
Greer, James, provision store, 21 Hill Street
Greer, James, gas fitter, 26 Berry Street
Greer, James, blacksmith, Beresford Street
Greer, James, blacksmith, 69 Northumberland Street
Greer, John, seaman, 15 Matlock Street
Greer, John, shoe maker, 9 Church Lane
Greer, John, clerk, Blackman Street, Ballymacarrett
Greer, Mrs. Eliza, 12 Fourth Street
Greer, Mrs., green grocer, 49 Edward Street
Greer, Mrs., 109 Balmoral Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Greer, Mrs., Bradford Street
Greer, Mrs. Agnes, 25 Cavour Street
Greer, Richard, smith, 136 Nelson Street
Greer, Robert (of Greer & Oakman); res., 53 Ormeau Terrace, Ormeau Road
Greer, Robert, mechanic, 12 Leeson Street
Greer, Thomas, Sons & Co., wholesale woollen drapers, Manchester and Scotch warehousemen, 16, 18 & 20 Rosemary Street
Greer, Thomas (of Thomas Greer, Sons & Co.); res. 8 College Square North
Greer, Thomas, merchant, North Street; res. 83 Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Greer, Thomas & Co., grain and flour merchants,. 17 North Street
Greer, William, J. M., teacher in Model School, 23 Cumber Place
Greer, William, plasterer, 8 Christopher Street
Greer, William, tailor, 25 Lime Street
Greeves, J. & T. M. & Co., flax and tow spinning mill, Falls Road
Greeves, John (of Greeves, J. & T. M. & Co.); res. Eno, Falls Road
Greeves, Thomas M. (of Greeves, J. & T. M. & Co.); res. Knockagh House, Carrickfergus
Gregg, David, woollen draper, 41 Castle Street
Gregg, James, nail manufacturer, 5 Kenmare Street, Linfield Road
Gregg, James, smith, 15 Alexander Street
Gregg, Robert, tinsmith, 7 Sherbrook Street
Gregg, William, iron and tinplate merchant, 37, 39 & 41 Ann Street; res. 4 Murray's Terrace [to remove in April 1868 to Willowbank, Antrim Road]
Gregg, William, gilder, 12 Reilly's Place
Gregg, William, carpenter, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Greig, William, China Hall, 50 Imperial Buildings, Victoria Street; res. 23 Lonsdale Street
Greigo, Jeremiah, ship agent, 2 Earl Street
Gregory, Thos., pawn broker, Mount Street, Ballymacarrett
Grennan, George, mechanic, 13 Raglan Street
Gresson, Alexander, porter, 1 Portland Street
Grey, Andrew, mill manager, Falls Road
Grey, Elizabeth, Shakspeare Hotel and Concert Hall, 17 Castle Lane
Gresham, David, 14 Institution Place
Gresham, William, blacksmith, 40 Cambrai Street
Gribben, Ann Jane, seamstress, 10 Albert Street
Gribben, Alexander, linen merchant, Donegall Square North; res. Eglinton Place, Antrim Road
Gribben, Edward D., surgeon and licentiate apothecary, 23 Edward Street Great
Gribben, Edward, miller, Irwin Street
Gribben, Edward, watch maker, jeweller, optician and silversmith, 13 High Street
Gribben, Edward, brick layer, 27 Malvern Street
Gribben, James, teacher of Union Place National School, 37 Queen Street North
Gribbon, John, teacher of Mountpottinger National School
Gribben, John, grocer, 40 Queen Street North
Gribbin, John, shoe maker, 22 Church Lane
Gribbin, John, school master, Cluan Place, Ballymacarrett
Gribbin, Matthew, confectioner, 17 John Street
Gribbin, Thomas, delfshop, 45 Alexander Street West
Gribbin, Thomas, book seller, 76 North Street
Gribbon, John, clerk, 34 Hopeton Street
Gribbon, Samuel, 18 M'Tier Street
Grierson, Elizabeth, Clarendon Hotel and Dining Rooms, 105 Victoria Street
Grieve, Hay, watch and clock maker, Castle Lane, and 3 Arthur Square
Griffith, Jane, pawn broker, 50 Donegall Street
Griffith, James, engine driver, 6 Courtrai Street
Griffith, Mary, haberdasher, 101 North Street
Griffith, Patrick, spirit dealer, 1 & 3 Winetavern Street
Griffith, W., blacksmith, 5 Torren's Row
Griffiths, Matthew, butcher, Divis Street
Grimes, Bernard, brick layer, 38 Welsh Street
Grim, George, mechanic, 13 Raglan Place
Grimshaw, Conway B. (of C. B. Grimshaw & Son); res. Sydenham House
Grimshaw, C. B. & Son, agents for Atlas Assurance Company; office, 6 Waring Street
Grimshaw, O'Donnell, oil & commission merchant, etc., 6 Waring Street; res. Mertoun, Belfast
Grimshaw, Nicholas W., managing director, Ulster Spinning Co. Ltd. (Linfield Mill); res. Woodlea, Cultra
Grogan, Mary Ann, machine stitcher, 57 Carrick Hill
Grogan, Mrs., 15 Chichester Street
Grogan, Peter, cooper, 122 Millfield
Grogan, Robert, merchant; bonded stores, 13 Albert Square; res. 21 Dock Street
Grogan, William (of S. G. Fenton & Co., Linen Hall); res. 15 Mountcharles
Groom, Adam, winding master, 4 Arkwright Street
Grosher, George, engineer, 12 Stewart Street
Grosvenor Street Smithworks, 115 Grosvenor Street
Grubb, William, mechanic, 31 Durham Street New
Guard, Rev. Wesley, Wesleyan minister, 16 Frederick Street
Gubbins, Mrs., dancing academy, 27 Chichester Street
Gubbins, William, managing clerk (at Mr. D. O'Rorke's), 27 Chichester Street
Guffin, James, 60 Grove Street
Guiler, James, overseer, 19 Bentinck Street
Guiler, Jacob, carpenter, 9 Spencer Street
Guilevoile, Thomas, locomotive engineer, 13 Durham Street New
Guion, Charles, hairdresser, wig maker, perfumer, etc., 2 Castle Place
Guldbransen, Paul, watch maker, 43 Norwood Street
Gunn, Mrs., 88 George Street Great
Gunnen, Michael, stone cutter, 9 Union Place
Gunning, Mrs. Ellen, 35 Railway Street
Gunning, John, salt works, 170 York Street
Gunning & Campbells, Limited, flax spinners; mills, Falls Road; office, 3 Castle Buildings, Castle Place
Guthrie, James, town clerk, 10 University Square
Guthrie, James, grocer, 28 Charles Street
Guthrie, Mrs. Sarah, 18 Sidney Street
Guthrie, Samuel, flax dresser, 25 Third Street
Guthrie, William (of Guthrie & Oulton); res. University Terrace, University Road
Guthrie & Oulton (formerly "Guthrie Brothers"), wine merchants, Thompson's Court (off Donegall Street
Guy, Alexander, grocer, 5 & 7 Fountain Square, and Donegall Street Little
Guy, William, shop keeper, 25 Academy Street
Guyer, Mrs. Martha, 220 Shankhill Road
Guynet, Hippolyte & Co., linen merchants and manufacturers (Paris and Cambrai), 10 Chichester Street
Gwynne, John, 129 Agnes Street
Gyle, Mrs., 4 Adelaide Place


Hackett, David, railway guard, 42 Linfield Road
Hackett, Henry, 29 Charlotte Street Little
Hackett, William, mail guard, 41 Upton Street
Haddock, Mrs., 27 Alma Terrace
Haddock, William, grocer and spirit merchant, 15 Ann Street
Haddow, Thomas, designer, 24 Wesley Street
Hadley, Joseph, tinsmith, 66 Northumberland Street
Hadskis, Abel, pawn broker, 123 Queen Street North
Hadskis, Agnes, dairy, 7 Portland Place
Hafferin, Robert, painter, 20 Lime Street
Haffern, James, lapper, 48 Warwick Street
Haffern, William & Co., shirt and linen collar makers, 2 Adelaide Place
Haffern, Miss, 37 Cromac Street
Hafron, Robert, carpenter, 30 Townsend Street
Hagan, Daniel, grocer, 25 California Street
Hagan, James, Carlingford Oyster Rooms, 14 Pottinger's Entry
Hagan, James, clerk, 6 Bentinck Street
Hagan, Jas., lapper, Rotterdam Street, Ballymacarrett
Hagan, John, new docks, 1 Lepper Street
Hagan, John, manager of Lepper's Mill, 73 Lepper Street
Hagan, Miss Rose, 53 Springfield Row
Hagan, Patrick, sawmills, 57 Kent Street Upper
Hagan, Robert, engineer, 1 University Terrace
Hagan, Thomas, shoe maker, 17 Cinnamond Street
Hagans, Mrs. Mary, 54 Lettuce Hill
Hagarty, Mrs., 13 Copeland Street
Hagarty, Patrick, broker, 29 Peter's Hill
Haggarty, Samuel, carpenter, 15 Scotch Street
Haggerty, Michael, cooper, 16 Green Street
Haggins, Mrs., 98 Milford Street
Haggins, William, plasterer, 31 Valentine Street
Hail, John, carter, 7 Hopeton Street
Hainen, Miss, boarding and day school, 17 Talbot Street
Haines, Thomas C., manager of Co. Down Railway, 32 Albert Place, Donegall Pass
Haithwaite, James, mill manager, Brookfield Place
Hale, Edward Alex., shipsmith, 23 Garmoyle Street
Hale, Jas., book binder, Glasshouse Place, Ballymacarrett
Hale, Hamilton, agent for London Publishing Co., Donegall Street; res. 78 Belvidere Place
Hale, Patrick, Glasshouse Place, Ballymacarrett
Haley, Mrs. Mary Ann, 36 Boundary Street
Hall, Alexander, mechanic, 3 Coates Street
Hall, Alexander & Co., wholesale druggists, 5 North Street
Hall, A. (of Alexander Hall & Co.); res. 1 Fitzwilliam Street, University Road
Hall, Alexander, engineer, Abercorn Street
Hall, Daniel, brush maker, 17 Boundary Street North
Hall, Edward, linen packer, 57 Dagmar Street
Hall, Ellen, grocer, 41 Milford Street
Hall, Francis, butcher, 58 Peter's Hill
Hall, Hugh, tailor, 9 Woodford Street
Hall, Isaac, grocer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Hall, James, stone cutter, 16 Thomas Street North
Hall, James, carpenter, 15 Sussex Street
Hall, James, linen and cambric finishing establishment, 5 & 7 Linenhall Street
Hall, John, brass founder, 259 York Street
Hall, John, provision dealer, 48 & 50 Kent Street Upper
Hall, John, baker, 4 Norton Street
Hall, Joseph, shoe maker, 4 Hobson's Row
Hall, Matthew (of Alexander Hall & Co., 5 North Street); res. Posnett Street, The Plains
Hall, Miss, 68 Northumberland Street
Hall, Mrs., 6 Windsor Terrace, Lisburn Road
Hall, Mrs., 17 Stanley Street
Hall, Mrs., 33 Stanley Street
Hall, R. M., wood carver, 10 Talbot Street
Hall, Robert, tailor, 16 Molyneux Street
Hall, Robert B., solicitor, (in Town Solicitor's office); res. St. Leonards. Ballymacarrett
Hall, Samuel, shoe maker, 70 Verner Street
Hall, Thomas, druggist, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Hall, William, Commercial Hotel, Commercial Buildings
Hall, William, lithographic writer, 8 Gordon Street
Hall, Wm., sawyer, 72 Marine Street
Hall, Wm., green grocer, 20 Townsend Street
Hall, Wilson, embroidery printer, 23 Stanley Street
Hallam, ? (of Worrell, Hallam & Co., Donegall Street Place)
Halliday, Archibald, druggist and general merchant, 4 Donegall Street Place; res. 54 Johnston's Buildings, Shankhill Road
Halliday, Fanny, upholstress, 68 Albert Street
Halliday, George, clerk, 20 Hamilton Street
Halliday, Jacob, jewellery and ironmongery warehouse, 18 & 20 Castle Street
Halliday, James, 18 Staunton Street
Halliday, John, shoe maker, 56 Stanfield Street
Halliday, John, salesman, 17 Ormeau Street
Halliday, Mrs., 82 Sussex Street
Halliday, Mrs., Windsor
Halliday, Robert, carpenter, 24 Stanfield Street
Halliday, William, bookkeeper, 4 Ross' Row
Halliday, William & Co., woollen drapers, 65 High Street
Halliday, William (of William Halliday & Co.); res. Holywood
Halloran, Michael, carpenter, 20 Boundary Street
Halpin, James, mason, 5 Kells Street
Halvey, Hugh, carpenter, 124 Nelson Street
Hamil, Charles, 28 Brunswick Street
Hamil, Cornelius, mechanic, 43 Derby Street
Hamil, George, grocer, 64 & 66 Milford Street
Hamil, Henry, brick layer, 2 Nail Street
Hamil, Hercules, bleacher, Norfolk Street
Hamil, James, lapper, 1 Bain's Place
Hamil, James, provision store, 38 Barrack Street
Hamil, John, lapper, 3 Bain's Place
Hamil, Thos., carpenter, 7 Nassau Street
Hamil, William, hatter, 28 Edward Street
Hamill, A., butcher, 169 York Street; res. Sussex Street
Hamill, Henry, cooper, 10 Michael Street
Hamill, James, artist, (in Marcus Ward & Co.'s), 10 Sandy Row
Hamill, James, 26 College Street
Hamill, James, billiard rooms, Hodgson's Entry; executes commissions on races
Hamill, John, brick layer, 34 Hamill Street
Hamill, John, office, 7 Castle Chambers; res. Trench House, Dunmurry
Hamill, John, mill overlooker, 104 Henry Street
Hamill, John, corn miller, 15 Townsend Place
Hamill, Mrs., 21 Grosvenor Street
Hamill, Mrs. Ellen, 8 Sandy Row
Hamill, Mrs. Margaret, 66 Crumlin Road
Hamill, Patrick, carter, 27 Cinnamond Street
Hamill, Robert, book binder, 13 Brunswick Street Little
Hamilton, Alexander, seaman, 3 Earl Lane
Hamilton, Andrew, rent agent and accountant, 80 Lodge Road Old
Hamilton, Andrew, broker and commission agent, 23 Waring Street
Hamilton, Charles, carter, Tennent Street
Hamilton, D., clerk (in Custom House), 23 Bentinck Street
Hamilton, Francis, boiler maker, 13 Meadow Street
Hamilton, Rev. G., Primitive Methodist minister, Donegall Place; res. 15 Lonsdale Street
Hamilton, George, 51 Eglinton Street
Hamilton, Hill, rent office, 23 Hill Street; res. Mount Vernon
Hamilton, Hugh, coach maker, 7 Concord Street
Hamilton, Hugh, auctioneer and commission agent, 35 Ann Street; res., 75 Victoria Street Great
Hamilton, Jackson, grocer and beer dealer, 8 Cullingtree Street
Hamilton, James, assistant (in Riddel & Co.'s, Donegall Place), 6 Adela Street
Hamilton, James (of Hamilton, Megaw & Thompson, and of James Hamilton & Co.); res. 2 Crumlin Terrace
Hamilton, James, watch, clock and chronometer maker, 99½ Victoria Street
Hamilton, James, baker, 28 Townsend Street Upper
Hamilton, James, pipe maker, 22 Charles Street
Hamilton, James, painter, 37 Upton Street
Hamilton, James, cooper, 7 Brown Street
Hamilton, James, bookkeeper, 129 Joy Street
Hamilton, James, grocer, 4 & 6 Athol Street
Hamilton, James, carpenter, 37 Combermere Street
Hamilton, James, grocer, 25 Bruce Street
Hamilton, James, attorney's clerk, 7 Matlock Street
Hamilton, James, Harbor constable, 12 McIvor's Place
Hamilton, James & Co., general merchants, 20 Corporation Street
Hamilton, James E., 3 Carlisle Street
Hamilton, John, carter, Morpeth Street
Hamilton, John, cattle dealer, 10 McGaghen's Place
Hamilton, John, stone cutter, Glenarm Street
Hamilton, John, captain, 25 Shipbuoy Street
Hamilton, John, painter, 45 Israel Street
Hamilton, John, painter, 6 Belgrave Street
Hamilton, John, clerk in Gas Co.'s office, 3 Laburnam Place, Antrim Road
Hamilton, John, draughtsman, 73 Linden Place, Falls Road
Hamilton, J., starch manufacturer, 36 Leadbetter Street; res. 7 Annesley Street
Hamilton, Mary, boarding house, 53 Wesley Place
Hamilton, Megaw, & Thomson, grain and general merchants, 12 Corporation Street; corn mills, Queen's Quay; grain stores, 39 Prince's Dock
Hamilton, M., boarding house, 42 Glengall Street
Hamilton, Mrs. Sarah, 28 Linfield Road
Hamilton, Mrs., 16 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Hamilton, Mrs., 95 Joy Street
Hamilton, Mrs. Ann, 15 Pilot Street
Hamilton, Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 Charlotte Street
Hamilton, Mrs., 80 Hanover Street
Hamilton, Mrs., 30 Railway Street
Hamilton, R., engraver, 3 Queen Street; res. Ardmoulin Place, Falls Road
Hamilton, R., cork manufacturer, 4 & 6 Hercules Street
Hamilton, Robert (firm of Richardson Bros., Donegall Place); res. Windsor
Hamilton, Robert, Inland Revenue officer, Derby Cottages, Ballymacarrett
Hamilton, Samuel, tailor, 1 Orr's Entry
Hamilton, Samuel E. (agent for Fras. P. Winch & Co., London), 10 Castle Chambers; res. Fitzroy Avenue, The Plains
Hamilton, Thomas C. (of J. Hamilton & Co.); res. 2 Crumlin Terrace
Hamilton, Thomas, traveller, 25 Dundee Street
Hamilton, Thomas, pipe maker, 41 Winetavern Street
Hamilton, Rev. Thomas, minister of York Street Presbyterian Church; res. 3 Antrim Terrace, Antrim Road
Hamilton, Thomas, clerk (in County Down Railway office); res. 10 Clyde Street Upper, Ballymacarrett
Hamilton, William, merchant; res. Rialto, Holywood
Hamilton, William, seaman, 26 Trafalgar Street
Hamilton, William, nail maker, 65 Talbot Street
Hamilton, William, boot and shoe manufacturer, 73 North Street
Hamilton, William, cork cutter, 53 Christopher Street
Hammel, H., tailor, 7 Boundary Street North
Hammersley, Thomas, clerk, 53 Tyrone Street
Hampkin, Adam, cooper, 25 Lindsay Street
Hampson, John, rope and twine manufacturer, 6 McCrory's Row
Hampson, Patrick & Co., rope and twine manufacturers, 6 Prince's Street
Hampton, Alexander, tinsmith, 24 Lindsay Street
Hampton, Ann Jane, dairy, 119 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Hampton, John, flax merchant, 33 Grosvenor Street
Hancock, George, turnkey, 21 Killarney Street
Hand, William, flax buyer, 187 Shankhill Road
Hanley, Hugh, grocer, 42 Alexander Street
Hanley, Hugh, carpenter, Bradford Street
Hanley, John, traveller, 72 Northumberland Street
Hanley, Robert, shoe maker, 132 Cromac Street
Hanley, William, upholsterer, 21 Boyd Street
Hanlon, Bernard, car owner, 7 Seymour Row
Hanlon, James, car owner, 9 Napier Street
Hanlon, James, 27 Hamilton Street
Hanlon, John, carpenter, 41 Irwin Street
Hanlon, Michael, timber merchant, 1 Corporation Square; res. 1 University Square
Hanlon, Mrs., butcher's shop, 31 Hercules Place
Hanlon, Owen, seaman, 13 Charlemont Street
Hanlon, Thomas, Ardoyne Cottage, Crumlin Road
Hanna, Alex., letter carrier, 26 Christopher Street
Hanna, Andrew, tailor, 5 Kildare Street
Hanna, Daniel, engineer and architect, 108 Donegall Street
Hanna, Edward, rope manufacturer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Hanna, Harrison, M.D., surgeon, 2 Carrick Hill, and medical officer of Ballygomartin Dispensary; res. Edenderry Lodge
Hanna, Henry, leather merchant, 112 North Street
Hanna, Hugh, shoe maker, 16 Brookfield Street
Hanna, Rev. Hugh, minister of Berry Street Presbyterian Church; res. 24 Albert Place, Donegall Pass
Hanna, Hugh, surveyor, 6 May Street
Hanna, James, gas worker, 9 Belgrave Street
Hanna, James, blacksmith, Francis Street, Ballymacarrett
Hanna, John, mechanic, 75 Savage's Row
Hanna, John, silk mercer, and Ladies' Emporium, 54 High Street
Hanna, John, plasterer, 68 Stanhope Street
Hanna, John, fitter, 8 Sidney Street
Hanna, John, shoe maker, 3 Kildare Street
Hanna, Joseph, shoe maker, 11 & 13 Thomas Street North
Hanna, Mary, grocer, 128 Millfield
Hanna, Miss, lodgings, 37 Patrick Street Great
Hanna, Mrs., grocer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Hanna, Mrs., 10 Downing Street
Hanna, Mrs., 6 Belvoir Terrace, University Street
Hanna, Mrs., 198 Nelson Street
Hanna, Mrs., 20 Sixth Street
Hanna, Mrs. E., 4 Caroline Street
Hanna, Mrs. Mary, 87 Crumlin Street
Hanna, Robert, blacksmith, 9 Fairfax Street
Hanna, Robert, director, Northern Bank, 2 Mountcharles, University Road
Hanna, Robert, upholsterer, 25 Henrietta Street
Hanna, Robert, 37 Joy Street
Hanna, Samuel, pawn broker, 5 Everton Street
Hanna, T. A., agent for Wm. Mackenzie, publisher, 36 College Street
Hanna, Thos., clerk, 33 Ormond Street
Hanna, W. G., linen manufacturer, 22 Wellington Place
Hanna, Wm., ship carpenter, 2 Vere Street
Hannan, James, spirit dealer, Shankhill Road, and 2 & 4 Downing Street
Hannay, Hugh H., woollen warehouse, 61 High Street; res. 61 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Hannay, Rev. Robert, Incumbent of Christ Church, 3 Fitzwilliam Place, University Road
Hannay, Sarah, shirt maker, 17½ Millfield
Hannegen, Anthony, shoe maker, 57 Mill Street
Hanney, Ann Jane, white worker, 17 Abbey Street
Hannigan, Thomas, commercial traveller, 36 Brougham Street
Hanson, John, agent for Thomas Gregg, Esq., Ballymenoch; office, 26 Castle Lane
Hanson, Mrs., 37 Lonsdale Street
Hanson, Robert, compositor, 45 Arnon Street
Hanson, Wm. M. merchant tailor (of William Raphael & Co., 21 High Street); res., 5 Lincoln Avenue, Antrim Road
Hanvey, Wm., carter, 4 Academy Street
Harbison, Andrew, 58 Grattan Street
Harbison, George, school master, Belfast Charitable Society, Queen Street North
Harbison, Susan, grocer and beer retailer, 115 Queen Street North
Harbison, Thomas, wood turner, 13 William's Place, Sandy Row
Harbison, William, miller, 32 Winburne Street
Harbinson, Hannah, machine stitcher, Cupar Street
Harbinson, J. F., & Co., jewellers, watch makers and opticians, 79 High Street and corner of Victoria Street
Harbinson, John Francis (of J. F. Harbinson & Co., 79 High Street); res. Fortwilliam Park, Antrim Road
Harbinson, Margaret, 21 Windsor Street
Harbinson, Miss Margaret, 73 Savage's Row
Harcourt, William, plumber and gas fitter, 15 Police Place
Harden, John, spinning master, 1 Fifth Street
Harding, Miss Agnes, teacher, Alfred Street School
Hardy, Daniel, grocer, 27 Talbot Street
Hardy, Gardiner, buyer for Young & Anderson, 19 Donegall Street; res., 3 Landscape Terrace, Crumlin Road
Hardy, John, blacksmith, Hanna's Place
Hardy, Miss, boarding and day school, 9 Fitzwilliam Street
Hardy, Thomas, mechanic, 41 Sackville Street
Hardy, Thomas L., linen merchant, 25 Fountain Street; res. 85 Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Hare, John, carpenter, 52 York Street Little
Hare, John, carpenter, 10 Melbourne Street
Hare, John, seaman, 6 Garston Street
Harkess, Peter, artist, 68 Hanover Street
Harkin, Dr. Alexander, M.D., surgeon, 5 College Square North
Harkin, Hugh, neats foot oil manufacturer, 52 Donegall Street Little
Harkin, John, marine store, 20 Barrack Street
Harkness, James, glass, china and delf warehouse, 60 High Street
Harkness, John, clerk, 116 Cromac Street
Harland & Wolff, iron ship building and engineering works, Queen's Island
Harland, Edward James (of Harland & Wolff, Queen's Island); res. Edenvale, Sydenham
Harper, Mrs. Annie, Brookfield Place, Crumlin Road
Harper, E. J., joiner, 34 Friendly Street
Harper, Hugh, pawn broker, 47 Union Street
Harper, James, shoe maker, 5 Townsend Place
Harper, James (of Wilson Street Machine Works), 11, 13 & 15 Wilson Street; res. 60 York Street
Harper, James, 60 York Street
Harper, James (of Martin Harper & Son, 55 Victoria Street); res. 55 Carlisle Street
Harper, John, slater, 12 M'Tier Street
Harper, John, oil mills, Queen's Quay; res. 35 King Street
Harper, Martin, & Son, wholesale grocers and seed merchants; agents for the Kent Fire and Life Insurance Co., 55 Victoria Street
Harper, Martin (of Martin Harper & Son); res. Botanic Avenue, The Plains
Harper, Mary, white worker, 136 Earl Street
Harper, Miss, dress maker, 19 Ormeau Road
Harper, Mrs., 27 Chichester Street
Harper, Mrs., 3 Economy Place
Harper, Mrs., 44 Patrick Street Great
Harper, Robert, grocer, 13 George Street Little
Harper, Robert, foreman printer in Archer & Sons; res. 16 Israel Street
Harper, Robert, carpenter, Lincoln Street
Harper, Thomas, gas fitter, 47 Hopeton Street
Harper, W. J., moulder, 28 Boundary Street North
Harper, William, carpenter, 16 Academy Street
Harper, William, whip maker, 1 Seymour Lane
Harper, William, solicitor, 84 Donegall Street; Dublin office, 6 Gardiner's Place
Harper, William, butcher, 85 Hercules Street
Harper, William John, carpenter, 25 Keegan Street
Harrington, Joseph, cutter (Albion Cloth Company, High Street); res. 1 & 3 Paget Place
Harris, Hugh Nevin, Belfast Mills, 4 Mountcharles, University Road
Harris, James (of Harris & Webb), railing and gate maker and whitesmith; res. Belvoir Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Harris, James, mechanic, Cluan Place, Ballymacarrett
Harris, John, overlooker in mill, 66 Cambrai Street
Harris, John P., clerk, 2 Bain's Place
Harris, Joseph, cork cutter, Blackstaff Road
Harris, Mrs., watch and clock material warerooms, 19 Arthur Street
Harris, Mrs. Agnes, 56 Dundee Street
Harris, Mrs., baby linen warerooms, 61 Arthur Street Upper
Harris, Mrs. Mary Jane, 76 Stanhope Street
Harris, James (of Harris & Webb); res. Belvoir Terrace, Ballymacarrett Road Old
Harris, William, blacksmith, 198 Conway Street
Harrison, Alexander, tailor, 35 Verner Street
Harrison, David, dairy, 12 Cromwell Street
Harrison, Eliza, 16 Portland Street
Harrison, Henry, baker, 186 Lodge Road Old
Harrison, Hugh, baker, Getty Street
Harrison, James, wood turner, Getty Street
Harrison, James, millwright, 66 Ship Street
Harrison, James L., teacher N.S., 26 Academy Street
Harrison, James, grocer, Maiden's Row, Ballymacarrett
Harrison, Jane, 33 Valentine Street
Harrison, John, engine driver, 10 Mayne Street
Harrison, John, carpenter, 53 Lepper Street
Harrison, Joshua, cashier, 19 Cargill Street
Harrison, Miss, agent Unitarian Tract Depository, 59 Arthur Street Upper
Harrison, Miss, 8 Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Harrison, Mrs., 14 Sturgeon Street
Harrison, Mrs., 5 University Square
Harrison, Mrs., 65 Prospect Terrace, University Road
Harrison, Richard, grocer, 59 Peter's Hill
Harrison, Stewart, 88 M'Tier Street
Harrison, Thomas, boot, shoe and clog manufacturer, 96 North Street
Harrison, Thomas, grocer, 162 Sandy Row
Harrison, William, carpenter, 75 Northumberland Street
Harrol, Robert, carpenter, 20 William Street
Hart, Francis, pianoforte tuner and repairer, and harmonium warerooms, 14 Fountain Street
Hart, F., pawn broker, Palmerston Street and Hutchinson Street
Hart, James & Co., muslin manufacturers, 3 Franklin Street; res. 15 College Street
Hart, James, lock and whitesmith, 82 High Street (rere house)
Hart, Joseph (of Hart & Churchill, Castle Place); res. Sydenham
Hart, Miss, boarding house, 15 College Street
Hart, Robert, engineer, 10 Washington Street
Hart, Sarah, boarding house, 15 Prince's Street
Hart & Churchill, pianoforte, harmonium and music warehouse, 14 Castle Place
Hart & Co., web size-works, 33 Donegall Street Little
Hartgrove, John, brick layer, 25 Belgrave Street
Hartley, Thomas, coal merchant, 20 May Street Little
Hartley, William, land, house and insurance agent, public accountant, master extraordinary in Chancery, and commissioner for taking affidavits in the superior courts, 1 The Castle, Castle Buildings; res. Martello Terrace, Holywood
Hartman, F., pianoforte tuner, 43 Joy Street
Hartrick, Rev. E. J., incumbent of Magdalene Church, Donegall Pass; res. Martello Terrace, Holywood
Hartrick, John, gas inspector, 43 Hartley Street
Hartrick, John, sawyer, 27 Annette Street
Harvey, Andrew, captain, 6 Emily Place
Harvey, George, mechanic, 17 Crimea Street
Harvey, James, ironmonger, Fitzroy Avenue, The Plains
Harvey, James, dyer, Conway Street
Harvey, James, assistant (in Musgrave Bros., Ann Street), 42 Lonsdale Street
Harvey, James T., commission agent, 13 Spencer Street
Harvey, John, baker, 9 Glasshouse Street
Harvey, Mary, 14 Albion Street
Harvey, Mrs. Margaret, 18 Meenan Street
Harvey, Mrs. Jane, matchbox maker, 4 Corporation Street Little
Harvey, Patrick, bill poster, 10 Arthur Lane
Harvey, Robert, carpenter, 9 Ormeau Street
Harvey, Samuel, sawyer, 45 Lagan Street
Harvey, Thomas, tailor, 21 Charlemont Street
Harvey, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 36 Edward Street Great
Harvey, Thomas, sergeant-major, Antrim Rifles, 11 Court Street
Harvey, W. J., pawn broker, 1 & 3 Dagmar Street
Harvey, William, bill poster, 6 Orr's Entry
Harvey, William, carpenter, 77 Israel Street
Harvey, William (of McLaughlin & Harvey), 148 & 142 York Street, and Osborne Brick and Tile Works; res. Wellington Park
Harvey, William, block printer, 178 Conway Street
Harvey, William John, tea and wine establishment, 20 Fountain Street
Harvey, William John, grocer, 72 Langford Street
Harvey, William T., bookkeeper, 4 Lincoln Avenue, Antrim Road
Haslett, Francis, 5 Raphael Street
Haslett, Francis, commission agent, 15 Albert Square; res. 33 Bentinck Street
Haslett, Rev. Henry, 8 Franklin Place
Haslett, J. & J. & Co., wholesale druggists and general merchants, 18 & 20 North Street
Haslett, J. (of J. & J. Haslett & Co.); res. 8 Franklin Place
Haslett, J. W. (of J. & J. Haslett & Co.); 35 Lonsdale Street
Haslett, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Shankhill Road
Haslett, James, hat manufacturer, 4 Castle Street; res. 12½ King Street
Haslett, James, 10 Shankhill Road
Haslett, J., warehouse manager, 111 Cromac Street
Haslett, John, cutler, 2 Charlotte Court
Haslett, Miss, dress maker, 54 University Road
Haslett, Mrs. Abigail, 240 Conway Street
Haslett, Samuel, iron and tinplate merchant, stores, 88 Ann Street; res. Maxwell's Court, Comber
Haslett, William, manufacturers' assistant, 6 Bruce Street
Haslett, William H., solicitor, 80 Ann Street, Belfast, and 90 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin; res. Mountpottinger, Ballymacarrett
Hasley, Miss, bonnet maker and milliner, 18 Athol Street
Haslip, George, spirit dealer, 12 Gamble Street
Hassard, Michael, haberdasher, 3 Barrack Street
Hassard, Mrs., 64 Leeson Street
Hassard, Richard, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Barrack Street
Hastie, Alexander, tailor, 49 Agnes Street
Hastings, David, cattle salesman, 111 Joy Street, 64 Victoria Street; res. Mountpottinger
Hastings, William, civil engineer and architect
Haughey, Bernard, 2 Harmony Lane, Dublin Road
Haughey, Christopher, clerk, 6 Hamilton Street
Haughton, Benjamin, merchant, 1 Fitzwilliam Place, University Road
Havelin, Denis, hardware dealer, 11 John Street
Hawkins, Henry (of Hawkins, Robertson, Ferguson, & Co.); res. Kin-Edar, Sydenham
Hawkins, H., carpenter, Galway's Court
Hawkins, Mrs., 133 Scotch Street
Hawkins, Robertson, Ferguson, & Co., wholesale and retail woollen drapers, silk mercers and general warehousemen, Bank Buildings, Castle Place; wholesale entrance, Castle Street; assistants' dwelling house, 27 Wellington Place
Hawkins, William, tenter, 56 Sixth Street
Hawley, Mrs., 12 Henrietta Street
Haworth, Giles, manager of Brookfield power loom linen factory, Agnes Street; res. Cumber Place, Lodge Road Old
Hawthorn, John, seaman, 12 North Ann Street
Hawthorn, John, spinner, 85 Lepper Street
Hawthorn, Joseph J., clerk, 49 Regent Street
Hawthorn, Margaret, spirit grocer, 49 Durham Street
Hawthorn, Miss Mary, 232 Lodge Road Old
Hawthorn, Mrs., 23 Bond Street
Hawthorn, Mrs., 19 Ormond Street
Hawthorn, Mrs., Thorndyke Street, Ballymacarrett
Hawthorn, Robert, carpenter, 34 Warwick Street
Hay, Alexander, cabinet maker, 44 Unity Street
Hay, John, mechanic, 205 Shanhhill Road (Shankhill)
Hay, John, draper, 297 Lodge Road Old
Haye, Mrs. Margaret, 24 Clonard Street
Hayes, Charles, spinning master, 35 Ross Street
Hayes, David, butcher, 3 Hercules Street
Hayes, David, coachman, 5 California Street Lower
Hayes, George, cabinet maker, 17 Staunton Street
Hayes, Joseph, spinning master, 2 Boyne Square
Hayes, Mrs. Margaret, 8 Fourth Street
Hayes, Mrs. Hanna, 49 Leadbetter Street
Hayes, Mrs. Sarah, 30 Brookfield Street
Hayes, William, potato store, 1 Verner Street
Hayes, William, grocer, 36 & 38 Stanfield Street
Haynes, W. B., commission agent, 15 Albert Square
Hays, Dr., surgeon, 12 Alfred Street
Hayton, Isabella, Blackstaff Road
Hayward, Samuel, clerk, 55 Brougham Street
Hazard, J., spirit dealer, 47 Bentinck Street
Hazard, James, commercial traveller, 55 Cromac Street
Hazard, Richard, spirit dealer, 25 Edward Street Great and 1 Gloucester Street
Hazelton, Thomas, cart owner, 87 Hopewell Street
Hazlett, Francis, commission agent, 12 Albert Square; res. 33 Bentinck Street
Hazlett, James, superintendent of Alfred Street School, Franklin Place
Headley, David, shipwright, 17 Andrew Street Lower
Headley, William, ship carpenter, 6 Falloon's Court
Healy, George, tinsmith, 3 Smithfield
Heaney, Fanny, cap maker, 28 Boyd Street
Heaney, Felix, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Barrack Street
Heaney, James, baker, 13 Peter's Place
Heaney, James, yard and stable, 9 Keegan Street
Heaney, James, lapper, 1 Staunton Street
Heaney, Jane, 60 Cullingtree Road
Heaney, John, Marine Hotel, 60 Tomb Street
Heaney, Kirkwood, shoe dealer, 45 Berry Street
Heaney, Mrs. Margaret, 94 Peter's Hill
Heaney, William, spirit, grocer and provision dealer, 57 Durham Street
Heaney, William, seaman, 5 Keegan Street
Heaney, William, confectioner, 3 Donegall Street; res., 13 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Heather, Mrs., 7 Israel Street
Heatherington, George, clerk in Northern Bank, 4 Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Heatley, Philip, hackle pin maker, 5 Meenan Street
Heatley, Thomas, shoe maker, 1 Fountain Street North
Heenan, Mrs., Robinson's Place, Ballymacarrett
Heeney, Hugh, clerk, 7 Gilford Street
Hefferon, James, credit draper, 43 Townsend Street
Hegarty, Edward, provision dealer, 56 Hercules Street
Hegarty, Henry, grocer, 84 Cullingtree Road
Heighes, Thomas, caretaker of, and resident at, Ormeau Cricket ground
Hemphill, John, block printer, 60 Sixth Street
Hemphill, Samuel, block printer, 15 Agnes Street
Hemphill, Samuel, dyer, 46 Conway Street
Hemphill, William, presser, 35 Sherbrook Street
Hender, Charles, yarn dyer, 17 Cambrai Street
Henderson, Ann, grocer, 5 Gardiner Street
Henderson, Eliza, grocer, 12 Wesley Place
Henderson, Eliza, 39 Moffat Street
Henderson, Francis, warehouseman, 22 Eglinton Street
Henderson, James, mechanic, 3 Belgrave Street
Henderson, James (manager in Cowan's, Church Lane); res. 75 Inkerman Terrace, Dublin Road
Henderson, James, store keeper, 11 Beggs Street
Henderson, James, clothier and tailor, 16? Sandy Row
Henderson, Jas. Alex., Belfast News-Letter and Belfast Weekly News, and book and job steam printing house, offices, 47 & 49 Donegall Street; res. Norwood Tower
Henderson, John, printer, book seller and newsagent, 5 Castle Place; res. 74 York Street
Henderson, John, water rate collector, 51 Brougham Street
Henderson, John, land surveyor, 15 Hudson Street
Henderson, Joseph, assistant in Water Office, 16 Trinity Street
Henderson, Mrs., 57 Brougham Street
Henderson, Mrs. Sarah, 33 Stanhope Street
Henderson, Mrs., Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Henderson, Robert & Son, general steam packet and forwarding agents, coal and commission merchants, Old Customhouse buildings and 23 Donegall Quay; res. Malone Park
Henderson, Robert & Sons, Northern Iron Works, iron fencing and gate makers, machinists, brass founders, locksmiths, tinsmiths, gasfitters and engineers, fire and burglar safe makers, etc., 26 & 28 Ann Street; res. Donegall Pass
Henderson, Robert, boiler maker, 64 Vere Street
Henderson, Robert, confectioner, baker and biscuit manufacturer, 47 Talbot Street
Henderson, Simon, tailor, 15 York Street Little
Henderson, The Misses, Fern Cottage, Upper Malone
Henderson, W. D., & Sons, resident secretaries for Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society; also fire, life and marine insurance and commission agents; office, Scottish Amicable Buildings, 27 Victoria Street; res. 9 University Square
Henderson, William, painter, 9 Loftus Street
Hendrick, Charles (of Jamison & Hendrick, 10 & 12 North Street); res. 16 Eglinton Street
Hendry, John, shoe maker, 46 Hanover Street
Hendry, Robert, commercial traveller, 10 Malone Place
Henery, Patrick, grocer and provision dealer, 72 Henry Street
Hennessy, J., car owner and grocer, 33 George Street Little
Hennessy, John, butcher, 69 Hercules Street
Hennessy, Margaret, haberdasher, 84 North Street
Hennessey, Mrs., 2 Lonsdale Street
Hennessy, Robert, coach painter, 9 Grace Street
Hennings, Richard, cabinet maker, 53 Israel Street
Henry, A. S., & Co., linen merchants, and Manchester, Bradford, Huddersfield, Glasgow, and Dundee; office, 16 Wellington Place
Henry, Alexander, 7 Sussex Place
Henry, Rev. Dr., President Queen's College; res., in College
Henry, George, mechanic, 3 Moffat Street
Henry, James, staff sergeant, Antrim Rifles, 24 Denmark Street
Henry, James, shoe maker, 12 Melbourne Street
Henry, James, builder and contractor, Crumlin Road; res., Albertville
Henry, John, grocer, 198 York Street; res. 1 Bentinck Street
Henry, John W. (of Alexander & Co., 2 Curtis Street); res. Sydenham
Henry, John, 17 Carlisle Street
Henry, John, clerk Whiteabbey Bleaching Company, Thorndyke Street, Ballymacarrett
Henry, Rev. Joseph, Dunraven Mission House, 7 Wellington Street
Henry, Lucinda, underclothing warehouse, 58 Donegall Street
Henry, Matthew. teacher, 9 Ormeau Street
Henry, Miss, 81 Botanic View, University Road
Henry, Mrs., 21 Meadow Street
Henry, Mrs., provision dealer, 20 Church Lane
Henry, Patrick, haberdasher, 137 North Street
Henry, Rev. R. M., Baptist minister, Victoria Street Great; res. Richmond, Antrim Road
Henry, Robert, 53 Carlisle Street
Henry, Robert, carpenter, 53 Agnes Street
Henry, Thomas, general letter press printing office, 7 Pottinger's Entry
Henry, William & Co., brewers, Ballybot, Newry; Robert McClinton, agent, 64½ York Street
Hepburn, Jane, haberdasher, 56 Ann Street
Herald, James, overlooker in Milewater Mill, 6 North Derby Street, Shore Road
Herald, Sarah, family grocer, wine and spirit store, 72 Donegall Street and John Street
Herald, William, smith's forge, Pilot Street
Herbert, Francis, tenter, Finn Street
Herd, James, 32 Hanna Street, painter and paper hanger, ecclesiastical and general decorator, glass embosser, glass stainer, bender and gilder; and cleaner of oil paintings
Herd, John, baker, 12 Dayton Court
Herd, William, store keeper, 214 Lodge Road Old
Herdman, Alexander F. (Smithfield Flaxspinning and Weaving Co.); res. 11 Chichester Street
Herdman & Co., flax spinners, Sion Mills, Strabane; office, 11 Corporation Street
Herdman, Francis, railway guard, 11 Taylor Street
Herdman, George, assistant sanitary inspector, 7 Wesley Place
Herdman, John (of Herdmans & Co.); res. Stag Hall, Greencastle
Herdman, Mary Jane, 20 McCleery Street
Herdman, Miss, white worker, 16 Wellington Street
Herdman, Miss, 11 Institution Place
Herdman, Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Donegall Square South
Heritage, George, 234 Lodge Road Old
Hermon, William, mechanic, 58 Sandy Row
Heron, Eliza, grocer, 34 Earl Street
Heron, George, compositor, 187 Nelson Street
Heron, James, director Ulster Bank, 4 Queen Street
Heron, James, currier and fruit dealer, 17 Police Place
Heron, John, felt hat importer and dresser, 5 Skipper Street
Heron, Mrs. Eliza, 96 Napoleon Terrace, Donegall Pass
Heron, R., hairdresser, 9 Arthur Square
Heron, William, baker and grocer, 50 Patrick Street Great
Heron, William, general merchant, 13 Albert Square; res. Maryfield
Heron, William, bookkeeper, Ulster Canal Road
Herraiz, Jasper & Co., linen merchants, 9 Donegall Street Place
Herraiz, Jasper (of Jasper Herraiz & Co.); res. 1 Sussex Place
Herriott, Hugh, carpenter, 23 Hanover Street
Herron, Edward James, draper's traveller, 50 Willow Street
Herron, James, draper, 10 Albion Street
Herron, James, provision merchant, 51 Corporation Street
Herron, John, grocer, 183 Shankhill Road
Herron, Martin, winding master, 12 McCleery Street
Herron, Matthew, upholsterer, 15 Upton Street
Herron, Miss A., dress maker, 6 Park Street
Hervey, Robert, tailor, 29 Talbot Street
Heslop, Samuel (in charge of Frederick Street Wesleyan Church), 13 & 15 York Lane
Hewett, James, fancy bazaar and toy warehouse, 5 Donegall Place Buildings; res. High Street, Holywood
Hewitt, Arthur, blacksmith, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Hewitt, Benjamin, Thomas (of Johns, Hewitt & Johns, solicitors, 29 High Street); res. Wellington Park
Hewitt, Isaac, carpenter, 16 Glenalpine Street
Hewitt, John, spirit dealer, 57 Donegall Quay
Hewitt, Joseph, pork cutter, Malcomson Street
Hewitt, Miss Clara, 21 Queen Street
Hewitt, Thomas, iron moulder, 12 Hemsworth Street
Hewitt, William, iron founder, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Hewitt, William, smith, Malcolm Street, Ballymacarrett
Hewitt, William, blacksmith, 16 Mary's Market
Hewston, William, shoe maker, 29 Wilton Street
Heyburn, James, grocer, 30 Cullingtree Road
Heyburn, Mrs., 63 Milford Street
Heyburn, Robert, 11 McKenna's Place
Heyburn, Thomas, 7 Massareene Street
Heyn, Gustavus, Chevalier of the Order of the Crown; Royal Belgian Consul; Royal Hanoverian Consul; Vice-Consulate for Prussia, Russia, Holland, Hamburg, Bremen, Lubeck, Oldenburg, Mecklinburg-Schwerin, Spain, Turkey and Greece; general merchant; fire and life insurance agent (Scottish Widows' Life, and London, and Southwark Fire); hon. agent of Sailors' Home, and Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society; Correspondent of Hamburg Assurance Association, 1, 2 & 3 Ulster Chambers, Waring Street, Sydenham Park
Hickey, Charles, baker, 6 Murphy's Lane
Hickey, James, 3 Roy Street
Hicklen, Sarah, 13 Craven Street
Hicklin, William, manager of Ewart & Son's Mill; res. 5 Everton Terrace, Crumlin Road
Hicks, Henry, grocer, Hemsworth Street
Hicks, Mrs. Catherine, 104 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Hicks & Shaw, muslin manufacturers, 17 Church Street
Hicks, Wm. (of Hicks & Shaw); res. Sydenham
Higgin, John, carpenter, 23 Birch Street
Higgin, William (of John Hind & Sons); res. 8 University Square
Higgins, Edward, boot maker, 86 Milford Street
Higgins, John, grocer, 22 Charlemont Street
Higgins, John, painter, 34 Howard Street South
Higginbotham, Mrs., 63 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Higginson, H. S., A.M., Registrar of Down and Connor, 16 & 17 Ulster Chambers; res. Carnalea House, Crawfordsburn, County Down
Higginson, J. M., Registrar of Down and Connor, notary public and master extraordinary in Chancery, and commissioner for taking affidavits for the courts of common law at Dublin, agent for Scottish Provident Institution Life Office, 16 & 17 Ulster Chambers; res. 19 University Square
Higginson, Miss J., dress maker, 115 Lodge Road Old
Higginson, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 97 Lodge Road Old
Hilburn, John, overseer Central Railway, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Hill-Trevor, Lord A. E., rent office, 71 Arthur Street Upper; W. B. Glenny, agent
Hill, Arthur, builder, Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Hill, George, clerk (in News-Letter office); res. 10 Dock Street
Hill, George, hackle pin maker, 37 Kent Street Lower
Hill, George L., zinc, brass and wood engraver, etc., 9 Castle Street
Hill, Rev. George, librarian Queen's College; res. 38 University Road
Hill, Henry J., clerk, Alfred Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Hill, Hugh, ship carpenter, 14 Meadow Street
Hill, James, clerk, 4 Carlisle Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Hill, Dr. James, M.D., 82 Pakenham Place
Hill, James, shopman, Richmond, Antrim Road
Hill, James, Collector of Customs, Ulsterville, Lisburn Road
Hill, James, baker, 14 California Street Lower
Hill, James, engineer, 43 Glenalpin Street
Hill, James, tailor, 31 Lodge Road Old
Hill, James, preparing master, 17 Albert Street
Hill, John, shoe maker, 38 Melbourne Street
Hill, John, clerk, 32 Sackville Street
Hill, John, car owner, 35 Kent Street Lower
Hill, John, spirit dealer, Castlereagh View, Ballymacarrett
Hill, The Misses, 128 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Hill, Mrs., 15 Brougham Street
Hill, Mrs., 14 Victoria Street Little
Hill, Mrs. E., school teacher, 10 Ship Street
Hill, Robert, clerk, 1 Trinity Street
Hill, Robert, traveller for London Publishing Co., 56 Townsend Street
Hill, Robert, cooper, 21 Tyrone Street
Hill, Thomas, sexton, 15 Boundary Street
Hill, Thomas, engine driver, 8 Willow Street
Hill, Walker, mechanic, 19 McCleery Street
Hill, William, carver, 16 Wilson Street
Hill, William, clerk, 47 Regent Street
Hill, William, boat builder, Blackman Street, Ballymacarrett
Hillan, Francis, carman, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Hilland, Frederick, clerk, 183 Nelson Street
Hilland, Mrs. Anne, 54 Cullingtree Road
Hilland, Mrs., 108 Milford Street
Hilland, Robert, brick manufacturer and ship owner; res. 19 Chichester Street
Hilland, Roger T., grocer, 68 Queen Street North
Hillis, James, smith, 29 Israel Street
Hillis, James, shoe maker, 41 M'Tier Street
Hillock, James, stone mason, 29 Massareene Street
Hilton, Robert, mechanic, 12 Clonard Street
Hincks, Miss, 7 Murray's Terrace, College Square East
Hincks, Mrs., 1 Wellington Park
Hind, Jas. (of John Hind & Sons, flax spinners); res. Lismara, Whiteabbey
Hind, John, & Sons, flax spinners, Durham Street Mill, and power loom linen manufactory; office, Albert Street
Hind, John, (of John Hind & Sons, flax spinners); res. The Lodge, Cliftonville, Antrim Road
Hind, Mrs., The Lodge, Cliftonville, Antrim Road
Hinde, William, coal factor, 15 Queen's Quay, Ballymacarrett
Hinds, John, overlooker in mill, 71 Alexander Street West
Hinds, Robert, boot maker, 11 Cullingtree Place
Hinedry, Mrs., 113 Northumberland Street
Hinshelwood, J. & Co., Globe Parcels Express Office, goods carriers and forwarders, and marine insurance agents, 3 Queen's Square
Hingston, N., coastguard, 18 Pilot Street
Hobson, Hugh, (assistant ay Day & Bottomley's, Donegall Place); res. 9 King Street
Hobson, John, engineer Ulster Railway, ?? Durham Street
Hobson, Rev. R. J., 5 Queen's Elms, University Road
Hodge, Henry, mechanic, 11 McCavana's Place
Hodges, Dr. John F., professor of agriculture, Queen's College, Belfast, and analytic chemists for Chemico-Agricultural Society; res. Mountcharles, University Road
Hodgens, Andrew, sawyer, 3 Portland Street
Hodgins, Mrs., 2 Antrim Place, Antrim Road
Hodgins, Mrs. Hannah, 52 Fleet Street
Hodgens, Robert, tailor, 8 Cromac Street
Hodgkin, Henry C., agent for the Scottish Legal
Hodgkinson, Henry, general agent, 18 Waring Street; res. Sydenham
Hodgkinson, William (of Ward & Hodgkinson), 71 & 19 Hill Street; res. 17 Hill Street
Hodgson, J., grocer, North Street; res. 1 College Street
Hodgson, Matthew, engineer, 5 Dover Street
Hoey, Wm., woollen draper, 49 Christopher Street
Hoey, Rev. Wm., Wesleyan minister, 38 Lonsdale Street
Hogan, Mrs. Margaret, 50 Crumlin Street
Hogan, T., stone cutter, 24 Conlig Street
Hogan, Thos., collector for St. Patrick's Burial Society; res. 4 Ardmoulin Buildings, Falls Road
Hogan, Wm., brick layer, Bradford Street
Hogg, Mrs. Agnes, Urney Street
Hogg, Andrew, shirt collar manufacturer, 255 York Street; res. 92 Great George Street
Hogg, Charles, haberdasher, 74 Cromac Street
Hogg, James & Joseph, house and builders' yard, 54 Victoria Street Great
Hogg, James, grocer, 13 Leeson Street
Hogg, James, mortar and plaster yard, 10 Police Square
Hogg, Robert, & Co., Staffordshire Warehouse, and glass, china and earthenware establishment, 104 High Street
Hogg, Samuel, grocer, 79 Peter's Hill
Hogg, Thomas, foreman tailor, 38 Carlisle Street
Hogg, Walter, dyer, 29 Arthur Street; res. Scotland
Hogg, William, grocer and provision merchant, 30 Ann Street; flour and bran stores, 32 Joy's Entry
Hogg, William, dairy, 97 Stanfield Street
Holden, James (of J. Holden & Co.), linen yarn merchants, Commercial Court; res. Ballymacarrett
Holden & Co., linen yarn and flax merchants, 4 Commercial Court; res. Woodstock, Mountpottinger
Holden, Joel, mechanic, 8 Athol Street
Holden, John, poor rate collector, 6 Castle Chambers; res. Holywood
Holden, Miss, bonnet maker, 5 Sevastopol Street
Holden, Thomas, blacksmith, 35 Brougham Street
Holdsworth, E., dress maker, 11 Combermere Street
Holkhurst, Oscar, foreign correspondent, Hibernia Place, Lisburn Road
Holland, J., preparing master, 83 Lodge Road New
Holland, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 43 Blenheim Street
Holland, Joseph, statuarist and ornamental stone worker, 30 Corporation Street
Holland, Mary, 20 Christopher Street
Holland, Stephen, painter, 5 Cumber Place, Lodge Road Old
Holmes, Charles, seaman, 9 Caroline Street
Holmes, Charles, carpenter, Springmount Street
Holmes, Francis, brick layer, 22 Sturgeon Street
Holmes, James, pilot, 16 Earl Lane
Holmes, James, carpenter, 9 Lime Street
Holmes, John, plumber, 3 Earl Street
Holmes, John, painter, 8 Copeland Street
Holmes, John, traveller, 40 Cromac Street
Holmes, John, brick layer, 33 Hutchinson Street
Holmes, John, brick layer, 59 Langford Street
Holmes, Leonard, boiler maker, 19 Trafalgar Street
Holmes, Matthew, manager of Jennymount Mill, 8 Cambridge Street
Holmes, Mrs., 22 Spencer Street
Holmes, Mrs., 207 York Street
Holmes, Mrs., 22 Lonsdale Street
Holmes, Thomas, mechanic, White's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Holmes, Thomas, wholesale and retail silk and felt hat manufacturer, 40 Rosemary Street; res., 32 University Road
Holmes, Thomas, engine driver, 43 Charles Street South
Holmes, Thomas, clerk, 46 Stanley Street
Holmes, Thomas, spinning master, Lincoln Street
Holmes, William, carpenter, 8 Napier Street
Holmes, William, book deliverer, 10 Hughes' Buildings; res. 47 Eagleson Place, Antrim Road
Holmes, William, overlooker in mill, 35 Cambrai Street
Holmes, William, beer retailer, 81 Unity Street
Holmes, William P., linen warehouse manager, 2 Windsor Terrace, Lisburn Road
Holywood, M., tobacconist, 51 High Street
Hollywood, David, credit draper, 69 Grosvenor Street
Hollywood, William, calico printer, 62 John Street
Hollywood, William, jobbing smith, 37 Willow Street
Hollywood, William, mechanic, Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Honer, Charles, engine driver, Stanley Street
Honer, Miss M., milliner and straw bonnet maker, Stanley Street
Hood, Andrew, brick layer, 35 Crimea Street
Hood, Edward, shoe maker, 26 Winburne Street
Hood, John, 208 Conway Street
Hood, Miss, teacher of Mountpottinger Female National School; res. Wellwood Place, Ballymacarrett
Hood, Mrs., grocer, Ballynafeigh Road New
Hood, Mrs. Eliza, 25 Welwynne Street
Hood, Robert, 84 M'Tier Street
Hook, Archibald, miller, 27 Trafalgar Street
Hooks, James, corn miller, 36 Melbourne Street
Hook, John, brass moulder, 24 Whitla Street
Hook, Mrs. Margaret, 15 Sydney Street
Hook, Robt., brass founder, 29 Andrew Street Lower
Hope, William John, dealer, 30 Wardlow Street
Hopkins, James, drapers' assistant, 27 Albion Street
Hopkirk, Francis James, accountant Northern Counties Railway Co.; res. Lilliput Cottage, Carrickfergus Road Old
Hopper, Thomas, coach builder, 12 Academy Street
Hore, John, captain, 33 East Street
Horn, James, designer, 17 Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Horne, William, 49 Mountview, Crumlin Road
Horner, Adam, foreman moulder in Clonard Foundry, 156 Falls Road
Horner, Charles, smith, 26 Friendly Street
Horner, Mrs. Elizabeth, 119 Durham Street
Horner, George, Clonard Foundry, 152 Falls Road; engineer, millwright, and iron and brass founder; res. 150 Falls Road
Horner, John, mechanic, 53 Cavour Street
Horner, John, mason, 3 Letitia Street
Horner, Thomas, blacksmith, 3 Shore Street
Horner, William, preparing master, 90 & 92 Tea Lane
Hosick, John, spinning master, 69 Cambrai Street
Houghton, George Robert, 77 Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Houston, Andrew, carpenter, 42 Warwick Street
Houston, George, car owner, 11 East Street
Houston, Hugh, travelling clerk, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Houston, Hugh, brick layer, 7 Shore Street
Houston, James, boiler maker, 44 Whitla Street
Houston, James, car owner, 17 Maria Place
Houston, John, mechanic, 9 Hudson Street
Houston, John, 70 Langford Street
Houston, Margaret, dress maker, 22 Verner Street
Houston, Miss Mary, 41 Eagleson Place, Antrim Road
Houston, Mrs., 13 Seymour Street
Houston, Mrs. Ellen, 15 Third Street
Houston, Robert, brick layer, 34 Downing Street
Houston, Samuel & George, timber merchants, 28 Garmoyle Street; res. Richmond, Antrim Road
Houston, Stephen, mechanic, 11 Cargill Street
Houston, Stephen, lapper, 13 Milton Street
Houston, Thomas, spirit dealer, Ballyhackamore
Houston, William, boiler maker, 52 Pilot Street
Howard, Charles, butcher, 29 York Street
Howard, Mrs., 39 Railway Street
Howden, Charles, Laurel Bank Nursery, Malone Road
Howell, Henry, Custom House Officer, 34 Fleet Street
Howell, John, teacher of writing, 28 Athol Street
Howell, Richard, clerk, 1 Windsor Street
Howitt, John, boiler maker, 16 Garden Street
Hoy, Alexander, smith, 3 McCavana's Place
Hoy, Alexander, whitesmith works, 15 Fountain Street
Hoy, Francis, power loom tenter, 15 Balaklava Street
Hoy, James, brick layer, 64 Eliza Street
Hoy, John, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 85 Victoria Street; res. 149 Botanic Road, Victoria Street Great
Hoy, Joseph, painter, 23 East Street
Hoy, Mrs., leech importer, 17½ Hercules Place
Hoy, Peter, grocer, 51 Albert Street
Hoy, Samuel, plasterer, 23 Sackville Street
Hoy, Thomas, brick layer, 54 Stanfield Street
Hoy, William, carpenter, Duffin Street, Ballymacarrett
Hoyey, James, shoe maker, 4 Raphael Street
Hoyle, Mrs., 1 Bolton Street
Huddleston, David Warwick, clerk (in Harland and Wolff's); res. 23 Kearney's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Huddlestown, Robert W., bookkeeper, Alfred terrace, Ballymacarrett
Huddleston, Thomas, pawn broker, Portview, Ballymacarrett
Hudson, Edmund, iron turner, 35 Derby Street
Hudson, Mrs., 81 Balmoral Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Hudson, Mrs. and Miss, school, 145 Botanic Road, Victoria Street Great
Hudson, Robert, sergeant Antrim Rifles, 245 Lodge Road Old
Hughes, Bernard, Railway and Model Bakeries, 5 Donegall Place, 71 Donegall Street, and Falls Road; res. 11 College Square North
Hughes, Dominick, fitter, 25 Sydney Street
Hughes, Edward, clerk, 3 Caroline Street
Hughes, Edward, baker, 13 Gilford Street
Hughes, Edward, painter, 4 Craig Street
Hughes, George cashier for Ewart & Son; res. 3 Everton Terrace, Crumlin Road
Hughes, Henry, grocer, 37 & 39 Tea Lane
Hughes, James, boot maker, 39 Institution Place, Killen Street
Hughes, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 32 William's Place
Hughes, James, cork manufacturer, 54 Hercules Street
Hughes, James, butcher, 94 Ann Street
Hughes, James, mechanic, 8 brook Street
Hughes, James, blacksmith, 14 English Street
Hughes, James, butcher, 42 Prince Street
Hughes, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 74 Sandy Row
Hughes, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Institution Place, Killen Street
Hughes, John, seaman, 10 Reilly's Court
Hughes, John, shoe maker, 7 Boyd Street
Hughes, John, carter, 51 Baker Street
Hughes, John, painter, 26 Lime Street
Hughes, Mary, provision dealer, 84 Donegall Street Little
Hughes, Michael, green grocer, 102 Millfield
Hughes, Mrs., Waterford Street
Hughes, Mrs., 45 Jennymount Street, Shore Road
Hughes, Mrs., 100 Nelson Street
Hughes, Mrs., 72 Stanfield Street
Hughes, Mrs., 1 Milton Street
Hughes, Mrs., spirit dealer, 46 Waring Street
Hughes, Mrs., spirit dealer, 104 Nelson Street
Hughes, Mrs., 57 Eglinton Street
Hughes, Mrs. E., 3 Pilot Street
Hughes, Mrs. Mary, 63 Savage's Row
Hughes, Owen, lapper, 7 Bond Street New
Hughes, Patrick, sawyer, 12 Lodge Place New
Hughes, Patrick, hair dresser, 55 Mill Street
Hughes, Peter, lodgings, 15 Skipper Street
Hughes, Peter, blacksmith, 40 Sixth Street
Hughes, Richard, carter, 57 Stanfield Street
Hughes, Robert, linen merchant, 33 Fountain Street; res. 61 George Street Great
Hughes, Thomas, 21 University Square
Hughes, Thomas, foreman baker, 18 Hughes Buildings, Falls Road
Hughes, William, hay and straw dealer, 39 Wilson Street
Hughes, William, provision merchant, 62 Corporation Street
Hughes, William, blacksmith, Shankhill Road
Hughes, William, grocer, 20 Sackville Street
Hughes, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 50 Union Street
Hughes, William, grocer, 16 Durham Street
Hull, Henry, civil bill officer, 37 Ormeau Road
Hull, John, iron moulder, 35 Wall Street
Hull, Joseph, power loom tenter, 16 Watson Street
Hull, Mary, white worker, 91 Lodge Road Old
Hull, Mrs. Anne, 42 Brookfield Street
Hull, Richard, seaman, 37 Nelson Street
Hull, William, paper manufacturer, Ballyclare; res. 56 Antrim Road
Hull, William, grocer, Ballymacarrett Road Old
Humber, Robert, shoe maker, Canmore Street
Hume, John, 7 Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett
Hume, Margaret, straw bonnet maker, 59 Lodge Road Old
Humphrey, David, brick layer, Beresford Street
Humphrey, J., coal merchant, Queen's Quay
Humphrey, J., jun., coal merchant, Queen's Quay
Humphrey, John, grocer, 8 Brown Square
Humphrey, Robert, rent agent and poor rate collector, 1 & 3 Boundary Street North
Hungerford, John, salesman, Beresford Street
Hungerford, Michael, Queen's Island Ferry, ?9 Lagan Street
Hunt, David, shoe maker, 5 Hudson Place
Hunt, Henry, shoe maker, 19 Boundary Street North
Hunt, James, painter, 50 Boyd Street
Hunt, Joseph, power loom tenter, 25 Wesley Street
Hunt, Mrs. Eliza, 4 Lodge Road Old
Hunt, Robert, baker, 32 Boundary Street North
Hunter, Adam, gun maker, 13½ Russell Street
Hunter, Andrew, moulder, 13 Woodford Street
Hunter, Ann Jane, grocer and provision dealer, 48 Henry Street
Hunter, Charles, baker, 7 California Street Lower
Hunter, Dr. Samuel, surgeon, Fountainville Terrace, University Road
Hunter, Eliza, grocer, 60 Cromac Street
Hunter, George, aerated water manufacturer, ale and porter bottler, 8 Shankhill Road
Hunter, Henry, carpenter, 7 Cambridge Street
Hunter, Henry, brick layer, 108 Peter's Hill
Hunter, J., grocer, Upper Malone
Hunter, James, bookkeeper, 66 University Road
Hunter, James, Dunmurry Mills; grain and flour stores, 11 Montgomery Street; res. Dunmurry House, Dunmurry
Hunter, James, brick layer, 17 Boyd's Place
Hunter, James, 1 Boyne Square
Hunter, James, hairdresser, 35 Barrack Street
Hunter, James, reeling master, 12 Fairfax Street
Hunter, John, mechanic, 40 Albert Street
Hunter, John, bookkeeper, 4 Frederick Street
Hunter, John, 155 Agnes Street
Hunter, John, jun., linen and linen yarn merchant, 42 Waring Street; res. Holywood
Hunter, Joseph, lapper, 33 Norwood Street
Hunter, Joseph, mechanic, 11 Meenan Street
Hunter, Kennedy, mechanic and whip maker, 149 North Street
Hunter, Mary, toy shop, 13 Albert Street
Hunter, Matthew, 26 Eglinton Street
Hunter, Miss, 3 Stanhope Street
Hunter, Mrs., 38 Bentinck Street
Hunter, Mrs., 28 Washington Street
Hunter, Mrs., 43 Brougham Street
Hunter, Mrs., 15 Eglinton Street
Hunter, Mrs., 25 Court Street
Hunter, Mrs., Seaview Place, Antrim Road
Hunter, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 84 Vere Street
Hunter, Mrs. A., 20 Caroline Street
Hunter, Mrs. E., 1 Caroline Street
Hunter, Mrs. Eliza, 27 Everton Street
Hunter, Mrs. R., dress and mantle maker, Tennent Street
Hunter, Rev. David, St. Helen's, Ballymacarrett Road New
Hunter, Robert, iron turner, 21 Hutchinson Street
Hunter, Robert, tenter, 206 Agnes Street
Hunter, Robert, clerk, 27 Andrew Street Lower
Hunter, Robert, teacher, N.S., Tennent Street
Hunter, Samuel, seaman, 26 Marine Street
Hunter, Sinclair, mechanic, 138 Divis View Buildings, Falls Road
Hunter, Thomas, 31 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Hunter, Thomas, 18 Welsh Street
Hunter, W. & F., wholesale leather merchants, 17 Waring Street; res. 8 Mountpottinger, Ballymacarrett
Hunter, Wm., bricklayer, 8 Johnston Street
Hunter, Wm., pawn broker, 26 & 28 Townsend Street; res. 48 Townsend Street
Hunter, Wm., wood turner, 54 Cambrai Street
Hunter, Wm., pawn broker, 66 Falls Road
Hunter, Wm., builder, 3 Eglinton Place; res. 4 Florence Place, Crumlin Road
Hunter, William J., coach builder, 13 Earl Place
Hupeden & Runge, linen merchants, 14 Bedford Street
Hupeden, John (of Hupeden & Runge); res. 3 Kinnaird Terrace, Antrim Road
Hurson, Michael, hay and straw dealer, 3 & 5 Carrick Hill
Hurst, Dr. Charles, M.D., Ashfield House, Ballynafeigh
Hussy, Andrew, cart maker, 8 Stanfield Street
Huston, Daniel R., clerk, 51 Carlisle Street
Huston, John, lapper, Shaftesbury Street
Huston, M., teacher National School, 26 Academy Street
Huston, Rebecca, dress maker, 11 Sarah street
Huston, Robert, teacher National School, 89 Academy Street
Huston, Robert, provision dealer, 1 & 3 Peter's Hill
Huston, Robert, butter and provision merchant, 2 Lodge Road Old
Huston, Samuel, timber merchant, Garmoyle Street; res. Richmond, Antrim Road
Huston, William, 5 Albion Street
Huston, Wm. J., foundry worker, 163 Agnes Street
Hutchinson, Hugh, mechanic, 13 Bentinck Street
Hutchinson, James, whip maker, 30 Fleming Street
Hutchinson, James, printer, 31 Wesley Street
Hutchinson, Francis, 105 Joy Street
Hutchinson, James, hatter, 19 Carrick Hill
Hutchinson, John, pianoforte tuner, 5 Joy Street
Hutchinson, Mrs. Mary, 2 Courtrai Street
Hutchinson, Mrs., 21 Charlotte Street
Hutchinson, Mrs., 56 Trafalgar Street
Hutchinson, Robert, sawyer, 17 Michael Street
Hutchinson, Rev. Lamont, Argyle Place Presbyterian Church; res. 5 Carlisle Street
Hutchinson, William, clerk, 5 Unity Street
Hutchison, William, pilot, 4 Prince's Dock
Hutchison, William, sawyer, 36½ Thomas Street North
Hutchison, William, chandler, 17 Peter's Place
Hutchison, William, grocer, 56 York Street Little
Hutchison, William John, carpenter, 6 Hudson Place
Hutton, Hugh, grocer and provision dealer, Post Office, Money Order, and Savings Bank, 89 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Hutton, James, marble polisher, 4, 6 & 8 Union Place
Hutton, James, stone cutter, 11 Columbus Street
Hutton, John, butcher, 51 Hercules Street
Hutton, William, carter, 5 Annette Street
Hutton, William, builder, 14 Carlisle Street
Hyde, John, agent for Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co., 18 Waring Street
Hyde, Richard, mechanic, 22 Cargill Street
Hyde, Richard C., buyer (for Hawkins, Robertson, Ferguson & Co.); res. 4 Landscape Terrace, Crumlin Road
Hyde Park Machine Works, 24 & 26 Townsend Street
Hyde, William, mechanic, 3 Sevastopol Street
Hyland, John, engine driver, 15 Carlisle Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Hyndman, George C.; res. 5 Howard Street
Hyndman, Hugh, solicitor; 6 Waring Street; commissioner for administering oaths in Ireland for the Courts of Chancery, Probate, Bankruptcy and Common Law in England; also, office for obtaining patents for interventions and registration of designs; Dublin address, 4 Fitzgibbon Street; res. Dunmurry
Hyndman, James, car owner, 17 Conlon Street
Hyndman, Mrs. Martha, 80 Cambrai Street
Hyndman, Mrs., 42 Israel Street