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1868 Belfast Street Directory

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Names Alphabetically

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Cabeen, Thomas, pork cutter, 39 Cavour Street
Cadden, John, baker, 20 Durham Street
Cadoo, James, carter, 2 Gaffikin Street
Cadoo, William, bookbinder, 4 Gaffikin Street
Caffray, Thomas, manager, Smithfield Brewery, 1 Laburnam Place
Caghey, William (in J. Dunville's), 3 Ormeau Street
Cahoon, Jas., draper's traveller, 92 Peter's Hill
Cahoon, John, watch maker and jeweller, 8 Bridge Street; res. 8 Crumlin Place
Cahoon, M. & J., milliners and dress makers, 49 Cromac Street
Cahoon, Robert, pawn broker, 11 & 13 Marquis Street; res. 34 King Street
Cahoon, William, car owner, 18 Combermere Street
Cainan, William, seaman, 9 Vere Street
Cairns, Edward, mechanic, 26 Denmark Street
Cairns, George, carpenter, 5 Speer's Place
Cairns, H., spirit dealer, 4 George's Street Great
Cairns, James, resident porter, Linen Hall
Cairns, John, grocer, Wilton Place, Shankhill Road
Cairns, Michael, commercial traveller, 5 Gilford Street
Cairns, Mrs. Mary, 2 Wall Street
Cairns, Mrs., 11 Welsh Street
Cairns, Patrick, lapper, 17 Milford Street
Cairns, Patrick, saddler, 91 Union Street
Cairns, Samuel, brass founder, 41 Hanover Street
Cairns, Thomas, saddler, 15 Cavour Street
Cairns, William, cloth maker, 17 Woodford Street
Cairns, William, carpenter, 43 Malvern Street
Cairns, William, carpenter, 4 Weaver Street
Cairns, William, hackle pin maker, 9 Cambrai Street
Cairnduff, Samuel, grocer, 124 Cromac Street
Calder, J. M. ( of Leadbetter, Calder & Co., Bedford Street), linen merchant and manufacturer; res. Windsor
Caldwell, Arthur, provision merchant, Grove Cottage, Shore Road
Caldwell, David, carpenter, 33 Broadhurst Street
Caldwell, James, sewed muslin manufacturer, 45 John Street
Caldwell, Mrs., 11 Fleming Street
Caldwell, Philip, foreman tailor (in Thomas McCann's, Rosemary Street); res. 26 Hughes's buildings
Caldwell, Robert, ship carpenter, 10 Ambrose Street
Caldwell, William, sawyer, 28 Tyrone Street
Caledon, Thomas, stationer, 75 North Queen Street
Calendar, John, mechanic, 2 Brunel Street
Calender, Mrs., 51 Stanley Street
Calender, William, drapery and sewing machine agent, 29 Divis Street
Callaghan, Mrs. Rose, 32 Crumlin Street
Callaghan, Thomas, stationer, 2 Brook Street
Callan, Luke, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Barrack Street
Callan, Miss, 40 Henry Street
Callender, Thomas, bookkeeper, 33 Athol Street
Calley, Martin, 30 Chichester Street
Calway, Richard, grocer, 47 & 49 Green Street
Calvert, James, (of Timothy Bell & Co., Academy Street); res. Whitehouse
Calwell, James, crockery dealer, 29 Patrick Street
Calwell, James, telegraph clerk, 44 Boyd Street
Calwell, Mrs., 28 Cullingtree Street
Calwell, William, engine driver, Ballynafeigh Road New
Callwell, George, tailor, 36 Massereene Street
Callwell, James, muslin merchant, office, 45 John Street; res. 1 Antrim Place, Antrim Road
Callwell, John, 45 John Street, sewed muslin manufacturer; res.
Callwell, Thomas, carpenter, 14 Gaffikin Street
Camac, Mrs., 30 Israel Street
Camac, Robert, brick layer, Bradford Street
Cambridge, William, brush manufacturer and auctioneer; works, McClenaghan's Court; warehouse and res. 5 Mill Street
Cameron, Alex., whitesmith, 23 & 25 William Street
Cameron, Hugh, brick layer, 6 Everton Street
Cameron, James, 4 Queen Street North
Cameron, James, blacksmith, 6 Ship Street Back
Cameron, James, engineer, 72 Bentinck Street
Cameron, R., hackle pin maker, 24 Lancaster Street
Camlin, Thomas W., 23 Eliza Street
Cammock, Wm., clerk, 89 Market Street
Cammon, John, stone cutter, Lower Clyde Street, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, Alexander, clerk, 17 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, A., carpenter, 23 Lancaster Street
Campbell, Alex., carpenter, 42 Welsh Street
Campbell, Arthur, gas fitter, 3 Sherbrook Street
Campbell, Arthur, carpenter, 58 Brookfield Street
Campbell, Bernard, grocer, 15 Garmoyle Street
Campbell, Bernard, hardware merchant, (of Campbell & Co., 8 & 10 Smithfield); res. 21 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Campbell, Chas., provision dealer, 49 Peter's Hill
Campbell, Chas., general dealer, 13 Francis Street
Campbell, David (of Campbell, Hunter & Co., Tomb Street); res. 27 Brougham Street
Campbell, Edward, seaman, 48 Marine Street
Campbell, Ellen, 26 Cambrai Street
Campbell, Francis, 24 Bow Street
Campbell, Francis, stone sawyer, 55 Carrick Hill
Campbell, George, plasterer, 2 Sarah Street
Campbell, George, dining and coffee rooms, 24 Winetavern Street
Campbell, George, gas maker in New Jail, 59 M'Tier Street
Campbell, Henry, & Co., flax spinners, Mossley Mills; office, 4 Castle Buildings
Campbell, Henry (of Henry Campbell & Co.); res. Lorn, Craigavad
Campbell, Henry, carpenter, 54 Leadbetter Street
Campbell, Henry, spirit dealer, Malone Road
Campbell, Henry (firm of Gunning & Campbell, Falls Road); res. 1 College Square North
Campbell, Henry, 37 Glenalpine Street
Campbell, Hugh, grocer, 195 & 197 Nelson Street
Campbell, Hugh, 9 Garston Street; timber yard, George Street Great
Campbell, Hugh, waiter, 6 Keyland's Place
Campbell, Hugh, grocer, 38 Fleet Street
Campbell, Hugh, Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, Hunter & Co., provision merchants, 86 & 88 Tomb Street
Campbell, Isaac, car man, 201 Greenhill Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, Jas., car driver, Constance Street, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, J., commission merchant, 162 York Street
Campbell, James, 3 Carlisle Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, James, currier, Bradford Street
Campbell, James, captain, 27 Brougham Street
Campbell, James, grocer, 126 Sandy Row
Campbell, James, delf and china warehouse, 47 Peter's Hill
Campbell, James, foreign agent for Holland, France, Belgium, etc.; office, 9 Rosemary Street; res. 10 Wilmont Terrace
Campbell, James, carpenter, 62 Eliza Street
Campbell, James, shoe maker, 8 Molyneux Street
Campbell, James, mechanic, 28 Panton Street
Campbell, James, solicitor, office, 69 High Street (1st floor); Dublin Office, 19 Upper Ormond Quay; res. 7 Lower Crescent
Campbell, James A., assistant (in Marcus Ward & Co.), 7 Adela Street
Campbell, Jas., law messenger, 16 Wardlow Street
Campbell, James, merchant tailor, 57 Victoria Terrace
Campbell, James, Custom House Clerk, 10 Tudor Place, Crumlin Road
Campbell, Jas., seaman, 36 Corporation Street Little
Campbell, James, plasterer, 18 Galway Street
Campbell, James William, 15 Moffett Street
Campbell, James, overseer, Central Railway, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, Jane, 12 Hopeton Street
Campbell, John (of Henry Campbell & Co., Mossley Mills); res. Mossley
Campbell, John & Co., dining rooms, 57 Ann Street
Campbell, John, painter, 5 Stanhope Street
Campbell, John, confectioner, 11 Hanover Street
Campbell, John (of Gunning & Campbell, 3 Castle Buildings); res. Mossley, Carnmoney
Campbell, John, pattern drawer, 61 Unity Street
Campbell, John, clerk, 46 Canning Street
Campbell, John, stationer, 103 Peter's Hill
Campbell, J., stone mason, Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, John, brick layer, Lower Clyde Street, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, John, ship carpenter, Blackman Street, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, John, 161 Durham Street
Campbell, John, captain, 34 Meadow Street
Campbell, John, seaman, 59 Fleet Street
Campbell, John, clerk, 87 Meadow Street
Campbell, John, lapper, 87 Queen Street North
Campbell, John, law clerk, 185 Agnes Street
Campbell, John, hat dyer, 12 Welwynne Street
Campbell, John, whitesmith, 10 & 21 Prince's Street
Campbell, John, shoe maker, 43 Welsh Street
Campbell, Jos., & Bros., general family grocers, druggists, painters and decorators, 7 Tamworth Place
Campbell, Joseph, brick layer, 35 Joseph Street
Campbell, Josias, credit draper's traveller, Springmount Street
Campbell, M. A., grocer and spirit dealer, 61 & 63 Union Street
Campbell, Margaret, grocer, 158 Lodge Road Old
Campbell, Margaret, 9 Glenarif Street (Glenariff)
Campbell, Margaret, milliner, 52 Divis Street
Campbell, Margaret, teacher Bridge-End National School, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, Martha Jane, assistant Eliza Street National School
Campbell, Matthew, grocer, 178 Sandy Row
Campbell, Michael, green grocer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, Michael, tinsmith, 36 Stephen Street
Campbell, Miss Martha, 26 Richmond Street
Campbell, Miss, 7 Dock Street
Campbell, Miss, milliner, 19 Linenhall Street
Campbell, Miss A. & J., ale and porter stores, 89 Victoria Street
Campbell, Mrs., Glasshouse Place, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, Mrs. M., dealer, 6 Coyle Street
Campbell, Mrs. Margaret, 9 Fourth Street
Campbell, Mrs. Mary, 10 Catherine Street North
Campbell, Mrs. Mary A., 35 Arnon Street
Campbell, Mrs., 1 Omar Street
Campbell, Mrs., spirit dealer, 2 Edward Street
Campbell, Mrs., 2 Stanley Place
Campbell, Mrs., provision shop, 23 Pottinger's Entry
Campbell, Mrs., 91 Joy Street
Campbell, Mrs., 22 William's Row
Campbell, Mrs., 12 Wellington Street
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, 19 Linenhall Street
Campbell, Mrs., 59 Barrack Street
Campbell, Mrs., dress maker, 14 George's Court
Campbell, M., dress maker, 24 Gloucester Street
Campbell, N. A., & Co., carpet and general house furnishing warerooms, 9 and 11 Donegall Place, and 8 Castle Lane - cabinet workshop, 26 May Street
Campbell, Nathaniel A. (of N. A. Campbell & Co.), 4 Duncairn Terrace, Antrim Road
Campbell, Nathan, mechanic, 46 Upton Street
Campbell, Patrick, baker, Institution Place
Campbell, Peter, in Gas Works, 3 King's Place
Campbell, Richard, car owner, 41 Kensington Street
Campbell, Richard, power loom dresser, 10 Napier Street
Campbell, Richard, cattle dealer, 54 Pound Street
Campbell, Robert, landing waiter, 21 Canning Street
Campbell, Robert, boiler maker, 4 Cargill Street
Campbell, Robert, engineer and iron boiler maker, Old Soho Foundry, Millfield; res., Woodbine Cottage, Antrim Road
Campbell, Robert, ship carpenter, 10 Corporation Street Little
Campbell, Robert, clerk of works, 165 Agnes Street
Campbell, Robert, watcher, Portview, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, Robert, grocer, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, Samuel, whip maker, 46 Cavour Street
Campbell, Samuel, clerk, 46 Spencer Street
Campbell, Samuel, lamp lighter, 1 Coyle Street
Campbell, Samuel, clerk, 45 Christopher Street
Campbell, Samuel, gunsmith, 35 Glenarif Street (Glenariff)
Campbell, Samuel, rent agent, 2 Bains' Place
Campbell, Samuel Wilson., grocer, 82 Ann Street; res., 2 Lincoln Avenue
Campbell, The Misses, Jocelyn Cottage, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, Thomas, ship carpenter, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Campbell, Thomas, seaman, 5 Earl Place
Campbell, William (of Atkinson and Campbell, Upper Church Lane); res., 37 King Street
Campbell, William & Co., linen drapers, shirt makers and haberdashers, 90 Ann Street
Campbell, W. & J., provision merchants, 11 George Street Great; res. Windsor
Campbell, Wm., leather merchant, 109 North Street; res. University Road
Campbell, William, shoe maker, 41 Keegan Street
Campbell, Wm. John, clerk, 39 George Street Little
Campbell, William, shoe maker, 52 Birch Street
Campbell, William, carpenter, 4 Selina Street
Campbell, William, lapper, 4 McIvor's Place
Campbell, William, block printer, Theresa Street
Campbell, William, printer, Finn Street
Campbell, William, clerk, 6 Coyle Street
Campbell, William, commercial traveller, 4 Windsor Street
Campbell, William (of W. & J. Campbell & Co., George Street Great); res. Windsor
Campbell, William, school master, 18 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Campbell & Burns, book binders, paper rulers, and account book manufacturers, 18 Pottinger's Entry
Campbell & Co., wholesale and retail jewellers and house furnishers, 8 & 10 Smithfield
Campbell & Son, deal and scantling yard, 27 Great George's Street
Campsey, Mrs. Margaret, 94 Crumlin Street
Camster, Robert, milkman, 16 Trafalgar Street
Canavan, John, spirit dealer, 107 & 109 Queen Street North
Canavan, John, timber and coal yard, 176 North Street
Canley, Patrick, pawn broker, 26 Ardmoulin Buildings
Canmer, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, Lagan Village
Canning, A., tailor, Pottinger's Place, Ballymacarrett
Canning, A. (of Canning Bros.); res. Mountpottinger
Canning, Alex., cooper, 15 Patrick Street Little
Canning, Bros., merchant tailors, 2 Rosemary Street
Canning, James, carpenter, 24 Dane Street
Canning, James & Co., flax merchants, 4 Talbot Street; res. Seagull Cottage, Silverstream
Canning, John, grocer, 63 Peter's Hill
Canning, Mrs. Rachel, 48 Stanhope Street
Canning, Thomas, lapper, 52 Christopher Street
Canning, William, cooper, 38 & 40 Earl Street
Cantrell, Joseph, clerk, 6 Elizabeth Street
Cantrell, Thomas J. (the Ulster Medical Hall), apothecary and chemist, manufacturer of aerated and mineral waters, 20 & 22 Castle Place; works, 25 Bank Street; branch establishment, 10 High Street, Holywood
Canulty, Bernard, sawyer, 10 Grace Street
Cappo, Joseph, philosophical and chemical instrument maker, 5 Portland Place
Cardwell, T., in Gas Works, 46 Howard Street South
Cardwell, Thomas, spirit dealer, 17 & 10 William Street South; and posting establishment, 3 George's Lane
Cardwell & White, aerated water manufacturers and porter bottlers, 39 Lancaster Street
Carew, Edward, lapper, Hobson's Row
Carey, Hugh, hay and straw dealer, 90 & 92 Millfield
Cargo, Mrs., Seaview Place, Antrim Road
Carlan, John, coach maker, 11 Smith Street
Carleton, James, shoe maker, 11 Charles Street
Carleton, Matthew, corktop cutter, 7 Stewart Street
Carleton, Miss, teacher in St. John's Parochial School, St. John's Place
Carleton, Mrs., 22 Brunswick Street Little
Carleton, William, clerk, 52 Albert Street
Carleton, William, ale and porter bottler, 2 Albert Row
Carley, Mrs., 18 Claremont Terrace, University Road
Carlin, Orr, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Sandy Row
Carlin, Patrick, tailor, 25 Stanhope Street
Carling, William, pensioner, 1 York Street Little
Carlisle, David, painter and decorator, 28 Corporation Street; res., 7 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Carlisle, David, hay and straw compresser, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Carlisle, Henry, ship carpenter, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Carlisle, James, plumber and gas fitter, 5 Carlisle Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Carlisle, James, tailor, 6 Lindsay Street
Carlisle, James (of Johnston & Carlisle, 32 Donegall Street); res. Enfield, Crumlin Road
Carlisle, Rev. J., Primitive Methodist minister, 20 Lonsdale Street
Carlisle, John, tailor, 80 Green Street
Carlisle, John, carpenter, 41 Cambrai Street
Carlisle, John, grocer, 7 Marlborough Street
Carlisle, Mrs., 9 Peter's Hill
Carlisle, Mrs., 144 Albion Place
Carlisle, Robert, baker and grocer, 95 Peter's Hill
Carlisle, William, baker, 37 Unity Street
Carlisle, William, carpenter, 13 Charlotte Street Little
Carlisle, William, painter, 24 Spencer Street
Carlisle, William, & Co., plumbers, gas fitters and brass founders, 38 Donegall Street; res. Antrim Cottage, Antrim Road
Carlisle, William, pork cutter, 12 Cross Street
Carlisle, William, bookkeeper, 51 Earl Street
Carlisle, William, builder, 23 Christopher Street
Carlon, Margaret, 25 Catherine Street North
Carlon, Owen, shoe maker, 23 May Street Little
Carmichael, John, herring dealer, 15 Hill Street
Carmichael, Robert, brick layer, 15 William Street
Carmichael, Robert, builder, 3 Grattan Street
Carmichael, Robert, Fox Tavern, 2 Calender Street
Carmichael, Thomas L., provision merchant, 24 Patrick Street Great; res., Ballygomartin
Carmichael, William (of Carmichael & Workman); res., Millisle, Donaghadee
Carmichael & Workman, flax and linen yarn merchants, 5 Bedford Street
Carnduff, James, shoe shop, 10 Church Lane
Carnegie, Henry, mechanic, 21 McCleery Street
Carnegie, James Isaac, Greenhill Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Carney, Joseph, mechanic, 78 Donegall Street Little
Carolan, James, house and rent agent, 16 Chichester Street
Carolin, John, compositor, 11 Upper Clyle Street, Ballymacarrett (Coyle)
Carpenter, Philip & Co., wholesale and retail provision merchants, 21 Church Lane
Carr, James, shoe maker, 7 King Street North
Carr, James, secretary for Ulster Banking Co.; res. Claremont Terrace, University Road
Carr, James, 3 Ventnor Terrace, Falls Road
Carr, John, carpenter, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Carr, Mrs. S., Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Carraghan, Mrs. Mary Ann, 37 Boundary Street
Carrick, James, dentist, 10 College Street
Carrigan, Adam, spirit dealer, 40 Garmoyle Street
Carrigan, Robert, marine store, 7 & 9 Garmoyle Street
Carrigan, Thomas, spirit dealer, 16 Patrick Street Great
Carrigan, William, mechanic, Pound Lane, Cullingtree Road
Carrington, John, civil engineer, 7 Albion Street
Carroll, Hobson B., professor of music, and organist in First Unitarian Congregation, Rosemary Street; res. 8 Alfred Street
Carroll, John, basket maker, Bridge End Ballymacarrett
Carroll, John, cabinet maker, 36 Verner Street
Carroll, Margaret, 5 Malvern Street Upper
Carroll, Mrs., 8 Fitzwilliam Street
Carroll, Patrick, provision dealer, 120 North Street
Carroll, Patrick, butcher, 106 Nelson Street
Carroll, Richard, carpenter, 66 Howard Street North
Carroll, Robert, coach maker, 71 Pound Street
Carroll, Thomas, grocer, 2 Belgrave Street
Carroll, Thomas, clerk, 29 Ship Street
Carroll, Wm., accountant, 19 Crumlin Place, Old Lodge Road
Carroll, William, lapper, 23 Windsor Street
Carroll, William, plasterer, 32 Seymour Street
Carroll & Donnelly, butchers, 31 York Street
Carrothers, Mrs., seamstress, 11 York Street Little
Carrothers, Mrs., 4 Joy Street
Carrothers, Samuel, carpenter, 3 Lincoln Place, Hope Street
Carrothers, Thomas Percy, manager for the Greenmount Spinning Co., 16 Howard Street; residence, 111 Kensington Terrace
Carruthers. David, carpenter, 31 Lincoln Place, Hope Street
Carruthers, Henry, brick layer, 2 Hobson's Row
Carruthers, John, grocer, 13 Charlotte Street
Carruthers, John, brick layer, Wilton Square North
Carruthers, Joshua, machinist, Cargill Street Upper
Carruthers, Mary Ann, Canmore Street
Carruthers, Miss, 157 Botanic Road, Victoria Street Great
Carruthers, Robert, traveller, 39 Combermere Street
Carruthers, Samuel, van driver, 2 Gay Street
Carruthers, Thomas, grocer, Wilton Street
Carruthers, Thomas, car inspector, 51 Joy Street
Carruthers, Thomas, carter, 23 Crimea Street
Carruthers, W. D., carpenter, 32 Upton Street
Carse, G. & R., timber, slate and tile merchants, York Street
Carse, Mrs., 48 Victoria Street Great
Carse, Mrs., 15 Canning Street
Carse, Robert, buyer from Browne, Reid, & Co.; res. 48 Victoria Street Great
Carse, William, bookkeeper and salesman for William McTear, auctioneer; res., 48 Victoria Street Great
Carson, Adam, painter, 72 Beresford Street
Carson, Alexander, gas fitter, 5 Maria Place
Carson, Anne, grocer, 5 Scotchmount, Lisburn Road
Carson, Arthur, seaman, 12 Lime Street
Carson, David, carpenter, 6 Kensington Street
Carson, Henry, 34 Lagan Street
Carson, Henry, carpenter, 24 East Street
Carson, Hugh, spirit dealer, 7 Annette Street
Carson, Rev. Hugh H., Sinclair Seamen's Church, Corporation Square; res. 20 Brougham Street
Carson, H., blacksmith, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Carson, James, varnisher, 3 Dover Street
Carson, James, caretaker of Oddfellows' Hall, 59 Academy Street
Carson, James, harbour constable, 3 Friendly Street
Carson, James, coal dealer, 34 Market Street
Carson, James, bleacher, Wilton Square North
Carson, Jane, 26 Israel Street
Carson, John, draper, 13 Dover Street
Carson, John, bleacher, Waterford Street
Carson, Mark, wood turner, 32 Conway Street
Carson, Mrs., 1 Stanley Place
Carson, Mrs., 165 Corporation Street
Carson, Mrs. Eliza, 12 College Street
Carson, Mrs. Sarah, 7 Haldane Street
Carson, R. M., timber yard, 20 Tomb Street; res. 37 Salem, Crumlin Road
Carson, Richard, grocer and spirit dealer, 7 Scotchmount, Lisburn Road
Carson, Robert, farmer, 35 Albion Street
Carson, Samuel, cloth passer, 13 Loftus Street
Carson, Samuel, grain merchant, Victoria Street; res. 33 Lonsdale Street
Carson, Samuel, carter, 8 Millview Place
Carson, Thomas, yarn dryer, 126 Boundary Street
Carson, Thomas J., grocer and spirit dealer, Lisburn Road
Carson, William & Sons, wholesale grocers, wine merchants and commission agents, 14 Corn Market; res. Walmer Terrace, Holywood
Carson, William, butcher, 109 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Carson, William Potter, 20 Meadow Street
Carson, William, cabinet maker, 68 Alexander Street West
Carson, William, saddler, 1 Letitia Street
Carson, William, solicitor, Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society's Buildings, Victoria Street; res., Walmer Terrace, Holywood
Carson, William, ship builder, Blackman Street, Ballymacarrett
Carson & English, milliners, 155 York Street
Carson & Moore, Mountjoy Street Linen Factory, linen manufacturers; res. 53 Glengall Street
Carswell, Henry, printer, 6 Dickson Street
Carswell, Robert, book binder, account book maker, manufacturing stationer, lithographer, engraver, etc., 9 Donegall Place; res., 34 College Street
Carter, William, stone mason, 34 Dundee Street
Carter & Co., linen collar manufacturers, 1 Adelaide Place; res. Holywood
Cartney, Bernard, law clerk, Lagan Street
Cartney, Mrs., dress maker, 41 Lagan Street
Caruth, John, grocer, baker and flour store, 113 North Street
Carvill, Bernard, spirit dealer, 6 Ventnor Terrace, Falls Road
Carvill, William, wine, port and ale merchant, 4 Seymour Lane; res. 35 Cromac Street
Casement, Henry, coach wheeler, 15 Catherine Street
Casement, Thomas, ship carpenter, 26 Dock Street
Casey, Hugh, hay and straw store, 37 & 39 Carrick Hill
Casey, John, stone cutter, 15 Mustard Street
Cash, James, dairy, 180 Sandy Row
Cash, Edward, tailor, 3 Combermere Street
Caskey, J., grocer, Beer's Bridge Place, Ballymacarrett
Cassidy, Bernard, stone mason, 37 Alexander Street West
Cassidy, John, fireman, 40 Howard Street South
Cassidy, John, compositor, 16 Quadrant Street
Cassidy, John, lapper, 44 Peel Street
Cassidy, Miss, teacher of dancing; rooms, Ulster Hall; res. 2 Sussex Place
Cassidy, Peter, house painter, 8 Seymour Lane
Cassidy, Peter, butcher, 22 Charlemont Street
Cassidy, Robert, LL.D., solicitor, 21 Chichester Street; res. Ballyhackamore House; Dublin office, 24 York Street
Cassidy, Mrs. Rose, 5 Bradford Square
Casteel, J. Van, flax merchant, 13 Albert Square; res. 4 Clyde Terrace
Castles, Samuel, builder, Ballymacarrett
Caters, William, captain, 4 Stanley Place
Cathcart, James, lapper, 33 Kensington Street
Cather, rev. William, minister of Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ballymacarrett
Catherwood, Edward, spinning master, 64 Charles Street South
Caughey, Alex., grocer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Caughey, Miss, 154 Albion Place
Caughey, Wm. B., accountant, Northern Bank; res. 4 Queen's Square
Caughey, W. B., jun., commission merchant, 18 Corporation Street; res. Palmerston Terrace, Sydenham
Caulfield, Matthew, brick manufacturer, Ballynafeigh Road New
Caulfield, Richard, general dealer, 2 Stewart Street
Caulfield, William, carpenter, 21 Lincoln Place; res. Hope Street
Caulford, T., foreman machinist, News-Letter Office, 19 Russell Street
Cavan, George, traveller, 11 Dover Street
Cavana, Wm. J., assistant shop man, 37 Arnon Street
Cavanagh, James, butcher, 21 Hercules Street
Cavanagh, James, clerk, 3 Leeson Street
Cavanagh, W. J., furniture dealer, 114 Millfield
Chalmers, John, seaman, Foreman Street
Chalmers, Wm., smith, 10 Carlisle Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Chambers, Alexander, builder, 87 Joy Street
Chambers, George, grocer, 10 Bruce Street
Chambers, Hugh, carpenter, 15 Peter's Place
Chambers, Hugh, carpenter, Duffin Street, Ballymacarrett
Chambers, James, cloth passer, 22 Wesley Place
Chambers, James, carpenter, 66 York Street
Chambers, Jane, boarding house, 10 Edward Street Great
Chambers, Joseph, winding master, 97 Crumlin Street
Chambers, Robert, shoe maker, 4 Grattan Court
Chambers, Robt., spinning master, 4 Crumlin Street
Chancellor, John, lapper, 22 Hanover Street
Chancellor, Rev. J., 8 College Street South
Chancellor, M., dress maker  9 Henrietta Street
Chamney, Eliza, milliner, Shankhill Road
Chapman, Alexander R. (assistant in Walkington & Son, druggists); res. 1 College Street South
Chapman, John Greer, farmer, Rowanvale, Malone Road
Chapman, James, tailor, 26 Durham Street New
Chapman, James, carpenter, 21 Brunswick Street Little
Chapman, John, farmer, Rowanvale, Malone Road
Chapman, Joseph, moulder, 20 Langford Street
Chapman, Joseph H., bookkeeper, 1 Belvoir Place, Ballynafeigh Road New
Chapman, Simon (of Addy & Chapman), Bridge Street; res. 15 Vicinage Park
Chapman, William, grocer, Finn Street
Chapman, William, pensioner, 7 Elizabeth Street
Chapman, William, stone cutter, 31 Annette Street
Chapman, William, clerk, 131 Queen Street North
Chapman, Wm. Allen, clerk, Northern Bank; res. Ballylesson
Chappell, John, agent, 10 Killarney Street
Charitable Institution, Queen Street North
Charles, Henry Moore, coal and commission merchant, 87 Ann Street (office and coal yard); res. Belgrave, Windsor
Charley, J. & W., & Co., linen manufacturers, merchants and bleachers; bleachworks at Seymour Hill, Dunmurry; weaving branches at Banbridge, County Down and Kells, near Ballymena; office, 20 Wellington Place
Charley, Edward (of J. & W. Charley & Co.); res. Conway House, Lisburn
Charley, John, coal merchant, 33 Tomb Street; res., 23 King Street
Charley, John (of Charley & Malcolm); res. 23 King Street
Charley, John Stouppe (of Charley, Telford, & Co.); res., Finaghy House, Dunmurry
Charley & Malcolm, general steam packet and forwarding agents, 49 & 51 Donegall Quay
Charley, Telford, & Co., linen manufacturers and bleachers, 12 Howard Street; bleachworks at Colin
Charley, William (of J. & W. Charley & Co., 20 Wellington Place); res. Seymour Hill, Dunmurry
Charley, William, ship builder, 15 Michael Street
Charleton, John, bookkeeper, 129 Athol Street
Charlwood, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Cullingtree Street
Charnock, Brothers, & Co., Ballymacarrett oil and grease works, Saltpan Row - Office, 19 & 21 Corporation Square
Charnock, Mrs., 159 Botanic Road, Victoria Street Great
Charters, John (of the Ulster Spinning Co.); res. Ardmoulin House, Falls Road
Charters, Washington (of the Ulster Spinning Co., Falls Road); res. Cliftonville, Antrim Road
Chartes, Miss Sarah, 27 Pilot Street
Chase, George, plumber and gas fitter, 28 King Street
Chase, John, school master, Carlisle Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Cheevers, Patrick, spirit dealer, 53 Queen Street North
Cherry, Hugh, harness maker, 55 Ann Street
Cherry, James, flax buyer, 1 Ross's Place
Cherry, Joseph, cart owner, 45 Boundary Street North
Cherry, Matthew, harness maker, 36 Prince's Street
Cherry, Moses, shoe maker, 50 Bond Street
Cherry, Mrs., 40 Lonsdale Street
Cherry, Rose Anne, 49 Charles Street South
Cherry, William, dairy, 12 Hardinge Street
Chesnut, Moses, clerk, 71 Leeson Street
Chew, William, Quartermaster Antrim Rifles, 39 Eglinton Street
Chibes, Henry, ship carpenter, 48 Vere Street
Child, Colonel, 138 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Childs, James, blacksmith, 36 Whitla Street
Christian, J. R., linen and yarn merchant, 35 Fountain Street; res. Derriaghy
Christian, John, ship carpenter, 5 Ship Street
Christie, Alex., bookkeeper, 8 Lincoln Avenue, Antrim Road
Christie, David, haberdasher, 26 Church Lane
Christie, Mrs. E., 86 Corporation Street
Christie, Robert, chief cashier in Northern Bank; res. 1 Lonsdale Street
Christy, Jane, spirit dealer, 103 Durham Street
Christy, John, plumber, 17 Matlock Street
Christy, John, lithographer, engraver and general printer, stationer, etc., 28 Mill Street
Christy, Mrs., Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Christy, Robert, 16 Belgrave Street
Church, William, sub-editor News-Letter; res. Limestone Road, Antrim Road
Churchill, Samuel, carpenter, 38 Cavour Street
Churchhill, W. G. (of Hart & Churchill, Castle Place); res. Sydenham
Cinnamond, Arthur, manager for Kidd & Co., linen merchants; res. 13 Fleetwood Street
Cinnamond, George, shoe maker, 38 Hardinge Street
Cinnamond, John & Son, boot and shoe warehouse, 28 & 30 High Street; res. 139 Botanic Road, Victoria Street Great
Cinnamond, Samuel, nailer, 9 Barrack Street
Cinnamond, Thomas, solicitor, 67 Donegall Street; res., Sydenham
Clare, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 46 Tea Lane
Clare, William, tenter, 39 Springview Street
Claren, John, dairy, 25 Loftus Street
Clark, Alexander & Co., grain and flour merchants, 6 Patrick Street Great
Clark, Allan & Co., cotton yarn merchants and agents, 3 Franklin Street; res. 2 Hampton Terrace, Lisburn Road
Clark, George, clerk, 38 Nelson Street
Clark, Isaac, turner, 27 Thomas Street North
Clark, Israel, tenter, 28 Meenan Street
Clark, J., Custom House officer, 130 Earl Street
Clark, James, caulker, 16 Marine Street
Clark, John, clerk, Anglesea Street
Clark, John, mechanic, 11 Kells Street
Clark, John, spirit dealer, Conway Street
Clark, Miss Ellen, 22 Whitla Street
Clark, Robert, in Gar Works, 11 Charlotte Street
Clark, Samuel, ship carpenter, 22 Shipbuoy Street
Clark, William, ship carpenter, 3 Ship Street
Clark, William, shoe maker, 15 Grattan Street
Clark, William, tenter, Waterford Street
Clark, William, mason and brick layer, Ballynafeigh Road New
Clark, William, shoe maker, Foreman Street
Clark, William, basket maker, Rotterdam Street, Ballymacarrett
Clarke, Alexander, baker, 61 Hopewell Street
Clarke, Alex., (of J. S. Clarke & Co.); res. 50 Bentinck Street
Clarke, Arthur, carpenter, 5 Wall Street
Clarke, David, lithographic printer, 34 Arnon Street
Clarke, Edward H., director in Belfast Bank; res. Elmwood, University Road
Clarke, Edward, marble mason, 3 Boyd's Place
Clarke, George, shoe maker, 44 Hanover Street
Clarke, George, 14 Eglinton Street
Clarke, Hugh C., & Son, auctioneers, brokers, and valuators, agents for the Edinburgh Life Insurance Society, 5 Rosemary Street
Clarke, H. C. (of Hugh C. Clarke & Son), 8 Glenfield Place, Ormeau Road
Clarke, Isaac, wood turner, 20 Kent Street Upper
Clarke, James, hosier, etc., 69 North Street
Clarke, J. S. & Co., general letterpress printers, 70 High Street (in rere)
Clarke, James, warehouseman, 14 Cambridge Street
Clarke, James, spinning master, 4 Sidney Street
Clarke, James, mechanic, 5 Crimea Street
Clarke, James H., butcher, 83 Hercules Street
Clarke, James, green grocer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Clarke, John, clerk in butter market, 39 York Street Little
Clarke, John, M.D., surgeon, 77 Donegall Street
Clarke, John, gas fitter, 5 Staunton Street
Clarke, John, sawyer, 79 Unity Street
Clarke, John, ship carpenter, 7 Ambrose Street
Clarke, John, carpenter, 21 Durham Street New
Clarke, John, grocer, 16 Mayne Street
Clarke, John Clough, dentist, 32 Arthur Street
Clarke, John (of Clarke & McMullen); res. Park Terrace, Oldpark Road
Clarke, John, basket maker, Bridge-end, Ballymacarrett
Clarke, John A. & Co., bleachworks, Castledawson; office, 10 Donegall Square South
Clarke, John, dairy, brickfield, Ballymacarrett
Clarke, Joseph, flour and grain merchant, 21 Church Lane; res., 19 College Street South
Clarke, Malcolm, iron moulder, 3 Welwynne Street
Clarke, Miss, dress maker, Beer's Bridge Road, Ballymacarrett
Clarke, Miss Margaret, 32 Hamilton Street
Clarke, Mrs. Margaret, 2 Henrietta Street
Clarke, Mrs., 33 George Street Great
Clarke, Mrs., 30 Albert Place
Clarke, Mrs., teacher, Alfred Street School, 89 Joy Street
Clarke, Mrs., 8 McMillan's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Clarke, Philip, law and general stationer, 30 Donegall Street
Clarke, Richard, servants' registry office, 8 Gloucester Street
Clarke, Richard, shoe maker, 8 Melbourne Street
Clarke, Sampson (of H. C. Clarke & Son); res. Lincoln Avenue, Antrim Road
Clarke, Thomas, carding master, 105 Lepper Street
Clarke, Thomas, grocer, 123 Lodge Road New
Clarke, William, shoe maker, 76 Boundary Street North
Clarke, William, mechanic, 6 Rainey Street
Clarke, William Walker, 3 Raphael Street
Clarke, William, grocer, Ballynafeigh Road New
Clarke, William, draper, 77 Inkerman Terrace
Clarke, William, shoe maker, 122 Old Lodge Road
Clarke, William, foreman of Belfast Weekly News; residence, 18 Athol Street
Clarke, Wm., linen measurer, 11 Albion Street
Clarke, Wm., clerk (in J. Dinnen's, solicitor), Mount Street, Ballymacarrett
Clarke & Co., aerated water manufacturers, 34 George Street Great
Clarke & McMullan, wholesale druggists, drysalters, and oil and colour merchants, 36, 38 and 40 Imperial Buildings, Victoria Street
Claney, Hugh, dyer, 33 Glenalpine Street
Clarry, James, carpenter, 13 Victoria Street Little
Clawson, Hugh, dairy, 31 Howard Street South
Clawson, Mrs., 14 Eliza Street
Clawson, William, compositor, 36 Pottinger's Entry
Cleeland, H., painter, 14 Murphy Street
Cleeland, James, Registrar of Marriages, book seller and stationer, and Bible warehouse, 15 & 17 Arthur Street
Clegg, Thomas, clog and patten manufacturer, 177 North Street, and 6 & 8 Ann Street
Clegg, William, clog and patten manufacturer, 43 Divis Street
Cleland, Hans, sexton of Christ Church; and grocer, 1 Stanley Street
Cleland, Mrs., haberdasher, 27 Peter's Hill
Cleland, Robert, teacher, 8 Norwood Street
Cleland, Thomas, brick layer, 25 Huss Street
Cleland, W., tailor, 43 Stanfield Street
Cleland, William W., manufacturing and mercantile stationer, paper dealer, lithographer, book binder, and printer,  61 High Street; res. 6 Canning Street
Clelland, James, Little May Street Horse Repository, and spirit dealer; res. 69 May Street
Clelland, Miss Rose, 17 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Clelland, Wm., carpenter, 16 Hanover Street
Clements, Andrew, teacher of Seamen's Friend Society, 55 Hopeton Street
Clements, D., 25 Hamilton Street
Clements, James, carpenter, 5 Sherbrook Street
Clements, John, seaman, 45 George Street Little
Clements, John, Hardware merchant and general house furnisher, 19 Smithfield
Clements, Mrs. Ellen, 12 Brookfield Street
Clements, Mrs., boarding house, 6 Nelson Street
Clements, Robert, spirit dealer, 7 Church Street
Clements, Thomas, cabinet maker, McCleery Street
Clements, William, grocer, 32 Sandy Row
Clements, William, chair maker, 31 Townsend Street
Clements, William, plasterer, 59 Hartley Street
Clenahan, H., painter & glazier, 10 McIvor's Place
Clendinning, Andrew, commission agent, Commercial Court; res. 4 Ashley Place, Ballymacarrett
Clendinning, Mrs. Anna, 36 Hanover Street
Clendinning, Mrs., green grocer, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Clendinning, William, assistant in muslin warehouse, 3 Bedford Terrace
Clibborn, William, 10 Windsor Terrace
Clifford, J., wine and spirit dealer, 130 York Street
Clifford, Miss, 65 Hanover Street
Clifford, Robt., refreshment rooms, 12 Amelia Street
Clifford, Samuel, lapper, 44 Christopher Street
Clindinning, William & Sons, wholesale warehousemen, 4 York Street
Clinton, Robert, engine driver, 52 Milford Street
Clogher, Andrew, sexton of St. Anne's Church, 29 Academy Street
Clokey, Thomas, Scripture reader, 58 Christopher Street
Clonard Print Works - 43 Falls Road
Close, Anthony, grocer, 29 & 31 Durham Street
Close, Eliza, grocer, 47 Pound Street
Close, James, butcher, 3 Hammond's Court
Close, James, flax dresser, 5 Springview Street
Close, Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Earl Street
Close, Mrs. Mary, 30 Clonard Street
Close, Wm., merchant clothier, 4 High Street; res. Carlisle Terrace, Crumlin Road
Close, William (at Messrs. Dixon, Ferguson & Co.'s); res. 14 Gloucester Street
Clotworthy, Arthur, bleacher, 57 Crimea Street
Clotworthy, A., stabling, hay and oats, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Clotworthy, George, ship broker, 1 Henry Street
Clotworthy, Frederick, designer, 2 Emily Place
Clotworthy, J., hairdresser, 110 & 112 Millfield
Clotworthy & Co., commission and provision merchants, 34, 36 & 40 Tomb Street
Clugston, Alexander, wood carver, 6 Stanley Street
Clulow, John, shoe maker, 16 Ghent Street
Clyde, George, salesman, 44 Patrick Street Little
Clydesdale, Stewart, cork cutter, Tennent Street
Coakley, Thomas, manager of Turkish Baths, 110 Donegall Street
Coates, Arthur, gas fitter, 7 Woodford Street
Coates, Charles (of Staunton, Coates & Co.), carpet warehouse, 9 Donegall Place; res. Wellington Place
Coates, David (of V. & D. Coates, Lagan Foundry); res. Clondallon, Sydenham
Coates, Foster, assistant secretary to Ulster Railway Co; res. 58 Pakenham Place
Coates, Francis, provision, herring and dry fish merchant, 1 Corporation Street; res., 68 Carlisle Street
Coates, George & Co., provision merchants, 149 York Street; res. 92 York Street
Coates, James, collector of water rates, 39 Athol Street
Coates, John, secretary to the County Antrim Grand Jury - office County Courthouse; res., Seacliffe, Bangor4 Abercorn Terrace
Coates, John, solicitor, and Master Extraordinary for the High Court of Chancery, 43 Arthur Street; 4 Anglesea Street, Dublin; and Parade, Donaghadee
Coates, John, tinsmith, 18 Hartley Street
Coates, Mrs., 41 Balaklava Street
Coates, Samuel, goods forwarder of Ulster Railway, 14 Mayne Street
Coates, Victor & David, millwrights, engineers, boiler makers and iron and brass founders, Lagan Foundry, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett; and Prince's Dock, Belfast
Coates, Victor (of V. & D. Coates, Lagan Foundry); res. Beech Lawn, Dunmurry
Coates & Weir, Springfield Cotton Spinning Co., Springfield Road
Coates, Mrs., house, sign & ornamental painter, and stained glass warehouse, 49 Castle Street
Coates, William, engraver, 1 Garston Street
Coates, William & Co., copper and tinsmiths, and gasfitters, 28 Castle Street
Coates, William, J.P., D.L., Glentoran, Ballynafeigh Road Old
Coates, Wm., Laganvale, Old Road Ballynafeigh
Cobain, Edward Samuel Wesley de, cashier in Borough Accountant's office, 24 Dock Street
Cobain, James, carpenter, 12 Sussex Street
Cobain, James, car owner, 27 M'Tier Street
Cobain, St. Lawrence, clerk, 24 Dock Street
Coburn, Isaac, 18 Church Street, Ballymacarrett
Coburn, Mrs. Martha, Mountjoy Street
Coburn, William, publican and grocer, 36 & 38 M'Tier Street
Cochran, Anthony, tinsmith, 16 Charlemont Street
Cochran, J. A., secretary Belfast Mining Co., 111 Victoria Street; res. 23 Brougham Street
Cochran, John, wine and spirit merchant, 25 Donegall Street, and 3 Commercial Court; res. 122 Richmond Terrace
Cochran, Mrs. Isabella, 38 Dagmar Street
Cochrane, Andrew, builder, 2 Boundary Street
Cochrane, David, baker, 22 Hopeton Street
Cochrane, Frederick, lapper, 28 Norwood Street
Cochrane, J. C., commercial agent, 23 Brougham Street
Cochrane, James, carpenter, 57 Norwood Street
Cochrane, James, ship owner, 30 George Street Great
Cochrane, James, green grocer, 21 Cromac Street
Cochrane, John, lithographic printer, 11 Elizabeth Street
Cochrane, John, ship carpenter, 84 Corporation Street
Cochrane, John, foreman in J. & T. Sinclair's Stores; res. 24 Tomb Street
Cochrane, John, cigar divan, 61 Hercules Street
Cochrane, Mrs. Mary, 13 Harmony Place
Cochrane, Mrs., 15 Lime Street
Cochrane, Mrs., boarding house, 8 Wesley Place
Cochrane, Samuel, officer in custom house, 29 Bentinck Street
Cochrane, Thomas, reeling master, 6 Alma Street
Cochrane, Thomas, lapper, 39 Norwood Street
Cochrane, Thomas, copper and tinsmith, 20 Henrietta Street
Cochrane, Thomas, carpenter, 29 Park Street
Cochrane, William, Cairns Street
Cochrane, William J., book binder, stationer and toy warehouse, 1 Hercules Street

Cockburn, John, Mourne View Tavern, Shankhill Road
Cockburn, Thomas, Inland Revenue Officer, 8 Carlisle Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Coddington, W. H., civil engineer, 3 Howard Street
Coey & Co. provision merchants, 21 to 29 Gamble Street & Tomb Street
Coffey, Jane, stationer, etc., 9 Skipper Street
Coffey, Peter, joiner, 13 Shipbuoy Street
Coghlan, Edward, clerk in Northern Bank, 63 Carlisle Street
Coid, James, seaman, 2 McKiller's Court
Coil, John, whitesmith, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Colclough, Robert, working jeweller, 44 Rosemary Street; res. 61 Joy Street
Coldwells, Mrs. Mary, 10 Cambrai Street
Cole, M., marine store, 6 Gamble Street
Cole, Robert, flax dresser, 7 Linen Street
Cole, Wm., & Co., merchant tailors, habit and breeches makers, 10 Castle Place
Cole, Wm. (of Wm. Cole & Co.); res. the Knock
Coleman, James, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Church Street; res. Salem, Crumlin Road
Coleman, John, engineer, 28 Cavour Street
Coleman, John, overseer Ulster Railway goods shed; res. 5 Ross's Row
Coleman, John, 4 Antrim Terrace, Antrim Road
Coleman, Joseph, provision dealer, 17 Durham Street
Coleman, Matthew, carpenter, 17 Carntall Street, Lodge Road New
Coleman, Mrs., 3 Victoria Street Little
Coleman, Mrs., spirit dealer, 72 Barrack Street
Coleman, Thomas, clerk, 10 Bentinck Street
Colgan, Ann, 3 Lawrence Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Colhoun, Isabella, shirt maker, 6 Russell Street
Collier, Edwin Cooper, cashier, (in John Riddel's. Donegall Place); res. 46 College Street South
Collier, Thomas, engine fitter, 13 Beggs Street
Colligan, Edward, carpenter, 54 Scotch Street
Colligan, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 74 Cullingtree Road
Colligan, Mrs., 20 Milford Street
Collington, Edwd., muslin weaver, 41 Railway Street
Collins, Alexander, shoe maker, 3 Lodge Place New
Collins, Cornelius, painter, 4 McMillen's Place
Collins, Edmund, mechanic, Cupar Street
Collins, Edmund, carpenter, Clonard Street
Collins, Edward, shoe maker, 2 Arnon Street
Collins, Edward, reeling master, 31 Savage's Row
Collins, Edward, boot and shoe manufacturer, 27 North Street Arcade; res. 2 Arnon Street
Collins, George, carpenter, 74 Boundary Street
Collins, Henry, guard on Ulster Railway, 117 Durham Street
Collins, Henry, constable, 12 Kensington Street
Collins, Henry, painter, 4 Baker Street
Collins, James, carpenter, 29 Shore Street
Collins, James, mechanic, Albert Street
Collins, James Thompson (of W. & J. T. Collins, solicitors, 30 Arthur Street); res. Nottinghill, Malone Road
Collins, John, sexton, Linenhall Street Church, 21 James Street South
Collins, John, cooper, 6 & 8 Roy Street
Collins, John, blacksmith, 2 Albert Street
Collins, Joseph, clerk, 1 Ashley Place, Ballymacarrett
Collins, Mary, boarding house, 101 Joy Street
Collins, Mary, Abercorn Street
Collins, Mrs., 11 Ross Street
Collins, Mrs., 84 Falls Road
Collins, Mrs. Margaret, 15 Park Street
Collins, Mrs., 24 Pottinger's Entry
Collins, Mrs., 6 Athol Terrace
Collins, Samuel, grocer, 41 Durham Street
Collins, Thomas, grocer, 49 Stanley Street
Collins, Thomas, blacksmith, 30 Ann Street North
Collins, William, baker, 5 Galway Street
Collins, W. P., Clonard Spirit Store, and rope and twine manufacturer, Cupar Street
Collins, William, blacksmith, 43 Wesley Street
Collins, W. &  J. T., solicitors, 30 Arthur Street
Collins, William (of W. & J. T. Collins, 30 Arthur Street); res. Nottinghill, Malone Road
Collins, William, wholesale chemist and druggist, leech importer and dealer in surgical instruments and druggists' sundries, 108 High Street; res. Inkerman Terrace, Dublin Road
Collum, Archibald, iron moulder, 46 Crimea Street
Colpoys, George, saddler and haberdasher, 155 North Street
Colton, John, clerk, 44 Carlisle Street
Colvan, John, boarding house, 3 Bentinck Street
Colvil, A. C., timber and coal merchant, 2 Corporation Street
Colville, James, reeling master, 10 Kensington Street
Colville, James M. (manager in Murray & Sons, tobacconists), 1 William's Place, University Road
Colville, John, builder, 20 Lindsay Street
Colville, William, carpenter, 9 Campbell's Place
Colvin, James, lapper, 22 Seymour Street
Colvin, James, stone sawyer, 1 Mary's Market
Colvin, Richard, haberdasher, Castle Street
Colwell, Miss, teacher, 23 Weaver Street
Combe, J. C., organ builder, voicer and pianoforte tuner, 1 James Street South
Combe, James & Co., Falls Foundry, iron and brass founders, millwrights and engineers, Howard Street North
Combe, James (of Combe & Co.); res. Ormiston
Comstey, Patrick, cart maker, 50 Abbey Street
Condell, Mrs., 118 Richmond Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Conlan, Arthur, bleacher, Falls Road
Conlan, Owen, spirit dealer, 31 Prince's Street
Conlan, William, carter, 25 Lettuce Hill
Conland, John & Sons, linen merchants, Linen Hall; res. 73 Arthur Street Upper
Conlin, Mrs., 17 Quadrant Street
Conlon, Mrs. Letitia, 81 Crumlin Street
Conn, John, whip maker, Grafton Street
Conn, John, watcher, 4 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Conn, Richard, seaman, 35 Earl Street
Conn, William, brick layer, 24 Meenan Street
Connell, Alex., deputy harbor master, 55 Ship Street (harbour)
Connell, James, clerk, 34 Brougham Street
Connell, Joseph, clog maker, 41 Divis Street
Connell, M., brick layer, 29 Joseph Street
Connell, Mrs., 16 George Street Great
Connell, William, chandler, 15 Christopher Street
Connelly, Henry, butter buyer, 11 Valentine Street
Connelly, Henry, mechanic, 76 Mustard Street
Connelly, Hugh, clerk, 6 Wesley Place
Connelly, Hugh, blacksmith, 13 Church Street, Ballymacarrett
Connelly, James, yarn dealer, 8 Kearney's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Connelly, John, 11 Gilford Street
Connelly, John, flax buyer, 53 Albert Street
Connelly, John, builder, 46 York Street
Connelly, Mrs., dress maker, 20 Alexander Street West
Connelly, Mrs., 1 Church Street, Ballymacarrett
Connelly, Patk., Victoria Aerated Water Works, 41 Lancaster Street
Connelly, Peter & Michael, Cavehill View Tavern, 239 York Street
Connelly, Samuel, mechanic, 4 Albert Street
Connelly, William, grocer and beer retailer, 35 & 37 Cullingtree Road
Connelly, William, plasterer, 12 Mary's Market
Connery, Henry, shoe maker, 212 Lodge Road Old
Connery, Martha, boarding house, 40 Prince's Street
Connery, Richard, 67 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Conolly, James, baker, 82 Barrack Street
Conolly, James, mechanic, 49 Third Street
Conolly, John, chain maker, 61 Smithfield
Conolly, Mrs., 2 Lemon Street
Connolly, H., flax waste and tow buyer, 13 & 15 Eliza Street
Connolly, James, warehouseman, 12 Cambridge Street
Connolly, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Barrack Street
Connolly, James, flax, tow, and waste dealer, Pound Lane, Cullingtree Road, and Grosvenor Street
Connolly, James, carpenter, 21 Wardlow Street
Connolly, John, carpenter's shop, 60 Boundary Street North; res. 80 Stanhope Street
Connolly, John, mechanic, 22 Carlisle Street
Connolly, Joseph, surgeon, 41 Cromac Street
Connolly, Miss Eliza, 51 Crumlin Road
Connolly, Patrick, tailor, 14 Kildare Street
Connolly, Robert, lapper, 11 California Street
Connolly, Samuel, fitter, Albert Street
Connolly, Thomas, grocer, ink manufacturer and rent agent, Ballymacarrett
Connolly, Wm., smith, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Connor, Daniel, spirit dealer, 52 Pound Street
Connor, Edward, office (3rd floor), 6 Donegall Square West
Connor, Foster, linen manufacturer and bleacher, Linen Hall, and Cullingtree Street; res. 4 Queen's Elms, University Road
Connor, Francis, blacksmith, 13 Dane Street
Connor, George, seaman, 1 Ellen's Court
Connor, James, gardener, 6 Malvern Street Upper
Connor, James, builder and saw mills, 65 George Street Great and 24 George Street Little
Connor, James, tax collector, 27 Townsend Street Upper
Connor, John & Son, builders and contractors, 65 & 67 York Street
Connor, John, overlooker (under Harbour Commissioners), 10 Artillery Street
Connor, John, chandler, 1 Bread Street
Connor, John, clerk, Wilton Street
Connor, John, pipe maker, 110 Cromac Street
Connor, Matthew, lamp lighter, 1 Reilly's Place
Connor, Mrs., 27 Market Street
Connor, Mrs., 23 University Street
Connor, Mrs. Sarah, 1 Hemsworth Street
Connor, Patrick, pressman, 26 Marquis Street
Connor, Samuel, constabulary pensioner, 39 Joy Street
Connor, Thomas, preparing master, 15 Hill Street North
Connor, William, sawyer, 28 Finn Street
Connor, William, carpenter, 29 Wall Street
Convery, Bernard, seaman, 16 Friendly Street
Convent of Sisters of Mercy and Belfast Orphanage, 35 Crumlin Road
Conway, Ann, smallware dealer, 35 Abbey Street
Conway, Bernard, 13 Quadrant Street
Conway, Edward, 6 Eliza Court
Conway, Rev. George, Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Lane, Ballymacarrett
Conway, Hugh, butcher, 28 Peter's Hill
Conway, James, car owner, 11 & 13 Hopewell Street
Conway, James, fish dealer, 19 Black's Place
Conway, James, block printer, 1 Waterproof Street
Conway, John, car owner, 2 Panton Street
Conway, Mrs. Eliza, Canmore Street
Conway, Mrs., 77 Vere Street
Coogan, James, wood turner, 5 Dominick Street
Cooie, David, mechanic, 25 Wilson Street
Cooie, James, mechanic, 23 Wilson Street
Cook, James, plumber and gasfitter, 14 & 16 Church Street
Cook, John, saddler, 17 Rochelle Place
Cook, Robert, carpenter, 2 Jennymount Street
Cook, Samuel, carpenter, 65 Cambrai Street
Cooke, George, resident manager Magnetic Telegraph Co.; head office, 1 Donegall Street
Cooke, Rev. Henry, D.D., LL.D., Ormeau Road
Cooke, Hugh, carpenter, Downing Street
Cooke, James, butcher, 83 Shankhill Road
Cooke, James, tailor, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Cooke, John, carpenter, Downing Street
Cooke, Margaret, provision dealer, 26 Barrack Street
Cooke, Margaret, butcher's shop, 33 Barrack Street
Cooke, Mrs., 14 Rochelle Place
Cooke, Thomas, clerk, 52 Denmark Street
Cooke, William, carpenter, Downing Street
Cooke, William, 34 Langford Street
Cooke, William, mechanic, 49 Crimea Street
Cooney, James, butcher, 7 Hercules Place
Cooper, Catherine, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Cooper, Charles, frame maker, 2 Carlisle Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Cooper, David, customhouse officer, 31 Nelson Street
Cooper, Hugh, boiler maker, 76 Meadow Street
Cooper, Hugh, grocer and coastguard, 1 McMillan's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Cooper, James, gas fitter, 179 Nelson Street
Cooper, John, 1 Deasa Place, Ballynafeigh Road
Cooper, Joseph, hairdresser, 7 Hammond's Court
Cooper, Joseph, watch maker, 17 Linenhall Street
Cooper, Mrs., 31 Sherbrook Street
Cooper, Miss Sarah, grocer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Cooper, Mrs., milliner, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Cooper, Miss S., Cooper's Place, Ballymacarrett
Cooper, Robert, car driver, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Cooper, Robert, fancy box maker, McMillan's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Cooper, Samson, civil engineer and surveyor, Cluan Place, Ballymacarrett
Cooper, Samuel, H.M.'s Customs, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Cooper, Samuel, pawn broker, 24 Samuel Street
Cooper, Thomas, London Hat Emporium, 19 Corn Market; res., 130 Donegall Pass
Cooper, Thomas, clerk, 23 Arnon Street
Cooper, Thomas, wood turner, 49 Roy Street
Cooper, William F., lapper, 76 Tomb Street
Cooper, William, dairy, 32 Hutchinson Street
Cooper & Stokes, ladies' and children's under clothing, etc., 93 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Coote, Hugh, builder, Thorndyke Street, Ballymacarrett
Coote, Mrs. H., 14 Winburne Street
Copeland, George (of the American Light Co.), Liverpool and New York; res. 74 North Street
Copeland, Edward, cooper, Seaview Place, Antrim Road
Copeland, James, porter, 21 Coates' Street
Copeland, Mrs., Ballynafeigh Road
Copeland, William, photographic artist, 30 High Street (3rd floor)
Copeland, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 48 Peter's Hill
Corbet, Henry, 27 Valentine Street
Corbett, David (of Brown, Corbett, & Co., 52 Victoria Street); res. Bunker's Hill House, Sydenham
Corbett, James, Ballynafeigh Road
Corbett, James, spinning master, 75 Cambrai Street
Corbett, John, carpenter, 6 Campbell's Place
Corbett, John, clock maker, 10 Cranbourn Street
Corbett, John L., watch maker, 17 York Street; res. 16 Cranbourne Street
Corbett, Robert, gas fitter, 13 Watson Street
Corbett, Samuel, clerk, 64 Nelson Street
Corbett, Thomas, 5 Clarendon Place, May Street
Corbett, Thompson, traveller, Derby Cottages, Ballymacarrett
Corbett, William, 156 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Corbitt, Thompson, grocer, 62 Cromac Street
Corcoran, M., painter and glazier, 23 Upton Street
Cordner, Clement K., No. 16 Victoria Chambers (2nd floor, left side), 80 Victoria Street
Cordner, Robert, 15 Ormeau Street
Cornwall, Mrs., mantle and dress maker, 17 Arnon Street
Corohin, Alexander, block printer, 6 Brennan Street
Corr, Edward, spirit dealer, 3 Prince's Dock
Corr, Isabella, 50 Hutchinson Street
Corr, Michael, tailor, 26 Pound Street
Corr, The Misses M. & E., milliners and dress makers, 42 Queen Street North
Corry Brothers & Co., hackle pin and gill makers, mill furnishers, etc., 4 Hardinge Street
Corry, James P., & Co., timber, slate and tile merchants; office, 5 George Street Great; saw mills, Prince's Dock; timber ponds, Queen's Bridge
Corry, James P., M.P. (of J. P. Corry & Co.); res., 1 Upper Crescent
Corry, John, ship owner, etc., 2 Lower Crescent
Corry, Joseph (of Corry Brothers & Co., hackle pin makers); res. 31 Canning Street
Corry, Robert & Co., wholesale grocers, flour and provision merchants and millers, 145 North Street and 40 Castle Street
Corry, Robert (of Robert Corry & Co.), res. 1 Beech Lodge, Castlereagh
Corry, Robert, merchant and ship owner, 10 Upper Crescent
Corry, Robert W. (of J. P. Corry & Co.); res. Fitzroy Terrace, Fitzroy Avenue
Corry, Robert, carpenter, 22 Ormeau Street
Corry, Samuel, linen lapper, 44 Elizabeth Street
Corry, Dr. T. C. S. (of Corry & McWilliam), registrar of deaths, births and marriages, 1 Joy Street; res. 9 Clarendon Place, May Street
Corry, William, & Co., aerated water manufacturers, 3 Victoria Street and Mountpottinger
Corry & McWilliam, apothecaries and physicians, Victoria Street Medical Hall, 1 Victoria Street
Cosgrave, Scott & Co., druggists, 55 Donegall Street
Cosgrave, William (of Cosgrave, Scott & Co., druggists); res. Camberwell, Antrim Road
Cosgrove, James, muslin printer, 8 Baker Street
Cosgrove, John, stabling yard, 5 Edward Street Great
Cosgrove, John, horse dealer, 43 Chichester Street
Cosgrove, John, cooper, 42 Boundary Street North
Cosgrove, Patrick, brick layer, 80 Milford Street
Cosgrove, Wm., porter, 74 Market Street
Costello, Joseph, bookkeeper, 43 Lonsdale Street
Costello, William, horse dealer, 20 McAuley Street
Cottam, Charles (of J. Cottam & Co., cigar importers); res., The Plains
Cottam, J. & Co., cigar importers, 3 Castle Buildings, Castle Place
Cotter, Arthur, 100 George Street Great
Cotter, John, mechanic, 56 Leeson Street
Cotter, Samuel, caulker, 9 Falloon's Court
Cotter, William, bookkeeper, 73 Grosvenor Street
Cotter, William, porter, 5 Stanley Street
Cotter, Rev. William, incumbent St. Luke's Church, Northumberland Street; res. 4 Park Street
Cotter, William, nail maker, 16 Market Street
Cotton, E. J., manager of Belfast and Northern Counties Railway; office, Terminus, York Street; res., Jordanstown
Cotton, Stephen, & Co., machine makers, iron and brass founders, Brookfield Foundry, Crumlin Road
Cotton, Stephen (of Brookfield Foundry); res. Brookfield Cottage, Crumlin Road
Couch, George, gardener, 14 Tyrone Street
Coudin, Mrs. Martha, 11 Cromwell Street
Coulson, Gerald, bookkeeper, 29 Brougham Street
Coulson, Mrs. C., 7 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Coulter, George, painter, 39 Ormeau Road
Coulter, John, Castlereagh Street, Ballymacarrett
Coulter, Matilda, sewed muslin agent, 83 Queen Street North
Coulter, Miss Mary, 74 Tomb Street
Coulter, Mrs., 75 Crumlin Street
Coulter, Mrs., Posnett Street, The Plains
Coulter, Mrs., 20 Catherine Street
Coulter, Nathaniel, grocer, 28 Welwynne Street
Coulter, Richard, sawyer, 6 Ambrose Street
Coulter, Robert, painter, 9 Catherine Street North
Coulter, Samuel, carpenter, 11 Broadbent Street
Coulter, Thomas, blacksmith, 15 Grove Street
Coulter, William, painter, 8 Catherine Street
Courtenay, Elizabeth, Ballynafeigh Road
Courtenay, Henry, credit draper's traveller, Springmount Street
Courtenay, Thomas, Ballynafeigh Road New
Courtenay, William, brick layer, 32 Hanover Street
Courteney, Elizabeth, 7 Albert Place
Courteney, William, surveyor, 4 Belvoir Place, Ballynafeigh Road New
Courtney, James, carpenter, 19 Vere Street
Courtney, John, carpenter, 7 Hanover Street
Cousins, Thomas & Co., flax, yarn and tow merchants, 30 Academy Street
Cousins, Thomas (of Thomas Cousins & Co.); res. Duncairn Terrace, Antrim Road
Cowan, Andrew, draper and spirit dealer, 57 Shankhill Road
Cowan, Charles, seaman, 7 Millview Place
Cowan, Edward, bookkeeper, 22 Academy Street
Cowan, Edward P., wholesale grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 9 & 11 Church Lane Upper; res., Nottinghill House, Malone
Cowan, James, ship carpenter, 44 Corporation Street Little
Cowan, James, clerk, 46 Corporation Street Little
Cowan, James, spirit dealer, 21 George Street Little
Cowan, John, ship carpenter, 98 Earl Street
Cowan, Patrick, butcher, 44 Hercules Street
Cowan, Robert, traveller, 2 Shipbuoy Street
Cowan, Robert, block cutter, 24 Hopeton Street
Cowan, Thomas, shoe maker, 44 Israel Street
Cowan, William, brush maker, 20 Isabella Street
Cowan, William, foundry man, Blackstaff Road
Cowan, William, shoe maker, 115 Carrick Hill
Cowan, William, millwright, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Cowan & Co., weavers, 45 John Street; agent, William Currie
Cowden, James, cooper, 19 Copeland Street
Cowden, James, butcher, 103 Lepper Street
Cowden, Matthew, cooper, 102 Earl Street
Cowden, Mrs. Ellen, green grocer, 206 Lodge Road Old
Cowden, Samuel, grocer, 11 Glentilt Street
Cowden, Samuel C., lithographic printer, 5 Park Street
Cowdon, Edward, green grocer, Lodge Road Old
Cowdy, Anthony, linen manufacturer, 3 Donegall Street Place; res. Portadown
Cowper, D. M., draper, 11 Lower Crescent
Cox, William, cloth passer, 2 Norwood Street
Coyle, Hugh, clerk, 30 Alexander Street West
Coyle, John, furniture broker and auctioneer shed, 51 Smithfield
Coyle, John, wholesale and retail grocer and provision merchant, and spirit store, Ormeau Road; res. Ballynafeigh Cottage, Co. Down
Coyle, John, The Ulster House, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 23 & 25 Ormeau Road, and 4, 6 & 8 Howard Street South; res. Rose Cottage, Coyle Street
Coyle, Mrs., 21 York Street Little
Coyne, John, traveller, 40 Peel Street
Coyne, Robert, grocer, 61 Willow Street
Crabbe, Mary Anne, delf shop, 30 Durham Street
Cragan, Patrick, mechanic, 21 Unity Street
Craigan, John, bookkeeper (in Mile Water Mill), 30 Queen Street North
Craig, Adam, Pianoforte Warehouse, 52 Arthur Street Upper
Craig, Alexander, engineer, Cairns Street
Craig, Charles, sawyer, 28 Conlig Street
Craig, David, painter, 16 Edward Street
Craig, David, lapper, Divis Street
Craig, Edward, lapper, 12 Cavour Street
Craig, Francis, draper, 41 Lonsdale Street
Craig, George, mechanic, Getty Street
Craig, Henry, brick layer, 8 Tyrone Street
Craig, Hugh, grocer, 91 Cromac Street
Craig, Hugh, coal merchant, 13 Queen's Quay
Craig, H., shoe maker, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Craig, Isaac, dresser, 3 Downshire Place
Craig, James, mechanic, 95 Grosvenor Street
Craig, John, clerk, 67 George Street Great
Craig, John, sawyer, 21 Columbus Street
Craig, John, grocer and provision dealer, Ballynafeigh Road
Craig, John, 6 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Craig, John, bundler, Urney Street
Craig, John, stone cutter, 32 Valentine Street
Craig, John, lapper, 48 Boyne Square
Craig, John, baker, 11 Bilton Court
Craig, John, engineer, 47 Spencer Street
Craig, John, engineer, Linden Terrace, Falls Road
Craig, Margaret, grocer, 8 College Street West
Craig, Miss, 41 Victoria Place
Craig, Mrs., 61 Bentinck Street
Craig, Mrs., 5 James Street South
Craig, Mrs., 28 Malvern Street Upper
Craig, R. S., sub-agent Bank of Ireland Branch House, 22 & 24 Donegall Place
Craig, Robert, bleacher, Urney Street
Craig, Robert, carpenter, 2 Bedford Terrace, Sandy Row
Craig, Robert M., engineer, 107 Durham Street
Craig, Robert, proprietor of Queen's Bridge Mills, Ballymacarrett
Craig, Samuel, clerk, 10 Windsor Street
Craig, Thomas, spirit dealer, 113 Cromac Street
Craig, Thomas, ship carpenter, 56 Whitla Street
Craig, William, sawyer, 9 Seymour Street
Craig, William, dock contractor, 17 Ship Street
Craig, William, clerk, 53 Bentinck Street
Cramer & Co., pianoforte and music warehouse, 25 Donegall Place
Cramsie, John, auctioneer, valuator, and furniture broker, 8 Waring Street; res., Sydenham
Cramsie, Daniel, car owner, 22 Police Square
Cramsie, John C., notary public, master extraordinary in chancery, and commissioner for taking affidavits for the Superior Courts of Law in Ireland, 75 Corporation Street; res. 4 George Street Great
Crangle, James, mechanic, 36 Bond Street
Cranston, John, shoe maker, 19 Mitchell Street
Craufurd, Mrs., mantle, millinery and dress making warerooms, 3 Donegall Place
Crawford, Alexander, clothes dealer, 43 Berry Street
Crawford, Alexander, conducting clerk for James Campbell, solicitor, 69 High Street (3rd floor)
Crawford, Alex., wood turner, Bellevue Street
Crawford, Alex., & Sons, chemical, starch and soap manufacturers, drysalters, etc., 26 Mill Street
Crawford, A. (of Alex. Crawford & Sons); res. Chlorine House, Malone Road
Crawford, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 81 Shankhill Road
Crawford, Arthur, ironmonger, 3 Fitzwilliam Street
Crawford, Arthur, iron stores, 130 North Street
Crawford & Co., drapers, 17 Donegall Street
Crawford, David, cooper, 29 Mustard Street
Crawford, Edward, book binder, 13 Hopeton Street
Crawford, Edward, shoe maker, 40 Hopeton Street
Crawford, Elisha, baker, 167 & 169 North Street; res., 6 Lincoln Avenue, Antrim Road
Crawford, Eliza, grocer and spirit dealer, 35 Berry Street
Crawford, Henry (of Crawford & Lockhart); res. Donegall Place
Crawford, Hugh, hatter, 92 Corporation Street
Crawford, Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer, 121 Sandy Row
Crawford, Hugh, engraver, 11 Coyle Street
Crawford, Hugh, clerk, 8 Ship Street
Crawford, James W. (of Alex. Crawford & Sons); res. Chlorine Villas, Malone Road
Crawford, James, hatter, 48 Rosemary Street; and grocer, 75 & 77 Charles Street South
Crawford, James, general provision merchant, 31 & 33 Corporation Street
Crawford, James, baker, 22 Lime Street
Crawford, James, grocer, 31 Brown Square
Crawford, James & Sons, wine and spirit merchants, 1 Calender Street; bonded warehouses, 3 Castle Lane
Crawford, John, shoe maker, 26 Scott Street
Crawford, John, baker, Springmount Street
Crawford, John, blacksmith, 10 Dane Street
Crawford, John, ship builder, 12 Lawrence Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Crawford, Joseph, carpenter, 16 Northumberland Street
Crawford & Lockhart, solicitors, 6 Queen's Square, Belfast, and 41 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin
Crawford, Mrs. Charlotte, 17 Ewart's Row
Crawford, Mrs. Ellen, 9 Scott Street
Crawford, Mrs., 48 M'Tier Street
Crawford, Mrs., 71 Charlotte Street
Crawford, Mrs., 26 Donegall Place
Crawford, Mrs., 13 Patrick Street Great
Crawford, R., spirit dealer, Shankhill Road
Crawford, Robert, cooper, 7 Ellen's Court
Crawford, Robert, beer retailer, 39 Joseph Street
Crawford, Samuel, builder, 3 Canning Street
Crawford, Samuel, pork cutter, 19 Shipbuoy Street
Crawford, Sarah, milliner, 61 Mill Street
Crawford, Thomas, brick manufacturer, Springfield, and 13 Sevastopol Street
Crawford, Thomas, range setter, 22 Scott Street
Crawford, Thomas D. (of James Crawford & Sons); res. Fort Breda, Newtownbreda
Crawford, William (of James Crawford & Sons, Calender Street); res. Dundela, Sydenham
Crawford, W. J., lapper, 16 Sherbrook Street
Crawford, W. J., watch maker, 70 Corporation Street
Crawford, Wm., brick layer, 12 Murphy Street
Crawford, William, 6 Landscape Terrace
Crawford, William, sergt. constabulary, 6 Beresford Street
Crawford, William, saddler, 6 Norton Street
Crawford & Lindsays, manufacturers of linens, sheetings, diapers, handkerchiefs, etc.; bleachers and linen yarn merchants, Banbridge, Ireland; offices, 1 Adelaide Place, Belfast, and 26 Milk Street, London; residences, Banbridge
Crawley, Denis, shoe maker, 8 Winetavern Street
Crawley, Henry, butcher, 52 Barrack Street
Crawley, Mrs., Abercorn Street
Crawley, R. J., solicitor, 5 Lower Crescent
Crawley, Wm., seaman, 191 Nelson Street
Craney, John, seaman, 9 Norman Street
Crea, Mrs., boarding house, 167 Nelson Street
Createn, Margaret, 26 Alexander Street
Creaton, Arthur, 34 Moffett Street
Creen, E., spirit dealer, 72 Corporation Street
Creen, John, captain, 37 Brougham Street
Creen, William, ship carpenter, 19 Meadow Street
Creeth, James, draper, 223 York Street
Cregan, Catherine, grocer, 10 Pound Street
Cregan, Lawrence, butcher, 15 Long Lane
Cregan, Miss Roseanna, 128 George Street Great
Creigan, Robert, 100 Charles Street South
Creighan, Mrs. Mary, 7 Henry Place
Creighton, David, seedsman, 44 Spencer Street
Creighton, Hugh, United States' vice-consul, 5 Donegall Square South
Creighton, James, teacher, 34 Glenalpine Street
Crickard, Mrs., dress maker, Queen's Bridge Place, Ballymacarrett
Crigan, John, grocer, 30 Queen Street North
Crigleton, Samuel, Burial Society agent, Urney Street
Crilly, James, shoe maker, 4 Lindsay Street
Crilly, Mrs. Elizabeth, 16 Brookfield Street
Croan, William, brush maker, 20 Isabella Street
Croft, James, baker, 38 Leeson Street
Croft, James, carpenter, 9 Cavour Street
Croft, Joseph, grocer, 13 Melbourne Street
Croft, Joseph, builder, Queen's Quay; res. Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Croft, Mrs., dressmaker, 58 Joy Street
Cromie, Margaret, drapery, etc., 40 Mill Street
Cron, Rev. George, minister of the Evangelical Union Church, 114 Richmond Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Cronan, Michael, brick layer, 6 Milton Street
Crone, John, spirit dealer, 64 Pilot Street
Crone, William, bleacher, 22 Downing Street
Crooke, Samuel, clerk, 33 Eliza Street
Crooks, H., sexton of May Street Presbyterian Church; res. 49 Little May Street
Crooks, George, grocer, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Crooks, James, stone cutter, 5 Hill Street North
Crooks, Mrs. E., 56 Cavour Street
Crookshank, Mrs., ladies' school, 3 Lonsdale Street
Croome, J. D., School of Art, Fisherwick Place
Crosbie, George, stone cutter, 79 Donegall Street; res. 23 Hartley Street
Crosbie, James, 18 Lonsdale Street
Crosby, John, seaman, 22 Earl Street
Crosby, William, brick layer, Wilton Street
Croskery, J., stables, 21 Grace Street
Croskery, Mrs., 26 Athol Street
Croskery, Thomas, brass founder, plumber and gasfitter, 11 Church Lane
Crosley, Emily, 19 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Cross, Thomas, japanner, 10 Stewart Street
Cross, William, 7 Duncairn Terrace, Antrim Road
Crossan, Robert, carpenter, 5 Carnmoney Street
Crossett, Alexander, tax collector, 66 Donegall Street
Crossett, Mrs., haberdashery and underclothing, 66 Donegall Street
Crossley, Charles, Hat Manufacturing Co., 30 & 32 York Street
Crossley, James, Ballynafeigh Road New
Crossley, Rev. John, Incumbent St. Matthew's Church, Shankhill; res. 47 Carlisle Street
Crossley, Michael, plasterer, 11 Keegan Street
Crossley, Wm., oyster house, 11 Pottinger's Entry
Croswell, Joshua, constable, 14 Elizabeth Street
Crothers, James, baker, 100 M'Tier Street
Crothers, John, 36 Marine Street
Crothers, Mrs. Isabella, 3 Unity Street
Crothers, Mrs., Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Crothers, Patrick, carter, 107 Shankhill Road
Crothers, S., shoe maker, Belvoir Street, Ballymacarrett
Crothers, William, stabling and yard, 8 Marlborough Street
Crouch, Hugh, clerk, 17 Norwood Street
Crouch, James, bookkeeper, 19 Thomas Street North
Crouch, John, bookkeeper, 77 Railway Street
Crouch, William, bookkeeper, 6 Norwood Street
Crow, James, plasterer, 10 Christopher Street
Crow, John, plasterer, 11 Hartley Street
Crow, William, printers' carpenter, 40 Patrick Street Great
Crowe, George, blacksmith, 81 Vere Street
Crowe, John, spirit dealer, 23 Patrick Street Little
Crowe, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 32 Hobson's Row
Crowell, Gawn, cooper, 21 Hudson Street
Crowl, Wm. John, foreman (in Gordon's weaving factory), 98 Falls Road
Crowther, Joshua, mechanic, 20 Ardmoulin Buildings, Falls Road
Crozier, Alexander, painter, 23 Gardiner Street
Crozier, Andrew, eating house, 33 Gamble Street
Crozier, James, law clerk, 16 Cavour Street
Crozier, James, 102 Aughton Terrace
Crozier, James Armstrong, 88 Napoleon Terrace, Donegall Pass
Crozier, James, watch maker, jeweller and optician, 95 North Street; res. 35 Eglinton Street
Crozier, John, painter, 11 Sackville Street
Crozier, Mrs. Mary, 51 Cambrai Street
Crozier, Thos., painter, decorator and glass warehouse, 2 Church Street; res., Lodge Road
Crozier, William, glazier and painter, 71 Northumberland Street
Crozier, William, builder and contractor, 55 Wilson Street
Cruikshank, James (of Jones and Cruikshank, 12 May Street Little); res. 89 Denmark Street
Cruise, Robt., land steward, 32 Fleming Street
Crummey, Mrs., fruiterer and green grocer, 127 York Street
Crummie, John, 3 Ann Street North
Crummie, Thomas, whitesmith, 22 Graham's Entry
Crumming, Hugh, miller, 20 Albany Street
Cruthers, Andrew, boiler maker, 4 Ship Street Back
Cruthers, Michael, mechanic, 188 Nelson Street
Crymble, George, manager (in S. Gelston's spirit store, Corporation Street); res. 27 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Crymble, Matthew, pianoforte tuner and warehouse, 23 College Street
Culbert, George, grocer and provision dealer, 54 Henry Street
Cullen, Andrew, clerk, 23 Patrick Street Great
Cullen, Bernard, grocer, 6 Townsend Street
Cullen, John, tailor, 22 Marquis Street
Cullen, John, cart owner, 2 Mitchell Street
Cullen, Mrs., 42 Institution Place
Cullen, Patrick, lapper, 5 McCavana's Place
Cullen, Peter, provision dealer, 30 Lodge Road New
Cullen, Prudentia, draper, 40 Barrack Street
Cullimore, Miss, 1 Murray's Terrace
Culloden, Miss, 62 Pakenham Place
Cully, Catherine, 6 Hopeton Street
Culvenor, Rodger, plasterer, 6 Trafalgar Street
Culwell, Robert, yarn dresser, 16 Cambrai Street
Cumine, James A., photographic artist and photographic material merchant, 29 High Street; res. 23 Lodge Road Old
Cuming, Brothers, tea, wine and spirit merchants, 23 Corn Market
Cuming, Alexander, (of Cuming, Brothers); res. 3 Royal Terrace
Cuming, George, wholesale grocer, 17 North Street
Cuming, Hamilton and Geo. (of Cuming, Bros.), 23 Corn Market
Cuming, James, M.D., surgeon, 33 Wellington Place
Cuming, John, spirit dealer, 3 Patrick Street Great
Cumming, Courtland, carpenter, 64 Green Street
Cumming, Hugh, 22 Portland Street
Cumming, Thomas, store keeper, 16 Henrietta Street
Cummings, Jos., clerk, 106 Northumberland Street
Cummings, Joseph, bread server, Malcolm Street, Ballymacarrett
Cummings, Wm., hackler, 10 Dayton Court
Cummins, Gilbert, gas fitter, 52 Boundary Street North
Cummins, Mrs., 23 Raglan Place
Cummins, William, foundryman, 4 Gay Street
Cunnigam, Mrs., 50 Alexander Street West
Cunningham, C., carpenter, 75 Hopewell Street
Cunningham, Charles, draper, 1 Hamilton Street
Cunningham, Chas., spirit dealer, 31 Cromac Street
Cunningham, David, brick maker, Ballynafeigh Road
Cunningham, David, manager of Model Farm, Balmoral Station
Cunningham, David, iron moulder, 4 Park Street
Cunningham, Eneas, shoe maker, 97 Carrick Hill
Cunningham, George, plasterer, 48 Whitla Street
Cunningham, Hugh, baker, 61 Lagan Street
Cunningham, Hugh, seaman, 8 Eliza Court
Cunningham, J., Linen Hall; res. Macedon
Cunningham, J., grocer, 12 Dock Street
Cunningham, J. S., spirit dealer, 4 Joy's Entry
Cunningham, James, plasterer, 13 Ormeau Road
Cunningham, James, commercial traveller, 3 Eglinton Street
Cunningham, James, 3 Staunton Street
Cunningham, James, car owner, Malone Road
Cunningham, John, M.D., 51 Mountview
Cunningham, John, pipe maker, 43 Winetavern Street
Cunningham, John, carpenter, Urney Street
Cunningham, John, stone cutter, 5 Shore Street
Cunningham, J., foreman tailor, 63 Hanover Street
Cunningham, John, smith, 4 Grove Street
Cunningham, John, Glenwood Corn Mills; res. Glenwood, Shankhill Road
Cunningham, J., (of Josias Cunningham & Co.); res. Glencairn, Ballygomartin
Cunningham, Josias, & Co., stock and share brokers, foreign agents, general brokers and commission merchants; also, agents for the Life Association of Scotland, 41 Waring Street
Cunningham, Lowry, plasterer, 51 M'Tier Street
Cunningham, Mark, flax buyer, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Cunningham, Mrs., 74 Victoria Street Great
Cunningham, Robert, plasterer, 52 M'Tier Street
Cunningham, Robert, traveller, 15 Dundee Street
Cunningham, Saml., lumber store, 3 Chapel Lane
Cunningham, Samuel, Glenwood Corn Mills; res. Glenwood, Shankhill Road
Cunningham, Samuel, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 3 Queen Street; bonded stores, 9 Chapel Lane; res. 7 College Square East
Cunningham, Samuel, Camden Terrace, University Road
Cunningham, Thos., bookkeeper, 48 Spencer Street
Cunningham, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 6 & 8 York Street; Commissioner for taking Acknowledgments of Married Ladies in Ireland, Master Extraordinary in Her Majesty's High Court of Chancery, and all the superior courts of law, and affidavits in Chancery, for England; and agent for the Provincial Welch Insurance Co.; res. 2 Camden Terrace, University Road
Cunningham, William C., 25 Donegall Street, Clerk of the Peace for Belfast, solicitor, and agent for the London Assurance Corporation, A.D. 1720; Dublin Office, 9 Eustace Street; res. Dante House, Whiteabbey
Cunningham, Waddell, carter, Lord Street, Ballymacarrett
Cunningham, William, goods trimmer, Castle Street
Cunningham, William, stone cutter, 17 Shore Street
Cunningham, William, bookkeeper, 65 Earl Street
Cunningham, William, merchant tailor, 2 Elliott's Court
Cuppage, John, J.P., Ulsterville, Lisburn Road
Curley, Andrew, provision store, 9 Hill Street
Curley, James, provision store, 13 Hill Street
Curran, Daniel, sawyer, 58 Conway Street
Curran, Elizabeth, grocer and spirit dealer, 38 Milford Street
Curran, Hugh, clothes dealer, 4 Berry Street
Curran, James, stone mason, Urney Street
Curran, James, brick layer, 22 Lennon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Curran, John, 12 Victoria Street Little
Curran, John, carpenter, 67 Durham Street
Curran, Thomas, iron turner, 46 Leeson Street
Curran, Thomas, tailor, 34 Unity Street
Curran, Waring, colour and dye stuff warehouse, 22 Bridge Street; res. 109 Donegall Street
Curran, Wm., Glasshouse Place, Ballymacarrett
Curran, William, Botanic Avenue
Curran, Wm. John, foreman in Belfast Foundry, 4 Cranbourne Street
Curell, Daniel, jun., & Co., power loom linen manufacturers, Linen Hall Street
Curell, Daniel (of Daniel Curell, jun., & Co.); res. Holywood
Curell, John & Son, linen merchants and insurance agents, Linen Hall
Curell, William (of John Curell & Son); res. Abbeyhill, Whitehouse
Currell, Jane, dress maker, 4 Sarah Street
Currell, Mrs. Mary, 26 Ghent Street
Curren, Bernard, ship carpenter, 9 Economy Place
Curren, John, seaman, 32 Spencer Street
Currie, Hugh (72 High Street); res. 57 Ormeau Terrace
Currie, James, packer, 70 Beresford Street
Currie, John, & Co., iron mongers and hardware merchants, 72 High Street
Currie, John (of John Currie & Co.); res. Bay View Villa, Greenisland
Currie, Misses M. & A., glass, earthenware and china warehouse, 55 Victoria Street
Currie, Mrs., 6 Keegan Street
Currie, Mrs., 61 Barrack Street
Currie, Mrs. Agnes, Hobson's Row
Currie, Samuel, clerk, 7 Albany Street
Currie, William, weaving agent for Cowan & Co., 45 John Street
Currie, William, lapper, 1 Elizabeth Street
Currie, William, grocer, 13 Ormeau Road
Curry, Benjamin, lapper, 36 Combermere Street
Curry, Edward, shoe maker, 44 Stanhope Street
Curry, Grace, 53 Charles Street South
Curry, James H., lapper, 28 Wesley Street
Curry, Jane, 25 McCleery Street
Curry, John, moulder, 21 McAuley Street
Curry, John, lapper, 47 Combermere Street
Curry, John, 37 Bond Street
Curry, John, mechanic, 37 Stanley Street
Curry, John, stone cutter, 33 Wesley Street
Curry, John, toyshop, 207 Old Lodge Road
Curry, John, sen., merchant, 138 York Street
Curry, John, foreman, Shankhill Road
Curry, John, carter, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Curry, Mrs. Eliza, 7 Fifth Street
Curry, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 6 Combermere Street
Curry, Samuel, seaman, 44 McCleery Street
Curry, Samuel, lapper, 26 Kensington Street
Curry, William, lapper, Shankhill Road
Curry, William, aerated water manufacturer, Mountpottinger, Ballymacarrett
Curtis, T. J., Ulster Dining Rooms, 10 Donegall Street
Cush, Mrs. Margaret, 18 Brookfield Street
Cushnie, Robert, machine maker, 1 Hope Street
Cusin, Henry, spirit dealer, 14 Garmoyle Street
Cussins, Henry, spirit dealer, Thomas Street North
Cuthbert, James, farmer, 31 Hamilton Street
Cuthbert, Mrs., grocer, etc., 29 Fountain Street
Cuthbertson, John, printer, 9 Balaklava Street