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1894 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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          Is the capital of the County Tyrone, a distinction which it has enjoyed since the year 1768. It is situated130 English miles from Dublin; 66 W. from Belfast; 34 S. from Londonderry. It is a junction station on the Great Northern Railway, and Military Depot Centre for the Counties of Londonderry, Donegal, Tyrone and Fermanagh. The County Court House is a fine building, with four Doric columns. The market day is Saturday in each week, and a monthly fair is held on the first Tuesday in each month. The principal public buildings, institutions and offices are - The Omagh District Lunatic Asylum, erected in 1853, at a cost of £40,000, Military Barracks, County Court House, Protestant Hall, Jail and Infirmary, the Union Workhouse, Fever Hospital and Dispensary, the Church of Ireland, two Presbyterian Churches, Methodist Church, Roman Catholic Chapel, Loretto Convent and Christian Brothers' School, the Omagh District Model School and Gas Works. There are also banks, police barracks, post office, and two first class hotels. Considerable improvements have been effected during the past few years. Population in 1891, 4,304

Post Office and Post Office Savings Bank, Market Street - M. S. Philson, postmaster
Town Commissioners (9th Geo. IV., cap. 82) - David A. Clements, chairman; J. H. Charlton, clerk

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Parish Church, Church Street - Rev. Richard Hayes, Canon, rector; Rev. R. Babington, curate
First Presbyterian Church, Dublin Road - Rev. A. MacAfee.  2nd, John Street - Rev. R. Wallace.
Methodist Church, Church Street - Revs. A. Fullerton and Rev. E. B. Cullen
Roman Catholic Chapel, Brook Street - Rev. B. McNamee, P.P.; Rev. M. McGeown and Rev. W. J. O'Dougherty, curates

Banks - Bank of Ireland, Market Street - R. Johnston, agent. Provincial Bank, High Street - Wm. McCullough, manager. Ulster Banking Company Limited, High Street - W. R. Atkinson, manager. Loan Fund Bank, John Street - J. Orr Clements, manager; John McMaster, treasurer. Open on Thursday and Saturday from 12 to 3 p.m.
Gas Works - Daniel McCallum, secretary and manager
Junction Railway Station - Richard Revelle, station master

Insurance Agents

Alliance Fire and Life - William McCullough. Royal Fire and Life - W. R. Atkinson.  Sun, Life, and Fire Office - J. & R. Waterson.  Northern Assurance - Richard Stack.  London and Lancashire Fire - Scottish Union Fire and Life - William Houston.  Caledonian Insurance - James Alcorn.  Scottish Widows' Fund - G. R. Johnston.  English and Scottish Law, Life and Scottish Fire - John G. R. Porter.  Life Association of Scotland - T. C. Dickie.  Scottish Provincial - J. McMaster.  Standard Life - King Houston. National Provident Life - N. Mains.  Railway Passengers' Assurance Company - James Kerr.  Commercial Union - Wm. Doak.  Northern Accident - A. J. Hardy.  Norwich Union Life - A. J. Ferguson.  Edinburgh Life and Fire - T. McKelvey.  Reliance Life - R. A. Miller.  Scottish Equitable Life and Fire - C. Mullin.  Scottish Amicable Life - T. B. French.  Scottish National Life - Andrew Elliott.  Temperance Life and Accident - J. H. Neely.  Eagle Life - James Riordan.  Lancashire Fire - James Bell.  Liverpool, London, and Globe Fire and Life - Thomas O. Barr.  Prudential Life - James Campbell.  Phoenix Fire - Francis Shields.  Norwich Fire - M. S. Philson.
Emigration Agents - John G. R. Porter, William Elliott, J. & R. Waterson, J. H. Neely, Jas. Bell, Daniel Hackett, John McMaster, Chas. Donegan

Public Institutions

Union Workhouse - Thirty nine electoral divisions. Board meets on Saturdays. Col. L. M. Buchanan, Edenfel, Omagh, chairman; Robert Harvey, J.P., Camowen, Omagh, vice chairman; Robert S. Clements, J.P., Killadroy, deputy vice chairman; Joseph Rogers, master; Mrs. Rogers, matron; Hans B. Fleming, M.D., surgeon; William Cathcart, clerk and returning officer, and executive sanitary officer
District Lunatic Asylum - Resident Physician, George E. Carr, M.B.; assistant resident physician, G. F. West, M.B.; visiting physician, E. C. Thompson, M.B.; clerk, Robert J. Creery; matron, Mrs. Lane. Chaplains - Protestant, Rev. W. G. Rennison; Presbyterian, Rev. Robert Wallace; Methodist, Rev. A. Fullerton; Roman Catholic, Rev. J. McGorty
Infirmary, High Street - Treasurer, W. McCullough; surgeon, E. C. Thompson, M.B.; apothecary and registrar, T. J. McAdam; lady superintendent, Miss Hayes; house steward, Wm. Rodgers
Dispensary, McConnell Place - Ralph Stone, surgeon. Open every Tuesday and Friday from 12 to 2 o'clock
Excise Office, Campsie Road - Officers, James Mooney and L. J. Byrne
Marriage Registration Office - N. Mains, 1 James Street, registrar
H. M. Prison, Castle Place (reduced to a bridewell) - Chief Warder, W. Andrews; warder, John Skillen; matron, Mrs. Skillen
Court House, High Street - Miss McFarland, keeper
Petty Sessions Office, Court-house - Rowley A. Miller, clerk
Constabulary Station - W. J. Green, county inspector; J. C. Carter, district inspector
Hotels - White Hart, High Street, Mrs. Mullin; Stewart Arms, Abbey Street, Robert McConnell; Royal Arms, High Street, John G. R. Porter
Newspaper - Tyrone Constitution (Friday), N. Carson, proprietor and publisher
Loretto Convent, Brook Street - Mother Superioress, Mrs. Keegan
Omagh District Model School, Mountjoy Road - J. Mulholland, head teacher
Christian Brothers' School, Brook Street - Head master, W. N. O'Shea
Convent Female School, Brook Street - Head teacher, Sister Columba
Omagh Young Men's Christian Union - President, John G. R. Porter
Omagh Young Men's Christian and Literary Association - George Wilson, secretary
Omagh Cafe, Market Street - Manageress, Miss Henderson
Omagh Young Women's Christian Association - Mrs. Dickie, hon. secretary


Adams, Robert, Crevenagh, Omagh
Alcorn, James, leather merchant, and grocer, Market Street
Alcorn, N. T., Lakeview, Omagh
Alexander, Colonel C. M., J.P., Carrickmore
Allan, Wm., builder, Campsie Avenue
Anderson, Joseph & Co., drapers and haberdashers, Market Street
Arnold, Edward, Mullaghmore
Babington, Rev. R., Campsie
Beattie, John, butter merchant, Campsie Road
Bell, James, baker and grocer, Bridge Street
Bell, James, solicitor, George's Street
Bird, Thomas, solicitor, George's Street
Black, W. F., J.P., D.L., Lislap
Boyle, Edward, & Sons, tobacco manufacturers, Market Street
Brogan, Wm., fowl merchant, Brookmount Street
Brown, G. A., veterinary surgeon, Campsie
Brown, Rev. James, Loughmuck
Browne, Colonel M., J.P., Mullaghmore
Buchanan, Colonel L. M., Edenfel
Buchanan, Luke, Tattykeel
Buchanan, Misses, Lisnamallard
Burnett, John, butcher, Market Street
Byrne, Very Rev. James, Dean of Clonfert
Cadden, James, clogger, Castle Street
Café refreshment rooms, Market Street
Caldwell, Joseph, Dergmoney
Carre, Dr. G. E., The Asylum
Carson, Nathaniel, grocer, seedsman, proprietor and publisher of Tyrone Constitution, book seller, stationer, and public library, High Street
Carson, Robert, grocer, John Street
Carson, R. H., solicitor, Rosemount, agent for English and Scottish Law Life Office
Carter, J. C., Dist. Inspector, R.I.C., James Street
Charlton, Miss, spirit dealer, Market Street
Clements, David A., butter merchant, Dublin Road
Clements, Miss, Eagle Hotel, Dublin Road
Corker, Adam, clothes dealer, Market Street
Cox, H., district inspector N.S., Campsie
Craig, John, confectioner, John Street
Crawford, F., & Co., hardware merchants, iron mongers, and seedsmen, High Street
Cunningham, John, hide merchant, Campsie
Dale, William, baker and grocer, John Street
Daly, Henry, butcher, George Street
Daly, Patrick, butcher, Market Street
Davidson, Capt., C. J. L., Carlisle Terrace
Devlin, James, spirit dealer, Market Street
Devlin, J. & Co., spirit merchants, High Street
Devlin, Michael, linen & woollen draper, George Street
Dickie, T. C., sessional crown solicitor, High Street and Clonavon
Doak, Wm., hardware merchant, High Street
Dogherty, John, pawn broker, Castle Street
Donaghey, James, butcher, Market Street
Donigan, Chas., auctioneer, Market Street
Donnelly, Patrick, draper and haberdasher, High Street
Donnelly, Thomas, barber, John Street
Dysart, Rev. James, Edenderry
Elkin, John, spirit dealer, George's Street
Elliott, A., solicitor, John Street
Elliott, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, Abbey Street
Elliott, James, J.P., emigration agent, commissioner of affidavits, High Street
Elliott, William, baker and grocer, glass and china warehouse, High Street
Ellis, Lieut.-Col. R. H., J.P., Rash House
Emerson, Miss, head teacher, Model School (F), Market Street
Fallows, J. & Co., tombstone sculptors, Campsie
Faussett, Mrs., Edenderry House, Omagh
Fleming, Hans B., M.D., Campsie
Fleming, Miss, Palisade House
Flood, Surgeon-Major, Bellevue
Forrest, F. W., solicitor, Campsie Road
French, T. B., county surveyor, Mullaghmore
Fullerton, A., furniture and general warehouse, Market Street
Galbraith, John Samuel, D.L., Clanabogan
Gallagher, W., glass and china warehouse, George Street
Gambier, M., teacher f languages, George's Street
Gilchrist, Thomas, M.D., Campsie Road
Gorman, Mrs., ironmonger and news agent, George Street
Graham, J. & Son, & Wilson, printers, Bridge Street
Granger, W., organist and teacher of music, Campsie Road
Gray, John, cooper, Market Street
Hackett, Daniel, grocer, High Street
Hacket, Joseph, painter and glazier, George Street
Hamilton, John, tailor, Bridge Street
Hanna, John, book binder, Bridge Street
Hardy, J. A., solicitor, High Street
Harvey, Robert, J.P., Camowen, Omagh
Harvey, W. J., J.P., Lisahoppin
Haughey, C., pawnbroker, George Street
Henderson & Co., iron founders, Kevlin Road
Henry, Mrs., butter and egg merchant, Market Street
Hill, Joseph, painter, Gortmore Terrace
Holland, R. S., solicitor, Church Street, Omagh
Houston, King, solicitor, Riverdale
Houston, Rev. John, Ballynahatty
Houston, Ross, woollen draper, High Street
Houston, William, iron monger, seedsman & grocer, George Street
Hughes, Edward, painter, Market Street
Humphreys & Co., spirit merchants, Market Street
Hutchinson, Brothers, drapers, Market Street
Irvine, Lieut.-Col.,. J.P., Oakfields, agent for English and Scottish Law Life and Phoenix Fire Offices
Irvine, Rev. Christopher, Parsonage, Lislimnaghan
Irvine, Major H. J. P., Sedan Avenue
Irvine, W. C., Lesonally, Omagh
Johnston, Bros., grocers, High Street
Johnston, W. J., draper and haberdasher, High Street
Jordan, Bros., cabinet makers, Market Street
Joyce, Wm., Mountjoy, Omagh
Kerr, James, grocer, Market Street
Kingston, Rev. T., Mountfield
Kirk, Hugh, gutta-percha boot and shoe warehouse, High Street
Kirkpatrick, A., plumber, George's Street
Kirkpatrick, J., J.P., draper and merchant tailor, High Street
Kyle, John, draper, High Street
Kyle, Wm., bill poster, Campsie Crescent
Lane, Mrs., The Asylum
Logue, R., news agent, Bridge Street
Love, W. S., surgeon, Castle Street
Lyons, H. & R., grocers and druggists, High Street
Mains, N., Press correspondent, James Street
Meenan, F. W., woollen draper and haberdasher
Miller-Major, R. A., Mill Bank
Mills, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, George's Street and High Street
Montgomery, S. D., printer, John Street
Moore, James, J.P., Gartmore, Omagh
Mullin, Charles, solicitor, John Street
Mullan, Michael, grocer and spirit dealer, High Street
Mullin, Mrs., White Hart Hotel, High Street
Murnaghan, George, P.L.G., Lisonally
McAdam, R. W., grocer and druggist, High Street
McAdam, T. J., pharmaceutical chemist, High Street
McAleer, Mrs., grocer and leather seller, Market Street
McAlinny, Mrs., spirit dealer, High Street
McCain, Saml., butter & egg merchant, Campsie
McCaul, John, carpenter, John Street
McClintock, Capt. J. K., J.P., Seskanore House
McConnell, R., Stewart's Arms Hotel
McConnell, Wm., butcher, Market Street
McCristal, J., wine and spirit dealer, Market Street
McCullough, Wm., Provincial Bank
McDougal, Robert, saddler, John Street
McElhenny, Bernard, grocer & baker, Castle Street
McFarland, John, draper, Market Street
McGale, John, baker and grocer, John Street
McGarvey, P. & J., butchers, John Street
McGinn, Mrs., baker and confectioner, High Street
McGinn, Mrs., haberdasher, John Street
McHugh, Mrs., spirit dealer, John Street
McKee, Rev. J., Mountjoy
McKelvey, Robert, J.P., Kevlin, Omagh
McKelvey, Thomas, Drumragh House, Omagh
McKeown, Samuel, J.P., Rossnamuck
McKnight, W. J., Campsie
McMaster, John, provision merchant, High Street
McNamee, Rev. B., Parochial House
McPhelemy, James, cooper, James Street
McSwiggan, Michael, spirit dealer, Market Street
Nagle, Garrett, R.M., Cameron Lodge
Neely, John, builder, Lisnamallard
Nelson, R. M., clock and watch maker, High Street
Nelson, Samuel, watchmaker, George's Street
Nichol, H., hardware merchant, John Street
Orr, G., grocer and leather merchant, High Street
Orr, Miss, Mountjoy Road
Orr, Robert, watch maker, High Street
O'Brien, Hugh, spirit dealer, John Street
O'Connor, F. J., solicitor, John Street
O'Connell, Philip, Bank of Ireland, Market Street
O'Donnell, Hugh, fish monger, High Street
O'Neill & Co., plumbers, George Street
Paul, Rev. Samuel, Castle Street
Phillips, Edward, blacksmith, Castle Street
Pollock & Co., drapers, &c., Market Street
Porter, J. G. R., J.P., Royal Arms Hotel, and cattle salesman, High Street, agent for English and Scottish Law Life and Phoenix Fire Offices
Porter, Rev. James, Drumnakelly
Quigley, Thomas, coach builder, Kevlin Road
Quirk, Patrick, spirit dealer, Market Street
Reville, R., station master, Railway Station
Rogers, G. A., sub0sheriff, The Residency
Scott, Captain Luke, Strathroy
Scott, Charles, J.P., Lisnamallard
Scott, Rev. Walter H., Clanabogan
Scott, W. & Co., meal and flour millers, Omagh Mills, Mountjoy Road
Shields, Francis, solicitor, John Street, and Highfield, agent for English and Scottish Law Life and Phoenix Fire Offices
Slevin, M., coach builder and smith, George Street
Smith, George Y., Ergeenagh, Omagh, agent for English and Scottish Law Life and Phoenix Fire Office
Sproule, Andrew, Brookhill
Sproule, Robert, J.P., Coolnagarde
Stack, George H., J.P., Mullaghmore
Stars, Bernard, blacksmith, Castle Street
Stockley, C. M., Colonel commanding 27th Regimental District, Strathroy
Stuart, Major, Burleigh, Dergmoney
Taylor, Mrs., head mistress, Female Model School, Sedan Avenue
Thompson, Edward C., M.B., Tyrone Infirmary
Thompson, J. J., photographer, High Street
Todd, Dr. J. J., J.P., James Street
Todd, John G., hardware merchant, High Street
Todd, Mrs., milliner and haberdasher, High Street
Walsh, John, boot and shoe maker, Market Street
Wallace, Rev. Robert, Coneywarren
Waterson, J. & R., millers, wholesale meal and flour, timber, slate and coal merchants, High Street Mills, Cranny
West, F. G., M.D., Asylum
Whiteside, A. W. C., Campsie, Omagh
White, John, hardware merchant, Market Street
White & Fyffe, grocers & ironmongers, Market Street
Wilson, James, draper, High Street
Wilson, W., iron monger, Market Street
Winder, W. J., veterinary surgeon, Church Street



          The town of Pettigo is situated part in County Donegal and part in the County Fermanagh, within three miles of the celebrated pilgrimage of Lough Derg, and has a population of about 500, and also a large Roman Catholic chapel, an Episcopal, a Presbyterian, and a Wesleyan Church. It has a good market, which is held every Monday, and a good monthly fair on the 20th of each month. The great Northern Railway have a very compact and neat station adjoining the town. It possesses splendid corn and flax mills, built with all modern improvements. The town, through the exertions of a few of its townsmen, has been lighted during the winter nights, which adds very much to the comfort of the inhabitants, who are quite proud of the results of their exertions.

Places of Worship

Church if Ireland - Rev. M. R. Davies, rector
Presbyterian - Rev. James Wilson
Wesleyan - Rev. Wm. Addy and Rev. David Moore
Roman Catholic - Very Rev. Cannon McKenna, P.P.; Rev. Joseph O'Connor, C.C.


Pettigo Mail National - Philip S. Hawkins
Female National - Miss Dorcas Espy
School teachers residing in town - Mr. O'Halloran, Mr. Boylan
Post Office - Read, Robert, postmaster; Kate Montgomery, F. McCrea, H. Crawford, S. McCrea

Petty Sessions Court - Last Tuesday of every month.  Magistrates - Thomas Hamilton, R.M.; Captain Barton, J.P., D.L.; James McCullagh, J.P.; John Bryans, M.D., J.P., Hamilton Robinson, clerk of petty sessions
Belfast Banking Company - A. Read, Esq., J.P., manager; J. McMeehan, Esq., cashier
Pettigo Loan Fund - Michael O'Brien, Esq., manager; Mr. O'Neill, clerk
Commissioner to Administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland - Robert Read
Dispensary - John Bryans, M.D., Esq., J.P. Attendance Tuesday and Saturday, Pettigo and Clonelly districts
Pettigo Mills - Corn mills, flax mills, saw mills; Thomas Ross, proprietor; T. Johnston, millwright and miller
Constabulary - Sergeant Dunn in charge

Bakers - Robert Read, proprietor; Geo. Murphy, baker. Edward Humphries, proprietor; John Bradley, baker
Blacksmiths - Robert Johnston, John Johnston
Butchers - John Gorman, Denis Gallagher, James Rowe
Builders and Contractors - Johnston, David, Tullycarne House
Carpenters, Joiners, Millwrights - Thomas Humphries, James H. Crichton, Thomas Henderson, Christopher Robinson
Drapes - John S. Collins, Miss Street; Thomas Aiken, Diamond; Robert Read, Diamond; J. J. Walsh, Mill Street; Michael Gallagher, Main Street; James Elliott, Main Street; Henry McBrien, Main Street
Dressmaking Establishments - John S. Collins, Robert Read, Co. Donegal; Robert Read, Co. Fermanagh; J. J. Walsh, Thomas Aiken, Misses Doherty, Miss H. McHugh, Miss Duncan, Mrs. W. J. Graham, Miss Philips, Miss M. J. Robinson
Druggist, &c. - John Read, Main Street
Grocers, Flour Merchants, &c. - John Gilmour, High Street; Bridget McGrath, Mill Street; Elizabeth Elliott, Mill Street; John Graham, Mill Street; David Tiernan, Mill Street; John S. Collins, Mill Street; John Gilmore, High Street; Bridget McGrath, Miss Street; Elizabeth Elliott, Mill Street; John Graham, Miss Street; David Tiernan, Mill Street; John S. Collins, Jane McCrea, R. McHugh, Elizabeth Robinson, Wm. Virtue, Henry McBrien, Edward Humphries, M. Gallagher, David Funston, James Elliott, John Read, Patrick Flood, Mill Street
Hotels and Spirit Merchants - Leslie Arms - Thomas Aiken.  Red Lyon - Patrick Flood.  Family Hotel - David Tiernan.  White Swan - Thomas Fogarty.  White Hart - Roger McHugh.  High Street - James Patchell.  Main Street - David Funston
Leather Merchants - Henry McBrien, George McCrea, James Elliott, Thomas Aiken, M. Gallagher
Lodging Houses and Refreshment Rooms - Sarah Armstrong, Elizabeth Robinson, Wm. Vertue, Eliza Begley, James Morrow, Miss Duncan, John Williams, Margaret Jervis, Jane Johnston, Andrew Brennan
Newspaper Proprietors, Printers, &c. - Hamilton Robinson, John Robinson, "Pettigo Advertiser and Land and Labour Review," "Petty Sessions Journal"
Sewed Muslin Agents - Christopher Robinson, Joseph Wilson, John Gilmore
Shoemakers - Hugh Quinn, James McIntyre, Peter Gallagher, James McBride, Patrick McCoy
Tailors - Mick Doherty, John Williams, Hugh Gallogly



          Is a prosperous market town in the County Armagh, twenty five miles from Belfast, situated on the banks of the Bann. It is an important railway junction. The lines of the Great Northern Railway branch off from it to Dublin, Derry and Armagh, and it is in direct railway communication with Belfast. The Newry Canal, which joins the Bann about a mile from the town, opens a water communication from Carlingford Lough, and the river itself, being navigable all the way to Lough Neagh, affords a ready means for lighters and barges from Belfast and the towns adjoining the Lough. The ancient name of the town was Port-ne-doon, or the Port of the Fortified Eminence. It has increased rapidly within the last half century, the population in 1816 being only 600, while in the census of 1891 it was upwards of 8,384. The town stands on a rising ground, and is well cleansed and lighted; the footpaths are flagged, the houses are of modern construction, and the chief streets are of imposing appearance. Two markets are held in the week, one on Wednesday for the sale of hay, straw, and other farm produce. In the season a very large quantity of grass seed is brought to this market, and the buyers are numerous, and the highest market price is realized. The market on Saturday is for the sale of all kinds of farm produce; the trade in pork is very large, and a fair is held on the third Saturday in every month. The manufacture of linen and cambric is extensively carried on. There are six large weaving factories and a spinning mill, which give employment to many people, one large flour mill, and several hemstitching factories. The chief buildings are the Bank of Ireland, a large and handsome structure built of Newry granite, three storeys high; the Belfast Bank, and the Ulster Bank; Carleton Street School, erected in 1870, where Sabbath Schools in connection with St. Mark's Church are held; the Orange Hall opened in 1875, the Young Men's Institute, the Victoria Hall, and the Fever Hospital. The old Town Hall having become totally inadequate for the requirements of a rapidly increasing population, was recently sold for £1,540. The Town Commissioners have erected in Edward Street a new Town Hall at a cost of about £2,500. The hall was completed in November, 1890, and is a handsome and commodious building. The Local Government Board sanctioned a loan of £1,900 from the Board of Public Works towards the erection of the new buildings. The Parish Church of Drumcree is situated about one mile from the town. In the town is St. Mark's Church, and about half a mile distant is Seagoe Church. The Wesleyan Methodist premises in Thomas Street are handsome buildings, containing a chapel, several school rooms and class rooms. A new Wesleyan Church was opened in Edenderry in February, 1891. The Presbyterian Churches - two in number - are commodious and well appointed; the First Presbyterian Church was reopened for Divine Service in November, 1891, after being considerably enlarged. The Roman Catholic Chapel in William Street is a spacious edifice, and there is a second chapel in the Edenderry end of the town. A lease of land to the extent of twenty three acres has been obtained from his Grace the Duke of Manchester for a public park. It has been tastefully laid out in walks and planted with evergreens and trees of various kinds, while a river flowing through the centre and a pond contribute much to its appearance. In 1872 a public library and a reading room were established, which are open daily. There are over 2,000 volumes in the library, and the news room is well supplied with newspapers. Petty Sessions are held on the second and fourth Mondays in each month.

Post Office, Market Street - Francis I. O'Hanlon, J.P., postmaster

Public Institutions

Banks - Bank of Ireland, Thos. D. Atkinson, agent; Belfast Bank, Ltd., G. Kinkead, manager; Ulster Bank, Ltd., Hugh Anderson
Dispensary - Wm. Stewart, M.D., medical officer
Petty Sessions - John Walker, clerk; also distributor of fishing licences
Portadown Discount Co. (Limited) - J. Boyle, manager
Portadown Loan Co. - James Wightman, manager
Public Library - William Hunter, librarian
Gas Light Co., Edenderry - J. Nesbitt, manager
Town Commissioners - John Richardson, chairman; John Malcolmson, Arthur Thornton, John Rountree, George Dugan, M.D., J.P.; Wm. John Locke, J.P.; John Lutton, John G. Livingston, John Acheson, Joseph Fleming, W. H. Atkinson, Wm. Mitchell, Benjamin Matchett, Charles Johnston, J.P.  Town Clerk, Robert McClatchey.  The regular meeting of the Board is held in the Town Hall, Edward Street, on the first Monday of each month, at 12 o'clock noon.
Town Constable - Wm. Dougan
Town Park - James Boyle, hon. sec.

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Drumcree - Rev. F. W. Austin, rector; Rev. George Rees, B.A., curate.  Portadown - Rev. Augustine Fitzgerald, D.D., incumbent and licenser of marriages; Rev. S. Carter Armstrong, M.A., and Rev. W. A. A. Boyd, curates.  Seagoe - Rev. A. Dawson, Archdeacon of Dromore, rector; Rev. Robt. Quirk, D.D., curate
Presbyterian Church (First) - Rev. W. J. Macaulay, A.B., licenser of marriages.  Armagh Road - Rev. Robert Jeffrey
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. William Maguire, superintendent; Rev. John Good, and Rev. Wm. Moore, Derryall
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. L. Byrne, adm.; Rev. B. O'Connor, C.C.


Acheson, J. & J., grocers & druggists, Market Street
Acheson, J. J. & Co., linen manufacturers, Bann View Factory
Aldred, Mrs., spirit dealer, Woodhouse Street
Alexander, John, grocer, Woodhouse Street
Allen, John, whitesmith, West Street
Allen, Mrs., newsagent, High Street
Anchor Dining Rooms, Bridge Street
Anderson & Co., drapers and undertakers, High Street
Anderson, Robert, lodging house, Market Street
Anderson, R., relieving officer, High Street
Anderson, Walter, baker, Mandeville Street
Andrews, Miss, p0reparatory school, Carlton Street
Angliss, Rev. J., Primitive Methodist minister, Armagh Road
Armstrong, Thomas, J.P., Eden Hall
Atkinson, Edward D., solicitor, Thomas Street and Tandragee
Atkinson, J. & Son, coach builders, Woodhouse Street and Mary Street
Atkinson, J. Buckby, solicitor
Atkinson, Joseph, J.P., D.L., Crow Hill, Loughgall
Atkinson, The Misses, milliners, Woodhouse Street
Atkinson, Wm. H., solicitor, Thomas Street
Atkinson, Wolsey R., Eden Villa
Barris, Isaac, driver maker, Edenderry
Beck, Mrs., Castle Street
Bell, D. F., commercial traveller, Mandeville Street
Bell, John, saddler, Market Street
Bell, John, M.A., Edenderry N.S.
Berwick, T., publican, Obin Street
Bingley, Wm., D.I., R.I.C., Edward Street
Bleakley, N., publican, Edenderry
Bourgoz, Mdlle., French teacher, Church Street
Brankin, John, publican, Obin Street
Bredon, Mrs., Millicent Terrace
Bright, Bros., steam saw mills, timber and coal yard, and foundry, Bridge Street
Bryson, J., Carleton Street
Burns, Hugh, publican, Woodhouse Street
Burnett, A. J., draper, High Street
Byrne, Charles, Avon Ban
Campbell, John, victualler, Church Street
Canavan, J. & J., druggists, High Street
Carleton, Atkinson, & Sloane, solicitors, Church Street
Carleton, Miss, Church Street
Carrick, Samuel, watch maker and jeweller, West Street
Castleisland Linen Co. (Shillington & Co.)
Central Dining Rooms, Mandeville Street
Chapman, Robert, Auctioneer, Woodhouse Street
Chapman, Robert, traffic superintendent, L. & N.W.R., Church Street
Clarke, George, M.D., Church Street
Clow, W. M., miller and grain merchant, Castle Street
Cochrane, John, plumber and gas fitter, Thomas Street
Collen, Bros., builders, Hanover Street & Castle Street
Collen, John, Killicomain House
Constabulary Barracks - No. 1 Edward Street; No. 2 Obin Street.  Wm. Bigley, D.I.
Cooper, Thomas, boot maker, Bridge Street
Corbett, H. H. & Co., hay factors, Obin Street
Corbett, R., draper, Market Street
Cosgrove, Hugh, William Street
Courtney, Clement, grocer, High Street
Cowdy, Wm., manufacturer, Thomas Street
Craig, Miss, stationer, West Street
Crookes, F. W., house agent, &c., Woodhouse Street
Darragh, Robert, Thomas Street
Davison, Bros., druggists, grocers, and bakers, High Street
Dawson, Thomas, yarn merchant and linen manufacturer, Corcrain House
Dickson, Wm., draper and saddler, Market Street
Donaghy, Patrick, clog maker, High Street
Donnelly, Robert, canvasser, West Street
Dougan, George, M.D., Millicent Terrace
Eakin, A. J., boot merchant, High Street
Emerson & Co., ironmongers and cycle agents, High Street
Farrell, A. T., solicitor, Mandeville Street
Fearon, John, Rent, Insurance, and Shipping Agent, Church Street
Ferguson, D., Carleton Street
Ferris, Joseph, saddler, Woodhouse Street
Fleming, Joseph, draper, High Street
Fleming, Matthew, Union Jack Bar, Market Street
Fordyce, James, auctioneer, Thomas Street
Foy, Robert, butcher, Woodhouse Street
Frizell, Henry, Belfast Steamship Co., agent, Portmore Street
Frizzell, W., grocer, West Street
Fulton, J. C., J.P., Church Street
Fulton, W. G., Church Street
Gardner, Thomas, grocer, Edenderry
Gibson, Henry, Billposter, Obin Street
Gibson, John, & Co., grocers, High Street
Gibson, T. D., R.M., Carne House
Gibson, Miss, dress maker, William Street
Gibson, Misses, milliners, High Street
Graham, David, & Co., spinning mills, Castle Street
Gray, David, watch maker, West Street
Green, James, Edward Street
Greer, James W., grain merchant, Armagh Road
Grew, J., & Co., grain merchants, Mary Street and Bridge Street
Grew, John, Queen's Hotel, and general grocer, High Street and Thomas Street
Grimshaw & McFadden, Tavanagh Weaving Factory
Guinness, George, grocer, West Street
Hadden, E. S., M.D., Thomas Street
Hall, Francis J., spirit dealer, Woodhouse Street
Hall, R. J., M.A., principal, intermediate school
Hall, Wm., Imperial Hotel, High Street
Harpur, E., Belfast Bank, agent for English and Scottish Law Life Office
Harris, H. J., solicitor, Church Street
Harvey, Bros., egg and butter merchants, Mahon Cottage
Hazelton, C., pawn broker, Woodhouse Street
Hegan & Co., hardware & leather, Mandeville Street
Henry, John R., Charlotteville, agent for English and Scottish Law Life Office
Henry, Robert, commercial traveller, Edenderry
Heron, S., M.D., Bridge Street
Hewitt, H. M., pawn broker, West Street
Hewitt, W., grocer, West Street
Hosey, J., draper, Market Street
Hoy, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, High Street
Hughes, E., butcher, West Street
Hume, E. W., publican, Mandeville Street
Hunter, Wm., librarian and accountant, Bridge Street
Irwin, Hugh, rope and twine maker, High Street
Jeffers & Johnston, publicans and boot merchants, High Street
Jenkinson, W. J., boot and shoe maker, West Street
Johnston, Charles, J.P., Beechcote
Johnston, Thos., station master Great Northern Railway (Ireland)
Johnston & Co., sewing machine depot, Bridge Street
Jones, John, butcher, Market Street
Kennedy, John, Albert Hotel, Castle Street
Kerr, Wm., builder, &c.
Kinkead, Miss, Alexandra School, High Street
Kinney, J., baker and grocer, Woodhouse Street
Lamb, John, carpenter, Bridge Street
Lamb, John, painter, Bridge Street
Lamb, Mrs., dress maker, Bridge Street
Lancashire, James, watchmaker, West Street
Leckey, John, civil bill officer, Meadow Lane
Little, W. J., general dealer, Corcrain
Livingston, Henry, general dealer, West Street
Livingston Bros., grocers, delf and china merchants, Bridge Street
Livingstone, J. G., emigration agent, Bridge Street
Locke, G., grocer, implement and cycle agent, Woodhouse Street
Locke, George A., auctioneer and shipping agent, Woodhouse Street
Locke, William J., J.P., coach factory, Woodhouse Street
Logan, Henry, rope and twine manufacturer, James Street
Logan, James, carpenter, Montague Street
Lutton, A. J., & Sons, linen manufacturer, Edenderry
Maconachie, Miss, baby linen warehouse, Bridge Street
Magee, James, painter, West Street
Major, John, ex-excise officer, Church Street
Malcolmson, John, linen manufacturer, Edenderry
Marley, Miss, Bridge Street
Matchett, Benjamin, grocer, Edgarstown
Mitchell, Wm., Hanover Street
Monaghan, Lawrence, boat owner, Castle Street
Montgomery, Robert, house agent, Armagh
Moore, Mrs., stationer and newsagent, Woodhouse Street
Morgan, Loghlan, spirit store, West Street
Morrison, Robert, grocer, Woodhouse Street
Morrison, Robert, tailor, Carleton Street
Mullan Bros., grocers, West Street
Mulligan, Timothy, spirit dealer, High Street
McAleer, J., V.S., Church Street
McAlinden, John, car proprietor, Obin Street
McCaghey, Joseph, dealer, Woodhouse Street
McCammond & Sprott, pork curers, Castle Street
McCann, Bernard, carter, Market Street
McCart, Robert, grocer, Edenderry
McClatchy, Mrs., spirit dealer, Edenderry
McClatchy, Robert, town clerk, agent for English and Scottish Law Life and Phoenix Offices
McConnell, Mrs., Carleton Street
McConvill, John, boot and shoe maker, Bridge Street
McConville, Henry, spirit dealer and butcher, West Street
McCorry, Hugh, victualler, Market Street
McCourt, Patrick, poulterer, Obin Street
McCurry, Hugh, spirit store, Market Street
McDowell, Andrew, grocer, High Street
McFadden, Jas., linen manufacturer, Carleton Street
McGredy, S., & Son, nurserymen and florists, Castle Street; seed warehouse, High Street
McIlveen, Wm. J., baker and grocer, High Street
McKell, James, baker and grocer, Market Street
McKenzie, A., paint and varnish agent, Seagoe House
McKittrick, W., insurance agent, Mandeville Street
Neill, Robert, reed maker, Edenderry
Nelson, Charles, shuttle maker, John Street
Nicholson, Chas. J., Cranagill House, Loughgall
Northern Fire & Life Insurance Office - Agent, James Fordyce, Thomas Street
Orr, William, Edenderry
O'Connor, Patrick, dealer, The Rookery
O'Hanlon, Francis I., J.P., postmaster, Market Street
O'Hanlon, Felix, spirit merchant, High Street
Paul, William & Son, general drapery, millinery and perfumery, High Street
Paul, Robert, ironmonger, High Street
Pedlow Bros., grocer, Market Street
Pentland, Edward, boot and shoe maker, High Street
Pepper, Richmond, Ballyworkan House
Rafferty, Frank, clothier, Woodhouse Street
Redmond, W. J., baker, Church Street
Reid, Robt., linen manufacturer and yarn dealer, Tarson
Reid, Wm., printer, &c., Mandeville Street
Reynolds, Alexander, grocer, Bridge Street
Richardson, Henry, Church Place
Richardson, Brothers, drapers, Market Street
Richardson Bros., grocers and druggists, High Street
Richardson, John, High Street
Robb, Benjamin, & Co., Ltd., corn factors, Thomas Street
Robb, Hamilton, steam power weaving factory
Robb, Seth, farmer and grain factor, Gervaghy Road
Robinson, William, Ballybreagh, Derryhale
Robinson, William, Lylo House
Ross, J. H., merchant tailor, Market Street
Rountree, John, general grocer, glass and china merchant, High Street
Russell, Thomas, rent agent, Edenderry
Sampson, W. J., goods station master, G.N.R.
Shemeld, A. & Co., pork curer and grocer, West Street
Shiel, P. J., grocer and spirit merchant, Woodhouse Street
Shillington, Averell, J.P., Alta Villa
Shillington, Henry, A.B., C.E., Bridge Street
Shillington, Thomas, Alta Villa
Shillington, T. A. & Son, corn factors and steam saw mills, Castle Street
Simmonds, G. V., photographer, Bridge Street
Singer Manufacturing Co., High Street
Sinnamon, H., linen manufacturer, &c., Clanamola
Sinnamon, John, Derryanvil
Sinton, Thomas, linen manufacturer, Market Street
Slowey, P., publican, High Street
Spence, Bryson & Co., weaving factory, Portmore Street
Stanley, Brothers, grocers, &c., High Street
Stewart, William, M.D., Millicent Terrace
Stieglitz, Baroness Von, Carrick-Blacker
Tate, John, boot factory, High Street
Taylor, W. A., organist, Millicent Terrace
Thompson, A. G., provision dealer, Market Street
Thornton, Arthur, wholesale grocer, &c., Thomas Street and wine and spirit merchant, High Street
Thornton, D., wholesale and retail grocer, High Street
Totton, J., victualler, Market Street
Wakefield, C. F., Corcrain Villa
Wakefield, E. T., Cloncore Castle
Walker, John, Seagoe Cottage
Walker, John, C.P.S., Castle Street
Walker, J., hardware and grocery, Castle Street
Wallace, Hugh, iron monger, watch maker, &c., High Street
Watson, Armstrong, & Co., powerloom weavers, Watson Street
Watson, James, linen manufacturer, Devon Lodge
Waugh, John, book seller, High Street
Weir, Wm., house agent, Clounagh
Wilson, Mrs., undertaker, Edenderry
Wilson, Samuel, grocer, provision dealer and posting establishment, Edenderry
Woods, James, clothier, Woodhouse Street
Wortley, Mrs., draper, Woodhouse Street
Wright, W. H., solicitor, High Street
Wright, John, spirit dealer, High Street
Wright, Joseph, undertaker, painter and decorator and furniture warehouse, Woodhouse Street
Wright, Robert, baker, High Street
Young, John, M.A., Printer and Wholesale Paper Merchant and Proprietor of "Portadown News"



          Is a thriving little seaport and market town in County Down, twenty three miles S.E. by S. from Belfast, situated on the Eastern shore of the strait to the sea that form the entrance to Strangford Lough. From the strength of the current the name "Strong-ford," and hence, by corruption, Strangford is derived. At Portaferry there is a good quay, where vessels of light burden can discharge their cargoes. A considerable trade is done in coal, timber, corn and agricultural produce. The herring fishery is carried on from the month of June to September inclusive. The Market House is a commodious building, in which the magistrates hold Petty Sessions on the last Tuesday in each month. The places of worship are - the Church of Ireland, Ballyphillip, a neat structure; a Presbyterian church; one Methodist church; and a Roman Catholic Chapel. The public institutions consist of a dispensary and three public schools, all under the National Board. Lieut.-General Andrew Nugent, D.L., J.P., is the proprietor of Portaferry, and has a fine mansion and demesne contiguous to the town. The market is held on Saturday, and the fairs on the 31st July and 12th December, and the second Tuesday monthly. The town contained, by the census in 1891, 1,708 inhabitants. A Protestant Hall was built in 1870, and there is a handsome Coast Guard Station at the south end of the town. Messrs. Norton & Co. run an excellent long car, and also the mail car between Portaferry and Belfast.

Post Office and Telegraph Office - Mrs. McFadden, postmistress and telegraph operator
Constabulary Station - Robert Berry, sergeant
Petty Sessions - S. F. L. Neilly, clerk
Commissioner for taking affidavits for Chancery and Law Courts - George E. Bowen, T. A. Warnock
Harbour Master - Patrick Conkey

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. George Greer
Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Boyd, B.A.
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Revs. G. J. Spence and R. Knowles
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. R. Killen, P.P., and Rev. Mr. Kelly

Public Institutions

Dispensary - David Browne, M.D.
Belfast Bank, Ltd. (branch) - J. W. Hamilton, manager
Church (mixed) National School - Miss Morton
Presbyterian (mixed) School - Robert McQuitty
Chapel (mixed) School - J. Devine, teacher
Gas Works - Wm. Smith, manager


Ancketell, Misses, Quinton Castle
Anderson, Mary, earthenware dealer and grocer
Bailie, John, grocer and carpenter
Bailie, Thomas, draper
Baird, Robert
Baxter, Henry, relieving officer, and bailiff for Portaferry estate
Baxter, Robert, blacksmith
Beatty, Thomas, shoe maker
Beck, The Misses, dressmakers
Beck, Hugh, carpenter
Beckett, Rev. Mr., curate
Beringer, Frederick, watch maker, clock maker and jeweller
Bowen, George E., J.P., agent for Portaferry and Quintin Estate, and Fire, Life, and Marine agent
Brown, Hugh, butcher and grocer
Brown, William, grocer
Byrne, Edward, grocer and spirit dealer
Byrnes, William, fish monger and bill poster
Conkey, Mrs., straw bonnet maker
Connelly, Mr., grocer and spirit dealer
Cowan, Joseph, boarding house
Crangle, E., grocer
Crangle, Robert, publican
Crawford, D., timber merchant, grocer and carpenter
Dodds, Alexander, sexton Presbyterian Church
Donaldson, Brothers, blacksmiths
Donaldson, David, merchant tailor
Donaldson, William, blacksmith
Donnan, Henry, J.P., corn and coal merchant, and ship owner
Donnan, John, shoe maker and postman
Dunn, Dr., apothecary and surgeon
Elliott, James, grocer, provision and coal, potato, and corn merchant, Temperance Hotel and posting establishment
Ellison, William, saddler
Filson, Misses
Gaw, David, ship carpenter
Glass, R., Wharaparila House
Greer, John, J.P.
Greer, Rev. G. S., Ballyphillip Rectory
Hamilton, J. W.
Hannigan, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer
Hastings, James, surgeon
Hinds, William, shoe maker
Johnston, Allen, carpenter
Johnston, David, carpenter
Johnston, E. & M. A., dress makers
Kerr, Hugh, Ballyfindra
Killen, Rev. Richard, P.P.
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., Ballytrustan
Lawson, J., & Son, linen drapers and haberdashers
Lennon, Robt., boot and shoe maker
Lennon, Eliza, farmer and lodging house keeper
Little, E. A., haberdasher, milliner and dress maker
Little, Francis, Mountross House
Lowry, Robt., ferryboat proprietor
Magee, James, grocer
Magee, James, saddler and harness maker
Magee, Michael, spirit dealer
Mahood, Captain
Mahood, Thomas, ship carpenter
Mawhinney, Andrew, butcher
Maxwell, Benjamin, Ballyherly House
Miller, Henry R.
Miller, James
Moore, John, Ardkeen
Moorehead, Wm., ferryboat owner
Moreland, James, grocer
Moreland, Mrs., Corrick House
Morrow, William, tailor
Murray, W., carter and general carrier
McAlpine, R. H., painter and decorator
McCappin, Thomas, butcher and grocer
McCartney, James, car driver
McCausland, J., Ballyhenry Farm
McCausland, Joshua, grocer and ironmonger
McCracken, Miss, jeweller
McDonnell, James & Son, grocers, tallow chandlers, soap boilers and ship owners
McDonnell, James, agent English and Scottish Law Life Office, The White House
McDonnell, Robert, woollen draper & haberdasher
McDonnell, Thomas, grocer and merchant
McDowell, J., sewed muslin agent and milliner
McGeean, Jane, dress maker
McGrath, Henry, grocer, spirit dealer, auctioneer, and valuator
McKerry, Margaret, green grocer and lodging house
McManus, James, carpenter
McMath, Mary, grocer
McMeehan, Mrs., Thomastown House
McMullan, William, grain merchant
McMullan, Hugh, tailor
McNabb, Patrick
McNabb, Richard, J.P.
McPolin, Daniel, publican and grocer
McVeigh, George, shoe maker
Nelson, R. & J., ferryboat proprietors
Nugent, Lieut.-General Andrew, J.P., D.L., Portaferry House
Orr, The Misses
O'Pray, J., lodging house keeper and green grocer
O'Prey, Hugh, shoe maker
Park, William, Nugent Arms Hotel
Polly, Alexander, lodging house keeper
Ringland, John, baker
Rogan, James, coal filler and stevedore
Rutherford, J., boot and shoe maker
Savage, William, high constable, Upper Ards
Smith, Dr. Edward, Strand
Smith, Francis, process server
Stewart, Mrs., Quintonbay House
Stoop, Eliza, spirit dealer and grocer
Torney, Joseph, grocer, spirit dealer, and auctioneer
Torney, Thomas, shoe maker
Warnock, The Misses
Warnock, Mrs., Ballywhite House
Watson, James, landsteward
Wilson, Samuel, timber merchant and grocer
Wilson, Samuel, publican and grocer
Young, Hugh, Dunavely House



          Is situated in the County Antrim, on the River Bann, about nine miles from Ballymena and thirty three from Belfast. It is a seat of the hand loom linen works, and a considerable trade is carried on in the manufacture of bricks from the peculiar white clay found on the banks of the river. The surrounding district produces cereal crops in great abundance, and is remarkably suitable for flax. There are three Presbyterian Churches, one Church of Ireland, and one Roman Catholic Chapel in the town. The First Presbyterian Church was rebuilt in 1871, by the Rev. John Houston, minister, at a cost of £3,000. The Roman Catholic Chapel, School, and Presbytery cost upwards of £5,000. A new National School has also been built in connection with the Presbyterian congregations, at a cost of about £500. The Third Presbyterian Church has been repaired and added to, and a handsome round tower built by Rev. A. H. Beatty. Markets every Tuesday; fairs third Tuesday of each month. Grain market every Thursday during the season. Petty Sessions are held on the first Thursday of every month. The town has one public bakery. An agent of the Northern Bank, Ballymena, attends every first and third Tuesday of the month.

Post Office - Postal Telegraph and Money Order Office - Robert Duncan, post master. Two despatches daily (Sundays excepted) at 7-50 a.m. and 4 p.m., and two deliveries, 9 a.m. and 6-30 p.m. The morning delivery and evening despatch only on Sundays
Stamp Distributor - R. Duncan

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. John H. Wright
First Presbyterian - Rev. J. Houston.  Second - Rev. Samuel R. Henry.  Third - Rev. A. H. Beattie
Roman Catholic - Rev. J. McShane, P.P.


Adams, Wm. S., grocer
Adams, Mrs.
Adams, William, jun., seedsman
Adams, Samuel, blacksmith
Agnew, Henry, Culbaine House
Agnew, John, publican
Aiken, Campbell, grocer
Alexander, J. S., J.P., D.L., Portglenone House
Alexander, Robert, J.P., Portglenone House
Barr, Adam, saddler
Beattie, Rev. A. H.
Booth, John, publican and grocer
Boyd, Wm., Glenone
Brady, James, woollen draper
Burns, Miss, N.S. teacher
Connor, John, N.S. teacher
Courteney, Mrs., Glenburn
Crossett, Eliza, publican
Davison, Robert, Ballynease
Diamond, John, publican
Duffin, John, blacksmith
Duncan, Robert, postmaster and clerk of petty sessions, and agent for English and Scottish Law Life Office
Dunlop, John, carpenter
Dysart, Anne
Dysart, John, M.D., J.P.
Dysart, Samuel, woollen draper
Ekin, Wm., M.B.
Fox, Patrick, posting
Frackleton, Rev. S. S., Glenone Glebe
Getty, Robert, grocer
Glass, Wm. James, Gortfadd
Glass, Wm.
Greer, John, whitesmith
Greer, John, tailor
Hamilton, Harry, posting
Hamilton, Hugh, nailer
Hamilton, R., grocer, hardware & timber merchant, and emigration agent
Hamilton, William, nailer
Higgins, Henry, publican
Hilton, H. J., Farmhill, Greenlough
Hilton, Wm., Mountfawn
Houston, Margaret, woollen draper
Houston, Rev. John, The Manse
Jack, Alexander, grocer
Kane, Miss, dress maker
Keenan, Thomas, grocer and spirits
Kelly, James, J.P., Ballynease Cottage
Kenny, Samuel, grocer
Kidd, Sarah, general dealer
Knox, Mrs.
Lynch, Miss
Magill, Rev., C.C., Greenlough
Miller, James, linen manufacturer, Ballynafie
Moore, Miss, N.S. teacher
Murdock, Robert, Glenone
McAuley, Arthur, woollen draper
McCartney, Henry, shoe maker
McCaw, Hugh, grocer
McCaw, Samuel, carpenter
McCaw, The Misses, milliners
McCaw, William, Lisrodden
McDonagh, Rev. P.P., Greenlough
McFadden, Hugh, Gortgola House
McFadden, W. J., Thornhill
McFall, Sarah, grocer
McIlwrath, Andrew, Mountpleasant
McIlwrath, Hugh, Rock Cottage
McIntyre, John, Glenone
McLarnon, John, shoe maker
McLarnon, Robert, boot and shoe maker
McLaughlin, John, Victoria Hotel, Posting Establishment and baker
McMeekin, John, J.P., Churchfield
McMullan, Charles, reed maker
McShane, Rev. J., P.P.
Nevin, Joseph, harbour master
O'Neill, Miss, N.S. teacher
Scott, Hugh, fowl dealer
Scullion, Henry, publican
Shaw, James, tailor
Sloan, John, publican
Smith, Andrew, grocer
Smith, James, emigration agent
Stewart, Wm., N.S. teacher
Thompson, Rev. Isaac, LL.D., Drumbolg
Wallace, Wm., Island House
Whiteside, Hewitt, farmer
Wright, Rev. John H.


Mail car leaves the Post Office daily (Sundays excepted), at 7-50 a.m. and 4 p.m. for Cullybackey station, in connection with trains to Belfast, Londonderry, Coleraine, Ballymena, &c., and leaves Cullybackey for Portglenone at 7-37 a.m., 11-40 a.m., and 5-15 p.m.
Car Service - Portglenone to Ballymena, 7-50 a.m. and 4 p.m.; Ballymena to Portglenone, 4-35 p.m.



          Until recent years Portrush, or "Port Rosse," as it is called by Dr. Todd, situate in the North of Antrim, about six miles North-East from Coleraine, and seven from the far-famed Giants' Causeway, was but a small fishing village. Its popularity as a watering place and the charm and attractiveness of its surrounding scenery has, however, of late, brought it into great repute, and been the means of increasing its population considerably. Year after year handsome and substantial buildings are replacing the rude dwellings which hitherto sheltered the hardy fishermen, and splendid hotels, latest being the new Golf and Hydropathic, affording every comfort and accommodation to the weary invalid or those "on pleasure bent," have been erected in various parts of the town. Nothing, perhaps, has been more beneficial to Portrush than the opening up of railway and steam communication, as by this means pleasure-seekers from all parts of the world have been enable to enjoy a holiday at this "Queen of Watering-places," pay a visit to the Giant's Causeway, an object of admiration and bewilderment to all who gaze on its curious formation, or recruit their health while promenading on Ramore Hill, or the beautiful yellow strand stretching for miles along the shore. The great influx of visitors during the summer months of the past few years has been the means of stirring up the inhabitants to a sense of the importance of making the town as healthful and attractive as possible, and providing sources of amusement during the holiday season. An Improvement Committee, whose services were gratuitously rendered, has contributed not a little to this end, and it is to be hoped this useful body will continue to exert themselves in the way of providing still further sources of amusement during the coming season. A board of Town Commissioners has been appointed in addition to the Town's Improvement Committee. In order to encourage the committee, and at the same time promote the prosperity of the town, the Earl of Antrim, lord of the soil, has generously granted a handsome annual subscription to the funds, and the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway has followed his good example, provided the inhabitants continue to raise an equal sum. We understand the inhabitants have qualified for the receipt of the donations. As the result of this enterprise, there is good reason to believe that ere long Portrush will enjoy all the attractions and conveniences of the most fashionable English watering places. A thorough system of drainage, at a cost somewhat under £3,000, has been completed. A Fishery pier has been erected by the Fishery Commissioners, at a cost of about £1,200. The liberal patronage of Portrush, as a health resort, has encouraged the inhabitants to improve and extend the accommodation, and a number of fashionable villa residences have been erected at Mount Royal and other points, the latest addition being a very substantial and artistic block called Breezemount terrace. The Northern Counties Railway Company have erected a new station, at an estimated cost of about £10,000. A handsome new Methodist Church, erected as a memorial to the late Dr. Adam Clarke, has been completed. There are excellent lending libraries in connection with the Episcopal and Presbyterian Churches, and a branch of the Girl's Friendly Society has been established. Coal and Clothing Clubs for the benefit of the poor of the town and surrounding districts have been established in connection with the Episcopal and Presbyterian Churches. The trip to the Causeway has been rendered both interesting and enjoyable, from the fact that visitors are conveyed by means of the first Electric Tramway in the United Kingdom. The latest additions to the attraction and health-giving recreations of the town is the establishment of a Golf Club, under the distinguished presidency of Lord Antrim, which has already attained to a membership of about 350. In addition to the annual tournament and grand championship competition for cups and other prizes, there are now monthly competitions both winter and summer, and the golf links are regarded as one of the best in Ireland. The popularity of the game and the health-giving exercise which it affords to both ladies and gentlemen, has made the town almost as attractive as a winter resort, as its salubrity, excellent sea bathing, and picturesque scenery has spread its fame as the Brighton of Ireland during the summer season. In addition to the other entertainments, "The Excelsion Military Band" performs each day on the fashionable promenade during the entire season. Steamers call at the port weekly from Glasgow and Liverpool. The bathing accommodation is excellent, and there is a commodious bath-house on the beach, under the same management as the Northern Counties Hotel. It may be added that bathing is safe at all times of the day and in all conditions of the tide; but as a guarantee against accidents a man is always in attendance with life-saving apparatus. With regard to the hotels and the accommodation which they afford it is only necessary to say that they are numerous, comfortable, and convenient. The permanent population is about 1,600, but during the bathing season it increases to about 4,000.

Post Office - Miss Percy, postmistress. There are about three arrivals and four departures of mails daily
Magistrates - Sir Frances E. Macnaghten, Bart., Dunderave; Capt. J. O. Gage, R.M., Coleraine; J. Huey, Coleraine; Lord Macnaughten, James Boyle, Ballymacrae, J. Mains, M.P.; Captain Knox, Strandmore; H. J. Robinson, Kerr Street; William Young, Lisnavarna; Hugh Lecky, Beardiville; R. M. Douglas, Portballintrae; Rev. Jonathan Simpson, Portrush. Petty Sessions are held on the fourth Thursday in each month. Clerk, D. Douglas, Bushmills
Constabulary Barracks, Railway Place. District Inspector, Mr. Rutledge, Ballymoney. The station is in charge of Sergt. Wheatley and five constables
Coastguards, Station, Dockhead - Chief Officer, James Southern, who has four men under him
County Golf Club - President, Earl of Antrim; Captain (1893-94), C. J. Webb, J.P.; Secretary, J. M. Russell; Treasurer, H. A. Macaulay; and thirteen members of council. A new club-house, at a cost of £1,000, is in course of erection
"Union Blue" Masonic Lodge, No. 1008 - Meets in the Town Hall on the first Monday of each month at eight o'clock
Custom House - T. Harty, principal coast officer
Clerk of Markets - John Kerr
Medical officer of dispensary - Dr. Martin

Public Institutions

Portrush Harbour Co. - Receiver's Office, Upper New Row, Coleraine. Harbour Office, Portrush. Directors, Sir Frances E. Macnaghten, Bart., D.L., Dundarave; Col. Leslie, D.L., Leslie Hill; Capt. Cramsie, J.P., Portrush; Daniel McLaughlin, solicitor, Coleraine; A. W. Glover, solicitor; Hugh McIldownie, Clare Park; Samuel Patton, Portrush. Receiver for the company - John Boyd Given, J.P., Coleraine; Secretary, William G. Lawrence, J.P., Portrush; Harbour Master, William Mann, Portrush; Ship Inspector, D. Lindsay
National Lifeboat Institution - Boathouse, off Kerr Street. The institution is supported by voluntary contributions, which are thankfully received by the secretary, Rev. Jonathan Simpson, or W. J. Morrow, treasurer. The boats are manned by fishermen and coastguards in case of accidents or wrecks
Baths - R. J. Haughey, manager
Custom Officer - Robert Bell
Custom House - T. Harty, Coleraine, principal coast officer
Electric Tramway - D. Fall, jun., manager and secretary
Fire Hose Depot - (Provided by Poor Law Guardians), Church Street. Custodians, Robert McKeown, Church Street, and Jas. Lecky, manager of gas works
Gas Works - Spring Hill.  Manager, James Lecky
Schools - Female National School - Teacher, Miss Clarke.  Infant National School - Teacher, Miss Campbell - No. 1 National School - Miss Legg.  No. 2 National School Teacher, Mr. Porter.  No. 3 National School Teacher, Mr. Brown

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rector, Rev. Dr. Kelly; Curate, Rev. Mr. Hackett, M.A.  Morning Service, 11-30 a.m.; Evening, 4-30 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Presbyterian Church - Minister, Rev. J. Simpson; Assistant, Rev. R. Montgomery, B.A. Hours of service, 11-30 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Methodist Church - Minister, Rev. C. E. Caldwell.  Hours of service 11-30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Campbell, P.P.  Hours of service, 10 a.m. during winter months and 12 noon during summer; evening service, 6 p.m.


Messrs. D. Fall & Son, the Harbour, Portrush


Shaw, Allan, Church Street


Bishop, E., Church Street
Fleming, Mrs. Henry, Church Street
Fleming, John, sen., Main Street
Fleming, John, jun., Church Street
Lithgow, The Misses, Church Street
Ross, Hugh, Main Street


Agnew, Samuel, Bazaar Street
Simpson, Hugh, Springhill


McLernon, R., Church Street
Sturrock, David, Ramore Place


Christie, D., Springhill
Esdale, William J., Lansdowne Terrace
Graham, John, Main Street


Cameron, Robert, Church Pass
Hughes, Brothers, Church Street


Graham, Alex., Main Street
McAllister, William, Springhill
Messrs. J. and W. McKay


Bamford, John, Church Street
Fall, Daniel, & Son, Main Street
Patton, Samuel, Kerr Street
Watt, J. R. & Son, Kerr Street


McLernon, Robert, Church Street
Sturrock, David, Ramore Place


Coffee Rooms, Quay - Mrs. Gardner
Farren, John, Dockhead
McComb, C., Main Street
McIlvenan, M.
McLernon, R., Church Street
Osborne Cafe, Antrim Place - Mrs. Riddell
Shaw, George, Railway Place
Simmons, Thomas, Kerr Street


Fleming, Mrs. Henry, Church Street
Fleming, J., Main Street
Moon, Hugh, Quay Street
Sheills, John, & Co., Church Street


Bamford, John, Church Street
Boggs, Mrs., Church Street
Coall, Miss, Church Street
Hamilton and Co., Whitehouse
Henry, John, Church Street
Sloan, The Misses, Church Street
Stewart, Miss, Church Pass


Martin, J. C., M.D., the Medical Hall, Church Street
Scott, Alfred C., Church Street


Shaw, George, Eglinton Terrace
Shiells & Co., Church Street


Leek, George, Magilligan and Portrush Hotel
Rankin, John, Cloughorr


Wm. Markland
Shaw, George, Eglinton Terrace
Smyth, Robert, Dock Head


Bamford, John, Church Street, agent for English and Scottish Law Life and Phoenix Fire Offices
Farren, John, Ramore Place
Kelly, J., grocer, Springhill
Loughran, Michael, & Co., Springhill
Morrow, W. J., Church Street
McAtamney, T. & H., Quay Head
McComb, James, Main Street
McKeown, Robert, Church Street
Scott, Alfred C., Church Street
Shaw, Allan, Church Street
Sheills, John, & Co., City Stores, Church Street
Stewart, Bros., Main Street, provision merchants


Graham, John, Main Street
McKeown, Robert, Church Street
Shiells & Co., Church Street


Bayview Temperance - Miss Bannon
Eglinton - James Massey
Lansdowne - Robert Lee, proprietor
Londonderry Arms - D. McCulla
Northern Counties - M. Hamilton, manager
New Golf Hotel - Thos. Murray, proprietor
Portrush Hotel - Miss Dunn, proprietress
Railway Hotel - W. Ferguson
Ramore Hotel - Michael Loughran
The Osborne Family and Commercial Temperance Hotel


Richardson, Robert, Bath Terrace
Scott, A. C., Church Street
Shaw, Allan, Church Street
Sheills, John & Co., Church Street


Bamford, J., Church Street
Caldwell, J. C., (Marine), Mark Street and Quay
Hetherington, J., Church Street
Jackson, J., Kerr Street
Scott, A. C., Church Street
Sheills, John & Co., Church Street


Gregg, R. J., Portstewart and Portrush


Adams, Miss, Mark Street
Allen, James, Railway Place
Allely, S., Springhill
Arrot, Miss, Eglinton Terrace
Brown, Mrs., Springhill
Burrell, Miss, Church Street
Caldwell, James C., Mark Street
Carson, Miss, Bath Terrace
Cowan, The Misses, Kerr Street
Dinsdale, Miss, Bath Street
Dixon, Mrs., Mark Street
Dodds, Mrs., Bayview
Dripps, Miss, Mark Street
Edmundson, Mrs., Springhill
Esdale, Mrs., Kerr Street
Ferguson, Charlie, Eglinton Terrace
Houston, Miss, Springhill
Houston, Stewart, Mark Street
Houston, Miss, Alexandra Terrace
Houston, A., Methodist Manse
Jackson, J., Kerr Street
Kelly, James, Springhill
Kerr, Misses, Eglinton Terrace
Kerr, M., Avondale, Springfield
Knox, Mrs., Kerr Street
Knox, Miss, Mark Street
Lindsay, David, Mount Royal
Lyons, Adam, Kerr Street
Lyons, R., Mark Street
Magee, Mrs., Bazaar Street
Marjorie, Mrs., Springhill
Mann, S., Quay
Morrow, Mrs., Railway Place
McAllister, Mrs., Springhill
McKay, M., Victoria Terrace, Springfield
Peacock, Miss, Eglinton Terrace
Rankin, Miss, Springhill
Simmons, Mrs., Kerr Street
Sloan, Miss, Alexandra Place
Smith, Miss, Avondale, Springhill
Stewart, Mrs., Kerr Street
Wilson, Miss, Railway Terrace


Eason, Charles & Son, Railway Station, during summer months
Sheills, John & Co., Church Street, agents for the Derry, Coleraine, Belfast and Dublin newspapers; periodicals, &c.
Woods, Miss, Church Street


Lee, Robert & Son, Causeway View
Vienna Art Company, Church Street


Baxter, J. & D., Eglinton Terrace
McCandless, Robert, Railway Terrace
McNeill, Hugh, Kerr Street


Adams, William, Causeway View
Mann, William, Ramore Place
Martin, James, Bazaar Street
McNeil, J., Main Street


Allen, James, Railway Place
Blue, Robert, Springhill
Diamond, Michael, Main Street
Dunn, Miss, Portrush Hotel
Riddell, George, Main Street
Northern Counties Hotel


McAloney & McCay, Church Street


McCandless, John, Railway Place
Williamson, H. D.


Bradley, John, Quay Head
Fleming, James, Quay
Loughran, Michael & Co., Springhill
Milliken, John, Quay
McAtamney, T. & H., Kerr Street


Hopkins, James, Springhill
Kelly, James, Springhill


Bamford, John, Main Street
Caskey, J. H., Church Street
Sheills & Co., Church Street
Simmons, Thomas, Kerr Street
Thompson, Miss, Church Street
Woods, Miss, Church Street


Caldwell, James & Sons, Quay
Fall, Daniel & Sons, Quay, agent for English and Scottish Law Life & Phoenix Fire Offices
Watt, J. R. & Sons, Kerr Street


Campbell, S. H., M.D., Church Street
Carson, J. H., Church Street
Martin, J. C., M.D. (Dublin), Mark Street


Bellas, H. & T., saw mills, Kerr Street


Mercer, J. A., Railway Place



          The little village of Portstewart is situate on the sea shore, midway between Portrush and Coleraine. Historically or commercially it had no pretensions, and cannot lay claim to even a spectral ruin or weekly market. Notwithstanding, the long line of comfortable and substantial dwelling houses, which afford a charming outlook to the sea, would put to shame those in centres of greater commercial industry and progress. The village, it appears, takes its name from a Lieutenant Stewart, who was the first known owner of the estate on which it stands. It is recorded that four little sod cottages, with their gables to the sea, were built by this gentleman on the site now occupied by the residence of Mr. James A. Lyle, the Post Office, and Bath Cottage, and these formed the commencement of what at present is one of the most charming, salubrious, and popular of Northern health resorts. The first tenants of the cottages, it is said, were four fishermen, whom Mr. Stewart brought with him from Innishowen, and furnished with a boat and lines to enable them to follow their usual avocation, the rent and hire of the boats and lines being fixed at a fish each day, when they were caught, and a day's cutting of turf annually in Roselick Bog. Then, as now, Portstewart belonged to the Cromore estate. After the death of Mr. Stewart, the property passed to a Mr. Stafford, and after him to Mr. Cromie, in whose family it still remains, the present owner being Mrs. Cromie, a lady who has done much to promote the happiness and welfare of her tenantry. It is as a health resort that Portstewart justly claims the attention of the wealthy Prince or lowly peasant. In this respect it has few equals, and its quiet and peaceable inhabitants vie with each other in making the temporary home and visits of their patrons as pleasant and as enjoyable as possible. Shut out by nature's bulwarks from the chilly north and withering east winds, visitors can bask in the sunshine during the summer and autumn months among the rocky cliffs, and drink in the pure ozone from the sea, or bathe their languid limbs in its briny waters, which roll up almost to the very doors. To meet the requirements of increasing patronage the owners of houses in the village have within recent years made great improvements, both externally and internally, and the granting of perpetuity leases by the landlady has given a remarkable impetus to the building trade, which, it is believed, will result in the addition of numerous villa residences on a scale even more complete and artistic than any hitherto erected. In addition to the many private houses let for the accommodation of visitors the village is supplied with three commodious hotels, capable of affording comfortable quarters to a large number of patrons. There are also public baths, which are under the experienced and efficient management of Mr. McArevey. A very handsome terrace of new houses, called "Victoria Terrace," in honour of her Majesty's Jubilee, has been completed by Mr. S. R. Henry. Several of the public buildings are worthy of a passing notice. Prominent amongst these is the fine old Castle, standing on a projecting rock rising one hundred feet above the level of the sea. It was rebuilt by Henry O'Hara, Esq., about fifty years ago, and is at present in the occupation of the Rev. James O'Hara, father of the popular Rector of Coleraine. The Church of Ireland, Clarke Memorial (Methodist), Presbyterian Church, Cromore House, the residence of Mr. R. A. C. Montagu, and Portstewart House, the residence of Mr. James A. Lyle, are among the principal local buildings. A new harbour and pier has been completed some time ago, at a cost of £4,000, of which the Board of Works granted £3,000. Mrs. Cromie, proprietress of the estate, contributed £500, and the balance was raised by public subscription. Like many similar works, the advantage gained is hardly commensurate with the expenditure, as the accommodation is very inadequate. In stormy weather the fishermen can only enter the harbour with difficulty. Although Portstewart cannot boast of richness in old ruins, it has been the home of those who wielded a mighty influence among men, and secured for themselves a name that will live in the hearts and homes of the people for generations to come. Amongst these the names of Dr. Adam Clarke (to whose memory a handsome Memorial (Methodist) Church, capable of seating two hundred persons, has been erected) and Dr. Charles Lever, the talented novelist. The village is connected with the Portrush branch of the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway by a steam tramway, so that visitors have no difficulty in reaching it by rail, and we have no doubt when it becomes more widely known it will be more liberally patronised than it has been in the past.

Post Office - postmaster, John Parker
Constabulary Barracks - Main Street. The station is in charge of Sergeant Richard Shire and three constables. District Inspector - W. B. Law, Coleraine
Schools - National (Episcopal) - Teacher, Mr. Thomas Fox, National (Presbyterian) - Teacher, M. McAllister; assistant, Mrs. McCahon. Methodist School - Teacher, John Knox
Public Baths - John McIlreavy, Main Street, manager
Dispensary, Main Street - Dr. John T. Creery, medical officer, attends every Monday
Physician - Dr. Mathers visit Portstewart, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - Martin's Cottage, Church Street

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. E. R. Moncrieff. Services at 11-30 a.m., 6 p.m.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. David Aiken. Services at 12 noon and 7 p.m.
Methodist - Rev. Wm. H. Quarry. Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.


Bakers - Andrew McGowan, Alex. McBride
Blacksmith - D. McLaughlin, Cappagh
Boot and Shoe Shop - James McCurd
Butchers - David Edwinston, J. McGrath
Carpenters and Builders - James McCurdy, Matthew Reid & Sons, Daniel McIlreavy
Coal Merchants - S. R. Henry, Jas. McIlreavy
Confectioners - Andrew McGowan, Mrs. Watt, Miss Gregg
Coffee and Refreshment Rooms - Miss Gregg, Mrs. Turbitt
Drapers - Mrs. Brown, S. R. Henry, J. Parler
Dressmakers - The Misses Finlay, Naar; The Misses McQuilkin
Emigration Agent - S. R. Henry
Fish Merchants - R. Frizzell & Sons
Grain and General Merchant - S. R. Henry
Grocers - S. R. Henry, Mrs. Ditty, Robert Frizzell & Sons, Miss Gregg, W. Martin, Mrs. Watt, Mrs. Ditty, M. Brown, grocer
Hotels - Commercial - J. Gallagher, Portstewart, proprietor
Insurance - Mr. John Steen, The Doey, agent for English and Scottish Law Life and Phoenix Fire Offices
Montagu Arms - Mrs. Scully, manageress
Wright's Temperance Hotel
House Agents - S. R. Henry, John McIlreavy
Lessees Salmon Fishery - W. J. Gray, R. J. Gregg, H. O'Neill
News Agent - Robert Frizzell, John Parker
Posting Establishments - Daniel McCurdy, Mat. Brown, Samuel Wallace
Publicans - John McLaughlin, J. Gallagher, J. Scott
Stationery and Fancy Warehouses - Mrs. Brown, S. M. Henry, John Parker, R. Frizzell & Sons

Lodging Houses

Castleview House - Miss Frizzell
Heathmount - Thos. Fleming, Miss McIlreavy, Robert Fleming
The Hill - Miss McKeag, Mr. Porter, Mrs. Thompson, Miss Hanson, Mrs. Tomb
Main Street - Mrs. Casement, Thos. Martin, Mrs. Ditty, R. Frizzell (Verandah Cottage), Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Thomas McQuiston, Mrs. McCrea, Mrs. John McIlreavy, Mrs. M. Brown, Mrs. John Knox, Mrs. M. McMillan, Miss Gregg, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Watt, Alex. McBride, Mrs. J. McCurdy, Mrs. Ross
The Crescent - Mrs. McConaghy
Church Hill - Miss Keatley, Mrs. Law, Mrs. Connor, Mrs. McWilliams, Mrs. A. Frizzell
Church Street - Miss Wallace, Mr. Houston, Mrs. Martin, Miss Graham, Miss Kirkwood



          Is a brisk little market town in the County Antrim, 17 miles N.W. from Belfast (21 mile by road), and two miles north from the nearest part of Lough Neagh. The river Maine is crossed at the entrance of the town by a stone bridge of nine arches, whence it pursues its course to Lough Neagh, through Shane's Castle Park. This magnificent park extends east and west for upwards of five miles through a richly wooded demesne on "Lough Neagh's banks," and is kindly thrown open to the public by its hospitable proprietor, Lord O'Neill, every Tuesday and Friday. On the banks of the Maine, adjoining the town, is situated the linen factory and bleach works of the old Bleach Linen Company, of which Mr. C. J. Webb is the founder and principal proprietor. The linen goods of this firm are widely known for their high quality and sound blend, attributable to the excellent bleaching quality of the water in the river Maine. Petty Sessions are held first Tuesday in each month. There are three Presbyterian Churches, a Wesleyan Methodist Church, a Roman Catholic Chapel, a spacious Court House, three National Schools, and one which is maintained at the expense of the Right Hon. Lord O'Neill, for the benefit of the children of his tenantry in the locality. There is a Dispensary for the district. A company has been formed for lighting the town with gas. The Northern Banking Company have erected a spacious and handsome Bank House for the transaction of business. There is an extensive weekly market every Wednesday, for flax, grain, pork, butter, meat, poultry, eggs. One of the best grass-seed markets in the North of Ireland is held here; and on the last Wednesday in each month a fair is held for the sale of cattle, sheep, pigs, and other farm produce; and, in addition to these, there are two fairs in the year, on the 16th July and 1st November.

Post Office - Mrs. Marks, sub postmistress
Northern Bank - J. Dinsmore, manager, Bank House; W. Farquhart, cashier
Constabulary Station - Sergeant Boyce
Dispensary - James McKee, M.D., medical officer

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Parish Church, Drummaul - Rev. Thomas H. Abrahall
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. James E. Ferguson, M.A.;  Second, Rev. James Henderson; Old Congregation, Rev. Joseph McKinstry
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Ministers, various
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. McGorrian


Abrahall, Rev. T. H., vicar
Adams, D. & S., watch makers
Adger, John, saddler
Agnew, Nathaniel, pharmaceutical chemist
Armstrong, Francis, tailor
Armstrong, J., draper
Armstrong, Robert, tailor
Barclay, James, spirit dealer
Barnett, Thomas, grocer
Booth, Wm., car owner
Butler & Co., woollen drapers and newsagents
Connor, Mary, grocer
Connor, C., woollen draper
Corry, Robert, assistant surveyor, Co. Antrim
Craig, J., surveyor
Crooks, R. & J., grocers and hardware merchants
Ewing, James, carpenter and builder
Ferguson, Rev. James E., Neilsbrook
French, Charles, Temperance Hotel
Gardner, W. B., veterinary surgeon
Gilbert, The Misses, grocers
Gunn, John, butcher
Hannan, Samuel, woollen draper
Hannan, Charles, spirit dealer
Hannan, Mrs., grocer
Howard, S., Farmers' Hotel and posting establishment
Kelly, Patrick, saddler
Marks, Hugh, grocery and petty sessions clerk
Marks, Mrs., sub-postmistress
Mundell, James, shoe maker
Murphy, Reilly, grocer
McAuley, Donald, hotel & posting establishment
McAuley, Arthur
McDonnell, Michael, J.P., surgeon
McFadden, Hugh, grocer and seed merchant
McKee, James, M.D., physician and surgeon
McKinstry, Rev. J., The Manse
McManus, H., & Sons, steam sawing and joinery mills and builders
McManus, James, carpenter
McNally, James, shoe maker & leather merchant
McNally, Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer
McWilliams, W. J., grocer
Neeson, Peter, grocer
Nelson, Thomas, draper
Nimmo, James, grocer
Nimmons, Robert, shoe maker & leather merchant
Noble, Mrs. Robert, butcher
O'Kane, Bernard, grocer and spirit dealer
O'Neill, Lord, Shane's Castle
Pearson, George, grocer
Robb, W. J., woollen draper
Swan, Thomas, grocer and weigh master
Warden, Robert, grocer
Webb, C. J., J.P., Knockvarre
Weir, John, grocer
White, James, bookkeeper, agent for English and Scottish Law Life Office
Young, George L., J.P., agent for Shane's Castle Estate, Millmount



          Raphoe is a fair and market town, situated 12 miles from Londonderry, 6 from Strabane, 7 from Stranorlar, and 10 from Letterkenny. The weekly market, which is held on Saturday, is well supplied with oats, pork, butter, and eggs. The fairs are held on the first Saturday after 11th January, February, March, April, July, September, October, and December; also, on 1st May, 22nd June, 27th August, and 4th November. These fairs are among the best in Ulster. Cars leave Raphoe at 8 a.m. to meet the down train at St. Johnstone, and returning to Raphoe on the arrival of the 4-40 up train from Londonderry. The population of the town is about 950. The town has improved considerably within the last few years; many of the small houses have been removed, and new and substantial structures have been erected in the town, while some of the older buildings have been very much improved in their general appearance. The First Presbyterian Church in Meetinghouse Street, the Second in The Diamond, and the neat Roman Catholic Chapel on the Convoy Road, are recent erections. The Cathedral of St. Eunan, which is also the Parish Church, is supposed to have been founded in 565. It is a plain building, of cruciform shape, with a square tower about 100 feet high at the west end, built by Bishop Forster in 1738. The church is one of the oldest in Ireland, and contains interesting specimens of the most ancient ecclesiastical architecture. The present energetic incumbent contemplates restoring the original design. There is a prosperous Literary Society connected with the town, which was established in the year 1858. The town owes its prosperity chiefly to the fact of its being placed in the centre of a rich and fertile district, where farming operations are carried out on an extensive scale. Raphoe was distinguished in the Irish Rebellion in 1641, when the town was burnt down by the rebels, and the inhabitants obliged to seek shelter in the Castle (at the time the residence of the Bishop), which was besieged for sixty-three days. The rebels having raised the siege, the besieged, led by Bishop Leslie, sallied forth, and pursued them to Battleburn, near the boundary of the parish, where they were defeated with great slaughter; and again, in the troublous times of 1798, when the loyal inhabitants, under Bishop Hawkins, signalised themselves in many instances in crushing the rebellion in this part of the country. A neat obelisk, erected to the memory of the Protestants of this period, stands in the Bishop's demesne, at Raphoe. The Raphoe Royal School was founded by grant of Charles I. (1627) to the Archbishop of Armagh. The house is a very fine building, in thorough repair, well fitted for the accommodation of sixty boarders. It is situated near the demesne occupied by the Bishops of Raphoe, before the See was united to Derry. The endowment is £220 per annum. The traditions of the school are highly respectable.

Postmaster - J. G. MacCleary. Telegraph Office from 8 a.m. on week days; 9 a.m. till 10 a.m. on Sundays. Money Order and Savings Bank office open from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m., and on Saturdays till 8 p.m. Arrival of mails from all parts, 5 a.m. and 1-5 p.m.; despatch 9-20 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Stamp Office - Distributor, B. Hamilton
Magistrates - R. G. Montgomery, D.L., Convoy; T. B. Stoney, Oakfield Park; C. B. Fenwick, Greenhill; James Clarke, Porthall; A. J. Ellison, Tober; John S. Weir, Carrickbrack Convoy; W. Gallagher, Mulrine
Petty Sessions Clerk - Thomas Thompson
Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the Superior Courts - B. Hamilton
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Wm. E. MacFeeters, M.D.; Deputy Registrar, Thomas Hamilton
Collector of Poor Rates - Thomas A. Clarke, Glenmaquin
Poor-Law Guardian - Joseph Roulston

Places of Worship

Raphoe Cathedral - Incumbent, Rev. Canon Bennett, M.A.
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. Saml. Meek, M.A.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. Jas. Craig Wallace, M.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Kelly, P.P.; Rev. D. McGettigan, C.C.

Public Institutions

Banking Office - The Northern Banking Co. - Manager, Robert Harper
Dispensary - Medical Officer, Dr. Wm. E. McFeeters; Chairman of Committee, Duke of Abercorn; Vice-Chairman, B. Hamilton; Hon. Sec., Wm. McClintock
Educational Institutions - Royal School - Principal, P. J. Blair; Episcopal National School - James Gillespie, teacher; Presbyterian National School - Archibald Dugald, teacher; Roman Catholic National School - Mr. Furey, teacher; Female National School - Mrs. B. Sweeney, teacher
Horticultural Society - President, Col. Montgomery, D.L.; Vice-Presidents, Captain Stoney, J.P.; C. B. Fenwick, J.P.; Treasurer, Thomas Hamilton; Secretary, Thomas Wilson; Assistant Secretary, Robt. McNulty. Home Industries Department, J. Moffatt, sec.
Literary Institution - Treasurer, Robt. Harper; Secretary, J. Moffatt; Librarian, J. Duncan


Agricultural Implement Maker - James Cather
Bakers - J. G. MacCleary, John McCool, C. McCormick, Wm. Wilson
Blacksmiths - James Cather, D. McShane
Boot and Shoe Makers - John McLaughlin, T. Gregg, Samuel Smith
Boot and Shoe Merchants - Matthew Irwin, W. J. White, J. G. MacCleary, John MacFeeters
Builders - James Baird, Andrew Thompson
Butter and Egg Merchants - W. F. Bigger, Matthew Irwin, H. Lecky, Thomas Hayes
Cabinet Maker - Matthew Mitchell
Carpenters - James Baird, Wm. Tinney, M. Lindsay
Carriers or Carmen - James McElhinney, Patk. McDaid
Cattle Dealers - H. Carland, Peter McCool, Owen O'Hagan
Delph, Glass, and China Warehouses - Thomas Hamilton, Matthew Irwin, H. Craig, J. McCool
Dress Makers - Miss Morrison, Miss Baird, Miss O'Hagan, Mrs. McShane, Miss Lowry, John Moffatt, T. J. Ewing
Emigration Agents - Thomas Hamilton, A. Green, J. G. MacCleary
Fowl Dealers - John Stevenson, Hugh Stevenson, Edward Curran
Grocers - Thomas Hamilton, J. C. King, Jos. Roulston, Hamilton Craig, Matthew Irwin, John McCool, J. G. MacCleary, A. Green, James Tinney, C. McCormick, J. Johnston, George L. Craig, P. Clarke
Hardware Merchants - Thomas Hamilton, J. C. King
Herring and Dried Fish - Thomas Hayes, Mrs. McDevitt
Hotels - Thomas H. Holmes, Joseph Roulston, James Green
Insurance Agents - Sun, T. A. Holmes; Patriotic, B. Hamilton; English and Scottish Law Life Assurance Association, Jas. Duncan;  Phoenix Fire, James Duncan; Liverpool and London and Globe, W. McClintock
Leather Merchants - J. G. MacCleary, J. MacFeeters, W. J. White, Matthew Irwin
Life Association of Scotland - Thos. Hamilton
Loan Fund - Treasurer, R. G. Montgomery, J.P.; 1st Clerk, Wm. Craig; 2nd Clerk, Robert Craig
Meal and Flour Dealers - Thomas Hamilton, J. C. King, H. Craig, Matt. Irwin, Joseph Roulston, J. G. MacCleary, A. Green, John McCool, C. McCormick, George L. Craig, P. Clarke
Milliners - Miss Lowry, Miss O'Hagan, Miss Brown, John Moffatt
Nailer - Miles McPartlin
Painter and Glazier - Edward McCosker
Photographer - Edward McCosker
Posting Establishments - B. Hamilton, Joseph Roulston, Wm. Lapslie, O. O'Hagan, Thos. A. Holmes, James Laird
Process Server - James Turner
Public Houses - Owen O'Hagan, C. McCormick, James Laird, Hamilton Craig, John McCool, Mrs. C. McLoughlin, Mrs. Sheldon, Wm. Orr, James Cather
Saddlers - Wm. Russell, Alex. Baxter
Scottish Equitable - Robert Harper, Northern Bank
Scottish Widows' Fund Assurance - Robert Harper, agent, Northern Bank
Seedsmen - Thomas A. Holmes, J. C. King, Joseph Roulston
Solicitors - David Wilson, W. P. Moody
Stationers - Thomas Hamilton, Matthew Irwin, J. G. MacCleary
Tailors - James Fox, T. Hamilton, A. Curran
Timber and Iron Merchants - Thomas Hamilton, J. C. King
Tinsmiths - Wm. Moore, sen.; Wm. Moore, jun.
Traction Engine - John Rodgers & Sons
Watchmaker and Jeweller - Wm. Finlay
Woollen Drapers - Wm. Porter, John McGregor, J. Moffatt, J. Duncan, Miss O'Hagan, Miss Brown, T. J. Ewing



          Is a market town in County Down, twenty four miles S.S.W. from Belfast, situated between Newry and Downpatrick; it stands on the acclivities of a hill, and consists of seven principal streets, which radiate downward from a tolerably spacious square towards the eight roads which surround its base. The summit of the hill, which commands an extensive view of the surrounding country, is crowned by the ruins of an old castle, anciently one of the fortified residences of the Magenises, Lords of Iveagh. The Market House is in the Square, in the upper part of which a Petty Sessions Court is held the first Friday in every month. The Parish Church of Drumgath is a small neat edifice with a tower. There are three Presbyterian Churches, and also places of worship for the Covenanters and Society of Friends, Methodists, and Roman Catholics. The charitable establishments are public schools for children of both sexes, and a dispensary. The Charitable establishments are public schools for children of both sexes, and a dispensary. The general flax and other markets are held on Wednesday, and the grain markets are held on Tuesday and Saturday, and the fairs are on the first Wednesday of every month

Post Office - A. H. Davidson, postmaster
Conveyances - A mail car arrives at Rathfriland from Newry at 5 a.m., and leaves every evening at 7-50. The day mail leaves Rathfriland at 7 a.m., and arrives at Newry at 8-45 a.m., and returns at 9-40 a.m., arriving at 11-10, and returns to Newry at 1-45 p.m., arriving at 3-25 p.m., and returns at 5-40 p.m. A mail car leaves Castlewellan at 9-30 a.m., arriving at Rathfriland at 11-10, returning at 11-20 a.m., arriving in Castlewellan at 1 p.m.

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Church Street - Rev. R. E. Briscoe, rector
First Presbyterian Church, Newry Street - Rev. James Wilson, LL.D.;  Second, Newry Street, Rev. J. Perry;  Third, Newry Street - Rev. G. T. Cooper
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Church Street - Ministers various
Covenanting Chapel, Castle Street - Rev. J. T. Potts
Friends' Meeting House
Roman Catholic Chapel, Newry Street - Rev. T. Gallery, P.P.; and Rev. J. Grant, C.C.

Public Institutions

Branch of Belfast Bank, Church Street - Edward Taylor, manager;  J. McKee, sub-manager;  S. McKee, cashier
Branch of Hibernian Bank - W. Todd, manager
Gas Works - J. Watson, secretary
Dispensary, Main Street - Dr. Elliott, physician, surgeon and apothecary
Rathfriland Sabbath School Union Library - S. Cautley, librarian
Young Men's Christian Association, Castle Street - D. Murphy, secretary
National Schools, Newry Street and Commons
Petty Sessions Office, Market Street - William Fegan, clerk


Adams, D., grocer and provision merchant
Annett, S., draper, agent for English and Scottish Law Life Office
Beggs, Miss, draper
Bell, J., barber
Bell, Miss, grocer and baker
Bell, R., painter
Bell, W., emigration agent and publican
Bell, Wm., tailor
Benagh, S., seed merchant
Bingham, J., publican
Bingham, R., shoe maker
Burns, E., china merchant
Campbell, S., delph merchant
Carr, John, manager gas works
Clements, Mrs., dress maker
Cochrane, C., tinsmith
Cochrane, S., shoe maker
Conor, P., flax buyer
Corbett, R., mill owner and grain merchant
Coulter, J., blacksmith
Cromie, Miss, draper
Cromie, T., saddler
Cunningham, James, draper
Cunningham & Crothers, solicitors
Cupples, W., tailor
Dalzell, D., carpenter
Davidson, Alex., draper
Davidson, Joseph, newsagent and poor law officer
Davidson, William, J.P.
Deaney, J., cabinet maker
Depoe, R., car owner
Dixon, Mrs., Temperance Hotel
Donnelly, Miss, grocer
Downey, A., flesher
Downey, F., butcher
Downey, L., general dealer
Elliott, Dr., Dispensary medical officer
Fegan, W., Petty Sessions Clerk
Fitzpatrick, O., grain merchant
Fitzpatrick, P., grain merchant
Foster, Joseph, leather merchant
Fryar & McSpadden, solicitors
Gartlan, G. H., Q.C., Cabra House
Geddes, J., publican
Grant, E., draper
Hardy, Miss, grocer
Harvery, Rev. J. Ryans
Haslett, Mrs., draper
Henning, T., grocer
Hennon, J., publican
Heron, Dr., coroner
Heron, R., draper
Heslip, Mrs., leather store
Heslip, W., hardware merchant
Heslop, S., hardware merchant
Hood, W., grocer
Hudson & Toman, auctioneers
Hudson, R. J., newsagent and publican
Irwin, J., coal merchant and grocer
Johnston, A. B., auctioneer
Johnston, R., hotel proprietor
Johnston, S., emigration agent and publican
Johnstone, Mrs., hemstitching office
Johnstone, Mrs., publican
Johnstone, R., saddler
Johnstone, W., grocer
Kelly, P., clog maker
King, M., boot and shoe maker
Kirk, A., emigration agent and publican
Kirk, J., publican
Larkin, J., Academical Institution
Lawson, S., grocer and newsagent
Lawson, R., carpenter
Lutton, R., grocer
Maginn, J., shoe maker
Maginn, P., general dealer
Maginnis, H., shoe maker
Martin, J., hardware merchant
May, Dr., J.P.
Meek, B. B., & Sons, mill owners and bakers
Moffett, J., seed merchant
Moore, E., leather merchant
Morgan, Mrs., publican
Morrison, J., provision merchant
Murphy, W., grocer and provision dealer
McAlinden, J., butcher
McAnuff, J., tailor
McAuley, Rev. W.
McAvoy, Dr.
McAvoy, J., emigration agent and publican
McCarrison, J., butcher
McCaughey, P., baker
McClenehan, J. M., J.P.
McCogue, Mrs., publican
McConville, H., publican
McCourt, Dr.
McCourt, Miss, publican
McCracken, Mrs., publican
McCrum, Mrs., publican
McKee, J., pro-manager Belfast Bank, agent for Phoenix Fire Office
McNeill, Mrs., grocer
McPlain, J., tinsmith
McQuid, Miss, grocer
Oswald, Rev. W., rector, Drumballyroney
Park, J., coal and seed merchant
Phillips, D., tailor
Reaney, P., blacksmith and car owner
Reid, M., grocer
Rowan, Miss, hemstitching office and grocer
Rowan, H., grocer
Ryan, A., fruiterer
Scott, R., shoe maker and clog maker
Sloan, James, watch maker
Spiers, Moses, hardware merchant
Steeran, J., publican
Stevenson, Joseph, draper
Stewart, R., saddler
Stewart, T., grocer
Thompson, J., draper
Toman, John, agent for Great Northern Railway, &c., &c.
Toman, S., publican and grocer
Tully, Mrs., dress maker
Watson, J., draper
Watson, John, grocer
Watson, R., chemist and druggist
Wilson, D., coal and seed merchant and grocer, agent for English and Scottish Law Life, and Phoenix Fire Office
Wilson, H. S., grocer
Wilson, R., pawn broker
Wylie, J., seed merchant
Wright, Mrs., dress maker



          Is a post town in County Armagh, and about five miles E. by N. from Armagh; situated on the River Tallwater, in the heart of a rich agricultural and populous district, interested also deeply in the linen manufacture. There is a station of the Great Northern Railway about one mile from the town, and also a station two miles distant at Hamilton's Bawn, on the branch line from Newry to Armagh. There are four places of worship in the village - Church of Ireland,  Presbyterian, Independent Methodist, and Society of Friends. A Good Templars' Hall has been erected, in which public meetings are allowed to be held. Population in 1891, 490

Post Office - D. W. Kane, postmaster
Constabulary - Sergeant Hughes
Dispensary - T. A. Griffith, physician and surgeon
Erasmus Smith's School - Wm. McMahon and Miss Kendrick, teachers

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Kilmore - Rev. W. P. Magee, incumbent.  Richhill - Rev. C. R. Williams, Incumbent.  St. Saviour's - Rev. R. R. Thacker, A.M., incumbent
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thomas McAfee


Best, F. J., J.P., Cushward House, Richhill
Best & Son, grocers, drapers and underclothers
Best, J.  & Sons, proprietors and managers of Richhill Loan Company
Collaghan, William, boot and shoe maker (Callaghan)
Connor, William, cabinet maker
Ford, Jane Eliza, spirit dealer
Greer, William, reed maker
Hardy, Martha, tanner
Hoy, Wm. J., grocer and spirit dealer
Hutchison, Miss, grocer and spirit dealer
Johnston, H. A., Barrister-at-law, Kilmore
Johnston, Rev. Richard, M.A., Kilmore
Kane, W. D., merchant, under taker, and postmaster
McCaldin, Rev. Andrew, The Manse
Orr, James, Course Lodge
Proctor, James, boot and shoe maker
Spence, G., cabinet maker and furniture dealer
Stronge, Major J. H., J.P., Hockley
Thacker, Rev. R. R., St. Saviour's Parsonage
Towell, Joseph, cabinet maker
Walker, David, linen draper
Williams, Rev. C. R., The Parsonage, Richhill



          Is a beautiful watering place in the County Down, nearly two miles distant East from Warrenpoint, and similarly situated as Warrenpoint, for Rostrevor is completely sheltered from the East winds by the mountains, and thus an advantageous place, in point of climate, for invalids, and particularly recommended for persons afflicted with pulmonary disorders. The village is delightfully seated on a gentle declivity, which rises from a little cove of Carlingford Lough, and commands beautiful views of the woods, mountains, and waters of the Lough's basin.  Mr. Inglis, in noticing Rostrevor, says it is, "one of the most beautiful spots in Ireland."  The Mourne Hotel is beautifully situated on the main road between Warrenpoint, Rostrevor and Newcastle, and commands unrivalled views of mountain scenery, which are unsurpassed for grandeur by any in Ireland. The hotel is surrounded by its own ornamental grounds, flower gardens, lawns, and commands views of Carlingford Lough and mountains on the one side, with the charming Slieve Ban mountain and wood on the other. There is also the Woodside Hotel. In addition to the above hotels there is also the long established Sangster's Hotel. South of the town stands a handsome stone monument, erected to the memory of the late General Ross, who fell while leading his troops to victory at Bladensburg, in America. The trade in Rostrevor is trifling, except the extensive bleach greens belonging to the Messrs. Martin & Company, and the Forestbrook Spinning Company. The Church of Ireland forms a conspicuous object to the quiet aspect of the place. There are also a Presbyterian Church and a Roman Catholic Chapel. Fairs - Third Tuesday in each month. Matier's long cars run in connection with the morning trains from Warrenpoint to Kilkeel, through Rostrevor. The village is connected with Warrenpoint to Kilkeel, through Rostrevor. The village is connected with Warrenpoint by an excellent tramway. It is well supplied with water from the Glen stream, which comes direct from the mountains which overhang the village

Post Office - William Shaw, postmaster. Letters arrive daily at 5-25 a.m., and at 10-50 p.m. and at 6 p.m., and are despatched at 2 p.m., and at 7-35 p.m.
Dispensary - T. Agmondisham Vesey, M.B., medical officer

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Kilbroney - Rev. W. C. Barker, Vicar
Presbyterian Church - Rev. T. Morgan, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Matthew Lynch, P.P., Rev. A. Lowry, C.C.


Barker, Rev. W. C., M.A., The Vicarage
Bigger, E. C., Carpenham
Beggs, Mrs., Roxburgh Terrace
Calvert, Miss, Roxburgh Terrace
Calvert, Mrs., Ranfurly Cottage
Calvert, W., Roxboro' Terrace
Calvert, William, merchant
Campbell, Mrs. A., Moygannon
Canning, Hon. A. S. G., The Lodge
Cole, Richard, blacksmith
Crawford, Mrs., spirit dealer and hardware establishment
Crawley, J., Forrestbrook
Cull, Miss, spirit dealer
Dickey, Mrs., St. Bruno's Terrace
Dixon, Sir Daniel, J.P., Ballyedmond
Douglas, W. C., Bellevue, Killowen
Dunn, Bernard, auctioneer and draper
Durant, Edward, Victoria Terrace
Emerson, Mrs., South View
Emerson, R., Fairview, estate agent
Fearon, J. A., spirit dealer
Friendly Girls' Home, Nos. 1 and 2, Glenmore Terrace
Goodwin, Henry, posting establishment
Graham, Hugh, mill manager
Grant, C., National School teacher
Greer, E., J.P., Moygannon
Hall, Mrs. Madden, Moygannon
Hall, Major Rodger, Greenpark
Halligan, Miss, Southview
Horner, Francis, J.P., Strathmore
Hughes, Arthur, Central Hotel
Jones, Miss, fancy warehouse
Kealty, Mrs., Southview
Kilmorey, Earl of, Mourne Park
Leslie, C. E. T., Killowen
Lightbody, N., builder, &c.
Lowry, Rev. A., C.C.
Mahood, Samuel, painter
Martin, David, J.P., Lecain
Masaroon, Mrs., Church Street
Maziere, Mrs., The Ghan
Milligen, Mrs., Avoca Terrace
Moore, Wrigley, Miss, Cloonevin
Morgan, Rev. Thomas, The Manse
McAnulty, W. & P., posting establishment
McBride, Mrs., Rock End Cottage
McBrien, P., Crystal Bath
McCullough, John, grocer
McFarland, James, Seapoint
McGivern, Mary, spirit dealer
McNeilly, Mrs., Rose Cottage
McNeilly, Robert, Roxburgh Terrace
Norton, J. C., Fairy Hill
Nunn, Colonel, The Anchorage
Orme, Mrs., Ranfurlie
Persse, Mrs., Lisnarran
Phoenix Fire Office - W. Shaw, agent
Price, J. C., Knockbarragh Park
Ramadge, Misses, Woodhouse
Ross-of-Bladensburg, Major, Rostrevor House
Shaw, Wm., postmaster, agent for Phoenix Fire Office
Sinton, D. C., family grocer
Sinton, R., St. Bruno's Terrace
Smith, Edward, manager Mourne Hotel
Smith, Mrs., draper
Vandeleur, Miss, Old Hall
Vandeleur, O., Drumsesk
Vesey, T. A., M.D.
Wade, James, M.D.
Walker, A., tram manager
Ward, James, tailor
Weir, Joseph, quarry owner
White, James, butcher
Wrixon, Mrs., Mountain View

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