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1894 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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          Is a thriving village on the coast road between Larne and the Giant's Causeway, and is forty miles north of Belfast. It is pleasantly situated on the shore of a picturesque bay, having a good sandy beach, which is a great attraction, and much frequented by visitors in summer. Garron Tower, built by the late Marchioness of Londonderry, is a fine castellated residence, situated on a bold promontory four miles north from the village, commanding one of the finest sea views on the coast. The harbour, which is safe and commodious, is much frequented by coasting steamers and vessels for the conveyance of limestone, lime, grain, kelp, and iron ore. There is a Town Hall and a Masonic Hall

Post Office - J. McSparren, postmaster. Letters from the South now arrive at 10-30 a.m. and  6-30 p.m.; from Ballymena, 11-10 a.m.; from Cushendall, 3-30 p.m. Despatched to Ballymena, 1-30 p.m.; to the South, 6 a.m. and 3-15 p.m.; to Cushendall, 10-30 a.m.

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland (Ardclinis Parish Church) - Rev. L. P. Storey
Presbyterian Church - Rev. C. M. Cowden conducts services in the Presbyterian Hall
Methodist Chapel - Ministers various
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. M. Hamill, P.P.

Public Institutions

National Schools - Alex. O'Melvana, and Mrs. Darragh, teachers
Harphall National School - Chas. Magill and Miss Glennane, teachers
Hotel (Londonderry Arms) - J. McAlister, proprietor
Coastguards - O'Shea and Chisell


Acheson, G., farmer
Bamford, S., farmer
Benn, J., Effieville
Carnlough Lime Co., shippers of limestone & lime
Caruth, Mrs., Bay Terrace
Craig, John, ship owner
Crawford, A., kelp dealer
Currell, D., grocer
Darragh, D., farmer
Donnelly, B., tailor
English, Robert, clerk
Foster, James (of the Carnlough Lime Co.)
Fry, Thomas, Dromorne Cottage
Greer, J., flesher
Hamill, Rev. M., P.P., Jessamine Villa
Hamill, P., spirit grocer and auctioneer
Hamilton, D., farmer and car owner
Hunter, N., grocer
Hurl, J., shoe maker
Johnston, Mrs.
Kennedy, H., inn keeper and builder
Legg, James, grocer and blacksmith
McAuley, C., farmer
McBride, J., farmer
McBurnie, T., grocer
McCart, A., grocer
McCaw, D., ex-sergeant R.I.C.
McCay, W. J., miller
McIlry, Mrs., Pebble Cottage
McKay, James, farmer
McKay, J., inn keeper
McKendry, T., car owner
McKillen, A., ship owner
McMullan, Alexander, farmer
McNeill, Alexander, ship owner
McNeill, Captain J.
McNeill, D., farmer
McQuillan, Mrs., grocer and milliner
McSparren, J., grocer
Nicholl, Thomas, general merchant
O'Hara, D., farmer
Pettigrew, A., flesher
Reid, David, blacksmith
Reid, Mrs., grocer
Reside, James, grocer, draper and newsagent
Robinson, Mrs., dress maker
Sayers, A., farmer
Stevenson, D., shoe maker
Storey, Rev. L. P., Dromorn House
Thompson, Miss
Toomy, M.
Trodden, Mr. and Mrs.
Turnley, John, J.P., Drumasole
Wilson, Joseph, pilot
Wilson, Mark F., J.P., Drumala
Wright, James, farmer



          Carrickfergus - an ancient market town, and maritime county of a town and parliamentary borough, situate on the north shore of Carrickfergus Bay, or Belfast Lough, and enclosed on all other sides by Antrim County, is eight miles from Belfast. Carrickfergus was formerly a place of great strength, and is rendered memorable by the landing of King William in 1690. The following paragraph from Miskimmin's "History of Carrickfergus" will give some idea of the importance attached :-  "1690 - Saturday, June 14th, about four o'clock afternoon, King William III landed at this quay from the Mary yacht, attended by Prince George of Denmark, the Duke of Ormonde, the Earls of Oxford, Scarborough and Manchester, the Hon. Mr. Boyle, and many persons of distinction. He walked through 'part of the town,' and about half an hour after landing, set off in Duke Schomberg's carriage to Belfast, near which place he was met in State by the sovereign and burgesses. The former presented a very loyal address to his Majesty in the name of the Corporation and other inhabitants, which his Majesty received with much seeming satisfaction."  The Stone (an immense block of basalt) on which the King landed under the shadow of Carrick's ancient castle, is built in the old pier head and is known and revered as "King William's Stepping Stone." On it are roughly carved "W. R." (William Rex). It is an object of great interest and curiosity to many visitors to the town. The county of the town of Carrickfergus extends five miles each way, and is distant from, but locally in, the County of Antrim. It comprises about 16,700 acres, and includes Loughmourne, an inland lake which is situate 556 feet above high sea level, and covers an area of about 90 acres. The waters of this lake have recently been taken by the Belfast Water Commissioners, an Act of Parliament having been obtained by them for that purpose. Salt was discovered at Duncrue, Carrickfergus, on the property of the Marquis of Downshire, in 1851, and a few years ago it was also discovered at Eden, a village about a mile from Carrickfergus on the Larne side, where a mine was opened by Mr. M. R. Dalway, D.L. In 1889, the interest of the proprietors of the various mines in the district was purchased by The Salt Union Limited, and all the mines, four in number, are now being worked under their control. Messrs, Charles Tennent & Co., Chemical Manufacturers, of St. Rollox, Glasgow, opened a mine at Eden in 1889, and the work is now carried on under the style of "The Chemical Salt Company Limited." Messrs. William Vint & Sons, of Carrickfergus, also opened a mine in the same district, the interest in which they disposed of to Mr. Dundas Simpson, of Edinburgh, who has formed a limited company, and the business is conducted in the name of "The Salt Mines Syndicate, Limited," whose registered office is al Leith. Recently another mine was sunk on Lord Downshire's property near Eden, and salt was found at a depth of 432 feet from the surface. A new company called "The Carrickfergus Salt Works Company Limited" has been formed to work the latter mine. The imports consist of coal, timber, slates; and the exports of grain, rock salt, and limestone. The parish church of St. Nicholas possesses a few monumental memorials, the most remarkable and worthy of notice being one of the Chichester family. Its public buildings are the Town Hall, Market Place, Parish Church, three Presbyterian, a Baptist, an Independent, a Methodist Church, Roman Catholic Chapel, Court House, and Jail - the latter used as a barrack by the Antrim Artillery Militia (Southern Division Royal Artillery). The Corporation, which was styled "The Mayor, Sheriffs, Burgesses, and Commonalty of the Town of Carrickfergus," under the provisions of the Municipal Reform Act was dissolved, and a Board of Municipal Commissioners constituted, in whom is vested the corporate property. The borough formerly returned a member to Parliament, but on the passing of the Redistribution of Seats Bill, in 1884, it was amalgamated with the East Division of County Antrim, which is now represented by Captain James M. McCalmont. The town has much improved of late, and the several factories in the neighbourhood contribute greatly to its prosperity. The harbour has been enlarged, and is connected on the West side with the Northern Counties Railway by means of a Railway constructed in 1885, in pursuance of the Tramways (Ireland) Acts, dividends at the rate of 5 per cent. on the capital being guaranteed by the Grand Jury of the County of the Town of Carrickfergus. Vessels of large build can now discharge and load cargoes here, and enter the harbour at almost any state of the tide. In the summer of 1891 the harbour was dredged at a cost of nearly £1,000, the Public Works Loan Commissioners having allowed the instalments of principal and interest on the harbour loan to remain in abeyance, to enable the Harbour Commissioners to carry out the dredging. The wooden shipbuilding trade is now almost obsolete, but iron shipbuilding is actively carried on at the shipyard adjoining the Belfast Road, and a dry dock has been constructed into which ships of large tonnage can enter for repairs. The oysters taken off the coast are prized for their size and flavour. The Northern Banking Company Limited, has a branch in the town. Carrickfergus is the headquarters of a coastguard division, as also the centre of a National Educational district. A branch of the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway terminates at the town, and communication has been established between this town and Larne by means of the Carrickfergus and Larne Railway. In 1851 the population of the county of the town was 8,520; in 1861, 9,417; in 1871, 9,397; and in 1881, 10,009; and in 1891, 8,909

Post Office - Miss O'Gorman, postmistress
Carrickfergus Gas Company (Limited) - Office and Works, Irish Quarter West. The capital stock of the Company consists of £3,000, divided into 600 transferable shares of £5 each. Directors, Robert Cambridge, chairman; L. L. Macassey, C.E.; John Herdman, Johnston Bowman, William A. Adamson, William Mann. Auditor, David Pasley. Manager - Andrew Todd. Secretary, David Gillespie
Markets - Grain, potatoes, &c., Saturday; pork and butter, Monday; cattle, first Saturday of each month.
Fairs - First Saturday in February, first May, first Saturday in August, and first November
Barn Spinning Mills - James Taylor & Sons (Limited), proprietors
Belfast Water Works, Woodburn - George E. Reilly, superintendent
Duncrue Spinning Mill - Alex. Beverley, proprietor
Salt Union (Limited) - Alexander Miscampbell, manager
Carrickfergus Salt Works Company (Limited) - James Logan, local manager; Silas Evans, 9 Victoria Chambers, Belfast, secretary and general manager
Chemical Salt Company (Limited) - James Walker, manager
Salt Mines Syndicate (Limited) - J. Clarke, manager
Joymount Bleach, Dye, and Print Works - C. J. Spencer, proprietor
Kilroot Bleach Works
Shipbuilding Yard, Belfast Road - Robert Kent & Co., proprietors
Sullatober Bleaching and Print Works Company (Limited) - S. Maxwell, managing director
Woodburn Weaving Factory - Wm. McKean and Brice Smyth, proprietors
Carrickfergus Harbour Junction Railway - Capital, £6,500 in 650 shares of £10 each
Belfast and Northern Counties Railway - Stationmaster, Carrickfergus - W. J. McDowell
Literary and Scientific Society of the Union Hall - Patron - Mr. Thomas Greer, J.P., F.R.G.S.  President - Mr. C. A. W. Stewart, B.L.  Secretary and Treasurer - Mr. David Pasley.  In connection with the Society there are a library, museum, and news room.
Gill's Charity - This charity was established pursuant to the will, dated 23rd March, 1761, of Alderman Henry Gill, of Carrickfergus, and has for its object the annual support and maintenance for ever of fourteen aged men, reduced in their circumstances, and who are not able to get a maintenance to themselves, and who have either been born in, or inhabitants of, the town and parish of Carrickfergus from their youth. The property of the charity produces at the present time an annual income of about £300, which is almost double what the yearly produce was at the date of the bequest. The entire income is applied by the trustees in accordance with the terms of the will of the donor; but, as the charity is a private one, no accounts are ever issued to the public. The present trustees are - M. W. E. Dobbs, D.L.; Thomas Greer, J.P., F.R.G.S.; Wm. Johns, C. A. W. Stewart, B.L.; Wm. Gorman, J.P., S. P. Close, C.E.; G. E. Kirk. Secretary - David Gillespie. Meet first Monday in April and October
Sheil's Charity - A sum of money bequeathed by a benevolent gentleman of that name - a native of Killough, County Down, a successful merchant of Liverpool - for the purpose of building 21 comfortable houses for respectable persons in reduced circumstances. These houses are rent free, and each inmate receives £10 a year, with fire and light, on condition of raising £10 a year towards his own support. Open to residents in Co. Antrim and County of the Town of Carrickfergus. There are similar institutions in Killough, Dungannon, Armagh, and Dublin. Trustees - M. R. Dalway, D.L.; M. W. E. Dobbs, D.L.; Thomas Greer, J.P., F.R.G.S.; Wm. Bell, J.P.; J. Raphael, J.P.; C. A. W. Stewart, B.L.; W. A. Woodside, J.P.; Rev. S. Edgar Stewart, B.A.; Rev. George Chamberlain, B.A.; Rev. William Dempsey, P.P.  Superintendent - Robert James.  Secretary - E. S. Obri.  Meet first Monday in January, April, July, and October
Member for East Antrim - Captain James M. McCalmont
High Sheriff - Colonel James Craig, J.P., Garron Tower, 1893-4
Sub-Sheriff - Robert Kelly, jun.
Magistrates - Austin Cornwall, Marriott R. Dalway, John Girdwood, S. G. Fenton, A. Forsythe, Thomas Greer, A. J. A. Lepper, George McAuliffe, Robert McMurray, W. D. D. Wilson, W. A. Woodside, M. W. E. Dobbs, J. S. Exham, John Macaulay, Wm. Porter, William Gorman, Daniel Bowman, Henry I. Johns, John Coates
Municipal Commissioners - Elected for three years on 25th November, 1891 - Daniel Bowman, J.P., chairman; William A. Adamson, Robert Alexander, Hugh Douglas, William Gorman, J.P.; David Gray, James C. Holden, Robert Johnstone, David Kerr, Charles M. Legg, James Logan, Wm. Mann, Samuel Maxwell, Thomas Moore, Charles McBrinn, Alexander Rodgers, and Robert Shaw. Town clerk, James Boyd. Borough Treasurer, George Gray. Auditor, Colonel R. Massy Studdert. Solicitors, W. & D. Johns. Borough Assessors - W. A. Woodside, J.P., and Robert Hart
Harbour Commissioners - Same as Municipal
Harbour Master - David Robb
Ballast Master and Collector of Dues - David Robb
Coroner - Arthur Mussen, M.D.
Inspecting Commander of Coastguards - Captain Charles Tatton Turner, R.N.; naval chief officer, Mr. Charles Hickey
Secretary to the Grand Jury - R. Kelly, jun., Union Hall Chambers, Carrickfergus, and 45 Donegall Street, Belfast
Clerk of the Crown - H. McN. McCormick, Belfast
Clerk of the Peace - Charles H. Brett, Belfast
Crown Solicitor - Edward Bates, Royal Avenue, Belfast
Sessional Crown Solicitor - Joseph Carr, Donegall Street, Belfast
High Constable - James Whiteford
Clerk of Petty Sessions - James Boyd, Town Hall
County Surveyor - John H. Brett, C.E., Belfast
Assistant Surveyor - James McNeill, Carrickfergus
Returning Officer - Wm. M. Moore, 41 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin
Poor Rate Collector - Wm. J. Alexander, office, West Street
Commissioner for taking Affidavits - James Boyd, C.P.S.; office, Town Hall
Inspector under the Explosives Act - James Boyd, C.P.S.; office, Town Hall
Dispensary, Union Hall, High Street - S. Killen, M.D., medical officer
Relieving Officer - Thomas G. Feeney, Copeland Terrace
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - S. Killen, M.D.; deputy registrar, James Boyd.  Office - Dispensary, High Street
Sanitary Officer - S. Killen, M.D.; sanitary sub-officer, Thomas G. Feeney

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Church Street - Rev. George Chamberlain, A.B., rector; Rev. W. H. Askins Lee, M.A., curate
First Presbyterian Church, North Street - Rev. John Stewart, B.A.
Joymount Presbyterian Church - Rev. S. Edgar Stewart, B.A.
Woodburn Presbyterian Church - Rev. H. McC. Douglas
Loughmorne Presbyterian Church - Rev. Wm. Close
Independent Church, Albert Road - Rev. James Lyon
Unitarian Church, Joymount Bank - Rev. Thos. Smyth
Methodist Church, West Street - Rev. C. H. Crookshank, M.A.
Baptist Church, Albert Road - Rev. Albert Woodward
Roman Catholic Chapel, Minorca - Rev. W. Dempsey, P.P.
Ebenezer, Greenisland - Undenominational meetings

Public Institutions

Bank - Branch of the Northern Banking Co., Ltd. - Manager, David Pasley; accountant, W. Smyth
Albert Road School - Alex. Robinson, principal; Miss Morrison and Miss Thompson, assistants
Aldoo National School - J. Patton, principal; Miss Rodgers, assistant
Barn Mills National School, Scotch Quarter - Wm. McDowell, principal; Miss Sarah McConnell, assistant
Bellahill Female National School - Miss Connor, principal
Alexandra School, High Street - (Ladies' Boarding, Day, and Intermediate) - The Misses Nelson, principals
Commons National School - Herbert Martin
Eden Female National School - Miss S. J. McCrudden
Joymount National School - R. Logan, principal; Miss Milliken and Miss Agnes Beattie, assistants
Knockagh National School - D. L. Aicken
Kilroot National School - Joseph Anderson
Loughmorne National Schools - No. 1, Alex. Forbes; No. 2, W. J. Barry
Minorca Place National School - Male, Michael Ryan, principal; female, Miss Devlin, principal; Miss O'Gorman, assistant
Model Schools, Belfast Road - Boys' department, Hugh Boyd, B.A., principal; Charles Maguire and Robert O'Neill, assistants; girls' department, Miss Coulter, principal; Miss Naismith, assistant; infant department, Miss Cleary, principal
Parochial Schools, Lancasterian Street - Male, Jas. Wolfe; female, Miss Bigley; infants, Miss McConkey
Private and Boarding School for young gentlemen preparing for the universities - Rev. J. Hamilton Bennett, B.A., Kilroot House
Sullatober National School - W. J. Cambridge
Trooper's Lane National School - Miss Mitchell
West Street National School - J. C. Casement
Woodburn National Schools - No. 1, William A. Young; No. 2, Miss M. Stevenson
Law Courts - Criminal Sessions twice each year; Petty Sessions, held by the magistrates of the borough, every second Tuesday; and Petty Sessions for the County Antrim, third Monday of each month.
Carrickfergus Advertiser and East Antrim Gazette, published every Friday - Proprietor, James Bell, High Street
News Rooms - Union Hall, High Street; Young Men's Christian Institute, Lancasterian Street
Town Hall - James Boyd, town clerk
Constabulary Station, High Street - J. Duncan, head constable
Temperance Café (Young Men's Christian Association), High Street


Adamson, Wm. A., spirit dealer, Irish Quarter South
Alexander, Robert, draper, West Street
Alexander, D. B., High Street
Alexander & Co., coal merchants, Governor's Place
Allen, Miss, Fannoran, Greenisland
Arbuthnot, W. H., solicitor, High Street
Archer, Miss, Orlands
Barry, Ezekiel, Greenisland
Bashford, James, spirit dealer, Quay Gate and Castle Street
Beattie, Thomas, Old Arch Tavern, North Street
Beattie, Misses, dress makers, High Street
Beggs, Wm., grocer and tobacconist, North Street
Bell, James, printer, stationer, newsagent,, glass, china, earthenware, and fancy goods shop, and circulating library, Corner House, High Street and North Street
Bell's Photographic Studio, North Street
Bennett, Rev. J. Hamilton, B.A., vicar of Templecorran, Kilroot House
Birnie, Miss, Scotch Quarter
Black, D. & Co., drapers, West Street
Blackburne, H., Copeland Terrace
Bowman, Daniel, draper, West Street
Bowman, Johnston, watch maker, West Street
Boyd, Henry, Sunnylands
Boyd, James, town clerk, Joymount
Boyd, Robert, grocer, North Street
Boyle, Martha, spirit dealer, North Street
Bury, George, spirit merchant and billiard rooms, Joymount Bank
Byrtt, William, boot maker, North Street
Cambridge & Co., grocers, wine, spirit, timber, iron merchants, registered druggists, gun powder agents, and sawmills, High Street
Cameron, J. & G., bakers & grocers, North Gate
Carnaghan, Robert, fish monger, ship chandler, fruiterer and green grocer, Market Place and Governor's Place
Caruth, Walter, builder, Irish Quarter West
Caters, Ezekiel, carpenter and builder, Irish Quarter West
Caulfield, J., grocer and car owner, Irish Gate
Chamberlain, Rev. George, B.A., The Rectory
Close, Rev. W., Rockview
Close, S. P., C.E., Fodeen
Cornwall, Austin, J.P., Scotch Quarter
Crookshank, Rev. C. H., M.A., Methodist Manse, Scotch Quarter
Crookshank, Mrs., The Anchorage
Davey, Edward, Victoria Hotel, High Street
Davey, Robert, grocer and hardware merchant, West Street
Davey, William, Belfast Hotel, High Street
Dean, J., & Sons, plasterers, High Street
Dean, J., plasterer, Essex Street
Dempsey. Rev. W., P.P., Minorca Place
Dobbs, M. W. E., D.L., J.P., Castle Dobbs
Donald, J., flesher, Irish Quarter West
Douglas, Rev. H. McC., Woodburn Manse
Edmonds, Mrs., grocer, Scotch Quarter
Evans, Hugh, accountant, Slate House
Evans, Patrick, farmer, Slate House
Fisken, Alex., Bayview, Greenisland
Forsythe, James, grocer, Irish Quarter South
Forsythe, John, draper, West Street
Frazer, John, confectioner and tobacconist, North Street
Garrett, John, Meadowbank
Getty, William, railway inspector, Bayview Terrace
Giles, John, jun., Rhanbuoy Park
Gorman, Misses, dress makers, West Street
Gorman, Richard, merchant tailor, High Street
Gorman, William, & Son, Grocers, Hardware, and Seed Merchants, Sawmills, Timber, Tile, and Slate Yards, Market Place and Castle Street
Graham, James, Watchmaker, and Sewing and Knitting Machine Depot, Market Place
Graham, Miss, Rocklands
Grant, A., coachbuilder, North Street
Gray, David, Rhanbuoy Oark
Gray, George, borough treasurer, Victoria Street
Green, Robert, Governor's Place
Greene, John K., Downshire Park
Greer, Thomas, J.P., F.R.G.S., Seapark
Hamilton, Mrs., grocer, North Street
Hamilton, Mrs. T., spirit dealer, Irish Gate
Hamilton, William, spirit dealer and auctioneer, North Street
Hart, Miss, milliner, High Street
Hayes, J., flesher, North Street
Hayes, Mrs., flesher, West Street
Higgin, W., Rosganna, Kilroot
Higginson, Captain, Dunloskin
Holden, J. C., Scotch Quarter
Holden, Thomas, grocer, Albert Road
Holmes, John, plumber and gas fitter, North Street
Jellie, John, Farmhill
Johns, Alex. Digby, solicitor, Green Edge
Johns, T. Digby, solicitor, Rosebrook
Johns, Henry I., J.P., Belfast Bank Director, Joymount Court
Johns, William, solicitor, Joymount Court
Johnstone, Charles J., New Bath, Greenisland
Johnstone, Francis, Glenfield, Greenisland
Johnstone, Robert, jun., New Bath, Geeenisland (Greenisland)
Kelly, H. C., Sub-Sheriff County Down, Seaview, Greenisland
Kelly, Robert, jun., Secretary to Grand Jury, Seaview, Greenisland
Kelly, R., sen., solicitor, Seaview, Greenisland
Kelly, Stuart, Seaview
Kerr, David, grocer, West Street
Kerr, Mrs., green grocer, West Street
Killen, S., M.D., High Street
Kinsey, Major E. J., R.A., Belmont
Kirk, George Edmondstone, Thornfield
Kirk, Pardo, St. Catherine's
Kirkpatrick, W., merchant tailor, High Street
Larmour, William, teacher of navigation, Joymount Bank
Law, John, boot maker, North Street
Legg, Charles M., Coal Merchant, Governor's Place
Lepper, A. J. A., J.P., Rhanbuoy
Lockhart, Thomas, grocer, West Street
Logan, James, spirit dealer, West Street
Logan, Miss, grocer, Irish Quarter West
Lynn, Henry, Albany Cottage
Lyon, Rev. James, Copeland Terrace
Lyons, Thomas H., North Lodge
Lyttle, James, grocer, West Street
Magee, John, spirit dealer, Irish Quarter West
Mann, Thomas, green grocer and fruiterer, Market Place
Mayne, Hugh, car owner, North Street
Miller, George L., painter, Albert Road
Milliken, David, general draper, West Street
Milliken, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, Lower Woodburn
Mills, Mrs., spirit dealer, Davys Street
Miscampbell, Alex., Governor's Place
Mitchell, Miss, dress maker and milliner, Market Place
Moffatt, Wm., spirit dealer, Irish Quarter South
Molesworth, A. L., Captain Royal Artillery, Scotch Quarter
Montgomery, Mrs., Woodlawn
Moore, John, boot and shoe maker, North Street
Moore, Thomas, ship owner, High Street
Moore, William, spirit dealer, North Street
Morrison's Hotel, High Street
Morrison, William J., spirit merchant, North Street
McAlister, Wm., M.D., Joymount Parade
McAllister, H., grocer and provision dealer, North Street
McAllister, James, blacksmith, North Gate
McCartney, T., grocer and provision dealer, West Street
McCaughen, Joseph, Windmill Hill
McChesney, Andrew, painter, Albert Road
McClelland, John, car owner, Albert Road
McConnell, Charles, fowl dealer and grocer, North Street
McConnell, J., hairdresser, Irish Quarter West
McConnell, Robert, grocer, Albert Road
McDowell, James, blacksmith, Lancasterian Street
McDowell, James, saddler, Irish Quarter West
McDowell, Robert, tailor, Albert Road
McDowell, Samuel, painter, Irish Quarter West
McDowell, W. J., station master, Victoria Street
McElwaine, A. J., M.A., Inspector of National Schools, Downshire Park
McGiffin, Richard, stock and share broker, Joymount
McGiffin, William, ship owner, Joymount
McIntosh & Girvin, tailors, Market Place
McMurtry, Robert, spirit dealer, Scotch Quarter
McVea, John, saddler, High Street; boot & shoe warehouse, Market Place
Nelson, Misses, educational establishment, High Street
Owens, W. J., Copeland Terrace
O'Gorman, Miss, postmistress, Market Place
O'Gorman, T., spirit dealer, Albert Road
O'Rorke, Howard, solicitor, Tignamara, Greenisland
Pasley, David, manager of Northern Bank
Patrick, Mrs., High Street
Patterson, John, green grocer, fruiterer, and confectioner, West Street
Pinkerton, Miss, dress maker, Albert Road
Pirrie, J. B., Glyn Park
Porter, Miss, Hawthorne Villa
Porter, Robert J., solicitor, High Street
Porter, Wm., jun., Governor's Place
Porter, Wm., J.P., Bayview, Greenisland
Rice, James, shoe maker, Irish Quarter South
Robinson, William, flesher, Market Place
Rodgers, Alexander, builder, Schomberg Street
Rodgers, James, baker, North Street
Rodgers, Paul, Belfast Road
Rowan, Miss, Scotch Quarter
Sellers, James, spirit dealer, Green Street
Shannon & Holden, coal merchants and agricultural salt distributors, Governor's Place
Shannon, Mrs., Burleigh Hill
Singleton, Thomas, spirit merchant, High Street
Smyth, Brice, Prospect
Smyth, Mrs., draper, Irish Gate
Spear, Miss, High Street
Sproull, Mrs., Scotch Quarter
Stark, Mrs., Scotch Quarter
Stationery, Toy, and Delf Co., 7 West Street
Stewart, Charles, A. W., Barrister-at-Law, director of the Great Northern Railway Company and Ulster Spinning Company, Scotch Quarter, and 10 Henrietta Street, Dublin
Stewart, Rev. John, B.A., The Manse, Belfast Road
Stewart, Rev. S. Edgar, B.A., The Manse, Joymount
Stewart, Charles, pawn broker, North Street
Stewart, William, spirit dealer, Gray's Buildings
Stuart, Bros., grocers and seed merchants, North Street
Taggart, Mrs., Governor's Place
Thompson, Mrs., Leslie House, Joymount
Thomson, James, grocer, Victoria Street
Todd, W. J., hairdresser, West Street
Turner, Wm., grocer, Irish Quarter West
Vint, William & Sons, general merchants and ship owners, coal importers, and jam and jelly manufacturers, West Street, and Jam Factory, Unity Street, Belfast
Walker, Mrs., grocer, West Street
Walker, James, manager, Chemical Salt Co., Limited, Downshire Park
Weatherup, John, bookkeeper, Scotch Quarter
Weatherup, T. D., boot and shoe warehouse, and auctioneer, West Street and Furniture Mart, Victoria Place
Wier, J., M.D., West Street
Wilbond, J., captain Royal Artillery, Downshire Park
Wise, B. D., Silverstream, Greenisland
Woodside, David, Castle Rocklands
Woodside, W. A., J.P., Castle Rocklands
Young, Paul, grocer, Irish Quarter West



          Is a market town in County Monaghan. The town derives its name from the family of Blayney and the Castle, which was erected here by Sir Edward Blayney in the reign of James I., who created him Baron Blayney of Monaghan. There are a Market House, a Court House, News Room and Concert Hall in one building. There are a Union Poorhouse and a Dispensary in the town. There are general Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and Petty Sessions are held every alternate week. There are two commodious and comfortable hotels. The places of worship are - the Parish Church of Mucknoe (a chaste specimen of architecture), two Presbyterian Churches, one for Wesleyan Methodists, and two Roman Catholic Chapels. The markets are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday for grain, and Wednesday for sale of flax. Fairs on the first Wednesday in each month. Population in 1891, 900

Post Office, Castle Square - Mary C. Kelly, postmistress

Places of Worship

Parish Church of Mucknoe, Church Street - Rev. George Irvine, rector; Rev. Joseph Ruddell, curate
Presbyterian Churches, Lakeview - Rev. R. H. Smythe; Frankford, Rev. Thomas Bartley; Bloomfield, Rev. J. McCully
Wesleyan Methodist, Church Street - Rev. H. N. Kevin
Roman Catholic Chapel, Church Street - Rev. John Canon Hoey, P.P.; Rev. Francis Ward, C.C.; Rev. Joseph Rapmond (Raymond), C.C.

Public Institutions

Belfast Bank - W. D. Smith, manager
Bank of Ireland - Samuel M. Wade, agent; John. Whiteside, sub-agent
National Schools, Church Street - Edward Lennan and Mrs. O'Reilly
National School, No. 2, Market Street - Edward Gardner and Amelia Gardner, teachers
Union Workhouse, New Street (Counties Monaghan and Armagh) - 21 electoral divisions. Board meets on Wednesday - Chairman, R. C. Leslie, J.P.; vice chairman, C. De B. Fox, J.P.; clerk and returning officer, Samuel McBirney; master, James Murphy; John Wilson, M.D.  Protestant chaplain, Rev. G. Irwin; Presbyterian chaplain, Rev. R. H. Smythe; Roman Catholic chaplain, Rev. J. Canon Hoey
Dispensary, West Street - J. P. Clark, M.D., J.P.
Constabulary Station - Sergeant McDonald and Constable John McDonnell


Bailey, John, grocer and iron monger, Noble Street
Bailie, Robert Ellis, solicitor, West Street
Bates, Wm., Brewery Street
Bartley, Rev. Thos., The Square
Boyd, D., draper, West Street
Brannigan, Mrs. M., baker and grocer, Henry Street
Burns, Francis, tailor and cutter, West Street
Callan, The Misses, bakers, West Street
Callan, Mrs., Hopefield
Callan, Robt., York Street
Carragher, E., spirit dealer, West Street
Carragher, Peter, spirit merchant, Noble Street
Clarke, J.P., M.D.
Clements, David
Cooney, Mrs., draper and milliner, West Street
Corrigan, Peter, spirit dealer and hardware merchant, West Street
Coyle, Mrs. M., spirit merchant, West Street
Craig, Chas., & Co., grocers, West Street
Crozier, George, miller, Liskeenan
Crozier, Thomas, provision and spirit merchant, Noble Street
Cullen, Gerald, solicitor, West Street
Daly, John, baker and spirit merchant, West Street
Donnelly, Thos., Church Street
Drum, Thomas, painter and glazier, Henry Street
Duffy, James, spirit merchant, West Street
Duffy, Cormac, spirit merchant and baker, West Street
Finnegan, Miss M., baker, West Street
Fitzgerald, James, West Street
Fitzgerald, William E., West Street
Flanaghan, James, leather dealer, West Street
Flanagan, Miss Catherine, West Street
Fleming, Robert, tin and copper smith, West Street
Fleming, Robert, draper, West Street
Gilmore, Mrs. G., Laurel Hill
Gorman, James, victualler, West Street
Grant, Bryan, stucco plasterer, Henry Street
Grey, James, grocer, West Street
Grey, Mrs. John, dress maker, West Street
Grimson & Graham, butter and egg merchants, Noble Street
Hamilton, George, grocer and iron monger, West Street
Hamilton, William, jun., P.S.C.
Hoey, Rev. J. Canon, P.P., Parochial House
Hughes, James, tailor, Noble Street
Hunter, Edward, grocer and druggist, West Street
Irvine, Rev. G., The Rectory
Johnston, Albin, spirit merchant and grocer, West Street
Kelly, Owen, baker, Noble Street
Kelly, Thomas, spirit merchant, Noble Street
Lamie, Mrs. A., Noble Street
Laverty, Charles, spirit dealer, Noble Street
Lunney, James, tailor, West Street
Marron, Mrs., spirit merchant, West Street
Miller, Miss, The Square
Molloy, Henry, iron and coal merchant, West Street
Moore, Charles, cooper, Henry Street
Mullan Bros., spirit dealers, West Street
Mulligan, James, saddler, West Street
Murphy, Bernard, spirit merchant, Noble Street
McBennett, John, grocer and spirit merchant, West Street
McBirney, Samuel, Killycard
McBride, William, grocer, Noble Street
McClelland, James, coach builder, Noble Street
McCully, Rev. J., Bloomfield
McDonnell, Charles, butcher, West Street
McEneany, Thomas, draper
McGovern, James, entertainment, West Street
McGrath, John, draper, West Street
McLerney, Bryan, nail maker, West Street
McMahon, T., horse dealer, Bree, Castleblayney
McMorran, Miss, West Street
Orr, Frank, Fern Villa
Park, Wm. John, leather store and shoe merchant, Noble Street
Pentland, Herbert, Drumcrew Cottage
Persse, J. G., solicitor, Noble Street
Pringle, Bobert (Robert), butter and egg merchant, Noble Street
Pym, Albert, The Lodge
Quigley, Mrs. Mary, baker, grocer, &c., West Street
Rodgers, Richard, saddler, West Street
Rooney, James, grocer and spirit dealer, West Street
Rooney & Co., drapers, West Street
Rooney, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Noble Street
Rowney, Alex., & Co., drapers, West Street
Ruddin, Owen, fowl merchant, York Street
Shannon, Phoebe, leather dealer, West Street
Shevlin, Peter, provision merchant, York Street
Sheridan, Thomas, spirit dealer, West Street
Sloan, J., printer, West Street
Sloan, Mrs. E., stationer and book seller, West Street
Smith, Patrick, T.C., spirit merchant, West Street, chairman of Town Commissioners
Smith, Rev. R. H., The Manse
Smith, W. D., West Street
Spence, R., chemist and druggist, West Street
Stephenson & Co., butter and egg factors, York Street
Stewart, Wm., civil bill officer, Noble Street
Swanzy, James, solicitor
Swanzy, Miss, The Square
Taylor, James A., J.P., Maudslea (Mandolea in 1890)
Thompson, Josias, auctioneer, West Street
Thompson, Robert, victualler, West Street
Topham, Mrs., The Square
Tuite, Mrs. Mary, Noble Street
Watson, Robert, builder and hardware merchant, Noble Street
Whiteside, John, The Square
Whitley, W. J., Noble Street
Wilson, John, M.D., Castle Square
Wood, David, Hope Arms Hotel and auctioneer, West Street


To Dublin, Belfast, Enniskillen, Derry, per Great Northern Railway - James Irwin, station master. A car leaves the Post Office at 6-10 a.m. each day for Newry, returning at 6-20 p.m.; a car leaves the Post Office at 9-5 a.m. each day for Armagh, returning at 3-55 p.m.; a car leaves the Post Office at 7-5 p.m. each day for Monaghan, returning at 5-30 a.m.



          The pretty little town of Castlecaulfield is situated almost in the centre of County Tyrone, and is one of the most prosperous of the numerous villages and small towns by which it is surrounded. It in a great measure owes its increasing prosperity to the extensive and commodious Factory, which not only gives employment to the inhabitants, but to the surrounding district as well. The Postal arrangements are all that could be desired, and the erection lately of Telegraphic communication has rendered business very accommodating. The Parish Church stands second to none for neatness and comfort, and Presbyterian and Methodist denominations have also very comfortable and artistic churches. The old Castle and grounds are the chief feature of antiquity, and come in for a fair share of visitors during the summer months. Two National Schools constitute the chief seats of learning, being well attended by the juvenile population.


Acheson, David, J.P., linen manufacturer
Bowen, Charles, labourer
Branigan, Owen, carpenter
Burrows, James, spirit merchant
Burrows, William, bellman
Cardwell, S., farmer
Caulwell, John, cloth passer
Clark, Thomas, butcher
Conden, Mrs.
Daly, John, blacksmith
Dixon, Edward, lapper
Ferry, J. & W., grocers
Gallery, Tom, tenter
Gilligan, Mrs.
Grimes, James, butcher
Grimes, Robinson, butcher
Hall, Edward, farmer
Hall, Mrs.
Hall, Tom, blacksmith
Hamilton, James, farmer
Harper, William, labourer
Hinchey, William, postmaster
Hinchy, James, grocer
Hughes, Wm., factory manager
Hull, Mr., school teacher
Kelly, Annie, dress maker
Kelly, Thomas, land steward
Kerr, James, tailor
Kirk, Tom, blacksmith
Kirk, Wm. John, shoe maker
McClean, Rev. R., The Manse
Murphy, John, nailer
Patterson, Samuel, gardener
Patton, Joseph A., grocer
Revel, Samuel
Robinson, A., weaver
Rowan, Tom, tenter
Smyth, J. G., clerk
Tenor, James, spirit merchant
Thompson, Tom, baker
Thornberry, Ritchie, shoe maker
Truesdale, James, hall keeper
Waddell, William, lapper
Walker, Mrs.
Williamson, John, grocer and egg dealer
Wilson, William, scutcher



          Castledawson Town, in County Londonderry, about twenty four miles from Belfast, is delightfully situated on the Moyola River, on the road from Magherafelt to Ballymena, and rather more than two miles N.W. of the north-western extremity of Lough Neagh. The river is crossed by a stone bridge of one arch, supposed to be the largest span in Ireland, erected by the Dawson family, and hence its former name of Dawson's Bridge. Its present appellation is derived from its proprietor, Mr. Joshua Dawson, who, in 1710, was Chief Secretary for Ireland, and erected, in 1713, a castle, of which only the ruins remain. The bridge was built in 1796. Moyola Park, the seat of the Dawson family, adjoins the town, and is a beautiful demesne, through which passes an ancient avenue, three miles in length, opening on a magnificent view of Lough Neagh, to which it extends. The manufacture of cotton prevails in the town and neighbouring district, and the making of coarse earthenware and bricks is carried on extensively. The stained glass windows of the Church are much admired, and the recent additions and renovation which it has undergone makes it a perfect model. There are also places of worship for Presbyterians and Wesleyan Methodists. A School House has recently been erected at the entrance to Moyola Park by the Hon. Mrs. Dawson, at a cost of upwards of £200, which makes four Schools in all under the National Board. Population in 1891, 600.

Post Office - T. R. Tipping, post master
Church of Ireland - Rev. Moriarty Kinelly
Presbyterian Church - Rev. R. Charleton
Methodist Chapel - Various ministers
National School - Miss Martin, and Wm. Gribben


Ash, Thomas S., J.P., Manor House, Bellaghy
Blakeley, Alexander, dyer
Bruce, Col. H. S. B., J.P., Ballyscullion House
Chichester, Lord J. A. C. S., J.P., Moyola Park
Clark, Charles F.
Convery, Rodger, spirit dealer
Davidson, Mark, linen manufacturer, Bellaghy
Davinson, Robert, carpenter
Dawson, F., Moyola Park
Dawson, James, grocer
Devlin, Francis, blacksmith
Doherty, Henry, nailer
Dougherty, John, spirit dealer, Bellaghy
Douglass, William, spirit merchant
Evans, Robert, mason
Evans, Miss, dress maker
Garvin, George, hotel and posting establishment
Garvin, James, grocer
Garvin, James, Tamnadace
Garvin, J. A., grocer
Garvin, Stephen, grocer and spirit merchant
Garvin, William, grocer
Gaussen, Campbell, J.P., Parkview House
Graham, George, station master
Houston, Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Keenan, R., nurseryman, Leitrim
Keenan, John, Leitrim
Kelly, David S., petty sessions clerk
Kelly, Mrs., Glenvale, Bellaghy
Kennedy, Charlotte, spirit dealer, Bellaghy
Kennedy, Henry, spirit dealer and posting establishment
Kerr, Bernard, millwright
Loudin, Patrick, cattle dealer
Mann, Henry C., Fairview
Mann, Thomas, farmer
Mann, William Church, posting establishment
Mawhinney, William, Hillhead
Miller, Robert, linen manufacturer, Greenhall
Mitchell, William, law clerk
Morton, James, linen manufacturer, Bellaghy
Murdock, Mrs., woollen draper
Murphy, James, blacksmith
McCann, Edward, grocer
McCrea, Rev. Thomas, The Manse, Bellaghy
McGuckin, Mrs., grocer
McKendry, Henry, farmer, Hillhead
McKendry, Messrs., grocers and provision merchants
McKenna, Daniel Taylor
McKenna, William, tailor
McMullan, John, grocer
Nelson, Alexander, civil bill officer
O'Hara, Sarah, spirit dealer
Pickering, James, land steward
Sands, Rev. G., Curran
Speer, Andrew, farmer
Speer, Mrs., delf and china shop
Stanton, William, Rowensgift
Stewart, J., grocer, haberdasher, stamp distributor and assistant registrar Births, Deaths, and Marriages
Stewart, John, grocer
Stewart, James, Farmhill
Thompson, George, builder
Tipping, Thomas, carpenter
Thompson, Dr. G., dispensary, Bellaghy
Warner, Mr., Inspector of Schools
Weir, John, supervisor of Inland Revenue
Wiley, Mary, board and lodgings
Woodend, Thomas, grocer



          Is a thriving market town, in the County of Down, sixty three miles N. by E. from Dublin, nine S.W. from Downpatrick, ten from Ballynahinch, and four miles from the fashionable watering-place of Newcastle. At the foot of Slieve-na-lat (or the Rod Mountain), and on the shores of a beautiful lake abounding with trout, stands the massive mansion of the Earl of Annesley, who enjoys the title of Baron of Castlewellan in the peerage of Ireland. Within two miles of the town is Tollymore Park, the picturesque residence of the Earl of Roden. There is a branch of the Northern Banking Company; also, a Post Office Savings Bank. The linen trade is carried on largely. The spinning, weaving, and bleaching concerns of the Messrs. Murland are on an extensive scale, propelled by steam and water power, and lighted by gas made on the premises. These enterprising and public spirited gentlemen give much employment in the neighbourhood, and greatly benefit the locality. The Parish Church was erected and endowed by Earl Annesley, at a cost of or £7,000. It is built in the early English style, of blue and white granite. There are also Presbyterian and Methodist Churches, and a Roman Catholic Chapel, built entirely of Magheramayo granite. It was designed by Messrs. Heavy & Thompson, Killyleagh. The granite produced from the Magheramayo quarries is now known to be superior to any in existence for endurance, and beauty when finished. The Court House stands in the centre of the town, in which Petty Sessions are held once every month. Pork market every Wednesday. The market is on Monday, and the fairs monthly. Population in 1891, 902

Post Office - Letters from Dublin and the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at 6-45, and are despatched every evening at 6-25. Letters from Scotland and England arrive every day at 2-45 p.m., via Newry - (this arrival is specially for the town, as there are no despatches on the arrival of this mail) - and from Belfast and the North of Ireland every evening at 6-30, and are despatched every morning at 6-45. A post car leaves every day (Sunday excepted) for Newry, via Rathfriland, at 10-15 a.m. A post car leaves every morning on arrival of post car for Bryansford and Newcastle, and returns by the same route in time for the Newry car in the evening

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland (St. Paul's), Castlewellan - Rev. James Hart, A.M., incumbent; Bryansford - Rev. A. Lanktray
Presbyterian Church, Castlewellan - Rev. Hugh Watson
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Castlewellan - Rev. Edward De Courcey
Roman Catholic Chapel, Castlewellan - Rev. John McWilliams, P.P., and Rev. T. MacDonald, C.C.

Public Institutions

National School (No. 2) - Mr. James Chapman and Miss Helen Robinson, teachers
National School - Mr. Bernard McGlave and Miss Gilmore, teachers
Endowed School, Bryansford - Mr. W. A. Bourk and Miss Lockhart, teachers
Stamp Office - William Hanna
Dispensary, Bryansford - Robert Magill, M.D.
Petty Sessions Clerk - Whiteman Hillyard


Agar, Wm. John, civil bill officer
Allen, George, J.P.
Allen, John, J.P., Mountpanther
Annesley, Earl of, J.P., Castlewellan Castle
Bingham, David, farmer
Bleakley, William, slater and plasterer
Brown, Rev. P., Seaforde
Burns, Michael, butcher
Burns, Patrick, butcher
Burns, Miss, bakery
Cardwell, Lawghey, tailor
Charlton, James, tailor
Clarendon, Samuel, M.D., Newcastle
Cochran, William, tinplate worker
Conn, Robert, saddler
Coulter, Sergeant, R.I.C.
Cowan, Charles, posting establishment
Cunningham, John, boot and shoe maker and posting establishment
Cunningham, J., spirit dealer
Cusack, Thomas, sadler (saddler)
Donnelly, C., blacksmith, Bryansford
Donnen, Hugh, mechanic, Annsboro'
Dougherty, James, farmer
Enery, Sarah, china merchant
Fitzpatrick, Ellen, spirit dealer, Clough
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, shoe maker
Flanagan, Owen, grocer
Forde, Lieut-Col.. W. B., D.L., J.P., Seaforde
Garrett, J. H. Moore, J.P., Woodlawn
Gibson, James, painter and glazier
Gibson, Sarah, nurse
Gifford, James, bleacher
Gilmore, Mrs., school mistress
Gilmore, William
Gracey, John, carpenter
Graham, J., grocer and haberdasher, Bryansford
Gray, George, M.D., J.P.
Hagan, Wm., butcher
Hall, Robert, clog maker and shoe maker
Hanna, Mrs. James, Mill Hill
Hart, Rev. James, incumbent St. Paul's
Heenan, Thomas, spirit dealer
Herron, Robert, Roden Arms Hotel, Bryansford
Holton, William, Northern Bank, agent English and Scottish Law Life
Hule, James, bookkeeper
Jennings, James, nailer
Jones, James, stone cutter
Kelly, James, grocer and leather seller
Kerr, John, blacksmith
Kerr, Wm., dairyman and ship agent
King, John
King, J., soda water manufacturer and spirit dealer
King, Michael, boot and shoe maker
King, Miss Rose Ann, haberdasher
Leeson, James, lodging house keeper
Lennon, John, fish dealer
Leslie, Captain, Ballyward Lodge
Lindsay, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer and spirit dealer
Linton, David, tailor and grocer
Magennis, Arthur, spirit dealer
Martin, Andrew, china warehouse and grocer
Meharg, Mrs. A., spirit dealer, grocer, and iron monger
Moffat, W., Annsboro'
Montgomery, T., mill manager
Mooney, Bros., grocers, wine and spirit merchants
Morgan, Mrs. James, Commercial Hotel
Morrow, Mrs. Robert
Munn, Eliza, straw bonnet maker and dress maker
Murland, James, flax spinner & linen manufacturer
Murland, C., J.P., Ardnabannon Cottage
Murray, Patrick, auctioneer, Clandaraghan
Murray, Miss, haberdasher
Murray, H., surgeon, Clandaraghan
McAleenan, James, contractor and builder
McAleenan, James, auctioneer
McAlennon, John, County Surveyor
McCann, John, grocer and spirit dealer
McCartan, Ann, haberdasher
McCartan, Bernard, grocer and spirit dealer
McCartan, J., spirit grocer and iron monger
McCartin, Michael, spirit dealer and post office, Leitrim
McCartin, Robert, farmer and grocer
McCartin, James, baker
McClean, John, farmer and dealer
McGaw, James, M.D.
McGlave, Patrick, National school teacher
McGuire, Dominick, B.A., National school teacher, Annsboro'
McKinney, John
McKinney & Co., woollen drapers
McMullan, James, merchant grocer
McMullan, Hugh, spirit dealer
McNulty, Mary, haberdasher and grocer
McQuaid, Patrick, baker
McWilliams, Rev. John, P.P.
MacHendry, P.
Ochiltree, Thomas, saddler
Owens, Bernard, spirit dealer, Backaderry
O'Flinn, John & Daniel, woollen drapers and auctioneers
O'Halloran, Francis, haberdasher and woollen draper
O'Neill, J., Commercial Hotel & posting house
Patterson, J. T., woollen draper
Plunkett, A., spirit dealer
Porter, R. J., woollen draper
Quin, D. S., sub-agent, Annesley office
Radcliffe, Miss, haberdasher
Radcliffe, David, spirit dealer, Clandaraghan
Richmond, Andrew, plumber and gasfitter
Robinson, Joseph, farmer, Ballywillwill House
Roden, Earl of, Tollymore Park, Bryansford
Rogers, James, blacksmith
Russel, R. S., watch and clock maker
Smith, James, carrier
Stewart, James, woollen draper
Stewart, John, millinery and haberdashery
Stranaghan, William, grocer and iron monger
Stronge, C., The Lodge, Bryansford
Thompson, James, veterinary surgeon
Thompson, Brothers, haberdashers and iron mongers
Thompson, Francis, general merchant
Thompson, Samuel, draper
Thompson, W. H., Castlewellan
Tomelty, James, boot and shoe maker
Toner, John, carrier
Trohear, Abel, clog maker and ship owner
Tufts, Andrew, book seller, stationer and car proprietor
Tuft, Samuel M., veterinary surgeon
Wallace, Samuel, lodging house keeper
Ward, Edward, butcher
Watson, Rev. Hugh, Diamond Hill
Wilson, A., spirit dealer and grocer
Wilson, R., mill engineer
Wilson, George, watch and clock maker
Wisdom, White, shoe maker


To Belfast - Mail car leaves Newry every morning at half past three, passing through Rathfriland at 5 a.m.; Castlewellan, 6-30 a.m.; Clough, 7-30 a.m.; and Downpatrick, 8-30 a.m., in time for the 10 o'clock mail train
To Newry - A car leaves every evening at thirty minutes past six, goes through Rathfriland.
The first train leaves Newcastle at 8-40 a.m., one horse car leaves A. Tuft's & Cowan's at 8-45 a.m. to meet the train from Belfast, which arrives in Newcastle at 9 a.m. This car takes down passengers to go to Belfast by the 9-45 train, and brings back any persons coming by the 9 train. The same car leaves Castlewellan again at 11-45 to meet the 12-30 train from Belfast, and returns immediately to Castlewellan. The same cars leave Castlewellan again at 5-44 p.m., with passengers for Belfast by the 6-30 p.m. train, and returns immediately with any passenger which arrive from Belfast for Castlewellan by 6-17 p.m. train.
A car leaves every morning at 10-15 a.m., arrives in Rathfriland at 1-15 p.m., and Castlewellan at 2-50 p.m.
Car leaves Tuft's every day, Sunday excepted, at 11 a.m., to station at Ballyroney, to meet down train at one o'clock, returning to Castlewellan at 2-30



          Is a market and post town, the capital of the county of its name, and was formerly a Parliamentary borough, but is now a township. Cavan is situated on the road between Dublin and Enniskillen, fifty five miles from Dublin, and sixty six from Belfast. The places of worship are the Episcopal Church, a handsome structure; a Presbyterian Church, a Methodist Church, and a Roman Catholic Cathedral; St. Patrick's College, and St. Joseph's Convent. There is a Classical School, chartered by Charles I.  There is a market for grain every Monday, and a general market every Tuesday. The fairs are held on the second Tuesday in each month, except May fair, on the 14th, August fair, on the 14th, and November fair, on the 12th day of the month. The population in 1891 was 3,229.

Post Office, Market Square - Letters from Dublin and South of Ireland, also from England and Scotland, are delivered at 7 a.m. and 1-10 p.m., and are despatched at 12-45 p.m. and 6-30 p.m.  Miss Mahaffy, postmistress

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Farnham Street - Rev. W. C. McCausland, M.A., rector; Rev. RT. E. Rudd, B.A., curate
Presbyterian Church, Farnham Street - Rev. W. McDowell
Methodist Church, Farnham Street - Rev. T. Davis
Roman Catholic Cathedral - Right Rev. E. Magennis, bishop; Rev. F. Teevan, Adm.; Rev. J. Flood and Rev. B. McGovern, curates

Public Institutions

Banks - Bank of Ireland, Main Street, H. Thompson, agent.  Provincial Bank of Ireland, Farnham Street, Mr. Harpur, manager. Ulster Banking Co. Ltd., A. R. Norton, manager
Royal School - Mr. Hampton, B.A., principal
Union Workhouse - Thirty three electoral divisions. Board meets on Tuesday. Samuel Saunderson, Cloverhill, chairman; James Reilly Lacken, vice chairman; W. J. Hamilton, J.P., deputy vice chairman; Joseph D. Grier, clerk and returning officer; Ralph Mulligan, master; Dr. McCabe, medical officer. Chaplains, Episcopal Church, Rev. W. C. McCausland; Roman Catholic, Rev. F. Teevan; Presbyterian, Rev. W. McDowell
County Infirmary, Main Street - Treasurer, Rev. W. H. Hutchinson; surgeon, A. Leslie Mease, M.D.; matron, Miss Ladley.
Probate Registry Office - S. Jones, solicitor
Town Commissioners - Wm. Finlay, chairman; Thomas McGuinness, town clerk
Stamp Office, Main Street - Thomas J. Smyth, sub-distributor
Constabulary Station - County Inspector, Mr. Rodger; district inspector, C. D. H. I. Jephson
Commissioner for taking Affidavits - Thomas J. Smyth, 100 Main Street., Cavan; and John Harris, Crown and Peace Office
Cavan Gaslight Co. - James Brady, secretary
Hotels - Farnham Arms, Mrs. Sheridan, proprietress; Royal, Mrs. Mervyn, proprietress


Allan, r., solicitor, Farnham Street
Beattie, W., publican, Main Street
Brabzon, J. A., Farnham Street
Brady, James, draper and engineer, Main Street
Brady, Bernard, grocer, Main Street
Cahill Bros., drapers, Main Street
Carson, Mrs., Farnham Street
Cinnamond, Robert, victualler, Church Street
Corry, J., publican, Wesley Street
Crawford, H. F., C.E., Church Street
Cullen, J., publican, Main Street
Daniel, William, coach builder, Main Street
Downy, John, Main Street
Farnham, Right Hon. Lord, Farnham House
Fay, John, J.P., Moyne Hall
Fay, John, draper, Main Street
Fegan, John, J.P., printer, bookseller, and stationer; proprietor of Cavan Weekly News, Main Street
Fegan, Edward & Co., auctioneers, Laurel Lodge
Fegan, W. J., solicitor, Market Square
Foster, John, grocer, Bridge Street
Foster, A. E., draper, Bridge Street
Galligan, James, sen., publican, Main Street
Gannon, John & Co., drapers, Main Street
Glancey, Patrick, cooper, Bridge Street
Grier, Joseph D., Tower Hamlet
Hale, E. J., grocer, Main Street
Hampton, Mr., Royal School
Hanbury, Rev. W. C., Ford Lodge
Harpur, Mr., manager Provincial Bank of Ireland
Hartley, J. E., solicitor, 99 Main Street
Hartley, James, draper, Main Street
Hartley, James, & Son, drapers and grocers, Main Street
Haughton, Joseph, confectioner
Hollwey, Wm., publican, Railway Road
Hutchinson, Fredk., boot warehouse, Bridge Street
Jones, R., apothecary
Jones, S., solicitor, Wesley Street
Kennedy, Edward & James, tobacco manufacturers, 34 Main Street
Kennedy, Hugh P., Crown Solicitor, Farnham Street
Kinnear, The Misses, dress makers, Market Square
Magennis, Right Rev. Dr., Cullies House
Maguire, The Misses, drapers, Main Street
Mahaffy, Miss, postmistress
Malcomson, William, M.D., Farnham Street
Malony, James, baker, Main Street
Marron, P., publican, Mill Street
Matthews, James, M.D., Main Street
Matthews, Wm., painter and glazier, Church Street
Mease, A. Leslie, M.D., Church Street
Mee, Wm., publican, Railway Road
Mervyn, Mrs., proprietress Royal Hotel, Main Street
Moore, Mark, M.D., Farnham Street
Moore, Wm., boot maker, Wesley Street
Morris, Wm. H., plumber, Main Street
Morrow, W. R., grocer, auctioneer, &c., Bridge Street
Murtagh, Edward, victualler, Bridge Street
McBreen, F., solicitor, Farnham Street
McCabe, John, M.D., petty sessions clerk, Church Street
McCann, J., grocer, Main Street
McCausland, Rev. W. C., M.A., The Rectory
McClintock, John, cabinet maker, Church Street
McCollum, Samuel, grocer, Church Street and Main Street
McDowell, Rev. W., Farnham Street
McElnay, John, publican, Main Street
McManus, P., grocer, Bridge Street
McManus, P., grocer, Main Street
McManus, P. J., draper and auctioneer, Main Street
Norton, A. R. (Manager Ulster Bank)
O'Brien, Mrs., printer, bookseller, and stationer, Main Street
O'Brien, John, provision dealer and posting establishment, Bridge Street
O'Connor, The Misses, apothecaries, Main Street
O'Donnell, James, car owner, Main Street
O'Donnell, John, watch maker, Main Street
O'Shea, P., publican, Main Street
Ramsay, Robert, grocer, Main Street
Reilly, Francis, publican, Main Street
Reilly, Patrick, tailor, Main Street
Roberts, Robert, grocer, Main Street
Rodger, L. B., Inspector R.I.C., Farnham Street
Sheridan, Mary Ann, proprietress of Farnham Arms Hotel, Main Street
Shone, Right Rev. Samuel, D.D., The Palace, Kilmore
Simons, James, saddler, auctioneer, &c., Main Street
Smith, Andrew, butcher, Main Street
Smith, James, saddler, Main Street
Smith, J., grocer, Main Street
Smith, J., leather merchant, Church Street
Smith, Louis, C.P., solicitor, Farnham Street
Smith, Patrick, publican, Bridge Street
Smith, Samuel, whitesmith, Mill Street
Smyth, Thomas J., printer, bookseller, and station, Main Street
Somerville, R. N., C.E., Drumbar
Stuart, Miss, draper and toy shop, Main Street
Swan, James, saddler, Main Street
Taggart, J., coach builder, Church Street
Thompson, Henry, agent Bank of Ireland
Thompson, J., grocer, Main Street
Townley, J., Arnmore House
Trench, Arthur, J.P., Dromkeen
Vance, Wm., auctioneer, Earl's Vale
Whelan, Mrs., grocer, Main Street
Newspapers - Cavan Weekly News, published on Friday; office, 19 Main Street; price 1d.  Proprietor, John Fegan - Anglo Celt, published on Saturday. Proprietor, Mrs. O'Hanlon, Church Street. Price 1d.



         Clones is a market town in County Monaghan, fifty three miles from Belfast, twelve and a half S.S.W. from Monaghan. There is a good Market-house, Courthouse, Town Hall, and butter and pork markets. Clones is connected by railway with Cavan, Dundalk, Enniskillen, and Belfast. The general market is held on Thursday, and the grain market on Friday, and the fair on the last Thursday in each month. The County Court Judge sits twice a year for the transaction of civil business. Population in 1891, 2,710.

Post Office, Fermanagh Street - James Hayes, post master, Fermanagh Street.  Letters from Dublin and South of Ireland, also from England and Scotland, arrive every morning at 3-40 a.m., and are despatched every evening at 2-15 p.m. and 8-50 p.m.; letters from Belfast and the North of Ireland, also from Scotland, arrive at 10-30 p.m., and are despatched every evening at 2-15 p.m. and 8-50 p.m.; letters from Enniskillen and the West of Ireland arrive at 3-40 a.m. and 10-30 p.m., and are despatched the following day at 5-5 p.m. and 8-50 p.m.

Public Institutions

Bank of Ireland, Diamond - H. E. Swaine, agent
Northern Bank (branch office), Diamond - A. Dudgeon, manager
Ulster Bank, Diamond - William Gallaway, manager
Northern Fire and Life Assurance Office - Agent, James Wilson, 7 Whitehall Street
National School, Pound Hill - J. McMahon, teacher
National School, Cara Street - David Carson, teacher
Royal Insurance Fire and Life - Geo. Knight, solicitor, agent
Clones Young Men's Christian Association - This Association, having for its object the literary and religious improvement of its members, meets every Tuesday evening, at eight o'clock, in the rooms, Diamond.  President, William Park, J.P.
Town Commissioners - George Knight, chairman; James Fleming, Wm. Thompson, Geo. Graham, John Geough, John Noble, W. N. Ferguson, William Earls, Creighton Duggan; John Robinson, Town Clerk; Edward Doonan, Town Sergeant; Wm. Burgess, crane master
Union Workhouse - (Counties of Monaghan and Fermanagh) - Sixteen electoral divisions. Board meets on Thursdays. Samuel Kidd Jackson, J.P., Scotsboro', chairman; Joseph Carson, J.P., vice chairman; William Park, J.P., The Hill, Clones, deputy vice chairman; Alexander Bailie, clerk and returning officer; Richard Henry, M.D., medical officer; Thomas Wiggans, Master; Miss Coulson, matron; Miss E. Coulson, school mistress
Fever Hospital - Alex. Knight, M.D., Medical Officer
Courthouse Keeper - Mrs. Kelly
Constabulary Station, Diamond - District Inspector, J. Lalor; head constable, ? Kerwin

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Diamond - The Venerable Archdeacon Finlay, rector
Presbyterian Church, Stonebridge - Rev. Mr. Whyte
Presbyterian Church, Clones - Rev. J. S. Glass
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Whitehall Street - Rev. J. Wherry
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Canon O'Neill


Armstrong, James, J.P., Farmhill
Bailie, Alexander, Killecarnon
Brady, William, Johnstown
Carson, Joseph, J.P., Clincorn
Clarke, Mrs., Gleer
Ferguson, William Nixon, The Leger
Finlay, Ven. Archdeacon, D.D., The Rectory
Fitzgerald, E. G., Annakelly
Forster, Rev. A. N. Haire, J.P., Ballynure
Gillespie, J., M.D., Diamond
Glass, Rev. John S., The Manse
Gumley, Rev. G., Diamond
Hamilton, Miss, Oakfield
Henry, Richard, M.D., Diamond
Henry, W., M.B., Diamond
Jackson, Henry, Cara
Kelly, James, J.P., Lislea House
Kennedy, Rev. Robert, Ballyhoe
Kerr, Murray Andre A., J.P., Newbliss
Knight, Alexander, M.D., Etna Lodge
Knight, George, solicitor, Diamond
Knight, James, Curcimmons
Knight, James, Lismackshellagh
Knight, M. E., solicitor
Lalor, J. E. C., D.I., R.I.C.
Madden, John, Hilton Park
Madden, Captain John, J.P., D.L., Rosslea Manor
Matthews, M., Clonkeen House
Moore, Marshall, Scarva
Moore, William, solicitor, Clontivern House
Moorehead, Messrs. Robert, John and Joseph, Clonkelick
O'Neill, Ven. Rev. Lawrence, Clonkeen Cole
Parke, William, J.P., The Hill House
Parke, W. E., solicitor
Pringle, John, Diamond
Pringle, Henry, Clonboy House
Swaine, H. E., agent Bank of Ireland, Clonkeen Cottage, Twayne
Taggart, Dr., Manorhigate
Terney, J., M.B., Whitehall Street
Wherry, Rev. J., Methodist Manse

Abbey Lane

Coote, James
Doonan, J., lodging house
Hammond, Mrs., lodging house
Jordan, George, car driver
Kavanagh, William, lodging house
McCullock, James, mason
Smith, John, blacksmith

Annalore Street

Brady & Sons, blacksmiths
Brogan, Thomas, butcher
Cockings, W. & C., grocers and spirit dealers
Ferguson, W. N., steam saw mills and flax mills
Henry, William, M.D.
Keirnan, Felix, merchant
Kelly, Thomas, engine driver
Maguire, Edward, carpenter
Maguire, George, car driver
McCabe, James, lodging house
McKenny, John, grocer and spirit dealer
McMahon, James, lodgings
Noble, John, & Son, coach builders
Reilly, Edward, pig dealer
Sweeney, Edward, tailor
Sweeney, John, tailor
Traynor, Benjamin, car driver
Weir, Edward, carpenter
Wilson, Jane, lodging house

Cara Street

Barcannon, B., bailiff
Brady, Mary, spirit dealer
Carson, David, school master
Connolly, Catherine, grocer and spirit dealer
Courtney, William, tinplate worker
Doherty, John, publican
Hughes, Alexander, lodging house
Hughes, Wm., grocer
Keenan, Bernard, tailor
Martin, Owen, fowl dealer
Manning, Isaac, lodging house
Murphy, Owen, rag merchant
Nesbitt, Mrs., publican
Stratton, Wm., painter and glazier
Welsh, Mrs.


Adams, John
Beatty, Mrs., woollen draper
Black, John, publican
Cole, John, draper and agent for Norwich Fire and Life Insurance
Donnelly, John, grocer
Donnelly, Peter, woollen draper
Ferguson, James, saddler
Fleming, James & Co., woollen drapers
Gillespie, Dr.
Gough, John, Commercial Hotel
Hayes, James, grocer and postmaster
Henry, Richard, M.D.
Ker, Charles, woollen draper
Knight, Michael, solicitor
Lowe, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer
Maguire, Hugh, draper
Maguire, E. & F., grocers and spirit dealers
Murray, Edward P., pharmaceutical chemist
Nicholl, J. & T., grocers and bakers
Parke, Wm., solicitor
Robinson, John, auctioneer and Temperance Hotel
Thompson, William, grocer and delf warehouse

Fermanagh Street

Began, Patrick, cattle dealer
Boyle, Johnston, butter merchant
Brady, John, grocer and spirit dealer
Bussell, John, grocer and spirit dealer
Chapman, Robert, manager for L. and N. W. Railway Company at Clones
Coffey, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer
Connolly, Wilson, tailor
Duggan, C., spirit dealer
Earls, William, grocer and leather merchant
Fee, John & Patrick, butchers
Fee, John, butcher
Galway, Miss, photographer
Hall, Benjamin, grocer and jeweller
Jenkins, David, hairdresser
Kearns, Patrick, spirit dealer
Kennedy, George, grocer, boot and shoe maker
Kennedy, Miss, grocer
Little, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer
Little, George, grocer
Livingston, Jas., spirit dealer
Magoverin, Thomas, spirit dealer
Martin, Connor, car driver
Moorehead, Robert, car owner
McArrinnie, Thomas, butcher
McAviney, J., & Co., butter and egg merchants
McCarney, J., spirit dealer
McCarney, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer
McCutcheon, Alex., baker
McDermott, Catherine
McDermott, Miss, confectioner
McDonald, James, corn merchant
McIlroy, Hugh, tailor
McIlroy, Mrs., lodging house
McIlroy, Patrick, tailor
McPhillips, Richard, butcher
McPhillips, Richard, jun., butcher
Nicholl, Simon, contractor and builder
Rudder, Robt., cattle dealer
Slowey, Patrick, grocer
Storey, James, baker
Turner, Wm., petty sessions clerk
Welsh, Samuel, blacksmith
Wiggins, William, draper

Monaghan Road

Brogan, John, butcher
Graham, George F., auctioneer
McDermott, Ed., car driver
McMahon, James, carpenter

Newtown Road

Chambers, Wm.
Johnston, James
McGaghey, Mrs., lodging house
McIlroy, Mrs. Patrick, lodging house
McKenna, William, butter and egg merchant
Reed, The Misses
Scott, James, flax dealer
Storey, Wm., lodging house

Pound Hill

Clerkin, Mick, posting establishment
Maguire, Patrick, cattle dealer
McDonald, John, shoe maker

Roslea Road

Doonan, Thomas, car driver
Dunwoody, David, mason

Whitehall Street

Armstrong, Mrs., Leonard Arms Hotel
Bright, J., tailor
Calvert, John
Crawford, John, civil bill officer
Dalton, J., spirit dealer
Dougherty, Rev. C., curate Church of Ireland
Doris, J., veterinary surgeon
Elliott, William, saddler
Fyffe, Abraham, clerk
Graham, William, land agent
Goodwin, James, clerk Board of Works
Henry, Adam, grocer and spirit dealer
Henry, Thomas, merchant
Kilpatrick, John, clerk
Leghorn, George
Lendrum, James, boot maker
Leonans, Robert
Methodist Preaching House
Molloy, John, painter
Murphy, Henry, solicitor
Murray, Miss
Murray, Thomas
McAvenie, Peter, butter and egg merchant
McGuire, James, manager for Lipton & Co.
Noble, Thomas, grocer and lodging house keeper
Robinson, Joseph, watch and clock maker
Tenney, Dr.
Turner, William, petty sessions clerk
Wilson, James, printer, sewed muslin agent and Registrar of Marriages
Wood, J. W., crotchet agent



          Is a small town in the Parish of Tamlaght, Barony of Upper Dungannon, and County of Tyrone, four miles from Moneymore and five from Cookstown, and situated on the north verge of the County. Lewis's "Topographical History of Ireland" says - "It formed part of the estate granted to the Honourable Andrew Stewart by James I. in 1612, and confirmed by Charles I. in 1630. A battle took place here at the ford of the river in 1641, when the chapel of Tamlaght was destroyed by the Parliamentarians; and in 1688 James II. crossed the river at this place on his march to the Siege of Derry."  The village is the property of Colonel Sir William F. Lenox Conyngham, K.C.B., in while family the estate has remained since 1663; and it was erected about the year 1728 by George Conyngham, Esq., who obtained for it a charter for a market and four fairs. Tamlaght was created a parish in 1783 by Primate Robinson, who separated six townlands from the Parish of Ballyclog, in the barony of Dungannon, and five and a half from that of Ballinderry, in the Barony of Loughinshollin.  The Primate also built the church and purchased the glebe, with which he endowed it, together with the tithes of the eleven and a half townlands.  The church is a small, plain edifice, in the Londonderry portion of the parish.  On the glebe stands a cromlech called Cloughtogel, comprised of a stupendous table stone of granite, weighing 22 tons, raised 13 feet above the ground on six uprights of basalt, and under it there is a chamber or vault of considerable extent.  There were formerly several other cromlechs connected with this, extending in a line due east and west, the whole surrounded by a circle of upright stones; but in the process of fencing and other alterations all have been removed except the first named.  In a field called the "Honey Mug," not far distant, is a large upright pillar of marble of a singular kind, beneath which is an artificial cave; and there are other remarkable stones in the neighbourhood.  The Presbyterians worship in a very neat and commodious edifice, built in the village.  The Fair is held on the second Friday, and the Petty Sessions on the second Tuesday, of each month.  Near the town is situated the Spinning Mill of Messrs. Duff Bros.  Population in 1891, 700

Post Office - J. R. Elliott, postmaster. Mails and Newspapers arrive at 9-30 a.m. and 8-30 p.m. Despatched at 7-20 a.m. and 3-15 p.m.

Places of Worship

Tamlaght Parish Church - Rev. A. Irwin, rector
Presbyterian Church, Coagh - Rev. A. Croskery, minister
Roman Catholic Chapel, Coagh - Rev. Bernard Lavery, P.P.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Drummullan - Rev. Bernard Lavery, P.P.


Col. Sir W. F. Lenox Conyngham, K.C.B.; James Duff, S. E. Ekin, G. Nagle, R.M.; Robert Newton, Charles Stanley, Thomas McReynolds
Petty Sessions held on second Tuesday of each month - Thomas Patterson, clerk
Dispensary Medical Officer - Robert Burgess, L.R.C.P.E., L.R.C.S.E.
Constabulary Barracks - Sergeant McKinney and four constables


Coagh (Old) Male, J. Greer, teacher; Coagh (Old) Female, Mrs. Greer, teacher; Coagh (New) Male, F. Neeson, teacher; Coagh (New) Female, Mrs. Neeson, teacher; Tamlaght, T. J. McKee, teacher.  Aughavey, Miss Young, Drumaney, Miss O'Neill
The Coagh Loan and Monetary Co., Limited.  Clerks - Isaac McCord and J. R. Elliott.  Directors - W. J. Thompson, James Duff, and William Ekin.  Offices - Coagh and Moneymore
The Tyrone Loan Co., Limited.  Clerks - Jas. McKeown and R. Wm. Bell.  Directors - S. G. Ekin, H. Bell, J. Duff


Alexander, Robert, warper
Alexander, William, baker
Ashcroft, Wm., horse trainer
Bell, H. H., grocer and hardware merchant
Boyd, Wm., linen manufacturer
Bradley, Alexander, wheelwright
Burgess, R., L.R.C.P.E., L.R.C.S.E.
Creighton, John, carpenter
Duff Bros., corn and scutch mills
Duff Bros., flax spinners and woollen manufacturers
Ekin, Samuel, J.P., linen manufacturer
Elliott, John R., grocer and hardware merchant
Flack, Hugh, grocer and publican
Ford, William, blacksmith
Gibson, John, carpenter
Gibson, William, carpenter
Hagan, John, shaft maker
Hagan, Robert, mail car contractor
Hagan, Wm., shaft maker
Hamilton, Robert, saddler
How, W., constable R.I.C.
McAdoo, D. A., woollen draper
McAllister, James, shoe maker
McAllister, Thomas, shoe maker
McIver, Thomas, tailor
McKeown, Wm., baker and grocer
McKnight, W., posting establishment
McNeilly, Jeremiah, grocer & stamp distributor
McCallin & Co., general merchants
O'Neill, Edward, stone mason
Phelin, Daniel, grocer
Paul, Thomas, shoe maker
Rankin, John, flesher
Rankin, William, flesher
Rankin, William, blacksmith
Sands, S. A., egg dealer
Sands, Thomas, egg dealer
Slemons, William, wheelwright
Stewart, H. R., draper
Thompson, W. J., hotel
Wilson, Miss, haberdasher



          Is a maritime town in the N.E. Liberties of Coleraine, 145 miles N. from Dublin, comprising a municipal area of 207 acres, in the County of Londonderry, 61 miles N. of Belfast, 33 miles E. of Londonderry. It is a manufacturing and commercial town, and is situated on the River Bann. The town has long been remarkable for the fine quality of its linen cloth, the excellence of its salmon fishery, and the beauty of its rural scenery. The town is connected with Belfast and Londonderry by the Northern Counties Railway, and the Derry Central Railway, also connects it with Garvagh, Kilrea, Maghera and Magherafelt. Goods, &c., are now conveyed to and from the quay, and the Northern Counties Railway Station has a branch line of railway recently made by the Coleraine Town Commissioners. The population in 1891 was 6,708. The town is built on each side of the Bann, four miles from the sea, over which is a splendid stone bridge of three arches, 96 yards in length by 32 in breadth, which cost £14,500; erected in 1844. The portion on the west side of the Bann is called Waterside and Killowen. The public buildings are two Parish Churches, three Presbyterian, one Independent, one Methodist, one Baptist Meeting House, and two Roman Catholic Chapels; the Town Hall, Court House, new Market Place, and an Endowed School. A new Town Hall stands in the centre of the Diamond; it cost £5,000. The Waterworks, which gives a never failing supply to the town, cost about £9,000. The reservoir at Ballyrashane, three miles distant, is supplied by two springs, which give a yield of 260,000 gallons per diem. A National Model School and Academical Institution are situated on the west side of the river adjoining the town. Coleraine Parish Church, dedicated to St. Patrick, by whom it is said to have been founded in the 5th century, is certainly one of the oldest and most interesting churches in Ireland. It was rebuilt by the Hon. Irish Society in the year 1611. In 1885 it was restored, enlarged, and partially rebuilt at a cost of nearly £8,000, towards which the rector of the parish has contributed £2,000, and the Hon. Irish Society £2,000. The tower, which is an exceedingly ornamental structure in the perpendicular style, contains a peal of eight bells, given partly by public subscription and partly as memorials of the late Mr. Lawlor, of Ballymena, and Mr. Coyle, of Coleraine, by members of their families. The chancel, which is enriched by a handsome reredos and arcading in Bath stone, is adorned by a very elegant stained window put up in 1891, and which bears the following inscription :- "To the glory of Almighty God, this window was presented by the family and friends of the Rev. James O'Hara to commemorate the completion of the 90th year of his life and the 50th of his ministry in this parish." A handsome brass eagle lectern was also presented to the church by the Orangemen of the county to commemorate the ministry of the same gentleman. The linen trade has been long and extensively carried on here, particularly in the fine description called "Coleraines," the annual sales of which have been known to amount to about £600,000; latterly this branch of business has fallen off. Coleraine is rapidly improving, a number of fine residences and handsome villas having been erected during the last few years. There is a weaving factory, worked by Messrs. Gribben & Sons, and a flourishing shirt and collar factory, owned by Messrs. R. H. & S. Rodgers, of Addle Street, London, which not only gives employment to workers in the town, but to the entire district around. There is also a foundry, carried on by Messrs. Kennedy & Son, in which a good business is done in thrashing machines, farming implements, &c., in the district; and a tanyard for the manufacture of leather. The salmon and eel fisheries on the rivers Bann and Foyle are farmed at £4,650 by the Hon. the Irish Society to Messrs. Moore, Alexander & Co. The recent extensive improvements carried out for an increase in the depth of water in the river and at the Bann mouth have been successful, and vessels of large tonnage can now be brought up to the quay by the steam tug. The Hon. Irish Society of London subscribed liberally towards the navigation scheme. A steamer runs twice a week to and from Glasgow. A brisk trade is also carried on between Portrush and Glasgow and Liverpool, a shipping port five miles from Coleraine. The property of the extinguished Corporation is now vested in the Commissioners, elected under the Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854; and the dues of the River Bann, under the Bann Navigation Act, 1879, are vested in the Coleraine Harbour Commissioners. The Provincial, Belfast and Northern Banks have branches here. Coleraine has also a Gas Works. The Workhouse was opened on the 11th April, 1842. The ancient Curfew Bell is still rung at the Town Hall daily at 9 p.m., ending with tolling the day of the month. Quarter Sessions are held here, and Petty Sessions every second Friday. Cattle fairs are held on the first and third Tuesdays in each month, and horse fairs on the first Tuesday in February, May, August, and November. Markets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for grain; and Saturdays for general market. The town is the head quarters of the Royal Irish Constabulary of the district. Valuation of rateable property, £17,062.

Post Office, Diamond - Robert Swale, postmaster. Telegraph office - Open on week days from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.; Sundays, 8 a.m. till 9 p.m. Sub Post Office (corner of Killowen Street and Waterside) - Wm. Mullan, sub-postmaster
Magistrates - Right Hon. Sir H. H. Bruce, Bart., Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum for County Londonderry, Downhill; Colonel Bruce, Downhill; Rear-Admiral Alexander, Dundooan; Rev. Robert Kyle, England; W. G. Lawrence, Portrush; J. M. Anderson, Castlerock; James Sinclair, Dundarg; Robt. Rankin, Curragh; Alexander Moore, Ringsend; John Mains, Portrush; Joseph Cuthbert, Coleraine; Charles Daly, Coleraine; J. B. D. Given, Coleraine; John Huey, Coleraine; John Gribben, Coleraine; Thos. Andrews, Coleraine; Stewart Hunter, Coleraine; R. A. C. Montagu, Cromore; Capt. J. A. W. O. Torrens, Somerset; R. A. Taylor, Ballysally; J. A. Lyle, Portstewart; Capt. J. O. Gage, R.M., Coleraine; H. R. Morrison, Moneydig, Captain Stronge, Lizard Manor, Aghadowey; James McCloskey, Agivey; F. G. Watney, Landmore; O. P. Macausland, Garvagh; William Ranken, New Park; H. J. Wallace, Movenis; W. H. Ash, Garvagh; Rev. Jonathan Simpson, Portrush; A. J. H. Moody, Coleraine; Patk. McGilligan, Daniel Boylan, Garvagh; B. Dempsey, Cornamucklagh; Colonel Stewart, R.M., Maghera
Coroner for the Town Liberties and Half Barony - Dr. W. H. Caldwell, Coleraine
Town Commissioners - (Meets the first Monday in each month) - Robert A. Taylor, J.P., chairman; Joseph Cuthbert, J.P., David Baxter, Hugh Anderson, Thomas Nevin, Thomas Henry, W. J. Baxter, Robert Ferris, J. S. Anderson, Hugh T. Barrie, Samuel Rogers, Robert Moorhead, William Ellis, James O'Kane, W. J. Baxter, T. G. Carson, H. Gribben, A. D. Williamson
Consulting Sanitary Officer - Dr. J. T. Creery
Harbour Board - (Meets the second Tuesday in each month) - Hugh Anderson, chairman; James Bellas, R. A. Taylor, J.P.; Joseph Cuthbert, J.P.; James Sinclair, J.P.; John Huey, J.P.; John Gribben, J.P.; Thomas Henry, Henry O'Neill, J. S. Anderson, Thomas Mackey, A. D. Williamson, D. W. Gailey, T. G. Carson, John Kennedy, J. A. Lyle, J.P.; Captain Torrens, J.P.; Thomas J. Moody, and Thomas Nevin
Clerk to the Town Commissioners and Harbour Board - Wm. Eccles, Barrister-at-Law
Waterworks Inspector - W. F. Stormonth, Meetinghouse Place
Town Officer - John Douglas, Meetinghouse Street
County Treasurer - James Acheson Lyle, J.P., Portstewart
Barony Cess Collector for Town and Liberties of Coleraine - Thomas Wray, Quilley
Quarter Sessions - Held in January, April, July and October in each year. T. G. Overend, Esq., Q.C., County Court Judge; A. M. Munn, clerk of the peace for city of Derry and county; John Sweeney, civil bill officer
Petty Sessions - Every alternate Friday; James Hay, clerk; office, Diamond
Constabulary Barrack, Meetinghouse Street - District-Inspector, W. B. law; head constable, J. Tilson
Registrar of Marriages - John Boyd Greaves, Church Street; Deputy Registrar, John Oliver, jun., Church Street
Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, North Brook Street - Dr. J. T. Creery; deputy registrar, Samuel Lecky
Commissioner for taking Affidavits and Acknowledgment of Deeds by Married Women - James Hay, petty sessions office; Thomas Mackey, Diamond
Coleraine Farming Society - President, Right Hon. Sir H. Hervey Bruce, Bart.; treasurer, James Sinclair, J.P.; secretary, A. J. H. Moody, J.P.
Inspector of Explosives - James Hay

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. Canon O'Hara, M.A., rector; Rev. A. G. Stuart and Rev. H. R. Brett, B.A., curates. Killowen Parish Church, Killowen Street - Rev. James Stewart, B.A., rector
First Presbyterian Church, Meetinghouse Place - Vacant.  Second Presbyterian Church, New Row - Rev. Robert Wallace.  Third Presbyterian Church, Terrace Row - Rev. W. G. Davies
Baptist Chapel, Meetinghouse Place - Rev. Joseph Dixon
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Circular Road - Rev. James Oliver
St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Square - Rev. John Carroll, P.P.
St. John's Roman Catholic Chapel, Killowen Street - Rev. Mr. Mulholland, P.P., and Rev. Mr. O'Neill, C.C.

Public Institutions

Banks - Ulster Bank, Diamond - Open Saturdays only, 10 till 3 o'clock. Northern Bank, Diamond - George Wilson, manager; H. J. Bristow, cashier; T. McCormick, accountant; James Jordan, junior clerk.  Belfast Bank, Ltd., Diamond - John McClatchie, manager; W. S. Gordon, sub-manager; J. G. McMorris, cashier; J. P. Gorman, accountant; P. Irvine, junior clerk.  Provincial Bank, Diamond - J. J. C. Canning, manager; William White, accountant and teller; W. H. Ward, clerk; Edward Meyrick, second clerk.  Savings Bank, Meetinghouse Street - open on Saturdays from 12 till 2 o'clock. Wm. Eccles, B.L., actuary and secretary; Wm. Henry, first clerk; W. H. Brandon, second clerk; J. B. Greaves, auditor.
Town Hall, Diamond - Contains two Newsrooms, Boardroom, Clerk's Office, Mechanic's Institute, Coleraine Library, and large Public Assembly room, which is let for concerts, lectures, soirees, exhibitions, and other purposes. Keeper of the hall, James Foulis
Mechanics' Institute, Town Hall, has a lending library, news and reading room - D. Baxter, treasurer; R. Doherty, secretary
Public Newsroom, Town Hall - Mr. Robert Moore (Diamond), secretary and treasurer
Portrush Harbour Company - Sir F. E. Macnaghten, Bart, V.L., chairman, Bushmills; Colonel E. D. Leslie, D.L., Ballymoney; Capt. Jas. S. Cramsie, J.P., Ballymoney; H. McGildowny, J.P., Ballycastle; Robt. Cramsie, Ballymoney; Samuel Patton, Portrush; Daniel MacLaughlin, Coleraine; W. G. Lawrence, J.P., secretary; John Boyd Given, J.P., receiver; Wm. Mann, harbour master
Custom House, Hanover Place - Robert Bell, principal coast officer, receiver of wrecks, and deputy secretary of Marine Board, Coleraine
Gas Works, Bannfield - Erected by the Town Commissioners in 1845. William Eccles, secretary; W. S. Stormonth, manager
Loan Fund and Discount Office, Ferryquay Street and Hanover Place - open from 10 till 5 daily; Richard Doherty, manager
Surveying Department; Office, Hanover Place - John Murphy, supervisor; Robert Good and Francis J. O'Rorke, warehouse officers; Robert McNamee and Jas. Martin, distillery officers
Surveyor of Taxes for Coleraine Union - J. B. Parker, Income Tax Office, Derry.
Coleraine Union Workhouse, Mountsandel Road (Counties Londonderry and Antrim) - Twenty Electoral Divisions; to accommodate 860 inmates; opened in 1842; Fever Hospital and Infirmary attached, which accommodates 60 patients, workhouse cemetery, end of Dervock and Newmills Roads. Treasurer , the Belfast Bank, Coleraine. The Board meets every Saturday. Chairman, Right Hon. Sir H. H. Bruce, Bart, Downhill; vice chairman, James A. Lyle, Portstewart; deputy vice chairman, Robert A. Taylor, J.P., Ballysally; Samuel McAfee, master; Ellen M. Dugan, matron; Charles Forsythe, M.D., of the house and fever hospital; Wm. Henry, Union Clerk and returning officer; Samuel Lecky, relieving officer; John McCreery, porter; Wm. McNeill and Mary Milliken, teachers; Miss Park, nurse; Mrs. Ellis, infirmary nurse.  Chaplains - Rev. Canon O'Hara, Church of Ireland; Rev. Robert Wallace, Presbyterian; Rev. John Carroll, Roman Catholic. Poor Law Elected Guardians - Wm. Robb, Wm. Ellis, James Pollock, Robert Steen, Kennedy Moore, Alexander Kennedy, Archibald Moore, Thomas J. Moody, Thomas Hunter, Matthew Macauley, John McF. Andrews, R. McCurdy, Daniel O'Hagan, Hugh Dunlop, Thomas C. Laughlin, John Boylan, Torrens McFetridge, Samuel Hezlett, John Reid Norris, John Sharpe, Robert Richmond, James Curry, Henry O'Neill, John Bamford, Henry J. Robinson, J.P., and Wm. Moore. All magistrates are ex-officio Guardians. Sanitary officers - Dr. J. Tate Creery, Coleraine District; Dr. H. S. Morrison, Aghadowey District; Dr. Huey, Bushmills District; J. C. Martin, B.A., M.D., B.C.H., Portrush District; Dr. A. McNeary, Garvagh District; Dr. Steele, Articlave District
Dispensary, Northbrook Street - Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 to 12. Medical attendant, Dr. J. T. Creery, B.A., M.B.  Caretaker, Miss McFarland
Railway Station, Railway Place - Robert Darrah, station master and goods manager
Postal Telegraph Office, Railway Station - David Doherty, telegraph clerk.
Markets - Grain Markets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; pork, flax, butter, and potato markets on Saturdays. Saturday is also the general market day. Clerk of the markets, Alexander Givins; assistant clerk, James Craig; weigh master, Thomas Kearney.
Fairs - Black cattle and sheep, first and third Tuesdays in each month; horses, first Tuesday in February, May, August, and November; hiring days, 12th May and 12th November
Coleraine District Model School - Head Inspector, E. Downing; district inspector, J. McNeill, M.A.  Male school - Head master, D. Jack; assistants, John Kingston, H. McCrum, Wm. Moore, Wm. Sinclair, John Molloy, John Douglas, Robert Mullan, J. O'Dee. Drawing master, John Kingston.  Female school - Head mistress, Miss Bartley; assistants, Miss Harrison, Miss Maxwell, Miss Watton. Drawing, Miss Bartley; Music, Miss Harrison.  Infant school - Head mistress, C. McCormick; assistants, Miss McGee and Miss Love
Coleraine Academical Institution - West side of River Bann, on elevated ground, beyond the Model School; erected in 1860; accommodates 90 boarders, besides day scholars; about to be enlarged. Principal, Thomas G. Houston, M.A.; Resident Mathematical Master, W. M. Henry, B.A., M.S., T.C.D.; Classical Master, S. J. Hunter, B.A.; Honorman and Provost's Prizeman, T.C.D.; English Master, H. L. Scott, B.A., London University; Assistant Classical and English Master, Jas. McQuillan, B.A., R.U.I.; Writing and Assistant English Master, R. C. Macey, R.U.I.; Junior Master, J. G. Breakey, Q.C.B., R.U.I.; Modern Languages and Drawing Master, Herr G. Wefers, Berlin University; Music Master, E. Cooney, Mus.D., T.C.D.; Drill Sergeant, Sergeant Watton; Consulting Medical Officer, J. Tate Creery, M.D., T.C.D.; President, Right Hon. Sir H. Hervey Bruce, Bart.; Vice President, Jos. Cuthbert, Esq., J.P.; Hon. Sec., Drummond Grant; Hon. Treas., James Bellas; Accountant, J. J. Moody
Brynderwyn Ladies' School, Hanover Place - Misses Craig, principals
Gordonville Ladies' School, Lodge Road - Misses Irwin, principals
The Hon. the Irish Society's Free Male, Female, and Infant Schools, Beresford Place - Teachers (Male school), C. M. Loughridge, head master; assistants, John Dallas, James Henry, Wm. H. Brandon.  Female School, A. McCullock, head teacher; assistants, Maggie Wray, Martha Christie, Sarah Anderson.  Infant School, Sarah Clarke, head mistress; assistants, Catherine Lockhart, Lizzie Kennedy, S. B. Shannon, and M. Weir
Night School, Stone Row - James Connell and Maggie Mills, teachers
Coleraine Roman Catholic National Schools (Male and Female), Parochial Grounds - S. M. Grealish and Miss K. Nolan, teachers
Killowen Roman Catholic National Male and Female Schools, Killowen Street - Mr. P. Manning, teacher
Killowen Male and Female Schools, Strand Road - P. Connolly, Miss M. Watson, teachers.  Infant School - Miss Watson, teacher
Coleraine Library, Town Hall - Rev. Canon O'Hara, president; Wm. Eccles, treasurer and secretary; James Henry, librarian, Open Daily
Building Society Office, Diamond - Right Hon. Sir H. H. Bruce, Bart., president; Rev. Canon O'Hara and Robert A. Taylor, J.P., vice-presidents; Andrew Steedman, secretary; Thomas Andrews, J.P., Treasurer; Anderson & Co., solicitors
Irish Society's Schools - T. B. Montgomery, J.P., agent; Wm. Eccles, B.L., clerk; office, Irish Society's Schools
Bann Rowing Club - Boathouse, Hanover Place - President, Right Hon. Sir H. H. Bruce, Bart.; Captain, Joseph Irwin; treasurer, J. G. McMorris; secretary, W. J. Thompson; umpires, F. W. Cahoon and W. F. Anderson; Robert Park, boatman
Coleraine Parish Church Schoolhouse, Circular Road - Caretaker, D. Reid
Coleraine Cemetery, Shell Hill - Henry Boyle, caretaker
Coleraine Auxiliary to the Ulster Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind - Secretary, John Huey, J.P., Church Street
Young Men's Christian Association, in connection with Coleraine Parish Church - Rev. Henry S. O'Hara, rector, president; Rev. A. G. Stuart and Rev. H. R. Brett, vice presidents; W. Long, secretary; Warren Baxter, treasurer
Coleraine Young Men's Christian Institute, Church Street - Committee - Joseph Cuthbert, J.P., president; W. J. Baxter, vice president; treasurer, Wm. Knox; secretary, Andrew Steedman, jun.; Assistant Secretary, C. J. Crawford; Committee - John Huey, J.P.; George Wilson, David Jack, Wm. Long, Joseph Irwin, H. T. Barrie, A. G. Crawford, Daniel Cunningham, Hugh McKay, Rev. A. G. Stuart; ex-officio members - Rev. Canon O'Hara, M.A.; Rev. R. Wallace, Rev. Dr. Wylie, Rev. James Oliver, Rev. Joseph Dixon, Rev. W. G. Davies, and H. A. Gribbon
Coleraine Cottage Hospital, Waterside - Miss Macdonnell, nurse; Miss Rogan, assistant; Miss E. McCausland, Garvagh, hon. sec.
Coleraine Temperance Café Preaching House Street - Manageress, Miss M. Glenny
Newspapers - "Coleraine Chronicle," every Saturday; John McCombie, publisher and proprietor. "Coleraine Constitution," every Saturday; J. M. Russell, editor and manager
Coleraine Elocution Class meets in the Café every Monday evening, from January 1st. Teacher, Mr. W. Knox


By railway to Belfast, Ballymoney, Ballymena, Antrim, Londonderry, Limavady, and Castlerock, five trains daily, from the station, Railway Place. Trains to and from Portrush and Portstewart, nine or ten times each way every day during the summer months. The Portstewart Tramway runs from Cromore station in connection with all trains on the B. and N.C. Railway, and the tram from Portrush to the Giant's Causeway, in connection with the through trains from Belfast and Londonderry
Cars to Garvagh, from A. McElwain's, New Row, daily, at 9-10 a.m. and 4-20 p.m.; to Kilrea from Queen's Arms Hotel, daily, at 3 p.m.; to Bushmills, from John Milliken's, Church Street, at 9-10 a.m. and 4-20 p.m.


Alexander, Rear-Admiral, J.P., Dundooan
Anderson, Hugh, Tiev Tara
Anderson, Charles R., solicitor, Spring Garden
Anderson & Co., solicitors, Diamond
Armstrong, Rev. James, Castlerock
Armstrong, Captain, A. M., J.P., Culmore House, Kilrea
Armstrong, James M., Portrush
Ash, Wm. H., J.P., Hermitage, Garvagh
Audain, M. P., Portballintrae, Bushmills
Bagley, Captain W. R., Portrush
Bellis, James, Cranabanagh
Beresford-Beresford, Major-General, J.P., Craig-de-Varren, Portrush
Bevington, J. B., Seaview, Portrush
Boyle, James, J.P., solicitor, Ballymacrea
Boyle, Rev. James, Bushmills
Brett, Rev. H. R., Harbour View
Bristow, Rev. J. T., Bushmills
Brown, Mrs. Wm., Blackrock House, Portrush
Brown, Rev. John, Culnady, Kilrea
Brooks, James, Brookvale
Bruce, Right Hon. Sir H. Hervey, Downhill
Bruce, Colonel H. J. L., Downhill
Buchanan, Rev. Walter, Boveedy, Kilrea
Butler, Rev. H. M., Magilligan
Caldwell, W. H., M.D., Waterside
Campbell, Robert, M.D., Killowen Street
Campbell, Samuel H., M.D., Portrush
Carroll, Rev. John, P.P., St. Malachy's Manse
Carson, J., M.D., Portrush
Carson, T. G., Bannfield
Casement, William, Portstewart
Chaine, Mrs. Stafford, Portstewart
Charles, David H., M.D., The Crescent Portstewart
Clarke, Joseph, M.D., Kilrea
Clarke, William, Portrush
Clements, John Marcus, Portrush
Cohoon, James, clerk, New Row
Colquhoun, Rev. W., St. Margarets', Aghadowey
Craig, Wm., Cutts House
Creery, J. Tate, M.D., Riverton
Cromie, Mrs., Portstewart
Crookshank, Robert, solicitor, Glenmanus House, Portrush; office, New Row, Coleraine
Cunningham, Rev. Robert, Ballyrashane
Curry, Rev. Wm. T., Ballywatt
Cuthbert, Joseph, J.P., Eastbourne
Davenport, Miss, Portrush
Davies, Rev. W. G., Ballyleese, Portstewart
Dawson, Albert, Portrush
Fawcett, Rev. John, Fountainville
Forsythe, Charles, M.D., Church Street
Gage, Captain J. O., R.M., Eastbourne
Garvagh, Lord, Garvagh House
Gilmore, Rev. James, Boveedy, Kilrea
Gilmore, R. H., M.R.C.V.S., Hanover Place
Given, John Boyd D., J.P., Lodge Road
Giveen, Robert, Cooldarragh
Giveen, Mrs., Portrush
Gough, Rev. H. H., Riversdale
Gribbon, Henry A., Holm Lea
Gribbon, John, J.P., Portstewart Road
Hamilton, Robert, M.D., Magherabuoy, Portrush
Hamilton, Sewell, Portstewart
Hazlet, Colonel Richard J., Bovagh
Hewitt, Hon. G. W., Ballyarton
Heygate, Sir Frederick, Bart., Bellarena
Houston, Rev. J. D., Cross Glebe
Houston, T. G., M.A., Principal, Academical Institution
Houston, Rev. James, Ballybrittain
Houston, Stewart, Portrush
Huey, David, M.D., Bushmills
Huey, John, J.P., Cloonavin
Hughes, John, Hazlebank
Hughes, Hercules, Chapelfield
Hughes, W. H. A., Esdale Terrace
Hunter, James B., Bushmills
Hunter, Rev. C. W., Kirkistown
Hunter, Robert, solicitor; office, Bridge Street
Hunter, Stewart, J.P., Breezemount
Irwin, Rev. William, D.D., Castlerock
Jackson, Wm., Castlerock
Keers, Rev. J. G., Dunalis
Kelly, Rev. J. E., LL.D., Ballywillan, Portrush
Kennedy, John, Mountsandel Road
Kennedy, Rev. Robert, Myroe
Kennedy, Rev. G. A., Aghadowey
Kennedy, Wm., Ardbana Terrace
Keown, Henry, Red House, Castleroe
Kirkpatrick, Rev. J. G., Dunluce
Knox, Captain W. B., J.P., Strandmore, Portrush
Knox, Rev. T. C., Mascosquin
Kyle, Rev. Robert, Cheltenham
Lane, B. H., S.C.S., Limavady
Law, W. B., D.I., R.I.C., Esdale Terrace
Law, William K., M.D., New Row
Lawrence, W. G., J.P., Portrush
Lecky, Harry, Beardville
Lecky, Hugh, J.P., Beardville
Leech, H. W., solicitor, Castleroe; office, New Row, Coleraine
Lyle, J. A., J.P., Portstewart
Lyle, Rev. John, Knocktarna
Macaulay, H. A., solicitor, Portrush; office, New Row, Coleraine
Macausland, Mrs., Woodbank, Garvagh
Macausland, Oliver Plunkett, J.P., Woodbank, Garvagh
Macausland, T. C., D.L., Drenagh, Limavady
Macey, Richard C., Ashby Villas
Macnaghten, Lord, Runkerry House, Bushmills
Macnaghten, Sir Francis E., Bart., V.L., Dundarave, Bushmills
Macrory, S. M., J.P., Ardmore, Limavady
Madill, Rev. Thomas, D.D., Garvagh
Mains, John, M.P., J.P., Portrush
Mair, Rev. David, Killeague
Mark, Rev. John, Dunboe, Articlave
Martin, J. C., M.D., Duncreggan, Portrush
Massey, Captain, Portrush
Mathers, A. A. C., M.D., Kingsgate Street
Mathers, Charles, Portrush
Moody, A. J. H., J.P., Church Street
Montagu, R. A. C., J.P., Cromore, Portstewart
Montgomery, T. B., agent Hon. Irish Society - Office, Irish Society's Schools
Montgomery, Rev. Robert, Portrush
Moncrieff, Rev. E. R., Agherton, Portstewart
Moon, James T., Ballydivitt
Moore, Alexander, J.P., Ringsend
Moore, Mrs., Drumnagessan
Moore, The Misses, Craigvarra, Portrush
Moore, Robert L., J.P., Moneydig, Garvagh
Moore, Rev. R. J. O., Ringsend
Morrison, H. R., J.P., Moneydig, Garvagh
Morrison, Hugh S., M.D., Bellview, Aghadowey
Mulholland, Rev. Father, P.P., Killowen
Murray, Thos., Captain Street
McCay, Rev. Wm., Carrowreagh
McCunn, Thomas, Farmhill
McCurdy, Andrew Love, Portrush
MacLaughlin, Daniel, solicitor, Clifton Terrace; office, Diamond, Coleraine
McLaughlin, John, Carthall Villa
McNeary, Alexander, M.D., Garvagh
Oulton, Mrs., Portrush
O'Hara, Mrs. James, The Castle, Portstewart
O'Hara, Rev. Canon, M.A., The Rectory
O'Neill, Robert, solicitor, New Row
O'Neill, Rev. C., C.C., Killowen
Patton, Samuel, Portrush
Porter, Samuel, J.P., New Row
Richardson, Miss M. E., Somerset
Richardson, Captain H. J., J.P., Portrush
Ross, Miss, Portstewart
Russell, J. M., Portrush
Sampson, Mrs., The Umbra, Magilligan
Simpson, Rev. Jonathan, J.P., Portrush
Sinclair, James, J.P., Dundarg
Sinclair, Montgomery, Dundarg
Smith, Thomas, Crescent, Portstewart
Smith, Mrs., Ballymoney Road
Smith, Rev. Mitchell, Ballintemple, Garvagh
Smith, W. J., solicitor, Clifton Terrace; office, Meetinghouse Street
Smyley, Rev. W. A., Mettican Glebe, Garvagh
Smyth, F. & W., The Lodge
Smyth, John, The Lodge
Smyth, Rev. James,. Dromore, Aghadowey
Southby, Hon. Mrs., Laurel Hill
Southby, R., Laurel Hill
Stewart, Andrew M., Portrush
Stewart, Rev. James, Killowen Rectory
Stirling, James Blair, Manor House
Stott, The Misses, Portrush
Stronge, Captain E. R. F., J.P., Manor House, Rusky, Aghadowey
Stuart, Rev. A. G., Ballymoney Road
Stubbs, Rev. C. A., Gortin House, Aghadoey
Taylor, Robert A., J.P., Ballysally
Todd, Rev. Andrew, Finvoy
Tomb, David, Kilrea
Torrans, J. M., J.P., Gortinmayoghill
Torrans, Rev. Frederick, Englishtown
Torrens, Mrs., Somerset
Torrens, Captain J. A. W. O., J.P., Somerset
Traill, Anthony, LL.D., F.T.C.D., Ballylough, Bushmills
Traill, W. A., C.E., Portballintrae, Bushmills
Walker, J. A., Portrush
Wallace, Rev. R., Beresford Villa
Warke, Mrs., Castlerock
Warke, W. H., solicitor' office, New Row
Watney, F. G., J.P., Landmore, Aghadowey
Watt, Captain F. H., Portrush
Wefers, G., French and drawing master, Acad. Institution, Clifton Terrace
Wells, Rev. Hugh, Ballywillan, Portrush
Woodward, Rev. S. A., Kildollagh
Wylie, Rev. R. B., LL.D., Edenmore
Young, William, J.P., Lisnavarna, Portrush


Abraham, Wm., general & hardware merchant, New Row
Acheson, Hugh, carpenter and grocer, Reid's Terrace
Acheson & Co., drapers, Church Street
Alexander, Misses, fancy under clothing warehouse, Railway Road
Alexander, S. T., draper, Bridge Street
Anderson, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, Church Street
Anderson, John, grocer, Meetinghouse Street
Anderson, James, green grocer, Railway Road
Anderson, J. S., draper, Spring Gardens
Anderson, Mathew, shoe maker, Olphert Place
Anderson, W. F., draper, Spring Gardens
Anderson & Stewart, spirit merchants, Church Street
Arthur, James, grocer, &c., New Market Street
Arthur, Wm., land steward, Bann View West
Bamford, J. M., general merchant, Diamond
Barber, John, whitesmith, Brook Street
Barber, Wm. John, baker, Waterside
Barr, James, carpenter, Upper New Row
Barr, James, pawn broker, Meetinghouse Street
Barrie, Hugh T., general merchant, Waterside
Baxter, J. & D., painters, Diamond
Baxter, Wm. J., drug, oil, and grocery warehouse, Church Street
Baxter, James Whiteside, Rosemary Lane
Bellas, H. & T., ironmongery warehouse, Church Street
Birch, J. K., & Co., mineral water manufactory, Circular Road
Bishop, Mrs., boot and shoe shop, Diamond
Black, Adam, grocer and car owner, Captain Street
Black, Hugh A. G., confectioner, Church Street
Blair, Andrew, grocer, Preachinghouse Lane
Blair, Mrs., grocer, Waterside
Bones, Adam, saddler, Kingsgate Street
Boyle, Alexander, blacksmith, Cross Street
Bradley, Hugh, shoe maker, Alma Place
Brandon, Henry, rent collector, Waterford Place
Brewster, Mrs., dress maker, Meetinghouse Street
Brown, Hiram & Walter, veterinary surgeons, Preachinghouse Street
Bullock, R. F., millinery warerooms, Diamond
Burnett, Robert, shoe maker, Reid's Terrace
Caldwell, James C., shipbroker, steamboat agent, and emigration agent, Bridge Street & Portrush
Caldwell, Robert, carpenter, Captain Street
Caldwell, Thomas, clerk, Bellevue Terrace
Campbell, Robert, baker, North Brook Street
Campbell, Robert, steam saw mills, Railway Place
Cameron, Daniel, cooper, Long Commons
Cameron, Thomas, butcher, Meetinghouse Street
Cameron, D. & L., coopers, Killowen
Canning, W. J., emigration agent, Meetinghouse Street
Carbery, Wm., shoe maker, Upper New Row
Carson, Miss, tea and china warehouse, Bridge Street
Cashel, Miss, organist Parish Church, Harbour View
Caskey, J. H., Berlin wool and toy shop, Church Street, and Portrush
Cassidy, Mrs., shirt agent, Waterside
Christie, Daniel, plumber, gasfitter, marble and stone works, Diamond
Christie, Mrs., dress maker, Alexander Terrace
Clarke, James, butcher, Commons
Clarke, Miss, servants' registry office, New Row
Clarke, James S., grocer, druggist, and emigration agent, Waterside
Clarke, Mrs., butcher, New Row
Clarke, Miss Annie, dress maker, Commons
Clarke, Robert T., saddler, New Row
Conville, Wm., Sheffield warehouse and marine dealer, Diamond and Stone Row
Connolly, Patrick, school master, Captain Street
Coyle, James, sawyer, Nursery Road
Coyle, Miss M. L., draper, New Row
Craig, Charles, baker, New Row
Craig, Mrs., publican, New Market Street
Craig, The Misses, ladies' boarding and day school, Hanover Place
Crawford, John, sen., nailer, Killowen Street
Crawford & Co., hardware warehouse, Diamond
Crawford, Wm. J., nailer, Carthall
Crighton, Matthew, draper, Bankhead Terrace
Crossley, John, grocer, Cross Street
Cummings, Henry, hay merchant, Preachinghouse Street
Curry, James, green grocer, New Row
Curry, George, cooper, Upper New Row
Curry, P. & T., fish merchants, Preachinghouse Street
Cuthbert, Joseph, J.P., leather warehouse, Kingsgate Street
Dallas, George, photographer, Bankhead Terrace
Dallas, John, school master, Waterford Place
Dallas, John, clothes dealer, Preachinghouse Street
Dalton, F., Temperance hotel, Railway Place
Daly, C., & Son, seed, nursery, and agricultural implement warehouse, Bridge Street
Darrah, Mrs., milliner, Kingsgate Street
Darrah, Miss, grocer, New Market Street
Darrah, Robert, compositor, North Brook Street
Davis, William, car owner, Stable Lane
Devlin, John, watch maker, Blindgate Street
Dillon, John, spirit dealer, Albert Terrace
Dillon, James, china and delph warehouse, Church Street
Dinsmore, Henry, cooper, Blindgate Street
Dinsmore, M., cooper, New Row
Dinsmore, The Misses, dress makers, Meetinghouse Street
Dinsmore, Mrs., bonnet maker, Ferryquay Street
Doherty, George, hairdresser, Lower Stone Row
Doherty, Charles & Son, cabinet makers, auctioneers, Bridge Street
Doherty, W. J., spirit dealer, New Market Street
Douglas, John, town officer and nuisance inspector, Meetinghouse Street
Douglas, Robert, painter, North Brook Street
Douglas, William, carpenter and builder, Reid's Terrace
Duffin, Joseph F., lodgings, Stone Row
Duffin, Mrs., lodgings, Cross Lane
Dugan, Charles, lodgings, Olphert Place
Eccles, Mrs., book seller, printer and stationer, Diamond
Eccles, Hugh, printer, Mountpleasant
Edgar, Neal, plumber, Albert Terrace
Edgar, Miss, dress maker, Albert Terrace
Edgar, Miss, dress maker, New Row West
Edmundson, R., cabinet maker, Beresford Place
Ellis, William, spirit and coal merchant, Diamond
Esdale, William, tobacconist and hairdresser, Kingsgate Street
Fairley, Somerset, butcher, Meetinghouse Street
Fall, Daniel, & Sons, steamboat agents, Waterford Place and Portrush
Farrel, John, clerk, Upper New Row
Ferguson, James, car owner, Killowen Street
Ferris, Robert, builder and carpenter, New Row
Flanagan, Thomas, auctioneer and pawn broker, Meetinghouse Street
Foley, Bernard, hairdresser, Lower Stone Row
Fulton, Andrew, post office official, Meetinghouse Street
Fyvie, James G., dispensing chemist, drug & oil establishment, Diamond
Gailey, Daniel W., flax and commission merchant, Diamond
Galbraith, John, foreman printer, New Row
Galbraith, Thomas, shirt factory assistant manager, New Row
Galbraith, Wm., tenter, Killowen Street
Gallagher, James R., spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Gallagher, J. R., draper, Bridge Street
Gaw, James, book seller & stationer, Church Street
Getty, John, mechanic, Russell Terrace
Gilmore, Richard, veterinary surgeon, Meetinghouse Place
Gilmour, William, watch maker and jeweller, Diamond
Gilmour, W. & G., grocers, Waterside
Given, John Boyd, J.P., wine and spirit merchant, Upper New Row
Given, Mathew, shirt factory agent, New Row
Glenn, George, carpenter, Railway Road
Glenn, John, spirit dealer, Newmarket Street
Glenn & Co., auctioneer, Diamond
Gough, Henry, grocer, Killowen Street
Gould, Mrs., refreshments, Stone Row
Graham, Jas., builder and contractor, Harbour View
Graham, Wm., foreman mechanic, Upper New Row
Grainger, A., car proprietor, Bankhead Terrace
Gray, Daniel, baker, Killowen Street
Gray, Hugh, cork cutter, Stone Row
Gray, Mrs., fowl dealer, Stone Row
Grealish, M. S., school master, Newmarket Street
Greaves, John B., woollen draper and haberdasher, Church Street
Gribbon, Edward, & Sons, weaving factory, Strand Road
Guthrie, Benjamin, grocer, Waterside
Hamill, Robert, cooper, Long Commons
Harton, Hugh, painter, Chapel Square
Harvey, Miss, Temperance Hotel, Lower Stone Row
Hay, Mrs. E., Kingsgate Street
Hegarty, James, spirit dealer, Cross Street
Henry, James, school master, Albert Terrace
Henry, John, woollen draper, Church Street
Henry, Miss, dress maker, Alexander Terrace
Henry, Mrs., publican, Brook Street
Henry, Samuel, grain merchant, North Brook Street
Henry, Thomas, grocer, Waterside
Higgins, Alex., builder and carpenter, Russell Terrace
Houston, T. G., principal, Academical Institution
Huey, John, J.P., grain merchant, Church Street
Hughes Bros., butchers, Meetinghouse Street
Hughes, Nicholas, grocer and publican, Waterside
Hunter, George, tailor, Meetinghouse Street
Hunter, Richard, auctioneer, New Row
Hunter, Stewart, J.P., general grocer, Bridge Street
Innis, David, auctioneer, Diamond
Irwin, The Misses, ladies' boarding and day school, Gordonville
Irwin, Joseph, corn miller, North Brook Street
Irwin, Mrs., butter and egg dealer, Society Street
Jackson, John, tailor, Hanover Place
Jewell, R. & R., cork factory, New Row
Johnston, Alexander, fish monger, Kingsgate Street
Kane, Francis, fish monger, Meetinghouse Street
Keith, Andrew, confectioner, Meetinghouse Street
Keith, Richard, baker, Waterside
Kennedy, David, draper, Bridge Street
Kennedy, James, builder, &c., Waverley Terrace
Kennedy, Mrs., dress maker, Railway Road
Kennedy, Robert, carpenter, Railway Road
Kennedy & Son, foundry, Terrace Row and Beresford Place
Knox, Mrs., milliner, Church Street
Lamont, Miss, dress maker, Hanover Place
Law, W. K., M.D., New Row
Leith, Robert, tailor, Railway Place
Leighton, John, carter, car proprietor, Beresford Place
Liken, Oliver H., grocer, Upper New Row
Lithgow, M. & M., boot and shoe shop, Church Street
Long, C,, cabinet maker, Church Street
Long, James, butcher, Boilingwell Lane
Long, Wm. John, shoe maker, Church Street
Lough, James, Clothworkers' Arms Hotel, Waterside
Love, Wm., spirit dealer, New Market Street
Lowry, James, solicitors' clerk, Waverley Terrace
Lynn, Robert, coach builder, New Row
Macaulay, James, spirit dealer, New Market Street
Mack, John, photographer, Kingsgate Street
Mackey, Thomas, wine, coal, and timber merchant, Diamond
Maclean, James, grocer, Kingsgate Street
Magee, Wm., grocer, Killowen Street
Magee, Mrs., dress maker, Olphert Place
Mains, Patrick, & Son, loan office, seed and manure merchants, Hanover Place
Maxwell, Mrs., refreshment rooms, New Row
Maxwell, Wm. John, contractor, Brook Street
Maxwell & Callaghan, builders, Brook Street
Mercer, James A., watch maker  Coleraine and Portrush
Millar, George, blacksmith, Lower Captain Street
Millar, John, grocer, New Row West
Millar, Thos., solicitor's clerk, Union Street
Millar, William, wood turner, Long Commons
Miller, John, saddler, New Row
Milliken, John, publican, Church Street and Alexander Terrace
Mills, John, grocer, Church Street
Mitchell, Jos., grocery and bakery, Killowen Street
Montgomery, James, plumber, Upper New Row
Montgomery, Robert, carpenter, Commons
Montgomery, W. T., solicitor's clerk, Union Street
Money, Phillip, spirit merchant, Waterside
Moody, A. J. H., J.P., grocer and ham curing stores, Church Street
Moore, James, carpenter, Hartford Place
Moore, James, grocer, Diamond
Moore, George, tinsmith, Brook Street
Moorehead & Co., drapers, Diamond
Morrow, Wm. James, grocer, Bridge Street
Mullan, James, car owner, Cross Lane
Mullan, Mrs., publican, New Market Street
Mullan, Michael, butcher, Meetinghouse Street
Mullan, Wm., shoe maker and grocer, Captain Street Lower and Killowen Street
Murphy, Stephen, green grocer, North Brook Street
McCandless, John, plumber, gas fitter, and iron monger, Church Street
McCandless, David, stationer, Stone Row
McCandless, Robert, painter, Railway Place
McCann, James, fruit dealer, Bellhouse Lane
McCloskey, Wm., shoe maker, Society Street
McCollum, D., marine store, Preachinghouse Street
McConologue, John, publican, Meetinghouse Street
McCormick, John, grocer, Kingsgate Street
McCormick, Patrick, mason, Killowen Street
McCurry, Fredk., fish, oyster, and game dealer, New Row
McDevitt, Bernard, spirit dealer, Killowen Street
McDonald, John, tobacconist and hairdresser, Church Street
McDonnell, John, bill poster, Killowen Street
McElwain, Alex. & Son, posting establishment, New Row
McFarland, Mrs., grocer, North Brook Street
McFarlane, Thos., hardware warehouse, Church Street
McFeeter Bros., drapers, Bridge Street
McGee, A., Corporation Arms Hotel, Diamond
McGilligan, P., woollen draper, Bridge Street
McGonigle, Edward, fowl dealer, Killowen Street
McGranaghan, James, shoe maker, Cross Lane
McGrath, Daniel, butcher, New Row
McGrath, Hugh, watch maker, Reid's Terrace
McGrath, James, jun., butcher, Chapel Square
McGrath, John, jun., Church Street
McGrath, Samuel, tailor, New Row
McGrath, Samuel, butcher, Meetinghouse Street
McGrotty, Wm., painter, Kingsgate Street
McGrotty, Mrs., servants' registry office, Kingsgate Street
McGrotty, Misses, dress makers, Long Commons
McIlhatton, Geo., mill mechanic, Ferryquay Street
McKay, Archibald, tailor and spirit dealer, Killowen Street
McKay, Mrs., grocer, &c., Kingsgate Street
McKeag, Hugh, grocer and refreshments, Bridge Street
McKeown Bros., oyster saloon, Stone Row
McKernon, James, Insurance officer, Railway Road
McKillip, James H., shoe maker, Cross Lane
McLaughlin, Mrs., spirit dealer, Lower Captain Street
McLaughlin, John, baker, Bridge Street
McLaughlin, Patrick, spirit merchant, Waterside
McLaughlin, P., spirit merchant, Diamond
McLaughlin, Wm., spirit dealer, Church Street
McLaughlin, Wm., Scripture reader, Waverley Terrace
McLaughlin, Wm., rope & twine manufacturer, Brook Street
McLaughlin, Wm., spirit merchant, North Brook Street
McLean, John, spirit dealer, Railway Place
McLoughlin, John, spirit merchant, Diamond and Kingsgate Street
McMahon, Wm., fruiterer, Kingsgate Street
McMullan, David, painter, Meetinghouse Street
McMurtry, T., saddler, New Row
McNeill, D., grocer, Alma Place
McNeill, Edward, painter, Killowen Street
McNeill, H. & T., painters, Meetinghouse Street
McNeill, W. J., saddler, New Row
McQuillan, James, butcher, Alma Place
McVicker, R. & A., tailors and drapers, office, Diamond
McWilliams, John, Oak Hotel, Meetinghouse Street
McWilliams, Wm., Olphert Place
Neill, Alexander, carpenter, Stone Row
Neill, James, flour and grain dealer, Kingsgate Street
Nevin, James, tobacconist, Church Street
Nevin, James, baker, New Row West
Nevin, & Sons, provision, curing, and salt stores, Brook Street
Nevin, Mrs., flour and grain dealer, New Row
Nevin, Wm., dairy, Reid's Terrace
Nolan, Richard, spirit dealer, New Market Street
Norton, Henry, dairy, Meetinghouse Street
Nowry, James, clothes dealer, Stone Row
O'Brien, Edward, grocer, Killowen Street
O'Kane, Miss, dress maker, Circular Road
O'Kane, Mrs., spirit dealer, Kingsgate Street
O'Kane, James, spirit dealer, Commons
O'Kane, Joseph, spirit dealer, Kingsgate Street
Oliver, John, publican & timber dealer, Brook Street
Orr, Matthew, Queen's Arms Hotel, Bridge Street
Parker, John, shoe maker, Killowen Street
Pepper, R. F., boot and shoe shop, New Row
Pollock & Co., drapers, Church Street
Pollock, John, shoe maker, Strand Road
Porter & Co., drapers, New Row
Rea, Wm., publican, Bridge Street
Reid, Andrew, baker, Waterside Street
Reynolds, James, draper, Church Street
Rogers, John, provision merchant, Commons
Rogers, H. E., Berlin wool and fancy warehouse, Church Street
Rogers & Son, watch makers, Church Street
Rogers, Messrs. R. H. & S., shirt factory, New Row
Ross, John, saddler, Waterside
Roxborough, A., spirit dealer, Newmarket Street
Sewell, W. H., merchant, Diamond
Shannon, John, reporter, Union Street
Sharpe, John, agricultural implement & manure merchant, New Row
Shaw, Allan, auctioneer, Coleraine & Portrush
Simpson, A., blacksmith, Dam Road
Simpson, Henry, carpenter, Olphert Place
Simpson, Thomas, grocer, North Brook Street
Smyrll, James, barber, Meetinghouse Street
Smyth, Hugh, assistant land agent, Fernlester
Steedman, Andrew, butter and egg merchant, Waterside
Stevens, Daniel, spirit dealer, New Market Street
Stewart, John, wine and spirit merchant, Lodge Road
Stewart, John, shoe maker, Long Commons
Stewart, J. B., boot and shoe, and leather warehouse, Church Street
Stewart, Hugh, publican, Lime Market Street
Stirling, J. B., secretary Derry Central Railway Company, Manor House
Stormonth, William S., gas manager, Meetinghouse Place
Stuart, H. A., draper, High Street
Taggart, William, grocer, New Row
Tannahill, Alexander, draper, Waterside
Tate, Mrs., grocer, &c., Meetinghouse Street
Taylor, Robert A., J.P., distiller, Ballysally
Templeton, John, fish dealer, Commons
Thompson, Miss, dress maker, New Row
Thompson, Robert, pawn broker, Upper Stone Row
Toal, Thomas, fruiterer, Meetinghouse Street
Todd, Daniel, grocer and poulterer, Church Street
Troy, John, bill poster, Laurel Hill
Warke, W. H., solicitor, New Row
Watson, Robert, refreshments, New Market Street
Watt, Captain F. H., coal yard, Commons
Weir, Wm., carpenter, Meetinghouse Street
White, Wm., refreshment room, Kingsgate Street
Williamston, A. D., & Co., plumbers, gasfitters, coal merchants, ironmongers, Bridge Street
Wilson, Joseph, shoe maker, Bridge Street
Wilson, Joseph, coach builder, Long Commons
Wilson, Martin, flour & meal store, Kingsgate Street
Woodburn, Matthew, grocer and posting establishment, Railway Place
Woodburn, Samuel, flour and grain merchant, Church Street
Woods, Miss, stationer, Church Street
Woods, Mrs., grocer, Church Street
Workman, Richard, grocer, New Row
Wray, Thomas, barony constable, offices, Waterford Place



          Comber is a market town in County Down, fourteen miles from Downpatrick, seven E.S.E. from Belfast, situated on the road from Belfast to Downpatrick. There is a large square, where fairs and markets are held, and in the centre of which stands a handsome Masonic monument, erected to the memory of General Gillespie. The river Comber, upon whose banks the town is situated, and from which its name is derived, runs into Strangford Lough, on the east side of the parish, and the tide flows to within a short distance of the town. There are two extensive distilleries, corn mills, hotels, a bleach green, and a spinning mill. The Church of Ireland is a neat little building. There are places of worship for Presbyterians, Unitarians, Methodists, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. The educational institutions are a School, founded by Viscountess Castlereagh in 1813, one under Erasmus Smith's Charity, and Congregational and National Schools. A National School is attached to the Second Presbyterian Church called Smith's National School. There is also an Orange Hall. The market is held every Tuesday. Fairs - January 5th, April 5th, June 28th, and October 19th. Population in 1891, 2,146.

Post Office, Killinchy Street - J. Shean, postmaster. Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every afternoon at 2-15, and are despatched at 10-30 a.m. Letters from Scotland, Belfast, and all other parts of Ireland, arrive at 8 a.m.; Scotch letters are despatched at 5 p.m., to be in time for the Scotch boats. Letters from Downpatrick and intermediate places arrive every morning at 9, and are despatched every afternoon at 2-35. The last mail despatched daily at 7-35 p.m.
Constabulary Station, Mill Street - Sergeant Daly
Inland Revenue Officers - Patrick Ryan, Square; James Mooney, Killinchy Street; and J. Life

Places of Worship

Parish Church, Square - Rev. George Smith, rector
Presbyterian Church and Manse, Killinchy Street - Rev. David A. Taylor
Presbyterian Church and Manse, High Street - Rev. Dr. Graham
Unitarian Church and Manse, Mill Street - Rev. Thomas Dunkerley
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Bridge Street - Various ministers each Sunday

Public Institution

Erasmus Smith's School, Square


Abernethy, John O., commercial traveller, Brownlow Street
Allen, James G., The Castle
Allen, Mrs., Unicarville
Anderson, George, grocer, glass and china merchant, Mill Street
Andrews, John, & Co., flax spinners
Andrews, John, J.P., Comber
Andrews, Herbert
Andrews, Mrs. John, Mill Street
Andrews, Thomas, Ardaragh
Andrews, Thomas J., Square
Barker, E. S., Killinchy Street
Berklie, William, Nurseryville
Birch, James, Ballybeen
Blackstock, Wm. J., flax buyer, Brownlow Street
Blackwood, James, posting establishment. Mill Street
Blizard, J. McCance, The Square
Blizard, McCance, Comber Distilleries
Bowman, Hugh, saddler, Bridge Street
Boyd, William, J. P., Ballywilliam flax mills
Bruce, Samuel, distiller
Carson, Robert, publican, High Street
Chambers, Mr., school master, High Street
Crawford, Lindsay, The Castle
Dunkerley, Rev. Thomas, The Manse, Mill Street
Fisher, James, Camperdown
Galway, Thomas, supervisor Inland Revenue, Bridge Street
Geddis, Wm. T., tailor
Gelston, H., Stonehall
Gibson, Jacob, saddler, Bridge Street
Gibson, Thomas, Square
Glover, John, posting establishment, Mill Street
Hamilton, Miss, milliner, Mill Street
Harkness, John, grocer, Mill Street
Harper, Thomas H., The Square
Harvey, Alex., school master, Seaview House
Heaney, Mrs., grocer, The Square
Henry Robert,, M.D., High Street
Herron, William, wholesale flour merchant, Mill Street
Jeffrey, James, spirit dealer, The Square
Johnston, Miss, confectioner, Mill Street
Kennedy, W., grocer, Killinchy Street
Kerr, Matthew, printer, stationer, bookseller, Bridge Street
Lawrence, Mr., commercial traveller, Bridge Street
Long, The Misses, High Street
Maginn, M., dyer, Killinchy Street
Matier, Mrs., Mossbank
Miller, Archibald, letter carrier
Milling, James, grocer, publican, timber and iron yard, and weigh master
Montgomery, Hugh, school master, Mill Street
Munn, James, blacksmith, High Street
Murdock, Alexander, flesher, Mill Street
McAlpine, David, Mount Alexander
McCance, The Misses, Bridge Street
McConnell, Mrs., Barnhill
McCulloch, R., tailor, Bridge Street
McCullough, Julius, grocer
McDonald, Jas., posting establishment, Mill Street
McDonald, Samuel, grocer and posting
McDonald, Wm. John, grocer, Mill Street
McKeag, Patrick, boot maker, Mill Street
McKeag, S. B., wholesale grocer, The Square
McKeag, William, carpenter, Mill Street
McMillen, Robert, spirit dealer, Mill Street
McMurray, Mr., school master, Railway Street
Niblock, Miss M., grocer & spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Orr, Blakely, Knocknashan
Orr, David, Eden Cottage
Paisley & Co., drapers
Patton, Thomas, Railway Inn, Mill Street
Pinnance Brothers, tailors, Mill Street
Reid, Mrs., grocer and leather cutter, Mill Street
Riddle, Miss, High Street
Ritchie, J. W., general merchant, High Street
Robinson, J., cabinet maker, Bridge Street
Shean, James, woollen draper, Killinchy Street
Shean, William, solicitor
Simonton, J., Northern Bank (Limited), The Square
Simpson, R., grain merchant and spirit dealer, Killinchy Street
Skillen, James, blacksmith, The Square
Smith, A., flesher, Mill Street
Smith, Edward, blacksmith, Mill Street
Smith, Rev. George, Glebe House
Steele, Dr., The Square
Stone, Samuel, J.P., Barn Hill
Strickland, T., flesher, Bridge Street
Taylor, Rev. David A., The Manse, Killinchy Street
Todd, M., Railway Tavern, grocer, &c., Mill Street
Todd, R., auctioneer, Mill Street
Wightman, J., shoe maker, High Street
Wilson, The Misses, Bridge Street
Withers, James, grocer, Mill Street
Withers, R., grocer, The Square
Woods & Co., drapers

Public Conveyances

The County Down Railway carries the mail, and A. Stothers' car (from Killyleagh) calls at the Post Office every morning (Sunday excepted) at 9.
Mail car from Ballydrain twice daily



          Is a flourishing market and manufacturing town in County Tyrone, at the termini of the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway and Great Northern Railway. The markets are amongst the first in the Province, and the flax market particularly has no rival in Ireland. In the town and surrounding districts are numerous linen factories, spinning mills, tape factories, and very many flax scutching mills. The exports annually amount to 1,500 tons of linen, 300 tons of yarn, 1,500 tons of flax, 900 tons of butter and eggs, 2,500 tons of potatoes, 1,000 tons of grass-seed, and 200 tons of grain, while the imports of coal alone amount to 10,000 tons, During the last few years a good deal of building has been done and improvements effected in the town, and new houses erected in the suburbs, and especially during 1893 builders have been busy in the central portion of the town in renovating business houses and putting in plate-glass fronts. A scheme for supplying the town with pipe water from Montober springs - about three miles distant - has been approved of. Operations were commences in September, 1893, by the contractor, Mr. McNally. The engineer is Mr. Henry Shillington, C.E., Portadown. The local newspaper is "The Mid-Ulster Mail," established in 1891. The principal street bears in its different parts the respective names (beginning at the north end) of Millburn Street, Oldtown Street, William Street, James Street, Loy Street, Chapel Street, Church Street, and Killymoon Street. The other streets are Molesworth Street, Union Street, Coagh Street, Orritor Street, Waterloo Terrace, and Drum Road. Parts of Millburn, Oldtown, Loy, Chapel, Church, and Killymoon Streets are lined with trees, giving a pleasing appearance. The market days are Tuesday and Saturday; the latter for general farm produce (which is brought in abundance), it being one of the largest markets in the North of Ireland, and the former for grain and grass seed. Population in 1891, 3,841

Post Office, Telegraph and Money Order Office, and Savings Bank, James Street - Mrs. Glasgow, postmistress. Letters arrive from England and South of Ireland at 5-30 and 10-5 a.m. and from Scotland at 8-20 a.m.; from Belfast at 5-30 a.m., 8-20 a.m., and 5-15 p.m.; and from Dungannon at 5-30 a.m., 10-5 a.m., and 4-0 p.m. Letters depart for Dungannon and Dublin at 2 and 8-15 p.m.; for England, 2 and (via Fleetwood) 4-25 p.m.; for Scotland, 4-25 p.m.; for Belfast, 8-30 a.m., 12-30 p.m., and 8-5 p.m.
Mail car for Dungannon at 8-15 p.m.
Railways (for trains see time tables) - Belfast and Northern Counties Railway Co., Thomas Wallis, station master; Great Northern Railway Co., George E. Shanahan, station agent

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Derryloran (Cookstown) - Rev. H. B. Carter, D.D., rector; Rev. C. A. B. Millington, curate
Church of Ireland, Ardtrea - The Ven. the Archdeacon of Armagh (Rev. Wm. E. Meade, D.D.), rector.  Desertcreat - Rev. J. Richey, rector.  Kildress - Rev. John M. Young, M.A., rector.  Lissan - Rev. G. Yeates, M.A., rector
First Presbyterian Church, James Street - Rev. H. B. Wilson, D.D., minister; Rev. Thomas Glass, B.A., assistant.  Second Presbyterian Church, Loy Street - Rev. Allan M. Cameron, B.A., minister.  Third Presbyterian Church, Molesworth Street - Rev. J. K. Leslie, minister; Rev. John Entrican, B.A., assistant
Ballygoney Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. J. Wright, B.A., minister
Claggan Presbyterian Church - Rev. Ross Miller, minister
Orritor Presbyterian Church - Rev. William Wray, M.A., minister
Sandholes Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. W. Aiken, minister
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Loy Street - Rev. E. C. West, minister
Reformed Presbyterian Meetinghouse, Grange - Rev. Wm. Ferguson, minister
Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Street - Very Rev. Canon Rice, P.P.; Rev. C. McAleavy, C.C.
Independent Church, Donaghey - Rev. S. Hadden, minister
Gospel Hall, Moneymore Road
Salvation Army Hall, Coagh Street

Public Institutions

Belfast Banking Co. Limited (branch), James Street - J. G. Donaldson, manager
Hibernian Bank Ltd. (branch), James Street - Wm. Foley, manager
Ulster Bank Ltd. (branch), William Street - Sam. C. Gunning, J.P., manager
Cookstown General Credit and Discount Co., William Street - John W. Fleming, manager
Cookstown Loan Co. Ltd., Market Yard - Miss L. F. McCormick, manager
Savings Bank, Molesworth Street - Rev. H. B. Wilson, D.D., secretary


Intermediate School, Cookstown - John Mackenzie, M.A., principal
Ladies' School, Chapel Street - The Misses Houston, principals
Ladies' School, James Street - The Misses Dinsmore, principals
Cookstown N.S., Coagh Street - Hugh Waide, teacher; Mrs. Christie and Miss Waide, assistants
Derryloran N.S. Killymoon Street (male) - Hamilton Wright, teacher
Derryloran N.S., Chapel Street (infant) - Miss Booth, teacher
Gortalowry N.S., Chapel Hill - Miss Conlon, teacher
Loy N.S., Chapel Street (male) - William Rice, teacher
Loy N.S. Chapel Street (female) - Sisters of Mercy, teachers
Loy N.S. (night school) - Sisters of Mercy, teachers
Loy Old N.S., Loy Street - Miss Daly, teacher
Oldtown N.S., Waterloo Terrace (male) - G. Ramsey, teacher; (female), Miss Lappin, teacher

Public Officers

District Inspector of National Schools - Mr. E. J. Dewar, M.A., Dungannon
Coroner - Mr. John Malone, solicitor, Cookstown
Commissioners for taking Affidavits - James D. Anderson and William John Harbison, both of William Street
Dispensary Medical Officer - C. H. P. D. Graves, M.D., M.Ch.
Registrar of Births, Deaths and Magistrates - C. H. P. D. Graves, M.D. M.Ch.
Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - S. McKinney

I.O.G.T., Better Days Lodge, No. 103, meets every Monday evening in First Cookstown Schoolroom, at 8 o'clock p.m. Officers vary
I.O.G.T., Vanguard Lodge, No. 113, meets every Monday evening in the First Cookstown Schoolroom at 8 p.m. Officers vary
Young Men's Christian and Literary Association, Rooms Molesworth Street - President, Colonel J. C. J. Lowry, D.L., Rockdale; hon. secretary, Henry L. Glasgow. Meetings held on Tuesday evenings during session (October to April). Reading room, for members of the Society only, open daily (Sundays excepted)
Young Women's Christian Association, meets each Tuesday evening in the Academy Hall, Fair Hill. Mrs. Wilson, secretary
Church of Ireland Y.M.C.A., meets each Thursday evening. Reading room open each evening. President, Rev. H. B. Carter, D.D.; secretary, A. W. Mann
Cookstown Chess Club, meets each Wednesday evening. President, J. B. G. Moore, J.P.; secretary, G. E. Shanahan
Cookstown Horticultural & Agricultural Society - Patron, the Right Hon. the Earl of Castlestuart, D.L., J.P.; vice-patron, J. B. Gunning Moore, J.P.; twenty one presidents; hon. treasurer, J. G. Donaldson; hon. secretaries, Rev. H. B. carter, D.D., and John Glasgow
Hibernian Bible Society Depository, James Street - Mrs. Dinsmore
Cookstown Gas Company, works in Union Street - William Miller, manager; John W. Fleming, secretary. The Board of Directors meet on second Tuesday of each month
Inland Revenue Office, Molesworth Road - J. J. Shanahan, officer
Constabulary Barracks, James Street - E. G. Cary, D.I.; Thomas Martin, head constable
Stamp Office, James Street - Mrs. Dinsmore, distributor
Marriage Registry Office, James Street - Joseph Stewart, registrar; James Montgomery, deputy registrar
Union Workhouse (21 elected guardians) - Chairman, Right Hon. Earl of Castlestuart, D.L.; vice chairman, J. B. Gunning Moore, D.L.; deputy vice chairman, Bernard Quin; clerk and returning officer, Henry Alfred Mann; master, Wm. McCutcheon; matron, Isabella McCutcheon; school mistress, M. Glasgow
Masonic Lodge, No. 470, meets in Masonic Hall, Molesworth Street, on second Monday of each month.  S. C. Gunning, P.M., secretary
Royal Arch Chapter, No. 470, meets in Masonic Hall.  J. G. Donaldson, registrar
Town Commissioners - Dr. W. J. Ross Knight, chairman; John W. Fleming, clerk. Meetings held first Monday of each month
Petty Sessions held on second and fourth Fridays of each month - J. W. Fleming, Clerk
Cookstown Estate Office, James Street - H. Alfred Mann, agent
Newspaper - The "Mid Ulster Mail," Every Saturday, Henry L. Glasgow, proprietor


Acheson, J., carpenter, Church Street
Acheson, R., carpenter & blacksmith, Chapel Street
Adair, Thomas & Co., flax & tow spinners, Greenvale
Adair, Thomas & Son, bleachers and finishers, Greenvale
Adair, Hugh, J.P., Glenavon
Adair, Mrs., Greenvale
Aiken, Rev. J. W., Sandholes
Allen, Anna, Imperial Hotel, Molesworth Street
Allen, Ed. M., auctioneer & publican, William Street
Allen, James, P.L.G., Oldtown Street
Allen, Joseph, grocer and victualler, Oldtown and Milburn Streets
Anderson, David & Son, grocers & agricultural seed merchants, William Street
Anderson, George, flax & corn miller, Tullywiggan
Anderson, Joseph, saddler, James Street
Anderson, W., J.P., Grange
Anderson, William, grocer & boot dealer, William Street
Arlow, J., organist and music teacher, Chapel Street
Auterson, J., L.R.P.S. Glasg., L.R.C.P. Edin., Oldtown Street
Ballantine, William, auctioneer, Loy Street
Bear, G. R., solicitor's conducting assistant, Loy Street
Bell, Robert, tailor, Oldtown Street
Berry, Joseph, publican, William Street
Black, Richard, flax miller, Cork Hill
Blair, David, boot and shoe merchant, James Street
Boyle, Joseph, painter, Union Street
Browne, Mrs., Drapersfield
Browne, Wm., sen., Drapersfield
Browne, Wm., jun., Drapersfield
Bryson, Samuel, clerk, Loy Street
Burnett, James, carpenter, Union Street
Butler, Wm., boot and clog maker, Loy Street
Cameron, D., railway watchman, Molesworth Street
Cameron, Rev. Allan M., Loy Street
Campbell, P., confectioner, James Street
Carlton, James, boot maker, Chapel Street
Carnaghan, J., pawnbroker and clothes dealer, William Street
Carter, Rev. H. B., D.D., Derryloran Glebe
Cary, E. G., D.I., R.I.C.
Castlestuart, D.L., Right Hon. Earl of, Drum Manor and Stuart Hall
Charles, A., watch maker, jeweller, and photographer, James Street
Charles, D. H., M.D., Glas.; M.R.C.S. Edin.; James Street
Charles, R., delf and china merchant, and leather dealer, James Street
Charles & Co., stationers and newsagent
Cluff, R. Richardson, Kildress House
Coffey, P., grocer and publican, James Street
Coleman, Patrick, fish monger, William Street
Conlon, P., saddler, Oldtown Street
Cooper, W. A. D., clerk, Killymoon Street
Corr, B., grocer and shoe maker, James Street
Corr, Patrick, Commercial Hotel, Oldtown Street
Cotton, James, bookkeeper, Oldtown Street
Crawford, J. L., grocer and publican, Molesworth Street
Crooks, John, grocer and hardware merchant, William Street
Crossit, R., L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Edin., Loy Street
Cunningham, R. H., solicitor, Oldtown Street
Davidson, Joseph, nurseryman, Chapel Street
Devlin, Francis, grocer, spirit dealer, and agricultural seed merchant, William Street
Devlin, Arthur, spirit dealer, Oldtown Street and Coagh Street
Devlin, Joseph W., woollen draper, William Street
Devlin, R. A., publican, James Street
Devlin, S., & Co., butter, egg, potato dealers, and commission agents, Union Street
Devlin, Stewart, J.P., Union Street
Dickson, R., woollen draper, Molesworth Street
Dinsmore, A. J., grocer, James Street
Doey, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, William Street
Donaghy, Arthur, spirit dealer, Oldtown Street
Donaghy, P., grocer and spirit dealer, William Street
Donaldson, J. G., James Street
Donnelly, B., pawn office, William Street
Doris, J., auctioneer & spirit dealer, James Street
Doris, J.  M.R.C.V.S., Oldtown Street
Drapersfield Weaving Co., linen manufacturers
Dunlop, W., boot and shoe maker, William Street
Dunn, George, car owner, Oldtown Street
Dunn, Thomas, car owner, Oldtown Street
Dunseith & Co., merchant tailors, William Street
Early, J., grocer, William Street
Eastwood, C., dress maker and boot dealer, William Street
Ekin, Samuel E., J.P., Soran
Elder, John, coach smith, Oldtown Street
Elliott, George, carter, Union Street
Entrican, Rev. John, Molesworth Street
Espy, G., plumber & gasfitter, Molesworth Street
Ferguson, R. A., Royal Hotel, Coagh Street
Ferguson, S. A., grocer, Oldtown Street
Ferguson, W., boot maker, Church Street
Ferguson, W., boot and shoe maker, William Street
Ferguson, Rev. William, Teivenagh
Field, A. & S., milliners, William Street
Fleming, J. W., lessee of markets, clerk of Petty Sessions, clerk of Town Commissioners, manager General Credit and Discount Company, Ballymenagh; office, Market yards and Molesworth Street; agent, English and Scottish Law Life Office
Foley, Wm., manager Hibernian Bank
Forrest, Henry, carpenter, Loy Street
Foy, Philip, Chapel Street
Galway, B. & Sons, watch makers and jewellers
Geddes, Joseph, woollen draper and milliner, James Street
Gibson, Hugh, Molesworth Street
Gibson, Thomas, clerk, Molesworth Street
Gillin, John, limestone quarries, William Street
Glasgow, J., printer, book seller, stationer, toy and music dealer, grocer, vegetable, flower, and agricultural seed merchant, William Street; agent for the "Belfast News Letter," "Belfast Weekly News," "Weekly Northern Whig," "Irish Times," "Mid-Ulster Weekly," "Daily Express," "Dundee Weekly News," "Witness," "Tyrone Courier," and "Weekly Irish Times"
Glasgow, W. J. (of H. & J. MacMillan)
Glasgow, R. J., postmistress
Glass, Rev. Thomas, Cookstown
Gourley, Miss, Molesworth Road
Graham, A., grocer, Chapel Street
Graves, A. H. P. D., M.D., M.Ch., Gortaliagh
Gunning, John & Sons, linen manufacturers and finishers, Millburn Works
Gunning, S. C., J.P., William Street
Hamilton, Henry, Chapel Street
Hamilton, Robert, timber merchant and carter, Chapel Street
Hanna, John, grocer, Drum Road
Harbinson, W. J., grocer, baker, publican, and agricultural seed merchant, William Street
Harbison, T. J. S., solicitor, William Street
Harkley, Matthew, marine store, Chapel Street
Harkness, J. J. (manager, S. E. Weir & Co.), Oldtown Street
Harris, J. & M., dress makers, Union Street
Harris, J. Porter, solicitor; office, James Street; residence, Stewartstown
Harris, Frederick, solicitor; office, William Street; residence, Stewartstown
Hart, F., clothes dealer, William Street
Hart, P., clothes dealer, Oldtown Street
Hassard, Robert, J.P., Desertcreat
Henderson, Matthew J., linen manufacturer, Rocklodge
Henry, William, cabinet maker's assistant, Millburn Street
Higgerty, Charles, green grocer, Orritor Street
Hopper, George (of W. J. Hopper & Bros.), Molesworth Street
Hopper, Mrs., Molesworth Street
Hopper, Wm. J. & Brothers, woollen drapers, James Street
Houston, The Misses, Ladies' School, Chapel Street
Howard, James, grocer, Loy Street
Hughes, M., boarding house, James Street
Hutchinson, Wm., Coagh Street
Johnston, R., grocer, Oldtown Street
Johnston, W. C., grocer, James Street
Jones, Thos. J., grocer and hardware merchant, William Street
Judge, Wm., tea dealer, Moneymore Road
Kelly, John, flax merchant, Union Street
Kennedy, R., shoe maker, Loy Street
Kerr, John, grocer, Church Street
Knight, W. J. R., M.D., M.Ch., L.M., Oldtown Street
Knipe, J., dress maker, Oldtown Street
Lamont, W. S., M.R.C.V.S., Oldtown Street
Leeper, Wm., J.P., beetling mills, Wellbrook
Leeper, W., J.P. (managing director John Gunning & Sons Ltd.), Wellbrook
Leslie, Rev. J. K., Molesworth Street
Lewis, A. P., grocer, baker, and draper, Millbrook Street
Lewis, W. H. (J. Gunning & Son, Ltd.), Oldtown Street
Liddle, Edward, grocer, hardware, timber, and seed merchant and saw mill owner, James Street
Lowry, Lieutenant-Colonel J. C. J., D.L., J.P., Rockdale
Lytle, Wm. A., grocer and leather dealer, William Street
Mackenzie, John, M.A., teacher, Chapel Street
MacMillan, H. & J., woollen drapers, William Street
Magill, S. R., Crieve
Magill, Thomas S., J.P., Crieve
Malone, A., publican, William Street
Malone, B., publican, Loy Street
Malone, C., grocer, hide merchant, baker, and publican, William Street
Malone, John, solicitor; office, Molesworth Street; residence, James Street; agent, Phoenix Fire Office
Mann, H. A., estate agent and clerk of Union, James Street
Marshall, Mrs., Church Street
Mason, W. & M., grocer, butter, egg, and general commission agents, Molesworth Street
Mayne, John, cabinet maker and temperance hotel keeper, Molesworth Street
Meade, Rev. W. E., D.D., Ardtrea
Meeke, W. C., solicitor, James Street
"Mid-Ulster Mail" Machine Printing Works, William Street; John Glasgow, Manager
Millar, S., law clerk, Union Street
Millar, Samuel, car driver, Oldtown Street
Millar, William, manager gas works, Union Street
Miller, Rev. Ross, Claggan
Millington, Rev. C. A. B., Molesworth Street
Mills, Charles, painter, Millburn Street
Mills, Thomas, tinsmith, Millburn Street
Mills, Wm., tinsmith, Orritor Street
Moffat, Mrs., James Street
Molloy, Alexander, Gunning Arms Hotel, Molesworth Street
Money, James, blacksmith, Church Street
Montgomery, James, Ulster Coach Factory, Union Street
Moore, J. B. G., J.P., D.L., Loymount
Moorhead, A., publican, Union Street
Moran, Robert, Chapel Street
Morgan, Wm., tailor, James Street
Morrison, A., woollen draper, James Street
Mullan, James, flax merchant, auctioneer, and furniture dealer, Stewart Arms Hotel, Molesworth Street and James Street
Mullan, James, solicitor, Molesworth Street
Murray, Thomas, blacksmith, Orritor Street
Musgrave, M., boarding house, Union Street
McAdoo, H. & H., woollen drapers, milliners, dressmakers, and merchant tailors, Oldtown Street
McAleavy, Rev. C., C.C., Loy Street
McAlister, D., flax and corn miller, Kildress
McCann, T., road contractor and bacon curer
McCannety, P., lodgings, Coagh Street
McClelland, Sloane, baker and grocer, Oldtown Street
McClelland, T., printer, bookseller, and stationer, William Street
McCloughan, John, fireman, Millburn Street
McCollum, A. J., grocer, baker, and agricultural seed merchant, James Street
McConnell, S., boot and shoe maker, William Street
McCook, J., builder, James Street
McCook, M., milliner, James Street
McCormick, John, grocer, William Street
McCormick, The Misses, The Cottage
McDowell, J., builder and architect, Oldtown Street
McElhannon, A., dress maker, Oldtown Street
McElhatton, J., spirit dealer, Oldtown Street
McGeagh, Miss, Loy Street
McGlade, P., spirit dealer, William Street
McGowan, R. P., J.P., Moree
McGready, Patrick, grocer & baker, Oldtown Street
McGurk, T., hairdresser, barber, & photographer, William Street
McKay, Thomas, grocer and agricultural seed merchant, Molesworth Street
McKinney, S., grocer and pharmaceutical chemist, Oldtown Street
McMahon, Joseph, victualler, William Street
McMaster, M., grocer, earthenware, and china dealer, William Street
McMullan, W., victualler, James Street
McNally, John, builder, Molesworth Road
McNaney, J., boot and shoe maker, James Street
McReynolds, Thomas, J.P., Ballymaguire
McSherry, T., grocer and flax dealer, Church Street
McSweeny, J., publican, Coagh Street
McVeigh, J., grocer, James Street
Newberry, David, butcher, Oldtown Street
Newell, Joseph, victualler, William Street
Newton, Miss, Oldtown Street
Nolan, Mrs., victualler, Molesworth Street
O'Connell, Thomas, boot and shoe merchant, James Street
O'Neill, Mrs., Loy Street
Patteson, Miss, James Street
Petty Sessions Office, Molesworth Street
Perry, James, labourer, Waterloo Terrace
Porter, Wm., draper's assistant, Union Street
Potter, George, Loy Street
Purcas, Joseph, Chapel Street
Purdy, Edward, hardware and general dealer, William Street
Quigley, Joseph, woollen draper, &c., William Street
Quinn, J. A., solicitor; office, James Street; residence, Dungannon
Quinn, Michael, publican, James Street
Quin, M., spirit dealer, Coagh Street
Ramsey, Geo., N.S. teacher, Moneymore Road
Rankin, Charles, plumber and gas fitter, Molesworth Street
Raphael, H. Newton, solicitor; office, William Street; residence, Loy Street
Raphael, John, J.P., Loy Street
Reynolds, W. J., M.P., solicitor; office, James Street; residence, Dungannon
Rice, Very Rev. Canon, P.P., James Street
Rickard, John, J.P., James Street
Ritchie, Rev. J., Ballymully Glebe
Roy, Wm., engine driver, Union Street
Rutherford, G., grocer, Church Street
Rutherford, J., grocer, Chapel Street
Rutherford, William, P.L.G., flax miller, Derrycromie
Rutherford, Wm., road contractor, Millburn Street
Scott, L., servants' registry office, Oldtown Street
Scott, W. J., plumber, Union Street
Shanahan, G. E., G.N. Railway, Molesworth Street
Shanahan, J. J., excise officer, Molesworth Street
Sheppard, J., grocer and leather dealer, Oldtown Street
Smith, W. & D., grocers, bakers, and seed merchants, William Street
Smith, Misses, Loy Street
Stanton, Mrs., flax miller, Dunman
Staples, Sir Nathaniel, Bart., D.L., J.P., Lissan House
Steele, Mrs., boarding house, Oldtown Street
Stewart, J., grocer, baker, and provision dealer, James Street
Stewart, Mrs., Killymoon Street
Taylor, Charles, limestone quarries, Coagh Street
Taylor, George, shoe maker, Oldtown Street
Thomson, John, grocer, William Street
Thomson, Wm., rope and twine manufacturer, Union Street
Todd, John, ironmonger and hardware merchant, James Street
Tomb, Hamilton, draper, Molesworth Street
Tubman, M. M., stationer and news agent, James Street
Tubman, T., hardware merchant, William Street
Turkington, Samuel, grocer and druggist, Molesworth Street
Twigg, J. B. & R. H., solicitors; office, William Street; residence, Chapel Street
Venables, W. J., solicitor; office, Molesworth Street; residence, Church Street
Waide, Hugh, N.S. teacher, Rock Cottage
Wallis, Thomas B. & N. C. Ry., Molesworth Street
Warnock, Wm. H., & Sons, painters & glaziers, William Street
Waterpower Linen Co., linen manufacturers
Weir, S. E., & Co., drapers, silk mercers, milliners, dress makers, cabinet makers and upholsterers, James Street
West, Rev. E. C., Loy Street
Whan, David, stone mason, Millburn Street
Wilson, Mrs., Collins Terrace
Wilson, Rev. H. B., D.D., James Street
Windsor, William J., tailor, William Street
Wray, Rev. William, Orritor
Wright, Hamilton, N.S. teacher, Drum Road
Wright, Rev. J. J., Ballygonney
Yeates, Rev. G., M.A., Lissan
Young, James, carpenter, Millburn Street
Young, Rev. J. M., Drumshambo Glebe



          A market town in County Cavan, 66 miles N.N.W. from Dublin, South 15 miles from Monaghan, pleasantly situated on the Cootehill River, and on the road from Dublin to Clones. The town consists of four spacious streets, and the country around is embellished with some handsome mansions. The linen business prevails in the district, but not so extensively as formerly, and in the town are established branches of two banks, a savings bank, and gas house, by which the town has been recently lighted. The principal hotel here is the Bellamount Arms. General Sessions of the Peace are held four times in the year, and Petty Sessions every second Saturday; they are held in a neat Court House, at the back of which is a secure Bridewell. There are seven places of worship - Church of Ireland, two Presbyterian Churches, one Methodist Church, a Meeting House for the Society of Friends, a Moravian Chapel, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. The Church, situated in the lower extremity of the town, fronting the Main Street, is a large and handsome structure, in the Elizabethian or Tudor style of architecture, with a tower surmounted by a spire. The charities comprise a handsome School House, built by the Rev. J. R. Darley, for education, and supported out of his own private purse; a Dispensary, a Union Workhouse, and a School under the National Board of Education. The markets are held on Friday and Saturday - the former for general produce and the latter for grain. Fairs, third Friday in every month. Also a large dead and live Pork Market - the former every Wednesday from third week in September, till first week in May; the latter third Thursday each month in the year. Population, in 1891, 1,894

Post Office, Market Street - Jane Corry, postmistress.
Town Commissioners - Philip Carney, chairman; Patrick Boylan, Thomas Murky, H. McGuire, Thomas Woods, and Michael Connolly
Provincial Bank of Ireland (branch), Market Street - G. Cameron, manager
Ulster Banking Company Ltd. (branch), Market Street - Mr. Johnson, manager
Stamp Office, Market Street
National School - H. Wallace, teacher
Union Workhouse - 19 electoral divisions. Board meets on Fridays - Right Honourable the Earl of Dartrey, Dartrey, Monaghan, chairman; Lieut. Col. Henry T. Clements, D.L., Ashfield Lodge, Cootehill, vice chairman; H. K. Leslie, J.P., Cootehill, deputy vice chairman; John Graham, clerk and returning officer; William Graham, master; Miss Carlenton, matron.
Dispensary - Dr. McQuaid

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Chapel of Ease, Dernaclish - Rev. T. Newman
Church of Ireland (parish of Drumgoon), Market Street - Rev. J. Moore, rector
Presbyterian Church, Bridge Street - Rev. W. M. Henry
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Bridge Street - Ministers various
Friends' Meetinghouse, Church Street
Moravian Chapel, Derrycock
Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Lane - Rev. Mr. Reilly, P.P.


Adams, William, Drumelton House
Armstrong, Robert, druggist, Market Street, agent English and Scottish Law Life Office, and Phoenix Fire Office
Boyle, A., Riverview
Boyle, J., Cabara
Boyle, Thomas, Cabara House
Brady, Charles, publican, Bridge Street
Brady, Rev., P.P.
Brennan, Miss, dress maker, Bridge Street
Brown, S., book seller, stationer, general provision dealer, rent collector, insurance agent, and seed merchant
Browne, James, Rockcorry Mills
Campbell, H., seed merchant, Market Street
Carney, Philip, wine and spirit merchant, grocer and baker, Market Street
Chapman, Isaac, earthenware dealer, Church Street
Clements, Henry T., J.P., Ashfield House
Clements, Thos., druggist, Market Street
Coalston, Thomas, tailor, Bridge Street
Conley, M., baker, Market Street
Connelly, John, Bellamount Arms Hotel, Market Street
Connor, J., cart maker, Bridge Street
Corry, Jane, grocer, Market Street
Cremore, Right Hon. Lord, Dartrey House
Donohoe, John, Bridge Street
Dowd, M., shoe maker, New Cavan Road
Drum, Andrew, blacksmith, Chapel Lane
Duffy, Robert, painter, Bridge Street
Eakin, Alexander, hardware merchant, Market Street
Fleming, W. J., woollen draper, Market Street
Flood, John, scutch mills, Kilacreeny
Foy, John, Lisnagoan Mills
German, J. J., grocer, Church Street
Graham, Robert, district registrar of marriages, Market Street
Henry, Rev. W. M.
Lennon, Denis, baker and grocer, Market Street
Leslie, Major, J.P.
Livingston, Hugh, shoe maker, Bridge Street
Lyons, John, school teacher
Maguire, H., baker, spirit dealer and grocer, Church Street
Markey, Mrs., grocer and publican, Market Street
Markey, Thomas, woollen draper, Market Street
Markey, Patrick, grocer and publican, Market Street
Marsden, Mrs., Annalee House
Maxwell, Wm. Boyle, J.P., Tullyvin House
Montgomery, George, jeweller, Market Street
Moore, R. W., spirit dealer and grocer, Market Street
Moore, Dr., Rockcorry
Moore, Rev. Thomas, rector
Moorehead, Dr., Fortwilliam
Morrow, William, barony constable, Derrycock
Murphy, John, Newgrove Mills
McCabe, John, saddler, Market Street
McCabe, John, publican, Bridge Street
McCudden, J., pork dealer, Market Street
McCullagh, James, provision merchant, butter and egg exporter, Market Street
McCutcheon, P., publican, Bridge Street
McDermott, Mr., White Horse Hotel, Market Street
McEniff, Michael, publican, Bridge Street
McLaughlin, Thos., shoe maker, Cavan Street
McMahon, F., flax dealer, Bridge Street
McManus, A., cooper, Bridge Street
McMinn, Robert, clerk of Petty Sessions, Market Street
McQuaide, Dr., M.D.
Phillips, Oven, butcher
Plummer, Rev. R., Ashfield Glebe
Reilly, James, spirit dealer, Market Street
Reilly, J., clerk to the Town Commissioners, Market Street
Reilly, M., publican, Bridge Street
Sellery, Philip, hide buyer, Bridge Street
Shera, John, iron monger, grocer, timber and wine merchant, Market Street
Smith, Andrew, auctioneer and valuator
Smith, Miss, earthenware dealer, Bridge Street
Smith, Rev. John, R.C.C., Madaghbawn
Smith, Rev. P., P.P., Kill
Sowden, Miss, spirit dealer
Stephenson, Mrs., Temperance Restaurant, Market Street
Swarbrick, S., blacksmith, Cavan Street
Trainor, E., baker and grocer, Market Street
West, A., boot maker, Market Street
Whitely, Mrs., Riverview Mills
Wildridge, Thomas, Market Street
Woods, James, flax merchant, Church Street



          Is a small but very clean town in the County of Down. It is situated twenty-one and a quarter miles south from Belfast, on the line of the Belfast and County Down Railway. The population is about 650, the working class of which are chiefly engaged in agricultural pursuits, while a great number of the female population here and of the surrounding districts are employed in the hand sewed embroidery industry. The Fair (which is an important one) is held on the second Wednesday of every month. Formerly there was a market here every Wednesday, but it has ceased to exist. The Churches are Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and Church of Ireland, the last-named being a beautiful edifice, situated in Kilmore, one mile distant. A branch of the Belfast Bank is open every Wednesday.


Alexander, Thomas, Presbyterian minister
Beck, David, Sissaratti
Bell, William Thomas, fowl merchant
Bell, John, fowl dealer, Downpatrick Street
Cahill, Thomas, grocer, The Square
Campbell, J., publican, grocer, and hardware merchant, Downpatrick Street
Carlisle, James, M.D., Downpatrick Street
Clarke, David K., J.P., Rosebank
Cleland, David, J.P., Greenvale
Cleland, James, J.P., Tober Mhuire
Cleland, William, publican and grocer, Downpatrick Street
Copeland, William, merchant tailor, Downpatrick
Donaldson, J., milliner, Downpatrick Street
Dornan, Elizabeth, milliner, The Square
Downey, J., tinsmith, Killyleagh Street
Edgar, George, seed merchant and posting car establishment, Downpatrick Street
Ellison, Wm., grocer, Killyleagh Street
Flynn, J., boot merchant, Killyleagh Street
Hay, R. & W., publicans
Hutton, Robert, publican, Killyleagh Street
Johnston, John, Presbyterian minister, Crossgar
Kelly, John A., Unitarian minister, Rodemon
Law, Mary Jane, publican, Downpatrick Street
Mason, Thomas, fowl dealer and exporter, Downpatrick Street
Meharry, Robert, grocer, Killyleagh Street
Moffet, Wm., publican, Killyleagh Street
Moreland, William John
Morrison, Wm., post office, Downpatrick Street
Morrison, Wm., miller, Glenwater
Morrow, F., publican and posting car establishment, Killyleagh Street
Murray, Daniel, publican and sewing agent, Downpatrick Street
McAllister, Nicholas, grocer, Downpatrick Street
McConnell, John, boot merchant and grocer, Killyleagh Street
McDonald, John, grocer, Downpatrick Street
McDowell, Henry
McDowell, Robert
McGee, Margaret, grocer, Downpatrick Street
McGee, Sarah, grocer, Downpatrick Street
McRobert, John, J.P., Rademon Mills
Nixon, John, grocer and farmer, Kilmore
Pyper, Wm., grocer, Downpatrick Street
Reid, Mary Anne, publican, The Square
Ritchie, J., publican, Downpatrick Street
Robinson, Elizabeth, sewing agent, Downpatrick Street
Shaw, G., draper, Downpatrick Street
Smith, Henry, coach builder and painter, Killyleagh Street
Smith, Wm., draper, grocer, and hardware merchant, Killyleagh Street
White, George, grocer, Killyleagh Street
Woods, John, clog maker, The Square
Woods, John, draper and clothier, Killyleagh Street



          Is a small post town, parish of Camlin, in the County Antrim, fourteen and one third English miles W. by N. from Belfast, situated on the road between Antrim and Lurgan, and two miles and a half E. of the head of a bay of Lough Neagh. On the Camlin, which skirts the town, and from which river its name is a corruption, an extensive factory has been erected on the site of the old flour mills for the manufacture of woollens and tweeds. It is a Limited Liability Company, and is known as The Ulster Woollen Company. The brand on the goods is a Round Tower. The tweed is known as Lough Neagh Tweed, and Mt. T. F. Scott is managing director. Wood turning has been carried on to a very considerable extent during the last few years, and is likely to be extended still further. At Mr. Thomas Rea's mill, on the Crumlin river, enormous quantities of chair legs, table legs, brush heads and handles of all sizes, axe handles, spade and shovel shafts, and peg tops are turned out weekly. There is also on the Camlin river a flax scutch mill and a saw mill, the property of Mr. John Christie. From the situation of the town, near Lough Neagh, it derives facility of communication by water with Belfast, Newry, Antrim, Magherafelt, and other towns. Petty Sessions are held on the fourth Monday of every month. The Parish Church was destroyed by the army of James II, in 1689. For the convenience of members, services in connection with the Irish Church are held every Sunday evening at 4.30, in the Court House, Crumlin, which are well attended. The Presbyterians and Unitarians have each a place of worship; and there are two Free Schools and a Dispensary. One of the schools was built by Major General the Hon. Sir H. R. Pakenham, of Langford Lodge; the other is under the National Board of Education. On the east side of the town is a station of the Dublin and Antrim Junction Railway, which connects the Great Northern Railway with the Northern Counties, thereby affording daily communications with Derry on the North and Dublin on the South. Fairs - The first Monday, monthly. There is also a market every Wednesday, for the sale of wheat, oats, potatoes, pork, butter, eggs and fowl. Population in 1891, 501.

Post Office - Miss A. Morrison, postmistress. Letters from Dublin, and all parts of the south of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at 7 and are despatched every evening at 6-35 o'clock. Letters from Belfast and the North, also from Scotland and England arrive (from Antrim) every evening from at 12-30, and are despatched every morning at 8-20.
Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions - Rev. Arthur H. Pakenham, Patrick Black, Charles E. McClintock, and A. Mussen, M.D.
Clerk of Petty Sessions for Crumlin and Antrim districts, and Clerk to Board of Conservators of Fisheries - Joseph English, Crumlin

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Parish Church of Killead - Rev. John Clarke, rector, Killead, Crumlin.  Parish Church, Gartree - Rev. E. P. Roe, A.B., incumbent, The Glebe, Gartree, Crumlin.  Parish Church, Glenavy - Rev. Charles Watson, The Glebe, Glenavy.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. A. C. Canning and Rev. John A. Canning
Methodist Church, Glenavy - Rev. William J. Christie

Public Institutions

National School - Miss Kinnear
Free School - Mr. Stewart
Crumlin Dispensary - Dr. James Allister, medical officer
Dispensary, Glenavy, Arthur Mussen, M.D., medical officer
Crumlin Market Company (Limited) - W. Montgarrett, secretary; Edward J. Johnson, hon. treasurer


Adams, J., civil bill officer, Aghnamillan
Allister, J., L.R.C.S., and L.R.C.P., Edin.
Berryhill, R. H., solicitor
Boyd, Robert, blacksmith
Boyd, William, shoe maker
Campbell, William, carpenter
Canning, Rev. Alexander C.
Christie, Rev. Wm. J., Methodist Minister, Glenavy
Conway, Rev., P.P., Glenavy
Corken, Phillip, spirit dealer and baker
Cormican, Thomas, saddler and harness maker
Cousins, Isaac, spirit dealer
Elliot, Wm. J., carpenter and farmer
English, Joseph, Clerk of Petty Sessions
Finton, Amelia, straw bonnet maker
Gillan, Henry, Pakenham Arms Hotel
Gettinby, Hugh, tailor
Halliday, H. W., boot and shoe maker
Hefferon, Mrs. M. C., grocer and spirit dealer
Hunter, H. & C., dress makers
Johnson, E. J., grocer, haberdasher and baker
Kirkpatrick, William
Montgarret, W., sub-agent
Montgomery, Margaret, dress maker
McAreavey, Miss, draper, grocer, haberdasher, and spirit dealer
McBride, Rev. R., Presbyterian Minister, Dundrod
McClintock, Charles E., J.P., Glendarragh
McCluney, Edward, butcher and farmer
McConnell, John Henry, Land Commissioner, Cherryvalley
McIlvenna, Joseph, carpenter
McKee, William Alexander, Gobrana
McKee, Wm., M.D., Gobrana
McKendry, James, grocer and show maker
McLenaghan, Thomas, mason
McPeake, Joseph, cooper
McQuillan, John, boot and shoe maker
Neeson, Thomas, shoe maker
Nixon, Alex., grocer and hardware merchant
Pakenham, Rev. A. H., J.P., Langford Lodge
Palmer, The Misses, dress makers and milliners
Palmer, Arthur, farmer
Peel, Jonathan, Ben Neagh
Rea, T., miller and wood turner, Glen End Mills
Roe, Rev. Edward P., incumbent of Gartree
Scott, T. F., Crumlin
Smith, James, mason
Templeton, Miss, grocer
Watson, Rev. C., incumbent of Glenavy
Watterson, Dawson, grocer
Whitfield, John B., Crumlin House
Whitfield, Mrs. Margaret
Williamson, Robert, miller and flax scutcher, Greddan Mill
Wilson, Nathaniel, carpenter
Young, J., watch maker

it was missing/cut out of the 1894 directory

          Is situated on the main road from Larne to the Giant's Causeway, which is about thirty-five miles distant, and from it an excellent view of Fair Head and Tor Head can be seen. It is, therefore, a favourite stopping place for those tourists who appreciate the magnificent scenery of the district. The hotels are comfortable and well conducted, and it is an excellent centre for making excursions from to view the far-famed scenery of the Antrim coast. There are extensive salmon fishing close to the town, and very good sea fishing may also be had. The hotels are Glens of Antrim (Miller's) and Delargy's, where the car stops. There is good bathing at Limerick Port and Salmon Rock, and a fine walk brings the visitor to Glenan, Glendun, and Glenariff. The last-mentioned place is the most beautiful of the Antrim glens. Luirgedan Hill (1,154 feet) overlooks Cushendall, and is most picturesque, The ruins of Layde Church are twenty minutes' walk from the village, and they should be visited.

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. Wm. Thompson, rector; Rev. Wm. P. Carmody, curate
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Starkey, P.P.; Rev. John Nolan, C.C.

Public Institutions

Cottage Hospital - Miss Kate McDonnell
Post Office - Mrs. Margaret McAulay
Cushendall Hotel - James Delargy, proprietor
Glens of Antrim Hotel - George D. Millar, proprietor
Temperance Restaurant - Mr. Chard


Delargy, Hugh, hardware, &c.
English and Scottish Law Life and Phoenix Fire Office - Agent, James McElheron, C.P.S.
Fogarty, J. W., M.B., J.P.
Hamilton, John, farmer
Hamilton, Miss Jane, draper
Jamison, Daniel, farmer
Kenny, A. & J., publicans
Martin, Mrs., draper
Morison, Miss, milliner (Morrison)
Murphy, Miss Ellen, grocer
Murphy, John, farmer
Murphy, John, grocer
McAlister, Daniel, farmer
McAlister, Daniel, hardware, &c.
McAlister, Miss A., publican
McAlister, Miss Margaret, draper
McAlister, Robert, farmer
McAlister, Robert, grocer
McAulay, Michael, publican
McBride, John, draper
McCann, Mary, grocer
McCollum, Joseph, publican
McCollum, Mrs., grocer
McElheran, James, P.S.C.
McIlvenna, John, grocer
Stevenson, W., grocer

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