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Rowan - Ruth - Montgomery - Richmond - Scott etc.
PAGE 2 - Photos
Page 1 - Birthdays, Deaths, Marriages and Rowan History
Page 3 - Photos & Newspaper Clipings

1805 - 1806 - 1807 - 1808 - 1819 - 1843 - 1852 - 1861 - 1868 - 1877 - 1880 - 1890
1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1939 - 1943 - 1951 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Ormeau Park 1946 Chisham Star

   Dublin 1943              Dublin 1947                                            Dublin 1943                             

                                                                                           #3 Loughbrickland 1949 Granda's Cousin Willie Rowan

Donaghadee 1947                 Helen's Bay 1947                        Dublin 1947                        Greyabbey 1947

Donaghadee 1947                              Donaghadee 1947                                              Athlone 1948            

#2 Top of the Mountains (Enniskerry 1949)  #3 Galway Town 1948

Blackman 1947 (Statue of Dr Henry Cooke as The Black Man at Technical institute, College Square, Belfast)

          Billy Ard 1948                     T. or J. Harvey (Spelga Pass)   S. Martin & D. McKeown (Coast Road, Antrim)

B. Millen (Road to Antrim)                                                         J. Gray              

Fitzy. Antrim Coast Road                                          Prize Distribution 1949      

Adelphi Picture House, Dundalk

       Mrs. Doyles                                                 Mrs. Doyles

The Girls of Scotland

Ferry in Scotland                                                    Ferry in Scotland                                

A few of the Boys (Antrim)

with the Tandem Club (Black Man)

Staff Dance

                                                                            VX158 and VX161 (1952)

             Aldergrove 1952                                Belfast's First Canberra Ready to take the air 31/10/1952
The first Canberra built at Belfast by Short Brothers and Harland stands at Sydenham Airport before its maiden flight. And (below) Mr. Douglas Scard, the firm's chief test flight observer who flew in the aircraft

                       Douglas Scard                            1952                                           

                  Grandas Dad                                     Great Granda John Rowan     

                    T. Rowan                        Margaret 1945                         George                    1897 R. Rowan (book writer)


Uncle Robert - Aunt Mary - S. Todd (her father)
on back - Mrs. Rowan, Mr. R. Rowan (unclear maybe says father) S. Todd, father of Mrs. Mary Rowan
W. McCracken who migrated to U.S.A. 192?                                                                                          

The Workhouse                                Garden Street Magherafelt                                                               

George Bobbie & Gaa?                               George                                    Bobbie      

G. Lovell in Anderson & Hoys?

             May 1948             George James Rowan with his Grandmother
                                           later when he was about 8 years old 1875

Wilson     Peoples     McKee                              Wafer                                           S. Orr           

                                                                                                      Dornan                    Russell         McMenemy
                                                                                                 Dee                     Munn                 Wafer

Ballykinlar 1954 Parade for Brigador Thom Thom????

'Queen Elizabeth' of Ballyscullion
J. McCarroll        R. Rowan       J. Craig       Gordon       W. McCormick       S. Orr

Funston    Peoples    Smith                                                                                             

Married Men F.C.

Sports Magherafelt 1924                                                                                                     

                         McClay - Campbell                                      W. Kilpatrick                  T. Veitch

J. Caldwell                                                        T. or J. Blair                                 J. Craig

McGlade                    J. McKee                                        A. Funston              
                                                                          Ulster Special Constabulary
                                                                          "A" and "B" Camp, Londonderry

15 Platoon Claudy Co. Londonderry 1923

McKee                    Lowry                    Sloan                     Kitson                  Hamilton

                 Edwards                                                 Edwards                             G. Smith

Russell                          Baxter                                                J. Farmer                             Fulton      

J. McDonald      Nurse McNamee                           Craig          Baxter                       "B" Specials at Byrns?
                                                                                                                                My Ladys Road


J. Campbell    J. McKee                                        J. McKee

           H. Smyth                    J. McDonald Lost at Sea 1939                                                                               

8th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles (Machine Gun Section)

Inniskillings - Xmas Day in the Work House 1918 T.D.

Ballykinlar 1914

H. Hayes                                 H. Scott                                                                         R. McNair

                             H. Doggart (3)                                                                                    T. Grigg

J. Craig                 Mr. & Mrs. J. Craig                                        J. Craig                     

J. Herdman                     The Herdmans                          Old Mary                                               Old Mary        

               H. Reid                                                 J. McCarroll                                    B. Edwards - O. Gamble

                       Veitch                       L. Fox Holywood      S. McClelland                               J. Peacock                  

            J. Peacock                                        Susie                                           M. Mooney                Rev. C. W. Maguire

J. Pentland                              A. Kane                           J. Kinney                           W. Cooke

   F. Agnes                  I. Crookshanks                S. Brown                 R. Chambers               M. Hayes        

PAGE 3 more photos