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Rowan - Ruth - Montgomery - Richmond - Scott etc.
PAGE 1 - Birthdays, Deaths, Marriages and Rowan History
Page 2 - Photos
Page 3 - Photos & Newspaper Clippings

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Hugh Robert Rowan  Born  14th March 1891  8 Kathleen Street
Mabel Rowan  Born  4th January 1893  8 Kathleen Street
Sarah Rowan  Born  26th June 1895  10 Epworth Street
Georgina Rowan  Born  4th January 1897  59 Jocelyn Avenue
William Gibson Rowan  Born  2nd December 1898 Epworth Street?
John Rowan  Born  29th October 1901  72 Deramore Avenue
Susan Rowan  Born  11th October 1903  72 Deramore Avenue
Mary or May Rowan  Born  8th October 1905  72 Deramore Avenue
Josephine Rowan  Born  1st July 1906 1907  5 Farnham Street

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#1 - Birthdays
- Georgina Montgomery         1897   4th
Margaret Ruth                                               19th
February - Josephine Richmond         1907    1st
Trevor William                                    1959  17th
March - Ian B.? Rowan                      1955     5th
H. R. Rowan                                     1891   14th
Mary Rowan                                       1863   16th
George V. A. Ruth                             1887   16th
Betty Rowan nee Keilty                                 23rd
Betty Harvey wife of W. G. Rowan               26th
May - Wilhelmina Rowan                   1946     9th
July - William H. Rowan                  1927   31st
^ son of R. & Margaret
September - Robert (Roy) Rowan         1941 5th
William Haslett                                                8th
Margaret Rowan nee Ruth                   1891   11th
October - John McD. Rowan              1900   29th
Susan Taylor nee Rowan                      1903   11th
December - William G. Rowan Sen. 1898    2nd
Robert Rowan son of H. Robt.             1918   16th
George Rowan                                    1914   22nd
Robert Rowan son of J. McD.                         17th
#2 - Deaths
- Mabel Rowan                       1896   14th
Sarah Rowan                                         1896   14th
Samuel Grant                                         1933     8th
Susan Rowan nee Scott                          1933   19th
George James Rowan                             1938   10th
John Montgomery                                   1948   21st
John Rowan                                            1956     4th
Mary Rowan nee Todd                           1958  22nd
February - Hugh Robert Scott                1955   28th
April - Sarah Ann Grant nee Adair         1909     8th
Sarah Adair nee Neill                             1915   15th
(Lilian) Lililan Rowan nee Connor       1935   12th
Margaret Scott nee Ross                         1937     5th
Hugh Robert Rowan                                1961  22nd
June - Ellen Ruth nee Adair                    1929   10th
#3 - Deaths continued
- Edward Press Rowan               1935   17th
Isabella Ruth nee Cochrane                      1949   28th
Samuel Montgomery                                 1952     5th
September - Samuel Adair                      1917   24th
Matilda Rowan nee Adair                        1921     4th
October - Joseph Rowan                         1926     3rd
Josephine Rita Richmond                          1937   29th
November - Robert Rowan                      1926   16th
December - John Rowan (labourer)          1904     4th
#4 Queries
There are Scotch named Rowand?
Who are the Rowan Hamiltons, Killyleagh?
Who are the Rowans. seed merchants, Dublin?
Who was the Rowan in Dublin Parliament 1922?
Who are the Rowans in Cork?
There is a village in France named Redanne? has this any link with 1660's
Was it always the River Rhone?
#5 more queries
David Rowan & Co. Ltd., Marine Engineers & Boilermakers, Elliott Street, Glasgow 63
Joseph Rowan migrated to U.S. in late
Born Co. Armagh 1830 1850s (Boston) Dusedin H. L.?
He had 3 Brothers John, Robert & George James.

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#1 The Rowan Tree (Traditional) The Mountain Ash
Pronounced as in Roan                                            
"     in Scotland as in Row (to argue or fight)

          The following story referring to the Rowan family has been complied by me Robert Rowan, 50 Ballarat Street, Belfast N.I. in the year 1924 for the purpose of handing down to future generations information given to me verbally from my Father (George James) and Uncle Robert Rowan regarding our ancestors.


          Somewhere near to Lyons in Frances between the years 1660 to 1680 there lived one named John Rowan or Rohan, his wife and family. They were weavers to trade, their products being woven from linen and cotton goods which were in demand throughout Europe, they also excelled in lace making and in general were engaged in the making up industry, they became a prosperous family. Their lives were unhappy as being Protestants they were persecuted by the Catholic element who resided in that part of Frances during the reign of Louis XIV.  The Rowan family although respected owing to their business acumen were looked upon as leaders of the Protestant faith and community.  It has been said their craftsmanship could not be equalled in their line of business.  Owing to the continuous persecutions (religious and Social) John accepted responsibility to organise the Protestant section of the locality in an attempt to protect themselves from their persecutors and endeavour to establish Security with a fair share of the wealth which was being earned from their labours & handicrafts.  It appears that when the organisation has been formed and was beginning to serve the purpose for which it was formed (security) a rumour became prevalent that the primary objective was :- To help the Protestants overthrow and assassinate the King and his relations and Political advisors.
.....#2..... Tradition has it that when the King heard of this illegal body he termed it as revolution and ordered that part of his army should be sent to quell this suggested rising.  Information reached the town that the King had ordered extermination of those leaders and others who had joined the Organisation and knowing the King to be ruthless and unjust - decided to make their escape.  It is said that many were Slaughtered by the troops but that the family of John & his wife were among the lucky ones.  John himself, although in good financial circumstances endeavoured to improve the conditions of the workers in the district and was successful as better wages were being paid to the once sweated workers and conditions in general were on the upgrade (was this the first Trade Union?) when the King took action.  John & his wife (believed to be named Joanna) were taken prisoners and without trial were executed by guillotine in the market square while others were shot and the alleged Conspiracy was defeated.
          It appears that when the family made their escape they decided to separate and to make their various ways through France, Germany & Belgium and to meet again in Holland.  Just how many of the family survived the ordeal is not mentioned but it is understood that several reached their destination as we next hear that some have landed in England with the Hugenots (Huguenots) and set up in the weaving business especially in the Midlands, and became a prosperous Community, eventually spreading their tentacles Northwards into Scotland.  According to tradition it is said that when James II was preparing to invade Ireland to suppress Protestantism some of the connection who were domiciled in Holland formed the enemy of William III and fought with William during his victorious campaign.  There is no reference as to whether the Holland link remained in this Country or not but it is said that houses and lands were conferred upon the Rowans who had followed William III  #3  as rewards for the services they had rendered (such ancestors I have endeavoured to trace but have so far not succeeded).
          It is known that when the Scotch connection landed in Ulster with the Covenanters they remained in Ulster and made claim to the awards made by William III but I can find nothing during my search to back this up or ascertain in what part of Ireland the awards refer to.  It is said also that somewhere about this time (after the Boyne) one of the connection became known as a "Silver Greyhound" (Diplomatic Corps) and responsible to William III in regard to all matters relating to Ireland, dates are evasive where tradition is concerned but I understand that when the Covenanters arrived in Ulster there came one named John Rowan a Presbyterian Clergyman who owing to his weakness for liquor and moral offences? was disrobed and owing to the disgrace he had brought upon a once honourable name was disowned by the connection? and disappeared but later made his appearance in much reduced circumstances and was known by the name of John Porter.
          It is worthy of note that in the 1798 rebellion in Ireland (The United Irishmen) there was a divergence of opinion in the connection? and it is said that the families divided to such an extent that some fought for and others against:  This movement was led by Henry Joy McCracken and was not a success.  It is known that members of the family fought with Wellington at Waterloo and Sir John Moore at Corunna.  It is thought (and I agree) that when they settled in Ulster they took up residence in Armagh, Ballymena and Antrim and in Dublin in the South.  It is discouraging that something authentic was not recorded to enlighten future generations in regard to the familys history as without doubt it has been one which has been noble in all its aspects from the beginning.
....#4.... Nothing is traceable from 1815 until 1830 when I find that a foundry has been opened in Lagan Village, Belfast, bearing the name of John Rowan and Son, which was originally in York Street, Belfast, now the site upon which Gallahers tobacco firm is now built.  There is also a Rowan Street in the York Street locality.  We also read of a John Rowan in Ballyclare making a horseless carriage (is this the first motor car) in 1836, and to whom a memorial in erected in Doagh, Co. Antrim.
          The following connection after their success or failure in Belfast are known to have opened up in the Glasgow District and are well known in all branches of engineering and the neon light industries.
          Ancestors of this Rowan age are laid to rest in Newtownbreda Graveyard where there is a large vault or memorial, some of the names are readable but others are undecipherable but without doubt they are the Foundry connection.
          I recall many discussions between my Grandparents - Parents - Uncles and Aunts in regard to large tracts of lands and estates in Upper Falls.  Castlereagh, Belfast and Co. Armagh which at one period belonged to the Family but cannot trace how such were lost but I do know that much of it for some reason or other went into Chancery through Court Action by members of the family and that during my lifetime certain members of the family contributed over 1,000 to fight the case but unhappily the appointed member when he received the 1,000 absconded to U.S.A. and returned many years later penniless and broken.
.....#5....  It was deemed I understand that some ancestor said that there should always be a Robert, a John, a William and a Charles in the Family and that such names should not become extinct.  This wish or call it what you like appears to have been adhered to throughout the ages and shall continue for another generation at least: Why? I don't really know but one can assume that many of the early tribe were brave men and women and that their names should live for ever.  I noticed an appeal in Northern Whig for information re a Charles Rowan.  The enquirer was a Mr. C. Reith or Ruth, his correspondence, along with other information in my possession is shared on in the hope that something further at a future date may be added and that the blanks may be filled as I am of the opinion that the Rowan Tree is interesting and may be useful to some member of the tribe.

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#1 John Rowan - labourer and coachman - died 4/12/1904 (68) and was interred in City Cemetery.  he married...
Mary White - who died 3/1/1893 and was interred in Acton Graveyard, Co. Armagh

Progeny of above John and Mary

Robert              born       22/12/1863
Joseph              born           3/8/1865  Lisraw - Poyntzpass
George James   born         17/6/1867
no name            born       10/12/1868
John                  born           2/9/1871

Robert Rowan - son of John and Mary.  Born 22/12/1863
Married Mary Todd in Dundela 2/7/1890
Painter to trade
Resided at Ballyhackamore
Died 16th November 1926 (63)  - Interred in Dundonald

Mary Rowan-Todd - Daughter of Samuel & Esther Todd nee Patterson?
Born 16/3/1863
Baptized 1st Ballymacarrett Pres.  1/6/1863
Resided at 4 Dunraven Parade 1953
no family
         (Samuel Todd was carpenter to trade & resided at 233 Upper 'Ards Road, Belfast)
Died in City Hospital 22/1/58 - interred in Dundonald Cemetery (95)
         Sisters of above Mary Rowan
Jane who married John or Jack? McCartney  Resided at 233 Upper N'Ards Road
Jessie who married James McGregor  Resided at Belmont Avenue & Dunraven Parade
Susan who married - Stewart

John McCartney died 19/6/1936 interred in Comber
James McGregor died 24/1/1938 interred in Comber
Connections in Comber, Co. Down

#3  Joseph Rowan - Son of John and Mary
Born 3/8/1865
Shirt and Collar Cutter
Married Matilda Adair in Scarva Pres. Church  9.12.1898
Witnesses John Rowan and Lizzie Adair (Comagh?)
Died 3/10/1926 at 51 Lisburn Road, Belfast  (61)
Interred in Newtownbreda
Resided at 12 Damascus Street, Belfast

Matilda Rowan nee Adair  Born 1876
Died 4/9/1921 at Markethill, Co. Armagh
Self supporting - had mixed shop in (45)
Templemore Avenue & Albertbridge Road
Fathers name Henry Adair - farmer
Sister Lizzie became Mr.? Smith (publican), Main Street, Markethill, Co. Armagh
no living progeny - 1 son stillborn


Joseph also lived with Elizabeth Delaney at 12 Damascus Street to whom a son was born names Joseph.  see page 37

Elizabeth Delaney born about 1885
Died in Purdysburn
Believed interred in Newtownbreda with Joseph Rowan
Fathers name James, served in R.I.C.
Resided at Lismacanican Mountnugent in 1921
Mother unknown
Marriage of Joseph & Elizabeth cannot be traced

Papers of Burial Ground with John Rowan brother of Joseph

#4  George Rowan - later known as George James
Son of John and Mary
Born 17/6/1867 at Ballymacmary Killead
Crumlin, Co. Antrim
Cutler or Cutter to trade
Married Susannah Scott  14/8/1889 in
Crescent Pres. Church, Belfast
Resided at 49 Ballarat Street
Resided at Cairnhill Purdysburn with son John
Resided at Carsonstown Saintfield, Co. Down
Died in R.V.H. 10/1/1938  (71)
Interred in City Cemetery from
31 Upper Townsend Street, Belfast
Registered 62 instead of 71 years

Susannah Rowan nee Scott  Born 16/4/1867 at 10 East Street, Belfast
Baptized Christ Church
Died at 49 Ballarat Street  19/1/1933 (66)
Interred in City Cemetery

for Progeny of above see page 13
for Scott family see

#5  Family of George James and Susan Rowan

Hugh Robert  born  14/3/1891  died  22/5/61  Interred in Roselawn Cemetery
Mabel  born  4/1/1893  Died  14/1/1896 at Epworth Street  Interred in City Cemetery
Sarah  born  26/6/1895  Died  14/1/1896 at Epworth Street  Interred in City Cemetery
Georgina  born  4/1/1897
William Gibson?  born  2/12/1898
John McD.  born  29/10/1901
Susan  born  11/10/1903
Mary or May  born  8/10/1905 died in infancy interred in City Cemetery
Josephine  born  1/2/1907
Known that 2 others died in infancy

#1                  #2                  #3                  #4                  5#                #6

#1  Hugh Robert Rowan - Son of George James & Susan Rowan
Born at 8 Kathleen Street, Belfast  14/3/1891
Baptized in Ballymacarrett Pres. Church  6/4/1891
Last School Park Road P.E.  1905
Cutter to trade
Labourer in Foundry  H. & W. & outside
Sergt. in R.U.S.C.  1919 to 1926
Tram & Bus Driver  B.C.T.  1931 to 1943
Founder & Gen. Secy. U. T. & A.O.U.  1943 to 1946 (Ulster Transport Authority?)
Married Margaret Ruth  14/7/1913 in
Mariners Church, Corporation Street, Belfast
(Records available in St. Anne's as Mariners was blitzed in 1941)
Rev. H. Brownrigg
Resided at 50 Ballarat Street
Died 22nd April 1961

Margaret Rowan nee Ruth
Born  11/9/1891  at 172 Nelson Street, Belfast
Baptized in Mariners
Stitcher & Buttonholer
Home Duties from marriage

Brothers of Margaret - G. V. A. Ruth residing 24 North Ann Street in 1953
William residing 35 McMaster Street in 1953

#2  Family of H. Robert & Margaret Rowan

George Rowan  born  22/12/1914  at 50 Ballarat Street
Robert Rowan  born  16/12/1918  at 50 Ballarat Street
William Gibson  born  31/7/1927  at 50 Ballarat Street

#3  Robert Rowan - Son of H. Robert & Margaret Rowan & Grandson of G. J. & Susan Rowan

Born  16/12/1918  50 Ballarat Street, Belfast
Baptized Mariners  January/February 1919 (44 Ho??  ____?)
Educated Boyd Endowment & Park Parade 1933
App. Cabinet Maker Gowan?  York? Lane
Joiner in H. & W. and Short Bros. 1949
Conductor B.C.T. 1952  Driver 1954
Married Evelyn McNeice  6 Esmond Street in
St. Simons  6/6/1945
Resided at 13 Moorfield Street 1956

Progeny of Robert & Evelyn Rowan

Wilhelmina (Wilma)  born  9th May 1946
North Road School 1956
Transferred to Ashleigh, Holywood Road 2/9/58
Confirmed 19/3/61 St. Donards

Evelyn McNeice  Born, Baptized, Educated, Employed

#4  William Gibson Rowan - Son of Robert & Margaret Rowan and Grandson of George J. & Susan Rowan
Born  31/7/1927  50 Ballarat Street
Baptized  St. Johns, Laganbank Road, Sept. 1927
Educated Boyd Endowment - Park Parade 1941 and "___?"
Indentured apprentice Fitter/Turner Short Bros. and Harland  August 1941
Transferred to D. O. (Wrights)  February 1948
Left Belfast for San Diego, California, U.S.A. via New York, on Thursday 5th April 1956
Employed in (Convaies) Convaies as Wrights Engineer and resided at 2684 "B" Street, San Diego, California
Married E. M. (Betty) Harvey
Late 42 Raleigh Street, Belfast
in Episcopalian Church, San Deigo  22/12/1956
New address 1213  21st St., S.D.2.  22/12/1956
New address 937 North 2nd St. San Jose  -/5/1958
Employed in Lougheeds, S.J., 1958 - May to May 1960
New address 285 Melina S. J.10
New address 248 University S. J.
Betty Harvey  Sailed for N.Y. on Thursday 15th November 1956 via Liverpool and reached San Diego by plane from N.Y. on 28th November 1956
Guest of S. Grant N.J. from 24th to 27th November 1956

Progeny of above W. G. & Betty Rowan

#5  Georgina Rowan - daughter of George James & Susan Rowan
Born  4/1/1897  at 59 Jocelyn Avenue
Baptized Mt. Pott. Pres. Church  01 (Mountpottinger)
Last School  George Street P.E.S.
Married Samuel Montgomery (shipwright) in Willowfield C. of I.  20/8/1917
Resided in Bloomdale Street - 49 Ballarat Street
St. Kilda Street & Cherryhill Estate in 1949 & 1956
55 Bendigo Street 1956

Samuel Montgomery  Born  17 or 19/10/1895 in Crossgar, Co. Down
Baptized in Downpatrick for ____?
Shipwright in H. & W. until decease on 5th August 1952 at Cherryhill, Dundonald
Interred at Dundonald

Progeny of Georgina & Samuel Montgomery

3 died in infancy

#6  Samuel Montgomery - Son of Samuel & Georgina Montgomery & Grandson of George J. & Susan Rowan
Born  9/12/1917  Bloomdale Street
Baptized in St. Ann's
Last school Park Parade 1932
Employed in Beechfield Works 1956
Resided in Gotha Street

Progeny of Samuel &           Montgomery

#1                  #2                  #3                 #4                 #5

#1  George Montgomery - Son of Samuel & Georgina Montgomery & Grandson of George J. & Susan Rowan
Born  10/4/1920  Bloomdale Street
Baptized St. Donards, Bloomfield
Last School Park Parade 1933
Served in R.A.F. (served war) 194   to
Resided in Hull, England
Lorry Driver, later employed at Coal Wharf in Hull

Progeny of George &           Montgomery

#2  John Montgomery - Son of Samuel & Georgina Montgomery, Grandson of George J. & Susan Rowan
Born  4/11/1921  Bloomdale Street
Baptized in St. Donards
Last School Park Parade 1933
Barman Northern Counties Club, High Street
Died  21/1/1948 interred in Dundonald

Susan Montgomery - Daughter of Samuel & Georgina Montgomery, Grand Daughter of George J. & Susan Rowan
Born  20/2/1923  Bloomdale Street
Baptized St. Donards
Educated in Boyd Endowment P.E.S. 1933
Fancy Box maker - Bridgetts Great Victoria Street
Married Jack Magill in
Resided in Glentoran Street & Bendigo Street 1956

Progeny of Susan & Jack Magill

#3  Dorothy Eileen Montgomery - Daughter of Samuel & Georgina Montgomery & Grand Daughter of George J. & Susan Rowan
Born  21/9/1926  Temple, Co. Down
Baptized  1/7/1927  Temple Presbyterian Church
Educated  Boyd Endowment  1933
Married  Bertie Dunlop (plater? in H. & W.) of Montrose Street
Resided in St. Kilda Street  - 1949
Cherryhill Estate Dundonald 1956
Employed in Beechfield in 1951 & 1955

Bertie Dunlop & Family migrated to Australia in 1956 September
Address 53 Gladstone Road, Woodville Gardens, Adelaide, S. Australia

Progeny of Dorothy E. & B. Dunlop

#4  William Gibson Rowan - Son of George J. & Susan Rowan
Born  2/12/1898  Portallo Street
Educated in Boyd Endowment and Georges Street P.E.S.
Employed in Baltic Timber Co.
Became Cutter to trade in Ulida
E___? S.A. 1939 to 1945
Named after Lt. William Gibson who later became Senator in Ulster Govt.
Employed by         in 1956
Married Edith Campbell  31 Upper Townsend Street in Townsend Street Presbyterian Church on
Resided at 31 Upper Townsend Street & 6 Houston Parade from 1950

Progeny of W. G. & Edith Rowan

Thomas  born on

#5  Edith Rowan nee Campbell

Thomas Rowan - Son of W. G. & Edith Rowan & Grandson of George J. & Susan Rowan
Employed by Coulter Motor Engineers
Antrim Road later Foreman with Same firm Chichester Street 1955
Went to Long Beach, Calif. U.S.A. July 1958

#1                  #2                  #3                  #4                  #5

#1  John McD. Rowan - Son of George J. & Susan Rowan
Born  29/10/1900  72 Deramore Avenue
Birth Cert. shows 31/10/1900
Baptized St. Anns
Educated - last school George Street 1913
Employed in Baltic Timber Co.
app. Moulder in Sirocco Works
Journeyman in Sirocco Works from apprenticeship
Married Lilian Connor on 11/6/1923 in St. Anns Cathedral

Lilian Connor
Born 19/3/1902 at 14 Prospect Street
Baptized in St. Aidans
Home Duties
Died  12th April 1935 in City Hospital and was interred in Glenalina

Progeny of John & Lilian Rowan
Robert Rowan
George Rowan
Edward Priss or Press Rowan died in infancy and interred in Glenalina

#2  John McD. Rowan
Married Isabella McCord of East Bread Street in St. Donards on July 1938
No progeny up to 1956
Resided at 6 St. Kilda Street 1936-1956

Robert Rowan - Son of John McD. & Lilian Rowan & Grandson of G. J. & Susan Rowan
Born  17/12/1923  9 Woodstock Road
Baptized Grosvenor Hall
Educated Boyd Endowment 1935
Attendant at Crawfords, York Lane 1936
Operator in Ambassador Cinema 1937/1947
Labourer in Sirocco Works  17/12/1947 to
Married Irene Murphy in McQuiston Memorial 25th June 1952
Resided at Sunnyhill, Carrickfergus 1955
Resided at 32 Ballarat Street 1956

Progeny of Robert &     Rowan

John Rowan  9th April 1953  Royal Maternity

#3  George Rowan - Son of John & Lilian Rowan & Grandson of G. J. & Susan Rowan
Born  20/5/1926 9 Woodstock Road
Baptized Grosvenor Hall
Educated in Boyd Endowment 1935
Boot & Shoe Repairer  Grosvenor Road 1949
Storeman in Sirocco 1956
Married E. Davidson Watson in Clugagh? Methodist on 1st July 1952
and resided at 46 Ravenhill Avenue 1956

Progeny of George & E. Rowan

Edward Priss or Press Rowan - Son of John McD. & Lilian Rowan & Grandson of G. J. & Susan Rowan
Born  1/3/1935 Royal Maternity
Baptized 28 Milner? St. by Rev. Spence Grosvenor Hall
Died 17/8/1935 in Hospital, Lisburn Road
Interred in Glenalina

#4  Susan Rowan - Daughter of G. J. & Susan Rowan
Born  11/10/1903  72 Deramore Avenue
Last School  Georges Street P.E.S.
Married Robert Taylor, Plumber
Resided at 18 Imperial Street
Married in               on

Robert Taylor  Plumber to trade
Father had business at 46 Castlereagh Street

Progeny of Robert & Susan Taylor

#5  Josephine Rowan - Daughter of G. J. & Susan Rowan
Born  1/2/1907  5 Farnham Street
Baptized A'bridge (Albertbridge) Congregational Church
Last School  Georges Street P.E.S.
Married  Thomas Richmond in Sydenham Methodist  8/9/1923
Resided in Whitehall Parade 1956

Thomas Richmond
Born  6/5/1904  55 Ardenvohr Street
Educated Frankfort Street P.E.S.
Blacksmiths helper engine works H. & W. 1956

Progeny of Thomas & Josephine Richmond
William Gibson
Thomas Robert
Isabel Watson

Josephine (Rita?) Died 29/10/1937 interred in Dundonald

#1                 #2                 #3                 #4                 #5

#1 Joseph Rowan or Delaney - Son of Joseph Rowan & Elizabeth Delaney

Born  1/10/1914  12 Damascus Street
Baptized Delaney in All Saints
Educated All Saints P.E.S.  17/8/20 to 30/6/26
B'hackamore (Ballyhackamore) P.E.S.  -/11/26
Employed as gardener by Blackwood of Belmont 1929
Labourer in Hall?
After his Fathers Death in October 1926 he was adopted by Robert Rowan & Mary Rowan & known as Joseph Rowan
Served in N. Africa in Tank? Corps, was wounded
Married in name of Delaney and resided in East Bread Street
Residing at 45 Grays Lane Greencastle 1951
Employed as Fireman in Musgrave Park Hospital in 1951
Papers of his parents grave in Knockbreda or Newtownbreda were given to his Uncle John Rowan, Dundela Avenue

#2  John Rowan - Son of John & Mary
Born  2/9/1871  Poleglass, Dunmurry, Co. Down
Cutler to trade
Married Elizabeth Jane Craig, Sixmilecross, Co. Tyrone in St. John's Laganbank Road on
Resided at 65 Dundela Avenue, Belfast
Died  4th January 1956 and was interred in Newtownbreda Cemetery, Knockbreda
(85th written in pencil)
Newspaper Death Notices:-
Rowan - January 4, 1956, at his residence, 65 Dundela Avenue, John, dearly loved husband of Eliza Jane Rowan
ditto Deeply regretted by his sorrowing son and daughter-in-law, Jack and Agnes Rowan, 8 Pim's Avenue
ditto Deeply regretted by his sorrowing son and daughter-in-law, William and Sadie Rowan, and Grandchildren, William and James, 5 Ashmount Grove

Elizabeth Jane Craig

Progeny of John & Elizabeth J. Rowan

#3  Jack Rowan - Son of John & Elizabeth Rowan
Employed as Patrol man S. & H. 193    1956
Married Agnes        in        on
Resided at 8 Pim's Avenue, Strandtown 1956

William - Son of John & Elizabeth Rowan
Married Sadie       in      on
Resided at Ashmount Grove, Holywood Road 1956
Employed as Lorry Driver  Stewarts Cash Stores  1956

Progeny of William & Sadie Rowan

#4  Scott Family

Hugh Robert Scott was Carter in Liverpool Steamship Co. he married
Susannah Scott nee Scott and they resided at 10 East Street, Belfast

Progeny of H. R. & Susannah Scott

Elizabeth or Jeannie became Mrs. John Hayes
Annie became Mrs. Jack McManus
Susannah became Mrs. G. J. Rowan
Margaret became Mrs. Gunning resided at Frazer Street }
Hugh Robert                                                      Belfast    }


Elizabeth or Jeannie married John Hayes
Resided at Creevyloughgare, Saintfield, Co. Down
Was killed in bicycle accident in 1915
Interred in 1st Saintfield

Progeny of John & E. J. Hayes

Minnie residing in Doncaster? 1955
Jeannie residing at Canada (Ontario) 1955
Margaret connected by marriage of Daughter to Cole, Jeweller, Botanic Avenue, Belfast
Hugh. joined Skins? and served 21 years and served in 1914 & 1939
Residing in Convention Street, Belfast in 1955

John Hayes  farmer, husband of E. J.
Died  31/3/1934 interred in 1st Saintfield

#5  Annie - Daughter of H. R. & S. Scott
Married Jack McManus, Wheelwright of Glassdrummond, Co. Down
became R. C. on marriage
Resided at 10 East Street, Belfast
Interred in Miltown, Belfast

Jack McManus - Resided at 10 East Street
Employed by Agnew Bridge End
Interred in Drumaness, Ballynahinch, Co. Down

Progeny of Jack & Annie McManus

Edward interred in Miltown
John - watchmaker - employed in Oxford Billiard Hall, Royal Avenue 1955
Residing at 10 East Street
Patrick died in Purdysburn. Interred in Miltown
Susan married - Fitzpatrick who was killed in 1914/18
Resides at 10 East Street 1955-1959
Margaret married Bernard Law, carter or lorry driver in U.T.A. later with Morgan, Oldpark Road
Resided at 33 East Street
Died 28/6/1953 and interred in Miltown

#1                 #2                 #3                 #4                 #5

#1  Hugh Robert Scott - Son of H. R. & S. Scott
Born in 10 East Street
Joined Royal Inniskillings in youth
Served in India, China, South Africa
Re-joined after doing 21 years with 8th R.U.R. in 1914
Labourer in Inglis's
He married
Died  28/2/1955 Interred in Glenalina
Newspaper Death Notices:-
Scott - February 28th, 1955, at his residence, 14 Parkmore Street, Hugh Robert, dearly beloved husband of the late Margaret Scott. D R by his sorrowing Daughter and Son-in-Law, Mary and Robert Torrance, and Grandchildren
Ditto  D R by his sorrowing Son and Daughter-in-Law, Hugh and Iris Scott, and Grandchild, 36 Sunnyside Bungalows
Ditto D R by his loving Daughter and Son-in-Law, Clara and John Girvan and Grandchildren, 111 Church Street East

Margaret Ross - and resided at 14 Parkmore Street, who died 5th April 1937 Palm Sunday Interred in Glenalina

Progeny of H. R. & M. Scott

Minnie married Robt. Torrance & resided 14 Parkmore Street 1955
Clara married John Girvan & resided 111 Church Street East 1955
Hugh Robert married Iris & resided 36 Sunnyside Bungalows 1955
Served in Inniskillings
Employed as Lorry or Van Driver in Belfast Gasworks 1955

H. R. Scott Sailed from England for Sydney N.S.W.  24/12/1955 or 6
Last heard of in Adelaide S. Australia residing convenient? to B. Dunlop 1958

#2  Adair

Samuel Adair
Born  19/9/1842  Ballywalter, Co. Down
Resided at 36 Nelson Street
Last Employment Belfast Harbour
Died  24/9/1917  (75)
Interred in Dundonald
Connections in Ballywalter 1955 &
W. Adair  E?  School Master, Bangor
He married

Sarah Neill of Ballyskeagh Lambeg, Co. Down
Born  23/12/1838 at Lambeg
Married  29/4/1861 Greyabbey Presbyterian Church
Died  15/4/1915 (77)
A brother John migrated to Rhoda Island 1890/91
Nothing known of William

Progeny of Samuel & Sarah Adair

Sarah Ann

#3  Sarah Ann Adair - Daughter of S. & S. Adair
Born  26/6/1865
Married Edward Grant  31/7/1882
Resided at 36 Nelson Street
Died  8/4/1909      (44)

Edward Grant - Husband of S. Ann
Boiler maker to trade in H. & W.
Residing in Omeath Street  1949
Inmate in City Hospital, Belfast
Removed from there by his Daughter Minnie in October 1949 and taken to reside with her in Gloucester?  N. Leicester, England
Died at Market Harborough, Leicester  11/4/1954
Cremated and buried in City Cemetery, Belfast in April 1954  aged 96

Progeny of E. & S. A. Grant

Nellie residing in London

Edward Grant later married Elizabeth who was interred in City Cemetery

Progeny of Edward & Elizabeth

#4  Samuel Grant - Son of Edward & Sarah Ann Grant
Employed by H. & W. as boiler maker
Married Annie Kirwan
Resided at 13 Lower Street, Belfast
Left Belfast to reside with son Samuel in Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Died  8/1/1933 interred in Evergreen Cemetery, Brooklyn

Annie Kirwan (known as Nan)

Progeny of Samuel & Annie Grant

Edward (Teddy)
Hubert or Herbert

Infants interred in Dundonald

#5  Samuel Grant - Son of Samuel & Annie Grant
Migrated to Brooklyn U.S.A.
In Orange N.J. in 1956
Transferred to Newfoundland July/Aug 1958 U.S. Air Base - as Inspector of heating - plumbing - roofing, etc.
Home on vacation June 1960 prior to transferring to Kansas U.S.A.


Progeny of Samuel &             Grant

#1                 #2                 #3                #4                 #5                 #6

#1  Edward Grant - Son of Samuel & Annie Grant


Progeny of Edward &               Grant

#2  Herbert Grant - Son of Samuel & Annie Grant


Progeny of Herbert &              Grant

#3  Annie Grant - Daughter of Samuel & Annie Grant
Resided at 13 Lower Street  1956

Samuel Nelson - Husband of Annie Grant

Progeny of Samuel & Annie Nelson nee Grant

#4  Ellen Adair - Daughter of Samuel & Sarah Adair
Born  24/3/1862
Married George Ruth  19/11/1883 in Ballymacarrett Parish Church
Died  16/6/1929 at 36 Nelson Street, Belfast  (67)
Interred in Dundonald

George Ruth - last heard of in London in 1911

Progeny of George & Ellen Ruth

George Victor Adair

#5  George Victor Adair Ruth - Son of George & Ellen Ruth
Born  16th March 1887
Employed as Shipwright in H. & W.
Married Elizabeth Harper, Earl Street in Mariners C. of I. 1911
Resided in Ruth Street, Belfast
Resided in 24 North Ann Street 1956

Elizabeth Ruth (nee Harper)

Progeny of George & Elizabeth Ruth


#6  Margaret Ruth - Daughter of George & Elizabeth Ruth

George Ruth - Son of George & Elizabeth Ruth

#1                 #2                 #3                 #4                 #5

#1  Minnie Ruth - Daughter of George & Elizabeth Ruth

Lily Ruth - Daughter of George & Elizabeth Ruth

Ellen (Ella) - Daughter of George & Elizabeth Ruth

#2  William Ruth - Son of George & Ellen Ruth
Employed as Shipwright H. & W.
Marries Isabella Cochrane
Resided 44 Lower Street  Blitzed 1941
Resided 35 McCashin Street

Isabella Cochrane
Died 28/8/1949 interred in Dundonald in Adair/Ruth plot
Brother Andrew resided 29 Hudson Street
Brother Hugh employed by B. Corp. Highway Dept. 1956 (Belfast Corporation?)
Served in 1914/18
Sister Jean resides at 55 Holmfall? Road
Died Glasgow 1949

Progeny of William & Isabella Ruth

George - Ship Builder H. & W. resides 71 Woodcot Avenue (Mrs. Elizabeth Ruth there in 1951 - Mary)
William - Ship Builder resides 35 McMaster Street
Hugh - Died in infancy interred in Dundonald
Isabel - Married B. Elliott. Resided at 25 Hillmount Gardens, Finaghy
Went to           reside in                      Australia in

#3  William G. Richmond - Son of Thomas & Josephine
Born  16th April 1924 at 49 Ballarat Street, Belfast
Baptized  St. Donards Bloomfield
Educated  Rosetta P.E.S. 1933

Joined R.U.C.
Stationed at
Transferred to Donegal Pass R.U.C. Station
Transferred to Road Traffic Dept. Motor Cycle 1958
Resided at

#4  Thomas Robert Richmond - Son of Thomas & Josephine
Born  15th February 1926 at 49 Ballarat Street, Belfast
Baptized  Willowfield
Educated  Rosetta P.E.S. 1933
Enlisted R.A.F.
Employed  B.C. Gasworks? Lorry Drive

#5  Isabel Hobson? Richmond - Daughter of Thomas & Josephine
Born  3rd January 1930 at 523 Ormeau Road, Belfast
Baptized  St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast

17th February 1959 Belfast
From San Jose, California to Mr. & Mrs. R. Rowan, 50 Ballarat Street, Belfast
It's a boy 5lbs 9 ounces, both well, love Gilly

Trevor William Rowan - Son of W. G. and Betty Rowan and Grandson of Robert & Margaret Rowan
Born - 17/2/1959 in Hospital, San Jose, California, U.S.A. Tuesday 6.34 a.m.
Betty and Trevor left San Francisco for Belfast via New York Polar Route on 707 plane on 27/11/59 arrived in London on 28/11/59. Left London on Ulster Flyer (BEA) for Nutts Corner - Diverted to Dublin (Fog) arrived Belfast Saturday evening by plane from Dublin. Residing at 42 Raleigh Street
William G. - left S.F. for Belfast via London arrived N.I. 16/5/60 (Monday) left Belfast for Follands, Southampton via Liverpool, Bristol 22/8/60 (Monday)
Started in Follands Thursday 25th August 1960
Left Follands Friday 23rd September 1960
Left Southampton Sunday 25th September 1960 for Bristol
Started in Bristol Aircraft Monday 26th September
Left Bristol for Belfast on Friday 16th December 1960
Re Started in S. & H. Belfast on Monday 19th December 1960

Hugh R. Scott (Carter)
After decease of his Wife Susannah he married Cairnduff, who resided at Perry Street, Belfast

John Fitzpatrick - Son of John & Susan Fitzpatrick nee McManus
Butcher to trade
In                  On
Emigrated to                      U.S.            1958

Progeny of John &                             Fitzpatrick

Age at Death
Robert Rowan                           63
Mary Rowan                              95
Joseph Rowan                            61
Matilda Rowan                          45
George J. Rowan                        71
Susan Rowan                             66
John Rowan                                85
R. Scott                                           

Copy of Death Certificate for George Rowan
Tenth (10th) January 1938 at Royal Victoria Hospital
George Rowan, late of Carsonstown, Saintfield
Widowed  Age 62? years  Labourer
COD Emphysema Cardiac Failure Certified
W. H. Rowan, son, present at death, 31 Upper Townsend Street

4/4/58  -  George Cross winner dies in hospital
Sergt. Samuel Orr, of the Londonderry Harbour Constabulary, who won the George Cross for bravery while serving in the "A" Special Constabulary, died in the City and County Hospital, Londonderry, to-day.  Sergeant Orr was awarded the M.B.E. after arresting two armed terrorists in a Belfast public-house during the troubles of the 1920s.  He was in plain clothes and unarmed.  Years later when the George Cross was instituted his M.B.E. was called in and he was awarded instead the new medal.  Sergeant Orr, a World War I veteran, had been in the Harbour Constabulary for about 30 years.  He was a Past Master of St. Columb's Masonic Lodge No. 640.  Sergeant Orr, who lived at Albert Street, Londonderry, was pre-deceased by his wife.
Obituary - Minister of Ballysillan Church
Rev. Hugh Ivor Orr, minister of Ballysillan Presbyterian Church, Belfast, died suddenly on Saturday.  He was 36.  A son of Mr. J. Orr, Belfast, he was born at Magherafelt, Co. Derry, and educated at Methodist College, Queen's University and the Presbyterian College, Belfast.  He was a graduate of the University both in arts and divinity, and was licensed by Belfast Presbytery in 1947.  Mr. Orr was assistant at Agnes Street and Seaview before being called to Second Saintfield, where he was ordained by the Down Presbytery in 1949.  Five years later he was installed at Ballysillan.  He was engaged in his normal duties on Saturday, and appeared to be in normal health until his sudden collapse and immediate death.  Mr. Orr is survived by his wife and two young children.

Orr - February 21, 1959 (suddenly), at The Manse, 564 Crumlin Road, H. Ivor, beloved husband of Ena Orr, and dear daddy of Mark and Stephen.
Mr. & Mrs. James Orr, 151 Ravenhill Road
Mrs. Susan Palmer-Boyd, 6 Skegoneill Avenue and Chingola, Northern Rhodesia

20/3/52  Death of Major James Munn, Noted U.S.C. officer
The death took place to-day at his residence, Castledawson, of Major James Munn, for many years a well-known officer in the Ulster Special Constabulary.  Major Munn, who was over 78 years of age, served for many years in the Indian Army, and with The South Staffordshire Regiment.  He was an officer in the old Auxiliary Constabulary during the troubled periods of 1920-21.  Later he was appointed to the "A" Special Constabulary.  There was much satisfaction in South Derry when he was appointed County Adjutant of the Ulster Special Constabulary, in which he gave many years of useful service.  He retired six years ago.  Major Munn was a member of Christ Church, Castledawson.  He is survived by his wife, a daughter, Mrs. Crawford, Castledawson, who served in the A.T.S. during the recent war, and two sons.

Geary - May 2, 1955, at Hospital, Jane B. Geary, youngest daughter of the late William and Annie Geary.  Funeral at City Cemetery, at 3 p.m. to-morrow (Wednesday), 4th May

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