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Newspaper Cuttings
George Henry Quarry, Solicitor
2 Garfield Street, Belfast

you will notice that the cuttings are pasted into the National Telephone Directory,
Irish Section for 1903-4  click here for FULL BOOK

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

1                   2                       3                        4                        5                        6                     7
1) 13/6/10 Henry Thomson & Co. v. McAlinden;  20/6/10 Henry Thomson & Co. v. McAlinden
2 & 3) 6/11/08 Hire Purchase in Belfast, Decision in Waugh Case George Waugh, bankrupt, Globe Furnishing Co. Ltd.
3 & 4 & 5 & 6) 5/10/08 In re Isabella Smyth, publican, Bangor, Bankrupt;  27/7/09 Philip P. Macaulay, Publican, Holywood a Bankrupt;  16/6/09 James Boyd, grocer, Carnmoney, Bankrupt;  25/7/10 Belfast City Assizes, James & Thomas McM. Woods, merchants, Waring Street and Abraham Neill, Ltd., millers, King Street, James Boyd, grocer, Carnmoney
7) ?

1                      2                       3                       4                        5                       6                       7                    8
1 & 2) 29/1/10 Sequel to an Adjudication of Bankruptcy, Damages Awarded to the Plaintiff, James Boyd, grocer, Carnmoney against James & Thomas McM. Woods, Merchants, Waring Street, Belfast
2) 22/6/09 Margaret Cargin, widow, Rosemount Villa, Lisburn v. James Beattie and James Pantridge, John Cargin, retired farmer, deceased
3) 16/6/09 Strange Point About a Mortgage, Beamish v. Whitney, farmer, Cork;  29/6/09 Insurance Coupon Case;  29/6/09 William Orr, 4 Cluan Place, Belfast v. "Northern Whig," Ltd.
4) 29/6/09 Excessive Estate Duties, Judgment Against the Inland Revenue George Fennell Richardson, 30 Donegall Place, Belfast & Wm. Richardson, Prospect House, Waterford, Joseph Richardson, Lisburn v. The Commissioners of Inland Revenue;  13/6/10 Hugh Harper executor on behalf of Wm. Girvin, 212/214 Old Lodge Road, Belfast v. Robert J. Armstrong;  14/2/10 Missing Waratah, death of a Passenger Presumed, Norah Connolly, Mary Power, Henry Street, Tipperary, mother of Nora Connolly, James Madden, Tipperary
5 & 6 & 7) 28/11/09 Belfast Medical Doctor's Bankruptcy, Breach of Promise, Dr. John McMurray, 18 Crumlin Road v. Miss Robb
8) 20/11/09 Disputed Watercourse Robert Wood Anderson, farmer, Castlehill, Knock v. William Henry Cleland, 34 Brunswick Square, Hove, Sussex;  29/11/09 Estate of D. P. O'Connor, Deceased, Belfast Banking Co. v. Callan, Joseph Brady, Hollybank Road, Drumcondra;  29/11/09 Thirty Years' Litigation Martin v. William Sayers, Oaklands, Co. Antrim, deceased

1                   2                   3                        4                         5                        6                        7                      8
1 & 2 & 3) 5/10/09 Breach of Promise Mary Holmes (35), dressmaker, 124 Inverness Terrace, Cliftonville, Belfast v. William Barr, retired farmer, Kilbride, Doagh, Co. Antrim;  28/4/09 J. Brinsmead & Sons, Ltd. v. Archibald Ford;  9/12/09 Belfast Crane Accident, James McCartan, seaman, Annalong v. Harbour Commissioners;  25/7/10 Action Against Harbour Commissioners
4) 27/1/10 Belfast Harbour Commissioners Sued, Denis Power, labourer, 87 Unity Street;  20/12/09 Court of Appeal, James McCartan, seaman, Annalong v. Belfast Harbour Commissioners;  25/7/10 An Appeal Dismissed
5) 21/12/08 or 09 Belfast Injunction Case, Jane & Margaret & Elizabeth Hull v. John B. Mairs, 60 Shankill Road & 1, 3 Diamond Street, Belfast
6 & 7 & 8) 27/1/10 Action Against a Belfast Doctor, Singular Evidence, Samuel Templeton, The Gables, Botanic Avenue, against Dr. Alex. Burns, 37 Lisburn Road

1                     2                     3                       4                       5                      6                       7                    8
1 & 2) 31/1/10 Echo of West Belfast, Belfast Publican's Estate Patrick Joseph Magee v. John Mulholland, John Mulholland, publican, Milford Street, Belfast, deceased 28th July 1904
3) ?
4) Houses to Rent?
5 & 6) 13/4/10 Orders for Wallpaper, Peculiar Belfast Case, A Charge of Forgery, William Parkinson v. W. A. Todd, wallpaper merchant, Victoria Street, Thomas Jordan, Lakeview Farm, Hillsborough, Wesley Parkinson
7) 15/12/10 Alleged Forgery of a Deed, Robert Carlile, son of William Stevenson Carlile v. Jane Carlile, Hamilton Road, Bangor & Albert & James Robinson & William Carlile
8) 9/2/03 Widow and executrix of the late William Robertson; Thomas J. Rooney, deceased, Hester Hollywood, sister of late Thomas J. Rooney, King Street, Newry died 28th November 1901 v. Andrew E. Rooney, Patrick Rooney, Mount Mills, Newry;  Warnock v. Adam Patterson, Monlough, Co. Down;  22/12/10 Cole & Co. v. Francis J. Clegg and Agnes Clegg, dentists, Cork;  20/6/10 Peculiar Will Case Mary Giblin, New York v. Giblin, Martin Finn, deceased, Buckhill, Castlerea, Roscommon died 1858;  Thomas Duff, deceased, James Duff, Christina Duff, widow, Kildare

1                     2                     3                       4                       5                      6                       7                    8
1 & 2 & 3 & 4) 31/3/11 Judgment for Sixpence, Interesting Portrush Case Waine v. Joseph Sandford, general merchant, Portrush;  21/4/11 Action Against a Portrush Merchant, Waine v. Joseph Sandford, Judgment Set Aside;  9/6/11 Sandford v. Porter & Waine;  27/2/12 Special Jury Record Sandford v. Porter and Another;   25/7/12 Sandford v. Waine
5) 12/6/09 Belfast Breach of Promise Case, medical Man as Defendant, 1,000 Damages Awarded, Miss Agnes Elizabeth Robb, 2 Allworthy Avenue, Belfast v. Dr. John McMurray, 18 Crumlin Road, Belfast;  21/3/10 Story of a Postcard, Verdict For Defendant, James Thompson, Corbet v. James Greer, Scarva
6) 11/8/09 Sequel to a Belfast Dock Accident, McCartan v. Belfast Harbour Commissioners (see others above);  12/6/09 Francis Fox, Derryland, Portadown v. Sophia McClelland, Derryland;  12/6/09 Forrest & Sons Ltd. v. Dublin Gas Company, Mary Murphy.
7) 21/6/09 Belfast Worker's Loss of an eye. Isabella Scott, 32 Bedeque Street v. Brookfield Linen Co. Ltd.;  22/6/09 Frederick O'Rorke v. Denis Swaine, Sandymount, Jane Chalbert, Argentine;  21/6/09 W. E. F. Flat Roofing Co. (Mr. Louden) v. T. F. Slevin & Sons, Rev. John McElhatton
8) 21/6/09 A Question of Domicile Mrs. Annabella McLay, widow, Glasgow, late husband Robert McLay, Donegal, Mary Jane McLay;  21/6/09 McPartland v. McLaughlin;  22/6/09 Non-Jury Case Heade v. Hegarty, Thomas Kavanagh;  22/6/09 In the matter of William F. & Henry Joyce v. Irish Discount Co.

1                     2                     3              4                       5                      6                       7                     8
1) 27/1/10 Important Ruling Messrs. Fremlin Bros., brewers v. Raleigh Gas Company;  20/12/09 Wm. Morland v. Isabella J. Coulter;  20/11/10 Frank Ballantine, cycle agent, 117 Victoria Street v. Great Northern Railway Co., Nesbitt, Warrenpoint, Joseph Wilson, porter at Warrenpoint sewing machine damage;  20/1/10 Jane Florence Browne, Rathcoo9l, Sydenham, Alexander Crawford Browne, Mornington Park, Princetown Road, Bangor and Frederick W. Johnston, 19 Waring Street, Belfast v. William James, 93 Great Victoria Street;  20/1/10 Frackelton, merchants v. Great Northern Railway Co.
2) Navan Urban District Council v. John Beach
3) Miss Clarke, Hastings
4) Cheque Signatories Landes v. Marcus and Davids;  9/12/09 Armagh Rural District Council v. Payne - Same v. White;  9/12/09 County Antrim Appeal Thomas B. Gillen, Ballymena v. Saml. Gibson, farmer, Fenagh
5) 1909 Kelvin Memorial Fund
6) Belfast recorder's Court, A Lost Cheque, Adolph Kohlmann and Fritz Kohlmann, F. Guenter & Co. sued Robert A. Gamble, Albertbridge Road, Belfast
7) Assize Intelligence, Crown Court, 28/7/09 Alleged Libel, Collapse of the Case Job Cherry, Poorlaw Guardian, plumber and gasfitter, 262 Old Lodge Road against The Warden Ltd., newspaper proprietors
8) 21/6/09 Action Against a Carmelite Priest, William P. O'Neill, architect, Dublin v. Rev. Jerome O'Connell and William A. Reddy, Miss Mary O'Neill, died 16th December 1905, St. Vincent's Hospital - 22/6/09 continued below

1                     2                     3                       4                       5                      6                       7                     8
1) 1909 Miss Mary O'Neill, died 16th December 1905
2 & 4) 22/6/09 Remarkable Libel Action, Patrick Robert Kelly, Solicitor v. Rev. M. O'Beirne, Samuel Achmuty, John Donnelly, Thomas Feeley, John Gateley, Michael Murray, Peter Fallon, John Mullally, Patrick Larkin and Patrick Martin, John Connell, Lecarrow, Roscommon
3) October 1909 Priest's Action Against his Bishop Rev. Thomas Fox Commins, William Street, Waterford v. Rev. Dr. Sheehan, R.C. Bishop of Waterford;  27/7/09 Action Against a Parish Priest Miss Mary Power v. Richard J. Casey
4) 21/6/09 Torrens and Another v. James McLaughlin
5) 16/3/10 Belfast Divorce Case, Petition Against a City Councillor Sarah Ellen Magowan v. Wm. Magowan;  8/2/10 Administration Suit - Rachel Brown, Regent Street, Belfast died 1896, J. H. Robb, Wm. Beattie, Alexander Brown, Agnes Sturgeon;  16/2/10 Charlotte Reid, Eliza Reid, died 1861, Elizabeth Kelly
6) 2nd column 20/12/09 McElhinney v. The Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway Co.
7) 16/3/10 William Ingram v. Thomas B. Gillen and Joseph M. Kennedy, farm at Roughan;  8/2/10 Interest in a Patent R. A. Cummings, civil engineer, Pittsburg v. H. W. J. Stewart, builder, Ormeau Road;  23/3/10 Custody of a Child Mrs. Kathleen Gleeson, Michael Gleeson, Esther Nora Gleeson, 14 Bolton Street, Clonmel, John Gleeson, Thurles Cathedral, Esther Nora born 17th September 1905 and Violet Angela, Born 3rd March 1907
8) 23/3/10 The Late Mr. R. H. Watson's Estate, John Watson, Knockbrack;  Armagh Quarter Sessions, Robert Bryans, a groom, sued Christopher Beacom, merchant, Elizabeth Beacom, assault;  1/2/11 Transit of Eggs, Lipton's stores at Clones, Mr. Murphy

1                     2                     3                     4                      5                      6                       7                     8
1) 17/2/11 Devlin Minors Mrs. Mary Delany, Durrow, Queen's County, Felix Devlin, died 1899, Northern Queen Street, Belfast, Walter Delany;  13/6/10 McNiece, deceased, Shanahan and the Settled Land Acts George E. Shanahan, Herbert Lodge, Dalkey, Joseph Shanks, Glendalough, Howth Road, Dublin, John McNally, Cookstown, John McNiece, Margaret Street, Newry;  28/6/10 Headley's Trusts and Settled Land Acts Mary Headley, Ballykeel, John Fisher, William Robert White, William McG. Headley, Wm. Gowan Headley
2 & 3 & 4) 29/6/10 Portadown Benefactor, Judgment in William John Watson, Portadown died 27th October 1907 Suit David Graham Shillington, J.P., James Patterson Best and others v. Portadown Urban District Council;  20/6/10 John Poynter, Sons & Macdonald v. Samuel Gibson, 71, 73 King Street, Belfast
5) Colonel C. M. Brunker, 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers, Major Hamilton, Lieutenant Beresford, 1st Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Brigadier-General Mills, C.B., 11th North of Ireland, Major-General Cooper
6) a Cathedral?
7) 26/1/11 Action by Sir Christopher Nixon, Bart Mrs. Hannah Goodbody, Miss Elizabeth Goodbody, Mr. Plunkett;  15/2/15 Extraordinary Breach of Promise Case, Executor Sued by Ex-Milliner Quirk v. Sir Griffith Thomas
8) Queen's University Rating, Question of Valuation;  17/1/11 Sutherland & Son v. John Slattery, cattle dealer, Waterford, Percy Townsend

1                     2                     3                    4                     5                     6                     7                  8                 9
1) 26/1/11 Chase v. Armstrong Isaac Waugh, 48 Ava Terrace, Hamilton Road, Bangor, deceased, Jessie Waugh Chase, George Temple Armstrong, Lester Mallet, William Robert Cinnamond, John F. Carrick, George Ruddell Black, Mary Jane Waugh, 2 Violet Terrace, Crumlin Road;  26/1/11 David Mitchell, Antrim Road, Belfast v. James Mitchell, Malone Avenue;  26/1/11 John Mallins, solicitor, Ramelton v. Thomas Harrison, barrister-at-law, 65 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin
2) Black v. Murphy & Stevenson, Ltd.;  Ward v. R. T. Barbour, Cycle and Motor Co. Ltd., Galway;  Probate and Matrimonial Court Purser, Killavalig, Kanturk v. Purser, farmer, Powerstown, Cork cruelty;  Clare Divorce Court George Alfred White, motor mechanic, Claresford, Killaloe, Clare, Blanche White, Tyrrell's Pass, Mullingar
3) 16/1/11 Ejectment Suit Hugh Patrick, 19 Grampian Street, Gibson Shannon, farmer, Elizabeth Shannon, spinster, Ballyhartfield;  Wrongful Seizure Alexander Keating, grocer, 188 Cliftonville Road, George Alexander Fleming;  Belfast Recorder's Court, Sureties Sued, Augusta Berwitz, 74 Antrim Road, Belfast, Frederick Bennett, clerk, 23 Rosevale Street, Belfast, Henry Brannigan, insurance agent, 116 Tennant Street, Belfast, Samuel Rainey;  21/11/10 A Bicycle Bargain James Lee, 30 Brown Street, Walter Lee
4) 17/1/11 George W. Kyle v. Robert A. Kyle, Catherine Kyle;  27/6/11 Partnership Claim, Belfast Action Dismissed, Alleged Forgery of Letter George W. Kyle v. Robert A. Kyle
5) Newmarket racing part
6) 4/4/11 Counter-Claims Against Rent Robert Orr, Auckland, N.Z. v. Messrs. Rosborough & Co., grocers, Londonderry;  December 1914 McCracken v. T. E. Alexander, James Erskine, Elizabeth Adams, John C. Erskine
7) 19/6/11 Berkley v. Anderson & Hogg, William Berkley, senior, deceased, Tullyveagh, Tyrone;  Peter Quinn v. William Toner;  19/5/11 Hunter Moore, Newry v. Mark and Others, Lily Carter, Miss Maude Mark, Montreal, Charles Ambrose Mark, Charles Wilson Mark, Newry, Mrs. Jane Mark, Died December 1901, Lower North Street, Upper Water Street, Sugar Island, Newry
8 & 9) random

1                2                      3                     4                     5                      6                     7                    8
   1) back of a cutting, random stuff
2 & 3) 26/6/12 Motor Accident Sequel Bangor 26th May Accident William Fisher, cutter, 2 Carrington Street, Dr. Gardner Robb, 15 University Square, Frederick W. Balmer, leather merchant, 26 Ann Street, James Scott, grocer's assistant, 90 Killowen Street;  25 & 26 June 1913 John W. Beck, electrical engineer, Winterdrop, Kincora Avenue, Belfast v. Marion Allworthy, Manor House, 183 Antrim Road, Belfast, Max Bennet
3) 22/4/11 The Wrong Platform, Comber Station Incident, Passenger Claims Damages, Jennie Simmonton, Wm. F. Minnis, John Cunningham, William Duddy, James Feharty
4) Maze Races
5 & 6) 12/12/16 Belfast Trustee Case, Elizabeth McCavanagh plaintiff, Cullingtree Road, Belfast v. J. J. McDonnell, J.P., architect, Belfast, William McCormick, J.P., Chichester Street, P. J. Magee, Victoria Street;  15/12/16 Belfast Solicitor's Appeal, McCavanagh v. McDonnell and Others;  18/12/16 McCavanagh;  25/1/17 McCavanagh v. McDonnell and Others
7) 20/2/17 Belfast Libel Action, Apology & Indemnity Burns v. Smylie
8) Poisoning of Lands Important Decision of Enniskillen William E. Hunt, Killyhevlin, Earl of Belmore, D.L., loss of a greyhound;  25 June 1917 Dog Poisoning Action, Belfast Butcher Sued Wilfred Walter Weston, Rosedene, Shandon Park, Belfast, John Green, 227 Antrim Road, butcher;  9/7/18 Belfast Merchant's Will, Elizabeth McCavanagh, Hugh McCavanagh, died 1896

1                        2                      3                      4                      5                      6                      7                    8
1) Rman. B. Maxwell, Royal Irish Rifles, Whitewell, Belfast, wounded.
2) back of cutting
3) back of cutting
4) random
5) April 1898
6) back of cutting
7) John Rogers v. Great Northern Railway Co. (Ireland)
8) 5/4/09 Downpatrick A Bangor Appeal, Samuel Mawhinney, publican and dairyman, Main Street, Bangor, 29 Queen's Parade;  Clones, Burns v. Thomas Martin, grocer, Newbliss

1                        2                      3                      4                      5                      6                      7                    8
1) Breaking up the Berlin Treaty
2) 18/4/11 Coleraine Quarter Sessions, James Kennedy, Ratheane, Coleraine, sued the Portrush Winter Gardens Co.
3) back of cutting
4) Samuel Montgomery and William Montgomery, Margaret McWilliam, Fullerton McWilliam, and Hugh G. Younge, 13th March 1905 Straypark/Strawpark, Upper Antrim
5) To Rent
6) Villas and Building Land, Malone Road
7) Wanted
8) 21st December 1906, Address and Presentation to James A. Workman, Esq., M.A. from the Pupils Methodist College, Belfast

1                  2                 3                 4                 5                  6                     7                     8
Royal School, Dungannon, Address by Sir Hiram S. Wilkinson part
2) Stroud v. Allen & Son, Alfred Stroud, 83 Elizabeth Street, Belfast;  McLean v. Clyde Shipping Co., Daniel Martin, 4 Midland Street, Belfast;  Watt and Others v. Annie Wharry, Ballymurphy; 27/7/11 Peter Convery v. Andrew Maguire, Catherine O'Kane
3) back of cutting
4) 11/7/11 Young Man and His Presents, Bradford Jeweller's Claim, Wilson Fortune, jeweller, Great Horton Road, Bradford, Edgar Stephenson, 152 Listerhills Road, Bradford
5) Alec Hurley, Marie Lloyd, Bernard Dillon;  Seamen's Strike, Hull Shooting Incident, Fred Nicholson, engineer, steamship Ladywood, Joseph Welsh.
6 & 8) 18/7/11 Selwyn Francis Edge, Harvey Du Cros, Panhard and Levassor Motor Agency
7) William Trelford Coates, 30 University Square, Belfast;  William Tennent Henry, Lisburn, Civil Engineer died 18th November 1904;  George Patterson, Ballyvannon, Glenavy
8) Edge v. Du Cros

1                        2                      3                      4                      5                      6              7
1) Shipping
2) Porter & Waine (search further up page for more)
3) Porter & Waine
4) Porter & Waine
5) Porter & Waine
6) 22/6/09 Old-Age Pension Case Wm. Pawley, Co. Armagh
7) Queen of Spain; E. J. Gregory, died, Marlow;  Lord William Cecil;  Lieutenant Shackelton, Trinity House;  Wingate Grange, Christopher Furness;  Sutton Heath Colliery, Lancashire, two men killed;  Miners killed mine Vulkan, Hungary;  Natives killed Madras mail train, Mingur, Enuove;  Rioting Liverpool, Scotland Road;  12 Burnt to death Swiss Village, Flotz;  Ahmed Mukhtar Pasha, Sultan of Turkey;  Prince and Princess of Wales, Wells Cathedral;  London Stock Exchange, South Africans