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Shanks Collection
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1                                                                                            2
1) Newtownards Photographer
2) Ballyfounder House, Portaferry, Co. Down, Ireland taken 20th May 1912 (The Shanks home)

1) A Tara Forth - B Ballyfounder (our house) - C Ballyfounder Forth - James Shanks

1                                        2                                     3                                  4                                     5
1) I think it says Innocence? Belfast Photographer
2) Nellie Bailie Belfast Photographers
3) Yours very Sincerely Joyce Belfast Photographer
4) Dear Lizzie, This is a picture of Sadie, hoping all is well & Molly, she never writes. I will write & let you know all news. Fannie
5) Polly or Molly Shanks Bangor Photographer

1                                      2                                     3                                       4                                      5
1) from Sal to Eva
2) Sincerely yours W.? J. or I.
3) Belfast Photographer
4) Sharp, Hamilton Photographer
5) Liverpool Photographer

1                                       2                                     3                                   4                                  5
1) on back it says Souvenir Opening of the Assembly's Buildings, Belfast By His Grace The Duke of Argyll, K.Y., G.C.M.G., Monday 5th June 1905
2) Christmas 1915 the Rev. H. Hamilton Jackson, Chaplain, Milton Hill Hospital, With heartiest good wishes for your Welfare this Christmas and for the coming year.
3) Belfast Bank Officer, Coleraine 1910 From left to right 1st Porter; Leeman Assistant Accountant; Camac Cashier; Manager; Visitor; Kelly Accountant
4) Officers of Nor? Bugles? Ltd., Coleraine 1910 - Better to strive & climb and never to reach the goal, Than to drift along with time an aimless worthless soul, Aye better to climb & fall or saw though the yield be small, Than to throw away day after and never strip????????????
5) Cranston Waverley Hotel, Southampton Row, London W. C.  3rd November 1921 Postmark London to Miss Eva Nesbit, 46 Watergate Street, Chester - Dear E., have arrived here. Received your note, sorry to know I asked for the impossible, hope that reference of yours is totally imaginary, it shall straighten eventually. We propose returning by Holyhead & think by so doing we will pass through Chester anyway will write later. Yours Jim

1                                    2                                    3                                      4                                       5
1 & 2) Mr. John Shanks, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Belfast Photographer
3) Corp. L. Carton, 4th C.M.R.B. Blackpool Photographer
4) Every best wish from Joe S. Sigurdur?, Sergt. 5-3-18 Liverpool Photographer
5) no info, maybe same guy as 1 & 2?

1                                                                                                        2             
1) "we are six"
The Landlady took this photo while I was at Saskatoon, this is part of the con??? that stopped there. Hoping this finds you O.K. I'm fine & dandy, yours Sam
20th May 1910 Postmark Edmonton to Mr. H. Shanks, c/o D. M. Shanks, Bank Buildings, Belfast, Ireland - Dear H., sorry for not answering your P.C. long ago. I have left Saskatoon & am on my way to Calgary where I hope to settle for a while. Tell D. & got his letter O.K. & will write him when I find a place to squat down again. Sam
2) Main Street, Bangor, Co. Down 30th A?? 19?? Postmark Bangor to Miss Shanks, Ballyfounder House, Portaferry - Having a grand time. Hoping all are well. Weather lovely, Love from Nellie

Saskatoon 1910

Bathing in Saskatchewan River near Saskatoon, Canada 1911                Leaving Ed??? from ??? Grande Poairi? Edmonton

1                               2                                3                                 4                                5                            6
1) Chicago Photographer
2) Miss Mayes or Hayes, 30 Lothair Avenue, Antrim Road, Belfast
3) Newtownards Photographer A. Mc. C.
4) Belfast Photographer
5) Belfast Photographer
6) on info

                      1                                                                         2                                                    3
1) 17th August 1911 Postmark New Southgate to W. J. Shanks, 7857 Mess II R. N. Barracks, Shotley, Harwich - 23 Crown Road, Friem? Barnet N. 17:8:11 Not so dusty? The rest are in the envelope. Thanks so much for your letter. I will write in answer very shortly. 15/- arrived for the Admiralty safely a night or two ago, thank you! yours ever W. W. C. or  W. D. C.?
2) August 1903 also says 1909
3) Lizzie & Husband - Onarga, Illinois Photographers
         1                                                      2                                   3                               4                          5
1) Kathleen A. Gordon 1st August 1918 Belfast Photographer
2) Chicago
3) Chicago
4 & 5) no info

1                        2                          3                            4                            5                            6
1) Belfast Photographer
2) Belfast Photographer
3) Belfast Photographer
4) Belfast Photographer
5) Belfast Fur House, Lowry & Co., Donegall Place, Belfast
6) with love from Sal

1                                                             2                                                         3                             4
1) Mr. Nesbitt, Erinagh, Downpatrick
2) 13th October 1910 Postmark Kent to Mrs. J. Shanks, Ballyfounder, Portaferry, Co. Down, Ireland - Dear Mrs. Shanks, Just this Post card to let you know I have Received the butter you sent me. It was very good indeed. How is Tom getting on. I hope he is much better, please let me know next time you write. This is all, hoping you are in good health. from Willie
3) Belfast
4) no info

The Bank Buildings, Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson & Co., Limited, Belfast

1                                                  2                                                                      3                                    
1) 21st December 1908 Postmark Portaferry to Mr. D. N. Shanks, Bank Buildings, Belfast - D. D. I give you the pleasure the S. Lon. where you there of seeing my picture & lately? How is C. M.? have watch yourself & keep a good time. We got word from a goodly distance from Sam. Have you any word of it. Have you left Mrs. Xmas. Great stir here at K. Yet hope you are well. How does he look? K. G. S.
2) 4th November 1914 Postmark Monaghan? to Mr. N.? P. Shanks, Ballyfounder House, Portaferry, Co. Down - D. M. Many thanks for letter, glad to hear you are al fine, have you heard any artillery fire round the coast. A few people heard a noise to day but cannot tell what caused it. Nothing exciting here. Kindest regards from all our a.t.? I am fine H.
3) Queen's University, Belfast 12th September 1918 Postmark Belfast to Miss Shanks, Ballyfounder, Portaferry, Down - Thursday. Dear Lizzie, Have arrived o.k. awfully showery today. Nothing startling. I hope you o.k. & not killing yourself working, with kindest regards from (postmark over name)

1                                                                                          2
1) Motor Vessel "Ulster Queen" (3,800 tons) Liverpool-Belfast Express Service - Ulster Imperial Line (Belfast Steamship Co. Ltd.)
2) Holy Well, Struell, Downpatrick, Co. Down

10th February 1907? Postmark Halifax to Mr. D. Shanks, Bank Buildings, Belfast - This is Children's Ward with Xmas decorations. It is not good being too crowded for photo. Don't forget to send me yours when you have it. I am looking forward to holidays already. I. M. U.?

1                                                                                        2
1) "Was that a bite, Fred, or was it just hiccoughs?"
2) The Parish Council at Monaghan 18 Sep. 1913 - 18th September 1913 Postmark Monaghan to N. P. shanks, Esq., Ballyfounder, Portaferry, Co. Down - Had our 1st Council last Sunday in Bk. Gdn. previous the form? not much excitement are I had ms? letter to-day, will ans. later. I guess the winders are rustling these days, any fun at Regatta. Show is over here & no good. Taking revolver lessons at night, not frightened yet. Hands up. Who goes there & so on. (B. S.) you know. Hope all are fine, Kindest regards ?ama! write soon, Herbert

1                                                                            2
1) There once was a chap, quite a nailer, Who took his 'gal' out in a trailer, Though much out of breath he worked to the death, At the finish he was a bit paler. - 23rd March 1905 Postmark Downpatrick to Mr. Sambo Shanks, Ballyfounder, Portaferry - Dear little Felix, Oh! to think of you being driven up hill or down ??ay as it were, to a watery grave by the point of the sword, no wonder you have lost what little wit you had. Meet me by moonlight yonder not later than 1st April 12 noon & I'll be there. Bring your teeth also your hair. You know I adore you with all the strength of my No. 10's Oh! that you were within reach of 'em. Felix my own, why did you get more teeth love. Shure an' I have enough for two dove. For my all in life is yours, only yours & thine own for ever more I'll be ?? for one. Bond? look into your P.T.O. eyes so blugh, Felix as you love me never, trust yourself to pres??  ?? to the hands (illegible) Felix now I wonder did you ever Felicis (something is scratched out)
2) no info

could be the three ladies above?                                                       maybe same ladies?

no information

all 5 no info
Daily Mirror Photograph Nurse Cavell Shot by the Germans, October 12th, 1915. "I am happy to die for my Country"

Belfast Public Museum Series 12  1. Slide Car with Creel, as used in the Glens of Antrim. 2.  Clog-Wheel Car, with wheels fixed, revolving with axle inside shafts.  3. Spoke-Wheel Car, with wheels free on axle outside shafts; from models in the museum.  In the background are six main stages on the evolution of the Irish Jaunting Car
Belfast Public Museum Series, 9  spinning Wheels - 1. Ireland, 2. England, 3 Hungary, 4. Tuscany, 5. Upper Austria.  See the Horner collection of European Spinning Wheels and Accessories

Belfast Public Museum Series, 10.  William Ritchie, b. 1755, d. 1834. Founder of Belfast Shipbuilding in 1791. Portrait by Thomas Robinson, 1802, whose son, Thomas Romney Robinson, addressed to W. Ritchie in his "Juvenile Poems" on "The Triumph of Commerce" the four limes given.  Ingenious Ritchie! Commerce now may smile, and shed her blessings o'er Hibernia's Isle: Go, teach her sons to raise the ship on high, The pointed mast, high towering to the sky.

Cottage Hospital, Ballymena                                                                                                  



1                    2                     3
1) Savoie Valle e de L Arve?  M. Drummond (on back Circ. 1881)
2) T.C.D. 18?7 Erpingham Gate, Norwich  M. Drummond 1883
3) M. Drummond (on back Circ. 1883)
1                                       2
1) Memories of a Great President: His Irish Visit
2) The Lady of the House September 1912
"Belfast of the Volunteers"
Volunteer Demonstration in the Old High Street of Belfast, 1793, in Honour of the Destruction of the Bastile.
In the collection of Robert Day, F.S.A.  Painted by John Carey from designs by F. J. B., Belfast
The North began, the North held on.  God bless the Northern land! - Davis

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