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names include Scarlett, Brown, Alister, Hilton, Mayne, Knight, Herron etc.

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

C. W. Brown, 1903 R.I.C.                     Edward VII 1902

CMP  -  Mr. A. W. Mayne, 73 St. James Street, London, L.W.1

Mr. A. W. Mayne, 73 St. James Street, London, L.W.1

Mr. A. W. Mayne, 73 St. James Street, London, L.W.1

Mr. A. W. Mayne, 73 St. James Street, London, L.W.1

Mr. A. W. Mayne, 73 St. James Street, London, L.W.1

Belfast Steam Ship Co. Ltd. Indenture Ralph Erskine Langlands, James Alister, Agnew Alister, Thornhill, Lisburn
H. Mowat, 10 Rumford Place, Liverpool, Cashier - John Pim, 1 May 1899 - (written in pencil) Boys a boys, there's some great words in this

To Mrs. Margaret Hilton, Britannia Cottage, Drains Bay, Larne, Co. Antrim Postmark Belfast
Y.M.C.A. Larne Harbour 1941-45 Christmas 1945 from Victoria Bustard, Gardenmore House, Larne

Photographic Section H.M.S. "Searcher"

To George ? Basil from Nanny Clayton George Wiltshire, ? Blackburn
Mrs. ? Hilton, Brittania Cottage, Drain's Bay, Larne, N. Ireland K83573 Rfn.? Richardson, E.M.?

Mrs. Hilton, Drain's Bay, Larne, N. Ireland 9 Feb. 1945
Phil? Aylward, A.B., D/J.X. 211457 Mess 8. H.M.S. Searcher, c/o G.P.O. London, England
Dear Marg, Just a few lines to let you know how sorry I am for not writing after all these months, but Marg, to tell you the truth, I've not written a letter for weeks and I can expect what your going to say when, when you write, how is Davey? and Mother, remember me to them all, sorry I never got out to see on my leave, but it was in my mind, untill my Pal told me, he was getting married to a girl in Liverpool and asked me to his wedding, so I went along with him, and Marg, you & Davey should have been there because, we had the time of our life.  Marg, did you have any news from home since I've last heard from you? let me know when you write; you know all about my sister getting married and ? out of the Wrens. She was very lucky to be able to get out. Well Marg, there is no news up to now so I will bring this letter to a close, hoping to hear from you soon. Cheerio give my love to all from Phil.

London Calling by Helen Hawthorne
When headlines are screaming sensational news, And everything seems so upsettin',
When bombers are making their daily attacks, From Land's End and Dover to Stettin,
A twist of the dial and into the room, Comes the word which is bound to suffuse,
A confident ray through the deepest of gloom - "This is London, and here is the News."

When Goebbels is jamming the ether with stuff, Produced by Berlin propaganda,
And Duce is giving a mighty harangue, From his fine second storey verandah,
A twist of the dial and there as of yore, Is that voice which as always imbues,
A courage much greater than ever before - "This is London, and here is the News."

When neutral observers are telling the world, Of the chaos they've seen far and wide,
When England's fair fields are belittered with wrecks, Of the planes that were once Goering's pride,
A twist of the dial, and up spirits soar, When the following verdict ensues,
"We have shot down more bombers than ever before - "This is London, and here is the News."

When battles are ended and victory won, When we've vanquished the foe once again,
When search as you will you could not see a Hun, From Narvik and Antwerp to Spain,
A twist of the dial and there you will find, Those same words which will serve to infuse,
Good courage and cheer in the hearts of mankind - "This is London, and here is the News."

Reception of Adolph

The devil bounced out of his bed with a yell,
His head like a phosphorus ball;
He swore a great oath as he groped for the bell,
Shure I never have heard such a rumpus in hell,
Has Bill the ould Kaiser broke out of his cell,
Or what is the matter at all?

The whole population was jazzing about,
And the engineer stood like a fool,
He having arranged for a double black-out,
For the furnace attendants had taken the rout,
And had gone to the pub for a schooner of stout,
And the place seemed abnormally cool.

The adders and toads were all crawling around,
Their features were pallid with fear,
The snakes made a dive for a hole in the ground,
And all the ould devils black, yellow, and brown,
Were hiding in corners and couldn't be found,
Tho' the sirens had sounded all clear.

"What's up?" queried Nick with a menacing growl,
This is turned out a helluva place,
Come here Ananias, bad rest to yer sowl,"
Don't stand mumping there like a munnufied owl,
You are chief of staff, have ye lost yer controwl,
If ye don't want a dundering flip on the jowl,
Step on it and spell out yer case.

Oh Lucifer darlin' we're quakin' with dread,
I'm fearful of spilling the beans,
We've just got a wire that Hitler has said,
He intends to take over and rule in you're stead,
And the boys' have gone bughouse - Away in the head,
For they visulise just what it means."

He says "You're no good as a divil at all,
Of tortures you're making a mess,
He has secret weapons he means to instal,
And he'll brighten up things when he gives us a call,
He's sending down Goebels to open the ball,
He's preparing his prop for the press.

The Furious Fuehrer, The Beat of Berlin,
Keeps yapping of blitzkreig and blitz;
While Goering sits flicking the froth from his chin,
Addressing his master with a fatuous grin,
As he gargled his throat with a mouthful of gin -
We'll be putting Herr Churchill in fits.

Young Gobby the Gobbler was standing aloof,
And chewing a mouthful of gall -
"You're all talking hooey, baloney, and spoof,
I beg to inform you the lad with the hoof -
(Exposing his own to establish the proof)
Is not a bad fellow at all."

"In the course of performing this duty of mine,
I've called up the latest recruit,
I've doubled the guard on the Belzebub line,
Sent our flareplanes up - as the weather is fine,
And all is in order to welcome the swine,
And give the Nazi salute?

From a mountain of smoke an old imp now appears,
With many contortions his gizzard he clears,
Keeping flipping the soot from his mouth, nose and ears.
His voice sounding feeble and thin:
"I've sizzled in flames for uncountable years,
And a tree's always known by the fruit that it bears,
And if things should pan out as foretold by the seers,
All favours in hell thou hast granted our tears.
Goes out as your bastard comes in."

Then Nick turned about with an all fired frown,
And planted the heel of his hoof in the groun'
Keeping flicking the tip of his tail up and down,
His features convulsed in a grin,
Saying, "Close yer ould bug trap ye son of a clown,
If our dear pupil Adolph comes nosing around,
Ye can bet yer pullover that means shall be found to plant a few marks on his skin.

Go down to the pit and make ready the stake,
Give the brimstone container an extra shake,
And flip up the coke with tines of you're rake,
Don yer ear plugs to soften the yell;
I'll order a grand Jamboree for his sake,
And brew him a posset to warm up his "back",
Convincing our Ady he's made a mistake,
Comin' down to contaminate hell.,

But the mud-licking quislings extended their jaws,
Crying - "Hell heil Hitler and Jingled their claws,
And Italian Wopses sat licking their paws,
While the vultures swooped down with a flop,
Then the blood reeking murderers stole out of their pens,
And the cold clammy reptiles crawled forth from their dens,
While the snakes and the harlots danced up on their ends,
And the whole scum of hell stood to welcome their frien's
Herr Hitler and Musso the Wop.
C. McIlroy

Michael Knight, Finalist in the National Student Debating Tournament for the Observer Mace 1959
James Mulhern and Company Limited (seal)
Foreman & McVeigh Limited (seal)

Ross Brothers Limited Incorporated Belfast 1899
Anderson Estate Limited

Musgrave & Co. Ltd., Albert Bridge Road, Belfast
Department 7 Staff 1914 - Photo by G. E. Johnson
from left:- Wm. Coubrough (ex Glasgow office); Herbert R. Hill (ex London office); James Irvine Wilson; William Archibald Irwin; *Henry Carron KIA WW1); Alexander Neill (Bully Alec.); Alexander Thompson (Wee Alec); Daniel Barron; Herbert Rodgers; *John Cousins (KIA WW1)
Last Four Are Not Dept. Staff - J. I. Wilson 3.9.1965

The Northern Parliament Opened on the 22nd Day of June 1921 - The Rt. Hon. Sir James Craig, Bart. M.S.E.
Prime Minister, City Hall, Belfast
To Commemorate the Opening of the Northern Parliament

Beecham's Photo-Foli0 - 24 Choice Photographic Views - Belfast and Bangor

Queen's Bridge, Belfast

The Harbour, Belfast                                                  Victoria Street, Belfast

Victoria Street, Belfast                                           Royal Avenue, Belfast

                     Castle Place, Belfast                                      High Street and Albert Memorial, Belfast

Custom House, Belfast                                             Royal Academy, Belfast

Queen's College, Belfast                                         Campbell College, Belfast

Presbyterian College, Belfast                                         Methodist College, Belfast

Presbyterian Church, Belfast

Ormeau Park, Belfast                                              Botanic Gardens, Belfast

The Castle and Lough, Belfast

                      Bangor                                                                 Esplanade and Pier, Bangor

The Esplanade, Bangor                                                   The Big Hole, Bangor

Lighthouse and Harbour, Donaghadee