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Bangor Amateur Operatic Society    Empire Theatre    Grand Opera House 1925 - 1926 - 1955
Nomads & Belfast Critic 1912    Belfast and District Motor Club Ltd.    R.A.C. Dundrod Circuit 1950  & 1951

1805 - 1806 - 1807 - 1808 - 1819 - 1843 - 1852 - 1861 - 1868 - 1877 - 1880 - 1890
1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1939 - 1943 - 1951 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970


by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.  21st Season at Tonic Theatre, Bangor 21st February

Officials and Committee:- President - Maude Lady Clanmorris;  Patrons - The Viscountess Craigavon, Dr. R. M. Bowman (Mayor of Bangor), Mrs. F. G. Maguire, Mrs. E. F. J. Coates, S. D. Millar, Esq;  Governors -  Mrs. K. Haddow, Walter Malcolm, Esq., J.P.;  Vice-Presidents - D. E. Alexander, Esq., H. C. Bell, Esq., Mrs. H. C. Bell, W. W. Carson, Esq., R. K. L. Galloway, Esq., G. S. Goodall, Esq., S. C. Hunter, Esq., Mrs. A. A. B. Johnston, Mrs. W. S. Kingan, Mrs. R. W. Lindsay, R. S. Lynch, Esq., J. B. Lamont, Esq., W. R. Mullen, Esq., Barker Mitchell, Esq., D. T. MacMurray, Esq., J. McQuitty, Esq., G. B. McArthur, Esq., Sir Thos. W. McMullan, D. K. McMillan, Esq., A. McNeilly, Esq., G. J. Stephenson, Esq. & W. Scott, Esq.;  Committee - Mr. R. M. Marshall (Chairman), Mrs. S. Sloan (Vice-Chairman), Mr. C. H. Evans, Mr. F. McKernan, Mr. J. A. Robinson, Mr. J. A. Valentine, Miss Jean Magrath & Mrs. G. S. Goodall;  Hon. Secretary - Mr. J. A. Gaw, 5 Central Avenue, Bangor;  Hon. Correspondence Secretary - Mr. G. Denby Bell, 61 Donaghadee Road, Bangor;  Hon. Treasurer - Mr. J. Mateer, 5 Farnham Park, Bangor;  Assistant Hon. Treasurer - Mr. H. J. Russell;  Musical Director - Dr. E. H. Emery, F.R.C.O.;  Professional Coach - Mr. Quintin Golder;  Stage Manager - Mr. G. D. Bell;  Assistant Stage Manager - Mr. J. A. Robinson;  Hon. Accompanist - Miss Jean Magrath;  Publicity - Mr. J. A. Valentine;  Property Masters - Mr. Victor Brownlee & Mr. J. S. Irwin;  Wardrobe Mistresses - Miss Connie Hewitt & Miss F. E. Wilson;  Make-up - Messrs. A. Inglis, C. Carter, C. Harper, Mrs. G. S. Goodall, Miss J. Goodall and Assistants;  Chief Steward - Mr. R. M. Marshall;  Programme Steward - Mrs. F. Greenaway;  Hon. Booking Agents - Mr. Eustace Gordon, Tobacconist, 105 Main Street, Bangor & Messrs. Charley & Co., Tobacconists, Donegall Square West, Belfast;  Box Office - Messrs. F. J. Greenaway and M. Templeton;  Hon. Auditors - Messrs. R. R. Crawford and H. Long
The Desert Song CHARACTERS - Sid Ed Kar (Red Shadow's Lieutenant) ~ J. Bennett; Mindar (a Riff) ~ L. C. Bell;  Hassi (Leading Member of Red Shadow's Band) ~ H. J. Russell;  Hadji (a Riff Farmer) ~  J. W. McNinch;  Neri (his Wife) ~ Nan Stewart;  Pierre Birabeau (the Red Shadow) ~ A. Hogg;  Benjamin Kidd (Society Reporter to Paris "Daily Mail") ~ E. V. Agnew;  Azuri (Ali Ben Ali's Favourite) ~ Queenie Jackson & Cecilia Forsythe;  Captain Paul Fontaine ~ R. Evans;  Lieut. La Vergne (of the French Foreign Legion) ~ J. Bowles;  General Birabeau (Governor of a French Moroccan Province) ~ W. E. Patterson & G. D. Bell; Margot Bonvalet (his Guest) ~ Elizabeth Pinkerton;  Susan (his Ward) ~ Molly Drummond & Betty Norman;  Edith (his Friend) ~ Edith Cummins;  Clementina (a Spanish Lade) ~ Tania Baird;  Ali Ben Ali (Caid of a Riff Tribe) ~ C. A. Wilkins;  Sergeant De Boussac ~ R. Beattie & Snowball The Donkey
Dances rehearsed by Miss Elizabeth Burns
CHORUS - Ladies ~ Miss U. Burns, Miss M. Bailie, Mrs. D. Bell, Mrs. R. Beattie, Mrs. G. V. Brownlee, Miss D. Cairns, Miss Edith Cummins, Miss Evelyn Cummins, Mrs. M. Cross, Miss W. Davidson, Miss N. Davidson, Miss B. Despard, Mrs. H. Forsythe, Miss N. Hambley, Miss H. Hambley, Mrs. J. Irwin, Miss E. Isdell, Miss K. Jackson, Miss C. Jones, Miss A. McFadden, Miss M. McKenzie, Miss C. Malcolm, Mrs. H. Magrath, Miss L. McMurray, Miss C. Perritt, Mrs. J. Pollin, Miss E. Rodgers, Miss I. Smith, Miss N. Stewart, Miss W. Stewart, Miss K. Taylor, Mrs. F. Thompson, Miss H. Wallace, Miss G. Wallace, Miss G. Warner, Mrs. C. Wilkins, Miss E. Williamson
Gents ~ P. L. Briten, L. C. Bell, R. Beattie, J. Bowes, J. S. Carson, W. L. Fisher, R. Freeney, J. A. Gaw, C. Hunter, O. Kannenberg, H. Long, H. M. Magrath, W. Montgomery, G. F. Martin, G. C. Martin, D. Miller, F. H. Moore, J. McHugh, W. McMillan, J. W. McNinch, N. Phillips, J. Skillen, W. C. Tims, J. F. Watson, H. Williamson, L. Wilson
ORCHESTRA - 1st Violin ~ Dr. E. A. A. Stoneley (Leader); Mr. H. W. Parrock, Mr. H. Copeland, Miss E. Morrow;  2nd Violin ~ Mr. H. Horton, Mrs. Carey, Mr. R. R. Crawford, Mr. D. Miller;  Viola ~ Miss Meta Wilson;  'Cello ~ Mr. J. McIlveen, Mr. S. H. Copeland;  Double Bass ~ Mr. T. Boyle; Flute ~ Mr. J. Carlisle;  Oboe ~ Mr. J. L. Johnston;  Clarinet ~ Mr. T. Huntsdale;  Cornet ~ Mr. W. Mayes;  Drums ~ Mr. F. Burrowes;  Piano ~ Miss Jean Magrath;  Conductor ~ Dr. E. H. Emery, F.R.C.O.
Subscribing Members
Mr. J. Agnew, Mr. W. J. Arthurs, Mr. G. V. Acheson, Mr. G. A. Alister, Mr. F. C. Brown, Mrs. F. C. Brown, Miss B. Burns, Mr. J. G. Barber, Miss D. Brown, Mrs. L. Baird, Dr. J. W. Browne, Miss K. A. Booth, Mr. T. H. Brennan, Mr. G. Burns, Mr. F. J. Brice, J.P., Mr. J. Cathy, Miss Cross, Mrs. H. Crawford, Mr. H. Crawford, Mr. R. R. Crawford, Miss J. Craig, Dr. G. F. Campbell, Mr. S. M. Claney, Mr. S. Christie, Mr. J. C. Crane, Mr. J. S. Cunningham, Mrs. L. Cinnamon, Mrs. M. F. Collier, Miss M. F. Daly, Mr. A. Dalzell, Mr. W. H. Dunseath, Mr. S. Dale, Mr. J. Douglas, Mr. J. Donaghy, Mr. H. J. Duncan, Miss Dickson, Mr. R. W. Ewing, Mr. C. H. Evans, Mrs. C. H. Evans, Mr. A. Erskine, Mr. W. Evans, Mr. A. J. Featherstonhaugh, Mr. R. H. Finlay, Mr. W. L. Fryar, Mr. G. McC. Flack, Mrs. D. M. Fetherston, Mrs. M. G. Fletcher, Mr. S. Fetherston, Mrs. S. Fetherston, Mrs. Furey, Mrs. W. Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Fegan, Mr. J. A. Fyffe, Mrs. G. S. Goodall, Mr. G. F. Glass, Mr. R. G. Gray, Mr. J. Gorman, Dr. D. Gray, Miss K. N. Hadow, Mrs. G. A. Henderson, Mr. N. L. Hull, Mr. W. F. Hunter, Mrs. W. F. Hunter, Mr. T. Henderson, Miss C. Hewitt, Mr. W. Hazley, Miss C. Hewitt, Mr. W. Hazley, Miss F. Harrison, Mr. G. Jamison, Mrs. K. Johnston, Mr. B. J. P. Kelly, Mr. R. V. Laurenson, Mr. D. B. Lewars, Miss W. Little, Mr. F. McKernan, Mr. J. McAuley, Mrs. J. McAuley, Miss E. McClelland, Mr. S. McBratney, Miss I. McNeill, Mr. R. McNinch, Mr. T. A. McCann, Mrs. T. McVea, Miss E. McMeekan, Mr. H. McGimpsey, Miss M. D. MaGuire, Mr. R. Marshall, Miss J. Magrath, Mrs. Millington, Mr. A. Malcomson, Mr. R. E. Morrow, Mr. R. K. Moore, Mr. R. M. Marshall, Miss V. Matson, Mr. R. M. Moore, Mr. D. Morrow, Mr. G. L. Morris, Mr. Q. Mills, Mr. J. Mateer, Mr. W. J. C. Milliken, Mr. A. Morrison, Mr. S. Miller, Mr. J. Macdonald, Dr. J. C. Nicholson, Mr. J. F. Neill, Mrs. J. F. Neill, Mr. J. Nugent, Mrs. J. Nugent, Mr. D. Orr, Mrs. S. A. Orr, Mr. J. B. O'Neill, Mrs. E. Patterson, Mr. C. Pollock, Mr. J. Pollin, Mr. F. F. Parker, Mrs. Perry, Mr. R. W. Richardson, Mrs. J. O. Rodgers, Miss C. Ross, Mr. B. T. Russell, Mr. J. A. Rodgers, Mrs. E. Rea, Mr. J. A. Robinson, Mr. J. Roe, Mrs. K. E. Robertson, Dr. S. Patterson Rea, Mr. C. D. Radcliffe, Mr. W. Simon, Mrs. H. Strain, Mr. A. Scott, Mr. P. Shepherd, Mr. T. Sherriff, Miss M. Stanley, Mr. A. Stanley, Mrs. E. Sinclair, Mr. F. R. Smyth, Very Rev. Canon P. Scally, Mr. C. E. Sheldon, Mr. J. B. Scott, Mr. J. Brice Smyth, Mr. S. Sloan, Mr. J. Taylor, Mr. R. D. Townley, Mr. H. Tyrrell, Miss Thompson, Mr. J. A. Valentine, Mr. E. Wilson, Mr. E. Worth, Mr. A. H. Ward, Mr. M. G. Weaving, Mrs. Wells, Mr. J. M. Whyte, Mr. M. Wilkins, Mr. A. Wilson, Miss B. Wilson, Mr. J. Worrell, Mr. J. Warner, Mr. W. J. White, Miss F. Wilson, Mrs. Wells

Mr. J. A. Gaw, Hon. Secretary - Mr. R. M. Marshall, Chairman - Mr. J. Mateer, Hon. Treasurer
Miss J. Magrath, Hon. Accompanist - Mr. G. D. Bell, Hon. Correspondence Secretary - Mr. Tom Linden, Hon. Electrician
Dr. E. H. Emery, F.R.C.O., Musical Director and Conductor - Mr. Quintin Golder, Professional Coach and Producer
PREVIOUS PRODUCTIONS "The moving finger writes and having writ moves on." - Omar Khayyam
1919 - Pirates of Penzance; 1920 - H.M.S. Pinafore; 1921 - The Mikado; 1922 - The Gondoliers; 1923 - The Yeomen of the Guard; 1924 - Iolanthe; 1925 - Patience; 1926 - A Country Girl; 1927 - My Lady Molly; 1928 - The Mikado (Revivial); 1929 - Pirates of Penzance (Revival); 1930 - The Yeomen of the Guard (Revival); 1931 - The Gondoliers (Revival); 1932 - Merrie England; 1933 - Tom Jones; 1934 - Iolanthe (Revival); 1935 - The Rebel Maid; 1936 - The Toreador; 1937 - The Yeoman of the Guard (Revival); 1938 - Rose Maria

Alan Hogg as Pierre Birabeau ("The Red Shadow") - Elizabeth Pinkerton as "Margot" - Ernest Agnew as "Benjamin Kidd" - Molly Drummond as "Susan"

Tania Baird as "Clementina" - Charles Wilkins as "Ali Ben Ali" - Queenie Jackson as "Azuri" - Eric Patterson as "General Birabeau"

Betty Norman as "Susan" - Jack Bennett as "Sid el Kar" - Harry Russell as "Hassi" - Richard T. Evans as "Captain Paul Fontaine" - Cecilia Forsythe as "Azuri" - Denby Bell as "General Birabeau"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

EMPIRE Theatre, Belfast  1927  G.M. - Gerald Morrison

The Limavady Players present Paul Twyning by George Shiels, Ballymoney 18th April 1927
Resident Musical Director ~ Mr. J. C. Evans
Cast - Paul Twyning ~ Mr. P. Quigley;  James Deegan ~ Mr. Alex. Oakey;  Dan Deegan ~ Mr. E. O'Kane;  Patrick Deegan ~ Mr. P. Forrest;  Mr. O'Hagan ~ Mr. H. McLaughlin;  Denis McGothigan ~ Mr. D. McCann; Jim Deegan ~ Mr. M. Forrest;  Daisy Mullan ~ Miss M. Devlin;  Mrs. Deegan ~ Miss I. Rea;  Rose McGothigan ~ Miss K. Rea
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

GRAND OPERA HOUSE - 1925 - Props. Warden Ltd.;  M.D. - Fred W. Warden;  Res. Manager - James M. McCann;  Musical Dir. - S. P. Swanton

Phyllis Dare in The Street Singer by Frederick Lonsdale October 19th, 1925
Music by H. Fraser-Simson - Lyrics by Percy Greenbank - Additional Numbers by Ivy St. Helier
CAST - Bonni ~ Paul England;  Armand ~ Henry Caine;  Francois ~ Frank Steward;  Violette ~ Daisy Elliston;  Marie ~ Esme Fitz-Gibbon;  Levy ~ Naylor Grimson;  Edtelle ~ Phoebe Hodgson;  Paul ~ Claude Horton;  Andre Levaux ~ Ivan Agabeg;  Pierre ~ Dennis Brockbank;  Madame Rossignol ~ Cecily Jonas;  Mlle. Briant ~ Betty Aubrey;  Adele ~ Phyllis McGloon;  Bebe ~ Adele Royle and Yvette ~ Phillis Dare
Play produced by E. Lyall Swete

Grand Opera House - 1926 - Queen's Island Amateur Operatic Society present Utopia Ltd.
CAST - King Paramount the First (King of Utopia) ~ Mr. S. Adams;  Scaphio & Phantis (Two Judges of the Utopian Supreme Court) ~ Mr. A. L. Gwyther & Mr. J. G. Fordyce; Tarara (the Public Exploder) ~ Mr. J. McGibbon; Calynx (Utopian Vice-Chamberlain) ~ Mr. J. S. Breckenridge;  Lord Dramaleigh (a British Lord-Chamberlain) ~ Mr. W. J. Govan;  Capt. Fittbattleaxe (First Life Guards) ~ Mr. A. T. Hunter;  Capt. Sir Edward Corcoran, K.C.B. (of the Royal Navy) ~ Mr. A. Ferguson;  Mr. Goldbury (a Company Promoter, afterwards Comptroller of the Utopian Household) ~ Mr. J. Coleshill;  Sir Bailey Barre, Q.C. ~ Mr. J. Torney;  Mr. Blushington (of the County Council) ~ Mr. J. Mercer;  The Princess Zara (Eldest Daughter of King Paramount) ~ Miss E. M. Burrows;  The Princesses Nekaya & Kalyba (her Younger Sisters) ~ Misses A. Beattie & C. Quinn;  Lady Sophy (their English Governante) ~ Mrs. E. Ferguson;  Phylla, Melene & Salata (Utopian Maidens) ~ Misses M. Trotter, D. M. Brown & M. Raleigh
Grand Opera House - 1955

Jimmy Young, Terry Hall, Cherry Wainer, Arthur Haynes, The Da Sisters, Joe Black, Bea & Zelda Marvi, Rita Martell - Holiday Hayride with Frank Howard, Molly Millar, Frank McElroy, Sean Mooney, Jack Cruise, Benny Craven, Flanagan Girls, Jani & Janice Bers, Margaret Pullen, Cooper Twins
Stage Manager - Billy Seamons;  Dance Routines by ~ Norah Flanagan;  Musical Director ~ Robert Bolton
ALADDIN - Clarkson Rose, Three Monarchs, Four Ramblers, Maureen Kershaw, Donovan and Hayes, Joan Manning, Renee Bent, Rex Garner, Carol Hinsley, John Porteous, Cooper Academy Girls, the Mayfair Belles
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

NOMAD'S Weekly and Belfast Critic Conducted by Alf. S. Moore November 9th 1912

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Belfast and District Motor Club Ltd.  1960

Motor Cycle Grass Track Races - Bangor West Station (in fields of Mr. Frank Morgan)  350cc - 500cc - Handicap
M.C.U.I. (U.C.) Steward - C. White, Esq.  Official Timekeeper - S. Steele, Esq. and Staff
Club Stewards - J. H. Boyle, Esq., J. Hunter, Esq.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

R.A.C. Tourist Trophy Race - Dundrod Circuit (near Belfast) Northern Ireland 1950

Cornering at Comber Butcher's Shop.  The Cars are Fiats, and this corner, together with the Dundonald Hairpin, were among the most famous corners on any circuit
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Ulster Trophy Race 1951 Dundrod Circuit

1) E. G. Crossley (Alta) at speed leaving Pits in 1950 Ulster Trophy Race
2) P. N. Whitehead (Ferrari) winning the "Ulster Trophy" in 1950
3) F. R. Gerard (E.R.A.) leaving Hairpin during Practice for 1950 event