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Large Collection - Robinson 3
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Incorp. Cripples' Institutes, People's Palace & Homes of Rest 15th Annual Report 1920 & 1921
Daily Mirror 12th November 1918     Evening Packet and Correspondent 22nd September 1832
Masonic Lodge No. 707 - Installation Dinner     Masonic Schools' Magazine 1944

1805 - 1806 - 1807 - 1808 - 1819 - 1843 - 1852 - 1861 - 1868 - 1877 - 1880 - 1890
1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1939 - 1943 - 1951 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Incorporated Cripples' Institutes, People's Palace & Homes of Rest 15th Annual Report 1920
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Queen's Island Auxiliary of the Incorporated Cripples' Institutes, People's Palace and Homes of Rest
Abstract of 16th Annual Report 1921
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The Daily Mirror 12th November 1918 - How London Hailed the End of the War
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The Evening Packet and Correspondent 22nd September 1832
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The Times, London 7th November 1805
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Samuel G.? Taylor Masonic Lodge No. 707 - Installation Dinner
Worshipful Master: W. Bro. T. Henning; Installation Officer: W. Bro. Fred Gorman, P.P.G.O.
Masonic Hall, Rosemary Street, Belfast 15th January 1960
Officers for year 1960 - Senior Warden ~ Bro. D. McGarvey; Junior Warden ~ Bro. S. H. Hamilton; Assistant Secretary ~ Bro. James Hamilton; Treasurer ~ W. Bro. J. Ward; Senior Deacon ~ Bro. W. McMurray; Junior Deacon ~ Bro. S. Mayne; Inner Guard ~ Bro. R. J. Montgomery; Senior Steward ~ Bro. J. Lindsay; Junior Steward ~ Bro. E. Ward; Dir. of Ceremonies ~ W. Bro. J. Bradley; I.P.M. ~ W. Bro. R. T. Taylor
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Masonic Schools' Magazine 1944
Masonic Girls' School - Hockey: S, Nerrie, P. Spratt, L. McClean, H. Echlin, A. Fallows, B. Tivy, D. Knox, E. McMullan, P. Cargill, J. Newell, S. Sargent, E. McKee, S. Hewitt, I. McKee, B. Matson, M. King, N. McClean, O. Byron, B. Brewer, M. Harte, M. Fulton, B. Hewitt, D. Thorpe, D. McAnuff, B. Matson, I. McKee, E. McKee, N. McClean, M. Phibbs, P. O'Connor, D. Duggan, M. King
Netball: N. Row, L. Allen, V. Bailie, N. Meyler, M. McKee
Tennis: Miss Woods, Mrs. Willoughby, G. Higgins, J. Tivy, O. Wilmot, D. Murray, E. Metchette, R. McMullan, M. McKee, G. Campbell, L. Andrews, Mrs. H. P. Mayne, P. Cargill, Miss Pike, Mlle. Alibert, Miss Arnold-Price, Miss Stewart
Dr. McCarthy, Mrs. Johnson, Miss Blake Campbell, Mr. Harding, Mr. Crane, Pearl Cargill, Marie Scott, Canon Powell, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Jackson, Miss Woods, Mr. Harding, Mavis McKee, Margaret Boyd, Miss Lombard, Mr. C. Kemp, Mr. McVeagh, Mrs. Mayne Susette Nerrie (6th year)
Examination Results 1943-44: Sylvia Sargent, E. McMullan, S. Montague, M. Paisley, N. Row, E. Waters, B. Tivy, M. Logan, Dor, Duggan
Masonic Boys' School - Cricket: A. Malcomson, B. Bowers, J. P. Davidson, E. N. Seymour, R. T. Henry, J. Carson, J. Notley

Masonic Boys' School continued :-
A. Turbitt, G. Woodworth, E. Hennesey, J. McLean, E. Hodgett, D. Ellis, J. Johnston, A. Carson, T. Boyd, D. Atkinson, L. Johnston, P. Browne, J. Creighton, G. King, L. Jamieson, A. Huey, E. Hodgett, A. Carson, L. Dimond, R. Moran, E. Woods, T. Boyd, A. McIlveen, D. Atkinson, J. Hillis, T. Finch, D. Cargill, D. Ryan, A. Fisher, Mr. J. S. Strettan, Dr. J. A. Storey, R. H. Bolton, R. W. Byers, J. Caddell, V. Chambers, J. M. Ferguson, T. E. Hennesey, V. R. Lowe, G. N. Mossop, G. K. McGuire, W. L. McKee, G. W. King, A. J. McLean, J. R. Notley, D. I. Smith, W. R. Speers, S. Wilson, J. K. Wilson, G. F. Woodworth, A. Bailie, S. Brown, G. Campbell, N. C. Caters, W. H. Chittick, A. Fisher, A. Forbes, J. Glendenning, W. Graham, F. Kelso, E. Meyler, R. Mooney, R. Mossop, A. Parke, C. Parke, S. Sharpe, W. Simmons, J. Stewart, F. Walker, S. Wilson, D. H. S. Armstrong, Muriel Moore, Desirée Layng, Derek Fielding

George Holmes, Eilis Waters, Rollo, Marie Scott, Sylvia Montague, Monica Anderson,

James Moore Memorial Cricket Pavilion
View of the School from behind the Sanatorium
The Gymnasium, 1914-1918 War Memorial
1st and 2nd Tennis Teams: P. O'Connor, L. McClean, S. Nerrie, G. Campbell, P. Cargill, I. McKee, E. McKee, P. Spratt, M. McKee, M. Fulton
Prefects and Decade Captains: Standing (left to right): M. Phibbs, L. McClean, P. Cargill, P. O'Connor, S. Nerrie, S. Montague, E. Waters, D. Thorpe, A. Fallows
Sitting (left to right): J. Newell, P. Spratt, M. King, H. Echlin, L. Andrews, G. Campbell, M. Anderson (Sylvia Montague (Editress)