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The Derry and Antrim Year Book


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          Post and Telegraph Office - Miss McFetridge, postmistress.  Letters arrive and are despatched twice daily.  Sub-Offices - Culcrow, Mrs. D. Torrens, postmistress.  Blackhill - Mrs. Workman, postmistress.  Killykergan - W. Wilson, postmaster.
          Primary Schools:- Cullycapple - R. Blair, principal.  Culcrow - G. S. Lapsley, principal.  Droghead - Miss Egan, principal.
          Orange Lodges: Ballygawley 202, Blackhill 350 and Glenkeen 360 meet first Tuesday in each month; Agivey 361 and Carnroe 362 meet first Friday in each month.
          Royal Black Preceptories - Glenkeen 875 meets third Tuesday each month - W. Torrens, W.M. Blackhill 71 - S. J. Gilmour, W.M. Agivey R.B.P. meets second Tuesday each month - J. Knox, W.M.
          Apprentice Boys (Murray Club) - President, William Stevenson; secretary, J. Macaulay. Meet second Thursday in each month.
          Unionist Association - President, Captain Morrison, D.L.; treasurer, W. J. Hull; secretary, Mrs. J. K. Gilmour
          Women's Institute - President, Miss M. Long; treasurer, Miss F. McFetridge; secretary, Mrs. W. Torrens
          Boy Scouts - First Aghadowey Scout Group - Group Scoutmaster, Rev. A. W. Rogan, M.A. Troop Scouter, G. McMillan
          Cullycapple Old Pupils' Association - President, Miss M. Long; secretary, J. T. Gilmour; treasurer, Miss A. Hanna
          Ulster Farmers' Union Branch - President, Captain H. R. Morrison, D.L.; chairman, W. A. McCahon; vice-chairman, J. Torrens; treasurer, W. J. Hull; secretary, R. B. Gilmour; council representatives - G. Campbell and J. Moore
          Poultry Club - Chairman, J. Barr; secretary, Miss M. Millar; treasurer, Mrs. W. Torrens.
          Aghadowey Masonic Lodge No. 316 - Meets in Masonic Hall fourth Friday each month, except June, July, August


          Postmaster - Alex. Cusick. Arrival of mails, 6-45 a.m.; despatch, 2.20 p.m. and 4-15 p.m.
          Northern Bank Branch Office - Manager, W. Coleman
          Ulster Farmers' Union Branch - President, Hugh G. Acheson, Turnarobert House, Armoy; secretary, John Henry, Carrowlaverty; treasurer, P. McAuley, Doonan, Armoy
          No. 1 P.E. School - Principal, J. Neill.  No. 2 (St. Olcan's) - Principal, H. J. Kennedy.  No. 3 - Principal, Mrs. McIntyre.  Breen - Principal, Miss M. Devlin.  Carrowcrin - Principal, Miss Robinson.
          Orange Lodges - Park L.O.L. No. 1065, meets first Friday every month; Kerr-Smiley (Bushside) L.O.L. 923; Bushside Independent L.O.L. 24.
          Branch County Antrim County Library, Armoy No. 1 P.E. School - Librarian; J. Neill; and St. Olcan's P.E. School - Librarian, H. J. Kennedy
          R.U.C. - Sergeant Magee
          Chatham Hall Masonic Lodge No. 125 meets last Monday of each month
          U.T.A. (Freight Dept.) - F. & A. Cusick


          Schools: Parochial School - Mr. Barnhill, principal.  No. 2 Primary School - Mrs. Baird.  Cloughorr Primary School - Mrs. Johnston, Ballycastle
          Postal Telegraph, Money Order and Savings Bank Office - Postmistress, Miss Dickson.  Arrival of mails, 9-30 a.m.; despatch, 9.30 a.m. and 3-15 p.m. principal
          Masonic Lodge No. 38 - Meets 1st Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
          Ballintoy L.O.L. 803 - Secretary, Jim Wilkinson. Meets first Wednesday in each month
          Women's Institute - President, Mrs. A. Hill; vice-president, Mrs. H. Matthews; hon. secretary, Miss M. McKay; hon. treasurer, Mrs. D. Donnelly; Press correspondent, Miss U. Christie


          Post Office - C. W. McCollam, postmaster. Hours of business - Week days, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
          Harbour Sub Post Office - Mrs. E. Donnelly, sub postmistress. Hours of business - Weekdays, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Thursday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
          Urban District Council - Bernard Sherlock (chairman), Edward Molloy, Mrs. E. Johnston, J. McAfee, P. J. McIlroy, John Butler, Patrick Dallat, Robert O'Connor, Thomas Walsh, Patrick Hill, Joseph Doherty, Francis Bertucelli.  Clerk - James O'Kane.  Town Surveyor - P. Donnelly.  Medical Officer of Health - Dr. Watt.  Water Inspector - Frank O'Connor.  Rent Collector - Mrs. Mary Doherty.  Rate Collector - J. J. Molloy
          Antrim County Welfare Committee - Social Centre for Handicapped every Tuesday
          Northern Bank - J. Delap, manager
          Belfast Bank - J. E. Baxter, manager
          Ulster Bank - T. S. P. Given, manager
          High School - Principal, A. G. German, B.Sc., Dip.Ed.  Technical School - Principal, J. Montgomery.  Cross and Passion College - Sister Dolores, C.P.  Ballycastle P.E. Boys - Principal, A. Scott.  Ballycastle Girls - Sisters of Cross and Passion Presbyterian School - Principal, Miss Nellie Gray.  Ramoan School - Principal, S. E. McIlwaine
          St. Mary's Star of the Sea Intermediate School - Principal, Cahal Dallat, B.A.
          R.U.C. - Sergeant J. Duff and six constables
          Special Constabulary - J. McGregor, S.D.C.
          Ulster Transport Authority - Agent, Brian O'Connor
          British Legion - Chairman, Major-General F. C. Casement; hon. treasurer, N. Rice; hon. secretary, J. McCartney.  Women's Branch - President, Mrs. John Casement; chairman, Mrs. Delap; hon. secretary, Miss Weatherall; hon. treasurer, Mrs. Clarke
          Golf Club - Captain, James J. McMichael; hon. secretaries, T. Sheehan, B.Com.Sc., and G. W. Scarlett.  Ladies' Branch -   Captain, Mrs. H. Lowry; joint secretaries, Mrs. Peacock and Mrs. A. F. McCoy
          Lawn Tennis Club - President, A. G. German, B.Sc.; hon. secretary, A. E. Green
          Girl Guides - Miss Mary Spence, District Commissioner; Miss Mary Spence, captain
          Brownies - Miss M. Spence
          Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club - President, G. W. Scarlett; hon. secretary, Theo Barnes, M.A. (Oxon.)
          Bowling Club - President, J. Fox; hon. secretary, John Black; hon. treasurer, T. P. S. Given
          Boy Scouts - A.D.C., Rev. J. N. Goulden, M.A.; Scoutmaster - None. Cubs - Cub-mistress, Miss A. Glass. Boys' Brigade - Captain, Ernest Ferguson. Lifeboys - Leader-in-charge, T. McCollum
          H.M. Coastguard - District Officer, William Currie
          Ulster Farmers' Union (Ballycastle Branch) - Chairman, Commander James A. Stewart-Moore; vice-chairman, M. McConaghy; hon. treasurer, Wallace Todd; hon. secretary, T. White


          Post Office - Sub Postmaster, R. Mitchell
          Ballykelly Primary School - J. Ferguson, principal
          District Nurses - Nurse I. Boggs, S.R.N., S.C.N., Nurse B. Wisener, S.R.N., S.C.N.
          Northern Bank Agency - Attendance: Fridays, 1 p.m. - 3.30 p.m.
          Orange Hall caretaker - Robert McMichael
          Girl Guides, First Ballykelly Company - Captain, Mrs. M. May
          Brownies, First Ballykelly Pack - Brown Owl, Mrs. S. Flemming
          Wives' Club (R.A.F., Ballykelly) - Chairman, Mrs. Mary Hill; secretary, Mrs. G. Sherret; treasurer, Mrs. P. Walker. Meets in Families' Amenities Centre


          Borough Council - Councillor J. D. Henry (Mayor), Aldermen T. Wilson, W. McNinch, T. H. R. Dowzer, Councillors Mrs. W. N. Jones, Mrs. T. N. Millar, Samuel Henry, R. McCosh, G. Sloane, P. Burke, A. H. Erwin, John Morrow, W. C. Craig, John G. Kane, R. Luke; John Simpson, Town Clerk; H. W. Craig, Borough Surveyor; G. H. Wilkinson, Town Planning Officer; Robert Blair, Rate Collector; James Ballantine, Town Solicitor
          Waveney Hospital - G. H. Pinkerton, chairman; W. S. Hanna, F.R.C.S., surgeon; Miss M. Park, secretary; Miss S. Alexander, matron
          Ballymena Cottage Hospital - Mrs. J. Wilson, chairman; Miss Stevenson, secretary; Miss S. M. McAuley, matron
          Braid Valley Hospital - Mrs. J. Wilson, chairman; Dr. J. H. P. Giff, Medical Officer; Miss Stevenson, secretary; Miss McNally, matron
          Post Office - T. W. Bell, postmaster, Thomas Street.  Sub-office - W. Smith, sub-postmaster;  Harryville Sub-Office, H. McCullough, sub-postmaster
          Commissioners for taking affidavits - Samuel Anderson, Samuel H. Baird and J. Erwin
          Notary Public - George Russell
          R.U.C. Station (Galgorm Road) - County Inspector, R. D. Cramsie; District Inspector, R. G. N. Speers; Head-Constable, ? Fairley
          Northern Fire Authority - Headquarters, Waveney Road. Chief Officer, T. Hanvey
          Mid-Antrim Women's Unionist Association (Ballymena Branch) - Mrs. R. N. Wilson, president; Mrs. G. A. Fullerton, chairman; Miss E. Perry. secretary; Mrs. Trimble, treasurer
          Rural Council meets first and third Saturday of each month - Chairman, William Houston
          Mid-Antrim Unionist Association - Dr. R. Simpson, president; James Bailie, J.P., chairman; James Black, secretary; W. Murdoch, treasurer
          North Antrim Imperial Unionist Association - The Hon. Mrs. T. O'Neill, chairman; G. Russell, secretary; Mrs. Graham, treasurer
          British Legion: Men's Branch - Col. A. O'N. Chichester, president; E. Telford, B.E.M., hon. secretary
          Ballymena & Harryville Unionist Club - Senator James Bailie, chairman; W. McWilliams, treasurer; S. T. Smyth, secretary
          Catholic Club (Broughshane Street) - Rev. J. Barrett, C.C., hon. secretary
          Coursing Club - Patrick Murray, secretary
          Garden Plots Association - R. Fannin, chairman; T. L. Wright, hon. secretary
          Horticultural Society - Lord Rathcavan, president; Hon. Mrs. Terence O'Neill, chairman; Rev. C. H. S. Craig, M.A., hon. secretary
          Golf Club - John W. Adams, hon. secretary
          Rugby Club - James G. Wilson, hon. secretary
          Cricket Club - Samuel Allen, hon. secretary
          United Football Club - W. J. McNiece, hon. secretary
          Bowling Club - D. Whitley, secretary
          Mid-Antrim Ladies' Hockey Club - Mrs. D. Middleton, hon. secretary
          Ballymena Athletic Club - W. H. Mol., M.A., president; J. Sampson, chairman; S. Kyle, hon. secretary
          Homing Pigeon Society - T. Harper, chairman/ Championship Club - R. Lyttle, hon. secretary
          Mid-Antrim Angling Association - George McCartney, hon. secretary
          Boy Scout Association - Colonel Chichester, chairman; H. Donaghy, hon. secretary
          Customs and Excise Officers - J. Carton
          Government Valuer - Major J. McMillan
          Music Festival Association - Mrs. Goodlett Leetch, Mrs. H. S. Mills, Miss N. McBride, joint hon. secretaries
          Rotary Club - D. M. Perry, president; Fred Cowan, hon. secretary
          Inner Wheel Club - Mrs. E. Rankin, president; Mrs. W. H. Mol, hon. secretary
          Round Table - John Carson, chairman; Jack Stewart, hon. secretary
          Business and Professional Women's Club - Miss Nan Patton, president; Mrs. J. Wallace, hon. secretary
          Soroptimist Club - Miss E. H. Black, president; Miss M. Marshall, hon. secretary
          County Antrim Agricultural Association - John Kyle and S. Kyle, secretaries
          Railway and Bus Station (Galgorm Road), F. Cowan, district manager


          Post Office (Main Street) - L. W. Hanna, Postmaster
          Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. A. Sanderson; assistant registrar, R. J. Moore.  Offices - Church Street. Registrar of Marriages - James Hanna
          Ballymoney Branch, Postal Workers' Union - Chairman, R. Tweed; secretary, W. McKee; treasurer, Mrs. S. E. Kirkpatrick
          Ballymoney Fire Brigade (Branch of Northern Fire Service) - Section-Leader - James Kerr
          Town Constable and Inspector under Shop Hours Act - Thomas McCluskey, Town Hall
          Belfast Bank - G. H. Elliott, manager
          Northern Bank, High Street - D. Christie, manager
          Ulster Bank - A. Graham, manager.
          Bank of Ireland Agency, Victoria Street - Attendance on market and fair days.
          Belfast Savings Bank, Church Street - S. J. Barkley, manager
          Ballymoney County Primary School - Principal, W. J. Sands, B.A.  Ballymoney County Secondary Intermediate School -  Principal, R. J. Lindsay, B.Sc., J.P.  Technical School - Principal and secretary, Dr. D. H. W. Dickson, B.Sc., FR.I.C.; vice-principal, Miss N. Wells.  Dalriada School - Headmaster, G. E. Gordon, M.A.; Chairman of Board of Governors, Mrs. W. H. Belford, B.A.; vice-chairman, D. O'C. Taggart, B.A., LL.B.; hon. secretary to Governors, G. E. Gordon, M.A.  Milltown Primary School - Acting Principal, Mrs. S. Connolly.  Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary Intermediate School - Principal, J. J. McKeown, B.A.; vice-principal, J. O'Brien, B.A.  Catholic P.E. Boys' School - Principal, Brendan Smyth;  Girls' School - Principal, Miss S. Quinn
          Army Cadet Force - Dalriada School Platoon - Captains J. Magowan and A. W. Reynolds, and Lieutenant W. Robinson.  Ballymoney - Lieutenant S. J. Barkley.  Ballymoney County Secondary Intermediate School Troop - Lieutenants R. Boyce and J. T. Brewster
          Ballymoney Boys' Brigade Company - Captain, S. Kirkpatrick; band-master, J. McConnell; secretary, R. A. McElderry, O.B.E., J.P.; treasurer, F. D. Hughes; chaplains, Rev. Dr. H. J. Blair, M.A., Rev. R. F. S. Poots, B.A., and Rev. W. J. Mawhinney, B.Sc.
          Route Women's Missionary Association - Joint secretaries, Mrs. W. J. Watson and Mrs. Benington
          Y.M.C.A. - Chairman, James McAfee; secretary, John Munnis; treasurer, T. Johnston; youth work leader, William Harte
          Ballymoney W.E.A. Branch - President, D. O'C. Taggart, B.A., LL.B.; vice-president, Eric Tate, B.Agr.; hon. secretary, J. Gow; hon. treasurer, R. Pattison
          Ballymoney United F.C. - Chairman, William Anderson; secretary, D. McClelland
          Ballymoney "Burwatt" Billiards League - Hon. secretary and treasurer, C. M. Nevin
          St. Patrick's Hall - President and treasurer, Rev. A. H. Scott, P.P.; secretary, P. McErlain
          Ballymoney Markets Company, Ltd. - Secretary and manager, R. A. McElderry, J.P.
          North Antrim Agricultural Association, Ltd. - President, Colonel A. J. H. Cramsie, D.L., J.P.; vice-presidents, J. A. Lyle McKinlay, J.P., and H. Gray, J.P.; secretary, S. Henry; hon. treasurer, S. B. Peden, Garry, Ballymoney
          Ulster Farmers' Union (North Antrim Group) - Chairman, C. McVicker, J.P.; secretary, M. Cameron, "Hazelwood," Coleraine Road, Ballymoney. Phone 3101
          Ulster Farmers' Union (Ballymoney Branch) - Chairman, J. Ramsay; hon. secretary, T. V. McClenahan; hon. treasurer, L. P. Moore.  Kilraughts Branch - Chairman, A. Tweed; secretary, A. A. Sayers; treasurer, J. R. McClure
          Kilraughts Y.F.C. - President, John Ramsay; club leader, J. Sayers; secretary, Miss M. Kirkpatrick; treasurer, Boyd Barkley
          North Antrim Unionist Association - President, A. G. Algeo, C.B.E., J.P.; secretary, G. Glenn; treasurer, Mrs. E. R. Pullin.  Ballymoney Branch - President, Samuel Boyd, J.P.; secretary, Albert Murdock, A.R.S.U.A.; treasurer, R. J. Moore
          North Antrim Women's Unionist Association - President, Mrs. A. B. Casement, O.B.E.; secretary, Mrs. A. Ross; treasurer, Mrs. A. Graham.  Ballymoney Women's Branch - President, Mrs. H. Pullin; secretary, Mrs. H. Calvery; treasurer, Mrs. A. Graham
          Ballymoney Bowling Club - President, William McCorriston; vice-president, H. Dewart; secretary, D. Morrison; treasurer, S. McCoubrey
          Ballymoney Ladies' Bowling Club - President, Mrs. C. M. Nevin; vice-president, Mrs. R. McFaul; captain, Mrs. J. Walker; vice-captain, Miss J. Murdock; treasurer, Mrs. W. Anderson; secretary, Miss E. Murdock
          Ballymoney Chamber of Commerce - President, F. Ginn; secretary, R. Murphy; treasurer, R. McClure
          Labour Exchange, Castle Street - Manager, D. S. Hetherington
          Press - "Northern Constitution" representative - A. Doherty
          Robinson Memorial Hospital - President, R. A. McElderry, O.B.E., J.P.; hon. secretary, Denis O'C. Taggart; hon. treasurer, James Donaghy
          Ornithological Association - President, J. M. Wreath; secretary, N. McCotter; treasurer, J. Mulholland. Meets in Town Hall
          Ballymoney and District Male Voice Choir - President, James Donaghy, M.P.S.N.I.; chairman, Rev. H. J. Blair, M.A., Ph.D.; vice-chairman, C. Thompson; secretary, W. G. Hill; treasurer, D. T. Robinson, B.Sc., A.M.I.C.E.; conductor, Miss Catherine E. D. Tomlinson, L.R.A.M.
          Society St. Vincent de Paul - President, W. Mulholland
          U.T.A., Ballymoney Depot - Manager, R. Anderson
          Hospitals: Route District Hospital - Staff Specialists, W. M. Martin, F.R.C.S., and G. A. Irwin, M.R.C.O.G.;  Matron, Miss A. Whettley; assistant matron, Miss Stewart.  Robinson Memorial Hospital - Same Specialists; Matron, Miss A. Wilson
          Ballymoney District Royal Black Chapter No. 5 - Sir Knt. A. Chestnutt, R.W.M.; Sir Knt. J. Anderson, registrar
          Ballymoney District L.O.L. No. 16 - H. McC. Carton, W.M.; Isaac Murphy, D.M.; secretary, S. Chestnutt
          Ballymoney Branch Apprentice Boys of Derry (Mitchelburne Club) - President, S. Chestnutt; vice-president, S. Tinney; secretary, R. McLean; treasurer, A. McNeilly
          Ballymoney District Independent L.O.L. No. 1 - J. Beverland, W.M.; W. Thompson, D.M.; J. McKeague, chaplain, F. Murray; secretary, J. McConaghy, treasurer
          Ballymoney Society of Christian Endeavour - Secretary, Mrs. W. Quinn
          Reading Room, Town Hall - Hon. Secretary, D. O'C. Taggart
          Antrim County Library, Ballymoney Branch - Librarian, A. Pollock
          North Antrim Ploughing Society - President, Hugh Gray; vice-president, J. C. Cooper; hon. secretary, James Hart, Coolderry, Coleraine
          Gault Trust - J. L. Pinkerton, hon. secretary
          Ballymoney Women's Institute - President, Mrs. R. H. Boyd; hon. secretary, Mrs. J. Devenny; hon. treasurer, Mrs. J. R. Dymond
          St. John Ambulance Association - President, Mrs. W. H. Belford, B.A.; secretary, Mrs. E. McElroy; superintendent, Mrs. J. K. McElderry
          Dr. Barnardo Homes' Flag Day Committee - Mrs. Donaghy, secretary
          Ballymoney Homing Pigeon Society - Hon. secretary, H. Devine
          Ballymoney Branch, Ulster Teachers' Union - Chairman, J. Trevor Brewster, Ballymoney Secondary Intermediate School; vice-chairman, Mrs. E. Gourley, Culduff P.S.; acting secretary, J. Brewster, Eden P.S.; treasurer, Miss M. Luke, Seacon
          North Antrim Branch Irish National Teachers' Organisation - Chairman, J. Halpin, Our Lady of Lourdes School, Ballymoney;  vice-chairman, B. Smyth, Ballymoney Boys' P.S.;  secretary and treasurer, P. J. O'Cleary, Barnish P.S., Culfeightrin
          War Savings Committee - President, Hubert Taggart; hon. secretary, S. J. Barkley
          Masonic Club - Secretary, W. Overend
          R.U.C. Station (Charlotte Street) - District Inspector O'Hara; Head Constable Irvine
          Ulster Special Constabulary - District Commandant, H. McC. Carton; Sergeant Instructor, J. Moore; Sub-District Commandants - Ballymoney, J. Munnis; Balnamore, R. Owens
          Parish Troop of Boy Scouts - Scoutmaster, J. Sleator; Assistant Scoutmaster, N. Cox.  Parish Wolf Cub Pack - Cub-mistress, Miss P. Boyle
          Second Ballymoney (Y.M.C.A.) Troop of Boy Scouts - Scoutmaster, T. R. Lowry; assistant scoutmaster, A. Montgomery.  Wolf Cub Pack - Cub-master, J. Hanna
          Urban Council - R. B. Price (chairman), H. G. Campbell (vice-chairman), Mrs. H. B. Holmes, G. C. Ashe, Rev. J. Wylie, J. P. Owens, N. Atcheson, R. McComb, R. Patterson, H. de V. Calvert, Joseph Donaghy and T. L. McElderry; treasurer, Belfast Bank; town surveyors, R. Robinson & Sons; town engineer, John Patton, B.Sc., A.M.I.C.E.; water inspector, John Hargy; town clerk, W. J. Regan
          Ballymoney Literary and Debating Society - President, D. F. Boyle; hon. secretary, J. Scott.  Dramatic Section - Hon. secretary, Mrs. D. F. Boyle
          British Legion Branch - President, Lieut.-Colonel A. J. H. Cramsie, O.B.E., D.L., J.P.; chairman, F. O. Louden; vice-chairman, S. Patton; secretary, H. McManus; treasurer, T. McLean; pensions officer, J. Greene; Poppy Day organiser, Mrs. F. O. Louden.
          North Antrim Horticultural Association - Secretary, William Anderson
          Ballymoney Branch N.S.P.C.C. - President, Mrs. Cramsie
          Ballymoney Branch N.S.P.C.A. - Hon. secretary, Mrs. H. G. Campbell
          Route Presbytery - Clerk, Rev. J. G. Leitch, M.A.
          Ballymoney Branch, Women's Section, British Legion - President, Mrs. Patterson; chairman, Mrs. F. O. Louden; vice-chairman, Mrs. R. McClelland; secretary, Mrs. A. Stuart; treasurer, Mrs. Alexander
          Ballymoney Drama Festival Committee - President, Mrs. P. O'Neill; secretary and treasurer, R. B. Price, J.P.
          Amalgamated Transport and General Workers' Union - Local hon. secretary, William Baird.  U.D.C. Building Trades (joinery section) - President, J. Wright; secretary, J. Brown.  Bricklayers' section - President, D. Alexander; secretary, S. McIntyre
          Bannside Accredited Poultry Breeders' Association - President, S. J. Currie; vice-president, A. Y. Thompson; secretary, Mrs. W. Robinson, Brookfield, Ballymoney; treasurer, Mrs. Brown
          Ballymoney Branch, 12th R.I.R. Old Comrades' Association - Hon. Secretary, R. P. Abernethy
          Ministry of Agriculture Office, Crown Buildings, John Street - S. Morrow, B.Agr., Agricultural Advisory Officer for North Antrim; Miss King, Poultry Advisory Officer.  Artificial Insemination Centre, 52 Main Street - J. L. Church
          Architects - Albert Murdock, M.Inst.R.A., 35 Main Street.  Engineers - R. Robinson & Son, Riada House
          Ballymoney County Primary School Management Committee - J. Mulree, B.A., B.D., J. Hanna, H. G. Campbell, James Donaghy, M.P.S.N.I., Rev. R. S. Stewart, M.A., G. C. Ashe, R. Charters, R. J. Moore, Sergeant Lee, Rev. W. J. Mawhinney, B.Sc., A. Stuart, B.L., and Mrs. J. T. Burnside. Secretary, W. J. Sands, B.A.
          St. James's Presbyterian Church Youth and Social Club - President, Rev. J. Mulree, B.A., B.D.
          Ballymoney Badminton League - President, N. Pollock; chairman, C. M. Nevin; secretary, W. Hill; treasurer, S. Alexander
          Ballymoney Blind Welfare Committee - President, Mrs. E. M. Todd
          Northern Presbytery, Reformed Presbyterian Church - Clerk, Rev. A. Loughridge, B.A.  Meets in Ballymoney
          Parish Church Youth Guild - Chairman, D. McLean; secretary, Miss D. Henry; treasurer, J. McKessick
          Parish Church Men's Society - Chairman, F. O. Louden, secretary, A. Gamble; treasurer, W. Hunter
          St. Patrick's Badminton Club - Chairman, P. McLaughlin; secretary, Miss M. McKillop; treasurer, L. Baird
          County Antrim Independent L.O.L. - J. Stewart, W.C.G.M.; R. J. Johnson, D.C.G.M.; W. J. McClure, C.G. chaplain; E. Nicholl, C.G. secretary; R. McLean, treasurer
          Route Angling Club - President, A. Stuart, B.L.; chairman, Dr. W. McCartney; secretary, R. J. Wilson; treasurer, J. Hobson; assistant treasurer, R. G. Adams
          Ballymoney Girls' Choir - Conductor, Mrs. Craig
          Girl Guides - Camp Adviser; North Antrim, Mrs. T. W. Johnston.  Commissioner - North Antrim, Miss M. Spence
          2nd Ballymoney (Technical School) Company Girl Guides - Captain, Mrs. Tom Johnston
          Route Wheelers - President, J. M. Wreath, J.P., F.A.I.; vice-presidents, Rev. H. J. Blair, B.A. and J. B. G. Kirkpatrick, J.P.; organiser, W. McNaul
          Antrim County Health Committee (Riada House, Charles Street and Queen Street) - Medical Officer of Health, Dr. A. Watt; Assistant County Medical Officer of Health, Dr. E. I. Mulholland; District Nurse, Nurse F. K. Sealy; Senior Health Visitor, Nurse E. Crawford; Health Visitors, Nurse M. Hughes, Nurse A. P. Kelly, Nurse E. Duncan, Nurse A. Ryan and Nurse M. Ryan; Schools' Nurse, E. Doherty, 39 Westgate; Divisional Public Health Inspector, P. Newton, M.S.I.A.; District Public Health Inspectors, D. Cunning, D. Middleton and R. J. Wilson
          Pipe Bands: Henderson Memorial - Hon. secretary; F. Murray; Greenhill - Hon. secretary, D. Tweed
          Antrim and Derry T.C.D. Association - President, Rt. Hon. Sir Anthony B. Babington, B.A., Q.C.; chairman, A. Stuart, B.A., B.L.; secretaries, C. T. Methven, B.A., and W. W. Robinson, B.A.; treasurer, T. Carson, B.A.
          North Antrim Technical Education Sub-Committee - Chairman, G. C. Ashe, Newal Road, Ballymoney; vice-chairman, A. Stuart, B.L., Greenville, Ballymoney; James Gault, J.P., North Street, Ballycastle; W. R. Knox, C.B.E., M.M., J.P., Main Street, Portrush; Daniel Wallace, J.P., Oatlands, Rasharkin; Archibald McSparran, J.P., Cloney House, Cushendall; Rev. W. J. Mawhinney, B.A., The Manse, Charlotte Street, Ballymoney; Samuel Montgomery, Toberdoney, Dervock; Edward Molloy, 6 Cedar Avenue, Ballycastle; D. McAlister, Shore Street, Cushendall; H. G. Campbell, M.P.S., Charlotte Street, Ballymoney; James McNicholl, 23 Eglinton Street, Portrush; R. B. Price, J.P., Uplands, Dunloy; T. L. McElderry, Portrush Road, Ballymoney; W. McVicker, B.A., White Rocks, Portrush.  Hon. secretary, Dr. D. H. W. Dickson, B.Sc., F.R.I.C.
          Ballymoney Rugby Club - Patron, S. Boyd Campbell, M.C., M.D., M.R.C.P.; president, C. G. Irwin, M.R.C.O.G.; chairman, J. Patton; secretary, W. Duffin; treasurer, L. Sawyer
          Ballymoney Ladies' Hockey Club - President, Mrs. H. B. Holmes; secretary, Miss Joyce McBride; treasurer, Miss Margaret Alexander' match secretary, Mrs. C. M. Nevin
          Ballymoney Bridge Club - President, Mrs. A. Graham; hon. secretary, W. Mathews, F.R.C.S.; hon. treasurer, W. H. Borland         
          Ballymoney Evergreen Club (Old Peoples' Organisation) - President Mrs. H. B. Holmes; secretary, Mrs. Dymond; treasurer, H. G. Elliott. Meets in British Legion Hall
          Royal Observer Corps - North Antrim Section: O./O., T. Patterson; Ballymoney Post: C./O., G. S. Parker
          Ballymoney Branch of Multiple Sclerosis Society - Chairman, W. M. Martin, F.R.C.S.; secretary, J. Neill; treasurer, G. H. Elliott
          Ballymoney County Secondary Intermediate School Committee - Chairman, G. C. Ashe, A.C.T., J.P.; vice-chairman, A. G. Algeo, C.B.E., J.P.; H. G. Campbell, James Hanna, Rev. F. A. Robinson, B.A., Rev. V. G. Corkey, M.A., Rev. R. S. Stewart, M.A., H. J. Montgomery, Mrs. T. V. McClenahan
          Salvation Army - Meetings in Charlotte Street Hall.  Officer in charge, Miss A. Murray
          Ministry of Labour Offices, Crown Buildings, John Street - Manager, A. Blair
        Youth Employment Board - North Antrim representative, G. C. Ashe 
          North Antrim Rural Industries Committee - Chairman, T. Carson, B.A., J.P.; hon. secretary, S. Henry (Phone: Ballymoney 2108); hon. treasurer, F. J. McCausland
          St. Patrick's Choral Society - Chairman, P. McCanny; hon. secretary, J. McEldowney
          North Antrim Education Association - Chairman, L. McManaway; joint secretaries, J. J. McKeown and R. J. Lindsay; joint treasurers, B. Smyth and H Irwin
          Church of Our Lady and St. Patrick Indoor Bowling Club - President, Rev. A. H. Scott, P.P.; chairman, B. M. Smyth, P.T.; vice-chairman, T. Busby, M.P.S., Ph.C.; secretary, Mrs. R. McKenna; treasurer, W. Mulholland
          Y.M.C.A. Women's Auxiliary - Chairman, Mrs. H. B. Holmes; secretary, Mrs. W. Hill; treasurer, Mrs. A. Murdock
          North West Antrim Home Safety Committee - Chairman, Mrs. H. B. Holmes; secretary, Mrs. M. Holdsworth
          Ballymoney and District Soroptimist Club - President, Dr. S. Gault; vice-presidents, Dr. M. Sanderson, B.Sc., and Mrs. M. McEwan; secretary, Mrs. M. McEwan
          Antrim County Welfare Committee - District Welfare Officer, J. E. Mooney; Assistant District Welfare Officer, Mrs. S. M. McEwan; Special Welfare Officers, Miss A. Mulhern, Miss C. Cumiskey and Miss J. Mitchell; Home Teachers, Miss M. McComb and Miss A. McCaughan; Welfare Assistants, Mrs. McCloy and Mrs. Bainsbridge; Craft Instructress, Miss McCollum
          A special centre for the Handicapped is open on Mondays. An Old People's Club meets on Fridays.
          Ballymoney Christian Workers Union - Hon. secretary, S. Warnock


          Post Office - Mrs. M. M. McErlean, postmistress. Mail deliveries, 8.45 a.m.; despatches, 7.40 a.m. and 4 p.m.
          Registrar of births and deaths, Miss G. Patterson; deputy registrar, Miss L. Hillman
          Male and Female Primary School (R.C.) No. 1 - Mr. McKeague, principal.  Glenvale Primary School - Mrs. E. Hawe, principal.  Ballynease Primary School - J. A. McGuigan, principal.  Rocktown Primary School - M. Morgan, principal.  Ballymacpeake Primary School - Mrs. M. McErlane, principal.  Bellaghy Primary School - R. Turner, principal
          R.U.C. - Sergeant T. Burns
          Wolfe Tome G.F.C. - Messrs. James Diamond, president; Jim Brennan, chairman; Harry Cassidy, vice-chairman; Patrick Brennan, secretary
          L.O.L. No. 169 meets in the Orange Hall on second Monday of each month. L.O.L. No. 400 meets in the Orange Hall on first Monday of each month.  Ballymacombs L.O.L. 1571 meets in Ballymacombs Orange Hall on first Tuesday in month. R.B.P. meets second Tuesday in each month.
          Royal National Lifeboat Institution - President, Mrs. C. G. Lowry; vice-president, Rev. S. Simpson, B.A.
          Temperance Masonic Lodge meets in Masonic Hall on first Wednesday of each month.  No. 291 R.A.C. meets third Wednesday of each alternative month, commencing January
          A.O.H. - Division 296 meets second Sunday in each month in National Hall, Bellaghy; Bann Valley No. 1075; Greenlough Division No. 249. Bellaghy District Board meets second Sunday of month in the National Hall
          Banks - Northern Banking Co. and Belfast Banking Co.  Attend every Wednesday and Fair Days.  National Bank Ltd. - Mondays
          Bellaghy Presbyterian Church Badminton Club - President, Rev. W. J. Mawhinney, B.Sc.; secretary, Miss Joan Steele.  Bellaghy Tennis Club - President, Dr. C. G. Lowry; secretary, Jack Graham
          Women's Missionary Association - President, Mrs. G. Rankin


          Post Office - A. J. Henderson, sub-postmaster; assistants, Miss C. Patterson and Miss G. McLean. Mail delivery commences 8.20 a.m. and 2.45 p.m., Saturday 8.20 a.m. (only); despatched 7 a.m., 12.45 p.m., 3.45 p.m. and 5.15 p.m., Saturday, 7 a.m., 1.45 p.m. and 3.15 p.m. Weekly half-holiday, Saturday
          Belfast Bank - R. A. Sims, manager; G. R. B. Bell, cashier
          Bushmills Primary School - S. J. Banks, B.A., principal; Grammar School, R. McEwen, B.A., headmaster
          Clerk of Petty Sessions - T. B. Gillis, Coleraine. Attendance at Courthouse, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. Petty Sessions held first Wednesday bi-monthly, (starting January) at 11 a.m.; Juvenile Court, 10.45 a.m.
          Antrim County Welfare Committee - Social Centre for Handicapped every Wednesday
          Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. F. Boddie; assistant, W. Campbell, M.P.S.
          R.U.C. - Sergeant J. H. Elliott and four Constables
          Ulster Special Constabulary - C. McFadden, S.D.C.
          Masonic Hall - "Royal Blue" Lodge 414 meets first Friday of each month, and Royal Arch Chapter quarterly
          Orange Hall - Lodge 914 meets first Monday in each month; 1142 first Wednesday in each month; 1987 first Thursday in each month; Royal Arch Purple Chapters quarterly
          District L.O.L. No. 21 - J. R. Atkinson, W.D.M.; S. T. Thompson, District Secretary. Meets in Orange Hall once a quarter
          Dunseverick Orange Hall third Thursday each month. President, J. C. Burns, secretary, D. Dallas
          William Johnston Memorial R.B.P. 559 - W.M., James McKeague (Aird); registrar, David Fallis; treasurer, James Purcell. Meets second Wednesday each month
          Men's Club and Billiard Room - Secretary, Thomas McCallum; treasurer, Hugh McGowan
          County Antrim Lending Library - Open Mondays, 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.; Wednesdays, 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.; Thursdays, 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.; Saturdays, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Librarian, Mrs. I. Forbes (In Men's Clubroom)
          British Legion - President Lt.-Col. A. O'B. Traill, O.B.E., D.L., J.P.; chairman, E. McLeese; hon. secretary, James Clyde; hon. treasurer, D. Fallis. Meets second Monday in each month in British Legion Clubroom. Women's Section - President, Mrs. A. O'B. Traill; chairman, Miss E. McKeague; hon. treasurer, Mrs. D. Carson; hon. secretary, Mrs. C. Shaw
          "Northern Constitution" correspondent - J. M. Henderson
          District Nurse - Miss J. Clark, S.R.N., S.C.M., Q.N.
          Boys Brigade - First Dunluce Company (Church of Ireland) meets in Dunluce Parish Church Hall every Monday evening. Captain, Calvin McKendry, B.Sc., chaplain, Rev. F. G. Guy, M.A., Hon.C.F. First Bushmills Company (Presbyterian) meets in Hamill Hall every Friday evening, Captain, Mr. H. Richmond; chaplains, Rev. J. W. P. Lowry, B.A., B.D. and Rev. J. Hume, B.A.
          First Bushmills Company Girl Guides - Meet every Tuesday night in Parochial Hall. Captain, Mrs. I. Montgomery. Bushmills Brownie Park - Brown Owl, Miss M. Jackson
          First Bushmills Group, Boy Scouts and Wolf Cubs - Scoutmaster, G. R. B. Bell. Meet once weekly
          Bushfoot Golf Club - Captain, T. F. Blean; vice-captain, Ken Hill; hon. secretary, Robert Holmes. Ladies' captain, Mrs. F. Murphy; vice-captain, Mrs. E. Hanna; secretary, Mrs. G. F. Allingham
          Technical School - Miss A. Hatty (domestic economy); Wm. Wright (woodwork)
          H.M. Customs & Excise - Distillery, G. H. L. Black; Excise and Purchase Tax, G. F. Allingham
          U.T.A. Agent - S. Kane
          Travel Agent - Torrens & Co.
          Bushmills Young Farmers' Club - President, Wm. Palmer; vice-president, Edwin Getty; club leader, Miss C. Cooper; hon. secretary, Harry Richmond; hon. treasurer, Miss Jean McEwan
          Old Peoples' Welfare Home, Runkerry House - Matron, Mrs. I. M. Northridge
          Bushmills Presbyterian Church - Women's Missionary Association - President, Mrs. Lowry; secretary, Miss Hatty; treasurer, Mrs. Simpson. Girls' Auxiliary - President, Mrs. Lowry; secretary, Miss Rae Richmond; treasurer, Miss May Forsythe
          Bushmills and District Ratepayers' Association - Chairman, T. F. Blean; secretary, D. Fallis; treasurer, Thomas Clarke
          Women's Institute - President, Miss E. S. Taylor; secretary, Mrs. Connolly; treasurer, Mrs. Bell. Meets in Grammar School first Monday of each month, 7.45 p.m.
          First Dunluce Company B.B. Pipe Band - Pipe Major, Ivan Montgomery; treasurer, D. McFadden
          Palladium Cinema - Proprietor, T. C. Morrow
          Dunluce Parish Church: Mothers' Union - President, Mrs. Guy; secretary, Mrs. A. Kilpatrick
          Dunluce Presbyterian Church; Women's Missionary Association - President, Mrs. Stirling; secretary, Mrs. C. Boyce; treasurer, Miss B. Stirling. Girls' Auxiliary - President, Miss Amy Dobbin; vice-president, Miss Sarah Wylie; secretary, Miss Ruth Dobbin; treasurer, Miss Gladys Fleming
          Dunluce Parish Church Badminton Club - Captain, C. Montgomery; secretary, Miss B. McIlreavy; treasurer, Miss A. Jackson. Practices every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.45 p.m.
          Dunluce Parish Church Indoor Bowling Club - President, Rev. F. G. Guy, M.A.; secretary, A. E. Potts; treasurer, C. A. Thompson. Meets for practice Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights during winter in Parochial Hall


          Post Office - Mr. John Minford, postmaster. Office opens weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except Saturday, closed at 1 p.m.) Deliveries - Town, 8.15 a.m. ad 2.30 p.m. (except Saturday, 8.20 a.m.); country, 8.15 a.m. Letter-box cleared 7.55 a.m. and 5.5 p.m. (except Saturday). Combined despatch 8.5 a.m. Parcel despatch, 3.5 p.m. (except Saturday) Saturday: Despatch (combined 8.5 a.m. Letter despatch 1.55 p.m. No Sunday service
          Primary Schools:- Aughrim - Mr. E. Suitor, principal.  Castledawson - Mr. E. R. McCague, principal.  St. Trea's, Ballymaguiggan - Mr. F. Mackle, principal.  New Row - Mrs. Josephine Barton, principal.  Lemnaroy - Mrs. D. Graham, principal.  Annahorish - Mr. M. Gribben, principal, Miss T. Gribben and Mr. L. Gribben, assistants
          Orange Lodges:- L.O.L. No. 96 meets first Monday in month in the Protestant Hall.  L.O.L. No. 97 meets first Monday in month in Protestant Hall.  Annaghmore L.O.L. No. 2033 meets in Annaghmore Orange Hall last Monday in month.  Aughrim "Rose of Derry" No. 711 meets in New Orange Hall, Aughrim, on first Friday on the month.  Ballynougher L.O.L. No. 269 meets in Ballynougher Orange Hall last Friday in month.  Castledawson District L.O.L. No. 1 meets in each Orange Hall in turn quarterly - Br. R. E. Speers, W.D.M.; Robert Lennox, District Secretary, "Sons of Ulster" (Aughrim) L.O.L. No. 584 meets in Aughrim Protestant Hall second Friday in each month.  Ballymaguiggan L.O.L. No. 292 meets monthly.
          Chichester Memorial Club - James Garvin, secretary
          Chichester Masonic Lodge No. 506 meets in the Masonic New Hall second Monday in month
          A.O.H. Hillhead Division No. 269 meets in A.O.H. Hall, Annahorish, first Sunday of each month
          Walker Club Apprentice Boys of Derry - Meets in Protestant Hall last Wednesday of each month
          Shaun O'Leary, Newbridge - President, B. Murphy; chairman, R. Gribben; secretary, Liam Gribben
          R.U.C. - Sergeant John A. McConnell
          British Legion meets last Friday each month. President, Walter Scott; chairman, W. Burrows; secretary, George Garvin
          Farmers' Union Ploughing Society - President, R. R. Hastings (Magherafelt)
          Moyola Park F.C. - Major J. D. Chichester Clark, M.P., patron; W. S. Oliphant, chairman
          St. Malachy's G.F.C. - Chairman, Gerry Hughes; secretary, Leo Gallagher
          Belfast Banking Company - Attend every Wednesday
          Northern Banking Company - Attend every Wednesday
          Civil Defence Post - Main Street, Castledawson


          Post Office - John Tanner, postmaster. Deliveries 7.50 a.m., 1.30 p.m.; despatches 11.30 a.m., 3.30 p.m. and 6 p.m.
          Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths - Dr. E. P. G. Ritchie
          Northern Bank - Attendance on Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 12 noon
          Hazlett School - W. G. Simpson, principal
          Orange Lodges:- Castlerock L.O.L. No. 141, meets in Orange Hall on first Monday in month.  Articlave L.O.L. No. 1017, meets in Articlave Orange Hall first Thursday in month
          Golf Club - President, A. Mitchell; captain, S. G. Gray; vice-captain, T. W. Hanna.  Council - J. Tanner, T. G. Peden, E. G. C. Brown, S. J. Black, J. A. Smyth, C. C. Connolly, R. MacDermott, G. Docherty, W. Glassey, R. S. Graham, R. Lamb.  Secretary, J. Torrens.  Ladies' Branch - Captain, Mrs. H. E. Hume; vice-captain, Mrs. M. Reid; secretary, Miss B. Sinclair. Professional, R. Kelly
          Ratepayers' Association - Chairman, A. McSparran; secretary, M. Hutchinson
          Justices of the Peace - S. H. Hezlett, A. Mitchell, W. Crawford
          British Legion - President, Robert MacDermott; chairman, T. Cauley; secretary, R. Hutchinson.  Women's Section - President, Mrs. B. Love; chairman, Mrs. E. C. Meharg; secretary, Mrs. A. Woodrow
          Castlerock Coastguards - J. M. Hughan, Coastguard in charge
          Town officer and sanitary overseer - S. Tweed
          Boy Scouts - First Castlerock Scout Group - Scoutmaster, Constable E. Kelly, R.U.C.; Assistant Scoutmaster, H. Campbell
          Wolf Cubs - Cub-master, R. Mitchell; Assistant Cub-mistress, Mrs. E. P. G. Ritchie
          Brownies - Brown Owl, Mrs. E. McSparran
          Boys' brigade - Captain, W. Callaghan
          Bowling Club Secretaries - St. Paul's, Mrs. E. Woodend; First Dunboe, R. Hyndman; Churches, J. Madden; Orange Hall, H. Conn


          Post Office - Postmistress, Mrs. E. Long. Postal Telegraph, Money Order, Savings Bank and Public Phone Office. Mails are received and despatched twice daily. Two deliveries in town and one in rural district. Rural Sub-offices:- Tullintrain - R. Haslett, postmaster;  Straidarran - Mrs. Warnock, postmistress; Muldonagh - P. McDonagh, postmaster; Stranagalwilly - P. Devine, postmistress; Killaloo - R. Cooper, postmaster
          Primary Schools:- Claudy - J. Archibald, principal; Gortalee - P. J. McAnena; Upper Cumber - J. Starrett; Altahoney - Mrs. R. Convery (temporary); Kilgort - J. Stone; Mulderg - Mrs. Gregg; Killaloo - D. Hogg. Intermediate - M. Murphy, principal
          Maternity Nurse - Mrs. McClean
          Northern Bank - R. C. Sparkes, manager
          R.U.C. - Sergeant Allen and four constables
          St. Patrick's Recreation Rooms - Rev. P. Dillon, P.P., president
          G.A.A. Football Club - P. O'Neill, president; J. Burke, secretary
          Badminton Club - Rev. R. J. Moorhead, B.A., president
          Lighting Supply - The Northern Electric Power Co.
          L.O.L. 649 - W. McClelland, W.M.
          A.O.H. Division 337 - President, David Connolly
          A.O.H. (Foreglen) Division 400 - J. McGonigle, president
          District Nurse - Miss McKee
          District Registrar - Dr. R. A. M. Montgomery; Deputy District Registrar, Dr. Deacon
          Newsagents - M. Hunter, E. J. McElhinney, T. Peoples, P. O'Neill, W. J. Eakin, I. Quinn
          Ulster Farmers' Union - A. H. Allen, president; H. Montgomery, secretary


          Post Office - Mrs. Jean Cupples, postmistress. There is a Money Order, Postal order, Telegraph Office and Savings Bank. Mails arrive 7.30 a.m.; collected 5.15 p.m.
          Schools:- Cloughmills P.S. - Miss McKenna and Mrs. O'Mullan; Drumadoon P.S. - S. Neill, Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Connolly; Frocess P.S. - Mr. Hutchinson, Mrs. Hutchinson
          Belfast Bank. Tuesday and Thursday and Fair Days, 10 a.m. to 12 noon
          Controlled sack and jute dealers - W. J. Logan & Sons
          R.U.C. - Sergeant Long
          Killagan Court - Clerk, G. C. M. Deacon, Ballymena; second Friday of month
          "B" Specials - W. Crawford, J.P., Sub-District Commandant
          U.T.A. - M. Doey, Main Street, agent
          Ballyweaney Boys' Brigade Company - Captain, W. J. Logan


          Post Office - Head Office: Head Postmaster, J. A. Ruddock; Assistant Head Postmaster, B. J. Curran; Overseers, J. Leake and W. J. N. Carson; Assistant Inspectors of Postmen, R. J. McClelland and A. Stuart.  Business - Money Orders, Savings Bank, Telegraph, payment of T/Accs. Open on week-days, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Telegrams may be dictated from any street telephone kiosk. Day air mail despatch, week-days; latest time of posting, 7.30 a.m. Night air mail despatch, Monday to Friday; latest time of posting, 5.45 p.m. Telephone Exchange - Assistant Supervisors (Female), Miss A. Stewart and Miss A. M. Bacon; Assistant Supervisor (Male), Wm. Kernaghan; Supervising Telephonists, Miss S. L. Johnston, F. Millican and S. Johnston.  Waterside - J. P. Mullan, Sub-Postmaster.  Railway Place - G. Watters, Sub-Postmaster.  Millburn - J. Cameron, Sub-Postmaster.  Laurel Hill - Mrs. M. K. Conolly, Sub-Postmistress.  Business - Money Orders, Savings Bank, payment of Telephone Accounts, etc. Open on week days only 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Waterside, Millburn and Laurel Hill, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. only of Thursdays.  Railway Place, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. only on Saturdays
          Borough Council (meets first Monday in each month) - Clerk, William E. Henry, M.B.E.; Assistant Town Clerk, W. E. Andrews; District Medical Officer of Health, Dr. G. P. McC. Marshall; Caretaker of Town Hall, Robert Balmer; Gas Manager, T. R. Cameron, M.Inst.GasE.; Rate Collector, W. David; Housing Manager, David Pringle; Borough Surveyor, K. H. Hill, A.M.Inst.C.E.  Members of Council - Aldermen S. J. Henry, J.P. (Mayor), Jack Doherty (Deputy), L. C. Lee and S. J. Walker.  Councillors, J. N. Balmer, T. K. Caldwell, O.B.E., John Christie, G. R. Crawford, J.P., R. A. Dalzell, M.B.E., John Fisher, S. Gordon, C. H. Hamill, C. Hamilton, S. McFeely, John McKee, Mrs. J. L. Stanleigh
          Harbour Commissioners (meet Wednesday after second Monday each month) - Alderman S. J. Henry, J.P. (chairman), W. R. Dalzell, Lieut.-Colonel D. J. Christie, C.B.E., E.R.D., D.L., W. G. Procter, R. M. O'Neill, R. R. McIntosh, John Doherty, Aldermen S. J. Walker, G. W. Wilson, D. Hall Christie, C.B.E., D.L., S. M. Henry, C. H. Hamill, J.P., L. C. Lee, J. W. Stewart, J.P., R. A. Dalzell, M.B.E. (vice-chairman), S. A. Moss, R. K. Stafford.  Secretary - W. E. Henry, M.B.E.; Harbour Master - S. G. Martin
          Building Society :- Directors - J. M. Caithness, J.P., W. J. Holley, Dr. William Shannon, William I. Moore, G. R. Crawford, J.P., Robert H. Houston (chairman), W. I. Moore (vice-chairman).  Auditors - F. G. Stokes Dunbar, A.S.A.A., Abbey Street, Coleraine, and James Pollock.  Secretary - R. F. Steedman, F.C.I.S.  Solicitors - Anderson & Co.
          Tractor Ploughing Society - President S. J. Curry; secretary, John McCaughan; treasurer, J. Hamill
          Coleraine and District Horticultural Society - President, Mrs. S. S. Henry; Vice-Presidents, Mrs. Young, Mrs. S. J. Henry and R. A. Millar; Chairman, J. Bankhead; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss A. E. White; Assistant, F. Wisener
          Ulster Transport Authority - Traffic Manager (Ballymena and Coleraine districts), F. Cowan
          Coleraine and District Male Voice Choir - resident, C. Hamill; chairman, J. Allen; vice-chairman, J. Campbell; secretary, W. Henry; treasurer, R. Carson
          Ulster Teachers' Union (Coleraine Association) - Chairman, Mervyn Lowry (Blaugh P.S.); secretary, Miss M. McKeeman (Gorran P.S.); treasurer, Miss J. McKay (Millburn P.S.)
          Academical Institution - President, William E. Henry, M.B.E.; vice-president, T. K. Caldwell, O.B.E.; treasurer, G. R. Crawford; secretary, J. N. Hezlett; principal, Dr. George Humphreys; vice-principal and bursar, A. E. Clarke
          County Secondary Intermediate Schools - Boyd, M. N. Moore, B.A., Dip.Ed., headmaster.  Girls - Miss G. Woodrow, B.A., headmistress.  St. Joseph's Voluntary Intermediate School - Principal, J. J. Devlin, B.A.
          Technical School (Union Street) - Principal, W. Cameron; vice-principal, W. J. Anderson
          High School (Lodge Road) - Headmistress, Miss M. W. Lillie, B.A.  Loreto Convent - Principal, Mother Francis
          Hon. Irish Society's Schools:- Male School - Principal, W. Rea.  Girls' - Principal, Miss M. Morrison, B.A.  St. Malachy's P.E. (R.C.) - Principal (Boys), F. J. Murray, Dip.Ed.  Girls - Miss McGlinchey.  Killowen P.S. - Principal, J. G. Allen, M.A.  Millburn County Primary School - Principal, F. Wisener
          Territorial Army - O.C., Major R. Cartwright, T.D.
          "Northern Constitution," Railway Road. Published every Friday morning
          Bank of Ireland - C. C. S. Empey, agent
          Belfast Bank - A. J. Spratt, manager
          Northern Bank - M. J. W. Boyd, manager
          Ulster Bank - R. G. Corrigan, manager
          Provincial Bank - W. E. Bell, manager
          Belfast Savings Bank - J. H. Bennett, manager
          Notary Public - Charles MacLaughlin, solicitor, Diamond
          Commissioners for Oaths for the Supreme Court of Judicature in Northern Ireland - T. B. Gillis, C.P.S.; W. E. Henry, Town Clerk
          Public Officers:- Registrar of Births and Deaths, Miss L. E. Young; deputy registrar, Miss M. McKeown, Office, Manor House, Castlerock Road. Registrar of Marriages, Mrs. S. Lowry. School Attendance Officer, James Graham, Garvagh
          Congregational Church - Rev. R. J. Pentland
          Divisional Medical Officer of Health - Dr. G. P. McC. Marshall
          Customs House - Principal Coast Officer and Receiver of Wreck, J. Burns
          Ministry of Labour and National Insurance, Local Office - Crown Buildings, Artillery Road; manager, J. V. Grindrod, B.Sc.
          National Assistance Board - Crown Buildings; manager, W. F. Edwards; deputy, J. Kennedy
          Masonic Lodges:- "Vernon" 127 - Meets third Monday in each month at Masonic Hall, Lodge Road, at 7.30 p.m. "Royal Blue" 754 - Meets second Friday in each month ay 7.30 p.m.  "Albert Edward" 235 - Meets first Wednesday in each month at 7.30 p.m. (all except June, July and August)  "Culrathain" 940 - Meets fourth Tuesday in each month at 7.30 p.m.  Lodge 716 - Meets first Tuesday in each month (all except June, July, August and September).  Royal Arch Chapter No. 81 - Meets second Tuesday in February, March, May, September, October and December at 7.30 p.m.  R.A.C. No. 754 - Meets third Wednesday in February, March and April at 7.30 p.m.  Coleraine Preceptory meets first Friday in February, May, September and November ay 8.00 p.m.  Coleraine Council of Knight Masons No. 40 - Meets fourth Wednesday in February, April, September and November at 7.3- p.m.
          Coleraine District L.O.L. No. 2 - Brs. George C. O'Neill, L.D.S., W.D.M.; J. F. McClenahan, D.D.M.; Rev. J. E. Kennedy, M.A., Rev. L. Campbell and Rev. John McCandless, chaplains; J. Millar and H. McDermott, lay chaplains; James Kerr, secretary; W. J. Neely, treasurer. Meets last Monday in each quarter
          Orange Lodges:- No. 5 meets last Tuesday in each month - W.M., James McPherson; secretary, Stirling Pollock.  No. 87 (first Tuesday) - W.M., J. Nevin; secretary, H. S. Edmundson.  No. 316 (second Monday) - W.M., T. Millar; secretary, T. Smith.  No. 355 (third Tuesday) - W.M., William Simpson; secretary, W. McClements.  No. 735 (first Monday) - W.M., F. A. King; secretary, D. Biggart.  All meet in Orange Hall, Union Street.  Killowen L.O.L. No. 930 (first Monday in Killowen Orange Hall) - W.M., W. McClelland; secretary, R. Gray
          Coleraine District R.A.P.C. - James Millar, W.D.M.; Robin Edmunson, D.D.M.; James Kerr, registrar; treasurer, John Hamill
          Women's Orange Lodges:- "O'Hara Memorial" No. 78 meets in Orange Hall, Union Street, third Monday each month;  "Pauline Stronge" No. 146 meets in Killowen Orange Hall second Thursday in each month
          Royal Black Preceptories:- No. 37 (W.M., S. Simpson; registrar, J. T. Millen) and No. 99 (W.M., W. Nevin; registrar, J. Nicholl, jun.) meet in the Orange Hall, Union Street, the former on third Monday and the latter on second Tuesday of month.  Knights of the Star and Garter No. 212 - W.M., W. C. Milliken; registrar, W. G. Johnston.  Meets second Monday in each month in Coleraine Orange Hall
          Coleraine Orange Hall Management Committee - James Kerr, chairman; William Simpson, secretary; T. Smyth, treasurer
          Apprentice Boys - Coleraine and District Amalgamated Committee - Chairman, G. McIlrath; secretary, J. Kerr,  Meets second Thursday in January, April, July and October
          Mitchelburne Club, Apprentice Boys of Derry (Killowen Branch) - Meets fourth Wednesday of each month in Orange Hall, Killowen Street.  President, J. Harrison; secretary, Jack Boyce.  Browning Club - Meets Orange Hall, Union Street, first Thursday.  President, W. A. McAleely; secretary, James McPherson
          Religious organisations:- Salvation Army - Hall, Long Commons; meetings Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. and on Sundays at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Brethren Hall, Brook Street - Meetings at 11.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Sundays; Monday and Wednesday at 8 p.m.; Sunday School, 3.15 p.m.  Society Street Mission, Hazelbank Hall - Sunday at 8 p.m., Tuesday 8 p.m.  Sunday School, 3 p.m.  Society Street Hall - Children's Meeting, Tuesday, 7 p.m., and Prayer Meeting, Tuesday 8 p.m.  Christian Workers' Union, Faith Mission Hall, Circular Road - Sundays at 8 p.m.  Faith Mission Hall, Circular Road - Monday evenings at 8 and Sunday at 3.15; Sunday School at 2.30.  Youth for Christ - Rallies in Methodist Church Hall every Saturday; season September to April. Free Presbyterian Church, Hanover Place - Services every Sunday at 12 noon and 8 p.m.
          C.S.S.M. - Monthly Rally, first Friday, Coleraine High School
          Boys' Brigade:- First Coleraine Company meets in Brook Street School every Thursday evening - Captain, J. Murdock; chaplains, Canon W. J. R. Benson, B.A., H.Dip.Ed., and Rev. M. Barton, B.A.  Second Company meets in Terrace Row Lecture Hall every Friday evening - Captain, S. A. Kirk; chaplains, Rev. J. E. P. Boyd, B.A., Rev. B. H. S. Liddell, M.A., and Rev. J. C. Parke, M.A.  Third Company meets in Congregational Church Hall every Tuesday evening - Captain I. Gough; chaplain, Rev. R. J. Pentland
          Lifeboys: In connection with Second B.B. Company - Leader-in-charge, J. Hanna.  Lifeboys in connection with Third B.B. Company - Leader-in-charge, M. O'Brien
          Associations:- New Row Y.P.A. meets Tuesday and Thursday; C.E. every Wednesday; W.M.A. first Tuesday in month; G.A. every Tuesday in winter months; Youth Fellowship each Sunday and Saturday; Men's Fellowship fourth Tuesday, and Men's Bible Class on other Tuesdays; Drama Group each Wednesday; First Coleraine G.A. every Tuesday; Y.P.A. every Tuesday and Thursday; Terrace Row; Children's meeting, Thursday, 6.30 p.m.; W.M.A, second Monday, 7.45 p.m.; Youth Fellowship, Sunday, 8 p.m.; Baptist Church Junior C.E. Friday, 6.30 p.m.  Congregational Church; Women's Guild, Monday, 7.30 p.m.; mid-week service, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.
          Men's and Women's Bible Classes in connection with St. Patrick's Church meet in Brook Street Schools.  Men's class every Monday at 7.30 p.m.  Women's, every Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.
          St. Patrick's Parish Guild of Youth - President, Canon W. J. R. Benson, B.A., H.Dip.Ed.
          Windsor Boys' Club - President - J. Baker; chairman, W. Ravenhill; vice-chairman, D. Montgomery; treasurer, D. Millar; club leader, W. McCandless; football secretary, W. Murphy, 31 Abbey Street, Coleraine.  Club premises at West End Hall, Laurel Hill.
          Old People's Welfare Association - President, Alderman S. J. Henry; chairman, F. J. Murray, Dip.Ed.; secretary, Miss M. McKay; treasurer, J. White; Building Fund treasurer, N. G. Costeloe; hon. auditor, W. Courtney
          Coleraine Old People's Club - Chairman, W. R. Johnston, King George VI Memorial Hall Club - Chairman, F. J. Murray, Dip.Ed.
          St. Patrick's Church Hon. Society of Bellringers - President, Canon W. J. R. Benson, B.A.; secretary, S. Morton; treasurer, D. Barber
          Coleraine Music Festival Association - President, Miss G. Woodrow, B.A.; chairman, Rev. A. Maconachie, M.A., B.D.; vice-chairman, Mrs. R. P. Glassey; hon. secretary, Mrs. M. McQuigg; assistant hon. secretary, Mrs. F. Wisener; hon. treasurer, W. Gilfillan
          British Legion Branch - President, Lieut.-Colonel D. J. Christie, C.B.E., E.R.D.; chairman, J. D. Martin; vice-chairman, F. J. Hunter; secretary, J. L. Baxter; treasurer, D. Murray.  Women's Section - President, Mrs. D. Murray; chairman, Mrs. M. Gibson; vice-chairman, Mrs. A. F. Clark; secretary, Mrs. L. Simpson; treasurer, Mrs. W. Patterson
          British Legion Club (Beresford Place) - Chairman, J. D. Martin; secretary, J. L. Baxter; treasurer, A. F. Campbell; steward, H. Rankin
          Bann Rowing Club - President, Dr. W. A. Shannon; captain, A. McCandless; vice-captain, A. V. Crawford; secretary, A. R. Kernahan; treasurer, R. J. Troy
          Bowling Club - President, S. E. Edmundson; vice-president, A. Edmundson; secretary, W. Rea; treasurer, S. Coulter
          Indoor Bowling Clubs:- First Coleraine - Secretary, J. Morrison, 6 Portrush Road;  New Row - Secretary, W. Stewart, 24 Willow Drive;  Terrace Row - Secretary, A. McNeill, 3 Nursery Avenue;  Methodist - Secretary, J. Fyvie, 17 Laurel Hill;  St. Patrick's - Secretary, I. Abernethy, 32 Union Street;  Killowen - Secretary, G. H. McDowell, 1 Mountainview Gardens;  St. Malachy's - Secretary, S. Mitchell, Beresford Road;  Loughanreagh - Secretary, J. Steele, 7 Buskin Way
          North Derry Agricultural Society Ltd. - President, J. R. Jackson; secretary and treasurer, F. G. Hunter
          Coleraine and Portrush Hospitals Management Committee (includes Coleraine, Ratheane, Mary Ranken and Hopefield hospitals) - Chairman, J. W. Stewart, J.P.; vice-chairman, R. Wray, B.A., LL.B.; secretary to Management Committee, R. McKay; consultant surgeons, H. W. C. Bailie, F.R.C.S., and I. Greer, F.R.C.S.; consultant physician, Dr. R. W. Temple, M.R.C.P.; consultant radiologist, Dr. J. S. Matthews, D.M.R.D.; consultant gynaecologist, C. G. Irwin, M.B., M.R.C.O.G.; anaesthetist, Dr. W. Love.  Ratheane, Coleraine and Mary Ranken Hospitals - Matron, Miss E. Crawford.
          Palladium Cinema, Society Street - Manager, M. McCarron.  Picture Palace Co. Ltd. - Managing director, N. Christie
          Drama Club - Chairman, R. G. Wilkins; vice-chairman, Mrs. J. G. Siderfin; secretary, R. W. McIvor; treasurer, R. A. Stewart.  Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the Playhouse, Union Street
          Women's Institute Branch - President, Mrs. F. W. Honeywell; vice-president, Mrs. V. Empey; secretary, Mrs. J. Torrens; treasurer, Mrs. Tolson
          Coleraine Borough Cage Bird Society - President, J. J. McLean; chairman, W. Corscadden; secretary, John Hartin, jun., 13B, Hillcrest Avenue; show secretary, F. Drain; treasurer, J. Millar
          North-West Border Fancy Canary Club - President, W. Kealey; chairman, J. H. Conolly; secretary, W. Anderson, Killowen Street, Coleraine; treasurer, E. Oliver
          North-West Yorkshire Canary Club - President, R. Hughes; chairman, W. Dysart; secretary, H. Montgomery, Kylemore Road, Coleraine
          Northern Ireland Gloster Fancy Club - President, Miss L. Kennedy; chairman, A. McConaghie; secretary, W. McKeown; treasurer, J. Hartin, jun.
          Coleraine Rugby, Cricket and Athletic Club; Rugby section - President, G. C. O'Neill; chairman, J. F. McClenahan; secretary, G. S. Lapsley; match and assistant secretary, B. Reid; treasurer, J. Dalzell; 1st XV captain, R. Semple.  Cricket section - Captain, G. S. Lapsley; secretary, John Smith; treasurer, Bertie McAllister.  Athletic section - Captain, C. Shillington; chairman, A. M. Steele; secretary, G. Nickell; treasurer, N. K. Maxwell
          Coleraine Football Club - Chairman, J. E. Doherty; secretary and treasurer, W. McNabb
          Coleraine F.C. Supporters' Club - Chairman, S. Crawford; secretary, D. Alcorn; treasurer, Mrs. F. Leese
          Coleraine Ladies' Hockey Club - Chairman, J. Baker; secretary, Miss C. McIntyre; assistant secretary, Miss M. Smith; treasurer, Miss K. McCloskey; captain, Miss F. Maclaine
          Royal Ulster Constabulary Station (Lodge Road) - District Inspector T. H. Buchanon; Head Constable A. Gregg, B.E.M.
          Bridge Club - President, J. A. Rourke; vice-president, A. G. Algeo, C.B.E.; secretary, K. Kernohan; treasurer, G. Stewart. Meets in Westbrook Hotel on Friday at 7.30 p.m.
          Route Naturalists' Field Club - President, A. M'L. May; vice-president, Mrs. A. Templeton; treasurer, Robert Hyndman; secretary, J. V. Donaldson
          Coleraine Rifle Club - President, Lieut.-Colonel D. J. Christie; vice-president, W. Bolton; chairman, J. A. Rodgers; secretary and treasurer, R. B. Bodkin
          North-West Gun Club - Chairman, J. Earl; vice-chairman, I. Brolly; secretary, S. W. Earl; treasurer, H. Burke; field captain, J. McQuilken
          Boy Scouts - Coleraine Local Association - Chairman, Dr. J. F. Beck; vice-chairman, C. K. Kernahan; treasurer, C. C. Empey; secretary, J. V. Grindrod, B.Sc.; badge secretary, C. Gouley; assistant county commissioner, Dr. E. P. G. Ritchie; district commissioner, Dr. S. N. Donaldson; assistant district commissioners, J. a. McDonald, M.A., and J. M. Hanna.  First Coleraine Scout Group - G.S.M., J. A. McDonald, M.A.; Cub Scouters, Mrs. M. Gamble, Miss E. Farren and H. Carson; Troop Scouters, Rev. M. Barton, S. S. Troy and D. W. Beck.  Third Coleraine Group - G.S.M., J. Layberry; Troop Scouter, N. Rowe.  Cub Scouter, Miss N. Blair.  Fifth Coleraine Group (Coleraine Academical Institution) - G.S.M., Dr. George Humphreys; S.M., Dr. R. N. Casewell
          Girl Guides - County Commissioner, Mrs. Aylmer Clarke; District Commissioner, Mrs. R. A. Eyre; District Secretary, Mrs. J. A. McDonald.  First Coleraine Company - Captain, Miss M. Kennedy.  Second Company - Captain, Miss Kathleen McKay.  Third Coleraine (Killowen G.F.S.) - Captain - Vacant.  Fourth Company (High School) - Captain, Miss Nan McMichael
          Coleraine Local Association of Girl Guides - President, Mrs. S. P. Kerr
          Londonderry County Association of Girl Guides - Secretary, Mrs. R. F. Scott
          Brownies:- First Coleraine "B" Pack - Brown Owl, Miss M. Kennedy.  Second Coleraine Pack (St. Patrick's G.F.S.) - Brown Owl, Miss Elisabeth Johnston.  Third Coleraine Pack (Killowen G.F.S.) - Brown Owl, Miss Sheila Mitchell
          U.S.P.C.A. (Coleraine Branch) - President, Mrs. D. J. Christie; vice-presidents, Mrs. M. McQuigg, Mrs. G. Seeton and Miss M. White; chairman, Mrs. W. A. Clarke; secretary, Mrs. J. A. McDonald; assistant secretary, Mrs. B. W. Hezlett; treasurer, Mrs. N. Kelly; inspector, Robert Millar, 50 Portstewart Road, Coleraine (telephone 2542)
          Chamber of Commerce - President, Ron Smyth; vice-president, R. Graham; secretary, T. Hamilton; treasurer, I. McCaughan
          Markets:- Cattle and sheep, Tuesday and Wednesday, W. J. McGugan, weigh master
          Coleraine Abattoir - J. Rankin, superintendent
          Inspector of Weights and Measures - Hanover Place; E. A Forbes
          Inspector of Explosives - Sergeant T. H. Caskie
          Young Farmers' Club - President, Mrs. W. H. King; vice-president, William Archibald; club leader, John Gilmour; assistant club leader, Cyril Millar; hon. secretary, William A. King; assistant secretary, Gladys Tannahill; hon. treasurer, Glenn Kerr; assistant treasurer, Victor Ramsey
          Rotary Club - Meets every Tuesday at 1 p.m. in Westbrook Hotel - President, T. R. Cameron; vice-president, Eric White; secretary, E. A. Diamond; treasurer, J. H. Bennett
          Inner Wheel Club - President, Mrs. R. White; vice-president, Mrs. T. Cameron; secretary, Mrs. J. G. Siderfin; treasurer, Mrs. R. W. Davison; Press correspondent, Mrs. G. McCready
          Round Table Association - President, W. R. Dalzell; chairman, Noel Henry; secretary, N. Finlay; treasurer, R. Young
          Benevolent Society - President, Miss . Gribbon; secretary, Miss J. Morrison; treasurer, Mrs. J. A. McDonald
          Art Society - President, Sir John Heygate, Bt.; chairman, K. C. McKeown, M.A.; vice-chairman, Miss M. Abernethy; secretary, J. H. Hillman; treasurer, Miss V. M. Blair
          Coleraine Co-operative Society - Chairman, S. Frizzell; secretary, R. McDonald; manager, S. Wilson
          North Derry Unionist Association (Town Hall Branch) - President, Charles H. Hamill; secretary, Mrs. C. McLaughlin; treasurer, J. Sinclair.  Courthouse Branch - President, S. J. Henry, J.P.; vice-president, W. T. McCloskey; treasurer, W. G. Johnston; secretary, Mrs. E. Burgess
          Coleraine and District Badminton Branch of N.W.U.B.A. - President, W. E. Henry, M.B.E.; chairman, Major H. K. Scott, M.B.E.; vice-chairman, D. Henry; secretary, Miss K. McCloskey; assistant secretary, J. K. McKenna; treasurer, D. Pringle
          10th Inniskilling Fusiliers Old Comrades' Association - Chairman, D. Kennedy; vice-chairman, Albert Doherty; secretary and treasurer, W. J. McGugan. Meets second Monday every month in British Legion Clubrooms
          Orchestral Society - Chairman, W. J. Marcus; treasurer, J. E. Johnston; secretary, H. F. Edmundson; conductor, R. Wilson, A.C.V.; librarian, Miss R. O'Neill
          Coleraine Linnets Choir - Conductor and accompanist, Miss Mavis Christie
          N.S.P.C.C. - Chairman, Mrs. D. J. Christie; secretary, Mrs. M. Campbell
          Coleraine Anglers' Association - Chairman, Rev. G. R. Minchin, M.A.; vice-chairman, J. Gault; treasurer, J. Magee, J.P.; secretary, W. Walker
          Derry County Council Library Committee Chairman, Lieut.-Colonel D. J. Christie, C.B.E., E.R.D.  County Librarian, L. J. Mitchell, B.A., F.L.A. County Library headquarters - Abbey Street, Coleraine. Hours: Monday to Friday 9-1, 2-5.15. Branch library - Queen Street. Hours: Monday , Wednesday and Thursday 9.30-5; Tuesday and Friday 9.30-7; Saturday 4.30-7
          The Hon. the Irish Society's Schools Parents' Association - Chairman, Mrs. C. H. Hamill; vice-chairman, Mrs. D. Adams; secretary, Mrs. Robert Acheson; treasurer, Mrs. J. T. Maxwell
          Millburn Primary School Parents' Association - Chairman, S. A. Kirk; vice-chairman, Mrs. J. R. Dunn; secretary, Mrs. W. Edgar; treasurer, Miss J. McKay
          Coleraine Intermediate School Old Girls' Association - President, Miss G. Woodrow, B.A.; secretary, Miss M. Murray; treasurer, Mrs. S. Anderson
          Northern Ireland Fire Authority - Company officer, J. Cathcart; section leader, J. McCloy
          Chess Club - Secretary, F. J. Silvester, B.Sc.; treasurer, R. A. Millar; captain, R. Burns
          Coleraine Branch of the Bakers, Confectioners and Allied Workers' Union - Secretary, H. H. Beckett, 48 Margaret Avenue, Ballymoney


          Post Office - J. A. Moonan, Ph.C., J.P., postmaster
          R.U.C. - Sergeant J. Campbell and five constables
          Petty Sessions Clerk - Mr. H. S. Neely, Larne
          Northern Banking Company - Branch Manager, T. M. Cusack
          Schools:- Mixed School - P. McAuley, principal.  Glenann - Miss M. Delargy, principal.  Court - Mrs. White, principal.  Ballyeamon - Mr. R. Sharpe, principal.  St. Aloysius Intermediate - P. P. Delargy, principal.  St. Macnissi's College, Garron Tower - Very Rev. W. B. Tumelty, B.A., president
          Dispensary - Dr. A. McSparran
          Maternity Nurse - Mrs. Alex. O'Hara, Tromra, Cushendall
          Ulster Farmers' Union (Glens Branch) - Chairman, J. A. Agnew, J.P.; hon. secretary, P. McCambridge
          Cushendall Golf Club - Captain, Joseph Lynn; hon. secretary, P. McAuley; hon. treasurer, A. McAllister.  Council - James McSparran, Q.C., Andrew Millar, O.B.E., O. M. Wheeler, P. McCambridge, D. McAlister, D. Anderson, P. Clearkin, F. Kelly, C. Hamill, J. Callaghan, J. D. McSparran
          Cushendall Sailing and Boating Club - Commodore, R. McMullan; chairman, M. McAlister; hon. treasurer, J. A. Armstrong; hon. secretary, P. D. McCaughan


          Medical Officer - Dr. McSparran
          Daily 'bus service to Cushendall
          Post Office - Miss Laverty, postmistress
          Culraney P.E. School - Mrs. K. McNeill, principal
          "Northern Constitution" sold by Mrs. Leavey


          Post Office - Miss S. Reid, postmistress. There is a Money Order Office and Telegraph Office
          Schools:- Dervock County Primary School - Principal, Major S. J. Marshall; vice-principal, Mrs. C. Marshall; assistants, Mrs. J. Montgomery, Miss J. Knox. Derrykeighan - Principal, D. J. Lilley
          L.O.L. 534 - William Murphy, W.M.; J. Louden, D.M.; Rev. D. F. Moore, B.A., chaplain; James McIntyre, lay chaplain; William Buick, treasurer; John King, secretary
          R.B.P. No. 401 - William Murphy, W.M.; John King, D.M.; Rev. D. F. Moore, B.A., chaplain; J. Louden, registrar; J. McIntyre, treasurer
          "B" Specials - Sub-District Commandant, Alexander Chestnutt; Platoon Sergeant, James Thompson, M.M.
          Dervock and District Co-operative Poultry Society ltd. - President, Wm. Peden; manager, H. McDowell; secretary, Rev. R. J. McIlmoyle
          District Nurse - Miss S. A. Hill, Ederone, Stranocum. Phone: Dervock 262
          British Legion - President, Rev. J. G. Leitch, M.A., C.F.; chairman, Major S. J. Marshall; hon. treasurer, W. K. McLernon; hon. secretary and pensions officer, Campbell McLay; standard-bearers, T. L. McGoogan; committee - W. Buick, D. Chestnutt, R. Greene, M. Doran, T. L. McGoogan, S. McAllister. Poppy Day organiser, Campbell McLay. Meets first Thursday of each month
          Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. M. Young (Dervock 344)
          Women's Unionist Association - President, Miss F. B. Matthews; hon. secretary, Mrs. M. Camac; hon. treasurer, Mrs. C. Marshall
          District Correspondent, "Northern Constitution" - Samuel Johnston, M.M.


          Post and Telegraph Office - Mrs. McKenna, postmistress. The Stores
          P.E. Schools:- Desertmartin - Mrs. Bradley, principal;  Knocknagin - P. O'Brien, principal;  Cranny - Mrs. Bell, principal;  Cullion - F. McElhone, principal;  Tirgan - Mrs. McElhone, principal;  Brackalislea - Mrs. McGurk, principal;  Rosegarland - Miss Lagan, principal
          Masonic Lodge No. 496 meets second Wednesday each month in Masonic Hall
          Orange Lodges:- Desertmartin 376 - W.M., W. J. McGeehan; secretary, David Leacock.  Meets 22nd each month.  Cranny L.O.L. 1015 - W.M., R. A. Hanna; secretary, Tommy Lennox.  Meets second Tuesday each month
          A.O.H. Division 30


          Post Office - Maurice Taylor, postmaster. All classes P.O. business. Mails arrive twice and are despatched thrice daily
          Schools:- St. Columb's Voluntary Secondary - James Gunn, headmaster.  Draperstown Primary - Mrs. S. J. McGurk, principal.  Straw Primary - Mrs. Mary Bradley, principal.  Blackhill - Mrs. J. Weir, principal.  Bancran - A. O'Neill, principal.  Alteyaskey - R. McKenna, principal.  Moneyneena - J. Campbell, principal.  Drumard - Mrs. M. McAuley, principal.  Sixtowns - Mrs. W. Phillips, principal.  Kilcronaghan - Miss M. Patterson, principal.  Brackadysart - Mrs. P. Bradley, principal
          Welfare Officer, Nurse J. McNamee.  Nurses under Health Service Act - R. O'Kane, S.R.N., S.C.M. and M. Ward, S.C.M.
          Ulster Bank - T. C. Scott, manager.  Northern Bank and National Bank - Attendance every Wednesday and Fair Days
          Draperstown Industrial Development Association - Hon. treasurer, T. C. Scott, Ulster Bank; hon. secretary, J. Gunn, Moykeeran
          A.O.H. Division 317 - President, P. Murphy; vice-president, Philip Bradley' secretary, Patrick McFalls, Corisk, Draperstown; treasurer, Joseph Malloy
          Shirt Factory - Managing Director, Mr. John Burns
          Sperrin Metal Products - Production Manager, Mr. P. Raymond Dougan
          Gaelic League Committee - President, Seamus O'Cioragain; chairman, An Sagart M. O'Coileain, S.P.; secretary Roise NicDhiarmada; treasurer, Brighid Ni Neill
          Gaelic Football Club - Chairman, Rev. M. O'Coileain, S.P.; vice-chairman, F. McIldowney; secretary, Joseph Coyle; treasurer, Hugh Kelly
          South Derry Feis Committee - Chairman, An Sagart M. O'Coileain, S.P.; treasurer, P. MacGiolla Phadraig; hon. secretaries, Mrs. R. O'Neill, P.T., and Mrs. P. Kelly, P.T.
          R.U.C. - Sergeant Hayes
          Ulster Farmers' Union (Draperstown Branch) - Chairman, Patrick Rogers, Tonagh; vice-chairman, John Hagan; secretary, P. Moran, Brackalislea; treasurer, H. D. Lyle, Mormeal
          Draperstown Rangers Dart Club - President, Frank McKenna; vice-president, Leo McBride; secretary, J. McGuigan, Regan's Bar; treasurer, Job Palmer; captain, S. Eardley
          Agents for "Northern Constitution" - David O'Kane and Robert Taylor
          Ballinascreen Independent Brass Band - Chairman, John McAuley; secretary, Charles McAuley; treasurer, Felix Mullin
          Cinema - Porter Bros.
          Cattle and Pig Markets on alternate Fridays. Weigh master, Mr. Regan
          Fair Day - First Friday of month. Cattle sales every fortnight (Friday); Pig Sales every fortnight (Friday alternate to cattle sales)
          Ulster Transport Authority - Miss McGuigan, Agent
          County Councillor - J. Gunn (vice-chairman)
          Rural District Councillors - J. Mallon, Patrick McWilliam, P. Heron
          Mid-Ulster Hospital Management Committee - J. Gunn
          County Branch Library - Mrs. A. O'Keeney, librarian


          Post Office - Postmistress, Mrs. M. Chivers. Correct postal address - Drumsurn, Limavady
          Primary Schools: Drumsurn - Raymond Brady, principal; Galvin - Mrs. Rose McReynolds, principal; Balteagh - A. Patton, principal; Lislane - Mrs. L. M. Gordon, principal


          Postmistress - Mrs. R. Fallows
          Schools:- Dungiven County Primary - A. V. Bunn, B.A., principal; St. Patrick's Primary - A. F. Hegarty, principal; Dernaflaw Primary - Patrick Holloway, principal; Gortnaghy Primary - Sean McCloskey, principal; Burnfoot Primary - Mrs. A. M. Irwin, principal; Drumneechy Primary - Mrs. V. G. Carson, principal; Cashel Primary - Miss A. Coyle, principal; Dungiven Technical Centre - F. Wakefield, B.A.; Dungiven County Secondary - V. G. Carson, principal; St. Patrick's Secondary - L. Hegarty
          A.O.H. Division 291, Cashel
          L.O.L. No. 2036, Dungiven
          C.P.S. - Malcolm S. Wilson, Attendance, Wednesday 2 to 3.39 p.m.
          Northern Bank - C. H. Woods, manager
          Ulster Bank Agency - Attendance Tuesday and Saturday
          Commissioners for Oaths - Joseph W. Semple, J.P.
          R.U.C. - Sergeant Mills and four constables


          Post Office - Mrs. M. T. Duffy, postmistress. Mails arrive 7.30 a.m., depart 3.30 p.m. (Saturdays excepted 2.10 p.m.)
          Primary Schools:- Galdanagh - Principal, J. Ramsey; assistant, Mrs. Baird.  Dunloy Boys - Principal, C. McAlarey; assistants, Mrs. D. McCloskey, Miss M. Hegarty.  Dunloy Girls - Principal, Miss Rogan; assistants, Miss P. McGarry, Mrs. P. Campbell
          Ulster Special Constabulary - Sub-District Commandant, Isaac Murphy
          Dunloy R.B.P. No. 594 - H. Adams, W.M.; A. McClure, D.M.; D. Pattison, registrar; J. Fenton, treasurer
          Dunloy L.O.L. 496 - W. S. Ross, W.M.; M. Calderwood, D.W.; James Gault, jun., secretary; R. Robinson, treasurer
          Apprentice Boys (Walker Club) - President, J. Gault; vice-president, H. Adams; secretary, W. J. Tweed; treasurer, R. H. Gault
          Dunloy G.A. and C.C. - President, Rev. H. McGuigan; chairman, H. O'Boyle; secretary, B. Cunning; treasurer, B. McNally. Camogie secretary, Roisin McCamphill
          A.O.H. Division 153 - President, S. McKendry; secretary, J. Black
          Dunloy Presbyterian Badminton Club - Secretary, John Stewart
          Dunloy Presbyterian Indoor Bowling Club - President, Rev. J. H. Brown, M.A., B.D.


          Post Office - Postmistress, Miss Bridie Quinn. Sub-Offices - Greysteel, Mr. J. H. Nicholl. Campsie, Mrs. a. Parke
          R.U.C. - Sergeant R. H. Walker and four Constables
          Primary Schools:- Eglinton - Principal, Mr. W. G. Rudd; Vice-Principal, Mr. T. C. H. Allen; Assistants, Mrs. Lawless, Miss A. Monteith, Miss Cole, Mrs. V. V. Greenwood; Caretaker, Mr. Sam McClements, Enagh Crescent.  Greysteel - Principal, Miss M. Steele.  Maydown - Principal, Mr. R. Mawhinney; Vice-Principal, Miss A. Irwin; Assistant, Miss J. B. Ferguson.  Faughanvale - Principal, Mr. E. Harvey, B.A.; Vice-Principal, Miss M. O'Kane; Assistants, Miss K. McNicholl, Mrs. B. McIvor, Mrs. K. Bryson.  Craigbrack - Principal, Mr. L. Marshall; Assistants, Mr. J. Canavan, Mrs. P. McKinney.  Drumaneeny - Principal, Mr. N. Magowan, B.A.; Assistants, Miss T. McLoughlin, Miss R. Cunningham, Miss L. McLoughlin.  Enagh Lough - Principal, Mr. J. McDaid; Assistants, Mrs. McDaid, Mr. E. O'Brien, Miss A. Corr.
          Cricket Club:- President, Dr. A. H. Montgomery; Hon. Treasurer, J. Craig; Hon. Secretary, T. C. H. Allen; Captain, Scott Huey. Committee of 10 members
          Medical Officer, Dr. A. H. Montgomery, Coolafinney (Registrar of Births and Deaths); Partner, Dr. R. J. White; District Nurse, Nurse E. Wright, S.R.N., Main Street, Eglinton; Midwife, Nurse M. McDaid. Clinic held every Tuesday, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
         Eglinton Gardening Society (revived in July, 1952) - President, Lieut.-Colonel K. B. L. Davidson; Chairman, D. N. McMillan; Hon. Treasurer, G. M. Mills; Hon. Secretary, Mrs. T. M. Mair; Hon. Assistant Secretary, Miss A. Duddy; Chief Supervisor, William Turner; Hon. Auditors, Dr. A. H. Montgomery and J. B. Archibald. Committee of 40 members. Committee meetings held fourth Monday of each month in the Parish Hall. Flower Show held last Saturday in July
          Young Farmers' Club - President, T. Barnett; Club Leader, John Boggs; Hon. Secretary, Mrs. E. Burns; Hon. Treasurer, J. Jamieson
          Women's Institute (formed in 1954) - President, Mrs. R. Craig; Vice-President, Mrs. E. Gilfillan; Hon. Treasurer, Mrs. E. Murray; Hon. Secretary, Miss A. Steele; Hon. Correspondence Secretary, Mrs. D. I. McIvor; Press Correspondent, Mrs. E. Hamilton. Meetings held second Monday in month (from September to May) in the Primary School. Seventy Members
          City of Foyle and Londonderry Unionist Association (Eglinton Branch) - Chairman, T. C. H. Allen; Vice-Chairman, T. M. Jamison; Hon. Treasurer, S. A. A. Harper; Hon. Secretary, Mrs. T. M. Mair; Assistant Hon. Secretary, Mrs. W. T. Biggerstaff. Committee of 22 members
          Masonic Lodge, Campsie - Meets first Thursday each month. Caretaker, J. Hughes, Enagh Crescent
          Rural District Councillors - T. M. Jamison, Ballygudden, Eglinton; J. Lamberton, Gortin-Reide, Eglinton
          Justices of Peace - Samuel Hyndman, Lower Campsie; J. A. Lamberton, Gortinney, Eglinton; Samuel Burns, Ballygudden, Eglinton; Connolly Patchell, Creggan House, Eglinton
          St. Canice's Parish Church - Rector, Rev. C. D. Morgan, M.A., The Rectory, Eglinton
          Scout Troop - Chairman, Rev. C. D. Morgan, M.A.; Hon. Treasurer, H. Burton; Hon. Secretary, Mrs. J. G. Pyper; Group Scoutmaster, H. E. Dixon; Scoutmaster, Lieut. W. A. Jarvis.  Cub Pack - Cub-master, Robin Harvey; Assistant Cub-master, Miss M. Birch. Meetings held in Parish Hall on Tuesday. Cubs at 6.30 p.m.; Scouts, 8 p.m.
          St. Canice's Bowling Club - Chairman, Rev. C. D. Morgan; M.A.; Hon. Secretary, H. Crowhurst; Hon. Treasurer, Mrs. T. M. Jamison; Committee - Mrs. J. G. Pyper, Mrs. T. M. Mair, William Gillespie, J. Harvey, H. Burton. Twenty-five members.
          Parish Hall caretaker, Mrs. George Moore, Main Street, Eglinton
          Parish Church caretaker, R. Harvey, Dunverne Gardens
          Accordion Band - President, R. O'Brien; Secretary-Treasurer, S. A. A. Harper; Band Instructor, Percy Hamilton
          Apprentice Boys of Derry (Eglinton Branch, Murray Club) - Meets in Orange Hall second Monday each month. President, Joseph McCarter; Vice-President, Jack Lynch; Hon. Secretary, George Atcheson; Hon. Treasurer, Samuel McClements; Chaplain, Jim Hughes; Tyler, David Wylie. Committee of five members
          Hope of Eglinton L.O.L. 764 - Meets in Orange Hall first Monday each month. Worshipful Master, Samuel Harper; Deputy Master, Edmund McCarter; Hon. Secretary, T. C. H. Allen; Hon. Treasurer, George Atcheson; Chaplain, Jim Hughes; Tylers, N. Moore and J. Smallwoods. Committee of five members
          Pride of Eglinton W.L.O.L. No. 235 (revived 1962) - W.M., Mrs. S. A. A. Harper; D.M., Mrs. W. J. Wylie; hon. secretary, Mrs. A. Wilson; hon. treasurer, Mrs. S. Harper; chaplain, Miss H. Pigott; committee - Mrs. E. Cowan, Mrs. Moorhead, Mrs. Parkhill, Mrs. Ritchie, Miss E. Moore
          Faughanvale Presbyterian Church, Eglinton - Minister, Rev. W. E. Boggs, M.A., The Manse, Eglinton
          Faughanvale Bowling Club - Chairman, Rev. W. E. Boggs, M.A.; Hon. Treasurer, John Goligher; Hon. Secretary, Robin Graham; Captain, David Montgomery; Committee - Mrs. I. Semple, Maurice Pierce. Thirty Members
          Boys' Brigade - Captain, Alexander Keys; Lieutenant, Charles Browne.  Life Boys - Leader, A. Keys; Chaplain, Rev. W. E. Boggs, M.A.
          Girl Guides, First Faughanvale Company - Captain, Miss Kathleen McConnell; Lieutenant, Miss Ina Boggs, S.R.N.  Brownie Pack - Brown Owl, Miss Sandra Mills; Tawney Owl, Miss Rosemary McLoughlin.  Local Association - President, Mrs. J. E. Hamilton; Hon. Secretary, Mrs. A. H. Montgomery
          Girls' Auxiliary - President, Mrs. C. Parkhill; Hon. Treasurer and Secretary, Miss Anna Keys
          Women's Missionary Association - President, Mrs. W. E. Boggs; Hon. Secretary, Miss A. M. Duddy; Hon. Treasurer, Mrs. E. McCarter
          Presbyterian Church caretaker, T. Parkhill, Tullanee
          Ministry of Agriculture Tillage Officer, Mr. J. Reid, Claudy Road, Eglinton
          Parish Priest, "Star of the Sea," Cregan - Rev. Fr. B. Kielt, Parochial House, Eglinton
          A.O.H. Faughanvale Division No. 515 meets in Faughanvale Hibernian Hall on First Sunday of each month


          Post Office - G. S. Ritchie, J.P., postmaster. Mail arrives 10 a.m. (no evening delivery), and are despatched at 12.25 p.m. and 5 p.m.
          Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. George Manley
          Agents for "Northern Constitution" - M. Lynch and Mrs. B. L. Nutt
          Male and Female School - E. McGirr, principal; Miss Lynch
          Electric light supplies - Electricity Board


          Post Office - T. A. Scott, postmaster, Postal Order Office
          Carrowreagh P.E. School - S. Gillan, principal
          Medical Officer - Dr. J. N. Patterson
          Finvoy Young Farmers' Club - President, Ernest Dysart; secretary, Miss Evelyn Hogg; treasurer, Robert Dysart; club leader, Thomas Hogg
          Finvoy Branch, Ulster Farmers' Union - President, H. Gray, J.P.; chairman, E. Dysart; vice-chairman, J. McCaughan; secretary and treasurer, A. E. Campbell
          Finvoy Branch Apprentice Boys of Derry ("No Surrender" Club) - President, James Walker; vice-president, James Campbell; secretary, J. McLean; treasurer, R. McLean, jun.
          Mullans Independent L.O.L. No. 34 - N. Ferris, W.M.; W. Tweed, D.M.; J. Peacock, secretary; R. Campbell, treasurer
          Rasharkin District Independent L.O.L. - W. J. Johnston, W.D.M.; J. McElreavey, D.D.M.; W. V. McLean, secretary; R. Taylor, treasurer
          "Pride of Ulster" Pipe Band - Pipe Major T. Getty
          Finvoy Mothers' Union - President, Lady Moore
          Boys' Brigade, Finvoy Company - Captain, J. Gillan
          Finvoy Presbyterian Church Women's Missionary Association - President, Mrs. Corkey; vice-president, Mrs. Galbraith; secretary, Mrs. N. Morrison; treasurer, Mrs. R. J. Gamble; Presbyterial representative, Mrs. S. Dunlop
          Vow, Enagh and Dirraw Branch, North Antrim Unionist Association - Chairman, H. Jamieson, J.P.; vice-chairman, L. A. Cunningham; secretary, J. Jamieson; treasurer, G. Bellingham
          Rosnashane A.O.H. Division 95 - President, J. Donaghy; vice-president, H. Kelly


          Post Office - Postmistress, Miss M. Gilmore. Collections, 8 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.  No. 4 p.m. despatch on Saturdays. No Sunday delivery or despatch. Telegraph Office open from 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. on Sundays. Weekly half-holiday, Thursday from 1 p.m.
          Ministry of Agriculture (Resident Officials) - Farm Improvements, Matthew Crabb; tillage, John G. Barkley
          County Derry Committee, Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster - Wm. A. King, Coleraine, chairman; T. Jackson Graham, Curragh, vice-chairman; R. J. Hanna, Tobermore, hon. secretary; Miss Isobel Foster, Limavady, hon. treasurer. Meets quarterly in Farmers' Lecture Room, Garvagh
          Christian Workers' Union, Garvagh Branch - President, T. B. F. Thompson; hon. secretary, William Wilson, Killykergan, Coleraine; hon. treasurer, Norman Dougherty, Coleraine Road, Garvagh.  Weekly service in Orange Hall each Sunday evening.
          Grove Afternoon Sabbath School - Grove Orange Hall; Rev. John Williamson, B.A., superintendent
          Upper Primary School - Principal, Miss J. Wallace; assistants, Mr. S. Bolton, Miss Irene McClelland and Mrs. I. Strawbridge
          Nurse - E. Ballintine, Nurses' Home, Garvagh
          Markets - Pork every Tuesday. Clerk, Sam Workman
          Ulster Bank - W. H. Borland, manager
          Northern Bank - J. Williams, manager. Attendance daily
          Garvagh Cinema - Owner-Manager, Ralph Robertson, Coleraine Road, Garvagh
          Garvagh Amateur Players - President, W. H. Borland; chairman, R. Alan McMaster; hon. secretary, Alex. Hunter, Ballymenagh; assistant, B. Fulllerton, Lisachrin, Garvagh; hon. treasurer, J. K. Farlow
          St. Paul's Parish Recreation Club - President, Rev. R. F. Scott, M.A., R.D., St. Paul's Garvagh; joint hon. secretaries, Roy J. McMillan, Lyttlesdale, Garvagh and W. J. Watt, Lyttlesdale, Garvagh; hon. treasurer, R. S. Turner, Upper Main Street, Garvagh. Meets in Canning Hall, Garvagh, November to April
          Y.M.C.A. (Garvagh Branch) - Mrs. Alexander Templeton, president
          Ministry of Agriculture Afforestation Centre (Garvagh Demesne), Frederick Corrigan, R.D.F., Limavady Road, Garvagh, forester
          Apprentice Boys of Derry "Third Tree" Club (Walker Branch) - Brs. Robert Faith, president; James Lees, Garvagh, hon. secretary; Frederick Smyth, Killyvalley, Garvagh, hon. treasurer. Meets second Wednesday each month
          A.O.H. - Local Divisions - Ballerin No. 402, John McAlary, president; Glenullin No. 266 - Wm. O'Kane, president; Craigavole No. 225 - John McKeefrey, president
          Sarsfield Pipe Band, Ballerin - Bandmaster, T. Clarke
          Garvagh Unionist Association - Chairman, Rev. J. Williamson, B.A.; hon. secretary, R. Alan McMaster; hon. treasurer, Wm. McCafferty, Metrican, Garvagh
          Grove Pipe Band - Chairman, T. Hunter; vice-chairman, V. Church; secretary, A. Young, Lyttlesdale, Garvagh; treasurer, William Currie; committee - B. Fullerton, A. Hunter, J. Cochrane, A. Stewart, J. Watt, B. Linton, J. McCahon; pipe-major, N. Gibson
          Leck Protestant Flute Band - Norman Nevin and Alexander Gould, joint bandmasters; Thos. Campbell, Bolerin, Garvagh, hon. secretary
          Blackhill Accordion Band - President, Henry Lennox; vice-president, Andrew Smyth; secretary-treasurer, S. J. Gilmore, Crivolea, Blackhill; instructor, W. F. Lake, Coleraine; bandmaster, James Hegarty, Rushbrook
          Garvagh Branch British Legion - Chairman, Dr. Ian Kerr; hon. secretary, David C. Clark, Woodbank Cottage, Garvagh; hon. treasurer, W. B. Duthie. Meets first Tuesday in month
          British Legion: Women's Section (Garvagh Branch) - President, Mrs. A. Templeton, Garvagh; chairman, Mrs. David Clark; vice-chairman, Mrs. W. B. Duthie; hon. secretary, Miss A. C. Boyd; assistant secretary, Miss J. Gilmore; hon. treasurer, Mrs. G. B. Cassidy; assistant treasurer, Mrs. Jack Thompson; standard-bearer, Mrs. J. Hull; deputy standard-bearer, Miss J. Dickson. Meets third Tuesday each month
          County Intermediate School, Garvagh - Principal, J. Wilson, B.A., Dip.Ed.; vice-principal, R. McDowell, B.A.; secretary, Miss Anna Boyd, "Finvola," Coleraine Road
          Clinton Memorial Orange Hall - William Graham, Main Street, hon. secretary and treasurer
          Orange Lodges: Garvagh District L.O.L. No. 4 - George Campbell, Mayoughill, Garvagh, W.D.M.; J. T. Mullan, Garvagh, D.M.; William Torrens, Ardreagh, Aghadowey, secretary; William Cochrane, Thornfield, Blackhill, Coleraine, treasurer; meets in Ballygawley Orange Hall last Monday in each quarter.  Grove "Purple Sprigs" L.O.L. No. 648, meets first Friday each month.  Ballygawley L.O.L. No. 202, meets first Monday each month.  Movenis "Rising Sons of William" L.O.L. 642, meets first Thursday each month.  "Ancient Heroes" L.O.L. No. 358, meets first Wednesday of each month.  L.O.L. No. 359 meets first Thursday of each month.  R.B.P. "Star of Bethlehem" No. 504 meets third Friday in each month.  Caheney L.O.L. No. 271 meets first Friday each month.  Moneydig "Bible and Crown Defenders" L.O.L. No. 278
          Garvagh District Ulster Special Constabulary - District Commandant, John Ramsey; Platoons - Garvagh, S.D.C. David Graham;  Moneydig, S.D.C. Hugh S. M. Toye; Aghadowey, S.D.C. A. Shirley
          R.U.C. - Sergeant R. H. Irwin and six constables
          Women's Institute - President, Mrs. B. Gillanders, "Hermitage" Garvagh; vice-president, Mrs. W. McCurdy, "Brecon"; roll call, Mrs. R. McMichael, Main Street; secretary, Mrs. Samuel Adams, Kilrea Road, Garvagh; treasurer, Mrs. James Thompson, Hillside, Garvagh; Press correspondent, Miss Helen Paul, "Wyncroft"; Journal agent, Mrs. James Thompson
          Church of Ireland Temperance Association - Secretary, Canon R. F. Scott (rector)
          Registrar of Births and Deaths - A. Templeton, M.P.S., J.P.
          Presbyterian Hall - Chairman, Rev. John Williamson, B.A.; vice-chairman, Rev. D. H. Allen, B.A.; secretary, John Holmes, Station Road; treasurer, G. H. Clyde, Main Street; caretaker, W. Campbell
          Temperance Hall - Mrs. Ralph Robertson, Coleraine Road, Garvagh, secretary of Management Committee; William Campbell, caretaker
          Garvagh Badminton Club - President, J. Templeton, Coleraine Road, Garvagh; hon. secretary, G. H. Hegarty, Lyttlesdale, Garvagh; assistant secretary, Mrs. W. L. Thompson; hon. treasurer, Mr. M. Dickson, jun., Glen Eden, Garvagh; committee - Mrs. S. Workman, Miss E. McTeer, Messrs. R. Coulston and J. E. Mullan
          Garvagh Tennis Club - President, a. Templeton; chairman, Dr. A. J. Kerr; joint hon. secretaries, D. I. Thompson and J. Templeton; hon. treasurer, Miss Ena Johnston, Station Road, Garvagh, Tennis Courts: Station Road, Garvagh
          Garvagh Rifle Club - Hon. secretary, M. Dickson, jun., Main Street, Garvagh
          Young Farmers' Club - President, W. W. Houston; deputy president, John A. Governor; vice-presidents, Mrs. R. J. Patterson, Mrs. J. Brizell, Miss V. M. Clyde, W. R. Fleming, J. K. Farlow, J. C. Morrow, J. C. Clyde, T. Campbell, W. H. Borland, A. T. Wilson, Hugh E. Clyde, R. J. McCahon, R. Alan McMaster, S. J. Morrow, D. Kelly, R. Bell, B.Agr., Bertie Patterson, Thomas McMaster (Inchaleen); hon. secretary, Miss I. Gilmore, Killyvalley House; assistant hon. secretary, Miss J. Fleming; hon. treasurer, K. McLenaghan, Carhill; club leader, G. T. Workman; assistant club leader, William J. Clyde; stock-judging organiser, K. Workman, Whitefalls, Bellury; representative to Y.F.C.U. Council, S. J. Morrow; Press correspondent, E. McLenaghan; Journal agent, Miss M. Tannahill. Meetings held first and third Wednesday in winter months; once monthly during summer
          Y.F.C. Ploughing Society - Chairman, S. J. Morrow; vice-chairman, R. Alan McMaster; hon. secretary, Thomas Campbell, Bolerin, Garvagh; assistant hon. secretary, Sandy Warwick, Gorran, Blackhill, Coleraine; Leader, Miss Norah Crowe, Upperlands
          Ulster Farmers' Union (Garvagh Branch) - President, W. W. Houston; chairman, J. McL. Laughlin; hon. secretary, S. Wilson, 1 Main Street, Garvagh; hon. treasurer, David Boyce, Greenlee, Cah, Garvagh
          Garvagh Horticultural Society - President, Mrs. A. Templeton; vice-presidents, Dr. T. P. McB. Kelly, Mrs. T. B. F. Thompson, Rev. J. Williamson, B.A., J. B. Wilson, B.A., Dip.Ed.; chairman, Mrs. T. R. Robinson; vice-chairman, Mrs. A. Lee; hon. secretary, D. Kelly; hon. treasurer, R. McDowell;  committee - Mesdames Anderson, Cassidy, Cochrane, McCurdy, McLenaghan and Robertson, Misses Boyd and O'Kane and Messrs. D. T. McAllister, B.Sc., F. Corrigan, N.D.F., and J. Templeton. Meetings held on the third Monday each month
          U.T.A. - Local Agent - Mr. Jack Thompson, Main Street, Garvagh
          Boys' Brigade - First Garvagh Company; Captain Rev. John Williamson, B.S.; lieutenant, D. McIntyre; chaplain, Rev. D. H. Allen, M.A. Meets every Friday evening, Oct. to March, in Presbyterian Hall
          Life Boys - Leader-in-charge, Mrs. Strawbridge
          Churches:- St. Paul's Parish Church - Canon R. F. Scott, M.A., R.D. (rector); Union of Errigal and Desertoghill. Moyletra - Rev. R. F. Scott, M.A.; Presbyterian - First Garvagh - Rev. John Williamson, B.A.; Main Street - Rev. D. H. Allen, M.A., Moneydig - Vacant; R.P. - Rev. A. R. Wright, B.A. Christian Workers' Union - Every Sunday evening, Orange Hall; Gospel Hall, Killykergan - Service mid-day, Mid-week Prayer Union in the Orange Hall.  R.C. Churches - St. Mary's, Ballerin - Rev. McHugh, P.P.; St. Joseph's, Glenullin
          Garvagh F.C. - President, T. A. Johnston; vice-presidents, F. G. Moore, Dr. Ian Kerr, B. Thompson, W. H. Borland, W. B. Buthie, R. Watt; chairman, G. McLeod; vice-chairman, J. Fleming; secretary, J. Graham; treasurer, F. Smyth; assistant treasurer, J. Fleming. Playing-pitch: Clyde Park, Garvagh
          Girl Guides - Mrs. C. R. Lee, Ballintemple, captain
          Press correspondent - Samuel Wilson, 1 Main Street, Garvagh
          Farmers' Lecture Room - Chairman, Rev. John Williamson, B.A.; secretary, Samuel Wilson, 1 Main Street, Garvagh; treasurer, W. W. Houston, Springvalley, Garvagh; caretaker, Mrs. McIlfatrick, Ballyagan Road, Garvagh
          Britannia Silver Band - Bandmaster and secretary, W. Campbell, jun.; treasurer, R. S. Turner; instructor, Harry Wont, Ballynacally, Blackhill, Coleraine. Meets every Monday night in Orange Hall
          Garvagh Recreation Club - President, Rev. D. H. Allen, B.A.; vice-president, Rev. John Williamson, B.A.; chairman, Gideon McLeod; secretary, Jack E. Templeton, Coleraine Road, Garvagh; treasurer, Miss I. Gilmore; assistant treasurer, J. Graham; match secretary, G. Hegarty; committee - Misses M. Patterson, I. Mullan, M. I. Gilmore and T. Wilson
          Glenullin Mitchell's G.F.C. - President, James O'Hagan; chairman, James Rafferty; hon. secretary, William McNicholl, Eslin, Garvagh; hon. treasurer, James B. McNicholl, Coolcoscreaghan, Garvagh; captain, Patrick Rafferty
          Ballerin G.F.C. - Hon. secretary, J. McIntyre, Craigmore, Garvagh
          Save the Children Fund - Garvagh Branch - President, Mrs. Hart Buck; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mrs. C> E. Lee, Ballintemple House, Garvagh
          Glenullin Players - Producer, John Mullan, Glenullin, Garvagh
          Mid-Derry Unionist Association, Grove Branch - Chairman, W. Currie
          Garvagh Pipe Band (founded 1925) - Bandmaster and hon. secretary, Robert Paul, Tamneymore, Garvagh. Meets every Tuesday night in Orange Hall, Garvagh
          Movenis Protestant Flute Band - Bandmaster, James Boyd, Lyttlesdale, Garvagh; drum-major, Alex. Glass
          Rankin Memorial Flute Band, Ballygawley - Bandmaster, George Doherty
          Moneydig Flute Band - Bandmaster, J. Wallace
          Garvagh Junior Girls' Choir - Conductors, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Mann, Main Street, Garvagh
          Army Cadet Force (R.I.F.), Garvagh Platoon - Commanding Officer, A. H. Clyde; Headquarters, U.S.C. Hut, Lyttlesdale, Garvagh
          Darts Clubs - Canning Arms, Mr. J. Conway; Central Bar, Mr. J. Calvin
          Branch of Labour Exchange - Temperance Hall. Attendance every Tuesday and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 12 noon
          Civil Bill Officer - John Hunter, jun., Coleraine Road, Garvagh
          National Fire Service, Garvagh Unit - Headquarters; Station Road, Garvagh
          Rate Collector - W. J. McMullan, Cullycapple, Aghadowey. Office: Lower Main Street. Attendance every Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
          Mid-Derry Unionist Association (Slaught and Glenkeen Branches) - Vice-chairman, T. A. Fleming; hon. secretary, James C. Collins, Kewrin, Garvagh; hon. treasurer, W. W. Houston, Springvalley, Garvagh
          Garvagh Masonic Lodge No. 779 - Meets in Temperance Hall, Garvagh, second Monday of each month
          Garvagh Branch N.S.P.C.C. - Organising Committee - Mrs. Ralph Robertson, Mrs. W. B. Duthie, Miss H. G. Gilmour, Mrs. William McCurdy, Mrs. A. H. MacShane, Mrs. James Torrens, Mrs. J. F. McLenaghan
          Moneydig Presbyterian Women's Guild - Hon. secretary, Mrs. A. T. Kennedy, "The Hedges," Caheney, Garvagh; hon. treasurer, Mrs. S. Wilson, "The Residence," Moneydig; committee - Mrs. J. Torrens, Mrs. R. Stevenson, Mrs. T. A. J. Stewart and Miss Gretta Governor
          National Lifeboat Institution, Garvagh Branch - Organising secretary, Miss M. Gilmore; hon. treasurer, W. H. Borland, Ulster Bank


          Post Office - Allan Proctor, postmaster.  Lislea - Mrs. Toner.  Harvey Hill - Mrs. M. Collins
          Railway Station and U.T.A. - Gerry Ewart
          Northern Bank, Ltd., Kilrea - J. A. Williams, manager.  Belfast Bank - J. N. K. Buchanan, manager.  National Bank - Attendance Wednesday and Thursday at Bridge Street each week - T. Farrell, manager
          Schools: Primary - St. Columba's - L. Callan, principal; Mrs. McEldowney, assistant.  Boveedy - S. Harbinson, principal; Mrs. Wilson, assistant;  Movanagher - Mrs. C. Kielt, principal; Miss M. Hassan, assistant.  Cross Roads - Mrs. J. Hegarty, principal; Mrs. K. Tohill, assistant.  Lislea - Miss McKay, principal; Mrs. Bradley, assistant.  Kilrea - S. J. McCarther, B.A., principal; Miss Long and Miss T. Kelso, assistants.  Lismoyle - Mrs. Cousley, principal; Mrs. V. Church, assistant
          Convent of Mercy P.S. - Sister M. Alphonsus, principal; Sister M. Claire and Sister M. Marie Therese, assistants
          Kilrea Primary School Committee - Rev. I. Wilson (chairman), Rev. G. R. McDowell, Rev. S. W. Johnston, W. A. Craig, J. Knipe, J. Hutchinson, J. K. Buchanan
          Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths - W. Kerr
          Commissioner for Affidavits - M. S. Wilson, C.P.S.
          Market Committee - I. McAuley, M.R.C.V.S., Kenneth Woods and John T. Proctor
          Clerk of Markets - H. Blair
          Kilrea Turbary Trust - George Campbell, J.P. (chairman), George G. Campbell, George A. McIlrath, J.P., Michael McAlary, James Crockett. Superintendent, J. A. Crockett
          Swateragh Turbary Trustees - C. McCormack, secretary and superintendent; John McEldowney, P. O'Brien, W. Currie and W. Church Tomb
          Water and Sanitary Committee - The Rural District Councillors of Kilrea Dispensary District
          Rate Collector - J. A. Cameron
          St. Patrick's Parish Church Youth Guild Badminton Club - Rev. S. W. Johnston, M.A., president
          Golf Club - S. Martin, secretary; W. Gamble, competition secretary
          Masonic Lodge No. 16 meets third Friday in each month
          R.B.P. - "Knights of the Bann" meets on last Thursday of each month
          Orange Lodges - "Marksmen" L.O.L. 364, last Tuesday of each month;  "Apprentice Boys" L.O.L. 366, first Monday of each month;  Lisnagrot L.O.L. 1517, first Wednesday of each month;  Lislea L.O.L., second Thursday of each month
          A.O.H. Divisions: Kilrea 216 - W. J. McDonald, president; Mullan 378 - P. Tohill, president; Gortmacrane 169 - James McShane, president
          Women's Institute - Mrs. Cole, president; Miss Long, vice-president; Mrs. S. Wallace, secretary; Mrs. Harbison and Mrs. W. Adams, treasurers; Mrs. S. C. Paul, Press correspondent
          Ulster Farmers' Union - G. A. McIlrath, J.P., R.D.C., chairman; Hugh Killough, vice-chairman; T. S. Graham, secretary; James Burnside, treasurer
          Young Farmers' Club - President, W. A. Craig; club leader, John Bolton; hon. secretary, Gordon Crockett; hon. treasurer, R. Kelso; Press correspondent, Elizabeth Moon
          Press correspondent - William Holmes, Woodland Park
          U.T.A. Parcel Agent - G. Bradley, Diamond


          Post Office - Sub-Postmaster, P. J. McGlade. Mails arrive at 7.55 a.m.; despatched at 5.10 p.m.  Sub-offices - Curran, R. Lennox, postmistress; Mayogall, P. Boyle, postmaster
          Primary Schools: Derganagh - Mrs. Cousley, principal;  Gulladuff - Donal Curry, principal;  Curran - W. Graham, principal;  Dreenan - Mrs. P. Diamond, principal;  Rocktown - J. Morgan, principal;  Lemnaroy - Mrs. Mackle, principal
          Lavey Sports and Amusement Committee - Rev. J. Maguire, P.P., president; A. Halferty, treasurer; D. Curry, secretary
          Orange Lodges: "Rising Sons of Ulster" No. 401 meets in Orange Hall, Knockloughrim, third Wednesday in month.  "Hamilton True Blues" No. 121 meets in Orange Hall, Curran.  Ballinacross "Purple Guards" L.O.L. 1713 meets 2nd Monday each month in King George VI Memorial Hall
          R.B.P.: "Red Cross Knights" No. 746 meets in Orange Hall, Knockloughrim, first Wednesday in month
          Curran Masonic Lodge meets in Curran Masonic Hall, first Tuesday
          Lavey Camogie Club - D. McMullan, secretary
          Lavey Erin's Own G.A.C. - Chairman, Brian Mulholland; secretary, Colm Higgins


          Post Office - Mrs. McKay, postmistress
          Glendun Primary School - Mrs. Lynn, Cushendun
          Knocknacarry Primary School - Mrs. O'Hara, principal; Mrs. P. McKay


          Post Office, Main Street - Postmaster, Mr. Robert A. Drennan. Telegraph, Telephone, Money Order and Savings Bank business transacted
          Urban Council - R. Nicholl (chairman_, W. J. Barbour (vice-chairman), R. H. Connor, James Gilloway, Henry Hull, William Morrison, sen., Lieut.-Colonel C. R. McCausland, M.C., D.L., H. P. McLaughlin, Alistair Smyth.  Clerk - Maxwell S. Thompson; Town Surveyor - G. Trotter, B.Sc.; Town Hall caretaker - Robert Allen
          Limavady War Memorial Trust - Lieut.-Colonel C. R. McCausland, M.C., D.L. (chairman), R. G. Connell, R. A. Drennan, Colonel C. L. Emmerson, James Gilloway and T. H. Stuart; secretary, Joseph Miller, 24 Benbraddagh Avenue, Limavady
          Roe Valley Hospital, Irish Green Street - Medical Officer, P. M. Roemmele, F.R.C.S.; Superintendent Nurse and Matron, Miss C. A. Green, S.R.N., S.C.M.; Assistant Matron, Miss S. F. McCay, S.R.N., S.C.M.
          Limavady Voluntary Welfare Association - President, Mrs. R. G. Connell; hon. secretary, Miss A. C. Shearman; hon. treasurer, Mrs. J. Hunter
          Ulster Teachers' Union (Limavady Branch) - Chairman, T. C. H. Allen (Eglinton P.S.); hon. secretary and treasurer, W. H. Brewster, B.A. (Highlands P.S.)
          Soroptimist Club of Limavady - President, Mrs. M. L. Boyle; vice-president, Mrs. Isobel Smyth; hon. secretary, Miss Marion A. Crawford, B.A.; hon. treasurer, Miss C. A. Green, S.R.N., S.C.N.
          Roe Angling Association - President, Mrs. E. Boyle-McCausland; chairman, Lieut.-Colonel C. R. McCausland, M.C., D.L.; hon. treasurer, C. C. Connolly; hon. secretary, Col. C. L. Emmerson, The Leeke, Limavady
          Women's Institute - President, Mrs. H. Brown, B.A.; vice-president, Mrs. W. Black; hon. secretary, Mrs. N. Austin; hon. treasurer, Mrs. C. I. Roulston
          News Room Club, Town Hall, Main Street - Chairman, W. Semple; treasurer, Victor Love
          Ulster Transport Authority - Station, Main Street; chief clerk, R. H. Connor; operating clerk, F. W. C. Head; passenger inspector, B. Smyton; 'bus depot, Railway Station
          "Northern Constitution" Branch Office - 17 Market Street
          Northern Ireland Electricity Board District Office, Linenhall Street; District Engineer, J. Stevenson, J.P., A.M.I.E.E.
          Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange - Killane Road. Manager, R. T. Woodfine
          N.I. Fire Authority Station - Catherine Street; Section Leader, Samuel Beattie
          Banks: Northern - Catherine Street, H. E. Lindsay, manager.  Belfast - Main Street, V. H. McIlmoyle, manager.  Ulster - Catherine Street, D. H. Kempston, manager.  Belfast Savings - Main Street, H. Conn, manager
          Markets - Market Yard, Main Street - Weigh master, D. McCorrin
          Recreation Club, Killane - President, W. H. H. Brown, B.Sc.; hon. secretary, J. Stevenson, A.M.I.E.E., J.P.; hon. treasurer, H. A. Lindsay; tennis secretary, A. Smyth
          Limavady, Dungiven and Ballykelly Savings Committee - President, J. T. Irwin, A.M.I.E.E.; chairman, A. V. Bunn; hon. secretary, R. A. Drennan
          Limavady Young Farmers' Club - President, Max Gault; vice-presidents, Senator J. C. Drennan, C.B.E., D.L., J.P., John W. McCloy, William Young, Stanley Gault and James Purcell; chairman, James McCarroll; club leader, Geoffrey Conn; assistant club leader, Joe Morrison; hon. secretary, Margaret I. Foster; assistant hon. secretary, Deborah Auld; hon. treasurer, Ian Campbell
          Limavady Agricultural Society - President, J. Shannon; Chairman, Senator J. C. Drennan, C.B.E., D.L., J.P.; hon. secretary, N. Austin, B.A.
          Limavady District L.O.L. No. 6 - (Meets quarterly) - Officers: Brs. W. A. Douglas, W.D.M.; W. McFarland, D.D.M.; Rev. S. J. Heaslett, B.A., Rev. J. N. Cochrane, B.A., and Rev. T. J. Stinson, M.A., chaplains; D. Donaldson, lay chaplain; R. Nicholl, 83 Irish Green Street, Limavady, assistant district secretary; M. Pollock, Roe View Park, Limavady, assistant secretary; D. Wallace, district treasurer
          Orange Hall (Catherine Street) - Caretaker, Samuel Pollock
          Orange Lodges - Limavady 254 (meets first Monday in each month); 255 (first Wednesday); 657 (first Thursday); 997 (second Wednesday); Myroe 259 (first Friday); Bovevagh 260 (first Friday); Edenmore 644 (first Thursday); Ballynarrig 650 (first Tuesday); Ballyquin 645 (first Thursday); Aghanlee 656 (first Wednesday); Ballykelly 699 (first Tuesday); Ardinariff 905 (first Wednesday); Bellarena 984 (first Thursday); Largy 988 (first Monday) Dungiven 2036 (second Tuesday)
          "Pride of the Roe! Women's L.O.L. No. 100 (meets first Tuesday in each month)
          Limavady Branch "No Surrender" Club Apprentice Boys of Derry - (meets second Monday in each month).  Myroe Branch (third Friday);  Bovevagh and Ardinariff Branch (quarterly);  Bellarena Branch (quarterly)
          "Star of the East" Royal Black Preceptory No. 97, Limavady (meets second Thursday in each month)
          North Derry Unionist Association (Limavady Branch) - President, M. J. C. Walker; vice-presidents, R. H. Connor, Miss Boon, Mrs. J. McCaughey; chairman, J. Stevenson; hon. secretary, John Hunter; hon. treasurer, Mrs. J. Stevenson
          Masonic Lodges - "St. Alban's 119 (meets first Tuesday in each month) at Masonic Hall, Linenhall Street; "Alexandra" 366 (third Tuesday); Royal Arch Chapter (third Friday). Masonic Hall Caretaker, Andrew Miller
          Ulster Farmers' Union (Limavady Branch) - Chairman, J. D. Gibson; hon. secretary, T. Harbinson; hon. treasurer, John E. Campbell
          Public Officers - Superintendent Registrar of births, marriages and deaths, Mrs. D. V. Clements; Deputy Superintendent Registrar, J. Clements, sen.; Registrar of births, marriages, and deaths, Dr. R. A. Reid; deputy, Mrs. Reid; Registrar of marriages, Mrs. D. V. Clements; deputy, A. Mitchell; Clerk of Petty Sessions, Malcolm S. Wilson; Rate Collector, James Shannon; Divisional Medical Officer, Dr. Rory Louis Carson; Divisional Public Health Inspector, F. D. Taylor; Coroner, B. W. McCloskey; deputy, Dr. J. A. Keohane; Commissioner for Oaths, Malcolm S. Wilson, C.P.S.; School Attendance Officer, H. J. Montgomery
          Limavady Naturalists' Field Club - President, Mrs. H. Conn; vice-president, Rev. R. B. Lyons; joint hon. secretaries, Mrs. S. C. Clayden and J. W. Clemetson; treasurer, T. J. Gibson
          War Memorial Institute - Caretaker, James Rodden
          Primary Schools: Limavady County - Principal, J. Thompson, M.A.; Ogilby - Principal, W. A. Cooke; Termon Canice - Principal, Miss M. O'Neill, L.T.C.L., Dip.Ed.; Roemill - Principal, Mrs. P. A. O'Rourke; Myroe - Principal, Mrs. M. W. Miller; Carrowmena - Principal, Mrs. A. S. Davidson; Dunbrock - Principal, E. M. O'Neill; Largy - Principal, W. H. Green; Highlands - Principal, H. Brewster; Kilbready - Principal, S. Fleck; Roe - Principal, Miss C. M. Crilly; Bellarena - Principal, Miss E. Moore
          Limavady Secondary Intermediate School - Principal, J. S. H. Stewart, B.A., Dip.Ed.
          Convent of the Little Flower, Irish Green Street - Rev. Mother, principal
          Technical Intermediate College - Principal, F. Wakefield, B.A.
          Limavady Grammar School - Principal, Stanley C. Clayden, B.A., 1st class hons. (Lond.)
          St. Mary's Secondary Intermediate School - Principal, Patrick White.  Greystone Hall School - Principal, F. G. Carrington
          Limavady Grammar School Former Pupils' Association - President, F. E. Acheson; vice-president, Mrs. R. A. Reid; hon. secretary, Miss M. McCunn; hon. treasurer, J. R. O'Kane
          Limavady Adult Educational Group - President, A. MacLurg, B.A.; hon. secretary, Mrs. S. E. Clayden; hon. treasurer, J. W. Clemetson
          Limavady Arts Council Committee - Chairman, H. Gough, M.A., M.B.E.; hon. secretary, R. G. Linton, D.A., A.T.D.; hon. treasurer, J. Wylie
          Union of Post Office Workers - Chairman, J. G. McKay; hon. secretary, R. J. Holmes; hon. treasurer, W. J. Archibald
          U.S.P.C.A. Limavady Sub-Committee - President, Mrs. G. I. Lane; hon. secretary, Mrs. S. C. Clayden; hon. treasurer, S. C. Clayden, B.A.
          R.U.C. - Henry H. Shute, District Inspector; S. Jackson, Head Constable
          Ulster Special Constabulary Headquarters - R.U.C. Station; District Commandant, W. Thompson, M.B.E., J.P.; Sergeant Instructor, J. Thompson
          St. Patrick's Catholic Temperance Hall (open daily from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.) - Rev. J. McGarvey, P.P.; caretaker, Daniel McGuigan
          British Legion (Limavady Branch) - President, Colonel C. L. Emmerson; vice-presidents, Lieut.-Colonel C. R. McCausland, M.C., D.L., Major M. La. T. McCausland, R. A. Drennan; chairman, R. A. Drennan; vice-chairman, T. Patton; hon. secretary, J. Canny; assistant hon. secretary, J. Miller; hon. treasurer, J. S. H. Stewart, B.A., Dip.Ed.
          British Legion (Limavady Women's Section) - President, Mrs. R. Macrory; chairman, Lady Margaret McCausland; vice-chairman, Mrs. Boyle; hon. secretary, Mrs. F. Coles; hon. treasurer, Miss R. Douthart; standard-bearer, Mrs. M. Eastman; deputy, Mrs. E. Bartlett
          British Sailors' Society (Limavady Ladies' Guild) - President, Mrs. R. Macrory; vice-presidents, Lady Margaret McCausland, Mrs. W. A. Lane, Lady MacDonald-Tyler; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mrs. J. Stevenson
          Royal National Lifeboat Institution (Limavady Branch) - President, Mrs. J. Hunter; hon. secretary, Mrs. H. Gough
          Society of St. Vincent de Paul - President, Edward McGlinchey; vice-president, Jack Walsh; hon. secretary, James Loughrey; hon. treasurer, Hugh Doherty
          Limavady Old and Handicapped People's Welfare Association - President, Mrs. V. Moffatt; chairman, Lieut.-Colonel C. R. McCausland, M.C., D.L.; vice-chairman, D. Roulston; secretary, Miss A. C. McLaughlin; treasurer, Mrs. J. Maxwell; assistant treasurer, Mrs. A. Rodden; auditor, G. Cowan; club leader, Mrs. I. Archibald; assistant club leaders, Mrs. J. Baxter and Mrs. M. Tate
          St. John Ambulance Brigade Nursing Division - President, Mrs. R. C. Moore; vice-president, Mrs. I. Smyth; superintendent, Miss M. J. Carleton
          Nursing Cadet Division - President, Mrs. T. Gault; superintendent, Mrs. L. Ryan; cadet officer, Mrs. A. Watson
          Limavady Round Table - Chairman, J. Clements; vice-chairman, R. J. Smyth; secretary, I. Davidson; assistant secretary, K. Murphy; treasurer, R. McCully; Press representative, R. Lambe; honorary member, Mr. G. Orr
          Limavady Ladies' Circle - Chairman, Mrs. G. Orr; vice-chairman, Mrs. J. Kerr; secretary, Mrs. J. Clements; treasurer, Mrs. J. Kane; Area representative, Mrs. Shena Conn
          Limavady Chamber of Commerce - President, S. N. Kyle; vice-president, Dr. J. Robertson; secretary, A. Semple; assistant secretary, J. Martin; treasurer, G. Cowan
          District Nurse:- Limavady - Nurse I. McElhinney, S.R.N., S.C.N.
          Limavady Girl Guides' Local Association - President, Mrs. R. A. Reid; District Commissioner, Miss M. McCunn; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mrs. J. Brolly
          Royal Naval Association (Limavady Branch) - President, P. M. Roemmele, F.R.C.S.; chairman, W. A. Simpson; hon. secretary, G. Thompson; hon. treasurer, R. J. Holmes
          Limavady Old People's Home, Roe Park House - Manager, Alfred Cooke; matron, Miss C. Doherty, S.R.N.; assistant matron, Miss E. Smylie, S.R.N.
          Limavady Territorial Army ( Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers) - Officer Commanding, Lieut. D. H. Johnston; permanent staff instructor, W. P. O'Neill
          Army Cadet Force - Officer Commanding, Captain R. A. Drennan; lieutenant, A. H. Clyde
          Limavady Youth Club - Chairman, James Barbour; club leader, Bill Jones; secretary, Miss B. Ussher; treasurer, J. Hasson; assistant treasurer, Miss H. McFarland
          Roe Valley Junior Young Farmers' Club - President, J. S. H. Stewart, B.A., Dip.Ed.; vice-presidents, J. Wylie, S. Marshall, R. Robinson, N. Austin, D. Harper; senior leader, W. A. Dallas; junior leader, Linda Richings; secretary, Rosemary McLaughlin; assistant secretary, T. McCallion; treasurer, S. Graham; assistant treasurer, N. Moore; chairman, J. McIlmoyle, Helen Kennedy, Melanie Callaghan
          First Roe Valley Scout Troop - District Commissioner, R. W. C. Clements, B.A.; scoutmaster, L. Adams
          First Roe Valley Cubs - Scoutmaster, R. W. C. Clements, B.A.
          Limavady Credit Union - Chairman, A. O'Brien; treasurer, J. V. Walsh; secretary, L. C. Donaghy; committee - E. McGlinchey, P. O'Kane, D. Doherty, T. W. Welsh, J. Coghlan, J. Gallagher, R. Hasson, P. McNamara, M. Bell, C. Ferris
          Judo - The Ken-Cho-Kai (Dog Leap Association) - Limavady instructor, W. Norris; secretary, F. Cummings; treasurer, A. Rankin
          Y.W.C.A. - President, Mrs. R. B. Lyons; vice-president, Miss M. McKittrick; secretary, Miss M. Carleton; treasurer, Mrs. A. Watson


          Post Office - William Glassey, postmaster. Arrivals of mails, 7.35 a.m. Despatch of mails, Monday to Friday, 3.40 p.m.; Saturday, 2.10 p.m.  Drumcoon Post Office - John Faith, postmaster. Mails arrive at 10.15 a.m.; despatch, 3.15 p.m.
          Orange Lodges:- Ballinteer No. 4; Castleroe 212; Macosquin 310; Leck 573; Ballinrees 1032 (all meet first Monday in each month); Articlave meets first Thursday in every month. Macosquin District No. 8 - James Morrow, W.D.M.; Ellis McMath, District Secretary
          Royal Black Preceptories - Blackhill 71, meets third Thursday in every month; Articlave R.B.P., meets third Thursday in month; Macosquin 256 meets last Monday in month
          Public Elementary Schools:- Killaig - J. T. Reade, principal; Macosquin - Mrs. Wm. Kane; Killure - Mr. Cunningham, principal; Ringsend - R. McCully, principal; Ballinrees - Mrs. Moore, principal
          British Legion - President, H. Baillie; chairman and treasurer, J. Martin; secretary, S. Boyce
          Macosquin Branch Ulster Farmers' Union - Chairman, John Crowe; secretary, W. Glassey


          Post Office - F. H. E. Thompson, Postmaster. Office hours, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, close at 1 p.m.  Mails arrive 8 a.m., 2.45 p.m.; despatches at 9 a.m., 3 p.m., 6.45 p.m.  Pillarbox collection, 8 a.m., 2.30 p.m., 6.30 p.m.  Letters are delivered twice in town and once in rural district. Public call phones (kiosk) - Bank Square, Glen Road. Sub offices - Fallagloon: Francis Hassin, postmaster;  Lisnamuck: P. Lagan, postmaster; Swatragh: Mrs. B. Montague, postmistress;  Tirkane: J. McKenna, postmaster
          Markets:- General - Tuesday, Grain and Grass-seed
          R.U.C. - Sergeant T. Hood, five constables
          Civil Defence - H. Wilson, area superintendent C. McKee, district lecturer and secretary
          Schools: Parochial - Miss Lees, principal;  Miss Keightley and Mrs. Hutchinson, assistants.  Presbyterian P.E. - C. McKee, B.A., principal;  Mrs. McKee and Mrs. Cousley, assistants.  Fairhill National - Boys: C. Breddin, principal; Miss O'Kane, Mrs. M. Bradley and M. Kelly, assistants. Girls: Mrs. J. McKenna, principal; Mrs. J. McGuckin, Miss Lagan and Miss McEldoney, assistants.  Lisnamuck - Daniel Bradley, principal; Miss A. McKeague, assistant.  Fallagloon - T. Stone, principal; Mrs. Cassidy, assistant.  Beagh P.S. - H. M. Gillen, principal; Miss Lee, assistant.  Tirkane - J. Trainor, principal; Agnes O'Doherty and Jose Convery, assistants
          County Secondary School, Largantogher - J. Graham, B.A., Dip.Ed., principal; J. Mitchell, B.Sc., Dip.Ed.; vice-principal; R. Armstrong, Mrs. M. P. Dunlop, C. H. Dunlop, A.R.C.M., M. A. Dunlop, B.A., H.Dip.Ed., R. Grattan, J. H. Hagan, B.A., W. McConaghy, B.A., Miss M. C. McCormick, Mrs. E. Phillips, Miss A. I. Young, Miss D. Paisley, Mrs. M. E. Bole
          St. Patrick's Boys' High School - Rev. T. p. Donnelly, B.A.(Hons.), S.T.L., headmaster; Rev. K. J. McKenna, B.A.(Hons.), H.Dip.Ed., vice-principal; J. J. Convery, C. J. V. Murphy, B.A. (Q.U.B.), P. J. Quigg, B.A.(Q.U.B.), P. M. Collins, J. F. McKenna, G. M. Dempsey, B.Sc. (U.C.D.), J. J. Murphy, B.A. (Q.U.B.), M. J. Mooney, B.A. (Q.U.B.), S. P. McKenna, B.Agr.Sc. (U.C.D.), F. R. Cusack, B.A. (U.C.D.), Miss M. C. McMahon
          St. Mary's Girls' Intermediate School - Miss Maureen McGranaghan, B.A., L.T.C.L., headmistress; Miss Madge Murtagh, P.T., Miss Dympna McAloon, P.P., Miss Maire McDonald, P.T., Miss Mary McCorkell, P.T., Stephen McKenna, B.Agr.Sc.
          Banks:- Ulster Bank - C. French, manager.  Northern Banking Co. Ltd. - Brian McCormick, manager
          Maghera "Sons of William" L.O.L. 209 meets second Tuesday of month.  Curragh "Rising Sons of Joshua" 855, first Thursday of month.  "Dr. Cook Memorial" R.B.P. 1138 meets first Tuesday of month in Maghera Hall.  Junior L.O.L. 191 meets second Thursday of month.  W. T. McKee, superintendent
          A.O.H. Division No. 301 - P. Moran, president, meets National Hall of first Tuesday of month.  Glen Division No. 367 - P. Convery, president, meets second Thursday.  Mayogall 265, Rocktown, meets first Sunday in month
          Masonic Lodge No. 42 meets third Monday of month
          U.T.A. Service Parcel Depot - Messes. J. C. McKinney & Son, Ltd.
          Nurses' Residence - Nurse Maureen Kennedy, Nurse Pat. Black
          Registrar - Dr. Johnston
          Assistant Registrar, Births, Marriages and Deaths - Dr. Love
          Commissioner of Oaths - J. R. Crawford, Co.C.
          Farmers' Union - M. J. Graham, president; S. J. McDowell, hon. secretary; J. Mallon, treasurer
          Brackagh Hall Committee - J. Cushnahan, chairman; D. Lagan, secretary; F. McKeague, treasurer
          Maghera Fire Service - F. Leslie, section leader.  Rescue Section - J. Scott, leading rescue man
          Curragh Young Farmers' Club - Moore J. Graham, president; Henry Martin, leader; Elizabeth Michael, secretary; Ian Michael, treasurer
          School Attendance Officer - Alexander Bradley
          Public Service Stations - Eakin, The Gort; J. W. Cunningham, Garage, Bank Square; John Doherty, Glen Road
          "Watty Graham" G.F.C. (Glen) - Joseph Moran, chairman; V. O'Kane, secretary; P. Conway, treasurer
          Emmets G.F.C. (Slaughtneil) - Neal Bradley, president; J. McEldowney, chairman; Thomas McAlister, hon. secretary
          Orange Hall Badminton Club - J. A. Scott, president; Miss Helen Nelson, hon. secretary; E. Canning, captain
          Tennis Club - H. M. Gillen, captain; Miss K. Gray, secretary-treasurer
          Swiss Embroidery Factory - J. Best, manager
          Boy Scouts - George Dinsmore, Scoutmaster
          Wolf Cubs - Bertie Hazlett, Cub-master
          County Council Branch Office - Main Street, C. O'Hagan, B.E., assistant surveyor
          Curragh Young Farmers' Dramatic Society - R. Evans Burns, B.A., LL.B., M.B.E., president; Roy W. Shiels, R.D.C., producer
          Women's Institute - Mrs. J. Kane, president; Mrs. F. Caldwell, secretary; Mrs. S. Flynn, treasurer
          C.Y.M.S. - President, Rev. P. J. Monagle, P.P.; secretary, J. McGugan; treasurer, F. Scullion
          St. Vincent de Paul Society - O. Walsh, president; F. Scullion, vice-president; J. Murphy, secretary; P. Cassidy, treasurer
          Civil Bill Officer - Arnold Houston
          Savings Group - Chairman, J. Burns; hon. secretary, H. Gillan
          Business closing hours, 6 p.m.; Saturdays, 6 p.m.; Thursday (half-holiday), 1 p.m.
          Cinema - Leo McKenna, manager
          Youth Physical Culture Club - National Hall
          Christian Workers' Union - Mitchell Memorial Hall; Mr. R. J. Martin, president
          Tillage Officer; S. M. Radcliffe; Advisory Officer, R. Mulholland
          Farmers' Union Insurance - S. J. McDowell, agent
          Maghera Dramatic Society - Rev. B. Duffy, C.C., producer
          Maghera United F.C. - Howard Cunningham, secretary; E. Canning, captain; S. Atkinson, treasurer
          Shipping and Air Agents - J. C. McKinney & Son, Ltd.
          Rate collector - H. Moore
          Maghera Branch Unionist Association - J. R. Crawford, C.C., R.D.C., chairman; F. H. E. Thompson, treasurer; A. Bradley, secretary
          Branch County Library (Main Street) - Mrs. Cunningham, librarian; Mrs. Reid, assistant
          Poultry Advisory Officer for South Derry - Miss Diamond


          Post Office, Telegraph Office, Money Order Office and Savings Bank - William Ringland, postmaster
          Coroner - Dr. W. Cousley, J.P., Moneymore; Deputy Coroner, Mr. D. S. Badger, Solicitor
          Commissioner for taking Affidavits - J. W. Stewart, C.P.S.
          Markets - Grain, Monday; general market, Thursday; livestock sales every Wednesday and Thursday
          Banks:- Belfast, D. G. McNeill, manager;  Northern, R. McClure, manager;  Ulster, S. Dickson, manager;  National, V. O'Leary
          Rainey Endowed School - W. R. Todd, B.A., H.Dip.Ed., headmaster
          Principal of Technical Intermediate School - R. McCormick, B.Com., B.Sc.
          Principal of County Intermediate School - Mr. D. T. R. Baillie
          Principal of St. Pius X Voluntary Intermediate School - Edward Quinn
          County Primary School - D. L. Moffatt, principal, King Street (Male) - P. Kilpatrick, principal;  Female - Taught by Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.  Ballymulderg - Miss K. Burns
          Technical Sub-Committee - Mrs. L. J. Higgins, Rev. Dr. J. Johnston, Messrs. E. Speers, R. Shiels, R. A. Brown, J.P., H. McMaster, W. Logan, D. S. Badger, T. J. Bradley
          Royal Ulster Constabulary - E. Woods, District-Inspector
          Masonic Lodge No. 211 meets second Friday in each month
          Orange Institution - "O'Hara Purple Guards" L.O.L. No. 310 - W.M., Joseph Wylie; secretary, James Leacock; meets first Monday in each month.  Magherafelt District L.O.L. No. 3 - W.D.M., William Anderson; secretary, J. Leacock; meets first Wednesday each quarter.  Magherafelt District R.A.P. Chapter, meets first Wednesday in each half year.  Magherafelt R.B.P. - W.M., George Scott; registrar, James Leacock; meets last Tuesday in month
          Browning Club Apprentice Boys (Magherafelt Branch) - Wm. Purvis, president; John Collins, vice-president; J. Leacock, secretary; D. K. Leacock, treasurer
          Labour Exchange - Manager, J. Millar
          G.A.A. Club - O'Donovan Rossas


          Post Office - Capt. R. W. Harris, J.P., postmaster
          Drapers' Charity - Capt. R. W. Harris, J.P., secretary
          R.U.C. - Sergeant, W. J. Junkin
          Moneymore Dairy Society - Mrs. T. Hanna
          Schools:- P.E. School, W. W. Bole, principal; St. Patrick's. P. Breen; Ballinderry, Mrs. Crossett; Ballynenagh, Mrs. McKinley; Cranny, Mrs. Matthew
          Moneymore Co-operative Stores Ltd. - Cyril Martin, manager
          Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths - Dr. Wm. Cousley, J.P.
          Savings Committee - Captain R. W. Harris, chairman; F. B. Anderson, secretary


          Post Office - Sub-Postmistress, Mrs. M. D. Murphy. Mails arrive 6.40 a.m., despatched 3.15 p.m. There is a call office and postal order office
          Schools:- Mosside P.E. (Presbyterian) - Principal, S. J. Gardiner; assistants, Margaret E. McCormick, M. B. Beggs.  Drumtullagh P.E. (Church of Ireland) - Principal, Mrs. J. Ferguson
          Mosside Presbyterian Church - Services 12 noon each Sunday; preacher, Rev. Ian McDowell, B.A.; organist, Miss Jean Simpson
          Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. J. T. Gaston, Drumtullagh
         Northern Bank Agency - William Coleman. Open Thursdays, 12 to 1 p.m.
          Registrar of Marriages - J. B. Ekin, Ballycastle
          District Correspondent - S. W. Morrison
          Mosside Independent L.O.L. No. 25 - R. Murphy, W.M.; John Simpson, D.M.; T. J. Young, secretary; David Kelly, treasurer; William Green, chaplain. Meets first Monday each month
          Farmers' Union - President, A. McLernon; vice-president, W. W. McKinney; secretary, J. Black; treasurer, Vincent Thompson
          U.T.A. Agent - S. W. Morrison (Telephone: Dervock 294)
          Mosside L.O.L. No. 1173, Rising Sons of Ulster - R. McLaughlin, W.M.; A. Stevenson, D.M.; Robert McAleese, secretary; M. Munnis, treasurer; D. Baird, jun., chaplain. Meets first Wednesday each month
          Young Farmers' Club - President, A. A. Lyle McKinley, J.P.; secretary, Roy Irwin; treasurer, Gardner McBride; club leader, Robert Chestnutt; Press correspondent, Miss Ann Hodges
          M.R.C.V.S. - Alexander Pollock, Knockmore, Mosside (Telephone Dervock 316)
          "B" Specials - James Gillespie, Sub-District Commandant
          District Nurse and Maternity Nurse - Miss S. A. Hill, Ederone, Stranocum. Telephone 262
          Garage - James Adams, Mosside
          Northern Antrim Mills, Ltd. - J. A. McKay, Mosside
          Youth Club 0 Meets every Monday evening
          W.M.A. - Meets third Wednesday each month
          Boys' Brigade - Meets every Friday evening


          Postmistress - Miss Mary G. Warnock
          Schools:- Moneyhaughan (Roman Catholic) - Patrick J. Donnelly (principal), Miss Gormley, Miss McLaughlin, Mrs. J. Donnelly, Kilgort (Roman Catholic) - J. S. Stone (principal_, Mrs. P. J. Gormley, Mrs. Stone
          Maternity Nurse - Mrs. McLean
          District Nurse - Miss Kee, Claudy
          Shipping Agent - P. McLaughlin
          Auctioneers and Valuers B. McLoughlin & Son
          "Northern Constitution" sold by Mr. M. P. McElhinney


          Postmaster - Robert J. Madden. Mails arrive at 8.20 a.m., 12.40 p.m. and 3 p.m., and are despatched at 8.30 a.m., 4 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.
          Branch of Northern Bank - R. S. Boyd, manager
          Primary Schools - St. Mary's - Mr. T. Gribben, Mrs. V. O'Connell, Miss McNally.  Town - R. A. Mills, Miss Chesney, Mrs. Connolly, Mrs. Suitters and Mr. A. Welshman.  Aughnacleagh - Mrs. W. Millar and Mrs. Stewart.  Shearman Memorial - Mr. M. Duffin and Mrs. Hurl.  Longstone - Mr. and Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Small.  Maybuoy - Mr. McBride, Miss Woodrowe.  Tullynahinnion - Miss Blair
          Orange Lodges - Gortfad No. 112, Milltown No. 205, Tully No. 335, Portglenone No. 910. McNeillstown No. 1017.  Killycoogan No. 1175.  Each lodge has its own hall, and with the exception of Portglenone, which meets on the first Tuesday, all meet on the first Monday of each month. The District L.O.L. No. 7 meets on the last Thursday of each quarter in Portglenone Hall
          Bannside Unionist Association - Men's Branch - H. A. Hanna, treasurer
          Bannside Women's Unionist Association (Portglenone Branch) - The Hon. Mrs. Terence O'Neill, president; Mrs. N. Rocks, vice-president; Miss Wallace, hon. treasurer; Mrs. R. Vaughan, hon. secretary
          Registrar of Births and Deaths - A. Welshman; Assistant Registrar - Miss Agnes Connaghty
          British Legion - President, Captain the Hon. T. O'Neill, M.P.; chairman, R. A. P. Chapman; treasurer, Jas. Swann, secretary, R. McClean
          St. Vincent de Paul Society Branch - President, N. Kearney; secretary, J. McLaughlin; treasurer, M. McAteer, Masonic Lodge No. 450 meets in Masonic Hall on fourth Friday each month
          Press Correspondent - Miss O. G. W. Fleming


          Post Office - J. McFadden, postmaster. Dhu Varren Sub-office - Bruce Cochrane
          Urban District Council - W. R. Knox, C.B.E., M.M., J.P. (chairman), D. D. Fleck (vice-chairman), A. Taggart, R. G. Macaulay, J. K. McMaster, A. Russell, A. N. Clarke, O.B.E., J. McNicholl, R. H. G. Aiken, W. F. N. Black, E. Duke, W. H. R. Robinson, H. D. Carson, J. A. Brolly, F. G. Blundell.  Clerk and Executive Officer, C. Marshall; Town Surveyor, Vacant; Town Officer, J. L. McDowell; Rate Collector, J. Shaw
          Sports Committee - W. R. Knox, president
          Holiday Information Bureau - Entertainments and Sports Officer, Captain W. R. Shutt, M.C.
          Hotels and Restaurants Association, Portrush area - R. G. Macauley, chairman; A. Shields, vice-chairman; Mrs. J. I. Fawcett, secretary and treasurer
          North Antrim Unionist Association, Portrush Branch - Mrs. Z. Thompson, chairman; E. Walmsley, secretary; D. M. McLaughlin, treasurer.  Women's Branch - Mrs, L. V. Ross, president and treasurer; Mrs. McLaughlin and Mrs. Mayrick, joint secretaries
          Young Unionists Association - Miss E. Lyle, president; C. Dyer, chairman; T. Kane, vice-chairman; Miss R. Mooney, secretary; Miss E. Livingstone, treasurer
          Waterworks - H. Lynn, caretaker
          Schools: County Primary School - H. O'H. Logan, principal.  Causeway Street - P. G. Fitzpatrick, principal.  Carnalridge - J. Bankhead, principal.  Technical - Donald H. W. Dickson, principal; K. C. Caldwell, vice-principal
          Electricity Board for Northern Ireland - C. G. D. Martin, local manager and district engineer
          Harbour Company - J. D. Hamilton, secretary; James Doherty, harbour master
          U.T.A. - W. E. Jefferson, traffic agent
          War Memorial Clubrooms - Dr. Sloan Bolton, chairman; J. W. Harrip, secretary; W. H. R. Robinson, treasurer; A. Diamond, caretaker
          Hopefield Hospital - Miss E. Crawford, matron; Mrs. P. Stallard, receptionist-clerk
          Portrush Lifeboat - Robt. McMullan, coxwain; G. Chambers, mechanic (coxswain)
          Town Hall Reading Rooms - Open week days. Hallkeeper - George Goodman
          Belfast Bank - Eric Kane, manager
          Northern Bank - T. W. R. Milner, manager
          Ulster Bank (agency) - Attended from Coleraine - July and August - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday; September to June - Monday to Thursday
          Royal Portrush Golf Club - Major H. F. Clark, president; John Rainey, captain; Colonel H. V. Glendinning, secretary; Belfast Bank, treasurers.  Ladies' Branch - Mrs. S. M. Bolton, president; Mrs. L. J. Higgins, captain; Miss K. D. O'Neill, secretary.  Rathmore Golf Club - Sir Anthony Babington, president; Jack McFall, captain; J. Bacon, hon. secretary; A. Taggart, treasurer
          "Union" Masonic Lodge No. 1008 - Meets in Masonic Hall first Monday of each month.  R.A.C. 1008 meets on alternate months
          "Shalman" Masonic Lodge 607 - Meets in the Masonic Hall last Thursday of each month, except July and August.  Rathmore Preceptory - Meets third Tuesday of each month.
          Orange Lodges: "Purple Heroes" No. 742 meets on first Wednesday of each month; Ballywillan "Sons of William" No. 1022 meets first Monday of each month.  "John Patrick" R.B.P. 157, Ballywillan - Meets third Tuesday of each month
          Ballywillan Apprentice Boys of Derry (Murray Club) - Meets second Monday of each month
          Dr. Barnardo's Homes, Local Committee - Mrs. T. L. Bamford, president
          British Legion, Portrush Branch - Dr. Sloan Bolton, president; Colonel H. V. Glendinning, chairman; A. Taggart, vice-chairman; W. J. McDonald, secretary; W. H. R. Robinson, treasurer; W. Haslam, standard-bearer.  Women's Section - Mrs. C. Lovell, president; Mrs. J. Q. Craig, chairman; Mrs. W. B. Black, vice-chairman; Mrs. L. V. Ross, secretary; Mrs. S. Wilson, treasurer; Mrs. A. Ross, standard-bearer
          St. Vincent de Paul Society - P. J. Reidy, president; P. G. Fitzpatrick, hon. secretary; C. McLaughlin, hon. treasurer
          Hockey Club - A. Stewart, patron; G. W. T. McCann, president; N. Cameron, chairman; B. Laverty, secretary; J. McNally, treasurer; J. Spears, captain; E. McAllister, vice-captain
          Swimming and Life-Saving Club - C. McKeown, president; G. W. T. McCann, treasurer; B. Moore, secretary, Charles McKeown, district representative, Ulster Branch, Royal Life-Saving Society
          Bowling Club - R. Bell, president; W. J. Scott, vice-president; C. L. Wragg, captain; A. G. Mayrick, secretary and treasurer.  Ladies' Club - Mrs. R. Adams, president; Mrs. H. Williamson, captain; Mrs. R. Wright, secretary; Mrs. W. Gilfillan, treasurer
          Indoor Bowling Club - The Rev. V. Silcock, president; H. Blackwood, captain; W. J. Scott, secretary; J. W. Baird, treasurer.  Ladies' Club - Mrs. Silcock, president; Mrs. E. Brown, captain; Mrs. J. W. Baird, secretary; Mrs. W. Gilfillan, treasurer
          Yacht Club - Colonel A. N. Clarke, president; Lieut. Commander M. E. Lewis, vice-president; E. Seeton, commodore; Dr. G. P. Marshall, rear commodore; F. Cogan, secretary; W. Stirling, treasurer
          Badminton Clubs: Holy Trinity Parish Church Club;  Presbyterian Church Club;  Ballywillan Club
          Ballywillan Parish Drama Group - Canon D. B. E. Perrin, M.A., president; Sir Hugh Campbell, chairman; W. J. C. Burleigh, secretary; T. W. R. Milner, treasurer
          Dramatic Society (The Portrush Players) - T. L. Bamford, president; N. W. Stafford, chairman; J. McMillan, secretary; Mrs. M. Campbell, treasurer
          Music Society - R. Aiken, chairman; Miss G. Woodrow, vice-chairman; Mrs. E. Bell, secretary; J. Hall, treasurer
          Portrush Scottish Society - P. MacArthur, hon. president; B. Wilson, president; M. R. Horsburgh, vice-president; Mrs. M. Smyth, treasurer; Mrs. E. Watson, secretary
          Workers' Educational Association (Portrush Branch) - T. W. R. Milner, chairman and secretary; Miss I. May, treasurer
          Women's Institute - Mrs. S. Barr, president; Mrs. F. N. Dunwoody, secretary; Mrs. R. H. G. Aiken, treasurer
          Business and Professional Women's Club - Miss M. McBride, president; Mrs. T. W. R. Milner, treasurer; Miss I. Caldwell, secretary
          Women's Missionary Association - Mrs. K. M. Alexander, president; Mrs. S. Wilson, secretary; Mrs. J. McMaster, treasurer
          Boys Brigade - J. Shearer, captain; W. Irwin, S. Watton, P. McGonagle and R. Quigley, lieutenants
          Life Boys - W. Johnston, leader-in-charge; Miss J. Glenfield and R. Hassan, leaders
          Scout Group - The Rev. V. Silcock, group scoutmaster; vacant, district scoutmaster; J. W. McConaghy, scoutmaster; David Kennedy, cub-master
          Church Lads Brigade - S. Johnston, captain; S. Kane and E. Clements, lieutenants.  Young Boys' Corps - S. Johnston
          Girl Guides - Miss M. S. Murphy, captain; Miss H. Hill, lieutenant
          Brownies - Brown Owl, Miss E. Craig; Tawny Owl, Miss H. Smyth
          Majestic Cinema - J. McGuckian, manager
          New Theatre - F. G. Bundell, proprietor
          Arcadia Ballroom - F. G. Blundell, proprietor
          R.U.C. - Sergeant W. Martin in charge and six constables. Phone 2121
          Ulster Special Constabulary - George Elliott, S.D.C.
          Civil Defence Corps, Portrush Unit - Mrs. S. E. Russell, senior welfare section officer; J. McNally, post warden.  Training Centre: 21 Princess Street.  Training night, Wednesday
          Northern Fire Authority - S. Henry, section-leader
          Cancer Research Fund, Portrush Branch - Miss E. F. Lyle, chairman; Mrs. L. V. Ross and Mrs. Dobbin, vice-chairmen; Mrs. H. V. Glendinning, hon. secretary; Miss M. McNally, hon. treasurer
          National Fund for Polio Research, Portrush Branch - Miss A. Woodrow, president and acting secretary; Mrs. A. Ross, vice-president and acting treasurer
          Ulster Savings Committee, Portrush Branch - T. W. R. Milner, chairman; K. C. Caldwell, secretary
          Nursing Division, St. John Ambulance Brigade - Dr. J. W. C. Hill, M.D., divisional surgeon; Miss J. Reagh, R.R.C., divisional superintendent; vacant, nursing officer; Mrs. L. Russell and Miss E. Craig, divisional officers; Miss J. Glenfield, hon. secretary; Mrs. L. Russell, hon. treasurer.  St. John Ambulance Nursing Cadets - Miss M. McIlveen, officer
          Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, J. W. McConaghy; deputy registrar, C. W. T. McCann.  Registry Office - Manse Avenue, Portrush
          Sea Cadets - Commanding officer, Lieut. W. A. Harte; president, W. R. Knox, C.B.E., M.M.; chairman, D. McMullan; vice-chairman, Dr. W. J. C. Hill; secretary, Miss J. Taggart; treasurer, J. Shaw


          Post Office, Telegraph and Telephone - D. G. Johnston
          Primary Schools: Portstewart - G. E. Preston, principal; St. Colum's R.C. - R. Storey, principal
          Urban District Council - A. G. Thompson (chairman), J. S. G. Earl (vice-chairman), S. A. Moss, H. R. Neill, G. C. Parlato, R. F. Taylor, M. S. McDevitt, J. Kincaid, J. J. McAuley, N. McLeod Gibson, J. Hayes.  Clerk - W. I. Cunningham.  Town Surveyor - R. C. Newell.  Rate Collector - E. Wilson.  Town Officer - W. J. Grace
          Town Hall, The Crescent - Contains Council chamber, clerk's office, surveyor's office, rate collector's office, library, committee rooms, concert hall, caretaker's house
          British Legion - President, Major R. Davison; chairman, J. Pegg; vice-chairman, W. C. Burke; secretary, E. C. Dinsmore; treasurer, Dr. W. McKinty; standard-bearer, M. Wilton; assistant standard-bearer, A. McCaughan
          British Legion (Women's Section) - President, Mrs. Gregson; chairman, Mrs. J. Pegg; vice-chairman, Mrs. Burke; hon. secretary, Miss M. McCloskey; hon. treasurer, Mrs. Wilson; standard-bearer, Miss J. Bacon
          Golf Club - President, S. S. Henry; captain, S. G. Martin; vice-captain, H. E. Doherty; hon. secretary, J. A. Armstrong; treasurers, Northern Bank; auditors, Messrs. Robert Walsh & Sons; Council - M. McLaughlin, S. J. Henry, J. T. Reade, S. A. Moss, R. J. Smyth, J. M. Madill, T. A. D. Martin, J. A. McGarvey, J. R. Patterson, A. Turnbull, M. J. W. Boyd, R. R. McIntosh (ex officio), F. Marks and J. O. H. Mackenzie.  Professional, J. N. Hunter.  Ladies' Branch - Captain, Mrs. N. M. Henry; vice-captain, Miss Hilary Freeburn; hon. secretary, Mrs. J. T. Reade; Committee - Mrs. J. W. Boyd, Mrs. R. Clarke, Mrs. J. M. M. Madill, Lady Neill, Mrs. H. J. McLain, Mrs. R. H. Hill, Mrs. P. J. Donnelly, Mrs. C. K. Toland and Miss I. Smyth
          Cromie Institute Trustees - Rev. J. E. Kennedy, M.A. and Rev. S. J. Fitzsimons, M.A.  Council of six members, three appointed by the Episcopal and three by the Presbyterian congregations. J. Earl, secretary
          Banks - Agencies of Belfast Banking Company, Northern Banking Company and Ulster Banking Company from Coleraine
          Harbour Master - S. Shaw
          Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages - D. Reid, Heathmount
          Orange Lodges - No. 579 meets in Cromie Memorial Orange Hall first Monday evening in month.  No. 721 meets in Orange Hall, Burnside, first Monday evening in month
          St. John Ambulance Brigade (Portstewart Nursing Division) - Meets every Tuesday in Presbyterian Church Hall.  Divisional Surgeon, Dr. R. D. Linden; superintendent, Miss P. K. Anderson; Nursing Officer, Vacant; hon. treasurer, Mrs. V. McLaughlin; hon. secretary, Mrs. V. Scott
          Women's Institute - Meets second Wednesday of month in Concert Hall, Town Hall.  President, Mrs. J. Farquharson; hon. secretary, Mrs. J. Watton; hon. treasurer, Miss V. Gilmore
          Business and Professional Women's Club - Meets first and third Wednesdays of month in Minor Town Hall.  President, Miss Joan Stubbington; vice-president, Miss G. Rosenthall; immediate past president, Mrs. K. Rothwell; hon. secretary, Mrs. N. Jessop; hon. treasurer, Miss J. Wilson; committee - Miss E. Williamson, Miss R. Nimmock, Mrs. M. Newcomb, Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. L. Kennedy; membership development officer, Miss Williamson; publicity, Mrs. Rothwell; tea, Mrs. Morrison
          St. John Ambulance Nursing Cadets - Meets every Monday in Methodist Hall.  Divisional surgeon, Dr. R. A. Monteith; superintendent, Mrs. E. M. Love
          Portstewart Masonic Lodge 404 meets second Monday in each month at 7.30 p.m.
          Electricity Board for Northern Ireland - C. G. Martin, area manager
          Northern Fire Authority - Station, Convention Avenue
          Music Festival Association - President and chairman, Mrs. S. S. Henry; vice-chairman, J. J. McAuley; secretary, Mrs. J. Pegg; treasurer, Mr. G. Thompson
          Drama Group - President, Mrs. J. L. Stanleigh; chairman, Eric Robinson; hon. secretary, Miss Kathleen A. Nicholson; hon. treasurer, Norman Simpson
          Agherton Parish Women's Fellowship - Meets first Tuesdays in winter months in Parochial Hall.  President, Mrs. J. E. Kennedy; vice-president, Mrs. S. Kelly; hon. secretary, Mrs. Broomham; hon. treasurer, Miss M. Thompson
          Strand Bridge Club - President, Dr. J. A. Hamilton; hon. secretary, Miss M. McCurdy; hon. treasurer, H. F. Bell
          Badminton Clubs - St. Colum's, Wanderers, Tuesday Night Club, Agherton
          Presbyterian Church Women's Missionary Association - Meets every fortnight from October to Marsh. President, Mrs. S. J. Fitzsimons; hon. secretary, Mrs. R. Morrison; joint treasurers, Mrs. D. Torrens and Miss F. Nevin; prayer secretary, Mrs. H. Lowe
          Methodist Church Women's Department - Meets Tuesdays in Church Hall. President, Mrs. R. H. Armstrong; hon. secretary, Mrs. R. M. Moore; hon. treasurer, Mrs. W. Smyth
          Boys' Brigade - Captain, S. Pollock; lieutenants, David Cleland and C. Shanks; warrant officers, G. Arrell and N. McKinney; chaplain, Rev. R. H. Armstrong. Meets in Methodist Church Hall
          Life Boys - Leader, Miss Margaret Smyth; assistant leader, Miss Glenda Smyth
          Girl Guides - District Commissioner, Mrs. N. Gibson.  First Company - Lieutenant in charge, Miss K. Finlay.  Second Company - Captain, Mrs. N. Gibson; Lieutenants, Mrs. Haycock and Miss E. McClure
          Second Brownie Pack - Brown Owl, Mrs. R. McGucken.  Third Pack - Brown Owl, Mrs. W. Doherty
          Presbyterian Youth Fellowship - Meets Wednesdays and Fridays.  President, Rev. S. J. Fitzsimons, M.A.
          Scout Troop - Meets in Scout Hall, York Avenue.  Scoutmaster, M. Platt.  Cub Pack - Cub-master, Mr. N. Gibson
          R.U.C. Station (Coleraine Road) - Sergeant J. J. McCauley in charge. Phone 2222
          North Derry Unionist Association (Portstewart Branch) - President, J. D. McCutcheon; chairman, G. C. O'Neill; secretary, Mrs. M. E. R. Grace; treasurer, J. Gilmour
          Derry County Council Branch Library - Town Hall.  Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 10-1 and 2-5 Wednesday, 6.30 to 7.30 p.m.


          Post Office - Mrs. M. J. Stuart, postmistress; Miss Phylis McErlaine, assistant. Mail deliveries 6.55 a.m. and 4.10 p.m.; despatches, 4.25 p.m. weekdays, 1.45 p.m. Saturdays
          Medical Officer and Registrar of Births - Dr. J. N. Patterson
          District Nurse - Mrs. Annie Mulholland, S.R.N., S.C.M.
          R.U.C. - Sergeant Robert Mitchell
          Primary Schools:- Rasharkin - James Giffen, principal; Mrs. Killough and Miss Warwick, assistants.  St. Patrick's (R.C.) - P. McAleese, principal.  St. Mary's - A. Rawlings, principal.  St. Peter's - Miss E. Doherty, principal.  St. Columba's - Mrs. McDonnell, principal.  Ballymaconnolly - Miss Stevenson, principal
          Orange Lodges:- L.O.L. No. 694 - Gordon Wallace, W.M.; James Beverland, Churchview, Rasharkin, secretary.  L.O.L. No. 950 - Joseph Bamford, W.M.; Alex. Douglas, "The Bungalow," Drumack, Rasharkin, secretary, R.B.P. - William Kennedy, W.M.; Samuel Anderson, Crushybracken, Rasharkin, secretary
          C.E. - Meets on Tuesday evenings.  Boys' Brigade - Meets on Wednesday evenings.  Captain, William H. Wilson
          Rasharkin Pipe Band - Meets on Monday nights. Instructor, Thomas McQuillan; secretary, John Keer, Churchill Crescent


          Post Office - Mrs. M. Cross, postmistress. Mails arrive 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. and depart 4.30 p.m. There is a Money Order, Postal Order and Telegraph Office
          Ulster Transport Authority - Mrs. M. Cross
          Schools:- Stranocum Primary - C. M. Nevin, principal;  Ballycraigagh Primary - Mrs. Irvine, principal;  Tullybane Primary - Miss I. Richmond
          District Nurse and Maternity Nurse - Nurse Hill, Ederone, Stranocum
          Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. Saunderson
          Registrar for Births, Marriages and Deaths - James Hanna, Ballymoney
          "Northern Constitution" Agents - Mrs. M. Cross and Alexander Chestnutt
          Reading and Recreation Club - F. Simpson, secretary
          "B" Specials - S. Rankin, Sub-District Commandant


          Post Office - Mrs. J. E. Hanna, sub-postmistress. Mails arrive at 8.20 a.m. and 2.35 p.m.; despatched at 5 p.m.  Office open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except Saturday, 1 p.m.). Kilcronaghan Sub-Office - J. Mawhinney, postmaster
          Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. William Johnston, Maghera
          Newsagents - Mrs. R. G. Henderson and Bertie Henderson
          Schools:- Tobermore P. School - R. Frazer, principal; Miss A. F. McKee, Mrs. J. I. Dennis, B.A., and Mrs. E. M. Bell, assistants.  Kilcronaghan P. School - Mrs. M. Evans, principal; Mrs. E. Johnston, assistant.  Blackhill P. School - Mrs. Weir, principal; Miss Brown, assistant
          Young Farmers' Club, Tobermore Branch - President, Robert J. Hanna; club leader, Robert P. Johnston; secretary, Samuel Duff; hon. treasurer, James Adams; Press correspondent, Frances Henderson
          Women's Institute, Tobermore Branch - President, Mrs. M. D. Henderson; vice-president, Mrs. J. I. Dennis; treasurer, Mrs. R. J. McKee; hon. secretary, Mrs. J. Beattie; treasurer for U.S.G., Miss W. Lyle; Press correspondent, Mrs. H. Hutchinson; magazine distributor, Mrs. J. Farrell
          Orange Lodges:- Tobermore "Old Standard" L.O.L. No. 131 - Harry Averill, W.M.; Jack Moore, D.M.; Andrew Lee, hon. secretary; John Stewart, hon. treasurer.  Tobermore "New Standard" L.O.L. No. 684 - Herbert Moore, W.M.; William Moore, D.M.; Kenneth Hassan, secretary; Samuel Hudson, treasurer; James A. Weir, chaplain.  Tobermore District L.O.L. No. 11 - Rev. R. H. Faulkner, M.A., D.M.; Robert Kyle, D.D.M.; James McLean, chaplain; Herbert Moore, secretary; James A. Weir, treasurer.  Blackhill L.O.L. No. 681 - Robert Lyle, W.M.; Jack McWhinney, D.M.; Thomas Atkinson, hon. secretary; John Campbell, hon. treasurer
          Tobermore Junior L.O.L. - W. J. McKinney, superintendent; K. Hassan, assistant superintendent; William Hassan, W.M.; David Johnston, D.M.; James Henderson, secretary; D. Meharg (L.O.L. No. 684), treasurer. Meets second Mondays
          Eureka Masonic Lodge No. 309 - Bertie Taylor, W.M.; Robert Moore, hon. secretary; Robert J. McKee, hon. treasurer
          Tobermore "Olive Leaf" Branch R.B.P. No. 390 - Sir Knt. Rev. R. H. Faulkner, M.A., W.M.; Sir Knt. Wm. Moore, secretary
          Apprentice Boys Walker Club - Herbert Moore, president; John Stewart, vice-president; William Currie, secretary
          Tobermore Accordion Band - Practices every Wednesday
          Tobermore Flute Band - Practices second Mondays
          Rifle Club - Joseph Cunningham, Bank Square, Maghera, hon. secretary
          Industries - Tobermore Sand & Gravel Co. (proprietors: Messrs. S. & N. Henderson). Concrete Bricks and Blocks, Sand and Gravel - Messrs. A. Elliott & Sons, Tamneyaskey.  Tobermore Shirt Factory (proprietor: V. R. Poole)
          Royal National Lifeboat Institution: Tobermore and Desertmartin Branch - Chairman, Rev. R. A. Boggs; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mrs. J. I. Dennis, B.A.


          Upperlands Post Office - Alfred E. Lee, postmaster. Mails arrive 8 a.m.; despatched Monday to Friday, 2.30 p.m., 4.30 p.m. and 6.30p.m.; Saturdays, 2.30 p.m. only. Mill Road letter-box collections - Monday to Friday, 2.30 p.m.; Saturday, 2 p.m. The collection box at Upperlands P.O. is cleared at 2.15 p.m., 4.15 p.m. and 6.15 p.m.  Only one clearance on Saturday, at 2.15 p.m.  Letters and parcels delivered once daily.  Post Office Money Order and Telegraph Offices open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Saturday, when business ceases at 1 p.m.  No businesses ceases at 1 p.m.  No business on Sundays. Public Telephone Call Office open during office hours. Telephone kiosk situated at end of Culnady Road
          Culnady Sub-Office - J. K. Houston, postmaster.  One delivery.  Mails arrive at 9.30 a.m.  Despatched Monday to Friday, 12.40 p.m. and 2.45 p.m.; Saturday, 12.45 p.m.  Office house 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Saturdays, when business ceases at 1 p.m.  Telephone Call Office open during office hours.  Telephone kiosk at Cross-roads
          Tamlaght-O'Crilly Sub-Office - T. J. Pollock, postmaster.  Office house 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Mails arrive 11.30 a.m.; despatched Monday to Friday, 2 p.m., Saturdays 1.30 p.m.  Moyagney Wall Box collections - Monday to Friday, 12.55 p.m.; Saturday, 12.30 p.m. Telephone Call Office open during office hours. Telephone kiosk outside office
          Registrar of Deaths and Births:- Upperlands district - Dr. William Johnston; assistant, Dr. James Love. Tamlaght-O'Crilly district - Dr. T. Boyd
          Schools:- Ampertaine Primary (Undenominational) - Leonard Stockman (principal) and three assistants.  Culnady Primary (Undenominational) - R. T. Rankin (principal) and two assistants.  Tirgarvil Primary (R.C.) - F. Mallon (principal) and one assistant.  Drumard (Undenominational) - F. C. Clements (principal) and three assistants.  Lismoyle Primary (Undenominational) - Robert S. Wilson (principal) and one assistant.  Innisrush Primary - Mrs. J. Crockett (principal) and one assistant
          Afternoon Sabbath School in Upperlands Parochial Hall - Superintendent, R. J. Martin, M.P.S.I.  Morning Sunday School - Conducted in same Hall by Rev, J. H. Swain, B.A., D.S.O., D.S.C., of Maghera Parish Church
          U.T.A. - H. Cunningham. Parcels Depot - S. Campbell
          Newsagents - Samuel Campbell and Mrs. J. Harvey
          Ulster Farmers' Union - Tamlaght-O'Crilly Branch - Meetings arranged, T. Lyttle, secretary
          Black Preceptories - Culnady No. 1002 meets third Monday each month in Culnady Orange Hall; R.W.M., James Scott.  Upperlands "Star of the East" No. 1137 meets on Monday previous to last Tuesday of each month in Upperlands Protestant Hall; R.W.M., Thomas Arbuthnot.  Tamlaght-O'Crilly No. 668 meets last Tuesday of each month in Tamlaght-O'Crilly Orange Hall; R.W.M., John Wallace.  Killygullib R.B.P. No. 229 meets Tuesday following second Wednesday in Killygullib Orange Hall; R.W.M., John Turner
          South Derry District R.B.P. No. 4 - S. Hazlett Porter, R.W.M.; W. G. Kerr, Derganagh, Knockloughrim, registrar; James Scullion, Upperlands, R.D.M. Meets quarterly
          Orange Lodges:- Upperlands L.O.L. 817 meets first Friday each month in Upperlands Protestant Hall.  Curragh L.O.L. No. 855 meets first Thursday of month.  Curragh Orange Hall.  Culnady L.O.L. 479 meets first Monday, Culnady Orange Hall.  Tamlaght-O'Crilly L.O.L. 228 meets on Thursday following second Wednesday of each month in Tamlaght-O'Crilly Orange Hall.  Killymuck L.O.L. 236 meets on first Thursday of each month in Killymuck Orange Hall.  Tivaconavey L.O.L. 229 meets on Thursday following second Wednesday of each month in In Tivaconavey Orange Hall.  Drumoolish L.O.L. 935 meets on Thursday following second Wednesday of each month in Orange Hall.  Eden L.O.L. 2028 meets fourth Wednesday each month.  Innisrush L.O.L. 757 meets first Thursday each month in Innisrush Orange Hall.  Killygullib L.O.L. 928 meets first Monday of each month in Killygullib Orange Hall.  Tamlaght-O'Crilly District L.O.L. No. 9 - Major C. B. Clark, W.D.M.; Vernon Arbuthnot, New Houses, Culnady, Upperlands, District Secretary.  Tamlaght-O'Crilly District Royal Arch Purple Chapter - Major C. B. Clark, W.D.M.; Vernon Arbuthnot, New Houses, Culnady, Upperlands, Registrar
          Culnady Women's L.O.L. No. 141 meets in Culnady Orange Hall second Tuesday each month.  Miss L. Mulholland, W.M.
          Apprentice Boys of Derry (Murray Club) - Upperlands Branch meets in Upperlands Protestant Hall on first Wednesday of each month; John Moore, president; S. Cassidy, secretary, Boyne Row, Upperlands.  Curragh Coronation Branch (Browning Club) - Meets second Thursday each month in Curragh Orange Hall; Thomas White, president; Alexander Montgomery, jun., Coronation Villas, Culnady, Upperlands, secretary
          British Legion - President, Major C. B. Clark; vice-presidents, Major H. F. and C. B. Clark; chairman, David C. Clark; vice-chairman, M. McClements; secretary, S. Arbuthnot; treasurer and pensions officer, S. Arbuthnot; benefits secretary, A. L. Curry; Poppy Day organiser, J. Jones. Meets second Wednesday each month
          Upperlands Branch South Derry Women's Unionist Association - Mrs. T. J. Clark, president; Mrs. N. P. Clark, Clonmore, Upperlands, secretary
          Upperlands Recreation Club - Billiards Section - Mr. W. M. Clark, D.L., president;  Captain W. J. M. Clark, chairman; H. Dillon, captain; Jack Benton, secretary; B. Paul, treasurer
          Upperlands Ex-Servicemen's Club (adjoining Recreation Hall), open week nights, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. President, vacant; chairman, H. W. S. Clark; secretary and steward, Robert Ballantine, Antrim View, Upperlands; treasurer, John Kane
          Upperlands Branch County Londonderry Library - Billiards Room Recreation Hall - James Burnside, librarian
          Upperlands Parochial Hall, services on Sunday evenings at 8 p.m., conducted alternately by Rev. J. A. Anderson, B.A., Culnady, and Rev. J. H. Swain, D.S.O., D.S.C., B.A.  Gorteade Gospel Hall - Meetings at 12 noon. Evening meetings as arranged
          Tirgarvil Baptist Hall - Evangelistic service every Sunday at 6 p.m.; Bible study every Thursday at 8 p.m.
          Upperlands Branch, South Derry Unionist Association - Chairman, R. G. Clark; secretary, E. Lee, J.P., Rose Cottage, Upperlands; treasurer, John Moore
          Tirgarvil A.O.H. meets first Sunday in each month in Hibernian Hall, Tirgarvil. Francis McGuckin, secretary
          County Health Service - District Nurse, Nurse McAuley, Tirgarvil, Upperlands
          Upperlands United F.C. - William Arbuthnot, chairman; J. Benton, Carson Drive, Upperlands, secretary; J. Lindsay, jun., treasurer
          Upperlands Angling Club - A. A. M. Clark, "Dunwillow," Upperlands, president; F. W. Wakefield, chairman; W. Douglas, treasurer; William Cochrane, Carson Drive, Upperlands, secretary
          Sean McDermott's Gaelic Football Club - James McGuckin, chairman; John McAlary, Tirgoniel, Upperlands, secretary; Joseph McGuckin, Upperlands, team captain
          Upperlands Drumming Club - W. Brady, chairman; W. Burnside, secretary, Carson Villas, Upperlands; B. Britton, treasurer
          Hervey Hill Branch Unionist Association (Tamlaght-O'Crilly Orange Hall) - John Patterson, J.P., chairman; W. Armstrong, vice-chairman; W. Crockett, treasurer; H. Patterson, The Cottage, Tamlaght-O'Crilly, secretary
          Curragh Young Farmers' Club meets on alternate Monday evenings in Curragh Orange Hall - President, Moore Graham; club leader, Harry Martin, Ballymacilcurr, Maghera; secretary, Miss Elizabeth Michael, "Beechcroft," Upperlands; assistant secretary, Miss Madge Smyth, Upperlands; treasurer, Irwin Michael, Upperlands
          Upperlands Tennis Club - President, W. M. Clark, D.L., J.P.; chairman, H. W. S. Clark, D.L.; captain, J. Kelso; treasurer, William Stevenson; secretary, Miss D. Arbuthnot, Macknagh, Upperlands
          Bands:- Upperlands Pipe Band - Robert McIlroy, Tirgarvil, Upperlands, secretary.  Curragh Amateur Silver Band - J. W. Galbraith, Main Street, Maghera, secretary.  Tamlaght-O'Crilly Pipe Band - Herbert Patterson, Tamlaght-O'Crilly, Upperlands, secretary.  Culnady Pipe Band - A. Devennie, Ternageeragh, Upperlands, secretary.  Drumoolish Accordion Band - Hugh Collins, Killygullib, Kilrea, secretary.  Emmets (Tirgarvil) Pipe Band - Seamus McFlynn, pipe-major, secretary.  Eden Accordion Band - William Armstrong, Drumnacannon, Upperlands, secretary.  Innisrush Pipe Band - Robert J. Clark, Innisrush, secretary.  Tivaconavey Unionists' Flute band - Vernon Arbuthnot, New Houses, Culnady, Upperlands, secretary.  Quinn Memorial Pipe Band, Killygullib - William Bolton, Killygullib, Kilrea, secretary.  Killymuck Protestant Accordion Band - Thomas Keightley, Upperlands, secretary
          Tamlaght-O'Crilly Branch County Londonderry Library, Drumard P. School - R. J. Johnston, librarian
          Upperlands New Recreation Hall Management Committee - Chairman, vacant; vice-chairman, Ivan H. Clark; treasurer, F. W. Wakefield; secretary, John Moore, Upperlands; assistant secretary, S. R. Flynn; Major H. F. Clark, J. H. Crowe, T. Mulholland
          Culnady Primary School Management Committee - Rev. J. A. Anderson, B.A., chairman; W. G. Smyth, vice-chairman; R. T. Rankin, secretary
          Culnady Drumming Club - W. J. Houston, chairman; John Hunter, vice-chairman; John A. McGinnis, Coronation Villas, Culnady, secretary; Hugh Patterson, treasurer
          Red Cross Society, Upperlands Section - Classes weekly during winter months in Recreation Hall
          Upperlands (Ampertaine) Primary School Management Committee - Chairman, Jack Smith, Upperlands; secretary, Leonard Stockman
          Drumard Primary School (Tamlaght-O'Crilly) Management Committee - Rev. J. J. Rainey, B.A., chairman; F. C. Clements, secretary
          Curragh Young Farmers' Amateur Dramatic Society - Miss June Crawford, Maghera, Co. Derry, secretary.  Sean McDermott's Dramatic Society - John McGuckin, Tirgarvil, Upperlands, secretary
          Culnady Indoor Rifle Club meets for practice on Friday evenings (except Summer months) in Culnady Orange Hall - Hugh Patterson, chairman; W. J. Houston, Post Office, Culnady, secretary; R. Kyle, treasurer
          Upperlands-Maghera Branch of the Save the Children Fund (Northern Ireland) - Mrs. W. M. W. Clark, chairman; Mrs. T. J. Clark, Upperlands House, secretary



          Antrim - Nathaniel Owens Minford, Parkview, Parkgate, Templepatrick
          Bann Side - Captain the Rt. Hon. Terence Marne O'Neill, D.L., Glebe House, Ahoghill
          Carrick - Alexander Hunter, M.A., Lyndamead, Jordanstown
          Larne - Rt. Hon. William Craig, "Hilgencraigs," 23 Annadale Avenue, Belfast 7
          North Antrim - The Hon. Phelim R. H. O'Neill, Lizard Manor, Aghadowey
          Mid-Antrim - Dr. Robert Simpson, Crebilly, Ballymena
          South Antrim - Rt. Hon. R. W. Brian McConnell, B.A., LL.B., Aughnahough, Lisburn


          North - Mrs. Dinah McNabb, O.B.E., B.A., H.Dip.Ed., J.P., Aughnacloy House, Lurgan
          Mid - Captain the Rt. Hon. Sir Norman Stronge, Bt., M.C., H.M.L., Tynan Abbey
          Central - Isaac G. Hawthorne, J.P., Timakeel, Portadown
          South - Edward G. Richardson, Moyband, Crossmaglen, County Armagh


          Ards - Captain W. J. Long, J.P., Lisvarna, Warren Road, Donaghadee
          East - Rt. Hon. A. Brian D. Faulkner, Highlands, Seaforde
          Iveagh - Samuel Magowan, Ballycrune, Hillsborough
          North - Dr. Robert Samuel Nixon, 57 Ballyholme, Esplanade, Bangor
          Mid - Vacant
          Mourne - James O'Reilly, Valley Road, Ballymartin, Newry, County Down
          South - Joseph Connellan, Dun Mhuire, Dublin Road, Newry
          West - David J. Little, Barrister-at-Law, Seaforth, Whitehead


          Enniskillen - The Rt. Hon. Henry W. West, Mullaghmeen, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh
          Lisnaskea - Rt. Hon. Viscount Brookeborough, C.B.E., M.C., H.M.L., Colebrooke, Brookeborough, County Fermanagh
          South - Cahir Healy, 44 Belmore Street, Enniskillen


          City - Edward W. Jones, Q.C., Hopefield Cottage, Kincora Avenue, Belfast 4
          Foyle - Edward G. McAteer, 26 Beechwood Avenue, Londonderry, and 25 William Street, Londonderry
          North - Joseph Burns, J.P., Main Street, Maghera
          Mid - Patrick Joseph Gormley, B.A., Carnanbane, Claudy, County Derry
          South - Major James Dawson Chichester-Clark, D.L., Moyola Park, Castledawson


          East - J. Austin Currie, B.A., Mullaghmarget, Dungannon
          West - R. H. O'Connor, Derry Road, Omagh
          North - Thomas Lyons, J.P., Riversdale, Newtownstewart
          Mid - Thomas C. Gormley, Ballinamallaght, Donemana
          South - W. F. McCoy, Q.C., 23 Harberton Drive, Belfast 9


          Ballynafeigh - The Rt. Hon. Ivan Neill, Ballymisert House, 110 Circular Road, Belfast 4
          Bloomfield - Walter Scott, 1 Rosepark, Dundonald, Belfast
          Central - Francis Hanna, LL.B., 30 Fortwilliam Park, Belfast 15
          Clifton - The Rt. Hon. William J. Morgan, J.P., "Rhanbuoy," Carrickfergus
          Cromac - John William Kennedy, O.B.E., J.P., Rushfield House, Rosetta Road East, Belfast 6
          Dock - Gerard Fitt, Flat 8, 1 Annadale Street, Belfast 15
          Duncairn - William Kennedy Fitzsimmons, J.P., Sandown, Chichester Park, Belfast 15
          Falls - Henry Diamond, 94 Cliftonville Road, Belfast 14
          Oldpark - Frederick Vivian Simpson, 33 Waterloo Gardens, Belfast 15
          Pottinger - Thomas W. Boyd, J.P., 24 Sydenham Drive, Belfast 4
          Shankhill - Desmond Norman Orr Boal, Barrister-at-Law, 9a Hawthornden Drive, Belfast 4
          St. Anne's - The Rt. Hon. J. E. Warnock, Q.C., D.L., 8 Lennoxvale, Malone Road, Belfast 9
          Victoria - David W. Bleakley, M.A., Dip.Econ. (Oxon.), 10 Ardgreenan Drive, Belfast 4
          Willowfield - W. S. Hinds, 413 Cregagh Road, Belfast 6
          Windsor - Rt. Hon. Herbert Victor Kirk, B.Com.Sc., F.C.A., J.P., 57 Bawnmore Road, Belfast 9
          Woodvale - William Robinson Boyd, 9 Shancoole Park, Belfast 14


          Miss Bessie Hamill Maconachie, B.A., H.Dip.Ed., 24 Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast 9
          Charles Stewart, B.A., Q.C., LL.B., 3 Bladon Drive, Belfast 9
          Harold I. McClure, B.Sc., M.B., F.R.C.S., F.R.C.O.G., The Anvil, Newforge Lane, Belfast 9
          Miss Sheelagh Mary Murnaghan, LL.B., 5 Windsor Avenue, Belfast 9


          Speaker - Colonel the Rt. Hon. Lord Glentoran, H.M.L.,  Drumadarragh House, Doagh. Belfast
          Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of Belfast, City Hall, Belfast (ex-officio)
          The Mayor of Londonderry, Guildhall, Londonderry (ex-officio)
          Sir George Anthony Clark, Bt., Tullygirvan House, Ballygowan, County Down
          Very Rev. the Rt. Hon. Professor Robert Corkey, M.A., Ph.D., D.D., 44 Deramore Drive, Belfast 9
          Lieut.-Colonel James G. Cunningham, O.B.E., D.L., Ballytrim, Killyleagh, County Down
          Joseph Cunningham, C.B.E., J.P., 34 Castleton Gardens, Belfast 15
          James Bailie, J.P., 21 Waveney Avenue, Ballymena
          Mrs. Marion Janet Greeves, M.B.E., Ardeevin, Portadown
          James G. Lennon, 12 College Street, Armagh
          John Stewart Johnston, 43 High Street, Lurgan
          Patrick Francis McGill, LL.B., 9 Gortmore Gardens, Omagh
          P. J. O'Hare, Assaroe, Enniskillen
          Herbert Quin, C.B.E., LL.D., F.C.A., Barrister-at-Law, 76 Bawnmore Road, Belfast 9
          John Patrick Donaghy, M.R.C.P., 56 Wellington Park, Belfast 9
          Daniel R. McGladdery, 3 Cliftondene Crescent, Oldpark Road, Belfast 14
          John A. McGlade, J.P., Moyola, 34 Rosetta Avenue, Ormeau Road, Belfast 7
          William Stewart, 16 Thomas Street, Dungannon, County Tyrone
          John Cherry Drennan, C.B.E., D.L., J.P., Deerpark, Limavady, County Derry
          Victor Alexander Cooke, Islandreagh House, Dunadry, County Antrim
          Arnold P. Schofield, J.P., 26 Slievenamaddy Avenue, Newcastle, County Down
          John E. N. Barnhill, Brickfield House, Strabane, County Tyrone
          Samuel Rodgers, M.B., 174 Albert Bridge Road, Belfast 5
          Samuel Kinghan, 131 Shandon Park, Belfast 5
          Rt. Hon. J. L. O. Andrews, Maxwell Court, Comber, County Down



          North - Henry M. Clark, B.A., "Rockwood," Upperlands, County Londonderry
          South - S. Knox Cunningham, Q.C., Silversprings, Templepatrick, County Antrim


          J. E. Maginnis, J.P., Darkley House, Keady, County Armagh


          North - G. B. H. Currie, M.B.E., M.A., LL.B., Barrister-at-Law, Rathdune House, Downpatrick, County Down, and 2 Pump Court, Temple, London, E.C.4
          South - Captain L. P. S. Orr, 168A Finchley Road, London, N.W.3


          The Marquess of Hamilton, Baronscourt, Omagh, Co. Tyrone


          Robert Chichester-Clark, M.A., Ross House, Kells, County Antrim, and 16 Caroline Terrace, London, S.W.1


          George Forrest, West Street, Stewartstown, County Tyrone


          North - Stratton Mills, Lismachen Lodge, Belmont Road, Belfast 4 and 20 Callender Street, Belfast 1
          South - Vacant
          East - Stanley R. McMaster, 14 Notting Hill, Malone Road, Belfast 9 and 34 Embercourt Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey
          West - James A. Kilfedder, Barrister-at-Law, 1 Knockburn Park, Belfast 5

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