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Campbell College Register 1894 - 1954
being the Fourth Edition of The Campbell College Register



this page (3) - January 1917  to  September 1924


1440. Barron, William Douglas (D), b. 21st Jan., 1903, son of Rev. John Barron, Ballyhemlin Manse, Ballywalter, Co. Down.  III, April, 1918.  Died February, 1925.

1441. Ewart, Archibald Robert (A), b. 18th July, 1904, son of Thos. Ewart, Cloneen, Limerick.  Brother of 1627 and 1869.  VI, July, 1922.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1920-21-22.  T.C.D.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1928.  Surgeon Commander, R.N.  Killed by Enemy Action, June, 1941.

1442. Fairley, Ian Stratford (C), b. 22nd September, 1905, son of Rev. J. Fairley, The Rectory, Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow.  L.V, July, 1922.  T.C.D., B.A., 1929.  Colonial Admin. Service, 1929.  Fitzwilliam House, Cambridge, 1929.  Assistant District Commissioner, Sierra Leone, 1930-50.

1443. *Hillis, James Ellis (E), b. 12th May, 1905, son of John G. Hillis, Kensington Road, Knock, Belfast.  Remove, July, 1920.  Textile Merchant and Farmer.  Address: Newgrove, Ballylesson, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1444. *Lilley, James (A), b. 13th December, 1906, son of William J. Lilley, Laurelvale, Ballykeel, Moneyrea, Co. Down.  U.V, July, 1925.  St. John's College, Cambridge, 1926-29.  Farmer.  Address: Beechvale, Drumbeg, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1445. *Lyster, Robert Henry (E), b. 21st March, 1903, son of William Lyster, Sunnyville, The Mount, Belfast.  Brother of 1710.  VI, July, 1920.  Fellow, Institute of Chartered Institute of Accountants in Australia.  Fellow, Chartered Institute of Secretaries.  Chartered Accountant (Aust.)  Address: Newton Street, Monto, Queensland, Australia.  (M.q.)

1446. Manning, Henry Chamberlain (D), b. 9th July, 1907, son of Ven. Archdeacon C. C. Manning, M.C., Lisburn.  Brother of 1212, 1334 and 2335.  L.V, July, 1923.  Belfast Bank Official.  Diploma Foreign Exchange, 1931.  Pro-Manager, Lisburn, 1947.  Address: "Ardamine," 3 Magheralave Road, Lisburn.  (q.)

1447. *McElney, John Harold (B), b. 19th September, 1904, son of Rev. R. McElney, The Manse, Downpatrick.  Brother of 774 and 1193.  VI, July, 1923.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1919-20-21-22-23.  Capt., 1922-23.  1st XI, 1921-22-23.  Edinburgh University.  1st XV., 1923-28 (Capt., 1928).  Barbarians, 1928.  Hong Kong XV, 1930-36.  M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), 1928.  D.T.M. (Liverpool), 1934.  R.A.F.V.R., 1939-45.  Squadron Leader.  Mentioned in despatches.  Senior Partner, Drs. Anderson and Partners, Edinburgh House, Hong Kong.  Address: c/o Junior Carlton Club, Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1448. Nolans, Desmond Richard (C), b. 3rd May, 1901, son of Desmond R. J. W. Nolans, V.S., John's Mall, Birr, King's County.  Army, April, 1919.  Final Examination, Chartered Surveyors' Institution, 1927.  Partner, D. R. Nolans & Co., London.  Died.

1449. Patchell, John Henry (D), b. 25th August, 1905, son of Mrs. Patchell, 36 Mountain View Road, Ranelagh, Dublin.  U.V, Dec., 1922.  Address: c/o Royal Bank of Ireland, College Green, Dublin.  (M.)

1450. *Presho, Samuel Ernest Geoffrey (E), b. 25th March, 1906, son of S. A. Presho, Ardeen, Knock, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1925.  School Prefect.  1st XV., 1924-25.  St. John's College, Oxford.  B.A., 1930.  2nd Lieut., Highland Light Infantry.  Retired, 1933.  1939-46: R.A.F.  V.R., S/L. Acting W/C.  Headmaster, Preparatory School.  Address: Stoneygate School, Leicester.  (M.q.)

1451. Robb, Ralph (E), b. 28th January, 1903, son of John Robb, Charleville, Castlereagh, Belfast.  Brother of 1237.  L.V, Dec., 1918.  Chairman of Directors, J. Robb & Co., Belfast, and Belfast Estate Co. Ltd.  Address: 33 Maxwell Road, Bangor.  (M.)

1452. *Strange, Sidney John (B), b. 24th May, 1904, son of S. W. Strange, 1 Ballygihen Villas, Sandycove Road, Kingstown, Co. Dublin.  Army, July, 1921.  Bank Official.  1942-46: R.A., and R.A.O.C.  Address: c/o Barclay's Bank Ltd., Walsall, Staffordshire.  (M.q.)


1454. *Daniel, Kenneth Duncan MacNeece (A), b. 17th February, 1904, son of Mrs. Daniel, 5 Hartford Place, Armagh.  Army, July, 1921.  Bank of Ireland Official.  Address: c/o Head Office, Bank of Ireland, Dublin.  (M.)

1455. *Deane, Henry Hargrave (A), b. 29th May, 1906, son of Charles C. Deane, M.D., Loughgall, Co. Armagh.  VI, July, 1924.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1922-23-24.  C.S.M.,  O.T.C.  T.C.D.:  B.A., 1927.  2nd Lieut., Welch (Welsh) Regt., 1927.  Capt., 1937.  East African Campaign, 1940-41.  North Africa, 1941-43.  Korea, 1951-52.  D.S.O., 1953.  Commandant Support Weapons Wing, School of Infantry.  Major, 1944.  Lieut.-Col., 1950.  Temporary Col., 1953.  Address: Infirmary House, Armagh, N. Ireland.  (q.)

1456. Harkness, Francis Walter Sandys (A), b. 6th May, 1906, son of Rev. C. W. Harkness, St. John's Vicarage, Hillsborough, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1923.  Bank Official.  Address: c/o Head Office, Northern Bank, Belfast and Northern Bank House, Saintfield, Co. Down.  (M.)

1459. *Topping, Robert McBride (E), b. 11th Oct., 1901, son of W. W. Topping, Lyndhurst, Osborne Park, Belfast.  U.V, Dec., 1918.  Manufacturer's Agent.  Address: 90b Serpentine Road, Belfast.  (M.)

1460. *Tyrrell, Charles Frederick Gerald (A), b. 20th August, 1902, son of John Tyrrell, J.P., The Cairn, Ballyholme, Bangor.  U.V, Dec., 1919.  Appr., Harland & Wolff to 1925.  P.&O. Co., 1925-27.  Budla Beta Tea Co., 1927-48.  1939-45 War: F.-Lt., R.A.F.V.R.  Civil Engineer.  Address: c/o Leinster and Munster Bank, 2 Baggot Street, Dublin, Eire.  (q.)

1461. *Warnock, Hugh Alexander (D), b. 17th February, 1903, son of H. A. Warnock, Rockmore, Ballywalter, Co. Down.  VI, July, 1921.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1926.  B.Sc. (Honours), 1927.  D.P.H., 1928.  M.D. with commendation, 1929.  Assistant School Medical Officer, Belfast Corporation, 1927.  Senior Medical Officer, Maternity and Child Health, Belfast Health Department.  Address: 25 Rosepark, Dundonald, Belfast.  (M.q.)


1462. *Heaney, Leslie John Russell (D), b. 21st August, 1904, son of Mrs. Minnie Heaney, 28 Berea Terrace, Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin.  U.V, July, 1921.  1st XI, 1920-21.  1st XV, 1920-21.  Royal Bank of Ireland.  Address: 15 Westbourne Road, Terenure, Dublin.  (M.q.)

1463. *McKeever, Thomas Henry Wright (B), b. 10th May, 1902, son of Mrs. McKeever, Parsonstown Manor, Batterstown, Co. Meath.  Brother of 1464.  U.V, March, 1920.  Farming, Horse Breeding, Engineering.  Dublin Wanderers, 1st XV.  Address: Waterham, Hernhill, Faversham, Kent.  (M.)

1464. McKeever, Frederick Edward (B), b. 29th December, 1903, son of Mrs. McKeever, Parsonstown Manor, Batterstown, Co. Meath.  Brother of 1463.  VI, July, 1922.  Farmer.  Headed list of winning Amateur Jockeys under National Hunt Rules in Ireland, 1929.  Champion Irish Jockey, 1933.  Rode two Irish Grand National Winners.  Died 10th July 1938.


1466. Barnhill, William Francis Robinson (B), b. 27th February, 1905, son of Rev. S. Barnhill, The Rectory, Derrykeighan, Dervock, Co. Antrim.  IV, July, 1921.  Linen Business.  Last Address: The Rectory, Derrykeighan, Dervock, Co. Antrim.

1467. *Bell, William Edward (D), b. 20th November, 1902, son of Rev. G. R. Bell, The Rectory, Loughgyle, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 1408 and 1617.  Father of 3631.  VI, July, 1920.  Provincial Bank Official.  Address: c/o Provincial Bank of Ireland, Newry, Co. Down.  (M.)

1468. *Adair, Robin Atcheson (E), b. 4th March, 1905, son of R. A. Adair, Ravenworth, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1581.  U.V, July, 1921.  1st XV, 1919-20.  Chartered Accountant.  1939-45 War: Flight Lieut., R.A.F., V.R.  Address: c/o Northern Bank Ltd., Connswater, Belfast.

1469. *Bell, John Keith (B), b. 14th September, 1906, son of Robert Bell, Borlum, Carlow.  Brother of 1470, 1851 ad 2030.  U.V, July, 1924.  1st XI, 1924.  Official in Ulster Bank, Dublin.  Address: 13 Whitebeam Road, Clonskea, Dublin.  (M.q.)

1470. *Bell, Robert Malcolm (B), b. 24th October, 1907, son of Robert Bell, Borlum, Carlow.  Brother of 1469, 1851 and 2030.  Father of 3932.  U.V, July, 1925.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1929.  Solicitor.  Address: Elsinore, Coliemore Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

1471. *Breakey, Franklin Percival Kilgour (C), b. 13th April, 1904, son of Rev. J. P. R. Breakey, B.A., The Rectory, Armoy, Co. Antrim.  U.V, July, 1922.  1st XV, 1920-21-22.  Athletic Champion, 1921 and 1922 (joint).  Pro-Manager, Ulster Bank Ltd.  Address: Ulster Bank Ltd., Ballymena.  (q.)

1472. *Brennan, William Brian Francis (A), b. 23rd May, 1907, son of Captain C. J. Brennan, 5 Upper Crescent, Belfast.  Brother of 2036.  U.VI, July, 1925.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1923-24-25.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1930.  R.A.M.C. Captain, 1934.  Divisional Adjutant, 42nd (E. Lancs.) Division, 1938.  U.S. Legion of Merit (Officer), 1945.  A.D.M.S., Lubbecke District, B.A.O.R.  Col. (late R.A.M.C.), 1952.  Address: c/o Messrs. Glyn, Mills, & Co., Kirkland House, Whitehall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1473. Browne, O'Donel Thornley Dodwell (A), b. 19th April, 1903, son of O'Donel Browne, M.D., Gortnagrena, Nass, Co. Kildare.  U.V, July, 1920.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1918-19-20.  1st XI, 1919-20.  T.C.D.: B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1925.  L.M. (Rotunda), 1926.  M.R.C.P.I., 1926.  F.R.C.P., 1928.  M.C.O.G.  King's Professor of Midwifery, T.C.D.  Gynaecologist, Sir P. Dun's Hospital, Dublin.  Author of "A Manual of Practical Obstetrics."  History of the Rotunda Hospital, 1745-1945.  T.C.D., M.A., 1940.  M.A.O., 1941.  F.R.C.O.G., 1937.  Assistant Master of the Rotunda, 1927.  Master of the Rotunda, 1947.  T.C.D.; Lit.D., 1947.  In 1948 delivered the Joseph Price Oration before the American Association of Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and Abdominal Surgeons.  Hon. Fellow of the above Association.  Died 24th July, 1952.  (M.)

1475. *Campbell, Frank Laurent (E), b. 22nd September, 1904, son of Thomas Campbell, Rosemount, Fitzwilliam Avenue, Belfast.  LV, July, 1919.  1939-45 War: Royal Innis. Fus.  Managing Director, James Kingsberry Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 5 Hampton Park, Belfast.  (q.)

1478. *Carson, Roy Knox (A), b. 15th July, 1901, son of W. C. Carson, Glenmount, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.  VI, July, 1919.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1922.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1925.  Medical practitioner in Nottingham.  Address: 858 Woodborough Road, Nottingham.  (M.q.)

1479. *Cronne, Henry Alfred (C), b. 17th October, 1904, son of rev. J. K. Cronne, The Manse, Portaferry.  VI, July, 1922.  Queen's University.  1st Class Honours (History), B.A., 1925.  Studentship in History.  Balliol College, Oxford.  2nd Class Honours (History), 1927.  M.A., Belfast, 1931.  M.A., Oxford, 1931.  F.R. Hist. S., 1932.  Assistant to Professor of History, Q.U.B., 1928-31.  Lecturer in Medieval History, Univ. of London, King's College, 1931.  Lecturer in Palaeography, 1935.  Contributor to Birmingham, 1946.  Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1952.  See Who's Who.  Address: The University, Edmund Street, Birmingham, 3.  (M.q.)

1480. *Dawson, Robert Brian (E), b. 18th December, 1903, son of R. A. Dawson.  L.V, July, 1919.  William Hulmes Grammar School.  Manchester University, 1922.  B.Sc., 1925.  M.Sc., 1926.  Rothamsted Experimental Station, 1936-29.  Director of Greenkeeping Research, St. Ives Research Station, Bingley, since 1929.  Editor of Journal of Sports Turf Research Institute.  1939-45, Special Constabulary.  Address: King's Grove, Bingley, Yorks.  (M.q.)

1481. *Dickson, Hugh (E), b. 15th December, 1906, son of Hugh Dickson, Royal Nurseries, Belmont, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1922.  Friends' School, Lisburn.  Royal College of Science, London, 1925.  B.Sc., 2nd Class Honours, 1929.  A.R.C.S., 1929.  Ph.D. (London), 1931.  Demonstrator, R.C. of Sc., 1929-31.  Lecturer, Egyptian University, Cairo, 1932-35.  Senior Student, Commissioners of 1851 Exhib., 1935.  Author of various scientific research papers.  D.Sc. (London), 1938.  Army, 1939-46.  Food Technologist.  Address: 24 Hartley Old Road, Purley, Surrey.  (M.q.)

1482. *Dockeray, Norman Culmore (C), b. 29th November, 1902, son of John A. Dockeray, M.D., Culmore, Chapelizod, Dublin.  VI, April, 1921.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  McNeill Medal.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  Mathematical Scholar.  1st Class Math., Tripos, Pt. 1, 1922.  1st Class, Pt. II., 1924.  London Univ., M.A., 1927.  M.A. (Cantab.)  Assistant Master, Dulwich College, 1924-33.  Harrow School, 1933-39.  Author of Mathematical Text Books.  1939: Board of Education; transferred in October to Ministry of Food, London.  Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Food.  Address: 73 Canfield Gardens, London, N.W.6.  (M.q.)

1484. Elliott, Moore Hamilton (A), b. 15th August, 1903, son of Thomas Elliott, Ard-na-fin, Strabane.  Brother of 1754.  Father of 3789.  U.VI, July, 1922.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1920-21.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  London University, B.Sc. (Eng.) (Hons.), 1925.  M.I.C.E.  1941-45, Major, Corps of Indian Engineers.  In India and Pakistan, 1928-1951.  Retired from post of Deputy Chief Engineer, Govt. of Pakistan Railways Dept.  Chartered Civil Engineer with firm of Consulting Engineers in London.  Address: c/o Grindlays Bank, Ltd., 54 Parliament Street, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1485. *Forsythe, Kirk (E), b. 26th June, 1904, son of John Forsythe, "Lidadell," 18 Cliftonville Road, Belfast.  VI, July, 1922.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1921-22.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (Hons.), 1927.  M.D., 1931.  D.P.H., 1932.  1st XV, 1924-27.  (Capt., 1927).  Surgeon Commander, R.N.V.R., 1939-45.  V.R.D.  Mentioned in despatches.  Surgeon Captain, 1953.  Medical Practitioner.  Medical Officer, Campbell College since 1946.  Address: 193 Belmont Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1486. *Forth, Francis Charles Lawson (B), b. 24th April, 1904, son of Mrs. F. C. Forth, Ravenswood, Knockbreda Park, Belfast.  L.V, April, 1921.  Director of Workman, Ltd., Contractors, Belfast.  Address: 45 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1487. *Green, James Wilfred (A), b. 26th May, 1904, son of W. J. Green, J.P., Roslyn, Portadown.  U.V, April, 1922.  County Rugby XV.  1939-45: Home Guard.  Wholesale Tea Agent.  International Contract Bridge v. Wales.  Address: Grange, Portadown, Co. Armagh.  (q.)

1488. Hamilton, Alan Livingstone (D), b. 29th December, 1900, son of Rev. J. G. Hamilton, The Manse, Dromore, Co. Tyrone.  U.V, July, 1918.  1939-45 War: Commanded a Field Ambulance Company, Irish Red Cross Society.  Bank Manager.  Address: Ulster Bank House, Edenderry, Offaly.  (M.q.)

1489. Harbinson, William (E), b. 19th August, 1902, son of Wm. Harbinson, Highbury, North Road, Bloomfield, Belfast.  III, July, 1918.  Wholesale Warehouseman.  Address: 13 Sicily Park, Belfast.

1490. *Hardy, John Chambers (A), b. 28th August, 1905, son of Rev. H. E. Hardy, Kilcluney Rectory, Markethill, Co. Armagh.  Brother of 1965.  Army, July, 1924.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1922-23-24.  R.M.A.  Woolwich, 1924.  2nd Lieut., R. Corps of Signals, 1926.  R.M.A., XV, 1925.  Yorkshire XV, 1926-27.  Ulster XV, 1927.  Hampshire XV, 1927-28-29.  Army XV, 1929.  Capt., 1937.  1939-45 War: Commanded various Squadrons and Regiments in Middle East and a Chief Signal Officer in Italy.  Colonel (General Staff), 1952.  British Joint Service Mission in U.S.A.  Address: Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1491. *Hill, John Archibald Elliot (E), b. 28th August, 1902, son of Elliot Hill, K.I.H., Fairholme Cottage. Helen's Bay.  Brother of 1679.  U.V, July, 1921.  1st XV, 1919-20-21.  1939-45 War: Home Guard.  Post Office Engineer.  Address: "Woodside,"  Helen's Bay, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1492. Howard, Robert George (E), b.2nd April, 1906, son of Mrs. Howard, Rochester, Dundela Gardens, North Road, Belfast.  U.V, March, 1923.  Estate Agent with Messrs. Dudley, Samuel & Harrison, London.  1939-45 War: Major, R.E.  (M.)

1493. *Hunter, James Torrens (A), b. 23rd June, 1904, son of W. M. Hunter, M.B., Camcairn, Crumlin.  V, July, 1920.  Tea Planter in Assam.  Assam Valley Light Horse.  Royal Air Force, 1940-46.  Squadron Leader.  Operational Staff.  Manager, Capetown Branch Engineering Co.  Major, Reserve, South African Air Force.  Address: "Camcairn," Bonair Road, Rondebosch, Capetown, South Africa.  (M.q.)

1494. *Kimmitt, Vivian Robertson (E), b. 14th August 1903, son of Lieut.-Col. R. R. Kimmitt, O.B.E., 18 Mattock Lane, Ealing, W.5.  Brother of 1428.  L.V, July, 1920.  Principal, Messrs. Kimmitt Taylor, Advertising Consultants.  Address: 2a Copthall Court, London, E.C.2.  (M.)

1495. *Knox, Robert Marshall (C), b. 27th February, 1907, son of Eng. Commander, R. G. Knox, O.B.E.  Brother of 1496 and 2201.  IV, Dec., 1921.  Liverpool College of Technology.  M.Inst Naval Architecture.  Apprentice, Harland & Wolff, M.I. Marine Eng.  Assistant Ship and Engineer Manager, Messrs. Grayson, Rollo & Clever Docks, Ltd., Liverpool.  Marine Superintendent, Crest Shipping Co., Ltd., London.  Address: 116 Haven Green Court, Ealing, London, W.5.  (M.q.)

1496. *Knox, Marshall (C), b. 28th June, 1908, son of Eng. Commander R. G. Knox, O.B.E., 13 Ilchester Street, Belfast.  Brother of 1495 and 2201.  III, Dec., 1921.  Apprentice, Harland & Wolff.  Assistant Engineer, Electric Transport Co., Athens, Greece.  1929-45 War: Private, Home Guard.  Ships' Electrical Draughtsman and Estimator.  Address: 19 Rosebery Gardens, Crouch End, Hornsey, London, N.8.  (M.q.)

1497. *Lyburn, Edward Fred St. John (A), son of E. St. John Lyburn, 1 Montebellow Terrace, Bray, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 2063.  L.V, Dec., 1919.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1927.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1930.  1939-45 War: Surgeon Lt.-Commander, R.N.V.R.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Spa Clinic, Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  (M.)

1498. MacNamara, Dhonaill Patrick (C), b. 19th March, 1903, son of Rev. G. H. MacNamara, The Rectory, Doneraile.  Brother of 1354 and 1400.  U.V, April, 1921.  1st XV, 1920-21.  1st XI, 1919-20.  Assistant Commissioner of Police, Fed. Malaya States.  State XV and Hockey XI.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., General List.  Died 4th June, 1945.  (M.)

1499. *Morrow, John Sinclair (A), b. 1st August, 1902, son of Charles Morrow, "Avonmore," 1 Alexandra Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 1714.  L/V, July, 1919.  Director, Nicholson & Morrow, Ltd.  Address: 6 Waterloo Gardens, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1500. *McCrudden, Samuel (E), b. 13th March, 1903, son of Samuel McCrudden, Mount Aventine, Cyprus Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1767.  IV, July, 1920.  Linen Merchant, S. McCrudden & Co., Belfast.  Address: The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down.  (M.)

1501. *O'Keefe, Henry Pratt (C), b. 4th July, 1902, son of Charles H. O'Keefe, Provincial Bank House, Waterford.  Army, July, 1919.  London Hospital.  M.R.C.S., Eng., L.R.C.P., Lond.  General Practitioner.  Address: Kilsheelan, 5 The Avenue, Gainsborough, Lincs.  (M.)

1502. Ruddell, Joseph Frith William (C), b. 8th August, 1906, son of Rev. Canon J. Ruddell, The Rectory, Clones.  II, April, 1918.  T.C.D., B.A., 1929.  M.A., 1934.  Chaplain, Ahmedzai Force, 1940.  In India, 1940-47 - Rector of Killanne Union.  Address: Killanne Rectory, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.  (M.q.)

1503. Stewart, John Cowan (B), b. 9th March, 1904, son of Rev. David Stewart, The Manse, Dunadry, Co. Antrim.  IV, July, 1919.  Linen Business.

1504. Stone, Henry Charles Meade (D), b. 30th July, 1905, son of rev. H. C. B. Stone, Waltair, India.  Brother of 1670 and 2097.  Army, July, 1924.  Head Prefect.  1st XI, 1920-24 (Capt., 1923).  1st XV, 1921-24.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  Scholarship, 1925.  1st XV, 1926.  1st XI, 1925.  2nd Lieut., Duke of Wellington's Regiment, 1926.  Lieut., resigned, 1936.  Winner, Southern Command, India, Golf Championship, 1927.  1939-45 War: Major, D. W. R.  Address: Pinewood, Manor Lane, Gerrards Cross, Bucks.  (M.)

1505. *Turner, Alfred Francis Hooper (E), b. 31st December, 1904, son of A. T. Turner, Nestleton, King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  U.V, Dec., 1920.  With Harland & Wolff till 1926.  Municipal College of Technology, Belfast.  1920-27, Associate Institution of Electrical Engineers.  Captain, Queen's Island Rugby II XV and Knock III, XV.  Assistant Engineer, Works Branch, Min. of Finance, N.I.  Address: 58 Cabin Hill Gardens, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1506. Young, Robert Ellison (E), b. 26th April, 1904, son of rev. C. M. Young, Eglantine, Cyprus Park, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 1289 and 1507.  U.V, Dec., 1919.  Bank Official.  Address: c/o Ulster Bank Ltd., Waring Street, Belfast.  (M.)

1507. Young, Campbell Millar (E), b. 30th October, 1905, son of Rev. C. M. Young, Eglantine, Cyprus Park, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 1289 and 1506.  U.V, April, 1921.  Sheep Farming in Australia.  1939-45 War: Corporal, Australian Cavalry.  Address: 36 Lambert Road, Royston Park, Adelaide, S. Australia.  (M.)

1508. Warden, Hugh William (E), b. 6th June, 1902, son of Hugh Warden, Hillside, Newtownards.  IV, April, 1918.  Farmer.  Address: Hillside, Cunningburn, Newtownards, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1509. *MacIlwaine, Edward Hart (A), b. 11th October, 1908, son of E. H. MacIlwaine, Encliffe, Ragland (Raglan) Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  IV, July, 1924.  Workman & Clarke, 1924-27.  Harland & Wolff, 1927-29.  Tangye's, Birmingham, 1929-30.  Local Rugby Internationals, 1930-39-1949-1950, Capt., 1939-59-50.  R.I.N., 1941-46.  East Indies Escort Group, 1943-46.  Tea Garden (Engineer) Manager.  Address: Jaipur T. E., Jeypore P.O., Assam.  (M.q.)

1510. *Blake, Philip Haselwood (E), b. 3rd May, 1907, son of Robert Frederick Blake, Lissadell, Knock Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1511.  L.VI, July, 1925.  Address: Mystole House, near Canterbury.

1511. Blake, Frederick Robert (E), b. 7th October, 1908, son of Robert F. Blake, Lissadell, Knock Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1510.  U.V, July, 1925.  Queen's University.  B.Com.Sc.  Died August, 1944.


1512. *Barnhill, William Wilson (B), b. 23rd June, 1903, son of W. M. Barnhill, LL.B., Brickfield, Strabane.  Brother of 1513.  VI, July, 1922.  Scholar.  Prefect.  Dufferin Medal.  1st XI, 1920-21-22.  Capt., 1921-22.  Clare College, Cambridge.  Class Trip., Pt.1, 2nd Class, Part II, 2nd Class.  B.A. (Hons.)  Col., Admin. Service.  Provincial Administration, Sierra Leone, 1926.  Gold Coast, 1934.  Half Blue, Billiards at Cambridge.  Tennis for S.L. v. G.C., 1934 and for G.C. v. Nigeria, 1936.  Address: Fox Lodge, Strabane.  (M.q.)

1513.  Barnhill, John Eccles Nixon (B), b. 11th April, 1905, son of W. W. Barnhill, LL.B., Brickfield, Strabane.  Brother of 1512.  U.V, July, 1922.  Address: c/o Brickfield, Strabane.

1514. Brown, Turner Beatty (D), b. 11th January, 1905, son of Turner B. Brown, The Hall, Donacloney, Co. Down.  L.V., July, 1921.  Horse Breeder.  1939-45 War: Major, American Army.  Died November, 1946.  (M.)

1515. *Carnegie, Ian Alexander (C), b. 25th May, 1904, ward of Mrs. Farmer, The Elms, Douglas Road, Cork.  IV., July, 1918.  Tea Planter.  Now in Cork.

1516.  *Dunn, Roland Ross (B), b. 13th January, 1906, son of Andrew W. Dunn, Springtown House, Londonderry.  Brother of 2368.  U.V, April, 1922.  Director, Holmes, Mullin and Dunn, Londonderry.  (M.)

1517. *Farmer, Edward Brisbane Carnegie (C), b. 21st March, 1903, son of Mrs. Farmer, The Elms, Douglas Road, Cork.  L.V, July, 1918.  National Bank Official.  Address: National Bank, College Green, Dublin.

1518. *Gallaugher, Robert Archer (C), b. 17th March, 1904, son of Rev. James Gallaugher, Largy Manse, Limavady.  Brother of 1629.  V.A, July, 1920.  Motor Salesman with Leslie Porter, Ltd., Belfast.  Caterer.  Address: 42 Knock Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1519. *Garrett, John Randle (E), b. 28th October, 1906, son of John S. Garrett, The Limes, Knockdene Park, Belfast.  L.V., July, 1923.  G.M.I.M.E., with Messrs. Harland & Wolff.  Flying Officer, R.A.F. (S.R.).  A.M.I.Mech.E.  1939-45 War: R.Aux.A.F. Flight-Lieut.  Factory Inspector - N.I. Government.  Address: Knockvale House, 205 Sandown Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1520. *Gracie, William (D), b. 29th December, 1901, son of Major A. Gracie, Monaline, Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1633 and 2196.  Army, July, 1920.  1st XV, 1919-20.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., I.A., 1922.  4th Batt. P.W.O.  8th Punjab Regt., 1923, seconded to Waziristan District Signals.  Captain, 1931.  Revolver Blue (Sandhurst) Waziristan, 1936-37.  Persia, Iraq, 1941-44.  Farming.  Lieut.-Col., 31st August, 1948 (Subs.)  Retired from I.A. 13th December, 1948.  Address: "Ballards," Kilbride, Wicklow.  (q.)

1521. "Jardin, Richard Scott (A), b. 20th June, 1901, son of David S. Jardin, Lynwood, Dundrum, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 1522.  U.V, July, 1919.  Inventor and Salesman.  Scoutmaster.  1939-45 War: N.Z.R.A.  (A.A.).  Commodore, Wharariki Sailing Club, 1952-3.  Rotary Hoe Contractor.  Address: 37 Karaka Street., Takapuna, Auckland, N.2., N.Z.  (q.)

1524. Mervyn, Frederick Noel (D), b. 20th December, 1905, son of Mrs. Mervyn, The Priory, Strandtown, Belfast.  III, July, 1919.  Bromsgrove School.  Durham University (St. Chads College).  B.A., 1927.  Diploma in Theology, 1928.  M.A., 1931.  Curate, St. Luke's, Belfast, 1935.  Address: Glenburnie Moville, Lifford, Co. Donegal.  (M.)

1526. *McKeever, Thomas Francis (B), b. 10th May, 1904, son of F. G. McKeever, LL.B., Bay View, Mornington, Drogheda.  Remove, March, 1920.  T.C.D.  Solicitor, 1926.  Messrs. McKeever & Son, Drogheda, Dublin.  1939-45 War: Captain, R.A.S.C.  Address: White Lodge, Castleknock, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

1527. *McCullagh, Graham Patterson (E and F), b. 26th Oct., 1904, son of R. C. McCullagh, M.D.  Brother of 1528.  VI, July, 1922.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1921-22.  Q.U.B., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1927.  B.Sc., 1929.  M.D., 1931.  D.P.H., 1932.  M.A., Cambridge University, 1935.  Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge, 1937; Tutor, 1938; Senior Tutor, 1935.  University Lecturer in Pathology, Cambridge, 1935.  Surg.-Commander, R.N.V.R. (Ret.) V.R.D.  Senior Treasurer, Cambridge Branch, O.C. Society.  Address: Queens College, Cambridge.  (M.q.)

1529. Phillips, William Ward (E), b. 28th August, 1908, son of William Phillips, Tremona, Knockdene Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1668.  III, April, 1921.  King's Hospital, Dublin.  Representative, Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada, Belfast.  Lance-Bombardier, R.A.  Killed in Action, Sept., 1941.


1531. *Anderson, Hugh Bothwell (C), b. 1st April, 1907, son of George E. Anderson, The Springs, Bury, Lancashire.  III, Dec., 1920.  To Australia.

1532. *Bintley, Lionel (D), b. 1st October, 1904, son of John Thornton Bintley, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  VI, July, 1922.  Architectural Association, London.  A.R.I.B.A., 1930.  Associated Architect, P.W.D. Jerusalem, Palestine.  Address: Inisglas, Manor Road, Reigate, Surrey.

1533. *Brown, William Robert (C), b. 29th April, 1905, son of William Brown, 10 Landsdowne Terrace, Dublin.  Brother of 1311 and 1746.  UV, July, 1922.  1st XI, 1922.  Accountant for Furniture Manufacturers' Association, California.  Address: 2226 Garfias Drive, Pasadena 7, California.  (M.)

1534. *Delap, Ian Alecson (B), b. 21st June, 1907, son of Rev. A. H. Delap, Lifford, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 1396.  L.VI, July, 1924.  Northern Bank Manager.  Address: Northern Bank Ltd., Limavady, Co. Derry.  (M.)

1535. *Ewing, John Ernest (E), b. 3rd April, 1905, ward of Robert Ewing, 8 Kincora Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1364.  IV, July, 1921.  Rhodesian Civil Service.  1939-45 War: Sergeant, R.A.  Address: 31 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.

1536. *Fitchie, James (E), b. 18th December, 1904, son of Walter Fitchie, Drumcairne, Shandon Park, Knock, Belfast.  Father of 3594.  U.V, July, 1922.  Partner, Macarthur & Co., Belfast.  Vice-Capt., Knock R.F.C.  1st XV, 1925.  Ulster Junior Rugby Interpro., 1927-28. 1928-29.  1939-48: Major, R.A.S.C., now R.A.R.O.  Address: 16 Circular Road, Jordanstown, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1537. *Madden, Alfred Howard (E), b. 15th October, 1903, son of Alfred E. Madden, 24 Deramore Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1538.  V, July, 1920.  Assistant to Divisional Supr. of Operations, L.M.S.R., Manchester.  M.Inst. Transport.  M.Inst. Loco. Engs. Divisional Motive Power Supt., British Railways, Hunts Bank, Manchester.  Address: 23 Somerset Road, Bolton, Lancs.  (M.q.)

1538. *Madden, George Scott (E), b. 23rd April, 1905, son of Alfred E. Madden, 126 Stranmillis Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1537.  Father of 3815.  V I, July, 1922.  McMordie Medal.  L.M.S. (Ireland) till 1935.  Engineer, No. 1 District N.I. Transport Board, 1935.  N.I.F.C., 1925-29.  Assoc. Member Inst. Transport.  1940-45, Major.  Assist. to the Chief Officers, Ulster Transport Authority.  Address: 209 Merville, Whitehouse, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1540. *Millington, Gilbert Lindsay (C), b. 17th June, 1905, son of Rev. Charles A. B. Millington, Lissane Rectory, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.  VI, April, 1923.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1921-22-23.  1st XI, 1922.  Joint-Managing Director of Stevenson & Son Ltd.  Dungannon.  Address: Thimble farm, Great Missenden, Bucks.  (M.q.)

1541. Robertson, Gordon William Tait (C), b. 21st September, 1902, son of R. Tait Robertson, The Heath, Malahide, Co. Dublin.  U.V, Dec., 1920.  1st XV, 1919.  Asst. Works Manager, Players Tobacco Factory, Dublin.

1542. *Roome, William Swan (D), b. 20th July, 1904, son of W. J. W. Roome, Meroc, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 1774.  Army, April, 1922.  1st XI, 1920-21.  1st XV, 1920-21-22.  Queen's University.  In various parts of Africa, 1926-29.  Hunting, transportation, etc.  Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 1929 to 1949.  1951 - Chief of Police - Leamington, Ontario.  Address: 18 Marlboro St. West, Leamington, Ontario, Canada.  (M.q.)

1543. *Suffern, Robert William Thistle (E), b. 16th August, 1902, son of Mrs. E. E. Suffern, Craigerne, King's Close, Bramhall, Cheshire.  Brother of 1723, 1776 and 1777.  VI, July, 1919.  Queen's University, Belfast.  Editor, Reveille.  Director, Sunday Pictoral Newspapers (1920) Ltd.;  Reveille Newspapers Ltd.;  West African Newspapers Ltd.;  West African Graphic Co. Ltd.  Address: High Elms, Laleham-on-Thames, Middlesex.  (M.q.)


1544. Beare, George Reginald (D), b. 18th July, 1905, son of C. A. Beare, Rathmore, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1583.  IV, April, 1920.  St. Columba's College.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1928.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1929.  L.M., 1932.  House Surgeon, Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital, Dublin, 1930.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Knockmaroon, Oldcastle, Co. Meath.  (M.)

1545. *Bourke, Charles Robert (E), b. 8th July, 1906, son of Robert J. Bourke, 4 Dundela Gardens, North Road, Bloomfield, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1922.  Drapery Business.  Address: 4 Dundela Gardens, Belfast.

1546. *Brown, Edward Geoffrey Campbell (A), b. 15th February, 1906, son of Rev. Thomas Bradley Brown, The Rectory, Newtownards, Co. Down.  Brother of 1854 and 1877.  VI, Dec., 1923.  Father of 3515, 3634 and 3771.  Scholar.  Solicitor, 1928.  Partner, Messrs. King, French & Ingram.  Address: Walworth, Ballykelly, Co. Londonderry.  (M.q.)

1547. *Carey, Alan Lucius (E), b. 26th October, 1906, son of J. W. Carey, Brugh, Knockdene Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1313.  IV, July, 1922.  York Street Flax Spg. Co., 1919-1930.  William Ewart & Son, N.Y., 1932.  Captain, New York Rugby Football Club.  1939-45 War: Top-Sergeant, American Army.  Address: c/o Messrs. W. Ewart & Co., 115 Franklin Street, New York City.  (M.)

1548. *Carson, David McMurray (A), b. 20th May, 1904, son of David J. Carson, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.  Brother of 1751 and 2114,  VI, July, 1922.  School Prefect.  T.C.D., B.A., 1925.  M.B., B.Ch., 1928.  House Surgeon in Fermanagh County Hospital, 1928, and Royal Albert Dock Hospital, London, 1931.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 37 Albany Highway, Albany, W. Australia.  (M.q.)

1549. Cathcart, James Thomas (D), b. 11th July, 1903, son of Donald M. Cathcart, Muckross, Orwell Park, Rathgar, Dublin.  LV, July, 1920.  Cricket XI, 1920.  Football XV, 1918-19, 1919-20.  Commercial Traveller.  Died 9th September, 1949.

1550. *Colville, James G. (E), b. 15th December, 1904, son of Dr. James Colville, 7 University Square, Belfast.  U.V, Dec., 1921.  Pupil, Messrs. Harland & Wolff.  Address: 20 Waterloo Gardens, Belfast.

1552. *Dixon, Bernard (C), b. 23rd December, 1906, son of Thomas R. Dixon, Innisfayle, Cyprus Avenue, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 1343 and 1553.  L.V, July, 1923.  Brewer.  Address: Grey Gates, East Common, Harpenden, Herts.

1553. *Dixon, Daniel Edmund (C), b. 21st April, 1905, son of Thomas R. Dixon, Innisfayle, Cyprus Avenue, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 1343 and 1552.  L.V, July, 1923.  Brewer.  1939-45 War: Squadron Leader, R.A.F.V.R.  Address: Ard Erin, Rathdowney, Leix, Eire.

1554. *Durston, John Gilbert (C), b. 21st October, 1903, son of Surgeon-Commander J. C. Durston, R.N., 51 Marmion Road, Southsea, Hants.  Army, July, 1921.  Admiralty, 1942-1946.  With London Transport Executive since 1930.  Address: BM/DIN, London, W.C.1.  (M.q.)

1555. *Fowler, William Horatio (D), b. 8th July, 1902, son of J. Fowler, Holywell, Enniscorthy.  VI, April, 1920.  General Manager, Dock Milling Co. Ltd., Dublin.  Address: "Gorteen,"  Gordon Avenue, Foxrock, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

1557. *Gibson, Vivian Chaplain George Meldrum (B), b. 16th September, 1904, son of Mrs. Gibson, Rathwalkin, Kildare.  Brother of 1558 and 1819.  U.V, July, 1922.  1st XV, 1921-22.  Farming.  Address: New Park, Kilmeague, Naas, Co. Kildare.  (M.q.)

1558. *Gibson, Ian Charles Vesey (B), b. 20th March, 1906, son of Mrs. Gibson, Rathwalkin, Kildare.  Brother of 1557 and 1819.  VI, April, 1924.  Prefect.  1st XI, 1923.  1st XV, 1922-24 (Capt., 1923-24).  Address: 4 Eileen Gardens, Windsor Park, Belfast.  (M.)

1559. *Innes, Josiah Rees Stamp (B), b. 24th April, 1908, son of H. S. Innes, Rialto, Kensington Road, Knock, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1925.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., D.P.H. (Queen's).  Colonial Medical Service, Gold Coast, 1937.  West African Frontier Force, 1939-1943.  East African Campaign.  Medical Officer, Gold Coast.  Address: c/o Ulster Bank, Donegall Place, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1560. *Johnston, Edward Wynne Alston (C), b. 4th July, 1908, son of Rev. P. B. Johnston, The Rectory, Wicklow.  L.V, April, 1925.  Apprentice, Electrical Engineer, 1926-32.  Now Poultry Farming.  (M.)

1561. *Lee, James (B), b. 8th December, 1906, son of S. Lee, Coondara, Donaghadee.  father of 3724.  Army, April, 1925.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1924.  1st XV, 1924-25.  Director, Messrs. Moygashel Ltd., Fabric Manufacturers.  Address: Annvale, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

1562. *Miller, Alexander Knox (D), b. 21st November, 1906, son of A. Miller, Millbrook, Straidarran, Londonderry.  Father of 3571.  U.V, July, 1925.  Mill owner.  Address: Millbrook, Straidarran, Co. Derry and Cill-Alaithe, Killala, Co. Mayo.  (M.q.)

1563. Moffat, William George (E), b. 13th December, 1906, son of William Moffat, 51 Dundela Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1922.  Manufacturer's Agent.

1564. Moynan, Raymond Gore Ouseley (B), b. 14th April, 1903, son of John Ouseley Moran, M.A., Island Baron House, Nenagh.  U.V, July, 1920.  T.C.D.  Maltster and Chemist.  North Tipperary Malting Co.  Address: Abington, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

1565. *McQueen, Gerald Andrew, b. 18th October, 1908, son of Thomas McQueen, Inver, Salisbury Avenue, Belfast.  III, July, 1922.  Ashworth School, Yorks.  With Messrs. McQueen & Sons, Ltd., Glasgow and Belfast.  Address: 70 Salisbury Avenue, Belfast.

1566. *Pike, Arthur Ivan (D), b. 20th June, 1902, son of Rev. A. J. Pike, The Rectory, Crossmolina, Co. Mayo.  Brother of 1567.  U.V, July, 1920.  Kenya Defence Force, 1939-1942.  Manager, British East Africa Corporation, Ltd., Mombasa,  Address: c/o P.O. Box, 12 Mombasa, Kenya.  (q.)

1567. *Pike, Basil King (D), b. 24th April, 1905, son of Rev. A. J. Pike, The Rectory, Crossmolina, Co. Mayo.  Brother of 1566.  U.V, April, 1922.  With Imperial Tobacco Co.  1939-45 War: Flight Lieutenant, R.A.F.  Address: Robins Farm, Charlwood, Surrey.

1569. *Ross, Arthur Gordon (B), b. 15th March, 1907, son of Rev. R. W. Ross, Burt Manse, Londonderry.  Brother of 1062 and 1154.  VI, July, 1926.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1923-24-25-26.  Captain, 1925-26.  Queen's University.  Scholarship in Anatomy and Physiology.  Gold Medal in Surgery.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1931.  Travelling Scholarship in Clinical Surgery, 1931.  F.R.C.S.I., 1935.  Coulter Clinical and McQuitty Memorial Exhibitions.  Surgeon, Chichester Group Hospitals.  Address: 4 North Pallant, Chichester, Sussex.  (M.q.)

1570. Rossiter, Edward Wrixon (A), b. 10th May, 1904, son of Mrs. Rossiter, 8 Temple Villas, Palmerston Road, Dublin.  IV, July, 1919.  St. Andrew's, Dublin.  Irish National Army, 1922-23.  T.C.D., 1923-27.  Burma Frontier Service, 1927-31.  Political Officer, Northern Shan States, 1932-36.  Political Officer to North-Eastern States.  Died in Calcutta, 4th November, 1944.

1571. *Stockdale, Thomas Lewis (A), b. 7th January, 1904, son of W. J. Stockdale, Ballynoe, Downpatrick.  Army Class, July, 1920.  1st XI, 1921.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1926.  Queen's University Cricket Blue, 1922-24-25-26.  Captain, 1926.  Address: 147 Newton Drive, Blackpool.  (M.q.)

1572. *Stokes, Francis Knolleys (B), b. 16th September, 1903, son of Frank Stokes, 60 Dawson Street, Dublin.  Father of 3298, 3556 and 3679.  U.IV, April, 1921.  Address: 3 Park View, Wellington Road, Cork.  (M.)

1573. Waring, Thomas Drummond (A), b. 20th December, 1902, son of Rev. T. P. Waring, The Rectory, Glenarm, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 1574.  L.V, July, 1920.  Last known address: 183 Cavehill Road, Belfast.

1574. Waring, Lionel John Francis (A), b. 4th November, 1905, son of Rev. T. P. Waring, The Rectory, Glenarm.  Brother of 1573.  Remove, July, 1920.  Address: Staghein, Belfast Road, Holywood, Co. Down.

1575. White, Sydney John (A), b. 2nd October, 1902, son of Captain F. J. White, R.E., Regent House, Newtownards.  Army, July, 1920.  1st XI, 1920.  1st XV, 1919-20.  R.M.C.  Sandhurst, 1920.  Indian Army, Captain, 1931.  1st Bn. 16 Punjab Regiment.  2nd World War: Lieut.-Col., I.A.  Died, 1951.

1577. Wilson, Jack Eric (E), b. 19th August, 1903, son of Alexander Henry Wilson, Sunnyside, Kensington Park, Knock, Belfast.  III, Dec., 1920.  Address: 23 Deramore Drive, Belfast.

1578. *Wilson, Raymond James Gregg (B), b. 1st August, 1906, son of Professor Gregg Wilson, O.B.E., M.A., Ph.D., D.Sc.  U.V, July, 1924.  Queen's University, Belfast.  B.Com.Sc., 1933.  Capt., R.A.S.C., 1940-1947.  Stockbroker, Abraham Johnson & Son, 6 Waring Street, Belfast.  Address: 15 Upton Avenue, Finaghy, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1579. Craig, Sheldon Cecil Alwyn (E), b. 18th February, 1907, son of J. Holden Craig, Bank of Ireland, Donegall Place, Belfast.  V, March, 1923.  Apprentice, Harland & Wolff, 1923-28.  Engineer Assistant, Eastern Assam Tea Co., 1930-36.  Assistant Works Manager, Harland & Wolff, 1936.  Address: 11 Shrewsbury Park, Malone, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1580. *McMillen, Alan Trelford (E), b. 24th April, 1905, son of Hugh McMillen, Knockfierna, Kensington Park, Belfast.  Brother of 577, 578 and 579.  Father of 3338.  IV, July, 1921.  Resident Secretary for N. Ireland Scottish Equitable Life Assce. Society.  Knock R.F.C.  XV.  Donaghadee XV.  1939-45 War: Home Guard.  Branch Manager, Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society.  Address: Sandhurst, King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)


1581. *Adair, James Robinson (B), b. 28th July, 1908, son of R. A. Adair, Ravenworth, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1468.  U.V, April, 1925.  1st XV, 1924-25.  Accountant.  1939, R.A.S.C., Major, Army Officer.  Address: c/o Northern Bank Ltd., Connswater, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1582. *Anderson, Samuel (E), b. 12th October, 1905, son of John C. Anderson, Knocknagoney, Martinez Avenue, Belfast.  VI, July, 1923.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1928.  D.P.H., 1930.  Musgrave Research Studentship, 1931.  Partner, Drs. McKelvey & Anderson, Sowerby Bridge.  R.A.M.C., 1942-46.  Address: 21 Ryburn Buildings, Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire.  (q.)

1583. Beare, Denis Fitzgerald (D), b. 2nd June, 1907, son of Mrs. C. A. Beare, Rathmore, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1544.  II, April, 1920.  St. Columba's College.  With Shanghai Waterworks.  (M.)

1584. *Chesnutt, James Maurice Alexander (D), b. 30th December, 1907, son of J. A. Chesnutt, Wandsworth, Belmont Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1806.  Army, July, 1926.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1924-25-26.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1926.  2nd Lieut., R.A., 1928.  Lieut., 1931.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., R.A.  O.B.E., 1952.  Commanding 26 Fd. Regt. R.A., M.E.L.F., 27, 1953.  Address: 22 Cheyne Court, Chelsea, London, S.W.3.  (M.)

1585. *Davidson, John George (E), b. 29th June, 1905, son of John Davidson, Elwyn, Knock, Belfast.  IV, July, 1922.  1939-45, Royal Artillery Captain.  Sales Manager, Broadway Damask Co. Ltd.  Address: 10 Ardgreenan Drive, Belmont, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1586. *Dickson, Ivan Scott (A), b. 5th July, 1904, son of Hugh Dickson, Glen House, Newtownards.  U.V, July, 1921.  Farmer and Seed Grower.  Address: Church Farm, Marks Tey, Colchester, Essex.  (M.q.)

1587. *Allan, Tom Schofield (B), b. 4th December, 1902, son of Stanley B. Allan, Rio de Janeiro.  Brother of 1686 and 1687.  Father of 3562.  U.V, Dec., 1920.  1st XI, 1920.  Administrative Assistant, Societe Anonyme du Gaz de Rio de Janeiro.  Address: Caixa Postal 571, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  (M.q.)

1589. *Fisher, Joseph Alexander (B), b. 6th Feb., 1908, son of Alex. Fisher, Coolbawn, Warrenpoint, Co. Down.  Brother of 1662.  L.VI, April, 1925.  Q.U.B., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1930.  M.D., 1934.  B.Sc., 1936.  M.R.C.P. (London).  Demonstrator in Pathology and Clinical Assistant to Professor of Pathology, 1936.  Senior Lecturer in Pathology, University of Bristol, 1938.  Graduate Assistant in Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford, 1943.  Senior Assistant to Nuffield Professor of Clinical Medicine, Oxford, 1947.  Nuffield Surveyor of General Practice in Northern Ireland, 1950.  Consultant Physician Mid-Ulster Area, N.I. Hospitals Authority, 1951.  Consulting Physician, Univ. Dept. of Medicine, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.  Address:  6 Malone Park Central, Belfast.  (M.)

1592. *Gribbon, Frederick Livesey (E), b. 2nd July, 1907, son of Robert W. Gribbon, Ardvarna, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1085, 1268 and 1591.  L.VI, April, 1925.  Managing Director, Messrs. Gribbon Brothers.  President, Rotary Club, Belfast, 1954.  Address: Travancore, My Lady's Mile, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1593. Hamilton, Henry Stewart (B), b. 16th May, 1903, son of S. Hamilton, Fairymount, Londonderry.  Brother of 1594.  VI, Dec., 1920.  Queen's University.  L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edinburgh).  L.R.F.P.S. (Glasgow).  Senior House Surgeon, King George's Hospital, Ilford.  Deputy Medical Supt., St. John's Hospital, Battersea.  Address: St. John's Hospital, St. John's Hill, Battersea, London, S.W.11.  (M.q.)

1594. Hamilton, Samuel Bruce (B), b. 12th June, 1904, son of S. Hamilton, Fairymount, Londonderry.  Brother of 1593.  Dec., 1920.  Address: Troy Hall, Culmore Road, Londonderry.

1595. *McClure, Harold Ian (E), b. 26th August, 1904, son of William McClure, Ballyhanwood, Knock, Co. Down.  VI, July, 1922.  1st XV, 1920-21-22.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1927.  B.Sc., 1929.  F.R.C.S., 1932.  Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, 1932.  Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, 1935.  F.R.C.O.G., 1935.  Surgeon, Royal Maternity Hospital, Belfast and Ulster Hospital for Children and Women, Belfast.  Royal Victoria Hospital and Belfast City Hospital.  Lecturer in Midwifery, Queen's University, 1937.  Address: The Anvil, Newforge Lane, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1596. *McKew, Percy Hamilton (C), b. 21st September, 1906, son of Rev. J. McKew, Kilmore Rectory, Monaghan.  U.V, July, 1924.  Lieut.-Commander, R.C.N. (R).  Manager, Canadian Bank of Commerce.  Address: Canadian Bank of Commerce, Toronto, Canada,  (M.q.)

1597. *Price, Frederick William (E), b. 9th December, 1905, son of James Price, 33 Cyprus Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1434 and 1648.  L.V, July, 1922.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Director, Messrs. Price & Co., Belfast.  Address: Carrigullian, Killinchy, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1598. *Thornbury, George Foye (F), b. 17th November, 1906, son of Thomas Thornbury, Rusinurbe, Park Road, Belfast.  L.V, April, 1924.  Building Contractor.  Address: Phoenix Building Works, Tullamore, Offaly, Eire.  (M.)

1599. Wade, Henry Claude Rochfort (C), b. 13th July, 1905, son of William Rochfort Wade, Belcamp, Hutchinson, Raheny, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 1613.  L.V, July, 1922.  (M.)


1601. Blackwood, Guy Hamilton Ava (E), b. 16th April, 1909, son of Major C. H. Blackwood, Lake-Glen, Andersonstown, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1927.  Flying Officer (Air Force Reserve).  1939-45 War: Squadron-Leader, R.A.F.  A.F.C.

1602. Davis, Robert Arthur (D), b. 5th May, 1906, son of Rev. J. A. Davis, Rectory, Dromore, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 1342.  Father of 3309.  U.V, Dec., 1924.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1923-24.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  Lieut., R.U. Rifles.  1939-45 War: Major.  Retired.  Address: New Mills, Ballycarry, Co. Antrim.  (M.)

1603. *Ferguson, John Cherry (C), b. 12th April, 1905, son of William J. Ferguson, J.P., Rosemead, Newtownards.  Brother of 1243 and 1960.  IV, July, 1922.  Belfast College of Technology, 1924-31.  Capt., Ards Rugby Club, 1929-31.  Member of the Society of Dyers and Colourists and of Dyers' Guild.  Director of, the Calico Printworks Chemist and piece goods dyer to, Ulster Print Works Ltd., Newtownards.  Address: "Dunalton," 5 Crawfordsburn Road, Newtownards, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1605. Harrison, Richard Henry (E), b. 22nd October, 1908, son of R. D. Harrison, C.I., R.U.C., Glencairn, Earlswood Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  April, 1921.  To Portora.  Malay Police.  1940-46, Royal Ulster Rifles, Major.  Army, 1952.  Address: c/o R. D. Harrison, 9 Deramore Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1606. *James, Frank Ronald (E), b. 25th October, 1903, son of Frank James, Kia Ira, Neill's Hill, Knock, Belfast.  Father of 3532,  L.V, Dec., 1919.  With Messrs. Newtown, Chambers & Co. Ltd.  Address: Newton Chambers & Co. Ltd., Thorncliffe, near Sheffield, Yorks.  (M.)

1607. *Paul, Robert Gordon (B), b. 7th June, 1904, son of Principal F. J. Paul, M.A., D.D., Holyrood, College Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1743 and 1801.  U.VI, July, 1921.  Dental Hospital, School of Medicine, and University, Edinburgh, 1921-26.  F.R.C.S., Edin., 1931/  L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Edin., 1927.  Beaverbrook Research Fellow, Bristol University, 1934.  1939-45 War: Brigadier.  Consultant Surgeon, Southern Army, India.  Consultant Surgeon, United Bristol Hospitals.  Lecturer in Operative Surgery, University of Bristol.  Articles in British Journal of Surgery, and Lancet.  Address: Cliff Court, Frenchay, Nr. Bristol.  (M.q.)

1608. *Perry, Philip Henry (B), b. 24th April, 1905, son of Wilfred Perry, Lisderg, Belmont, King's County, Irish Free State.  Brother of 1773.  L.V, July, 1922.  1st XI, 1921-22.  1st XV, 1920-21-22.  Director, R. Perry & Co. (1927), Ltd.  Address: Tir-na-nog, Belmont, Offaly, Eire.  (M.)

1609. Rankin, William John (E), b. 6th March, 1904, son of Thomas Rankin, Clovelly, Dundela Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.  IV, Sept., 1920.  To Canada.

1610. *Ritchie, James (C), b. 4th November, 1906, son of James Ritchie, The Cottage, Shrigley, Killyleagh, Co. Down.  U.V, July, 1923.  1st XI, 1922-23.  Inter-Provincial Cricket, Ulster v. Leinster, 1933.  Address: 7 Abbey Road, Knock, Belfast.

1611. Robinson, Edward Hedley, b. 6th November, 1904, son of Capt. Thomas Robinson, Ivy Dean, Wandsworth Road, Belfast.  IV, April, 1920.  Address: 33 Ormiston Crescent, Belfast.

1612. *Steen, Thomas William Rennie (B), 27th April, 1904, son of Rev. David Steen, The Manse, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim.  V, Dec., 1921.  With Ford Motor Co.  Address: Owenmohr, Whitehead, Co. Antrim.


1614. *Adams, Maurice Henry (E), b. 16th July, 1908, son of Henry Adams, Dromantine, Cyprus park, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Father of 4027.  July, 1922.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1930.  D.O.M.S.  Royal College of Surgeons, 1947.  Royal Naval Medical Service.  Surgeon-Commander, R.N.  Address: c/o Medical Department of the navy, Queen Anne's Mansions, St. James's Park, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1615. *Baird, James Burgoyne (A), b. 15th February, 1908, son of William F. B. Baird, Hill Street, Lurgan.  Brother of 2189.  VI, April, 1925.  1st XV, 1924-25.  1939-45, Major, R.A.  Managing Director, W.F.B. Baird & Co. Ltd., Lurgan.  Address: Ballymacateer, Lurgan.  (M.q.)

1616. *Bambrick, Norman (E), b. 6th January, 1908, son of Wilfred J. Bambrick, Belavon, Belmont, Belfast.  U.V, April, 1925.  1st XV, 1924-25.  With Messrs. Hilland & Stewart Ltd., Belfast.  Address: Springhill, Ballynichol, Comber, Co. Down.

1617. *Bell, George Robert Battersby (D), b. 3rd March, 1905, son of Rev. G. R. Bell, The Rectory, Loughguille, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 1408 and 1467.  U.V, July, 1921.  Belfast Bank Official.  Address: Belfast Bank, Bushmills, Co. Antrim.

1618. Blakely, Edwin Maurice (A), b. 22nd June, 1906, son of E. C. Blakely, Roslyn, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 2347.  L.V, Dec., 1922.  Company Director.  Died.  (M.)

1619. *Boyle, Arthur James (E), b. 12th may, 1908, son of J. Boyle, Kenreagh, Kensington Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1410.  L.V, July, 1924.  Assistant Credit Manager, Robert Simpson Co. Ltd., Charge Office.  Address: 57 Mallory Crescent, Apt. 6, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  (q.)

1620. *Butler, James Nathaniel George (D), b. 8th June, 1906, son of J. G. Butler, Bank of Ireland, Bagnalstown.  U.V, July, 1923.  Cashier, Hibernian Bank.  Repelled armed raid on Inchicore Branch in 1932.  Address: c/o Hibernian Bank, Charlestown, Co. Mayo.  (M.)

1624. *Cotter, Erik Graham (C), b. 30th January, 1906, son of Rev. V. J. Cotter, The Manse, Queenstown, Co. Cork.  U.V, Dec., 1923.  Clerk, Munster and Leinster Bank.  Address: c/o Head Office, Munster and Leinster Bank, Cork.

1625. Erskine, John Gordon Morrison (A), b. 20th December, 1907, son of Robert M. Erskine, Donnybrook, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1363 and 2657.  U.VI, Dec., 1925.  1st XI, 1923-24-25.  Royal Navy (Special Entry), 1925.  Lieut. (E), Oct., 1930.  Lieut.-Commander (E), R.N.  Killed in Action, 1941.  (M.)

1626. *Erskine, Edmund Blakely (A), b. 11th March, 1909, son of J. C. Erskine, Fountain Street, Antrim.  L.V, July, 1926.  Address: Heatherleigh, Hillview Drive, Glengormley.  (M.)

1627. Ewart, James Ferguson (A), b. 20th May, 1906, son of Thomas Ewart, Cloneen, Limerick.  Brother of 1441 and 1869.  V, April, 1923.  1st XV, 1922-22.  Director, Purity Sugar Cane Co., St. Louis, U.S.A.  Limerick Boat Club VIII, 1927.  Address: 877 Alexandria Avenue, Glendale, 22 Missouri, U.S.A.  (M.q.)

1628. *Fielden, Victor George (D), b. 16th January, 1909, son of V. G. L. Fielden, M.D., 84 Dublin Road, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1927.  1st XV, 1926-27.  Apprenticeship, Messrs. Harland & Wolff.  Certificate of Competency, First Class Engineer, Steamship and Motorship.  M.I.Mar.E.  Partner, Messrs. W. E. Bullick & Co., Belfast.  Address: "Tor View," Station Road, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1629. Gallaugher, John Ferguson Wilson (C), b. 7th November, 1908, son of Rev. James Gallaugher, Somerset, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1518.  L.V, July, 1924.  Bank Official.  Address: "Colquhally," Shore Road, Greenisland.  (M.q.)

1631. Gillmon, Christian Charles Hewat (D), b. 27th November, 1905, son of Mrs. Gillmon, 26 North Street, Ashford, Kent.  Brother of 1266.  U.V, April, 1923.  1st XI, 1921-22.  Farmer in Australia.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.A.C.

1632. Glendinning, Alexander (B), b. 10th February, 1905, son of Rev. J. P. C. Glendinning, Saintfield, Co. Down.  L.V, July, 1921.  Reader for Constable.  Reviewer for "The Times."  Sub-Editor of the "19th Century."  Flight Lieutenant, R.A.F.V.R.  Killed in Action, Feb., 1942.

1633. *Gracie, Arthur Wallace (D), b. 30th March, 1904, son of Major A. Gracie, Monaline, Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1520 and 2196.  Father of 3795.  V, Dec., 1921.  T.C.D.  B.A., B.A.I., 1926.  With Bengal-Nagpur Railway.  1939-45 War: Major, B.N. Rlwy. Unit, D. of I. Corps.  With Macnee & Co., Steel Agents, London.  Address: "Satra Koti,"  Fanton Walk, Wickford, Essex.  (M.q.)

1634. *Hardy, William Irvine (E), b. 16th October, 1907, son of William J. Hardy, 39 Kirkliston Drive, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 1794.  L.VI, July, 1925.  Bisley Team, 1925.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1930.  House Surgeon in Brighton Hospitals.  Now in General Practice.  Address: Kennet House, Kentbury, Berks.  (M.)

1635. *Ievers, Eyre Herbert (D), b. 1st July, 1904, son of Major E. Ievers, Mount Ievers, Sixmilebridge, County Clare.  Brother of 1706.  Army, April, 1922.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1922.  2nd Lieut., R.E., 1924.  Col., 1946.  Retired and migrated to Australia, 1950.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1636. *Jamison, David Joseph (A), b. 28th May, 1906, son of David Jamison, Conway Square, Newtownards.  U.V, Dec., 1923.  Address: 4 Manse Road, Newtownards, Co. Down.  (M.)

1639. *Lord, John Graham (C), b. 15th July, 1907, son of C. J. Lord, Bank of Ireland, Mullingar.  L.VI, July, 1925.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1930.  General Practitioner.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  M.C., 1940.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: The Old Parsonage, Longridge, near Preston, Lancs.  (M.)

1640. McCabe, Arthur James Morton (E), b. 19th May, 1906, son of Samuel McCabe, Leawood, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1838.  U.V, April, 1923.  Owner of the Ulster Radio Development Company, Queen Street, Belfast.  Died, 21st November, 1950.  (M.)

1641. McConnell, William John (E), b. 23rd February, 1907, son of Rev. James McConnell, Ulidia, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 937 and 938.  L.V, Dec., 1923.  With Anchor Lines, Ltd., 1-5 Victoria Street, Belfast.  Address: 22 Luxor Gardens, Bloomfield, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1642. *McIlroy, Robert Theodore (E), b. 1st June, 1907, son of Mrs. McIlroy, Clovelly, Cyprus Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1943.  L.V, July, 1924.  Irish Representative, Messrs. Jarrett, Rainsford & Laughton, Birmingham.  Address: 4 Malone Gardens, Dunmurry, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1643. *McMillan, Denis Kirk (B), b. 25th March, 1906, son of W. J. McMillan, Dunloe, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 1839.  U.V, July, 1923.  Incorporated Law Society of N.I.  Final, 1932.  Senior Partner in Messrs. White, McMillan & Wheeler, Solicitors, Belfast.  Address: Craigdun, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1644. *Newell, Charles Augustus Mussen (D), b. 28th September, 1907, son of rev. C. F. Newell, The Vicarage, Templepatrick, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 1096.  L.V, April, 1924.  University of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A.  Bach. of Business Administration.  1939-45 War: Flight Officer, American Army Air Force.  Last known address: c/o Mrs. West, Route 1, Box 60E, OJAI, Calif., U.S.A.

1646. Park, Reginald Edwin (E), b. 23rd August, 1904, son of Mrs. Park, Erin House, Strandtown, Belfast.  IV, April, 1920.  Engineering Pupil, Harland & Wolff.  Belfast College of Technology, 1920-25.  Engineer.  Address: Erin House, 414 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1648. *Price, Herbert Gibson (E), b. 29th April, 1907, son of James Price, Glenwood, Cyprus Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1434 and 1597.  L.V, July, 1924.  President, O.C. Society, 1952-53.  Messrs. H. Gibson Price & Co., Dublin.  Address: 16 Suffolk Street, Dublin and 191 Strand Road, Dublin.  (M.q.)

1650. *Redmond, William Eric Gleeny (A), b. 6th May, 1905, son of R. S. Redmond, 1 Victoria Place, Warrenpoint.  L.VI, July, 1923.  Director in Redmond Sons & Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: "Redcroft," 63 Circular Road, Belmont, Belfast.

1651. *Stitt, William Vyvyd (E), b. 8th May, 1908, son of Surgeon-Commander W. J. Stitt, R.N., 11 Ormiston Park, Knock, Belfast.  Army, Dec., 1926.  School Prefect.  Royal Navy (Special Entry), 1926.  Lieut. (E), R.N., 1933.  Commander (E), R.N., 1944.  Address: c/o Admiralty (E.A.P.), Whitehall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1652. *Taggart, Denis O'Connor (B), b. 29th July, 1906, son of Thomas Taggart, LL.D., Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 1918.  VI, July, 1924.  T.C.D.  B.A. and LL.B, 1927.  Solicitor, 1929.  Partner in Messrs. Thomas Taggart & Sons, Solicitors, Ballymoney.  Address: Ballymacormick, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1653. *Wilson, Hugh Patrick (E), b. 29th May, 1908, son of Hugh Wilson, Ramore, Hawthornden Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2028 and 2443.  U.V, July, 1925.  Pilot Officer, R.A.F., 1926.  Flight-Lieut., 1935.  Retired.  Flying Instructor, Brooklands Aviation, Sywell, 1936.  No. 6 E.F.T.S. and R.A.F. Reserve.  1939-45 War: Flight-Lieutenant, R.A.F.O.  Address: 28-29 St. James's' Square, London, S.W.1.  (M.)


1654. *Bailie, Herbert Walter (A), b. 20th December, 1906, son of H. W. Bailie, M.D., D.P.H., Westlands, Malone Road, Belfast.  U.V, April, 1924.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1922-23.  1st XV, 1921-22-23-24.  Apprentice, Lindsay Thompson Ltd.  British American Tobacco Co., 1929-30.  Messrs. H. W. Bailie & Co., Belfast.  F./Lt., R.A.F.V.R., 1941-46.  Messrs. Holmes, Mullin and Dunn Ltd., 61 Linen hall Street, Belfast.  Address: 118 Harberton Park, Malone, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1655. *Blackwood, Harold James Taverner (E), b. 4th August, 1907, son of J. K. Blackwood, Clanrye, Osborne Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 1215.  U.V, July, 1924.  Clerk in Belfast Banking Co.  Address: 82 Maryville Park, Belfast.

1656. Croft, Norman Benjamin (E), b. 12th February, 1908, son of Bertie Croft, Merrion, Belmont Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1657.  IV, Dec., 1923.  Apprentice Electrical Engineer, Messrs. Wm. Coates & Son.  Branch Sales Manager, Callenders' Cable and Const. Co. Ltd.  Member of Belfast Assoc. of Engineers.  Assoc. I.E.E.  Engineering Agent.  Address: 121 Castlehill Road, Stormont, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1657. *Croft, Albert Josiah, b. 3rd December, 1906, son of Bertie Croft, Merrion, Belmont Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1656.  July, 1922.  Civil Engineer, Surveyors'' Dept., Belfast Corporation.  Address: 43 Denorrton Park, Holywood Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1658. *Davis, Walter Brian (E), b. 24th August, 1907, son of Samuel Davis, F.C.I.S.  U.V, July, 1924.  Queen's University.  B.Sc., 1st Class Honours Physiology, 1928.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1931.  D.P.H., 1935.  M.D., with Gold Medal, 1937.  Director of Clinical Laboratories, Glasgow Victoria Hospitals; Senior Sectoral Consultant in Pathology, Western Regional Hospital Board (Scotland); Hon. Lecturer in Pathology, University of Glasgow.  Address: "Neidpath" 3 Torridon Avenue, Glasgow, S.1.  (M.q.)

1661. *Farrell, James Douglas (A), b. 31st Dec., 1908, son of Joseph Farrell, Palermo, Knock Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1813.  Father of 3868.  U.V, July, 1926.  1st XI, 1926.  Chartered Accountant.  Secretary, Messrs. Goorwitch, Belfast.  1939-45 War: Squadron-Leader, R.A.F.V.R.  Address: 63 King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.)

1662. *Fisher, Robert Anderson Jack Crone (B), b. 1st October, 1910, son of Alex. Fisher, Coolbawn, Warrenpoint, Co. Down.  Brother of 1589.  L.V, April, 1927.  McDonald College, McGill Univ., Montreal.  Bakery Business.  Address: 51 High Street, Crail, Scotland.  (M.)

1663. *Gray, Edward Ernest (D), b. 17th February, 1905, son of James Gray, Adelaide Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1664 and 2475.  U.V, April, 1922.  1939-45 War: Home Guard.  Company Director.  Address: Dunard, Clifton Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1664. Gray, William Kenneth (D), b. 13th March, 1908, son of James Gray, 43 Adelaide Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1663 and 2475.  L.V, July, 1925.  Died 5th February, 1943.

1665. *Heywood, Sidney Walton (D), b. 3rd October, 1903, son of S. H. Heywood, Beech House, Ashton Grove, Ashton-on-Mersey.  VI, Dec., 1920.  Managing Director, S. H. Heywood & Co. Ltd., Reddish, near Stockport.  Contributions to Technical Journals on Electric Cranes.  1939-45 War: Lieutenant, Home Guard.  Address: The Croft, Ladybrook Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire.  (M.q.)

1666. *McCreight, Charles Clifford (C), b. 9th February, 1909, son of Rev. Thomas McCreight, The Rectory, Ballynahinch.  Brother of 1276.  Army, July, 1927.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1925-26-27.  1st XV, 1925-26-27.  Boxing Colours, 1925-27. (Capt.), 1926-27.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1927.  Capt., XV, 1928.  2nd Lieut., R.A., 1929.  Capt., Army XV, 1934.  Played for Ulster, Harlequins and Aldershot Services, 1929-35.  Capt., 1938.  Retired, 1940.  M.B.E., 1942.  Chief Civil Defence Officer, Govt. of N.I.  Address: 146 Sandown Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1667. *McClatchie, James Lister (D), b. 13th July, 1905, son of J. W. McClatchie, Northern Bank, Donegall square, Belfast.  U.V, April, 1923.  With Royal Insurance Co.  1939-45 War: S.A.A.F. (A.A.)  With "The Star."  Address: 26 Nellie Road, Norwood, Johannesburg, S. Africa.

1668. Phillips, Noel (F), b. 25th December, 1909, son of W. Phillips, Tramona, Knockdene Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1529.  I, April, 1921.  Masonic Boys' School, Dublin.  Representative of Telephone Rentals, Ltd., London.  Address:  Culbin, Church Road, Dundonald, Belfast.

1669. *Ross, Hugh Dickson (A), b. 4th Nov., 1904, son of Samuel Ross, Dunrobin, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.  U.V, Dec., 1922.  Pig Marketing Board, Belfast.  Address: The White House, Craigavad, Co. Down.

1670. Stone, John Cecil Faris (D), b. 17th July, 1910, son of Rev. H. C. B. Stone, C.B.E., Mattersey Vicarage, near Doncaster.  Brother of 1504 and 2097.  II, July, 1922.  Berhamstead school.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  Indian Army.  Lieut., 7th Gurkha Rifles.  Capt., 1939.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col.  Mentioned in despatches.  Retired.  Address: c/o Grindlay & Co., 54 Parliament Street, London, S.W.1.

1671. Turner, Adam David Campbell (E), b. 3rd November, 1910, son of John Turner, The Lodge, Sydenham Avenue, Belmont Belfast.    L.VI, July, 1929.  1st XV, 1926-27.  Address: c/o The Lodge, 5 Sydenham Avenue, Belmont, Belfast.

1672. *Workman, Henry Higgins (C), b. 9th January, 1907, son of W. J. Workman, Jesmond, Sydenham Avenue, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1924.  Clay-Pigeon Shooting, Ulster v. I.F.S., 1928.  1939-45, Royal Ulster Rifles.  Major, T.A.R.O.  Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer.  Prop., W. J. Workman & Co., 6 Peter's Hill, Belfast.  Address: Jesmond, Sydenham Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)


1673. *Adams, Arthur William Stafford (A), b. 4th April, 1906, son of William G. Adams, The Hill, Newforge, Malone, Belfast.  Brother of 1948.  U.V, March, 1923.  Messrs. William Adams & Co. Ltd., Belfast.  1939-45 War: N.F.S. Linen Manufacturer.  Address: 43 Malone Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1674. Baird, Donald William (C), b. 23rd December, 1910, son of Samuel Baird, Belfast.  Brother of 1688.  L.V, July, 1926.  Farming in New Zealand, 1928-31.  R.A.F., 1931-37.  Commissioned R.N.Z.A.F., 1938.  Graduate, R.A.F.  Staff College.  A.F.C., 1942.  1939-45 War: Flying Boat Operations Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Served Singapore, Fiji, Honolulu, West Africa, United Kingdom, New Zealand on sundry appointments.  Group Captain, Royal New Zealand Air Force.  Expect to be on Staff R.N.Z.A.F.  H.Q.  London to July, 1955, then return to N.Z.  Address: R.N.Z.A.F., H.Q., Adelphi Buildings, John Adam Street, London (until 1955); and R.N.Z.A.F., H.Q., Wellington, New Zealand.  (M.q.)

1675. *Browne, Henry Edward Fraser (D), b. 28th February, 1906, son of Rev. John Browne, St. Anne's, Newtownforbes, Longford.  Brother of 1357.  L.V, Dec., 1923.  Farming.  Address: Riversdale, Crilly, Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone.  (N.)

1676. *Coleman, William Robert Reid (E), b. 15th April, 1904, son of David Coleman, Albert Bridge House, Maysfields, Belfast.  July, 1922.  Civil Servant, Ministry of Education, Netherleigh, Belfast.  Address: "Holmby," Carnmoney, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1677. *Currie, George Boyle Hanna (B), b. 19th December, 1905, son of Rev. W. J. Currie, The manse, Bangor, Co. Down.  U.V, Dec., 1922.  T.C.D., 1923.  Edin. Univ., 1927.  M.A., LL.B. (T.C.D.).  Inns of Court (Middle Temple), London, 1930.  Barrister-at-Law of Northern Circuit, England.  1939-45 War: Squadron-Leader, R.A.F.  M.B.E.  Address: 34 Castle Street, Liverpool 2; and Pen-y-lan, Ruabon, N. Wales.  (M.q.)

1678. Heney, William McCaw (B), b. 8th December, 1907, son of William Heney, 8 Donaghadee Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 1795.  U.V, Dec., 1923.  Cashier, Northern Bank.  Special Diploma, Foreign Exchange, 1933.  Northern Bank Golf Team.  Member of Institute of Bankers in Ireland.  Address: Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Eire.  (M.q.)

1680. Hughes, Stanley Barton (C), b. 10th December, 1905, son of Richard Hughes, J.P., Castle Place, Ardglass.  Brother of 1370.  L.VI, July, 1923.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1930.  M.D., 1943.  Queen's University 1st XV, 1926-29;  Cricket XI, 1924-26;  Golf Colours, 1927-29.  R.A.M.C., 1939-45.  Major.  Medical Specialist.  General Practitioner.  Physician, Lowestoft and North Suffolk Hospital.  Address: Chesterfield House, Pakefield Road, Lowestoft.  (M.q.)

1681. *Irwin, Thomas Henry Royse (A), b. 13th August, 1906, son of Rev. C. K. Irwin, Derrynoose Rectory, Keady, Co. Armagh.  Brother of 1345.  U.V, July, 1924.  1st XV, 1923-24.  O.T.C., Pipe-Major.  Royal Dick Veterinary College, Edinburgh.  M.R.C.V.S., 1929.  Address: 18 Buttgarden Street, Bideford, North Devon.  (M.q.)

1682. Killen, Marcus Brice (E), b. 24th March, 1907, son of William Killen, M.D., 32 College Gardens, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1923.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1929.  Ship's Doctor.  Address: Aviemore, Monaghan.  (M.)

1683. *Miller, William Smith (E), b. 17th January, 1907, son of Hugh P. Miller, Cathkin, Ormiston Park, Knock, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1923.  Late Inspector, London and Lancashire Insurance Co. Young's Express Deliveries Ltd., and Young's Bus Service.  (11 years Sub-Contracting).  1st XI Rutherglen Hockey Club, 1932-37.  Manager, Works and Sales Manager, P. Lamb, Metal and Machinery, Spinal displacement controls activities.  Merchants.  Address: 20 Park Drive, Rutherglen, Lanarkshire.  (M.q.)

1684. *Mitchell, Charles Brownlow (A), b. 25th January, 1906, son of Lieut.-Col. A. B. Mitchell, F.R.C.S.I., 18 University Square, Belfast.  Brother of 1301.  U.VI, July, 1925.  Head Prefect.  1st XI, 1923-24-25. (Capt., 1924-25).  Trinity College, Oxford.  B.A.  (Hons. History), 1928.  M.A., 1933.  Oxford University Golf Team, 1928-29.  Barrister-at-Law, Inner Temple, 1930.  Assistant Master, Campbell College Prep., 1929-34.  Headmaster, Edgeborough, Guildford, Surrey, 1934.  President, O.C. Society, 1950-51.  Address: Edgeborough, Frensham, Surrey.  (M.q.)

1685. *McCoy, Samuel Vallis (C), b. 25th November, 1908, son of J. A. McCoy, Roanmore, Waterford.  Army, July, 1927.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1926-27.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1927.  2nd Lieut., I.A., 1929.  Attached Seaforth Highlanders.  2nd Royal Lancers, 1930.  A.D.C. to H.E. Governor of Burma, 1932-34.  Burma XV, All India Rugby Tournament, 1934.  Winner, Suffolk Cup Steeplechase, 1933-34.  A.D.C. H.E. Governor of Punjab, 1938-39.  Brigade Major Ferozapore Area, 1939-40.  2nd Royal Lancers, Western Desert, 1940.  Raised and Commanded Indian Long Range Squadron.  Syria, 1940.  Alamein to Tunisia, Persia, 1943-45.  Iraq, 1946.  Disbanded, 1947.  Retired to pension, 1948.  M.B.E. for gallantry, Western Desert.  Comptroller of Household, Governor-General of Pakistan, 1947.  2nd Indian Grand National, 1939.  Farming.  Address: Stone Bridge, Youghal, Co. Cork.  (M.q.)


1686. Allan, Walter Calwell (B), b. 8th October, 1904, son of Stanley B. Allan, Gymnasic Anglo-Brazileiro, Rio de Janeiro.  Brother of 1587 and 1687.  L.V, Dec., 1921.  For many years overseas.  Returned to Ireland, 1952.  Address: Plantation Road, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.

1687. *Allan, Denis (B), b. 31st March, 1906, son of Stanley B. Allan, Gymnasic Anglo-Brazileiro, Rio de Janeiro.  Brother of 1587 and 1686.  U.V, April, 1923.  1st XV, 1922-23.  Bank Clerk.  1939-45 War: Lieut., I.C.  Address: Bank of London and S. America, 19 Rue de Alfandega, Caixa Postal 1013, Rio de Janeiro.

1688. Baird, Alan Duncan (C), b. 5th February, 1913, son of S. Baird, 91A Malone Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1674.  Army, Dec., 1930.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1928-29-30-31 (Capt., 1930).  Boxing Colours, 1928-29-30 (Capt., 1929-30).  C.S.M., O.T.C.  Royal Navy, Paymaster Cadet, 1930.  Lieutenant, 1935.  Regular Navy, 1939.  Mediterranean, Admiralty, 1941;  East Indies, Normandy, 1944, H.M.S. Birmingham.  Mentioned in despatches, 1944.  Commander (S), Royal Navy.  U.S. Naval War College, Newport, R.I., U.S.A., 1950.  Army and Navy Club.  Address: 91A Malone Road, Belfast: and c/o Barclay's Bank Ltd., 1 Pall Mall East, London, S.W.1.  (q.)

1689. *Bartley, James Orr (E), b. 7th June, 1906, son of Rev. J. R. and Mrs. Bartley.  U.VI, July, 1924.  1st XI, 1924.  Entrance Schol., Queen's University.  B.A. (Hons.), 1928.  M.A., 1930.  President, University Literary and Scientific Society.  Dufferin Medal for Oratory.  Assistant Master R.B.A.I., 1929-33.  Professor of English, Elphinstone College, Bombay, 1933.  Professor of English, Presidency College, Calcutta, 1939.  D.Lit., 1950.  Indian Army, Major;  Deputy Chief Press Adviser, Govt. of India (1942-1946).  Lecturer, University College, Swansea (1947).  Address: 134 St. Helen's Road, Swansea.  (M.q.)

1690. *Brown, Robert Morton, b. 2nd February, 1910, son of Hugh Brown, Elvadeen, Wynard Park, Knock, Belfast.  U.V, April, 1928.  Queen's University, Belfast.  L.D.S., 1932.  Scholarship and Gold Medal for Dental Mechanics, 1932.  Flight-Lieut. (Dental), R.A.F.  1939-45 War: Wing-Commander (D), R.A.F.  (M.)

1691. *Burton, Edward Duff (E), b. 18th March, 1907, son of E. D. Burton, Tyrella, Dundela Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1692.  IV, July, 1923.  President, Ulster Branch, Irish Hockey Union, 1952-53.  International Umpire, England v. Scotland, 1952-53.  Traveller and Manufacturers' Agent.  Address: 19 Strathmore Park South, Antrim Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1692. *Burton, Archibald Stewart Carse (E), b. 28th May, 1910, son of E. D. Burton, Tyrella, Dundela Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1691.  L.VI, July, 1929.  Prefect.  Undergraduate, Q.U.B.  Manager, T. H. Prosser and Sons Ltd., Belfast.  Now in own business.  Address: Tyrella, Dundela Avenue, Belfast.  (M.)

1693. *Bussell, Desmond Francis John (D), b. 11th January, 1906, son of Francis F. W. Bussell, Roseneath, Montgomerie Drive, Giffnock, Glasgow.  IV, July, 1922.  Aylwin College, Arnside, 1922-23.  1940-46, W.O.II, Intelligence Corps, Norway; awarded the King Haakon Medal, 1945.  Managing Director, Geo. Preston & Co. Ltd., Glasgow.  Major, Intelligence Corps, T.A.  O.C., Intelligence Corps Depot, Scotland (T.A.).  Address: 276 Ayr Road, Newton Mearns, Glasgow.  (M.q.)

1694. *Campbell, Noel Raymone Livingstone (D), b. 1st September, 1906, son of F. W. Campbell, 15 Lancefield Road, Balmoral, Belfast.  VI, July, 1924.  Clerk, Northern Bank.  To Canada, 1951.

1695. Church, Frederick Arthur (A), b. 23rd October, 1904, son of H. W. Church, Gordon House, Kildare.  L.V, March, 1921.  Merchant Service.  Resigned.  In Oil Company, S.W. Coast of Africa.

1696. *Clarke, Robert Henry Swan (C), b. 27th November, 1904, son of Rev. Henry Clarke, Swann's Cross, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.  U.V, April, 1923.  1st XV, 1922-23.  Motor Garage Proprietor.

1697. *Clow, Thompson Brodie (C), b. 20th August, 1907, son of W. Thompson Clow, 5 Deramore Park, Malone Road, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1924.  Director, Messrs. Jas. Clow & Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 49 Malone Park, Belfast.

1698. *Colhoun, Robert Eric Carmac (A), b. 16th July, 1908, son of Rev. James Colhoun, The Manse, Castlebellingham, Co. Lough.  Father of 4042.  U.V, July, 1926.  1st XV, 1925-26.  Magee College, 1927.  Capt., XV, 1929-30-31.  T.C.D., 1930.  B.A. (T.C.D.), 1931.  Princeton Theological Seminary, 1931.  Assembly's College, Belfast, 1932.  Ordained, 1934.  M.A.  Presbyterian Minister.  Address: The Manse, Ballynahinch, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1699. *Crawford, Malcolm Adair Alexander (B), b. 6th March, 1908, son of Lieut.-Col. F. H. Crawford, C.B.E., J.P., Cloreen, University Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1128.  U.V, March, 1925.  Colonial Police, 1927.  Straits Settlements, 1927-1932.  Straits Settlements Police XV.  Royal Ulster Constabulary, 1932.  D.I.  J.P.  (for Singapore, 1931).  Address: 33 Cranmore Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1700. *Dickey, John Porter (D), b. 7th June, 1906, son of Mrs. Dickey, Carnowen House, Raphoe, Co. Donegal.  U.V, April, 1924.  1st XV, 1923-24.  Farmer.  Address: Carnowen House, Raphoe, Co. Donegal.

1701. *Drought, Eric Singleton Longford (C), b. 8th August, 1906, son of C. S. Drought, Dublin.  U.V, July, 1923.  Commercial Representative W. D. & H. O. Wills, Dublin.  Address: Trafalgar House, Victoria Road, Dalkey, Dublin.  (M.q.)

1702. *Erskine, Sydney Leslie Wylie (E), b. 12th April, 1909, son of S. C. B. Erskine, Ardshane, Holywood.  Brother of 1812.  U.VI, July, 1927.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1925.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1933.  D.P.H., 1936.  M.D., 1938.  R.A.F.V.R.  (Med. Branch).  1940-45: Squadron Leader.  Consultant Chest Physician.  Address: 70 Circular Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1704. *Hardy, William Dalrymple (A), b. 22nd April, 1907, son of Wm. J. Hardy, 40 Lansdowne Road, Belfast.  VI, July, 1925.  1st XV, 1924-25.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1925.  2nd Lieut., R.A., 1927.  Resigned, 1932.  Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1932.  English Tripos, 1935.  Deacon (C. of E.), 1937.  Sometime Rector of Horfield, Bristol.  Address: Bucklebury Vicarage, Reading, Berks.

1705. *Hastings, Alexander Field (C), b. 15th July, 1906, son of Robert Hastings, Newcastle, Co. Down.  III, April, 1932.  Address: Glennfield, Newcastle, Co. Down.

1708. Lambert, Frederick Sharp (E), b. 24th May, 1909, son of Albert Lambert, Wentworth, Knock, Belfast.  IV, July, 1924.  Architect.  Address: 37 The Drive, Shoreham-on-Sea, Sussex.

1711. *Martin, Alexander William (E), b. 18th January, 1908, son of M. J. Martin, Dunsegan, Eastleigh Drive, Belfast.  V, July, 1924.  With Royal Insurance Co. Ltd.  Address: Dunalastair, Sandown Road, Belfast.

1712. *Meharg, Hugh Cecil (D), b. 29th October, 1908, son of David G. Meharg, Merton, Annadale Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 2144.  U.V, July, 1925.  Queen's University.  B.Com.Sc., 1930.  Final Exam. of C. A. in Ireland, 2nd place, 1933.  A.C.A.  1938-Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.  1943-Fellow of the Royal Economic Society.  Accountant - William Barbour & Sons, Ltd., Hilden.  Address: Merton, 14 Annadale Avenue, Belfast.  (q.)

1713. *Mercier, William Torquil McLeod (E), b. 25th July, 1910, son of C. W. Mercier, Garvock, Knock, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1928.  Scholar.  Law Society (N.I.) Final, 1932.  Solicitor.  Address: 7 Arthur Square, Belfast; and 2 Kensington Gardens S., Belfast.  (M.)

1714. Morrow, Andrew Herbert (A), b. 27th May, 1907, son of Charles Morrow, "Avonmore," Alexandra Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 1499.  IV, July, 1923.  A.M.I.M.I.  Engineer.  Address: The Creek, Whitehouse Park, Whitehouse, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1715. *McMurray, Samuel (D), b. 6th March, 1909, son of Thomas McMurray, High Street, Ballynahinch.  Brother of 1716, 2211 and 2977.  L.V, July, 1924.  Apprentice, Messrs. Harland & Wolff.  Naval Architectural Scholarship.  Glasgow University, 1929.  B.Sc. (Glasgow), 1934.  Scientific Research Officer, South Farnborough.  Address: "Russets," Knole Lane, Brentry, near Bristol.

1716. *McMurray, Henry Carmichael (C), b. 9th April, 1910, son of Thomas McMurray, High Street, Ballynahinch.  Brother of 1715, 2211 and 2977.  IV, July, 1925.  Manufacturers' Agent.  Address: Gowan Hill, Drumbeg, Dunmurry, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1717. *Nesbitt, John (E), b. 19th June, 1909, son of Alfred Nesbitt, Danehurst, Castlehill Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2871.  L.V, July, 1926.  Address: 51 Knocklofty Park, Belfast.  (M.)

1718. *Scott, William (E), b. 29th September, 1908, son of William H. Scott, York Villas, Victoria Road, Belfast.  IV, July, 1924.  Engineers' Representative.  Address: 104 North Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1719. *Smyth, Patrick McIlroy (B), b. 8th March, 1907, son of S. A. Smyth, K.C.I.E., C.S.I., I.C.S.  U.VI, July, 1926.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  1st Class Honours, Pt. 1, Science Tripos, 1929.  M.B., B.Ch. (Cambridge), 1932.  M.R.C.P. (London), 1935.  London Hospital, 1929-34.  Capt., R.A.M.C., 1940-45.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 27 Beaumont Street, Oxford.  (M.q.)

1720. *Smith, Alexander Charles (C), b. 25th May, 1909, son of Rev. Charles Smith, Langfield Rectory, Drumquin, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 1159, 1238 and 1914.  U.VI, July, 1927.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1926-27.  1st XI, 1927.  O.T.C., Pipe-Major.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1927.  2nd Lieut., R.A., 1929.  Lieut., 1932.  Captain, 1938.  Major, 1946.  Lieut.-Col., 1952.  Lieut., 1932.  Captain, 1938.  Major, 1946.  Lieut.-Col., 1952.  France, 1940; North Africa, Italy.  M.C.  Address: Lloyds Bank Ltd., Cox's and King's Branch, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1722. *Stephens, Robert (C), b. 9th November, 1909, son of J. S. Stephens, Ulster Bank House, Killyleagh, Co. Down.  U.V, July, 1927.  1st XV, 1926-27.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.  Food Manufacturer.  Address: Ballygrot House, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1723. *Suffern, Louis (E), b. 16th May, 1905, son of Mrs. Suffern, Martello, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1543, 1776 and 1777.  July, 1921.  Apprentice, Shaw & McMullan, Belfast.  1939-45 War: A. & S. H., 7th Batt., 51st Division.  P.O.W., 1940.  Address: Craigerne, King's Close, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire.  (q.)

1724. Sythes, George Paul Sutcliffe (E), b. 19th April, 1907, son of Henry Sythes, 71 Main Street, Cavan.  Brother of 1725.  U.V, Oct., 1925.  B.A., T.C.D., 1929.  M.A.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Address: Corry Rectory, Carrick-on-Shannon.

1725. *Sythes, Paul Gerald (E), b. 26th January, 1909.  Brother of 1724.  Father of 4014.  L.VI, July, 1926.  1939-45 War:  R.A. (H.A.A.).  With York Street Flax Spinning Co., Belfast.  Address: 4 King's Crescent, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1726. Watson, John Henry (E), b. 31st May, 1909, son of Mrs. Sarah Watson, Rosemount, Knock Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1926.  Scholar.  Bank of Ireland, 1927.  Address: c/o Bank of Ireland, Donegall Place, Belfast.

1727. Weaver, Francis Patrick (A), b. 4th December, 1907, son of James Weaver, Ardigon, Killyleagh, Co. Down.  IV, Dec., 1922.  University of Sydney.  Fellow Federal Inst. of Accountants (F.F.I.A.).  1940-46:  R.A.A.F.  0-C. Bomb Disposal (S.-Ldr.).  Real Estate Agent and Insurance Broker.  Company Director.  Address: 122 Springdale Road, Killara, Sydney, Australia.  (M.q.)

1729. Fee, Thomas Hugh Cecil Hickland (E), b. 1st January, 1911, son of David A. Fee, M.R.S.I., J.P., Baythorpe, Holywood, Co. Down.  July, 1921.  University School, Hastings.  Apprentice, Harland & Wolff.  Lieutenant (E), R.N.R.  Killed in Action, 3rd November, 1939.

1730. *Mann, Cyril William (B, E. and F.), b. 11th May, 1908, son of William H. Mann, Belfast Bank House, Dungannon.  U.V, July, 1926.  Clerk in Provincial Bank.  Address: 11 Rosepark, Dundonald, Co. Down.  (q.)


1731. *Gibson, Mathew Cameron Henderson (E), b. 27th September, 1907, son of George Gibson, Glen Rual, Donaghadee.  IV, July, 1924.  T.C.D., 1928.  Partner, Messrs. James Hollywood & Son, Belfast.  Fellow of Chartered Auctioneers' and Estate Agents' Institute.  Estate Agent.  Address: 73 Kensington Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1732. Killen, William Bruce McCausland (E), b. 29th September, 1910, son of Bruce W. Killen, Knockmore, Cherryvalley Park, Knock, Belfast.  U.V, February, 1928.  Queen's University.  B.Sc. (Chem.), 1935.  B.Sc. (Mech. Eng.), 1936.  With Vauxhall Motors Ltd., Luton, Beds.  Articles in Motoring Journals.  2nd World War: Major, R.E.M.E.  Died 15th September, 1947.  (M.)

1733. *McKeever, Thomas Richard (B), b. 27th May, 1906, son of J. C. McKeever, Elmgrove, Julianstown, Drogheda.  Brother of 1902 and 2022.  L.V, July, 1924.  Trained 1st and 2nd horses in Irish Grand National at Fairyhouse in 1935.  Racehorse Trainer.  Address: Power House, Mornington, Drogheda.


1735. Adcock, Gordon Scott (E), b. 16th July, 1910, son of Mrs. Adcock, 15 Connsbrook Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1736.  II, July, 1921.

1736. Adcock, Frank Stuart (E), b. 20th April, 1912, son of Mrs. Adcock, 15 Connsbrook Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1735.  I, July, 1921.

1737. *Barnett, Arthur McBirney Carmac (A), b. 17th April, 1908, son of Arthur R. C. M. Barnett, Ennismore, Landsdowne, Limerick.  L.VI, July, 1926.  1st XI, 1925-26.  Sports Challenge Cup, 1926.  Messrs. John McBirney & Co., Limerick, 1927-35.  The Grampian Silver Fox Ranch, 1936.  Address: 17 Oakley Avenue, Ealing, London, W.5.  (M.)

1738. *Denroche, Charles James (C), b. 15th February, 1908, son of Mrs. C. O. Denroche, Mountain View, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.  L.VI, July, 1925.  Clerk in Bank of Ireland.  Now in Canada.

1739. *Hunter, Alan Mitchell (B), b. 22nd March, 1907, son of Rev. Dr. A. Mitchell Hunter, 54 Morningside Drive, Edinburgh.  Brother of 1425.  U.VI, July, 1925.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., Ch.B., 1931.  D.C.O.G., London, 1935.  Organist and Choirmaster, St. Paul's Church, Edinburgh, 1927-31.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 134 Park Avenue, Northfleet, Kent.  (M.)

1740. *Mossley, Kenneth John Chilton (C), b. 16th October, 1909, son of J. C. Mossley, Moradabad, U.P., India.  Brother of 2006.  L.V, July, 1927.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1927-1928.  O.T.C., Pipe-Major.  In Burma, 1938.  Now farming.  Address: Kasembereka, Nyasaland, P.O. Cholo, E. Africa.  (M.)

1741. Sheane, Stanley Richard (C), b. 21st February, 1907, son of Thomas Sheane, Lyne Lodge, Newry.  Remove, July, 1922.  Dental Surgeon.

1743. *Paul, Walter Hatley (B), b. 1st June, 1907, son of  Rev. Prof. F. J. Paul, Principal, Presbyterian Theological College, Belfast.  Brother of 1607 and 1801.  U.VI, July, 1926.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  McNeill Medal.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1926-1930.  2nd Class Honours Mathematical Tripos, Part II, and B.A., 1929.  Captain, Emmanuel Boat Club, 1928-29.  M.A., 1934.  Colonial Administrative Service since 1930.  Address: c/o Secretariat, Kaduna, Nigeria, and Union Club, 86 St. James' Street, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)


1745. *Baine, John Roney (E), b. 29th October, 1909, son of George Baine.  L.VI, July, 1928.  1st XV, 1926-27-28.  Chartered Accountant.  1939, 2nd Lieut., 42 S-L. Regt., R.A.  Discharged 1941 on Medical Grounds.  Secretary, Ulster Public Officers' Association.  Address: 116 King's Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1746. *Brown, David Hastings (C), b. 14th July, 1908, son of William Brown, 10 Landsdowne Terrace, Ballsbridge, Dublin.  Brother of 1311 and 1533.  IV, July, 1924.  Flour Miller and Company Director.  Address: Craigdarroch, Baily, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

1748. *Campbell, Angus John (C), b. 25th January, 1910, son of Angus Campbell, Imperial Hotel, Donaghadee.  Brother of 1953.  U.V, April, 1927.  1st XV, 1925-26-27.  Boxing Colours, 1927.  Chartered Accountant.  1939-45 War: R.A.S.C.  Company Director and Farmer.  Address: 33 Hawthornden Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1749. *Campbell, William Wellwood (E), b. 2nd March, 1910, son of R. G. Campbell, M.D., Archburn, Knock Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1359.  L.V, July, 1926.  With the Ulster Weaving Co. Ltd.  Address: "Glenburnie," Portavo, Donaghadee.  (M.q.) 

1750. "Carswell, Alan Edward (B), b. 31st July, 1905, son of Robert Carswell, Ormidale, Marlborough Park S., Belfast.   Father of 3187 and 3393.  L.V, July, 1922.  Director, R. Carswell & Son, Belfast.  Address: 16 King's Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1751. *Carson, James (A), b. 13th May, 1907, son of David J. Carson, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.  Brother of 1548 and 2114,  U.VI, July, 1925.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1930.  M.D., 1934.  D.P.H., 1935.  American Medical Association, Vienna, 1933.  Booth Hall Hospital for Children, Manchester, 1937.  D.C.H. (Eng.), 1938.  M.R.C.P. (London), 1947.  Fell. R. Soc. Med.  1939-45 War: Lieut.-Col., R.A.M.C. (S.E.A.C. & B.A.O.R.)  Formerly Dep Med. Supt. Withington Hosp., Manchester.  Consulting Phys., Crewe Memor. Hosp. and S. Cheshire Group Hospitals.  Address:  461A, Crew Road, Wistaston, Crewe.

1752. *Common, Robert Haddon (D), b. 25th February, 1907, son of R. Hall Common, Tynemouth, Larne Harbour.  Brother of 2115.  U.VI, July, 1925.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1922-23-24-25 (Capt., 1925).  McMordie Medal.  Queen's University.  B.Sc. (Chem.).  1st Class Honours, 1928.  B. Agr. 1st Class Honours, 1929.  B.Sc., 2nd Class Honours, London, 1930.  M. Agr. Q.U.B., 1931.  A.I.C., 1932.  Ph.D. (Biochemistry), London, 1935.  D.Sc., London, 1944.  Research Division Min. of Agriculture, N.I., 1929.  Assistant in Depart. of Agr. Chemistry, Q.U.B., 1929.  Q.U.B. 1ST X.V., 1925-26-27-28-29. Capt., 1928-29.  F.R.I.C., 1945.  Professor and Chairman, Department of Chemistry, Macdonald College (McGill University) Canada, 1947.  Grant for Research at Reading University from Royal Society Nuffield Research Association, 1954.  Address: Box 223, Macdonald College, P.O., P. Que., Canada.  (M.q.)

1753. Dobbyn, George Lancelot (B), b. 30th May, 1906, son of William Dobbyn, Riverdale, Waterford.  L.VI, July, 1923.  T.C.D.  LL.B., 1927.  Barrister.  Address: 5 Colbeck Street, Dublin.

1754. *Elliott, Thomas Dethridge Hanna McCrea (A), b. 13th May, 1907, son of Thomas Elliott, Ardnafin, Strabane.  Brother of 1484.  U.V, July, 1925.  Trinity College, Dublin (1926) and Queen's University, Belfast, 1929-30. Solicitors' Final Examination, 1931.  Resident Magistrate.  Address: Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.  (M.q.)

1755. *Emberson, John Kilpatrick (E), b. 14th May, 1909, son of John Emberson, Glenavon, Connsbrook Avenue, Belfast.  Father of 3867.  L.VI, July, 1926.  Final, Institute of Chartered Accountants, 1932.  Secretary, Belfast Savings Bank.  Address: 29 Green Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1756. Gilliland, Walter (D), b. 25th September, 1908, son of John Gilliland, The Warren House, Donaghadee.  Remove, July, 1923.  Apprentice, Brookfield Linen Co.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.V.R.

1757. *Hannigan, Eric George (C), b. 28th September, 1905, son of Charles Hannigan, Acting Inspector General of Police, Straits Settlements, U.V, April, 1923.  Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China.  Retired.  1940-45: R.U.R.  Farming.  Address: Stanalin, Bellemount, Coleraine, Co. Derry.  (M.q.)

1758. *Harkness, Gilbert (E), b. 13th April, 1909, son of John B. Harkness, Redcliffe, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1759 and 1966.  L.V, July, 1926.  Address: 5 Lismoyne Park, Antrim Road, Belfast.

1759. *Harkness, Hill (E), b. 28th March, 1911, son of John B. Harkness, Redcliffe, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1758 and 1966.  Army, July, 1930.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1927-28-29-30.  1st XI, 1929-30.  Pilot Officer, R.A.F., 1930.  Flight-Lieut., 1936.  1939-45 War: Squadron-Leader, R.A.F.  Address: 5 Lismoyne Park, Antrim Road, Belfast.

1760. &Harrison, Francis Alexander Lyle (B), b. 19th March, 1910, son of Rev. A. Lyle Harrison.  Son of 282.  U.VI, March, 1927.  Boxing Colours, 1927.  T.C.D. Moderator, and Class Arts.  LL.B., 2nd Class Honours.  Inns of Court, N.I., and Member of Grays Inn.  M.B.E.  Major, General List, 1939-45.  King's Counsel, 1948.  Queen's Counsel, 1952.  Address: Ballydorn Hill, Killinchy, Co. Down. (M.q.)

1761. Ievers, Frederick Robert (D), b. 1st May, 1910, son of G. T. Ievers, Avonmore, Annamoe, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1783, 2130 and 2259.  U.VI, July, 1928.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1926-27-28.  1st XI, 1926-27-28 (Capt., 1928).  Boxing Colours, 1927-28 (Capt.) R.M.A., Woolwich, 1928.  2nd Lieut., R.A., 1930.  R.M.A.  XV, 1928-29-30.  Army Cap., 1931.  Major.  Died on Active Service, 1943.  (M.)

1762. *Kyle, David Moore (C), b. 12th July, 1907, son of Rev. John Kyle, B.A., The Manse, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1796.  U.VI, July, 1926.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1925-26.  A.C.A., 1938.  Accountant, Farrans Limited, Dunmurry.  Address: 153 Belmont Church Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1763. *Lytle, Samuel Norman (D), b. 30th January, 1905, son of T. A. Lytle, Maghera, Co. Derry.  Brother of 1092.  VI, July, 1922.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1927.  1929, St. Mary's Hospital, London.  1931, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London.  F.R.C.S., (London), 1931.  R.A.M.C., 1942-45.  Lt.-Col.  (Awarded "Polish Gold Cross of Merit").  Surgeon to the Southampton Hospital Group.  Address: "Deerhurst," Bank, Lyndhurst, Hants.  (M.q.)

1764. *McAlister, Edmund Charles (A), b. 12th September, 1907, son of Rev. W. McAlister, Killinkere Rectory, Virginia, Co. Cavan.  Brother of 1525 and 1835.  L.V, April, 1925.  Address: Seapark, Malahide, Co. Dublin.

1765. *McConnell, Charles Hay (B), b. 2nd November, 1906, son of Charles H. McConnell, 83 Beechwood Park, Londonderry.  L.V, July, 1922.  Bank of Ireland.  Bankers' Institute Final, 1932.  Capt., Dunmurry Badminton Club, 1929-30.  Belfast Boat Club, Senior VIII, 1928.  Address: Bank of Ireland, Londonderry.

1766. McCormack, David Cormac (E), b. 13th September, 1904, son of Major R. J. McCormack, Tudor Park, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 2016.  Army, July, 1923.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1923.  Lieut., R. Tank Corps, 1925.  Capt., 1936.  Assistant Inspector, Small Arms Ammunition, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich.  Major, 1941.  T./Lt.-Col., 1943; Inspector, S.A.A., 1946;  Asst. Director of Artillery (Small Arms);  Lt.-Col., 1948;  G.S.O.I., H.Q., B.A.O.R.  1949, Inspector, Grade 1; Chief Inspector of Armaments.  1953, Deputy Superintendent and Military Commanding Officer, Proof and Experimental Establishment, Pendine.  Address: Messrs. Glyn, Mills & Co., Kirkland House, Whitehall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1767. *McCrudden, Sterling Thomas (C), b. 26th January, 1909, son of Samuel McCrudden, Rathmore, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 1500.  L.V, July, 1926.  Director, Samuel McCrudden & Co. Ltd., 170 North Street, Belfast.  Address: Windrush, Marino, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1768. *McCullagh, Joseph Crawford (E), b. 25th September, 1907, son of Sir Crawford McCullagh, Bt., P.C. (N.I.), D.L., Lismara, Whiteabbey.  L.V, July, 1925.  Cr. 2nd Bart., 1935.  Asst. Maintenance Officer, A.R.P. Headquarters, Academy Street, Belfast., 1939-45.  Present Occupation, Agriculture.  Address: Sir Crawford McCullagh, Lismara, Whiteabbey, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1769. *McMurry, Thomas Lewis (A), b. 4th December, 1906, son of W. T. McMurry, Northern Bank, Ballymena.  U.V, Dec., 1923.  Bank Official in Northern Bank Ltd.  Address: 8 Main Street, Keady, Co. Armagh.  (M.q.)

1770. *Officer, David Edgar (B), b. 13th January, 1909, son of Mrs. Officer, Glandore, Tramore, Co. Waterford.  Brother of 1645.  U.V, Dec., 1924.  With Messrs. Denny & Sons, of Waterford.  Civil Servant.  Address: 64 Sunningdale Park, Cavehill Road, Belfast.

1771. Park, Edwin (E), b. 12th February, 1908, son of George Park, 28 Cyprus Park, Bloomfield, Belfast.  July, 1922.  Power Plant Engineer, Westinghouse Electric and Mfg. Co., N.J., U.S.A.  (M.)

1772. *Parker, Edward Forrester (B), b. 28th July, 1909, son of Allan Forrester Parker, 10 College Green, Belfast.  U.VI, Dec., 1927.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  McNeill Medal.  1st XI, 1927-28.  Boxing Colours, 1925-26-27.  O.T.C., C.Q.M.S.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1928.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  B.A. (Hons.), 1932.  2nd Lieut., R.E., 1929.  Colonel.  O.B.E.  Address: c/o Grindlays Bank Ltd., 54 Parliament Street, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1773. Perry, Thomas George (B), b. 15th June, 1908, son of Wilfred Perry, Lisderg, Belmont, King's County.  Brother of 1608.  IV, December, 1923.  Exeter School.  Address: Tir-na-nog, Belmont, Offaly.

1774. *Roome, George Greenfell (D), b. 2nd November, 1909, son of W. J. W. Roome, Meroc, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 1542.  U.VI, July, 1928.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1927-28.  1st XI, 1927-28.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  Selwyn College, Cambridge.  B.A., 1931.  M.A., Cantab.  T.A., 1939-45.  Schoolmaster (Craigflower Preparatory School, Torryburn, Fife.)  Address: Greenisland, Torryburn, Fife, Scotland.  (M.q.)

1775. Stewart, Charles Alexander Gordon (B), b. 7th June, 1911, son of Mrs. Stewart, Annahavil, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  Army, Dec., 1929.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., I.A., 1930.  Capt.  Died on Active Service, 8th Nov., 1946.

1776. Suffern, John Aubrey (E), b. 2nd July, 1907, son of Mrs. Suffern, Rottingdean, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1543, 1723 and 1777.   III, Dec., 1921.  Address: Craigerne, King's Close, Bramhall Lane, Stockport, Cheshire.

1777. Suffern, Rolf Philip (E), b. 26th May, 1909, son of Mrs. Suffern, Rottingdean, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1543, 1723 and 1776.  U.V, July, 1927.  School Prefect.  Mercantile Marine Officer.  Died, 26th June, 1939.  (M.)

1778. *Turner, Archbell William Augustus (C), b. 26th February, 1908, son of Mrs. O. E. Whittock, Cambourne Park, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1924.  Knock 1st XV till 1932.  Belvoir Park Golf Club, Ulster Cup Winners, 1930.  Northern Bank Official.  Address: Upper Toberhuney, Gilford Road, Lurgan.  (M.q.)

1779. Donnan, Laurence Frederick (D), b. 26th February, 1907, son of William D. Donnan, M.D., 12 High Street, Holywood, Co. Down.  Father of 3647 and 4047.  Brother of 1883.  U.V, July, 1925.  Queen's University, 1925-30.  L.M.S.S.A., Lond. (1931).  L.R.C.P. (Edin.), 1932.  D.P.H. (Q.U.B.), 1938;  D.P.M. (Dublin), 1942.  Surg.-Lieut., R.N.V.R.;  P.M.O. Shetland Islands, 1939-40.  Psychiatrist.  Address: The Old Manor, Salisbury, Wilts.  (M.q.)

1780. Mayne, William (E), b. 1st June, 1907, son of William Mayne, Mountpleasant, Newtownards, Co. Down.  Brother of 1539.  U.V, Dec., 1924.  With T. Mayne & Son, Newtownards.  Address: Mountpleasant, Newtownards, Co. Down.


1781. *Harris, George Boyd (F), b. 20th December, 1909, son of Major G. A. Harris, C.B.E., D.S.O., "Creevelea," King's Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1890 and 2296.  L.VI, July, 1927.  Queen's University.  1st Year Scholarship, 1928.  Shaw Prize, 1929.  McKane Gold Medal, 1931.  B.Com.Sc., 1931.  M.Com.Sc., 1932.  Chartered Accountant, 1934.  1st Place in Intermediate Exam., 1931.  1st Place in Final Examination, 1934.  Royal Artillery, 1939-44.  Captain.  Secretary to Diocesan Councils of Down and Dromore and of Connor.  1952, District Warden, Civil Defence Corps.  Address: "Sharrow," Kensington Gardens, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1782. Houston, James Ivor (B), b. 14th May, 1912, son of J. D. Houston, Northern Bank House, Kilrea, Co. Derry.  Brother of 2178.  Army, Dec., 1930.  Head Prefect.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1931.  2nd Lieut., Essex Regt., 1932.  Lieut., 1935., att. P.R. Major.  Killed in Action, 21st September, 1944.  (M.)

1784. *Megaw, Eric Christopher Stanley (D), b. 19th January, 1908, son of Arthur S. Megaw, Arden, Fortwilliam Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 1980, 2226 and 2382.  VI, July, 1925.  Queen's University.  B.Sc. (Eng.) Honours, 1928.  City and Guilds Eng. College.  Diploma of Imperial College, 1929.  D.Sc. (Queen's Univ.), 1946.  M.B.E., 1943.  Royal Naval Scientific Service, 1946.  Director of Physical Research, Admiralty, 1951.  Address: 2 The Mount, London, N.W.3.  (M.q.)

1785. Merrick, Alexander Stewart (E), b. 14th March, 1908, son of A. S. Merrick, 32 Wellington Park, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1924.  Queen's University.  LL.B., admitted Solicitor, 1930.  1939-45 War: R.N.V.R. Lt.-Cdr. Solicitor.  Address: "Greenacre," Marino, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1787. *Milner, John Stanley (E), b. 16th February, 1908, son of T. F. Milner, O.B.E., R.D., R.N.R.  IV, July, 1923.  O.B.E. New Year's Honours, 1953.  Captain, Royal Navy.  Address: 12 Ormiston Park, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1788. McWhirter, James Russell (D), b. 5th December, 1909, son of Rev. James McWhirter, Irish Presbyterian Mission, Kirin, Manchuria.  L.VI, July, 1928.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1934.  Flight-Lieut., R.A.F.  Squadron-Leader (M),  R.A.F.V.R.  Died on Active Service, 1941.

1789. Pelly, Henry Patrick Neville (B), b. 14th January, 1912, son of Mrs. A. H. Pelly, Rath-Ushard, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  Army, July, 1930.  School Prefect.  O.T.C., Pipe-Major.  R.A.F. College, Cranwell, 1930.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1931.  Lieut., 4th Bn. (Bhopal) 16th Punjab Regt., 1935.  Major, I.A.  B.S.O.II.  Killed in Action in Burma, 9th Feb., 1945.  (M.)

1790. *Stewart, Charles Morrow (B), b. 24th April, 1909, son of Wm. Stewart, 22 Ravenhill Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2025, 2237 and 2674.  U.VI, July, 1927.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1925-27.  1st XI, 1925-27.  (Capt., 1927).  Articled, Messrs. L'Estrange and Brett, Belfast.  Solicitor.  Address: 28 Rosetta Park, Belfast.

1791. *Weir, Alan William Ireland (D), b. 3rd September, 1907, son of Captain J. D. Weir, Killiegray, Kensington Road, Knock.  L.VI, July, 1926.  T.C.D.  B.A.  Ordained C. of E., 1932.  Curate of Lenton Nottingham, then Stratford Vicarage, London, E.15.  Address: Moreton Rectory, Ongar, Essex.  (M.)


1792. *Abbott, George Eric (E), b. 9th March, 1906, son of Walter Abbott, 2 Ormskirk, Alexandra Gardens, Fortwilliam, Belfast.  VI, July, 1923.  Ulster Bank, 1924.  Bangor, 1st XV, 1926-30.  Address: 222 Belmont Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1793. *Calvert, Robert James (C), b. 30th May, 1907, son of R. J. Calvert, Belfast Bank House, Enniskillen.  L.V, Dec., 1924.  Plant Manager, Engineering - with Messrs. Concrete Piling Ltd., River Road, Barking, Essex.  Address: 53 Rugby Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1794. *Hardy, James Denis (A), b. 12th July, 1911, son of W. J. Hardy, 16 Kirkliston Drive, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 1634.  L.VI, July, 1928.  Scholar.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1933.  D.R.C.O.G., 1937.  M.D. (Belfast), 1938.  M.R.C.P. (London), 1938.  Knock R.F.C.  1st XV, 1930-33.  Lt.-Col. I.M.S., 1940-46.  Consultant Physician, West Cornwall Clinical Area.  Address: "Lanhydrock," Kenwyn, Truro, Cornwall.  (M.q.)

1795. Heney, Eric Alexander (B), b. 6tth October, 1912, son of William Heney, 8 Donaghadee Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 1678.  II, Dec., 1923.  Bangor Grammar School.  Palestine Police.  Address: (1951), U.N.W.R.A. Headquarters, Amman, Transjordan.

1796. *Kyle, John Bruce (E), b. 13th May, 1909, son of Rev. John Kyle, B.A., The Manse, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1762.  U.VI, July, 1927.  Scholar.  Trinity College, Oxford.  Lit. Hum. Hons., 1931.  B.A.  Queen's University, 1934;  Capt. of Boat Club.  M.B., B.Ch., 1939.  F.R.C.S. (England), 1948.  Capt., R.A.M.C., 1941-46.  Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hexham General Hospital and Newcastle General Hospital.  Address: Sunningdale, Hexham, Northumberland.  (M.q.)

1797. *Magill, Charles Philip (E), b. 11th December, 1910, son of W. A. Magill, 24 Shandon Park, Neill's Hill, Belfast.  U.VI, April, 1929.  School Prefect.  Boxing Colours, 1927-28-29 (Capt., 1929).  McMordie Medal.  Pembroke College, Cambridge.  Entrances Exhibition.  Mod. Lang. Tripos, Pt.1, French, 2nd Class.  German, 1st Class.  Part II; 1st Class, 1932.  B.A.  Assistant Master, Haberdasher's Aske's, Hampstead, 1933.  University College, London, 1936-38.  M.A. (Cantab.), 1937.  Ph.D. (London), 1938.  1939-45 War: Major, I.C.  Mentioned in despatches.  Professor of German, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1952.  Address: "Rhydgaled," North Road, Aberystwyth, Wales.  (M.q.)

1798. Morrow, William Renton (E), b. 20th December, 1910, nephew of Dr. S. H. Whyte, 13 The Mount, Belfast.  II, April, 1923.  Queen's University, L.D.S., 1936.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.D.C.  Address: 1 West Elmwood, 90 Lisburn Road, Belfast.

1799. *McCullough, Herbert Alexander (E), b. 20th January, 1910, son of Alexander McCullough, Consuelo, Wandsworth Road, Belfast.  IV, April, 1925.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1932.  M.A., 1950.  Officiating Chaplain R.N., 1945-47.  Chaplain, The Missions to Seamen, Port of Manchester.  Address: The Missions to Seamen, Trafford Road, Salford 5, Lancs.  (M.q.)

1800. *Smith, William Braddell (A), b. 3rd September, 1906, son of Captain J. Wynne Smith, Raheengrany, Clonegal, Co. Wicklow.  (Raheengraney)  U.V, April, 1924.  1st XV, 1923-34.  1939-45 War: Major, Corps of Military Police.  Address: Newbridge House, Kildarin, Ferns, Co. Wexford.  (M.q.)

1801. *Paul, Francis Kinnier (B), b. 6th May, 1911, son of Principal F. J. Paul, M.A., D.D.  Brother of 1607 and 1743.  U.VI, April, 1929.  School Prefect.  Pembroke College, Cambridge.  Mod. Lang. Tripos.  Part I, Class I, 1931.  Part II, Class 2, 1933.  B.A.  Universities of Bonn, Leipzig, Dijon, Rennes.  Assistant Master, Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood, Middlesex, 1933-1949.  M.A., 1937.  1941-46: Lt.-Col., Intelligence Corps:  Middle Eat, East Africa, U.K. and Germany.  Headmaster, Exeter School.  T.D., 1950.  Address: Exeter School, Exeter,  (M.q.)

1802. *Stormonth, James (E), b. 2nd September, 1911, son of James Stormonth, 113 North Road, Bloomfield, Belfast.  U.VI, April, 1930.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  B.A.  King's College, Cambridge.  Film business.  1939-45 War: Capt., R. Fus.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: 74 Charlbert Court, Regent's Park, London, N.W.8.  (M.)


1803. *Betty, Brendon Ernest (D), b. 12th September, 1908, son of Dr. Moore Betty, Fort Lodge, Enniskillen.  Brother of 2023.  U.V, April, 1926.  1st XV, 1925-26.  T.C.D.  Royal College of Surgeons.  L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., 1935.  L.M., 1935.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.V.R. F/Lt.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: "Dunbar," Lancing, Sussex.  (q.)

1804. *Bodenham, Charles Edward Martyn (D), b. 23rd November, 1908, son of Mrs. H. H. Bodenham, Castle View, Quay More, Toye P.O., Co. Down.  U.VI, July, 1927.  School Prefect.  1st XV, C.S.M., O.T.C.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1927.  2nd Lieut., King's Regt., 1929.  Lieut.  Retired.  Royal Dick Veterinary College, 1936-39.  1939, King's Regt.  1942-48, Major, Royal Tank Regt.  1948, Colonial Gov. Veterinary Development Officer, Nigeria, B.W.A.  Territorial Decoration, 1951.  Address: c/o Overseas House, Park Place, St. James', London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1805. *Charlesson, Richard Williams Geoffrey (E) and (D), b. 9th July, 1913, son of R. W. Charlesson, 70 King's Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1931.  Shooting VIII, 1929-30-31 (Capt., 1931).  Final Exam.  Inst. of Chartered Accountants, 1936.  With Messrs. Ashworth, Rowan & Co.  Represented Queen's O.T.C. and Ireland at Bisley, 1936.  1939-45: Major, R.A.S.C.  Director, Ross Bros. Ltd., 18 Linenhall Street.  Address: 68 Bawnmore Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1806. Chesnutt, Henry Herbert Maxwell (E), b. 13th September, 1913, son of James Alexander Chesnutt, Wandsworth, Belmont Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1584.  U.V, Dec., 1930.  Bank of Ireland, 1931.  Address: 10 Shandon Park East, Bangor.  (M.q.)

1807. *Clint, Alfred (D), b. 27th November, 1909, son of Joseph Clint, Ballywalter, Co. Down.  L.V, July, 1926.  Medical Student, Queen's University.  Association Football XI (Capt.).  Address: Purceville, Ballywalter, Co. Down.

1808. *Coulter, John Parker (E), b. 3rd June, 1911, son of Hamilton Coulter, New Comber House, Comber, Co. Down.  Brother of 2041.  L.V, July, 1927.  Address: Beverley, Brighton Road, Coupar, Fife, Scotland.  (M.)

1809. *Craig, David Donald (A), b. 27th August, 1906, son of David Craig, 12 Queen Street, Londonderry.  U.V, July, 1924.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1928.  B.Dent.Sc., 1929.  D.U.B.C., 1st VIII, 1927-28-29.  Royal Navy, 1933.  Surgeon Commander (D), Royal Navy.  Address: c/o Naval and Military Club, 94 Piccadilly, London (M.q.)

1810. Dickson, George Denis Clarke (D), b. 14th April, 1906, son of A. W. Dickson, Oakley Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.  L.VI, July, 1923.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.S.C.  Address: 6 Donhead Avenue, Liguanea P.O., Kingston, Jamaica, (1950).  (M.)

1811. Donnan, William Christopher (E), b. 28th July, 1909, son of Ernest E. Donnan, Ballylisbraiden, Dundonald, Co. Down.  Dec., 1922.  Address: 15 Kilhorne Gardens, Knock, Belfast.

1813. *Farrell, Joseph Terence (E), b. 6th November, 1911, son of J. Farrell, 48 Knock Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1661.  U.V, March, 1930.  1939-45 War: Home Guard.  Solicitor.  Address: 48 Knock Road, Belfast.  (q.)

1814. *Flack, Gordon Prior (D), b. 1st December, 1907, son of Rev. W. T. Flack, B.A., B.D., C.F.  U.V, April, 1925.  1940-46, Royal Ulster Rifles.  Clothing Manufacturer (Gordon P. Flack, Ltd.)  Address: 13 Windsor Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1815. *Gage, Jack Harvey (E), b. 2nd April, 1907.  L.VI, July, 1925.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1923-24-25.  Athletic Champion, 1924.  Irish International XV, 1925-26-27.  South African XV v. Argentine, 1932;  v. Australians, 1933.  Ulster 440 yds.  Champion, 1926. Queen's University, 1925-27.  Imperial Service, Basutoland, 1928-36.  Sports Editor, "Sunday Tribune,"  Durban, 1939.  1939-45 War: Major, Raiding Support Regiment.  M.C.  Insurance Underwriter, Manufacturers' Life Insurance Co.  Address: Box 844, Cape Town, South Africa.  (M.q.)

1816. *Gailey, Frank Laurence (A), b. 6th March, 1906, son of A. J. Gailey, Rosemount, Letterkenny.  Father of 3793 and 4054.  U.VI, July, 1924.  Queen's University, B.A., 1927.  Solicitor, 1930.  Partner in Messrs. Greer, Hamilton & Gailey, Ballymoney.  Address: Coldagh House, Ballymoney.  (M.q.)

1817. *Gardner, George Mandeville (E), Same person as 1422.  Left, April, 1923.

1818. *Gardner, William Steven (E), b. 21st December, 1909, son of Campbell Gardner, Seabreeze, Groomsport.  Brother of 1421 and 1817.  IV, July, 1926.  O.B.E.  D.F.C. and Bar.  A.F.C.  1939-45 War: R.A.F. (Bomber Command).  Group Captain, R.A.F.  Address: c/o Ulster Bank Ltd., Donegall Place, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1819. Gibson, Eric Vernon (B), b. 21st February, 1908, son of J. C. Gibson, Rathwalkin, Kildare.  Brother of 1557 and 1558.  L.V, July, 1925.  1st XV, 1923-24-25.  Apprentice, Messrs. Ross Bros., Belfast, 1925.  Address: Rathwalkin, Kildare.

1820. *Grainger, Robert James Gawn (C), b. 14th December, 1905, son of Gawn Grainger, Craigavad, Co. Down.  Brother of 2473.  U.V, July, 1924.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1923-24.  1st XI, 1923-24.  Address: Grainger Bros., Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.)

1821. *Henry, George Austyn (E), b. 10th March, 1909, son of G. A. Henry, Glen Lodge, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 2126.  L.VI, July, 1926.  A.R.I.B.A., 1935.  F.R.I.B.A., A.M.T.P.I.  1940-45, Royal Engineers.  Chartered Architect.  Address: "Windmill Bank,"  Walton-on-the Hill, Tadworth, Surrey.  (M.q.)

1823. *Hunter, John Campbell (A), b. 30th May, 1910, son of Thomas Hunter.  Brother of 2972.  L.VI, July, 1929.  Queen's University.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.A.  Company Director.  Address: 6 Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1824. Hurford, John Vernon (E), b. 30th March, 1906, son of A. L. Hurford, 2 Knock Road, Belfast.  VI, March, 1924.  Queen's University.  Entrance Scholarship, 1924.  Schols., 1925-26-27.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (Hons.), 1929.  D.P.H. (London), 1935.  M.D. (Belf.), 1935.  F.R.C.P. (Lond.), 1950.  Physician Superintendent, King George V Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, Godalming.  Address: Haresgrove, Hyde Stile, Godalming, Surrey.  (M.q.)

1825. *Ingram, Maurice Parker (D), b. 29th November, 1910, son of J. Ingram, 10 Deramore Drive, Malone Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1927.  Belfast Banking Co., 1928.  Address: Rosvear, Massey Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1826. *Keers, Robert Young (C), b. 30th March, 1908, son of Rev. William Keers, The Manse, Newbliss.  L.VI, July, 1925.  Edinburgh University, M.B., Ch.B., 1930  M.D., 1934.  Capt., Univ. Hare and Hounds Club.  Half-Blue, 1926-27.  Assistant Medical Officer, King Edward VII Sanatorium, Midhurst.  F.R.F.P.S., 1944.  F.R.C.P.E., 1949.  F.R.S.E., 1951.  J.P.  Past-President, Tuberculosis Society of Scotland.  Medical Director, Red Cross Sanatoria of Scotland.  Honorary Consultant in diseases of the chest to the Army in Scotland.  Author of Handbook, "Pulmonary Tuberculosis" and of numerous medical papers on tuberculosis.  Address:  Tor-na-dee, Milltimber, Aberdeenshire.  (M.q.)

1827. Kennedy, Robert Samuel Moreland (F), b. 15th August, 1908, son of the Very Rev. W. M. Kennedy, D.D.  L.V, Dec., 1924.  Magee University College, Londonderry, 1928-33.  Trinity College, Dublin, 1933-34.  B.A.  Presbyterian College, Belfast, 1933-35.  Lisnagarvey Hockey Club, 1933-38 (Capt., 1935-36-37).  Inter-pro. trials.  Minister of Ballygomartin Presbyterian Church.  Address: The Manse, Lyndhurst Gardens, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1828. *Kinghan, Frank Gordon (E), b. 20th January, 1911, son of Major S. M. Kinghan, Plas Merdyn, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 2562.  L.V, July, 1927.  Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute, and Associate Member Hotel and Catering Institute.  1939-45 War: R.A.S.C. and Major, R.A.  Caterer - Managing Director.  Address: The Moat, Old Holywood Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1829. *Kirkwood, John Alexander (E), b. 21st January, 1907, son of J. A. Kirkwood, Lauriston, King's Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1830.  L.V, July, 1923.  Council, Irish Lawn Tennis Association, 1934.  1939-45 War: Sub-District Officer, Belfast Civil Defence.  Director, Symington, Kirkwood & Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 62 King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

1830. *Kirkwood, Francis Robert (E), b. 10th March, 1910, son of J. A. Kirkwood, Lauriston, King's Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1829.  L.VI, July, 1928.  Greenmount Agricultural College, 1928.  Queen's University, Sc. Scholar, 1929-30.  B.Sc., 1931.  B. Agr., with Honours, 1932.  B.Com.Sc.  Tennis Colours, Q.U.B., 1931-33.  Acting Secretary and Manager, Pigs Marketing Board (N.I.)  Address: 190 Belmont Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1831. *Loughery, William Gordon Ridley (B), b. 1st November, 1907, son of D. G. Loughrey, 1 Wellington Crescent, Ravenhill Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2136.  U.VI, July, 1926.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  McNeill Medal.  1st XI, 1923-24-25-26 (Capt., 1926).  T.C.D.  Sizarship, 1926.  Senior Exhibition, 1928.  Scholar, 1929.  Moderator, 1930.  Cricket XI, 1927-28-29-30 (Capt., 1930).  Football XV, 1929-30.  Ulster XI, 1927-33.  Gentlemen of Ireland XI, 1929-33.  Assistant Master, Campbell College, 1930.  Lieut., T.F. (O.T.C.).  Retired.  Rugby School, 1934.  Housemaster, 1951.  Address: Whitelaw House, Rugby.  (M.q.)

1832. *Maxwell, Francis James (E), b. 26th August, 1910, son of H. G. Maxwell, Earlswood, 29 Earlswood Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1896.  L.VI, July, 1928.  Linen Manufacturer.  Address: Osborne Park House, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1833. *Mitchell, William Rowan Donovan (E), b. 6th April, 1910, son of J. R. Mitchell, Brook House, Croft Road, Holywood.  Brother of 1981 and 2206.  L.VI, July, 1928.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1934.  F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1937.  House Surgeon, Ulster Hospital, 1934.  Bristol Royal Infirmary, 1935.  Demonstrator in Physiology, Queen's Univ., 1936.  M.Ch. (Orth.), Liverpool, 1938.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., R.A.M.C.  Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.  Address: 3 Billing Road, Northampton.  (M.q.)

1834. *Monie, James Willis (E), b. 27th February, 1911, son of Robert S. Monie, Fernbank, Knock Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2147 and 2313.  L.V, July, 1928.  Messrs. Jardine & MacLetchie, Stockbrokers, Glasgow.  1939-45 War: R.A.  Nurseryman.  Address: Seaview Nurseries, Ballyhalbert, Co. Down.  (q.)

1835. McAlister, Donald (A), b. 30th September, 1908, son of rev. W. McAlister, Killinkere Rectory, Virginia, Co. Cavan.  Brother of 1525 and 1764.  IV, April, 1926.  Address (1951):  The Savoy Hotel, Prince Rupert, Br. Columbia, Canada.

1836. McBride, John Edward Carlisle (C), b. 30th July, 1907, son of E. B. McBride, 31 South Parade, Waterford.  Brother of 1837.  L.VI, Dec., 1924.  Secretary, Messrs. Graves & Co., Waterford.  Address: Cedar Lodge, Newton, Waterford.  (M.)

1837. McBride, William Andrew (C), b. 13th April, 1910, son of E. B. McBride, 31 South Parade, Waterford.  Brother of 1836.  L.V, July, 1927.  Address: 31 South Parade, Waterford.

1838. McCabe, Winston Samuel (E), b. 3rd February, 1909, son of S. McCabe, Leawood, Hawthornden Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1640.  U.V, Jan., 1926.  1939-45 War: Major, R.U.R.  Company Director.  Address: c/o Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club, Cultra, Co. Down.  (q.)

1839. *McMillan, William Hay (B), b. 26th April, 1911, son of W. J. McMillan, Dunloe, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 1643.  Father of 3987.  U.VI, March, 1929.  Trinity Hall, Cambridge.  Law Tripos, Part I, 1932.  Part II, 1933.  M.A.  Admitted Solicitor, 1934.  Mayor of Bangor, 1939-41;  1945-50.  Down Co. Council, 1936-50.  Director of Companies.  Address: Flat 86, 15 Portman Square, London, W.1.  (M.q.)

1840. *McWilliam, Frederick Edward (D),  b. 30th April, 1909, son of Dr. W. N. McWilliam, Banbridge, Co. Down.  Brother of 1234.  L.V, July, 1926.  1st XV, 1925-26.  London University.  Slade Diploma in Fine Arts, 1931.  Robert Ross Leaving Scholarship, 1931.  1940-1945: F/Lt., R.A.F.  Service Far East; Int. Officer.  Sculptor.  Part-time member Slade School Staff.  Address: The Studio, 8A Holland Villas Road, Kensington, London, W.14.  (M.q.)

1841. Pelly, Charles William Edmund Nigel Cavendish (C), b. 10th July, 1908, son of Mrs. J. H. Young, Strangemore, Dungiven, Co. Derry.  Father of 4097.  L.VI, April, 1926.  Boxing Colours, 1926.  R.A.F. (SR), 1926;  R.A.F., 1928.  then Civil Aviation.  1939-45 War: Group Captain, R.A.F.  O.B.E.  Twice mentioned in despatches.  Address: Welcome's Farm, Kenley, Surrey.  (M.)

1842. *Quin, Charles William Cosslett (A), b. 27th February, 1907, son of Rev. C. E. Quin, Derryaghey Vicarage, Dunmurry., Co. Antrim.  U.VI, Dec., 1925.  School Prefect.  Dufferin Medal.  T.C.D.  Vice-Chancellor's Medal (Latin).  Carson Biblical Prize.  Bedell Prize.  1st Class Moderator in Classics, and Brook Prize, 1930.  Deacon, 1931.  Priest, 1932.  Curate-in-Charge, Moville Upper, 1936-40.  Asst. Master, St. Columba's College, 1940-42.  Curate-in-Charge, Drumlane, 1942-44.  Incumbent of Killinagh, 1944--50;  of Narraghmore from 1950.  Address: Narraghmore Rectory, Ballytore, Co. Kildare.  (M.)

1843. *Rebbeck, Denis (E), b. 22nd Jan., 1914, son of Sir F. E. Rebbeck, Sandown House, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2274.  Father of 4001 and 4098.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Pembroke College, Cambridge; B.A. (Hons.) Mech. Sc. Tripos, 1935.  Post graduate research at T.C.D., 1945-46.  M.A., 1945;  B.Litt., 1946;  Q.U.B., 1946-50;  M.Sc., 1946;  Ph.D., 1950.  A.M.I.Mech.E., 1942.  M.I.Mech.E., 1951.  Institute of Marine Engineers, Ackroyd Stuart Award, 1943.  A.M.I.C.E., 1945.  M.I.C.E., 1952.  J.P., 1949.  C.B.E., 1952.  Director of Harland & Wolff Ltd., 1946;  D. & W, Henderson Ltd., 1948;  A. & J. Inglis Ltd., 1948;  Iron Trades Employers' Insurance Assoc. Ltd., 1950;  Iron Trades Mutual Insurance Co. Ltd., 1950.  National Shipbuilders Security Ltd., 1952;  Member of Shipbuilding Conference Executive Board;  General Board and Committee of Management of Belfast Savings Bank;  Council for Scientific Research and Development in N.I.;  Central Board of the Shipbuilding Employers' Federation;  British United Provident Assoc. (N.I. Council);  Board of Governors, Campbell College.  Past Member of :- Council of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and Council of the Institute of Marine Engineers.  President, Belfast Association of Engineers, 1947-1948.  Chairman of N.I. Assoc. of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 1952-53.  Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights and Freeman of the City of London.  Vice-President of the Guild of Q.U.B.  Member of :- T. & A. F. Assoc. for the County of the City of Belfast;  Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland;  Institute of Transport;  Cambridge University Engineers Association;  Newcomen Society;  Hon. Vice-President of Queen's University Engineering Society.  Publications :- Papers read before the British Association and in the "Journal of the Institution of Civil Engineers," the "Transactions of the Institute of Marine Engineers," the Journal of the Cambridge University Engineering Society," the "Transactions of the Belfast Association of Engineers," etc.  Has given several shipbuilding talks ob the B.B.C.  Address: 6 Tweskard Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1844. *Reside, Gerald Wilson (C), b. 19th October, 1906, son of S. Wilson Reside, Windarra, Windsor Hill, Newry.  Army, July, 1924.  Queen's University.  B.Sc., 1932.  A.M.I.C.E., 1932.  Royal Artillery (S.R.), 1939-45.  Major.  M.B.E.  Civil Engineer and Architect.  Address: Ballyneddan, Killowen, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1845. *Rowe, Eric Major (D), b. 26th May, 1911, son of W. A. Rowe, Blenheim, Marlborough Road, Donnybrook, Dublin.  Army, Dec., 1929.  Lieut., 4th Bn. Green Howards (T.F.).  1939-45 War: Capt., Green Howards.  Address: Dunbarton P.O., Ontario, Canada.

1846. Slator, Cecil John (E), b. 30th December, 1910, son of W. T. Slator, Coniston, Belmont Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2281.  U.V, Dec., 1927.  Architect with Messrs. Hobart  & Heron.  Address: 26 Knocklofty Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1847. Spiers, Thomas (E), b. 31st March, 1909, son of Thomas Spiers, Sunnyside, Barnett's Road, Knock.  L.V, April, 1925.  Insurance Official, Sun Insurance Office.  Address: 97 Demesne Road, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1848. *Tempest, Arthur Vane (E), b. 24th July, 1910, son of Arthur Tempest, Kaikoura House, Castlehill Road, Knock, Belfast.  L.V, April, 1927.  Managing Director, Messrs. Arthur Tempest, Belfast.  Address: 399 Newtownards Road, Belfast

1849. *Magrath, Henry Morrison (C), b. 13th August, 1907, son of W. J. Magrath, Bangor P.O., Co. Down.  U.V, July, 1925.  1st XV, 1923-24-25.  1st XI, 1924-25.  Rubber Planting in Malaya.  Flying Officer, R.A.F. (S.R.) Short & Harlands.  1939-45 War: Squadron-Leader, R.A.F.V.R.  Address: Culmaglen, Jordanstown, Co. Antrim.  (M.)

1850. Thomson, Brian (D), b. 28th November, 1912, son of  M. E. Thomson, 2 Ormiston Gardens, Knock, Belfast.  U.VI, Dec., 1930.  Scholar.  Dufferin Medal.  1st XV, 1929-30.  King's College, London.  B.A., 2nd Class Hons. Classics, London, 1934.  Assistant Master, Oakmount School, Southampton, Hants.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.E.C.  1946, Archbishop Holgate's Grammar School, York.  1948, Milton Senior School, Bulawayo, S. Rhodesia.  Address: Rickman, Banstead Road, Banstead, Surrey.


1851. Bell, Alistair Walker (B), b. 25th April, 1911, son of Robert Bell, Borlum, Carlow.  Brother of 1469, 1470 and 2030.  L.V, July, 1928.  With Excelsior Motor Co., Birmingham.  Sergeant, R.A.F.V.R.  Killed in Action, 1944.

1852. *Betty, Rowland Ernest Driver (B), b. 10th May, 1908, son of Rev. W. A. Betty, Vicardale, Carrickmacross.  L.V, July, 1925.  Engineering.  Last known address: Crossley Brothers, Bedford.

1853. Bristow, Henry Walsham Follett (B), b. 28th October, 1908, son of Mrs. A. M. Campbell, Esdaile, Ashley Gardens, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1925.  Articled Clerk, Messrs. Jackson, McCann & Co.  Superintendent Eldoret Municipal Council, Native Location.  1939-46, King's African Rifles.  Municipal African Affairs Officer.  Address: Box 40, Eldoret, Kenya Colony.  (M.q.)

1854. *Brown, John Michael Bradley (A), b. 23rd November, 1907, son of Rev. T. B. Brown, The Rectory, Newtownards, Co. Down.  Brother of 1546 and 1877.  U.VI, July, 1925.  1st XV, 1924.  Queen's University.  Entrance Scholarship.  B.Sc., 1st Class Hons. in Zoology, 1929.  Forestry Diploma, Oxford, 1948.  Forest Ecologist, Forest Research Station, Alice Holt, Farnham, Surrey.  Address: The Clock House, Dockenfield, Farnham, Surrey.  (M.q.)

1855. *Dunn, Thomas Browne (E), b. 1sy July, 1913, son of Robert Dunn, The Hollies, North Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2117.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1929-32 (Capt., 1931-32).  C.S.M., O.T.C.  Boxing, 1931.  Shooting VIII, 1932.  Ulster XV, 1935-39.  Irish XV v. New Zealanders, 1935.  C. Com. Sc., Q.U.B., 1938.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.  Mentioned in despatches.  Chairman of Council, O.C.S., 1950-53.  Messrs. Brough, Cox & Dunn Ltd., Belfast.  Address: Demesne Road, Holywood.  (M.)

1856. *Fitzsimons, Wilfred Alan Wright (B), b. 10th September, 1908, son of W. H. Fitzsimons, 5 Rugby Street, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1925.  With Messrs. Victor H. Robb, Belfast.  Address: 40 Pommern Parade, Castlereagh Road, Belfast.  (M.)

1857. *Haines, Edward Roderick (C), b. 7th September, 1907, son of Edward Haines, Bank House, Hospital, Co. Limerick.  U.V, July, 1924.  1939-45 War: Lieut., 22nd Dragoons.  Address: Tullaboy Castle, Athlacca, Kilmalloch, Co. Limerick.  (M.)

1858. Large, Desmond Henry Howell (E), b. 29th April, 1912, son of M. H. Large, Kenreagh, Kensington Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2185.  L.V, Dec., 1928.  To Dublin.

1859. Minnis, Stanley Alexander (E), b. 19th February, 1909, son of William F. Minnis, Sandringham, Sydenham.  L.V, July, 1923.  Northern Ireland Road Transport Board.  Address: Struan, Old Road, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down.  (M.)

1860. *McGregor, Douglas Alastair Alison (F), b. 17th December, 1908, son of G. S. McGregor, Glenstrae, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1393 and 1901.  IV, Dec., 1924.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.  Engineer.  Address: 9 Ormiston Gardens, Belfast.  (q.)

1861. *Stack, Charles Maurice (A), b. 9th February, 1912, son of Rev. W. B. Stack, Loughgall, Co. Armagh.  IV, Nov., 1927.  T.C.D., B.A., 1934.  M.A.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Curate of Killarney, 1944-49;  Curate of Rathkeale and Nantenan from 1949.  Address: Nantenan Rectory, Askeaton, Co. Limerick.

1863. *Garratt, Joseph William Carson (D), b. 11th October, 1906, son of Richard Garratt, Rialto, Holywood, Co. Down.  L.VI, Mar., 1925.  Address: Rialto, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)


1864. *Archibald, Charles Montgomery Beattie (C), b. 6th November, 1909, son of Walter Archibald, J.P., Glen Alva, 19 Cliftonville Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1202.  U.V, July, 1928.  Harper Adam Agricultural College, 1929-31.  Farmer.  Address: The Gobbins House, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim, and 1 Belmont Drive, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1865. Baker, John Alan (B), b. 15th July, 1909, son of J. A. Baker, 18 Ormiston Gardens, Belfast.  V, May, 1927.  1st XV, 1926-27.  R.A.F.  Retired.  (M.)

1866. *Corry, Brian George (E), b. 12th December, 1910, son of Stanley P. Corry, Benvue, Groomsport, Co. Down.  Son of 266.  Brother of 1867.  IV, April, 1927.  1st XV, 1925-26.  Messrs. James Kingsbury, Belfast.  Motor Cycling.  1st in Handicap, 3rd in Class, Ulster Grand Prix, 1929.  R.A.F. (S.R.).  Played for Royal Belfast Golf Club Team which won All-Ireland Barton Shield, 1952.  1939-45 War:  Wing-Cdr., R.A.F.  O.B.E.  D.F.C.  2 Mentions.  Dept. Manager, J. P. Corry & Co.  Address: Tullynagardy, Marino, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1867. *Corry, Robert Terence (E), b. 19th August, 1911, son of Stanley P. Corry, Benvue, Groomsport, Co. Down.  Son of 266.  Brother of 1866.  IV, April, 1928.  1st XV, 1927-28.  Messrs. J. P. Corry, Belfast.  Ulster XV, 1934.  Flight-Lieut., R.A.F. (S.R.), 1937.  N.I.F.C.C. 1st XV, 1932-35, winners of Bateman Cup, 1935.  1939-45 War: Group Captain, R.A.F.  O.B.E.  Mentioned in despatches five times.  Director, James P. Corry & Co. Ltd.  Address: St. Fillans, Cultra, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1868. *Dick, Thomas Houston Graham (E), b. 3rd May, 1909, son of T. G. Dick, Nashville, Malone Park, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1927.  Queen's University, B. Com. Sc., 1931.  Athletic Team, Q.U.B.  With Messrs. McCue, Dick & Co., Belfast.  Q.U.B.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1943.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Nashville, 39 Malone Park, Belfast.

1869. *Ewart, Charles Carlisle (A), b. 3rd May, 1909, son of Thomas Ewart, Cloneen, Limerick.  Brother of 1441 and 1627.  U.V, July, 1926.  Boxing Colours, 1926.  Partner in F. A. Johnston & Co., 46 Cecil Street, Limerick.  Stockbrokers.  Address: Evergreen, Limerick.  (q.)

1870. *Flood, Richard Francis William Stuart (A), b. 14th October, 1911, son of Dr. R. F. Flood, Braemar, Bundoran.  Brother of 2118 and 2684.  L.V, March, 1929.  Apprentice with Austin Motor Co.  Now in Canada.  Address: 11633, St. Albert's Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

1871. *Gilbert, George Douglas (D), b. 5th March, 1912, son of G. D. Gilbert, 42 Ranfurley Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down.  L.V, July, 1928.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.A. Traveller.  Address: 13 Maxwell Park, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1872. *Hall-Thompson, Cecil Edward (C), b. 31st March, 1914, son of Col. the Rt. Hon. S. H. Hall-Thompson, P.C., D.L., J.P., M.P., Netherleigh, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 2553.  U.VI, July, 1932.  School Prefect.  C.Q.M.S., O.T.C.  Capt., Athletics.  Queen's University, 1932-33.  A.C.A., 1937.  Chartered Accountant, 1937.  A.B.A.A., 1939.  Fellow, Inst. Ch. Accountants, 1950.  In West Africa, French Cameroons and Belgian Congo since 1939.  Director, Shamrock Hotels and Stores.  Address: c/o Cairnburn, Strandtown, Belfast, and P.O. Box 279, Ibadan, Nigeria, W. Africa.  (M.q.)

1873. *Nelson, Frederick James Howard (C), b. 30th March, 1911, son of Howard A. Nelson, J.P., B.L.  U.VI, July, 1929.  School Prefect.  Shooting VIII, 1929 (Capt.)  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1929.  Staff College, 1946.  2nd Lieut., R.A., 1931;  Lieut., 1934;  Capt., 1938;  Major, 1946.  Address: 1 Clanbrassil Terrace, Marino, Co. Down;  and Lloyds Bank Ltd., Cox's and King's Branch, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)


1874. *Dick, Walter Dysart (E), b. 22nd October, 1907, son of William Dick, Q.C., Formerly Land Purchase Commissioner for North Ireland.  U.VI, July, 1926.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1925026.  Dufferin Medal.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  Senior Scholar (Sc.), 1928.  2nd Class Honours Nat. Sc., Trip. Part I, 1929.  B.A.  London Hospital.  M.B. (Cantab.), 1935.  B. Chir., 1933.  House Surgeon, Receiving Room Officer, House Physician, London Hospital, 1934-36.  Flight-Lieutenant (M), R.A.F., 1942-46.  General Medical Practitioner.  Address: 105, Station Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire.  (q.)

1875. *Inwood, Ralph Preston (A), b. 9th April, 1910, son of Captain C. H. Inwood, The Worcestershire Regiment.  U.VI, Dec., 1928.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1929.  Indian Army, 1930.  Lieut., 1932.  1939-45 War:  Lt.-Col., I.A.  Address: Lancroft, Albert Road, Caversham Heights, near Reading.

1876. *Brett, Edward Ashley Spiller (A), b. 14th November, 1912, son of Mrs. Horace Brett, 4 Wellington Park, Belfast.  Army, July, 1931.  School Prefect.  Shooting VIII, 1930-31.  O.T.C., C.Q.M.S., and C.S.M.  Chief Sound Engineer of Messrs. County Cinemas, London.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., R.T.R., D.S.O.  Mentioned in despatches.  G.S.O. (I) Eastern Command.  Address: 7 Mayfield Road, Sutton, Surrey.  (M.)

1877. *Brown, Maurice Nicholas De Cormier (A), b. 4th December, 1909, son of Rev. T. B. Brown, The Rectory, Newtownards.  Brother of 1546 and 1854.  Father of 4124.  U.VI, July, 1927.  Cadet, R.N. (Special Entry), 1927.  Lieut. (E), 1933/  H.M.S. Foresight, 1939-40, H.M.S. Bedouin, 1940, H.M.S. Wayland, 1942-45.  Lt.-Cdr. (E), 1941;  Cdr. (E), 1945.  O.B.E., 1945.  Address: c/o Admiralty, C. W. Branch, Queen Anne's Mansions, St. James' Park, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1878. *Cochran, Malcolm Butler (E), b. 2nd September, 1909, son of W. T. Cochran, Inversnaid, Holywood, Co. Down.  L.V, July, 1926.  1st XI, 1926.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.

1879. *Costello, John Edward Cecil (A), b. 23rd November, 1911, son of J. H. S. Costello, 6 Waverley Drive, Ballyholme, Bangor, Co. Down.  Army, Dec., 1929.  School Prefect.  Cadet, R.N. (Special Entry), 1929.  Lieut. (E), 1935.  1939-45 War: Lieut.-Commander (E), R.N., D.S.C.  Now Commander (E).  Address: 55 Bury Crescent, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hants.  (M.)

1880. *Cowan, Mervyn (D), b. 4th May, 1909, son of James H. Cowan, Annahavill, Moneymore, Co. Derry.  L.V, July, 1925.  1939-45 War: Captain, Royal Artillery.  Farmer.  Address: Laurelvale, Plantation, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1881. Davison, Christopher Denis (D), b. 21st January, 1909, son of Robert Davison, Hazeldene, Limerick.  Brother of 2325.  U.IV, April, 1925.  T.C.D., 1928.  B.A., 1933.  Chartered Accountant in own business.  Address: Evergreen, Old Holywood Road, Belfast.  (q.)

1883. *Donnan, Hilary Lorrain (D), b. 10th February, 1909, son of Dr. W. D. Donnan, 12 High Street, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1779.  U.V, April, 1926.  1st XV, 1925-26.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1932.  Address: 12 High Street, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.)

1884. *Ekin, William Hugh (C), b. 2nd April, 1910, son of Thomas Ekin, Belfast Bank House, Cookstown.  Brother of 2328.  Father of 4051.  U.VI, July, 1928.  School Prefect.  Downing College, Cambridge.  Nat. Sc. Tripos, Part I, 1931.  Entrance Scholarship, Westminster Hospital Medical School, 1931.  House Surgeon, 1933.  M.A., M.B. (Camb.), 1933;  F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1947.  Relief Surgeon, Northern Ireland Hospitals Authority, attached to Belfast City Hospital.  Address: 12 Cadogan Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1885. *Finney, Gerald Underwood (D), b. 14th July, 1908, son of James U. Finney, Belmont, Banbridge.  Father of 3401.  VI, July, 1927.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1925-26-27.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1927.  2nd Lieut., Royal Signals, 1929.  R. Signals XV, 1932-33.  Hockey N.A. & S. Commands, 1931-32-33.  War Service in India, U.K., Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Persia, Iraq, Sudan.  Retired as Lieut.-Col., August, 1951.  Address: Thornleigh, Knocknagulliagh, Whitehead, Co. Antrim. (M.q.)

1886. *Fraser, Henry Leon Cosbey (A), b. 4th May, 1911, son of Rev. R. Fraser, 57 Maryville Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2119 and 1216.  Army, Dec., 1929.  Head Prefect.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  1st XV, 1928-30.  Boxing, 1926-27.  2nd Lieut., Royal Marines, 1930.  Lieut., 1933.  Capt., 1938.  Represented unit at Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Golf and Fencing.  1939-41, Eastney Bks., Portsmouth; 1941-42, R.M. Div. Sigs.; 1942-44, N.M.B.D.O. II; 1944-45.  R.M. Sig. Hdg. Coy., Trecwn, Wales;  1945, H.M.S. Illustrious;  1946, H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth.  Major, 31st Dec., 1946.  1946-47, H.M.S. Howe;  1947-49, R.M. Bks., Chatham;  1949-51, Fleet Royal Marine Officer, East Indies, Flagship H.M.S. Norfolk and Dorsetshire.  R.M. Bke., Portsmouth.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., King's Road, Southsea, Hants.  (M.q.)

1887. *Glendinning, Acheson Harden (D), b. 1st August, 1909, son of A. H. Glendinning, Island Reagh, Comber.  Father of 3957.  U.V, July, 1926.  Queen's University.  B.Sc. (Eng.), 1932.  A.M.I.C.E., 1935.  A.M.I.H.V.E.  O.B.E.  T.D.  1939-45 War: Royal Engineers, Lt.-Col.  Farmer.  2 i/c. Armagh Battalion Home Guard.  Address: Crunagh, Glenanne, Co. Armagh.  (M.q.)

1888. Gotto, Arthur Charles Corry (E), b. 5th June, 1911, son of Charles Corry Gotto, Holyrood, Malone Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2803.  II, July, 1924.  Dauntsey School, 1935-27.  Council Member, London Ulster Association.  Major, The Devonshire Regt. (despatches), France and Germany, 1939-46.  Company Director.  Clubs: Constitutional and Overseas.  Address: 32 Rodway Road, Roehampton, London, S.W.15.  (M.q.)

1889. *Hadden, Herbert Maxwell (A), b. 14th March, 1908, son of H. R. Hadden, Parkville, Antrim Road, Belfast.  Father of 3650.  U.V, April, 1925.  Won Irish Open Amateur Championship Stroke Competition, 1927.  Textile Engineering.  Central Council Golfing Union of Ireland.  Hon. Sec. Ulster Branch.  Captain, Royal Belfast Golf, 1951 and 1952.  Golf: Represented Ulster in Inter-Provincials, 1937 and 1938.  1939-45 War:  Ulster Home Guard, Company Commander.  Managing Director, H. Max Hadden Ltd.  Address: 1- Mayfair, Arthur Square, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1890. Harris, Arthur Leslie (E), b. 18th June, 1913, son of Major G. A. Harris, D.S.O., "Greevelea," King's Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1781 and 2296.  L.VI, July, 1920.  Managing Director of "Leslie Harris Travel, Ltd." and of "Pan-Irish Industries Ltd."  Address: 1 Old Orchard, Butterfield Avenue, Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

1891. *Hughes, Herbert Alexander Carlyle (A), b. 23rd February, 1911, son of Rev. T. R. C. Hughes, Dunaghy Rectory, Glarryford, Co. Antrim.  VI, July, 1929.  School Prefect.  C.Q.M.S., O.T.C.  T.C.D.  Shooting IV, 1932.  Moderatorship, 3rd Class.  Legal and Political Science, 1932.  LL.B., 1933.  Barrister, 1935.  St. Aid. Coll., 1938.  Deacon, 1938.  Priest, 1939.  Curate of Christ Church, Kensington, 1938-40.  Rainford, 1940-44.  Rector of Croft with Southworth from 1944.  Address: Croft Rectory, near Warrington, Lancs.

1892. Lennon, Robert Wilson (E), b. 18th March, 1911, son of R. W. Lennon, Waverley House, Strandtown, Belfast.  V.L, July, 1927.  Q.U.B., 1931-36.  L.R.C.S., L.R.S.P., L.M., D.P.M.  R.A.M.C., 1940-46.  Consultant Psychiatrist.  Address: The Towers Hospital, Humberstone, Leicester.  (M.q.)

1893. *Irwin, John Walker Sinclair (B), b. 3rd August, 1913, son of S. T. Irwin, 29 University Square, Belfast.  Brother of 2131 and 2310.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Head Prefect.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  1st XV, 1929-30-31-32.  Capt. of Swimming.  Queen's University.  2nd year Medical Scholarship.  University XV, 1933-37 (Capt., 1935-36).  Ulster XV, 1934-35-36-39.  Irish International XV, 1938-39.  C.S.M., Queen's O.T.C., 1936-37.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 2nd Class Honours, 1937.  F.R.C.S. (Edin., 1947.  1939-45, Captain, R.A.M.C. (P.O.W.).  Surgeon, Royal Victoria Hospital.  Address: 29 University Square, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1894. *Lane, Harold Thomas Andrew (C), b. 26th November, 1907, son of F. E. Lane, M.C.  Father of 3975.  Army, Dec., 1925.  1st XV, 1925.  Captain of Boxing.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1926.  Boxing Colours, 1927.  2nd Lieut., S. Staffordshire Regt., 1927.  Capt., 1/4 Bombay Grenadiers, 1936.  I.A.O.C., 1936.  Major, 1943.  Hon. Lt.-Col., (I.A., ret.), 1949.  Boxing - Army Officers v. Cambridge University Boxing Club, 1927.  Rugby - Army in Malta, 1928, Army in Egypt, 1929.  1941, Eritrea;  1942-45,  D.A.D.O.S. Aden.  Sales Representative.  Address: Lloyds Bank Limited, 16 St. James's Street, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1895. *Macready, William Barnett (D), b. 30th March, 1910, son of Rev. R. Macready, B.A., The Manse, Limavady.  L.V, July, 1927.  To Canada.  Now with U.K. Optical Co. Ltd., Avenue Road, Lurgan, Co. Armagh.

1896. *Maxwell, Thomas Heron (E), b. 10th April, 1912, son of H. G. Maxwell, Earlswood, Earlswood Road, Strandtown.  Brother of 1832.  U.VI, Army, July, 1930.  School Prefect.  R.N. (Special Entry), 1930.  Lieut. (E), 1935.  Advanced Engineering Course, R.N. College, Greenwich, 1936.  A.M.I.Mech.E.  D.S.C.  Now Commander (E).  Address: 7 Sandown Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1897. *McCann, William (C), b. 29th July, 1911, son of Mrs. L. McCann, Post Office, Killinchy, Co. Down.  Brother of 1898.  V.U, July, 1928.  Address: Post Office, Killinchy, Co. Down.

1898. McCann, Hubert Gabbie (C), b. 15th June, 1913, son of Mrs. L. McCann, Post Office, Killinchy, Co. Down.  Brother of 1897.  IV, July, 1930.  Merchant.  Address: Killinchy, Co. Down.  (q.)

1899. *McCutcheon, Gilbert Cecil (D), b. 31st July, 1909, son of R. R. McCutcheon, 7 Sheridan Drive, Ballyholme, Bangor, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1928.  St. Andrew's University, 1928-32.  St. Mary's Theological College, St. Andrews, 1932-34.  Philological College, Montpellier, France, 1935.  M.A., 1932.  B.D. (Hons. and Medal_, 1936.  Assistant Minister, Stonelaw Church, Rutherglen, Scotland, 1936.  1939-45 War: R.A.Ch.D.  Mentioned in despatches.  P.O.W., 1940.  Minister of Drumblade, Aberdeenshire since 1939.  Address: Drumblane Manse, Huntly, Aberdeenshire.  (M.)

1900. McElderry, Edward John (E), b. 30th January, 1913, son of J. H. McElderry, Moyola, Donaghadee Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 3037.  II, July, 1924.  Bangor Grammar School, 1924-29.  R.B.A.I., 1929-31.  1939-45 War: R.A.  Bank Official.  Address: 5 Ardmore Terrace, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1903. Osborne, Arthur Vernon Allan (B), b. 13th June, 1909, son of J. Allan Osborne, Milford, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 1904, 2436 and 2664.  U.VI, Dec., 1926.  Scholar.  Address: Milford, Co. Donegal.

1904. Osborne, John Allan (B), b. 1st April, 1911, son of J. Allan Osborne, Milford, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 1903, 2436 and 2644.  U.VI, July, 1929.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1928-29.  Shooting VIII, 1929.  R.N. (Special Entry), 1929.  Lieut. (E), 1934.  Ly.-Cdr. (E), 1942; Cdr. (E), 1946.  D.S.C., 1940.  H.M. Dockyard, Rosyth.  Address: "Woodford," Donsland, Yelverton, Devon; or Knocknagreana, Milford, Co. Donegal; or Lloyds Bank, Plymouth.  (M.q.)

1905. *Pennington, Samuel (D), b. 29th May, 1910, son of James Pennington, Waringstown, Co. Down.  U.VI, July, 1929.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1928-29.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1929.  Economics Trip., Part I, 1931.  Law, Part II, 1932.  Solicitor.  Royal Armoured Corps, 1940-43.  Address: 179 Malone Road, Belfast.

1906. "Quarry, Rowland Raymond Marsh (E), b. 9th July, 1909, son of Mrs. L. V. Quarry, Spafield, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1907.  U.VI, July, 1928.  School Prefect.  Pembroke College, Cambridge.  2nd Class Mech. Sc. Tripos, 1931.  B.A.  Rowing (1st Lent, 2nd Mays) at Pembroke College.  Chief Engineer, Metal Box Co. Ltd. (Neath).  Address: 8 Dynevor Avenue, Neath, Glamorgan, S. Wales.  (q.)

1907. Quarry, Ernest William Birt (E), b. 19th May, 1911, son of Mrs. L. V. Quarry, Spafield, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1906.  L.V, March, 1928.  Army College, Farnham, 1928.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1929. 2nd Lieut., Royal Ulster Rifles, 1931.  Lieut., 1934.  The Staff College, Camberley.  P.S.C.  1939-40, France and Belgium; 1941-43, West Africa;  1943, Staff College, Camberley;  1944-50, Germany;  1950-51, Japan.  Major.  Quartering Commandant, Home Counties District.  Address: c/o R.U.R., Lloyds Bank, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1908. *Rainsford, Richard Bathoe (A), b. 6th October, 1910, son of Rev. Canon F. J. Rainsford, The Rectory, Glen Ealy, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1389.  U.VI, July, 1929.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1928-29.  Boxing, 1928-29.  T.C.D.  B.A., LL.B., 1933.  2nd Lieut., I.A., 1933.  Lt., 1935.  1939-45 War: Regular Officer, serving in Indian Army.  Now British Army Officer (Royal Artillery) - Major.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (q.)

1910. *Rigby, John Warburton (B), b. 10th April, 1911, son of J. W. Rigby, Clonoriel, Strandtown, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1929.  T.C.D., and Queen's University.  Secretary, Messrs. Rigby, Ltd., Belfast, 1933.  Capt., Queen's University Boat Club.  Civil Defence Warden.  Company Director, Rigby's Ltd.  Address: Inver, King's Drive, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1911. *Shaw, Trevor Hamilton (E), b. 8th March, 1912, son of Robert P. Shaw, Duniris, Holland Park, Knock, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1929.  Queen's University.  Entrance to Porter Scholarship, 1929.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1934.  Resident M.O., Royal Victoria Hospital, 1934-35.  Musgrave Student in Pathology, 1935-37.  Assistant Clinical Pathologist, Bristol University, 1937.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.M.C.  Pathologist, E. Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital.  Address: 22 Henley Road, Ipswich, Suffolk.

1912.  Silcock, Arthur Graham Greer, b. 25th September, 1912, son of Mrs. Violet Silcock, 2 York Terrace, Portstewart, Co. Derry.  II, April, 1924.  Tonbridge School, 1927-30.  Living in Walton-on-Thames, 1945.

1913. Singleton, Richard Carol Thomas (A), b. 28th March, 1911, son of Rev. R. G. F. Singleton, Gartree Vicarage, Crumlin, Co. Antrim.  Father of 3678 and 3918.  U.V, July, 1928.  Ulster Bank, 1929.  Address: 8 Aberfoyle Crescent, Londonderry.  (M.)

1914. *Smith, Frank Marshall (C), b. 31st December, 1912, son of Rev. Canon Smith, Langfield Rectory, Drumquin, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 1159, 1238 and 1720.  U.VI, July, 1930.  Scholar.  McNeill Medal.  1st XI, 1930.  Boxing, 1929-30.  T.C.D.  Junior Exhibition and Sizarship (Maths.) Scholar, 1932.  1st Class Moderator in Mathematics, Brook Prize, 1934.  Assistant Master, Campbell College, 1934-36.  Probationer, Malayan Civil Service, 1936.  Hertford College, Oxford, 1936-37.  Malaya, 1937.  University Colour (Pink) for Boxing, 1934.  Malay Regiment, 1942-47.  Assistant Master, Trinity College, Glenalmond, 1946-47.  British Adviser, Perlis; Malayan Civil Service.  Address: c/o Malayan Establishment Office, Kuala Lumpur, Federation of Malaya.  (M.q.)

1915. *Smyth, William Granville (E), b. 26th November, 1910, son of Walter Smyth, Faunmore, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1160 and 1332.  L.V, July, 1928.  Intermediate Examination, R.I.B.A., 1934.  Dept. of Works and Public Buildings, Ministry of Finance, N.I., 1936.  Associate of Royal Institute of British Architects.  Practised Architecture in London, 1936-39.  1939-45 War: Royal Engineers; England and France (Capt.)  Garison Engineer, Calais' D.C.R.E., Paris.  Own Architectural Practice, 22 Lombard Street, Belfast.  Address: Ballygrainey Road, Craigavad, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1916. Speers, Hugh Owen Cecil (A), b. 6th October, 1912, son of W. E. Speers, Commissioner of Police, Kedah, Malay States.  Brother of 1917.  L.VI, July, 1931.  Palestine Police, 1938.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R. P. Corps.  Address: 67 Palewell Park, East Sheen, London, S.W.4.

1917. Speers, Thomas Norman (A), b. 4th November, 1913, son of W. E. Speers, Commissioner of Police, Kedah, Malay States.  Brother of 1916.  Remove, July, 1931.  Boxing Colours, 1929-30-31 (Capt., 1931).  1939-45 War: 2/2 Gurkah Rifles.  P.O.W., Singapore.  Rubber Planter.  Address: c/o Boustead & Co. Ltd., Penang, Malaya.  (M.q.)

1918. *Taggart, Dermod Lyle (B), b. 3rd August, 1910, son of Thomas Taggart, LL.D, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 1652.  U.VI, July, 1929.  Scholar.  Head Prefect.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  1st XV, 1925-26-27-28-29 (Capt., 1927-28-29).  T.C.D.  Moderator in Legal and Political Science, 3rd Class, 1932.  Solicitors' Final, N.I., 1936.  Partner in Messrs. T. Taggart & Sons (Solicitors, Ballymoney.)  Address: The Chalet, Glenvale Crescent, Portrush, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1919. *Tait, Harold Cecil (C), b. 5th July, 1910, son of Robert Tait, Augher, Co. Tyrone.  L.V, April, 1926.  Queen's University.  B.Sc., 1935.  M.Sc., 1937.  Chemist, employed by Shell Petroleum Co., St. Helen's Court, London, E.C.  Address: Cockaigne, Sandhills Meadow, Shepperton-on-Thames.  (M.q.)

1920. *Thompson, Raymond Emerson (D), b. 30th October, 1909, son of William Thompson, Lauriston, Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 2169 and 2290.  U.VI, August, 1928.  Scholar.  Head Prefect.  Dufferin Medal.  O.T.C., C.Q.M.S.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1928-29.  Harper Adams Agricultural College, 1929.  Director, Messrs. John Thompson & Sons, Belfast.  Address: 4 Cambourne Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1921. Turner, John Baillie (E), b. 19th June, 1914, son of John Turner, The Lodge, Sydenham Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1671.  III, April, 1930.  Address: c/o The Lodge, 5 Sydenham Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.

1922. Walker, Leonard Sydney Medill (E), b. 30th April, 1912, son of Eng. Captain Leonard Walker, R.N. (Ret.), Beech Lodge, Warrenpoint, Co. Down.  Brother of 1923.  Step-father of 4013.  U.VI, July, 1930.  R.N. (Special Entry), 1930.  R. N. Engineering College, Keyham.  A.M.I.Mech.E.;  M.I.Mar.E.  Lt.-Cdr. (E), R.N.  Address: 20 Clarence Avenue, Londonderry.  (M.q.)

1923. *Walker, Frederick George Connor (E), b. 7th April, 1914, son of Eng. Capt. Leonard Walker.  Brother of 1922.  U.VI, July, 1933.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1931-32-33.  Captain of Athletics, 1933.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1938.  Junior Inter Pro. XV v. Leinster, 1935.  M.D. (Commendation), July, 1947.  M.R.C.P.I., Jan., 1949.  Queen's University Athletic Blue, 1936.  Captain of Junior Cup XV, 1937-38.  R.N.V.R., Sept., 1940 - July, 1946.  Chest Physician, South East Northumberland.  Address: "Cranfield,"  18 Lyndhurst Road, Benton, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland.  (M.q.)

1924. *Warnock, Cecil Gordon (A), b. 16th January, 1911, son of J. M. Warnock, M.D., Newtownards.  Brother of 2085.  U.VI, July, 1928.  Scholar.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1933.  M.D.  (Gold Medal), 1950.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 34 Frances Street, Newtownards, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1925. *Whiteside, Hans Bruce (E), b. 10th February, 1911, son of Mrs. Whiteside, Marsden, Knockdene Park, Knock, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1927.  Belfast Savings Bank.  A.S.B.I.  Bank Manager.  Address: Bank House, 16 Antrim Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1926. *Wier, John (D), b. 8th February, 1910, son of William Wier, Ingleside, Ballymena.  U.VI, July, 1928.  Journalist.  Proprietor, Ballymena Observer.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A., E.R.D.  Address: Liscoom, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  (M.)

1927. *Martin, Thomas William Quail (A), b. 8th January, 1911, son of W. A. F. Martin, Tobermorey House, Downpatrick.  L.V, July, 1929.  Undergraduate, T.C.D.  Farmer.  Address: Tobermorey House, Downpatrick.  (M.)


1928. Carmody, Dermot Mahon (A), b. 20th April, 1913, son of the Very Rev. The Dean of Down, Downpatrick.  U.VI, July, 1931.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1937.  Deacon, 1937.  Curate at Enniskillen.  Priest, 1938.  H.Dip.Ed., 1942.  Rector of St. Mary's, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary: formerly Rector of Ballinaclough, and Clerical Vicar of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.  Address: St. Mary's Rectory, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.  (M.q.)

1929. *Coleman, Norman Gillard (D), b. 19th August, 1911, son of E. Gillard Coleman, Bridge House, Arklow, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 2323.  U.V, July, 1928.  Undergraduate, Glasgow University.  Tennis, Cricket and Football for Ardrossan, Jun., 1929-32.  Imperial Chemical Industries.  1939-45 War: Lieutenant, R.N.V.R.  Address: Dundrennan, 23 South Beach Road, Ardrossan.

1930. Doyle, Richard Gordon (D), b. 3rd August, 1909, son of Robert Doyle, Markethill, Co. Armagh.  Brother of 1931.  L.V, April, 1926.  Merchant.  Address: Lattery House, Markethill, Co. Armagh.

1932. Gatchell, John Desmond (A), b. 18th April, 1912, son of H. V. Gatchell, F.R.C.S., D.P.H.,  P.O. Box 165.  Salisbury, Rhodesia.  U.V, April, 1929.  Civil Servant in Rhodesia.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.U.R.

1933. *Kelly, Bruce (C), b. 15th May, 1909, son of G. O. Kelly, Belfast.  Father of 4075.  U.V, July, 1927.  Final Exam., Incorporated Law Society, 1932.  Solicitor with Messrs. Crawford & Lockhart, Belfast.  Assistant Registrar, Land Registry of North Ireland.  Address: 13 Kensington Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1934. *Perry, Ronald Harper Campbell (B), b. 18th August, 1909, son of Harper Campbell Perry, Union House, Sligo.  L.V, July, 1927.  Actor with Dublin Gate Theatre, 1931.  McMaster's Shakespearean Co., 1931-33.  Morecambe Repertory Co., 1933.  Sir Oswald Stoll's Company, 1933-34.  1939-45 War:  L.D.F. and E.N.S.A.  Sligo Harbour Commissioner, 1938-46.  Director, Sligo Steam Navigation Co.  Company Director and Vice-Consul for the Netherlands for Connaught.  Address: Union Place House, Sligo.  (M.q.)


1935. *Alment, John Graham (D), b. 15th December, 1910, son of Rev. W. F. Alment, Drakestown Rectory, Navan, Co. Meath.  IV, July, 1927.  Went to Canada.  Now with Midland Motor and Radio Service Garage, Castletown, Navan.  Address: Drakestown Rectory, Navan, Co. Meath.

1936. *Coulter, Charles Hulbert (C), b. 17th January, 1911, son of Hugh T. Coulter, Inverary, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1937.  L.V, July, 1928.  With J. E. Coulter Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 40 Westland Road, Cliftonville, Belfast.

1937. *Coulter, Douglas Churchill (C. and E.), b. 11th June, 1913, son of Hugh T. Coulter, Inverary, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1936.  L.VI, July, 1930.  Queen's University, B.Sc.  Municipal College of Technology, Belfast.  A.M.I.Mech.E.  Davidson & Co. Ltd., Sirocco Eng. Works.  Address: 4 Cairnburn First Avenue, Old Holywood Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1938. *Davidson, Arthur Lennox Murray (A), b. 25th July, 1912, son of Arthur S. Davidson, 3 Chichester Gardens, Antrim Road, Belfast.  Father of 3860.  L.VI, July, 1930.  Director, Messrs. A. S. Davidson, Belfast.  Address: West Winds, 58 Circular Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1939. *Drought, George Edward (D), b. 15th May, 1910, son of Mrs. M. K. Drought, Chesterfield, Birr, King's County.  U.VI, July, 1928.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1928.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1928.  2nd Lieut., R.A., 1930.  Lieut., 1933.  France, 1940.  Malaya, 1941-42, P.O.W.  Lt.-Col., 1952.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., Cox's and King's Branch, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1940. *Hamilton, Ian Moore (E), b. 25th January, 1911, son of Mrs. Kathleen Hamilton, 5 Ulster Terrace, 405 Lisburn Road, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1928.  1938-45 War: R.U.R.  Address: 25 Cadogan Park, Belfast.

1941. *Martin, Norman Samuel (A), b. 8th August, 1912, son of Rev. S. H. Martin, The Manse, Keady, Co. Armagh.  Brother of 2106.  L.VI, July, 1930.  Shooting VIII, 1930.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1935.  Symington Medal, 1932.  University Bisley Team.  Inter-Services XX (Senior Pro. O.T.C.) Ireland, 1935.  Demonstrator in Anatomy, Q.U.B., 1937.  House Surgeon, Evelina Sick Children's Hospital, London.  Canbridge (Cambridge) University, 1938.  1940, B.E.F.  1942-45, Surgical Specialist, 14th Army (Burma).  Major.  M.B.E. (Mil.)  Demonstrator in Human Anatomy, Oxford University, 1947.  M.D.  (Belfast).  F.R.C.S. (Eng.)  Registrar, Wingfield-Morris Orthopaedic Hospital.  Orthopaedic Surgeon, R.V.H., Belfast City Hospital, and Musgrave Park Hospital.  Address: 22 Malone Hill Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1942. *Maxwell, Arthur Thomas (A), b. 22nd October, 1909, son of A. H. Maxwell, Corduff House, Lusk, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 2095, 2204 and 2704.  L.VI, July, 1927.  Farmer.  Address: Newton, Corduff, Luck, Co. Dublin.  (M.)

1943. McIlroy, James Prentice Gillespie (E), b. 3rd June, 1912, son of Mrs. W. McConnell, 2 Sunbury Avenue, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 1642.  L.V, July, 1927.  Manufacturer's Agent.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.A.  Died, 1st March, 1951.  (M.)

1944. *Rundle, Harris Cecil Watson (A), b. 16th September, 1913, son of Harris Rundle, Sefton, Knockdene Park, Belfast.  U.V, April, 1931.  London Refraction Hospital, 1934-36.  Fellow of the British Optical Association, 1936.  Ophthalmic Optician.  Address: 346 Belmont Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1945. *Sinclair, Samuel Ronald (E), b. 17th May, 1912, son of Mrs. S. Sinclair, Inglewood, Adelaide Park, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1929.  1st XV, 1928-29.  1st XI, 1928-29.  Queen's University.  B.Sc., 1933.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1936.  Queen's University Golf, 1934-35-36.  Capt., 36.  Winner of Irish Golf Championship Mixed Foursomes, 1936.  House Physician, St. Thomas Hospital, London, 1937.  F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1947.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.M.C.  Ophthalmic Surgeon.  Address: 65 Adelaide Park, Belfast,  (M.q.)

1946. Smellie, John Frederick (E), b. 21st January, 1914, son of N. S. H. Smellie.  Brother of 2024.  U.VI, July, 1932.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1931-32.  Pipe-Major, O.T.C.  Solicitor.  Captain, G.P.R.  Killed in Action, 1945.

1947. *Yeadon, Neville Joseph Inman (E), B. 26th February, 1912, son of Joseph Yeadon, Indon, Diamond Gardens, Finaghy, Belfast.  U.V, March, 1929.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.S.C.


1948. Adams, Kenneth Duncan (A), b. 2nd August, 1910, son of W. G. Adams, The Hill, Newforge, Malone Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1673.  U.V, Dec., 1926.  Messrs. W. Adams & Co., Belfast.  Pilot-Officer, R.A.F.V.R.  Killed in Action, 25th Jan., 1942.  (M.)

1949. Barkley, John Monteith (C), b. 16th October, 1910, son of rev. R. J. Barkley, Loanends Manse, Muckamore, Co. Antrim.  L.V, Dec., 1926.  Magee Univ. College, Londonderry, 1929-33.  Houston and Simpson Scholarships.  Thompson Memorial Prize.  Hockey and Rugby Teams.  T.C.D., 1929-33.  Moderator (Hons.), Philosophy B.A., Assembly's College, Belfast, 1933-35.  McMillan Scholarship.  Presbyterian Minister, Drumreagh, 1935-39, Second Ballybay, 1939-49, Cooke Centenary, Belfast, 1949.  T.C.D.  B.D. (1944), Ph.D., 1946, D.D. (by Thesis), 1949.  Q.U.B., B.A. (1952), M.A. (by Thesis), 1953.  Theological Faculty of Presbyterian Church in Ireland: Larmour Memorial Exhibition, 1944.  Paul Memorial Prize in Church History, 1953.  Professor of Church History and Symbolics, Assembly's College, Belfast, 1954.  Address: 2 College Park, Belfast.  (M.)

1950. *Barlee, Henry Arthur (B), b. 2nd March, 1912, son of Wilfred L. Barlee, Dalkey House, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 2231.  L.VI, July, 1929.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1934.  Solicitor.

1951. *Boyd, Hugh Chesley (C), b. 3rd February, 1914, son of Hugh Boyd, Wynstay, 3 Rosetta Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1952 and 2540.  U.VI, Dec., 1931.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1930-31-32.  Institute of Chartered Accountants Final, 1936.  Partner in Messrs. Atkinson & Boyd, 1937.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.  Order of Leopold II (Belgium), Chevalier.  Croix de Guerre (Belgium) (with Palm).  Address: 35 Hampton Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1952. *Boyd, Arthur Stanley (C), b. 3rd February, 1914, son of Hugh Boyd, Wynstay, 3 Rosetta Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1951 and 2540.  U.VI, Dec., 1931.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1929-30-31-32.  O.T.C., C.Q., M.S. and C.S.M.  Institute of Chartered Accountants, Final Examination (1st Place, Honours and Gold Medal), 1936.  Partner, Messrs.Atkinson & Boyd, 1937.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.  Address: 12 Rosepark, Dundonald, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1953. *Campbell, Augustus (C), b. 11th September, 1912, son of A. Campbell, Imperial Hotel, Donaghadee.  Brother of 1748.  IV, July, 1929.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.V.R.  Address: Mount Royal Hotel, Donaghadee.  (M.)

1954. Campbell, John Harrison (E), b. 13th March, 1912, son of W. Campbell, Moore Park, Holywood, Co. Down.  Remove, Dec., 1925.  Despatch Clerk.  Address: 13 The Esplanade, Hollywood, Co. Down (Holywood)  (M.q.)

1955. Clapham, William Arthur (B), b. 21st March, 1911, son of Mrs. Clapham, 19 Farnham Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  L.V, July, 1927.  Address: Brompton Road, Bangor, Co. Down.

1956. *Crooks, John Robert Megaw (D), b. 9th July, 1914, son of Rev. Louis W. Crooks, Knockbreda Rectory, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1933.  T.C.D., B.A., 1938.  M.A., 1948.  Assistant Curate, St. Peter's, Dublin, 1938-43.  Ninor Canon, (Minor?), St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, 1939-43.  Catechist, the High School, Dublin, 1939-43.  Curate Assistant, Leighlin Group, 1943-44.  Incumbent of Killylea, Diocese of Armagh, since 1944.  Address: The Rectory, Killylea, Co. Armagh.  (M.q.)

1958. *Eaton, Robert Crawford (E), b. 29th June, 1908, son of James Eaton, 89 Belmont Church Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  L.VI, Dec., 1926.  Queen's University, B.A.  Schoolmaster.  Address: Green Roofs, Newry Road, Banbridge.

1959. Farley, George Thompson (A), b. 4th December, 1911, son of rev. W. J. Farley, The Manse, Castlerock, Co. Derry.  U.VI, July, 1930.  Scholar.  Head Prefect.  Dufferin Medal.  1st XV, 1929-30.  O.T.C., C.Q.M.S. and C.M.S.  Shooting VIII, 1929-30, Capt., 1930.  Won Gale and Polden, Bisley, 1929.  T.C.D.  Senior Ex., 1932.  Scholar, 1934.  1st Class Mod. and Gold Medal Philosophy.  B.A.  Cadet in Colonial Civil Service, 1935.  Palestine Civil Service; Acting Principal Assistant Secretary in Palestine.  Killed in Bombing Incident which wrecked the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, 1946.  (M.)

1960. Ferguson, Robert Cherry (C), b. 27th December, 1909, son of W. J. Ferguson, Rosemead, Newtownards.  Brother of 1243 and 1603.  III, Dec., 1925.  Address: Kia-Ora, Greengraves, Newtownards.

1961. *Foster, Charles George Peebles (A), b. 10th November, 1910, son of Canon G. Foster, B.D., The Rectory, Strangford, Co. Down.  U.V, July, 1928.  T.C.D., 1928-30.  St. John's Coll., Durham University, 1930-34.  B.A., 1933.  Curate, St. Mary's, Newry, 1934-38;  Curate, Thurles, 1939-41;  Rector, Killorglin Union, 1941.  Senate Colours, St. John's Coll., Boat Club, 1933.  Address: The Rectory, Killorglin, Co. Kerry, Eire.  (M.q.)

1962. *Gordon, Robert Dill (E), b. 24th April, 1914, son of J. S. Gordon, Beaconsfield, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2122.  Army, Dec., 1932.  School Prefect.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., I.A., 1934.  Lieut., 1936.  Staff College, Quetta.  Adjutant, 12th Frontier Force Cavalry.  Polo, golf, tennis, hunting.  North Western Frontier Campaign.  1939-45, India and Burma.  Lt.-Col., O.C. 6-15 Punjab Regt.  Now Lt.-Col. Rtd.  Farming, Kenya Colony.  Address: O1 Joro Orok, Kenya Colony, E. Africa.  (M.q.)

1963. *Grant, James Walter (E), b. 3rd May, 1910, son of Albert Grant, Ulster Bank, Cromac Street, Belfast.  Brother of 2052 and 2123.  U.VI, April, 1928.  1st XV, 1927-28.  Ulster Bank Official.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.U.R.  Address: 31 Adelaide Park, Belfast.

1964. *Greeves, Edmund Owden (A), b. 5th June, 1910, son of Owden V. Greeves, Tavanagh House, Portadown.  L.VI, July, 1928.  Queen's University and Linen Industry Research Institute.  Portadown Weaving Co.  Address: Glendee, Mahon Road, Portadown, Co. Armagh.  (M.q.)

1965. *Hardy, Henry Eric (A), b. 23rd September, 1909, son of rev. H. E. Hardy, Killyman Rectory, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 1490.  L.VI, July, 1928.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1928.  Editor of "The Campbellian," 1928.  St. John's College, Oxford, 1928-31.  Weiller Scholar, 1931.  College Football XI, 1931.  Hons. English, 1931.  M.A., 1936.  Assistant Master, Sandroyd School, 1933-37.  Edgeborough, 1937.  Address: Edgeborough, Frensham, Surrey.  (q.)

1966. Harkness, Archibald (E), b. 25th April, 1913, son of J. B. Harkness, Redcliffe, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1758 and 1759.  Remove, July, 1931.  1st XV, 1930-31-32.  Ulster Air Gunner, R.A.F.V.R.  Killed in Action, 14th July, 1940.

1967. Harrison, Samuel John (C), b. 22nd July, 1913, son of S. G. Harrison, Colwyn, Antrim Road, Belfast.  Army, Dec., 1930.  P/O. R.A.F. (S.R.), 1937.  1939-45 War: Wing Commander, D.F.C.  Director, Irish Roads, (Belfast), Ltd.  Address: 49 Knockdene Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1968. *Higginson, John Sydney (C), b. 17th December, 1909, son of John Higginson, Glenmakiern, Craigavad, Co. Down.  Brother of 2094.  U.V, July, 1927.  R.A.F.V.R.  Commanded No. 2756 Field Squadron (1942) and 2777 Armoured Car Sqdn. (1945).  Mentioned in despatches.  Company Director.  Justice of the Peace.  Chairman of Northern Ireland Youth Committee.  Wing Commander (R. Aux. A.F.), Raised and Commanded No. 2502 (Ulster) Squadron, R. Aux. A.F., 1947-52.  O.B.E. (Military).  Hon. A.D.C. to Governor of Northern Ireland.  N.I. Committee R.A.F. Benevolent Fund.  Member of T. & A. F. Associations (Belfast), etc.  Address: Claybrooke, Craigavad, Co. Down.

1969. *Houston, Victor Ambrose (C), b. 1st February, 1913, son of Rev. J. S. Houston, The Rectory, Comber.  L.VI, July, 1931.  1st XI, 1931.  Messrs. Baird Bros., High Street, Belfast.  Address: c/o The Rectory, Comber.

1970. *Hunter, George Howard Barron Noel (A), b. 25th December, 1913, son of S. R. Hunter, M.D., J.P., Baroni, The Green, Dunmurry.  Brother of 2128.  Army, Dec., 1931.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1930-32.  R.N. (Special Entry), 1932.  R.N.  X.V., 1934.  1939-45 War: Mentioned in despatches.  Commander (E), R.N., Dec., 1948.  Address: Baroni, The Green, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

1971. *Ingram, Leslie Lyle (B), b. 21st November, 1912, son of John Ingram, Ulster Bank House, Wexford.  L.VI, July, 1930.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1936.  Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Wigan.  Miller Hospital, Greenwich, 1937-38.  1938-45, Wing-Cdr., R.A.F.  Med. Branch.  Mentioned in despatches.  General Medical Practitioner.  Address: 25 Russell Hill Road, Purley, Surrey.  (M.q.)

1972. *Jones, Edward Hemphill (B), b. 3rd May, 1914, son of rev. W. B. Jones, B.A., St. Mary's Vicarage, Crumlin Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Greenmount Agricultural College, 1932-33.  Queen's University B.Sc. (Agr.), 1937.  1940-45, Lieut., Kenya Regt. and Royal Artillery.  Address: Farm 35, Kipkabus, Kenya.  (M.q.)

1973. *Joyce, Lancaster (C), b. 26th March, 1913, son of F. W. Joyce, 20 Cranmore Gardens, Belfast.  U.VI, Dec., 1930.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  B.A.  (Economics), 1934.  Chartered Accountant's Articled Clerk.  A.C.A., 1938.  Royal Navy, 1942-46.  Chartered Accountant.  Address: 201 Station Road, King's Heath, Birmingham 14.  (M.q.)

1974. Kelly, Herbert Lawrence (B), b. 23rd March, 1910, son of Rev. R. J. Kelly, B.A., Kilcronaghan Rectory, Tobermore, Co. Derry.  III, April, 1925.  1939-45 War: R.E.  In Agriculture, 1942.

1975. *Lennox, James (D), b. 3rd November, 1912, son of Dr. J. Lennox, The Manor House, Kilrea, Co. Derry.  Brother of 2354.  L.V, July, 1930.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1936.  Divinity Testimonium (2nd Class), 1937.  M.A., 1940.  Ordained 1938 by Bishop of Durham.  Lieut., Home Guard (1940-45).  Vicar of Woodhouse.  Address: Woodhouse Vicarage, Huddersfield, Yorkshire.  (M.q.)

1976. Lester, Charles MacKenzie (B), b. 21st October, 1913, son of Charles W. Lester, Ulster Bank House, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  V, July, 1932.  Athletic Champion, 1932.  Undergraduate, T.C.D.  Pilot-Officer, R.A.F., 1936.  Flight-Lieutenant.  Killed in Action, 1940.

1977. *Martin, Miles Patrick (C), b. 11th January, 1911, son of rev. R. D'O. Martin, The Rectory, Killeshandra.  L.VI, July, 1928.  Paymaster Cadet (2nd Place), 1928.  Retired as Paymaster Lieutenant, R.N., 1938.  West London Hospital, Hammersmith.  M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.  1939-45 War: Surgeon-Lieutenant, R.N.V.R.  D.S.O.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 109 Laugherne Road, Worcester.  (M.q.)

1978. *Martin, William Grenville (E), b. 15th December, 1913, son of W. G. Martin, Odense, Knock, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1931.  Belfast College of Technology, 1933-36.  Apprentice, Workman & Clarke and Harland & Wolff.  Draughtsman, Harland & Wolff.  Address: Thornhill Lodge, 117 Malone Road, Belfast.  (M.)

1979. Maxwell, John Harold (E), b. 13th April, 1910, son of T. J. Maxwell, Rosevale, Ballygraffin, Kirkcubbin.  III, July, 1925.  Aircraftman, 1st Class, R.A.F.V.R.  Died on Active Service, 1941.

1980. *Megaw, Arthur Hubert Stanley (D), b. 14th July, 1910, son of A. S. Megaw, Arden, Fortwilliam Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 1784, 2226 and 2382.  U.VI, July, 1928.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Peterhouse, Cambridge.  B.A. Architecture, 1st Class. 1931.  Walston Studentship, 1931.  Grant from Craven Fund, 1932.  MacMillan Studentship, 1933.  British School of Agriculture, Athens.  Director of Antiquities, Cyprus.  C.B.E., 1953.  Address: Department of Antiquities, Nicosia, Cyprus.

1981. *Mitchell, Giffney (A), b. 13th March, 1913, son of J. R. Mitchell, Brook House, Croft Road, Holywood.  Brother of 1833 and 2206.  Remove, Dec., 1930.  Multiple Shoe Business.  1939-45 War: Lieut., Gordons.  M.C.  N.I. Civil Service.  Address: Brook House, Croft Road, Holywood, Co. Down.

1982. *Montgomery, Denis Gordon Wingate (C), b. 11th December, 1909, son of Dr. J. Howard Montgomery, China.  Son of 129.  Brother of 2268.  L.VI, July, 1929.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1926-27-28-29.  Captain of Swimming.  Customs and Excise, F.M.S.  1939-45 War: Major, General List.  Address: Customs Dept., Johore Bahur, Johore, Malaya.  (M.)

1983. *McElderry, John Courtenay Knox (A), b. 6th June, 1912, son of Prof. R. Knox McElderry, Glenside, Sans Souci Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2209.  U.VI, July, 1930.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Trinity College, Oxford.  B.A. (Forestry), 1933.  Postgraduate Course, 1935-36.  Forestry Department, Nigeria, 1936-1951.  Farmer.  Address: Merrifield Farm, South Brent, South Devon.  (M.q.)

1984. *McGiffin, William Hunter (A), b. 18th March, 1914, son of John McGiffin, The Crescent, Holywood.  L.VI, July, 1931.  Shooting VIII, 1930-31.  Royal Auxiliary Air Force, 1937.  1939-46, R.A.F.  Commanded No. 502 (Ulster) (Fighter) Sqdn. R. Aux. A. F., when it reformed after war, from 1946-50.  Wholesale Boot Merchant.  Address: Sherwood, Marino, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1985. *Orr, Charles Warden (E), b. 13th Feb., 1914, son of Charles S. Orr.  L.V, July, 1930.  Q.U.B., 1933-34.  School of Medicine of the Royal Colleges, Edinburgh, 1934-39.  L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edin.), L.R.C.P. and S. (Glas.), 1939.  D.P.H. (Q.U.B.), 1946.  Golf Blue, 1939.  1940-46, Capt., R.A.M.C.  Assistant Medical Officer of Health, Hull, 1947-48.  M.O.H. Area No. 6, Norfolk, 1948-50.  Senior M.O. (School Health Service), Hull, 1950-52.  General Practitioner in partnership.  Address: 102 Park Avenue, Hull, Yorks.  (M.q.)

1986. *Patten, Godfrey John Cecil (B), b. 3rd December, 1910, son of J. G. K. Patten, 70 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1928.  Real Estate Agent, Calle Bartoleme, Mitre 441, B.A.  Address: Av. Parana 254, Olives, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1987. *Preston, John Reford (E), b. 12th June, 1910, son of Mrs. Preston, 38 Marlborough Park South, Belfast.  L.V, April, 1928.  Architect, with Metal Agencies Co., Belfast.  Address: 1 Cross Avenue, Marlborough Park, Belfast.  (M.)

1988. *Purdon, Thomas Henry Valentine (C), b. 16th January, 1913, son of Mrs. E. C. Purdon, Riverside, Randalstown.  Brother of 2163.  IV, July, 1930.  Farming.  Address: Riverside, Randalstown.

1989. *Robinson, John Alexander (C), b. 11th March, 1911, son of S. M. D. Robinson, Mulderg, Alma Road, Rosebank, Capetown.  Brother of 1990.  L.VI, July, 1929.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1928-29.  Pipe-Major, O.T.C.  Sports Championship, 1928-29.  Boxing Colours, 1928-29.  T.C.D.  B.A.  (Eng.)  R.A.F.  War Service, including Burma and Malaya, 1942-45.  Group-Captain, Royal Air Force.  O.B.E.  Address: White Gates, Portsmouth Road, Camberley, Surrey.  (M.q.)

1990. *Robinson, William Charles Agnew (C), b. 27th August, 1912, son of S. M. D. Robinson, Mulderg, Alma Road, Rosebank, Capetown.  Brother of 1989.  U.VI, Dec., 1930.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1928-29-30 (Capt., 1930).  1st XV, 1929-30.  Sports Championship, 1930.  Articled Clerk, Messrs. Stuart Blacker Quinn & Knox.  A.C.A., 1938.  Represented Sierra Leone at Cricket against Gambia, 1949.  R.A.F., July, 1939-December, 1945.  Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, Sierra Leone.  Address: Freetown, Sierra Leone, W. Africa.  (M.q.)

1991. Sefton, Harden John (C), b. 31st August, 1908, nephew of Mrs. Waddell, Hampton Cottage, 58 Balmoral Avenue, Belfast.  IV, March, 1925.  To America.

1992. *Sefton, Alfred Burton (B), b. 25th July, 1910, son of Burton Sefton, St. Aubyn's, Malone Road, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1927.  Articled Clerk, Messrs. Johnston, Graham & Co., Belfast.  A.I.I.S. (Associate of the Irish Institute of Secretaries);  F. R. Econ.S. (Fellow of the Royal Economic Society).  Address: Avoca, Rostrevor, Co. Down.  (q.)

1993. Sloan, Robert Stewart Lyons (E), b. 6th March, 1909, son of Rev. W. R. Sloan, Oakwood, Kirkliston Drive, Bloomfield, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1926.  Queen's University, L.D.S., 1931.  D.D.S., Pennsylvania, 1932.  Dental Surgeon.  Address: 238 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1994. *Smith, John Malcolm Gordon (C), b. 22nd April, 1913, son of John Smith, 5 Windsor Avenue, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1931.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1930-31.  1st XI, 1931.  Articled to Messrs. John McCullagh & Sons, Belfast.  A.C.C.S., 1936.  A.C.A., 1937.  Secretary, Moygashel, Ltd.  Address: Ardenlea, 3 Clonevin Park, Lisburn.  (M.q.)

1995. *Steen, James Patrick (C), b. 28th April, 1913, son of J. C. Steen, Tientsin, China.  Son of 438.  Brother of 1996 and 1997.  IV, Dec., 1928.  Bedford Modern School.  To China.

1996. Steen, Charles Connolly (C.H.), b. 9th May, 1914, son of J. C. Steen, Tientsin, China.  Son of 438.  Brother of 1995 and 1997.  IV, Dec., 1928.  Bedford School.  To China.  1939-45 War:  R.A.

1997. Steen, Sandy Leonard Titterton (C.H.), b. 18th October, 1915, son of J. C. Steen, Tientsin, China.  Son of 438.  Brother of 1995 and 1996.  II, Dec., 1928.  Bedford School.  To China.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.V.R.

1998. *Taylor, George Theobald (A), b. 26th January, 1912, son of L. H. Taylor, Provincial Bank House, Limerick.  Brother of 2217.  U.VI, July, 1930.  School Prefect.  King's College, London, 1930-31.  T.C.D., 1931-36.  B.A. (Mod.), 1935.  M.Sc., 1936.  Dip. in Educ., 1936.  Assistant Master, Portadown College, 1936; Campbell College, 1941-48.  Housemaster of Davis's.  Campbell College J.T.C., 1941-48.  Inspector of Schools, Ministry of Education, N.I.  Address: 239 Belmont Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1999. *Thom, William Wallace (A), b. 3rd April, 1912, son of Charles Thom, Strathleven, Holywood.  U.V, July, 1930.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1930.  Queen's University, 1931-33.  Law Society Final, 1936.  Solicitor, Messrs. Carson, Baillie, Johnston & Thom, Belfast.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: "Farloe," 3 Demesne Road, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2000. *Tilley, Gordon Hardy (E), b. 5th July, 1911, son of Mrs. A. W. Tilley, 5 Cherryvalley Park, Knock.  IV, July, 1928.  Sirocco Works.  Belfast College of Technology, 1928-33.  G.I.Mech.E., now Assoc. I.Mech.E.  Aeronautical Inspection Dept., Ministry of Supply.  Address: 136 Harefield Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex.  (M.q.)

2001. Warnock, Peter (B), b. 23rd May, 1914, son of H. E. Warnock, 47 Balmoral Avenue, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1933.  Shooting VIII, 1932-33.  Downing College, Cambridge.  Nat. Sc. Tripos, Part 1, 2nd Class, 1936.  Part II, 2nd Class, 1937.  B.A. Research Grant from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, 1937.  Died, 20th May, 1938.

2002. Watson, Henry (C), b. 24th March, 1909, son of Rev. T. S. Watson, The Rectory, Carrickmacross.  Brother of 1073.  VI,L, July, 1927.  T.C.D.  Capt., D. U. Boat Club, 1930-31.  Sec., Trinity Week Committee, 1932.  Moderator in Mental and Moral Science, 1st Class, 1931.  LL.B., 1932.  Colonial Civil Service Cadet, 1933.  Exeter College, Oxford, 1933-34.  Malaya, 1934.  Corporal, S.S.V.F.  Died on Active Service.  (M.)

2004. *White, Norman Greer (B), b. 3rd March, 1913, son of J. S. White, 13 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1931.  1939-45 War: Royal Artillery.  Chartered Accountant, Partner in Rawlinson, Allen & White, Ocean Buildings, Belfast.  Address: "Campsie," Lambeg, Lisburn.  (M.q.)

2005. *McMurray, Ernest George (E), b. 3rd June, 1911, son of T. McMurray, Jr., Norbrook, Knock, Co. Down.  Father of 4085.  V.L, July, 1928.  To Australia (N.S.W.).  Book seller, Stationer, etc.  Address: 24 Glenarm Road, Larne, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2006. *Mossley, Gerald Edwin Chilton (C), b. 23rd December, 1912, son of J. C. Mossley, Moradabad, U.P., India.  Brother of 1740.  VL, July, 1929.  Boxing, 1928-29.  Premium Apprentice Pupil, Draughtsman, L.M.S. Locomotive Works, Crewe.  British Railways XC, 1935-36.  2nd Lieut., Cheshire Regt. (T.F.), 1937.  1939-45 War: Lieut.-Col., R.E.  Farming.  Address: Broadlands Farm, P.O. Rongai, Kenya Colony, E. Africa.  (M.)

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