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The Campbell College War Record 1939-1945

Prologue  -  Address  -  Roll of Honour  -  Roll of Service
List of Honours and Awards  -  Story of Campbell College 1939-1946

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The 1939-45 War Memorial


The Headmaster's Report on Speech Day, 1939, concluded with these words:
"Tomorrow 48 of the boys here present will have spent their last day at school; full of the hopes and ambitions of youth, they are going out into this very troubled world. That they will prove themselves worthy of the school, I am confident.

The Address given at the Memorial Service at Campbell College on Sunday, 10th November, 1946

     We are met here to-day to pay tribute to the memory of those former members of the school whose names have been recited as we stood - those who went and did not return.  It is seemly that this service of remembrance should be held in this place, for here in this hall was centred their life at Campbell, here each day, morning and evening, they met for prayers, here they sat with you on festal days, on Speech Days, at concerts, at plays.  Here in these buildings they lived and learnt and grew to manhood.  Here and in the beautiful grounds in which these buildings stand, they walked and talked, worked and played, made friends and learnt, largely unconsciously, the happiness that comes from working with others and for others.
     Here, too, in the years between the wars, on each returning Armistice Day, they stood, in silence, as we have done to-day, and in remembrance of the service unto death of another generation, and dedicated their own lives, as we shall shortly do, to the glory of God and the service of their fellow men.  Four of those, whom we now remember, in their day, in the name of the school, laid their wreath on the War Memorial.  Twice in the lives of the older among us we have seen the spirit of service of a generation tested to the full.  Twice we have seen the Sons of Campbell, when the test came, answer the call.
     It was my privilege to receive during the war years many letters, strange minglings of grave and gay, from old boys on service.  Last week I re-read some of these, and I recalled how often, when I received them, the thoughts that they expressed made me very proud of them, and at the same time very humble to feel that they, in the pride and strength of youth, could write so simply as they did of the part they were playing in the fight for freedom, and so fondly of the school which had nurtured them.  Nameless they must be, but I think that the few short extracts from some of these letters which I am going to read represent the feelings which, expressed or unexpressed, were very common to them all.
                        "We had a rotten time for the last ten days.  When we were going back, I often used to think of what we so often heard at Campbell, that an officer's first duty was to look after his men, and that kept me from thinking too much about my own troubles."
                 And this -
                       "I am in hospital now, and though I hate the actual fighting, I want to get back as soon as I can.  The chaps are grand and I don't want them to think that I have let them down."
                 And this one, written by one Campbellian about a school friend serving with the same battalion -
                       "He knew he was going to be killed quite definitely.  He had already written letters to the Padre and myself to be opened on his death, and they showed that he was quite prepared for it.  I could not have made a more fortunate choice in a friend."
                 And this from a letter whose writer had already answered the call before it reached me -
                       "You know how much Campbell did for me.  Should I have the misfortune to be one of the many unfortunate ones, I can at least be a credit to a very fine school."
                 And this in quite a different vein, but would you wish it otherwise? -
                       "This must be the last week of the summer term.  Sunday evening's good-bye service in hall, the concert, speech day with the prefects telling their story, and the band in all its glory at the garden party and the fragments for the whole school in the dining hall afterwards.  Here we are sweltering in the heat, but I can see it all just as if I was still at school."
     Grave and gay - with sunshine in their hearts and laughter in their eyes - so we shall always think of them.
     Rank and decorations have no place in the roll which has been called to-day.  Not for these are they honoured, but because they have enriched by the gift of their lives the ideas of Duty and Courage which we believe are the foundations, in peace as in war, of all that is best in our race and in this School - and have joined that cloud of witnesses with which we are encompassed about for our example and encouragement.
     In the 1944 edition of "Poetry of To-Day" appeared the lines with which this tale is closed.  Written by a still young Campbellian, himself on active service, they seem a fitting end to our tribute here to-day -

"We knew them as our comrades.  We shall raise heads that are proud with sorrow when men tell
Of brave young souls that stood and fought and fell, and left to us their heritage of days.
We shall remember, on the paths we blaze, the land, the hopes they loved and guarded well,
We shall be still, touched deeply by the spell, of gratitude they leave with us always.
The future is not ours to take or squander; these comrades of our boyhood, it is theirs.
Where Freedom lives, where Poverty is slain, There shall their spirit dwell, their footsteps wander
Over the hills; and in our thoroughfares, their selfless accents shall be heard again."

The Roll of Honour

These men were among those who, at the call of King and Country, left all that was dear to them, endured hardness, faced danger, and finally passed out of the sight of man by the path of duty and self-sacrifice, giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom.

Adams, Kenneth Duncan
Austin, Finlay Kerr
Bannister, Brian Stanley
Bell, Alistair Walker
Boyd, John Higginson
Boyle, Anthony Trevor
Bradshaw, Arthur Balfour
Brotherston, James William
Brown, William Young
Buchanan, Thomas Alexander Stuart
Bulloch, Hugh Larmor McLean
Butler, Beauchamp Henry
Campion, Alan Hubert
Clark, Neil Blake
Cochrane, William Lindley Bloomer
Coleman, Robin Benjamin Bunch
Coleman, Sidney Kearon
Coleman, William Desmond
Craig, Alexander Spence
Deane, William Plowden
Donovan, Dermot Edward
Dougan, Hampton Atkinson
Dunn, Andrew Woodrow
Edmenson, Walter Alexander
English, William John
Erskine, Basil Pollock
Erskine, John Gordon Morrison
Ewart, Archibald Robert
Fee, Thomas Hugh Cecil Hickland
Fox, Ronald Walter
Garstin, Richard Hurt
Glendinning, Alexander
Gordon, Alexander Lindsay
Grant, Albert Martin
Green, Alexander William Valentine
Harkness, Archibald
Harris, James Carnegie
Hill, Frederick Charles
Hind, Michael Christopher
Hollywood, David Francis Apperson
Holt, Alwyn Andrew Evelyn Stuart
Houston, James Ivor
Hurst, William John
Ievers, Frederick Robert
Jackson, George Balfour Sydney
Johnston, Douglas Holden
Johnston, Eric Francis
Johnston, James Hastings Chambers
Kennedy, Donald Wallace
Lane, Benjamin William
Lester, Charles MacKenzie

Lidwell, Arthur Gabbett
Lorimer, Robert Laurie
Louden, David
McCalla, William Trevor
McConnell, Robert Hay Stewart
McCormick, Cecil Samuel
McElney, William Harper Campbell Davison
MacFadden, John Terence Moore
McKee, Charles James
McKee, Ian Ernest Coote
MacManaway, Richard Thomas Ringwood
McWhirter, James Russell
Macaulay, Ian
Maitland, Wilfrid Ronald
Martin, George Frederick Waddell
Martin, Robert Hamilton McKee
Maxwell, Douglas William Tremlett
Maxwell, John
Maxwell, John Harold
Megaw, William Laurence
Monard, Donald Stanley Ashton
Montgomery, Hugh Graham
Napier, William
Orr, Ernest Herbert Ellis
Pelly, Henry Herbert Ellis
Pendlebury, Michael Kenny
Phillips, William Ward
Ramage, Alan Francis William
Rentoul, Lawrence Moore
Russell, Brian Bevan
Scott, John Anthony
Scott, William
Smellie, John Frederick
Somers, Reginald Arthur Jeffcott
Stewart, Charles Alexander Gordon
Stewart, James Geddes
Stewart, Samuel Fleming
Talbot, Harold George
Thompson, Robert Arnold
Thomson, Humphrey Barron
Tweedie, Basil Victor Hennessey
Waters, Samuel Arthur Wentworth
Watson, Henry
Watson, Henry de Landre
Weir, James Kenneth
Whiteside, Gerard Magee
Williams, Kingsmill Brady Charles
Williams, Newton Hunter Middleton
Wilson, Frederick Rainsford
Wilson, Henry Alan
Wilson, Valentine Robertson

Roll of Service

All Old Campbellians known to have served, or their next-of-kin, whose addresses could be ascertained, were given an opportunity of checking the details of their service.  954 letters were sent out and 869 replies were received.  The record closes on 31st December, 1945.  Changes in the details of service after this date have not been included.  The ranks given are the highest attained at any time prior to this.  The Roll of Service is arranged in five columns.  The first gives the School register number; the second, the name; the third, Service or Corps; the fourth, rank; and the fifth, details of deaths on service, and honours and awards.  The abbreviations used for Service or Corps are given below.  In the case of the Army, the abbreviations for Corps are those used in the official Army List, and are arranged in Regimental order as given in the List.

4th/7th D.G.
3rd H.
16th/5th L.
22nd D'ns
Recce. Corps
R. Signals
I G'ds.
R. Scots.
R. Fus.
The King's R.
R. Norfolk R.
Devon R.
Suffolk R.
Somerset L.I.
W. York. R.
R. Leicester R.
Lan. Fus.
R.S. Fus.
R. W. Fus.
Inniskilling Fus.
E. Lan. R.
Border R.
R. Sussex R.
R. Hampshire R.
S. Stafford R.
S. Lan. R.
Welch R.
Essex R.
North'n R.
R. Berks. R.
Midd'x R.
R.U. Rif.
R. Ir. Fus.
A. and S.H.
Rifle Bde.
R. Gurkha Rif. F.F.
R.P. Corps
N. Ir. H.
E. African M.C.
E. African A.S.C.
Uganda D.F.
Rhodesian A.F.
Royal Navy
Royal Australian Navy
Royal Canadian Navy
Royal Indian Navy
Royal Naval Reserve
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve
Royal Indian Naval Volunteer Reserve
Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve
South African Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Fleet Air Arm
Royal Marines
Life Guards
1st King's Dragoon Guards
4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards
3rd Hussars
16th/5th Lancers
22nd Dragoons
Royal Tank Regiment
Royal Armoured Corps
Reconnaissance Corps
Royal Artillery
Royal Engineers
Royal Corps of Signals
Irish Guards
Royal Scots
Royal Fusiliers
The King's Regiment
Royal Norfolk Regiment
Devonshire Regiment
Suffolk Regiment
Somerset Light Infantry
West Yorkshire Regiment
Royal Leicestershire Regiment
Lancashire Fusiliers
Royal Scots Fusiliers
Royal Welch Fusiliers
King's Own Scottish Borderers
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
East Lancashire Regiment
Duke of Wellington's Regiment
Border Regiment
Royal Sussex Regiment
Royal Hampshire Regiment
South Staffordshire Regiment
South Lancashire Regiment
Welch Regiment
Essex Regiment
Northamptonshire Regiment
Royal Berkshire Regiment
Middlesex Regiment
Seaforth Highlanders
Gordon Highlanders
Royal Ulster Rifles
Royal Irish Fusiliers
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Rifle Brigade
Glider Pilot Regiment
Parachute Regiment
Special Air Service Regiment
Royal Gurkha Rifles Frontier Force
Royal Army Chaplains' Department
Royal Army Service Corps
Royal Army Medical Corps
Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Royal Army Pay Corps
Royal Army Veterinary Corps
Royal Army Educational Corps
Royal Army Dental Corps
Royal Pioneer Corps
Intelligence Corps
Field Security Police
Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve
North Irish Horse
Australian Imperial Force
Royal Canadian Artillery
Royal Canadian Engineers
New Zealand Royal Artillery
New Zealand Expeditionary Force Chaplains' Department
Indian Army
Indian Armoured Corps
Royal Indian Army Service Corps
Indian Medical Service
Indian Army Ordnance Corps
King George Fifth's Own
South African Union Defence Force
South African Medical Corps
King's African Rifles
East African Army Service Corps
East African Medical Corps
Uganda Defence Force
Straits Settlements Volunteer Force
Royal Air Force
Royal Auxiliary Air Force
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Reserve of Air Force Officers
Royal Observer Corps
Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Royal Australian Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force
Royal New Zealand Air Force
South African Air Force
Rhodesian Air Force

The inclusion of W.A.A.F. is worthy of note, as Miss M. A. Montgomery, who served in it, was a pupil at the School at Portrush, and is the only lady whose name is officially entered in the School Register.

Ranks have in nearly all cases been given in full, the exceptions being self explanatory.

The abbreviations for decorations are:

L.S. and G.C.M.
Companion of the Order of the Bath
Commander of the Order of the British Empire
Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
Officer of the Order of the British Empire
Member of the Order of the British Empire
Distinguished Service Cross
Military Cross
Distinguished Flying Cross
Air Force Cross
Distinguished Flying Medal
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Decoration
Territorial Decoration
Efficiency Decoration
Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal

A decoration symbol enclosed in brackets means that the award was made before the 1939-1945 war.
A number in brackets after the word "Despatches" indicates the number of mentions when this is more than one.

The Roll of Service was compiled during the course of the war by Mr. C. R. Beaven and Colonel W. D. Gibbon.  The editing and preparation for the press was done by Major C. A. Bowen and Mr. I. Felix-Jones.  The story of the College at Portrush and the history of the buildings when in military occupation was written by Colonel Gibbon, Mr. R. Groves, and Mr. I. Felix-Jones.  Information on the occupation was kindly supplied by the A.D.M.S. North Ireland District, the A.O.C. Northern Ireland and Mrs. M. W. Chambers.  The arduous task of looking up addresses was largely performed by Mr. E. J. Garrett, and a great deal of help in typing and checking was given by Mrs. J. B. Cloke, Miss M. Long and Mr. K. Malinovsky.


The Roll of Service contains the names of 1,025 Old Campbellians, of whom 102 gave their lives.  128 received Military, and 14 Civil, British Honours and Awards;  12 received Foreign Honours and Awards.  118 were mentioned in Despatches.

The numbers in the various services are :-
Royal Navy (including Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, and Dominion Navies)   145
Royal Marines   9  -  Army (including Dominion and Colonial Forces)   625  -  Royal Air Force (including Royal Auxiliary Air Force, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, and Dominion Air Forces)   225  -  Merchant Navy   15   United States Army   6
Honours and Awards :-  Military
Companions of the Order of the Bath   2
Commanders of the Order of the British Empire   7
Companions of the Distinguished Service Order   12
Bar to the Distinguished Service Order   1
Officers of the Order of the British Empire   20
Members of the Order of the British Empire   18
Distinguished Service Cross   6
Military Cross   22
Bar to the Military Cross   1
Distinguished Flying Cross   18
Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross   3
Two bars to the Distinguished Flying Cross   1
Air Force Cross   4
Distinguished Flying Medal   1
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Decoration   3
Territorial Decoration   3
Efficiency Decoration   2
Air Efficiency Award   2
Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal   1
Mentioned in Despatches   118

Knights Bachelor   2
Companions of the Order of the Star of India   2
Companions of the Order of St. Michael and St. George   1
Officers of the Order of the British Empire   5
Members of the Order of the British Empire   4

Foreign Decorations
Order of Leopold II, Belgium   1
Croix de Guerre, Belgium   2
Croix de Guerre, France   1
Royal Order of the Phoenix, Greece   1
King Haakon Medal, Norway   1
Gold Cross of Merit, Poland   1
Legion of Merit, United States   1
Air Medal, United States   2
Distinguished Flying Cross, United States   1
Purple Heart, United States   1

Roll of Service

1581 Adair, J. R. R.A.S.C. Major
1468 Adair, R. A. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant
2108 Adams, C. T. B. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader (M)
1948 Adams, K. D. R.A.F.V.R. Pilot Office - Killed in Action
1614 Adams, M. H. R.N. Surgeon Commander
2900 Addy, D. C. B. R.N. Leading Airman
2537 Alderdice, N. G. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant  -  D.F.C.
1687 Allan, D. I.C. Lieutenant
  664 Allison, G. F. R.A.M.C. Brigadier  -  C.B.E. (M.C.) Despatches
1394 Anderson, F. P. M. R.A.M.C. Lieut.-Colonel   Despatches
2585 Anderson, P. N. R.N.V.R. Lieutenant   (S)
1582 Anderson, S. R.A.M.C. Major
  388 Arbuthnot, C. W. E. I.A. Major   (C.I.E.) E.D.
2409 Arthur, T. N. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader
2109 Ashe, C. M. E. Lan. R. Captain
2188 Atkinson, J. G. T. D. R.N. Commander   (E)
3013 Atkinson, J. R. R.E. Officer Cadet
2457 Atkinson, W. E. B. K.O.S.B. Major
2410 Austin, F. K. R. Signals Lieut.-Colonel   Despatches. Killed in Action
2734 Bailey, E. W. C. W. R.A. Captain   M.C.
2361 Bailie, H. W. C. R.A.M.C. Major   Despatches
1654 Bailie, H. W. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant
1745 Baine, J. R. R.A. Lieutenant
1688 Baird, A. D. R.N. Commander   (S) Despatches
1674 Baird, D. W. R.N.Z.A.F. Wing Commander   A.F.C.
1615 Baird, J. B. R.A. Major
1405 Baird, R. D. R.N.R. Lieutenant
1404 Baird, W. R. R.A.F. Squadron Leader
2586 Ball, A. H. W. R.A.F. Wing Commander   D.S.O., D.F.C., Despatches (2), Air Medal (U.S.A.)
2411 Bannister, B. S. R.A.F. Flight Lieutenant  D.F.C.  Killed on Active Service
2605 Bannister, C. A. R. Signals Signalman
  918 Barklie, R. R. Signals Captain   (M.C.)
2090 Barry, D. M. R. R.A.F.V.R. Wing Commander   (M.)
1689 Bartley, J. O. I.A. Major
2242 Bass, H. G. R.A.F.V.R. Sergeant
2230 Baugh, J. S. R.A.F.V.R Flight Lieutenant
  669 Beattie, H. H. North'n R. Colonel
1851 Bell, A. W. R.A.F.V.R. Sergeant   Killed in Action
2030 Bell, A. A. R.A.F. Sergeant
  602 Bennet, E. A. R.A.M.C. Brigadier   M.C.
2888 Bennett, D. T. M. R.A.F.V.R.  
2033 Benson, J. G. R.A.Ch.D. Chaplain   (3rd Cl.)
1803 Betty, B. E. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant  (M)
2034 Betty, M. J. M. R.U. Rif. Captain   M.C.
2792 Bion, P. W. D. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant
2793 Birch, A. R. H. R.U. Rif. Captain   M.B.E.
2111 Black, D. McC. I.M.S. Major
2112 Black, J. K. R.N.V.R. Surgeon Lieutenant
2539 Black, R. A. R.A.F.V.R. Sergeant
2007 Black, T. L. R.A.F.V.R. Leading Aircraftman
2672 Blackwell-Smyth, H. B. R.A.F.V.R. Warrant Officer
1601 Blackwood, G. H. A. R.A.F. Squadron Leader   A.F.C.
  966 Blackwood, T. A. R.P. Corps Major
  542 Boal, J. G. R.N. Surgeon Captain
1804 Bodenham, C. E. M. R.A.C. Major
2243 Bowden, P. G. R.N. Commander   (S) O.B.E.
1121 Bowden, V. W. R.A.N. Lieut.-Commander
1952 Boyd, A. S. R.A. Major
1409 Boyd, A. T. General List Major   M.B.E.
1951 Boyd, H. C. R.A. Major   Order Leopold II (Belgium), Chevalier; Croix de Guerre (Belgium) (with Palm)
2415 Boyd, J. H. I.A. Captain   Killed in Action
2459 Boyle, A. T. Inniskilling Fusilier Captain   Killed in Action
2354 Boyle, E. F. Inniskilling Fusilier Captain
2673 Bradshaw, A. B. R. Signals Second Lieutenant   Died on Active Service
2244 Brann, W. N. R.A. Major
2035 Breene, R. A. S. R.E. Lieut.-Colonel   Despatches
2036 Brennan, T. N. N. R.A.F. Squadron Leader   (M)
1472 Brennan, W. B. F. R.A.M.C. Lieut.-Colonel   Legion of Merit Officer (U.S.A.)
1876 Brett, E. A. S. R.T.R. Lieut.-Colonel   D.S.O. Despatches
1386 Brett, W. H. 8th K.G.V.O. Light Cavalry (I.A.) Major
1853 Bristow, H. W. F. K.A.R. Captain
2460 Brookhouse, J. W. R.A.F.V.R. Sergeant
2037 Brotherston, J. W. R.A.F.V.R. Sergeant Pilot   Killed in Action
2245 Brown, J. A. R.U. Rif. Captain
2176 Brown, J. S. R.A.C. Major   Despatches
2541 Brown, M. G. R.U. Rif. Major   Despatches
1877 Brown, M. N. de C. R.N. Commander   (E) O.B.E.
1690 Brown, R. M. R.A.F. Wing Commander   (D)
2365 Brown, W. Y. F.S.P. (I.C.) Corporal   Killed in Action
2402 Browne, G. R. Inniskilling Fus. Major
1412 Buchanan, G. H. P. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader
2461 Buchanan, T. A. S. R.A.F.V.R. Sergeant   Killed in Action
2190 Bulloch, H. L. McL. R.A.F. Flying Officer   Killed in Action
2320 Bulloch, T. M. R.A.F. Squadron Leader   D.S.O. and Bar; D.F.C. and Bar; Despatches
  747 Burges, I. G. T. Australian Forces Lieut.-Colonel
2674 Burkitt, R. R.A.F. Leading Aircraftman
2587 Burrowes, W. L. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader   (M)
2015 Burrows, G. A. E. Inniskilling Fus. Major
2014 Burrows, N. F. E. R.N.V.R. Surgeon Lieut.-Commander
1693 Bussell, D. F. J. I.C. Warrant Officer 2   King Haakon Medal (Norway)
1413 Butler, B. H. Inniskilling Fus. Lieut.-Colonel   D.S.O., Despatches. Killed in Action
1416 Byers, F. M. R. R.E. Lieut.-Colonel
1415 Byers, R. M. R.A. Lieut.-Colonel   Despatches (2)
2996 Caithness, J. M. I. G'ds. Guardsman
2840 Caithness, W. J. R.N. Able Seaman
2778 Callaghan, B. N. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Sergeant
2321 Calvert, G. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant   (D)
2607 Calvert, J. R.A.S.C. Lieutenant   Despatches
  959 Calwell, J. Y. R.U. Rif. Brigadier   C.B.E. (M.V.O.) Despatches (3)
1953 Campbell, A. R.A.F.V.R. Leading Aircraftman
1748 Campbell, A. J. R.A.S.C. Driver
2232 Campbell, F. D. R.A.F. Squadron Leader   (M)
1475 Campbell, F. L. Inniskilling Fus. Lieutenant
2953 Campbell, M. E. D. R.E. Captain
2462 Campbell, W. A. B. R.N.V.R. Surgeon Lieutenant
2736 Campion, A. H. R.N.V.R. Sub-Lieutenant  (A) Killed on Active Service
2903 Capper, A. C. R.N. Naval Airman
1313 Carey, B. T. R.N.V.R. Lieut.-Commander   Despatches
1548 Carson, D. McM. R.A.M.C. Major
2038 Carson, H. M. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader   (M)
1751 Carson, J. R.A.M.C. Lieut.-Colonel
2669 Carson, J. S. R.A. Gunner
2114 Carson, T. D. R.A.M.C. Captain
1750 Carswell, A. E. R. Signals Signalman
2463 Carter, G. F. Ceylon R.A. Gunner
2008 Carter, W. R.A.F.V.R. Leading Aircraftman
1388 Cathcart, T. C. D. R.C.E. Sergeant
2528 Chamberlain, G. H. A. R.A.M.C. Captain
1340 Chapman, A. T. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant
1805 Charlesson, R. W. G. R.A.S.C. Major
1584 Chestnutt, J. M. A. R.A. Lieut.-Colonel
2676 Cheyne, D. St.C. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant
2107 Clarendon, P. R. D. R.C.A. Bombardier
  675 Clarendon, W. R.A.F. Warrant Officer (M)
2954 Clark, A. A. M. R.A.O.C. Corporal
2955 Clark, D. C. R.A.S.C. Sergeant
2957 Clark, N. B. I G'ds. Second Lieutenant   Died on Active Service
2958 Clark, R. C. R.E. Captain   Despatches
  717 Clarke, H. J. St.J. R.A.Ch.D. Chaplain (1st Cl.)  Despatches (2)
  750 Clarke, R. E. L. R.E. Captain
2608 Clifton, J. F. R.A.F.V.R. Warrant Officer
1878 Cochran, M. B. R.A.N. Ordinary Seaman
2542 Cochrane, W. L. B. R.A.F.V.R. Pilot Officer (E)   Died on Active Service
  818 Coey, J. A. N. Ir. H. Lieut.-Colonel
1929 Coleman, N. G. R.N.V.R. Lieutenant
2403 Coleman, R. B. B. R.A. Lieutenant   Died on Active Service
2323 Coleman, S. K. R.N.V.R. Coxswain   Killed in Action
2039 Coleman, W. D. R.A. Lieutenant   Killed in Action
2889 Collier, F. S. R.A.C. Lieutenant
1079 Collins, J. V. Ceylon R.A. Colonel   O.B.E., E.D.
1018 Colquhoun, J. W. C. R. Ir. Fus. and I.A. Captain
2115 Common, S. A. R.A. Lieutenant
1360 Connell, A. R. R.E. Lieut.-Colonel   M.B.E., Despatches
2543 Connor, G. H. R.A.M.C. Captain
2366 Conyngham, R. H. C. R.A.F.V.R. Flying Officer   (M)
1361 Cooke, E. H. 1st Kumaon Rifles (I.A.) Lieut.-Colonel
2248 Cooper, E. A. L. R. Ir. Fus. Sergeant   Despatches
2609 Corkey, P. M. R.A.F.V.R. Warrant Officer
1866 Corry, B. G. R.A.F. Wing Commander   O.B.E., D.F.C., Despatches (2)
1867 Corry, R. T. R.A.F. Group Captain   O.B.E., Despatches (5)
1879 Costello, J. E. C. R.N. Lieutenant Commander (E) D.S.C.
2794 Cotter, W. P. R. K.D.G. Captain
1880 Cowan, M. R.A. Captain
2545 Craig, A. S. Inniskilling Fus. Captain   Killed in Action
1809 Craig, D. D. R.N. Surgeon Commander (D)
  753 Craig, E. W. R.A.F. Air Commodore (M) (M.C.) Despatches
1296 Craig, G. L. 4th/7th D.G. Colonel   O.B.E., Despatches
2249 Craig, R. A. M. R.E.M.E. Major   Despatches
2192 Crawford, I. D. R.A.F.V.R.  
2445 Crawford, J. E. R.A. Major   Despatches
  719 Crawford, J. S. General Staff Major-General   C.B., C.B.E.
1128 Crawford, S. W. K. R.A. Lieut.-Colonel
2324 Croasdaile, A. L. R.A. Major   M.B.E.
2396 Cronne, D. H. R.A.O.C. Captain
2464 Crooks, C. T. 3rd H. Captain
2098 Crooks, L. W. R.A.Ch.D. Chaplain (4th Cl.)
2233 Cross, E. N. 16th/5th L. Lance-Corporal
1677 Currie, G. B. H. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader   M.B.E.
2677 Curtis, R. G. Recce. Corps Lieutenant
2465 Dales, H. C. R.N.V.R. Surgeon Lieutenant
2116 Davidson, J. D.W.R. Major
1585 Davidson, J. G. R.A. Captain
1418 Davidson, T. W. R.A.M.C. Brigadier
2795 Davidson, W. I. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Sergeant Pilot
2295 Davidson, W. M. R.N. Surgeon Lieut.-Commander
  907 Davis, G. H. R.A.M.C. Major
1342 Davis, J. H. A. I.A. Major
1602 Davis, R. A. R.U. Rif. Major
2729 Davis, T. G. R.E. Captain
2546 Davis, W. S. R.A.M.C. Lieutenant
2325 Davidson, R. L. G. R.A. Gunner
2466 Deacon, G. C. M. R.A.F.V.R. Aiscraftman
  658 Deane, C. H. S. I.A. Lieut.-Colonel
1455 Deane, H. H. Welch R. Lieut.-Colonel
  797 Deane, J. A. L. R.A. Lieut.-Colonel
  853 Deane, W. P. R. Leicester R. Major   Died on Active Service
2906 Deeves, W. O'D. H. R.A.F.V.R. Aircraftman
1396 Delap, M. V. R.A.F. Group Captain   D.F.C.
1874 Dick, W. D. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant (M)
2944 Dickson, A. P. C. R.U. Rif. Sergeant
1810 Dickson, G. D. C. R.A.S.C. Captain
1481 Dickson, H. Border R. Lieut.-Colonel
2547 Dickson, W. C. R. Norfolk R. Captain
1553 Dixon, D. E. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader
1343 Dixon, J. B. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader
1779 Donnan, L. F. R.N.V.R. Surgeon Lieutenant
2327 Donnell, P. M. R.M. Lieut.-Colonel   D.S.O.
2418 Donnell, W. A. G. R.A.F.V.R. Corporal
2529 Donovan, D. E. R.E. Second Lieutenant   Killed in Action
2612 Dorman, S. R. C. R. Signals Captain
2613 Dougan. G. R.A. Lieutenant
2250 Dougan, H. A. R.A.M.C. Lieut.-Colonel   M.C., Died on Active Service
2305 Dougan, J. McD. I.M.S. Major   M.C.
2679 Downing, D. M. R. Signals Captain
2724 Doyle, T. M. J. R.I.A.S.C. Captain
2848 Draper, R. L. R.A.F.V.R. Sergeant
2306 Drennan, A. J. M. R.A.M.C. Major
2467 Driscoll, W. J. R.N.V.R. Surgeon Lieutenant
1939 Drought, G. E. R.A. Major
2796 Duff, A. R.E. Corporal
2548 Duff, W. G. R.A.F.V.R. Warrant Officer
  723 Duggan, A. S. R.A.S.C. Lieut.-Colonel   M.B.E.
1316 Duncan, W. L. R.A.M.C. Major
1397 Dunlop, D. G. R.A.F. Flight Lieutenant
2549 Dunlop, D. G. D. R.A. Captain
2368 Dunn, A. W. R.A.F. Flying Officer   D.F.C., Killed in Action
1855 Dunn, T. B. R.A. Major   Despatches
2962 Dunne, A. G. R.N. Midshipman
2850 Dunne, E. C. L. R.N. Midshipman   (S)
2174 Dunseath, D. R. R.U. Rif. Major   (M.C.)
2404 Eakin, J. G. R.E. Lieutenant   Despatches
2468 Edmenson, W. A. R.N.V.R. Sub-Lieutenant   Despatches, Killed in Action
2797 Edwards, T. K. R.N. Ordinary Seaman
2614 Egan, D. H. I.A. Captain
2328 Ekin, J. T. R.N.V.R. Writer
2588 Elliott, C. K. R.A.M.C. Captain
1484 Elliott, M. H. I.A. Major
2841 Ellison, J. P. R.E. Captain
2615 Ellison, W. G. Special Service Brigade Lieutenant
2739 English, P. J. R. Signals Captain
  406 English, W. J. R.U. Rif. Lieut.-Colonel   (V.C.) Died on Active Service
2657 Erskine, B. P. R.A.F. Pilot Officer   Killed in Action
2852 Erskine, C. J. R.N. Naval Airman (2)
2360 Erskine, D. B. R.T.R. Captain
2550 Erskine, E. McK. R. Signals Major   Despatches
2890 Erskine, G. L. R.A.F.V.R. Aircraftman
2799 Erskine, J. B. R.E. Sergeant
1625 Erskine, J. G. M. R.N. Lieut.-Commander (E)   Killed in Action
2681 Erskine, J. T. M. R.N. Lieutenant (S)
1702 Erskine, S. L. W. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron leader (M)
2048 Evans, C. G. R.A.S.C. Corporal
1441 Ewart, A. R. R.N. Surgeon Commander   Killed in Action
1535 Ewing, J. E. R.A. Sergeant
1025 Faris, A. P. R. Ir. Fus. Major
1661 Farrell, J. D. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader
1729 Fee, T. H. C. H. R.N.R. Lieutenant (E)   Killed in Action
2963 Ferguson, N. G. D. R.A. Officer Cadet
2470 Fetherston, D. I. R.A. Captain
2682 Fetherston, J. R. R.A. Captain
2419 Field, C. M. B. R.N.V.R. Surgeon Lieutenant
2194 Field, T. E. R.A.M.C. Lieut.-Colonel   M.B.E., Despatches
1885 Finney, G. U. R. Signals Major
1536 Fitchie, J. R.A.S.C. Major
1814 Flack, G. P. R.U. Rif. Captain
  788 Fleck, J. D. R. Berks. R. Captain
1351 Fleming, J. C. T. Australian Forces Lieutenant
2658 Fleming, J. L. R.N. Ordinary Seaman
1136 Fleming, R. J. R.U. Rif. Major
1350 Fleming, T. S. S. R.A.F.V.R.  
2964 Flint, H. M. V. R.A.F.V.R. Aircraftman
2118 Flood, C. J. S. R.A.M.C. Captain
2908 Forde, R. G. W. R.A. Captain
  643 Forsyth, A. S. R.P. Corps Lance-Corporal
  823 Forsyth, J. S. R.E. Lieut.-Colonel   (M.C.)
1485 Forsythe, K. R.N.V.R. Surgeon Commander   V.R.D., Despatches
2685 Foster, J. W. R.A.F. Squadron Leader   D.F.C., Despatches
2516 Foster, P. A. H. McC. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant (M)
1109 Foster, R. C. R.N. Surgeon Commander
2915 Fox, R. W. R.A.F.V.R. Pilot Officer   Killed in Action
2330 Franks, G. M. K. I.A. Major
2370 Franks, H. P. K. I.A. Lieut.-Colonel
2471 Franks, I. F. K. I.A. Major   Despatches
1886 Fraser, H. L. C. R.M. Major
2119 Fraser, R. C. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant (M)
2686 Fry, H. F. W. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader (M)
1254 Fuge, T. H. H. R.C.A.F. Squadron Leader
  926 Fuge, W. V. G. R. Signals Major   (M.B.E.)
1264 Fulton, J. R.N.V.R. Lieutenant
2617 Fulton, T. T. R.A.F.V.R. Flying Officer (M)
2092 Gaffikin, H. M. R.U. Rif. Major   Despatches
1815 Gage, J. H. Raiding Support Regiment Major   M.C.
3026 Gallagher, W. T. R.A.F.V.R. Leading Aircraftman
1817 Gardner, G. M. R.A.F. Squadron Leader   Despatches
1365 Gardner, G. W. H. R.A.F.V.R. Wing Commander
1818 Gardner, W. S. R.A.F. Group Captain   O.B.E., D.F.C. and Bar, A.F.C., Despatches
2050 Garrett, E. J. R.A. Major
2252 Garrett, H. H. R.A. and Cameronians Captain
1519 Garrett, J. R. R.Aux.A.F. Flight Lieuternant
  410 Garstin, R. H. R.I.N. Commodore   C.B.E., Killed in Action
2331 Garvin, G. D. R.A.F. Wing Commander   Despatches
1932 Gatchell, J. D. R.U. Rif. Lieutenant
2551 Gibbon, P. R.C.A.F. Flight Lieutenant   A.F.C.
2420 Gibson, G. B. R.A.M.C. Lieut.-Colonel
1871 Gilbert, G. D. R.A. Lieutenant
2120 Gilbert, J. N. H. R.A.S.C. Corporal
2853 Gilchrist, J. M. R.A.F.V.R. Sergeant
2965 Giles, J. W. F. R.N.V.R. Midshipman
2421 Gillespie, C. W. R.A.M.C. Captain
1756 Gilliland, W. R.A.F.V.R. Aircraftman
1631 Gillmon, C. C. H. R.A.C. Lieutenant
2911 Gilmore, B. R.U. Rif. Rifleman
1632 Glendinning, Alex. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant   Killed in Action
1887 Glendinning, A. H. R.E. Colonel   O.B.E., Despatches
2688 Good, H. W. R.A.F.V.R. Leading Aircraftman
2741 Goodwin, R. T. R. Signals Captain
2472 Gordon, A. L. R.A.F.V.R. Pilot Officer   Killed in Action
1029 Gordon, J. R.A.F.V.R. Pilot Officer
1962 Gordon, R. D. I.A. Lieut.-Colonel   Despatches
1056 Gordon, R. D. L. I.C. Captain
2122 Gordon, W. A. M. R.A.V.C. Major
2854 Gordon, W. E. I. I.C. Captain
2371 Gosden, B. N. O. Green Howards Major
1888 Gotto, A. C. C. Devon R. Major
2803 Gotto, R. V. R.A.F.V.R. Leading Aircraftman
1633 Gracie, A. W. I.A. Major
2196 Gracie, M. N. R.A. Lance-Bombardier
1520 Gracie, W. I.A. Lieut.-Colonel
1218 Graham, J. P. R.A.S.C. Captain
2620 Graham, M. A. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant   Despatches
2689 Graham, R. T. P.R. Sergeant
2690 Graham, W. H. R.A. Captain
3002 Gransden, D. R. D. R.E. Second Lieutenant
2123 Grant, A. M. Inniskilling Fus. Major
1963 Grant, J. W. R.U. Rif. Captain
2052 Grant, N. S. R.N. Lieut.-Commander (S)  O.B.E., D.S.C., Despatches
2355 Gray, D. G. D. R.A.C. Captain
2474 Gray, D. J. L. R. Ir. Fus. Major
2475 Gray, G. H. D. R.E. Captain   Despatches
2306 Green, A. W. V. R.A.F.V.R. Pilot Officer   Killed in Action
2053 Green, J. H. R.A.M.C. Major
2332 Greene, V. H. R.A.F.V.R. Aircraftman
3001 Greer, A. H. C. R.A.C. Squadron Q.M.S.
2589 Greer, I. H. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant
2597 Greeves, J. E. B. R.N.V.R. Lieutenant (E)
1183 Greeves, J. R. H. R.E. Lieut.-Colonel
1034 Gregg, W. R. E. African A.S.C. Lieutenant
1578 Gregg Wilson, R. J. R.A.S.C. Captain
1087 Griffith, A. K. I.C. Captain   Despatches
2804 Griffith, T. J. F. R. Signals Captain   Despatches
1297 Hadden, R. E. R.A.M.C. Captain
1857 Haines, E. R. 22nd D'ns. Lieutenant
2553 Hall-Thompson, R. L. R.A. Captain
2912 Hamill, B. G. I.A. Lieutenant
2124 Hamilton, A. T. R. R.A.M.C. Lieutenant
2309 Hamilton, G. C. R. Scots Lieutenant
2254 Hamilton, H. L. S. R.U. Rif. Major
1940 Hamilton, I. M. R.U. Rif. Rifleman
2397 Hamilton, P. A. Inniskilling Fus. Major   M.C.
2372 Hamilton, P. J. R. A. and S.H. Lieutenant
2100 Hamilton, R. S. B. R.A.M.C. Captain
2197 Hampton, V. W. R.E. Major   M.B.E.
1005 Hanna, J. R. M. I.A. Lieut.-Colonel   O.B.E.
1757 Hannigan, E. G. R.U. Rif. Sergeant
2554 Hanson, W. N. Inniskilling Fus. Captain   Despatches
2182 Harding, R. S. G. W. York. R. Captain
1490 Hardy, J. C. R. Signals Colonel   Despatches
1794 Hardy, J. D. I.M.S. Lieut.-Colonel
1966 Harkness, A. R.A.F.V.R. Sergeant Air Gunner   Killed in Action
1759 Harkness, H. R.A.F. Squadron Leader
2125 Harpur, A. G. R.A. Captain   Despatches
1781 Harris, G. B. R.A. Captain
2296 Harris, J. C. R.A.F. Pilot Officer   Despatches, Killed in Action
2856 Harris, M. J. P. R.I.A.S.C. Lieutenant
1760 Harrison, F. A. L. General List Major   M.B.E.
1605 Harrison, R. H. R.U. Rif. Major
1967 Harrison, S. J. R.Aux.A.F. Wing Commander   D.F.C.
2622 Haslam, W. H. R.A.F.V.R. Aircraftman
2805 Haughton, J. N. R.A.A.F. Corporal
2555 Hawkesworth, R. J. R.N. Lieutenant (E)
2422 Hay, D. R.N.V.R. Surgeon Lieutenant
2744 Hay, J. N. H. R.N.V.R. Lieutenant   Despatches
2478 Hay, R. K. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader (M)
2183 Hayward, D. E. H. R. Ir. Fus. Major   M.C.
1111 Hemphill, A. W. K.A.R. Lieutenant
2198 Henderson, H. J. R. R.A.M.C. Captain
2479 Henderson, T. C. B. R. Signals Captain   M.C.
2373 Hennessey, T. A. R.I.A.S.C. Captain   Despatches
1821 Henry, G. A. R.E. Lieut.-Colonel
1035 Herriot, T. H. R.A.F.V.R. (Pathfinder Force) Squadron Leader M.B.E., Croix-de-Guerre (Belgium)
2970 Hervey-Macleay, D. R.N. Lieutenant (E)
2692 Hewson, L. J. M. R.A.F.V.R. Warrant Officer
2094 Higginson, H. J. R.N.V.R. Lieut.-Commander
1968 Higginson, J. S. R.A.F. Squadron Leader   Despatches
2746 Hill, A. A. W. R.N. Sub-Lieutenant (A)
2858 Hill, C. T. N. R.N.V.R. Signalman
2556 Hill, F. C. R.A.F.V.R. Flying Officer   Killed in Action
2915 Hill, J. J. McL. R.N.V.R. Sub-Lieutenant
2056 Hill, S. R.A.F. Flight Lieutenant (D)
2298 Hind, M. C. R.A.F. Flight Sergeant Observer Killed in Action
2945 Hind, R. D. R.E. Second Lieutenant
1185 Hitchcock, F. C. Late Leinster Regt. Lieut.-Colonel  O.B.E. (M.C.)
2480 Hogg, A. P. W. R.A. Major
2558 Hollywood, A. J. R.N.V.R. Lieutenant (A)
2747 Hollywood, D. F. A. R.N.V.R. Sub-Lieutenant (A) Killed on Active Service
2748 Holt, A. A. E. S. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Sergeant   Killed in Action
2559 Hood, W. C. W. R.U. Rif. Major
1300 Hopking, H. R. Suffolk R. Lieut.-Colonel   (O.B.E.)
2590 Houston, D. H. 2/5 R. Gurkha Rif. F.F. (I.A.) Major   M.C., Despatches
1782 Houston, J. I. Essex R. (P.R.) Major   Killed in Action
2178 Houston, J. K. L. R.A.M.C. Major
2482 Houston, M. R. Inniskilling Fus. Lieutenant
  687 Howard, A. W. R.P. Corps (Late Inniskilling Fus.) Lieut.-Colonel   M.C., Croix-de-Guerre (France)
1492 Howard, R. G. R.E. Major
2483 Hughes, F. D. R.A.F. Wing Commander   D.S.O., D.F.C. (2 Bars)
1680 Hughes, S. B. R.A.M.C. Major
1370 Hughes, W. D. R.A.M.C. Lieut.-Colonel   Despatches
2971 Humphreys, M. C. I.A. Second Lieutenant
2376 Hunt, E. E. S. R.A.F.V.R. Aircraftman
1425 Hunter, A. R. R.A. Lieut.-Colonel
1970 Hunter, G. H. B. N. R.N. Lieut.-Commander (E) Despatches
1823 Hunter, J. C. R.A. Lieutenant
1493 Hunter, J. T. R.A.F.V.R. Squadron Leader
1187 Hunter, W. A. Uganda D.F. Private
3105 Hunter, W. D. R.N.V.R. Able Seaman
2693 Hurst, C. T. R.A. Captain
2258 Hurst, T. W. N. R.N.Z.N.V.R. Sub-Lieutenant   Despatches
2058 Hurst, W. E. W. N.Z.E.F.Ch.D. Chaplain (4th Cl.)   Despatches
2484 Hurst, W. J. R.N.V.R. Sub-Lieutenant   Killed in Action
1635 Ievers, E. H. R.E. Lieut.-Colonel
1761 Ievers, F. R. R.A. Major   Died on Active Service
2130 Ievers, N. L. R.A.F. Squadron Leader
1971 Ingram, L. L. R.A.F. Wing Commander (M)   Despatches
1559 Innes, J. R. S. R.A.M.C. Captain
1875 Inwood, R. P. I.A. Lieut.-Colonel
2310 Irwin, C. G. R.A.M.C. Captain   Despatches
1345 Irwin, C. K. R.A.S.C. Major
2917 Irwin, I. H. S. R.N. Midshipman (S)
2749 Irwin, J. R.N.V.R. Sub-Lieutenant (A)
1270 Irwin, J. S. R.A.S.C. Major
1893 Irwin, J. W. S. R.A.M.C. Captain
2918 Irwin, M. P. S. Inniskilling Fus. Fusilier
2131 Irwin, S. T. R.A.M.C. Captain
1392 Jackson, A. W. R.N.V.R. Lieutenant
1371 Jackson, C. I. A. R.T.R. Major
2695 Jackson, G. B. S. R.N. Leading Airman   Killed in Action
1140 Jackson, H. Noel R.A. Major
1271 Jackson, W. H. R.P. Corps Captain   Royal Order of the Phoenix (Greece)
3031 Jacob, A. C. B. R.A.F.V.R. Aircraftman
  659 Jameson, S. D. R.U. Rif. Lieutenant
2860 Jamieson, G. G. R.N.V.R. Supply Rating
2661 Japp, A. F. R.N. Lieutenant (E)
1521 Jardin, R. S. N.Z.R.A. Sergeant
2132 Jarvis, F. B. R.A. Captain
  419 Jeffrey, D. G. R.C.N. Lieut.-Commander (D.S.O.)
2560 Johnson, J. E. R.N.V.R. Lieutenant
2696 Johnston, D. G. R.A.F.V.R. Corporal
2333 Johnston, D. H. F.S.P. (I.C.) Company Sergeant Major  Died on Active Service
2059 Johnston, E. F. R.U. Rif. Major   Killed in Action
2199 Johnston, G. A. P. I.C. Captain
2060 Johnston, I. R. Maritime R.A. Gunner
2377 Johnston, J. B. R.A.F.V.R. Warrant Officer
2133 Johnston, J. C. R.A.M.C. Major
2260 Johnston, J. H. C. Cameronians Rifleman   Killed in Action
2134 Johnston, J. L. R.A.F.V.R. Flying Officer
1273 Johnston, M. H. R.A. Major
1040 Johnston, P. M. R.U. Rif. Major
2863 Johnstone, H. B. R.C.A.F. Leading Aircraftman
2697 Johnstone, J. B. I.A. Major
1972 Jones, E. H. R.A. Lieutenant
1973 Joyce, L. R.N.V.R. Petty Officer
2806 Joynt, G. H. R.N. Leading Signalman
1933 Kelly, B. N. Ir. H. Trooper
1974 Kelly, H. L. R.E. Sapper
  555 Kelly, J. W. R.A.P.C. Captain   (C.I.E.)
2591 Kelly, R. G. R. Ir. Fus. Corporal
1245 Kennedy.D. V. General Staff Brigadier
2751 Kennedy. D. W. R.A.F. Aircraftman   Died on Active Service
1166 Kennedy, Q. A. R.A. Captain
2486 Kennedy, R. M. R.A.F.V.R. Sergeant
2625 Kenny, J. M. R.A.F.V.R. Flying Officer
2487 Kerr, H. A. Recce. Corps (Airborne) Corporal
2807 Kerr, S. W. H. R.A. Captain
1732 Killen, W. B. McC. R.E.M.E. Major
2808 Kilpatrick, C. S. R.E. Major   Despatches
1428 Kimmitt, G. R. R.A. Major
3147 Kinkead, B. H. R.N.V.R. Cadet
2262 King, J. O. R.N.V.R. Lieut.-Commander  D.S.C.
2835 King, R. P. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant
1828 Kinghan, F. G. R.A. Major
2562 Kinghan, S. J. D. I G'ds. Corporal
1007 Kinnaird, J. L. Cyrenaica Defence Force Major
2592 Kirkpatrick, E. C. R.A.F.V.R. Pilot Officer
2200 Kirkwood, W. C. R.A.C. Captain
2921 Knowles, J. S. R.A.S.C. Second Lieutenant
2201 Knox, A. McL. R.E. Captain
2263 Knox, P. R. H. R.E. Lieutenant
1796 Kyle, J. B. R.A.M.C. Captain
2446 Lamont, D. C. R.A. Lieutenant
2670 Lamont, I. N. R.A.F.V.R. Aircraftman
2563 Lane, B. W. Inniskilling Fus. Lieutenant   Died on Active Service
1894 Lane, H. T. A. I.A.O.C. Major
2922 Lane, M. A. R. Ir. Fus. Sergeant
3168 Lane, T. W. R.N.V.R. Naval Aircraftman
2752 Lawson, J. G. R.N. Able Seaman   (Radar)
2698 Lawson, Q. Y. R.A.F.V.R. Aircraftman
2379 Lee, A. C. P. R.A. Lieutenant
2062 Lee, P. A. R.A.F. Wing Commander (M)
1429 Leeper, W. C. I.A. Lieut.-Colonel   O.B.E.
2662 Leggett, M. H. M. R.A. Captain
1892 Lennon, R. W. R.A.M.C. Captain
2334 Lennox, T. M. R.A.M.C. Captain   Despatches
1976 Lester, C. MacK. R.A.F. Flight Lieutenant   Killed in Action
2489 Levis, R. D. R.N.V.R. Surgeon Lieutenant
1068 Lewis, J. T. R.A.M.C. Lieut.-Colonel   Despatches
2626 Lidwill, A. G. R. Ir. Fus. and R.S. Fus. Fusilier   Killed in Action
1639 Lord, J. G. R.A.M.C. Captain   M.C., Despatches
2264 Lorimer, R. L. R.A.F. Flying Officer   Killed in Action
2265 Louden, D. R.A. Lieutenant   Killed in Action
2137 Love, C. R.A.S.C. Lance-Corporal
2809 Lowden, E. H. Gurkha Rifles (I.A.) Captain
2700 Lowden, N. H. I.A. Captain
2668 Lund, G. C. R.E.M.E. Captain
1497 Lyburn, E. F. St. J. R.N.V.R. Surgeon Lieut.-Commander
2063 Lyburn, N. St. J. S.A.R.N.V.R. Signalman
2753 Lyons, R. K. 6th Rajputana Rifles (I.A.) Captain
2531 Lytle, G. G. R.U. Rif. Captain   Despatches
2426 Lytle, J. H. R. Hampshire R. Major   Despatches
1763 Lytle, S. N. R.A.M.C. Lieut.-Colonel   Gold Cross of Merit (Poland)
2385 McArthur, D. A. Independent Parachute Company Private
1095 MacBride, T. G. R.U. Rif. Captain
1838 McCabe, W. S. R.U. Rif. Major
2569 McCaldin, D. K. Inniskilling Fus. Captain   M.C.
1326 McCalla, W. T. R.N.V.R. Lieutenant   Killed in Action
1433 McCammon, A. F. T. R.A. Major
2781 McCaughan, J. N. R.N.R. Lieutenant
1093 McCaughey, J. R.C.N. Lieut.-Commander
2761 McCaughey, W. P. R.E. Captain
1303 McCaw, G. E. R.A. Captain   Despatches
1667 McClatchie, J. L. S.A.A.F. (A.A.) Air Mechanic
2762 McClinton, J. F. Inniskilling Fus. Captain   M.C. and Bar, Despatches
3146 McClure, R. A. R.N. Able Seaman
2763 McComb, T. J. A. R.A.F.V.R. Flight Lieutenant   D.F.C.
2156 McComb, T. W. T. R.A.F. Wing Commander   O.B.E., Despatches (2)
2154 McComb, W. H. R. R.C.A.F. Sergeant