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Campbell College Register 1894 - 1954
being the Fourth Edition of The Campbell College Register



this page (4) - January 1925  to  September 1932


2007. *Black, Thomas Lewis (E), b. 15th December, 1914, son of Lewis C. Black, Rushcliffe, Cherryvalley Park, Knock, Belfast.  U.VI, March, 1932.  Queen's University, Belfast.  B.Sc. (Applied Science).  R.A.F.V.R., 1940-43.  Company Director.  Address: 5 Castlehill Park West, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2008. Carter, William (E), b. 12th January, 1912, son of Mrs. H. R. Carter, Belfast.  V.L, July, 1927.  Royal Air Force, 1939-45 War.  Publisher.  Address: 27 Hughenden Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2010. *McWilliam, William James (C), b. 20th August, 1910, son of Russell McWilliam, Holly Lodge, Monaghan.  Brother of 2186.  V.U., July, 1927.  Solicitor, May, 1933.  Address: Holly Lodge, Monaghan.  (M.q.)

2011. *Neill, Denis (A), b. 22nd November, 1910, son of Charles Neill, 52 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1928.  Dufferin Medal.  Solicitor, admitted March, 1934.  1939-45 War: Honourable Artillery Company: Royal Fusiliers; Reconnaissance Corps, R.A.C.;  Major, M.C., T.D.  Treasury Solicitor's Department, London.  Address: Little Cotman's Ash, Kemsing, Kent.  (M.q.)

2012. *Rainsford, Frederick Fitzpatrick (E), b. 12th December, 1909, son of R. C. Rainsford, B.A., 4 Rosetta Avenue, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1928.  Queen's University, B.Agr., 1935.  R.A.F., F/O, 1936.  1939-45 War: Bomber Command and Western Desert.  Group Captain (Organisation) Far East Air Force;  D.F.C. and mentioned in despatches.  C.B.E. (1949) for work on Berlin air-lift.  Address: c/o. Ulster Bank, Cromac Street, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2013. *Wilson, Thomas Herbert (A), b. 19th October, 1910, son of Thomas Wilson, Greenisland House, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  U.V, April, 1928.  1st XV, 1927-28.  1st XI, 1926-27.  Flying Officer, R.A.F., 1929.  Reserve, 1934.  1939-45 War: Squadron-Leader, R.A.F.V.R.  Address: Air Traffic Control, Redhill Aerodrome, Surrey.

2014. *Burrows, Norman Ferguson Elliott (C), b. 19th August, 1912, son of Rev. E. A. Elliott Burrows, M.A., Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2015.  U.VI, July, 1931.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Shooting VIII, 1931.  Worcester College, Oxford.  B.A. (Hons.).  Middlesex Hospital, 1936-39.  M.A.  B.M., B.Ch. (Oxon.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), D.C.H. (Eng.)  College Rugby XV, Middlesex Hospital Rugby XV, and Shooting VIII, and Devonport Services XV.  1939-45 War: Surgeon-Lieut.-Cdr., R.N.V.R.  Paediatrician.  Address: Hospital for Sick Children, Gt. Ormond Street, London.  (q.)

2015. *Burrows, Gordon Alexander Elliott (E), b. 20th February, 1915, son of rev. E. A. Elliott Burrows, M.A., Rushford, King's Road, Kno0ck, Belfast.  Brother of 2014.  U.VI, July, 1933.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Dufferin Medal.  Queen's University.  B.A., 1937.  Westminster College, Cambridge, 1937-40.  Commissioned 1st Bn. R. Inniskilling Fus., 1940.  Instructor, Staff Intelligence College, Karachi, 1942-43.  G.S.O.3 (Intelligence) HQ, 33 Ind. Corps, 1943.  G.S.O.3.  Joint Planning Staff, G.H.Q., Delhi, 1943-44.  G.S.O.2., Major, H.Q. Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia (Intelligence Division).  Vice-Principal, Trinity College, Kandy, Ceylon.  Address: Trinity College, Kandy, Ceylon.  (q.)


2017. *Campbell, James Noel Kennedy (A), b. 25th December, 1913, son of Dr. G. F. Campbell, 21 Maxwell Road, Bangor.  V, Dec., 1931.  Medical Student, T.C.D. and Queen's University.  Farmer.  Address: Dunlady House, Dundonald, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2018. *Dowling, John Alexander (B), b. 7th March, 1910, son of William Dowling, Stramore, 58 Osborne Park, Belfast.  Father of 3648.  V.U, April, 1928.  1st XI, 1927.  1st XV, 1926-27-28.  1939-45 War: Ulster Home Guard, A.A. Section.  Director, John Dowling & Sons, Ltd., and Central Merchants, Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 22 Broomhill Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2020. *Irons, John McAdoo (A), b. 22nd June, 1910, son of W. M. Irons, Edenballymore, Londonderry.  Father of 3718.  L.VI, July, 1928.  Faraday House, London, 1928-32.  Faraday House, Diploma.  M.I.E.E.  Chartered Electrical Engineer.  Area Manager, Electricity Board for Northern Ireland.  Address: Waveney Cottage, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2021. Miller, Basil Charles Roderick (D), b. 17th November, 1909, son of W. Mc. Miller, Straidarran House, Straidarran, Co. Derry.  L.V, July, 1926.  Usk Agricultural College, Mon., 1927.  Played for City of Derry 1st XV, 1928-29-30-31.  1941-44, R.A.F. Regiment, Flight-Sergeant.  Farming.  Address: Straidarran House, Straidarran, Co. Derry.  (M.q.)

2022. *McKeever, Gerald William (B), b. 15th May, 1910, son of J. C. McKeever, Elmgrove, Gormanstown, Co. Meath.  Brother of 1733 and 1902.  L.V, July, 1929.  1st XV, 1928-29.  1st XI, 1929.  Farmer.  Address: c/o R. B. Daly & Sons, Auctioneers, Laurence St., Drogheda.

2023. *McQuitty, James Lloyd (C.H.), b. 2nd November, 1912, son of J. McQuitty, 89 Princetown Road, Bangor.  Brother of 1402.  IV, Dec., 1926.  Methodist College.  St. Catherine's Society, Oxford, 1931-34.  B.A.  Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 1934-36.  Honours Final, Jurisprudence, Oxford, 1934.  LL.B., Cambridge, 2nd Class Honours, 1935.  M.A.  College XV, Oxford, 1933-34.  Committee, Cambridge Union, 1936.  Chairman of Wages Councils.  Ulster Home Guard, 1940-44.  Barrister-in-Law.  Address: 8 Dufferin Villas, Ballyholme, Bangor.  (M.q.)

2024. *Smellie, Herbert Wilkin James (E), b. 15th June, 1911, son of Mrs. Wood, Campbell College, Belfast.  Brother of 1946.  L.V, April, 1928.  Address: 1 Wellington Park Terrace, Belfast.

2025. *Stewart, William Muir (E), b. 2nd June, 1913, son of William Stewart, Cuan, Ravenhill Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1790, 2237 and 2647.  L.VI, July, 1930.  1st XI, 1929-30.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1935.  R.A.M.C., Lieut., 1937.  1939-45 War: Major.  Regular Army Doctor.  Address: c/o Glyn, Mills & Co., Whitehall, London, S.W.1.

2026. Stodart, Thomas Alexander (C), b. 11th August, 1911, son of J. C. Stodart, I.C.S., c/o. Imperial Bank of India, Madras.  Son of 312.  Brother of 2027.  Army, Dec., 1929.  Royal Indian Navy, Lieut.  Resigned, 1937.  Managing Director of a group of Engineering Companies.  Address: Beecroft, Washfield, Nr. Tiverton, Devon.  (M.q.)

2027. Stodart, John Campbell (C.H.), b. 4th October, 1913, son of J. C. Stodart, I.C.S., c/o. Imperial Bank of India, Madras.  Son of 312.  Brother of 2026.  Remove, April, 1927.  Cadet, R.N.C., Dartmouth, 1927.  Lt., R.N., 1935.  R.N.C., Greenwich, 1st XV, 1934.  Lieut.-Cdr., R.N., 1943.  Cdr., R.N., 1948.  H.M.S. Virago, 1953.  Address: Tong House, Eastling, Nr. Faversham, Kent.  (M.q.)

2028. *Wilson, Harry Wood (E), b. 27th May, 1913, son of Hugh Wilson, Dromore, Hawthornden Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1653 and 2443.  III, April, 1929.  1939-45 War: Flying Officer, R.A.F.V.R.  Address: c/o. Brookside House, Ballymoney Road, Craigavad, Co. Down.


2029. *Barnett, William Herbert (B), b. 30th November, 1910, son of Robert Barnett, Northleigh, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2293.  U.VI, July, 1929.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1926-27-28-29 (Capt., 1929).  1st XV, 1927-28-29.  Peterhouse, Cambridge, 1929.  Econ. Tripos, 1932.  B.A., M.A., 1937.  College XI, 1930-31-32.  Golf Team, 1930-31-32.  Director of Messrs. W. & R. Barnett, Ltd., Belfast.  Address: Coolkelure, Craigavad, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2030. *Bell, Athol Alexander (C.H.), b. 24th August, 1915, son of R. Bell, Borlam House, Carlow.  Brother of 1469, 1470 and 1851.  Shell, March, 1929.  St. Andrew's, Dublin.  With Messrs. J. Lyons & Co., London.  Bishop's Stortford and District R.U.F.C., Capt., 1952-53.  R.A.F., 1940-46.  Address: 41 Chantry Road, Bishop's Stortford, Herts.  (M.q.)

2031. Belshaw, William Norman MacLeod (C), b. 19th May, 1912, son of William Belshaw, Rockdene, Lisburn.  Brother of 2303.  L.V, July, 1929.  Father's business, Messrs. W. Belshaw, Contractors, Lisburn.  Died, 28th July, 1951.  (M.)

2032. Benson, James Christopher Reginald (A), b. 20th January, 1914, son of Rev. R. S. Benson, Castle House, Greencastle, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 2033, 2110, 2413 and 2458.  U.V, April, 1931.  T.C.D., B.A., 1935.  Clerk in Holy Orders, 1937.  Curate, St. Andrew's, Belfast.  Rector of Derrybrusk Parish, Clogher.  Address: Derrybrusk Rectory, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.  (M.q.)

2033. Benson, John Godwin (A), b. 30th June, 1915, son of Rev. R. S. Benson, Castle House, Greencastle, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 2032, 2110, 2413 and 2458.  L.VI, December, 1932.  T.C.D., B.A., 1937.  Divinity Testimonium, 1937.  M.A., 1953.  Chaplain and Senior Chaplain to the Forces (Middle East and 8th Army), 1941-46.  Home Secretary to Church Missionary Society of Australia and Tasmania.  Address: 59 Strathalbyn Street, East Kew, Melbourne, Australia; and c/o Hermitage, Greencastle, Co. Donegal, Eire.  (M.q.)

2034. Betty, Maurice John Moore (D), b. 14th January, 1911, son of Moore M. Beatty, M.D., Forte Lodge, Enniskillen.  Brother of 1803.  V.L, July, 1928.  Cotton growing in Sudan.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.U.R., M.C.  Address: Fortlea, Enniskillen; and 39 Egerton Gdns., London, S.W.3.  (M.)

2035. Breene, Richard Arnold Simmons (A), b. 5th June, 1914, son of Rev. R. S. Breene, M.A., LL.B., 1937.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., R.E., mentioned in despatches.  H.M. Foreign Service.  Address: Travellers' Club, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2036. *Brennan, Terence Nigel Norman (A), b. 17th June, 1915, son of C. J. Brennan, 5 Upper Crescent, Belfast.  Brother of 1472.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Boxing, 1931-32.  Queen's University.  Boxing Team.  1939-45 War: Squadron-Leader (M), R.A.F.  R.A.F. Medical Service.  Address: 5 Upper Crescent, Belfast.

2037. Brotherston, James William (E), b. 5th February, 1915, son of James A. Brotherston, Inglewood, Ravenhill Park Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 2416.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Messrs. Harland & Wolff, Ltd.  Sergeant-Pilot, R.A.F.V.R  Killed in Action, 1943.

2038. Carson, Henry Montgomery (B), b. 29th December, 1910, son of Rev. John Carson, B.D., Clondalkin Rectory, Co. Dublin.  U.V, July, 1928.  T.C.D.,  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O., 1937.  D.U.B.C., 1st VIII.  1939-45 War: Squadron-Leader (M), R.A.F.V.R.  Address: The Nook, Welley Road, Wraysbury, Bucks.

2039. Coleman, William Desmond (B), b. 27th January, 1912, son of W. H. Coleman, Belfast Bank, Newry.  U.V, Dec., 1928.  Belfast Banking Co. Special Diploma in Foreign Exchange.  Lieutenant, R.A.  Killed in Action, 1942.

2041. Coulter, Hamilton Alexander (E), b. 9th November, 1914, son of H. A. Coulter, New Comber House, Comber.  Brother of 1808.  II, July, 1928.  Address: The Ford, Comber, Co. Down.  (M.)

2042. *Crockett, John (D), b. 31st December, 1911, son of J. S. Crockett, Clare House, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone.  L.V, July, 1928.  Farming.  Address: Clare House, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2043. *Devon, Norman (D), b. 4th March, 1914, son of Alexander Devon, 26 Downshire Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  Son of 676.  Brother of 2304.  U.VI, July, 1932.  School Prefect.  Estate Agent, Messrs. A. Devon & Partners, Belfast.  Address: 46 Bryansburn Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2044. *Diamond, John Gilbert (E), b. 10th October, 1914, son of Henry Diamond, Innisfayle, Cyprus Avenue, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1933.  Scholar.  St. John's College, Cambridge.  B.A., 1936.  M.A., 1938.  Research Physicist (Linen Industry).  Address: 23 Shandon Park, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2045. Dodd, William Houston (C), b. 1st April, 1909, son of Mrs. Dodd, Cronbanagh, Coleraine, Co. Derry.  Brother of 2046.  U.V, July, 1927.  1st XI, 1927.  Harper Adams Agricultural College.  Farming.  Died, 13th August, 1946.

2046. *Dodd, James Stewart (C), b. 17th June, 1910, son of Mrs. Dodd, Cronbanagh, Coleraine, Co. Derry.  Brother of 2045.  U.VI, March, 1929.  Prefect.  1st XI, 1927.  McMordie Medal.  Clare College, Cambridge.  Mod. Lang. Tripos; Pt. I, 1st Class, 1930; Pt. II, 2nd Class, 1933.  Assistant Master, Campbell College, 1934-38; Gresham's School, 1939.  Address: Gresham's School, Holt, Norfolk.

2047. *Downes, Thomas Henry (D), b. 21st October, 1911, son of Edward Downes, 3 Hollybrook Road, Clontarf, Dublin.  L.VI, July, 1929.  1st XI, 1928-29.  Medical Student, T.C.D.  1st XI.  Address: 3 Hollybrook Road, Clontarf, Dublin.

2048. Evans, Charles Grosvenor (A), b. 17th April, 1911, son of Chas. H. Evans, Soldini, Ballyholme Road, Bangor.  V.L, Dec., 1927.  Messrs. Evans & Barr, Ltd., Organ Builders, Belfast.  1939-45 War: R.A.S.C.  Address: 35 Ballyholme Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (q.)

2049. *English, Denis Ormonde (E), b. 28th February, 1915, son of Major W. J. English, V.C., 16 King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  Son of 406.  Brother of 1588 and 2739.  U.IV, Dec., 1931.  Architectural Assistant in Belfast Education Architect's Office.  Address: 3 Gilnahirk Avenue, Gilnahirk, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2050. *Garrett, Edward John (E), b. 11th February, 1915, son of E. J. Garrett, Hillview, Barnett's Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2252.  U.VI, July, 1934.  Scholar.  Prefect.  McNeill Medal.  McMordie Medal.  "Country Life"  VIII, 1934.  St. John's College, Cambridge.  Mathematical Tripos:- Senior Optime, Part II, 1936; Part III, 1937.  M.A., 1941.  2-Lt., R.A. (S.R.), April, 1939.  Advanced Gunnery Course, 1939.  B.E.F., U.K. and Burma with 8th (Belfast) H.A.A. Regt., R.A. (Major), 1939-46.  Capt., R.A.R.O., 1949.  E.R.D., 1953.  Assistant Master, Methodist College, Belfast, 1937-48; Housemaster, 1946-48.  Assistant Master, Campbell College, 1948.  Joint Hon. Sec., O.C. Soc., from 1951.  Address: Helen's Lea, Gilnahirk Road, Belfast.  (q.)

2051. *Garrett, William Walter (E), b. 10th February, 1915, son of William Garrett, 10 Kirkliston Drive, Bloomfield, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Partner, Messrs. W. & E. J. Garrett, Belfast.  Auctioneers' and Estate Agents' Institute Final (2nd Class Honours), 1938.  Address: Green Gables, Groomsport, Co. Down.  (M.)

2052. *Grant, Norman Steel (E), b. 16th January, 1913, son of Albert Grant, Ulster Bank Ltd., Cromac Street, Belfast.  Brother of 1963 and 2123.  Army, Dec., 1930.  Paymaster Cadet, R.N.  Lieut., 1935.  R.N. College, Greenwich, 1946;  Joint Services Staff College, Latimer, Bucks, 1947.  P.S.C. (Naval);  P.S.C. (J.S.S.C.);  Interpreter in Turkish (High Grade), 1939.  O.B.E., D.S.C.  Mentioned in despatches.  Commander (S), Department of Administrative Planning, Admiralty.  Address: Sun Patch, Givons Grove, Leatherhead, Surrey.  (M.q.)

2053. *Green, John Harold, b. 25th November, 1916, son of John Green, C.A., 23 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1928.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1933.  M.D., 1936.  D.Ch., 1937.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.M.C.  Address: 11 The Circus, Bath, Somerset.

2054. &Gregg, John Dudley Wells (B), b. 7th April, 1912, son of Capt. James Gregg, O.B.E., Tobarcooran, Carnmoney, Co. Antrim.  L.V, July, 1930.  1st XV, 1929-30.  Representative, Metal Agencies Ltd., for Ireland.  Address: Tobarcooran, Carnmoney, Co. Antrim.  (M.)

2055. *Harper, Bruce David (B), b. 20th October, 1910, son of J. B. R. Harper, Ulster Bank House, Ballycastle.  L.VI, Dec., 1928.  Official, Ulster Bank, 1929.  Cert. of Institute of Bankers in Ireland.  1939-45 War: Lieutenant, Ulster Home Guard.  Address: Auditing Dept., City National Bank and Trust Co., Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.  (M.q.)

2056. *Hill, Squire (B), b. 12th June, 1911, son of Stanley Hill, Tieve Tara, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  U.V, July, 1928.  Queen's University Half-Blue, Athletics, 1932.  Rowing Colours, 1933-34.  L.D.S., 1935.  R.A.F., F.-Lt. (D), 1937.  To New Zealand, Jan., 1950.

2057. Holloway, Crossley Edwards (C.H.), b. 12th April, 1914, son of F. W. H. Holloway, Hantsville, 22 Ward Avenue, Bangor.  III, May, 1926.  R.B.A.I., London University.  Student of Music.  Address: c/o 127 Groomsport Road, Bangor, Co. Down.

2058. *Hurst, Walter Edmund Wilmshurst (D), b. 17th May, 1912, son of Rev. W. E. Hurst, M.A., The Rectory, Moira, Co. Down.  Brother of 2258.  L.VI, July, 1930.  T.C.D., B.A., 1934.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Deacon, 1935.  Priest, 1936.  M.A. (T.C.D.), 1938.  Chaplain, 2 N.Z.E.F., 1940-45.  Vicar, St. Mary's, New Plymouth; Canon, St. Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton.  Address: St. Mary's Vicarage, New Plymouth, New Zealand.  (M.q.)

2059. Johnston, Eric Francis (C), b. 31st January, 1915, son of Frank Johnston, Wandsworth House, Greenwood Avenue, Belfast.  Army, Dec., 1933.  Shooting VIII, 1932-33.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1934.  2nd Lieut., R.U.R., 1935.  Major, killed in Action with 6th Airborne Division on 22nd August, 1944.  (M.)

2060. Johnston, Ian Ramsey (B), b. 18th August, 1913, son of Rev. James Johnston, B.A., West Parish manse, Dalry, Ayrshire.  Brother of 2260.  IV, July, 1929.  Macdonald College, Canada.  Farming in Canada.  1939-45 War: Maritime R.A.  Address: 173 Riverdale Avenue, Toronto, Canada.

2061. *Kerr, George Paul (A), b. 2nd June, 1911, son of Rev. Canon W. S. Kerr, Seapatrick Rectory, Banbridge, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1928.  Scholar.  Lambeg Research Institute, 1928.  Queen's University, B.Sc., 1933.  D.I., Royal Ulster Constabulary, 1936.  Address: Inch Lodge, Downpatrick.  (M.)

2062. *Lee, Percy Alexander (B), b. 11th June, 1911, son of Alexander Lee, Leander House, Portrush.  U.VI, July, 1930.  School Prefect.  Captain in Swimming.  Boxing Colours, 1930.  Queen's University Entrance Scholar.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1935.  R.A.F.  Surgeon Flight-Lieut., 1938.  1939-45 War: Wing-Commander (M), R.A.F.  (M.)

2063. *Lyburn, Niall St. John (A), b. 28th November, 1912, son of E. St. J. Lyburn, F.R.C.S.  I., F.G.S., 1 Montevello Terrace, Bray, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1497.  V.L, July, 1929.  Apprentice, Mercantile Marine.  s.s. "Mistly Hall," 1930.  Left Merchant Service, 1936.  West Rand Consolidated Gold Mines, Krugersdorp, Transvaal.  1939-45 War: S.A.R.N.V.R.  Address: c/o Dr. Lyburn, Spa Clinic, Tunbridge Wells.

2064. *Lyons, Samuel Edmund Craig (B), b. 30th September, 1911, son of Rev. S. J. Lyons, Millisle Manse, Donaghadee.  L.VI, July, 1930.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1935.  House Surgeon, City Infirmary, Londonderry, 1935.  Q.U.B., 1937-38.  D.P.H., 1938.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: "Ard-na-griene," Newtown Street, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2065. *McCaughey, John Davis (C), b. 12th July, 1914, son of John McCaughey, Somerton Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2761 and 3215.  U.VI, July, 1933.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1931-33.  1st XI, 1933.  Pembroke College, Cambridge.  English Tripos, Part I, 2nd Class, 1935.  Part II, 2nd Class, 1936.  Economics, Part II, 2nd Class, 1937.  Irish Secretary S.C.M., 1937.  M.A., 1939.  Theological Course taken in Assembly's College, Belfast and New College, Edinburgh.  Ordained, 1941.  Secretary, i/c Boys' Clubs, 1942-45.  Assistant, Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, 1945-46.  S.C.M., 1947-53.  Bible Study Secretary and Editor, "Student Movement."  Professor of New Testament Studies, Ormond College, Melbourne, 1953.  Address: 1 Ormond College Grounds, Carlton, Melbourne N.3, Victoria, Australia.  (M.)

2066. McConnell, James Douglas Rutherford (E), b. 14th October, 1915, son of James McConnell, Ulster Bank House, Mountpottinger, Belfast.  Remove, July, 1929.  Sedbergh School.  Undergraduate, Clare College, Cambridge, 1934-37.  M.A.  1939-45 War: R. Inniskilling Fusiliers.  Mentioned in despatches, Italy, 1944.  Schoolmaster - Author.  Published by Faber & Faber: "Comes the Blind Fury,"  "Meet a Body," and "Telling of Murder."  Address: Eton College, Windsor.  (M.x.q.)

2067. *McCormick, Allan (E), b. 6th December, 1914, son of Samuel McCormick, Circular Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 2570.  III, April, 1931.  Clothing Manufacturer.  Address: 44 Stranmillis Road, Belfast.  (M.)

2068. *MacGiffin, John Henry Ford (C), b. 21st April, 1915, son of H. A. MacGiffin, 46 Marlborough Park North, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1933.  Shooting VIII, 1932-33.  T.C.D.  Moderator, Modern History, 1937.  B.A., 1938.  H. Dip. Education.  B.A. (Cantab.).  1938-39, Tropical Services Course, Cambridge.  1939, Appointed Colonial Administrative Service and posted to the Gold Coast;  1948, appointed District Commissioner.  1952, appointed Senior Administrative Officer.  Colonial Administrative Service; Address: 29 Osborne Drive, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2069. McIlroy, Lewis Gordon (E), b. 1st October, 1914, son of Lewis McIlroy, Kinvara, Knock, Belfast.  V, July, 1931.  Queen's University.  Messrs. McMullans, Belfast, 1933.  1939-45 War:  Pilot, R.A.F.  1942-45,  Flying Officer.  Representative.  Moved to Canada in 1947.  Address: 20 Fairmeadow Avenue, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada.  (M.q.)

2070. *McKee, Hugh Shaw (D), b. 5th October, 1912, son of Rev. Phineas McKee, B.A., Downshire Road Manse, Newry.  Brother of 2338 and 2709.  U.VI, July, 1931.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Scholar of Trinity College, Oxford.  Science Final Schol., 2nd Class Hons., 1935.  Grant from Department of Sc. and Indus. Research, 1935.  D. Phil. (Oxon), 1938.  Served in New Guinea with Tropical Scientific Section Australian Army.  Senior Research Officer, C.S.I.R.O.., Australia.  Published various papers in scientific and technical journals.  Address: C.S.I.R.O., c/o Dept. of Botany, University, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia.  (M.q.)

2071. *McMaster, David Stewart Wilson (E), b. 1st December, 1913, son of F. S. McMaster, Northern Bank, Connswater, Belfast.  L.VI, 1931.  Law Degree at Queen's University.  Solicitor.  Queen's Boxing Team.  Head of the firm of W. L. Skelton, Solicitors, Belfast.  Address: 53 Belmont Park, Belfast.  (M.)

2072. *McMaster, Stanley George (E), b. 7th October, 1913, son of Joseph McMaster, Mountlens, King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  IV, July, 1931.  In McMaster, Mountlens, King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  IV, July, 1931.  In McMaster's Estates.  Address: Dunmisk House, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.

2073. *Marshall, Arthur Robert (B), b. 14th July, 1915, son of R. Marshall, The Craigs, Bangor.  Brother of 2594.  U.IV, July, 1932.  Boxing, 1932.   T.C.D.  Boxing, 1936.  D.U.B.C., 2nd VIII.  B.A., 1937.  1939-45 War: Sergeant-Pilot, R.A.F.V.R.  Address: 39 Kensington Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.)

2075. *Maxwell, James (C), b. 8th July, 1911, son of James Maxwell, Ballycran, Kirkcubbin, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1929.  Ulster Bank, 1930.  Captain, North Irish Horse.  Address: Cranbeg, Kirkcubbin, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2076. *Miles, John Kenneth Barton (C), b. 22nd March, 1911, son of J. H. Miles, 10 Rosmeen Gardens, Kingstown, Co. Dublin.  L.VI, March, 1928.  Messrs. Eason & Sons, Dublin., 1929-36.  Messrs. James Moore, Belfast, 1936.  1939-46: Lt. Commander, R.N.V.R., D.S.C.  Sales Manager, Swift Brook Paper Mills Ltd., Saggart, Co. Dublin.  Address: 11 Rostrevor Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  (M.q.)

2077. Munster, Arthur Henry (A), b. 2nd April, 1911, son of Mrs. G. L. Munster, 1 Ormonde Park, Finaghy, Belfast.  U.V, April, 1928.  A.T.C.L., 1932.  L.T.C.L., 1934.  Teacher of Music.  Institute of Bookkeepers Certificate, 1940.  London Chamber of Commerce, Higher Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accountancy, 1941.  Accounts Clerk,  N.A.A.F.I.,  H.A.B.,  Belfast, 1942-46.  Now Accounts Clerk, N.A.A.F.I.,  H.A.B., London.  Address: 22 Franconia Road, Clapham Park, London, S.W.4.  (q.)

2078. *Orr, James Stanley (D), b. 17th April, 1911, son of Samuel Orr, Ballycarry, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1929.  Dental Student, Queen's University.  L.D.S., 1934.  University Bisley Team, 1934.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.D.C.  Address: Park View, Gnoll Park Road, Neath, Glamorgan, S. Wales.

2079. Pullan, James Barron (C.H.), b. 5th August, 1912, son of G. S. Pullan, Roughfort, Mallusk, Belfast.  III, only at school for a few days.  Address: Roughfort, Mallusk, Belfast.

2080. *Rawlinson, Leslie Reginald (D), b. 19th September, 1915, son of W. R. Rawlinson, Ribblesdale, Knockdene Park, Knock, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1933.  Chartered Accountant (A.C.A.)  1940-46, Capt., R.A.S.C.  Partner, Messrs. Rawlinson, Allen & White, Accountants.  Address: 30 Knockdene Park South, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2081. *Stewart, William Cooper (B), b. 23rd February, 1911, son of Alexander Stewart, Lynalta, Newtownards.  L.VI, July, 1929.  Boxing, 1925-26-27.  Solicitors' Final, 1934.  Sole Partner, Messrs. Alex. Stewart & Son, Newtownards.  Address: Lynalta, Newtownards.  (M.q.)

2082. *Taylor, James Ian (E), b. 14th April, 1913, son of James Taylor, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2238.  L.VI, July, 1931.  Greenmount Agricultural College, 1931.  Queen's University, 1932.  B.Sc., 1935.  Royal Dick Vet. College, Edinburgh, 1935.  Colonial Vet. Scholarship (I.S.), 1935.  Reading University, 1946-49.  M.R.C.V.S., 1939, Ph.D., 1949.  Veterinary Officer, Northern Rhodesia, 1939-45;  Agricultural Research Council, 1945-49;  Uganda from 1950.  Chief Research Officer, Veterinary Dept., Uganda Govt.  Address: Animal Health Research Centre, Entebbe, Uganda.  (M.q.)

2083. *Thompson, John (A), b. 9th September, 1911, son of John Thompson, South Lodge, Newry.  L.V, July, 1928.  Address: 105 Oakhill Road, Liverpool 13.  (M.)

2084. *Walmsley, James Andrew (B), b. 4th October, 1912, son of J. C. Walmsley, The Green, Kilkeel, Co. Down.  Brother of 2719.  U.VI, July, 1931.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  McNeill Medal.  1st XV, 1930-31.  1st XI, 1931.  O.T.C., Pipe-Major.  T.C.D.  Jun. Ex., 1931.  Scholar., 1934.  1st Class Moderator Mathematics, 1935.  Brooke Prize.  University College, Oxford, 1936-37.  Indian Civil Service, 1937.  Joint Magistrate, Bihar, 1938.  Asst. Financial Adviser, Directorate General Munitions Production, Calcutta, 1943.  Deputy Secretary to the Government of India, 1946.  Retired, 1947.  M.B.E., 1948.  Joint Managing Director, Eason & Son, Ltd.  Address: Harlech, Dundrum, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2085. *Warnock, Ian Maxwell (A), b. 19th February, 1914, son of J. M. Warnock, M.D., 34 Francis Street, Newtownards.  Brother of 1924.  Remove, April, 1931.  1st XV, 1930-31.  1939-45 War: North Irish Horse.  Marketing Officer, Ministry of Agriculture.  Address: Dunnygarron, Cullybackey; and c/o Establishment Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Stormont, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2086. *Waters, William Roberts (E), b. 28th July, 1914, son of G. E. Waters, 43 Belmont Park, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 2507.  U.VI, July, 1933.  Q.U.B.  B.Sc. (Chem.), 1936.  Civilian Research Chemist at Chemical Warfare Establishment, Salisbury, Wilts., 1938-44.  Armament Research Department, Bridgend, Wales, 1944-46.  Res. Dept., Distillers Co. Ltd., Epsom, Surrey, 1946-48.  Biological Division, Canadian National Research Council, Ottawa, 1948-51.  Institute of Parasitology, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, McGill University, 1951-53.  M.Sc. in Bio-chemistry, McGill Univ., 1954.  Technical Administrator, Canadian Patent Office, Ottawa.  Address: 371 Gilmour Street, Ottawa 4, Ontario (until 1956); and c/o Bank of Montreal, Sparks Street, Ottawa.  (M.q.)

2087. *Watson, Elliott Patrick Cunningham (D), b. 9th February, 1913, son of James Watson.  Brother of 2527.  IV, Dec., 1928.  R.A.S.C., 1940-45,  P.O.W., 1942-44.  Coal Board.  Address: 21a Stanley Gardens, Notting Hill, London, W.8.  (q.)

2089. *Wright, James (E), b. 24th April, 1914, son of Hugh Wright, 429 Upper Beersbridge Road, Bloomfield, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1931.  Royal Dick Vet. College, Edinburgh.  M.R.C.V.S., 1935.  Veterinary Surgeon (own practice), Watford, 1936-42;  Folkestone from 1942.  Address: The Surgery, Sandgate Hill, Folkestone.  (M.q.)


2090. *Barry, David Martin Read (A), b. 9th July, 1914, son of David Barry, O.B.E., Bellevue Park, Killiney, Co. Dublin.  L.VI, July, 1931.  T.C.D.,  B.A.,  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O., 1938.  D.M.R.D., 1948.  R.A.F.V.R., Medical Branch, 1940-46, Wing-Commander.  Consultant Radiologist, Bolton Group of Hospitals.  Address: Ashlawn, Chorley New Road, Bolton, Lancs.  (M.q.)

2091. Fetherston, Seward Algie (C), b. 22nd October, 1911, son of J. W. Fetherston, Montono, Malone Park, Belfast.  Half-brother of 1026.  Brother of 2329, 2470 and 2682.  VI.L, July, 1929.  Director, Albion Ltd., Belfast.  Died, 26th July, 1941.

2092. *Gaffikin, Hugh Montgomery (C), b. 26th December, 1911, son of R. M. Gaffikin, Elsinore, Jordanstown, Co. Antrim.  L.V, July, 1928.  1939-45, R.U. Rifles; Korea, 1950-51.  D.S.O. Regular Army Officer.  Address: 88 King's Road, Knock, Belfast; and Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

2093. *Greeves, Ian Ridgway (E), b. 24th July, 1915, son of Ridgway Greeves, Hollypark, King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1933.  Engineer Apprentice, Austin Motors Ltd.  Address: c/o Ridgway Greeves, Hollypark, King's Road, Knock, Belfast.

2094. *Higginson, Harold James (C), b. 27th August, 1911, son of J. Higginson, Dunvarna, Adelaide Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1968.  L.V, July, 1929.  1st XV, 1928-29.  Director, Messrs. John Higginson & Co., Belfast.  1939-45, Lieut.-Cdr., R.N.V.R.  Address: Benown, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2095. *Maxwell, Conway (A), b. 2nd July, 1911, son of A. H. Maxwell, Corduff House, Lusk, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 1942, 2204 and 2704.  L.VI, July, 1929.  University College, London.  B.Sc.  (Eng.), 2nd Class Honours, 1933.  English Electric Co., Stafford.  Anglo-Iranian Oil Co., 1939-40.  Assistant District Engineer (Dublin 2 District), Electricity Supply Board, Dublin.  Address: Rathmichael House, Shankill, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2096. McEnnery, Ivan Lionel Ambrose (D), b. 26th May, 1911, son of L. C. McEnnery, 68 Grosvenor Road, Rathmines, Dublin.  L.V, Dec., 1927.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1935.  1939-45 War: Capt., N. Irish Horse.

2097. *Stone, Francis William (D), b. 15th April, 1915, son of Rev. H. C. B. Stone, C.B.E., Mattersey Vicarage, near Doncaster.  Brother of 1504 and 1670.  Army, April, 1933.  1st XI, 1931-32.  1st XV, 1932-33.  Prefect.  Cadet Pair, 1932.  Anglo-American Oil Co., Ltd.  2nd Lieut. (S.R.), 1938.  1939-45 War: Major, I. A., M.C., Mentioned in despatches.  Address: Khiva, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.  (M.)


2098. Crooks, Louis Warden (D), b. 30th December, 1912, son of Rev. S. B. Crooks, St. Stephen's Rectory, 44 Mountcharles, Belfast.  Brother of 2464.  U.V, July, 1930.  T.C.D., B.A., 1933.  Curate, St. Columba's Cathedral.  Divinity Testimonium, 1935.  Ordained, 1936.  1939-456, Royal Army Chaplains' Department.  Territorial Army, 1947.  Senior Chaplain (T.A.(, 1952.  Rector of Letterkenny, 1946.  Address: The Rectory, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.  (M.q.)

2099. *Flinn, George Macaulay (D), b. 15th March, 1912, son of Mrs. Flinn, Elmwood Spa, Ballynahinch, Co. Down.  Brother of 2234.  U.V, Dec., 1928.  Final Examination, Institute of Chartered Accountants, 1936.  A.C.A.  Secretary, Management Committee, Downshire Hospital, Downpatrick.  Address: Secretary's Residence, Downshire Hospital, Downpatrick.  (M.q.)

2100. *Hamilton, Robert Stewart Burt (D), b. 23rd February, 1914, son of E. S. Burt Hamilton, M.B., F.R.C.S. (Ed.), Hertford, South Downs Road, Hale.  Son of 551.  Brother of 2309, 2621 and 3652.  L.VI, April, 1932.  Manchester University, 1933-40.  M.R.C.S.,  L.R.C.P.  Capt., R.A.M.C., 1941-46.  Assistant Psychiatrist (S.H.M.O. Grade).  Address: Tatchbury Mount Hospital, Totton, Southampton.  (M.q.)

2101. Higginson, Laurance Kenneth (E), b. 29th August, 1913, son of A. J. Higginson, 24 Shore Street, Holywood, Co. Down.  V.L, July, 1930.  1939-45 War: M.N.  Chief Electrical Engineer, Blue Star Line Ltd., London.  Address: 16 Woodland Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2102. *Killen, Thomas Cameron Temple (C), b. 24th March, 1914, son of Thomas Killen, M.D., 52 Main Street, Larne, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2103.  V, July, 1932.  T.C.D., 1934-45.  B.A. (1944).  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1945.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Ava Villa, 58 The Roddens, Larne, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2103. *Killen, Samuel Denis (C), b. 27th September, 1915, son of Thomas Killen, M.D., 52 Main Street, Larne, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2102.  L.VI, July, 1934.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1933-34.  Shooting VIII, 1933-34.  T.C.D., 1935-42.  B.A.,  M.B.,  B.Ch., B.A.O.  1939-45 War: Home Guard, Captain.  General Medical Practitioner and Part Time Specialist Anaesthetics.  Address: "Conusg," Vicarage Road, Par, Cornwall.  (M.q.)

2104. *Lamont, Edward Simpson (D), b. 27th March, 1912, son of J. N. Lamont, Ednagrena, Ballymena.  Brother of 2446 and 2670.  L.VI, July, 1930.  University College, London, 1930-33.  B.Sc., Engineering Linen Manufacturer.  Address: Oranmore, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2105. *Latchford, John McCormick (C), b. 30th May, 1912, son of John Latchford, Oakville, Tralee.  V.L, Dec., 1929.  Merchant Miller, Messrs. Latchford & Sons.  Address: Oakville, Tralee, Co. Kerry.  (M.)

2106. Martin, Edwin Irwin (A), b. 16th January, 1915, son of Rev. S. H. Martin, The Manse, Keady, Co. Armagh.  Brother of 1941.  U.IV, July, 1931.  1939-45 War: R.A.F., V.R.  Address: c/o 22 Malone Hill Park, Belfast.

2107. *Clarendon, Philip Randal Desmond (D), b. 29th Feb., 1912, son of Victor F. Clarendon, Belhaven, Deramore Park South, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1930.  Shooting VIII, 1930.  Worcester College, Oxford.  B.A., 1934.  M.A., 1935.  1939-45 War: Royal Canadian Artillery Survey Regt. (Bombardier) Italy, Belgium, Holland.  Director, William Ewart & Son Ltd., Belfast.  Address: Ballysillan House, Belfast.  (M.q.)


2108. *Adams, Cecil Thompson Buchanan (A), b. 19th March, 1914, son of T. B. Adams, Lawrence Hill, Londonderry.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch.,  B.A.O., 1937.  D.P.H. (1939).  1939-45 War: R.A.F. Medical Branch.  Chest Physician, N.I. Tuberculosis Authority.  Address: Sandelford, 33 Mount Sandel Road, Coleraine.  (q.)

2109. *Ashe, Clifford Macdonald (E), b. 5th December, 1911, son of Albert V. Ashe, Dilcoosha, Wandsworth Road, Belmont, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1930.  1st XI, 1930.  Queen's Univ. Cricket XI, 1936-37.  Q.U.B., 1936-39.  Oxford University, 1946-49.  B.A.  (Q.U.B.), 1939;  H. Dip. Ed (Oxon.), 1945.  Ulster Junior Hockey Trials, 1935.  Capt., 1st XI Cricket (Q.U.B.), 1939.  1st Bn. E. Lan. R.  1939-45 Capt.  Schoolmaster, C.C.P.S.  Address: 413 Merville Garden Village, Whitehouse, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2110. *Benson, Richard Edmond Miller (A), b. 9th November, 1912, son of Rev. R. S. Benson, Castle House, Greencastle, Londonderry.  Brother of 2032, 2033, 2413 and 2458.  V.L, July, 1930.  T.C.D.:  B.A., 1935.  Clerk in Holy Orders, 1936.  M.A., 1950.  Address: The Rectory, Sixmilecross, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2111. *Black, Duncan McCallum (A), b. 28th February, 1913, son of Rev. A. Pattison Black, 10 Cliftonville Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 2112, 2414 and 2539.  V, April, 1930.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1936.  House Surgeon, Royal Victoria Hospital, 1937.  Indian Medical Service.  M.D., D.P.H.  1939-45 War: Major, I.M.S., P.O.W., 1943.  To Canada.  Address: North Okangan Health Unit, 3408 Coldstream Avenue, Vernon, B.C., Canada.  (M.)

2112. *Black, James Knowles (A), b. 22nd August, 1915, son of rev. A. Pattison Black, 10 Cliftonville Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 2111, 2414 and 2539.  L.VI, July, 1934.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1941.  Diploma in Anaesthetics.  D.A. (England), 1950.  1942-45: Surgeon-Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Consultant Anaesthetist to Birkenhead and North Wirral Hospitals.  Permanent R.N.V.R. (Merseyside Division) Surgeon Lt. Cdr.  Address: "Highbury," Grafton Drive, Upton, Cheshire.  (M.q.)

2113. Campbell, Arthur Dobbin (D), b. 29th May, 1914, son of James A. Campbell, Yewpark, Clontarf, Dublin.  III, April, 1930.  Manufacturers' Agent.  Address: 1 Grosvenor Terrace, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.  (q.)

2114. Carson, Thomas Desmond (A), b. 31st March, 1911, son of David J. Carson, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.  Brother of 1548 and 1751.  U.VI, July, 1929.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1935.  House Surgeon, Royal Victoria Hospital, 1935-36.  1939-45: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh.  (q.)

2115. *Common, Samuel Ainslie (D), b. 5th August, 1912, son of R. H. Common, Tynemouth, Larne Harbour.  Brother of 1752.  L.VI, July, 1930.  1st XV, 1929-30.  Shooting VIII, 1929-30.  A.C.A., 1937.  1941-46:  R.A.  Chartered Accountant in Practice.  Address: Ty Gwyn, Clytha Park, Newport, Mon.  (M.q.)

2116. *Davidson, James (A), b. 15th October, 1914, son of Isaac A. Davidson, M.D., Laurington, 190 Antrim Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2295.  Army, July, 1933.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1930-31-32-33.  (Capt., 1932-33).  1st XV, 1930-31-32-33.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1933.  XV, 1933-34 (Capt., 1934).  Lieut., Duke of Wellington's Regt., 1938.  1939-45 War: Major.  H.Q.,  W.A. Command, Accra, Gold Coast, 1953.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., Cox's & King's Branch, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.)

2117. *Dunn, Robert Lewis (E), b. 11th May, 1915, son of Robert Dunn, The Hollies, North Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1855.  L.VI, July, 1934.  1st XV, 1932-34.  Messrs. Robert Dunn & Co.  Address: Demesne Road, Holywood, Co. Down.

2118. Flood, Charles John Stuart (A), b. 28th September, 1913, son of Dr. R. F. Flood, Braemar, Bundoran, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 1870 and 2684.  V.L, Dec., 1929.  Portora Royal School.  T.C.D.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1937.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Parnell Street, Mountmellick, Leix, Eire.

2119. *Fraser, Robert Cosbey (A), b. 25th July, 1914, son of Rev. R. Fraser, 57 Maryville Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1886 and 2616.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1937.  1939-45 War:  R.A.F., S/Ldr.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: The Red House, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham.  (q.)

2120. *Gilbert, James Nigel Haig (E), b. 9th August, 1916, son of William Gilbert, Tildarg, Knock, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1934.  Q.U.B.: 1934-35.  The London and Lancashire Insurance Co., Belfast, 1935.  1939-45 War: R.A.S.C.  Insurance Clerk.  Address: "Brena," Millers Hill, Dundonald.  (q.)

2121. *Gordon, Archibald Deane (D), b. 7th September, 1914, son of Archie W. Gordon, Beulah, Kilkeel, Co. Down.  Remove, July, 1931.  Engineering Dept., North of Ireland Transport Company.  Address: Beulah, Kilkeel, Co. Down.

2122. *Gordon, Wallace Alexander Moore (E), b. 20th March, 1916, son of James S. Gordon, Beaconsfield, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1962.  U.IV, July, 1933.  Greenmount Agricultural College.  Royal "Dick" Veterinary College, 1935-40.  M.R.C.V.S.  R. Innis. Fus., 1941-43;  R.A.V.C., 1943-46.  Veterinary Surgeon.  Address: Tanmerg, St. John's Wood Park, Dundonald, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2123. Grant, Albert Martin (C), b. 29th September, 1916, son of Albert Grant, Ulster Bank Ltd., Cromac Street, Belfast.  Brother of 1963 and 2052.  L.VI, July, 1933.  Undergraduate, Queen's University.  Major, Inniskilling Fus. Killed in Action, January, 1944.

2124. *Hamilton, Arthur Thomas Ronald (B), b. 7th June, 1913, son of Richard Hamilton, The Diamond, Raphoe, Co. Donegal.  L.VI, July, 1931.  School Prefect.  Captain of Athletics.  Joint Champion, 1931.  L.R.C.P.,  L.R.C.S. (Edin.);  L.R.F.P.S.. (Glas.), 1938;  F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1944.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.A.M.C.  Address: 13 Ardconnel Street, Inverness.  (M.)

2125. *Harpur, Alexander Gwynne (D), b. 4th September, 1916, son of J. Stewart Harpur, The Hill, Strabane.  Brother of 3029.  L.VI, July, 1934.  Sch. Prefect.  1st XV, 1932-33-34.  Boxing Team, 1934-34.  Captain of Athletics, 1934.  Leeds University, 1934-36.  Clothworkers' Scholarship.  Boxing Team, 1934-35-36.  Galashiels 1st XV, 1936-37.  1939-45 War: Capt., 9th (Londonderry) Hy. A.A. Regt., R.A.  Textile Manufacturer.  Address: Strathfinn, Curley Hill, Strabane.  (M.q.)

2126. Henry, Robert (E), b. 24th June, 1913, son of G. A. Henry, Glen Lodge, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 1821.  IV, 1929.  Insurance Inspector, Union Assurance Society Ltd.  Address: 283 Holywood Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2127. *Houston, Hugh Benjamin Craig (E), b. 8th October, 1914, son of H. Craig Houston, Ardmore, Holywood.  Brother of 2482.  Remove, 1931.  South African College High School, 1934.  Univ. of Cape Town, 1935.  T.C.D., 1935.  Medical Practitioner.  1939-45 War: Surgeon, M.N.  Address: M.O.H., Tasman Peninsula, Premaydena, Tasmania.  (M.)

2128. *Hunter, Samuel Andrew Coates (A), b. 16th July, 1916, son of Dr. S. R. Hunter, Rosemount, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 1970.  L.VI, July, 1933.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1938.  M.D.  Consultant Chest Physician.  Address: Corners, Gatton Road, Reigate, Surrey.  (M.q.)

2129. Hyde, Gerald Fellowes (D), b. 10th June, 1913, son of C. F. Hyde, Ulster Bank Ltd., Lisnaskea.  V.U, July, 1930.  Portora R. S., 1930.  Ulster Bank, 1932.  North-West Featherweight Champion, 1933.  Address: c/o Ulster Bank, Waring Street, Belfast.

2130. *Ievers, Norman Lancelot (D), b. 16th March, 1912, son of George F. Ievers, Avonmore, Annanmore, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1761, 1783 and 2259.  V.U, April, 1930.  1st XV, 1928-29-30.  Pupil at Messrs. J. I. Thornycroft, Basingstoke, 1930-33.  P.O.,  R.A.F.,  1937.  London Irish XV, 1934.  Monkstown XV, 1935.  R.A.F., 1939-44.  S/Ldr., General Duties, 1941.  Farmer.  Address: Mount Ievers, Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare.  (q.)

2131. *Irwin, Samuel Thompson (B), b. 1st July, 1915, son of S. T. Irwin, 29 University Square, Belfast.  Brother of 1893 and 2310.  L.VI, July, 1933.  Q.U.B.:  Member of Executive, S.R.C., 1936-37.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1938.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  General Medical Practice.  Address: 15 Croye Close, Andover, Hants.  (M.q.)

2132. *Jarvis, Frederick Britton (D), b. 14th August, 1916, son of Capt. F. E. Jarvis, 55 Knutsford Drive, Cliftonville, Belfast.  U.IV, December, 1933.  1940-46: Capt., R.A. (L.A.A.)  Wounded, M. Africa, 1943.  Messrs. Hugh Mack & Co., Ltd., Belfast.  Address: "Thornleigh," Marino, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2133. Johnston, James Cleland (A), b. 4th July, 1915, son of W. E. G. Johnston, 24 Cadogan Park, Belfast.  Son of 100.  U.VI, July, 1934.  School Prefect.  Captain of Swimming, 1934.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1939.  D.P.H., 1947.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.M.C.  M.O.D. Dorking & Walsingham R.D.C.'s & Wells U.D.C.  Asst. County Medical Officer, Norfolk County Council.  Died, 22nd July, 1953.  (M.)

2134. *Johnston, John Laird (C), b. 6th March, 1916, son of Henry M. Johnston, Belfast Bank House, Glenarm.  V, July, 1932.  Bank Official.  1940-45:  F/O.,  R.A.F.  Musician,  B.B.C., Belfast.  Address: 4 Galwally Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2135. *Kirk, Edward Francis Mackay (B), b. 23rd July, 1912, son of Harold Kirk, The Carr, Lisburn.  U.V, Dec., 1929.  Chartered Accountant, Messrs. Hill, Vellacott & Bailey, Belfast.  Address: The Square, Comber, Co. Down.  (M.)

2136. Loughery, Alfred Thomas (E), b. 20th March, 1910, son of D. G. Loughery, 1 Wellington Crescent, Ravenhill Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1831.  L.VI, July, 1928.  1st XI, 1928.  Address: c/o W. G. R. Loughery, Whitelaw House, Rugby.  (q.)

2137. *Love, Charles (D), b. 2nd September, 1912, son of Mrs. A. T. Love, Crewe House, Fyfin, Strabane.  IV, December, 1928.  1939-45 War: R.A.S.C.  Address: Innisfayle, Prospect Road, Portstewart, Co. Derry.

2138. *Lundie, George Temple (B), b. 28th February, 1912, son of Rev. W. G. Lundie, The Hermitage, Keady, Co. Armagh.  L.VI, April, 1930.  T.C.D.: Moderator Legal Science, 1934.  LL.B., 1st Class Honours, 1935.  Assembly's College, 1936.  B.D. (Q.U.B.) 1944.  Minister of The First Presbyterian Church, Armagh.  Governor of The Royal School, Armagh.  Address: Charlemont Place, Armagh, N. Ireland.  (M.q.)

2139. *Magee, John Kidd (B), b. 25th May, 1912, son of Mrs. E. C. Magee, Melvyne, 32 Malone Park, Belfast.  L.VI, March, 1930.  Articled Clerk.  Messrs. Jackson McCann, Belfast.  A.C.A., 1936.  1939-45 War: N.F.S. and R.A.F.  Company Director.  Address: Lynwood, Glen Way, Oadby, Leicester.  (M.q.)

2140. *Magee, Reginald Arthur Edwards (E), b. 18th August, 1914, son of James Magee, York House, Earlswood Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Niall Nelson Prize, 1931.  Q.U.B.:  S.R.C., 1935.  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O., 1937.  Prizeman in Diseases of Children, Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, 1937.  University Athletic Team, Mile Relay, 1933.  F.R.C.S. (I.), 1947;  M.R.C.O.G., 1947.  Demonstrator in Physiology, Q.U.B.;  House Surgeon and later Resident Surgical Officer, Royal Victoria Hospital;  House Surgeon and Assistant in Plastic Surgical Unit, North Staffs, Royal Infirmary;  House Surgeon, Royal Maternity Hospital and later Senior Tutor in Obstetrics, Q.U.B. and Royal Maternity Hospital, Belfast.  Obstetric Surgeon, Royal Maternity Hospital, Belfast;  Gynaecologist, Ulster Hospital for Children and Women;  Consulting Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.  Address: 96 Malone Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2141. *Marshall, Arthur John William (D), b. 25th October, 1916, son of A. T. Marshall, Cassiana, Kensington Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2594.  L.VI, July, 1933.  Articled Clerk, Messrs. Muir & Addy.  1939-45 War: Purser, M.N.  Address: 23 Holmwood Road, Cheam, Surrey.

2142. Martin, Robert Hamilton McKee (D), b. 8th August, 1912, son of Rev. H. Martin, I.P. Mission, Ahmedabad, Bombay, Presy., India.  Brother of 2143.  U.VI, July, 1931.  Head Prefect, 1931.  1st XV, 1928-29-30-31 (Capt., 1930-31).  1st XI, 1930-31.  (Capt., 1931).  T.C.D. 1st XV, 1935-36.  1st XI, 1932-34-35.  Final Irish Trial, 1938.  Moderatorship in Modern History, 2nd Class, 1935.  Colonial Civil Service, 1937.  Trinity College, Cambridge, 1937.  Flying Officer, S.A.A.F.  Killed in Action, 1943.

2143. *Martin, John Crawford (D), b. 5th October, 1914, son of Rev. H. Martin, I.P. Mission, Ahmedabad, Bombay Presy., India.  Brother of 2142.  U.VI, July, 1933.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1930-31-32-33.  Cricket XI, 1931-32-33.  Dufferin Medal.  T.C.D.  Moderator Mental and Moral Science, 1st Class.  Univ. XV, 1934-35-36-37.  XI, 1934-35.  Ulster Provincial XV, 1937.  Final Irish Trial, 1937-38.  1939-45 War:  Capt., R.A., N. Africa and Italy.  In U.K. High Commissioner's Office, S. Africa.  Address: c/o 51 Ulsterville Avenue, Belfast.  (M.)

2144. *Meharg, David George (D), b. 31st March, 1914, son of D. G. Meharg, Merton, Annadale Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1712.  U.IV, July, 1932.  1st XI, 1930-31-32.  1939-45 War: Sgt. R. Hampshire Regt.  Representative, Messrs. Blackwood, Morton & Sons Ltd., Kilmarnock.  Address: "Merton," Annadale Avenue, Belfast.  (q.)

2145. *Millar, Thomas Desmond (A), b. 19th November, 1913, son of Mrs. S. C. Millar, 106 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.  V, July, 1932.  Messrs. Hugh Smylie & Sons, Belfast.  Address: 44 Harberton Park, Belfast.

2146. *Millar, Samuel Porter (B), b. 28th November, 1914, stepson of J. Smyth, Belfast Bank House, Warrenpoint.  L.VI, July, 1933.  St. John's College, Cambridge.  Natural Sc. Tripos, Part 1, 2nd Class Honours, 1936.  B.A.  M.R.C.S.,  L.R.C.P.,  London, 1940.  1941-46:  R.A.F., V.R., S/Ldr. (Medical).  General Practitioner.  Address: "Campmar," Church Street, Newtownards, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2147. *Monie, Robert Frederick (E), b. 24th February, 1916, son of R. S. Monie, Fernbank, Knock Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1834 and 2313.  Shell, July, 1929.  Dungannon R.S., 1930-34.  University of Glasgow Veterinary School, 1935-42.  M.R.C.V.S.,  D.V.S.M.  Veterinary Surgeon.  Address: Crobane, Lisdoonon, Saintfield, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2148. *Moody, William Walker (C), b. 8th March, 1914, son of John H. Moody, Wheatfield, Myroe, Co. Derry.  V, July, 1932.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1931-32.  West of Scotland Agricultural College, 1932.  Craig's General Engineering Works, 76 Strand Road, Londonderry.  Address: Wheatfield, Myroe, Co. Derry.

2149. *Morris, John Stewart (D), b. 14th November, 1911, son of H. G. Morris, Shandon, 32 Hollybrook Road, Clontarf, Dublin.  Brother of 2430.  L.VI, July, 1929.  T.C.D.  LL.B., 1933.  Solicitor.  Address: 12 Glenvar Park, Mount Merrion Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

2150. *Morton, Brian (C), b. 24th January, 1912, son of Alfred O. Morton, 18 Deramore Park, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1929.  Fellow of the Chartered Auctioneers and Estate Agents Institute.  Principal in Messrs. Brian Morton & Co., Belfast.  Address: 12 Harberton Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2151. Myles, John Sproule (B), b. 1st March, 1913, son of Robert Myles, Stratherne, Ballyshannon.  Brother of 2207.  L.V, July, 1930.  Company Director.  Address: Stratherne, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal.  (q.)

2152. *McClure, Denis Brian (B), b. 26th January, 1912, son of John D. McClure, Craigairn, Antrim Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2387.  L.VI, 1929.  Shooting VIII, 1929.  1st XI, 1929.  Metro-Vickers, 1929-30.  Address: Avon House Lodge, 113 Enscote Road, Warwick.

2153. *McComb, Terence Wilson Tyrrell (D), b. 12th May, 1916, son of Dr. S. W. McComb, 6 Ben Vista, Antrim Road, Belfast.  Father of 4081.  U.IV, July, 1933.  Medical Student, T.C.D., 1934.  Q.U.B., 1935-36.  P.O.,  R.A.F., 1937.  s.s.c.  R.A.F., 1936.  P.C., 1945.  Retired List, 1947.  Wing Commander.  O.B.E.  Twice mentioned in despatches.  Managing Director, Wolfhill Spinning Co., Belfast.  Address: Little Bircham, Craigavad, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2154. *McComb, Wilfred Harry Rivers (D), b. 24th May, 1916, son of F. Wilson McComb, Knockavon, Antrim Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1933.  1st XV, 1931-32-33.  1st XI, 1933.  Joint Athletic Champion, 1933.  Messrs. Gallaher, Belfast.  Junior Inter-Provincial XV, 1935.  1940-45:  R.C.A.F.  Vice-President, Virginia Tobacco Co., Inc.  Address: 161 Virginia Avenue, Danville, Va., U.S.A.  (M.q.)

2155. McConnell, Robert Hay Stewart (D), b. 25th July, 1912, son of Rev. W. J. McConnell, Knockalla, Wandsworth Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2156.  U.VI, July, 1930.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1929-30.  Boxing, 1929-30.  VIII, 1930.  Ft.0Lt., R.A.F., Nigerian Police Force.  Squadron-Leader, R.A.F.  D.F.C.  Killed on Active Service, 1940.

2156. *McConnell, George Brian Greer (D), b. 15th May, 1914, son of Rev. W. J. McConnell, Knockalla, Wandsworth Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 2155.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Scholar.  Q.U.B.  B.A. (2nd Class Honours in Philosophy), 1936.  Westminster College, Cambridge, 1936-37-38.  Presbyterian College, Belfast, 1938-39.  Minister of Donore Pres. Church, Dublin and Pres. Dean of Residence, T.C.D.  Address: Donore Manse, 83 South Circular Road, Dolphin's Barn, Dublin.  (M.q.)

2157. *McConnell, Thomas Bryan (E), b. 12th August, 1916, son of English McConnell, Dunboyne, Kensington Road, Knock, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1933.  1939-45 War: R.E.  Address: 17a Knockbreda Road, Belfast.  (M.)

2158. *McDowell, John Beck (E), b. 18th April, 1916, son of Stuart W. McDowell, Rathmore, 60 North Road, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 2708, 2836 and 2837.  L.VI, July, 1933.  City and Guilds Flax Spinning, 1st Prize and Medal, 1936.  Municipal College of Technology Ewart Exhibition and Silver Medal and Exhibition, 1937.  Apprentice Mill Manager, Edenderry Spinning Co., Belfast, 1938.  1939-45 War: Major, R.U. Rif.  Address: 53 Donaghadee Road, Bangor.  (M.)

2159. *McErvel, Thomas (C), b. 9th June, 1912, son of Mrs. McErvel, Tieveara, Chaine Memorial Road, Larne Harbour.  V.U, July, 1930.  Q.U.B.: B.Sc., 1933;  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1937.  Lieut., R.A.M.C., 1938.  1939-45 War: India, East Africa, Middle East, Italy, Greece,  D.A.,  R.C.S.E., 1949.  Lt.-Col., O.C.  British Military Hospital, Kluang, Malaya.  Addresses: Tieveara, Chaine Memorial Road, Larne Harbour, and Glyn Mills & Co., Whitehall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2160. McMurray, Dermot Hume Hamilton (E), b. 12th June, 1915, son of W. J. K. McMurray, Ramore, Wandsworth Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1304 and 1305.  U.IV, Dec., 1931.  Pig Marketing Board.  1941-46:  R.A.F., V.R.  Civil Servant, Ministry of Agriculture.  Address: 51 Norwood Drive, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2161. Nixon, John Capper (D), b. 23rd July, 1912, son of J. C. Nixon, 22 Blythe Road, Bromley, Kent.  U.VI, July, 1930.  T.C.D.:  B.A., 1933.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.U.R.  Mentioned in despatches.  H.Q.  7th Armoured Division, B.A.O.R., 23, 1949.

2163. *Purdon, John Percival Campbell (C), b. 13th September, 1916, son of Mrs. Purdon, Riverside, Randalstown, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 1988.  U.VI, Oct., 1934.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1939.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.M.C.  D.Obst.  R.C.O.G., 1948.  Cons. Obst. & Gyn., Co. Fermanagh;  N.I. Hosp. Auth.  Address: Flat 3, Campsie House, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.

2164. *Ruddock, John St. Clair Taylor (A), b. 23rd January, 1916, son of Rev. W. H. N. Ruddock, The Rectory, Stoneyford, Lisburn.  L.VI, April, 1935.  Christ's College, Cambridge.  1939-45 War:  R.A.F.,  V.R.  Fl.-Lt.  Address: c/o 28 Ormonde Park, Finaghy, Belfast.

2165. *Seawright, Walter (B), b. 26th March, 1913, son of W. J. Seawright, Avenue Road, Lurgan.  V.U, July, 1930.  Q.U.B.:  B.Com.Sc.  Director, Seawright, Douglas & Co., Lurgan and Lurgan Manufacturing Co. Ltd.  1939-45 War: Civil Defence.  Address: 42 Windsor Avenue, Lurgan, Co. Armagh.  (M.q.)

2166. *Sills, Alfred Oswald (B), b. 8th January, 1917, son of Rev. A. Sills (Church Missionary Society), China; (Guardian) Miss L. N. R. Jackson, 8 Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 2526.  L.VI, July, 1935.  Jesus College, Cambridge, 1935.  B.A., 1938.  Westcott House, Cambridge, 1938-40.  M.A., 1942.  Ordained, 1940.  Curate, All Saints, Ipswich;  St. Saviour's, Croydon;  Croydon Parish Church.  Chaplain, R.N.V.R., 1944-46.  Minor Canon, Ely Cathedral;  Chaplain, King's School, Ely since 1948.  Housemaster, 1951.  Address: The College, Ely, Cambs.  (M.q.)

2167. Steadman, David Henry (E), b. 17th September, 1912, son of David A. Steadman, 4 Inverary Avenue, Sydenham, Belfast.  V.L, July, 1930.  Messrs. Harland & Wolff.  Address: Woodhaye, 125 Sydenham Avenue, Belfast.

2168. Stephenson, Thomas Godfrey Vaughan (B), b. 16th Dec., 1912, son of Rev. Dr. G. A. Stephenson, LL.D., 2 College Park East, Belfast.  Army:  Dec., 1930.  1st XV, 1930-31.  R.M.A.  Woolwich, 1931.  Royal Signal Corps, 1932, 2-Lt.;  Lieut., 1935;  Capt., 1940;  Major, 1946;  Hampshire XV, 1936.  Staff College, 1943 (p.s.c.),  Joint Services Staff College, 1949 (j.s.s.c.), Canadian Army Staff College, 1946-49;  1944-45,  C.R.  Sigs.,  1st Airborne Division.  O.B.E., 1950-52,  C.R. Sigs,  11 Armoured Div.  G.S.O.I.  (Lt.-Col.)  H.Q.,  Northern Army Group.  Address: Lloyds Bank Ltd., R. Section, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2169. Thompson, Robert Arnold (D), b. 7th February, 1913, son of W. Thompson, Lauriston, Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1920 and 2290.  L.V, July, 1930.  Sun Insurance Office.  2nd-Lt., E. Lan. Regt.  Died on Active Service, 14th April, 1940.

2170. Thompson, William Gilmour (C), b. 21st August, 1913, son of H. V. V. Thompson, 58 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  V, July, 1932.  Apprentice, Harland & Wolff.  T.C.D., 1939-42:  R.N.V.R.  Civil Servant (War Dept.)  Address: Vergemount, Fort Hill, Lisburn.  (M.q.)

2171. *Thorp, John Kingsmill Robert (D), b. 13th June, 1912, son of S. R. Thorp, Grangeford, Tullow, Co. Carlow.  U.VI, July, 1930.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1930.  T.C.D.  Scholar, Mental and Moral Science, 1932.  Moderator, L.M. and M.S.,  1st Class Honours and Gold Medal, 1933.  Cadet, Colonial Civil Service, 1935.  Trinity College, Cambridge, 1935-36.  M.B.E., 1949.  District Officer, Kenya, 1935-1952;  Secretary, Development and Reconstruction Authority, Kenya, 1951.  Northern Frontier Administration, Kenya, Capt. (Hon.) 1941-43.  Administrator of St. Lucia, West Indies.  Address: Government House, St. Lucia, West Indies, and c/o Barclay's Bank Ltd., Chesterton Road, Cambridge, England.  (M.q.)

2172. Toppin, Philip Aubrey Trevelyan (T), b. 25th November, 1913, son of Capt. Aubrey Toppin, College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street, London, and Dalriada, Whiteabbey.  Brother of 2173.  II, July, 1927.  Harrow School;  193945 War:  Sergeant,  I.C.  Address: Rocklands, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.

2173. Toppin, Leo Christian (T), b. 14th June, 1916, son of Capt. Aubrey Topping (Toppin), College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street, London, and Dalriada, Whiteabbey, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2172.  First, July, 1927.  Oxley Farm, 1928-30. Harrow School, 1930-33.  O.F. School Diving Champion 2 years.  Boxed for Harrow.  1939-46:  Major, Roy. Fus.  Nominated as Gold Staff Officer for Coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.  Lloyds' Broker and Underwriter.  Address: Warren Lodge, 21 Warren Road, Guildford, Surrey.  (M.q.)

2174. *Dunseath, David Reginald (A), b. 6th February, 1913, son of D. H. Dunseath, Bangor, Co. Down.  Father of 4050.  Army: July, 1931.  Played 1st XV, 1930-31  (2nd XV colours).  Shooting VIII, 1931.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1932-33.  Pentathlon Blue and member of winning team British Modern Pentathlon, 1933.  2-Lt. The Royal Ulster Rifles, 1933.  Active Service:  Palestine, 1937-39;  M.C., 1938;  B.E.F., Western Desert, East Africa and Abyssinia.  B.L.A. and B.A.O.R.;  Palestine, 1945-46.  p.s.c.  Second in Command, 1st Bn. The Royal Ulster Rifles.  Address: Carnalea House, Bangor, Co. Down and c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., Cox's and King's Branch, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2175. *Corry, Ernest Terence Steuart (D), b. 28th March, 1912, son of E. Steuart Corry, Fairfield, Bangor, Co. Down.  V.L, July, 1929.  Messrs. W. Corry & Co., Belfast.  Address: 114 Cromac Street, Belfast.  (M.)


2176. *Brown, John Shaw (B), b. 23rd January, 1913, son of Herbert Brown, c/o Messrs. J. S. Brown & Sons Ltd., Ulster Works, Belfast.  V.L, March, 1929.  1939-45 War: N. Africa with 2nd Lothians and Border Horse.  Area Manager, Advertising Contractors.  Address: 92 Melbreck Road, Allerton, Liverpool, 18.  (M.q.)

2177. Garvin, Stephen (D), b. 2nd February, 1914, son of S. S. Garvin, Overton, Ashgrove Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2331.  U.VI, Dec., 1932.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1931-32-33.  T.C.D.  Moderatorship in Mod. Hist., 1st Class Honours, 1936.  Indian Civil Service, 1937.  M.B.E. (1946).  Private Secretary to Governor of Bombay, 1942-46.  District Magistrate, North Kanara, Bombay Presidency, 1946.  Retired from I.C.S., 1947.  Federation of British Industries.  Member of London County Council, 1949-52.  Address: 31 Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead, London, N.W.3.  (M.q.)

2178. *Houston, John Kenneth Lacey (B), b. 30th March, 1914, son of J. D. Houston, Northern Bank House, Kilrea, Co. Derry.  Brother of 1782.  U.VI, July, 1932.  School Prefect.  Q.U.B.:  1932-37. M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O.;  L.R.C.P.S.E.,  L.R.C.P.S.G.,  1941-46.  Major,  R.A.M.C.  (1942-45, India).  Physician.  Address: 4 Ballygall Road East, Glasnevin, Dublin.  (M.q.)

2179. *Hosford, William Popham (E), b. 29th October, 1916, son of rev. W. Popham Hosford, B.A., 13 Holland Park, Knock, Belfast.  V, December, 1932.  Sligo Grammar School.  T.C.D., 1934-39.  M.A.  Ordained, 1939.  Missions to Seamen Chaplain and British Chaplain at Rotterdam.  Rural Dean of Holland.  Address: The Missions to Seamen, Pieter de Hoochweg 133, Rotterdam, Netherlands.  (q.)

2180. *Brown, William Watson (B), 13th February, 1916, son of Wm. Brown, Crompton Lodge, Larne Harbour.  L.VI, July, 1934.  Prefect.  Bank of Ireland.  Address: Crompton Lodge, Larne Harbour, Co. Antrim.  (M.)

2181. *Donald, George Kenneth (B), b. 14th November, 1912, son of George B. Donald, Raheenwood House, Fenagh, Co. Carlow.  L.V, July, 1930.  1st XI, 1929-30.  T.C.D.  Hockey XI.  Cricket XI, (Capt., 1934);  Leinster Hockey XI, 1935-36-37;  Irish Hockey International, 1937.  B.A., 1934.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1937.  L.M., 1940;  Clinical Assistant, Adelaide Hospital - D.M.O., C.I.E.  Three Rock Rovers XI, 1939-41.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 71 Rathfarnham Road, Terenure, Dublin.  (M.q.)

2182. Harding, Richard Silvester Godwin (E), b. 26th March, 1917, son of Lieut.-Col. H. Harding, R.A.M.C., Victoria Barracks, Belfast.  III, Dec., 1928.  Cheltenham College.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1935.  West Yorkshire Regt., 2nd Lieut., 1937.  Major, 1950.  1939-45 War: In Nigeria, with R.W.A.F.F., and U.K.   1949-53, Nigeria Regt., R.W.A.F.F.  Now 1st Bn. Green Howards,  CRAZ, BTA.3.  Address: Courtrai, Lansdown Road, Cheltenham, Glos.  (M.q.)

2183. *Hayward, Denis Edward Hunter (B), b. 14th June, 1916, son of Charles H. Hayward, Apartado, 213 Caracas, Venezuela.  Army, July, 1935.  1st XV, 1934-35. Boxing, 1933-35.  Messrs. Stevenson & Son, Dungannon, 1935-37.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1938-39 and 1946-48.  B.A.,  F.R.G.S.;  1939-46:  Royal Irish Fusiliers, Major, M.C.  Schoolmaster.  Address: Victoria College, Jersey.  (M.q.)

2184. Hill, Samuel Maurice Barklie (B), b. 18th December, 1916, son of Samuel W. Hill, 46 Pound Street, Larne.  L.VI, July, 1934.  Q.U.B.:  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O.  1939-45 War: Merchant Navy and Air Transport Auxiliary.  Medical Officer, British European Airways.  Address: British European Airways, Renfrew Airport, Renfrew, Scotland.  (M.q.)

2185. Large, Harold Melville (B), b. 29th February, 1916, son of Melville Large, Kenreagh, Kensington Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1858.  U.IV, July, 1933.  To Dublin.

2186. *McWilliam, Herbert Russell (C), b. 13th February, 1913, son of R. McWilliam, Solicitor, Holly Lodge, Monaghan.  Brother of 2010.  V.U, July, 1930.  T.C.D.  Mod. Legal Science, 1933.  B.A.  University Boxing Team.  Barrister-at-Law.  1939-45 War:  R.A.F., V.R.  Address: 76 Booterstown Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2187. Silcock, Henry Francis Courthope (C), b. 5th January, 1916, son of J. C. L. Silcock, D.I., The Castle, Cahir, Co. Tipperary.  L.VI, Dec., 1932.  1st XI, 1932.  T.C.D., 1935-39.  T.C.D. Golf Team, 1935-36-37 (Capt. 1936-37).  Played in Irish Open Golf Championship, 1935-36, and in Irish Open Amateur Championship, 1936 and 1938.  M.A. Headmaster, The Leas School, Hoylake.  Address: The Leas, Hoylake, Cheshire.  (q.)


2188. *Atkinson, John Gerald Thomas Dawson (D), b. 2nd March, 1914, son of Mrs. M. H. Atkinson, Corcrain House, Portadown.  Army, Dec., 1931.  Royal Navy (Special Entry), 1931.  Lieut. (E).  1939-45 War: Comm. (E) 1949, H.M.S. Illustrious.  1951 with Flag Officer, Air (Home), Wykeham Hall, Lee-on-Solent.  Address: Corcrain House, Portadown, Co. Armagh.  (M.)

2189. *Baird, Frederick William Burgoyne (A), b. 4th May, 1914, son of W. F. B. Baird, Hill Street, Lurgan.  Brother of 1615.  L.VI, July, 1933.  Prefect.  Brookfield Spinning Co., Lurgan.  Address: 109 Hill Street, Lurgan, Co. Armagh.  (M.)

2190. Bulloch, Hugh Larmor McLean (D), b. 10th September, 1913, son of S. A. M. Bulloch, 29 Malone Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2320.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Shooting VIII, 1930-31-32 (Capt.), 1932.  Pilot Officer, R.A.F., 1937.  Flying Officer, R.A.F.  Killed in Action, 1940.  (M.)

2191. *Carrothers, Albert Oscar (C), b. 7th March, 1913, son of Mrs. G. Carrothers, 14 Stranmillis Park, Belfast.  L.V, Dec., 1929.  Address: 37 Ravenhill Parade, Belfast.

2192. *Crawford, Ivan Doey (E), b. 16th February, 1916, son of J. F. Crawford, High Trees, Hawthornden Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2445.  U.VI, July, 1934.  F.I.C.A. in Ireland.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.  Partner in Messrs. Wilson, Hennessey & Crawford, Belfast.  Address: 14 Cabin Hill Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2193. *Fetherston, Seward Brian (C), b. 15th September, 1913, son of S. Fetherston, Dalmeny House, Bangor.  Army, July, 1931.  Messrs. S. Fetherston & Son, Belfast.  Address: 19 Maxwell Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.)

2194. *Field, Thomas Eglinton (D), b. 24th September, 1914, son of C. Field.  Brother of 2419.  U.VI, July, 1934.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1931-32-33-34 (Capt., 1933-34).  1st XI, 1931-32-33-34.  Hockey XI, 1934 (Capt.)  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1939.  1st XV, 1934-39;  1st XI, 1937-39.  1940-45:  Field Ambulance, N. Africa, Italy, Austria and U.K.  M.B.E.,  D.T.M. & H. (London), 1951.  Pathologist.  Major, R.A.M.C.  Address: c/o C. Field, Esq., Carriggorm, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2195. Fox, Ronald Walter (C), b. 9th April, 1911, son of W. Fox, 7 Bushy Park Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  Brother of 1556 and 2251.  U.V, March, 1929.  1st XV, 1927-28-29.  T.C.D.  1st XV, 1929.  Lansdown XV, 1930-32.  Messrs. J. J. Fox & Co., Dublin.  Pilot Officer, R.A.F.  V.R.  Killed in Action, 19th April, 1942.  (M.)

2196. Gracie, Maurice Neil (C), b. 8th August, 1913, son of Major Gracie, Monaline, Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1520 and 1933.  V.L, July, 1930.  T.C.D.,  B.A., 1935.  B.A.I., 1936.  Architectural and Civil Engineer, H.M. Dockyard, Portsmouth, 1937.  1939-46:  R.A. (S./L.)  Leading Draughtsman, C.E. in C. Dept., R.N. A.D. Broughton Moor, Cumberland.  Address: c/o National Provincial Bank, Cockermouth, Cumberland.  (q.)

2197. Hampton, Verner William (D), b. 14th April, 1913, son of J. H. Hampton, Lands Dept., Box 373, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia.  V, July, 1931.  Boxing Team.  T.C.D. B.A., 1934.  B.A.I., 1936.  A.M.I.C.E.  1939-45 War: Major, R.E.  M.B.E.  Asst. Chief Engineer, Department of Native Affairs, Box 393, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. (M.)

2198. *Henderson, Herbert John Reid (A), b. 29th November, 1914, son of T. C. Henderson, Northern Bank House, Lisburn.  Brother of 2479.  Remove, July, 1931.  T.C.D.  M.B.,  B.Ch., B.A.O., 1938.  1939-34 War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Address: 27 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin.  (M.)

2199. *Johnston, George Arthur Patrick (A), b. 16th May, 1915, son of J. Johnston, D.L., Fallowfield, Lurgan.  L.VI, July, 1933.  St. John's College, Cambridge.  Modern Language Tripos, Part I.  2nd Class, 1935.  History, Part II, 2nd Class, 1936.  B.A., 1936.  M.A., 1939.  R.A., 1940-43.  INT. Corps, 1943-46.  Major, G.S.O.II.  Textile Manufacturer.  Address: 57 Manor Drive, Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey.  (M.q.)

2200. *Kirkwood, Walter Cecil (E), b. 10th May, 1914, son of W. C. Kirkwood, The Beeches, Dundonald, Co. Down.  Brother of 2378.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Solicitor's Apprentice, Messrs. L'Estrange & Brett, Belfast.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.C.  Solicitor.  Address: 4 Greenwood Avenue, Belfast.  (M.)

2201. *Knox, Alexander McLean (C), b. 4th Feb., 1914, son of Com. R. G. Knox, O.B.E., R.N.  (Rtd.),  61 Odos Notara, Piraeus, Greece.  Brother of 1495 and 1496.  III, Dec., 1929.  1929-32: Apprenticeship, Harland & Wolff, Belfast.  1933-36: Belfast and Liverpool Colleges of Science and Technology.  A.M.I.P.E.,  A.M.I. Mar E.,  A,F, Inst. Pet. (Lond.) Cert. Eng.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.Es.  Shell Petroleum Co., London, 1937.  Operations Manager, Shell Petroleum Co., P.O.B. 30, Lebanon.  Address: c/o Northern Bank Ltd., Royal Avenue Branch, Belfast, N. Ireland.  (M.q.)

2202. Love, Douglas Anderson, b. 12th August, 1916, son of John Love, Northern Bank House, Keady, Co. Armagh.  Shell, July, 1930.  Armagh Royal School.  (M.)

2203. *Macafee, John Leeper Anketell (C), b. 24th July, 1915, son of T. B. Macafee, B.A.I., Moinavon, Hawthornden Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2447.  Army, July, 1934.  School Prefect.  O.T.C., C.Q.M.S.  2nd Lieut., Royal Marines, 1935.  Lieut., 1937.  United Services XV, 1935-36.  Royal Marines XV.  (Capt.), 1936-37.  R.M. Athletic Team, 1936.  1939-45 War:  Lt. Col. R.M.  Staff of Staff College, Camberley.  Address: No. 14 Bungalow, Staff College, Camberley, Surrey.  (M.)

2204. Maxwell, John (A), b. 12th August, 1913, son of A. H. Maxwell, Corduff House, Lusk, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 1942, 2095 and 2704.  Army, Dec., 1931/  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1929-30-31.  2nd Lieut., Royal Marines, 1932.  Lieut., 1935.  Major.  Killed in Action.

2205. Megaw, George Harpur (E), b. 11th December, 1914, son of Rev. W. R. Megaw, The Manse, Rosetta, Belfast.  Brother of 2428, 2756 and 3116.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Q.U.B.:  B.A., 1935.  Assembly's College.  Princetown University, U.S.A., 1937-38.  Minister of Kirkcubbin Presbyterian Church from July, 1940.  Died, 7th May, 1949.  (M.)

2207. Myles, Robert Bradford (B), b. 5th February, 1916, son of Robert Myles, Stratherne, Ballyshannon.  Brother of 2151.  Remove, July, 1930.  Portora Royal School.  Medical Student, Q.U.B., 1936-39.  1st IV, Queen's University Boat Club.  Boxing Team.  1939-45 War: Major, Royal Innis. Fus.,  M.C.  Farmer and Company Director.  Address: Carn Beg, near Dundalk, Co. Louth.  (M.q.)

2208. *McCandless, Reginald Maurice (E), b. 27th July, 1915, son of R. J. McCandless, Monaville, Ravenhill Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2634.  V, Dec., 1931.  Wholesale Fruit Importer.  Director, R. J. McCandless & Sons Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 45 Balmoral Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2209. *McElderry, Robert Knox (A), b. 20th March, 1916, son of Prof. R. K. McElderry, Glenside, Sans Souci Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1983.  U.VI, July, 1934.  Q.U.B.:  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O., 1939.  1941-46:  R.A.F. Medical Service.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Danescroft, Whitehouse, Belfast.  (q.)

2210. *McKee, Campbell Morgan (C), b. 31st July, 1914, son of Rev. E. J. McKee, LL.D. (621), The Manse, Bray, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 2573.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Scholar.  Junior Exhibition.  T.C.D., 1932.  Senior Exhibition, 1934.  Second Class Moderator in Ment. & Moral Science, 1936.  LL.B., 1937.  Assembly's College, Belfast (Coey Scholar), 1937-40.  Asst. Minister, Townsend Street Presbyterian Church, 1940.  Ordained, 1945.  Minister, Tyldesley, Manchester, 1945.  Arthur's Hill, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1950.  Address: 127 Brighton Grove, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 4.  (M.q.)

2211. *McMurray, Thomas (D), b. 30th November, 1913, son of T. McMurray, Ballynahinch, Co. Down.  Brother of 1715, 1716 and 2977.  V, April, 1931.  V, April, 1931.  1st XV, 1929-30-31.  Joint Athletic Champion 1931.  Medical Student, Q.U.B.  1939-45 War:  Capt., R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner, Dudley.  Address: High Street, Ballynahinch, Co. Down.

2212. *Shepherd, William Henry Thompson (A), b. 4th November, 1914, son of Rev. W. F. Shepherd, The Manse, Portglenone, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2280 and 2504.  Son of 436.  U.VI, July, 1933.  School Prefect.  Q.U.B.:  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O., 1939.  D.M.R.D., 1946.  M.D., 1950.  1939-45 War:  R.A.F.,  V.R.,  S./Ldr. Consultant Radiologist, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.  Address: 108 King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2213. *Smith, John Franklin Holmes (C), b. 8th May, 1913, son of E. Holmes Smith,  B.Sc., 4 Danesmoor Road, Withington, Manchester.  V, July, 1931.  Manchester University.  Colours for Running Club.  B.Sc. (Eng.), 1934.  A.F.R.Ae.S., A.M.I.Me.E.  Aircraft Engineer.  Address: 45 Pendeford Lane, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, Staffs.  (M.q.)

2214. *Stewart, Ronald Patrick James (D), b. 14th June, 1914, son of C. Stewart, Shanghai, and Ellerslie, Mount Tallant Avenue., Harold's Cross, Dublin.  Brother of 2215.  V, April, 1932.  1st XV, 1931-32.  Boxing, 1930-31-32 (Capt., 1931-32).  Messrs. Jardine, Matheson & Co., Shanghai.  Address: c/o D. H. Stewart, Dodwell & Co., Hong Kong.

2215. *Stewart, Douglas Haig (D), b. 26th February, 1916, son of C. Stewart, Shanghai, and Ellerslie, Mount Tallant Avenue, Harold's Cross, Dublin.  Brother of 2214.  V, July, 1933.  1st XV, 1932-33.  Boxing, 1931-32-33.  Address: c/o Dodwell & Co., Hong Kong.

2216. Stone, Ralph (D), b. 27th July, 1915, son of Rev. R. Stone, The Rectory, Killinchy, Co. Down.  Brother of 2595, 2784 and 2948.  U.IV, Dec., 1932.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1937.  Curate-in-Charge, Newtownsaville and Eskerahoole from 1940.  Died, 1941.  (M.)

2217. *Taylor, Louis Harrison (A), b. 5th July, 1914, son of L. H. Taylor, Provincial Bank House, Limerick.  Brother of 1998.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Boxing, 1932. Solicitors' Final, with Silver Medal, 1936.  Partner, C. & J. Black, 13 Donegall Square N., Belfast.  Address: 255 Belmont Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2218. *Thornton, Robert David (B), b. 26th July, 1914, son of R. J. Thornton, Granoge, Portadown.  U.VI, July, 1933.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1932-33.  A.C.A. (1939).  Director: A. & D. Thornton Ltd.  Address: Granoge, Portadown.  (q.)

2219. *Thornton, Walter Reavell (B), b. 30th October, 1914, son of D. W. Thornton, Clonard, Portadown.  L.VI, April, 1932.  Architect.  1939-45 War:  R.N.  Address: Clonard, Portadown, Co. Armagh.

2220. *Walkington, Henry Thomas Hynd (B), b. 6th May, 1916, son of H. Walkington, Oatlands, Upper Ballinderry, Lisburn.  U.VI, July, 1933.  Farming.  Address: Oatlands, Upper Ballinderry, Lisburn.

2221. *Wilkinson, Patrick Huia (C), b. 23rd October, 1916, son of R. W. Wilkinson, 33 Bryansburn Road, Bangor.  Son of 362.  Army, July, 1934.  De Haviland Aeronautical Tech. School, 1935-38.  A.F.R.Ae.S.,  A.M.I.P.E.  Development Engineer, De Haviland Aircraft Co.  Address: 101A Poole Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, Hants.  (M.q.)

2222. Wilson, Leslie Noel Hesketh (C), b. 12th June, 1916, son of N. H. Wilson, Ceancora, Corbally, Limerick.  Army, Dec., 1934.  Prefect.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1935.  2nd Lieut., Royal Sussex Regt., 1937.  1939-45 War:  Capt., R. Sussex R.  Address: Ceancora, Corbally, Limerick.

2223. Weir, James Kenneth (E), b. 20th July, 1912, son of W. Weir, The Cottage, Glenavy, Co. Antrim.  Son of 205.  V, July, 1928.  Inspector for Beacon Insurance Co., 1937.  Pilot Officer, R.A.F.,  V.R.   Killed in Action, 1945.


2224. *Kane, Alastair (D), b. 24th February, 1914, son of James Kane, Duntrune, Strandtown, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1931.  Company Director:  Kane & Company (Belfast), Ltd.  (M.q.)

2225. *Macrory, Robert Donald (B), b. 20th December, 1913, son of R. V. Macrory, Grianan, Clooney Road, Londonderry.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Scholar.  T.C.D.  Scholar, Mental & Moral Science, 1936.  1st Class Moderatorship in M. & M. Sc., 1936.  B.A.,  M.A.,  1940.  B.D.,  1946.  Deacon, 1940 (Cashel);  Priest, 1941 (Cashel).  Vice-Principal, Bishop's College, Cheshunt, Herts.  Address: Grianan, Clooney Road, Londonderry and Bishops' College, Cheshunt, Herts.  (q.)

2226. *Megaw, Basil Richardson Stanley (D), b. 22nd June, 1913, son of A. S. Megaw, Arden, Fortwilliam Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 1784, 1980 and 2382.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Peterhouse, Cambridge, English Tripos, Part I, Archaeology and Anthropology, Cl. II,  B.A., 1935.  Leaf Studentship, 1935.  Assistant Director and Secretary at the Manx Museum Library and Art Gallery, 1936.  Papers on Archaeology in various journals.  Operational Research Section, Bomber Command (1942-45).  Director, Manx Museum and National Trust from 1940.  Fellow of Society of Antiquaries;  Fellow of Museums Association.  Address: Burleigh Bank, Cronkbourne Road, Douglas, Isle of Man.  (M.q.)

2227. Nettles, Richard Geoffrey (B), b. 24th September, 1913, son of Mrs. B. Nettles, Balloughry, Londonderry.  L.VI, July, 1931.  With Metropolitan Vickers, 1931-38.  B.Sc. (Eng.), Queen's University, 1936.  Address: c/o Deanfield, Waterside, Londonderry and 16 Baxter Road, Sale, Cheshire.

2228. *Wilson, John Kelly (C), b. 20th December, 1913, son of Mrs. A. Wilson, 111 Mornington Park, Bangor, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1931.  Irish Institute of C.A.'s  Final Exam., 1937.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.A.S.C. (P.O.W.)  Chartered Accountant. Address: 74 Circular Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2229. *Olden, Aidan Ronald Cuming (A), b. 25th Jan., 1917, son of Rev. G. R. C. Olden, M.A.  U.IV, Dec., 1934.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1938.  M.A., 1941.  Divinity Test, 1939.  Ordained, 1940.  Curate of St. Mary, Newry, 1940-41;  Dean's Vicar, Belfast Cathedral, 1941-42;  Succentor, St. Patrick's Cathedral and Warden of the Grammar School, Dublin, 1942-47;  Incumbent of Enniskeen, Diocese of Meath.  Address: The Rectory, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan.  (M.q.)

2230. *Baugh, John Stewart (C), b. 2nd January, 1917.  U.IV, July, 1933.  With Messrs. Deloitte, Plender Griffiths & Co.  1941-46:  Fl./Lt.,  R.A.F.,  V.R.  With Negociacion Azucarera Nepena, S.A., Peru.  Address: c/o Wm. and Jno. Lockett Ltd., Casilla, 1992, Lima, Peru.  (M.q.)


2231. *Barlee, John Samuel (B), b. 26th May, 1916, son of Wilfred L. Barlee, Dalkey House, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 1950.  U.VI, July, 1934.  T.C.D.  B.A., First Class Moderatorship, 1938.  M.Sc., 1941 for research in Transpiration.  Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, 1942;  Society's Medal, 1945.  Member of the British Ornothologist's Union.  Author of "Birds on the Wing,"  1947.  Invalided from Royal Marines, 1941.  Taught at R.N.C., 1939-48;  King Alfred School, Plon, Schleswig-Holstein, 1948-50.  Harrow School, 1950-52.  Schoolmaster at Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.  Address: Ridge House, Yorke Road, Dartmouth, Devon.  (M.q.)

2232. *Campbell, Francis Dill (A), b. 21st April, 1914, son of Dr. S. M. Dill Campbell, Glenleary, Dovercourt, Essex.  U.VI, July, 1932.  School Prefect.  Q.U.B.: 1932-37.  Edinburgh:  1937-38.  L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S., Edinburgh;  L.R.F.P.S., Glasgow.  Commissioned,  R.A.F., Medical Branch, Nov., 1938.  Present Rank: Wing-Commander.  Address: c/o Barclays Bank, Dovercourt, Essex.  (M.q.)

2233. Cross, Estlin Nicol (B), b. 14th January, 1914, son of Rev. Nicol Cross, Ardeevin, Cadogan Park, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Clare College, Cambridge.  Geography Tripos, 1935.  B.A.,  M.A.,  1938.  1939-45 War:  16th-5th Lancers, R.A.C.  Schoolmaster.  Address: 26 Enfield Road, Norwich, Norfolk.  (M.q.)

2234. *Flinn, William James (D), b. 2nd May, 1914, son of W. R. Flinn, Rockfield, Spa, Ballynahinch.  Brother of 2099.  V, Dec., 1930.  Inspector, Scottish Amicable Life Assce. Socy., Belfast.  F.C. Insur. Inst.  1939-45:  Ulster Home Guard (Capt.)  Assistant Branch Manager - Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Socy., Leeds.  Address: 139 Hookstone Road, Harrogate, Yorks.  (M.q.)

2235. *Foley, Frank Malcolm (B), b. 16th June, 1915, son of Rev. W. A. E. Foley, B.A., Tinahely, Co. Wicklow.  U.VI, July, 1933.  School Prefect.  T.C.D.  Scholar. Exp. Science, 1935.  Moderator Exp. Sc., 1st Class, 1937.  Fitzgerald Scholarship,  B.A.  Senior Experimental Officer, Admiralty Signal and Radar Establishment.  Address: 29 Lodge Road, Bedhampton, Havant, Hants.  (M.q.)

2236. Hill, Alexander Phillips (B), b. 18th October, 1912, son of C. R. Hill, Strathroy, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.  L.V, April, 1930.  Last known Address: Strathroy, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.

2237. Stewart, Samuel Fleming (E), b. 27th December, 1915, son of Wm. Stewart, 22 Ravenhill Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1790, 2025 and 2647.  L.VI, July, 1934.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1932-33-34 (Capt., 1934).  1st XV, 1933-34.  Articled to C. M. Stewart, Solicitor, Belfast.  2-Ly., R.A.  Died on Active Service.

2238. *Taylor, Robert Francis Neil (E), b. 27th March, 1917, son of James Taylor.  Brother of 2082.  U.VI, December, 1935.  School Prefect.  Boxing, 1935.  A.M. of Inst. of Hospital Administrators.  1940-46: Lt.-Col., R.A.  Now Capt., 6 Bn. (T.A.), R.U.R.  Assistant Secretary, Northern Ireland Hospitals Authority.  Address: c/o Northern Ireland Hospitals Authority, 58 Howard Street, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2239. *Waters, Maurice Hubert (D), b. 11th April, 1915, son of A. W. Waters, 10 Arranmore Road, Dublin.  U.VI, April, 1933.  T.C.D.:  B.A.,  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O.,  C.P.H. and P.M., 1939.  R.A.M.C.  1941-46:  Tuberculosis Physician for Moray & Banff (Scotland).  Address: "Westwood,"  Hamilton Drive, Elgin, Moray.  (M.q.)

2240. McKee, Arthur Coote (E), b. 11th August, 1913, son of D. C. McKee, 30 Cyprus Park, Belfast.  U.VI, April, 1930.  Student, College of Technology, Belfast.  Last known address: 225 Belmont Road, Belfast.


2241. *Barkley, Stanley Johnstone (D), b. 16th July, 1916, son of Capt. T. J. Barkley, Huntley, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  L.IV, March, 1932.  Bank Manager.  Address: Church Street, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2242. *Bass, Hugh Gray (E), b. 22nd July, 1914, son of Mrs. Bass, Tir-na-nog, Jordanstown.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Scholar.  N.I. Civil Service, 1934.  Northern Bank, 1935.  1939-45 War:  R.A.F.,  V.R.  Director, Alexander Boyd & Co. Ltd.  Address: The Drift, Clonevin Park, Lisburn.  (M.q.)

2243. Bowden, Patrick George (A), b. 11th August, 1914, son of E. Bowden, L.D.S., R.C.S., Sherwood, Marino, Co. Down.  Army, July, 1931.  Scholar.  Paymaster Cadet, R.N., 1931.  Paymaster Lieut.  Devonport United Services Hockey XI, 1932.  O.B.E. (Mil.), 1946.  Staff of Admiral Commanding Orkneys and Shetlands, 1939-41.  Secretary to Admiral Sir Clement Moody, K.C.B., in successive appointments as Rear Admiral Naval Sir Stations, 1941-43;  Rear Admiral, Aircraft Carriers Home, Mediterranean and Eastern Fleets, 1943-44;  Flag Officer Air, East Indies, 1945 and Commander-in-Chief, East Indies, 1946.  Commander (S), 1949.  Address: c/o C. W. Branch, Admiralty, Queen Anne's Mansions, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2244. *Brann, William Norman (A), b. 16th August, 1915, son of Rev. W. Brann, Ballyeaston, Ballyclare.  Army, July, 1934.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1932-33-34.  Hockey, 1934.  Boxing, 1931-32-33-34 (Capt., 1933-34).  Athletic Team, 1934.  C.S.M.,  O.T.C.  Hon.  A.D.C. to H.E.  The Governor of Northern Ireland, 1952-53.  Major, 8th (Belfast) H.A.A. Regt., R.A. (S.R.), 1939-46 France, Burma.  Lt.-Col. Commanding 245 (Belfast) (M) H.A.A. Regt., R.A. (T.A.), 1951-53.  E.R.D., 1953.  Director of Messrs. Beck & Scott, Ltd., Food Importers.  Address: Dromineer, Craigavad, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2245. *Brown, James Alexander (C), b. 13th June, 1914, son of Rt. Hon. Mr. Justice T. W. Brown, Ben Ingan, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  Brother of 2365.  Son of 28.  U.VI, Dec., 1932.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Balliol College, Oxford.  Hons., Modern History Final School.  President of the  Oxford Union, 1936.  B.A.  1939-45 War:  1st Bn. The Royal Ulster Rifles (6th Airborne Div.),  Capt.  Wounded.  Barrister-at-Law.  Address: 11 Harberton Drive, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2246. Chancellor, Galway Alexander (E), b. 25th April, 1916, son of W. G. Chancellor, Solitude, Dundonald, Co. Down.  III, July, 1930.  Address: Hollybank, Dundonald, Co. Down.  (M.)

2247. Clark, Leslie Lane (A), b. 10th January, 1914, son of A. L. Clark, Moyola Lodge, Castledawson.  L.IV, April, 1931.  Address: Moyola Lodge, Castledawson.

2248. *Cooper, Edward Aubrey Lloyd (D), b. 3rd June, 1915, son of J. E. Cooper, Bank House, Monasterevan, Co. Kildare.  Army, July, 1933.  1939-45 War:  Sergt., R. Ir. Fus., Mentioned in despatches.  Address: 37 Lexham Gardens, Kensington, London, W.8.

2249. *Craig, Robert Alan Millar (A), b. 2nd November, 1917, son of the Rev. J. Millar Craig, Fairfield, Hamilton Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1935.  B.Sc. Hons. Mech. Eng., 1939.  A.M.I. Mech. E.,  A.M.I. Chem. E.  1939-45 War: Major, R.E.M.E.  Mentioned in despatches.  Chemical Engineer.  Address: Herongate, Brentwood, Essex, England.  (M.q.)

2250. Dougan, Hampton Atkinson (B), b. 17th April, 1915, son of G. Dougan, M.D., Millicent Terrace, Portadown.  Brother of 2305 and 2613.  U.VI, July, 1933.  School Prefect.  Capt. of Swimming.  Joint Athletic Champion, 1933.  O.T.C.,  C.Q.M.S.  T.C.D.:  Athletics 1st string mile, 1935;  half-mile, 1936.  Capt., Harriers, 1936-37.  Secretary of Trinity Week, 1937.  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O.  1st Class Honours.  Connolly Norman Medal, 1938.  Lt.-Col.  R.A.M.C.  M.C.  Died on Active Service, October, 1944.

2251. *Fox, Frederic James (C), b. 13th February, 1913, son of J. W. Fox, 7 Bushy Park Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  Brother of 1556 and 2195.  L.V, July, 1930.  Messrs. J. J. Fox & Co., Dublin.  (Company Director).  Address: 19 Orwell Park, Rathgar, Dublin.  (M.q.)

2252. *Garrett, Henry Hamilton (E), b. 20th September, 1917, son of E. J. Garrett, Knock.  Brother of 2050.  U.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  St. John's College, Cambridge and London University.  M.A. (Hons.)  (Cantab.), 1939;  LL.B. (London), 1951.  1939-45 War:  R.A. Cameronians and Corps Staff.  Capt.  Civil Servant.  Address: "Helenslea,"  Gilnahirk Road, Belfast.  (q.)

2253. *Glenny, Robert Edmund (now Rex Glenny) (B), b. 23rd May, 1914, son of B. J. Glenny, Clonallon, Warrenpoint.  Son of 225.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Scholar.  Q.U.B.:  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O.,  1937.  Vice-President, Northern Ireland General Practitioners' Guild, 1949-50.  Address: 4 Deerpark, Dublin Road, Howth, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2254. *Hamilton, Hans Ludlow Swan (A), b. 1st May, 1915, son of H. A. A. Hamilton, 8 Connaught Terrace, Garville Avenue, Rathgar, Dublin.  Brother of 2397.  Army, July, 1934.  T.C.D.  Stroke, University Maiden VIII, 1936.  2nd VIII, 1937.  1st IV and VIII, 1938.  1939-45 War: Major, R. U. Rif.  Address: 68 Garville Avenue, Rathgar, Co. Dublin.  (M.)

2255. *Hamilton, John Dickson (B), b. 23rd December, 1916, son of J. D. Hamilton, M.B., St. Helen's, 170 Upper Newtownards Road, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 2743.  U.IV, July, 1933.  Cashier, Belfast, Mersey and Manchester Steamship Co. Ltd.  Address: 36 Clonlee Drive, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2256. Harvey, Charles Morton (C), b. 26th April, 1915, son of W. C. Harvey, Beechwood, Marlborough Park, Belfast.  V, Dec., 1933.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1933-34.  Engineer, Sirocco Works.  Died, 11th January, 1945.  (M.)

2257. *Hawthorne, John Russell (B), b. 13th January, 1915, son of John Hawthorne, 2 Breda Park, Newtownbreda, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Q.U.B.:  1st Class Honours in Chemistry, 1935.  B.Sc. Sc. Studentship, 1935.  St. Catherine's Society, Oxford University, 1935-36.  Assistant in Dept. of Biochemistry, Queen's University, 1936.  M.Sc., 1937.  Ph. D. (Q.U.B.);  M.A. (Cantab.);  A.R.I.C.  Chief Research Chemist, Schweppes Ltd.  Address: 22 Holders Hill Crescent, London, N.W.4.  (M.q.)

2258. *Hurst, Thomas William Noel (D), b. 17th December, 1914, son of the Rev. W. E. Hurst, The Rectory, Moira, Co. Down.  Brother of 2058.  IV, July, 1930.  H.M.S. Conway, 1930-33.  Farmer in England before going to New Zealand.  1939-45 War:  Sub.-Lt. R.N.Z.N.,  V.R.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: Main Road, Te Puke, Bay of Plenty, N.Z.  (M.)

2259. *Ievers, Sydney Eyre (D), b. 12th February, 1915, son of G. F. Ievers, Avonmore, Annamore, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1761, 1783 and 2130.  U.VI, July, 1932.  McMordie Medal.  T.C.D.:  2nd Class Hons. Mod. Lang., 1937.  B.A.  Address: 11 Aldbourne Avenue, Earley, Berks, England.  (M.q.)

2260. Johnston, James Hastings Chambers (B), b. 11th January, 1918, son of Rev. J. Johnston, West Manse, Dalry, Ayrshire.  Brother of 2060.  U.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  Prefect.  St. Andrew's University.  Rifleman, Cameronians.  Killed in Action, 30th March, 1942.

2261. *Jordan, James (C), b. 25th June, 1915, son of H. Jordan, Drumbane House, Moira, Co. Down.  Brother of 2973.  Father of 4074.  U.VI, July, 1932.  Farming.  Address: Drumbane House, Moira, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2262. *King, James Osborne (A), b. 8th October, 1914, son of J. King, Castle Chester, Whitehead.  Remove, July, 1931.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Commdr.,  D.S.C.,  R.N.V.R.  Auctioneer and Estate Agent, (Osborne, King and Megran).  Address: Rademon, Crossgar, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2263. Knox, Patrick Robert Henry, b. 17th march, 1918, son of Lt.-Col. R. S. Knox,  D.S.O.,  Marathon, Portstewart.  1st, transferred to C.C.P.S., Sept., 1929.  Coleraine A.I.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1936.  2nd Lieut., R.E., 1937.  1939-45 War:  Lieut., R.E.  Address: 2 Esdaile Terrace, Coleraine.  (M.)

2264. Lorimer, Robert Laurie (C), b. 24th June, 1914, son of Mrs. Lorimer, Craig Royston, Cultra, Co. Down.  V, July, 1931.  Insurance, 1932-33.  Motor Trade, 1933-35.  Pilot Officer,  R.A.F., 1936.  Flying Officer.  Killed in Action, 1940.

2265. Louden, David (B), b. 13th January, 1918, son of J. McP. Louden, The Cedars, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.  V, Dec., 1934.  1st XV, 1934-35.  Apprentice, Messrs. Wm. Ewart & Sons, Belfast.  Lieut., R.A.  Killed in Action, 1942.

2266. Macaulay, Ian (C), b. 24th January, 1916, son of the Very Rev. J. J. Macaulay, 6 Temple Villas, Palmerston Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  Brother of 2628.  U.VI, July, 1934.  School Prefect.  Shooting VIII, 1933-34.  Imperial Cadets' Shooting Team, 1933.  Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1934.  English Tripos, Part I, Honours, Part II, 2nd Class.  Divinity Student, New College, Edinburgh.  2-Lt. R. Scots, 1940.  Transferred to R.A.Ch.D., 1942.  Deputy Minister of St. Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh.  Killed in Action, October, 1944.

2267. Martin, Robert Noel (B), b. 22nd December, 1913, son of Robert Martin.  U.VI, July, 1932.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1930-31-32.  Shooting VIII, 1932.  Medical Student,  Q.U.B.  Bisley Team, 1934-35-36-37.  Captain, 1936-37.  33rd place Final Stage, King's Prize, Bisley, 1936.  Irish International Shooting Team, 1936.  University Swimming Team, 1933-34-35-36-37.  Champion of Ireland Breast Stroke, 1934.  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O., 1937.  1939-45 War: Surgeon Lt.-Commdr., R.N.V.R.  Mentioned in despatches.  F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1946.  Orthopaedic Surgeon, Rochester Hospital.  Died 21st July, 1947.

2268. *Montgomery, Desmond Alan Dill (C), b. 6th June, 1916, son of Dr. J. Howard Montgomery, China, and 88 Wellington Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1982.  Son of 129.  U.VI, July, 1935.  School Prefect.  O.T.C.,  Pipe-Major.  Q.U.B., 1935-40.  Post Graduate Medical School, London, 1947-48.  National Heart Hospital, London, 1948.  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O. (1st Class Hons.), 1940;  M.D.,  Gold Medal, 1946;  M.R.C.P. (London), 1948.  3rd, 4th and final year Scholarships, Q.U.B.  1938-39-40.  Sinclair Medal in Surgery.  Butterworth prize in medicine.  Prize in mental diseases.  1940-45:  Major, R.A.M.C.  M.B.E.  (Mil.),  1943.  Assistant Physician and Physician to Outpatients, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.  Part-time Lecturer in Medicine, Q.U.B.  Address: 5 Cadogan Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2269. McBride, James (E), b. 24th January, 1915, son of J. McBride, Hilden, Dundonald, Co. Down.  V, Dec., 1932.  Q.U.B. and Assembly's College,  B.A.  Clergyman.  Address: Duneane Manse, Randalstown, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2270. *McConnell, John (B), b. 5th August, 1915, son of S. J. McConnell, Lisdoran, Ballymena.  Brother of 2386.  L.VI, July, 1933.  1939-45:  R.A.  Director, Braid Water Spinning Co. Ltd.  Battery Commander, Royal Artillery, T.A.  Address: "Lisdoran,"  Galgorm Road, Ballymena.  (M.q.)

2271. *McCrea, Geoffrey William Creighton (D), b. 15th August, 1917, son of G. G. McCrea, 27 Hampton Park, Belfast.  U.VI, Dec., 1933.  Shooting VIII, 1932-33.  1940-46;  R.N.  Managing Director, Messrs. E. McCrea & Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: Ballycraig, 333 Belmont Road, Belfast.

2272. *McCullagh, James Desmond Reynolds (C), b. 24th November, 1917, son of J. A. McCullagh, Northern Bank House, Ballycastle.  V, Dec., 1934.  Hockey XI, 1933.  Midshipman, R.N.V.R., 1937.  Ulster Junior Rugby Trial, 1938.  1939-46: Lt.-, R.N.  Representative, W. D. & H. O. Wills.  Address: 48 Maryville Park, Belfast.  (q.)

2273. *McCutcheon, John Finlay (E), b. 30th July, 1917, son of W. A. McCutcheon, Duncrue, 23 Ormiston Drive, Knock.  Brother of 2707 and 3075.  Son of 138.  U.IV, July, 1934.  Stowe College, Glasgow, 1945-46.  M.I. Mar. E.  1939-45 War: Engineer Officer, Merchant Navy.  Chief Engineer, Common Bros., Newcastle-on-Tyne.  Asst. Manager, Harland & Wolff.  Address: 23 Ormiston Drive, Belfast.  (q.)

2274. *Rebbeck, Maurice (C), b. 15th Dec., 1917, son of F. E. Rebbeck, Sandown House, Knock.  Brother of 1843.  U.IV, July, 1935.  Asst. Manager, Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 48 Green Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2275. *Rossiter, William John (C), b. 25th July, 1914, son of W. J. Rossiter, Homlea, Dundalk.  Brother of 2391.  U.IV, July, 1932.  1st XI, 1932.  1939-45 War: Lt., R.A.  Address: Fernleigh, Moreton Road, Buckingham, Bucks.

2276. *Roulston, Kenneth Irwin (D), b. 4th August, 1916, son of the Rev. T. Roulston, Ballyblack Manse, Newtownards.  Brother of 2503, 2824 and 3294.  U.VI, July, 1934.  Scholar.  Sizarship (Maths.)  T.C.D.  University Regional Scholarship.  Senior Exhibitioner, 1936.  Scholar, 1937.  B.A. (1st Class Hons. with Gold Medal) in Experimental Physics (Dubl.), 1938.  Hackett Prize and Fitzgerald Scholarship, 1938.  M.Sc. (Dubl.), 1940;  University of Manitoba, 1949-52;  Ph.D. (Man.), 1952.  1942-47:  R.E.M.E.  Capt. Associate Professor of Physics, Univ. of Manitoba.  Vice-President of Nuclear Enterprises, Ltd., Winnipeg.  Address: 292 Baltimore Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  (M.q.)

2277. Rudd, Falkner Cecil Wyatt (E), b. 16th August, 1915, son of I. F. Rudd, Avoniel House, Avoniel, Belfast.  IV, Dec., 1929.  Merchant Taylors' School, Liverpool.  Liverpool University:  L.D.S. (with distinction), 1937.  1939-45:  R.A.F. Dental Branch.  Dental Surgeon.  Address: "The Brambles,"  Parkgate Road, Mollington, Chester.  (M.q.)

2278. *Scott, James Darragh (D), b. 17th January, 1914, son of J. H. Scott, "Ardara," Castlehill Road, Knock.  VI,L, July, 1933.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1931-32-33.  Shooting VIII, 1931-32-33 (Capt., 1933).  C.S.M.,  O.T.C.  2nd Lieut. (S.R.), East Lancashire Regt., 1937.  1939-45 War: Lieut., E. Lan. R.  Address: Ardara, 13 Castlehill Road, Knock, Belfast.

2279. *Scott, Joseph Robertson (D), b. 1st November, 1915, son of W. McA. Scott, Drumclamph House, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone.  L.VI, July, 1934.  McGill University, 1934.  University Rugby XV.  B.A., 1937.  Schoolmaster.  1939-45 War:  U.S.A.F. Capt. Navigator.  Salesman, Metallurgical Carbon Division, Godfrey L. Cabot Inc., 77 Franklin Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.  Address: 286 Webster Street, Auburndale 66, Mass., U.S.A.  (M.q.)

2280. *Shepherd, Frederick (A), b. 15th December, 1916, son of the Rev. W. F. Shepherd, The Manse, Portglenone, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2212 and 2504.  Son of 436.  L.VI, July, 1935.  Q.U.B.:  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O.  1942-46:  Surgeon-Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Ultima House, Portglenone, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2281. *Slator, William Leslie (E), b. 19th November, 1917, son of W. T. Slator, 233 Belmont Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1846.  U.IV, May, 1934.  Musgrave & Co. Ltd., 1934-39.  Harland & Wolff, Ltd., 1939-49.  Crittall-McKinney Ltd. and R. J. McKinney Ltd., 1949.  Address: 17 King's Crescent, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2282. *Small, Ian (E), b. 4th February, 1918, son of Prof. J. Small, Q.U.B.  V, Dec., 1932.  R.B.A.I., 1933.  Q.U.B., 1936-39.  Science Scholarship, 1937.  Belfast Association of Engineers Prize, 1937;  B.Sc. in Civil Engineering;  M.I.C.E.  Q.U.B.:  Maiden Fours, 1937.  1939-45 War: Civil Engineer-in-Chief's Dept., Admiralty.  Director, West African Building Research Institute, Accra Gold Coast.  Address: 29 Old Holywood Road, Belfast and P.O. Box 1117, Accra, Gold Coast.  (M.q.)

2283. Somerset, Thomas Patrick (C), b. 25th February, 1914, son of T. Somerset, The Weir, Malone, Belfast.  U.IV, April, 1931.  Died 24th September, 1947.

2284. *Stewart, Robert Alexander (C), b. 23rd July, 1916, son of S. Stewart, Drumard, Ballymena.  L.VI, July, 1933.  T.C.D.:  B.A., 1938.  Solicitor (Messrs. Macaulay, O'Neill & Martin, Coleraine).  In Aircraft Industry during 1939-45 War.  Portstewart U.D.C., 1949-53.  Chairman, 1952-53.  Londonderry County Education Committee, 1949-53.  Address: Richmond, Portstewart, Co. Derry.  (q.)

2285. Tedford, William (D), b. 30th July, 1916, son of W. Tedford, 5 & 9 Donegall Quay, Belfast.  L.IV, July, 1932.  Messrs. J. Tedford & Co., Belfast.  1939-45 War:  Capt., R.E.  Address: 5 & 9 Donegall Quay, Belfast.

2286. *Walsh, John Monro (E), b. 10th August, 1916, son of D. Monro Walsh, 3 Kensington Gardens South, Knock, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1933.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.E.  Manager for Pakistan, the Northern Assurance Company Ltd.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank, (Cox's and King's), 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (q.)

2287.  *White, Stuart Nesbitt (D), b. 7th November, 1917, son of Major W. R. White, M.C., B.A., J.P., Esker, Dundonald, Belfast.  Brother of 2721.  Army, Dec., 1935.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1934-35-36.  Shooting VIII, 1935.  C.M.S.,  O.T.C.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1936.  2nd Lieut., R.E., 1937.  St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, 1937.  Mechanical Sciences Tripos, Cambridge, 1939.  p.s.c. Quetta, 1947.  4th Division, France and Belgium, 1939-40;  78 Division, N. Africa, Sicily, Italy, 1943-45.  Major, R.Es.  Address: Derrykeel, Marlborough Crescent, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent.  (M.q.)

2288. *Wilkin, Dermot Francis (A), b. 29th March, 1914, son of J. G. Wilkin, Movarran, Newcastle, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Q.U.B., 1932.  B.Sc.  (Eng.), 2nd Class Honours, 1935.  Assistant, Civil Eng., Ministry of Home Affairs.  A.M.I.C.E. (1946).  Senior Engineering Assistant, Bromley Town Council.  Address: 20 Copthorne Avenue, Bromley, Kent.  (M.q.)

2289. Wilson, Valentine Robertson (C), b. 14th February, 1916, son of V. Wilson, Oakfield, Portadown.  Brother of 2584.  U.IV, July, 1933.  Undergraduate, T.C.D., 1933.  Metropolitan Police.  Sergeant Navigator, R.A.F., V.R.  Killed in Action, 1943.

2290. *Thompson, William Stafford (E), b. 21st April, 1918, son of W. Thompson, Lauriston, 19 Derryvolgie Avenue Belfast.  Brother of 1920 and 2169.  V, April, 1937.  Cashier, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 19 Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2291. Mowat, Ian McIvor (D), b. 23rd January, 1914, son of Mrs. J. S. M. Mowat, 5 St. Bernard's Crescent, Edinburgh.  Remove, 1931.  House Agent in London.  2nd Lieut., Hampshire Regt.  (T.A.)  1939-45 War: Major. R. Hampshire R.  Address: 129 Mayfield Road, Edinburgh 9.  (M.)


2292. *Adair, Thomas Munnis (C), b. 19th September, 1916, son of John Adair, D.L., Glenavon, Cookstown.  U.IV, Dec., 1932.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Glenavon, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.  (q.)

2293. *Barnett, Robert Fulton (E), b. 4th July, 1917, son of Robert Barnett, Northleigh, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2029.  L.VI, July, 1936.  1st XV, 1935-36.  Grain Importer (W. R. Barnett, Ltd.)  Address: 125 Harberton Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2294. *Blackstock, Charles Andrew (E), b. 20th October, 1916, son of Mrs. Blackstock, 40 Mount Charles, Belfast.  L.IV, July, 1932.  Address: 6 Eglantine Place, Belfast.

2295. *Davidson, William Macfarlane (A), b. 12th May, 1916, son of Dr. I. A. Davidson, "Laurington," 190 Antrim Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2116.  L.VI, July, 1933.  1st XV, 1931-32-33.  1st XI, 1932-33.  Q.U.B.:  M.B.,  B.Ch., B.A.O.  Univ. XV, 1937-38.  Surgeon-Lieut.-Commdr., R.N.  R.N. College, Greenwich, 1949.  Address: 13 York Crescent, Lee-on-Solent, Hants.  (M.)

2296. Harris, James Carnegie (E), b. 5th November, 1917, son of Major G. A. Harris, C.B.E.,  D.S.O., "Creevelea,"  King's Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1781 and 1890.  Army, April, 1936.  School Prefect.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  Apprentice, Short Bros., Rochester, Kent, 1936, and Short & Harland's, Belfast, 1938.  Pilot Officer, R.A.F.  Mentioned in despatches.  Killed in Action, February, 1945.

2297. Hill, Robert Terence (E), b. 31st January, 1917, son of John Hill, Coolbeg, 183 North Road, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1933.  Salesman for J. T. Thornycroft & Sons.  Member of Irish Team, International Six Days' Motor Cycle Trial in Germany, 1936.  Address: 1 Palmerston Road, Belfast.  (M.)

2298. Hind, Michael Christopher (E), b. 27th April, 1918, son of J. A. Hind, 2 Bristol Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 2945.  V, July, 1935.  Premium Apprentice, Sirocco Works, Belfast.  Flight-Sergt. Observer, R.A.F.  Killed in Action over Heligoland, 26th August, 1941.

2299. Malcolmson, Leslie Nicholson (E), b. 9th May, 1914, son of Walter Malcolmson, 31 Malone Park, Belfast.  V, March, 1932.  T.C.D.  Schoolmaster.  Died, March, 1952.

2300. *Mann, Frederic Alfred William, b. 2nd February, 1915, son of Dr. F. C. Mann, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.  U.IV, July, 1932.  T.C.D.:  B.A.  1942-46: R.A.F.  Company Representative.  Address: 1 Howard Terrace, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. (M.q.)

2301. Merrick, Thomas, b. 6th May, 1915, son of E. E. Merrick, Burncleuth, Ailesbury Road, Dublin.  Shell, April, 1931.  1939-45 War: R.A.S.C.

2302. Shaw, Martin Watson (E), b. 31st January, 1915, son of W. M. Shaw, 10 Dundela Gardens, Belfast.  Son of 180.  III, July, 1931.  Messrs. W. F. Graham & Co. Belfast.


2303. *Belshaw, Roy Macgregor (C), b. 24th June, 1916, son of W. Belshaw, Rockdene, Lisburn.  Brother of 2031.  Shell, 1931.  Address: Rockdene, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.

2304. *Devon, Stanley Alexander (D), b. 3rd August, 1918, son of A. Devon, 21 Fifth Avenue, Bangor.  Brother of 2-43.  Son of 676.  U.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  C.Q.M.S.  O.T.C.  Liverpool University - School of Architecture: B. Arch., A.R.I.B.A.  Architect (Private Practice).  Address: 16 Kensington Park, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2305. *Dougan, John McDonald (B), b. 1st January, 1917, son of Dr. G. Dougan, Millicent Terrace, Portadown.  Brother of 2250 and 2613.  U.VI, July, 1934.  Scholar.  Maiden VIII, D.U. Boat Club, 1936.  1st VIII, 1937.  T.C.D.:  B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1939.  1939-45 War: Major, Indian Medical Service.  M.C.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 4597 Roblin Blvd., Varsity View, Manitoba, Canada.  (M.q.)

2306. *Drennan, Alexander James Murray (B), b. 7th October, 1914, son of Professor A. M. Drennan.  U.VI, April, 1933.  School Prefect.  Shooting VIII, 1931.  Boxing, 1932-33.  M.B., Ch.B. (Honours), Edinburgh Univ., 1938.  F.R.C.P. Edin., 1945.  Edinburgh Univ.  Captain Boxing, and Fives, 1937.  Scottish Universities Welter-Weight Champion, 1937.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.M.C.  Lecturer in Pathology, Q.U.B.  Address: 3 Ascot Park, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2307. Green, Alexander William Valentine (B), b. 14th February, 1919, son of A. Green, St. Helen's, Windsor Park, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1937.  Dr Haviland Aeronautical School. (also 2476).  Pilot Officer, R.A.F., V.R.  Killed in Action, October, 1940. (see also 2476)

2308. *Hadden, Ernest Harley (B), b. 11th August, 1915, son of Mrs. M. S. Hadden, 3 Langford Place, Cork.  L.VI, July, 1933.  T.C.D.:  B.A., 1936.  Theological Scholarship, 1938.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Address: The Rectory, Leckpatrick, Artigarvan, Co. Tyrone.  (M.)

2309. *Hamilton, Geoffrey Cadzow (D), b. 5th January, 1917, son of E. S. Burt Hamilton, M.C., M.B. (551), 5 Birch Avenue, Old Trafford, Manchester.  Brother of 2100, 2621 and 3652.  U.VI, April, 1936.  School Prefect.  Troop Leader Scouts.  Edinburgh University, 1936-40:  M.A., 2nd Class Hons.  Edin.  1939-45 War: Lieut., Royal Scots.  P.O.W., Japan.  Colonial Service, Hong Kong to 1954.  Address: Colonial Secretariat, Belsize, Honduras.  (M.q.)

2310. *Irwin, Charles Gibson (B), b. 26th August, 1917, son of S. T. Irwin, 29 University Square, Belfast.  Brother of 1893 and 2131.  U.VI, July, 1936.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1933-34-35-36.  Capt. of Athletics.  Champion, 1935-36.  Capt. of Swimming.  C.S.M.,  O.T.C.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (Scholarship and Honours), 1940.  D.R.C.O.G., 1947.  M.R.C.O.G., 1948.  Queen's XV, 1936-40;  Athletic Blue, 1937-39;  Capt., N.I.F.C., 1947;  Ulster XV and Final Irish Trials, 1937-38-39;  Army, R.F.C., 1942-43-44.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Mentioned in despatches.  Consultant Gynaecologist, North Antrim, Coleraine and Portrush Groups.  Address: Thornleigh, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2311. *Lindsay, Eric Dawson (E), b. 27th July, 1917, son of Joseph Lindsay, "Kirkstall," Belmont Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2490.  L.VI, July, 1935.   Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1943.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: "Falconia," Landkey Road, Barnstaple.  (M.q.)

2312.*Martin, Albert Desmond Hutchinson (C), b. 1st April, 1915.  U.IV, July, 1932.  T.C.D., 1932-36.  B.A., B.A.I. with Honours in Civil and Mechanical Engineering and Geology.  Alexander Prize.  Cllrk Prize.  A.M.Inst.C.E.;  A.M.I.Mech.E.  R.E.M.E., 1943-46.  E.M.E., 13th Inf. Bde. and Gold Coast Area.  Assistant Engineer, Commissioners of Irish Lights, Dublin.  Address: Stoneygate, Granville Road, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2313. Monie, Kenneth Roy (E), b. 8th February, 1918, son of R. S. Monie, Fernbank, 49 Knock Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1834 and 2147.  First, July, 1929.  Dungannon Royal School.  Address: 102 Wallace Avenue, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.

2314. *McKeever, Thomas Dermot (B), b. 25th March, 1915, son of S. McKeever, Fennor, Slane, Co. Meath.  L.VI, July, 1932.  Farming, 1944-46:  Royal Navy.  Livestock Salesmaster.  Agent at Birkenhead for Ministry of Food.  Address: Fennor, Beauparc, Co. Meath.  (M.q.)

2315. *Perry, James Flack (B), b. 4th March, 1915, son of Martin Perry, J.P., Saintfield, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1934.  Q.U.B.:  M.D., D.P.M., 1940.  1940-45: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Consultant Psychiatrist and Deputy Medical Superintendent, Holywell Hospital, Antrim.  Address: Holywell Hospital, Antrim.  (M.q.)

2316. *Roper, Trevor Holt (C), b. 9th September, 1914, son of W. T. Roper, "Achnacarry,"  75 Park Avenue, Sidney Parade, Dublin.  Brother of 2642.  V, April, 1932.  L.G.O. Co., London, 1932-38.  Aeronautical Inspection Dept.  Managing Director, Roper Bros. Ltd.  Address: 5 South Ann Street, Dublin.  (M.q.)

2317. *Small, Anthony Robert Alexander (C), b. 6th January, 1915, son of Mrs. E. W. A. Small, Rydalmere, Lansdowne Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2646.  Son of 255.  U.IV, July, 1934.  T.C.D.:  B.A., B.Ch., M.B., B.A.O., 1940.  General Practitioner.  Address: Maloon, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2318. Stevenson, John Adams (E), b. 11th April, 1918, son of John Stevenson, Rosslyn, 127 North Road, Bloomfield, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1933.  Methodist College.  Northern Bank, 1937.  Address: 98 Sandown Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2319. Walsh, Frederick Robert Barry (A), b. 6th May, 1917, son of R. J. Walsh, 29 Osborne Park, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1934.  Articled Clerk, Messrs. R. Walsh & Sons, Belfast.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.A.  Died 26th November, 1946.


2320. *Bulloch, Terence Malcolm (D), b. 19th February, 1916, son of S. A. M. Bulloch, 29 Malone Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2190.  Army, July, 1935.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1933-34-35.  Boxing, 1934.  Pipe-Major, O.T.C.  P.O.,  R.A.F., January, 1938.  1939-45 War: Squadron-Leader.  D.S.O. and Bar, D.F.C. and Bar.  Mentioned in despatches.  In Civil Aviation.  Address: 43 Abbey Road, Enfield, Middx.  (M.)

2321. *Calvert, George (C), b. 22nd November, 1914, son of W. J. Calvert, Ballymacrandle, Portadown.  U.IV, July, 1931.  Q.U.B., 1934-38.  L.D.S.  1940-46:  R.A.F., V.R.  Dental Branch.  Dental Surgeon.  Address: St. Helens, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2322. Cochrane, John Elliott (A), b. 10th December, 1915, son of W. L. B. Cochrane, Rochfort House, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 2542.  Army, July, 1933.  1st XI, 1931-32-33.  Messrs. Beck & Scott, Dublin.  Died, 1943.

2323. Coleman, Sidney Kearon (D), b. 25th July, 1915, son of E. Gillard Coleman, Bridge House, Arklow, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1929.  V, July, 1932.  Glasgow University, 1933-37.  M.A., 1937.  Apprentice to Chartered Accountant.  Coxswain, R.N.V.R.  Killed in Action, 1943.

2324. *Croasdaile, Alan Lancelot (D), b. 10th October, 1915, son of J. E. Croasdaile, Glenoir, Innisfayle Road, Belfast.  Army, July, 1935.  Head Prefect.  C.M.S.,  O.T.C.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.,  M.B.E.,  E.R.D., 1954.  Director, J. & J. Haslett Ltd.  Address: 3 Strangford Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2325. *Davison, Robert Lawrence Gerald (E), b. 17th November, 1913, son of R. Davison, Belmont Lodge, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1881.  V, July, 1931.  Q.U.B.: 1931-36.  B.A., LL.B., 2nd Class Honours.   Law Clerk in Royal Courts of Justice, 1937.  R.A. Cadet Officer, 1939-41; Home Guard, 1942-45, Sergeant.  Assistant Chief Clerk, Supreme Court of Judicature, Northern Ireland and Legal Visitor in Lunacy;  Marshal of Admiralty Court.  Address: Linden Lea, Gilnahirk, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2326. *Dixon, Conolly Wakefield (A), b. 5th September, 1914, son of Rev. W. C. Dixon, 101 Lodge Road, Coleraine, Co. Derry.  U.IV, July, 1932.  Architectural Assistant. Gallaher Ltd., York Street, Belfast.  Address: 49 Hopefield Avenue, Belfast. (q.)

2327. *Donnell, Patrick Marshall (D), b. 12th July, 1916, son of Marshall Donnell, Owenmore, Caw, Londonderry.  Brother of 2418.  Army, July, 1935.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1933-34-35. (Capt., 1934).  Hockey XI, 1935.  T. L. Scouts, 1935.  2nd Lieut., Royal Marines, 1935.  Lieut., 1937.  1939-45 War: Lieut.-Col., R.M.  Address: Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire.

2328. *Ekin, John Thompson (C), b. 24th June, 1915, son of T. A. Ekin, Belfast Bank House, Cookstown.  Brother of 1884.  V, July, 1933.  Belfast Bank Official.  1939-45 War: R.N.V.R.  To U.S.A., 1952.  Address: c/o. 12 Cadogan Park, Belfast.  (M.)

2329. *Fetherston, Joseph Skelton (C), b. 10th May, 1915, son of J. W. Fetherston, Montono, Malone Park, Belfast.  H/Brother of 1026.  Brother of 2091, 2470 and 2682.  L.VI, July, 1933.  Shooting VIII, 1932-33.  Director of Albion Ltd., Clothing Manufacturers.  Director of Derryvale Woollen Co. Ltd.  Address: 29 Malone Hill Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2330. Franks, Gerald Murray Kendal (A), b. 6th March, 1915, son of Lieut.-Col. Kendal Franks, D.S.O., I.A.  Brother of 2370 and 2471.  Army, July, 1933.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1933.  2nd Lieut., I.A., 1935.  Attached The Duke of Wellington's Regt., 1935-36.  3rd Bn. 5th Mahratta Light Infantry, 1936.  Rawalpindi District Swimming Championship, 100 yards, 200 yards, and Water Polo, 1936.  3/5 Mahratta Light Infantry, Belgaum, S. India.  1939-45 War: Major, I.A.

2331. Garvin, George Desmond (D), b. 4th April, 1916, son of S. S. Garvin, 21 Ashgrove Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2177.  Army, Dec., 1933.  1st XV, 1932-33; 1st XI, 1933.  Flying Officer, R.A.F., 1937.  Permanent Commission, 1938.  1939-45 War: Wing-Commander, Mentioned in Despatches.  Address: School of A. A. Artillery, Manorbier, Pembrokeshire, S. Wales.

2332. *Greene, Vernon Harold (A), b. 17th August, 1915, son of H. R. Greene, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Ltd., Kenmare, Co. Kerry.  U.IV, December, 1932.  Cork Milling Co.  1939-45 War: R.A.F., V.R.

2333. Johnston, Douglas Holden (D), b. 22nd April, 1915, son of H. S. Johnston, Sharrow, Kensington Gardens, Knock, Belfast.  V, March, 1932.  Company Sergeant-Major, F.S.P.  (I.C.). Died on Active Service, 1939.

2334. *Lennox, Thomas Madill (D), b. 29th October, 1915, son of Mrs. Florence Lennox, 58 Eglantine Avenue, Malone Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1975.  L.VI, July, 1934.  Q.U.B.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., D.P.H.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  General Practitioner.  Address: Redlands, 126 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2335. Manning, Denis William Bordon (B), b. 20th September, 1915, son of the Ven. Archdeacon C. C. Manning, M.C., M.A., 3 Magheralave Road, Lisburn.  Brother of 1212, 1334 and 1446.  U.VI, July, 1933.  Scholar.  T.C.D., 1933.  B.A., 1937.  1st Class Div. Test, 1939; M.A., 1946.  1941-46: Chaplain, R.N.V.R.  Hon. Sec., Mersey Flotilla, R.N.V.S.R., 1949-53.  Chaplain, Mersey Division, R.N.V.R. (H.M.S. "Eaglet"), 1952.  Senior Asst. Chaplain, Mersey Mission to Seamen, Liverpool.  Address: 2 Ivanhoe Road, Liverpool 17 (M.q.)

2336. Mollan, Terence Rutherford Moore (A), b. 21st December, 1914, son of T. B. Mollan, c/o Sao Paulo Rly., Sao Paulo, Brazil.  U.VI, July, 1933.  T.C.D.  Cross-Country Team, 1934-35.  Moderator, 1st Class in Science, 1937.  Winthrop Hackett Prize.  Address: c/o Sao Paulo Railway Co., Brazil.

2337. *McBride, Arthur Norman (E), b. 4th July, 1915, son of A. H. McBride, Shandon, Beechlands, Malone Road, Belfast.  V, July, 1931.  Scholar.  Eagle Insurance Co.

2338. *McKee, Robert Kerr (D), b. 28th July, 1916, son of Rev. P. McKee, Downshire Road Manse, Newry, Co. Down.  Brother of 2070 and 2709.  U.VI, March, 1935.  Scholar.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1935.  Science Tripos, Part 1, Class 2, 1937; Part II, Class 2, 1938.  Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture, Trinidad, 1938-40.  A.I.C. T.A.  1939-45 War: Lieut. (Sp.), R.N.V.R.  Senior Scientific Officer (Mycologist), Agriculture Research Council.  Address: 70 Ashby Road, Kegworth, Derby.  (M.q.)

2339. *Nevill, Gerald Edward (B), b. 22nd December, 1915, son of Rev. A. C. Nevill, The Vicarage, Abbeyleix.  Brother of 2767.  U.VI, July, 1933.  Scholar.  Junior Exhibition and Sizar (Maths.).  T.C.D., 1933.  B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1st Class Hons.  Hutchinson Stewart Medical Scholarship.  Hudson Prize, Adelaide Hospital.  Medical Scholarship in Anatomy and Physiology.  M.Ch., 1947.  F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1947.  President, Kenya Branch, B.M.A., 1951.  1st XV, 1937-38.  Dublin University.  East African Army Medical Corps, 1940-44.  Surgeon.  Hon. Consultant Surgeon, King George VI Hospital, Nairobi.  Address: P.O. Box 384, Nairobi, Kenya.  (M.q.)

2340. Rentoul, Lawrence Moore (A), b. 7th December, 1915, son of Rev. J. L. Rentoul.  U.VI, April, 1935.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1934-35.  Hockey XI, 1934-35.  Captain of Athletics, 1935.  Champion, 1934.  Undergraduate, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1935.  Classical Moderations, 1937.  Lieut., Recce Corps.  Killed in Action, 1944.

2341. *Smith, Howard Alexander (D), b. 13th February, 1916, son of A. Smith. 45 Malone Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2787.  U.VI, July, 1934.  School Prefect.  Pipe-Major, O.T.C.  Pembroke College, Cambridge.  Natural Science Tripos, 1st Part, 1937.  1939-45 War: Surgeon-Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Now F.R.C.S.  Address: 1183 Beechwood Crescent, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

2342. *Sythes, Percy Arthur (E), b. 21st December, 1915, son of Wm. Sythes, Lyndhurst, Tweskard Park, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1934.  Scholar.  Junior Exhibition, T.C.D., 1934.  Senior Exhibition, 1936.  Scholar (Modern Languages), 1937.  B.A., Modern Literature (1st Class with Gold Medal);  Vice-Chancellor's Prize in English Prose, 1938.  1940-46; R.A., Major.  Civil Servant (N.I. Govt.)  Address: Malory, Tweskard Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2343. Thomson, Humphrey Baron (A), b. 25th January, 1916, son of Professor W. W. D. Thomson, 25 University Square, Belfast.  Son of 565.  L.VI, July, 1933. Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1939.  Capt., R.A.M.C.  Killed in action, December, 1941.  (M.)

2344. *Wilson, John Trevor (A), b. 23rd August, 1915, son of Wm. Wilson, Gortalee, Greenisland.  Brother of 2511.  U.VI, April, 1933.  Messrs. Hill, Vellacott & Bailey, Belfast.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.S.C.  Address: Gortalee, Greenisland, Belfast.

2345. *Young, Oliver Gordon (A), b. 23rd November, 1915, son of O. G. Young, Denehurst, Donegall Park, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1933.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1939.  1940-46: R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 60 Westgate, Peterborough.  (M.q.)

2346. *Nightingale, George McDowell (E), b. 18th December, 1915, son of G. M. Nightingale, Rosepark, Dundonald, Belfast.  Brother of 2497 and 3130.  L.VI, July, 1934.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1941.  1941-45:  R.A.F., V.R. (M.), Flight-Lieut.  Medical Officer, Cameroons Development Corporation.  Address: 15 Eastleigh Drive, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2347. Blakely, Albert Eric (C), b. 20th November, 1915, son of E. C. Blakely, Roslyn, Ballyholme, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 1618.  III, March, 1932.  Director, The Athletic Stores Ltd.  Address: 1 Kensington Park, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)


2348. *Johnson, Cecil (C), b. 9th April, 1914, ward of R. S. Johnson, The Garth, Waterford Road, Birkenhead.  U.IV, December, 1931.  Director, Anderson, Stanford Removals Ltd.  Address: Melvin, Larchfield Road. Roebuck, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2349. Murray, Adam Turner (E), b.16th December, 1916, son of James Murray, "Rathgowrie," Malone Road, Belfast.  Army, July, 1935.  School Prefect.  Boxing, 1933-34-35.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1935.  2nd Lieut., I.A. (Unattached List), 1937.  Staff College, Camberley, 1944.  P.S.C.  Runner-up all India Inter Service Boxing, 1937 and 1938.  Boxing Blue R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1936.  1939-45 War: Middle East, Italy, Greece, Syria.  Wounded in Action, Syria, 1941.  M.C.  Mentioned in despatches. Commandant, 1st Punjab Regimental Centre, Pakistan.  Lt.-Col., War Office, Special List.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank, Horley, Surrey, England.  (M.q.)

2350. *McIlwaine, Raleigh Terence (B), b. 11th December, 1914, son of Mr. Justice McIlwaine, c/o High Court, Salisbury, Rhodesia.  U.IV, July, 1932.  1st XI, 1931-32.  In S. Africa.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.I.N., V.R.

2351. *Stubbs, Philip Charles (C), b. 18th August, 1914, son of T. T. Stubbs.  Army, Dec., 1932.  In South Africa.  Address: c/o Barclay's Bank, 29 Gracechurch Street, London, E.C. and c/o The Director, Messrs. Lynn Accutts (Pty.) Ltd., West St., Durban.

2352. *Young, George Mackenzie (A), b. 7th September, 1916, son of Gilbert Young, Kin-Edar, Carrick Road, Dundalk.  U.VI, July, 1935.  Pembroke College, Cambridge.  Nat. Sc. Trip., Part 1, Class 2, 1938.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.A.


2353. *Bothwell, David George (A), b. 30th June, 1916, son of The Rev. Walter Bothwell, Drumcar Rectory, Dunleer, Co. Louth.  U.IV, July, 1935.  B.A., T.C.D.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Address: The Rectory, Stewartstown, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2354. Boyle, Edward Fitzgerald (A), b. 23rd December, 1916, son of A. F. Boyle, 15 Herbert Road, Dublin.  Brother of 2459.  L.VI, July, 1934.  T.C.D., 1934-35.  Messrs. John Player & Sons, Dublin, 1935.  1939-45 War: Capt., Royal Innis. Fus.  Housemaster, Dr. Barnardo's Homes.  Died 22nd January, 1952.

2355. Gray, David George Darlington (C), b. 18th January, 1917, son of Dr. D. J. Gray, 20 Darlington Road, Sefton Park, Liverpool.  U.IV, March, 1934.  1939-45: Sapper (R.E.):  Capt., 24th Lancers.  Buyer.  Address: The Clearing, Chapel Lane, Kingsley, Frodsham, Warrington, Cheshire.  (M.q.)

2356. McFadden, John Terence (E), b. 26th January, 1916, son of Dr. A. W. J. Macfadden, C.B., 20 Lymington Road, Hampstead, London, N.W.6. IV, July, 1933.  Prudential Assurance Co.  Artists' Rifles.  Lieut., R.U. Rifles and Parachute Regt.  Captured at Arnhem.  Died in enemy hands, November, 1944.

2357. *McKeever, William (A), b. 15th July, 1916, son of William McKeever, Shanlis House, Ardee, Co. Louth.  L.VI, July, 1934.  Articled to Chartered Accountant in Dublin.  Farmer.  Address: Julianstown House, Nobber, Co. Meath.  (M.q.)

2358. *Smith, John Adair (B), b. 22nd April, 1916, son of Charles B. Smith, Cragoran, Larne Harbour, Co. Antrim.  L.VI, July, 1934.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1933-34.  Hockey XI, 1934.  Shooting VIII, 1933-34  (Capt., 34).  Imperial Cadets Shooting Team, 1933.  Greenmount Agricultural College, 1934-35.  Farmer.  1939-45 War: Home Guard.  Address: "Cragoran," Brown's Bay, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2359. *Weir, Dermot Graham (E), b. 8th July, 1916, son of Graham Weir, 1 Windsor Avenue North, Belfast.  L.IV, July, 1931.  R.B.A.I. Merchant and Agent.  Address: 9 Priory Park, Finaghy, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2360. *Erskine, David Buchanan (B), b. 31st January, 1918, son of The Very Rev. Gordon D. Erskine, D.D., 448 Antrim Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2530.  U.VI, July, 1936.  School Prefect.  Pipe-Major, O.T.C.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1936.  2nd Lieut., R. Tank Corps, 1938.  1939-45 War: Capt., R. Tank Regt.  Retired, 1947.  Q.U.B.: 1947.  B.A. (Eng. Lit.) 1951.  Schoolmaster.  Address: 5 Vauxhall Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)


2361. *Bailie, Hugh William Cochrane (B), b. 15th August, 1915, son of Mrs. Bailie, "Seabank," Waterloo, Larne.  U.VI, July, 1933.  Q.U.B.: M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.;  F.R.C.S. Ed., 1938.  Shooting (Full bore and Miniature).  Queen's Univ. and Ireland - Bisley, 1933-37.  Queen's Univ. Athletic team (Blue), 1933-38.  Ulster, Irish Universities and Ireland teams.  1940-46: Capt., R.A.M.C., Home, Europe and India.  Mentioned in despatches, 1945.  Consultant Surgeon.  Address: Rick House, Portstewart, Co. Derry.  (M.q.)

2362. *Baker, Stanley Arthur Barrington (C), b. 1st May, 1917, son of W. Barrington Baker, Provincial Bank House, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 2538 and 3578.  U.IV, April, 1933.  Automobile Engineering Training College, London, 1934-36.  Industrial Products.  Address: 4 Alington Road, Bournemouth, Hants.

2363. Bowman, Thomas Parker (N/B), b. 19th June, 1917, son of T. D. Bowman, 12 Adelaide Park, Belfast.  Third, Dec., 1930.  American Schools.  The Grange, Woodbury Forest, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

2364. Brookes, Reginald Terence (E), b. 30th October, 1916, son of Mrs. Brookes, 18 Belmont Place, Belfast.  Brother of 2606.  V, July, 1935.  Greenmount Agricultural College.  Farmer.

2365. Brown, William Young (A), b. 20th February, 1916, son of The Rt. Hon. Mr. Justice Brown, Ben Ingan, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  Brother of 2245.  Son of 28.  U.IV, April, 1933.  Sillig Institution, Vevey, Switzerland, 1933-34.  Belfast Rope Works, 1934.  Messrs. Coombe, Barbour & Co., 1938.  Corporal, F.S.P. (I.C.).  Killed in Action, 1940.

2366. *Conyngham, Robert Henry Cecil (D), b. 16th November, 1917, son of Dr. R. S. Conyngham, The Nook, Snaith, Nr. Goole, Yorkshire.  U.IV, July, 1934.  T.C.D.:  B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1942.  1939-45 War: F./Lt., R.A.F.  Medical Service.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 7 South Parade, Llandudno, N. Wales.  (M.q.)

2367. *Donaldson, John Maurice Benjamin (E), b. 18th December, 1916, son of B. A. K. Donaldson, Wistason, Comber, Co. Down.  Brother of 1882.  L.VI, July, 1934.  Scholar.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1940.  D.R.C.O.G., 1948.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 116 Stranmillis Road, Belfast.  (q.)

2368. Dunn, Andrew Woodrow (C), b. 17th April, 1918, son of A. W, Dunn, Springtown, Londonderry.  Brother of 1516.  Army, July, 1936.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1935-36.  Boxing, 1936.  Messrs. Holmes, Mullin & Dunn, Belfast.  Flying Officer, R.A.F., D.F.C.  Killed in Action, 1940.

2369. *Fleming, Leslie Ugo (D), b. 10th May, 1917, son of Rev. S. R. Fleming, St. Katherine's, Killybegs, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 2658.  L.IV, Dec., 1933.  Apprentice, Sirocco Works, 1934.  1939-45 War: Merchant Navy.  Last known Address: 3 Abbey Road, Knock, Belfast.

2370. Franks, Hugh Philip Kendal (A), b. 20th August, 1916, son of Major Kendal Franks, D.S.O., Annesley Mansions, Newcastle, Co. Down.  Brother of 2330 and 2471.  Army, Dec., 1934.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1934-35.  1st XI, 1934.  Boxing, 1933-34.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1935.  I.A., attached Somerset Light Infantry, Lt.-Col.

2371. *Gosden, Bernard Neville Osborne (D), b. 15th June, 1915, son of F. Gosden, 47 Bryansburn Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  Army, Dec., 1933.  School Prefect.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1934.  Lieut., The Green Howards.  1939-45 War: Major.  Retired 1950.  Farming.  Address: The Elms, West Pennard, Glastonbury, Somerset.  (M.)

2372. *Hamilton, Patrick John Rogers (B), b. 6th July, 1916, son of Rev. W. Hamilton, Bridge Street Manse, Alexandria, Dumbartonshire.  V, July, 1934.  Glasgow University, 1936-40;  Trinity College, Glasgow, 1946-48.  M.A. and Theological Diploma.  President, Glasgow University Mountaineering Club, 1939-40.  Army, 1940-46: Mentioned in Despatches in Burma.  Major: Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.  Minister of Church of Scotland.  Address: West Manse, East Kilbride, Scotland.  (M.q.)

2373. *Hennessy, Thomas Ashley (D), b. 8th November, 1916, son of T. Hennessey, Villa Lebas, Bangor, Co. Down.  U.IV, Dec., 1932.  Apprentice to Messrs. Wilson, Hennessey & Crawford, Chartered Accountants.  1939-45 War: Staff Capt., R.I.A.S.C.  Mentioned in despatches.  Auto. Salesman, Toronto, Canada.  Last known address: 202 The Kingsway, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  (M.q.)

2374. Hobson, John (B), b. 19th August, 1916, son of Rev. J. Hobson, Grammar School, Cork.  U.IV, July, 1934.  Undergraduate, Trinity College, 1935.  Royal College of Vet. Surgeons, Dublin, 1936.  M.R.C.V.S.  Address: Mall House, Lismore, Co. Waterford.

2375. *Houston, Thomas Todd (E), b. 29th August, 1917, son of T. Houston, 4 Harberton Avenue, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1935.  A.R.I.B.A.  Chartered Architect in private practice.  Address: 26 College Gardens, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2376. *Hunt, Edmund Eyre Stopford (D), b. 21st October, 1916, son of J. Stopford Hunt, Eglantine, Mallow, Co. Cork.  U.IV, Sept., 1933.  Undergraduate, T.C.D., 1934.  1939-45 War: R.A.F., V.R.  Address: Danesfort, Mallow, Co. Cork.

2377. *Johnston, James Brian (C), b. 30th August, 1917, son of Dr. J. P. Johnston, Aghagrefin, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh.  Remove, Dec., 1934.  Medical Student, T.C.D.  1939-45 War: Warrant Officer, R.A.F., V.R.  Address: Aghagrefin, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh.

2378. *Kirkwood, William Stewart (E), b. 28th October, 1917, son of W. C. Kirkwood, The Beeches, Dundonald, Co. Down.  Brother of 2200.  L.VI, July, 1935. 
Apprentice, Messrs. Wm. Ewart & Son.  Farming.  Address: Millbank, Ganaway, Millisle, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2379. Lee, Arthur Christopher Penfound (E), b. 5th December, 1916, son of Major G. B. Lee, Laurel Bank, Barnett's Road, Knock, Belfast.  Third, July, 1931.  Cheltenham College.  Pembroke College, Cambridge.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.A.

2380. *Lowe, Terence Ian Henry (C), b. 8th April, 1917, son of Dr. W. H. Lowe, 118 St. Stephen's Green West, Dublin.  Brother of 2701.  Son of 492.  U.VI, July, 1935.  A.R.I.C.S., With W. H. Stephens & Sons, Quantity Surveyors, 13 Donegall Square North, Belfast.  Address: 4 Rostrevor Road, Rathgar, Dublin, Eire.  (q.)

2381. Lutton, Samuel Cuthbert (B), b. 12th November, 1916, son of S. Lutton, Windsor Lodge, Portadown.  U.IV, July, 1934.  Address: Creenagh Breagh, Portadown.  (M.)

2382. Megaw, Denis Cyril Stanley (D), b. 3rd April, 1916, son of A. S. Megaw, Arden, Fortwilliam Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 1784, 1980 and 2226.  L.VI, July, 1934.  Municipal College of Technology, Belfast, 1934-35.  Slate Academy for Graphic Arts, Leipzig, 1935-36.  Messrs. Kynoch Press, London.  1939-45 War: Chief Clerk in the Office of the Quartering Commandant, Armagh.  Died 1941.

2383. *Mitchell, William Ian Wylie (D), b. 6th Nov., 1916, son of J. M. Mitchell, Victoria Lodge, Ballybrack, Co. Dublin.  L.VI, July, 1933.  T.C.D.  Address: "Greenbanks," Dalkey Avenue, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.

2384. Montgomery, Hugh Graham (E), b. 27th October, 1917, son of H. C. Montgomery, 20 Shandon Park, Knock, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1935.  Greenmount Agricultural College, 1935-36.  Ministry of Agriculture Scholarship.  Q.U.B., 1936. Sergeant-Pilot, R.A.F., V.R.  Killed in Action, 1943.

2385. *McArthur, Donald Alexander (E), b. 16th Dec., 1915, son of D. McArthur, Casilla, 1215, Valparaiso, Chile, and 25 Ormiston Drive, Knock, Belfast. Brother of 2431.  V, Dec., 1933.  Railway Surveyor.  1939-45 War: Independent Parachute Company.  Probation Officer, Co. Tyrone.  Address: Oakleigh, 4 Finaghy Park North, Finaghy, Belfast.

2386. *McConnell, Samuel Rea (B), 25th May, 1917, son of S. J. McConnell, Lisdoran, Ballymena.  Brother of 2270.  Remove, July, 1935.  Departmental Manager, Braid Water Spinning Co., Ballymena.  Address: "Tara," Galgorm Road, Ballymena.  (M.q.)

2387. McClure, John Donaldson (A), b. 2nd April, 1916, son of D. McClure, Craigairn, Antrim Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2152.  U.IV, March, 1930.  Address: 709 Antrim Road, Belfast.  (M.)

2388. *McKean, William Thomas Sinclair (E), b. 16th September, 1917, son of A. W. McKean, Chalcots, Shandon Park, Knock, Belfast.  Son of 151.  L.VI, July, 1935.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1940.  1941-46: R.A.F.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: High Hedges, Orchard Hill, Bideford, N. Devon.  (M.q.)

2389. McWilliams, Thomas Gerald (E), b. 26th March, 1917, son of J. McWilliams, 57 Cardigan Drive, Belfast.  Third, July, 1931.  Friends' School, Lisburn.  Antrim Electric Supply Co.  1939-46:  R.A.F.  Civil Servant.  Address: 22 Summerhill Avenue, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2390. *Pringle, Harry (C), b. 4th January, 1916, son of A. Pringle, Clonboy, Clones, Co. Monaghan.  Brother of 2438.  L.VI, July, 1934.  T.C.D., 1934-40:  B.A. (Mod.) in Experimental Science, B.Sc., A.R.I.C. all in 1939.  Joined Defence Forces of Eire, 1940; Commissioned, 1940; resigned with rank of Captain, Army Ordnance Corps, 1945.  Farming.  Address: Barnhill, Clonsilla, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2391. *Rossiter, Henry David (C), b. 3rd September, 1916, son of Mrs. Rossiter, Homelea, Dundalk.  Brother of 2275.  V, July, 1934.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1941.  D.P.H., 1947.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Mentioned in despatches.  Senior Res. Med. Officer, Isolation Hospital, Southampton.  Address: 10 Sondes Drive, Dorking, Surrey.

2392. Stephenson, Robert Louis (N/B), b. 31st December, 1916, son of T. E. Stephenson, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Ltd., Ballina.  L.IV, July, 1931.  Colwyn Bay College, 1931-34.  National Provincial Bank.

2393. *Townley, Robert Hislop (C), b. 20th June, 1917, son of R. D. Townley, Brown's Bay, Islandmagee.  Brother of 3069.  L.VI, July, 1934.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.  Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Ltd.  Address: Rockbracken, Orlock, Groomsport, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2394. *Williams, Robert Dermot Macmahon (D), b. 26th December, 1916, son of Major R. D. Williams, M.C., Inverlough, Marino, Co. Down.  Son of 443.  Brother of 2886.  U.VI, July, 1934.  Scholar.  Dufferin Medal, 1934.  Harkness Scholarship, St. Andrews University.  Sec., Students' Union.  M.A. (Hons.) 1939-45 War: King's African Rifles, Capt. and G.S.O. III.  District Officer, Colonial Administrative Service, N. Rhodesia.  Address: c/o Secretary for Native Affairs.  P.O. Box 208, Lusaka, N. Rhodesia.  (M.q.)

2395. *Young, Hugh (B), b. 6th September, 1916, son of rev. W. P. Young, D.D.  Brother of 2512, 2723 and 2776.  Son of 532.  U.VI, July, 1935.  Scholar.  school Prefect.  1st XV, 1934-35.  Boxing, 1932-33-34-35.  Capt., 1935.  Magee University College, Fullerton Scholarship, 1935-38.  Magee University College, Londonderry and T.C.D., 1935-39.  Assembly's College, Belfast, 1939-41.  B.D.  (T.C.D.), 1939.  Presbyterian Minister.  Address: Hillhall Manse, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)


2396. *Cronne, David Henry (C), b. 2nd October, 1917, son of F. W. Cronne, Cloughey, Nr. Portaferry, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1936.  Q.U.B.: B.Sc. Physics, 1940.  Honours B.Sc. Certificate Chemistry, 1941.  M.Sc. Chemistry, 1942.  A.R.I.C.  1942-47:  Major, R.A.O.C.  U.K. and N.W. Europe.  A.C. (A.) Certificate in Ammunition.  The Burmah Oil Co. Ltd. as a Field Chemist in India and Burmah, 1947-49.  Drilling Fluid Chemist with Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Ltd.  Worked in Iran, 1950-51.  Papua, 1952 to present.  Address: "Windrum," Portnoo, Co. Donegal, Eire.  (M.q.)

2397. *Hamilton, Percival Alexander (A), b. 8th October, 1917, son of H. A. A. Hamilton, 8 Connaught Terrace, Garville Avenue, Rathgar, Dublin.  Brother of 2254.  L.VI, July, 1935.  Undergraduate, T.C.D.  Coxed Trinity Maiden Eight, 1936.  Junior Eight, 1937.  1st VIII, 1938.  1939-45 War: Major, Innis. Fus.  M.C.  Address: 68 Garville Avenue, Rathgar, Dublin.

2398. *Miller, Julian Beresford Anthony (C), b. 3rd December, 1917, son of Capt. Julian T. E. Miller, Clooney Villa, Londonderry.  Brother of 2705.  Army, July, 1936.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1935-36.  Kitchener Scholar.  R.M.A., Sandhurst, 1936-37;  2nd Lieut., R. Innis. Fus., 1938.  Member, Royal Ulster Academy of Arts;  Army Art Society.  Rugby:  Catterick Garrison XV, 1938-39;  Reserve Northern Comd. XV, 1938-39.  France and Belgium, 1939-40.  2nd R. Innis. Fus.; Sicily and Italy, 6th and 2nd Innisks. and Staff. Major, R. Innis. Fus.  Address: c/o Bank of Ireland, Shipquay Street, Londonderry.  (M.q.)

2399. *Robson, Frederick Mills (now Marshall), (E), b. 16th Oct., 1917, son of R. K. Robson.  Brother of 3113.  U.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  T.C.D., 1936-40.  1st Class Moderatorship in Classics.  M.A.  Teaching.  Address: Ardilaun, 20 Knocklofty Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2400. *Todd, Wilbert Thompson (D), b. 29th December, 1916, son of Samuel Todd, "Beechmount," Plantation, Lisburn.  U.IV, Dec., 1933.  Farmer.  Winner of Premier Award in Circuit of Ireland Motor Trial, 1953.  Address: "The Plantation," Lisburn.  (M.q.)

2401. *Watson, Robert France (B), b. 29th May, 1917, son of Dr. E. F. Watson, Brucefield, Rhodes Street, Witbank, Transvaal.  Brother of 2508 and 2509.  Son of 315.  Army, July, 1935.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1933-34-35, Capt., 1935.  Boxing, 1934-35.  Medical Student, T.C.D., 1935-36.  University of Cape Town, 1936.  M.B., Ch.B., Cape Town.  Golf and Water Polo Blues, C.T. University.  1939-45 War: Capt., S.A.M.C., attached to S.A.A.F.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 82 Napier Avenue, Hillside, Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia.  (M.q.)


2402. *Browne, George Reginald (A), b. 13th May, 1918, son of G. H. Browne, 2 Deramore Park South, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1935.  Messrs. G. H. Browne & Co., Paper Merchants, Belfast.  1939-45 War: Major, Royal Innis. Fus., Irish Brigade, 78 Div., 8th Army.  Chairman and Managing Director, M. T. E. Control Gear Ltd., Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.  Address: Little Stambridge Hall, Rochford, Essex.  (M.q.)

2403. Coleman, Robert Benjamin Bunch (B), b. 11th March, 1916, son of J. Coleman, Greystone, Galgorm Road, Ballymena.  U.IV, April, 1934.  Messrs. J. Coleman & Co., Ballymena.  Lieut., R.A.  Died on Active Service, 1942.

2404. Eakin, James Graham (A), b. 12th September, 1917, son of J. A. Eakin, Glenann House, Glasslough, Co. Monaghan.  Remove, July, 1935.  Boxing Team, 1935.  Undergraduate, T.C.D., 1935-36.  L.M.S. Railway, Belfast, 1937.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.E.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: 56 Green Road, Knock, Belfast.

2405. *Millar, John Harold Dundee (A), b. 29th May, 1917, son of S. D. Millar, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 2454, 2532 and 2630.  U.VI, July, 1935.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1934-35.  Capt. of Swimming, 1935.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1940.  M.D., 1946.  M.R.C.P. (Lond.), 1947.  1941-46: R.N.V.R.  Consultant Neurologist, Royal Victoria and Claremont Street Hospitals, Belfast.  Address: 67 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2406. *McConnell, Brian Edmund (E), b. 19th January, 1916, son of W. E. McConnell, 34 Stormont Park, Knock, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1933.  McMordie Medal, 1933.  Q.U.B.: Hutchinson Stewart Scholar, 1936.  Scholar, 1939.  Paediatric Gold Medal, 1939.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., (Honours), 1939.   M.D. (Belf.), 1948.  M.R.C.P. (London), 1948.  1940-46:  R.A.M.C.  Registered Medical Practitioner.  Hon. Sec., Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Society.  Address: 4 Napier Road, Redland, Bristol 6.  (M.q.)

2407. *McDonald, John Richard Burleigh (A), b. 7th May, 1917, son of Rev. J. R. McDonald, Donaghcloney Rectory, Waringstown, Co. Down.  Brother of 2572.  U.VI, July, 1935.  Hockey XI, 1934-35.  O.T.C.  C.Q.M.S.  T.C.D.: Scholar (Mental and Moral Science), 1938.  M.A., B.D.  Address: Bishop Tucker College, Mukono, Kampala, Uganda.  (M.)

2408. *Taylor, Brian Woolger (B), b. 26th Dec., 1917, son of E. J. Taylor, P.O. Box 234, Rangoon.  L.VI, July, 1935.  Electrical Apprentice, G.E.C., Witton, Birmingham.  In Far East for several years.  Address: 24 Crane's Drive, Surbiton, Surrey.


2409. *Arthur, Thomas Neil (B), b. 15th January, 1917, son of Dr. A. Arthur, 46 Western Avenue, Newport, Mon.  U.IV, July, 1934.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1938.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1939.  1940-46: R.A.F.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Carnousie, 105 Caerleon Road, Newport, Mon.  (M.q.)

2410. Austin, Finlay Kerr (A), b. 11th November, 1918, son of J. C. Austin, Resident Magistrate, Gillis House, Armagh.  U.VI (Army), Dec., 1936.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1937.  Lt.-Col., R.C. Sigs.  Mentioned in despatches.  Killed in action, February, 1944.

2411. Bannister, Brian Stanley (B), b. 3rd May, 1918, son of F. C. Bannister, 12 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2605.  V, July, 1936.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1934-35-36.  1st XI, 1934-35-36.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1937.  Flight-Lieutenant, R.A.F.  D.F.C.  Killed on Active Service, July, 1942.  (M.)

2412. *Beatty, Charles Christopher (D), b. 14th May, 1918, son of C. Beatty, J.P., Coalisland, Co. Tyrone.  Remove, April, 1936.  Coy. Com., Ulster Special Constabulary.  Director of Coalisland Weaving Co. Ltd.  Address: Farn-a-leen, Coalisland, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2413. Benson, Terence Edward Benjamin (A), b. 2nd March, 1917, son of The Rev. R. S. Benson, Castle House, Greencastle, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 2032, 2033, 2110 and 2458.  V, Dec., 1933. T.C.D.: B.A., 1937.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Address: The Rectory, Brinny, Upton, Cork.  (M.q.)

2414. *Black, Albert Desmond Pattison (A), b. 27th May, 1918, son of The Rev. A. Pattison Black, 12 Cliftonville Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 2111, 2112 and 2539.  Remove, July, 1936.  T.C.D.: 1936-39.  Assembly's College, Belfast, 1939-42.  M.A.  Chaplain with Y.M.C.A. to the B.E.F. while in France (1940).  Minister of Religion.  Address: The Manse, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2415. Boyd, John Higginson (C), b. 18th August, 1917, son of The Rev. R. Boyd, 41 Osborne Park, Belfast.  Remove, July, 1935.  T.C.D.  Capt., Indian Army.  Killed in Action, 1942.

2416. Brotherston, Alexander Coutts (E), b. 9th May, 1917, son of J. A. Brotherston, 6 Ravenhill Park Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 2037.  U.IV, July, 1935.  Apprentice, Messrs. Harland & Wolff.  1939-45 War: Engineer Officer, M.N.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: 6 Ravenhill Park Gardens, Belfast.

2418. *Donnell, William Anthony Gardiner (D), b. 18th July, 1918, son of M. Donnell, Owenmore, Caw, Londonderry.  Brother of 2327.  Remove, April, 1936.  1939-45 war: Corporal, R.A.F.V.R.  Address: Owenmore, Caw, Londonderry.

2419. *Field, Claude Marcus Beresford (D), b. 19th September, 1918, son of Claude Field, Moyola, 7 St. Jude's Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 2194.  U.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Scottish Amicable Insurance Co., 1936.  Q.U.B., 1937-42.  M.D., D.C.H.,  M.R.C.P. (Edin.)  Consultant Paediatrician, N.I. Hospitals Authority.  1943-46: R.N.V.R.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 40 Deramore drive, Malone Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2420. *Gibson, George Barton (C), b. 22nd February, 1918, son of The Rev. J. H. R. Gibson, Rocklow, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.  U.VI, July, 1936.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1935-36.  T.C.D.: 1936-41.  M.A., M.B., M.A.O., F.R.C.S., M.R.C.O.G.  1939-45 War: Lieut.-Col., R.A.M.C. (14th Army).  Consultant Gynaecologist.  Lecturer, Q.U.B.  Address: 42 Mount Charles, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2421. *Gillespie, Charles William (C), b. 29th March, 918, son of The Rev. A. J. Gillespie, The Manse, Coagh, Co. Tyrone.  U.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., 1941;  D.P.H., 1947.  House Physician and Surgeon, Lurgan Hospital, 1941-42.  1942-46: R.A.M.C.  Assistant School Medical Officer, City of Stoke-on-Trent.  Address: 126 The Avenue, Harpfields, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.  (M.q.)

2422. *Hay, David (A), b. 30th July, 1916, son of The Rev. David Hay, The Manse, Lisburn.  Brother of 2478.  U.VI, July, 1935.  School Prefect.  Shooting VIII, 1934-35/  Captain, 1935.  Undergraduate, Pembroke College, Cambridge.  Nat. Sc. Trip., Part 1, Class 3, 1938.  Q.U.B.: 1938-42.  M.A., Cambridge, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (Q.U.B.); M.R.C.O.G.  1943-46: R.N.V.R. Surgeon-Lieut. Registrar: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Whittington Hospital, London.  Address: Stone House, Redhill, Surrey.  (M.q.)

2423. *Henderson, Samuel James Noel (A), b. 22nd December, 1916, son of R. A. Henderson, Aberholm, Bushmills Road, Portrush.  L.VI, July, 1935.  Hertford College, Oxford.  B.A. (Hons.), 1939; M.A., 1942.  Ordained Deacon, 1942; Priest, 1943.  Rector of St. Augustine's, Norwich.  Address: St. Augustine's Rectory, Norwich, Norfolk.  (M.q.)

2424. Jackson, William Gibson (E), b. 25th August, 1917, son of Mrs. M. E. Jackson, 114 Belmont Road, Belfast.  Shell, July, 1932.  Address: Combermere House, Ballynahinch Road, Hillsborough, Co. Down.

2425. *Johnson, William McMeekin (E), b. 12th June, 1918, son of John Johnson, 112 Harberton Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2560.  L.VI, July, 1936.  Hockey XI, 1936.  Solicitor.  Address: 127 Shandon Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2426. *Lytle, Joseph Hannay (A), b. 16th August, 1917, son of J. H. Lytle, The Point, Groomsport, Co. Down.  Brother of 2531.  U.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  Head Prefect. 1935-36.  Dufferin Medal.  1st XV, 1933-34-35-36 (Capt., 1935-36).  1st XI, 1934-35-36.  Hockey XI, 1934-35-36. (Capt., 1936.)  Sizarship (Classics) and Junior Ex., T.C.D., 1936.  T.C.D.: 1936-39 and 1946-47.  Scholar of the House (Classics), 1939; Moderatorship (1st Class), 1947.  Cricket XI, 1937-39 and 1946-47.  Hockey XI, 1946-47 (T.C.D.)  1940-46: 5th Bn., Royal Hampshire Regt.;  P.O.W. (Italy), 1943.  Major.  Mentioned in despatches.  Schoolmaster, Campbell College.  O.C., C.C.F., 1948.  Address: The Point, Groomsport, Co. Down.  (q.)

2427. Martin, George Frederick Waddell (C), b. 29th May, 1918, son of The Rev. J. D. Martin, M.A., Kilmacroo House, Banbridge, Co. Down.  Army, July, 1936.  Scholar.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1936.  2nd Lieut., R.E., 1938.  Major.  Killed in Action, 1942.

2428. *Megaw, Alan Robert (A), b. 14th January, 1919, son of Rev. W. R. Megaw, The Manse, Rosetta, Belfast.  Brother of 2205, 2756 and 3116.  U.VI, July, 1937.  Head Prefect, 1936-37.  1st XV, 1935-36-37.  1st XI, 1937.  Hockey XI, 1936-37.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.  District Manager, J. Bibby & Sons Ltd.  Address: 92 Knockbreda Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2429. *Mitchell, William (A), b. 22nd July, 1917, son of R. C. Mitchell, Liscloon, Castlerock, Co. Derry.  U.IV, July, 1934.  North Pacific Milling Co., Liverpool.  1939-45 War: Home Guard.  Company Director.  Address: Hinton House, Londonderry.  (M.q.)

2430. Morris, Stewart Leonard (D), b. 21st February, 1918, son of H. G. Morris, 32 Hollybrook Road, Clontarf, Dublin.  Brother of 2149.  V, July, 1935.  1st XV, 1934-35.  T.C.D.  Address: 32 Hollybrook Road, Clontarf, Dublin.

2431. *McArthur, James Archibald (E), b. 28th July, 1918, son of D. McArthur, Casilla, 1215, Valparaiso, Chile.  Brother of 2385.  U.IV, July, 1935.  Address: c/o Oakleigh, 4 Finaghy Park North, Finaghy, Belfast.  (M.)

2432. *McDonnell, Arthur Cecil (B), b. 19th April, 1918, son of Wm. McDonnell, Lisnafin, Ballybeen, Dundonald, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1935.  Pupil Engineer, London, Midland and Scottish Rly., Belfast, 1935-40.  Railway Service, L.M.S. Rly. Co., Derby, 1940-44.  Assistant Manager, Messrs. Harland & Wolff Ltd.  Address: 8 Ascot Gardens, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2433. McMurray, Cecil George (D), b. 21st July, 1917, son of John McMurray, Dromore, Co. Down.  L.IV, July, 1934.  Last known Address: Dromore, Co. Down.

2434. *Odlum, Kenneth Wellesley (C), b. 25th October, 1915, son of A. W. Odlum, Rockview, Maryborough, Eire.  Brother of 2498.  U.IV, July, 1933.  Messrs. W. P. and R. Odlum, Maryborough; Flour Miller.  Address: Rockview, Maryborough, Eire.  (q.)

2435. Orr, Lawrence Percy Story (C), b. 16th September, 1918, son of The Rev. W. R. M. Orr, LL.D., The Vicarage, Gilford, Co. Down.  U.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  T.C.D.  1939-45: Captain, The Life Guards.  Member of Parliament for South Down at Westminster from 1950.  Address: 30 Tufton Court, Tufton Street, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2436. Osborne, Charles Clements Lavens (B), b. 16th September, 1918, son of J. Allan Osborne, Milford, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 1903, 1904 and 2664.  Remove, July, 1935.  Solicitor's Apprentice, Messrs. Osborne & Co., Milford.  Died, May, 1951.

2437. *Plewman, Norman Leslie (A), b. 7th March, 1917, son of F. V. Plewman.  L.VI, July, 1937.  1st XI, 1934-35.  Shooting VIII, 1934-35.  Farming.  Address: Woodstock, Athy, Co. Kildare.  (M.q.)

2438. Pringle, Alexander William (C), b. 25th July, 1918, son of A. Pringle, Clonboy, Clones, Co. Monaghan.  Brother of 2390.  L.VI, July, 1936.  T.C.D., 1936-42.  B.A.,  M.B.,  B.Ch., B.A.O.  L.M. (Rotunda), D.P.H.  W/S Capt., R.A.M.C., 1942-46.  King's African Rifles.  Medical Officer, Bucks County Council.  Address: Rose Cottage, Fort End, Haddenham, Bucks.  (M.q.)

2439. *Stewart, Francis John McCaughey (B), b. 29th July, 1918, son of John Stewart, Hillview, Tullybane, Cloughmills, Co. Antrim.  U.IV, July, 1936.  Shooting VIII, 1936.  Greenmount Agricultural College, 1936-37.  Farmer.  Address: Hillview, Tullybane, Cloughmills, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

2440. *Storey, Shaun (C), b. 3rd August, 1917, son of J. W. Storey, O.B.E., B.A., Dereen, Cregagh Park, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1936.  T.C.D., B.A., 1940.  1939-45 War: R.F.A., R.U.R. and R.I.A.S.C., Lieut.  Civil Servant.  Address: "Dereen," 8 Cregagh Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2441. Talbot, Harold George (B), b. 22nd May, 1918, son of The Rev. T. Talbot, B.D., Horetown Rectory, Foulkmills, Co. Wexford.  Brother of 2717.  U.IV, July, 1933.  Mountjoy School (1934-36).  T.C.D.  Flight-Sergeant, R.N.Z.A.F.  Killed in Action, 23rd Sept., 1943.

2442. *Walker, Vernon Alfred (A), b. 10th July, 1918, son of A. E. Walker, Rathmore, 19 Grosvenor Road, Rathmines, Dublin.  V, July, 1934.  Scholar.  T.C.D.  LL.B., 1938.  Solicitor.  Address: 27 Highfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  (q.)

2443. *Wilson, Douglas Woodrow (E), b. 19th September, 1918, son of Hugh Wilson, Ramore, Hawthornden Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1653 and 2028.  L.IV, April, 1934.  Merchant Tailor.  Address: Old Head, Croft Road, Holywood.  (M.q.)

2444. *Yates, Jocelyn Ivan (A), b. 21st April, 1917, son of Ivan Yates, Westcliffe, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.  Brother of 2722.  Remove, July, 1935.  T.C.D., 1935-36.  Messrs, Stevenson, Clarke & Co., Cardiff.  Abroad for the Powell Duffryn Assoc. Colleries, Ltd. (Oran, Casablanca and Lisbon), 1938-39.  Flying Officer, R.A.F., 263 Fighter Bomber Squadron.  Engineer (specialising in Boiler Feed Water Regulators and Safety Controls; also in Hydraulic and other forms of packings.)  Address: c/o Blackstoops House, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford and 6 Woodbine Avenue, Glenomena Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)


2445. *Crawford, James Eric (E), b. 25th November, 1918, son of James F. Crawford, Verona, Wandsworth Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2192.  U.VI (Army), Dec., 1936.  School Prefect.  Royal Navy (Special Entry), 1936.  1939-45:  R.A.  Chartered Accountant.  Address: 44 Hawthornden Road, Belmont, Belfast.  (q.)

2446. *Lamont, Denis Crawford (C), b. 19th October, 1917, son of J. N. Lamont, Ednagrena, Ballymena.  Brother of 2104 and 2670.  L.VI, July, 1935.  School Prefect.  Q.U.B.  B.Com.Sc., 1938.  1940-46:  Lieut., R.A.  Linen Merchant.  Address: Bye-Ways, Brocklamont, Ballymena.  (M.q.)

2447. *Macafee, Thomas Cecil Haig (C), b. 31st December, 1918, son of T. B. Macafee, Clonallen, Armagh.  Brother of 2203.  Army, Dec., 1936.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1936-37.  Shooting VIII, 1936.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  Lieut., Royal Marines, 1937.  p.s.m.  Major, Royal Marines, 1952.  Address: Clonallen, Armagh, Co. Armagh.  (M.q.)

2448. *Mansergh, Neville Cecil St. George (A), b. 27th November, 1917, ward of Mrs. Mansergh, Rock Lodge, Ballyhooley, Co. Cork.  V, April, 1935.  Representative.  Address: Rock Lodge, Ballyhooley, Co. Cork.

2449. *McMillen, Hugh (C), b. 19th November, 1918, son of E. McMillen (579).  Brother of 3128.  U.IV, July, 1935.  1939-46:  R.A.  Incorporated Insurance Broker (Sumner & McMillen, Ltd.)  Joint Hon. Sec. O.C. Society to 1953.  Address: Culmoray, Cultra, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2450. *McVicker, Thomas Barry (C), b. 29th September, 1918, son of Wm. McVicker, 2 Wheatfield Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 2636.  Army, July, 1937.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1934-35-36-37.  (Capt., 1936).  Boxing Colours, 1937.  Hockey XI, 1935-36-37.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1937.  1st XV and Boxing Team, 1937-8.  1939-45 War: Capt., R. Signals (P.O.W.) Regular Officer.  Address: c/o Dunelm, 31 Adelaide Park, Belfast.  (M.)

2451. *Porter, Robert Johnstone (A), b. 26th November, 1918, son of G. M. Porter (434), Rydal Lodge, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.  Remove, July, 1936.  T.C.D.  Director of R. W. Archer & Co. Ltd., Motor Engineers, Dublin.  Address: Shankill, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2452. *Rintoul, William Barrie Bruce (E), b. 6th June, 1919, son of A. L. Rintoul, 24 Ormiston Crescent, Knock, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1937.  School Prefect.  Q.U.B., 1937-40;  Trinity College, Oxford, 1946-48; Trinity College, Dublin, 1948-50.  B.A. (Q.U.B.);  M.A. (Oxon.);  M.A. (T.C.D.)  Capt., T.C.D. Golf Team, 1949.  1939-45: Royal Artillery (Capt.)  Mentioned in despatches.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Address: 211 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds. 6.  (q.)

2453. *Swanston, Robert (O/A), b. 20th November, 1918, son of Mrs. E. Swanston, Dufferin Cottage, Ballyholme, Bangor, Co. Down.  III, Dec., 1933.  H.M.S. Conway, 1934.  Head Line, 1936-37.  Greenmount Agricultural College, 1937.  Address: 15 Fourth Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down.


2454. *Millar, Alan McMullan (A), b. 27th May, 1918, son of S. D. Millar, 95 Princetown Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 2405, 2532 and 2630.  U.IV, July, 1935.  Hockey XI, 1934-35.  Apprentice, Messrs. McMullan, Thomas & Co., Belfast.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.  Director, Andrew Millar & Co. Ltd.  Address: 18 Rosepark, Dundonald, Belfast.  (q.)

2455. *Parkes, Alan (B), b. 1st June, 1918, son of G. A. Parkes, J.P., Hydepark, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1937.  School Prefect.  Capt. of Swimming, 1937.  Liverpool University (Architecture).  1940-46:  R.A.  Farmer.  Address: Drayton Court, Drayton, Langport, Somerset.  (M.q.)

2456.  *Thompson, Charles Leslie (D), b. 9th May, 1918, son of C. H. Thompson, Ardara, Killarney Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow.  L.VI, July, 1936.  Imperial Tobacco Company, Dublin.  Address: Ardara, Killarney Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow.  (q.)


2457. *Atkinson, William Edward Bunbury (D), b. 5th August, 1919, son of B. Atkinson, Gleneyre, Portadown, Co. Armagh.  Army, July, 1938.  Represented King's African Rifles in Queen's Colonial Escort at the Coronation, 1953.  B.E.F., 1939-40, evacuated Dunkirk: India, 1941-45;  Burma Campaign, 1943-44;  Palestine, 1947-48.  Major, K.O.S.B., seconded King's African Rifles.  To Malaya, August, 1953 with 5th Bn. K.A.R.  Address: c/o B. Atkinson, Esq., Magharee, Warrenpoint, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2458. Benson, Hugh Meredith Quentin (A), b. 24th June, 1919, son of Rev. R. S. Benson, Castle House, Greencastle, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 2032, 2033, 2110 and 2413.  Scholar.  T.C.D.:  1938-40,  M.A.  Schoolmaster.  Address: Elstree School, Woolhampton, Berkshire.  (M.q.)

2459. Boyle, Anthony Trevor (A), b. 16th March, 1919, son of A. F. Boyle, 15 Herbert Road, Dublin, S.E.5.  Brother of 2354.  U.VI, July, 1937.  School Prefect.  McMordie Medal.  Troop Leader, Scouts.  T.C.D.  Capt., Inniskilling Fus.  Killed in Action, 1942.

2460. Brookhouse, Ernest Morton (E), b. 24th April, 1919, son of E. W. Brookhouse, 27 Wandsworth Road, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1935.  1939-45 War: Sergeant, R.A.F., V.R.  Address: (1950) 19 King's Road, Brighton, Sussex.  (M.)

2461. Buchanan, Thomas Alexander Stuart (E), b. 21st January, 1919, son of T. A. O. Buchanan, Clogherdene, 23 Kirkliston Drive, Belfast.  L.IV, July, 1934.  Sergeant, R.A.F., V.R.  Killed in Action, 5th May, 1943.

2462. *Campbell, Wilfrid Ayre Boyd (D), b. 10th April, 1919, son of S. B. Boyd Campbell, M.D., 38 Wellington Park, Belfast.  U.VI, April, 1936.  Scholar.  McMordie Medal.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1941;  M.D., 1944;  M.R.C.P. (Ed.), 1948.  Surgeon-Lt., R.N.V.R., 1942-46.  Paediatrician, Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.  Address: 19 Adelaide Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2463. *Carter, Geoffrey Fitzwilliam (B), b. 4th August, 1918, son of E. F. Carter, Hinton, Clooney Park W., Londonderry.  V, July, 1936.  1st XI, 1934-35-36.  Hockey XI, 1934-35-36.  Tea Planting in Ceylon.  1939-45 War: Ceylon R.A.  Motor Engineer.  Address: c/o 2 Wellington Villas, Clooney Road, Londonderry.

2464. Crooks, Cyril Teuten (C), b. 26th July, 1917, son of Rev. S. B. Crooks, The Rectory, Killough, Co. Down.  Brother of 2098.  Remove, April, 1935.  Undergraduate, T.C.D.  Magee College.  1939-45 War: Capt., 3rd Hussars.  Address: c/o Rev. S. B. Crooks, St. John's Rectory, 25 Cyprus Avenue, Belfast.

2465. *Dales, Herbert Calvert (B), b. 17th October, 1919, son of S. H. Dales, Roseville, Lisburn.  L.VI, July, 1937.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (Honours), 1942;  F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1948; M.Ch., 1951.  1939-45 War: Surgeon-Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Surgeon, East Antrim Hospital Group.  Address: Highway, Ballygally, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2466. *Deacon, Gerald Charles Murray (B), b. 3rd February, 1919, son of C. H. Deacon (821), 25 Stormont Park, Knock, Belfast.  U.VI, Dec., 1937.  School Prefect.  1943-47:  R.A.F.  Clerk of Petty Sessions.  Address: Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh.  (M.q.)

2467. *Driscoll, William James (E), b. 15th June, 1919, son of W. J. Driscoll, Rathlin, Ormiston Drive, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2656.  L.VI, July, 1937.  Q.U.B.:  1937-42.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.; D.R.C.O.G.  1939-45 War: Surgeon-Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 176 Cheam Common Road, Worcester Park, Surrey.  (M.q.)

2468. Edmenson, Walter Alexander (C), b. 23rd July, 1919, son of W. A. Edmenson, 23 Castlehill Road, Knock, Belfast.  Army, Dec., 1937.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1937-38.  Troop Leader, Scouts.  With Messrs. G. Heyn & Sons.  Sub. Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Mentioned in despatches.  Killed in Action, December, 1940.

2469. *Elliott, Richard James Mowbray (C), b. 25th September, 1919, son of T. T. Elliott, Bank of Ireland, Portadown.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Q.U.B.:  B.Sc. (Elect. Eng.), 1944.  Assistant Area Lines Engineer, N.I.,  B.B.C.  Address: 497 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2470. *Fetherston, Donald Ivan (C), b. 14th February, 1919, son of J. W. Fetherston, Montono, 38 Malone Park, Belfast.  Half-brother of 1026.  Brother of 2091, 2329 and 2682,  L.VI, July, 1936.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.  Manager and Director, Derryvale Woollen Co. Ltd.  Address: Redgorton, Helens Bay, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2471. Franks, Ian Fergusson Kendal (A), b. 7th April, 1918, son of Lieut.-Col. K. Franks, D.S.O., 5th Royal Mahrattas, Bannu, Waziristan, India.  Brother of 2330 and 2370.  Army, July, 1936.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1935-36.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1936.  2nd Lieut., I.A., 1938.  1939-45 War: Major, I.A.  Mentioned in despatches.

2472. Gordon, Alexander Lindsay (E), b. 8th January, 1920, son of A. Gordon, 1 Royd Villas, Knock, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1937.  Pilot Officer, R.A.F., V.R.  Killed in Action, 1941.

2473. *Grainger, Craig (C), b. 15th March, 1917, son of Gawn Grainger, Graingefield, Craigavad.  Brother of 1820.  U.IV, April, 1934.  Friends' Provident and Century Insurance Co.  Manager for Australia, 77 Pitt Street, Sydney, N.S.W.  Address: 27 King Edward Street, Pymble, N.S.W., Australia.  (M.q.)

2474. *Gray, Derrick John Lawrence (B), b. 30th June, 1918, son of T. B. Gray, Bank of Ireland, Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan.  Army, July, 1936.  1st XI, 1934-36.  Shooting VIII, 1933-34-35-36. (Capt., 1936).  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1936.  2nd Lieut., R. Irish Fusiliers, 1938.  1939-45 War: Major, R. Ir. Fus.  Regular Army Officer.  (M.)

2475. *Gray, George Henry Douglas (D), b. 18th September, 1917, son of James Gray, Dunard, Clifton Road, Bangor.  Brother of 1663 and 1664.  Remove, April, 1936.  School Prefect.  Boxing, 1933-34-35-36 (Capt., 1935-36).  Hockey XI, 1936.  Engineering Apprentice, L.M.S., Belfast.  1939-45 War: Royal Engineers.  Mentioned in despatches.  Retired as Major, March, 1952.  With the Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd.  Address: c/o Bank of Ireland, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2476. Green, Alexander William Valentine (same person as 2307).  Killed in Action, 1940.

2478. *Hay, Robert Kenneth (A), b. 13th March, 1919, son of Rev. D. Hay, The Manse, Lisburn.  Brother of 2422.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Head Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1937;  Captain of Hockey, 1938.  Q.U.B.: M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1944;  D.P.H., 1947;  M.D., 1948.  1939-45 War: R.A.F. V.R.  Divisional Medical Officer, Cheshire.  Address: Church Cottage, Doddington, Nantwich, Cheshire.  (M.q.)

2479. *Henderson, Thomas Cromwell Brian (A), b. 13th April, 1917, son of T. C. Henderson, The Mall, Ramelton, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 2198.  V, July, 1934.  Queen's University.  University Bisley Team.  1939-46: R. Signals, Capt., M.C.  Solicitor.  Address: Gorse Hill, Ballynahinch, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2480. *Hogg, Arthur Paul Williams (C), b. 25th December, 1918.  U.VI, July, 1937.  School Prefect.  Pipe-Major, O.T.C.  Messrs. Hogg & Mitchell Ltd., Londonderry.  1939-46: R.A.  Company Director.  Address: "Dunavon," 10 Deanfield, Londonderry.  (q.)

2481. *Houston, Geoffrey William (C), b. 12th August, 1919, son of Dr. T. H. Houston (686), Cullybackey, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2590.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. Medical Practitioner.  Address: Dromore, Glarryford, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2482. *Houston, Maitland Raynes (E), b. 29th July, 1919, son of H. Craig Houston, 11 Wandsworth Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2127.   III, Dec., 1934.  1939-45 War: Lieut., Inniskilling Fus.  Schoolmaster.  Address: 19 Palmerston Road, Rathmines, Dublin.  (M.)

2483. *Hughes, Frederick Desmond (D), b. 6th June, 1919, son of F. C. Hughes, 37 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1937.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1935-36-37.  Shooting VIII, 1936-37.  Boxing Team, 1936-37.  Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1937-39.  Law Tripos, Part I.  1939-45:  R.A.F. Wing Cdr.  D.S.O., D.F.C., and 2 Bars.  Permanent Commission, R.A.F. (Wing Cdr.)  A.F.C., 1954.  Address: "Hilltop," Sudbury Hill, Harrow, Middx.  (M.q.)

2484. Hurst, William John (D), b. 4th June, 1918, son of C. B. Hurst, Gayfield, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 2693.  U.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1935-36.  1st XI, 1934-35-36 (Capt., 1936).  Hockey XI, 1934-35-36 (Capt., 1936).  Undergraduate, Christ College, Cambridge.  Mod. Lang. Trip., Part I, Class 2, 1938.  College Hockey XI.  Sub. Lieutenant, R.N.V.R.  Killed in Action, November, 1940.

2485. *Jones, Eric Alexander (C), b. 3rd May, 1919, son of William Jones, Cartron Abbey, Longford.  L.VI, July, 1936.  T.C.D.:  M.A., B.D.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Address: The Rectory, Larne, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2486. *Kennedy, Robert Maxwell (E), b. 21st April, 1919, son of W. M. Kennedy, Claremont, Hawthornden Road, Knock, Belfast.  Son of 103.  III, July, 1934.  1939-46: R.A.F. Transport Engineer.  Address: "Claremont," 21 Hawthornden Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2487. *Kerr, Harry Alexander (B), 21st November, 1918, son of John Kerr, Alberta, Canada.  Remove, July, 1936.  University of Liverpool, School of Architecture.  B.Arch., 1950.  1940-46: Airborne Recce. Sqn.  P.O.W.  1944-45.  Architect.  Address: 33 Ullet Road, Liverpool, 17.  (M.q.)

2488. *Knowles, George Rosborough (D), b. 25th September, 1919, son of Rev. J. Knowles, Tullylish Manse, Laurencetown, Co. Down.  Brother of 2921.  L.VI, July, 1937.  Undergraduate, Queen's University.  Representative, White, Tomkins & Courage.  Address: Tullylish Manse, Laurencetown, Co. Down.

2489. *Levis, Richard Desmond (D), b. 8th March, 1920, son of Rev. J. Levis, Tyrrellspass Rectory, Co. Westmeath.  Brother of 2923.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Prefect.  1939-45 War: Surgeon-Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 33 Cherington Road, Henleaze, Bristol.

2490. *Lindsay, John Joseph (E), b. 12th July, 1919, son of J. Lindsay, Kirkstall, Belmont Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2311.  L.VI, July, 1937.  Aeronautical Engineer.  Address: Midways, Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hants.  (M.q.)

2491. *Magee, John Derrick (C), b. 1st April, 1919, son of W. M. Magee, 29 Downshire Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  Half-brother of 2810 and 3063.  U.IV, July, 1935.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.  P.O.W., 1942-45.  With Henry Morgan Ltd., Montreal.  Address: 1710 Dorchester Street, West., Apt. 17, Montreal, Canada.  (M.q.)

2493. *Montgomery, Henry (C), b. 2nd December, 1916, son of rev. W. E. Montgomery, Formosa.  Son of 130.  U.VI, April, 1936.  School Prefect.  McNeill Medal.  Bennett Memorial.  Niall Nelson Prize.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  Nat. Sc. Trip., Part 1. Class 2.  1939-45 War: Lieut. (A), R.N.V.R. Teaching.  Address: 966 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

2494. *McGeagh, John Todd (E), b. 17th March, 1919, son of Rev. W. J. McGeagh, The Manse, Strandtown, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1937.  School Prefect.  T.C.D.:  B.A., LL.B. 1939-45 War: Lieut. R.N.V.R.  Outside Broadcasts Producer, B.B.C., Belfast.  Address: c/o The Manse, Larne, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2495. *McNeill, William Gerald (B), b. 29th March, 1918, son of M. A. McNeill, 26 Crescent Drive, Westcliffe, Johannesburg.  Army, July, 1936.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1934-35-36.  1st XI, 1934-35-36.  Boxing Team, 1936.  Shooting VIII, 1936.  Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg, 1937-38 and 1940-44.  Edinburgh University, 1939.  M.B., B.Ch.  1st XV's Edinburgh and Witwatersrand Universities.  Private, No. 2 M.O.T.A. Medical Practitioner.  Address: 26 Crescent Drive, Westcliffe, Johannesburg, S. Africa.  (M.q.)

2496. *Nelson, Gerald Eric Pat (D), b. 24th February, 1919, son of E. H. Nelson, Old Comber Road, Dundonald, Belfast.  V, July, 1936.  Northern Bank Official.  1939-45 War: R.N.  Address: Ardmore, Saintfield Road, Belfast.  (M.)

2497. Nightingale, Robert Mathers (E), b. 21st May, 1919, son of G. M. Nightingale, Rosepark, Dundonald.  Brother of 2346 and 3130.  L.IV, July, 1934.  Address: 15 Eastleigh Drive, Knock, Belfast.

2498. *Odlum, Cyril Arthur (C), b. 20th August, 1918, son of A. W. Odlum, Rockview, Maryborough.  Brother of 2434.  V, July, 1936.  1st XI, 1935-36.  Hockey XI, 1935-36.  Hose-Goods Industries, Bristol.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.  Flour Miller.  Address: Rockview, Maryborough, Eire.  (q.)

2499. *Paul, David Graham (B), b. 20th May, 1919, son of J. G. Paul, Westlawn, Bangor, Co. Down.  L.VI, Dec., 1936.  1st XI, 1936.  Hockey XI, 1935-36.  Ulster Hockey XI - Selector Irish and Ulster Hockey.  Director: J. G. Paul, Ltd., 18 May Street, Belfast.  Address: 18 May Street, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2501. Robinson, Stewart Henry (B), b. 29th March, 1919, son of H. S. Robinson, Eshcol, Limavady Road, Londonderry.  U.VI, July, 1937.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1936-37.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  Pembroke College, Cambridge, M.A. (Mechanical Sciences), 1940.  1939-45 War: R.A., Major.  Sugar Technologist.  Address: c/o Airborne Club, 14 South Street, Park Lane, London, W.1.  (M.q.)

2502. *Robinson, William Henry Garde (B), b. 15th November, 1918, son of H. G. Robinson, 15 Belgrave Square, Monkstown, Co. Dublin.  Army, April, 1937.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1936-37.  1st XI, 1935-36.  Hockey XI, 1934-35-36-37 (Capt., 1937).  Dublin Gas Co.  1939-45 War: Flying Officer, R.A.F., V.R.  Shell Oil Co., Dar-es-Salaam, Tanganyika.  Address: 15 Belgrave Square, Monkstown, Co. Dublin.

2503. Roulston, Thomas Mervyn (D), b. 23rd July, 1920, son of Rev. T. Roulston, Ballyblack Manse, Newtownards, Co. Down.  Brother of 2276, 2824 and 3294.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1938.  1st XI (Hockey), 1938;  Ulster Schools XI;  1st XI (Cricket), 1938.  Q.U.B., 1938-43.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.  M.R.C.O.G. Sir Hercules Pakenham Entrance Scholar - Queen's University.  Q.U.B. Cricket 1st XI and Hockey 1st XI.  1946-48: R.A.F. Medical Service.  Registrar in Gynaecology.  Address: 57 Wynchurch Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2504. *Shepherd, John Thompson (A), b. 21st May, 1919, son of Rev. W. F. Shepherd (436), The Manse, Raphoe, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 2212 and 2280.  U.VI, Dec., 1937.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1936-37-38 (Capt., 1937-38).  1st XI, 1937.  Captain of Athletics, 1937.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1944.  M.Ch. (Gold Medal), 1948.  M.D. (Gold Medal), 1951.  Athletic Blue, 1938-39.  Lecturer in Physiology, Q.U.B.  Address: 28 Adelaide Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2505. *Stevens, Robert Leslie (D), b. 17th May, 1919, son of Mrs. Stevens, Cranmore, Highfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  L.VI, July, 1937.  School Prefect.  T.C.D., 1937-41.  B.A., B.A.I., A.M.I.C.E.I.  Civil Engineer (with C.I.E. in Dublin).  Address: Cranmore, Highfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  (M.q.)

2506. *Sweeney, William Mason (E), b. 19th March, 1919, son of C. Sweeney, 52 High Street, Holywood, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1937.  1st XI, 1937.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Medical practitioner.  Address: 88 Castlereagh Road, Belfast.

2507. *Waters, George Alfred (E), b. 11th March, 1919, son of G. E. Waters, 3 Norwood Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 2086.  Remove, March, 1936.  1939-45: Served with 3rd A.A. Brigade, R.A. (10 Battery) S/R.  Civil Servant.  Ministry of Health and Local Government, Stormont, Belfast.  Address: 19 Cairnburn Gardens, Old Holywood Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2508. *Watson, Ernest France (B), b. 12th April, 1919, son of Dr. E. F. Watson, P.O. Box 98, Brucefield, Rhodes Street, Witbank Transvaal.  Brother of 2401 and 2509.  Son of 315.  U.IV, July, 1934.  University of Cape Town, 1936-43.  M.B., Ch.B., Capetown.  D.P.H.  Witwatersrand University, 1947.  1943-45: S.A.M.C., Captain.  Medical Officer of Health, City of Bulawayo.  Address: Box 591, Bulawayo, S. Rhodesia.  (M.q.)

2509. *Watson, Ian France (N/B), b. 7th June, 1920, son of Dr. E. F. Watson, P.O. Box 98, Brucefield, Rhodes Street, Witbank Transvaal.  Brother of 2401 and 2508.  Son of 315.  L.IV, Dec., 1934.  Diocesan College, Rondebosch, South Africa, 1935.  Houghton College, Johannesburg, 1938.  M.B., B.Ch. (Rand.), 1952.  Witwatersrand University 1st XI Cricket, 1947-1951.  1940-46:  South African Air Force.  Major, D.F.C. European theatre.  1943-45 with Bomber Command.  Medical (Intern.)  Address: P.O. Box 98, Witbank, Transvaal, South Africa.  (M.q.)

2510. *Weir, Andrew John (E), b. 24th March, 1919, son of Mrs. Weir, Kinallen, Kingsway Drive, Gilnahirk.  U.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  2nd year Scholarship (Sc.)  Q.U.B., 1936-43:  New College, Edinburgh: 1941-42.  M.Sc., B.D.  Minister, Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Missionary in China, 1945-50.  Address: The Manse, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Eire.  (q.)

2511. *Wilson, William Lewis Stewart (A), b. 6th September, 1918, son of W. Wilson, Gortalee, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2344.  U.VI, April, 1936.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Articled Clerk to Messrs. Wright, Fitzsimons & Mayes, Belfast.  1939-47:  R. Ir. F.  attached Indian Army and Parachute Regt.  General Manager.  Address: c/o Northern Bank Ltd., Royal Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2512. Young, Charles Francis (B), b. 14th October, 1917, son of Rev. W. P. Young, D.D., Portrush, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2395, 2723 and 2776.  Son of 532.  L.VI, July, 1936.  1st XV, 1935-36.  Magee University College, Londonderry.  Fullerton Scholarship.  Hockey XI, 1936.  Assembly's College, Belfast.  B.A. (T.C.D.), 1940.  Minister of Religion.  Address: The Manse, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2513. *Young, Henry Lawrence (B), b. 13th February, 1919, son of H. C. Young, Aghanloo House, Bellarena, Co. Derry.  Brother of 2653 and 2654.  Remove, July, 1936.  T.C.D.: 1936-39 AND 1946-47.  B.A., 1940; M.A.  1946: Divinity Testim., 1947.  Curate Assistant Holy Trinity, Portrush, 1947-49;  Curate Assistant, Cavan Union, 1949-51.  1939-45 War:  R.U.R., No. 12 Commando (Lieut.), 1/9 Gutkha (Gurkha?) Rifles; now Chaplain, R.A.  Ch.D., attached 21 H.A.A. Regt., R.A.  Address: Aghanloo House, Bellarena, Co. Derry and 12 Harding Road, The Dale, Chester.  (M.q.)


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