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1890 Belfast Street Directory

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You will see in red letters where the little people lived, those not listed because their rent was under a certain amount

Off Frederick Street
a few small houses

Carrick Hill to Denmark Street
a number of small houses

off Ravenhill Road
a number of small houses

off M'Tier Street
five small houses

Walnut Street to Coyle's Place

   3. Mitchell, Robert J.
   5. Thornberry, Robt., fireman
   7. Osborne, Wm., upholsterer
   9. Jordan, Robert, builder
 11. McCracken, Samuel, labourer
 13. Reilly, Mrs. E.
 15. Walker, Geo., brass finisher
17, 19. Hunniford, W., publican

   2. Morrow, J., foreman cutter
   4. Ogle, Miss S.
   6. Nettleton, W. J., traveller
   8. Johnston, John, carpenter
 10. Elliott, Mrs. R.
 12. Rodgers, R., foreman fitter
 14. Dorman, John, traveller
 16. Davies, Robert C., slater
 18. Dougan, Thos. L., clerk
 20. Majilton, Thomas, jeweller
 22. Dyer, Mrs., ladies' nurse

Donegall Pass to Ormeau Street

   1. Moss, John, brick layer
   3. Moore, James, gasfitter
   5. Johnston, H., relieving officer
   7. McClure, Saml., carpenter
   9. McIlroy, John, house and land agent
 11. Coard, James, gardener
 13. Clawson, James, farmer
 15. Brown, Miss
 17. Taggart, T., assurance agent
 19. Steele, Mrs.
 21. Gordon, Wm., linen lapper
 23. Edmundson, J., compositor
 25. Price, Thomas, brick layer
 27. McGregor, Maria
 29. Overend, Annie
 31. McConnell, J., litho. printer
 33. Hamilton, William, head constable R.I.C.
 35. Fulton, William
 37. Higginson, Nelson, pensioner
 39. Gordon, Robert, linen lapper

   2. McConnell, James, clerk
   4. Cassidy, John, linen lapper
   6. Boston, James, labourer
   8. Millen, Wm., draughtsman
..........Walnut Place intersects
 10. Martin, Wm. J., grocer
 12. Nichol, George
 14. Mack, Jonathan, measurer
 16. Campbell, Alex., linen lapper
 18. Fair, Miss
 20. Cleeland, R., M.A., teacher
 22. Tennent, Hugh, clerk
 24. Gibson, Samuel, packer
 26. Gardham, Wm., pensioner
 28. McBryde, Alex., letterpress printer
 30. Magowan, Miss, dress and mantle maker
 32. Hamilton, Jane, spirit grocer

Ewart's Buildings to Walton Street
one small house

off Crumlin Road
several small houses

Leeson Street to Grosvenor Street
several small houses

Off Lisburn Road
several small houses

Hemsworth Street to Conlig Street
Wardlow Street Infant School - Miss Johnston, principal
A few small houses

Bridge Street to Albert Square

                        Commercial Buildings
   1. Vance, Gilbert, York Lane, Mill's office
   "   Chamber of Commerce, Samuel Vance, secretary, public accountant, insurance agent and commissioner for taking affidavits
   "   Commercial Buildings Co. Ltd. - Samuel Vance, secretary
   "   Boyd & Magill, chartered accountants and estate agents
   3. Commercial Newsroom - Samuel Vance, secretary
3, 5. Commercial Hotel - R. B. Hall, proprietor
.........Sugarhouse Entry intersects
                         Union Chambers

   7. Megaw, R., grain merchant
   "   Wellwood Brothers, grain & flour merchants
   "   Atkinson, J., & Co., manager Union Marine Insurance Co. Ltd., etc.
   "   Black, S., agent
   "   Cooley, Saml., caretaker
   "   Porter, A. F., solicitor
   9. Duffin, Adam, & Co., stock and share brokers
   "   Bushell & Co. Ltd., distillers
 11. Baxter, R. & W., insurance agents, coal and com. merchants
   "   (1st floor) McGiffin, J., agent
   "   (1st floor) Thompson, R. J., commercial traveller
   "   (1st floor) Moore, Andrew, merchant
   "   Figgis, Frank F., flour and grain broker
   "   (2nd floor) Manley, H. C., solicitor
 13. McCausland, Orr, stock and share broker
   "   White, Mrs., caretaker
15, 17. Woods, Wm., & Co., wholesale druggists, grocers and general merchants
 19. Johnstone, Jas., & Co., linen merchants and insurance agents
 21. Johnstone, Francis, Stock & Share Broker, house, land and insurance agent
   "   Ridge, T., tea agent
   "   Craig, R. H. (J. G. Sands), commission agent
   "   Stevenson, Jas., com. agent
   "   McCreedy, James, caretaker
 23. Major, George Parker, commission merchant and insurance agent
 25. Hunter, W., & F., & Co., leather merchants
27, 26. Vacant
 31. Gallagher, Jas., grain merchant
.........Skipper Street intersects
                            Ulster Buildings
 33. Graham, J. C., sec. Belfast Imperial Building Society
   "   Clarke & McCartan, solicitors
   "   Bingham, G. G., J.P., secretary North-East Agricultural Association of Ireland, vice-consul of Brazil for Belfast & Northern district of Ireland, local manager of the Fire Insurance Association Co., and the London & Lancashire Life Assurance Co.
   "   McKeown, John, agent for J. & N. Phillips, Manchester
   "   Sloan, Thomas, caretaker
35, 37. Ulster Bank Ltd., J. Wallace, chief cashier
 39. Lennon, Peter, head porter; Jas. Newell, bank porter
                           Exchange Buildings
 41. Cunningham, Josias, & Co., Stock & Share Brokers
   "   Cunningham, J. & S., Agents Sun Fire Insurance Co., Scottish Widows' Fund, and Railway Accident Insurance Co.
 43. Press, William, tea broker
   "   Hall, R. & H., Ltd., grain merchants
   "   Robinson, Geo., caretaker
 45. Doherty, Chas., tea merchant
   "   Feeney, James
   "   Squire, Edwin, agent Joseph Gardner & Sons, Ltd., Liverpool and London and Lancashire Insurance Co.
   "   Faren, Wm., linen yarn, flax and flaxseed commission merchant and insurance broker
   "   Scottish Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd. - William Faren, resident secretary
   "   Faren, Joseph, commission and insurance agent
 49. Gregg, H. & W., flour and commission merchants
 51. Vacant
 53. Ayr Steam Shipping Co. - John Morrow, agent
   "   Close, Samuel P., architect, F.R.I.A.I.
   "   Thompson, E. McC., agent
   "   Bell's Asbestos Co. Ltd., Manchester - E. McC. Thompson, agent
 53. The London Metallic Capsule Co. Ltd., London, S.E., E. McC. Thompson, Agent
 55. Henderson, W. D., & Sons, Tile, Brick, Earthenware, Flagstone, Slate, Lath, Drain Pipe, and General Fire Clay Goods Merchant, District Agent for Manchester Fire Assurance Co., Agents for Alliance Fire and Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Societies
   "   McConnell, James (W. D. Henderson & Sons), slate, tile and cement merchant, fire & life insurance agent

   2. Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - D. McKee, Secretary
..........Donegall Street intersects
   4. (1st floor) Byrne, E. & J., architects
   "   (1st floor) Martin, T. S., agent
   "   (1st floor) McConnell, W., do
   "   (1st floor) Osborne, W. & R., flax and tow merchants
   "   (1st floor) Osborne, J. S., solicitor
   "   (2nd floor) Tracey, G. P., agent
   "   (2nd floor) Douglas, S., agent and broker
   "   (2nd floor) Christian, J. R., agent, vacum oil company
   "   (2nd floor) Reid, J., estate and house agent and accountant
   "   (3rd floor) Hunter, S. C. & W., building surveyors
   "   (3rd floor) Hampton, I., agent
   "   Rodgers, George, caretaker
   6. Combe, Barbour, & Combe, engineers, millwrights, and insurance agents
   "   Harris, F. M., insurance agent
 6½. Dickson & Hyndman, solicitors and patent agents
   8. Fisher, T. A., house and land agent, auctioneer
 10. Graham, W. G. & W., stock and share brokers
   "   Thomson, S. A., agent
   "   Barnett, W. M., do
   "    Fitzsimons, W. J., do
   "   Cramsie, John, auctioneer, valuator and estate agent
 12. Eason & Son Ltd., book sellers, stationers, news agents and subscription library
12a. Scott, J. Gordon, solicitor
..........Warehouse Lane intersects
 14. Agnew, Wm., & Co., warehousemen
 16. Hartley, Wm., & Co., house and estate agents and public accountants
   "   (1st floor) Brooke, E. H., commission agent
   "   (1st floor) Russell, John, architect, engineer & surveyor
   "   (1st floor) Lockwood, F. W., architect
   "   (2nd floor) Hewitt, Lanktree, agent
 18. martin, Charles B., Local Secretary Standard Life Assurance Co.
 20. Phillips, William, manufacturers' agent
   "   Parke, R., & Co., drapers
   "   Campbell, Hugh, manufacturers' agent
   "   Moore, McKee, & Co., wine and spirit merchants
   "   Beverley, Alex., & Co., flax merchants
   "   Douglas, Wm., commission agent
   "   Camlin, D., wholesale tea merchant
   "   Hind Bros. & Co., oil merchants
   "   (1st floor) Hunter, William, commission agent
   "   Tierney, James, commission agent
   "   (2nd floor) Harris, A. M., merchant tailor
 22. Jamison, John, & Co., mill furnishers
   "   Reid, George A., resident secretary The Fire Insurance Association Ltd.
   "   Walker, Geo., linen merchant
 24. White, Wm., grain merchant
..........Hill Street intersects
 26. Belfast Warehouse Co. Ltd.
   "   King, Fredk., & Co. Ltd., Sole Manufacturers of Edwards' Preserved Potatoes and Edwards' Desiccated Soups and Gravania - London Branch, 3, 4, 5, & 6, Camomile Street, E.C.
   "   City of Belfast Steamship Co.
   "   Boyd Bros., & Co. Ltd.
   "   Discount Corporation of Ireland Ltd.
   "   Suffolk Linen Co. Ltd.
   "   Land and Investment Co. of Ireland Ltd.
   "   Boyd, J. S.
   "   Ireland, Sarah, receiving P.O.
 28. Smyth, M. J., solicitor
   "   Purdon, E. S., flax merchant
   "   Kosmack, M., & Co., grain and flour merchants
   "   Murphy, Bridget, caretaker
32, 34. Walkingtan & Son, lard refiners and general merchants
 36. McCreery, S. B.
38, 40. Smyth, James H., & Co., auctioneers and valuators
 42. Johnson, J. C., & Co., Cement Manufacturers - London Agent, N. MacNaughton
44, 46. Brydon, W. W., Wine and Spirit Broker and Commission Agent
 48. Malcomson & Co., wine and spirit merchants
                           Victoria Chambers
 54. Lilburn, H. M., tea merchant
   "   Graham, Robt., do
   "   Grainger, W. A., ship owner
   "   Canadian Government offices
   "   Herrick, H., agent
   "   Breen & Co.
   "   Starkey, T. H., representative (Bovril)
   "   Stewart, G. F., commission and insurance agent
 56. Porter, William & Sons, ship owners, ship brokers, steamship & passenger agents
   "   Turpin, James and Maxton, Jas., Surveyors to Lloyd's Register of Shipping
                           Ulster Chambers
1, 2, 3. Heyn, G. & Sons, managers Ulster Steamship Co. Ltd., ship and steamship brokers, Royal Belgian Consulate, Vice-Consulate for Russia, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Greece
   4. Armor, John, Agent for Scottish Union & National Insurance Co. (Life), and Queen Insurance Co. (Fire)
   "   Armor, R. & J., Agents for London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co., Goole Steam Shipping Co. Ltd.; Carriers to and from Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Rotterdam, etc.
   5. Hurley, F., commission agent
   6. Moore, A. A., do
   7. Vacant
   8. Hind, John, jun., agent for engineering specialities
9, 10, 11. Macrory, R. A., solicitor
12, 13. Mackenzie, Wm., Publisher and Book Seller
14, 15, 16, 17. Vacant
 24. MacLaine's Patent Perfect Piston Co. Ltd.
       MacLaine, Alexander
       Chambers, Walter, consulting engineer

off Northumberland Street
a few small houses

Hemsworth Street to Conlig Street
several small houses

Frederick Street to York Lane
several small houses

off Falls Road
Belfast Flax Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd., Milfort Mill
also several small houses

Fairfax Street to Byron Street
some small houses

Linfield Road to Railway Street
some small houses

Off North Street
seven small houses

Off York Road
several small houses

Snugville Street to Carnan Street
several small houses

off Newtownards Road
several small houses

Malone Road to Lisburn Road

   1. Montgomery, C., linen merchant
   3. Robinson, Thompson C.
   9. Shields, Fredk. J., manager
 11. Barkley, Mrs.
 13. Hopkirk, Miss, private home for the sick
 15. McIntosh, R., compositor
 17. Geddis, Wm., builder and contractor
 19. Bennett, J., foundry manager
 21. Bryce, Mrs.
 23. Haffern, Wm., clerk
 25. Lemon, Samuel, tailor
 27. McDuff, John, florist
 29. Jamison, Mrs.
 31. McCaw, Miss
 33. Henry, S. D., com. traveller
 35. Smith, Mrs.
113. Wallace, J., manufacturer
115. Yates, W., tea merchant
117. Graham, John, traveller
119. Adair, Rev. T., B.A., tutor
121. Scott, Mrs.

   2. Stuart, Thos., bank clerk
   4. Craig, Alexander
   6. Wilson, Wm. C., artist
   8. Boyd, Miss
 10. Craig, Alex. N., tailor
 12. Smyth, Linnward (Smyth, Linn W., house owner in 1880)
 14. Bigger, D., com. traveller
 16. Oliver, Rev. John
 18. Johnston, W. J., com. traveller
 20. Woods, Jas., linen merchant

Off Wellington Street
some small houses

Malone Road to Lisburn Road

   1. Moore, John, ship owner
   3. Beath, R. M., con. engineer
   5. Tedford, James, ship owner
 13. Clarke, Mrs.
 15. White, James, mill owner
 17. Reid, Mrs.
 21. McMullan, Robert, merchant
29, 33. Vacant
 35. Knocker, Capt. Cuthbert G., D.A.A.G.
 37. Agnew, Wm., timber merchant
 39. Porter, John, general draper
 41. Sprott, Jas., linen merchant

                      Wellington Park House
   2. Williamson, Rev. Henry M., minister of Fisherwick Place Presbyterian Church
   4. Neill, Miss H. R., ladies' university school
   6. Johnston, Jas., flax merchant
   8. White, John C., solicitor
 10. Kernahan, William
 12. Dobbin, Miss
..........Park Lane intersects
 14. Hutton, H., timber merchant
 16. Kinahan, Miss
 18. Jeffrey, Henry, publican
 20. Shaw, John S., hatter
..........Wellington Park Terrace intersects
 22. Armstrong, Mrs.
 24. Hewitt, Mrs.
 26. Pollock, H. M., importer of flour
 28. McKnight, Thomas, editor Northern Whig
 30. Cargin, Mrs.
       Fitzroy Avenue Presbyterian Church
 32. Shaw, Rev. George, minister Fitzroy Avenue Presbyterian Church
                             Florence Villa
 34. Hamilton, William T., linen manufacturer
 36. Doherty, Chas., tea merchant
 38. Stafford, John J., com. trav.
 40. Hodgson, Mrs., ladies' school
 42. Gibson, Mrs.
                             Camera House
       Seggons, Robt., photo artist
                     Wellington Park Cottage
 44. Galloway, James
 46. Higginbotham, Granby, sec., Ulster Bank Ltd.
 48. Cleland, Wm. W., manufacturing stationer
 50. Johnston, Jas., tea merchant
 52. Nance, Andrew, manager Belfast Street Tramways
 54. McFadden, Wm. H., seed merchant
 56. Spackman, Mrs.
 58. Lowry, John F., flax buyer
 60. Kinnaird, Mrs.
 62. Neill, Sharman D., jeweller and silversmith
 64. MacGeorge, E. G., J.P., sec. Scottish Provident Assurance Co.
 66. Purvis, D., commercial traveller
 68. Clugston, Wm., linen merchant
 70. Smith, Miss
 72. McKinney, D. J., M.D.

off Wellington Park

   1. Shields, Robert, stationer
   2. Crawford, Robt., brick layer

off Wellington Park

   1. Long, Mrs.
   3. Massey, Mrs.
   5. Campbell, Rev. Robert
   7. Hunter, Miss
   9. Moore, John Thos., cashier
 11. McGaw, Miss
 13. Lockwood, Fred., architect
 15. Bulla, Henry, grocer
 17. Jackson, R. J., com. traveller
 19. Wakeford, Mrs.
 21. Pryde, John A. (of Gibson & Co., jewellers

Fountain Street to College Square East

   1. Northern Linen Company
   3. MacArthur & Co., wholesale stationers, lithographers, book binders and printers
   5. Purdon, Mrs.
   7. Ross, R., M.D., L.R.C.S.I.
   9. Torrens, J., & Son, solicitors
 11. Smith, J. W. T., M.D.
 13. Dickenson, J., & Co., Lt., wholesale stationers & fancy box manufacturers
       Evangelical Union Church, Rev. G. Cron, minister
       Young, J. & R., linen & linen yarn & flax merchants & general commission agents
                         Wellington House
 29. Nelson, J., M.D., L.R.C.S.I.
 31. Stringer,. A., depository
 33. Cumins, Dr. J., Professor of Medicine, Queen's College (Cuming, James, M.D., F.R.Q.C.P. in 1880)
 35. Stringer, A., M.R.C.V.S.

   2. McPherson, Miss, superintendent depot nurses for sick poor
   4. Black, J., general commission agent
   "   Stewart, S., & Co., linen and linen drill manufacturers
   "   Mohan & Co., towel and handkerchief manufacturers
   "   Glen Printing and Finishing Co. - branch office from Newtownards
   6. Scott, J. & S., millinery, mantle, costume, and furs warehouse
   8. Moore & Crawford, printers, lithographers & manufacturing stationers
 10. Gemmell, D. & J., monumental sculptors
 12. Archer & Son, printers and book binders and manufacturing sculptors
 14. City of Belfast Young Men's Christian Association - D. A. Black, general secretary
 16. Hanna, R., bed and bedding manufacturer, etc.
 18. Gunning, J., & Son Ltd., linen manufacturers and merchants
..........Queen Street intersects
 20. Henry, A. & S., & Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers, etc.
 22. Charley, J. W., & Co., linen merchants, etc.
   "   Rafter, W. P., assurance agent
 24. Hanna, W. G., engineering agent
       Belfast Hosiery Manufacturing Co.
 26. Gaussen, J. L., M.D.
 28. Crymble, M., pianoforte and music warehouse
 30. Vacant

Donegall Square West to College Square East

   1. Moore, John, carpenter
3, 5. McGrady, Rosina, furniture remover
   7. McCormick, D., compositor
.........Wellington Court intersects
   9. Gibson, William, carpenter
 11. Hilditch, Mrs. (Hildridge, Wm. John, carter in 1880)
 13. Back entrance to Archer & Sons
 15. Back entrance to Young Men's Christian Association
 17. Back entrance to J. C. Hanna & Co.
..........Queen Street Upper intersects
       Side entrance to Fisherwick Place Church

   2. Faulkner, Sarah
   4. Johnston, William, tailor
   6. Long, Ebenezer, block cutter
   8. McCord, Thomas, servants' registry office
 10. Gorman, Swann, packer
 12. Brown, Margaret
 14. Taylor, Daniel, cutter
 16. Cowan, Mrs., servants' registry office

Great Victoria Street to Sandy Row

   1. Patterson, Alex., printer
   3. Magee, James, do
   5. Calwell, Samuel
   7. Morrow, A., ironmonger's assistant
   9. Forsythe, Robert
..........Glenalpin Street intersects
11 to 15. Cardwell, Wm., coal dealer
..........Charles Street South intersects
 17. Thompson, Wm., cab owner
 19. Maxwell, Mrs.
 21. Allen, Adam, printer
 23. Stewart, Jane

   2. Wright, Ann
   4. Patton, Ann
   6. Berrington, J. H., engineer
..........Norwood Street intersects
   8. McGifford, Sarah, dress maker
 10. Petrie, Wm., engine driver
 12. Guiler, James, chemist
 14. Dockray, Wm., sea captain (Dockeray, Wm., sea captain in 1880)
 20. McConkey, Wm. E., potato dealer and grocer
..........Charles Street South intersects
 22. Baird, William, labourer
 24. Haslett, Wm., do
 26. Jackson, Robt., do
 28. Vacant
 30. Leaney, Lizzie

Hemsworth Street to Conlig Street
several small houses

Lagan Street to McAuley Street
several small houses

Henry Street to Little George's Street
several small houses

Off Wesley Place
Three small houses

Great Victoria Street to Sandy Row

1, 3. Watt, William, Grocer & Provision Merchant
   5. Bryant, John, fruiterer
   7. McMurray, James, plumber
..........Kensington Street intersects
   9. Rea, John, flesher
 11. Bell, W. W., salesman
 13. Allison, Thos., carver, gilder and picture frame maker
 15. Gibson, Robert, grocer
.........Wesley Street intersects
 17. Hewitt, Thomas, carpenter
 19. Rountree, Thos., cloth passer
 21. Taylor, William, librarian
 23. Hanna, Samuel, hay dealer
.........Combermere Street intersects
25, 27. Anderson, H., pawn broker
 29. Irvine, John, grocer
 31. Shannon, Wm., grocer
 33. Patchell, Wm., publican

   2. Taylor, Joseph, publican
   4. Kerr, Robert, collar cutter
   6. Connelly, Hugh, rent agent (Connolly, Hugh, iron founder in 1880)
   8. Clarke, Wm., compositor
 10. Gordon, Hugh, millwright
10a. Jones, Wm., sand merchant
10b. McClune, John, rent agent
..........Wesley Court intersects
 12. Robinson, Wm., hardware merchant
 14. Connor, Wm., lamp lighter
 16. Fitzpatrick, Wm., barber
..........Bradbury Court intersects
 18. Elliott, Ellen, green grocer
..........McFarland's Court intersects
 20. Tate, Miss
 22. Simpson, David, watchman

Albion Street to Wesley Place
a number of small houses

Smithfield to Millfield

 19. McWhinney, Ann, dealer
 21. McConnell, Thos., do
 23. Morgan, Patrick, do
 25. Kelly, Mary, do
 27. McClory, Patrick, painter
 29. McCullough, John, slater
 31. Morgan, Patk., marine store

2, 4. McGlade, Patk., publican
   6. Dean, Hugh, dealer
   8. McCabe, Jas., do
 10. Kavanagh, J., do
 12. Curley, Wm., do
14, 16. Hannan, Thos., labourer
 18. Burke, Patk., slipper maker
 20. McGlinn, Michael, carter
 22. Green, Mrs., dealer
 24. Grimley, John, shoe maker
 26. Barnes, John, marine store
28, 30. Kelly, John, wholesale fish and fruit salesman
 32. Hughes, W. J., marine store
 34. Brady, Ellen, dealer

off Newtownards Road
several small houses

off Ashmore Street
two small houses

Off Newtownards Road
a number of small houses

Off Pound Street
A number of small houses

Off Island Street
some small houses

Clyde Street to Thompson Street
several small houses

See Cooke Street

York Street to Dufferin Dock

1, 3. Maguire, Geo., publican
5, 7. Benson, R. J. (pilot), refreshment rooms
   9. Gilliland, John, labourer
 11. Bruntz, Joseph, car owner
 13. Rice, Sarah
 15. Watterson, T., shipwright
 17. Bradley, Jane
 19. McFadden, William, smith
 21. Whiteside, William, do
 23. Hannen, Mary
 25. Magill, Michael, seaman
 27. Tremellin, W. J., compositor (Trumellen, J. W., compositor in 1880)
 29. Dixon, Bridget
 31. Collins, Eliza
 33. Dunn, D., railway constable
 35. Boyd, Eliza
 37. Hanna, W., railway constable
 39. Potter, Edward, joiner
.........Little Ship Street intersects
 41. Robinson, John, rivetter
 43. McColgan, M., labourer (McColgal, Michael, labourer in 1880)
 45. Potter, W. J., carpenter
 47. Creen, Thos., ship carpenter (Green, Thomas, carpenter in 1880)
 49. Miller, Eliza (Millar, Thomas, do. in 1880)
 51. McGeogh, Michael, rivetter
 53. McMahon, Peter, plater
 55. McAllister, Alex., labourer (McAlister, Alexander, porter in 1880)
 57. Mulholland, James, smith
 59. Dougherty, H., carpenter (Doherty, Hugh, carpenter in 1880)
 61. Saunderson, J., & Co., iron founders & engineers, millwrights, etc.
.........Nelson Street intersects
       Malcolm, W., & Co., engineers, millwrights & boiler makers
       Salvation Army Hall
87, 89. McKeown, P., boat builder
 91. Francis, Alex., interpreter
 93. David, S., refreshment rooms
 95. Devlin, Mrs.
 97. McAllister, Kate
 99. Dempsey, William, spirit merchant (Dufferin House)
..........Garmoyle Street intersects
       Harland & Wolff, ship chandlers
       Entrance to arrival platform and goods department of Northern Counties Railway
..........Duncrue Street intersects
       Laverty & Sons, builders and contractors
       Magee, Wm., steam sawmills
       Hutton, Henry & Co., timber and slate merchants - Timber depôt, Duncrue Street
       Seaview Dinning (Dining) Hall - Jas. Annett, proprietor

Westmoreland Street to Beverly Street
several small houses

Church Street to Royal Avenue

   3. Johnston, W., chimney sweep
   5. McAuley, Patrick, labourer
   7. McGahan, James, boot maker
   9. Sanlin, Mrs.
 11. Dudley, John, brick layer
 13. Gribben, Henry, painter
 15. Duncan, Patrick, labourer
 17. McGee, Mrs. (Magee, Hugh, groom in 1880)
19, 21. Cameron, D., coach builder
 23. McCracken, Henry, butcher
 25. Beggs, Hugh, French polisher
 27. Kelly, James, cooper

2, 4. Scott, John K., oil merchant, mill furnisher & hardwood merchant
6, 8. Watt, Thos., provision merchant
 10. Newell, H. A., & Co., tailors' workshop

Arthur Square to Victoria Square

1, 3. Mann, Joseph, clothier and pawn broker
5, 7. Fox, Edward, chemical & philosophical inst. maker
   9. Thompson, Mrs.
11, 13. Kane, S., oyster rooms
 15. Stamford, John J., Shakspeare Hotel (Shakespeare)
17, 19. Ross, W. A., & Co., the Royal Belfast Ginger Ale, Mineral and Aerated Water, and Cordial Manufactory

 14. Belfast Sausage Manufacturing Company
 16. Milliken, Joseph J., Plumber, Gas, Steam and Electric Fitter
 18. Carney, Richard, hairdresser
18a. McCorry, Richard, broker and commission agent
 20. Willis, Wm. A., plumber
 22. (ground floor) The Belfast and North of Ireland Advertising Company - Bill Posters and General Advertising Contractors; R. Motherell, Manager
   "   (2nd floor) Ferris Bros., boot top manufacturers
 24. Adair, D., cabinet maker and upholsterer
 26. McComb, Patk., agent Castlebellingham Brewery

Woodstock Road to Castlereagh Road

   1. Bailey, Mrs.
 1a. Orr, Hugh L., mill furnisher
   3. Alexander, Jas., rent agent
 3a. Kyle, R., shoe maker
   5. O'Neill, Jacob, fitter
   7. Moore, James, land steward
   9. Crozier, John, clerk
 11. McArthur, Chas., upholsterer
 13. McKay, Mrs.
 15. Cardwell, James, stationer
 17. Rutherford, Martin, draper
 19. Robertson, John, maltman
 21. Moore, David, R.I.C. pensioner
 23. McCormick, Jas., com. agent
 25. McMullan, Saml., horse dealer
 27. Casement, Annie
 29. Carlisle, Mrs.
 31. McCormick, John, draper
 33. McConville, Michl., assistant
 35. Magill, David, sand merchant
 37. Galway, W. H., clerk
 39. Brown, John, clerk
 41. Fitzgerald, Wm., joiner
..........Euston Street intersects
43, 45. May, John, grocer and provision merchant
 47. Symmonds, Robert, carpet salesman
 49. Hamilton, Nathaniel, baker
 51. Robinson, Robert, mechanic
 53. Henry, Joshua, clerk
 55. Jones, Wm., foreman flesher
 57. Parkinson, S., bread server
 59. Wright, Wm., pattern maker
 61. Johnston, Hugh, foreman
 63. McChesney, Samuel, clerk
 65. Hallaghan, T., pensioner
 67. Smith, Francis, fitter
 69. Murray, Thomas, plumber
 71. McGrath, James, baker
71½. Russell, Mrs.
 73. Jones, Robert J., moulder
 75. McCready, Mrs.
 77. Livingston, Duncan, baker
 79. McIlroy, Hugh, clerk
 81. Fitchie, John, compositor
 83. Fitzgerald, Joseph E., clerk
 85. Corbett, David, collar cutter
 87. Brown, S., preparing master

   2. McDonald, Frederick, clerk
 2a. McConnell, John, tailor
   4. Jackson, T. S., com. traveller
   6. Lattimer, R., leather cutter
   8. Somerville, Alex., tenter
 10. Handforth, T., yeast merchant
 12. Stewart, Thos., grocer's assistant
 14. Clegg, John J. M., traveller
 16. Kennedy, B., billiard marker
 18. Campbell, David, tenter
 20. Beattie, John, grocer's assistant
..........Canton Street intersects
 22. Brock, Wm. J., compositor
 24. Craig, J. P. T., cabinet maker
 26. Craig, Robt. A., traveller
 28. McConkey, Wm., cloth passer
32a. Barry, Jane, spirit grocer
34a. Barry, W. J., dairy keeper
..........Euston Street intersects
 30. Milligan, John, yarn dresser
 32. McDowell, John, labourer
 34. Howard, Mrs.
 36. Cowan, James, traveller
 38. Jackson, Wm., cooper
 40. Smith, T., assurance agent
 42. Elliott, Mrs., laundress
 44. Martin, Alex., sailor
 46. Stephenson, Thos. H., accountant
 48. McMullin, Jos., linen lapper
 50. Keith, John, labourer
 52. Pedlow, John, do
 54. Patterson, Jas., yarn dresser

off Grosvenor Street
several small houses

High Street to Ann Street
several stores and small houses

Millfield to Sackville Street

1, 3. Johnston, Mrs., dealer
   5. McIvor, Andrew (McKeever, Andrew, carter in 1880)
7, 9. Winnington & Sefton, Brass founders, Engineers and Machinists
 11. Black, Mrs.
.........Letitia Street intersects
 17. McCrudden, James, moulder
 19. Greer, James, dealer
 21. Nesbitt, Samuel, store keeper
 23. Madden, John, mechanic
.........McIvor's Place intersects
 25. Harper, Wm. John, fitter
 27. Marmion, John, moulder
.........Bilton's Court intersects
 29. Palmer, Robert, labourer
 31. Wilson, Wm., core maker
 33. Armstrong, Michael, grocer

   2. Christian, R., ship carpenter
   4. McIvor's workshops
   6. Burke, John, slipper maker
   8. Murray, Thomas, labourer
 10. Adams, Joseph, tram driver
       Magill, Archibald, labourer
14, 16. Crawford, Alex., & Son, starch works
 18. Rodgers, George, manager
 20. Reilly, John, shoe maker
 22. Watters, John, hay dealer
..........Johnston Street intersects
 24. Cooksey, Edwd., shoe maker
 26. Dover, Mrs.
 28. Smith, William (Smyth, William, carpenter in 1880)
 30. Kirk, James, coachman
 32. Baxter, Robert, tinsmith
 34. Ardis, Samuel, spirit grocer

Wilton Street to Canmore Street
some small houses

Shankhill Road to Cupar Street
several small houses

Hemsworth Street to Conlig Street
some small houses

Lisburn Road to Malone Road

   1. McBride, James

   2. Flinn, Robt., com. traveller
   3. Gerrard, Thomas
                                 Rosevale (Rossville in 1880)
   1. Rice, Miss
   2. Rouxel, P., French consul
   1. Turnbull, Alex., cashier Gas Office, Queen Street
   2. Lynd, Rev. R. J., M.A., D.D., minister May Street Presbyterian Church
       Wallace, Percy Hale
       Brown, John
                  Carraghdarragh (Carradarragh in 1880)
       Glass, Jas., linen merchant
                                  Altoon (Altona in 1880)
        Kinghan, Rev. J., principal of Deaf and Dumb and Blind Institution
       Rogers, John (of H. Matier & Co., Clarence Place)

       Campbell, Miss
       Finlay, Wm. L., J.P., linen manufacturer
       Brown, David
       Ferrar, A. M., linen merchant
       Carr, J., director Ulster Bank
   1. McBride, S., linen merchant
   2. Macfarlane, John
   1. Atkinson, Mrs.
   2. Workman, John, J.P.

       Porter, Mrs.
       Hamilton, Robert L., J.P.

       Jenkins, Wm. J., linen and linen handkerchief manufacturer

       Suffern, John
       Lytle, Joseph H., J.P.
       Combe, Abram, of Combe, Barbour & Combe, Fall's Foundry

       Workman, Mrs.
..........Windsor Avenue North intersects
       Hoey, Fredk. W., distiller

       Gordon, David, coachman

off Lisburn Road

       Shanks, John, gardener
                     Lower Windsor Terrace
   1. Finlay, Mrs.
   2. Cherry, Thomas, pensioner
   3. Neilly, Mrs.
   4. Snowden, Jos., collector
   5. Lecky, William, salesman
   6. Roney, Miss
   7. Matchett, James, foreman
   8. Trotter, Mrs.
                           Brookland Terrace
   1. Hunter, William, agent
   2. Sharkey, J. D., linen merchant
   3. Cotter, Alex., cashier
   4. Wilbond, Jas., Excise officer
       St. Thomas' National Schools - Hawthorn Bennet, principal

Malone Road to Windsor Avenue

   1. Morgan, Robt., pawn broker
   2. Browne, Miss
       Cooke, Alex., linen, yarn and flax merchant
       Thompson, Henry, J.P.

       Bowles, Chas., linen merchant

Lisburn Road to Malone Road

       Playfair, Charles, gun and fishing tackle maker
       Corbett, John (Brown, Corbett & Co.), Victoria Street
       Magill, Jas., assistant manager York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.

       Hogg, Mrs.
       Doig, Andrew, comm. agent
       Vacant villa
       Henderson, Robt., Collector of Customs
       McMullan & Co., wholesale druggists, etc. (Victoria Street)
       Bryson, Mrs.
                          Canmore House
       Hetherington, Jas., Broadway Damask Co.

       Matthews, Rev. Dr., Presbyterian minister of London
       Williamson, Thos., coachman
       Shepperd, Henry J., postmaster of Belfast (Sheppard, H. J., Post Master in 1880)
                          Benvue Gardens
       Thompson, Jas., coachman
       Trotter, Thomas, gardener

   1. Campbell, John, druggist and grocer
   2. Sterling, Thomas, manager
   3. Scott, John, pawn broker
       Strain, William, stationer
       Duffield, Mrs.
       Gardner, C., of J. & C. Gardner, flour millers, York Lane
       Greer, William, of Kirker, Greer & Co. Ltd., distillers
       New houses in course of erection for A. Hetherington
                             Oakley House
       Henderson, J., A.M., T.C.D., proprietor Belfast News-Letter

       Browne, Thos. H., J.P.
       Browne, Mrs.
       Barr, J., Director, Dunville & Co. Ltd.

Great Victoria Street to Charles Street South

   1. Bell, William
   3. Short, J., Cliff dining room
   5. Wilson, Wm., clothier
5½. Guilfoyle, Thos., mechanic
   7. McCance, Margt., dress maker
   9. Kennedy, A.
 11. Craig, John, fitter
 13. Beattie, William, carter
 15. Richardson, George, tailor
 17. Calvert, Agnes
 19. Bullock, Alex., barman
 21. Gamble, Thomas, compositor
 23. Graham, John, litho. printer
 25. Totten, Alex., labourer

   2. Young, M. J., dress maker
   4. Hamilton, A., house agent
..........Norwood Street intersects
   6. McKnight, Mary
   8. Usher, Jane
 10. Herdman, Prudence
 12. Davison, Andrew, labourer
 14. Ferris, B., damask mounter
 16. McCleery, Mary
 18. Walker, Samuel, carpenter
 20. Biggs, John, stock keeper
 22. Reid, Wm. H., pavior
 24. Scott, Thomas, gardener

High Street to Rosemary Street

       Rooney, John, oyster and supper rooms
       Duffy, A., Winecellar Vaults
       White, Hugh & Co., wine and spirit merchants
       Donnelly Bros., side door
       Branagh, John, flesher

Smithfield to North Street

1, 3. Byrne, A. & D., side door
7, 9. Adams, Jas. & Son, baker and grocer
 11. McAree, Michael, cooper
 13. McGlennon, M., stone cutter
 15. McCann, Mary, dealer
 17. McAree, Michael, shoe maker
 19. Leathem, James, cooper
 21. Vacant
 23. Beck, Wm., gardener
 25. O'Brien, Mrs., dealer
 27. Duffy, Wm. J., hairdresser
 29. McIntyre, J. & Co., marine store
 31. McKeith, Geo., litho. printer
 33. Murray, James, dealer
35, 37. Halliday, Daniel, dealer
 39. Magee, Thomas, labourer (McDee, Thomas, labourer in 1880)
41, 43. Hamilton, Jane, pipe manufacturer
 45. Barry, Susan, marine store
 47. Vacant

   2. Side of Smithfield Flax Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd.
..........Samuel Street intersects
4, 6. Lewis, Mary Ann, dealer
..........Winetavern Street Place intersects
   8. McClelland, Joseph
10, 12. Gallagher, J., tailor
 14. Hamilton, Francis, dealer
 16. Hamilton, J., pipe manufacturer
 18. McBurney, J., engine driver
 20. O'Neill, William, fitter
22, 24. Hamill, P., horse shoer
 26. Hamilton, F., pipe maker

Off Winetavern Street
Four small houses

off Newtownards Road

   9. Wilson, R., hemp dresser
 11. Morrow, Alex., rope maker
 13. Walker, K. G., joiner
 15. Wilson, Samuel, weaver
 17. Hewitt, James, fireman
 19. Todd, James, labourer
 21. Phillips, J., linen finisher
 23. McCaughey, J., policeman
 25. McEwen, James, plumber
 27. Templeton, W., sailor
 29. Maddock, John, shoe maker
 31. Burgoyne, Wm., plater
 33. Martin, Robert, joiner
 35. Kinnear, Thomas, labourer
 37. McDowell, Alexander, clerk
 39. Webster, A., callender worker
 41. Lamont, Neil, labourer
 43. Sleator, G., police sergeant
 45. Marshall, James, overlooker
 47. Finniston, Geo., engraver
 49. Miller, Wm., weaver

   2. McCalmont, John, carpenter
   4. McCullough, John, labourer
   6. Crowthers, Chas., carpenter
   8. Adams, Joseph, painter
 10. Ferguson, Robt., bread server
 12. Gordon, Francis, caulker
 14. Jackson, J.
 16. Patterson, John, gardener
 18. Graham, Alex., labourer
 20. Brown, Ann
 22. Ingram, J., water inspector
 24. Smith, John, labourer
 26. McKee, James, fireman
 28. Patterson, Thos., baker
 30. Hendram, Wm., mechanic
 32. Tinsley, Agnes
 34. Dougherty, Jas., overlooker
 36. McComisky, James, hemp dresser
 38. Fairly, W., machine moulder
 40. Mathews, James, carter
 42. Cully, Joseph, rivetter
 44. Todd, James, mechanic
 46. Irvine, James, brick layer

off Downing Street
two small houses

Newtownards Road to Foundry Street
a number of small houses

Cromwell Road to University Street

                            Milton Terrace
   2. Meek, M., commercial traveller
   4. McMinn, Mrs.
   6. McKinney, George, cashier
   8. Beattie, Thomas, architect
 10. Vacant
 12. McMillen, Thomas, builder
 14. McCrea, Mrs.
 16. Anderson, Mrs.
 18. Jackson, Mrs.
 20. Johnston, Mrs.
 22. Haire, Mrs.
                          Melrose Terrace
 24. Kennedy, James, manager
 26. Davidson, Mrs.
 28. Hanford, Ernest E., artist
 30. Oldham, Edwd. G. W., bank official
 32. McHinch, Robert, mission office, May Street
 34. Abernethy, C., com. traveller
 36. Pender, Miss, teacher of music
 38. Reynolds, Robert, manager
 40. Knox, Mrs.
 42. Croskery, Mrs.
 44. Cosbie, George, clerk
 46. Vacant

off Lettuce Hill

   2. Lynn, Joseph, upholsterer
   4. O'Sullivan, John, com. traveller
   6. Davey, John, butcher
   8. Kelly, James, smith
 10. McEntee, Patrick, painter

Off Downing Street
three small houses

Peter's Hill to Old lodge Road
some small houses

Off Cliftonville Avenue

   1. Jefferson, W. J., insurance agent
   3. Boyle, James
   5. Newell, Henry A., clothier
   7. Wilson, Robt., tea merchant

   2. McMurtray, J. S., sea captain
   4. Dick, Robert
   6. Capper, A. C., yarn agent
   8. Dunseath, John, clothier
 10. Magee, John, book seller
 12. Smyth, F., boot upper merchant

off Woodstock Road

   1. Moore, William, carter
   3. Gill, William, labourer
   5. Boal, Samuel, iron moulder
   7. Robinson, Martha

   2. McIver, Charles, joiner
   4. McCoskerie, David, mechanic (McCroskery, David, fitter in 1880)
   6. Kennedy, James, carpenter
   8. Coleman, T., engine driver
 10. Wilson, Sarah

off Albertbridge Road

    1. Wilson, Robert, flesher
    3. Busby, Gawn, pawn broker
..........George's Street intersects
    7. Campbell & Son, grocers
    9. Doyley, J., boot and shoe maker
  11. Finlay, Wm., labourer
  13. Mayne, Mrs., grocer
  15. Ewart, Thomas, labourer
  17. Allen, J., boot and shoe maker
  19. Smith, James, pensioner
.........Moore Street intersects
23, 25. Boal, R. & Son, grocers
  27. Mercer, Stewart, brick layer
  29. Baxter, Robert, moulder
  31. Scott, Charles, millwright
  33. McCune, John, ship carpenter
  35. Scott, David, brass finisher
  37. Dewar, James, iron turner
  39. Dixon, Christopher, smith (Dickson, Christopher, smith in 1880)
  41. Thompson, Samuel, joiner
  43. Collinson, A., pattern maker
  45. Teuton, Mrs.
  47. McKelvey, Samuel, engineer
  49. Mackey, James, stone cutter
  51. Sommerville, Mrs.
..........Woodstock Place intersects
                        Willowfield Place
  53. Anderson, Matthew, joiner
  55. Thompson, Miss
  57. Allen, Mrs.
  59. Copeland, R., range setter
  61. Brown, John, bookkeeper
  63. Rogan, Patrick, grocer
  65. Moore, Andrew, carpenter
  67. Milne, James, joiner
  69. Johnston, James, grocer
  71. Kyle, David, tinsmith
  73. Hunter, Andrew, foreman
  75. Bell, Wm., com. traveller
  77. McGowan, Jos., carpenter
  79. Boal, John
  81. McCullough, W., shoe maker
  83. Copeland, John, publican
                     Grovefield Terrace
  85. Smyth, Thomas, grocer
  87. Frost, George W., engineer
  89. Vacant
  91. McFerran, Isaac, linen lapper
  93. Woods, James, bread server
  95. Boyd, William, grocer
  97. Menagh, Mrs., dairy keeper
  99. McGowan, Mrs.
101. Moreland, Robert
                       Grovefield House
        Bretherwick, Thos., manager Lagan Foundry
..........Radnor Street intersects
                       Warwick Terrace
143. Moorehead, David, grocer (Moorhead, David, grocer in 1880)
145. Purse, Miss
147. Graham, John, porter
149. McIlwee, John, compositor
151. Meenan, John, iron turner
153. Reilly, James, printer
155. Ronaldson, Mrs.
157. Shankey, Thos., pensioner
159. Lauder, Wm., confectioner
161. Kerr, John, labourer
163. Gibson, Wm., do
165. Rutherford, E., do
167. McDowell, William, clerk
169. Gibson, Samuel, joiner
171. Radcliffe, David, labourer (Ratcliffe, David, boot maker in 1880)
173. Auld, Andrew, smith
175. Little, Thos., weigh master
177. McDowell, Robert, labourer
179. Watson, James, carpenter
181. Bingham, Joseph, clerk
183. Auld, Samuel, clerk
185. McKee, James, cellerman
187. Wilkinson, Mrs.
189. McClurg, Hugh, brick layer
191. Phenix, Mrs.
193. Alexander, Robt., manager
195. Cooper, Sarah
197. Walker, Wm. R., artist
199. Porter, Edward, gardener
201, 203. Ellis, H., spirit grocer
205. Fisher, Thos., Belfast Paint & Colour Warehouse
207. Craig, James, cloth passer
209. Craig, F. Wm., carpenter
..........Bryansford Street intersects
211. Carlyle, Wm., coachman
213. Smyth, Henry, bookkeeper
215. Rea, Robt., rent collector
217. McGoveran, P., manager
219. Young, Isaac, dairyman
221. Dobbs, Wm., flesher
   "    Ferguson, R., carpenter
223. Doggart, Wm., tobacconist
225. Harvey, J. J., traveller
227. Vacant
229. Black, Adam, engineer
231. Rodgers, Jas., clerk
233. Martin, Wm., manager
235. Cooper, Jas., blacksmith
237. Craig, James, rent agent
239. Donnelly, John, clerk
..........My Lady's Road intersects
        Willowfield Church, Rev. J. G. Hopkins, incumbent
                      Willowfield House
        Vint, Jonathan, J.P.
                 Willowfield Gate Lodge
        Trotter, Alex., gardener

    2. Young, James, publican
    6. Nicholson, Chas., shoe maker
    8. McBride, Agnes
..........Claremont Lane intersects
        Short Strand National School - William Moore, principal
  10. Moore, William, school teacher
  12. Winterhalden, A., clock maker
  14. Craig, Thos., dairy keeper
  16. Craig, James H., boot and shoe maker
  18. Greer, Alex., shoe maker
  20. Magee, Henry, fowl dealer
  22. Huddlestone, William J., boot and shoe maker
  24. Dobbin, James, car owner
  26. McCracken, J., brick layer
  28. King, Mrs.
  30. Saunderson, A., pattern maker
  32. Camick, Mrs.
  34. Frew, William, labourer
  36. Boston, Joseph, fireman
  38. Caugher, Wm., seaman
  40. Berry, Robert, fireman
  42. Morrison, Robert, grocer
  44. Craig, H., boot and shoe maker
  46. Connery, Archibald
  48. Clifford, W. J., coachman
  50. Nickle, William, seaman
  52. Graham, R., horse dealer
                       Woodstock Terrace
  54. Taylor, P. T., mechanic
  56. Johnston, S. S., printer
  58. McCullough, Mrs.
  60. Vacant
  62. Boucher, Joseph, porter
  64. Allen, James, traveller
  66. Orr, Hugh
  68. Laverty, Jas., fowl merchant
  70. Orr, John, manager Lagan Felt Works
  72. Keenan, John, bookkeeper
..........Mount Street intersects
  74. Lynn, J., Woodstock Bakery
  80. Brown, Joseph, engineer
  82. Ard, John, painter
  84. McDowell, Mrs.
  86. Rainey, Mrs.
  88. Irvine, Robert, collar & cuff cutter
  90. Boyd, Robert, iron moulder
  92. Frame, Mrs.
  94. Sales, Samuel J.
  96. Patterson, Jas., time keeper
  98. Brown, Wm. R., draper
100. Vacant
102. McCart, Mrs.
104, 106. Vacant
108. Montgomery, Robt., joiner
110. Hutton, John, moulder
112. Hill, Mary, draper
114. Sturgeon, Mrs.
116. Hutton, Thos., cabinet maker
118. Moore, Alexander, clerk
120. McGraw, Wm., moulder
122. McCann, James, foreman
124. Mayes, John, mechanic
126. Morrison, Mrs.
128. Hull, Samuel R., cashier
130. Kerr, William, fitter
132. Savage, Hugh, linen lapper
134. Mayes, William, fitter
136. McKelvey, Mrs.
138. McCartney, Robt., seaman
140. McMeechan, D., labourer
142. Miller, Robert, stager
144. McMeechan, A., labourer (McMeekin, Andrew, labourer in 1880)
146. Larmour, Saml., seaman
..........Castlereagh Place intersects
160. McBride, R., dairy keeper
162. Stevenson, W., store keeper
164. Hinchey, Mrs.
166. McCrener, Miss (McCreanor, W. J., carpenter in 1880)
168. Bennett, Henry, labourer
170. Johnston, Samuel, tailor
172. McKibbin, Russell, labourer
174. Reid, John, gardener
176. McBratney, Alex.
178. Brownlee, Sarah
180. McBratney, James, painter
182. Irvine, John, carpenter
184. Evans, John, grocer
..........Beersbridge Road intersects
186, 188. McCance, R., publican
190. Rodgers, Jane
192. Girvan, John, labourer
194. Cumming, Robert, carter
..........Belmont Street intersects
196, 198. McWilliams, T., spirit grocer
200. Conquer, S. B., fitter
        Willowfield National School - W. J. Morrison, principal
202. Dewar, J., school teacher
204. Morris, J. H., music teacher and dealer in instruments
..........Isthmus Street intersects
206. Vacant
208. Barker, Henry, draper
210. McComb, J., provision merchant
212. Holroyd, Henry, turner
214. Magee, H., potato dealer
216. Walsh, Rev. Robert
218. Moore, Alexander, grocer
220. Temple, Mrs.
222. Hale, Patk., Custom House officer
224. Thompson, J. H., engineer
226. Ross, Mrs.
..........Willowfield Street intersects
228. Hunter, James, grocer and post office
230. Gray, Robert M.
232. Vacant
234. Rice, William, foreman
236. Vacant
..........Jocelyn Avenue intersects
248. Lauder, Miss
250. Dall, John, draftsman
252. Reid, George
254. Vacant
256. Finlay, W. H., fitter
258. Morrison, James, collector
                            San Stefano
        Miskelly, John, rope and twine manufacturer
                            Joceyln Cottage (Jocelyn)
        Morrow, Alexander
        Mulholland, J., gardener
        Sayers, Rev. J. B., late chaplain to H. M. Forces
        Dunlop, J. D., builder and contractor
..........Portallo Street intersects
                            Stewart House
        Quinn, W. J., provision merchant
        Four new houses

Thompson Street to Albertbridge Road

   1. Hampton, Richard, foreman
   3. Morrow, Thomas, labourer
   5. McGarrell, John, carter
   7. Mall, James, traveller
.........Independent Street intersects
   9. Muldoon, John, engineer
 11. Young, Robert, boot closer
 13. Ellis, John, agent
.........Madrid Street intersects
19, 21. Reid, Samuel, pork store

   2. Cooke, Mrs.
   4. Anderson, Matt, engineer
   6. Humphrey, J., boiler maker
   8. Anderson, George, carter
 10. Vacant
 12. Scott, Thomas, horse jockey
 14. Greer, John, baker
 16. Bell, Miss
 18. Bailey, James, caulker
 20. McCormick, Elizabeth
 22. Waugh, Mrs.
22a. McIlvogue, Felix, shoe maker
 24. Fraser, Mrs.
26, 28. Matthew Bros., tea merchant (Mathews, Bros., tea merchants in 1880)
 30. McIldoon, William, flesher
 32. Henderson, John, clerk
 34. Radcliffe, E., lithographer

Stanley Street to Dickson Street
a few small houses

off Crumlin Road
some small houses

Off York Street

1 to 7. Gallaher & Co., tobacco factory
........George's Court intersects
   9. Baxter, James & Co., Plumbers, Brass Founders, Gas Fitters and Lead Merchants
 11. Keenan, Joseph, hall keeper
 13. McCorry, Hugh, grocer
.........Washington Street intersects
 15. Hanna, Robert, coachman
 17. Martin, Samuel, labourer
.........Sarah Street intersects
17a. McCluskey, James, packer
 19. Andrews, James, labourer
 21. Girvan, James, plater
 23. back entrance Belfast Bread Consumers' Co. Ltd.
25, 27. Gardner, J. & C., flour and corn millers, etc.
 29. McDonald, James, labourer
 31. Quinn, James, do
 33. McCall, Joseph, rigger
 35. Nurses' Home, back entrance
 37. McCafferty, Henry, labourer
 39. McFall, C., cabinet maker
 41. Boyle, James, carpenter
 43. May, Daniel, labourer
 45. Brown, John, do
 47. Gardner, J. & C., starch works

   2. Vacant
   4. McCarter, M. & Son, cabinet makers
   4. Finlay, Russell, carpenter and builder
   6. Fisher, R. J., Albert stabling yard
   8. Vacant
 10. Lavery, J., box maker
 12. Bell, E. & Son, grain merchants
 14. McFall, A., cabinet maker
..........Donegall Lane intersects
 18. Gardner, J. & C., flour, corn millers & starch manufacturers
 20. St. Patrick's Presbytery - back entrance
 22. Doherty, Ellen
24, 26. Barr, M. J., dairy keeper
 28. Palmer, Margaret
 30. Rea, Daniel, labourer

York Street to Shore Road

                          Mountcollyer Villas
    1. Wilson, Robert, M.D.
    2. Kennedy, James, station master
        McLaughlin & Harvey, Castleton Building Works
298. Chalmers, Jas., engineer
300. Rollo, David, plater
302. McDowell, Mrs.
                              The Grove
        Ritchie, Mrs.

        Boyd, Francis, gate keeper
        Copp, George, gardener
                            Grove Cottage
        McGinley, Joseph

Donegall Street to York Road

1, 3. McKenna, John & Sons, Family Grocers, Wine & Spirit Merchants, Royal Avenue Bar
    5. Franklin, Robert, flesher
    7. Dowling, Mary, confectioner
    9. Gordon, C. D., prof. music
  11. McClinton & McFadden, seed merchants
   "    McKenna, J., & Sons, whiskey stores
13a. Mullan, Wm., hairdresser
  13. Coleman, Joseph, prov. merchant
15, 17. Price, Wm., flesher
  19. O'Rorke, Peter, fruit dealer and commission merchant
  21. Daly, Mrs., poulterer
  23. Old Public Bakery stables
  25. Cox, S. H., fruiterer & confectioner
  27. Carroll & Donnelly, fleshers
  29. London & Counties Tea Co. - Jos. Butterworth, manager
  31. Hastings, S., Supper Bar
31½. Campbell, S. W., watch maker and jeweller
  33. Ross, David, & Co., bakers and confectioners
  35. Lamb & Bullock, fleshers
  37. Abernethy, M., confectioner
  39. Vacant
  41. McKinley, H., tobacconist (McGinley, Hugh, tobacconist in 1880)
  43. Hanna Brothers, drapers
  45. Steel, Robert, chandler
  47. Baker's Operative Society - Davis Murray, secretary
  49. McKeown, J., spirit merchant
.........Curtis Street intersects
51a. Harvey, William
  51. Boyd, D., provision merchant
  53. Neeson, B., painter and decorator
  55. Troope, A., British Workman's Dining Rooms
  57. Pratt & Montgomery, tea merchants
  59. McKnight, W. & A., cabinet makers and house furnishers
  61. Jackson, E. M., confectioner
61½. McCloskey, D., agent for J. D'Arcy & Son, Dublin, and A. Arrol & Sons, brewers, Alloa
  63. Sibbins, Wm., stationer and fancy goods dealer
  65. Bell & Co., grocers and provision merchants
  67. Hughes, Patrick, draper and haberdasher
        Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church, Rev. R. J. Orr, minister
   "    Royal Liver Friendly Society - Wm. Morgan, agent
   "    British Workman's Insurance Co. - H. McMillen, agent
   "    Star Bowkett Building Society
  73. Ritchie, Mrs., confectioner
..........Great Patrick Street intersects
  75. McCluskey, James, publican (McCloskey, J., wine & spirit merchant in 1880)
  77. Robinson, J., & Co., drapers
79, 81. Sterling & Mitchell, grocers
  83. McConnell, W., & Co., provision merchants
  85. McCann, John, flesher
87, 89. Gordon, R., provision merchant
91, 95. Brownlee, H., wholesale provision merchant
  97. Baxter, D., druggist & grocer
  99. Trueman, R. W. J., Shorthand Institute
99a. Whittem & Co., grocers
..........Little Patrick Street intersects
101. McCormick, T., publican
103. Torbitt, James, Old Still
103a. Carroll, William
105, 107. Lindsay, John, M.D.
109. Neill & Co., bakers and confectioners
111, 113. Jones, G., fancy goods dealer
115. Savage, Jas., hay merchant
117. Colgan, Jos., confectioner
119. Kennedy, J., photographer
121. Kennedy, J., umbrella and stick manufacturer
123, 125. Jones, G., tobacconist
127. Lynn, John, baker
129. Young, Mrs.
131. Shields, James, fruiterer
131a. Gray, C., confectioner
133. Parks, Thos., hair dresser
135. McConnell, John, draper
135a. Summers, W., fish merchant
137. Mackenzie, S., confectioner
139. McCloy, John, flesher
..........Great George's Street intersects
         Methodist New Connection Church, Rev. T. G. Seymour, minister
141. Webb, G. A., pharmaceutical chemist
143. Vacant
145. Douglas, Thomas, flesher
147. Reid, Mrs., shoe warehouse
149. McDermott, Jas., Britannia Tea House
151. Boyd, Jas. W., grocer and provision merchant
151a, 153. Gordon, W. & J., provision merchants
153½. Creighton, D., tobacconist
155. Gault, Hugh, M.D.
155. Kennedy & Co., grocery and provision merchants
155a. Robb, J., boot warehouse
155b. Lamb & Bullock, fleshers
155c. Moore, Susan, milliner
155d. Hunter, S., tobacconist
155e. Vacant
155f. Morrow, Jas., ironmonger
157. Camlin, David, tea bazaar
159. Ross, David & Co., bakers and confectioners
161. York Street Post Office and Telegraph Office - T. A. Fullerton, postmaster
161a. Rainey, Saml., draper and clothier
...........Henry Street intersects
163. Lennon & Co., drapers and clothiers
165. Kilpatrick, Margaret
167. Knight, T., stationer and tobacconist
169. McLellan, Thos., cutler
171. McCallum, Mrs., hosier and general draper
173. Young, Mrs., draper
173a. Cox, P., draper and outfitter
173b. Hogg, Jas., chemist, druggist and grocer
173c. Hamilton, Mrs., milliner
175. Rea, Agnes, confectioner
177. Hare, Wm., do
179. McDonald, J., tobacconist
181. Smith, Robt. J., publican
..........Trafalgar Street intersects
183. Owens, Thomas, publican
185. Norritt, Jas., fruit and fish dealer
189, 191. McCormick, R., stationer and news agent
193. Ritchie, R. J., grocer & prov. merchant
195. Davidson, A., sea captain (Davison, A., china merchant in 1880)
199, 201. Shanks, J., confectioner
203. Sefton, C., shirt & collar manufacturer
205. Robb, I., boot warehouse
207. Conacher, Elizabeth, picture, stationery & newsagent
209. Walsh, J., druggist and grocer
211, 213. Hughey & Co., drapers
215. Giles, J., jun., pawn broker
...........Earl Street intersects
217, 219. Cleland, R., baker and confectioner
221. O'Neill, Hugh, flesher
223. Weir, J. S., tobacconist
225. Hanna, Francis, flesher
227. May, T., druggist & grocer
229. Watt, George, grocer and provision merchant
231. Alexander, S., M.D.
233. Drennan, Saml., grocer and provision merchant
235. Logan, David, flesher
237. McCormick, Joseph, baker and confectioner
239. McCartney, Robert, draper
241. McShannon, H. & D., publicans, the White Heart
..........Dock Street intersects
245, 247. Wylie, James, merchant
249a. Mitchell, William, draper
249. Old Still
251. Steele, Catherine
253. Austen, Mary Ann (Austin, Miss in 1880)
255. Kinney, D., Cavehill View Hotel
..........Fleet Street intersects
257. Vacant
259. Young, John
261. Core, W. S., M.D., surgeon
263. Graham, James, engraver
265. Alexander, Elizabeth
267. Fulton, David
...........Ship Street intersects
269. Magee, Eliza
271. Speers, William (Spiers, William in 1880)
273. Hanna, D., plumber and gas fitter
275. Magee, Margaret
277. Sloan, Alexander, carpenter
279. McCloy, Jane (McClay, J., steam vessel surveyor in 1880)
281. Loughran, Mary E., hairdresser's shop
283. Mayben, Wm., pawn broker
285. Taggart, Mrs., confectioner
287. Doggart, Wm., tobacconist
289. Branagh, W. J., publican
291. Maguire, George, Waterloo Hotel
..........Whitla Street intersects
        Belfast & Northern Counties Railway Terminus, E. J. Cotton, gen. manager
        Telegraph Office and Post Office Pillar Box
        Coffee Stand

    2. Queen's Hotel - J. McKenna & Sons, proprietors
    4. Vacant
    6. Howe Machine Co. - B. Johnston, manager
    8. McPherson, Wm., agent for Premier and Sparkbrook bicycles and tricycles
  10. McGlade, Bernard, publican
  14. (1st floor) Shannon, James, plumber and gasfitter
   "    (2nd floor) Lyons, H., French polisher
  16. Robinson, James, hairdresser
   "    McLean, J., veterinary surgeon
   "    Carloman, A., shooting saloon
   "    Maran, Wm. J., veterinary surgeon
  18. Connolly, J., general dealer and posting establishment
..........York Lane intersects
  20. Gallaher & Co., tobacco manufacturers
22 to 30. Vacant
  32. Smyth, Miss, tobacconist, newsagent and stationer
34 to 40. McConkey, T. J., timber merchant
42, 44. Scott, J., Temperance Hotel
..........Frederick Street intersects
46, 48, 50. Robinson, J. & Sons, granate, (granite) marble and stone merchants
  52. Roden, James, flax, tow and waste merchant
  54. Jamison, Mrs., room paper warehouse
  56. Vacant
  58. McKay, John, publican
  60. McGee, M., M.D., J.P.
  62. Nugent, E., artist, painter & decorator
  64. Jago, W. C., Surgeon Dentist
66, 68. McBain, A., granite merchant
  70. Canning, J., saw maker and ironmonger
  72. Falloon, J., house painter and sign writer
74, 76. Cameron, A., coach builder
  78. Moore, T., tailor and clothier
  80. Roberts, D. J., do
  82. Galt, R., plumber and gasfitter
  84. Harvey, Wm., draper and clothier - The Glasgow House
..........Great George's Street intersects
86 to 92. Dixon, Thos. S., & Co., timber and slate merchants
  94. Warwick, W., M.D., surgeon
  96. McMinn, J. K., manager for R. Atkinson
  98. McVeigh, T., jun., ship owner
100. McConnell, Robert
102, 104. Rankin, G., stone and monumental works
106, 108. McManus, J., veterinary surgeon and shoeing forge
110. McCormick, E., painter and paper hanger
112. Milligan, W., publican
..........Henry Street intersects
        York Street Mill stores
116. Watt, Edward, publican
118. Everrett, T., hairdresser (Everett)
120. Craig, R., millwright and engineering works
124. O'Neill, James, sea captain
126. Flinn, C., captain, nautical academy and practical navigation school
128, 130. New premises for York Street Mill
        York Street Presbyterian Church - Rev. S. L. Wilson, min.; res., Cliftonville Avenue
..........Earl Street intersects
132, 134. York Street Foundry - Grant, D. & W. (late J. Rowan & Sons Ltd.), engineers, iron and crass founders, and boiler makers
144. Smith, Miss, music seller
146. Donavan, E., dress maker
148. Scullion, H., publican
..........Meadow Street intersects
150. Kyle, Miss
152. McMillen, Miss, dress maker
154. McIlroy, John, M.D., L.K.Q.C.P.I., surgeon
156. McKnight, Thos. H., Furniture Manufacturer & Upholsterer
158. Thompson, S., shrouding and outfitting establishment
160. Henry, John, spirit grocer
..........Spencer Street intersects
162. Clarke, John, surgeon
164. Ferguson, James C., M.D., surgeon
166. Greer, S. H., com. trav.
168. Bogan, John, pawn broker
170. Fleming, S. S., timber merchant
172. Moreland, William, T.C., flour merchant
..........Brougham Street intersects
174. Vacant
176. Godfrey, John, flesher
178. Robb, J., boot and shoe maker
180. McCrea, James, hairdresser
182. Hamill, Arthur, flesher
184. Scullion, James, publican
..........Bentinck Street intersects
186. Carrigan, W., refreshment rooms
188. Cassidy, Sarah, fruiterer
192. Osman, Henry, Lorne Refreshment Rooms
194, 196. McDaniel, John, provision merchant
198, 200. Fleming, J., Edinburgh Castle Hotel
202. Donnelly, Arthur, Northern Counties Railway Hotel
204. Stewart, Henry
206. Rankin, Edwd., head porter
208. McDonald, Thos., pensioner
210. Bogan, John, pawn broker
212. Fox, Mrs., delf and china warehouse
214. McKinty, Patrick, bundler
216. Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks - Sergt. William Loftus
218. Mullan, David, plasterer
..........Hanna Street intersects
220. Fox, Thomas, publican
222. Shields, H., provision merchant
224. Burns, James, grocery and provision merchant
..........Rowan Street intersects
226. Ritchie, Mrs.
228. Bradbury, Edwin, foreman carriage department, N.C. Railway
230. Wallace, Thomas, clerk
232. Pollock, H., ale agent
234. Quinn, John
236. Flack, James, saddler
236½. Nugent, J., coach builder
238. Beattie, James, caretaker
240. Boyd, Thomas, millwright
242. Anderson, John, joiner
244. Vincent, Charles, engineer
246. McConnell, Miss, dress maker
248. Murphy, James, mechanic
260. Perry, Mrs.
262. Wallace, John M., timber merchant
..........Lilliput Road intersects
293. O'Kane, M., wine and spirit merchant
395. Henderson and Wallace, Milewater sawmill
        Milewater Sawmill
        Wallace, Mrs.
                            Elinten Terrace
297. Birtly, Mrs.
299. Bryant, Thomas, dairyman
                         Jennymount Terrace
1, 3. Stewart, R., grocer and provision merchant
   5. Boyd, Margaret
   7. McGookin, A., carpenter
   9. Stone, Jas., spinning master
 11. Park, Robert, mechanic
 13. Thompson, George, clerk
 15. Brown, David, bundler
 17. McIvor, James, labourer
 19. McCann, R., hackle maker
 21. Freeburn, J., blacksmith
 23. Keenan, P., telephonist
 25. Templeton, Samuel, sailor
 27. Fife, William, labourer
 29. Henderson, Jas., do
 31. Greer, James, gardener
 33. Murray, James, bundler
 35. McCrory, Hugh, labourer
 37. Walker, Mrs.
 39. Wade, Thomas, labourer
 41. Hamilton, Robert, joiner
                         Grove Hill Terrace
   1. Carson, William, loan office
   2. Killaner, Mrs.
   3. McFarlane, Robert, plater
   4. Hodge, David, porter
                          Garmoyle Terrace
   1. McWhirter, William J.
   2. Brown, Thomas
   3. Whiltow, Frederick, sailor (Whitlow)
   4. Crothers, Thos., carpenter
   5. Blackburn, Wm., blacksmith
   6. McFarlane, Alex., ship builder
   7. Pollane, David, clerk
   8. Connor, James
   9. Smith, John, builder and contractor
        Skegoniel Silver Springs Co. Ltd. - James Dempsey, manager and director
        Belfast Mineral Water Co. Ltd., Aerated Water Manufacturers and Ale and Porter Bottlers - Telegraphic Address, "Mineral, Belfast," Telephone No. 405, York Road Factory - Secretary, Joseph McGinley

Great Patrick Street to Earl Street
several small houses

Off Newtownards Road
a few small houses


McClure Street to Gosford Terrace

   1. McCoy, George, labourer
   3. Ferguson, Wm. H., do
   5. Dowling, Thomas, plumber
   7. Davies, John J., gardener
   9. Biggins, Mrs. E.
 11. Newell, Wm., seaman
 13. Bowers, Saml., stone cutter
 15. McKelvey, James, baker
 17. Cunningham, Mrs. M.
 19. Kerr, Francis, shirt cutter

   4. Magee, Thomas, gardener
   6. Alderdice, Geo., bread server
   8. Anderson, G. H., salesman
 10. McCormick, James, tailor
 12. Galway, Miss E.
 14. Ogle, Wm., joiner
 16. Hoyle, Jeremiah, letterpress printer
 18. Moffett, Mrs. M.
 20. McCann, Jas., litho. printer
 22. McCadden, Henry, butler
 24. McDonald, J. H., pensioner