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1912 Belfast Street Directory

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Streets Alphabetically

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Donegall Square North
Chichester Street to Wellington Place

       Richardson, J. N., Sons & Owden Ltd., Linen Manufacturers, Merchants & Bleachers; Directors - J. N. Richardson; T. W. Richardson, C. H. Richardson, J.P. (chairman), W. L. Wheeler, T. M. Greer, Joshua Pim; managing directors R. T. Scott, W. McKean, T. W. P Cranage
       Robinson & Cleaver Ltd., Royal Irish Linen warehouse, side entrance
..........Donegall Place intersects
   3. Hove, embroideries, robes, blouses, lingerie, etc.
                  Linen Hall Chambers
                          First Floor
  4. York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd. (City yarn office)
   "   Reade, J. T. & Son, flax and yarn merchants, insurance agents and managers
  "   Walker, John, income tax collector
  "   Brown, W. F., agent
  "   Jones, E. Stanley, solicitor
  5. Jordan, J., tobacconist and cigar importer
  6. Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society - J. Hope Johnston, District Secretary
  7. Boyd, D. & Co., pharmaceutical chemists
  8. Carson, M. & M., London and Paris Bakery
  9. Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society - Resident Secretary, Francis K. Fenton, F.F.A.
              Donegall Square Buildings
 10. Camrass, S., & Sons, clothing manufacturers, Leeds - J. Stanley, manager
 11. The Belfast Banking Company (central branch) - J. G. I. Vance, manager; E. A. Brill, assistant manager
 12. Patriotic Assurance Co. - Charles Hill, District Manager
 13. Allison, Wm. L., photographer
  "    Black, C. & J., solicitors; res., Charles W. Black, Ardnagrena, South Circular Road; Jas. Black, Glen Ebor, Strandtown
  "    Smylie, Burns, & Co., chartered accountants
  "    MacKeown & Son, Wilson, solicitors
  "    MacKeown, W. W., Barrister-at-Law
  "    Stephens, W. H. & Sons, surveyors
  "    W. H. Lynn, R.H.A., architect
  "    Close, S. P., & Son, architects - S. P. Close, A.R.H.A.; R. M. Close, M.R.I.A.I.
  "    Walsh, Halliday, caretaker
 14. Lyle & Kinahan Ltd., Wine and Spirit Merchants, Extra Stout and Ale Bottlers, Aerated Water Manufacturers; Agents for North British Mercantile Insurance Co.
 15. Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd. - A. S. Fraser, District Manager
 16. McClure, Wm., merchant, clerical and ladies' tailor and outfitter
 17. Linen Hall Library - Librarian, Frank J. P. Burgoyne; W. Lever, caretaker
 18. Milligen, John & Co. Ltd., coal importers and steamship owners. Telephone No. 2514 (three lines). Telegraphic Address, "Coal, Belfast"

                          The City Hall
                          Ground Floor
       Town Clerk - R. Meyer; chief assistant J. G. Harris
       Law Department - Town Solicitor, John McCormick
       Cemeteries and Parks Department - H. O. McCormick, Registrar
       City Surveyor's Department - H. A. Cutler, M.Inst. C.E., City Surveyor; J. Munce, M.Inst., C.E., Assistant Surveyor
       City Chamberlain's Department - F. W. Moneypenny, M.V.O., City Chamberlain; Assistant Cashier, W. R. Smyth
       Coroner's Office - James Graham, M.D., coroner
       City Rate Office - A. Alexander, superintendent - Collectors, James B. Hamilton, Joseph S. Wright, Wm. McKinstry and Hugh McCormick
       Poor Rate Collectors - James I. Ellison, John Johnston, Albert Ervine, Robt. A. Russell, Andw. Alexander, J. S. Wright and J. B. Hamilton
       Corporation Gas Office - D. Creighton, Collector & Cashier
                            First Floor
       The Lord Mayor's Parlour - Councillor R. J. McMordie, M.A., M.P., Lord Mayor; F. W. Moneypenny, M.V.O., City Chamberlain and Lord Mayor's Secretary
       City Accountant's Department - R. G. Geale; Wm. Blackburn, assistant
       Public Health Department - Dr. H. W. Bailie, D.P.H., Medical Superintendent Officer of Health; George Ward, M.R.S.I., Executive Sanitary Officer
                         Second Floor
       Works Department - H. F. Gullan, A.M.I.C.E., Superintendent of Works; J. G. Zachary, Assistant Superintendent
       Chief Street Inspector - S. Mahood; assistant street inspector, Philip Willis
       House Cleansing Department - R. McBride, Superintendent
       School Attendance Office - D. J. Phenix, secretary
       Superintendent and Caretaker - John Cowzer

Donegall Square South
Adelaide Place to Bedford Street

       Ground floor vacant
                           First Floor
  4. Branagh, E. H. H., Damask Designer, Teacher of Design Belfast Technical School 1888 to 1898
2, 3. Floors vacant
   5. Donegall Square Branch Postal and Telegraph Office
       British Crown Assurance Corporation Ltd. - C. G. Robertson, local secretary
                           First Floor
  "   Herdmans Ltd., flax spinners; works, Sion Mills
  "   Desmond Bros., linen merchants
  "   McCarthy Bros., linen merchants
                         Second Floor
  "   Roche, W. J., manufacturer of linen and cambric handkerchiefs
                           Third Floor
  "   Keary, J., caretaker
   6. Pim, John & Son, Branch Managers Alliance Assurance Co. Ltd. (Fire, Life, Marine and Accident). Agents for Ulster for Friends Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance
  "   Pim, R. B., insurance manager; res., Ury, Knockbreda Park
                           First Floor
  "   Dempster, R., flax and yarn agent
                         Second Floor
  "   Watson, R. & Sons, handkerchief manufacturers, bleachers & printers
                          Third Floor
  "   Mitchell, S. H., linen and handkerchief manufacturer
  7. Union Hotel - Miss A. Owens, proprietress
8, 9. Bulloch & Co., shirt, collar, cuff & fancy linen manufacturers
  "   Chilian Consulate - Alex. Bulloch, consul
  "   Belfast Weaving and Sewing Co., manufacturers
..........Linenhall Street intersects
 10. Jaffé Brothers - Sir Otto Jaffé, LL.D., J.P., German Consul; res., Kin-Edar, Strandtown; and A. M. Ferrar, D.L.; res., Torwood, Windsor Avenue
   "   Jaffé Bros. Ltd., linen manufacturers & merchants
       Second floor vacant
 11. Bell, Richard, & Co., linen and linen yarn merchants
    Scottish Temperance Assurance Buildings
   "   Ewing, Son & Co. Ltd., Linen Merchants, Bleaching, Dyeing and Finishing Works, Lisnafillan, Ballymena
   "   McCall, W. R., & Co. Ltd., Linen Manufacturers; Consul for Venezuela and for Hayti; Res., W. R. McCall, J.P., Waterside, Greenisland
 16. The Scottish Temperance Life (And Accident) Assurance Co. Ltd. - J. T. McDonald, Resident Secretary. Tel. No. 1471
                          First Floor
      The Fine Art and General Insurance Co. Ltd. - John E. Kelly, District Secretary
       Quin, Stewart Blacker, & Co., chartered accountants
       Johnston, J. G., & Son, chartered accountants and auditors
       Institute W. Schimmelpfeng. Tel. No. 276
       The Hollins Mill Co., cotton spinners, Manchester - S. Lee, manager
       Ashworth, Mosley, & Co., chartered accountants
       Rowan, Peter, chartered accountant
                           Second Floor
      Johnstone & Walkington, solicitors and insurance agents
       D. B. Walkington, commissioner for oaths
       Walkington, George B.
       McKeown, Jas., solicitor
       Underwood Typewriter Co., Typewriters, Typewriter Supplies and Copying Work, Shorthand and Typewriting School
       Dempster, Edwin, agent
       Smyth, S. & C., chartered accountants
       Boyd, Martin, & Co., insurance brokers and assessors
       London Assurance Corporation - Alfred J. Holt, District Manager
       Boyd, James, A.S.A.A., auditor and accountant
       The Stern Sonneborn Oil Co. Ltd., London - W. Snape, engineer, representative
       Calwell, R. I., B.E., civil engineer & architect; res., Carninard, Annadale Avenue
                          Third Floor
       Phillips, J. St. J., B.E., A.R.I.B.A., architect
       The Boyne Spinning and Weaving Company Ltd.; works at Drogheda
       Campbell, Joseph, solicitor
       Stelfox, A. W., A.R.I.B.A., architect and civil engineer
       Miller, T. L., Wilson & Pegg, consulting engineers
       Tullis, Russell, & Co., Ltd., Markinch, Fifeshire, yarn merchants and bleachers
       Black, Wm., yarn agent
       Eliott Fisher Co., billing adding machines and book typewriter
       Smith Premier Typewriter Co. - W. A. Williams, manager
       Wilson, S., agent
                           Fourth Floor
       Martin, Robt., & Son, insurance brokers
       McLean, Norman, civil engineer, architect, and surveyor
       Edwards, Kendrick, civil engineer and engineers' representative
       Hyndman & Co., flax yarn agents
       Seaver, H., B.E., M.R.I.A.I., civil engineer and architect
       Elliott, Jas., & Co., of New York - J. McGown, res., Shague, Balmoral Avenue
       Hibernian Linen Company
       Kinghan, S. M., linen, yarn and cotton cloth agent
       Crossley Brothers Ltd., oil and gas engines
       Taylor, Thomas, & Co., R. J. Corry, agent
       Totton & Hawthorne, analytical chemists. J. H. Totton, F.I.C., Public analyst for City of Belfast, Co. Armagh, etc.
                          Fifth Floor
       New Masonic Rooms Co. Ltd. - D. B. Walkington, secretary. Caretaker, Miss Lillie Knott
       Ledgerwood & Co., linen yarn & flax merchants & agents. Tel. No. 2537. Telegrams, Kingdom, Belfast. Res., 10 Wellington Park
       Gillespie, Robert

Donegall Square East
Chichester Street to Clarence Place

1, 2. Ocean Buildings - The Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Ltd., and Safe Deposit - North of Ireland Offices, Manager; Cuthbert H. Bell. Telegraphic Address, "Ocean, Belfast." Telephone No. 1217 and 2679 (Claims Dept.)
 1a. Wilson, Patrick, tailor and breeches maker
 2b.                Ocean Buildings
                          First Floor
1, 2. Vint & Whyte, solicitors; Charles Vint, M.A., solicitor; and J. Reginald Whyte, solicitor
   3. Milliken, John, & Co., Representatives for Cammell, Laird, & Co., Ltd.; Railway supplies and stores. Telephone No. 781. Telegraphic Address, "Guardian."
   4. Keith, James, & Blackman Company Ltd., Heating, Ventilating, Lighting, Hydraulic, etc., Engineers. Telegraphic Address, "Blackman." Telephone No. 204
   5. Reynolds, Charles, commission merchant; res., Cliff Ash, 17 Adelaide Park
   "   Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd.
   "   Murland, James, Ltd., flax spinners
   6. Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada - Frank Apperson, manager for Ireland, res., 1 Circus Villas, Oldpark Road
7 to 9. Lynas, Martin E., & Co., chartered accountants
   "   Belfast Hippodrome Ltd. (Registered Offices)
                        Second Floor
10, 11. United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident Institution - A. M. Kerr, District Manager
 12. Dunn, E. S., & Co., Typewriting Office and Typewriter Supplies
 13. Atlas Assurance Company Ltd. - W. E. Hughes, resident inspector
   "   Grimshaw, C. B., & Son, Agents
 14. Woodside, James, consulting engineer & naval architect; res., Knockbroom, Ravenhill Road
   "   Nicholson, H. P., M.I.Mech.E., consulting engineer; res., Crannagael, Annaghmore, County Armagh
   "   Clark, Chapman, & Co. Ltd., engineers, Gateshead-on-Tyne
15, 16. Hume, Walter, & Co., fire loss assessors and valuers
 17. Vacant
 18. Confederation Life Assurance of Canada
                           Third Floor
19 to 21. Jefferson, Chas. G., and Harold Jefferson, solicitors; res., Roslea House, 19 Cliftonville Road
 22. Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S.A. - James J. Rooney and Frederick G. Hill, District managers for North of Ireland
 23. Kennedy, R. N., Insurance Broker
 24. Graham, T., Saunders & Co., chartered accountant and auditors
 25. Thompson, J. B., manufacturers' agent
 26. Smiles, W. A., solicitor; res., Strandtown
 27. Henry, T. W., architect
   "   Kennedy, R. N., Fire Loss Assessor
                          Fourth Floor
28, 29. Belfast Charity Organisation Society - Robert Drysdale, secretary; res., 3 Wellington Park Avenue
 30. Hanna, James A., civil engineer and architect
 31. Scott, James, B.E., civil engineer and architect
 32. Hamill, John M., solicitor
 33. Ulster Women's Unionist Council - J. M. Hamill, secretary
 34. Campbell, Brown S., chartered accountant
   "   Kaye, Parry & Ross, civil engineers and architects
 35. The Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Ltd., Claims Department
 36. McNeill, John, cement merchant and builders' provider
                          Fifth Floor
37 to 40. Dann, Jonathan, caretaker of Ocean Buildings
 41. Simpson, James, agent
 42. Vacant
 43. Sayers, Andrew, registered plumber and sanitary specialist
 44. Vacant
   3. Cunningham, Josias, & Co., stockbrokers and assurance agents. Telegraphic Address, "Cunningham, Belfast"
..........Patterson's Place intersects
   3. Linen Hall Hotel - P. Dempsey, proprietor; res., Brookvale House, Cliftonville Avenue
                        Ground Floor
   4. Macoun, W., manufacturing agent (cotton), Haslams Ltd., Manchester
   "   McWatters, S., agent
                           First Floor
   "   The Irish Linen Stores, Linenhall House, damask table linens, bed linens and handkerchiefs
                         Second Floor
   "   Dickson, W. C., manufacturers' agent
      Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. James Alley; res., 20 Mount Charles; sexton, T. McKnight; res., 39 Posnett Street
   6. Vacant
   7. Smith, H. C., publisher "Irish Textile Journal and Linen Market," accountant, etc.; res., Knockdene Park, Knock
   "   Thomson, Alfred, linen and cotton yarn and continental sheeting
   "   Purdon, E. S., flax agent
   8. Walker, John, linen merchant
   9. Y.M.C.A. - Miss Bax, hon. sec.
 10. Church of Ireland Young Men's Society - John W. Storey, B.A., general secretary; Henry King, caretaker
..........Clarence Place intersects

Donegall Square West
Wellington Place to Howard Street

    1. Scottish Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance - Harold B. Letcher, B.A., Resident Secretary; Campbell Gardner, Assistant Secretary. Funds exceed £15,000,000. Telephone No. 698
    2. McGee & Co. Ltd., late 30 & 32 High Street, Tailors; Inventors of the Ulster Coat. Telephone Number 105. Telegraphic Address "Tweed, Belfast."
    3. Mayne, W. Erskine, Bookseller, Lantern and Photo Specialities. Telephone No. 1424; res., H. H. Mayne, Fierna, Osborne Park
    4. "Edison House" - Osborne, T. Edens, General Merchant. Cycles, Booksafes, Filters, Mangles, Oil Stoves, Doall Mopp Wringers, Lawn Mowers, Bissell Carpet Sweepers, Palestine Olivewood Goods. Large Stock of Phono-Pathéphones, Zonophones and Records. Sole Ulster Representative for "Sapolio" (The Great American Scouring Soap); res., Woodleigh, Marino
    5. Smyth & Co., ladies' costumiers and outfitters
    6. Harvey, T. W., merchant tailor
    7.       Scottish Provident Buildings
53, 54. Hughes, Dickson, & Co. Ltd., Model Flour Mills - city office
55, 56. Cuthbert, A., & Son, South African exporters, Agents for W. M. Cuthbert & Co. Ltd., Cape Town
57, 58. Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company - H. W. Andrews, District Manager
   "   Central Insurance Co. Ltd. - H. W. Andrews, District Manager
59 to 65. Johnston, George, chartered accountant; res., Bellevue, Malone Park
   "   Laganvale Estate, Brick & Terra Cotta Works Ltd.
   "   Suffolk Estate Co. Ltd.
   "   Vulcanite Ltd.
   "   Crawfords Ltd.
66, 67. Gresham Publishing Co.; District Manager, A. Whiteley
 68. Simpson, W. M., jun., yarn agent
69, 70. Vacant
 71. London and Lancashire Life and General Assurance Association - F. M. Harris, resident inspector
                       Second Floor
   "   Chamber of Commerce
   "   Flax Supply Association
   "   Flax Spinners' Association
   "   Powerloom Manufacturers Association
   "   Linen Merchants' Association - W. J. P. Wilson, secretary
 74. London Guarantee and Accident Co. Ltd. - E. B. Conner, Resident Secretary
75, 76. Taylor, Jas. C., solicitor
 77. Barton, H. D. M., estate office; res., The Bush, Antrim
 78. Brandon, R. J., F.S.A.A.; res., Danesfort, Annadale
79 to 85. Brandon, H. B., & Co., chartered accountants; residence, H. B. Brandon, Rosemount House, Richmond, Antrim Road
                           Third Floor
86, 87, 88, 91. Vacant
 92. Empire Typewriter Co. Ltd.
93, 94. Collins, Wm., Sons, & Co. Ltd., Glasgow, publishers and manufacturing stationers; Frank Atkinson, agent
95, 96. Wark, J. A., & Co., Civil Engineers and Surveyors. Telephone No. 306Y
97, 98. Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping - R. J. Beveridge and A. T. Thomas, engineer surveyors; S. O. Kendall and J. McIlvenna, ship surveyors
99 to 103. Galway, W. B., & Boas, solicitors; res., W. B. Galway, 6 St. John's Park, Knockbreda Road; W. P. Boas, Morston, Malone Park
104. Best, James, agent for linen yarns and linen
   "    Cruikshank & Fairweather, international patent agents - James H. Best, agent for Ireland
105, 106. Catch-My-Pal Protestant Total Abstinence Union - Rev. R. J. Patterson, LL.B.; Joseph Glancy, secretary
107. Vacant
108, 109. Qua Iboe Mission Office - R. L. McKeown, secretary
                         Fourth Floor
110. Belfast Art Society - Miss Penelope Andrews, honorary secretary
111. Osborne, T. Edens, reception room
112. Shaw, Wm. J., commission and insurance agent
113. Edwards, John E. S., solicitor; res. Mamreville, Knock
114, 115. Lamb, Robert, & Co., linen merchants
   "    Johnston, J. B., linen merchant
116, 117. Vacant
118. County Antrim Sheriff's Office - John Bristow, under Sheriff
119. Mather & Platt Ltd., engineers - A. C. Sandiford, representative
120, 121. Hobart & Heron, architects
122. Vacant
123, 124. McCarthy & Brookes, quantity surveyors
125. The Vulcan Boiler and General Insurance Co. Ltd., Manchester - W. H. Lawlor, District Agent, Res., Fernbank, Holywood
   "    The British Northrop Linen Co., Blackburn; Livesey, Henry, Ltd., Blackburn; Matthews & Yates Ltd., Swinton, Manchester; Alfred Anderton, & Son, Accrington - W. H. Lawlor, agent
126, 128. Blake, R. F., F.I.C., F.C.S., county analyst
127. Seeds, John, architect
                           Fifth Floor
129. Art Studio - W. G. Mackenzie, artist
130. Lee, Miss, studio
131. Lamont, Miss
132. May, Geo., manufacturers' agent
140. May, George Harpur, manufacturers' agent
141. Munce, J. S., B.E., Assoc. M.Inst. C.E.
142. McQuoid, N. S., B.L.
    8. Clarke, John, & Co., Chemists and Surgical Instrument Makers
   9. Vacant
 10. Hogg, Robert, & Co. Ltd., china and glass merchants
 11. London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Company. Tel. Nos. 1093 and 2340. Telegraphic address, "Policy, Belfast" - James M. Scott, Local Manager
   "   Law Accident Insurance Society Ltd. - R. G. Moffet, Branch Manager; Res., Donard, Malone Park; D. P. Kinghan, Inspector of Agents. Telegraphic Address, "Lifeguard," Belfast
..........Wellington Street intersects
 12. Watson, Armstrong & Co., linen and damask manufacturers & bleachers
 14. Life  Association of Scotland - Alfred Tipping, Resident Secretary. 'Phone 2996. Res., Hazelville, Bloomfield
   "   Howden & P. H. Charley, steam and house coal merchants
   "   Donegall Square Branch of Northern Banking Co. Ltd. - T. J. Gilchrist, manager
   "   Thompson & McCammon, stock and share brokers; res., J. Pim Thompson, Ardagh, Strandtown
   "   Vacant
   "   Johnston, John, caretaker
 15. Kirk, William M., & Partners Ltd., Flax spinners, Linen Manufacturers, Bleachers, Dyers and Finishers

Donegall Street
Waring Street to Clifton Street

                        [Right hand side]
   1. Crotty & Aiken, Estate Agents and Property Brokers. Firm, Frincis R. Crotty, J.P., res., Barnaville, Ormeau Road. (Francis)
 1a. Coulter, W., hair dresser
                           First Floor
   3. Orr, Wm., & Co., manufacturers and warehousemen
                         Second Floor
   "   Johnston, S. A., com. agent
   "   Johnston, Edward, printer, publisher, bookbinder, and stationer
5 to 9. Vacant
 11. Sullivan Bros., educational publishers
 13. McIlwrath, Hugh, outfitter
 15. Thompson, McVea & Bannister, warehousemen
 17. Eason & Son Ltd., Booksellers, Wholesale and Retail Stationers and Newsagents and Railway Advertising Agents and Subscription Library
  "   Kennedy, E. & L., solicitors
19, 21. Mack, H., & Co. Ltd., wholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse; res., Sir Hugh Mack, Dalboyne, Lisburn
 23. Young & Anderson, Ltd., wholesale woollen and Manchester warehousemen & clothing manufacturers
 25. Robinson Bros., stationers, bookbinders and lithographers; res., S. Robinson, Rokeby, Bawnmore Road. Tel. No. 296
..........Exchange Place intersects
 27. Cunningham, W., merchant tailor; entrance by Exchange Place
   "   McCollum, Maxwell, & Son, boot and shoe maker
 29. Dickey, Edward O'Rorke; res., Breifne, Fortwilliam Park, carrying on business as Cunningham & Dickey, solicitors
   "   Cunningham, F. A., J.P., agent; res., Somerset, Fortwilliam Park
   "   Alexander, T. Erskine, solicitor
   "   Erskine, Jas., ex-income tax collector
   "   Maxwell, W. C., A.R., I.B.A., architect and surveyor
   "   Johnstone, C. J., & Sons (Thomas R. Johnstone) Stock and Share Brokers and Insurance Agents; res., New Bath, Greenisland. Telegraphic address - "Broker." Tel. No. 585
 31. Halliday, Charles H., C.E., Auctioneer, Surveyor, and Valuer, House and Estate Agent; Res., Kilcrenagh, Castle Park. Telephone 1414
..........Commercial Court intersects
 33. "Independent" Newspapers, Ltd. - Branch office
   "   Palmer, W., merchant tailor
 35. Clarke, Ben., & Son, wholesale chemists, druggists and surgical appliance dealers; res., Ben. Clarke, 20 Brookvale Avenue
 37. Oulton, John, & Co., flax and tow merchants. Directors - S. C. Kelly and George Tainsh; res., S. C. Kelly, Ethelbert, Earlswood Road; Geo. Tainsh, 2 Chichester Avenue
 39. Brown, James, House, Land and Insurance Agent and Property Broker; res., Carradoo, Castlepark, Cavehill Road. Telephone No. 1165
 41. Kelly, Robert, & Son, solicitors
  "    Kelly, Hugh C., solicitor
  "    Pollin, J. M., solicitor
  "    Whaley, Ross, caretaker
 43. Dunn, Mrs. A., tobacconist
45, 47. Vacant
..........Donegall Street Place intersects
 49. Kennedy, J., cycle factory
 51. Shankill Cycle Company - J. Pedley & Son, proprietors
   "   Vacant
 53. Ulster Motor Works - S. P. Corry and J. W. Sheppard, Proprietors
55, 57, 59. "Belfast Newsletter" and "Belfast Weekly News" Offices and General Steam Printing and Publishing House - Henderson & Company, Proprietors. Telegraphic Address, "Newsletter, Belfast." and "Newsletter, London" Telephone No. 404 and 405
 61. Alexander, James, solicitor; res., Lochaber, Downview Avenue
                        Ground Floor
   "   Preece, F. J., & Co., wholesale woollen and clothing merchants
 63. Graham, John, cycle agent
                         First Floor
 65. Wallace, Hy., merchant tailor
   "   Christie, S., & Co., laundry machine agents
                       Second Floor
   "   Vacant
 67. Purdon Bros., Seedsmen, Florists, and Bulb Merchants
..........Talbot Street intersects
 69. Rusk, A., tailor and breeches maker
                         First Floor
 71. Taylor, Thos., financial agent
   "   Taylor, S. G., com. agent
   "   Magee, John J., solicitor; res., 59 Cavehill Road
   "   Gray, W. E., house, land and insurance agent & property broker; res., 143 Stranmillis Road
                       Second Floor
   "   Vacant
   "   Goldblatt, S., tailor (Goldbrett, S., tailor in 1910)
   "   McCartney, Chas., commission agent
       Belfast Cathedral - Very Rev. Charles T. P. Grierson, B.D., Dean of St. Anne's; residence, Alberta, Antrim Road. Curates, Rev. J. A. Carey, M.A., Rev. W. J. Dunlop, B.A.; Rev. F. H. Paget L'Estrange, B.A.; sexton, Robert Gamble, 25 Academy Street
 73. Thompson, Jas., solicitor
   "   The Waverley Book Co. Ltd.
 75. De Winter, W., & Son, Merchant and Ladies' Tailor; res., St. Abb's, Oldpark Road
                     Ashley Chambers
                     First Floor Vacant
..........Academy Street intersects
 77. "Coventry House" Saml. Osborne & Co., Wholesale Factors of Bicycle Accessories, Motor and Bicycle Tyres, etc.
 79. The National Benefit Trust Ltd., Property and Investment
   "   The National Benefit Insurance Co. Ltd.
                          First Floor
   "   Stewart, James, solicitor, res., 43 Eglantine Avenue
                        Second Floor
  "    British Legal & United Provident Assurance Co. Ltd.; D. Taggart, district manager; res., 6 Camberwell Street
 81. Bell, C., watch maker
 83. The Avondale Cafe - Mrs. E. Haire, proprietress
 85. Vacant
 87. Sheals & McLorinan, solicitors
  "    McLorinan, Charles L., M.A., LL.D., J.P., solicitor
  "    McLorinan, C., & Co., house, land and insurance agents; commissioner for affidavits
   "   Barron, H. E., & Co., house and land agents
   "   Hill, Stanley, paper agent
                        Second Floor
  "    Vacant
 89. Smyth & Co., Zono-Twin Factors, The Gramaphone House
 91. Alexander, W. H., Cycle and Motor Agent
                         First Floor
  "   Rea, Jos., hair dresser
                       Second Floor
   "   Wright, Alex., commission agent
   "   Donegal Finance Co.
                         Third Floor
   "   Baird, Bradshaw, & Co., tailors
 93. The International Restaurant and billiard hall; R. & D. McAlister, proprietors; John Haughey, manager
..........York Street intersects
 95. Grand Metropole Cafe
 97. Brown, Joseph, agent
   "   Haig, A., artist
97a. Universal Furnishing Co. - Marcus Gibson, Proprietor
 99. Thompson, J., & Co. Ltd., Booksellers
                           (1st Floor)
   "   Vacant
                           (2nd floor)
   "   Lewin, B., tailor
101. Wright, Fitzsimons, & Mayes, chartered accountants
        Donegall Street Independent Church - Rev. T. S. Taylor, B.A.; res., 83 Botanic Avenue; caretaker, A. Boyd, 20 Waring Street
103. Royal Liver Friendly Society - J. McCoubrey, district manager
105. Ramsey, Thomas, The Ulster Safe and Cycle Depot. Sole Agent for the famous Sparkbrook, Beau Ideal, Empire and other Cycles; Cycle Accessories of all kinds; The Ratner and Cartwrights, Fire and Burglar Proof Safes; Pohl & Co., Berlin and other Pianos; Best Artesian Well Tubes, Hydraulic Tubes, Galvanised Tubes, Globe, Angle and Cross Valves; Guns, Rifles, Revolvers, Bassinettes, Mail Carts, Tricycle Horses, Rocking Horses, Juvenile Tricycles; Washing, Wringing and Mangling Machines; Skin Rugs, etc. Cycle Repairs Promptly Executed
107 - 
    1. Vacant
    2. McNeill, R. W., merchant tailor
    3. McBurney, Saml., insurance superintendent
    4. Marsh, J. C., architect; res., 2 Chichester Gardens, Antrim Road
    "   Ulster Tin Co. Ltd., J. C. Marsh and C. W. Marsh, directors
5, 6. Maxwell, Mrs., servants' registry office
7, 8. Appleman, P., draper
   9. Maxwell, W. K.
109. Ewart, Andrew, merchant tailor & clothier
   "   Bell, R. J., printer, lithographer and stationer
                           First Floor
       Gettinby, M., draper
1, 2. Union Loan and Discount Bank. Tel. No. 564
   3. Maguire, M., draper
   4. Freeman, Samuel, draper
   5. Samuels, S., draper
   6. Vacant
   7. Curran, Wm., engineer's agent, National Foundry (of Ireland) Co., iron founders, etc.
8 to 10. Pidduck, G. H., photographer
 9a. Christadelphian Hall
 9b. City Corporation (R.I.C.) Band Room; con. Geo. C. Ferguson
 11. Star Bowkett Building Society - A. Hamilton, secretary
12, 13. Vacant
 14. Donegall Clothing Co. - A. J. Cohen, proprietor
                          (3rd floor)
 15. Morris, Elks, draper
 16. Vacant
 17. Maxwell, Mrs., servants' registry office
   "   Maxwell, W. K., bookkeeper
 18. Vacant
 19. Leventon, J., draper
 20. The Free Thought Club
 21. Gilbert, G., caretaker
111. Vacant
113. McKibbin, Frederick, House, Estate and Insurance Agent, Property Broker and Valuator. Res., 23 Chestnut Gardens
115, 117. The "Irish News" and "Belfast Morning News," "Irish Weekly and "Ulster Examiner" - T. Whyte, manager
119. Savage, J. C., merchant tailor & clothier
121. Harvey, Wm., draper
   "    Davis, M., Northern Cap Manufacturing Co.
123. Palmer, R., plumber
125. Vacant
127. Donegall Street Hairdressing Saloon
                          First Floor
129. Vacant
   "    St. Columbkill Hall, A.O.H. Division 46
                      Second Floor
   "    Arnold, Robert, tailor
131. Forte, P., ice cream manufacturer
                        First Floor
   "    May, R., carver & modeller
                      Second Floor
   "    The X.L. Clothing Co.
131a. Taylor, Alexander, Book Seller, Stationer, Newsagent and Printer
   "  Donegall Street P.O.
                          First Floor
133. Henderson, Alex., tailor
                        Second Floor
   "   Vacant
                          Third Floor
   "   Dempsey, Joseph, Designer, Illuminator and Lithographer
                      4th Floor Vacant
133a. Vacant
                           First Floor
135. Kennedy, John, tailor
                        Second Floor
   "   Vacant
                         Third Floor
   "   Loughran, Mrs., caretaker
135a. O'Kane, Mrs. Hugh, funeral undertaker
137. McKee, John, & Co., Wire Workers, Window Blind Manufacturers & Revolving Shutter Makers; Sunshades for Shops, Collapsible and Iron Gates, etc., etc. Telephone No. 696
                         First Floor
137. Harris, L., tailor
                      Second Floor
   "    Caghill, A., draper
   "    Brown, Lewis, & Co., Ladies' and Gentlemen's Tailors and Clothiers
   "    Sergie, B., & Co., Drapers and House Furnishers
..........Donegall Lane intersects
        St. Patrick's National School - P. G. Smith, principal
        St. Patrick's Christian Bros' Schools
        St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church - Rev. J. McKinley, B.A., Adm.; Rev. John Laverty, C.C.; Rev. J. O'Brien, C.C.; Rev. D. McEvoy, C.C.
139. St. Patrick's Presbytery
141. Smith, J. P., dentist
   "    Stella, Madame, horoscope reader
143. Carvill, J., Roman Catholic repository
145. Marks, J., painter
147. Vacant
149. Wilson, F. Coe, wholesale shoe and leather supply merchants
151. McGinn, P., B.A., solicitor
153. Globe Loan Co., financiers - Mrs. J. Freeman, manageress
155. MacCann & Company, Funeral Furnishers

        Belfast Bank House - Thos. G. Hyde, bank official; S. Carson, resident porter
   4. Wilson & Campbell, Estate Agents and Valuers
  4a. Monro, Samuel, general printer
6, 8. Wilson, J. K., & Co. Ltd., wholesale merchants and manufacturers
 10. Tughan, Nathaniel, solicitor, and 12 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin
10, 12. Lowry & Officer, Merchant Tailors, Hosiers and Colonial Outfitters; Agents for Cellular Clothing Co.
 14. Stewart, E. M., House and Land Agent, Auctioneer, Valuer, and Insurance Agent; Residence, 8 Mount Charles, University Road
   "   The City of Belfast Perfect Thrift Building Society (in liquidation) - E. M. Stewart, liquidator
   "   O'Rorke, Daniel & Son, solicitors; res., Wm. E. O'Rorke, B.A., T.C.D., J.P., Kinellan, Antrim Road and Ballybollan House, Ahoghill, County Antrim
 16. McGonigal & Sons, wholesale warehousemen
 18. Murphy & Orr, linen and damask merchants; res., W. H. Orr, 5 Fortwilliam Terrace; S. McKee, Parkville, Cyprus Park, Bloomfield
 20. Brown Linen Hall - Estd. 1773
                   St. Anne's Buildings
22, 24. Douglas & Green Ltd., manufacturers and bleachers of linens, linen cambric and cotton handkerchiefs, embroideries and fancy linens
26 to 30. Brookfield Linen Co. Ltd., flax spinners, powerloom linen manufacturers and merchants
32, 34. Johnston, Jas., & Co., flax & tow merchants; res., James Johnston, J.P., Hampton Park
 36. Bell & Mayrs Ltd., Furniture and Bedding Manufacturers and Complete House Furnishers
 38. Bell, David, & Co., tea merchants
                           First Floor
 40. Graham, John, solicitor; res., 4 Olney Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
   "   Malone, B. M., commission agent
   "   Gray, Wm., rent and insurance agent and property broker
                       Second Floor
 40. Bigger, D., manufacturers agent
   "   Henderson, S., commission agent
   "   Mackey, Jas., merchant tailor
40a. Smyth, George, saddlers' ironmonger
 42. (1st Floor) McMechan, J., house and land agent
   "   Wilson, Fred., commission agent
   "   Irish Methodist Publishing Company Limited, Proprietors of the Christian Advocate - James E. Robinson, Manager; res., 102 Durham Street
42a. Bradley, Mrs. S., draper
 44. Andrews, John, shop fitter and joinery works
   "   Birch, G. L., & Co., electrical and mechanical engineers
 46. Northern Counties Loan and Discount Bank
                          First Floor
   "   Diamond, Robt., solicitor
 48. Savage, A. E., & Co., House, Land & Estate Agents; Valuators and Property Brokers. Telephone No. 1022. Residence, 29 Rosemount Gardens
48a. Hughes, Francis L., solicitor
   "   Norris, Miss, servants' registry
 50. Gunning, H., & Co., merchant tailors & clothiers
..........Church Street intersects
52, 54, 56. Watson, John, & Co., wholesale druggists, oil and general merchants
 58. Vacant
58a. Allan, John, importer of art wallpapers and decorative materials
58b. Vacant
                   Cathedral Buildings
                          First Floor
      Pearl Life Assurance Co. Ltd. - J. T. Hopkins, gen. supt.; S. O. Hewitt, J. Kennedy and W. G. Gilchrist, superintendents
       Lepper, J. C. H., wholesale tea merchant; res., Innisvar, Bangor
                       Second Floor
       Ross, Jas., woollen merchant
       Blackburne, Henry, solicitor
       Blackburne, Victor, solicitor
       Gilliland, A. T., handkerchief and fancy linen manufacturer & bleachers
       Stuart, J., & Co., linen merchants
       Baber, C. H., manufacturers' agent
       Sweeney, Mrs., caretaker
58c. Vacant
 60. The Model Café - Wm. H. Seawright, proprietor
                        First Floor
 60. Flinn, Robt., commission agent
  "    Shaw, D. S. K., commission agent
  "    Leinster, T., engraver
   "   Diamond, S. J., LL.D., solicitor
                       Second Floor
  "    Gribben, Neil, caretaker
 62. Gaussen, W. L., commission agent
  "    Edison & Swan, United Electric Light Company
                         First Floor
 64. Peden, John H., solicitor; res., Lounsdale, Greenisland
                       Second Floor
   "   Skeffington, John, solicitor
   "   Ryall, Wm. D., miniature rifle specialist
   "   Larmour, W. J., commission agent
64a. Vacant
66, 68. Montgomery, C. & J., wholesale & retail pharmaceutical chemists and aerated water manufacturers; res., J. Montgomery, Lancetta, Antrim Road
..........Royal Avenue intersects
 80. Ashley Cafe - Irish Temperance League Proprietors
 82. Robinson's  Temperance Hotel - H. Robinson, proprietor
 84. Harper, Wm., & Co., solicitors; res., Hugh Harper and A. Moreland Harper, Chichester House
 86. Grainger, Richard S., official assignee of Belfast Local Bankruptcy Court
86a. Cafolla, Antonia, refreshment saloon
 88. McKeown, C. G. (of J. & R. O'Kane)
90, 92, 94. Watson, Robert, & Co., of Belfast Limited, Cabinet Makers and General House Furnishers
 96. "The Arcade" Luncheon Bar and Billiard Hall; P. & F. McGlade, proprietors
                          First Floor
 98. Walker, A. E., & Co., tablet and letter maker
   "   Boyd, D. M., commission agent
  "    Levinson, H., draper
  "    Lemon, G. A., artist
100. Watson & Sons, drapers and clothiers; res., Mamreville, Knock
                         First Floor
   "   Daly, Thos., merchant tailor
                      Second Floor
   "  Adams, J. W., draper
102. Brown, Ephraim & Son, House and Land Agents; Res., Thos. Brown, J.P., Iona, Antrim Road
   "   Downer & Co., Commission Merchants. Tel. Address - "Downer, Belfast." Res., W. H. N. Downer, Arlington, 149 Cavehill Road
   "   Kirkwood, Duncan, district secretary Independent Order of Rechabites; res., "Afton", Ashgrove Park
   "   Cromie, Samuel, caretaker
..........Union Street intersects
106. Rogers, M., publican
108. Grant, L., tobacconist
110. Curran, T., merchant tailor
   "    Harris, Mary
   "    Curran, W., plumber and gasfitter
112. The Hamman Turkish Baths - Jos. Armstrong, Proprietor
114. Smith, Miss, newsagent
116, 118. O'Kane, H. & Co. Ltd., Funeral Undertakers and Posting Establishment; Branches 168 Divis Street and 77a Newtownards Road
120. McBride, M., millinery mantle and dress making
122. McDonald, M., M.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist
124.              Marsh's Buildings
                           First Floor
1, 1a. Abstainers' and General Insurance Co. Ltd. - William Gibson, District Manager. Telephone No. 3377
   2. Agnew, S. R., property broker, house, land and insurance agent. Belfast Mercantile Mutual Building Society - S. R. Agnew, secretary
   3. British Legal & United Provident Assurance Co. - John Stewart, superintendent
   4. Vacant
5, 6. Carlisle, Thomas E., res., 437 Antrim Road
   7. Commissionaires Office - Capt. Daly, Officer-in-charge; Officer, Sgt.-Major A. Cree
   8. Cosgrove, J., accountant
                       Second Floor
   9. Dobbin, Jas. G., agent for Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd.
 10. Gregory & Hall, architects and civil engineers
11, 13. Office of H.M. Inspector of Factories - Sydney Eraut, District Inspector; H. A. Scott and James Burns, H.M. Inspectors; A. J. Owen, H.M. assistant inspector
13, 14. Martindale, Miss Hilda, H.M. Senior Lady Inspector of Factories for Ireland
                        Third Floor
 15. Beattie, John, caretaker
126. Vacant
128. Eclipse Tailoring Company
130, 132. Vacant
134, 136. Sterling, T., wholesale and retail confectioner
138, 140. Marsh & Co. Ltd., biscuit manufacturers

Donegall Street Little
Royal Avenue to Library Street Upper

1 to 11. "Evening Telegraph" Works, despatch office
 13. Baird, W. & G., Ltd.
15 to 29. Watson, R., & Co. Ltd.
31, 33. McGlade, P. & F., billiard-rooms and restaurant
   "   Belfast Motor Cab Co.
 35. McGlade, P. & F., yard and stores
41, 43. McStay & Colgan, automobile engineers
 45. Stores and hall vacant
 47. Brunton, Wm., clerk
 49. Leng, John, & Co. Ltd. (Dundee), newspaper publishers
 51. Vacant
 53. O'Kane, H., back entrance
 55. The Globe Manufacturing Co., mill furnishers & manufacturers
 57. Back entrance to Messrs. Marsh & Co. Ltd.

       Watson, R., & Co., cabinet and bedding factory
 16. King, Fredk., & Co. Ltd., goods entrance
 18. Reilly, Robt., dealer
20, 22. Pinkey, Thos., plumber and gasfitter
 24. McManus, J. D., M.A.
 26. Stewart, H. & J., oil & size manufacturers
..........Stephen Street intersects
       Corporation stone yard

Donegall Street Place
off Donegall Street

   1. Fagan, Wm., carpenter and builder
   3. Henderson, Wm., wholesale confectioner
   5. Vacant
   7. Bowes, Alfred, bedding manufacturer
   9. Webster, John, curtain showroom

   2. Stores
4 to10. Vacant

Donegore Street
off Memel Street

   1. Campbell, Ernest, labourer
   3. Holland, W., blacksmith
   5. Abbott, Jos., labourer
   7. Young, Jas., labourer
   9. Martin, Francis, labourer
 11. Jefferson, W. J., labourer
 13. McMillan, R., crane driver
 15. Vacant
 17. Mawhirk, Mrs. Mary
 19. Hoffey, Geo., labourer
..........Memel Street intersects
 21. Scott, Wm., Central Wood Turning Works
23 to 25. Vacant
 27. Stables
 29. Speers, Jas., labourer
 31. Clarke, David, labourer
 33. Nolan, Jas., labourer
 35. McGinn, Saml., moulder
 37. Watton, Wm., labourer
 39. Johnston, John, watchman
 41. Walker, George, labourer

   4. Nixon, Wm., labourer
   6. Gamble, Robt., labourer
   8. McIlroy, Margaret
 10. Atwell, Wm., linen lapper
..........Memel Street intersects
 12. Auld, William
 14. Lauder, Mrs. Isabella
 16. Gallen, Mrs. Margaret
 18. Wilson, Joseph
 20. Holland, Thos., labourer
 22. McConkey, Wm., labourer
 24. Steed, John, labourer
 26. Murphy, Wm. J., painter
 28. Harrison, Thos., labourer
 30. Vacant
 32. Salmon, Jane
 34. Vacant
 36. Simpson, Wm., labourer

Donnybrook Street
off Lisburn Road

    1. Johnston, Jos., compositor
    3. Coleman, Mrs., grocer
    5. Back entrance to D. Ireland & Co.
    7. Lorimer, Andw., store keeper
    9. Hanna, Wm., baker
  11. Kirkpatrick, W., baker
  13. Lowry, Mrs.
  15. Lowry, Wm., coachman
  17. Bowden, S., carpenter
  19. Thompson, Robt., carpenter
  21. Hill, E., polisher
  23. McInnes, A., plumber
  25. Nesbitt, A., piano tuner
  27. Irvine, Jos., carpenter
  29. Murphy, John, gardener
  31. Davison, John, fitter
  33. Mitchell, John, tram conductor
  35. Wallace, J., body maker
  37. Craig, David, brush maker
  39. Scott, Robt., motorman
  41. Clugston, W. S., linen lapper
  43. Ingram, G. F., linen warehouseman
  45. Simpson, Wm., postman
  47. Jackson, Alex., compositor
  49. Hargreaves, C., cabinet maker
  51. Clyde, Wm., dairyman
  53. Burrows, Mrs.
  55. Gillespie, A., salesman
  57. Shepherd, Thos., musician
  59. Scully, Andw., fitter
  61. Ferris, Albert, painter
  63. McClinchey, T., hairdresser
  65. Orr, Wm., engine driver
  67. Nelson, W. J., packer
  69. Ferguson, Geo., cloth passer
  71. Edgar, J., gardener
  73. Allen, Miss
  75. Hewitt, John, dealer
  77. Kempton, Robt., tailor
  79. McDowell, Mrs.
  81. Smyth, G.
  83. Vacant
  85. Martin, Mrs.
  87. Morrow, Mrs.
  89. Biggins, Miss Kate
  91. Ainscough, H. J., organ builder
  93. Black, Jas., linen lapper
  95. Bell, W. H., postman
  97. Cupples, T. G., labourer
  99. Parkinson, J., painter
101. Moore, Mrs.
        Vacant ground
        Belfast Fancy Linen Company - Ulsterville Factory

    2. Vacant
    4. Brown, John, traveller
    6. Kelly, J., traveller
    8. Wilson, Frances A.
  10. Beckett, S. N., supt. Prudential Assurance Co.
..........Sandringham Street intersects
  12. McCabe, John, painter
  14. McLaughlin, Fras., R.I.C.
  16. McGuinness, J. W., painter
  18. Matchett, R., plumber
  20. Jonas, Jos. H., plumber
  22. Gracey, Mrs.
  24. Watson, Wm., coachman
  26. Moore, M., carpenter
  28. Reddick, Jos., night porter
  30. Noyes, Robt., linen lapper
  32. McKeown, J., grocers' assistant
  34. Hanna, John, pavior
  36. Quinn, Mrs.
  38. Black, Nathaniel, clerk
  40. Wilson, Mrs. Mary
  42. Magee, Thos., draughtsman
  44. Turner, J.
  46. McKnight, Francis, fitter
  48. Hopley, G., window cleaner
  50. Hanley, Mrs.
  52. McMaster, R., yarn dresser
  54. Hill, Mrs.
  56. Hutchinson, J., brick layer
  58. Hughes, Thomas, driller
  60. Montgomery, J., mechanic
  62. Rodgers, Henry, coachman
  64. Black, J., pattern maker
  66. O'Hare, John, clerk
  68. Vacant
  70. Shanks, Chas., carpenter
  72. Lynch, John, spirit grocer
  74. Walker, E., labourer
  76. Sloan, James, labourer
  78. Benson, Val., plumber
  80. McFetridge, Alex., labourer
  82. Mooney, Richard, traveller
  84. Vacant
  86. Cumming, Henry, labourer
  88. Faulkner, Matthew, window cleaner
  90. Leith, W., painter
  92. Doak, Robt., chauffeur
  94. Morrow, Mrs.
  96. Thompson, D., gardener
  98. Strange, Jas., sculptor
100. Brown, Robt., carpenter
102. Harvey, F. G., labourer
104. Braithwaite, Mrs.
106. McDowell, A., & Co., builders and contractors

Donore Street
Annadale Street to New Lodge Road

   1. Lenaghan, P., cab driver
   3. Murphy, Hugh, van driver
   5. Mulholland, Henry, labourer
   7. McCann, Patk., general jobber
   9. Connolly, Miss Catherine
 11. McManus, Patrick
 13. Burns, Patk., time keeper
 15. Carberry, Patk., motor man
 17. Tully, Miss
 19. Steele, Charles, dealer
 21. Vacant
 23. Tughan, Jas., car driver
 25. Hastings, John, carpenter
 27. Moore, Saml., brick layer
 29. Vacant
 31. Spence, Hugh, labourer
 33. Rooney, Miss S., char woman

2 to 10. Vacant ground
 12. Thompson, F., holder up
 14. Murray, John, brick layer
 16. Withers, James, labourer
 18. Kearney, Mrs. Annie
 20. Stone, Miss Lizzie, cigarette maker
 22. Lowry, Wm., labourer
 24. Fitt, Mrs. Elizabeth, char woman
 26. Carlow, Hugh, dyer
 28. Hughes, Edw., brick layer
 30. Murray, James, labourer
 32. Brown, James, blacksmith
 34. Carson, Thos., refuge assurance agent

Dorchester Street
off Donegall Road

   1. McParland, Wm., gardener
   3. Porter, Miss
   5. Ashby, Frederick, fitter
   7. Cinnamond, A., railway porter
   9. Dickson, James, store keeper
 11. Johnstone, Miss Ellen
 13. Crawford, Mrs. Isabella
 15. Spence, H., van driver
 17. McMullan, Mrs. Martha
 19. Smyth, Mrs. Mary Jane
 21. Hardy, Alfred, baker
..........Abingdon Street intersects

   2. Stewart, W. A., compositor
   4. Patterson, Thos., linen lapper
   6. Woods, Saml., labourer
   8. Fox, Wm., labourer
 10. Glass, Adam, plasterer
 12. Barrett, Wm., labourer
 14. Vacant
 16. Best, Wm., labourer
 18. Reid, Alex., labourer
 20. Lambert, Wm., baker
 22. Beck, Wm. G., lamp lighter
 24. Carlisle, Miss Minnie
 26. Reddick, Arthur, range setter

Douglas Street
Beersbridge Road to Willowfield Street

   1. Hughes, John, labourer
   3. Hickey, Thos., labourer
   5. Maxwell, Jas., coachman
   7. Abernethy, John, labourer
   9. Dickson, David, seedsman
 11. Little, Mrs. Eliza
 13. Crangle, Mrs. Eliza
 15. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Rose
 17. Quinn, Mrs. L.
 19. Scott, Sarah Jane
 21. Shields, John, labourer
 23. Thompson, Mrs. Sarah J.
 25. Irvine, Agnes
 27. Savage, James, carter
 29. Vacant
 31. Nelson, Samuel, labourer
 33. Kelly, Wm., labourer
 35. Mooney, Mrs. Jane
 37. Campbell, Mary
 39. Holly, Chas., labourer
 41. Clydesdale, S., cutter
 43. Larkin, Thos., labourer
 45. McKeown, W. J., labourer
 47. Millar, Robert, labourer
 49. Lee, Mrs.
 51. Miley, Jas. Thos., labourer
 53. Vacant
 55. McMordie, Leslie, labourer
 57. Spence, John, plater's helper
 59. Thompson, J., labourer
 61. Ballance, Thos., labourer

   2. Mullen, John, shoe maker
   4. Vacant
   6. Reid, Saml., labourer
   8. Capper, Campbell, seaman
 10. Magowan, Henry Alex.
 12. Patterson, John, tailor
 14. Byers, Mrs.
 16. Blair, John, labourer
 18. Dickson, Jas., labourer
 20. Boyd, Courtland, labourer
 22. Meenan, Mary
 24. Meek, Wm., labourer
 26. Canning, Mrs. Ann Jane
 28. Carnduff, Wm., labourer
 30. Turner, Robt., joiner
 32. Moody, Matthew, labourer
 34. Farman, Mrs. Rose
 36. Close, Robt., carter
 38. Mulholland, Agnes
 40. Patton, Geo., labourer
 42. Mooney, Mrs.
 44. Houston, Thos., labourer
 46. Vacant
 48. Shanks, Wm., painter
 50. McKeown, Edwd., labourer
 52. White, Moore, collector
 54. Bond, James, labourer
 56. Anderson, Mrs.
 58. Pratt, Margaret
 60. Watson, John, labourer
 62. Ervine, Jos., labourer
 64. McCormick, Saml., labourer
 66. Side door

Dover Street
Shankill Road to Divis Street

                        [right hand side]
    1. Bell, J. W., publican
    3. Grant, Jas., plasterer
    5. Vacant
    7. Workers' Union, 74 Bnch.
    9. Ditty, Thos., hair dresser
  9a. Dempster, R., lamp lighter
  11. McDowell, W. J., tenter
11a. Hall, Edward, plasterer
  13. Watson, Caroline
13a. Adair, Wm., hair dresser
..........Westmoreland Street intersects
  15. Grey, D., shoe maker
  17. Cuthbert, David, clerk
  19. Hunt, Miss Eliza
  21. Gibson, Miss
  23. Haddock, Thos., labourer
  25. Neill, Robt., brick layer
  27. Prentice, Henry, baker
  29. Russell, John, cloth passer
  31. Harrison, A., linen lapper
..........Forsythe Street intersects
31a. McHenry, H., linen lapper
  33. Kinghan, Saml., tailor
  35. King, Robert, coach builder
  37. McCleery, Mary Ann
  39. Gracey, Isaac, grocer
  41. Walker, Stewart, iron turner
  43. Buchanan, Robt., moulder
  45. Hamilton, Sarah Jane
  47. Wilson, James, carter
  49. Melvin, S., brick layer
 51. Keenan, Miss
 53. McClurg, Matt., draper
55, 57. Vacant
..........Cumberland Street intersects
59, 59½. Demolished
  61. Cree, William, engine driver
  63. Hamilton, Wm., iron moulder
  65. Mahaffy, Martha
  67. Shaw, Edward, sawyer
  69. Osborne, Jas., clerk
  71. Scott, Samuel Jas., stationery assistant
  73. Shields, James, joiner
  75. Thompson, Jos., winding master
77, 79. Harkness, J., coach builder
  81. Gageby, John, labourer
  83. Nelson, S., cabinet maker
  85. Rutherford, J.
..........Beverley Street intersects
  87. Kelly, Sampson, gas fitter
  89. Lappin, Catherine
  91. Forsythe, Jas., painter
  93. McDonald, F. W., piano tuner
  95. Hanna, Thos., labourer
  97. Magee, Geo., teacher
99, 99½. Murphy, John & Sons, Dover Street Waggon and Smith Works
101. Peacock, J., bookkeeper
103. McCluskey, Margaret
105, 107. Elliott, Geo., spirit merchant

                       [left hand side]
    2. Side door
    4. Oliver, Wm., bath attendant
    6. McKelvey, Saml., baker
    8. Hayes, Thomas, butcher
10, 12. Hogg, Samuel, grocer
  14. McKinney, A., coach builder
  16. Johnston, Jos., builder
  18. Duff, Wm., fitter
  20. Hamilton, William
  22. Reid, J., linen lapper
  24. Martin, Alice, dress maker
26, 28. Gould, T. J., painter
  30. Wark, Samuel, G.N.R.
32, 34. Nelson, John, printer
  36. Pilson, Jas., butcher
  38. Boomer, A., pawn broker's assistant
  40. McClure, Jas., bread server
  42. Boston, Mrs. E.
  44. McVeigh, Thos., mineral water man
  46. Carr, J., bookkeeper
  48. Peel, Mrs. Mary
  50. Turney, W., furniture dealer
  52. Garston, Mrs.
  54. McClenaghan, Thos., agent Pearl Life Assurance Co.
..........Cargill Street Upper intersects
  56. Dunn, Annie, dress maker
  58. Kyle, D., tinplate worker
  60. Sillers, John, tenter
  62. Irwin, Thomas
  64. Burns, Robt., pork cutter
  66. Kane, F., publican
..........Louden Street intersects
  68. Stewart, D., labourer
  70. McAlister, R., porter
  72. Crane, Mrs.
  74. Boyd, Wm., labourer
  76. Murdoch, Wm., fitter
  78. Irvine, Eliza, grocer
  80. Niblock, S., tailor
..........Duffy's Place intersects
  82. Murray, D., box maker
  84. McQuoid, Robt., plumber
  86. Murdoch, R., slater
  88. Kingsbury, S., engine driver
  90. Pierce, Annie, dress maker
  92. Mansal, J.
  94. McMahon, Minnie
  96. Parker, Wm., printer
  98. Gihon, John, compositor
100. Lynn, W. H., smiths' helper
102. Gordon, A., grocer
   "    Lockhart, W., bookkeeper
104. Wylie, A., painter
106. King, Geo., labourer
108. Mitchell, A., engineer
110. English, Saml., polisher
112. Monteith, J., engine driver
114. Shaw, Isaac, clerk
116. Blair, Miss Maria
118. McGladdery, W., book binder
120. Connor, W., brick layer
122. Fitzgerald, W., G.N.R.
124. Maginnis, Hugh, leather cutter
126. Smith, D., shoeing forge
128. Blake, Edwd., confectioner
130. McCaw, Thos., collar and cuff manufacturer
132. Davidson, Thos., clerk
134. McCarrick, Patk., clerk

Downing Street
Shankill Road to Blenheim Street

   1. Belfast Charity Organisation Society (North West Committee) - Miss B. Ferguson, hon. secretary
   3. Murdock, Thos., pork cutter
   5. Burrows, Mary
   7. Fleming, Hugh
..........Rumford Street intersects
9, 11. Robinson, A. T., mineral water factory
13, 15. Andress, E. J., postman
..........Mansfield Street intersects
 17. Kennedy, D., general jobber and house repairer
 19. McKinley, Jos., labourer
 21. Boal, Mrs.
 23. McCormick, Mary Ann
 25. McCartney, W., fitter
 27. McKinley, S., storeman
 29. Graham, Mary Ann
39, 41. Scott, Thos., joiner
 43. Gibson, A., baker
 45. Irvine, Wm., carter
 47. Clements, George
 49. Holmes, Robert, tenter
 51. Irwin, Thomas, gardener
 53. Cordner, Robt., labourer
 55. Morrow, Jos., labourer
 57. Close, John, embosser
 59. Clements, John
 61. Bothwell, Thos.
 63. Houston, John
 65. Welsh, Thos., labourer
 67. Joy, John, fitter
 69. McAuley, John, fireman
 71. Scott, Robert J.
 73. Carley, Wm., driller
 75. Loughead, John, grocer

2 to 6. Gleazer, Jas., publican (side door)
   8. Barrons, J., labourer
 10. Vacant
 12. Gordan, William
 14. Walker, Geo., labourer
 16. Noble, James, labourer
 18. Jackson, Wm., car driver
 20. McConnell, Edwd.
 22. Kidd, Charles, labourer
 24. McMillan, Chas., labourer
 26. Rainey, John, labourer
 28. Ruddell, David
 30. Stevenson, David
 32. Barrons, Alex., shoe maker
 34. Elwood, Richard
 36. McCracken, Robert
 38. Hayes, Alex., labourer
 40. Reid, William
 42. Smyth, J., sexton Agnes Street Methodist Church
..........Woodburn Street intersects
..........Woburn Street intersects
 44. McArthur, David, grocer
 46. Scott, David, labourer
 48. McMullan, Mrs. Elizabeth
50, 52. Stables
 54. Russell, S., cabinet maker
 56. Baird, Wm. John
 58. Johnston, H., iron turner
 60. Long, Wm.
 62. Crawford, M. J.
 64. Mann, Richard
 66. Watson, Jas., stone mason
       Blenheim Street N.S. - A. McIlroy, principal

Downpatrick Street
off Mersey Street

   2. Clarke, Wm., caulker
   4. Jamison, John, labourer
   6. Hunter, T., finisher
   8. Groves, Mrs. M.
 10. Nelson, Thos., boiler maker
 12. Reid, J., mechanic
 14. Crowthers, Sarah
 16. Kernaghan, J., joiner
 18. Warnock, W., sail maker
 20. Rolston, Thos., labourer
 22. Rainey, T., labourer
 24. Smith, J., groundsman, Glentoran F.C.
 26. Collins, John, labourer
 28. Rainey, Wm., labourer
 30. Kane, Saml., fireman
 32. Stevenson, R., labourer
 34. Jeffreys, J., joiner
 36. Fullerton, Annie

Downshire Place
Great Victoria Street to Little Victoria Street

1, 3. Victoria Factory, goods entrance
                     (1st and 2nd floor)
       McDowell, F., & Co., Downshire factory, collar, cuff and linen handkerchief manufacturers
                           (3rd floor)
       Gorman, R. P., & Co., fancy linen manufacturers
                           (4th floor)
       Matier, Henry, & Co. Ltd., machine embroidery factory

Downshire Road
from Cregagh Road to Knockbreda Road

                        [right hand side]
       Gibson, Samuel, storeman
      Morrow, J., rope manufacturer
                         Norwood Villa
       Elliott, W., pensioner R.I.C.
       Lynn, Samuel, manager
       Moore, John J., electrical agent

                          [left hand side]
                           Shandon Villa
       O'Sullivan, S., dairyman
       Irwin, Francis, draper's assistant
   1. Love, Henry, manager
   2. Streeter, H., draughtsman
       McClelland, W. A., gold blkr
                            Beech Hill
       Reid, R., ex-D.I., R.I.C.
       Fulton, Joseph, clerk P.O.
       Ringland, Mrs. Jane
                       Devonshire Lodge
       Magee, Robert, clerk
       Ewing, Robert, builder
       Greer, Mrs. Mary
       Forsythe, Richard, principal teacher of Brown Memorial N.S.
       McMaster, James H.

Downview Avenue
off Antrim Road

                        [Left hand side]
       Stewart, James
       Fortwilliam Golf Club - Hon. Sec., Jas. Campbell
       Davis, Ben., caretaker
       Lowry, John A., linen merchant
       Curran, Thos., merchant tailor
       Campbell, John, clerk
                          Castle Villa
       Anderson, W. E., 1st class assistant superintendent G.P.O.
       Richmond, Miss
                          Manila Villas
   1. Russell, T. J., flour merchant
   2. Stewart, S., ship broker

                      [Right hand side]
       Curran, Wm., plumber and gasfitter
       Macnaughton, Norman, cement merchant
       Alexander, Jas., solicitor

Drake's Lane
off Union Place

   1. Haveron, W. B., pensioner
   3/ Vacant
   5. Pendergast, Mrs. Jane

2 to 6. Demolished
   8. Larkin, Chas., labourer
 10. Magill, Miss Kate, sweeper
 12. O'Neill, John, labourer

Drew Street
off Grosvenor Road

   1. Wightman, D., joiner
   3. Porter, Chas., upholsterer
   5. Norwood, J., hackle maker
   7. Rainey, Mrs. Isabella
   9. Graham, Isabella
 11. Hall, James, labourer
 13. Campbell, Jas., mechanic
 15. Hughes, Wm., carter
 17. Thompson, S., moulder
 19. Farley, James, foreman
 21. Maguire, J. E., labourer
 23. Wilson, James, car driver
 25. Steed, Mrs. Mary Jane
 27. Cheadle, John, labourer
 29. Christie, Agnes
 31. Hamill, Geo., labourer
 33. McGrew, Wm., french polisher
 35. Price, Wm., hackle setter
 37. Irvine, Mrs. E.
 39. Wright, James, blacksmith
 41. Dowey, Mrs. Alice
 43. Marshall, John, grocer

   2. Bunting, J. H., blacksmith
   4. Hodge, Thos., labourer
   6. Stewart, Samuel, tenter
   8. Farr, Wm., printer
 10. Patterson, G., basket maker
 12. Brownlees, Saml., labourer
 14. Dale, Geo., labourer
 16. Black, Wm., labourer
 18. Young, Robt. Kelso, labourer
 20. Fisher, Jas., labourer
 22. Loughran, Francis, labourer
 24. Bracken, Robt., labourer
 26. Carroll, Christopher, labourer
 28. Johnston, Jno., coachman
 30. Johnston, J. H., linen finisher
 32. McSorley, Patrick, labourer
 34. McGettigan, Geo., labourer
 36. Silcock, Jas., labourer
 38. Winters, Jas., linen lapper
 40. Cunningham, T., carpenter

Dromara Street
off Ormeau Road

   1. Gibson, Robt., boiler maker
   "   Moorcroft, Miss C., dress maker
   3. McKinney, Mrs. Martha
   5. Hamilton, Robt., labourer
   7. Williams, Richard, Customs officer
   9. Callender, Chas., linen lapper
 11. Picton, F., engineer
 13. Campbell, E., motorman
 15. McKinney, Wm., clerk
 17. Davies, T., coach builder
 19. Tate, John, painter
 21. Spence, Wm., painter

   2. McHenry, Richard, baker
   4. Campbell, Alfred, joiner
   6. White, Henry, plumber
   8. Hamilton, Wm., bread server
 10. Thursby, Thos., stone cutter
 12. Welsh, Wm., stone cutter
 14. Glenn, W. J., R.I.C.
 16. Boyce, Miss
 18. Fitzpatrick, Miss, costumier
 20. Campbell, R., compositor

Dromore Street
off Cregagh Road

   1. Kerr, John, dairy manager
   3. Palmer, Henry, stationer
   5. McLaughlin, J., store keeper
   7. Mulree, Jos., baker
   9. Ritchie, Mrs. Mary
 11. Palmer, Mrs.
 13. O'Brien, Richd., mechanic
 15. Campbell, A., carpenter
 17. Burrows, W. J., cashier
 19. Bell, Isaac, pastor East End Baptist Church
 21. McKeen, John, bread server
 23. Mawhinney, Annie
 25. Dick, Mrs. Mary
 27. Williams, Thos., foreman
 29. Miller, Mrs. Sarah
 31. Rea, John, printer
 33. Brown, Mrs. Jane
 35. Brown, Andrew, joiner

Druse Street
off Hillview Street

   1. Weir, Joseph, joiner
   3. Hayes, Margaret
   5. Montgomery, Jas., labourer
   7. Gates, Catherine
   9. McKendry, John, clerk
 11. Green, Geo., labourer
 13. Gaston, Robt., labourer
 15. Thompson, Jas., labourer
 17. Nugent, Matt., labourer
 19. McCrea, B., gardener
 21. Gracey, David, labourer
 23. Hanna, Esther

   2. Dignam, E., labourer
   4. Downes, P., painter
   6. Dignam, Herbert, labourer
   8. Brown, R., hackle setter
 10. Pollock, J., flax dresser
 12. Tomkins, L., printer
 14. Fleming, M. T., iron moulder
 16. Glass, James, labourer
 18. Shields, John, labourer
 20. Quinn, John, labourer
 22. Crosbie, Timothy, labourer
 24. Kinney, Isabella

Dublin Road
Bedford Street to University Road

                        [right hand side]
1½. McCauley, A., packing case maker
1, 3. Clarke, Isaac, publican
..........Bruce Street intersects
                        Harmony Place
    5. Irish Whisky Co.
    7. Stanton, Geo. R., tobacconist and hair dresser
    9. Browne, Thos. H., tobacconist & confectioner
  11. Reilly, J., reg. plumber
  13. Louise, Madame, court dress maker and servants' registry office
  15. Vacant
  17. Patterson, G., tailor
  19. Burns, Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner and dining rooms
  21. McAdam, R., maker of artificial teeth
  23. Mutual Life Assurance Co. of New York - Moncrieff & Co., managers
  25. Burland, S., teacher
  27. Anderson, Mrs.
  29. Kennedy, Mrs. Annie
..........Harmony Street intersects
                        Botanic Terrace
  31. Moore, E. & H., milliners and dress makers
  33. Willis, W., & Co., sanitary, heating, hydraulic and electrical engineers
  35. Colvin, Miss Jane, milliner
  37. Cairns, J., painter and decorator
39, 39a. Gilmour, J., carpenter and builder
  41. Shilliday, Miss Jane, millinery and drapery warehouse
  43. Martin, James H. & Co., cleaners and restorers, picture frame makers, gilders and artists' colourmen
..........Ventry Street intersects
                        Victoria Terrace
  45. Vacant
  47. Cruikshanks, Wm. McN., stationer and printer
  49. Phenix, Thos., warehouseman
  51. Adams, James, confectioner and tobacconist
  53. Vacant
  55. Hunter, Henry, & Sons, cabinet makers, upholsterers, restorers of antique furniture
  57. Ferris, W. J., Damask Designer
   "    Ferris, Robert, watch maker and jeweller
  59. Smith, John, mechanic
  61. McIlwaine, N., cabinet maker
  63. Hanna, Robt., house and land agent
  65. Ryan, C. F., ophthalmic optician
..........Ventry Lane intersects
                    Inkerman Terrace
  67. Harford, Jos., merchant tailor
  69. Campbell, Wm., piano & organ merchant
  71. Milligan, Miss Margaret
  73. Wykes, Miss Harriett, costumier, Tel. No. 3223
  75. Archer, Miss
  77. Glendinning, R., piano, organ  and music warehouse
  79. Kane, Miss G., stationer & fancy goods
  81. Toole, F., Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, French Polisher and Window Blind Maker. Telephone No. 464X
  83. Russell, A., merchant tailor
        Magdalene Sunday Schools
..........Donegall Road intersects
                    Bradbury Place
  87. Harvey Bros., fruiterers
89, 91. Walker, J. & E., & Co., general drapers
  93. Duffy, John, Royal Fruit and Floral Hall
  95. Ardrey, G., & Co., boot & shoe merchants
  97. May, J. B., grocer
97a. Young, Miss, dress maker
  99. Johnson Bros., dyers and cleaners
101. Mallace, J. J., confectioner
103. The Maypole Dairy Co. - H. Belshaw, manager
101a. Haslett, Wm., chemist
103. White, D. S., boot and shoe merchant
105. Bradbury Place Post Office - Miss Corry, sub-postmistress
107. Magahy, J., confectioner
109. Carson, W. G., butcher
111. Fullalove, J. W., hairdresser
   "    (Second Floor) Orr, Miss Frances, dressmaker
113. Dickie, Lizzie, stationer and newsagent
115. Crozier, A. E., watch maker
117. Gray, S. N., registered plumber and sanitary engineer
119. Duffy, John, fish monger and poulterer
                      Hertford Place
121. White, D. S., boot and shoe merchant
123. Lynas, Wm., painter & decorator
125. Watson, Miss Mary
127. Holmes, Wm., carpenters and builders
                    Crescent Building
    1. Shaw, James H., family grocers
  1a. Porter, R. C.
    2. Porter, R. C., fancy drapery
    3. Saunders, Mrs. Jane
        Melville & Co. Ltd., funeral furnishers and posting establishment (branch)

    2. Elliott & Co., Dental Depot. Telephone No. 3262. Telegraphic Address, Molar, Belfast
    4. Wallace, Robert, & Co., linen and handkerchief manufacturers and bleachers - Proprietor, Robert Wallace; res., 15 Rugby Road
    6. Macoun, W. Godfrey, linen merchant
    "   Workman, T. & G. A., Ltd., linen merchants
    "   Windsor Building Co. Ltd.
    "   Marlborough Park Ltd.
    8. Jones Sewing Machine Co. Ltd.
  10. Smyth, T., fruiterer & con.
  12. Willcox & Gibbs, Sewing Machine Co.; Warehouse and workshop, Marcus Ward Street
..........Marcus Ward Street intersects
        Brown, John Shaw, & Sons Ltd., Ulster Works, Damask, Linen and Handkerchief Manufacturers; London Address, 26 Gresham Street
                           First Floor
 16. Ulster Linen Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers
                        Second Floor
   "   Vacant
                          Third Floor
 16. Ulidia Clothing Co. Ltd., workers' entrance
 18. Cron, Miss, confectioner
 20. Ridges & Robinson, milliners
 22. Bailey, Miss Catherine, costumier and outfitter
24, 26. Vacant 
  28. Ulidia Clothing Co. Ltd., gateway
  30. The Salvation Army Central Citadel - Adjutant, Joseph J. Ferguson, res., 34 Magdala Street
                      Citadel Buildings
  32. Johnston, Miss, milliner
  34. Sheldon, C. E., & Co., Domestic Machinery Warehouse
  36. Gateway
                          First Floor
  38. McKean, R. & H., linen merchants; factory, Benburb
                       Second Floor
   "    Citadel Hemstitching Co., S. H. McKeown, proprietor
  40. Hodgkinson & Andrews, talking machine dealers and cycle agents
  42. Lockhart, E., watch maker, jeweller and silversmith
  44. Thompson, A., painter and decorator
    "   Lyttle, Robt., photographer
  46. Ferguson, Richard, hair dressing, specialist and electrolysis
  48. Vacant
  50. McCord, Geo., draper
   "    McCrudden, S., finisher & blouse manufacturer
  52. Dickson, Miss
  54. Nelson, S., cabinet maker
..........Salisbury Street intersects
                      Pakenham Place
  56. Walby, A. G., L.D.S., R.C.S., (Edin.), surgeon dentist
  58. Lowry, Dr. C. G., M.D.
  60. Purdon, E. B., M.B.
62, 64. Elwood, W. H., L.D.S.; Elwood, W. H., jun.; Elwood, Walter, surgeon dentists
..........Hartington Street intersects
        Dublin Road Reformed Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Lynd, D.D., 86 Egantine Avenue (Eglantine)
  74. McCaw, John, M.D., L.R.C.P., Surgeon
  76. Simpson, J., M.D.
..........Pakenham Street intersects
  78. Blakely, S. H. G., M.D.
  80. Purdon, Richard, M.D.
  82. McKinnon, Mrs. Louisa
  84. Fieldon, Victor, G.L., M.B., surgeon
  86. Mathews, C. H., L.D.S., dental surgeon
..........Fulton Street intersects
..........Donegall Pass intersects
110, 112. Braithwaite, W. T., publican
116. Rogan Bros., boot and shoe makers
118. Graham, M., stationer & tobacconist
120. Hamilton, Geo., butcher
122, 124. Kinahan Bros., wine and spirit merchants
                          Albion Place
126. Stevenson, Andrew, registered plumber & sanitary engineer
128. Croskery, H., confectionery
130a. Vacant
132. Hurst & Co., milliners
134a. Bowden, Jas., assurance agent
134. Payne's Medical Hall
136a, 136. Berry, Jas., tobacconist
138. McKeag, J. S., ladies' and gent's outfitter
140. Dennison Bros., wholesale iron mongers & china merchants
142. Carson, M., print seller, stationer, frame maker, gilder, fancy goods dealer and artists' outfitter
144. Rogan Bros., boot and shoe maker
146. Bogan, Madam, dress maker
148, 150. Wallace, M., painter and decorator. Telephone No. 836

Dublin Street
off Ravenhill Road

   1. Fletcher, David, bread server
   3. Gifford, Geo., grocer
   5. Magee, Hugh S., carpenter
   7. Colgan, M. J., R.I.C.
   9. Lockhart, Mrs. Annie
 11. McGlennon, Wm., pensioner
 13. Nicholl, Mrs. Anna
 15. Devine, Patrick, R.I.C.
 17. Carty, James, R.I.C.

   2. Moore, Saml. D., carpenter
   4. Owens, John, ward master
   6. Rodgers, Wm., engineer
   8. Jordan, Jos., syrup maker
 10. Gordon, Thos., plumber
 12. Dickson, Geo., warehouseman
 14. Keery, John, engineer
 16. McGaw, Geo., stone man
 18. Parkhill, J., plater

Dudley Street
from University Street to Rugby Avenue

                       [Right hand side]
   1. Douglas, Chas., clerk
       Cooper, John, cabinet maker, workshop

                        [Left hand side]
                          Fitzroy Villas
   1. Hart, Catherine
   2. Martin, Robt., porter

Dufferin Dock
end of Garmoyle Street

       Hall, R. & H., Ltd., grain merchants
       H. M. Customs Station

Dufferin Road
Whitla Street to Spencer Basin

       Irish Shipowner's Co., stores
       Kosmack & Co., stores
       Shaw, Pollock & Co., stores
       Gregg & Co., flooring shed
       Belfast Harbour Commissioners' branch office - Storage department, W. J. McCluskey, chief clerk
       Hall, R. & H., Ltd., grain stores
       Lyttle & Pollock, stores
       Richardson Bros., stores
       Hutton, H., & Co., timber strs.
       Harbour Commissioners timber pnds.
       Corry, J. P., & Co. Ltd., timber ponds and yard
       Robb, Kirker, & Co., sawmill and timber pond
       McDowell, J., timber merchant

Dufferin Street
Lord Street to Templemore Street

   1. Holland, B., labourer
   3. Lynn, Mary Jane
   5. Holland, Samuel, joiner
   7. Hunter, Mrs. Sarah
   9. King, Daniel, driller
 11. Sedgwick, Jas., labourer
 13. Mairs, Saml., barman
 15. Long, Jas., carpenter
 17. Tosh, Wm., rope spinner
 19. Vacant
 21. Gavin, Wm., labourer
 23. Vacant
 25. Melville, Wm., dealer
 27. Vacant
 29. Flanagan, John, labourer
 31. Vacant
 33. Campbell, Mrs. Mary

   2. Savage, Henry, labourer
   4. Johnston, M., ship carpenter
   6. Thompson, Wm., labourer
   8. McIntosh, John, labourer
 10. Magee, Hugh
 12. McCormick, Michael, labourer
 14. Johnston, Jas., labourer
 16. Shields, John, labourer
 18. Baker, Jas., labourer
 20. McCallister, Alex., labourer
 22. Dawson, Richard, labourer
 24. Craig, John, labourer
 26. Jelly, Leonard, labourer
 28. Thompson, Chas., carpenter
 30. McCrory, John, labourer
       Vacant ground

Duffy's Court
off Duffy's Place

   1. Vacant
   3. Mallon, John
   5. Maguire, W., labourer
   7. Vacant

Duffy's Place
Boundary Street to Dover Street

..........Lynn's Court intersects
7, 9. Vacant
 11. Shortt, J., labourer
 13. Vacant
 15. Lennon, Margaret

   2. Side door
..........Duffy's Court intersects
   4. McKenna, Alex., labourer
   6. Mallon, H., slater
   8. Henry, J., carman

Duke Street
Bryson Street to Susan Street

   1. Kinney, W., labourer
   3. Wilson, Alfred, clerk
   5. Moore, Robert, joiner
   7. Nelson, Wm., driller

   2. Burton, Thos., labourer
   4. Little, S., pattern maker
   6. Brown, Thos., machine man
   8. Cochrane, Mrs.

Dunbar Street
from Gordon Street

   1. Campbell, Jos., bottling stores
2, 4. Toner, Henry, spirit merchant
3, 5. McConnell, J. & J., Ltd., Distillers, Bonded Stores - Stack I.
   6. Vacant
8, 10. Burns, David
 12. McKee, S., rent agent, stores
 14. Loughran, Patrick
16 to 20. Lyttle & Pollock, hardwood timber merchants
22 to 28. Kirk, Alister, & Co., automobile engineers
       MacNaughton, Norman, & Sons, Ltd., slate and tile yard

Duncairn Avenue
off Antrim Road

   1. Jenkins, Mrs. E.
   2. Robinson, J. B., chemist
   3. Keller, Alex., commercial traveller and agent
   4. Ronaldson, Jas., cashier
                       Duncairn Manse

Duncairn Gardens
North Queen Street to Antrim Road

                        [right hand side]
                       Salmond Terrace
    1. Wilkinson, M., druggist
    3. Caldwell, Agnes, milliner
    5. Greer, Wm. B., smith
    7. Vacant
    9. Campbell, S. M., jeweller
  11. Dallas, Annie
  13. Hamilton, Margaret
  15. Stewart, James, joiner
  17. Edwards, Elizabeth
  19. McCarter, Jos., cabinet maker
  21. Morrison, W. T., dental surgeon
  23. Hopkirk, Thomas
  25. Mahaffy, J., railway clerk
  27. Gordon, Miss Agnes
  29. McCullough, A., mechanic
  31. Rolston, Robt., grocer
  33. Kennard, Hugh
  35. Shields, Margaret
  37. Vacant
  39. Cochrane, Samuel, cycle manufacturer
  41. Riddell, S., weigh master
  43. Connolly, Mrs.
  45. Dickson, William
  47. McVea, J., bookkeeper
  49. Downey, Wm., store keeper
  51. Hinks, Edwd., cabinet maker
  53. Ward, C.
  55. Hayes, W. J., engineer
  57. Simpson, J. H., boiler maker
  59. McKee, Wm., damask tntr
  61. Bean, Robt., guard
  63. Abbot, William
  65. The Improved Artificial Teeth Co. - T. Moffatt, proprietor
  67. Graham, Edwin
..........Glenrosa Street intersects
  69. Price & Co., drapers
  71. Calwell, Dr. Wm., surgeon
  73. Parker, A., & Co., cycle agents
  75. Greer, Jas., boot maker
  77. Speers, Mrs., dress maker
  79. Withers, Edwd., confectioner
  81. Fleming, Samuel, druggist
..........Adam Street intersects
83, 85. Locke, Silas, pawn broker, jeweller
  87. Brown, W. R., dealer
  89. Cameron, Jas., tenter
89a. Millar, J., merchant tailor
89b. Murphy, Saml., auctioneer
  91. Blackstock, Mrs.
  93. McKinty, Mrs. John
  95. Cunningham, Andw., draper
  97. McCurdy, Margaret
  99. Campbell, J., foreman mechanic
101. Hamilton, Samuel, assistant supt. Prudential Assurance Co.
                 St. Barnabas Terrace
103. McIlroy's provision merchant
105. Holmes, Jas., insurance agent
107. McArthur, J., collar cutter
109. Patterson, J. W., joiner
        St. Barnabas' National School - Principal, Thos. Topping; infants, Miss Jane Dornan
        St. Barnabas' Church - Rev. R. Walker, LL.D.; res., Clonsilla, Antrim Road
                    Edlingham Terrace
111. Seeds, Mrs., dress maker
113. Vacant
115. Smyth, David, pilot
117. Dawson, James
119. Jenkins, Geo., engineer
121. Marshall, Martha
123. Glass, Wm., confectioner
125. Houston, Thos., boot maker
127. McClintock, H., draper
..........Edlingham Street intersects
                Princess May Terrace
129. Magill, Dr. Wm. A., surgeon
131. King, Miss, dress maker
133. Knox, J., spinning master
135. Boyd, Thos., engineer
137. Girvan, Robt., bookkeeper
..........Kilronan Street intersects
        Duncairn Gardens Methodist Church, Rev. Wm. Corrigan, 3 Brookvale Drive
..........Ilchester Street intersects
149. Crozier, Thos., draper
151. Neill, Miss Annie
153. Worthington, John, commercial traveller
155. Meharry, Dr. W. J., surgeon
157. Kennedy, A. R., grocer
159. Vacant
161, 163. Christie, W. T., draper
165. Wright, John, clerk
167. Beggs, J. B., shoe maker
..........Syringa Street intersects
169. Carlisle, Dr. Wm., surgeon
171. Gibb, Mrs.
173. Herron, Robt., butcher
175. Lynd, R. T., hardware merchant
..........Halliday's Road intersects
177. Salvation Army Hall - Lieutenant O'Neill
                    Trevelyan Terrace
179. Vacant
181. Brown, Jas., insurance agent
183, 185. Vacant
187. Murray, Isabella
189. O'Driscoll, Patk., waiter
191. Vaughan, Mrs.
193. McKee, Mary Jane
195. Vacant
197. Lenaghan, Mrs.
199. McParland, Margaret
201. McFee, Mrs. Annie
203. McLoughlin, Mary
205. Dorman, John
207. Hurst, Chas., seaman
209. Mann, Maria
211. Fleming, Mary
213. Smith, Miss
215. Purdon, A., commission agent
217. Killen, William
219. Harrison, Mrs.
221. Dyer, Miss
223. Maguire, H., solicitor
225. Matchett, Thomas
227. Corry, Hugh, foreman
229. Sims, Miss Elizabeth
231. Martin, Miss Rachel
233. Fee, Annie
                   Duncairn Buildings
235. Sinclair, Collie, draper
237. Alcock, John, hair dresser
239. Allison & Co., ladies' and children's outfitters
241. Patterson, F., boot merchant
243, 245. Brady, E. J., newsagent and stationer
247. Cleland, Saml. F., chemist

                      [left hand side]
                   St. John's Terrace
    2. Madden, P., spirit merchant
    4. Johnstone, Henry
    6. Willis, William
    8. Devinney, Miss
  10. Martin, John, clerk
  12. Laverty, H., & Sons Ltd., store yard
  14. Ritchie, Patk., builder
  16. Morrow, William S.
  18. Vincent, Chas., boiler maker
  20. Ferguson, M., master mariner
  22. Wallace, David, joiner
  24. Dinnen, S., shipwright
  26. Craig, R., engineer
  28. Osborne, J., bookkeeper
  30. Malcolm, J., engineer
  32. Boyd, Thomas, engineer
  34. Thompson, Mrs. Mary
36, 38. Macintosh, John, surgeon
  40. McBride, Christopher
  42. Cullen, Mrs. B.
  44. Nelson, H., retired farmer
  46. Wallace, P., Customs officer
  48. Macauley, Robt., checker
  50. Morrison, H. W.
  52. Boyd, Mary
  54. Simpson, John, pilot
  56. Hanna, Georgina
  58. Vacant
  60. Harte, Jos. J., spirit grocer
  62. Mawhinney, L., draper
  64. Nelson, Jas., & Sons, Ltd., butchers
  66. Turner, E., milliner
  68. Williamson, Geo., plater
  70. Christie, S. R., linesman
  72. Corr, Mrs.
  74. Caskey, John, joiner
  76. Henderson, Wm., butcher
  78. Foster, Wm., confectioner and hardware merchant
  80. McIntyre, K., baker and confectioner
  82. Moore, Wm. Jas., engineer
  84. Graham, J., tailor
  86. O'Neill, Wm., butcher
  88. McFadden, Mrs.
  90. Hamilton, Mrs. Esther
  92. Williams, T., draper
  94. Stewart, A.
  96. Harper, T., joiner
  98. Harper, R., grocer
..........Lepper Street intersects
                    Rosslea Terrace
100. Connolly Bros., spirit grocers
102. Deegan, Jas., sergeant R.I.C.
104. Welsh, John, clerk
106. Barr, M., engineer
108. Campbell, J., boiler maker
110. Nelson, Robert, plater
112. Allen, Richard, engineer
114. Kearney, W., inland revenue officer
116. Roy, Jas., engine driver
118. Garrett, Mary
120. Ritchie, Saml., catering manager Bloomfield Bakery
122. Robinson, Sarah Jane
124. Rodger, Miss Eliza
126. Hughes, Mrs.
128. Penny, J., sailor
        Macrory Memorial Presbyterian Church - Rev. Jos. Northey; res., Mosaphir, Cavehill Road
..........Edlingham Street intersects
138. Rea, S., grocer
140. Craig, Mrs., servants' registry
                   St. George's Terrace
142. Hudson, W. E., pattern maker
144. Bampton, Thomas
146. Vacant
148. White, Caroline
150. Nicholson, E. W., engineer
152. Eacott, George
154. Lyttle, David J., tailor
156. Wilson, John, grocer
158. Haddock, Jennie
160. Dreebin, Louis, supt.
162. Greenlees, Samuel, plater
164. Reay, Henry J., engineer
166. Gorman, J. A., compositor
168. Vacant
170. McNeice, Elizabeth
172. Ferris, Sam., pilot
174. Rooney, A., spirit grocer
176. Calvert, Robert, printer
178. McDowell, Mrs.
180. Boyd, Wm., plater
182. Ryan, John
184. Vacant
186. Knox, Robt., grain merchant
188. Kennedy, R., tailor
190. Boal, E., newsagent
192. Watt, Miss
194. Atcheson, J. W., ladies' draper
196. McWilliams, L. & M., milliners
198. Macauley, Robt., linen lapper
200. Jennings, Robt., butcher
202. Macmahon, H., hair dresser
204. Rollins, J. C., commission agent
206, 208. Owens, F., grocer
..........Halliday's Road intersects
210. McConkey, J., family grocer
212. Charlton, Margaret
214. Miller, Mrs. Agnes
216. Ellison, Jas., saddler
218. Darroch, Miss J.
220. Bell, Andw., com. traveller
                     Runkerry Villas
222. Davison, Alex., traveller
224. Neill, Robert, clerk
226. McLaughlin, M., manager
228. Sheals, Mrs. Annie
                    Belalta Villas
230. Coulter, Jos., manager
232. Russell, Samuel, station master M.R., N.C.C.
234. Rafferty, Malcolm
236. Hanley, Patk., wine merchant
238. Phillips, J., photographer
                     Hardford Lodge
240. Robinson, Miss, dress maker

Duncrue Street
Whitla Street to Thompson's Bank

       Hutton, H., & Co., timber yard
       Mercier, W. & S., Ltd., Flour & Meal Millers and Merchants; Dufferin Flour Mills - Directors; S. T. Mercier, 2 Mount Clifton, Cliftonville Road; C. W. Mercier, Fairmount, Greenisland; sec., K. M. Alexander, 153 Alexandra Park Avenue
       Robb Bros., City Saw Mills; James Mann, caretaker
       The Main Drainage Pumping Station, No. 1
       Morrow, E. J., engineer

       Barrie, H. T., stores
       N.C.C. of Midland Railway Stabling Yard - Thomas Murray, cartage superintendent
       Allardice, J., & Co., Victoria Soap Works
       Clements, William, chemical works
       Coolmore Durable Roofing and Asphalte Co.
       N.C.C. of Midland Railway Co. (entrance to engineers' department and permanent way yard)
       Hutton, H., & Co., timber yard

Dundee Street
Shankill Road to Luke Street

   1. Side door
   3. Young, Lillie
   5. Armstrong, Jane
   7. Mulholland, J., labourer
   9. Neill, Albert, iron dresser
 11. Clarke, Mrs.
 13. Walker, J., labourer
 15. Crawford, Mrs.
 17. Lyttle, G., labourer
 19. Young, Mary
 21. Jackson, Jos., cabinet maker
 23. Harrison, Mary Jane
 25. Shaw, Agnes
 27. McComb, J., labourer
 29. Tate, George
 31. Smith, Wm., labourer
 33. Twynam, Jas., printer
 35. Pollock, Mrs.
 37. Leathem, David, baker
 39. Harrison, Ben., labourer
 41. Pritchard, Jas., labourer
 43. Mussen, R., holder-up
..........Linen Street intersects
 47. Magee, Mrs.
 49. Templeton, W. J., labourer
 51. McFall, Geo., labourer
 53. McClarnon, Sarah, weaver
 55. Bell, Thos., labourer
57, 59. Holden, Henry, grocer
 61. Allen, John, blacksmith
 63. Barry, Margt., char woman
 65. Black, Robt., brick layer
 67. Cully, John, labourer
 69. Finlay, A., labourer
 71. Atkinson, John, labourer
 73. Martin, Mrs.
 75. Vacant
 77. McClurg, A., tenter
 79. McCausland, Jane, stitcher
 81. Harper, Jas., seaman
 83. Cullen, R., labourer
 85. Sloan, Jas., labourer
 87. Crothers, Wm., printer
 89. Gourley, Jas., labourer
 91. Sloan, John, labourer
 93. Matthewson, S., fireman
 95. Wilson, H., labourer

   4. Bell, John, tenter
6, 8. Jackson, J., coal merchant
 10. Robb, W. J., moulder
 12. Vacant
 14. Mateer, Agnes
 16. Lyttle, Samuel, labourer
 18. Gateway
 20. Frampton, R. E., baker
 22. Houston, Thos., labourer
 24. Murdock, W., labourer
 26. McLune, Jas., labourer
 28. Shanaghan, J., carpenter
 30. Vacant
 32. Arms, J. H., labourer
..........Craig's Terrace intersects
..........Linen Street intersects
 34. Norwood, Mrs. E.
 36. Houston, Mary
 38. McFadden, Margaret
 40. Semple, Eliza Anne
 42. Morrison, Isabella, reeler
 44. Wilson, Sarah, weaver
 46. Smith, Lizzie
 48. McKinney, Robt., labourer
 50. Mooney, Samuel, labourer
 52. Clarke, J., labourer
 54. Vacant
 56. Finley, Jas., labourer
 58. Boyd, W., labourer
 60. Stewart, Sarah Jane
 62. Porter, Mrs.
 64. Crooks, Mary J.
 66. Ferris, George, labourer
 68. Bradley, William, porter
 70. Black, Sarah
 72. Smith, John, labourer
 74. Vacant
 76. Dixon, S., carpenter
78, 80. Bradley, D. & P., spirit grocers
 82. McClean, John, labourer
 84. Vacant
 86. Davidson, T., labourer
 88. Hewett, Edward
 90. Irvine, Wm., labourer
 92. Simms, Mrs.
 94. Haveron, John, labourer
 96. Reid, Mrs. Annie
 98. Vacant

Dundela Avenue
[right-sand side from Holywood Road to Belmont Road] (hand)

       Alexander, Robt. B., general wholesale merchant
       Brill, Edward A., Belfast Bank
       Thompson, Mrs.
                   Ballyhackamore House
       Robb, Chas. H., of John Robb & Co. Ltd.
..........New Street intersects
                         Dundela Villas
       Keown, Thos. H., resident secretary Law Union and Rock Insurance Co. Ltd.
       Todd, W. A., house furnisher
..........Clonlee Drive intersects
       Culbert, C. J., pharmaceutical chemist
       Sloan, John, chief engineer
..........North Road intersects
       Wilkinson, W. F., collar and cuff merchant
       Spencer, James, supdt.
       Wright, Jas. Jos., Inland Revenue officer
       Boucher, Mrs.
                        Dundela House
       Ross, D., linen manufacturer
 26. McKnight, Wm., fitter
 24. Millar, William, labourer
 22. Pegg, Chas., boiler maker
 20. Murdock, Jno., tram conductor
 18. Cook, James, driller
 16. McKee, Robt., labourer
 14. Rainey, Adam, rivetter
 12. McAllister, S., shoe maker
 10. McCartney, David, labourer
   8. McCready, Sam., gardener
   6. Fair, Carson, Prudential agent
   4. Watson, Jas., shoe maker
   2. Webb, Richd., labourer
       Strandtown Mission Hall - Webb, R., caretaker

       [left-hand side from Holywood Road to Belmont Road]
       Galloway, Peter, traffic agent for Caledonian Railway
       Gillespie, James Prentice, commission agent
                      Magdala House
       Maneeley, W. A., builder
       Lindsay, John, accountant
       Anderson, W. J., Secty. D. Anderson & Sons, Ltd.
       McIlroy, Geo., warehouseman
       Martin, Wm. Geo., marine superintendent
       Coulter, Francis, clerk
                    Strandtown Nursery
       McKee, Jas., nurseryman
                       Dundela Lodge
..........Wilgar Street intersects
                         Burnside Place
   9. Crombie, Chas., gardener
   7. Eddis, Thos., carpenter
   5. McBriar, R. J., iron turner
   3. Agnew, Thos., builder and contractor
   1. Jamison, Mrs.

Dundela Drive
off Dundela Avenue

   1. Reid, Jos., meter inspector
   2. Slater, W. J., architect and surveyor
   3. Schoefield, John, engineer
   4. Smith, P., school master

Dundela Gardens

       Black, C. W., secretary
       Watson, J. T., foreman
       Three houses in course of erection

Dundela Park
off Holywood Road

   1. Geary, David, plasterer
   3. Stewart, Vance, joiner
   5. Toomath, Rchd., supt.
   7. Scott, Thos., horticultural and bee expert
   9. Allen, David
 11. Rudd, T. H., manager Ritchie, Hart, & Co. Ltd.

Dundela Street
off Dundela Avenue

1 to 9. Vacant ground
  11. McKeag, Wm., brick layer
  13. McCullough, M., coal vendor
15 to 25. Stabling yard
  27. Beattie, Robert, labourer
  29. Robinson, Thos., labourer
31 to 45. Stabling yards
  47. Simpson, Thos., grocer
  49. Gordon, Robt., labourer
  51. Bickerstaff, John, gardener
  53. Gilmore, Henry, gardener
  55. Catherwood, David, labourer
  57. Kelly, Jas., labourer
  59. Davis, Mrs.
  61. Jackson, Thos., carpenter
  63. Henderson, John, labourer
  65. Vacant
  67. Herbert, Chas., labourer
69 to 73. Stabling yard
  75. McKenna, John, coachman
  77. France, Wm., labourer
  79. Stabling yard
  85. Frame, Mrs.

    2. Cochrane, Miss
    4. McCullough, Wm., labourer
    6. Kearns, John, labourer
    8. Ritchie, Mrs.
  10. McCracken, Wm. John, com. agent
  12. Walsh, James, labourer
  14. Doyle, Geo., labourer
  16. Morrison, Mattw., labourer
  18. Ellison, Jos., labourer
  20. Fitzsimons, J., gardener
  22. Boyd, Mrs.
  24. McCullough, J., coal merchant
  26. Boyd, Wm., gardener
  28. Shannon, Robt., labourer
  30. McGibney, Mrs.
  32. Hamilton, Mrs.
  34. Robinson, John, labourer
  36. Bingham, Jos., carter
  38. McDowell, Wm., labourer
  40. Clarke, Mrs.
  42. Dickson, S., tram conductor
  44. Simpson, A., coachman
  46. Magill, Saml., labourer
  48. Walker, W. R., banner painter
  50. Morrow, Mrs. Sarah
  52. Vacant
  54. Cochrane, R., labourer
  56. McCann, Matthew, labourer
  58. Benson, John, labourer
  60. McIlree, Wm., labourer
  62. Mallon, J., labourer
  64. Steenson, Henry, labourer
  66. Davison, R. J., labourer
  68. McKinstry, Jas., joiner
  70. O'Neill, Mrs.
  72. Davidson, Jas., labourer
  74. Gordon, W., farmer
  76. Carswell, John, labourer
  78. Wallace, Robt., labourer
  80. Irvine, Thos., joiner
  82. Rea, James, labourer
  84. Brown, Miss
  86. Horner, Mrs.
  88. Neill, Mrs.
  90. Dougan, Mrs.
  92. Robinson, David, labourer
  94. Vine, Elizabeth
  96. Black, John, labourer
  98. Vacant
100. McGowan, Wm., labourer
102. Moore, Wm., carter

Dundela View
off Dundela Avenue

   2. Scott, Frank, labourer
   4. Elliott, John, gardener
   6. Leckey, J., labourer
   8. McKeag, Hugh, labourer
 10. McKee, John, gardener
 12. Caughey, John, labourer
 14. Graham, Saml., yardman
 16. Vacant
 18. Hill, Edward, checker
 20. Woods, Wm., labourer

Dunlewey Street
Falls Road to Odessa Street

       Convent of Bons Secours
       St. Vincent's Female National Schools - conducted by Sisters of Charity
   3. McFarland, D., millwright
   5. Downey, Edw., baker
   7. Emmett, Herbert, ticket collector
   9. McKeown, W., flax dresser
 11. Murray, Theresa
 13. McAnally, Jane
 15. Mooney, Patrick
 17. Mateer, Mrs.
 19. Pollard, John, labourer

   2. Gilmore, Mrs.
   4. McCann, John, salesman
   6. Boyle, Edward, spinning master
   8. Nugent, Jas., painter
 10. Austin, John, blacksmith
 12. McCashin, E., labourer
 14. Gateway
 16. Blake, John, manager
 18. O'Rorke, Margaret
 20. Loughlin, Jane
 22. McGuicken, Jane
 24. Cairns, J., stone cutter
 26. Devlin, G., moulder
 28. Finnigan, Pk., coachman
 30. Brady, Daniel, labourer
 32. McAuley, Mary
 34. Collagan, M., painter
 36. Riordan, B., shoe maker
 38. Wylie, John
 40. Side door

Dunluce Avenue
off Lisburn Road

  1a. Stafford, B., builder and contractor
    1. Collins, James
    3. Corrigan, Wm., clerk
    5. Joyce, Mrs. M. E.
    7. Cunningham, J., com. agent
    9. Deane, Charles
  11. Sutherland, Miss A.
  13. Logan, Mrs.
  15. Robertson, Mrs.
  17. Mateer, Jas., J.P.
  19. Downey, John, clerk
  21. Trash, A., lithographic artist
  23. Strong, Mrs.
  25. Doran, Mrs.
  27. Neill, Mrs.
  29. Mayne, Mrs. Elizabeth
   "    Mayne, Mrs. Mary Ann
  31. Rea, Walter, com. traveller
  33. Gilmore, Mrs.
  35. Small, Mrs. E.
  37. Tate, Wm., cashier
       Vacant ground
  43. McDowell, Alex., clerk
  45. Smith, Robert, bleacher
       Vacant ground
  61. Stanfield, S., manufacturer
  63. Martin, Miss Sarah A.
  65. Lutton, R., linen merchant
  67. Vacant
  69. Chapman, A., com. traveller
  71. Lindsay, Hugh R., traveller
  73. Beattie, Wm., commercial traveller
  75. Dunn, Jas., draper
  77. Moonin, Miss E.
  79. Conway, Henry S., electrician
  81. Vacant
  83. Pullin, M. H., engineer
  85. Millar, Mrs. Caroline
  87. Nelson, Edw., printer
  89. Martin, James
        Vacant ground
103. Rittman, J. S., R.I.C.
105. Vacant
107. Kane, Simpson
109. Cooke, Alex., linen lapper
111. Porter, T. R., com. traveller
113. Donaghey, Mrs. E.
115. Hughes, P., motor body builder
117. Moore, Hy., painter
119. Brown, Edward, clerk
121. McNinch, Mrs.
123. Bailie, Wm., carpenter
125. Williamson, John
127. Clarke, Miss Catherine
129. Barrow, D., bookkeeper
131. Emerson, Jas., gardener
133. Rutter, Wm., naval pensioner
135. Bates, Jos., traveller
137. Crawford, Jas., electrician
139. Jackson, Wm. J., joiner
141. Johnston, David, tailor
143. Bruce, Joseph, salesman
145. Hunter, John, rivetter
147. Bulmer, W. H., carver and gilder
149. Gallagher, E., assistant supt. Prudential Assurance Company
151. Brady, N. A., R.I.C.
153. Stewart, M., gardener
155. Roddie, Robt., clerk
157. Maxwell, T. H., electrician
159. Clark, Hugh, porter Queen's University
161. Smyth, John, engine driver
163. Bowden, William
165. Scott, S., plasterer
167. Shirlow, Sarah
169. McNeilly, W., engineer
171. Hillis, Mrs.
173. Brown, J., packing case maker
175. McNeill, Thos., painter
177. Comiskey, Peter, fitter
179. Reid, Mrs. J.
181. Shepherd, T.
183. David, Mrs. Mary Jane
185. Bell, Robert J., cashier Co-Operative Society
187. Dunlop, Saml., postman
189. Williamson, C., ship carpenter
191. Long, Francis, tailor
193. Torrans, R., linen lapper
195. McConnel, C., mechanic
197. McKay, Hugh, linesman
199. Campbell, W. J., joiner
201. Armstrong, D., manager
203. Ford, Edwin, organ builder
207. Sutcliffe, Thos., book seller
209. Ritchie, William
211. McIlroy, John, gardener
213. Masterson, Saml., clerk
215. Carson, S. J., building surveyor's assistant
        Lough, James, stables

                     Dunluce Buildings
    2. McComb, A. A., traveller
    4. Legg, Mrs.
    6. Boyd, David, chemist
    8. Kane, Mrs. A.
  10. Vacant
  12. Burgess, William
  14. Stanfield, J., warehouseman
  16. Smyth, Miss
  18. Corry, Mrs. M.
  20. Mairs, M., dress maker
        Vacant ground
..........Ulsterville Street intersects
  76. McCauley, L. A., grocer
  78. McCauley, L. A., grocer
  80. Parker, Mrs. K.
  82. McCartney, J., hrnsclner
  84. Coulson, Richard, agent for Refuge Assurance Co. Ltd.
  86. Weir, R., R.I.C. pensioner
  88. Montgomery, G. R., printer
  90. Orr, Jas., commission agent
  92. Carson, Robt. M., secretary
  94. Dowling, William
  96. Rollins, H. J., tailor
  98. Ross, Mrs.
100. Clyde, Saml., clerk
102. White, J. S., student
104. Rainey, Chas., clerk
106. McMillan, A., mechanic
108. Batt, F., gas engineer
110. McConnell, Wm., draper
112. Donaldson, J., warehouseman
114. Martin, Mrs. Susan
116. McCashin, John, bookkeeper
118. Craig, T. E., linen measr.
120. Barry, Daniel, R.I.C.
122. McKay, John, plasterer
124. Noble, W. C., assistant supt. The Salvation Army Assurance Society Ltd.
126. Carbery, John, stevedore
128. Johnston, John, clerk
130. Leon, Wm., merchant tailor
132. McGregor, Mrs. Isabell
134. Hagan, John, com. traveller
136. Maxwell, Jas., saddler & ironmonger
138. Metcalf, Miss S. J.
140. Thompson, T., insurance agent
142. Mullan, W. J. G., engineer
144. Firth, Thomas, clerk
146. Murray, Jas., col. G.N.R.
148. Brown, Martin, caretaker
150. McGifford, R., coach builder
152. Hendry, J., postal clerk
154. Donaldson, W., fitter
156. Black, James, printer
158. Cairns, Samuel, designer
160. Coulter, David, union Workhouse official
162. McCann, T. G., manager
164. Priestly, Thomas, joiner

Dunmore Street
from Springfield Road to Clonard Gardens

   1. Black, Edward, hackler
   3. McAuley, Esther
   5. Wilson, Robt., overlooker
   7. Fearon, Arthur, compositor
   9. Culbert, Patk., brass finisher
 11. Whiteford, John, labourer
 13. Garry, Robt., miller
 15. Clarke, Alexander, clerk
 17. O'Kane, Helen
 19. Mallon, P., driller
 21. McArdle, Mrs.
 23. McCormick, Margaret
 25. McClarnon, John, carter
 27. McGrath, P., labourer
 29. Tracey, J., boiler maker
 31. Jennings, James, grocer
 33. McKeever, B., iron turner
 35. Siw, James, labourer
 37. Nolan, Mary
 39. McQuaide, John, flax dresser (McAnaide, John, hackler in 1910)
 41. Carey, Mary
 43. Carey, Stephen, rougher
 45. Harrison, J., cutter
 47. McQuillan, Phillip, baker
 49. McCann, John, machine master
 51. Knocker, Patrick, labourer
 53. Daly, John, brass moulder
 55. McClean, Miss
 57. McKinstry, Mrs.
 59. O'Doherty, C., labourer
 61. McCoey, D., boot and shoe maker

   2. Lynch, Alice
   4. Toner, John, blacksmith
   6. Kennedy, Hugh, carter
   8. Hannaway, M., compositor
 10. McKenna, Michael, engineer
 12. McCartney, Catherine
 14. Dougherty, Jas., driller
 16. O'Toole, J., beetler
 18. Carberry, W. J., flax dresser
 20. Carberry, D.
 22. Taggart, Jas., boot maker
 24. McAnulty, J., glass silverer
 26. Hughes, Arthur, carter
 28. Magrath, Wm., linen lapper
 30. McConnell, Ellen
 32. Dean, E., bread server
 34. Magee, P., fireman
 36. Magee, James
 38. Wisdom, John, beamer
 40. Barry, Patk., bread server
 42. McMorrow, Michl., porter
 44. Kane, Daniel, joiner
 46. McCann, Robt.
 48. Johnston, Catherine
 50. Quinn, Ed., labourer
 52. Magee, Ed., machine man
 54. Poland, Susan
 56. McQuillan, Jas., flax dresser
 58. Meenan, W., labourer
 60. Lawther, John
 62. McKinney, Mrs.
 64. George, J., carpenter
 66. Hazzard, Miss
 68. Taylor, T., rougher
 70. Carr, Wm., carpenter

Dunmoyle Street
off Ainsworth Avenue

   1. Ferguson, William, tenter
   3. McBurney, Robt., cloth passer
   5. Irvine, Robt., yarn bundler
   7. McCreery, Jas., overseer
   9. Hay, Jas., spindle finisher
 11. Redpath, W., registration agent
 13. Pullin, Alex., moulder
 15. Agnew, John, tenter
 17. Shields, Wm., fitter
 19. Johnston, Wm., foreman
 21. Smyth, Jas., bleacher
 23. McClelland, Geo., labourer

   2. Kelso, Hugh, tenter
   4. Hamilton, Robt., cutter
   6. Morrison, John, plasterer
   8. Minnis, Saml., boiler maker
 10. Duff, Geo., iron turner
 12. Johnston, Mary
 14. Millar, Alex., moulder
 16. Gray, Robert, tailor
 18. Campbell, Jos., winding master
 20. Baxter, W. J., sample maker

Dunn Street
Tilley Street to Perth Street

1 to 5. Vacant ground
   7. Blackwood, George
   9. Boyd, Jas., blacksmith
 11. Waterworth, T. J., labourer
 13. Cardwell, W. J., carter
 15. Watt, Saml., machine man
 17. Curry, Margaret
 19. Black, Jas., labourer
 21. McDowell, Christiana
 23. Brown, J., brick layer
 25. Wilkinson, R., fireman

   2. Ross, Alex., tailor
   4. Clarke, Jas., storeman
   6. Maguire, Hugh, fitter
   8. Clarke, Wm., machine man
 10. Graham, Thos.
 12. Fyfe, Saml., ship carpenter

Dunraven Avenue
off Bloomfield Road

   2. Smylie, W. R., weigher
   4. Majury, Wm., carter
   6. Finlay, John, brick layer
   8. Galway, Robt., van man
 10. Heaney, Wm., fireman
 12. Gourley, H., moulder
 14. Ritchie, Jos., foreman
 16. Hawthorne, J. A., plater's helper
 18. Cochrane, James
 20. McClurg, Robt., fitter
 22. Aitcheson, Sarah
 24. Wilson, C., coachsmith
 26. Davidson, Jas., baker
 28. Noquet, Jos., chef
 30. Bradley, J., constable R.I.C.
 32. Brown, Wm., seaman
 34. Russell, John, cabinet maker
 36. Jones, J. C., traveller
 38. McGaffin, R., rent collector
 40. Gibney, B., assurance agent
 42. Vacant
 44. McCullough, J., engine driver
 46. Cummings, A., painter
 48. Ryan, R. H., con. R.I.C.
 50. Thompson, John, ship carpenter
 52. McCardle, R., cabinet maker
 54. Patterson, Henry, rivetter
 56. Smyth, Thos., fitter
 58. Bowman, Margaret
 60. Clarke, Annie
 62. Jebb, John
       Vacant ground
 84. Hutchinson, R., clerk
 86. Stirling, R., miller
 88. Green, Mrs.
 90. Watson, Robt., clerk
 92. Livingstone, W., yeast maker
 94. Ellis, Joseph, rivetter

                       [Right hand side]
       Vacant ground
..........Grace Avenue intersects
       Vacant ground
 81. Bennett, Thos., butcher
 83. Rickaby, William
 85. Moderate, J., store keeper
 87. Kirkpatrick, John, rivetter
 89. Dunlop, W. S., joiner
 91. Love, Joseph, engineer

Dunstan Street
off Springfield Avenue

   2. Vacant
   4. McWilliams, T., flax dresser
   6. Scullion, Jas., labourer
   8. McMahon, Patk., labourer
 10. Butler, Mary
 12. Clarke, Mrs.
 14. O'Hara, Henry
 16. Mitchell, Jessie, winder
 18. O'Toole, Danl., beetler
 20. Traynor, Annie
 22. Maginn, Jos., labourer
 24. McGuire, Hugh, labourer
 26. Corr, T., weaver
 28. Lyttle, Mrs.

Dunvegan Street
off Ravenhill Road

       Side door
   1. Doherty, John, tailor
   3. Ewart, James, joiner
   5. Hanna, Edwd., rope maker
   7. Daley, Jas., plumber
   9. McDonald, Jas., sheet metal worker
 11. Heaney, Chas., coach whlr
 13. Sherry, H. E., tram conductor
 15. Shaw, Wm., traveller
 17. Higgins, Jas., boiler maker
 19. Summers, John, carter
 21. Lynch, Hugh, labourer
 23. Kane, Matthew, labourer
 25. Brereton, Wm. H., foreman
 27. Topping, Saml., iron moulder
 29. Barr, Nathaniel, joiner
 31. Hunsdale, Mrs. Mary
 33. O'Neill, John, labourer
 35. Hempton, Wm., joiner
 37. Dunwoody, J., labourer
 39. Bloomer, Jas., linen lapper
 41. Ellis, Jas., labourer
 43. Kidd, John, salesman
 45. McBratney, Jas., traveller
 47. Lacey, Anthony, joiner
 49. Kirk, Joseph, labourer
 51. Woodside, Andw., carter
 53. Strawhorn, Miss Jane
 55. Millar, David, labourer
 57. Vacant
 59. Gourley, Thomas, carter
 61. Walker, John, rivetter
 63. Fisher, John, coachman
 65. Douglas, W. J., carpenter
 67. Douglas, Thos., quay labourer

   2. Campbell, Robt., carter
   4. Faulkner, Wm., fireman
   6. Mooney, Wm., labourer
   8. Elliott, Miss Sarah
 10. Arthurs, Edw., painter
 12. Allen, John, carpenter
 14. Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth
 16. Kane, Robt., paper cutter
 18. Davison, A., ship carpenter
 20. Reynolds, John, labourer
 22. Irwin, Robt., iron turner
 24. Cairnduff, J., carpenter
 26. Darley, Isaac, labourer
 28. Yarrow, Jesbie, agent
 30. Courtney, W. H., storeman
 32. McGregor, James, cooper
 34. Wicks, Thos., labourer
 36. Bultitude, Jas., timekeeper
 38. Shields, Arthur, rivetter
 40. Walton, Walter, electrician (Walker, W., electrician in 1910)
 42. O'Neill, Thos., brick layer
 44. Malone, Jas., postman
 46. Blackstock, Thos., fitter
 48. Jackson, John, carpenter
 50. Millar, Mary
 52. Thompson, T., painter
 54. Darcy, Margaret
 56. Connal, John, painter
 58. Moffatt, John, labourer
 60. Glover, Wm., porter
 62. McCaskey, Jno., hoistman
 64. Rennie, Robert, labourer
 66. Vacant

Dunville Street
Falls Road to Sorella Street

The Dunville Park

   2. McKenna, Wm., printer
   4. Byrne, C., clerk of works
   6. Collins, E., engineer
   8. McAteer, F., driller
 10. Hanratty, Hugh, insurance agent
 12. Kennedy, Catherine, house keeper
 14. Quinn, Denis, traveller
 16. Cryan, B., police pensioner
 18. Maguire, Denis, postal clerk
 20. McLarnon, Jas., tailor
 22. Rooney, R. A., smoother
 24. Magee, E., house keeper
 26. McCann, Arthur, labourer
 28. Quinn, John, labourer
 30. Magee, Felix, labourer
 32. Shaw, Robt., butcher
 34. McKenna, Patk., store keeper
 36. Loughran, M., house keeper
 38. McClory, Marion, weaver
 40. McGivern, Owen
40a. McCoy, Wm., pawnbroker's assistant
 42. Henry, Hugh, flax dresser
 44. Magill, A., labourer
 46. Quinn, Alfred, labourer
 48. Pizani, Agnes, stitcher
 50. McCann, J., shoe maker
 52. McKay, John, labourer
 54. Martin, Catherine, reeler
 56. Haughey, Louis L., labourer
 58. Smith, Henry, carpenter
 60. Farrelly, Patk., clerk
 62. Fitzsimmons, J., carpenter
 64. Malone, Michl., engine driver
 66. Flannagan, B., grocer

Durham Place
off Durham Street

   1. Madden, Bern., cabinet maker
3 to 11. Vacant

       Side door
   2. Clark, Philip, carter
   6. Tweed, David, porter
   8. Graham, Jas., labourer
 10. Blake, Mrs.
 12. Loughran, John, labourer
 14. O'Kane, Dan, painter

Durham Street
from Divis Street to Boyne Bridge

    1. (side door) McGrady, J., hair dresser
    3. Wilson, Jessie
    5. Byrne, Elizabeth
    7. Mallon, Catherine
    9. Higgins, Arthur, pig killer
  11. Donaghy, Sarah, weaver
..........McMillan's Place intersects
  13. McGrath, I., publican
  15. Daly, A., grocer
  17. Kelly, Henry, flax dresser
  19. Ward, John, tinsmith
  21. Morrisy, Michl., van man
  23. O'Neill, Bernard, labourer
  25. Leonard, Patk., carpenter
  27. Stafford, M., dress maker
  29. Lavery, Mary
  31. Owens, P., labourer
  33. McCall, James, labourer
  35. Gardiner, J., moulder
  37. Rosbottom, Mary Ann
  39. Andrews, P. A., labourer
  41. McShane, J., plasterer
  43. McGarry, R., smith
45, 47. McClure, J., publican
..........Pound Street intersects
47a. Gilliland, Ed., provision merchant
  49. Hewitt, Adam, railway porter
  51. Murray, Mary, draper
  53. McLarnon, M., newsagent
  55. Dalton, Thos., engineer
  57. Gardner, Edward, fitter
..........Durham Place intersects
59, 61. Connor, Tom, publican
  63. Murray, John, brick layer
  65. Nolan, P., car owner
..........Durham Court intersects
67, 69. McGowan, H., butcher
  71. Vacant
  73. Taggart, Wm., baby linens
  75. McDonagh, E., picture framer
 77. Vacant
 81. Taggart, Mary Ann
83, 85. Hopkins, M., waste merchant
  87. McGowan, Jos., butcher
89, 91. Vacant
..........Johnston's Court intersects
  93. Rankin, Mary Jane
95, 97. Murdock, P., confectioner
  99. Connor, Thos., publican
101. Murray, Edw., baker
103 to 107. Vacant
109. Patton, John, butcher
111. McCullagh, A. V., publican
..........College Street West intersects
113. Durham Street Post Office - Thos. Woods, sub-postmaster and stationer
115. Adams, Jos., mechanic
117, 119. Vacant
..........Albert Street intersects
125. Creelman, John, labourer
127. Fleming, Joseph, refreshment rooms
129. Henderson, Wm., labourer
131. Doyle, W., hair dresser
133. Devlin, Wm., confectioner
135. Kelly, J. & M., publicans
137, 139. Mees, Ellen
141. Campbell, D., crane man
143. Bell, David, linen dresser
145. Davis, Samuel, foreman
147. Mairs, James, labourer
149. Costello, Wm., twd finisher
151. Slavin, T., fruit dealer
153. Smyth, Henry, labourer
155. Moore, Martha, confectioner
157. Jeffrey, Sophia
159. Kelly, J. & M., publicans
..........Cullingtree Street intersects
161. Armstrong, John, porter
163. Magee, Jas., weigh master
165. Hoey, James, carter
167. Johnston, Alex., packer
169. Ewart, Ann Jane
171. Jardine, Jos., plumber
173. Collins, H., railway guard
175. McAuley, Edwd., linen lapper
177. Waring, H., foreman labourer
179. Smyth, Margaret
181. Meaney, W., coach painter
183. Teer, Thomas
185. Whiteside, Minnie
187. Taylor, A., confectioner
189. Hunter, Moses, stores
191. Gormley, Jas., manager
193. Hunter, Moses, publican
..........Grosvenor Street intersects
195, 197. Scally, A., publican
199. Mathews, Susan, confectioner
201, 203. Picton, T. H., publican
205, 207, 209. Clarence Factory Ltd., finishing department
217. McBride, Robt., carter
219, 221. McBride, J., coach builder
        The Boyne Bridge
        Barron & Co., of Belfast, Ltd., Boyne Bridge works, manufacturers of jute and cotton bags, hessians, yarns, etc.

    2. (side door) Duffy, Frank, shoe maker
    6. Boyd, Alex., blacksmith
    8. McCrea, J., house painter
  10. Donnelly, Mary, dealer
..........Bathurst Court intersects
  12. Elwood, Wm., car driver
  14. McAreavey, Jas., hair dresser
  16. Peak, Jas., stone cutter
  18. Dolan, John, driller
  20. Cairns, Jas., labourer
  22. Condon, Thos., tailor
  24. Stirling, Patrick, stamper
  26. O'Hagan, Mary
  28. Kelly, Harry, labourer
  30. O'Neill, Sarah J.
  32. Kerr, Joseph, stables
  34. McShane, Jas., plasterer
  36. Ryan, James, labourer
  38. Dougherty, Edw., labourer
  40. Magee, Jas., packer
  42. McCashen Bros., boot and shoe makers (side door)
..........Barrack Street intersects
44a. McCarvill, P., confectioner
  44. McCartney, Jas., dealer
  46. Ferris, John, foreman
  48. Finnegan, John, carter
52, 54. McDonnell, Francis, cabinet maker
  56. McDonnell, C., hair dresser
  58. Ward, John, labourer
  60. McGuire, Jas., bird dealer
  62. Willis, Jane
  64. Hagins, Patrick, slater
  66. Parker, Wm., furniture dealer
  68. Dillon, Mrs.
  70. Glass, John, labourer
  72. Riley, Margaret
  76. Kerr, John, bottler
  78. Burnside, J., shoe maker
  80. Bennett, Mrs., baby linens
...........Galway Street intersects
        Vestry entrance, College Square North Presbyterian Church
..........College Square North intersects
  82. Queen Victoria N.S.'s - principals, T. W. Wilson and Miss Clarke
..........Durham Square intersects
84, 86. Woodside, C. J., slater
  88. Cummings, John, miller
  90. Coyle, Sarah
  92. Brown, G., boot maker
94, 96. Shannon, Margaret
  98. Payne, Wm. J., storeman
100. Johnston, M., traveller
        Corporation District Office
100½. Vacant
102. Robinson, J. E., bookkeeper
104. Savage, H., van driver
106. McAlpine, Martha, dealer
..........Athol Street intersects
108 to 112. Gorman, F., broker
114. Robinson, W., tailor
116 Foster, E., & Co., grocers
..........Grosvenor Street intersects
        Side entrances to Alexandra Theatre
130a. Cousins, Albert, carter
130, 132. Vining, W. J., publican
..........Glengall Street intersects
134. Vacant
136. Caldwell, Mrs.
138. Robinson, R., porter
140. McCullough, Mrs. M.
142. Mitchell, T., plumber
144. Vacant

Dysart Street
Alexander Street West to Milford Street

   2. O'Connor, P., labourer
   4. McGeown, Patk., oiler
   6. Martin, James, labourer
   8. Campbell, Mrs.
 12. Rogan, Ellen
 10. McTaggart, Thos., tailor