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1910 Belfast Street Directory

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Nabney, John, hardware merchant, 95 Derwent Street
Nabney, J., house furnisher, 242 Newtownards Road
Nabney, J., house furnisher, 186a Albertbridge Road
Nagle, Garrett, R.M., of Belfast; res., Fortwilliam, Antrim Road
Nairn, J. C., & Son, picture cleaners and restorers, 22 Garfield Chambers, Royal Avenue, and at 5 Denzill Street, Merrion Square, Dublin
Nairn, The Misses, professors of dancing, Central Hall, 33 Rosemary Street
Nalty, James, R.I.C., 62 Chatham Street
Nance, Andw., manager Belfast City Tramways; res., Beechbank, 11 Derryvolgie Avenue, Lisburn Road
Napier, Henry, commission agent, Hartington Villas, 5 Earlswood Road
Napier, Jas., bookkeeper, 25 Elaine Street
Napier, John, spirit grocer, 162 Donegall Road
Napier, John, blacksmith, 115 Edinburgh Street
Napier, John A., spirit grocer, 121, 123 Armoy Street
Napier, Jos., boot maker, 132 Beersbridge Road
Napier, Martin, traveller, 40 Coolbeg Street
Napier, M., draper, 209 Woodstock Road
Napier, Richard, horse shoer, 11 Cairo Street
Napier, Richd., iron turner, 1 Glendower Street
Napier, Samuel, mechanic, 253 Conway Street
Napier, The Misses, 10 Elmwood Avenue
Napier, Wm., driller, 12 Toronto Street
Napier, Wm., blacksmith, 14 Townsend Street Upper
Napier, W. J., R.I.C., 3 Toronto Street
Nash, S., fancy linen merchant, Sunnyside, Salisbury Drive
Nash, The Misses, 7 Salisbury Villas, Salisbury Avenue
Nash, Wm., carpenter, 51 Eia Street
Nash, Wm., director Lyle & Kinahan Ltd., 1 Mount Pleasant
National Bank - J. Scroope, manager - 62, 68 High Street
National Benefit Insurance Co. Ltd., 142 Royal Avenue
National Cash Registry Co. Ltd., (Tel. 3497), 41 Rosemary Street
National Finance Co., J. Nicholson, manager, 94 Royal Avenue
National Gas Engine Co. Ltd., W. Garmany, manager, 9 Garfield Street Lower
National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Ltd., 14 Garfield Chambers
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children - W. Rodden, secretary - 7 Adelaide Street
National Telephone Co., 3a Queen Street Upper, R. Gilmour, district manager
Nationalist Registration Rooms West Belfast - Chas. Mulholland, manager - 4 Berry Street
National Union of Dock Labourers, Hugh Reid, secretary, 146 Corporation Street
Naughton, Jas., tailor, 27 Urney Street
Navigation School, 18 Dock Street
Naylor, Jane, 394 Beersbridge Road
Naylor, J. E., traveller, 166 Newtownards Road Upper
Neely, Geo., R.I.C., 32 Queensland Street
Neely, H., flax dresser, 36 Foyle Street
Neely, Thompson, clerk, 10 Ava Street
Neely, W. J., joiner, 6 Fernwood Street
Neeson, B., meat inspector, 51 Thompson Street
Neeson, B., master painter, 59 Meadow Street
Neeson, B., carpenter, 17 Springfield Avenue
Neeson, Daniel, solicitor, Eagle Chambers, 105 Royal Avenue; res., 35 Marsden Gardens
Neeson, Jas. C., Hesseville, Knockbreda Road
Neeson, John, sawyer, 15 McCleery Street
Neeson, John, painter, 19 Mulhouse Street
Neeson, John, draper, 127 Albert Street
Neeson, Jos., tenter, 56 East Street
Neeson, Miss Mary Ann, 53 Mountpottinger Road
Neeson, Mrs. W., 48 Templemore Avenue
Neeson, Rebecca, 13 Haywood Avenue
Neeson, Thos., boot maker, 185 Sandy Row
Neeson, Wm., carpenter and builder, 424 Newtownards Road and 6 Bloomfield Avenue
Neild, Abraham, stores manager, 31 Clifton Crescent
Neill, Abraham, Castalia Mills, Miller and Corn Merchant, 15 King Street; res., 2 College Gardens
Neill, Abraham, joiner, 12 Annalee Street
Neill, Albert, postman, 37 Wigton Street
Neill, Albert, iron dresser, 9 Dundee Street
Neill, Albert, stock keeper, 9 Bellevue Terrace, Ligoniel Place
Neill, Albert E., foreman, 23 Adam Street
Neill, Alex., grocer, 195 Conway Street
Neill, Alex., mechanic, 87 Stratheden Street
Neill, Alex., plasterer, 6 Bright Street
Neill, Alex., storeman, 35 McClure Street
Neill, Alfred, iron moulder, 51 Devonshire Street
Neill, Alfred, upholsterer, 20 Magdala Street
Neill, Annie, 8 Manor Street
Neill, A., bread server, 15 Mowhan Street
Neill, A., cabinet maker, 75 Durham Street
Neill, Charles, draper, 20 Bedeque Street
Neill, Charles, 21 Rosetta Avenue
Neill, Daniel, traveller, 13 Madison Avenue
Neill, David, draper, 185 Lisburn Road
Neill, D., crane man, 10 Carrington Street
Neill, Edwd., engine driver, 176 Agnes Street
Neill, Edw., cutter, 106 Maryville Street
Neill, Edw., engineer, 6 Lismain Street
Neill, E., hackle maker, Bismarck Place, Ligoniel Road
Neill, Francis, bread server, 210 Donegall Road
Neill, Geo., painter, 42 Tate's Avenue
Neill, Geo., shoe maker, 131 Templemore Avenue
Neill, G., rent agent, 232 Woodstock Road
Neill, Henry, litho. printer, 39 Majestic Street
Neill, H., cabinet maker, 20 Ballymena Street
Neill, H. J., laundry, 91a Madrid Street
Neill, H. J., Ltd., wine and spirit merchant, 9, 11 Corporation Street; res., H. J. Neill, Craigowen, Craigavad
Neill, Isaac, traveller, 118 Oldpark Avenue
Neill, Isaac, organ repairer, 7 Ottawa Street
Neill, James, Ltd., Reliable Flour Mills, 1 College Place North
Neill, James, moulder, 16 Beverley Street
Neill, Jas., assistant dentist, 89 Blythe Street
Neill, Jas., linen lapper, 173 Snugville Street
Neill, Jas., packer, 60 Elizabeth Street
Neill, Jas., linen business, 7 Lawrence Street
Neill, Jas., spindle maker, 103 Sugarfield Street
Neill, Jas., waiter, 47 Litchfield Avenue
Neill, Jas., warehouseman, 7 Lawrence Street
Neill, Jas., grocer, 62, 64 Fifth Street
Neill, James, manager, 197 Holywood Road
Neill, Jas. C., 27 Beaumont Terrace, Eglantine Avenue
Neill, John H., bank official, 46 Hopefield Avenue
Neill, John, finisher, 141 Silvio Street
Neill, John, boiler maker, 25 Parkmount Street
Neill, John, sexton, Great Victoria Presbyterian Church, 2 Albion Street
Neill, John, coal merchant and ship owner, 3, 4 Queen's Quay
Neill, John, painter, 3 Steen's Row
Neill, John, baker, 144 Meadow Street Upper
Neill, John, joiner, 151 York Road
Neill, John, harbour constable, 17 Derg Street
Neill, J. H., commission agent, 27a Donegall Place
Neill, J. F., agent, 27a Donegall Place
Neill, J. F., com. traveller, 58 Kansas Avenue
Neill, Mary, 22 Sintonville Avenue
Neill, Miss Jane, 23 Bentinck Street
Neill, Miss, Milford House, Marlborough Park
Neill, Miss, 75 Eglantine Avenue
Neill, Miss, costumier, 18 Ireton Street
Neill, Miss, 16 Salisbury Street
Neill. Miss E., 31 Malone Avenue
Neill, Mrs., 22 Castlereagh Place
Neill, Mrs., 44 Glantane Street
Neill, Mrs., Laurelville, 118 Balmoral Avenue
Neill, Mrs., 16 Belvoir Terrace, University Avenue
Neill, Mrs., 27 Dunluce Avenue
Neill, Mrs. Sarah, 16 Lincoln Avenue
Neill, Mrs., 4 Mentmore, Lisburn Road
Neill, Mrs. Emily, 28 Deramore Avenue
Neill, Reginald, Colin Grove, Dunmurry
Neill, Richard, checker, 3 Newry Street
Neill, Robt., hardware merchant, 336 Shankill Road
Neill, Robt., brick layer, 25 Dover Street
Neill, Robt., agent, 6 Ainsworth Street
Neill, Robt., blacksmith, 41 Canning Street
Neill, Robt., traveller, 2 Fortingale Street
Neill, Robt., overlooker, 73 Lawnbrook Avenue
Neill, Robt., blacksmith, 15 Deacon Street
Neill, Robt., fitter, 53 Lawnbrook Avenue
Neill, R., tailor, 53 Spring Street
Neill, R., plumber, 96 East bread Street
Neill, S., postal clerk, Inver Villa, Norfolk Drive
Neill, Saml., moulder, 27 Penrith Street
Neill, Saml., carpenter, 106 Beersbridge Road
Neill, Saml., painter, 51 Ardgowan Street
Neill, Saml., carpenter, 40 Spencer Street
Neill, Saml., hair dresser, 204 Lodge Road Old
Neill, Sinclair, dairyman, 119 Westmoreland Street
Neill, S., postal clerk, Inver Villa, Norfolk Drive
Neill, Sharman D., Ltd., Jewellers and Silversmiths, Watch and Clock Manufacturers; Turret Clocks a Speciality, 22 Donegall Place. By appointment to His Majesty the King; res., Sharman D. Neill, Ardmoyle, Cultra
Neill, Thos., joiner, 15 Peveril Street
Neill, Thos., hair dresser, 71 Mountview Street
Neill, Thos., bird and seed merchant, 50 Mountpottinger Road
Neill, Thos., brush maker, 2 Sandhurst Drive
Neill, Thos., joiner, 14 Whitehall Gardens
Neill, T., bird dealer, 46 Newtownards Road
Neill, Wm., carpenter, 197 Avoniel Road
Neill, Wm., linen lapper, 26 River Terrace
Neill, Wm., bread server, 19 Hopeton Street
Neill, Wm., clerk, 12 Wayland Street
Neill, Wm., fitter, 10 Carlton Street
Neill, Wm., gardener, Loughview, Knockbreda Road
Neill, Wm., linen lapper, 1 McMaster Street
Neill, W., draper, 22 Ballycastle Street
Neill, W. G., jeweller and electric gilder, 3a Iveagh Chambers, North Street
Neill, W. J., director, 137 Crumlin Road
Neilly, D., brick layer, 12 Lismain Avenue
Neilly, Jas., engine driver, 185 Agnes Street
Neilly, Jas. S., clerk, 36 Brookland Street
Neilly, John, R.I.C., 21 Brassey Street
Neilly, Joseph, insurance agent, 109 Rosebery Road
Neilly, Mary, 141 Agnes Street
Neilly, Mrs. M., 363 Woodstock Road
Neilly, R. W., 96 Newtownards Road Upper
Neilly, Thompson, clerk, 10 Ava Street
Neilly, W. J., brick layer, 76 Larkfield Road
Neilly, W. J., brick layer, 21 Morpeth Street
Neilly, W., brick layer, 90 Northbrook Street
Neilson, R., boiler maker, 92 Island Street
Nellins, Geo., pavior, 2 Teutonic Street
Nellins, Wm., pavior, 59 Britannic Street
Nelis, Patrick, cutter, 14 Lisbon Street
Nelis, Wm., cutter, 67 McClure Street
Nellis, Chas., compositor, 53 Irwin Street
Nellis, Geo. W., painter, 3 Rokeby Street
Nelson, Albert E., clerk, 17 Fox Street
Nelson, Alex., joiner, 1 Colvil Street
Nelson, Andw., carrier, 4, 6 Lilliput Street
Nelson, Annie C., 35 Mountcollyer Avenue
Nelson, Arthur, brass moulder, 37 Belvoir Street
Nelson, Bell & Co., handkerchief manufacturers, 18 Howard Street
Nelson, C., mechanic, 146 Snugville Street
Nelson, D., boiler maker, 8 Crystal Street
Nelson, D., driller, 26 Austin Street
Nelson, D., clerk, 46 Ethel Street
Nelson, D., block printer, 24 Glentilt Street
Nelson, Edward, (of Nelson & Knox, printers, William Street), 87 Dunluce Avenue
Nelson, Ellen, 34 Adam Street
Nelson, Ellen J., grocer, 72 Bloomfield Avenue
Nelson, E., confectioner, 83 Oldpark Road
Nelson, Geo., music teacher, 35 Gainsborough Drive
Nelson, Geo., carpenter, 36 Gainsborough Drive
Nelson, Howard (salesman of John Gunning & Son), Craigairn, Antrim Road
Nelson, Hugh, traveller, 14 Nansen Street
Nelson, Hugh, electrician, 24 Iris Street
Nelson, H., retired farmer, 44 Duncairn Gardens
Nelson, H., boot maker, 1 Murphy Street
Nelson, Isaac, assistant secretary I.T.L., 4 Century Street
Nelson, I., confectioner, 9 Edlingham Street
Nelson, Jas., coachman, 7 Hillview Drive
Nelson, James, plater, 84 Cheviot Avenue
Nelson, Jas., painter, 13 Rockview Street Lower
Nelson, Jas.,  clerk, 36 Ohio Street
Nelson, Jas., plumber, 167 Vernon Street
Nelson, Jas., cooper, 32 North Queen Street
Nelson, Jas., painter, 2a Mountain Bush, Cavehill Road
Nelson, James P., insurance agent, 65 Pine Street
Nelson, John, cooper, Addition Place
Nelson, John, clerk, 17 Eglinton Street
Nelson, John, painter, 116 Melrose Street
Nelson, John, agent, 27 Victoria Street
Nelson, John, printer, 32, 34 Dover Street; res., Harryville, Kelvin Parade
Nelson, John, rent agent, 18 Rosebank Street
Nelson, Jno., cooper, 7 Coates Street
Nelson, John W., boiler maker, 157 Meadow Street Upper
Nelson, Joseph, M.D., L.R.C.S.I., 29 Wellington Place
Nelson, Jos., painter, 2a Mountainbush, Cavehill Road
Nelson, Jos., harbour constable, 239 Spamount Street
Nelson, J. (of John Robb & Co. Ltd.), 5 Royal Avenue
Nelson, J., asylum attendant, 10 Lecale Street
Nelson, J., hackle setter, 30 Elmfield Street
Nelson, J., commercial traveller, 71 Strangemore Terrace, Crumlin Road
Nelson, J. B., boiler and steam pipe coverer, and cement manufacturer, 228 Springfield Road
Nelson, J. G. (of W. R. Nelson, 5 Franklin Street), Terraquin, Balmoral Avenue
Nelson, J. G., linen warehouseman, 32 Wolseley Street
Nelson, J. W., publican, 87, 89 Argyle Street
Nelson, J., confectioner, 9 Edlingham Street
Nelson, J., & Co., meat purveyors, 90 Oldpark Road
Nelson, J., & Sons Ltd., butchers, 154 Shankill Road, 237 Grosvenor Road, 23 My Lady's Road, 211 Lisburn Road, 38 York Road, 97 North Street, 27 Cromac Street, 243 Woodstock Road, 265 York Street, 38 Mill Street, 47 Ann Street, 140 Old Lodge Road and 228, 306a Crumlin Road
Nelson, Miss J., dress maker and ladies' tailor, 12 Sandymount Street
Nelson, Miss Jane, 35 Stranmillis Road
Nelson, Miss Lydia, 1 Cherryvalley, Marlboro' Park
Nelson, Mrs., pattern maker, 68 Crosby Street
Nelson, Mrs., 59 Ballycarry Street
Nelson, Mrs. E., 74 Rugby Avenue
Nelson, Mrs. E., servants' registry officer, 132 University Street
Nelson, Mrs. Isabella, Laburnum Terrace, 129 Antrim Road
Nelson, Mrs. Jane, 142 Thornville, Cliftonpark Avenue
Nelson, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Cavehill Road
Nelson, Mrs., 68 Crosby Street
Nelson, Mrs. Mary, 3 Ashley Avenue
Nelson, Omar C., solicitor, 57 Upper Arthur Street; res., Doon, Cultra
Nelson, Robert, fitter, 212 Leeson Street
Nelson, Robt., tailor, 17 Bellair Street
Nelson, R., shoe maker, 27 Saunders Street
Nelson, R., gardener, 81 Melrose Street
Nelson, R., 110 Duncairn Street
Nelson, Samuel, cabinet maker, 32 Marsden Gardens
Nelson, Samuel, 26 Sintonville Avenue
Nelson, Samuel, joiner, 96 Ardenvohr Street
Nelson, Samuel, salesman, 331 Crumlin Road
Nelson, Sarah, 220 Duncairn Gardens
Nelson, S., painter, 40 Henry Street
Nelson, S., R.I.C. pensioner, 1 Surrey Street
Nelson, S., cabinet maker, 54 Dublin Road
Nelson, S., cabinet maker, 83 Dover Street
Nelson, S., cabinet maker, 8 Kent Street
Nelson, Thos., 15 Newtownards Road Upper
Nelson, Thos., boiler maker, 10 Downpatrick Street
Nelson, Walter, spirit merchant, 4 Carlisle Circus
Nelson, Walter, com. traveller, Donard, Cregagh Road
Nelson, Wm., baker, 90 Palmer Street
Nelson, Wm., clerk, 215 Ravenhill Avenue
Nelson, Wm., ship carpenter, 18 Clara Street
Nelson, Wm., litho. printer, 68 Wigton Street
Nelson, Wm., foreman, 19 Bentinck Street
Nelson, Wm., brass finisher, 113 Urney Street
Nelson, Wm. J., painter, 96 Mountcollyer Avenue
Nelson, Wm., captain, 65 Castlereagh Street
Nelson, Wm., brass finisher, 26 Lendrick Street
Nelson, W. A., tobacconist and newsagent, 220 Sandy Row
Nelson, W. R., & Co. Ltd., lawn, linen and cambric handkerchief manufacturers, 5, 7 Franklin Street and 7 Linenhall Street
Nelson, W. J., packer, 67 Donnybrook Street
Nelson & Co., boiler cement manufacturers, 1 Midland Street
Nelson & Knox Ltd., Wholesale Stationers and Printers, lithographers and Paper Bag Makers, William Street
Nelson & Sons, butchers, 64 Duncairn Gardens
Nesbitt, Alfred, linen business, 113 Agincourt Avenue
Nesbitt, Arthur, joiner, 40 Castlereagh Road
Nesbitt, A., bottler, 28 Arundel Street
Nesbitt, A., mechanic, 27 Barrington Street
Nesbitt, A., engineer, 3 Chatsworth Street
Nesbitt, A., sett dresser, 6 Skegoniel Avenue
Nesbitt, A., piano tuner, 25 Donnybrook Street
Nesbitt Bros. Ltd., engineers and flyer makers, 26, 28 Townsend Street
Nesbitt, C. H., pharmaceutical chemist, 276 Antrim Road and 2 Mount Oriel, Willowbank Street
Nesbitt, David, secretary Nesbitt Bros., 3 Salisbury Villas
Nesbitt, D. K., designer, 29 Jocelyn Street
Nesbitt, Fred., linen lapper, 23 Grave Avenue
Nesbitt, H. A., R.I.C., 25 Ethel Street
Nesbitt, H., clerk, 26 Ballycastle Street
Nesbitt, H., manufacturers' agent, 6 Iveagh Chambers, North Street
Nesbitt, James, furniture warehouse, 98 Peter's Hill
Nesbitt, James, foreman, 9 Pine Street
Nesbitt, Jas., grocer, 173 Agnes Street
Nesbitt, James, auctioneer, 8 Salisbury Avenue
Nesbitt, Jas., R.I.C., 31 Glencairn Street
Nesbitt, Jas., grocer's assistant, 34 Lawrence Street
Nesbitt, John, 17 Colvil Street
Nesbitt, John, engineer, 1 Wandsworth Road
Nesbitt, John, 13 Ulsterville Gardens
Nesbitt, John, compositor, 28 Stranmillis Street
Nesbitt, Joseph, carpenter, 42 Dover Street
Nesbitt, Joseph, joiner, 38 Halcombe Street
Nesbitt, Joseph, manufacturer and manufacturers' agent, 8 North Street
Nesbitt, Jos., railway constable, 6 Athol Street
Nesbitt, Jos., confectioner, 101 Snugville Street
Nesbitt, Jos., draper, 365 Woodstock Road
Nesbitt, J., ship carpenter, 120 Hillman Street
Nesbitt, J. H., engineer and millwright, Brookvale Terrace, 59 Antrim Road
Nesbitt, Matt., warehouseman, 5 Sandymount Street
Nesbitt, Miss, 5 Cavehill Road
Nesbitt, Mrs. T. T., 7 University Avenue
Nesbitt, Mrs., 7 Derby Street North
Nesbitt, Mrs., 3 Lancefield Road
Nesbitt, Robt., baker, 4 Craigmore Street
Nesbitt, Robt., joiner, 14 Derry Street
Nesbitt, Robt., store keeper, 2 Nelson Square
Nesbitt, Robt., engineer, 32 Chelsea Street
Nesbitt, R., china, etc., 115 Lodge Road Old
Nesbitt, R. A., sergt. R.I.C., 5 Newry Street
Nesbitt, Samuel, mechanic, 67 Kashmir Road
Nesbitt, Saml., boot maker, 7 Norman Street
Nesbitt, Saml., stone dresser, 12 Castleton Street
Nesbitt, Saml., lamp inspector, 340 Donegall Road
Nesbitt, Saml., linen finisher, 5 Maurice Street
Nesbitt, Sarah, 18 Lawnbrook Avenue
Nesbitt, S., boot maker, 193 York Road
Nesbitt, S., boot maker, 323 Queen Street North
Nesbitt, Thos., plumber, 53 Windsor Road
Nesbitt, Thos., 71 Fitzwilliam Street
Nesbitt, T., cork manufacturer, 27 Academy Street; res., 33 Park Parade
Nesbitt, Walter, com. traveller, Donard, Cregagh Road
Nesbitt, Wm., engineer, 6 Clara Avenue
Nesbitt, Wm., store keeper, 4 Ava Avenue
Nesbitt, Wm., gardener, 34 Jameson Street
Nesbitt, Wm., blacksmith, 38 Urney Street
Nesbitt, Wm., joiner, 96 Mountcollyer Avenue
Nesbitt, Wm., book binder, 5 Listowel Street
Nesbitt, Wm. D., railway clerk, 78 Willowbank Street
Nesbitt, W., iron turner, 21 Glenalpin Street
Nesbitt, W. C., mechanical engineer, 5 Kinnaird Terrace
Nesbitt & Co., House Furnishers, Auctioneers and Valuators, 58, 60 High Street
Nesbit, Wm., & Co., apron and pinafore manufacturers, 11 York Street
Neshem, A., lithographer, 34 Reid Street
Nessenbaun, Hyman, sexton, 4 Fleetwood Street
Neston, P., pensioner, 238 Hillman Street
Nettleship, Fred, traveller, 243 Beersbridge Road
Nettleton, John, chauffeur, Fernhill Lodge, Glencairn Road
Neeton, Henry E., electrical engineer, 14 Ardgreenan Drive
Neville, Mrs., 185 Crumlin Road
Neville, A., grocer, 44 Silvio Street
Nevin, Alex., plasterer, 155 Kitchener Street
Nevin, Andrew, plumber, 78 Hornby Street
Nevin, Frank, bookkeeper, 12 Rochester Street
Nevin, Fras., fish merchant, 59 Mountview Street
Nevin, F., fish merchant, 135 Oldpark Road
Nevin, J., brick layer, 46 Charleville Street Upper
Nevin, Richard, gate keeper, Belfast Castle, Antrim Road
Nevin, Robt., foreman, 16 Brookvale Terrace, Park Avenue
Nevin, Samuel, druggist, 245 Woodstock Road
Nevin, Saml., tailor's cutter, 14 Chadwick Street
Nevin, Wm., blacksmith, 38 York Street Little
Nevins, George, clerk, 50 Gibson Street
Newberry, M., polisher, 16 Whitestar Street
Newburn, Thos., inspector of postmen, 441 Lisburn Avenue
Newburn, Wm., tinsmith, 25 Albion Street
Newel, H. A., & Co. Ltd., merchant tailors, 119 Royal Avenue; res., H. A. Newel, 5 Woodland Avenue
Newell, Albert, boot maker, 42 Chatsworth Street
Newell, E., fruiterer, 161 Newtownards Road
Newell, H. A., commission agent, 11 Rosemary Street
Newell, James, boiler maker, 46 Bryson Street
Newell, Jas., rent collector, 1 Glenrosa Street
Newell, Jane, confectioner, 261 Falls Road
Newell, Mary, dairy, 55 Donegall Road
Newell, Mrs., Oxford Villas, 38 Station Road
Newell, Orr, 269 Connsbrook Avenue
Newell, Richard, 242 Connsbrook Avenue
Newell, Robt., tailor, 52 Shankill Road
Newell, Robt., 6 Eglantine Place
Newell, R., dealer, 6 Blythe Street
Newell, R., laundry, 9 Fernvale Street
Newell, Samuel, telegraph clerk, 110 Deramore Avenue
Newell, T., insurance agent, 83 Manor Street
Newell, Wm., iron moulder, 5 Ninth Street
Newell's Ltd., wholesale warehouseman, 42 Queen Street
Newells Ltd., The Blouse House, 30 Castle Place
Newell & Sons, furniture removers, 4, 6 Maxwell Street
Newett, F. B., stock broker, 61 Royal Avenue; res., Esperanza, Sans Souci Park
Newett, Mrs., 106 Malone Avenue
Newforge Bleaching, Dyeing, and Finishing Company, Newforge
Newham, Robina, 26 Loughview Terrace
Newman, Howard Percy, secretary, Doreen, Green Road
Newman, H. F., station master, 402 Beersbridge Road Upper
Newman, E., 378 Beersbridge Road Upper
Newman, Miss, Nurses' Home, 32 Frederick Street
Newman, Wm., warehouseman, 3 Willowfield Drive
Newsome, Clarence, M.A., University grinder, 4 Elmwood Avenue
Newton, Arthur, fitter, 6 Thistle Street
Newton, Herbert, waiter, 39 Belmont Street
Newton, John, com. traveller, 46 Tavanagh Street
Newton, John, mill furnisher, 27 Madison Court
Newton, Saml., cloth finisher, 3 Springvale Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Newton, Wm. L., sea captain, 24 Loughview Terrace
New Alhambra Theatre of Varieties, Will White, manager, 39 to 43 North Street
New Hope Street Factory Ltd., manufacturers collars, cuffs, fronts, handkerchiefs, and fancy linens, 5 Hope Street
New Hudson Cycle Company, Manager, P. H. Dodds, 108 Ann Street
New Masonic Rooms Company Ltd., D. B. Walkington, sec., Scottish Temperance Buildings, 16 Donegall Square South
New Northern Spinning and Weaving Company Limited (Secretary, J. M. Calder), 1 Falls Road and Northumberland Street
New Sunbeam Acetylene Gas Co. Ltd., 36 Arthur Street
Niblock, Jno., publican, 162 Shankill Road
Niblock, Joseph, carpenter and jobbing builder, 39 Hill Street
Niblock, J., carpenter, 196 Snugville Street
Niblock, J., paving inspector, 58 Stratheden Street
Niblock, Mrs. Mary, 19 Allworthy Street
Niblock, P., printer, 10 Conduit Street
Niblock, S., tailor, 32 Warkworth Street
Niblock, Thos., compositor, 6 Cargill Street
Nichol, Alex., engineer, Lucetta, Kensington Park
Nichol, Arthur, insurance agent, 120 Spamount Street
Nichol, A. J., joiner, 11 Lendrick Street
Nichol, John, clerk, 39 Madison Avenue
Nichol, Jos., postman, 21 Ruth Street
Nichol, J. R., watch maker, 64 Oldpark Avenue
Nichol, Mrs., 7 Belgravia Avenue
Nichol, P., provision curer, 97, 99 Cromac Street
Nichol, Robt., joiner, 3 Major Street
Nichol, Thos. L., cashier, Scottish Provident Inst., 2 St. John's Park, Ormeau Road
Nicholas, Rev. Dr. Wm., Dacre, Ravenhill Park
Nicholl, Arch., baker, 70 Greenore Street
Nicholl, A. J., joiner, 11 Lendrick Street
Nicholl, Chas., bookkeeper, 58 Cliftonpark Avenue
Nicholl, Geo., sawyer, 40 Mountcollyer Avenue
Nicholl, Hugh, fitter, 54 Fifth Street
Nicholl, Jas., coach builder, 153 McClure Street
Nicholl, Jas., butcher, 95 Castlereagh Street
Nicholl, Jas., traveller, 98 Balfour Avenue
Nicholl, Jas., sawyer, 32 Austin Street
Nicholl, Jas., joiner, 33 Chelsea Street
Nicholl, Jas., iron turner, 24 Northumberland Street
Nicholl, Jno., pattern maker, 312 Cupar Street
Nicholl, John, fitter, 96 Mervue Street
Nicholl, John, baker, 12 Sandhurst Drive
Nicholl, John, engine man, Tower Buildings, Ballysillan
Nicholl, John, mechanic, 214 Spamount Street
Nicholl, John, joiner, 54 Jerusalem Street
Nicholl, Joseph, iron turner, 24 Northumberland Street
Nicholl, Mary, dress maker, 139 Crumlin Road
Nicholl, Miss Ellen, Turnamona, 6 Derryvolgie Avenue
Nicholl, Mrs., 7 Belgravia Avenue
Nicholl, Mrs., 50 Rosemount Gardens
Nicholl, Mrs., ladies' tailor, 24 The Mount
Nicholl, Patk., fruiterer, 13 Madrid Street
Nicholl, P., provision merchant, 97, 99 Cromac Street
Nicholl, Robt., joiner, 1 Bangor Street
Nicholl, Robt., joiner, 83 Lord Street
Nicholl, Robert, manufacturing stationer, 27 Victoria Road
Nicholl, Robt., manager, 7 Easton Avenue
Nicholl, R., & Co., manufacturing stationers, 5 Pottinger's Entry
Nicholl, Saml., salesman, 10 South Parade
Nicholl, Samuel C., 4 Fitzwilliam Street
Nicholl, Thos., tailor, 157 Bellevue Street
Nicholl, Thos., engineer, 116 Hyndford Street
Nicholl, Wm., cloth passer, 9 Brassey Street
Nicholl, Wm., checker, 2 Haypark Avenue
Nicholl, Wm., shirt manufacturer, 8, 10 Clarence Street
Nicholl, Wm., 6 Adela Place
Nicholl, Wm., iron founder, 10 St. James Street
Nicholl, Wm., dairyman, 109, 111 Cosgrave Street
Nicholl, W., 5 Altmore Terrace, Cregagh Road
Nicholl, W., 1 Glencar Villas, Henderson Avenue
Nicholl, W. D., checker, 195 Donegall Road
Nicholl, W. J., boot maker, 5 Stanley Street
Nicholl & Carson, flax merchants, 41 Royal Avenue
Nicholl's Medical Hall, 25 High Street; res., 1 W. Nicholl, Denehurst, Adelaide Park
Nicholson, A., fireman, 164 Lawnbrook Avenue
Nicholson, C., boiler maker, 34 Greenville Road
Nicholson, Elizabeth, 245 Olive Terrace, Oldpark Road
Nicholson, Edward, fitter, 113 Park Avenue
Nicholson, Frank, tea trade, 47 Finvoy Street
Nicholson, Geo., fitter, 8 Finvoy Street
Nicholson, Harry, traveller, 13 Belmont Avenue
Nicholson, Hugh, boot maker, 29 Prospect Street
Nicholson, H., consulting engineer, 32 Botanic Avenue
Nicholson, H. S., 35 Victoria Street
Nicholson, H., gardener, 9 Marlborough Avenue
Nicholson, Jas., compositor, 4 Harcourt Street
Nicholson, Jas., gardener, 5 Stormount Terrace, Barnett's Road
Nicholson, Jas., Avondale, Glenburn Park
Nicholson, John, engineer, 7 Fountainville Cottages, Gilnahirk Road
Nicholson, John, printer and stationer, 26 Church Lane
Nicholson, John, publican, 2, 4 Israel Street and 101 Peter's Hill
Nicholson, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 75 Ormeau Road
Nicholson, J., dairyman, 38 Glenview Street
Nicholson, J., bread server, 292 Conway Street
Nicholson, L., carpenter, 19 Gipsy Street
Nicholson, Miss, boot, shoe and slipper warehouse, 16 Queen's Arcade
Nicholson, Miss, 26 Botanic Avenue
Nicholson, Mrs., 7 Glantane Street
Nicholson, Mrs., 1 Lancefield Road
Nicholson, Mrs. Steele, Twekesbury Terrace, 45 Glandore Avenue
Nicholson, Rebecca, 146b Church Road
Nicholson, Robt., linen merchant, White Lodge, Eastleigh Drive
Nicholson, Robt. J., carpenter, 11 Ormond Street
Nicholson, R., stock keeper, 86 Agincourt Avenue
Nicholson, R., litho. printer, 5a Windsor Street
Nicholson, R., grocer, 74, 76 Ruth Street
Nicholson, Saml., warehouseman, Frankfort, Myrtlefield Park
Nicholson, Wm., bookkeeper, 40 Annalee Street
Nicholson, Templeton, & Co. Ltd., linen merchants, 4 Adelaide Street
Nicholson & Morrow, manufacturers and warehousemen, 41 Queen Street
Nicholson, W. J., teacher, 36 Jamison Street
Nickle, Jas., sea captain, 278 Albertbridge Road
Nickell, Jas., sen., compositor, 10 Glenallen Street
Nickell, Jas., compositor, 112 Mount Street (2)
Nickell, Jas., pattern maker, 63 Agincourt Avenue
Nicol, Alex., clerk, 132 Limestone Road
Nierney, John, bookkeeper, 10 Rochester Street
Nightingale Nursing Home, Miss Ormerod, matron, 35, 37 University Road
Night Workers' Social Club, 5a Bridge Street
Nimick, Wm., carpenter, 217 Cambrai Street
Nimmons, Jas., painter, 2 Sylvan Street
Nimmons, Robt., painter, 8 St. Mary's Street
Nimmons, Robt., painter, 7 Hazelfield Street
Nixon, A., 12 Hopefield Avenue
Nixon, David, fitter, 238 Conway Street
Nixon, Fanny, Royton, Alliance Avenue
Nixon, Hugh, cooper, 86 Thistle Street
Nixon, Jacob, survey office, 6 Fleetwood Street
Nixon, Jas., tenter, Rochdale House, Ballymagarry
Nixon, Jas., poulterer, 89 Newtownards Road, 64 Middlepath Street and 80 Fraser Street
Nixon, James, tenter, 126 Tennent Street
Nixon, Jas., fitter, 49 Brookmount Street
Nixon, Jas., tailor, 18 Merrion Street
Nixon, Jas., merchant, Glenbrook, Cliftonville Road
Nixon, Jas., & Co., grocers, 227 Crumlin Road, 82 Oldpark Road, and  Ashley Place, Ligoniel Road; res., Jas. Nixon, 203 Crumlin Road
Nixon, John, blacksmith, 59 Israel Street
Nixon, John, fowl dealer, 21 Pitt Place
Nixon, John, clerk, 85 Bloomfield Avenue
Nixon, John, tenter, 45 Lawnbrook Avenue
Nixon, J. C., & Co., linen manufacturers, 56 Queen Street Upper
Nixon, Mrs. Catherine, Dunottar, King's Road
Nixon, Mrs., 47 Atlantic Avenue
Nixon, Mrs. Elizabeth, 37 Salisbury Street
Nixon, Rev. Jas., 16 Brookhill Avenue
Nixon, Robert, printer, 31 Elizabeth Street
Nixon, Robt., painter, 118 Crimea Street
Nixon, Robt., com. traveller, Everton Villa, Deerpark Road
Nixon, R., caretaker, 33 Waring Street
Nixon, R. J., engineer, 35 Rosevale Street
Nixon, Stewart, engineer, 24 Avonbeg Street
Nixon, S., laundry man, 17 Castleton Street
Nixon, Thomas, waiter, 2 Fourth Street
Nixon, Wm., builder, 138 Agnes Street
Nixon, Wm., gate porter Belfast Union, 9 Blythe Street
Nixon, W. H., Bank of Ireland official, Adare, Winston Gardens
Nixon, Wm. J., joiner, 12 Lavinia Street
Nixon & Co., 6 Windsor Buildings, North Street
Noah's Ark, toy and fancy bazaar, 56 Ann Street
Noble, Alfred, coal merchant, 29 The Mount
Noble, Arthur, joiner, 40 Mileriver Street
Noble, A., wireman, 20 Pittsburg Street
Noble, A., shipwright, 98 Castlereagh Road
Noble, A. W., & Sons, grocers and confectioners, 144 Dublin Road
Noble, H., stationer, 28 Newry Street
Noble, Jas., treasurer of Millsawyers' Society, 16 Grampian Avenue
Noble, James, engineer, 50 Calvin Street
Noble, John, pork dealer, 16 Syringa Street
Noble, J., ex-sergeant, 47 Limestone Road
Noble, J. R., coal merchant, Middlepath Street. Tel. No. 778. Telegraphic address, "Bathville." Office, 11 Castle Arcade; res., Garnerville, Holywood Road
Noble, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 24 Fernwood Street
Noble, Mrs. Ada, 7 Jocelyn Gardens
Noble, Richd., moulder, 14 Victoria Avenue
Noble, Robert, clerk, 25 Vistula Street
Noble, T., carpenter, 41 Rushfield Avenue
Noble, Wesley, foreman, 9 Albertville drive
Noble, Wm., assistant superintendent, 14 Belair Street
Noble, Wm., butler, 22 Delhi Street
Noblett's, wholesale confectioners, 33 Royal Avenue
Noblett, W., joiner, 48 Carrington Street
Nocher, Thos., storeman, 8 Hillside Place, Ballysillan
Noer, Jas., piano tuner, 10 Newport Street
Nolack, J., ice cream, 247 York Street
Nolan, Jas., painter, 11 McCleery Street
Nolan, H., ex-sergeant R.I.C., 28 Cliftonpark Avenue
Nolan, John, tailor, 35 Lancaster Street
Nolan, J., R.I.C., 12 Thorndyke Street
Nolan, Mary, 42 Glantane Street
Nolan, Mrs. Sarah, Castleton Terrace, 427 Antrim Road
Nolan, P., car owner, 65 Durham Street
Nolan, P. J., 33 Churchill Street
Nolan, Rev. G., B.D., M.A., St. Malachy's R.C. College
Nolan, Richard, Barton House, Whitehead
Nolan, Robt., grocer, 9 Seaforde Street
Nolan, Wm., pawn broker, 31, 33 Dock Street
Nolan, Wm., painter, Willowbank Huts, Falls Road
Noone, Luke, hair dresser, 18 Mill Street
"Nomad's Weekly and Belfast Critic" and "Irish Investor," conducted by A. S. Moore, 32 Berry Street
Norman, Mrs., artist, 36 Stranmillis Street
Norman, R. J., stained glass artist, 39 Hartington Street
Norman, Stanley, artist, 36 Stranmillis Street
Norman & Beard Ltd., Organ Builders, Wm. H. Green, Agent, 47 Candahar Street
Norie, R. C., draughtsman, 121 Newtownards Road Upper
Norquet, Jos., chef, 28 Dunraven Avenue
Norrie, J., bookkeeper, 8 Annadale Street
Norris, Alex., storeman, 21 Paxton Street
Norris, A., joiner, 3 St. Aubyn Street
Norris, A., brick layer, 28 Christopher Street
Norris, Henry, dealer, 7 Kingswood Street
Norris, Henry J., printer, 4 McAdam Street
Norris, Miss, 19 Ulsterville Gardens
Norris, Miss, servants' registry office, 48 Donegall Street
Norris, Miss E. L., 27 Brookhill Avenue
Norris, Mrs., 20 Alexandrapark Avenue
Norris, Robt., bookkeeper, 30 Victoria Gardens
Norris, R., grocer, 28 Summer Street
Norris, Thos., harbour inspector, 29 Moyola Street
Norris, W., dining rooms, 12 Amelia Street
Norritt, Jas., 49 Newtownards Road Upper
North British Boot Lace Company Ltd., 16 Bedford Street
North British and Mercantile Insurance Co. - Branch Office, 69 High Street (Henry Herdman, local secretary); res., Hillside, Holywood
North British Portrait Co., John Megaw, manager, 121 Shankill Road
North Belfast Working Men's Club, Danube Street - R. Lundie, secretary
North British Carrying Company, Middlepath Street
North East Unionist Club, 175 Duncairn Gardens
North End Loan and Discount Co., 55 Ship Street
North of Ireland Chemical Co. Ltd., 34 Victoria Street; works, Bond Street
North of Ireland Cricket Club Grounds, J. W. Taylor, M.D., hon. sec., Ormeau Road
North of Ireland Linen Company, linen handkerchief manufacturers (J. H. S. Costello and R. Barbour, proprietors), 10 Howard Street
North of Ireland Loan Bank - J. Lamont, manager - 24 Queen's Arcade
North of Ireland Steamship Co. Ltd. (W. R. Rea, managing director), 80 High Street
North of Ireland Affiliated Trade Protection Association Ltd., 81a Victoria Street
North Irish Horse Headquarters, J. E. Pittaway, R.S.M., Ulidia, Skegoniel Avenue
North of Scotland Plate Glass Insurance Co. Ltd. - A. E. Macfarlane, district manager, 133 Royal Avenue
North Queen Street Dispensary, 187 North Queen Street
North, John, proprietor Hamman Turkish Baths, 112 Donegall Street
Northern Assurance Co. Ltd. - G. Ockleford Kelly, Resident Inspector, 40 Rosemary Street
Northern Auction Mart, 126 North Street
Northern Banking Co. Ltd. (head office) - Wm. Steen, secretary, 16 Victoria Street. Branches, 109, 111 Royal Avenue (George D. Coates, manager; R. Laverty, pro. manager). 14 Donegall Square West (W. A. Taylor, manager). 2 Shaftesbury Square (C. V. B. Rylski, manager)
Northern Counties Committee, Midland Railway Co., City Office, A. Adshead, general agent, 12 Royal Avenue
Northern Counties Loan and Discount Bank, 46 Donegall Street
Northern Law Society (C. J. Jefferson, secretary), 15 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Northern Linen Co. Ltd., 25, 27 Wellington Place
Northern Motor Company, 28 Linenhall Street
Northern Plate-Glass Insurance Co. Ltd., T. Reid, secretary for Ireland, 20 Wellington Place
Northern Shipowners Co. Ltd., registered office, 41 Donegall Street - J. Keenan, caretaker
"Northern Whig" (Established 1824) and "Weekly Northern Whig" (Estd. 1858) - W. Darragh, manager; "Northern Whig" Ltd., Proprietors, Old Corn Exchange Buildings, 3, 7 and 9 Victoria Street
Northey, Rev. Joseph, minister of Macrory Memorial Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian chaplain to the Belfast Jail; res., Mosaphir, 145 Cavehill Road
Norton, Miss Anna, Inverene, Knockbreda Road
Norton, Miss Lucy, 7 Camden Street
Norton, T., furniture dealer, 184 Smithfield
Norton, V., manager, Grove House, Ashgrove Park
Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Ltd., J. T. Ward, district manager, 13 Wellington Place
Norwich Union Life Insurance Society Agency Dept., J. J. Wilson, J.P., agency manager, 13 Wellington Place
Norwood, C., cabinet maker, 11 Cheviot Avenue
Norwood, David, brick layer, 24 Agra Street
Norwood, D., painter, 35 Everton Street
Norwood, D., wood turner, 42 Glenbank Place
Norwood, Gilmore, wood turner, 265 Beersbridge Road
Norwood, John, clerk, 49 Eglinton Street
Norwood, J., hackle maker, 5 Druse Street
Norwood, Miss E., 135 Cliftonpark Avenue
Norwood, Mrs., 27 Maryville Avenue
Norwood, Mrs., 12 Carolan Road
Norwood, Russell, tenter, 96 Clonard Gardens
Norwood, Saml., moulder, 22 Ravenhill Road
Norwood, Thos., fitter, 29 Saunders Street
Norwood, Wm., coach painter, 41 Maymount Street
Noyes, Robt., linen lapper, 30 Donnybrook Street
Nugent, Alice, tobacconist, 39 Old Lodge Road
Nugent Bros., spirit grocers, 63 Coolfin Street
Nugent, Colonel J., Portaferry
Nugent, C., publican, 74 Louisa Street
Nugent, Edw., painter and decorator, 54 York Street
Nugent, E., painter, 114 Spamount Street
Nugent, E., 357 Woodstock Road
Nugent, E., store keeper, 86 Carmel Street
Nugent, Henry, clerk, 7 Walnut Place
Nugent, Jas., green grocer, 215 Lodge Road (New?)
Nugent, H., groundsman, 26 Oldpark Avenue
Nugent, H., spirit grocer, 71 Southport Street
Nugent, H., spirit grocer, 84, 86 Newtownards Road
Nugent, H., & Co., brewer' and distillers' agents and wholesale bottlers, 8a York Street
Nugent, James, Clyde Hotel, 18 Gamble Street
Nugent, James (director, J. & J. McConnell's Ltd.), Chesterfield, 171 University Road
Nugent, James, painter, 8 Dunlewey Street
Nugent, James, 18 Gamble Street
Nugent, Jas., green grocer, 215 Lodge Road New
Nugent, Jos., decorator, Carleton Villa, Greencastle
Nugent, Jos., painter, 5 Beechnut Street
Nugent, Lieutenant-General Andrew, J.P., Portaferry
Nugent, Major A., Ballyedmond, Rostrevor
Nugent, Matthew Wm., 176 Ormeau Road
Nugent, Miss L., 42 University Street
Nugent, N., iron moulder, 53 Alexander Street West
Nugent, Richd., foreman drier, 27 Montreal Street
Nugent, Robert, grocer, 3 Frederick Street
Nugent, R., stone cutter, 56 Israel Street
Nugent, William, sack and bag merchant, 3 Patrick Street Little
Nugent, Wm., painter, 84 Balkan Street
Nugent, W. G., bookkeeper, 9 Newington Avenue
Nummy, John, clerk, 1 Burnaby Street
Nummy, S., confectioner, 36 York Road
Nurses Association - Matron, Miss Moore - 20 Claremont Street
Nurses' Home, Mrs. E. McBirney, matron, 4 Eia Street
Nurses' Home, Belfast (Incorporated), Miss Newman, superintendent, 32 Frederick Street
Nutt, A., yarn dryer, 54 Rockview Street
Nutt Bros., grocers, 36 Berlin Street
Nutt, Jane, 66 Broadway
Nutt, Jas., packer, 21 Elgin Street
Nutt, John, blacksmith, 4 Beechlawn Terrace, Ballysillan
Nutt, R. B., grocer, 131 Crumlin Road


Oakman, E. H., auctioneer, estate and insurance agent, 5 Garfield Street; res., 393 Lisburn Road
Oakman, Robt., checker, 38 Athol Street
Oakman, Wm., sawyer, 55 Halliday's Road
Oates, Miss Lizzie, 16 Wyndham Street
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Limited, Ocean Buildings - Accident and Disease, Public Liability and drivers' Guarantee, Employers' Indemnity, Burglary, Fire, Motor Car, Excess Bad Debt, and Boilers, Engines, Lifts, and Electrical and Gas Plant Inspected, Indicated, and Insured, 36 to 44 Moorgate Street, London. Assets over 2,000,000; Claims Paid, over 7,500,000. North of Ireland Offices and Public Safe Deposit, Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square East and Chichester Street, Belfast. Manager - Thos. A. Polson. Telegrams, "Ocean, Belfast." Telephone No. 1217
Odell, Wm., newsagent, 212 Woodstock Road
Officer, Edw., credit draper, 27 Victoria Street
Officer, Edward, draper, 24 Deramore Avenue
Officer, E., bookkeeper, Haselmere, Ashgrove Park
Officer, James, draper, 435 Antrim Road
Officer, John, painter, 18 Derry Street
Officer, Miss, 55 Carlisle Street
Officer, Mrs. Martha, 52 Thorndale Avenue
Officer, Wm., provision merchant, 9 Silvio Street
Officer, Wm., checker, 91 Hillman Street
Oger, Miss, 61 Crumlin Road
Ogilby, S. R., bookkeeper, 239 York Street
Ogilvie, Saml., shoe maker, 125 Glenwood Street
Ogle, Fred., confectioner, 311 Donegall Road
Ogle, Geo., joiner, 28 Halcombe Street
Ogle, Jas., carpenter, 37 Kingscourt Street
Ogle, John, pensioner, 28 Southport Street
Ogle, J., publican, Washington Hotel, 3 Howard Street
Ogle, Mrs., 13 Delaware Street
Ogle, Thompson, newsagent, 90 Donegall Pass
Ogle, Wm. G., foreman joiner, 25 Stranview Street
Ogle, W. S., postman, 36 Balfour Avenue
Ogle, W. R., overseer G.P.O., Brompton Cottages, Lisburn Road
Oglesby, Chris., electrician, 6 Fox Street
Ogston & Tennant Ltd., soap and candle manufacturers, 142 Royal Avenue; works, Aberdeen and Glasgow
Old Bushmills Distillery Co. Ltd., 5 to 23 Hill Street. Telegraphic address, "Bush, Belfast." Tel. No. Belfast 25
Oldham, E. G. W., Belfast Bank official, 184 Lisburn Road
Oldham, E. H., compositor, 16 Townsend Street Upper
Oldham, E. R., hatter, 18 Oakland Avenue
Old Lodge Road Mission Club Hall, 21 Old Lodge Road
Oldpark Dart Club, 20a Sidney Street West
Oldpark Printing Co., W. Blair, manager, Printworks Avenue
Oldridge, Edgar, com. traveller, 111 University Avenue
Oliver, Abraham, draper, 26 Lincoln Avenue
Oliver, Alex., carpenter, 22 Jocelyn Avenue
Oliver, E., shoe maker, 75 Denmark Street
Oliver, Fras., 7 Sintonville Avenue
Oliver, F., green grocer, 252 Newtownards Road
Oliver, George, bank official, 103 Wellesley Avenue
Oliver, Hamilton, clerk, 14 Springfield Road
Oliver, James, mechanic, 170 Cambrai Street
Oliver, John, draper, 79 Alexandrapark Avenue
Oliver, Mrs., 12 Evelyn Avenue
Oliver, Rev. John, 20 Wellesley Avenue
Oliver, Robt., grocer, 25 Castlereagh Road
Oliver, Robt., painter, 45 Nevis Avenue
Oliver, Robt., painter, 45 Nevis Avenue
Oliver, Robt. J., draper, 45 Rushfield Avenue
Oliver, Robert, R.I.C., 4 Fortwilliam View Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Oliver, S., & Co., drapers, 170 Crumlin Road
Oliver, Thos., sexton, 40 Beverley Street
Oliver, Thomas, manager, 56 Elm Street
Oliver, T. S., accountant, 35 Ashley Avenue
Oliver, Wm., R.I.C., 2 Elswick Street
Oliver, Wm., bath attendant, 4 Dover Street
Oliver, Wm., bread server, 275 Oldpark Road
Olley, D. G., leather cutter, 89 Nevis Avenue
Olley, James M., coal merchant, 59 Sandown Road
Olley, Miss Isabella, 109 Agincourt Avenue
Olley, Mrs., 55 Camden Street
Olsens, Fred., Steamships Carbolitas Supply Co., Bank of Ireland Chambers, 93 Ann Street
Oprey, Henry, boatman, 64 Fleet Street
Oprey, Mrs., confectioner, 12 Staunton Street
Oprey, Samuel, clerk, 32 Devonshire Street
Orange, Mrs. Rose, 87 Castlereagh Road
Orchabill Antonio, musician, 9 Little Patrick Street
Orchard, Wm., manager, Oakley, Belmont Church Road
Orchin, Chas., bread server, 15 Virginia Street
Orchin, Fred., machinist, 10 Baden Powell Street
Orchin, Joseph, cutter, 26 Aughrim Street
Orchin, Joseph, grocer, 27 Blythe Street
Ordnance Survey Office, 342, 344 Antrim Road - J. E. Wolff
Orme, D., hair dresser, 282 Old Lodge Road
Orme, Hugh, hair dresser, 111 Agnes Street
Orme & Sons Ltd., billiard table builders to his Majesty the King, 8 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Ormeau Avenue Public Baths, T. Johnston, superintendent, Ormeau Avenue
Ormeau Bakery Ltd., Ormeau Road
Ormeau Handkerchief Works, 3a Frederick Street
Ormerod, Miss, Nightingale Nursing Home, 35, 37 University Road
Orr, Adam, sexton, 253 Tennent Street
Orr, Agnes, 24 Salisbury Street
Orr, Alex., engineer, 1 Edenderry Terrace, Woodvale Road
Orr, Alex., painter, 9 Prim Street
Orr, Andrew, managing director Rosebank Weaving Co., 4 The Gables, Cliftonville Road
Orr, A. H., agent, 41 Royal Avenue
Orr, Charles, engineer, 92 Ogilvie Street
Orr, C., 2a Joy Street
Orr, Daniel, dining rooms, 103a York Street
Orr, Edmund, electrician, 130 Mountcollyer Street
Orr, Edmund, insurance agent, 66 Station Road
Orr, Fras., traveller, 64 Cavendish Street
Orr, Fred, fitter, 42 Lomond Avenue
Orr, Fred., dentist, 28 St. Jude's Avenue
Orr, F. James, solicitor, 41 Chichester Street; res., Dundonald
Orr, F. W., dentist, 191 Albertbridge Road
Orr, Geo., sergeant R.I.C., 38 Southport Street
Orr, Geo., plumber, 45 Norwood Street
Orr, Geo., linen lapper, 5 Oldpark back row
Orr, Hugh L., mill and railway furnisher, 17 Garfield Street; res., 2 Lindenville, Charnwood Avenue
Orr, Hugh, preparing master, 76 Battenberg Street (No. 2)
Orr, H., engineer, 85 Rosevale Street
Orr, James, commission agent, 158 Dunluce Avenue
Orr, James, car owner, 5 Dagmar Street
Orr, James, mill furnisher, 5 Slieve Donard, Ballymagarry
Orr, James, fruiterer, 82 Castlereagh Road
Orr, James, foreman, 121 Rugby Avenue
Orr, James, laundry, 9a Percy Street
Orr, James, fitter, Knocknagoney Cottages, Holywood Road
Orr, James R., fitter, 57 Hillman Street
Orr, Jas., mechanic, 46 Landscape Terrace
Orr, Jas., joiner, 12 Austin Street
Orr, John, plumber, 25 Kimona Street
Orr, John, prov. merchant, 79, 81 York Street
Orr, John, fruiterer, 82 Castlereagh Road
Orr, John, sawyer, 170 Meadow Street Upper
Orr, John, joiner, 77 Montrose Street
Orr, John, joiner, 19 Greenville Road
Orr, John, horse dealer, 66 Joy Street
Orr, John, cutter, 14 Jameson Street
Orr, John, sawyer, 170 Meadow Street Upper
Orr, John, pattern maker, 30 Nansen Street
Orr, John, harbour constable, 69 Madrid Street
Orr, John, horse dealer, 109 Joy Street
Orr, John, prov. merchant, 6 Newington Street
Orr, John, iron turner, 6 Shaw Street
Orr, John, tailor, 34 Wilcar Street
Orr, John W., engineer, 7 Tower Street
Orr, Joseph, pensioner, 209 Tennent Street
Orr, Jos., compositor, 8 Landseer Street
Orr, Jos., confectioner, 35 Cherryville Street
Orr, Jos., & Son, nurserymen and seedsmen, 12, 14 Ann Street
Orr, J., blacksmith, 32 Ward Street
Orr, J. A., manufacturers' agent, 81 High Street
Orr, Martha, 11 Farnham Street
Orr, Miss Agnes, 24 Salisbury Street
Orr, Miss Susan, 8 Wellesley Avenue
Orr, Miss Charlotte, 329 Ormeau Road
Orr, Miss, 16 Madison Avenue
Orr, Miss, decorator and wood carver, 5 Grosvenor House, Wellington Place
Orr, Miss, principal Jennymount National School
Orr, Miss Frances, 111 Dublin Road
Orr, Miss Martha, 11 Farnham Street
Orr, Mrs., Bernagh, Malone Park
Orr, Mrs., grocer, 33 Bond Street
Orr, Mrs., Inver, Knockdene Park
Orr, Mrs. Maggie, 23 Burmah Street
Orr, M. A., grocer, 13 York Lane
Orr, Rachel, 1 Springvale, Everton Drive
Orr, Rev. James, 97 Wellesley Avenue
Orr, Rev. Robert, 15 Malone Avenue
Orr, Robert,  tailor, 186 Roden Street
Orr, Robert, clerk, 27 Fitzroy Avenue
Orr, Robt., clerk, 34 Southport Street
Orr, Robt., driller, 271 Connsbrook Avenue
Orr, Robert, tailor, 19 Buckingham Street
Orr, Robert H., & Sons, solicitors, 1 Lombard Street; res., Wm. J. J. Orr, Westhaye, Marlborough Park
Orr, Robt., blacksmith, 8 Ravenscroft Avenue
Orr, Robt. Jas., compositor, 1 Hartington Street
Orr, Rev. T., Balmoral Methodist Church, 619 Lisburn Road
Orr, Samuel, insurance inspector, Sandbrook Villas, Wellwood Avenue
Orr, Samuel, joiner, 61 Parkmount Street
Orr, Saml., carpenter, 5 Enfield Street
Orr, Saml., painter, 12 Lime Street
Orr, S., engineer, 10 Mileriver Street
Orr, Thos., fitter, 26 Kingscourt Street
Orr, Thos. J.,  carpenter, 87 Channing Street
Orr, Wm., builder and conductor, 7 Crumlin Road
Orr, Wm., joiner, 131 Meadow Street Upper
Orr, Wm., engine driver, 68 Donnybrook Street
Orr, Wm., tailor, 15 Tobergill Street
Orr, Wm., clerk, 71 Killowen Street
Orr, Wm., driller, 22 Armitage Street
Orr, Wm., boot maker, 325 Shankill Road
Orr, Wm., painter, 262 Crimea Street
Orr, Wm., R.I.C., 17 Pim Street
Orr, Wm., & Co., wholesale trimming merchants, 3 Donegall Street
Orr, W., winding master, 148 Hynford Street Upper
Orr, W. F., manufacturers' agent, 26 Queen Street
Orr, W. H., baker, 32 Eia Street
Orr, W. H., linen merchant, 354 Antrim Road
Orr, W. J., joiner, 89 Channing Street
Orr, W. J., recruiting sergeant, 34 Mountcollyer Street
Orr, W. R., druggist, 1 Cambridge Terrace, Ormeau Road
Orr, W. R. H., druggist, 64 York Road
Orr, W. R. H., druggist, 2 Cremorne, North Parade
Orr, W. S., watch maker and jeweller, 327 Ormeau Road
Osborne, A., compositor, 2 Elaine Street
Osborne Hotel, Mrs. Hanna, proprietress, 1 Fisherwick Place
Osborne, H. D., M.D., registrar No. 3 district, Lonsdale Terrace, 32 Crumlin Road
Osborne, Jas., despatch clerk, 28 Beverley Street
Osborne, John S., solicitor, 4 Waring Street; res., Moirath, 106 Balmoral Avenue
Osborne, Jos., chartered accountant, 9 Mayfair, Arthur Square; res., 6 Woodland Avenue
Osborne, Jos., bookkeeper, 28 Duncairn Gardens
Osborne, Joseph, C. B. officer, Glencorn, Ashgrove Park
Osborne, J., french polisher, 73 Lindsay Street
Osborne, Mrs., 11 Belgravia Avenue
Osborne, Mrs., 43 Landscape terrace
Osborne, Mrs., 1 Central Avenue, Marlborough Park
Osborne, Mrs. Jane, 1 The Glen
Osborne, Rev. Henry, M.A., Presbyterian minister, Beechwood, King's Road
Osborne, R., fitter, 19 Laganview Street
Osborne, R., boot maker, 66 Crosby Street
Osborne, R. S., bookkeeper, 20 Castleton Street
Osborne, Samuel, salesman, 16 Lonsdale Street
Osborne, S., & Co., Coventry House, 77 Donegall Street
Osborne, Thomas, insurance agent, 68 Excise Street
Osborne, Thos. Edens, Scottish Provident Buildings, 4 Donegall Square West, Cycle and Hardware Merchant; Residence, Woodleigh, Marino
Osborne, Wm., upholsterer, 3 Walnut Street
Osborne, W., flax and tow merchant, 29 Waring Street; stores, Warehouse Lane
Osborne, W., shoe maker, 7 Lackagh Street
Osborne & Barr, stock and share brokers, 7 Lombard Street; res., Alfred Osborne, Rathmore, Osborne Park
Osborough, W., R.I.C., 12 Divis Drive
Osman, H., Lorne refreshment rooms, 190, 192 York Street
Oswald, A. S., & Sons, house and land agents, insurance agents, 40 Berry Street; res., James S. Oswald, J.P., Sunnybank, Seacliffe, Bangor; Andrew Oswald, Glenoir, Innisfayle Road
Oswald, Henry, fruiterer, 111 Shankill Road
Oswald, James, fruiterer, 103 Peter's Hill
Oswald, Mrs., Warboro Villa, 14 Kincora Avenue
Oswald, Thomas, foreman, 50 Jocelyn Street
Oswald, Thos., detective, 48 Moyola Street
Oswald, Usher, warehouseman, 45 Frank Street Upper
Oswald, W. H., hackle setter, 169 Bellevue Street
Ott, Adolph, chef, 42 Hardcastle Street
Oughton, Henry, incorporated accountant and auditor, 88 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Oulton, John, & Co., flax and tow merchants, 37 Donegall Street
Overend, Isaac, boot maker, 25, 27 Library Street Upper
Overend, Jas., gas fitter, 10 City Street
Overend, John, Excise officer, 92 Wellesley Avenue
Ovins, Mrs. Edith, 15 Dublin Road
Owen, A. J., H.M. inspector of factories, 36 Rugby Road
Owen, H., smith, 52 Christopher Street
Owen, J. S., photographer, Henry Place; res., 17 St. James Street
Owen, P., boot warehouse, 58 Old Lodge Road
Owen, W. H., manager linen business, 84 Malone Avenue
Owens, B., 53 Springfield Road
Owens, Chas., boiler maker, 3 Crossland Street
Owens, E., hair dresser, 6 Clifton Street
Owens, F., grocer and provision merchant, 206, 208 Duncairn Gardens
Owens, Geo., clerk, 27 Oldpark Road
Owens, G. L., clerk, 37 Hopefield Avenue
Owens, Henry, commercial traveller, 9 Rosemount Gardens
Owens, Jas., confectioner, 153 Lodge Road Old
Owens, Jas., fitter, 61 Westmoreland Street
Owens, J., signal man, 11 Comber Street
Owens, J. A., machine man, 10 Stormount Street
Owens, Mary, 124 Brookmount Street
Owens, Miss A., Union Hotel, 7 Donegall Square South
Owens, Mrs., 27 University Street
Owens, Mrs., dispensary caretaker, Glengall Lane
Owens, Nat., plumber, 40 Lawther Street
Owens, Patk., engine driver, 46 Middlepath Street
Owens, Patk., plumber, 123 Lodge Road New
Owens, Robt., engineer, 186 Newtownards Road
Owens, Robt., iron turner, 41 Glenbrook Avenue
Owens, Saml., baker, 61 Roslyn Street
Owens, Samuel, grocer, 39 Pacific Avenue; res., Sunnyside house, Chichester Road
Owens, Thomas, plumber, 29 Indiana Avenue
Owens, Thos., boiler maker, 47 Bryson Street
Owens, Wm., fitter, 103 Derwent Street
Owens, Wm., clerk, 6 Hanwood Street
Owens, W., pattern maker, 20 Ravenhill Street
Owens & Co., bakers, 43 Hopeton Street
Oxage, Wm., cashier, 287 Falls Road
Oxley, Walter George, boiler maker, 2 Wye Street


O'Beirne, Jas., R.I.C. pensioner, 207 Spamount Street
O'Boyle, C. J., teacher, 34 Mountcollyer Avenue
O'Boyle, Henry, Cavehill Castle Bar, 141 Antrim Road and 2 Halliday's Road
O'Boyle, J. D., spirit grocer, 23, 35 Sidney Street West, 57, 59 McCandless Street, 74, 76 Silvio Street
O'Boyle, Mary Agnes, 9 Albert Street
O'Boyle, Neill J., publican, 21, 23 Frederick Street and 7, 9 North Queen Street
O'Boyle, Patk., stock keeper, 11 Clonard Gardens
O'Boyle, P., spirit grocer, 21, 23 Earl Street
O'Boyle, Thos. J., printer, 7 Ward Street
O'Brien, Alex., dealer, 10 Wallace's Row
O'Brien, Dr., surgeon, 33 University Road
O'Brien, E., coal dealer, 65 Thompson Street
O'Brien, George, & Co., Linen Merchants and Assurance Agents, Franklin Buildings, Ormeau Avenue; residences, W. D. O'Brien; L. F. O'Brien, Shubra, Myrtlefield Park
O'Brien, H., sawyer, 1 Cherryville Street
O'Brien, H., sawyer, 66 Wigton Street
O'Brien, Jas. M., solicitor, 110 Royal Avenue
O'Brien, John, mechanic, 95 Roden Street
O'Brien, John, sergeant R.I.C., 12 Whitehall Parade
O'Brien, Jos. P., spirit merchant, 94, 96 Matchett Street
O'Brien, J., pensioner, 21 Locan Street
O'Brien, Martha, 13 Ardmoulin Street
O'Brien, M., mechanic, 17 Waterford Street
O'Brien, Rev. John, C.C., St. Patrick's Presbytery, Donegall Street
O'Brien, Robt., shoe maker, 45 Lendrick Street
O'Brien, Sarah, 19 Cranburn Street
O'Brien, Wm., compositor, 4 Peel Street
O'Brien, Wm., brick layer, 44 Lagan Street
O'Brien, W. J., plumber, 14 Lecumpher Street
O'Byrne, Cahal, journalist, 29 Burnaby Street
O'Callaghan, A., dress maker, 70 Earl Street
O'Callaghan, H., grocer, 29 Springfield Road
O'Callaghan, J. P., Inland Revenue officer, 13 Rossmore Avenue
O'Connell, N., M.D., apothecaries' hall, 113 North Street
O'Connell, Sir P. R., M.D., J.P., 85 University Road
O'Connell, Thos., R.I.C., 31 Fairview Street
O'Connell, Thos., R.I.C., 57 Northern Street Great
O'Connor, Arthur, boiler maker, 52 Adelaide Avenue
O'Connor, Charles, publican and grocer, 23 Cullingtree Road
O'Connor, D., french polisher, 16 Washington Street
O'Connor, Edward, tram inspector, 49 Melrose Street
O'Connor, Edward, dealer, 64 Stanfield Street
O'Connor, F., compositor, 16 Derby Street
O'Connor, Jas., publican, 9, 11 Frederick Street
O'Connor, John, salesman, 3 Rosevale Street
O'Connor, J., publican, 16 Unity Street
O'Connor, J., french polisher, 39 Raglan Street
O'Connor, Mrs. B., dealer, 14, 16 Roden Street
O'Connor, Mrs., refreshment rooms, 13 Gresham Street
O'Connor, Patrick, barber, 39 Stanhope Street
O'Connor, Patrick, butcher, 216 Crumlin Road
O'Connor, Patrick, upholsterer, 68 Burnaby Street
O'Connor, Robt., shoe maker, 2 Steel Street
O'Connor, Thos., H.M.C., 15 Willowbank Street
O'Connor, Thos., 2 Ashgrove Crescent, 78 Newtownards Road Upper
O'Dewell, E., Ordnance Survey, 42 Fortwilliam Parade
O'Dogherty, Daniel, bookkeeper, 11 Clifton Crescent
O'Doherty, Daniel, publican, 174, 176 Old Lodge Road
O'Doherty, John, surgeon, 4 College Square North
O'Doherty, Mrs., superintendent of St. Mary's Dominican convent, Falls Road
O'Donnell, Chas., grocer, 6, 8 McDonnell Street
O'Donnell, Henry, 33 Lepper Street
O'Donnell, Jas., dealer, 5 Elizabeth Street
O'Donnell, J., R.I.C., 27 Haywood Avenue
O'Donnell, J., sorting clerk, 72 Roseleigh Street
O'Donnell, R., lighter man, 41 Earlscourt Street
O'Donoghue, Lawrence, R.I.C., 69 Hawthorn Street
O'Donoghue, Thos., shoe maker, 8 Kearns Street
O'Donohoe, P. E., publican, 23 Michael Street
O'Donohoe, P., Barrister-at-Law, 20 Grosvenor House, 5 Wellington Place; res., 22 Alexandra Avenue
O'Donohoe, Susan, spirit grocer, 11 Melrose Street
O'Driscoll, Patrick, head waiter, 189 Duncairn Gardens
O'Farrell, Chas., deputy governor H.M. Prison, 65 Cliftonpark Avenue
O'Farrell, John, brick layer, 24 Scotch Street
O'Flaherty, Daniel, spirit grocer, 36 Walnut Street
O'Flaherty, Dr. Patk. E., 12 Crumlin Road
O'Flaherty, W., mechanic, 333 Beersbridge Road
O'Flynn, Very Rev., C.S.S.R., Redemptorist Monastery, Clonard Gardens
O'Gorman, J., St. Malachy's College
O'Grady, G., brush maker, 259 Oldpark Road Upper
O'Grady, John, 102 Rugby Avenue
O'Hagan, Arthur J., tea dealer, 42 Berry Street
O'Hagan, Arthur, tailor, 12 Cavendish Street
O'Hagan, C., spirit grocer, 71, 73 and 16 Rutland Street
O'Hagan, Felix, J.P., Daincourt, Adelaide Park
O'Hagan, Francis, fowl dealer, McAuley's Court
O'Hagan, Jas., despatch clerk, 32c Pine Street
O'Hagan, John, iron turner, 69 Nail Street
O'Hagan, John, bread server, 15 Iris Street
O'Hagan, John, publican, 1 Pacific Avenue
O'Hagan, John, salesman, 20 Brown Street
O'Hagan, J., coach maker, 38 Chadwick Street
O'Hagan, J., traveller, 2 Oakville Terrace, Oldpark Road
O'Hagan, Mrs., poulterer, 128 Castlereagh Road
O'Hagan, Mrs., laundress, 29 Lincoln Street
O'Hagan, Owen, & Son, fish salesmen and auctioneers, Corporation Fish Market, Oxford Street
O'Hagan, Peter, watch maker and jeweller, 165 Divis Street
O'Hagan, Thos., cabinet maker, 15 Hamill Square
O'Hagan, Wm., cabinet maker, 36 Gardiner Street
O'Hagan & Co., wholesale tea dealers, 87 Victoria Street
O'Haire, P., bottler, 46 Bankmore Street
O'Hale, Cornelius, musician, 66 Unity Street
O'Hale, W., fitter, 8 Divis Drive
O'Halloran, Patrick, fish monger, 16 Castlereagh Street
O'Hanlon, Bridget, fruiterer, 74 Divis Street
O'Hanlon, Geo., posting establishment, 114 New Lodge Road
O'Hanlon, Jas., brick layer, 20 Steen Street
O'Hanlon, John, cabinet maker, 25 Emerald Street
O'Hanlon, J., insurance agent, 5 Violet Street
O'Hanlon, Mary, dealer, 33 Hamill Square
O'Hanlon, Mary, 2 Cavendish Square
O'Hanlon, Michl., spirit grocer, 72 Donnybrook Street
O'Hanlon, M., publican, 287, 289 Springfield Road
O'Hanlon, Peter, brick layer, 29 Abyssinia Street
O'Hanlon, P., spirit grocer, 1 Kashmir Road
O'Hanlon, P. E., provision merchant, 15 Clonard Gardens
O'Hanlon, T., dealer, 33 Hamill Square
O'Hara, A., painter, 12 Legnavea Street
O'Hara, Chas., salesman, 48 Mountcollyer Avenue
O'Hara, Chas., iron turner, 8 Omar Street
O'Hara, C., 93 Fitzroy Avenue
O'Hara, Eliza, grocer, 13 Servia Street
O'Hara, H., traveller, 65 Kashmir Road
O'Hara, Jas., pork cutter, 18 Alexander Street West
O'Hara, John, hair dresser, 192 Manor Street
O'Hara, Jos., cabinet maker, 15 Annalee Street
O'Hara, J. L., draper's assistant, 18 Rathgar Street
O'Hara, J. & D., publicans, 34 to 38 Church Lane and 1, 3 Divis Street
O'Hara, J., baker, 21 Bisley Street
O'Hara, J., butcher, 21 Falls Road
O'Hara, Mary, confectioner, 337 North Queen Street
O'Hara, Mary, grocer, 61 Peter's Hill
O'Hara, Matt., brick layer, 30 Perth Street
O'Hara, Miss Agusta, 5 Stranmillis Road
O'Hara, M., carpenter, 10 Earlscourt Street
O'Hara, M. J., publican, 74 Cullingtree Road
O'Hara, Patrick, plasterer, 56 Artillery Street
O'Hara, Patk., R.I.C., 56 Roseleigh Street
O'Hara, R., watch maker and jeweller, 146 Crumlin Road
O'Hara, Robt. J., watch maker, Ligoniel Road
O'Hara, Thos., warping master, 19 Yarrow Street
O'Hara, Wm., brick layer, 166 Falls Road
O'Hara, Wm., fitter, 8 Elswick Street
O'Hara, Wm. J., confectioner, 1 Weirville Terrace, Crumlin Road
O'Hara, W. J., baker, 95 Greenore Street
O'Hare, E. J., Customs, 79 Victoria Gardens
O'Hare, Fras., butcher, 150 Falls Road
O'Hare, Henry, brick layer, 52 Essex Street
O'Hare, John, superintendent, 13 Ava Avenue
O'Hare, Jos., shoe maker, 34 Artillery Street
O'Hare, J., butcher, 144 Falls Road
O'Hare, J., painter, 29 East Bread Street
O'Hare, Miss, confectioner and tobacconist, 14 Clifton Street
O'Hare, Nicholas, shoe maker, 52 Elmfield Street
O'Hare, Pat., traveller, 41 Little May Street
O'Hare, P., publican, 172, 174 Oldpark Road
O'Hare, P., bottler, 46 Bankmore Street
O'Hare, Thos., farmer, Milltown Row
O'Hare, Thomas, dairyman, Glenalina
O'Hare, Wm., tinsmith, 13 St. Kilda Street
O'Hare, Wm., 45 Ophir Gardens
O'Herlihy, D., Excise officer, 72 Springfield Road
O'Kane, B. & J., spirit grocers, 45, 47 Bentham Street
O'Kane, Catherine, dining rooms, 3 Short Street
O'Kane, Danl., engineer, 8 Caroline Street
O'Kane, Elizabeth, prov. dealer, 46 King Street
O'Kane, E., clerk, 55 Wellesley Avenue
O'Kane, Felix, & Co., spirit grocers, 2 Bosnia Street
O'Kane, Geo., plasterer, 238 Meadow Street Upper
O'Kane, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 114, 116 Falls Road
O'Kane, Hugh, & Co. Ltd., funeral furnishers and posting establishment, 116, 118 Donegall Street; 171 to 175 Albert Street and 168 Divis Street
O'Kane, Jas., block printer, 42 Iris Street
O'Kane, James, grocer, 50 Balkan Street
O'Kane, John, waggon maker, 33 Foundry Street
O'Kane, Jos., cashier, 63 Cliftonpark Avenue
O'Kane, J., coal merchant, 38 Barrack Street
O'Kane, J., warehouseman, 18 College Square North
O'Kane, J. & R., & Co., wine merchants, 62 to 66 Great Patrick Street; Stores, Donegall Street Little; res., C. G. McKeown, 88 Donegall Street; Jas. McKeown, 11 Easton Crescent, Cliftonville
O'Kane, Mrs., 85 Fitzroy Street
O'Kane, Patrick, salesman, 22 Earlscourt Street
O'Kane, P., clerk, 25 Carrington Street
O'Kane, Wm., shoe maker, 54 Library Street Upper
O'Kane & Co., Central Frame Works, 57 King Street
O'Keane, John, Ashgrove Villas, Glenburn Park
O'Keeny, John, publican, 58, 60 Oldpark Road
O'Kelly, M., B.A., St. Malachy's College
O'Kelly, Rev. P. J., C.C., St. Brigid's R.C. Presbytery, Derryvolgie Avenue
O'Kiersey, John, Customs officer, Ashgrove Villas, Glenburn Park
O'Leary, Daniel, Excise Office, 9 Clonlee Drive
O'Leary, John, tailor, 10 Cawnpore Street
O'Leary, J., warehouse manager, 17 Magdala Street
O'Leary, Mrs., 31a Wellington Place
O'Leary, Simon, hide and skin merchant, Rossnaree, Cregagh Road
O'Lone, Rev. Charles, St. Patrick's Presbytery, Donegall Street
O'Lone, Henry, engine driver, 55 Agnes Street
O'Lone, Wm., shoe maker, Willowbank Huts, Falls Road
O'Malley, Michael R., M.D., M.Ch., L.M., J.P., 103 University Road
O'Malley, Lizzie, butcher, 124 Lodge Road New
O'Malley, Miss, milliner, 23 Crumlin Road
O'Mealey, R., musician, 17 Edinburgh Street
O'Neill, Adam, bookkeeper, 146 Albert Street
O'Neill, Agnes, 6 Joy Street
O'Neill, Agnes, confectioner, 30 Riga Street
O'Neill, Alex., clerk, 94 Halliday's Road
O'Neill, Alex., carpenter, 7 Brandon Terrace
O'Neill, Annie, tobacconist and confectioner, 57 Divis Street
O'Neill, Annie, newsagent, 44 Spamount Street
O'Neill, Arthur, steward, 33 Forfar Street
O'Neill, Arthur, tinsmith, 57 Millfield
O'Neill, A. B., spirit grocer, 53, 55 Ribble Street
O'Neill, Bernard, club manager, 5 Cranburn Street
O'Neill, B., brick layer, 39 Rathmore Street
O'Neill, Catherine, 7 Clonard Gardens
O'Neill, Charles, grocer, 417 Ormeau Road and 1 Haywood Avenue
O'Neill, Charles, clerk, 20 Nevis Avenue
O'Neill, Chas., carrier, 6b Tomb Street
O'Neill, Chas., Willowbank Huts, Falls Road
O'Neill, Chas., fruiterer, 48 York Road
O'Neill, Chas., sail maker, 47 Parkmount Street
O'Neill, Chas. Jos., dental surgeon, 93 Falls Road
O'Neill, Constantine, grocer, Cavehill View, Antrim Road
O'Neill, Con, 9 Cavendish Square
O'Neill, C., marine dealer, 77, 79 Millfield
O'Neill, C., publican, 214, 216 Cupar Street
O'Neill, C., M.D., M.Ch., M.A., O.D.P.H., 81 Great Victoria Street
O'Neill, C., carpenter, 25 Bagot Street
O'Neill, C., horse dealer, 84 Eliza Street
O'Neill, Daniel, manager, 20 Annalee Street
O'Neill, Daniel, slater, 174 Leeson Street
O'Neill, Danl., iron turner, 33 Ross Street
O'Neill, Dan., blacksmith, 32 George's Street Great
O'Neill, Dan., clerk, 8 Rutland Street
O'Neill, D., pig dealer, 119 Hardinge Street
O'Neill, Edward, marine dealer, 58 Lepper Street
O'Neill, Edwd., dairyman, 62 Portallo Street
O'Neill, Felix, boot closer, 47 Wall Street
O'Neill, Francis, school master, 74 Albert Street
O'Neill, Francis, school teacher, 80 Albert Street
O'Neill, Francis, publican, 112, 114 Conway Street and 1 Ashmore Street
O'Neill, Fras., plumber, 1 Clonard Street
O'Neill, F., publican, 491 Falls Road, and 2, 4 Rockmore Road
O'Neill, F., publican, 2, 4 Springfield Road
O'Neill, F., boot maker, 6 Henrietta Street
O'Neill, George, cooper, 6 Annadale Street
O'Neill, Geo., prov. merchant, 26 The Mount
O'Neill, Henry, blacksmith, 26 Wayland Street
O'Neill, Henry, barber, 6 Riley's Place
O'Neill, Henry, foreman brass moulder, 152 Madrid Street
O'Neill, Hon. Arthur, Shane's Castle, Antrim
O'Neill, Hon. R. T., M.P., Tullymore Lodge, Ballymena
O'Neill, Hugh, plasterer, 15 Meadow Street Upper
O'Neill, Hugh, tailor, 96 Cullingtree Road
O'Neill, Hugh, publican, 18, 20 Danube Street and 29 McCandless Street
O'Neill, Hugh, sawyer, 14 Hogarth Street
O'Neill, Hugh, bookkeeper, 50 Fleet Street
O'Neill, Hugh, publican, Wheatfield Avenue
O'Neill, H., spirit grocer, 161, 163 Silvio Street
O'Neill, H., M.D., M.Ch., B.L., J.P., 6 College Square East; res., Benburb, King's Road
O'Neill, H., hair dresser, 33 Tralee Street
O'Neill, H. & J., publicans, 18, 20 Danube Street; 29 McCandless Street, and 213 Tennent Street
O'Neill, Jacob, engineer, Caledonia Terrace, 39 Park Avenue
O'Neill, Jacob, foreman, 9 Delhi Street
O'Neill, James, pawn broker, 112 Albert Street
O'Neill, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 46, 48 Milford Street
O'Neill, James, publican, 39 Gilford Street
O'Neill, James, warder, 9 Bandon Street
O'Neill, James, publican, 2 Cavour Street
O'Neill, Jas, spirit grocer, 138, 140 Hemsworth Street
O'Neill, Jas., spirit grocer, 11, 13 Brownlow Street
O'Neill, Jas., painter, 17 Chadolly Street
O'Neill, Jas., hair dresser, 76 Eliza Street
O'Neill, Jas., pawn broker's assistant, 14 Rosevale Street
O'Neill, Jas., brick layer, 51 Raglan Street
O'Neill, Jas. J., pawn broker, 116 Divis Street
O'Neill, Jas., publican, 97 Old Lodge Road
O'Neill, Jas., plater, 155 Templemore Avenue
O'Neill, Jas., spinning master, 58 Walton Street
O'Neill, Jas., publican, 37 Milford Street
O'Neill, Jane, 24 Joy Street
O'Neill, Jane, 20 Ward Street
O'Neill, John, school teacher, 98 Cliftonpark Avenue
O'Neill, John, boot maker, 39 May Street
O'Neill, John, clerk, 12 Cappy Street
O'Neill, John, cooper, 63 Theodore Street
O'Neill, John, posting establishment, 153 Antrim Road
O'Neill, John, publican, 1 Lord Street and 45 Thorndyke Street
O'Neill, John, railway guard, 59 Cavendish Street
O'Neill, John, posting establishment, 14 Singleton Street
O'Neill, John, plasterer, 18 Theresa Street
O'Neill, John, publican, 7 Falls Road
O'Neill, John, steward, 56 Longford Street
O'Neill, John, slater, 11 Antrim Street
O'Neill, John, painter, 29 Tralee Street
O'Neill, John, pawn broker, 66 Albert Street
O'Neill, John, hackle setter, Getty Street
O'Neill, John, bread setter, 4 Ravenhill Avenue
O'Neill, J., publican, 215 Albertbridge Road
O'Neill, J., plumber, 131 North Queen Street
O'Neill, J. B., office manager of "Ulster Echo" and "Witness," 26 Cromwell Road
O'Neill, Lord, Shane's Castle, Antrim
O'Neill, Mary, dress maker, 53 Bombay Street
O'Neill, Mary, shop keeper, 138 Leeson Street
O'Neill, Mary A., grocer, 19 Benares Street
O'Neill, Matthew, boiler maker, 21 Balaclava Street
O'Neill, Matthew, bookkeeper, 5 Albion Street
O'Neill, Michael, machinist, 69 Upper Canning Street
O'Neill, Miss, post office, 19 Crumlin Road
O'Neill, Miss Caroline, 50 Pretoria Street
O'Neill, Miss Minnie, B.A., principal ladies' collegiate school and kindergarten, 309 Ormeau Road
O'Neill, Mrs., hair dresser, 66 Earl Street
O'Neill, Mrs., 12 Claremont Street
O'Neill, Mrs., 79 Cavehill Road
O'Neill, Mrs., publican, 44 Falls Road
O'Neill, Mrs., 14 Broadway
O'Neill, Owen, bottle blower, 47 English Street
O'Neill, Owen, plasterer, 195 Mountpottinger Road
O'Neill, Patrick, spirit grocer, 111 Castlereagh Road
O'Neill, Patk., Broadway post office, 265 Falls Road
O'Neill, Patk., dealer, 26 Library Street Upper
O'Neill, Patk., brick layer, 42 Milford Street
O'Neill, Patk. J., grocer, 9, 11 Osman Street
O'Neill, P., spirit grocer, 91 Burnaby Street
O'Neill, P., spirit grocer, 111, 113 Leeson Street
O'Neill, P., market inspector, 105 Castlereagh Road
O'Neill, P., engine driver, 29 Whitla Street
O'Neill, P., 36 Dock Street
O'Neill, P., spirit grocer, 24 Roden Street
O'Neill, Rev. John, C.C., St. Patrick's Presbytery, Donegall Street
O'Neill, Rev. P. J., president St. Malachy's R.C. College
O'Neill, Robt., brass moulder, 69 Hatton Drive
O'Neill, R., 17 Loftus Street
O'Neill, R., coppersmith, 17 Loftus Street
O'Neill, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Ivy Cottage, Belmont Road
O'Neill, Sam., boot maker, 197 Mountpottinger Road
O'Neill, Sarah, butcher, 124 Peter's Hill
O'Neill, Thomas, brick layer, 42 Dunvegan Street
O'Neill, Thomas, confectioner, 262 Crumlin Road
O'Neill, Thomas, collar cutter, 2 Colinpark Street
O'Neill, T., french polisher, 7 Roumania Street
O'Neill, T., 36 Dock Street
O'Neill, T., cooper, 54 Little Patrick Street
O'Neill, T. J., A.M.I.C.E.I., civil engineer and architect, 19 Crumlin Road
O'Neill, Wm., pensioner, 36 St. Kilda Street
O'Neill, Wm., hair dresser, 36 Princes Street
O'Neill, Wm., slater, 22 Spamount Street
O'Neill, Wm., 67 Manor Street
O'Neill, Wm., engineer, 89 Beechfield Street
O'Neill, Wm., insurance agent, 64 Harrybrook Street
O'Neill, Wm., publican, 59, 61 Hillview Street
O'Neill, Wm., butcher, 86 Duncairn Gardens
O'Neill, Wm., preparing master, 4 Gretna, Greencastle
O'Neill, Young & Beck, general produce merchants, 31, 33 Oxford Street
O'Neill & Co., monumental works, 17 Divis Street
O'Neill & O'Rorke, wholesale and retail tin warehouse, 170 Smithfield
O'Prey, Fras., boatman, 61 Pilot Street
O'Prey, Mrs., 12 Staunton Street
O'Prey, Robert, boot maker, 4 Kenilworth Street
O'Prey, Wm., boatman, 44 Fleet Street
O'Rawe, Henry, commercial traveller, 1 Rosemount Gardens
O'Rawe, John, cooper, 39 Plevna Street
O'Rawe, Mrs. Rose, 32 Delaware Street
O'Rawe, Patk., publican, 2, 4 Linden Street and 65, 67 Falls Road
O'Reilly, B., sexton, 66 Alexander Street West
O'Reilly, Edward, tobacconist, 2 Dysart Street
O'Reilly, Garrett, R.I.C., 37 Avonbeg Street
O'Reilly, Jas., butcher, 63 Falls Road
O'Reilly, Jas., spirit grocer, 53 Turin Street
O'Reill, John, dealer and grocer, 10 Frederick Street (O'Reilly)
O'Reilly, Joseph, coach maker, 8 Abbott Street
O'Reilly, J., spirit grocer, 144 Cavendish Street
O'Reilly, J., spirit grocer, 28 Pisa Street
O'Reilly, J., french polisher, 17 Lettuce Hill
O'Reilly, J. C., mechanic, 123 The Mount
O'Reilly, Michael, flax buyer, 24 Springfield Road
O'Reilly, M., manager, 2 Haywood Avenue
O'Reilly, M. & J., distillery stores, 22 Albertbridge Road
O'Reilly, Phillip, traveller, 23 Fleetwood Street
O'Reilly, P., cycle stores, 137 Grosvenor Road
O'Reilly, Wm., brick layer, 37 Peel Street
O'Rorke, Daniel, & Son, solicitors, 14 Donegall Street; res., Wm. E. O'Rorke, J.P., Kinallen, Antrim Road
O'Rorke, John, joiner, 19 Sherwood Street
O'Rorke, J., tinsmith, 173 Smithfield Market and 40 Garfield Street
O'Rorke, Miss, Tinamara, Greenisland
O'Rorke, Mrs. J. E., Cliftonville Road
O'Rorke, Patrick, wholesale and retail fruiterer, 148 Templemore Avenue and 39 Albertbridge Road
O'Rorke, Peter, fish restaurant, 50 Peter's Hill and 8 Mill Street
O'Rorke, P., fruiterer, 112, 114 Bridge End
O'Rorke, P., fish monger, 205 Newtownards Road
O'Rorke, P., fish monger, 118 Lodge Road Old
O'Rorke, P. F., fish merchant, 155a York Street
O'Rorke, Thomas, butcher, 15 John Street
O'Rourke, Patrick, 18 Dunlewey Street; agent, Prudential Assurance Co.
O'Rourke, P., fruiterer, 70 Holywood Road
O'Rourke, S., fish dealer, 15, 17 Marquis Street
O'Ryan, Grace, sub-postmistress, 348 Woodstock Road
O'Shea, John J., architect, 45 Chichester Street
O'Shea, Miss Mary, 72 Fitzroy Avenue
O'Shea, Patrick, telegraph clerk, 388 Woodstock Road
O'Sullivan, Miss M., dress maker, 34 Hatfield Street
O'Sullivan, Miss M., 74 Hatfield Street
O'Sullivan, Patk., R.I.C., 4 Ashburne Street (Ashbourne)
O'Sullivan, S., dairyman, Shandon Villa, Downshire Road
O'Toole, P., pensioner, Stewart Street


Pace, Geo., brass moulder, 37 Beechfield Street
Pace, Sarah, confectioner, 310 Woodstock Road
Padian, Jerome J., H.M. Customs, 31 Victoria Gardens
Page, E., clerk, Sommerville Gardens, Falls Road
Page, Frank, bookkeeper, 1a Glandore Street
Page, Fred, bookkeeper, 40 Bendigo Street
Page, F. L., warehouseman, 12 Ava Street
Page, Hugh, designer, 7 Adelaide Street
Page, Jas., gardener, 40 Rugby Road
Page, Robert, grocer, 2 Cherryville Street
Page, Wm., picture frame maker, 74 King Street
Page, Wm. J., cloth passer, 74 Agincourt Avenue
Page, Wm. J., mechanic, 34 Brookmount Street
Pages, W. J., clerk, 40 Sandymount Street
Paisley, Jas., blacksmith, 37 Charleville Street Upper
Paisley, Jas., blacksmith, Ligoniel Road
Paisley, J., clerk, 43 Ruth Street
Paisley, Saml., sergt. R.I.C., 8 Magdala Street
Paisley, Thos., joiner, 10 Wauchope Street
Painters' Hall, Wm. Mackenzie, secretary; J. Irvine, caretaker, 61 Great George's Street
Pake, Jas., publican, 58 Queen Street North
Pakenham, Major H. A., J.P., Langford Lodge, Crumlin
Pakenham, Robert John, stationer and fancy goods dealer, 89 Donegall Street; res., Carlock, Cranmore Park
Pakenham, R. S., R.I.C., 4 Battenberg Street
Palace Studio, 83 Royal Avenue
Palfrey, Chas., cabinet maker, 72 Melrose Street
Palmer, Albert, seaman, 32 Harcourt Street
Palmer, Fred., harbour constable, 69 Edinburgh Street
Palmer, George, baker, 11 Moyola Street
Palmer, George, painter, 50 Clonallen Street
Palmer, Geo., foreman, 11 Moyola Street
Palmer, G., brass finisher, 329 Cupar Street
Palmer, Henry, stationer, 3 Dromore Street
Palmer, Jas., insurance agent, 34 Newport Street
Palmer, Jas., posting establishment, Parkview Terrace, 319, 321 Ormeau Road
Palmer, John W., joiner, 23 Moyola Street
Palmer, John, iron monger, 13 Bendigo Street
Palmer, Jos., grocer, 57, 59 Belmont Terrace, Belmont Road, Strandtown
Palmer, Mrs. A., 294 Ardenlee Avenue
Palmer, Mrs., 14 Castleton Avenue
Palmer, Richd., plumber, 1 Cliftonville Street
Palmer, Robert, tobacconist and confectioner, 78 Stranmillis Road
Palmer, Robt., brass moulder, 20 Ceylon Street
Palmer, Robt., engineer, 65 Glenrosa Street
Palmer, R., plumber & gasfitter, 123 Donegall Street; res., 1 Cliftonville Street
Palmer, Saml., warehouseman, 49 Rosemount Gardens
Palmer, Thos., box maker, 9 McAdam Street
Palmer, T., confectioner, 182 North Queen Street
Palmer, T., iron turner, 21 Southland Street
Palmer, T., brick layer, 94 McDonnell Street
Palmer, T., painter, 45 Matchett Street
Palmer, Wm., painter, 3 Enfield Street
Palmer, W., merchant tailor, 33 Donegall Street
Palmer, W., store keeper, 235 Springfield Road
Palmer, W. J., fitter, 21 Grace Avenue
Pancott, Frank, organ builder, 67 Newtownards Road
Panter, Robert, bookkeeper, 22 Beechmount Street
Papple, Thos., cabinet maker, 90 Thistle Street
Park, Alex., collector, 3 Leitrim Street
Park, Geo., caretaker, National Telephone Co. Ltd., Pinedale, Innisfayle Road
Park, Geo., ladies' and gentlemen's tailor, 43 Arthur Street
Park, Hugh, clerk of works G.N.R., 178 Ormeau Road
Park, Jacob, Dochrie, Belmont Church Road
Park, John, painter, 2 Clermont Lane
Park, John, baker, 204 Crumlin Road
Park, Miss, 38 Wolseley Street
Park, Mrs. J. Crawford, 20 Wellington Park
Park, Rev. R., B.A., 1 Hillside Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Park, Rev. Wm., M.A., minister of Rosemary Street Presbyterian Church; res., Garthowen, Sans Souci Park
Park, Robt., engineer, 74 Alexandrapark Avenue
Park, Robt., overlooker, 18 Baden-Powell Street
Park, R. B., linen merchant of Cinnamond & Park, 26 Linenhall Street; res., Woodlawn, Cherryvalley
Park, R. J., cabinet maker, 5 Marsden Gardens
Park, S., cooper, 210 Spamount Street
Park, Thos., foreman, 2 City Street
Park, W. H., fitter, 45 Newport Street
Parke, A. J., Meaville, St. Jude's Avenue
Parke, Jas. K., insurance agent, 44 Shaftesbury Avenue
Parke, John, spirit grocer, 38, 40 Adam Street
Parke, Joseph, grocer, 2 St. Alban's Gardens
Parke, Professor J., Belfast University, 32 Elmwood Avenue
Parke, Lilley, & Co., 20 Waring Street
Parke, R. & Co., wholesale drapers, 20 Waring Street
Parke & Wilson, Merchants and Ladies' Tailors, 3 Mayfair, Arthur Square; res., T. W. Parke, 15 Easton Crescent; James Wilson, 27 Cedar Avenue
Parke, head constable, R.I.C., 12 Beechfield Street
Parker, Albert, fitter, 55 Rosebery Road
Parker, Alex., cycle agent, 13 Ilchester Street
Parker, A., commission agent, 35 Garfield Chambers, Royal Avenue; res., 17 Rosemount Gardens
Parker, Andrew G., traveller, 48 Fortuna Street
Parker, A., bottle blower, 25 Laganvale Street
Parker, A., & Co., cycle agents and tobacconists, 73 Duncairn Gardens and 16 Lower Garfield Street
Parker, A. F., assistant superintendent G.P.O., 10 College Green
Parker, A. H., commercial traveller, 42 Arthur Street Upper
Parker, Ben., engineer, 77 Roseleigh Street
Parker, David Alex., merchant tailor, 417 Woodstock Road
Parker, D. A., merchant tailor, 114 Mountpottinger Road
Parker, D., clerk, 29 Gainsborough Drive
Parker, Ellen, 43 Camden Street
Parker, Geo., iron turner, 49 Glenallen Street
Parker, Geo. F., bookkeeper, 20 Ranfurly Street
Parker, Geo. J., engineer, 33 Frank Street
Parker, Gertrude, Sunningvale, Holland park
Parker, Hugh, brick layer, 8 Edinburgh Street
Parker, Jas., 2 Olney Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Parker, Jas., tailor, 41 Rosevale Street
Parker, James A., railway official, 50 Gainsborough Drive
Parker, James, cloth finisher, 53 City Street
Parker, John, rigger, 90 Upper Meadow Street
Parker, John, tailor, 96 Tildarg Street
Parker, Joseph, engineer, 34 Townsend Street Upper
Parker, Jos., joiner, 33 Moorfield Street
Parker, Jos., shipwright, 49 Park Avenue
Parker, J., marble cutter, 211 Lodge Road New
Parker, J., painter, 27 Medway Street
Parker, J., furniture dealer, 116, 117, 157, 158, 179, 140 and 141 Smithfield Market
Parker, L., lodging house, 37 Dock Street
Parker, Matt., sexton, Ballysillan Road
Parker, Miss, 59 Sandhurst Gardens
Parker, Mrs. N., caretaker, 21 Chichester Street
Parker, Mrs., 97 Great Victoria Street
Parker, Mrs. Ellen, 43 Camden Street
Parker, Mrs. E., 1 Ravenhill Road
Parker, Robert, clerk, 82 Alexandrapark Avenue
Parker, Saml., carpenter, 21 Danube Street
Parker, Thos., marble mason, 47 City Street
Parker, Thos., store keeper, 58 Brookvale Avenue
Parker, Thos., joiner, 95 Bright Street
Parker, Wesley, clerk, 71 Ballygomartin Road
Parker, Wm., printer, 96 Dover Street
Parker, Wm., newsagent, 165 Crumlin Road
Parker, Wm., furniture dealer, 66 Durham Street
Parker, Wm., merchant tailor, Elsieville, Oldpark Road
Parker, Wm., brick layer, 47 Killowen Street
Parker, Wm., carpenter, 126 Bread Street
Parker, W. J., painter, 64 Hawthorn Street
Parker & Co., tailors, 290 Lodge Road Old
Parkes, E. H., & Co., Wholesale Warehousemen, Mantle Manufacturers, and Furriers, 28 Wellington Place; res., 10 Rosemount Gardens
Parkes, F. W., A.M.I.C.E., 3, 4 Grosvenor House, Wellington Place; res., 17 Victoria Gardens
Parkes, James, bookkeeper, 45 Roseleigh Street
Parkes, Jas., school attendance officer, 25 Agincourt Avenue
Parkes, John, hair dresser, 19 Woodvale Street
Parkes, Jos., joiner, 30 Grove Street
Parkes, J., baker, 109 Oldpark Road
Parkes, J. H., hair dresser, 353 Ormeau Road
Parkes, Mrs. Rosanna, 150 Ormeau Road
Parkes, Samuel, baker, 10 Ravensdale Street
Parkes, Thos., hair dresser, 224 Spamount Street
Parkes, Wm. J., ship carpenter, 51 Glencollyer Street
Parkes, W. J., Customs, 4 Braemer Terrace, Lisburn Road
Parkes & Co. Ltd., bakers, 61 Byron Street
Parkhill, B., tailor, 25 Groomsport Street
Parkhill, Henry, tailor, 17 Summerhill Street
Parkhill, John, railway guard, 29 Copperfield Street
Parkhill, John, cloth passer, 9 Parkend Street
Parkhill, J., printer, 5 Castlereagh Place
Parkhill, Wm., plasterer, 21 Palmer Street
Parkington, J., engineer, 131 Alexandrapark Avenue
Parkinson, Arthur, tailor, 17 Hartington Street
Parkinson, David, clerk, 77 Meadow Street Upper
Parkinson, Frank W., consulting electrical engineer, 11 Chichester Street
Parkinson, F. W. (managing director Patterson Ltd., Lisburn Road), Nellville, Cranmore Avenue
Parkinson, James L., chemist, 10 Cooke Street
Parkinson, Jas., engineer, 3 Ranfurly Drive
Parkinson, John, painter, 39 Surrey Street
Parkinson, John, butler, 69 Disraeli Street
Parkinson, John, cabinet maker, 105 Tower Street
Parkinson, J., grocer, 35 Distillery Street
Parkinson, J., coachman, Drumglass front lodge, Lisburn Road
Parkinson, J., finisher, 123 Bristol Street
Parkinson, Mary, 135 Manor Street
Parkinson, Miss, 23 India Street
Parkinson, M., sergt. R.I.C., 8 St. James' Street
Parkinson, Samuel, grocer, 59 Manor Street
Parkinson, Saml., shipping clerk, 81 Roseleigh Street
Parkinson, Solomon, provision merchant, 44 Albertbridge Road, and 329 Woodstock Road; res., 5 Belmont Avenue
Parkinson, S. W., compositor, 196 Grosvenor Road
Parkinson & W. B. Cowan, gas meter makers, Hill Street
Parks, Geo., brass finisher, 28 Westbourne Street
Parks, Thos., tobacconist, 38 Corporation Street
Parks, Thos., hair dresser, 133 York Street
Parkview Brickworks Ltd., Ballygomartin Road
Parlene, R., engineer, 282 Springfield Road
Parr, T., linen lapper, 183 Durham Street
Parr, Wm., brick layer, 30 Brookmount Street
Parrott, Mrs., 2 Glenalore, Taunton Avenue
Parson, Fras., com. traveller, Crasmere, Florenceville Avenue
Parson, T., merchant tailor, Walmer, St. James' Park
Parsons & Parsons, tailors, ladies' & gents', 37 Wellington Place
Parrott, Mrs., 2 Glenalore, Taunton Avenue
Partridge, Dan., carpenter, 26 Meadow Street Upper
Partridge, Miss, manageress, Station Hotel, York Street
Partridge, Mrs., Whiterock
Partridge, Wm., linen lapper, 53 Tennent Street
Parvin, W. J., carpenter, 8 Gaffikin Street
Pascha, Miss, 2 Brugh, Knockdeane Park
Pascoe, Henry, brick layer, 53 Canton Street
Pass, Ed., packer, 4 Susan Street
Passmore, James, butcher, 98 Old Lodge Road
Patchell, M., publican, 33, 35 Donegall Road and 188 Sandy Row
Pateman, Jno., grocer, 9 Carman Street (Carnan)
Paterson, Geo., L.D.S., 11 Howard Street; res., Morningside, Marlborough Park
Paterson, Jas., dentist, 11 Howard Street
Paterson & Courtney, Wholesale Provision Merchants, 11 Great Edward Street. Tel. address, "Instanter"
Paton, Arthur, baker, 19 Reid Street
Paton, George, Lisgorwal, Aston Gardens, off Belmont Church Road
Paton, Giles, traveller, 81 South Parade
Paton, Helen, 99 University Avenue
Paton, John, artist, 36 Jocelyn Street
Paton, John, agent for Sharples & Cunliffe, Manchester, 4 Linenhall Street; res., Ballyholme, Bangor
Paton, John, joiner, 75 Chamberlain Street
Paton, Mrs., employment agency, 8 Ormeau Road
Paton, T., upholsterer, 66 Omeath Street
Paton & Heagarty, outfitters, 2 Arthur Street (Heggarty?)
Patrick Bros., printers' engineers and furnishers, 174 North Street
Patrick, Dr. John, assistant medical superintendent Belfast District Lunatic Asylum, Grosvenor Road
Patrick, E. H., newsagent, 10 Skipper Street
Patrick, Geo., retired traffic inspector, 362 Ravenhill Road
Patrick, Hugh, boiler maker, 7 Martin Street
Patrick, H., engineer, 19 Marsden Gardens
Patrick, Jno. A., dentist, 30 Bray Street
Patrick, J., tailor, Seaview Lodge, Skegoniel Avenue
Patrick, M. J., 24 Allworthy Avenue
Patrick, Saml., rent collector, 6 Elswick Street
Patrick, Sarah, 8 Loftus Street
Patrick, Thos., engineer, 5 Eglantine Gardens
Patrick, Wm., coppersmith, 96 Ogilvie Street
Patriotic Assurance Co. - Chas. Hill, District Manager, 12 Donegall Square North
Patten, H., 9 Holywoodview Terrace, Shore Road
Patterson, Agnes, 69 Donegall Pass
Patterson, Albert, clerk, 198 Mayo Street
Patterson, Alex., linen business, 22 Landseer Street
Patterson, Alex., saddler, 42 Hope Street
Patterson, Alex., 433a Lisburn Road
Patterson, Alex., storeman, 22 Egeria Street
Patterson, Alex., confectioner, 2 Courtrai Street
Patterson, Annie, 19 Tudor Place
Patterson, Archibald, baker, 43 Palestine Street
Patterson, A., lithographer, 14 Donegall Road
Patterson, A., draper, 398 Newtownards Road
Patterson, Chas., grocer, 191 Lisburn Road
Patterson, Crossley D., architect, 50 Scottish Provident Buildings; res., Garranard, Strandtown
Patterson, C., baker, 2 Aughrim Street
Patterson, David, tenter, 60 Willowfield Gardens
Patterson, David, fitter, 60 Willowfield Street
Patterson, David, plater, 109 Euston Street
Patterson, David M., of Irish Temperance League, 7 Wellington Park Avenue
Patterson, D., confectioner & newsagent, 175 Lisburn Road
Patterson, D., coal merchant, 1 Emerald Street
Patterson, D., brick layer, 24 Newcastle Street
Patterson, Edward, clerk, 9 Templemore Street
Patterson, Elizabeth, 35 Landseer Street
Patterson, E. F., & Son, flax merchants, 17, 19 Talbot Street; res., Clifton House, Upper Clifton, Bangor
Patterson, Francis, joiner, 34 Chatsworth Street
Patterson, F., boot and shoe merchant, 241 Duncairn Buildings, Duncairn Gardens
Patterson, George, tailor, 17 Dublin Road
Patterson, Geo., stone cutter, 85 Walmer Street
Patterson, Geo. E., tailor, 17 Dublin Road
Patterson, G., skip maker, 4 Antrim Street
Patterson, Hugh, carter, Malone Cottage, Malone Road
Patterson, H., iron dresser, 59 Brookmount Street
Patterson, H., clerk, 4 Mountain Bush, Cavehill Road
Patterson, James, boot commission agent, 4 Deveney Chambers, North Street
Patterson, James, commission agent, 13 Cliftonville Avenue
Patterson, James, clerk, 15 New North Queen Street
Patterson, James, R.I.C., 10 Gainsborough Drive
Patterson, James, engineer, 65 Bryson Street
Patterson, Jas., driller, 39 Paris Street
Patterson, Jas., bread server, 44 London Road
Patterson, Jas., painter, 38 Selby Street
Patterson, Jane, laundress, Balmoral Laundry, 719 Lisburn Road
Patterson, John, store keeper, 46 Cumberland Street
Patterson, John, confectioner, 103 Newtownards Road
Patterson, John, secretary Balmer & Co., Ben Eden, Cranmore Gardens
Patterson, John, 29 Fairview Street
Patterson, John, tailor, 82 Beresford Street
Patterson, John, gardener, 16 Witham Street
Patterson, Jno., mechanic, 27 Colvil Street
Patterson, Jno., iron moulder, 11a Dover Street
Patterson, John, cooper, 30 Moore's Place
Patterson, John, carpenter, 18 St. Mary's Street
Patterson, John, winding master, 9 Majorca Street
Patterson, John, gardener, 95 Northbrook Street
Patterson, John, & Co., linen manufacturers, 20 Bedford Street
Patterson, Jos., boot maker, 92 Oldpark Road
Patterson, Jos., brick layer, 34 Lisavon Street
Patterson, Jos., coach painter, 6 Napier Street
Patterson, Jos., clerk, 73 Castlereagh Street
Patterson, Jos., tenter, 31 Tasmania Street
Patterson, J., brick layer, 168 Snugville Street
Patterson, J., mechanic, 73 Devonshire Street
Patterson, J., wood turner, 33 Ivan Street
Patterson, J., boiler maker, 137 Parkgate Avenue
Patterson, J., bookkeeper, 10 Burmah Street
Patterson, J., boiler maker, 54 Nevis Avenue
Patterson, J., mill manager, 25 Cliftonpark Avenue
Patterson, J., Fire Brigade, 48 Willowfield Gardens
Patterson, J., store keeper, 46 Cumberland Street
Patterson, J., publican, 135 Queen Street North
Patterson, J., gardener, Malone Cottages, Malone Road
Patterson, J., confectioner, 103 Newtownards Road
Patterson, J., engineer, 28 Seventh Street
Patterson, J. C., postal official, 51 Delhi Street
Patterson, J. E., com. agent, 12 Woodland Avenue
Patterson, J. E., manufacturers' agent, 23 College Street
Patterson, J. R., bread server, 22 Ardmoulin Avenue
Patterson, J. & T., grocers and provision merchants, 130, 130a Dublin Road
Patterson Ltd., Windsor Bakery, Lisburn Road
Patterson, Maggie, 13 Agincourt Street
Patterson, Mary Jane, 82 Rugby Avenue
Patterson, Miss, 3 Cromwell Road
Patterson, Miss Isabella, B.A., 9 Wolseley Street
Patterson, Miss, Martinville, Malone Road
Patterson, Miss Agnes, 69 Donegall Pass
Patterson, Mrs. S., 67 Cavehill Road
Patterson, Mrs., 18 Virginia Street
Patterson, Mrs., 107 University Street
Patterson, Mrs., dress maker, 23 Singleton Street
Patterson, Mrs., 39 Adelaide Park
Patterson, Mrs., 72 Bentinck Street
Patterson, Mrs. Harriet, 8 Brougham Street
Patterson, Mrs. Margaret, 5 South Parade
Patterson, Mrs., 134 Limestone Road
Patterson, Mrs. Eliza, 7 Fitzroy Avenue
Patterson, Mrs. Ellen, 19 Lincoln Avenue
Patterson, Mrs., 28 Hazelfield Street
Patterson, Mrs., 6 Holywoodview Terrace, Shore Road
Patterson, M., carpenter, 14, 16 Danube Street
Patterson, M., publican, 105, 107 Sandy Row
Patterson, M. R., collar cutter, 29 Balmoral Street
Patterson, P. gardener, Ben Nevis Cottage, Lisburn Road
Patterson, Richard, & Co., Ironmongers, Electricians, Plumbers, Gasfitters, House furnishing, and Sanitary Engineers, 57, 59 High Street; res., Richard Patterson, J.P., Holywood
Patterson, Robert, baker, 84 Bread Street East
Patterson, Robt., boiler maker, 22 Frank Street
Patterson, Robt., & Sons Ltd., house and mill furnishing ironmongers, agents for mechanical appliances, 13, 15 Bridge Street; res., W. H. Patterson, Garranard, Circular Road, Strandtown
Patterson, Robt., joiner, 34 Meadow Street Upper
Patterson, Robt., clerk, 19 Oakdale Street
Patterson, Robt., engine driver, 7 Olive Street
Patterson, Robt., carpenter, 2 Pandora Street
Patterson, Robt., engine driver, 20 Westmoreland Street
Patterson, Robt., bookkeeper, 106 Earlswood Road
Patterson, Robt., fitter, 161 Snugville Street
Patterson, Robt. M., Garranard, Strandtown
Patterson, R., bread server, 4 Castleton Street
Patterson, R., spirit grocer, 78 Sandy Row
Patterson, R., publican, 33, 35 Sandy Row
Patterson, R., brass moulder, 10 Chater Street
Patterson, R. K., manufacturers' agent, 16 Rosemary Street
Patterson, Samuel, grocer, 70 Langford Street
Patterson, Saml., insurance agent, 36 Rosevale Street
Patterson, Saml., rougher, 35 Ballyclare Street
Patterson, Saml., preparing master, 6 Belair Street
Patterson, Saml., fitter, 15 Jocelyn Street
Patterson, Saml., flyer maker, 41 Brookmount Street
Patterson, Saml., grocer, 26 Hope Street
Patterson, Saml., foreman, 2 Westminster Street
Patterson, Sam., draper, 110 Balfour Avenue
Patterson, Selina, provision merchant, 127 Grosvenor Road
Patterson, S., military boot maker, 23 College Street
Patterson, S., fruiterer, 328 Woodstock Road
Patterson, S., mattress maker, 41 Donard Street
Patterson, S., grocer, 3 Victor Street
Patterson, S., gardener, 42 Edinburgh Street
Patterson, S., dairyman, Willowmount, Malone Road
Patterson, S., foreman, 102 Mountcollyer Avenue
Patterson, Thos., linen lapper, 4 Dorchester Street
Patterson, Thos., dealer, 10 Emerald Street
Patterson, Thos., coal merchant, 46 Wilcar Street
Patterson, Thos., fitter, 34 Cheviot Avenue
Patterson, Thos., linen lapper, 49 Columbia Street
Patterson, Thos. R., telegraphist, 21 Florenceville Avenue
Patterson, T., iron turner, 3 Bracken Street
Patterson, Wm., cycle mechanic, 14 Summer Street
Patterson, Wm., gardener, 44 Third Avenue
Patterson, Wm., stone cutter, 29 Medway Street
Patterson, Wm., cooper. 5 Ardilaun Street
Patterson, Wm., 17 Kerrsland Crescent
Patterson, Wm., carpenter, 11 Legmore Street
Patterson, Wm., bookkeeper, 4 Haypark Avenue
Patterson, Wm., grocer, 136 Broadway Lower
Patterson, Wm., engineer, 83 Maryville Street
Patterson, Wm., gas fitter, 52 Agra Street
Patterson, Wm., carpenter, 47 Columbia Street
Patterson, Wm., clerk, 202 Hillman Street
Patterson, Wm., carpenter, 11 Leyland Street
Patterson, Wm., painter, 35 Lomond Avenue
Patterson, Wm., boiler maker, 18 Pansy Street
Patterson, Wm., grocer, 150, 152 Manor Street
Patterson, Wm., iron moulder, 42 Willowfield Gardens
Patterson, Wm., clerk, 183 Alexandrapark Avenue
Patterson, Wm. R., joiner, 159 Meadow Street Upper
Patterson, W. Hartley, architect, 77 Victoria Street; res., Glenard, Holywood
Patterson, W., time keeper, 27 St. Aubyn Street
Patterson, W., attendant, 18 Templemore Street
Patterson, W., cooper, 37 Ritchie Street
Patterson, W., engine driver, 94 Ainsworth Avenue
Patterson, W. H. F., hardware merchant, Stalheim, Hawthornden Road
Patterson, Wm. J., blacksmith, 32 Frank Street
Patterson, W. J., moulder, 21 Madeline Street
Patterson, W. J., carpenter, 188 Ravenhill Road
Patterson, W. J., 66 Balfour Avenue
Patterson, W. J., cutter, 41 Hartley Street
Patterson, W. J., joiner, 64 Edlingham Street
Patterson, W. J., painter, 29 Nevis Avenue
Patterson, W. J., commission agent, 24 Parkside Street
Patterson, W. J., draper, 327 Newtownards Road
Patterson, W. N., grocer, 80 Stranmillis Road
Patterson & Co., drapers, 411, 413 Newtownards Road
Patterson & Co., linen and handkerchief manufacturers, 6 Donegall Square South
Patterson & Grahame, architects, Belfast and Ballymena, 38 Scottish Provident Buildings, Wellington Place
Patterson & Hannah, general drapers, 351 Ormeau Road
Pattie, Samuel, chemist and druggist, 211 Ravenhill Avenue
Pattison, M., grocer, 2 Wyndham Street
Patton, Arthur, baker, 19 Reid Street
Patton, Charles, cashier, Ulster Bank, 67 South Parade
Patton, David, stone cutter, 32 Henrietta Street
Patton, D., mechanic, 15 Barbour Street
Patton, Ed., Prospect Lodge, Southview Street
Patton, E., butcher, 198 Grosvenor Road
Patton, Fred, insurance agent, 94 Dunraven Avenue
Patton, F. L., & Co., drapers, 154 Agnes Street
Patton, Greenaway, grocer, 15 Melrose Street
Patton, G. H., brick layer, 65 Byron Street
Patton, H., boot and shoe warehouse, 168 Shankill Road
Patton, H. F., Printer, 9 Buller Street
Patton, H. K., draper, 181 Shankill Road
Patton, H. K., 1 Forthbrook Villas, Ballygomartin Road
Patten, H., 9 Holywoodview Terrace, Shore Road (Patton?)
Patton, Jas., handkerchief hemstitchers, 3 Clarence Street
Patton, Jas., carpenter, 7 Glenwherry Street
Patton, John, inspector Ulster Bank Ltd., 27 Wellington Park
Patton, John, grocer, 30 Erin Street
Patton, John, comp., 61 Stratheden Street
Patton, John, smith, 194 Ormeau Road
Patton, Jos., hair dresser, 104 Albert Street
Patton, Jos., hair dresser, 3 North Queen Street
Patton, J., clothes cleaner, 20 Shaftesbury Avenue
Patton, J., butcher, 109 Durham Street
Patton, J., shoeing forge, 2a Somerset Street
Patton, Leslie, painter, 57 Abingdon Street
Patton, L., machine stitcher, 7 College Street
Patton, Mrs. A., 39 Fitzroy Avenue
Patton, Robert, chief cashier, Ulster Bank Ltd., Waring Street
Patton, Robt., plater, 16 Cheviot Avenue
Patton, R., brick layer, 35 Gaffikin Street
Patton, R., foreman, 92 Ravenscroft Avenue
Patton, Samuel, painter, 133 Maymount Street
Patton, Saml., butcher, 77 Limestone Road and 89, 9 Collyer Street
Patton, S., confectioner, 329 Shankill Road
Patton, Thomas, house, land and insurance agent and property broker, 100 Royal Avenue; res., 5 Ward Avenue, Bangor
Patton, Thos., butcher, 151 Newtownards Road
Patton, Wm., painter, 10 Raleigh Street
Patton, Wm., painter, 148 Corporation Street
Patton, Wm., baker, 10 Gawn Street
Patton, Wm., M.B., surgeon, 180 Grosvenor Road
Patton, W. H., manager, 71 Rugby Avenue
Patton, W. S., tailor, 35 Yarrow Street
Paul, Chas., bookkeeper, 80 Cliftonpark Avenue
Paul, Chas., linen lapper, 70 Carmel Street
Paul, J. E., clerk, 36 Jaffa Street
Paul, Robert, 1 Wolesley Street ( Wolseley )
Paul, Thomas, Indiarubber manufacturer, 24 Donegall Place; res., Redcot, King's Road
Paul, Wm., library attendant, 141 Durham Street
Paul, W. J., Ardbracken, 30 Adelaide Park
Pauley, Thos., joiner, 91 Thorndyke Street
Paun, Wm., painter, 26 Ritchie Street
Pawnall, Wm., painter, 10 Bloomfield Street
Pawsey, G. F., Army Pay Corps, 40 Newport Street
Paxton, E., grocer, 42 Excise Street
Paxton, H., painter, 22 Buckingham Street
Paxton, James, school board officer, 16 Rathcool Street
Paxton, Miss, 16 Cranmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
Paxton, Miss A., 22 Botanic Avenue
Paxton, Mrs., 13 Cranmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
Paxton, Wm., tailor, 15 Selina Street
Payne, Chas., assistant manager, Roselawn, Knockbreda Road
Payne, Fred., The Firs, Holywood
Payne, George, clerk, 27 Lisburn Avenue
Payne, Hamilton, baker, 32 Antrim Road
Payne, Henry, traveller, 20 Regent Street
Payne, John, R.I.C., 22 Whitehall Parade
Payne, J. C. C., J.P., Medical Hall, 134 Dublin Road
Payne, Mrs. Jane A., 134a Dublin Road
Payne, Mrs. Annie, 3 Pacific Avenue
Payne, Reuben Ltd., merchant and ladies' tailor, 2, 4 Chichester Street
Payne, S. J., secretary, Ormiston Cottages, Hawthornden Road
Payne, W. J., storeman, 3 Elizabeth Street
Paysden, J. T., sea captain, Brookville House, Park Avenue
Payton, A., compositor, 23 California Street
Peachy, Mrs., 23 Victoria Road
Peacock, D. J., seed buyer and salesman, 49 Rugby Road
Peacock, Geo. H., blacksmith, 331 Woodstock Road
Peacock, Hugh, 48 Townsend Street Upper
Peacock, John E., Osborne Cottages, Lisburn Road
Peacock, J., bookkeeper, 101 Dover Street
Peacocke, Rev. Gerald, rector St. Mark's, The Rectory, 245 Holywood Road
Peake, John, coach painter, 14 May Street Little
Peake, Jas., stone cutter, 23 Durham Street
Peake, Miss, school teacher St. Mary's P.S., Institution Place
Peake, M., fitter, 39 Hornby Street
Peake, Patk., mechanic, 18 Spinner Street
Peake, Reuben, confectioner, 240 Albertbridge Road
Pearce, Annie, dress maker, 90 Dover Street
Pearce, J. H., Train View, Newtownards Road
Pearce, Margt., 243 Albertbridge Road
Pearce, Robt., painter, 34 Beersbridge Road
Pearl Life Assurance Company Ltd., Cathedral Buildings, Donegall Street
Pearse, Robt. W., compositor, 82 Springfield Road
Pears, Roland, partner in Combe, Barbour & Co., Croft Road, Holywood
Pearson, Charles, moulder, 22 Newry Street
Pearson, C., manager, 20 Stranmillis Park
Pearson, Edw., 64 Oakland Avenue
Pearson, Geo., mechanic, 8 Madras Street
Pearson, G., boiler maker, 10 Tern Street
Pearson, Henry, printer, 62 Redcar Street
Pearson, Hugh, journalist, 12 Glandore Gardens
Pearson, Jas., plasterer, Greencastle
Pearson, Jas., shirt cutter, 46 Melrose Street
Pearson, John, carpenter, 2 Newry Street
Pearson, John, grocer, 32 Henry Street
Pearson, J., mechanic, 62 Roslyn Street
Pearson, J., engineer Corporation Destructor Works, 30 Halcombe Street
Pearson, J. W., iron worker, 24 Aston Street
Pearson, Mrs., dining rooms, 21 Linenhall Street
Pearson, Mrs., 5 Fitzwilliam Street
Pearson, Mrs. Agnes, grocer, 70 Henry Street
Pearson, Mrs. R., 59 College Park Avenue
Pearson, T. J., watch maker, 324 Woodstock Road
Pearson, Wm., cashier, 120 Castlereagh Road
Pearson, W., book binder, 374a Ravenhill Road
Peate, A., head constable, R.I.C., 64 Mountpottinger Road
Peatt, H., clerk, 28 Indiana Avenue
Peattie, Geo., ladies and gents tailor, 85 Victoria Street; res., 6 Jocelyn Street
Peattie, Wm., postal clerk, 27 Rosevale Street
Peck, Geo., joiner, 7 Grace Avenue
Peckton, Thos., publican, 90, 92 Boundary Street North
Peckton, Thos., publican, 1 Fleming Street
Peddie, J. F., C.E., M.E., surveyor and sanitary specialist, 36, 37 Scottish Provident Buildings; res., Florencevale, Shandon Park, Knock
Peddy, Jas., druggist, 36 Tyne Street
Peden, Alex., manager, 10 Rushfield Avenue
Peden, Hugh, blacksmith, 6 Cherryvale Street
Peden, Jas., cabinet maker, 169 Cambrai Street
Peden, John H., solicitor, 64 Donegall  Street and Market Square, Antrim
Peden, J., coachsmith, 59 My Lady's Road
Peden, J., confectioner, 150 Sandy Row
Peden, W. W., artist, 42 Farnham Street
Pedley, F., grocer, 3 Stranmillis Gardens
Pedley, J., & Sons, proprietors Shankill Cycle Co., 51 Donegall Street
Pedlow, Agnes, confectioner, 161b York Street
Pedlow, Jas., joiner, 53 Edinburgh Street
Pedlow, John, warehouseman, 83 Ulsterville Gardens
Pedlow, Mrs. Jane, 75 Limestone Road
Pedlow, Mrs., 20 Cromwell Road
Pedlow, Mrs., 29 Carlisle Street
Pedlow, Thos., bookkeeper, 57 Brookvale Street
Pedlow, Wm. E., bread server, 20 Ridgeway Street
Peebles, John, fitter, 228 Cupar Street
Peebles, Mrs., 62 Fitzwilliam Street
Peel, Alex., traveller, 34 Cairo Street
Peel, Alex., bread server, 6 Kimberley Street
Peel, Jas., boot maker, 21, 23 Mary's Market
Peel, Watson, & Co. Ltd., Manchester, Wm. Campbell, representative, 53 Waring Street
Peel, Wm., pawn broker, 1 St. Mary Street
Peel, Wm., moulder, 20 Wilton Street
Pegg, C., boiler maker, 27 Lendrick Street
Pegg, H. V., A.M.Inst.C.E., 16 Donegall Square South
Pegg, John James, clerk, 28 Altcar Street
Pegg, Thomas, 40 College Park Avenue
Peice, Robert, grocer, 79 Ravenhill Road
Peirce, J. J., grocer, 12 Kildare Street
Peke, Thos., plumber, 25 Mountcollyer Street
Pelan, Albert, dairyman, 2 Ann's Cottage, Haypark Avenue
Pelan, John, joiner, 86 Mountcollyer Road
Pelan, J. H., compositor, 16 Alexander Street West
Pelan, Peter, painter, 29 Mayfair Street
Pelan, Robt., cycle agent, 76 Great George's Street
Pelan, R., insurance agent, 17 Ivan Street
Pelan, W. D., painter, 1 Ethel Street
Pelin, Mrs., 19 Malone Place
Pell, Mrs., 69, 71 Botanic Avenue
Pell, M., 30 Earl Street
Pelling, A. W., damask designer, 79a Victoria Street
Pender, O. & H., handkerchief printers, 58 Clanmorris Street and 57 Carnalea Street; res., 7 Newington Street
Pender, P., draper, 157 Falls Road
Pender, P., wholesale boot and shoe warehouseman, 3a Skipper Street
Pendleton, A., bottle maker, 21 Ridgeway Street
Pendleton, J., pattern maker, 57 Castlereagh Street
Pendleton, W. J., crane man, 29 Banbury Street
Pendrie, Miss, 12 Salisbury Street
Penlows, Jas., tailor, 47 Sherbrooke Street
Penrose, James, tailor, 52 Bann Street
Pennington, Jas., fitter, 47 Sandhurst Gardens
Pennington, Jane A., proprietress, Great Northern Machine Knitting Depot, 57 Great Victoria Street
Pennington, Wm., gardener, 118 Hynford Street Upper
Pennington, Wm., engineer, 18 Loughview Terrace
Penny, Alex., joiner, 21 Lendrick Street
Penny, James, painter, 20 Chatsworth Street
Penny, J., 128 Duncairn Gardens
Penny, Robt., joiner, 172 Roden Street
Penny, Saml., mechanic, 32 Toronto Street
Pennycooke, Robt., joiner, 66 Rosevale Street
Pentland, D., horse dealer, Glenbana House, Cregagh Road
Pentland, Geo., painter, 6 Egeria Street
Pentland, Herbert C., banker, Alona, Knockdene Park
Pentland, Horace, clerk, 30 Canterbury Street
Pentland, Samuel, grocer's assistant, 12 Magdala Street
Pentland, Thos., architect, 39 Victoria Street; res., 20 Jocelyn Gardens
Pentland, Wm., horse dealer, 17 Bridge Street East; stables, 6 Turnley Street; res., The Cottages, Cregagh Road
Peoples, John, fitter, 228 Cupar Street
Peoples, Miss, dress maker, 34 Kilronan Street
People's Palace Boot Repairing Company - 80 Donegall Road
People's Palace, The, Utility Street
Peoples, Saml., draper and house furnisher, 18 Eastland Street
Peoples & Sons, grocers and drapers, 43, 45 Ashmore Street
Peoples, W., coach builder, Heather View, Ballymagarry
Peoples, W. G., telegraph clerk, 7 Baltic Avenue
Pepper, Andrew, foreman, 33 Enfield Street
Pepper, James, confectioner and tobbacconist, 156 Woodstock Road (tobacconist)
Pepper, Robt., butcher, 14 St. Leonard Street
Pepper, S., cloth passer, 109 Castlereagh Road
Pepper, S., insurance agent, 275 Connsbrook Avenue
Pepper, T., boot maker, 10 York Road
Pepper, Wm., horse shoer, 83 Ardenvohr Street
Percy, Elizabeth, 14 Ebrington Gardens
Percy, E., shirt cutter, 34 Coolderry Street
Percy, James, engine driver, 50 Osborne Street
Perioli, P., com. agent, 6 Fleet Street
Perkins, Wm., linen lapper, 32 Athol Street
Perrie, Henry, com. traveller, 4 Fountainville Avenue
Perrin, Alfred, clerk, 39 Well Street
Perrott, E., druggist, 391, 393 Newtownards Road
Perrott, Jas., draper, 22 Oakland Avenue
Perrott, Mrs., Sandford, Bawnmore Road
Perrott, Saml., R.I.C., 15 Stranview Street
Perry, Chas. E., postman, 74 Montreal Street
Perry, James, plater, Ardenlee Parade
Perry, Jas., stone cutter, 10 Lancaster Street
Perry, Jas., clerk, 40 Regent Street
Perry, Miss L., draper, 145 Lisburn Road
Perry, Mrs., sub-postmistress, 225 Holywood Road
Perry, M. R., tailor, 128 Lisburn Road
Perry, M., 5 Mountain Bush, Cavehill Road
Perry, Richard, clerk, 96 Redcar Street
Perry, Robt., sawyer, 61 Matchett Street
Perry, Robt., blacksmith, 108 Lord Street
Perry, Thomas, cashier, 29 Kirkliston Drive
Perry, Wm., park ranger, 70 Lawther Street
Perry, Wm., painter, 47 Montrose Street
Perry, Wm., baker, 41 Lendrick Street
Perry & Co., Lisburn Road Post Office and family grocers, 177 Lisburn Road
Persse, Captain A. F., Ulster Club, Castle Place
Peters, James, engineer, 30 Clanmorris Street
Peters, John, con. R.I.C., 9 Clowney Street
Peters, John, traveller, 27 Lomond Avenue
Peters, John, clerk, 11 Crystal Street
Peters, Mary, 37 Henry Street
Peters, Mary, shoe maker, 37 Henry Street
Peterson, Fred., steward, 66 Belmont Avenue
Peterson, Fred., grocer, 44 Belmont Road
Peterson, Harold, baker, 35 Rathdrum Street
Peterson, Henry, cook, 22 Ship Street
Pettrovichi, Antonio, foreign correspondent, 39 Cromwell Road
Petrie, A., carpenter, 63 Grosvenor Road
Petrie, David, blacksmith, 33 Tyne Street
Petrie, Mrs. Mary Ann, 28 Delhi Street
Petrie, Wm., 33 Bentinck Street
Petticrew, Jane, 3 Altmore Terrace, Cregagh Road
Petticrew, John, & Co., 4 Alexandrapark Avenue
Petticrew, Jos., iron dresser, 2 Whitehall Court
Petticrew, J., engine driver, 133 Cullingtree Road
Petticrew, Rev. S., 13 Eastleigh Drive
Petticrew, W. H., stone cutter, 60 Epworth Street
Petticrew, W. J., jeweller, 7 Rosemary Street; res., 33 Willowholme Street
Pettigrew, Mrs., 10 Malone Avenue
Petty, Francis, sergt. R.I.C., 37 Broadway
Petty, F., sergt. R.I.C., 37 Broadway
Peyton, A., compositor, 34 California Street
Peyton, J., ex-R.I.C., 90 Ravenhill Avenue
Phair, Chas., 38 Mountcollyer Avenue
Phelan, P., pensioner, 211 Spamount Street
Phelin, John, customs officer, 50 Ogilvie Street
Phenix, D. J., secretary to School Attendance Committee, City Hall; res., Larne Harbour
Phillips, Agnes, grocer, 89 Divis Street
Phillips, Agnes, fruiterer and confectioner, 18 Great Edward Street
Phillips, Alex., preparing master, 11 Lawnview Street
Phillips, Chas., cabinet maker, 6 Titania Street
Phillips, D., tailor, 49 Hardcastle Street
Phillips, Geo., terra-cotta modeller, 1 Walmer Street
Phillips, G., printer, 49 Windsor Road
Phillips, Henry, photographer, 8 Queensland Street
Phillips, Henry, 45 Brookview Terrace, Cliftonville Road
Phillips, Hugh, printer, 39 Landseer Street
Phillips, H. B., Piano, Music, and Concert Warehouse, Beethoven House, Phone No. 2887. Residence, 15 Rosetta Avenue
Phillips, Jas., joiner, 13 Maryville Avenue
Phillips, John, foreman, 2 Ranfurly Drive
Phillips, John, french polisher, 58 Spamount Street
Phillips, John, dealer, 42 Divis Street
Phillips, John, artist and photographer, 45 Donegall Place; res., 238 Duncairn Gardens
Phillips, John, manager, 3 Slieveview Villas, Ballymurphy
Phillips, J. St. J., architect, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South; res., J. St. J. Phillips, B.E., A.R.I.B.A., Greenoge, Deramore Park South; J. J. Phillips, Rathbawn, Adelaide Park
Phillips, John M., printer, 163 Bloomfield Avenue
Phillips, Manuel, dealer, 20 Trinity Street
Phillips, Mrs., 13 Delhi Street
Phillips, Mrs. Annie, 209 Dunluce Avenue
Phillips, Mrs. L. J., 33 University Street
Phillips, M., dress and mantle maker, 97 May Street
Phillips, Rev. G. J., Hermon, Osborne Park
Phillips, Robt., grocer, 85 Lodge Road New
Phillips, R., grocer, 246 Meadow Street
Phillips, R., shoe maker, 277 Springfield Road
Phillips, R. E., master mariner, 16 Ravenscroft Avenue
Phillips, Sidney, branch manager Pooley & Sons, Mariemont, Oldpark Road
Phillips, S., ship carpenter, 42 Pittsburg Street
Phillips, Thomas, butcher, 21 Quadrant Street
Phillips, Thos., lineman, 50 Institution Place
Phillips, Thos. W., dairyman, 15 Thompson Street
Phillips, Thos., boot maker, 218, 220 Grosvenor Road
Phillips, Thos., bird fancier, 97 Bridge End
Phillips, Wm., boot maker, 7 Spencer Street
Phillips, Wm., brick layer, 20 Calvin Street
Phillips, Wm., co,. agent, 11 Ranfurly Drive
Phillips, Wm., bellows maker, 34 Lime Street
Phillips, Wm., blacksmith, 190 Blythe Street
Phillips, Wm., manager, Knock Valley House, North Road
Phillips & Jones, Ltd., Garfield Factory, children's clothing, apron and blouse manufacturers, 3, 5 Albert Street; res., W. H. Phillips, Craigower, University Road; D. Jones, Glenderwen, Knock
Philp, Jos., mate, 72 Killowen Street
Philp, Walter E., corporal R.A.M.C., 48 Shandon Street
Philpot, David, grocer, 33 Charlotte Street
Philpot, Mrs., Glenart, Knockdene Park
Philpott, David, grocer, Roslyn, Osborne Park
Phippin, A., grocer, 63, 65 Thomas Street North
Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd., Geo. E. Taylor, district secretary, 29 Rosemary Street
Phoenix Bros., stained glass and leaded light makers, 38 Patrick Street Great
Phoenix, Edmund, pawn broker, 68a Beersbridge Road; 223 Templemore Avenue
Phoenix, E. J., 57 Cliftonpark Avenue
Phoenix, Jas., carpenter, 11 Woodvale Street
Phoenix, John, pattern maker, 7 Ravenhill Street
Phoenix, J., clerk, Shore Road
Phoenix, Thos., warehouseman, 49 Dublin Road
Pibel, Stanley, fish salesman and auctioneer, Smithfield
Picken, Mrs. Annie, 321 Antrim Road
Pickering, C. W., clerk, Sulvey Villas, Larkfield Road
Pickering, Geo., & Co., accountants, auditors, and estate agents, 35 High Street; res., 8 Evelyn Gardens
Pickering, Robt., pavior, 152 Hillman Street
Pickering, Wm., ship carpenter, 59 Avon Street
Pickering, W. T., civil engineer, Cremorne, Holywood Road
Pickles, J. H., compositor, 9 St. James Street
Pickles, Robert & Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers, Alexandra Mills, Distillery Street
Picton, Thos., 3 South Parade
Picton, Thos. H., publican, 201, 203 Durham Street
Pidduck & Archer, photographers, 5 High Street
Pidduck, Geo., photographer, 7 Parkend Street
Pierce, Annie, dress maker, 90 Dover Street
Pierce, Cathcart, agent, 12, 14 Commercial Court
Pierce, John, blacksmith, 81 Portallo Street
Pierce, J. J., grocer, 12 Kildare Street
Pierce, Miss Annie, dress maker, 90 Dover Street
Pierce, Robt., grocer, 79 Ravenhill Road
Pierce, R., hair dresser, 126 Beersbridge Road
Pierce, R. & J., street contractors, 13 Pearl Street
Pierpoint, Wm., woollen merchant, 1 St. James Street
Pigott, George, engraver, 23 Epworth Street
Pigott, James, electrical engineer, 11 Jocelyn Gardens
Pike, Isaac, compositor, 4 Murdock Street
Pike, Joseph, compositor, 36 Willow Street
Pillar, W. J., mechanic, 33 Bellevue Street
Pilling, Flora, 52 Deramore Avenue
Pilmea, Ed., V.C. engineer, 206 Donegall Avenue
Pilot Temperance Hotel - M. Johnston, Proprietor - 11 Corporation Square
Pilson, H., clerk, 79 Fortwilliam Parade
Pilson, James, butcher, 44 Avoca Street
Pilson, John, butcher, 14 Byron Street
Pilson, Miss Annie, 6 Carolan Road
Pillison, Samuel, joiner, 195 Canmore Street
Pim, A. Cecil, Gorteen, Deramore Park
Pim Bros., Ltd., wholesale warehousemen, 42 Upper Arthur Street; Head office, Dublin
Pim, E. & W., Ltd., wholesale and retail grocers and wine merchants, 27 High Street; branches - Bangor & 16 Shaftesbury Square; stores, Arthur Terrace, 287 Antrim Road; res., E. W. Pim, J.P., 50 Ulsterville Avenue
Pim, George C., & Co., Steamship, Insurance and Passenger Agents; Agents for Allan, State, C.P.R., Union Castle, Aberdeen, Shaw Savill, and other lines to all parts, 21, 23 Victoria Street; res., Thomas W. Pim, Glenhouse, Whiteabbey; J. W. Pim, Whitehead
Pim, Herbert M., 65 University Road
Pim, John, J.P., secretary Belfast Steamship Company, Bonavon, Antrim Road
Pim, John, & Son, Branch Managers Alliance Assurance Co. Ltd., Fire, Life, Marine and Accident (with which are united The Imperial Fire and Life Offices), Agents for Ulster for Friends' Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance, 6 Donegall Square South; res., R. B. Pim, Ury, Knockbreda Park
Pim, Joshua, Ardagh, Earlswood Road, Strandtown
Pim, J. J., J.P., Drenta House, Dunmurry
Pim, J. Nicholson R., Lisnagarvey, Lisburn
Pimley, John, tailor, 331 Queen Street North
Pimley, Wm., baker, 188 Meadow Street Upper
Pinchin, J., printer, 64 Roseleigh Street
Pinion, Mary, 48 Lisburn Road
Pink, Isabella, 61 Lavinia Street
Pink, Mrs., 227 Albertbridge Road
Pink, Sam., butcher, 199 Shankill Road
Pinker, Saml., traveller, 9 Dargle Street
Pinkerton, Ben., linen lapper, 66 Rutland Street
Pinkerton, E. S., A.M.I.C.E., assistant engineer to Belfast Corporation, Oak Lodge, Cedar Avenue, Cavehill Road
Pinkerton, F., pattern maker, 29 Ardenvohr Street
Pinkerton, Geo., bookkeeper, 73 Richardson Street
Pinkerton, G., timber merchant, 13 Lisavon Park Avenue
Pinkerton, H. P., Ulster Bank Ltd., 37 Donegall Place; res., 4 Chichester Avenue
Pinkerton, J. C., & Co., Steamship Agents, Insurance Agents, District Managers for County Fire Office Ltd., and Provident Life Branch, Alliance Assurance Co. Ltd., 10 Victoria Street
Pinkerton, Mary, 4 Bedeque Street
Pinkerton, Miss A., 49 Hopefield Avenue
Pinkerton, Miss Eliza, 89 South Parade
Pinkerton, Mrs., stationer and newsagent, 115 Antrim Road
Pinkerton, Robt., manager, 58 Greenore Street
Pinkerton, Robt. A., principal Hillman Street N.S., 11 Chichester Avenue
Pinkerton, R. A., com. traveller, 108 Wellesley Avenue
Pinkerton, Sam., gas fitter, 47 Mountview Street
Pinkerton, Saml., linen business, 475 Ormeau Road
Pinkerton, S., newsagent, 5 Newtownards Road
Pinkerton, Wm., iron moulder, 35 Shamrock Street
Pinkerton, Wm., butcher, 141 Broadway
Pinnins, Jos., carpenter, 35 Manor Street
Pinnins, Jos., printer, 10 Vernon Street
Pinnins, Samuel, clerk, 71 Craigmore Street
Pinnins, Saml., weigh master, Patrick Street Great
Pinkey, T., plumber and gasfitter, 20, 22 Little Donegall Street; res., 25 Unity Street
Pirret, J., bookkeeper, 33 Haypark Avenue
Pirrie, The Right Honourable Lord, J.P., P.C., Ormiston, Strandtown
Pirrie, J. B., The Deanery, Carrickfergus
Pitcaithely, D., clerk, 85 Hillman Street
Pitcaithley, J., clerk, 6 Depot Terrace, Shore Road
Pitcaithley, Mary, 15 Dock Street
Pitkeithly, W. H., iron turner, 174 Ravenhill Avenue
Pitcher, C., Q.M.S., A.P., Corps, 13 Clanchattan Street
Pitson, A. C., postman, 24 Hanover Street
Pitt, Chas., cabinet maker, 80 Killowen Street
Pitt, John, shoe maker, 12 Uniondale Street
Pitt, Wm., baker, 80 Nevis Avenue
Pitt, W., insurance agent, 18 Hillview Street
Pittaway, J. E., R.S.M., North Irish Horse headquarters, Ulidia, Skegoniel Avenue
Piver, Thos., 30 Queen Street
Pizani, Miss, tailor, 18 Slate Street
Plackett, Wm. H., boiler maker, 25 Roxburg Street (Roxburgh)
Platt, Geo., ship carpenter, 119 Madrid Street
Platt-Higgins, Edward, Rathcoole, Fortwilliam Park
Platt, Isaac, fitter, 31 Lecale Street
Platt, Mrs., 78 Mountcollyer Avenue
Playfair, A., saddler, 4 Colinview Cottages, Stockman's Lane
Playfair, Joseph, moulder, 27 Jersey Street
Playfair, J., spindle maker, 8 Crosby Street
Playfair, Robt., fitter, 26 Ardilaun Street
Playfair, Wm., plasterer, 28 St. Mary's Street
Plowman, Alex., bank official, Arnsheen, Lansdowne Road
Plunkett, F., & Son, Branch Managers Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation, Marine Insurance Agents and Commission Merchants, 8 Corporation Street; res., F. Plunkett, Mornington Park, Bangor; Louis A. Plunkett, Verona, Malone Park. Telegraphic Address, "Plunkett, Belfast." Telephone No. 661
Plunkett, J., pawn broker, 58 Templemore Avenue
Plunkett, S., traveller, 15 Cliftonville Street
Poag, Robert, tailor, 66 Woodstock Road
Pogue, Chas., R.I.C., 23 Southport Street
Pogue, W., R.I.C., 2 Florence Place
Polford, Alfred R., chief inspector National Telephone Co., 141 Rugby Avenue
Polland, Bernard, boot maker, 63 Abyssinia Street
Polland, Edward, Ltd., watch makers and jewellers, 18 High Street
Polland, P., ship steward, 83 York Street Little
Pollard, Matthew, Glandore Park, 439 Antrim Road
Pollard, Miss F., 73 Atlantic Avenue
Pollard, O., manager, 30 Malone Avenue
Pollin, Jas., solicitor's apprentice, 257 Ravenhill Avenue
Pollen, John, engineer, 90 Portallo Street
Pollen, Wm., shirt cutter, 60 Carmel Street
Poller, Wm., iron moulder, 6 Yarrow Street
Polley, Lizzie, 6 Hartington Street
Polley, Mrs. J. G., Glenwood, Shankill Road
Polley, Wm. T., traveller, 131 University Street
Pollins, Wm., foreman brick layer, 70 Stranmillis Gardens
Polkinghorne, Jas., clerk, 2 Erinview, Greencastle
Pollock, Alex., lard refiner, 53 Meadow Street
Pollock, Alex., waiter, 22 Gawn Street
Pollock, Charles, watch and clock cleaner, 62 Collyer Street
Pollock, David, tailor, 11 Alexandrapark Avenue
Pollock, David, engine driver, 26 Isabella Street
Pollock, David, hair dresser, 8 Northumberland Street
Pollock, David, sawyer, 35 Glencollyer Street
Pollock, D., iron turner, 55 Post Office Row
Pollock, Fred., plasterer, 46 Baywood Street
Pollock, Geo., baker, 116 Lodge Road Old
Pollock, Hugh, 95 Balfour Avenue
Pollock, Hugh, tailor, 36 Leoville Street
Pollock, H. M., importer of flour, Townhall Street; res., 11 College Gardens. Telephone No. 566
Pollock, James A., photographic dealer, stationer and artists' colourman, 47 Donegall Place; res., Cool-a-Vin, Whitehead
Pollock, John, baker, 27 Glencairn Street
Pollock, John, grocer, 41 Delhi Street
Pollock, John, checker, 26 Ravenhill Street
Pollock, John, furniture dealer, 46 Albertbridge Road
Pollock, J., brush maker, 130 Boundary Street
Pollock, J., engineer, 75 Newtownards Road Upper
Pollock, Miss, school teacher, 45 Combermere Street
Pollock, Miss, Coniston, Belmont Road
Pollock, Miss H., 92 Antrim Road
Pollock, Rev. Alex., M.A., minister of Donegall Street Congregational Church, 1 The Lindens, Cliftonville Road
Pollock, Rev. J., minister St. Enoch's Presbyterian Church, Glandore Park, 441 Antrim Road
Pollock, Robert, lamp inspector, 64 Bloomfield Avenue
Pollock, R., winding master, 1 London Street
Pollock, Saml., engine driver, 43 Welland Street
Pollock, Thos., 96 Agincourt Street
Pollock, Wm., moulder, 14 Woodlee Street
Pollock, Wm. Jas., clerk, 87 Abingdon Street
Pollock, Wm., confectioner, 208 Woodstock Road
Pollock, Wm., engineer, 4 Tramway Street
Pollock, Wm., painter, 9 Concord Street
Pollock, Wm., sea captain, 1 Martinez Avenue
Pollock, Wm. C., traveller, 194 Templemore Street
Pollock, W. T., produce brokers and importers, 34, 36 Tomb Street; res., Ashfield House, 395 Holywood Road
Polley, John, clerk, 22 Glenbrook Avenue
Polley, Richd., gardener, 20 Madison Avenue East
Polly, Hugh, fruiterer, 8 Castlereagh Street
Polly, Robert, coachman, 37 Carmel Street
Polly, Wm., gardener, 25 Colvil Street
Poly, Henry, stone cutter, 22 Combermere Street
Polson, J. A., agent for Hunter, Barr, & Co., Glasgow, 13 College Street
Ponosi, Jas., tailor, 30a Great Patrick Street
Pook, Jas., carpenter, 58 Bendigo Street
Poole, Alex., chandler, 19 Annette Street
Poole, Mrs. Mary E., 2 Inver Avenue
Poole, Richd., pattern maker, 225 Ravenhill Avenue
Pooley, Henry, & Son Ltd., Engineers, Manufacturers of Weighbridges & Weighing Machines, 43 Chichester Street
Poore, J. H., Royal Navy, 13 Cavehill Road
Poots, Jas., hackle maker, 36 Battenberg Street
Poots, James, gardener, 149 Tate's Avenue
Poots, John, 3 Egeria Street
Poots, Robt., insurance agent, 20 Jaffa Street
Poots, Robt., tinsmith, 18 Cavour Street
Poots, T. S., grocer, 212, 214 Lodge Road Old
Popplewell, E. G., musician, 38 Stranmillis Street
Pope, Mrs., 115 Wellesley Avenue
Pope, R., boiler maker, 22 Kilmood Street
Pope, R. H. D., surgeon, 19 Sandy Row
Popham, James, advertising specialist, 45 University Street
Popham, Mrs., 24 Ballycastle Street
Portadown Carrying Company Ltd., Laganbank Road
Portadown Manufacturing Co., 17 Franklin Street
Porritt, Wm. John, Redhall, Ballycarry
Porte, Arthur E., M.I.C.E., consulting engineer, civil, mechanical and electrical, Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square East
Porte, D. G., grocer, 11 Ashmore Street
Porte, Edmund, china and hardware merchant, sub-postmaster, 181 Springfield Road
Porte, E. T., grocer, 179 Argyle Street and 11 Ashmore Street
Porteous, C. H., & Co., 28 Waring Street
Porteous, George, 27 Willowbank Street
Porteous, H. D., agent Imperial Flour Mills Ltd., 28 Waring Street
Porter, Annie, 3 Oldpark Avenue
Porter, Annie, 23 Lisburn Avenue
Porter, A. Fisken, solicitor, 7 Waring Street (1st floor); res., Roseneath, Deramore Park South
Porter, A. & D., grain, flour and bran merchants, 2 Victoria Street
Porter Bros., collar, cuff and front manufacturers, 181, 183 Agnes Street
Porter, Charles, wholesale stationer, newsagent and printer, 123 Old Lodge Road, 71 Boundary Street North and 63, 65 Christopher Street; res., 94 Denmark Street
Porter, Col. Robert, R.A.M.C., Ravensdale, Park Avenue
Porter, C., wholesale stores, 1 Carlisle Street
Porter. David, upholsterer, 1 Gosford Street
Porter, Drummond, secretary Belfast Stock Exchange, Lombard Street; res., 10 Cranmore Gardens
Porter, E., Croft Lodge, Newtownards Road Upper
Porter, E., foreman, 7 Wellwood Street
Porter, Fred., pattern maker, 20 Ballycastle Street
Porter, F. A., electrical and general engineers' agent, and rep. the Limmer Asphalte Paving Co. Ltd., 13 Queen's Square
Porter, Geo., painter, 188 Leopold Street
Porter, Herbert, Salvation Army, 97 Glencollyer Street
Porter, H., butcher, 9 Donegall Road
Porter, H., carpenter, 1 Smyrl's Buildings, Crumlin Road
Porter, Jas., coal importer, 15a Donegall Place
Porter, Jas., moulder, 12 Lecale Street
Porter, Jas., warehouseman, Eastville, Hawthornden Road
Porter, John, dairyman, 34 Roseleigh Street
Porter, John, blacksmith, 61 Barrow Street
Porter, John, bread server, 46 London Road
Porter, John, fitter, 77 Castlereagh Street
Porter, John, insurance and house agent, 35 Templemore Avenue
Porter, J., linen lapper, 30 Turin Street
Porter, Joseph, 106 Bristol Street
Porter, Jos., brass finisher, 36 Southport Street
Porter, J., brass finisher, 15 Lendrick Street
Porter, J., general draper and outfitter, 34, 36 High Street; res., Harcourt, University Road
Porter, Leslie, Ltd., Automobile Engineers, 22a Howard Street. Tel. No. 2895. Telegraphic Address, Petrol, Belfast; Res., Leslie Porter, Eskbank, King's Road
Porter, Lizzie, sewing maid, 44 Chadwick Street
Porter, Miss, 3 Eileen Gardens, Windsor Park
Porter, Miss, 1 Hughenden, Fortwilliam Park
Porter, Miss Eliza, 9 Hatton Drive
Porter, Miss Jane, 7 Abercorn Street
Porter, Mrs., Woodvale, 10 Cranmore Gardens
Porter, Mrs., 1 Glenarm Terrace, Shore Road
Porter, Mrs., Belhaven, King's Road
Porter, Mrs. Eliza Jane, 56 Rugby Avenue
Porter, Mrs. R., Killeen House, Fortwilliam Park
Porter, M. J., designer, 19 Jocelyn Gardens
Porter, Patk., R.I.C., 50 Moyola Street
Porter, Rev. R. J., Albert Street Presbyterian Church; res., Morningside, Cliftonville Road
Porter, Robt., metal polisher, 50 Mayo Street
Porter, Robert J., & Porter, G. Magill, B.A., T.C.D., Solicitors, 1a Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place; res., Silverdale, Greenisland
Porter, R., ship's mate, 4 Banbury Street
Porter, R., clerk, 142 Oldpark Road
Porter, R. A., draper, 26 Cliftonpark Avenue
Porter, R. J., commercial traveller, 43 Woodvale Road
Porter, Saml., wholesale and retail ironmonger, china and lamp merchants, 9, 11 Bridge Street East
Porter, Saml., tenter, 51 Ohio Street
Porter, Saml., linen finisher, 63 Excise Street
Porter, S., dealer, 62 Brown Street
Porter, S. C., B.L., 16 Chichester Street
Porter, The Misses, costumiers, 118 Ormeau Road
Porter, Thos., hatter, 58 Bridge End
Porter, Thos., ship carpenter, 28 Hogarth Street
Porter, William, ship owner, 7 Waring Street (1st floor)
Porter, Wm., boot maker, 179 Woodstock Road
Porter, Wm., tenter, 17 Albertville Drive
Porter, Wm., linen finisher, 65 Excise Street
Porter, Wm., R.I.C., 58 Belmont Avenue
Porter, Wm., Beechview, 90 Balmoral Avenue
Porter, Wm., moulder, 131 Cambrai Street
Porter, Wm., preparing master, 2 Springvale Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Porter, Wm. J., engineer, 29 Posnett Street
Porter, W. J., linen merchant, 67 Newtownards Road Upper
Porter, W., baker, 64 Hatfield Street
Porter & Co., drapers, 69, 81 Duncairn Gardens
Porterfield, John, jeweller, 39 Maryville Street
Posnett, Geo., plater, 9 Ulsterdale Street
Posnett, Robt. G., clerk, 7 Columbia Street
Posnett, Wm., boiler maker, 13 Pansy Street
Postal Telegraph Christian Association, 18 Wellington Place
Postlethwaite, Wm., engineer, 22 Balfour Avenue
Poston, J., 27 Cyprus Gardens
Potter, Albert J., postal clerk, 6 Forth Glen, Ballymagarry
Potter, A., buyer, 96 Malone Avenue
Potter, A., farrier, 42, 44 Donegall Road
Potter, A. J., steward, 29 Toronto Street
Potter, E., gardener, 3 Ferndale Street
Potter, Henry, grocer, 20 Bankmore Street
Potter, John, blacksmith, 46 Lavinia Street
Potter, John, court keeper, 39 Percy Street
Potter, John, carpenter, Doreen, Windermere Gardens
Potter, Lizzie, 67 Mountcollyer Road
Potter, Margaret, 10 Chambers Street
Potter, Mrs. Minnie, draper, 123 Woodstock Road
Potter, Robt., carpenter, 182 Manor Street
Potter, Thomas, compositor, 54 Hatton Drive
Potter, Thos., bank porter, Ulster Bank Ltd., Donegall Place
Potter, Wm., iron moulder, 6 Yarrow Street
Potter, Wm., builder, 6 Inver Avenue
Potter, W., clerk, 5 Mersey Street
Potter, W. J., joiner, 5 Meadow Street Upper
Potter, W. J., ship carpenter, 15 Woodstock Place
Potter, W. J., cashier, 148 Larkfield Road
Potter & Co., ticket writers, printers, and com. agents, chromo almanacs, and art agents, 41 Royal Avenue
Potterton, W. M., res. secretary Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Society, 2 High Street; res., Florenceville, Bangor
Potts, Alex., packing case maker, 20 Majestic Street
Potts, A., cutter, 53 Greenore Street
Potts, David, brass finisher, 16 Dunvegan Street
Potts, John, 72 Cliftonpark Avenue
Potts, Jos., carpenter, 5 Arkwright Street
Potts, J., poulterer, 17 Glenrosa Street
Potts, Mrs., grocer, 31, 33 Linfield Road
Potts, Robert, joiner, 7 Newport Street
Potts, Thos., coach painter, 47 Rathmore Street
Potts, Thos., painter, 31 Blythe Street
Potts, Wm., moulder, 72 Ardenvohr Street
Potts & Houston, Limited, Iron and Hardware Merchants, 115 North Street and 90 Union Street
Powell, Geo., mechanic, 7 Collingwood Avenue
Powell, Hugh, painter, 32 Brown Street
Powell, Miss, dress maker, 67 Rosebery Road
Power, A., fitter, 9 Manderson Street
Power, Ed., lithographer, 28 Lawnmount Street
Power, John, asylum attendant, 61 Turin Street
Power Loom Manufacturing Association, 4 Howard Street
Power, Michael, painter, 36 Clonard Street Lower
Power, Mrs., 25 Cheviot Avenue
Power, Mrs., 2 Lawrence Street
Power, Samuel, tailor, 85 McClure Street
Power, S., brick layer, 50 Britannic Street
Power, W., carpenter, 15 Cavendish Street
Powicke, F. M., Professor of Modern History, Queen's University of Belfast, Ivydene, Malone Park
Poynter, Thos., carpenter, 385 Oldpark Road
Poynton, Robt., law clerk, 30 Windsor Road
Prange, J., designer, 162 Mountcollyer Street
Pratt, E. M., tea merchant, 5 Osborne Gardens
Pratt, F. W., traveller, 22 Camden Street
Pratt, Goodwin, Brynderwen, Osborne Park
Pratt, L., grocer, 231 Meadow Street Upper
Pratt, Mrs., 55 Pim's Avenue
Pratt & Montgomery, tea and sugar merchants and family grocers, 57 York Street and 49 Great Edward Street; stores, 44 May Street
Pratten, W. J., marine engineer, Mornington, Derryvolgie Avenue
Preece, F. J., & Co., wholesale wool and trimming merchants, 6 Waring Street
Prenter, Agnes, 53 Manor Street
Prenter, John, carpenter, 32 Jaffa Street
Prenter, J. B., paper and twine merchant, 78 Victoria Street Great. Tel. No. 2249. Res., 123 Fitzroy Avenue
Prenter, Jos., engine driver, 66 Parkmount Street
Prenter, Mary, 9 Victoria Gardens
Prenter, Mary, traveller, 9 Victoria Gardens
Prenter, Mrs. W. E., 2 Plevna Villas, Cyprus Avenue
Prenter, R. J., Charters' Estate, 72 High Street; res., Cushanben, Parkmount Road
Prenter, Sarah, grocer, 3 Hutchinson Street
Prenter, S., brick layer, 236 Snugville Street
Prenter, Thomas, warehouseman, 2 Church Crescent, Ligoniel Street
Prenter, W. J., brick layer, 69 Hooker Street
Prentice, Henry, baker, 24 Penrith Street
Prentice, John, principal York Street National School
Prentice, John, carpenter, 30 Donegall Pass
Prentice, Mrs. M., 112 Dunluce Avenue
Prentice, Robt., shipwright, 70 Bray Street
Prentice, Walter, slater, 101 Glenwood Street
Prentice, Wm. J., photographer, 8 Cadogan Street
Prentiss, John, N.S. teacher, 56 The Mount
Presbyterian Church in Ireland Fire Insurance Trust Ltd., 5 Corn Market
Prescott's Dye Works, 38 Wellington Place
Prescott, George, Optician, Maker of Lenses for Spectacles, and Projection Apparatus, 42 Wellington Place and at Dublin
Pressdee, John W., photographer, 11 Riga Street
Pressdee, J. J., meter inspector, 5 Vicinage Park
Preshaw, Jas., hair dresser, 161 Cupar Street
Preshaw, Wm., boot maker, 3 Gilbert Street
Presho, C., & Sons, Ltd., wholesale leather and boot factors, saddlers' ironmongers and shoe grindery warehouse, 11, 13 Talbot Street; res., Belmont Lodge, Newtownards Road Upper
Presho, Samuel A., leather merchant, Ardean, Green Road
Presho, W. J., provision dealer, 448 Newtownards Road; res., Evelyn Villa, 32 Evelyn Avenue
Press, John, fitter, 212 Manor Street
Press, J., pattern maker, 15 Moscow Street
Press, Maria, 33 Tudor Place
Press, Miss, dress maker, 56 Upper Townsend Street
Press, Miss, 23 Newington Street
Press, Saml., engineer, 327 Cupar Street
Press, Sandy, pattern maker, 125 Mayo Street
Press, Simon, stove fitter, 11 Paxton Street
Press, Stephen, joiner, 12 Larkstone Street
Press, Wm., millwright, 207 Ainsworth Avenue
Press, William, sole agent in North of Ireland for Samuel Hanson & Son, London, 43 Waring Street; res., Jordanstown
Press, Wm., engineer, 100 Newtownards Road Upper
Preston, George Johnston, D.L., J.P., Dunmore House, Antrim Road
Preston, Geo., painter, 79 Leopold Street
Preston, James, butter and egg dealer, 27 Rowland Street
Preston, Joseph, Perfect Dairy, 28 Sandy Row
Preston, John, brick layer, 27 Hunt Street
Preston, John, & Co. Ltd., flax merchants, linen manufacturers and bleachers, 20 Calender Street
Preston, Samuel, foreman, 75 Battenberg Street
Preston, Sarah, 72 Israel Street
Preston, Thos., foreman, 31 Coniston Street
Preston, Thos., 253 Crumlin Road
Preston, Thos., carpenter, 32 Perry Street
Preston, Thos., time keeper, 58 Hatfield Street
Preston, W. J., joiner, 11 Jocelyn Avenue
Preston, W. J., shoe maker, 349 Albertbridge Road
Prewett, Fred., tailor's cutter, 16 Stranmillis Gardens
Price, Ed., sergt. R.I.C., 78 Nevis Street
Price, H., electrician, 10 Keatley Street
Price, Jas., coal porter, 3 Baltic Street
Price, John, 186 Earlswood Road
Price, John, brick layer, 10 Riley's Place
Price, John, hardware merchant, 281 Newtownards Road
Price, Mary, 44 Hartington Street
Price, Mary, grocer, 5 Ormeau Road
Price, Robt., butcher, 14 Woodvale Road
Price, Saml., mechanic, 12 Harper Street
Price, Thomas, builder, 34 Edinburgh Street
Price, Thos., insurance agent, 1 Derg Street
Price, T., brick layer, 58 Edinburgh Street
Price, T., builder, Campbelton, Stockman's Lane
Price, Wm., butcher, 32, 34 Shankill Road and 160 North Queen Street
Price, Wm., clerk, 15 Silvergrove Street
Price, Wm., mechanic, 40 Maymount Street
Price, Wm., foreman machine man, 293 Crumlin Road
Price & Co., drapers, 365 Ormeau Road
Price & Co., wholesale and retail drapers, 125, 127 Albertbridge Road, 387 Newtownards Road; res., James Price, Glenwood, Cyprus Avenue and W. J. Price, Edermine, Strandtown
Prichard, John, mechanic, 46 Ormeau Street
Prichard, Mary, grocer, 36 Westmoreland Street
Prichard, Thomas, brick layer, 2 Campbell Street South
Prichard, Thos., blacksmith, 12 Moorgate Street
Priestman, W. C., traveller, 12 Sandford Avenue
Priestley, Mrs., Innisfoyle, Cranmore Gardens
Priestley, Mrs. E., 61 Wellesley Avenue
Priestley, G. & Co., agent, 10 College Street
Priestly, Elizabeth, 46 Lodge Road Old
Priestly, S. R., traveller, 371 Woodstock Road
Priestly, Thos., joiner, 7 Venice Street
Primrose, Thos., draper, Claremount, Alliance Avenue
Primrose, Wm., painter, 32 Cheviot Avenue
Prince, Jas., engineer, 65 Enfield Street
Prince, Mrs. Margaret, 7 Cedar Avenue
Prince, Saml., rigger, 4 Canning Street Upper
Prince of Wales Hotel, G. Saunderson, managing director, 28 Victoria Street
Prince's Dining Rooms, 72 Ann Street
Princess Studio, 19 High Street
Pring, H. G. (director Grattan & Co. Ltd.), Northleigh, Fortwilliam Park
Pring, Wm., pensioner, 33 Rathdrum Street
Pringle, Geo. C., watch maker, 30 Lawrence Street
Pringle, John, clerk, 11 Grace Avenue
Pringle, Wm., joiner, 54 Beechfield Street
Prinn, P. A., well sinker, 76 Ainsworth Avenue
Prinn, P., well sinker, Tower Buildings, Crumlin Road
Prior, Geo., clerk, 90 Palmerston Road
Prison Gate Mission Laundry - Miss Funston, superintendent - Tudor Place
Pritchard, Geo., clerk, 18 Baltic Street
Pritchard, Geo., chief steward, Craigara, Ashburn Park
Pritchard, Hugh, cooper, 28 Willow Street
Pritchard, Jas., insurance agent, 32 Bootle Street
Pritchard, John, mechanic, 46 Ormeau Street
Pritchard, J., blacksmith, 14 Ninth Street
Pritchard, Jos., bleacher, 6 Ceylon Street
Pritchard, Thomas, asylum attendant, 206 Manor Street
Pritchard, Thos., traveller, 177 Snugville Street
Pritchard, Thos., traveller, 19 Haldane Street
Pritchard, Thos., blacksmith, 12 Moorgate Street
Pritchard, T., brick layer, 2 Campbell Street South
Private Hospital, Miss M. Girdwood, matron, 87 Fitzroy Avenue
Private Hospital and Trained Nurses' Home, M. H. Hunston, matron, 70 Fitzwilliam Street
Private Institution for Nervous Diseases, Paralysis & Epilepsy, 71 Great Victoria Street
Private Invalid Home, Nurse Kay, Haddington, Knockbreda Park
Private Nursing Home - Eirene, Lower Crescent, Nurses, Misses M. & A. Johnson
Private Nursing Home, Miss Dickie, 15, 17 Claremont Street
Privilege, Peter, painter, 43 Cultra Street
Proctor, Arthur, litho artist, 19 Clarendon Avenue
Proctor, Martha, 31 Pearl Street
Prosser, James, moulder, 66 Palmerston Road
Proudfoot, John, gardener, 30 Damascus Street
Proudfoot, Wm., plater, 127 Park Avenue
Proudford, Albert, linen lapper, 23 Farnham Street
Proudman, Henry, gardener, 56 Belmont Avenue
Prout's Billposting Company Ltd., 4 Fountain Lane
Prout, Mrs. E., 40 Wellington Park
Prout, W. J., carpenter, 24 Edinburgh Street
Provan, Danl., joiner, 62 Ogilvie Street
Provident Association London Ltd., D. Williamson, superintendent, 15a Donegall Place
Provident Clothing and Supply Co. Ltd., 80 High Street
Provident Loan Bank, Prince's Chambers, 72 Ann Street
Provident Mutual Building Society, H. Lemon, secretary, 75 High Street
Provincial Bank of Ireland Ltd. - S. J. Magowan, manager - 2 Royal Avenue
Provincial Loan Bank, 16 Waring Street
Provincial Servants' Agency, 53 York Street
Prudential Assurance Co. (W. Rimmer, J.P., Superintendent), 31 Rosemary Street
Prudential Agents' Union, 64 Royal Avenue
Prudent, Geo., Ordnance Survey, 1 Glantrasna Street
Pryce, Wm., con. M.Rly., 31 Alexandrapark Avenue
Pryde, John A. (of Gibson & Co. Ltd., Donegall Place), Glenart, 10 Windsor Park
Puleo, F., refreshment rooms, 119, 121 York Street
Puleston, Ernest A., clerk, 25 Cooke Street
Pulhim, J., Customs, 30 Enfield Street
Pullar, J., & Sons (Pullar's Dye Works, Perth), 57 Victoria Street
Pullin, A., moulder, 13 Dunmoyle Street
Pullin, Jos., iron moulder, 8 Elimgrove Street
Pullins, W., mechanic, 56 Mossvale Street
Pullins, Wm., mechanic, 144 Disraeli Street
Pullman, Alfred (Thos. Pullman & Co.), Claremont, Knock Road
Pullman, John, & Co., handkerchief manufacturers, Ravenhill Avenue
Pullman, Thomas, & Co., fancy linen manufacturers, 156, 158 Ormeau Road
Purcell, B., caterer, 37 Bristol Street
Purcell, Jas., iron driller, 21 Harrisburg Street
Purcell, John, second mate, 14 Pim Street
Purcell, P. J., pensioner, 98 Oldpark Avenue
Purchase, E., grocer, 30 Christopher Street
Purchase, N., dairy man, 204 Newtownards Road Upper
Purdon, Alex., commission agent, 215 Duncairn Gardens
Purdon Bros. Ltd., seedsmen, florists and bulb men, 65 Donegall Street Tel. No. 1637
Purdon, E. B., M.B., 60 Dublin Road
Purdon, E. S., flax agent, 7 Donegall Square East, stores, 60 Donegall Street; res., Joseph Purdon, 23 Cliftonville Avenue
Purdon, Geo., fitter, 180 Leopold Street
Purdon, Mrs., Garrdha, Hawthornden Road
Purdon, Mrs., 19 Chlorine Gardens
Purdon, Mrs., Bowness, 56 Eglantine Avenue
Purdon, Mrs., 180 Agnes Street
Purdon, Richard, M.D., surgeon, 80 Dublin Road
Purdon, T. A., manufacturer's agent, 43a High Street
Purdon, W. J., manufacturers' agent, 17 Union Street
Purdy, Albert E., organist, 2 Belgrave Cottages, Knock Road
Purdy, A., joiner, 50 Glenbank Place
Purdy, Geo., wood turner, 33 Argyle Street
Purdy, Jas., iron moulder, 6 Shipbuoy Street
Purdy, Jas., machine man, 20 Ardmoulin Avenue
Purdy, Jas., warehouseman, 62 Cliftonpark Avenue
Purdy, John, traveller, 41 Eglinton Street
Purdy, Jos., confectioner, 75 Castlereagh Road 
Purdy, Jos., veterinary surgeon, M.R.C.V.S., 15, 17 Gloucester Street; res., 8 Sussex Place
Purdy, Miss S., 125 Grosvenor Road
Purdy, Mrs., Rosemount House, Andersonstown
Purdy, S., coachman, 16 Norwood Street
Purdy, Thos., joiner, 285 Connsbrook Avenue
Purdy, Thos., joiner, 22 Laburnum Street
Purdy, Wm., linen lapper, 67 Farnham Street
Purdy, W., mechanic, Greenoge, Knockbreda Road
Purdy, W. J., grocer, 32 Shannon Street
Purdy, W. J., publican, 14 Church Street and 2, 4 Long Lane
Purdy & Millard, sculptors, 20 Howard Street and 8 Great Victoria Street; res., G. Purdy, Ashleigh, Newtownbreda; C. T. Millard, 5 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Purdy & Purchon, Brookfield Spindle Works, 22 Sidney Street West
Purse, D., shipwright, 55 Ship Street
Purse, Jas., shipwright, 15 Kilronan Street
Purse, John, tinsmith, 175 Nelson Street
Purse, John, blacksmith, 29 St. Aubyn Street
Purse, M., fruiterer, 131 York Street
Purse, R. J., carpenter, 18 Beechmount Avenue
Purse, Sarah E., 35 Lonsdale Street
Purse, Wm., shipwright, 57 Earl Street
Pursley, Sam., painter, 28 Emerson Street
Pursley, Thos., hair dresser, 33 Ormeau Road
Purves, Rev. D., D.D., Elmwood Manse, University Road
Purvis, Alfred, plasterer, 6 Rosevale Street
Purvis, David, tea agent, 64 Royal Avenue; res., Lucerne, Knockdene Park
Purvis, E., plasterer, 54 Townsend Street Upper
Purvis, Jas., confectioner, 8 Albion Street
Purvis, John, iron turner, 26 Martin Street
Purvis, John, iron turner, 97 Tower Street
Purvis, J., plasterer, 34 Ballycastle Street
Purvis, Thomas, R.I.C., 24 Bandon Street
Purvis, Wm., iron turner, 62 Hopeton Street
Pye, Harry, dyer, 64 Rockview Street
Pyke, Mrs., Ulster Terrace, 397 Lisburn Road
Pyper, Archd., photographer, 12 High Street
Pyper, H. S., agents, 18 Ann Street
Pyper, James, joiner, 9 Yarrow Street
Pyper, James, M.A., Principal Belfast Mercantile College, Glenravel Street; res., Richmond House, 244 Antrim Road
Pyper, Jas., school teacher, 38 Brookvale Avenue
Pyper, John, watch maker, 55 Victoria Street; res., 138 Templemore Avenue
Pyper, John, cabinet maker, 28 Derg Street
Pyper, J. North and H. S., tea agents, 7
Ann Street
Pyper, Mrs., 18 Glandore Avenue
Pyper, Rev. John, editor "Bible Temperance Educator," 2 Bellevista, Cliftonpark Avenue
Pyper, William, teacher of elocution, Campbell College, Clonoe, King's Road
Pyper, Wm., general draper, 15 Donegall Pass


Qua Iboe Mission Office, R. L. McKeown, secretary, 108, 109 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Quail, James, Under Sheriff, County of the City of Belfast, 81 High Street; res., Montana Villa, Knockbreda Road
Quail, Jas., & Co., solicitors, 81 High Street
Quail, James & Co., ladies' shirt and blouse manufacturers, 15, 17 James Street South
Quaill, John, caretaker, 178 Albertbridge Road (Quail)
Quail, John, stone cutter, 6 Newry Street
Quaile, Noble, iron turner, 96 Mayo Street
Quaile, Robt., confectioner, 113 Kilburn Street
Quail, Robert James, cabinet maker, 49 Glenwood Street
Quail, Samuel, fitter, 24 Canning Street Upper
Quail, T. H., plasterer, 81 Killowen Street
Quaite, Js., boiler maker, 20 Mountcollyer Road
Quaite, Miss, 53 Connsbrook Avenue
Quaite, Saml., store keeper, 82 Ewart's Row
Quann, Wm., 8 Tudor Place
Quarry, Rev. W. H., 95 Wellesley Avenue
Quarry, Geo. H., solicitor, commissioner for oaths and insurance agent, 2 Garfield Street; res., Alberta, 374 Antrim Road
Quartz, Dan., fitter, 12 Meadow Street
Quartz, Wm., bread server, 93 Beersbridge Road
Quee, David, butcher, 41 Castlereagh Road
Quee, H., butcher, 211 Grosvenor Road
Quee, John, butcher, 338 Lisburn Road
Quee, Jos., shop keeper, 39 Yarrow Street
Quee, Jos. C., butcher, 89 Woodstock Road
Queen, Alex., designer, 1 Printworks Avenue
Queen Ann Studio, 39 Ann Street
Queen's Cafe, The, 4, 6 Queen's Arcade
Queen's Linen Co., The, 7, 9 Queen's Arcade
Queenin, Michael V., assurance agent, 104 Mountcollyer Avenue
Quiery, John, commission agent, 41 Customhouse Chambers, Queen's Square
Quigley, Andrew, overseer, G.P.O., 260 Woodstock Road
Quigley Bros., wine and spirit merchants, 62 George's Street Little and 27, 29 McCleery Street
Quigley, David, Army Pay Corps, 44 Newport Street
Quigley, G. C., dress maker, 64 Posnett Street
Quigley, H. H., commercial traveller, 38 Mountcharles
Quigley, Jas., coach painter, 39 Outram Street
Quigley, John, foreman, 26 Belmont Avenue West
Quigley, John, painter, 186 Lisburn Road
Quigley, Jos., reader, 47 Clovelly Street
Quigley, Jos., beamer, 19 Coniston Street
Quigley, Miss, 48 Ulsterville Avenue
Quigley, Sarah, 1 Sandhurst Gardens
Quigley, Thos., proof reader, 27 Mulhouse Street
Quin, Mrs., 35 Woodcote Avenue
Quin, Stewart Blacker, & Co., chartered accountants, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South; res., Rathcline, Annadale Avenue
Quincey, Elijah, evangelist, 5 Ravenhill Street
Quinn, Arthur, 112 Jocelyn Avenue
Quinn, A., spirit grocer, 65 Castlereagh Road
Quinn, A., machine man, 75 Thomas Street North
Quinn, Daniel, baker, 72 Plevna Street
Quinn, Dan, grocer, 127 Lodge Road New
Quinn, David, blacksmith, 22 Slate Street
Quinn, David, fitter, 12 Bromley Street
Quinn, Dr. R. M., 123 Crumlin Road; surgery, 2 Albertville Drive, Crumlin Road
Quinn, Ed., gardener, 3 Mayfield Street
Quinn, Elizabeth, 8 Hatfield Street
Quinn, Fras., artist, 161 Albertbridge Road
Quinn, Fras., engineer and valuer, 60 Ann Street
Quinn, Fras., builder and contractor, 6 Ardgreenan Drive
Quinn, Fred. S., postman, 8 Dunmoyle Street
Quinn, F., cabinet maker, 119 Castlereagh Road
Quinn, Geo., cabinet maker, 45 Hillman Street
Quinn, Henry, painter, 12 Parkend Street
Quinn, Henry, tailor, 157 Lodge Road New
Quinn, Henry, fancy box maker, 11 Sydney Street
Quinn, Henry, dresser, 22 Brookmount Street
Quinn, Hugh, commercial traveller, 72 Channing Street
Quinn, Hugh, school master, 115 Albert Street
Quinn, James, bread server, 37 Iris Street
Quinn, Jas., spirit grocer, 2 Mountcollyer Street
Quinn, Jas., assistant, 17 Grampian Street
Quinn, Jas., publican, 114 Nelson Street
Quinn, Jas., iron turner, 13 Oranmore Street
Quinn, Jas., fish merchant, 200 Woodstock Road
Quinn, John, R.I.C., 28 Willowfield Gardens
Quinn, John, grocer, 191 Canmore Street
Quinn, John, cabinet maker, 91, 93 Balfour Avenue
Quinn, John, mechanic, 97 Delhi Street
Quinn, John, bank porter, 40 Frank Street
Quinn, John, Excise officer, 135 Falls Road
Quinn, Joseph, bookkeeper, 4 Duncairn Gardens
Quinn, Jos., publican, 1, 3 Vere Street
Quinn, J., cloth storer, 3 Clifford Street
Quinn, J., brick layer, 27 Sorella Street
Quinn, J., carpenter, 152 Meadow Street Upper
Quinn, J., boot maker, 69 Charleville Street Upper
Quinn, J., mechanic, 46 Distillery Street Little
Quinn, Louisa, tobacconist, 81 Falls Road
Quinn, Martha, grocer, 58 Crimea Street
Quinn, Mary, spirit grocer, 45 Halliday's Road
Quinn, Mary, spirit grocer, 91 Mervue Street Upper
Quinn, Miss, 1 Murray's Terrace
Quinn, Mrs., 35 Woodcot Avenue
Quinn, Mrs., agent H. O'Kane & Co. Ltd., posting and funeral undertakings, 4 Mountpottinger Road
Quinn, Mrs., 33 Lawrence Street
Quinn, M., spirit grocer, 51, 53 Welland Street
Quinn, M. & F., publican, 31 & 33 Queen's Square
Quinn, M. & T., tobacconists, 29 Queen's Square
Quinn, Newsam, & Co., grocers, 5 York Road
Quinn, Newsam, & Co., 72 Stranmillis Road
Quinn, Norman, clerk, 55 Rushfield Avenue
Quinn, Patrick, confectioner, 100 Millfield
Quinn, Patk., carpenter, 4 Bond Street New
Quinn, Patk., horse dealer, 158 Dunluce Avenue
Quinn, Peter, fruiterer and confectioner, 72 Queen Street North
Quinn, Peter, clerk, 80 Bentinck Street
Quinn, P., printer, 23 Church Street; res., 18 Harcourt Street
Quinn, Robert, storeman, 16 Rathmore Street
Quinn, Robt., mechanic, 61 Cavendish Street
Quinn, Robt., joiner, 39 Thistle Street
Quinn, Saml., traveller, 9 Bloomfield Road
Quinn, Thos., spirit grocer, 153 Agnes Street
Quinn, Thos., brick layer, 43 Balaclava Street
Quinn, Thos., stone cutter, 11 Fernwood Street
Quinn, Thos., fitter, 158 Canmore Street
Quinn, Thos., checker, 56 Edlingham Street
Quinn, Wm., dairyman, Glen Road
Quinn, W. J., accountant, Water Office, 4 Crescent Gardens
Quinn, W. J., dresser, 82 Brookmount Street
Quinn, W. J., brick layer, 24 Winchester Street
Quinton, Richard, joiner, 54 Canton Street