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1908 Belfast Street Directory

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Taggart, D., superintendent British Legal Assurance Co., 76 Willowbank Street
Taggart, D., manager British Legal Life Assurance Co., insurance agent, 79 Donegall Street
Taggart, Daniel, boot maker, 58 Sultan Street
Taggart, J., fish merchant, Fish Market, Oxford Street
Taggart, James, store keeper, 11 Willowfield Gardens
Taggart, James, engineer, 1 Olney Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Taggart, James, shoe maker, 12 Kashmir Road
Taggart, James, brick layer, 140 Spamount Street
Taggart, James, joiner, 54 Jaffa Street
Taggart, James, carpenter, 9 Landseer Street
Taggart, James, carpenter, 15 Norwood Street
Taggart, John, 4 Billstown, Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
Taggart, John, draper, 54 Old Lodge Road; res., 98 Limestone Road
Taggart, Joseph, brick layer, 1 Springvale Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Taggart, Joseph, carpenter, 10 Arch Villas, Holywood Road
Taggart, Mrs. Mary, 11 Jubilee Avenue
Taggart, Mrs., 6 Wellesley Avenue
Taggart, Mrs., confectioner, 285 York Street
Taggart, Robert James, blacksmith, 2 Annsboro' Street
Taggart, R. L., harbour official, 26 Clifton Crescent
Taggart, W. D. R., C.E., architect and surveyor to the Urban District Council of Carrick, 2 Wellington Place
Taggart, William, baby linens, 73 Durham Street
Taggart, Wilson, carpenter, 4 Larch Street
Taggart, W. G., plumber, 49 Sandhurst Gardens
Tainsh, Francis, Shanlieve, Ballygomartin Road
Tainsh, George, flax buyer, 131 Cavehill Road
Tainsh, Mrs. E., draper, 51 North Street
Tait, Fanny, grocer, 1 Azamor Street
Tait, J., traveller, 98 Church Street East
Tait, James, carpenter, 283 Tennent Street
Tait, Robert, school teacher, 70 Hatton Drive
Tait & McCullough, merchant tailors, 101 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Tammahill, Robert, ship carpenter, 69 Cheviot Avenue
Tangyes Ltd., gas and oil engine makers, 38 Arthur Street; representatives, J. Rea & Co.
Tannahill, Andrew, clerk, 11 Carrington Street
Tanner, H., machine man, 4 Sixth Street
Tanner, Isaac, painter, 268 Conway Street
Tappley, A., assistant surveyor income tax, No. 1 district, Custom House
Tate, Alex., baker, 22 Glenvarlock Street
Tate Bros., merchant tailors, 31 Bridge Street
Tate, D. H., coppersmith, 41 London Road
Tate, D. H., hair dresser, 4 Austin Street
Tate, George, house and estate agent, 11 Garfield Street; res., Fortview, Antrim Road
Tate, George, brass finisher, 35 Beechpark Street
Tate, George S., chandler, 42 Castleton Street
Tate, Hugh, carpenter, 50 Castlereagh Street
Tate, J., civil engineer, Bawnmore, Whitewell Road, Greencastle
Tate, James, pharmaceutical chemist, 9 Royal Avenue; res., 32 Cliftonville Avenue
Tate, James, manager, 97 Madrid Street
Tate, James, National School teacher, Belgrave Villa, Knock Road
Tate, James, traveller, 14 Florida Street
Tate, James, builder, Brookfield House, Bootle Street
Tate, John, foreman, 49 Seaview Street
Tate, John, painter, 42 Kensington Avenue
Tate, John, brick layer, 15 Hornby Street
Tate, Jonathan, clerk, 141 Oldpark Road
Tate, Joseph, engine driver, 101 Agnes Street
Tate, Miss, Air Lawn, Malone Park
Tate, R., tailor and clothier, 72 Cedar Avenue
Tate, Robert, journalist, 25 Pim Street
Tate, Robert, printer, 11 Willowholme Street
Tate, Robert, grocer, 59 Euston Street
Tate, Robert, flax dresser, 51 Egmont Street
Tate, Robert, & Co. Ltd., soap manufacturers, 14 Lower Garfield Street
Tate, Thomas, driller, 62 Templemore Street
Tate, Thomas, Caledonia House, Caledonia Street
Tate, William, machine driller, 121 Snugville Street
Tate, William, engineer, 3 Wellington Park Avenue
Tate, W. J., postman, 144 Spamount Street
Tate, W. J., grocer, 1, 3 Skipton Street
Tattersall, Mrs. Sarah Jane, 8 Bathgate Drive
Tattersall, Fred. W., publican, 1 Ormeau Road
Taylor, Adam, engineer, 22 Jaffa Street
Taylor, A., sub-postmaster, 99 Donegall Street
Taylor, A., signal fitter, 6 Cambridge Street
Taylor, Alex., spirit grocer, 12 Finsmore Street (Finmore)
Taylor, Alex., french polisher, 20 Norwood Street
Taylor, Alex., manager, Owen O'Cork Mill, Strathearn, 172 Belmont Road
Taylor, Alex., caulker, 100 Newcastle Street
Taylor, Alex., manager and director, 23 Thorndale Avenue
Taylor, Alex., publican, 1, 3 Methuen Street
Taylor, Andrew, draper, 45 Percy Street
Taylor, A. E., linen manufacturer, Ierne, 34 Bawnmore Road
Taylor, B., linen lapper, 95 Dover Street
Taylor, Bertram, linen lapper, 54 Woodvale Avenue
Taylor, Bertram, linen lapper, 3 Tasmania Street
Taylor, C., machine man, 20 Westcott Street
Taylor, C., linen lapper, 228 Upper Meadow Street
Taylor, Calvert, & Co. stock brokers and insurance agents, 6 Royal Avenue
Taylor, Charles, driller, 47 Surrey Street
Taylor, Charles, stone mason, 85 Stanfield Street
Taylor, Charles, clerk, 28 Clara Street
Taylor, Clarke, engine driver, 303 Beersbridge Road
Taylor, C. A., costumier, 17 Lonsdale Street
Taylor, C. H., law clerk, 22 Willowbank Street
Taylor, C., manager, 30 Cedar Avenue
Taylor, D., dealer, 4 Little Charlotte Street
Taylor, David, linen lapper, 23 Northland Street
Taylor, David, rivetter, 5 Glencairn Street
Taylor, David, joiner, 57 Israel Street
Taylor, D. A., Depot for the Dr. Corry Medicine Co., 117 Divis Street
Taylor, Duncan, plater, 26 Willow Street
Taylor, Duncan, plater, 14 Calvin Street
Taylor, D. G., insurance agent, 16 Groomsport Street
Taylor, Edward, clerk, 9 Harper Street
Taylor, Edward, baker, 55 Battenberg Street
Taylor, Ernest, florist, 28 Silvio Street
Taylor, Fred., & Sons, Manchester; agent, C. H. C. Dawson, 5 College Street
Taylor, F. G., engraver, 45 Magdala Street
Taylor, F. W., engine driver, 7 Delaware Street
Taylor, George, coach builder, 63 Woodvale Avenue
Taylor, George, bookkeeper, 63 Kansas Avenue
Taylor, George, new and secondhand clothier, 18, 20 Berry Street
Taylor, George E., inspector Caledonia Assurance Co., 35 Royal Avenue
Taylor, H., assurance agent, 10 Oldpark Avenue
Taylor, Henry, clothier, 177 Shankill Road
Taylor, Henry, butcher, 32 Thorndyke Street
Taylor, Henry, carpenter, 16 Somerset Street
Taylor, Henry, Manufacturer, Halket, Sandown Road
Taylor, Henry, dealer, 23 Gardiner Street
Taylor, Henry, & Sons Ltd., Hackle, Gill Manufacturers, leather belting and Flax Card Covering Manufacturers, 20 to 28 Brown Square. Telegraphic address, "Hackles, Belfast" Tel. No. 247
Taylor, J., clothier, 104, 106 Peter's Hill
Taylor, J., shoe maker, 53 Mineral Street
Taylor, J., brick layer, 8 McClure Street
Taylor, J., pawn broker, 158 Falls Road
Taylor, J. & E., fancy linen manufacturers, 38 Dublin Road (first floor)
Taylor, James, brick layer, 32 Lavinia Street
Taylor, James, wireman, 16 Burnaby Street
Taylor, James, hackle setter, 59 Battenberg Street
Taylor, Dr. James M. B., 101 Ormeau Road
Taylor, James, linen lapper, 72 Blythe Street
Taylor, James, brick layer, 61 Mervue Street
Taylor, James, wood turner, 96 Crimea Street
Taylor, James, engineer, 36 Bootle Street
Taylor, James, draughtsman, 39 Rushfield Avenue
Taylor, James, brick layer, 31 Farnham Street
Taylor, James A., warehouseman, 28 Clifton Crescent
Taylor, James B., bookkeeper, 5 Richmond Square, Cavehill Road
Taylor, James C., solicitor, 3 Garfield Chambers
Taylor, James H., pawn broker's salerooms, 64 York Street
Taylor, John, clerk, 70 Alexandra Park Avenue
Taylor, John, paper ruler, 6 Keswick Street
Taylor, John, salesman, 62 Ruth Street
Taylor, John, grass seed stores, 72a Beechfield Street
Taylor, John, plasterer, 10 Southland Street
Taylor, John, blacksmith, 78 Beechfield Street
Taylor, John, moulder, 113 Mayo Street
Taylor, John, gardener, 30 Brookland Street
Taylor, John, cloth passer, 46 Chief Street
Taylor, John, linen lapper, 57 Glenrosa Street
Taylor, John, bookkeeper, 74 Bankmore Street
Taylor, John, director Henry Taylor & Sons Ltd., Sunnybank, Antrim Road
Taylor, Joseph, fitter, 3 Whitworth Street
Taylor, Joseph, linen merchant, Derryvale, Rosetta Park
Taylor, J. W., insurance agent, 208 Oldpark Road
Taylor, J. W., M.D., 141 Ormeau Road
Taylor, Mary, confectioner, 22 Castlereagh Road
Taylor, Mary A., laundress, 29 Irvine Street
Taylor, Miss, school mistress, Broadway Infant National School, Iveagh Street
Taylor, Miss Clara J., Ardeen, Antrim Road
Taylor, Mrs., grocer, Hillview Place, Ligoniel Road
Taylor, Mrs., sub-postmistress, 16 Woodvale Road
Taylor, Mrs., Sulby Villas, Larkfield Road
Taylor, Mrs., Florence Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Taylor, Mrs., Willow Grove, 66 Upper Newtownards Road
Taylor, Mrs. E. E., 3 Crescent Gardens
Taylor, N. K., buyer, 3 Cyrene Villas, Cliftonpark Avenue
Taylor, P., cabinet maker, 6 Derlett Street
Taylor, R., grocer, 55 Hanover Street
Taylor, R., carpenter, 49 Great Northern Street
Taylor, Rev. David A., A.M., D.D., secretary Presbyterian Orphan Society, Assembly Building, Fisherwick Place; res., Bertha House, University Road
Taylor, Rev. J. A., curate St. Thomas' Church, 126 Eglantine Avenue
Taylor, Richard, ornamentor, 30 Fifth Street
Taylor, Richard, traveller, 222 Duncairn Gardens
Taylor, Robert, fitter, 43 Turin Street
Taylor, Robert, mechanic, 18 Windsor Street
Taylor, Robert, rivetter, 2 Baskin Street
Taylor, Robert, plumber, 84 Portallo Street
Taylor, Robert, 96 Wellesley Avenue
Taylor, Robert, fitter, 8 Hillman Street
Taylor, Robert, painter, 36 Glenvarlock Street
Taylor, Robert, joiner, 163 Manor Street
Taylor, Robert, stationer, 1 Botanic Avenue
Taylor, Robert, engineer, 71 Castlereagh Street
Taylor, R. J., 75 Grampian Place, Holywood Road
Taylor, R. J., bookkeeper, 17 Ponsonby Avenue
Taylor, S., spinning master, 101 Portallo Street
Taylor, S., clerk, 57 McClure Street
Taylor, Samuel, painting master, Glenalla, Knockbreda Road
Taylor, Samuel C., art master, 6 Stranmillis Park
Taylor, Sara, publican, 21 Carlow Street
Taylor, Sara, publican, 16 Kendal Street
Taylor, S. G., commission agent, 109 Donegall Street
Taylor, Thomas, boiler maker, 22 Cheviot Avenue
Taylor, Thomas, plumber, 21 Mulhouse Street
Taylor, Thomas, secretary, 14 Pine Street
Taylor, Thomas, gardener, 35 Great Northern Street
Taylor, Thomas, financier, 71 Donegall Street
Taylor, Thomas, bookkeeper, 9 Kirk Street
Taylor, T. J., collector, 53 Woodvale Street
Taylor, T. J., clerk, 161 Upper Meadow Street
Taylor, V. C., iron founder, 81 Townsend Street
Taylor, W., clerk, 236 Hillman Street
Taylor, W., fitter, 51 Spamount Street
Taylor, W., brass finisher, 18 Beverley Street
Taylor, W., gas inspector, 60 Newport Street
Taylor, William, grocer, 141 Springfield Road
Taylor, William, clerk, 48 Woodlawn Avenue
Taylor, William, printer, 13 Sydney Street West
Taylor, William, packing case maker, 42? Wigton Street
Taylor, William, bread server, 22 Rosevale Street
Taylor, William, tinsmith, 110 Mountcollyer Avenue
Taylor, William, cloth passer, 50 Silvio Street
Taylor, William, stone finisher, 69 Malvern Street
Taylor, W. C., Accountant and Auditor, 4 Waring Street
Taylor, W. J., iron turner, 32 Hooker Street
Taylor, W. J., rivetter, 5 Perth Street
Taylor, William R., pattern maker, 46 Beverley Street
Taylor, W. R., & Co., hosiery manufacturers, valuers of hosiery machinery, 135 Donegall Street
Taylor & Morrow, linen merchants, 19 Bedford Street (first floor)
Taylor & Patton, provision merchants, 252 Grosvenor Road
Tea Bazaar, Hans Dunlop, manager, 160 Shankill Road
Teachers' Institute, 13 Lombard Street
Tedford, J., joiner, 110 Bristol Street
Tedford, J., & Co., ship chandlers and sail makers, 5 Donegall Quay
Tedford, James, coachman, 88 Wilcar Street
Tedford, Mrs., 7 Wellington Park
Tedford, S., builder and contractor, 317 Upper Newtownards Road
Tedford, Samuel, foreman Telephone Co., 1 Sandymount Cottages, off Belmont Road
Tedford, Sarah, dress maker, 37 Belmont Road
Tedford's posting establishment, 7 Sandymount Cottages, off Belmont Road
Teeney, James, boot closer, 10 Stratheden Street
Teeney, Samuel, tailor, 21 Derry Street
Teer, Daniel, ship carpenter, 38 Beechfield Street
Teer, R., yarn dresser, 17 Cavendish Street
Teer, William, clothier, 50 King Street, 23 Mill Street and 56a Bridge End
Tees, James, assistant superintendent Pearl Life Assurance, 26 Upper Frank Street
Tegert, Thomas, buyer, 16 Stranmillis Gardens
Teggart, Henry, chair maker, 13 Independent Street
Teggart, J., brick layer, 32 Fingal Street
Teggart, John, iron turner, 16 Colinward Street
Teggart, John, fish monger, 55 Newtownards Road
Teggart, Joseph, dealer, 82 Avon Street
Teggart, Joseph Charles, linen lapper, 211 Mayo Street
Teggart, Miss J., school teacher, 85 Melrose Street
Teggart, Mrs. J., Springvale, Everton Drive
Teggart, P., baker, 26 Richardson Street
Teggart, Robert, draper, Glenmore Terrace, 8 Castlereagh Place
Teggart, R., draper, 181a Albertbridge Road
Teggart, William, draper, 20 Beechnut Street
Teggart, William H., builder, 9 Battenberg Street
Teggart, W. J., joiner, 207 Mayo Street
Teirney, Patrick, plasterer, 33 Unity Street
Telegraph Buildings - Proprietors, W. & C. Baird Ltd., Letterpress and Lithographic Printers, Photo Process Engravers, Electrotypers, Bookbinders, Account Book Manufacturers and Wholesale Stationers; "Belfast Evening Telegraph," "Belfast Weekly Telegraph," "Ireland's Saturday Night," Larne Times, Ballymena Weekly Telegraph; Baird's Monthly Irish Railway and Steamboat Guide, Royal Avenue; Telephones, 173, 1130 & 1694; Despatch Offices, 1 to 13 Little Donegall Street; Res., R. H. H. Baird, J.P., 2 Liscard Terrace, Ormeau Road. Telephone No. 1623
Telfer, William, plater, 86 Ogilvie Street
Telford, David, damask mounter, 62 Rockview Street
Telford, G., tailor, 218 Old Lodge Road
Telford, James, rivetter, 5 Blaney Street
Telford, James, engineer, 21 Broadway
Telford, John, tailor, 28 Hartley Street
Telford, John, pig dealer, 75 Avon Street
Telford, Miss, 70 York Crescent, North Parade
Telford, Robert, telegraph clerk, 14 Stranmillis Gardens
Telford, Robert, turner, 35 Seventh Street
Telford, Robert, pastry baker, 14 Bourton Street
Telford, Samuel, pavior, 31 Pandora Street
Telford, Samuel, pavior, 35 McCandless Street
Telford, Samuel, sawyer, 12 Dunvegan Street
Telford, Thomas, foreman pavior, 42 Shaftesbury Avenue
Telford, William, mechanic, 37 Seventh Street
Telford, William, carpenter, 74 Enfield Street
Telford & Co., linen merchants and manufacturers, 9 Linenhall Street
Tempest, A., fish monger, 135a York Street and 1 Canning's Court
Tempest, A., fish monger, 399, 401 Newtownards Road
Tempest, Arthur, fish monger, 171 and 288 Shankill Road, 26 Woodvale Avenue and 7 Canning's Court
Temple, James, carpenter, Pernau Street
Temple, Mrs., 87 Maryville Terrace, Park Avenue
Templeton, Andrew, reeling master, 152 Cupar Street
Templeton, Archibald, time keeper, 15 Howe Street
Templeton, Charles, plumber, 199 Cambrai Street
Templeton, G., tailor and clothier, 92 Denmark Street
Templeton, G., painter, etc., 48 Percy Street
Templeton, George, clerk, 25 Queensland Street
Templeton, George, moulder, 37 Lorton Street
Templeton, George & James, wholesale clothing manufacturers, 14 Fairfax Street
Templeton, James, commercial traveller, 45 Sandymount Street
Templeton, James, clothier, 2 Cliff Villas, Glenburn Park
Templeton, J. B., bookkeeper, 3 Balfour Avenue
Templeton, John, grocer, 134 North Queen Street
Templeton, John, iron moulder, 42 Boundary Street
Templeton, John, compositor, 32 Bray Street
Templeton, John, rivetter, 10 Island Street
Templeton, John, grocer, 39 Ogilvie Street
Templeton, Joseph, painter, 74 Bellevue Street
Templeton, Lewis, brick layer, 35 Lorton Street
Templeton, Lizzie, milliner, 260 Newtownards Road
Templeton, Mrs. Henrietta, 58 Botanic Avenue
Templeton, Mrs., matron Working Boys' Home, 29 May Street
Templeton, Mrs., Templeville, Oldpark Road
Templeton, R., yarn dresser, 67 Northumberland Street
Templeton, Robert, tenter, Glenwood, Shankill Road
Templeton, R., car owner, 6 Tyne Street
Templeton, Robert, builder, 71 Coolfin Terrace, Belmont Church Road
Templeton, Robert, head postman, 11 Century Street
Templeton, Robert, moulder, 72 Carlow Street
Templeton, Samuel, dairy keeper, 13, 15 Beit Street
Templeton, T., cabinet maker, 1 Newport Street
Templeton, William, clerk, 9 Oberon Street
Templeton, William, house painter, 51 Beverley Street
Templeton, William, brass finisher, 37 Roden Street
Templeton, William, foreman mechanic, 16 Dunmoyle Street
Tennant, A. N., confectioner, 65 Ormeau Road
Tennant, Charles, & Co., chemical brokers and drysalters, 142 Royal Avenue; stores, 4 Kent Street
Tennant, Hugh, boot maker, 147 Euston Street
Tenner, Andrew, grocer, 2, 4 Antigua Street
Terrins, William, butcher, 32 Ardmoulin Street
Terrington, William, carpenter, 75 Brookmount Street
Teuton, Henry, packing case maker, 12 Hardcastle Street
Teuton, J., spinning master, 3 Ulsterdale Street
Teuton, William H., carpenter and packing case maker, 117 Joy Street
Tewkesbury, John, evangelist, 2 Roseleigh Street
Thallon, Mrs. Agnes, 169 University Street
Theatre Royal, 1, 3 Arthur Street - proprietors, Warden Ltd.; managing director, Fred. W. Warden, Avoniel, Bangor, Co. Down
The Abercorn Buffet, 7 Castle Lane
The Abercorn Hotel and Restaurant Ltd., E. Randewick, manager, 9, 11 Castle Lane
The Alpha Manufacturing Co., 57 Newtownards Road
The Antrim Iron Ore Co. Ltd. - Robert Brown, secretary - 4, 6 Victoria Street
The Antrim Manufacturing Co., 9 Maxwell Street
The Athletic Stores, Edwin C. Blakley, manager, 22 Bedford Street and 9, 11 Bridge Street
The Avenue Newsagency, 106 North Street
The Baltic Firewood Co., Ravenhill Road
The Bayer Co. Ltd., manufacturers of aniline, alizarine, and benzidine dye stuff, 33 Franklin Street
The Belfast Bleaching and Dyeing Co. Ltd., 3 Trelford Street
The Belfast Corporation Electric Light and Tramway Power Station, Laganbank Road
The Belfast Corporation Gas Stove Warehouse, Ormeau Road
The Belfast Corporation Main Drainage Pumping Station and Sewage Purification Depot, Northern Road
The Belfast Directory Co. Ltd., Compilers and Publishers of The Belfast and District Directory, Incorporating the Province of Ulster, 20 Rosemary Street
The Belfast Evening Telegraph, Evening Telegraph Publishing Office, 124 to 132 Royal Avenue
The Belfast Fancy Linen Co., 29 Adelaide Street
The Belfast Finishing Co. Laundry, 14 Grosvenor Road
The Belfast Hippodrome, H. Downs, managing director, Great Victoria Street; twice nightly
The Belfast Linen Handkerchief Co. Ltd., 2 Amelia Street
The Belfast Newsletter, Office & General Steam Printing and Publishing House, 55, 57, 59 Donegall Street
The Belfast Ropeworks Co. Ltd., John H. Smiles, manager, Newtownards Road
The Belfast Weekly News, publishing office, 55 Donegall Street
The Belfast Wool, Flock, & Waste Co., 28 and 33a Connswater Street
The Bodega Co. Ltd. - F. C. Kettle, Manager - 8, 10 Castle Lane
The British Law Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. - James Williamson, manager - 79 Royal Avenue
The Brittanic Assurance Co. Ltd., E. G. Wilson, superintendent, Arcade Buildings, 122 North Street
The Broughton and Plas Power Coal Co. Ltd., J. B. Cooper, agent, 3rd floor, Bank of Ireland Chambers, 93 Ann Street; telegraphic address, "Tonnelier"
The Burlington Hotel and Restaurant, Wm. Johnston, proprietor, 42, 44 York Street and 36 Great Victoria Street
The Central Insurance Co., Henry T. Cary, inspector, 57, 58 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
The Century Insurance Co. Ltd., James Rodgers, district manager, first floor, Deveney Chambers
The Edgar Home Laundry, Whitehall, Mrs. Hutcheson, matron
The Empire Typewriter Co. Ltd., G. F. Despard, manager. Tel. No. 1914
The Falls Road Carnegie Branch Library, Thomas Coulson, assistant librarian, Falls Road
The General Post Office - P. Sheridan, post master and surveyor - 32 Royal Avenue
The Globe Express Ltd., and Belfast Delivery Co., Local, Inland, and Foreign Carriers, B. Marsh, District Manager, 1 Queen's Square; Telephone No. 416
The Gresham Publishing Co. - J. Hill, District Manager, 28 Waring Street
The Hamman Turkish Baths - John North, Proprietor - 112 Donegall Street
The Hamilton Steam Laundry, J. Wallace, proprietor, 2 Sandy Row
The Hollins Mill Co., cotton spinners, Manchester; Belfast manager, S. Lee, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South
The Howard Stitching Co., Hemstitchers, 10 Howard Street
The Hustler Shoe Store, 31 North Street
The India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Co. Ltd. - R. H. C. Ramsey, Manager; res., Ramsdine, Bloomfield - 75 Ann Street. Telegraphic Address, "Silvergray" Telephone No. 597
The Indian Tea Stores, J. J. McKee, proprietor, 180 North Street
The Irish Incandescent Gas Light Agency, 26 Castle Street
The Irish Meat Co., John Jury, proprietor, 165 Cupar Street
The Irish Rope and Twine Co., Hardware Merchants and Ironmongers, 131 Castlereagh Road
The Irish Shroud & Frilling Co., S. Crooks, manager, 87a York Street
The Irish Times, Belfast branch office, 108 Royal Avenue
The Law Guarantee Trust Society Ltd., district agents, Stewart Blacker Quin & Co., Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South
The Linen Thread Co. Ltd., 16 Bedford Street
The Linenhall Linen Co., 23 Linenhall Street
The Linenhall Shirt & Collar Co., 8 Maxwell Street
The Lurgan Linen Co. (Ellis Bros.), linen manufacturers, 31 Franklin Street
The Main Drainage Pumping Station, 1 Duncrue Street
The Maypole Dairy Co., 120 Newtownards Road
The National Cash Register, 41 Rosemary Street
The National Finance Co. - T. Marcus, manager, 94 Royal Avenue
The New Hudson Cycle Ltd., P. H. Dods, manager, 108 Ann Street
The New Northern Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd., Flax Spinners and Linen Manufacturers, 1 to 5 Falls Road
The Northern Linen Co. Ltd., W. J. Jackson and J. F. Patterson, directors; A. M. Porter, secretary, 25, 27 Wellington Place
The Northern Whig Ltd., newspaper proprietors and letterpress printers, 7, 9 Victoria Street
The Nurses' Association, Miss Alderdice, matron, 20 Claremont Street
The Office Supplies Co., H. L. Rafter, Proprietor, 10 College Square East and Wellington Place
The Old Bushmills Distillery Co. Ltd., 9 to 21 Hill Street
The Orange Hall, Doherty Johnston, caretaker, 206 Sandy Row
The Palace Tea and Dairy Stores, 156 Sandy Row
The Paragon Laundry, Wilson, W. M., 171, 181 McClure Street
The People's Palace, Orphan's Home, and Training Institute for the Cripple Children of Ireland, A. C. Brown, Utility Street
The Popular Drapery Co., 3 Iveagh Chambers (1st floor)
The Queen Cafe, 4, 6 Queen's Arcade
The Queen's Linen Co., 27 Queen's Arcade
The Ravenhill Brickworks, T. H. Rea, owner, Ravenhill Road
The Richardson Co., chemists, druggists, and grocers, 51 Donegall Pass
The River Plate Fresh Meat Co.; branches, 89 Albertbridge Road, 116 Sandy Row, 227 and 146 Newtownards Road
The Rosebank Weaving Co. Ltd., manufacturers, Flax Street
The Rosin and Turpentine Import Co. Ltd., sole agent for Ireland, Thomas McMullen & Co., 40 to 44 Victoria Street
The Royal Damask Weaving Factory, John Shaw Brown & Sons, proprietors, 6 Ardoyne Village
The Royal Irish Distilleries, Dunville & Co. Ltd., Distillery Street
The Sabbath School Society for Ireland, John Lynn, Manager, 2 Assembly Buildings, Fisherwick Place
The Salvation Army Central Citadel, 30 Dublin Road, Watford, Adjutant; residence, 24 Canterbury Street
The Savoy - Confectioners, 12 Donegall Place
The School of Languages, Monsieur Noel Dyer, B.A., principal (3rd floor) 14 Howard Street
The Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, H. Robertson, Resident Secretary, 9 Donegall Square North
The Scottish Life Assurance Co. Ltd., John S. Hogg, Secretary, (1st floor) 12 High Street
The Scottish National Key Registry and Assurance Association Ltd., T. Thompson, agent, 42 Upper Arthur Street
The Scottish Temperance Life and Accident Assurance Co. Ltd., J. T. McDonald, Scottish Temperance Buildings, 16 Donegall Square South
The Smith Premier Typewriter Co., R. T. Currie, manager, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South
The Standard Loan Co., 5 Rosemary Street
The Standard Produce Co., offices of Belfast Forage and Peat Litter Co., 73 Great Patrick Street
The Star Manufacturing Co., Brewery Buildings, 69 Sandy Row
The Sunbeam Acetylene Gas Co. Ltd., acetylene gas fittings and accessories manufacturers, Matthew W. Jackson, managing director, 52 Upper Arthur Street
The Tyrone Co., sale and livery yard, D. Crothers, yardman, 5 Hamilton Street
The Ulster Guardian Co., 20 Rosemary Street
The Ulster Dairy Co. (head office, 53, 55 Glengall Street), 13 Queen's Arcade
The Ulster Debt Inquiry and Commission Agents, 109 Donegall Street
The Ulster Spinning Co. Ltd., flax spinners and weavers, factory and head office, Falls Road; managing directors, William Coates, C. H. Duffin, John Montgomery; secretary, T. H. Ham, 15 Falls Road
The United Asbestos Co. Ltd., 40 Donegall Quay
The Vienna Photo Art Co., W. L. Allison, proprietor, 14 Queen's Arcade
The Warden Publishing Co., Rev. J. H. Moran, general editor, 141 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square South
The Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Co., Sewing Machine Manufacturers, 12 Dublin Road
The Willowpark Dairy Depot, 23 Shaftesbury Square
The Yost Typewriter Co. Ltd., typewriter manufacturers, supplies, shorthand and typewriter instructors, copying; office, 13 Rosemary Street
Tholme, Alex., joiner, 19 Carmel Street
Thom, John, boiler maker, 127 Parkgate Avenue
Thom, Mrs., draper, 58 Duncairn Gardens
Thomas, Agnes, 34a University Road
Thomas, Alex., upholsterer, 35 Newry Street
Thomas, Alfred, musician, 34 Palestine Street
Thomas, E., bookkeeper, 30 Glantane Street
Thomas, Elizabeth, 105 Antrim Road
Thomas, E. W., marine engineer, of Harland & Wolf, Winston, Marlborough Park
Thomas, George, brass finisher, 16 Austin Street
Thomas, George, boiler maker, 28 Harland Street
Thomas, H. L., hair dresser, perfumer, and wig maker, 9 Lombard Street
Thomas, John, foreman, 116 Dee Street
Thomas, Joseph, engine driver, 5 Ruth Street
Thomas, Joseph, butcher, 45 Old Lodge Road
Thomas, J. H., chief clerk Board of Trade, surveyor's office, Custom House
Thomas, J. Leigh, traveller, 2 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Thomas, Mrs., 75 Cabragh Terrace, Belmont Church Road
Thomas, Mrs.  publican, Railway Hotel, Greencastle
Thomas, P. W., accountant, Helmsley, Central Avenue, Marlborough Park
Thomas, T. M., auditor and accountant, 56 Upper Queen Street; res., Alfreston, Belmont Church Road
Thomas, William, flax dresser, 79 Ardilea Street
Thomas & Co., general house furnishers, 6 to 10 Chichester Street
Thomlinson's Ltd., Handkerchief Manufacturers, 27 Pakenham Street; Res., Robert Thomlinson, Rossmoyne, Malone Park
Thompson, A., Belfast and Glasgow Boot Repairing Co., 61 Shankill Road
Thompson, A., engineer, 49 Lomond Avenue
Thompson, A., Painter and Decorator, 44 Dublin Road
Thompson, A., saddler, 32 Rainey Street
Thompson, A., shipwright, 7 Clarendon Avenue
Thompson, A., printer, 35 Barrow Street
Thompson, A., cabinet maker, 8 Dagmar Street
Thompson, A., coal merchant, 1 Larch Street
Thompson, A., marine store dealer, 32 Millfield
Thompson, Abbey, dress maker, 84 Upper Canning Street
Thompson, Acheson H., The Elms, 9 Cyprus Avenue
Thompson, Alex., linen sample maker, 144 Ainsworth Avenue
Thompson, Alex., fitter, 2 Ulsterdale Street
Thompson, Alex., joiner, 15 Jerusalem Street
Thompson, Alex., rivetter, 82 Malvern Street
Thompson, Alex., confectioner, Merlin, Deramore Drive
Thompson, Alex., rivetter, 3 Beechwood Street
Thompson, Alex., Customs, 25 Haypark Avenue
Thompson, Alex., agent, 51 Glenbrook Avenue
Thompson, Alex., proprietor Royal Hotel, 11 Wellington Place
Thompson, Alex., publican, 5 Methuen Street
Thompson, Alex. H., upholsterer, 27 Melrose Street
Thompson, Andrew, carpenter, 14 Ravensdale Street
Thompson, Annie, costumier, 15a Cromac Street
Thompson, Arthur, printer, Rockmount, 17 Castlereagh Place
Thompson, A. E., grocer, 30 Crosscollyer Street
Thompson, A. G., druggist, 101 Enfield Street
Thompson, A. M., tea and provision dealer, 58 and 214 Newtownards Road
Thompson, A. W., handkerchief hem stitcher and finisher, 6 Edgar Street; res., 390 Ravenhill Road
Thompson Bros., French Cleaners, Art Dyers, and Carpet Beaters, 13a Arthur Square
Thompson, B., fitter, 49 Finvoy Street
Thompson, Charles, traveller, Geraint, 4 Bawnmore Road
Thompson, Charles, carpenter, 28 Dufferin Street
Thompson, Charles, carpenter, 23 Ilchester Street
Thompson, C. A., agent for Farrie & Co. Ltd., sugar refiners, Liverpool, 61 Church Lane
Thompson, D., blacksmith, 2 Church Street East
Thompson, D., yarn salesman, Ardeen, 52 Eglantine Avenue
Thompson, D., gardener, Bertha House Lodge, Windsor Avenue
Thompson, D., hay dealer, 144 Agnes Street
Thompson, D., grocer, 59 Percy Street
Thompson, David, optician, 6 Clifton Street
Thompson, David, assistant superintendent Prudential Insurance Co., 131 Cliftonpark Avenue
Thompson, David, boiler maker, 38 Harvey Street
Thompson, David, caulker, 43 Tyne Street
Thompson, David, tinsmith, 34 Spring Street
Thompson, David, grocer, 43 Fox Street
Thompson, D. J., agent for James Couttie & Sons, Dundee, 1 Oxford Street
Thompson, D. J., Midlothian, 16 Cyprus Avenue
Thompson, D. J., telegraphist, 13 Clifton Crescent
Thompson, E. & Co., sculptors, 27a Donegall Place
Thompson, E., confectioner, 113 Beechfield Street
Thompson, E., winding master, 59 Cambrai Street
Thompson, E., publican, 29, 31 Henrietta Street
Thompson, E., publican, 50, 52 Joy Street
Thompson, Edmund, stone carver, 7 Carlisle Street
Thompson, Edward, hair dresser, 64 Ann Street
Thompson, Edward, hair dresser, 39 Lisburn Avenue
Thompson, Elizabeth, 71 University Avenue
Thompson, Elizabeth, publican, 7 Hemsworth Street
Thompson, E. McK. (Thompson, Kate Evelyn), insurance and commission agent, 53 Waring Street
Thompson, Fred., agent for Champions, Davis, & Company, Bristol, and Joshua Gibson, Manchester, 1 Oxford Street
Thompson, G., commercial traveller, 1 Clifton Crescent
Thompson, G., rivetter, 4 Carnalea Street
Thompson, George, foreman, 7 Spamount Street
Thompson, George, plumber, 162 Madrid Street
Thompson, George, painter, 25 Majestic Street
Thompson, George, traveller, 57 Willowfield Street
Thompson, George, tailor, 14 Distillery Street
Thompson, George, shipwright, 35 Frankfort Street
Thompson, George, clerk, 23 Eglinton Street
Thompson, George, brick layer, 51 Bann Street
Thompson, George, carpenter, 39 Banbury Street
Thompson, H., joiner, 83 Mountcollyer Road
Thompson, Henry, tenter, 25 Tobergill Street
Thompson, Henry, cabinet maker, 169 Snugville Street
Thompson, Henry, plumber, 54 Mountcollyer Street
Thompson, Henry, clerk, 1 Marsden Gardens
Thompson, Henry, traveller, 39 My Lady's Road
Thompson, Henry, dealer and grocer, 44 Rathcoole Street
Thompson,  Herbert M., barrister-in-law, 142 Royal Avenue; res., 95 Eglantine Avenue
Thompson, Hill, sexton St. Enoch's Church, 7 Pim Street
Thompson, Hugh, baker, 54 Newcastle Street
Thompson, Hugh, joiner, 6 Toronto Street
Thompson, Hugh, merchant, 95 Upper Newtownards Road
Thompson, Hugh, linen merchant, The Limes, Malone Park
Thompson, Hugh, driller, 140 Roden Street
Thompson, Hugh, grocer, 1 Brookmount Terrace, Cregagh Road
Thompson, Hugh, tailor, 181 Templemore Avenue
Thompson, H. J., flax dresser, 115 Cambrai Street
Thompson, Isaac, clerk, 12 Cooke Street
Thompson, Isaac, driller, 104 Beresford Street
Thompson, Isaac, driller, 8 Loftus Street
Thompson, J., excise officer, 469 Rockmere Terrace, Falls Road
Thompson, J. dairy keeper, 100 Ravenhill Avenue
Thompson, J., brass finisher, 42 Belvoir Street
Thompson, J., rivetter, 127 Nelson Street
Thompson, J., carpenter, 21 Beverley Street
Thompson, J., car owner, 9 Earl Lane
Thompson, J., fitter, 15 Blythe Street
Thompson, J., driller, 72 Convention Street
Thompson, J., clerk, 126 Rugby Avenue
Thompson, J., brass founder, 21 Syringa Street
Thompson, J., blacksmith, 40 McMaster Street
Thompson, J., gardener, Thornhill back lodge, Cranmore Park
Thompson, J., M.D., M.P.S.I., surgery and medical hall, 100 Peter's Hill; res., 28 Lonsdale Terrace, Crumlin Road
Thompson, J., LL.D., M.D., 73 Malone Avenue
Thompson, James, compositor, 13 Rusholme Street
Thompson, James, tailor, 30 Wesley Street
Thompson, James, photographer, 4 Stranmillis Gardens
Thompson, James, photographer, 26 Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place
Thompson, James, 42 Wellington Park
Thompson, James, plater, 89 Mountcollyer Avenue
Thompson, James, farmer, Fern Glen, Glencairn Road
Thompson, James, draper, 77 Shankill Road
Thompson, James, linen lapper, 3 Oakville Terrace, Oldpark Road
Thompson, James, customs officer, 12 Garfield Terrace, Salisbury Avenue
Thompson, James, painter, 71 Roden Street
Thompson, James, Henryville House
Thompson, James, engine driver, 5 Altcar Street
Thompson, James, insurance agent, 279 Conway Street
Thompson, James, joiner, 88 Hanover Street
Thompson, James, shoe maker, 7 Foundry Street
Thompson, James, handkerchief manufacturer, Penrhyn House, Belmont Church Road
Thompson, James, traveller, 26 Castlereagh Place
Thompson, James, driller, 49 Willowfield Cottages
Thompson, James, pressman, 50 Carlisle Street
Thompson, James, draper, 274 Cambrai Street
Thompson, James, spirit grocer, 46 Battenberg Street
Thompson, James, glass agent and importer, 87 Donegall Street
Thompson, James, solicitor, 97 Donegall Street
Thompson, James, fitter, 5 Louisa Street
Thompson, James, plumber, 31 Daisyfield Street
Thompson, James, cabinet maker, 20 Jocelyn Street
Thompson, James, stationer, 6 Indiana Avenue
Thompson, James, fitter, 19 Oswald Street
Thompson, James, linen lapper, 13 Percy Street
Thompson, James, tailor, 10 Norton Street
Thompson, James, boiler maker, 21 Lecumpher Street
Thompson, James A., traveller, 190 Woodstock Road
Thompson, James, & Sons, linen manufacturers, 1 Havelock Street; landry, Havelock Place (laundry)
Thompson, James B., manufacturers' agent, 98 Malone Avenue
Thompson, J. A., & Co., handkerchief and fancy linen manufacturers, 20 to 22 Hope Street
Thompson, J. A., plumber, 38 Summer Street
Thompson, J. B., electrical engineer, 14 Rochester Street
Thompson, J. B., agent, 25 Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square East
Thompson, J. C., tea agent, 3 Customhouse Square
Thompson, J. E., salesman, 1 Northland Villas, Cliftonville Circus
Thompson, J. H., bookkeeper, 7 Eblana Street
Thompson, J. H., marine engineer, 5 Glenarm Terrace, Shore Road
Thompson, J. H., bookkeeper, 57 Richardson Street
Thompson, J. M., & Co., clothing, costume, and mantle manufacturers, 67, 69 Mill Street
Thompson, J. McD., pattern maker, 38 Kensington Avenue
Thompson, J. Pim, stock broker, Ardagh, 77 Earlswood Road
Thompson, J. & R., builders and contractors, Roden Street
Thompson, J. W., rougher, 5 Salisbury Place
Thompson, Jeanie, Beechwood Park Dairy, 340 Upper Beersbridge Road
Thompson, John, painter, 249 Tennent Street
Thompson, John, joiner, 136 Earl Street
Thompson, John, car owner, 15 Crane Court
Thompson, John, accountant, Fernleigh, Cranmore Gardens
Thompson, John, painter, 75 Dunluce Avenue
Thompson, John, shipwright, 165 Bloomfield Avenue
Thompson, John, machinist, 22 Cheviot Avenue
Thompson, John, clerk, 39 Hartington Street
Thompson, John, baker, 8 Euston Street
Thompson, John, dairyman, Ballysillan Road
Thompson, John, ship carpenter, 50 Dunraven Avenue
Thompson, John, driller, 9 Gosford Street
Thompson, John, car owner, 3 Combermere Street
Thompson, John, baker, 91 Brittanic Street
Thompson, John, moulder, 16 Ninth Street
Thompson, John, fitter, 4 Mountview Street
Thompson, John, agent, Heathcote, North Parade
Thompson, John, tailor, 20 Linfield Road
Thompson, John, painter, 16 Lilliput Street
Thompson, John, grocer, 6 North Thomas Street
Thompson, John, bread server, 35 Woodvale Road
Thompson, John, 5 University Avenue
Thompson, John, traveller, 42 Windsor Road
Thompson, John, Victoria Factory, 26, 28 Little Victoria Street
Thompson, John, shirt and collar factory, 29 to 33 Little Victoria Street
Thompson, John, joiner, 78 Westbourne Street
Thompson, John, plasterer, 97 Riga Street
Thompson, John, & Son Ltd., Millers and Grain Merchants, Donegall Quay Mills, 21 to 25 Gamble Street and 15, 17 Tomb Street. Telegraphic Address, "Maize," telephone No. 407
Thompson, Joseph, hair dresser, 79, 81 James Street
Thompson, Joseph, iron forger, 14 Woodlawn Avenue
Thompson, Joseph, tea merchant, Gowerton, Green Road
Thompson, Joseph, hair dresser, 112 Spamount Street
Thompson, Joseph, fireman, 4 Symons Street
Thompson, Joseph, carrier, Andersonstown, Falls Road
Thompson, Joseph, miller and merchant, 340 Upper Newtownards Road
Thompson, Joseph, & Co., grocers and provision merchants, 232 Newtownards Road
Thompson, Joseph, grocer, 69 Lancaster Street
Thompson, J. C., principal Oldpark National School
Thompson, John, J.P., Mountcollyer, Malone Road
Thompson, John K., agent for Holbrook Ltd., Birmingham, 105 Royal Avenue
Thompson, John M., electrician, 93 Great Northern Street
Thompson, J., & Co. Ltd., Booksellers, Book and Tract Depository, Stationers, Letterpress Printers, Bookbinders, Newsagents, Lending Library, Military Books, and Stationery a Speciality, School and College Requisites, 99 Donegall Street
Thompson, Kelly, & Co., linen manufacturers and merchants, 29 Linenhall Street
Thompson, M., grocer's assistant, 53 Cedar Avenue
Thompson, M., bread server, 16 Little Distillery Street
Thompson, M., draper, 46 Sandy Row
Thompson, Margaret, grocer, 63 Fraser Street
Thompson, Margaret, grocer, 273, 275 Beersbridge Road
Thompson, Maria, 84 Eglantine Avenue
Thompson, Mary, draper, 135 Divis Street
Thompson, Mary, costumier, 8 Percy Street
Thompson, Mary J., grocer, 23 Byron Street
Thompson, McVea, & Bannister, warehousemen, 15 Donegall Street
Thompson, M. B., manager Old Public Bakery, 21 Newington Avenue
Thompson, Miss, 87 Ulsterville Gardens
Thompson, Miss, 54 University Street
Thompson, Mrs., grocer, 49, 51 Belmont Road
Thompson, Mrs., 10 Fountainville Avenue
Thompson, Mrs., 24 Deramore Drive
Thompson, Mrs., grocer, 43 Beechpark Street
Thompson, Mrs., Seaforth, Dundela Avenue
Thompson, Mrs., Jennymount, Malone Road
Thompson, Mrs., 48 Mountcharles
Thompson, Mrs. Agnes, saleroom, 59 Sandy Row
Thompson, Mrs. Ellen, publican, 23 Oldpark Road
Thompson, Mrs. J., Ellerslie, Windsor Park
Thompson, Mrs. M., 16 Cedar Avenue
Thompson, Mrs. R., 20 Chichester Avenue
Thompson, Mrs. Rose Anne, servants' agency, 10 Joy Street
Thompson, Neil, plumber, 32 Convention Street
Thompson, P., rivetter, 61 Glasgow Street
Thompson, R., grocer, 38, 40 Ambleside Street
Thompson, R., jeweller, 29 Rushfield Avenue
Thompson, R., plater, 39 Spamount Street
Thompson, R., tobacconist, 320 Woodstock Road
Thompson, Rev. George, Cliftonville Presbyterian Church, Clifton Street Manse
Thompson, Rev. E., Unitarian minister, 20 Orient Gardens
Thompson, Rev. J. B., The Manse, Castlereagh
Thompson, R., cloth passer, 27 Ardgowan Street
Thompson, R., grocer, 210 Duncairn Gardens
Thompson, R., moulder, 123 Brookmount Street
Thompson, R., builder & contractor, Dundela Villa, 187 Holywood Road
Thompson, Robert, plumber, 3 Crosby Street
Thompson, Robert, joiner, 17 Brussels Street
Thompson, Robert, fitter, 93 Clementine Street
Thompson, Robert, painter, 61 Hudson Street
Thompson, Robert, carpenter, 37 Eglinton Street
Thompson, Robert, joiner, 47 Jaffa Street
Thompson, Robert, tenter, 25 Everton Street
Thompson, Robert, carpenter, 31 Donnybrook Street
Thompson, Robert, harbour constable, 7 Sussex Street
Thompson, Robert, joiner, 66 Mountcollyer Avenue
Thompson, Robert, baker, 24 Willowfield Street
Thompson, Robert, iron turner, 91 Disraeli Street
Thompson, R. J., insurance agent, 59 Upper Glenfarne Street
Thompson, R. James, clerk, 49 Maryville Street
Thompson, Robert James, Clonkeen, Osborne Park
Thompson, S., salesman, 43 Newington Avenue
Thompson, S., bank clerk, 28 Indiana Avenue
Thompson, S., iron moulder, 45 Halcombe Street
Thompson, S., tailor, 5, 7 Edlingham Street
Thompson, S., tailor, 32 Tavanagh Street
Thompson, S., timber merchant, 13 Roe Street
Thompson, S., mechanic, 42 Avonbeg Street
Thompson, S., mechanic, 30 Bootle Street
Thompson, S., joiner, 41 Woodstock Road
Thompson, S., painter, 22 Rosebery Street
Thompson, S., insurance agent, 8 Elaine Street
Thompson, Samuel, joiner, 12 Willowfield Gardens
Thompson, Samuel, flax dresser, 79 Lawnbrook Avenue
Thompson, Samuel, fitter, 9 Olive Street
Thompson, Samuel, merchant tailor, 87 Cedar Avenue
Thompson, Samuel, carpenter's yard, Diamond Street
Thompson, Samuel, hackle setter, 41 Sixth Street
Thompson, Samuel, tailor, 48 Stratheden Street
Thompson, Samuel, clerk, 21 Upper Townsend Street
Thompson, Samuel, builder, 3 Vignette Terrace, Woodvale Road
Thompson, Samuel, clerk, 10 Baskin Street
Thompson, Samuel, Inver, Knockdeane Park
Thompson, Samuel, flax dresser, 54 Hooker Street
Thompson, Samuel, clerk, 41 Mount Street
Thompson, Samuel, baker, 7 Majestic Street
Thompson, Samuel, assistant superintendent G.P.O., 19 Glenvar, Maryville Park
Thompson, Stafford, iron moulder, 41 Comber Street
Thompson, Susana, confectioner, 123 Castlereagh Road
Thompson, S. B., telegraphist, 5 Brookvale Drive
Thompson, S. R., veterinary surgeon, 56, 58 Chichester Street
Thompson, S. S., publican, 95, 97 Argyle Street
Thompson, T., engine driver, 10 Mountcollyer Street
Thompson, T., butcher, 106 Sandy Row
Thompson, T., boiler maker, 8 Cable Street
Thompson, T., engineer, 62 Brookmount Street
Thompson, T., machinist, 36 Howe Street
Thompson, The Misses, dress makers, 15 Cherrymount Terrace, Crumlin Road
Thompson, Thomas, grocer, 64 Egmont Street
Thompson, Thomas, driller, 138 Larkfield Road
Thompson, Thomas, joiner, 9 Stoneyford Street
Thompson, Thomas, fitter, 250 Beersbridge Road
Thompson, Thomas, rent agent, 163 Grosvenor Road; Telephone No. 286X
Thompson, Thomas, driller, 1 Irwell Street
Thompson, Thomas, electrician, 10 Leitrim Street
Thompson, Thomas, master stone cutter, 142 Manor Street
Thompson, Thomas, insurance agent, 12 Palestine Street
Thompson, Thomas, dealer, 68 Woodvale Avenue
Thompson, Thomas, clerk, 48 Sandymount Street
Thompson, Thomas, draper, 27 Gresham Street
Thompson, Thomas, dairyman, Lagan Cottage, Stranmillis Gardens
Thompson, Thomas, joiner, 5 Lowwood Terrace, Shore Road
Thompson, Thomas, linen lapper, 92 Maryville Street
Thompson, Thomas A., caretaker, 33 Glenallen Street
Thompson, Thomas H., principal Tennent Street Central N.S., Geoffrey Street
Thompson, Thomas H., confectioner, 280 Upper Newtownards Road
Thompson, Thomas W., boot maker, 125 Vernon Street
Thompson, V., shirt maker, 55 Woodstock Road
Thompson, W., linesman, 41 Jennymount Terrace, York Road
Thompson, W., clerk, 12 Sintonville Avenue
Thompson, W., hardware merchant, 12 Shankill Road
Thompson, W., newsagent, 2 St. Alban's Gardens
Thompson, W., commercial traveller, 352 Ravenhill Road
Thompson, W., secretary, 291 Oldpark Road
Thompson, W., iron moulder, 14 Beverley Street
Thompson, W., print cutter, 11 Hillview Street
Thompson, W., joiner, 22 Hazelfield Street
Thompson, Walter, carpenter, 36 Hillman Street
Thompson, William, Innisfallen, Annadale Avenue
Thompson, William, fitter, 21 Glencollyer Street
Thompson, William, fitter, 58 Earl Street
Thompson, William, linen lapper, 4 Carrington Street
Thompson, William, stone works, 8 Cliftonpark Avenue
Thompson, William, smith, 42 Institution Place
Thompson, William, fitter, 39 Frankfort Street
Thompson, William, postman, 18 Wesley Street
Thompson, William, carpenter, 63 Walton Street
Thompson, William, farmer, Stormount, Glencairn Road
Thompson, William, upholsterer, 6 Westcott Street
Thompson, William, stone cutter, 36 Raleigh Street
Thompson, William, baker, 48 Jerusalem Street
Thompson, William, baker, 7 Dewey Street
Thompson, William, driller, 28 Margate Street
Thompson, W. A., carpenter, 16 Zetland Street
Thompson, W. A., card cutter, 23 Mersey Street
Thompson, W. G., hall keeper, Exhibition Hall, Botanic Avenue
Thompson, W. J., bookkeeper, 19 Annadale Street
Thompson, W. J., foreman, 10 Madras Street
Thompson, W. J., manager, 65 Edinburgh Street
Thompson, W. J., plumber and gasfitter, 119 Cambrai Street
Thompson, W. R., saleroom, 13 Shankill Road
Thompson, W. R., joiner, 9 Maymount Street
Thompson & Falloon, spirit grocers, 29 Barton Street
Thompson & McCammon, stock and share brokers, 14 Donegall Square West
Thompson & Co., provision merchants, 165 Sandy Row
Thompson & Son, Confectioners and Restaurateurs, 14 Donegall Place; Luncheon Bar, 31 Castle Lane
Thompson, Falconer, & Co., accountants and auditors, 108, 109 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Thompson's Luncheon and Tea Rooms, 27a Donegall Place
Thomson, Alfred, linen, yarn and cotton agent, 7 Donegall Square East; res., 1 College Park East
Thomson, F., baker, 58 Templemore Avenue
Thomson, James, wholesale and retail china and hardware merchant, 123 Albertbridge Road
Thomson, Joseph H., clerk, 42 Kansas Avenue
Thomson, J. M., principal Rea Memorial N.S.; res., 138 Rugby Avenue
Thomson, Peter, newsagent and tobacconist, 106a Corporation Street
Thomson, Robert, M.B., surgeon, 150 Donegall Pass
Thomson, R. S., traveller, 1 Balfour Avenue
Thomson, S., tailor, 59 Crosby Street
Thomson, S. & W., agents, Union Chambers, 7 Waring Street
Thomson, W. J., agent, Union Chambers, 7 Waring Street
Thomson, W. S., & Co., agent for steamship lines, 25 Victoria Street
Thomson, W. S., & Co. Ltd., W. Scott Hayward, representative, Atlantic Buildings, 28 Waring Street
Thomson & Co., Agents for Pacific, Allan, American, Dominion, C.P.R., Warren, German-Lloyd, Orient, Pacific, Federal, Houldershire, Shaw-Saville, New Zealand Shipping Co.'s, and Carron Lines of Steamers; Res., A. Thomson, Altamount, Bangor
Thomson Ltd., Dyers and Cleaners, 70 Ann Street; Works at Perth; Tel. No. 379
Thornbury Brothers Ltd., builders and contractors, 12, 14 Wynford Street
Thornsett, Mrs., Kincord Villa, Earlswood Road
Thornton, Henry George, red leader, 3 Lower Rockview Street
Thornton, J. G., clerk, 5 Crosscollyer Street
Thornton, Thomas, printer, 28 Cairo Street
Thornton, William, gardener, 25 Peveril Street 
Thornton, William, hackle maker, 16 Belair Street
Thornton & Co., printers, 226 Albertbridge Road
Thornton & Co. Ltd., Indiarubber and Waterproof Manufacturers, 24, 26 Donegall Place
Thorpe, James, brush maker, 28 Joseph Street
Thorpe, Mrs., 27 Lisburn Road
Thorpe, N., Mutual Insurance agent, 12 Fingall Street
Thronsen, Daniel, baker, 14 Russell Street
Thurley, E., ordnance survey, 43 Fortwilliam Parade
Thursley, Thomas, stone cutter, 10 Dromara Street
Tiernan, J., publican, 4, 6 Prince's Street
Tiernan, John, spirit grocer, 50 Tate's Avenue
Tierney, J., commission agent, 105 University Avenue
Tierney, J., commission agent, 43a High Street
Tierney, J., inland revenue officer, 104 Stranmillis Road
Tierney, James, ruler, 61 Vernon Street
Tierney, Richard, tailor, 6 Violet Street
Tierney, Richard T., plumber, 3 Mountcollyer Street
Tierney, William Patrick, iron dresser, 16 Gibson Street
Tiffin, W. C., bookkeeper, 129 My Lady's Road
Tillatson & Son Ltd., art printers, Gosney, J., 2nd floor, 28 Queen Street
Tilley, E., rent agent, 139 Oldpark Road
Tilley, James W. E., architect, 5 Ashley Avenue
Tilley, Thomas, printer, 206 Snugville Street
Tillie, Alexander, & Co., linen manufacturers, 23 Bedford Street
Tilly, William, fitter, 18 Albany Street
Tilsley, J. H., representative Cadbury Bros., 4 Iveagh Chambers, 1st floor; res., Bourneville, Ashley Gardens
Tilson, F., gardener, 16 Sylvan Street
Timbey, J., compositor, 18 Athol Street
Timbey, Robert James, 2 Acorn Villas, Lisburn Road
Timbey & Co., lithographers, general printers and linen ornament manufacturers, 3 Franklin Street; res., Carlindean, 6 Windsor Avenue North
Timmin, T.., insurance agent, 100 Roden Street
Timoney, T. J., North Star Hotel, 13 Gamble Street
Tincley, L., drapers 231 Newtownards Road
Tindall, William M., Ordnance Surveyor, 23 Victoria Gardens
Tiney, Joseph, skirt manufacturer, Summerhill, Barnett's Road
Tinsdale, G., compositor, 145 Agnes Street
Tinsley, Arthur, Ulster Bank, Donegall Place, res., Southcroft, Cranmore Park
Tinsley, F. N., bookkeeper, 9 Ardmore Avenue
Tinsley, John, bookkeeper, Clondara Buildings, Falls Road
Tinsley, Mrs., 11 Ulsterville Avenue
Tipping, Alfred, resident secretary Life Association of Scotland, 37 Donegall Place
Tipping, John, baker, 52 Upper Glenfarne Street
Tipping, Robert, tailor, 88 Crimea Street
Tirney, Richard, tailor, 42 Clowney Street
Titley, Joseph, tailor, 16 Athens Street
Titmans, George, brick layer, 33 Vicarage Street
Titterington, D., butcher, 283 Beersbridge Road
Titterington, D., traveller, 22 Glenbrook Avenue
Titterington, D., butcher, 336 Upper Beersbridge Road
Titterington, Hugh, postman, 34 Melrose Street
Titterington, J., boot maker, 341 Newtownards Road
Titterington, James, boot maker, 1 Greenville Road
Titterington, John, engineer, 21 Baden-Powell Street
Titterington, John, rivetter, 51 Isoline Street
Toal, Ann, grocer, 33 Balaclava Street
Toal, Francis, traveller, Ratcliffe Street
Toal, H., foreman G.N. Railway, 131 McDonnell Street
Toal, John, hackler, 73 Herbert Street
Toal, William, boiler maker, 29 Foundry Street
Todd, Albert, clerk, 17 St. Ive's Gardens
Todd, Alex., milkman, 9 Cavehill Bridge Houses, Cavehill Road
Todd, Alex., hair dresser, 92 Crimea Street
Todd, Andrew, foreman, 22 Everton Street
Todd, Andrew, baker, 5 Haywood Avenue
Todd, Andrew, salesman, 20 Erskine Street
Todd, Charles, barber, 1 Turin Street
Todd, Charles, engine driver, 58 London Street
Todd, C. H., principal Ballymacarrett Road National School; res., Wolsley Villa, Bloomfield
Todd, David, agent, 3 Hopefield Avenue
Todd, E., plasterer, 20 Weir Street
Todd, E. W., Inverarnan, Marsdene, Cyprus Park
Todd, F., flesher, 158 Antrim Road
Todd, Frank, butcher, 104 and 274 Shankill Road
Todd, Frank, butcher, 31 Cliftonville Avenue
Todd, Florence, Miss, 16 Willowbank Street
Todd, George, painter, 10 Steen's Row
Todd, H., platers' helper, 50 Aberdeen Street
Todd, Henry, commission agent, 28 Queen Street
Todd, Henry, house agent, 107 Donegall Street; res., Newington, 33 Eglantine Avenue
Todd, Horatio R. D., P.H.S., L.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist, 72 Klondyke Buildings, Holywood Road
Todd, Isaac, engineer, 22 Mountcollyer Avenue
Todd, J., builder, Lake Glen, Falls Road
Todd, J., flax dresser, 8 Walton Street
Todd, J, managing director of Gibson & Co. Ltd, Donegall Place; Clarinda, Somerton Road
Todd, J., boot maker, 69 Montrose Street
Todd, James, horse shoer, 6, 15, 17 Woodstock Street
Todd, James, mechanic, 44 Third Avenue
Todd, James, flax dresser, 7 Blakely Street
Todd, James, pavior, 61 Grosvenor Road
Todd, James, wholesale and retail hardware and china merchants, 39 Oldpark Road
Todd, James, master slater, 71a Percy Street
Todd, James P., cutter, 30 Evelyn Gardens
Todd, John, rivetter, 253 Grosvenor Road
Todd, John, clerk, 84 Stranmillis Road
Todd, John, grocer, 5 Woodstock Road
Todd, John, cabinet maker, 44 Upper Meadow Street
Todd, John, clerk, 164 Ainsworth Avenue
Todd, John, linen lapper, 9 Bootle Street
Todd, John, baker, 74 Ogilvie Street
Todd, John, hackle maker, 38 Upper Charleville Street
Todd, John, brick layer, 16 Limestone Road
Todd, Mrs., Ethelville, 60 Earlswood Road
Todd, Mrs., St. Gottard, 5 Clonlee Drive
Todd, N., rougher, 16 Legnarea Street (Legnavea)
Todd, Robert, dealer, 14 Louden Street
Todd, Robert, engine driver, 4 Trelford Street
Todd, Samuel, shipwright, 143 Parkgate Avenue
Todd, Samuel, book binder, 20a Waring Street
Todd, Samuel, carpenter, 263 Upper Newtownards Road
Todd, Samuel, plater, 50 Berlin Street
Todd, T., iron moulder, 15 Brookmount Street
Todd, Thomas, traveller, 1 Cumberland Street
Todd, Thomas, joiner, 30 Third Avenue
Todd, Thomas, joiner, 104 Brookmount Street
Todd, Thomas, confectioner, 18 Charleville Street
Todd, W., shoe maker, 20 Bann Street
Todd. William, engineer, 89 Derwent Street
Todd, William, plumber, 218 Salisbury Avenue
Todd, William, cabinet maker, 62 Everton Street
Todd, William, butcher, 323 Newtownards Road
Todd, William, spirit grocer, 11, 13 Electric Street
Todd, William, joiner, 18 Henderson Avenue
Todd, William, wood turner, 5 Harcourt Street
Todd, William, joiner, 12 Maymount Street
Todd, William A., wholesale and retail room paper warehouse, 24 to 26 Victoria Street; res., Dundela Villas, Dundela Avenue
Todd, William J., rivetter, 21 Bristol Street
Todd, William John, grocer, 18 Ilchester Street
Todhunter, C., commercial traveller, 28 Ponsonby Avenue
Tohill, A., saddler, 36 Cavendish Street
Tohill, John, boiler maker, 14 Utility Street
Tohill, John, traveller, Lebbyville, Alliance Avenue
Tolan, Henry, salesman, 31 Hamill Street
Tolan, William, saddler, 7 Cromac Square
Toland, J., city missionary, 145 Manor Street
Toland, James, dealer, 33 Gardiner Street
Toland, John, foreman, 3 Comber Street
Toland, Miss, 19 Wellesley Avenue
Toland, Samuel, boot maker, 5 Jones' Buildings, Ballysillan
Tolland, Andrew, salesman, 12 Columbia Street
Tolland, Hugh, plater, 123 Cliftonpark Avenue
Tolland, Hugh, joiner, 1 Ohio Street
Toman, John, mechanic, 17 Crocus Street
Toman, Peter, moulder, 28 Moorfield Street
Tomand, Bernard, 1 Murray's Terrace
Tomb, Mrs. Sarah, 134 Thornville, Cliftonpark Avenue
Tomelty, John, brick layer, 22 Carnmoney Street
Tomlinson, D., iron turner, 100 Upper Meadow Street
Tomlinson, Fred. J., commission agent, 3 Colvin Street
Tomlinson, G., clerk, 10 Glanworth Street
Tomlinson, James, Kia-ora, Knutsford Drive
Tomlinson, J., ship carpenter, 14 Jocelyn Street
Tomlinson, William, driller, 8 Lewis Street
Tomlinson, W. J. C., 17 Glandore Gardens
Tomilson, William, flax dresser, 11 Greenville Avenue
Tomilson, R., coal merchant, 26 Bloomfield Avenue
Toner, Edward, dairyman, 10 Ethel Street
Toner, Edward, plumber, 7 Barrington Street
Toner, Frank, plasterer, 26 Steen's Row
Toner, Frank, brick layer, 11 Herbert Street
Toner, H., wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 2, 4 Dunbar Street, 29 and 42 Gordon Street, 111, 113 Ormeau Road
Toner, H., litho. printer, 270 Grosvenor Road
Toner, J., publican, 42 Oldpark Road
Toner, James, butcher, 2 Oregon Street
Toner, James, manager, 16 Moyola Street
Toner, James, rougher, 89 Ardilea Street
Toner, James, grocer, 96 Brookfield Street
Toner, John, blacksmith, 4 Dunmore Street
Toner, John, butcher, 6 Leoville Street
Toner, John, draper, 2 Kingsmere Villas, Kingsmere Avenue
Toner, John, rougher, 32 Spinner Street
Toner, John, flax dresser, 44 Peel Street
Toner, Joseph, publican, 149 Springfield Road
Toner, M., spirit grocer, 148 Madrid Street
Toner, Michael, spirit merchant, 72 Lawnbrook Avenue
Toner, Michael, publican, 209 York Road
Toner, Miss, school teacher, 170 Hillman Street
Toner, Mrs., boarding house, 208 York Street
Toner, P., hackler, 33 Sultan Street
Toner, Patrick, plasterer, 26 Alexander Street West
Toner, Richard, fitter, 26 Cape Street
Toner, Rodger, smith, 61 Mountcollyer Road
Toner, Thomas, painter, 39 Malcolmson Street
Toney, J., insurance collector, 65 Spamount Street
Tood, J., carpenter, 51 Upper Charleville Street
Toogood, Charles, stone cutter, 15 Hogarth Street
Toal, Frank, clerk, 2 McQuillan Street
Toolan, F., tailor, 22 Merrion Street
Toole, Frances, cabinet maker, upholsterer, and french polisher, 81 Dublin Road
Toomath, Richard, manager, 298 Upper Beersbridge Road
Tootal, Broadhurst, Lee Co. Ltd., cotton spinners, manufacturers, calico printers, and merchants, Alfred Lowe, manager, 3 Linenhall Street
Topping, Alfred, boot maker, 3 Cromwell Street
Topping, Cecil, merchant, Windsor Gardens, 167 University Road
Topping, C. R., & Co., lard and oil refiners, 1, 3 Corporation Street
Topping, Henry, tobacconist, 143 Lisburn Road
Topping, J., coach builder, 1 Ava Avenue
Topping, John, moulder, 198 Snugville Street
Topping, Robert, tailor, 5 Mulhouse Street
Topping, Samuel, iron moulder, 27 Dunvegan Street
Topping, Silas, painter, 29 Albion Street
Topping, T., insurance agent, 5c Castle Chambers
Topping, W., agent, 13 Chestnut Gardens
Topping, Walter, manager, 15 Wellington Park Avenue
Topping, William, boot maker, 86 Riga Street
Topping, W. E. T., agent, Strathblane, Kingsmere Avenue
Torbett, William, carpenter, 3 Orient Gardens
Toriman, Grace, confectioner, 14 Albion Street
Torney, Alex., teacher, 49 South Parade
Torney, J., clerk, 2 Oranmore Street
Torney, James, fruiterer, 39 Burmah Street
Torney, Mrs., fruiterer, 35, 37 Old Lodge Road
Torney, Patrick, boot maker, 20 Cavendish Street
Torney, Robert, boot maker, 25 Winetavern Street
Torney, Thomas H., mechanic, 64 Selby Street
Torney, Thomas R., clerk, 12 Brassey Street
Torney Brothers, Fruit Importers and Brokers, Wholesale Florists and Vegetable Salesmen, Aberdeen Fruit Market, 1, 2 Oxford Street. Telegraphic Address, "Banana"; Established 46 years
Torrens, David, commercial traveller, 2 Manilla Villas, Downview Avenue
Torrens, Dr. H. R., B.A., M.D., 12 Upper Crescent
Torrens, Dr. H. R., medical officer Glengall Street Dispensary
Torrens, Mrs., grocer, 35 Belgrave Street
Torrens, Robert, joiner, 17 Lawther Street
Torrens, Samuel, fitter, 51 Frome Street
Torrens, Thomas H., agent Earl of Shaftesbury Estate, Estate Office, 9 Wellington Place
Torrens & Bristow, solicitors, 9 Wellington Place
Torrins, Robert, linen lapper, 128 Lisburn Road
Torrins, William, butcher, 32 Ardmoulin Street
Tosh, H., grocer, 74 Canmore Street
Tosh, Henry, sawyer, 59 Witham Street
Tosh, John, druggist, 106 Old Lodge Road
Tosh, Mrs., hardware merchant, 108 Old Lodge Road
Tosh, R., cooper, 57 Springfield Village
Tosh, William, rope spinner, 17 Dufferin Street
Tosthey, William, tailor, 13 Wellwynne Street
Totten, David, chandler, 13 Howe Street
Totten, David, traveller, 87 Emerson Street
Totten, Edward, baker, 33 Abingdon Street
Totten, Edward, rivetter, 19 Woodstock Place
Totten, Frederick, compositor, 183 Snugville Street
Totten, Harold, analytical chemist, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South
Totten, Higginson, pavior, 14 Wilgar Street
Totten, Jackson, accountant, 1 Lombard Street; res., Clara Villa, Clara Park
Totten, John, book binder, 69 Belmont Road
Totten, Joseph, overseer, 25 Northumberland Street
Totten, Mrs., ladies' and childrens' outfitter, 85 Royal Avenue
Totten, T., traveller, 56 Rockview Street
Totten, W. G., boot maker, 63a Ormeau Road
Toucher & Co., boot makers, 140 Antrim Road
Tougher, Alderman William, Lisadell, Cliftonville Road
Tougher, Alex., pawn broker, 115, 117 Agnes Street, 4, 6 Falls Road; 265, 267 Grosvenor Road; res., Dungeeha, Knockdeane Park
Tougher, H., grocer, 68 York Road
Tougher, J., hackle setter, 48 Northumberland Street
Tougher, James, glazier, 47 Sultan Street
Tougher, R., pawn broker's assistant, 167 Silvio Street
Tougher, Robert, warehouseman, 37 Rosemount Gardens
Tougher, W., auctioneer and pawn broker, 26 Smithfield, 72 Short Strand, 65, 67 Old Lodge Road
Towell, David, merchant tailor, 136 Royal Avenue
Towell, James, plater, 33 Humber Street
Towell, S., cloth passer, 45 Ormond Avenue
Towl, Henry, fitter, 34 Ardmoulin Avenue
Townsend, A. J., boiler maker, 24 Queen Victoria Gardens
Townsend, David, grocer and provision merchant, 190, 192 Grosvenor Road
Townsend, James, head attendant District Lunatic Asylum, 285 Grosvenor Road
Townsend, John, miller, 34 Chamberlain Street
Townsend, Peter, dealer, 30 Scotch Street
Townsley, Charles, traveller, 4 Laganvale Street
Townsley, E., telegraph clerk G.P.O., 27 Wellesley Avenue
Townsley, J., tinsmith, 169 Smithfield Market
Townsley, James, tailor, 64 Carnan Street
Townsley, John, cutter, 36 Baden Powell Street
Townsley, R., carpenter 33 Welsh Street
Townsley, W., publican, 372, 418, 432, 434 Newtownards Road; store, 15 Mauderson Street (Manderson)
Townsley, W., carpenter, 13 Meenan Street
Townsley, William,  Alexandra Villas, 71 Victoria Road
Townsley, William, publican, Counsel Villa, Ravenscroft Avenue
Tracey, Christie, compositor, 39 Earlscourt Street
Tracey, Henry, tailor, 32 McAuley Street
Tracey, J., boiler maker, 29 Dunmore Street
Tracey, William, dairyman, 216 Leeson Street
Trade Finishing Co., Thomas Osborne, 33 Queen Street
Traill, James, joiner, 14 Solway Street
Traill, James, manager, 34 Newington Street
Traill, Major, B.L., 22 Cedar Avenue
Traill, William J., wire worker, 34 Spruce Street
Trainor, Ann, publican, 39, 41 Belmont Road
Trainor, B., contractor, 94 Spamount Street
Trainor, Bernard, engineer, 51 Iris Street
Trainor, Charles, cabinet maker, 16 Gosford Street
Trainor, David, shipwright, 3 Bloomdale Street
Trainor, F., spirit grocer, 17, 19 Butler Street
Trainor, J., spirit grocer, 53 Moscow Street
Trainor, J., spirit grocer, 5, 7 Clandeboye Street
Trainor, J. H., publican, 29 Falls Road
Trainor, James, draper, 73 Cavendish Street
Trainor, John, spirit grocer, 8 Mersey Street
Trainor, John, publican, 28 Beersbridge Road
Trainor, John Joseph, furniture dealer, 59 to 161, 136 to 139, and 177, 178 Smithfield Markets
Trainor, John J., commission agent, 20 Garfield Street
Trainor, Kathleen, spirit grocer, 34 Elmfield Street
Trainor, Mary, confectioner, 78 York Street
Trainor, Michael, boiler maker, 69 Plevna Street
Trainor, Owen, spirit grocer, 126b Castlereagh Road and 57 Beersbridge Road
Trainor, P., grain merchant, 2 Oakman Street
Trainor, P., shoe maker, 8 Hamill Street
Trainor, Patrick, cattle dealer, 240 Springfield Road
Trainor, Patrick, cabinet maker, 57 Tyrone Street
Trainor, P., & Sons, feeding stores, grains and slummage, 105 Chichester Street
Trainor, Patrick, cabinet maker, 24 Donore Street
Trainor, Robert, stone cutter, 52 Malvern Street
Trainor, William, stone cutter, 13 Belmore Street
Tramway Advertising offices, J. W. Courtenay, 14 Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place
Tranor, B., boot maker, 62 Bryson Street
Trash, A. T., litho. artist, 43 Rosemount Gardens
Travers Bros., spirit grocers, 199 Antrim Road and 4 Dawson Street
Travers, Isaac, tailor, 111 Bristol Street
Travers & Co., Engineers, Millwrights, and Machine Makers, Britannia Works, Springfield Road
Traynor, Hugh, confectioner, 195 Mountpottinger Road
Traynor, J., french polisher, 119 Falls Road
Treanor, John, agent, Delhi Villas, 9 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Treanor, Patrick, spirit grocer, 98 Cavendish Street
Treen, George, painter, 5 Rotterdam Street
Tregenna, R. H., plumber, 60 Hillman Street
Trehearn, George, engineer, 27 Bandon Street
Trelford, James, 5 Cedar Avenue
Trelford, Miss Agnes, 15 Atlantic Avenue
Trew, Arthur, lecturer, 71 Enfield Street
Trew, Thomas James, grocer, 245 Beersbridge Road
Trimble, Andrew, M.D., surgeon, 86 Thorndale Terrace, Antrim Road
Trimble, A. N., managing clerk, Cranmore Crescent, 629 Lisburn Road
Trimble, David, engineer, 48 Ballarat Street
Trimble, D. G., commission agent, 9 Linenhall Street
Trimble, J., cabinet maker, 38 Northumberland Street
Trimble, James, cabinet maker, 5 Melbourne Street
Trimble, Joseph, postman, 24 Fingal Street
Trimble, James, grocer, 67 Thistle Street
Trimble, James, shipwright, 7 Hillman Street
Trimble, John, clerk, 7 Malone Place
Trimble, John, 34 Fitzroy Avenue
Trimble, R., agent, 11 Waring Street
Trimble, Robert, book maker, 13 Brussels Street
Trimble, Thomas, tailor, 17 Coniston Street
Trimble, William, posting establishment, 425 Lisburn Road; res., Osborne Park Cottage, Osborne Park
Trimble, William, grocer, 40 Wesley Street
Trimble, William, grocer, 96 to 100 Argyle Street
Trimble, William, engineer, 12 York Road
Trimble & Co., confectioners, 123 Duncairn Gardens
Trinity Church National School, Unity Street
Trinity Street Reformed Presbyterian (Covenanting) Church, Pastor, Rev. Prof. James Dick, M.A., Regent Street
Tripp, Mrs., 35 Lisburn Road
Trobridge, Geo., A.R.C.A. (London), artist, 2 Mountpleasant
Trodden, Charles, baker, 31 Cavendish Street
Trodden, Edward, fruiterer, 80 Falls Road
Trodden, E. T., hair dresser, 68 Falls Road
Trolen, Denis, dealer, 2 Peter's Place
Trotter Bros., posting masters, 46 University Road
Trotter, Charles, platers' helper, 1 Heatherbell Street
Trotter, Francis, carpenter, 12 Chelsea Street
Trotter, Fred. A., assistant Mountpottinger Branch Ulster Bank, 150 Albertbridge Road
Trotter, J., flax dresser, 18 Dargle Street
Trotter, James, brick layer, 52 Tennent Street
Trotter, T., posting establishment, Fermanagh House, 17 University Street
Troughton, G. E., plater, 87 Castlereagh Road
Troughton, James, accountant, 2 Fredheim, Lansdowne Road
Troughton, John, fitter, 21 Ravenscroft Street
Troughton, R., yarn dresser, 111 Northumberland Street
Troupe, Alfred, proprietor, Victoria Restaurant, 67 Victoria Street; res., Ethelmaud, 414 Upper Beersbridge Road
Trousdell, John, 49 Eglantine Avenue
Trouten, William, carpenter, 31 Brookmount Street
Trueick, William, machine man, 40 Penrith Street
Trueman, J., brick layer, 236 Roden Street
Truesdale, David, painter, 30 Thorndyke Street
Truesdale, John, grocer, 4 Slieve Donard, Whiterock Road
Trusdale, William, plumber, 58 Bendigo Street
Tudor, William, surveyor, 48 Brookvale Avenue
Tuff, Joseph, bleacher, 11 Belair Street
Tugan, George, Inver, Lansdowne Road
Tugan, Nathaniel, solicitors, 55 Donegall Street
Tulloch, A., cabinet maker, 63 Nevis Avenue
Tullock, F. H., architect, Haslemere, Myrtlefield Park
Tullock, John, carpenter, 85 Derwent Street
Tullock, Robert, plater, 87 Derwent Street
Tully, Charles, moulder, 137 Armoy Street
Tully, D. P., postal clerk, 23 Deramore Street
Tully, Hugh, flax dresser, 138 Raglan Street
Tully, J., brush maker, 9 Marsden Gardens
Tully, J., clerk, 7 Fedora Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Tully, James, brass finisher, 65 Pernau Street
Tully, James, baker, 40 Tavanagh Street
Tully, John, fried fish shop, 19 Gresham Street
Tully, M., rent agent, 28 Twickenham Street
Tully, Phillip, rougher, 7 Frere Street
Tully, Stephen, brush manufacturer, 35 Townsend Street; res., 9 Marsden Gardens. Tel. No. 364Y
Tully, Stephen, draper, 354 Shankill Road
Tully, William, jeweller, 233 Newtownards Road
Tully, W. J., butcher, 99 Walmer Street
Tumath, Chris., manager, 23 University Avenue
Tumath, E. S., postal clerk, 32 Glantane Street
Tumath, John Alex., shipping clerk, 22 Queensland Street
Tumelty, Charles, tailor, 12 Arnon Street
Tumelty, Thomas, flax dresser, 68 Conway Street
Tumilson, William, rivetter, 31 Thorndyke Street
Tumilty, Thomas, grocer, 5 Clonard Street
Tupane, Patrick, clerk, 66 Howe Terrace, Cooke Street
Tuppin, Robert, engineer, 24 Nelson Street
Turbet, Robert, joiner, 23 Solway Street
Turkington, George, sexton Duncairn Gardens Methodist Church, 2 Ilchester Street
Turkington, J., carpenter, 99 Nevis Avenue
Turkington, Margaret, draper, 7 Great Edward Street
Turkington, P., grocer, 101, 103 Urney Street
Turkington, Robert, manager, 37 Southport Street
Turkington, William James, goods checker, 15 Ulsterville Gardens
Turkington, William Thomas, grocer, 379 Woodstock Road
Turley, Daniel, compositor, 1 Lavinia Street
Turley, Felix, marine dealer, 5 Short Strand
Turley, Hugh, stone cutter, 12 Gracehill Street
Turley, Hugh E., teacher, 48 King Street
Turley, Hugh E., clothier, 52 King Street
Turley, J., principal of Star of the Sea N.S., 16 Halliday's Road
Turley, James, flax dresser, 80 Brookfield Street
Turley, John, blacksmith, 55 Lavinia Street
Turley, M., publican, 67 Chichester Street, 46 Eliza Street, 1, 3 Great Edward Street, 38 Welsh Street
Turley, R., flax dresser, 205 Oldpark Road
Turley, Robert, printer, 9 Malone Place
Turley, Thomas, slater, 7 Belmore Street
Turnbull, Alex., of York Street Mill, Glyn, Osborne Park
Turnbull, James, draper, 115 My Lady's Road
Turnbull, John, brass moulder, 14 Bute Street
Turnbull, J. M., insurance agent, (1st floor), 1 Skipper Street
Turnbull, John M., coppersmith, 6 Alexandrapark Avenue
Turnbull, Martin H., solicitor, 7 Chichester Street; res., 40 Eglantine Avenue
Turnbull, Mrs. S., 44 Eglantine Avenue
Turnbull, Mrs., 63 Donegall Pass
Turnbull, Thomas, boiler maker, 193 Woodstock Road
Turnbull, William, cashier, 366 Woodstock Road
Turnbull, William, bookkeeper, 162 My Lady's Road
Turnbull & Sons, photographers, 9 Garfield Street
Turner, A., draughtsman, Nestleton, King's Road
Turner, A., band master, 27 Clifton Drive
Turner, Adam, Funeral Undertaker, Posting Establishment, Auctioneer, 22 Clifton Street; Branches, 118 Albertbridge Road (D. McMullan, branch manager), 265 York Street, 75 Sandy Row and 184 Newtownards Road; Stables, 12 Clifton Street
Turner, Alfred, foreman telephone wireman, 5 Southport Street
Turner, Arch., traveller, Cambridge Villas, 54 Station Road
Turner, D., shoeing forge, 16 to 20 Lower California Street
Turner, D., engineer, 12 Bentinck Street
Turner, E., milliner, 66 Duncairn Gardens
Turner, E., Alma House, 220 Holywood Road
Turner, Ernest H., bank manager, 356 Upper Newtownards Road
Turner, F., watchcase maker, 33 Wesley Terrace, Cooke Street
Turner, F. L., watch case maker, 13 Iveagh Chambers, (3rd floor), North Street
Turner, George, clerk, 32 Churchill Street
Turner, H., horse shoer, 6 Christopher Street
Turner, Hugh, horse shoer, 48 Twickenham Street
Turner, Hugh, engineer, 28 Upper Meadow Street
Turner, J., fowl dealer, 57 Verner Street
Turner, J. W., Jeweller, 140 Royal Avenue
Turner, James, dairyman, 26 Connswater Street
Turner, John, horse shoer, 14 Lower California Street
Turner, John, publican, 1 to 5 North Boundary Street, 121, 123 Peter's Hill, 103, 105 Grosvenor Road
Turner, John, lead merchant, 230 Upper Newtownards Road
Turner, John G., Clonkirk, Knockbreda Park
Turner, Miss, tobacconist, 39 Old Lodge Road
Turner, Miss, superintendent Young Women's Christian Association, 9 Donegall Square East
Turner, Robert, publican, 17 Regent Street, 99 Durham Street
Turner, Robert, shirt merchant, 1 Bedeque Street
Turner, S., flour agent, Atlantic Buildings, 28 Waring Street; res., 9 Cliftonville Avenue
Turner, Samuel, red leader, 24 Chatsworth Street
Turner, Thomas, fitter, 17 Moyola Street
Turner, William, grocer, 1 Peveril Street
Turner, William, iron moulder, 19 Glenwood Street
Turner, W. G., fruit importers, 176 York Street, 251 North Queen Street, 30 Great Victoria Street, 112 Crumlin Place, Crumlin Road; 279 Springfield Road and 18 Clifton Street
Turner, W. G., grocer, 2 Glenwood Street, 328 Shankill Road and 2 Glenwood Street
Turner, W. G., grocer, 328 Shankill Road
Turner, W. J., engineer, 56 Gainsborough Drive
Turner, W. J., flax dresser, 30 Pandora Street
Turner & Co., 9 Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place
Turney, Samuel, furniture dealer, Rose Cottage, Stranmillis Road
Turtle, Hugh, manager and director, 14 Woodland Avenue
Turtle, James, cloth passer, 44 Tobergill Street
Turtle, James, handkerchief manufacturer, Claremont, 241 Holywood Road
Turtle, Mrs., Glanworth House, Skegoniel Avenue
Turtle, S., grocer and tea merchant, 143 North Street; res., 36 Cliftonville Avenue
Turtle, Thomas, painter, 42 Esmond Street
Turtle, W. H., linen merchant, 1 Holyrood, Malone Road
Turtle, W. J., publican, 4 Sandy Row, 19, 21 Hope Street
Turtle, W. J., linen merchant, 2 Linenhall Street West
Turtle & Aird, oil merchants, 10 King Street
Turtle & Co., blouse manufacturers, 9, 11 Albert Street
Turtle Bros., fancy linen manufacturers, 3 Linenhall Street West
Tus, David, chemist, 12 Shaftesbury Avenue
Tutin, Thomas, engineer, Glentoran View, 114 Ravenhill Road
Twaddell, William, draper, 50 University Avenue
Twaddell, W. J., outfitter, 59 to 63 North Street
Tweed, James, coal merchant, 4 Fitzroy Avenue
Tweedie, A., commercial traveller, 9 Hopefield Avenue
Tweedie, D. H., M.D., surgeon, 73 Antrim Road
Tweedie, Fred., traveller, 3 Glandore Street
Tweedie, John, sawyer, 140 Ormeau Road
Tweedie, Mrs., Syringa, King's Road
Tweedie, Robert, salesman, 234 Donegall Avenue
Tweedie, Robert, gardener, 29 Brookland Street
Tweedie, William, gardener, 40 Surrey Street
Tweedie, Brown & Co., Printers, Sample Case Makers, Bookbinders, Manufacturing Stationers, Fancy Box Makers, Marcus Ward Street
Twinem & Co., drapers and outfitters, 33 Cromac Street
Twinen, R. S., & Co., flour agents and merchants, Union Chambers, 7 Waring Street (Twinem)
Twyford, Theo., baker, 145 Bellevue Street
Twyford, Theo., baker, 117 Sugarfield Street
Twynam, James, compositor 33 Dundee Street
Twynford, W., butcher, 68 Canmore Street
Tyler, John, & Son, boot and shoe merchants, 21 Arthur Square, 39, 41 Great Edward Street, 136 Newtownards Road, 37, 82 North Street, 29 Royal Avenue, 77 York Street
Tynan, William, coach builder, 28 Copperfield Street
Tyney, J., & Co., skirt and shirt manufacturers, (2nd floor), 38 Dublin Road
Typographical Institute, 20 College Street
Tyrell, John, Councillor, army contractor, 208 Brookville, Antrim Road
Tyrell, John, flax dresser, 4 Bellevue Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Tyrell, John, & Co., wholesale grocers and army contractors, 34, 36 Fairview Buildings, Crumlin Road
Tyrell, Thomas, rivetter, 83 Howard Street South
Tyrell, William, grocer, 157 Cambrai Street
Tyrie, James, pattern maker, 9 Concord Street
Tyrie, M., pattern maker, 46 Old Lodge Road


Ulidia Clothing Co. Ltd., whole manufacturers, 28 Dublin Road
Ulster Art Institute, 18 Brookhill Avenue
Ulster Arts Club (2nd floor), 31 May Street
Ulster Bank Limited, R. Patton, Chief Cashier; Archibald Clarke, Bank Porter; Head Office, 35 to 39 Waring Street; Branches, 150 Albertbridge Road (M. W. Blackwood, Manager); 37 Donegall Place (D. Strain, Manager), 151 to 157 Shankill Road (J. R. Hunter, manager); 1, 3 St. Enoch's Place, Antrim Road (Albert Gilbert Cromie, Manager); 217 York Street (R. K. L. Galloway, Manager)
Ulster Bottling Co. - F. Bell, proprietor - 104b York Street
Ulster Brush Company - W. J. McMinn, proprietor - 93, 95 Victoria Street
Ulster Clothing Company, 3 Skipper Street
Ulster Club hon. secretary, B. W. D. Montgomery, Castle Place
Ulster Coach Factory - William Vance, proprietor - 21 Catherine Street North
Ulster Cooperage Company, Joseph Savage, proprietor, 27 Donegore Street
Ulster Confectionery Co. Ltd., 132 Ormeau Road
Ulster Cricket and Football Grounds, J. P. Tierney, secretary, Ormeau Road
Ulster Curing Co. Ltd., bacon curers, 32 May Street
Ulster Dairy Co., R. Atkinson, proprietor, 53, 55 Glengall Street and 13 Queen's Arcade
Ulster Dog, Poultry, Pigeon and Cage Bird Association - J. Kilpatrick, secretary - 75 High Street
Ulster Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital - Matron, Mrs. Middleton; surgeon, W. M. Killen, M.D., M.Ch.; assistant surgeon, Robt. Allen, M.B., F.R.C.S.I.; anaesthetist, Isaac A. Davidson, M.D., 1 Clifton Street
Ulster Fleshers' and Bakers' Supply Co., grocers' furnishers, etc., 86 Ann Street; Telephone No. 201X
Ulster Furnishing Co., Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, 43, 45 York Street - S. Gorfunkle, proprietor
Ulster Galvanising Works, Mountpottinger Road
Ulster Guardian Ltd., 20 Rosemary Street
Ulster Hibernian Club, 2 Ulster Street
Ulster Hospital for Children and Women, matron, Miss Tate, Templemore Avenue
Ulster Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind - John Beattie, principal; H. J. Sheppard, assistant secretary; Mrs. M. Mooney, matron - 97 Lisburn Road
Ulster Ladies' Work Depot, 46 Wellington Place
Ulster Laundry - R. H. Arkell, proprietor, 250, 252 Ormeau Road
Ulster Linen Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers (1st floor), 16 Dublin Road
Ulster Linen Co., Norwich Union Chambers, 13 Wellington Place
Ulster Literary Theatre, 5 Murray's Terrace
Ulster Loan Bank, Iveagh Chambers (1st floor), North Street
Ulster Loan and Discount Co. Ltd., 4 Athol Street, Hugh S. Blair, secretary
Ulster Loyalist Union - President, Viscount Templeton, J.P., D.L., Castle Upton, Templepatrick; hon. secretary, Rev. A. T. Simpson, John Street Manse, Dungannon; hon. treasurer, W. R. Young, Galgorm Castle, Ballymena (2nd floor), 1 Lombard Street
Ulster Manufacturing Co., 97a Victoria Street
Ulster Manure Co. Ltd., Londonderry, W. Greenhill, 5 University Square, 35 High Street
Ulster Menu Co. (Cafe Royal), 12 Wellington Place
Ulster Mercantile Association Ltd., Wm. Caldwell, secretary, (2nd floor(, Whitehall Buildings, 13 Ann Street
Ulster Metal Works, George Webb & Son, proprietors, 73a Chamberlain Street
Ulster Motor Works, S. P. Corry, 53 Donegall Street
Ulster Music Classes, Charters Hill and Percy Swift, principals, (3rd floor), 12 Howard Street
Ulster Photographic Society, 7 College Square North
Ulster Plate Glass Insurance Co. Ltd., 5 Corn Market
Ulster Protestant Electoral Union, Oxford Buildings, Shaftesbury Square
Ulster Reform Club, Hon. Secretary, Captain Fred. H. Crawford; steward, R. Cunningham, 4 Royal Avenue
Ulster Shirt and Collar Company, Albion Factory, 86 Bankmore Street
Ulster Society of Architects, President, J. J. McDonnell, J.P.; hon. secretary, W. Hartley Patterson, 13 Lombard Street
Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Robert Boag and W. H. Patterson, hon. secretaries, 116 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Ulster Spinning Company Limited, W. Coates, C. H. Duffin, and John Montgomery, directors; T. H. Ham, secretary, Linfield Mill, Linfield Road, Falls Road Factory, and Registered Office, 15 Falls Road
Ulster Steamship Company Ltd., G. Heyn & Sons, managers, Ulster Chambers, 58 Waring Street
Ulster Temperance Hotel, 7 Fisherwick Place, James McCartney, proprietor
Ulster Tin Company, 107 Donegall Street, J. C. Marsh, proprietor
Ulster Unionist Council and Ulster Constitutional Association, hon. secretaries, R. H. Reade, D.L.; Right Hon. Thomas Andrews, and W. J. Allen, J.P.; hon. treasurer, Colonel Sharman-Crawford, D.L., 1 Lombard Street
Ulster Unitarian Christian Association and Book Depot, secretaries, Revs. J. A. Kelly and J. Slipper; treasurer, H. B. Hunter, 35 Rosemary Street
Ulster Weaving Company Ltd., registered offices, Linfield Factory, Director, John Hogg; chairman, John S. Larmour
Union Club, hon. secretary, Charles W. Henderson, hon. treasurer, T. W. Scott, 6 Donegall Place
Union Hotel, Miss A. Owens, proprietress, 7 Donegall Square South
Union Manufacturing Co., 2 Union Street
Union Workhouse, Robert H. Wilson, master; J. W. Robb, clerk; Miss Graham, matron, 51 Lisburn Road
Union Co-operative Baking Society Ltd., Ravenhill Avenue
United Distilleries Ltd., distillers and yeast manufacturers, Imperial Buildings, 72 High Street
United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident Institution, District Manager, A. M. Kerr, Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square East
United National Club, president, Thomas Maguire; D. Brady, manager, 34 Berry Street
United Provident Assurance Co. Ltd., Charles A. Fletcher, district manager, (2nd floor) 33 Bridge Street
United States Express Co., agents, Atlas Express Co. Ltd., 42a Upper Arthur Street
Universal Furnishing Co., Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, M. Gibson, Proprietor, 6 to 12 York Street
Unsworth, Joseph, clerk, 87 Snugville Street
Unsworth, William T., 1 Bonchester, Sandown Road
Upper Meadow Street Post Office, 122, 124 Upper Meadow Street, A. Fee, sub-postmaster
Uprichard, James, tenter, 31 Fingal Street
Uprichard, James, commercial traveller, 55 Kansas Avenue
Uprichard, Joseph, plater, 9 Lendrick Street
Uprichard, Joseph, saleroom, 79 Shankill Road
Uprichard, Joseph, pawn broker, 232 Grosvenor Road
Uprichard, J., pawn broker, 213 Grosvenor Road
Uprichard, J., pawn broker, 52 Clara Street
Uprichard, Mrs. M. A., 4 Rossmore Avenue
Uprichard, Mrs., Fountain Villas, King's Road
Uprichard, Mrs., 7 Fountainville Cottages, Gilnahirk Road
Uprichard, T., grocer, 238, 240 Roden Street
Uprichard, W. G., foreman, 328 Springfield Road
Uprichard, W. J., solicitor, 82 Royal Avenue
Uprichard & Lamont, merchant tailors and breeches makers, 112 Grosvenor House, Wellington Place
Upstall, J. C., pensioner, 11 Queen Victoria Street
Upton, Thomas, carrier, 52 Lanark Street
Urchin, William, flax dresser, 57a Bray Street
Urquhart, James, watch maker and jeweller, 163 York Street
Urquhart, William, cartwright, 66 Donard Street
Usher, Annie, dress maker, 70 York Street
Usher, E., warehouseman, 13 Lavinia Street
Usher, John, tenter, 27 Bristol Street
Usher, John, tenter, 151 Leopold Street
Usher, Mrs., 49 Limestone Road
Usher, Robert, clerk, 5 Elmgrove Street


Vacuum Oil Company Ltd., 67 High Street
Vahey, Herbert, Kingsden, Knock Road
Valante, Anthony, shop fitter, 64 Little Patrick Street
Valentine, Dominick, refreshment rooms, 62 Street (?)
Valentine, Joseph, painter, 105 Northbrook Street
Valentine, J. W., & Co., marine, fire and life assurance agents, 19, 21 Corporation Street. Telegraphic address, "Valentine"; Tel. No. 113Y
Valentine, R., clerk, 18 Shaftesbury Avenue
Valentine, T. P., clerk, 14 Tate's Avenue
Valenda, Antonio, ice cream merchant, 96 Newtownards Road
Valendo, Louis, ice cream, 110 Bridge End
Vallely, J., preparing master, 81 Albert Street
Valliday, B., fowl dealer, 34 East Street
Vance, Agnes, grocer, 237 Upper Newtownards Road
Vance, David, insurance agent, 68 Riga Street
Vance, Dr. George, M.D., 197 Everton Terrace, Crumlin Road
Vance, Edward, Ballygomartin House, Glencairn Road
Vance, Eston, gardener, 15 Belmont Avenue West
Vance, Hugh, carpenter and builder, 21 Bathgate Street
Vance, John, fitter, 70 Portallo Street
Vance, John, Belwood, Cregagh Road
Vance, John, car owner, 10 Manderson Street
Vance, J. H., clerk, 53 Southport Street
Vance, Martin, 26 Wolseley Street
Vance, Miss, Ardmore, Marlborough Park
Vance, Miss, 261 Upper Newtownards Road
Vance, Robert, carpenter, 10 Printworks Terrace,
Vance, Robert, carpenter, 24 Sandown Road
Vance, Robert, fitter, 20 Olive Street
Vance, Robert, pensioner, 25 Ainsworth Avenue
Vance, Robert K., carpenter, 92 Bellevue Street
Vance, Samuel, preparing master, 4 Barbour Street
Vance, Samuel, clerk, 4 Southview Street
Vance, Samuel, shoe maker, 24 Seventh Street
Vance, Samuel, flax dresser, 153 Sydney Street West
Vance, T., boot maker, 197 Mountpottinger Road
Vance, Thomas, chair maker, 17 Craigmore Street
Vance, William, boot maker, 11 Stormount Street
Vance, William, postman, 64 Ohio Street
Vance, William, coach builder, 11 Catherine Street North
Vance, William, bundler, 136 Conway Street
Vance, William, carpenter, 38 Belmont Avenue West
Vance, W. O., compositor, 10 Battenberg Street
Vance, W. R., metal worker, 24 Westmoreland Street
Vande-Castiele, Mrs. Mary, 33 Orient Gardens
Van den Berghs, Limited, margarine manufacturers, 11 King Street
Vandersburg, Charles, superintendent Anglo-American Oil Company, 259 Albertbridge Road
Vanderkiste, Robert H., manager Universal Window Cleaning Co., 13 Walnut Place
Vannen, Henry, plumber, 93 Upper Canning Street
Vaughan, H., sergeant R.I.C., 24 Posnett Street
Vaughan, H., pensioner, 96 Brittanic Street (Britannic)
Vaughan, H. R., manager, Ashgrove, Stranmillis Road
Vaughan, James, clerk, 57 Mossvale Street
Vaughan, Mary, 13 Glenbrook Avenue
Vaughan, Mrs. Rose, 191 Duncairn Gardens
Vaughan, Mrs., 144 Agincourt Avenue
Vaughan, Robert, tailor, 13 Brittanic Street (Britannic)
Vaughan, W. R., grocer, 72 Stranmillis Road
Vaux, Charles E., Customs officer, 16 Beechfield Street
Vaux, C. W., fruiterer, 450 Newtownards Road
Vaux, F., carpenter, 50 Newport Street
Veal, D., moulder, 11 Hazelnut Street
Veitch, Robert, manager, 23 Madison Avenue
Venters, James, boiler maker, 18 Steen's Row
Veraan, J. G., joiner, 57 Mountview Street
Verner, Andrew, linen lapper, 20 Edinburgh Street
Verner, Arthur, 2 Malone Avenue
Verner, Henry, 27 Cyprus Gardens
Verner, Henry, commercial traveller, 20 Eglantine Avenue
Verner, Hugh, furniture remover and coal merchant, 2 Bloomfield Avenue
Verner, James, carpenter, 4 Foyle Street
Verner, James, salesman, Moss Villa, Lisburn Road
Verner, James, printer, 49 Jaffa Street
Verner, J., Clifton Laundry, 75 Manor Street
Verner, John, butcher, 99 Northbrook Street
Verner, Robert, bookkeeper, 28 Landscape Terrace
Verner, Robert, seedsman, Beechwood, Malone Road
Verner, S. J., machinist, 18 Wilton Square South
Vernon, Edward, Vernon's Temperance Hotel, 19 Gamble Street
Vernon, Harris, electrical engineer, 4 Landseer Street
Vernon, M., dining rooms, 106c Corporation Street
Vernon, Patrick, coal merchant, 77 Joy Street
Victoria Barracks, Henry Place
Victoria College, Mrs. Byers, LL.D., principal, 2, 4 University Road and 1 Lower Crescent
Victoria Hall, D. Kenny, caretaker, 20 Victoria Street
Victoria Hemstitching Works, Thomas Sullivan, proprietor, 16 to 20 Grosvenor Road
Victoria Recreation Club, 60 Saunders Street
Victoria Restaurant, Alfred Troupe, proprietor, 67 Victoria Street
Victoria Temperance Hotel, Mrs. S. J. Marmion, proprietress, 13 Donegall Quay
Victoria Weaving and Finishing Co. Ltd., linen and damask manufacturers, 2, 4 Severn Street
Villiers, George, artist, 108 Joy Street
Vincent, Charles, boiler maker, 18 Duncairn Gardens
Vincent, Charles, rivetter, 115 Bristol Street
Vincent, E., painter, 10 Bright Street
Vincent, G. A., violinist, 80 Great Victoria Street
Vincent, James, rivetter, 58 Mountcollyer Avenue
Vincent, J., piano manufacturer, 1 Cameron Street
Vincent, J. H., Mus.Bac., music teacher, 80 Great Victoria Street
Vincent, J. H., Victoria Lodge, Andersonstown, Falls Road
Vincent, J., & Sons, pianoforte warehouse and piano tuners, 80 Great Victoria Street
Vincent, William, stone cutter, 83 Lindsay Street
Vincent, William, stone cutter, 59 Apsley Street
Viner, A. E., Burroughes & Watt, Doriwyn, Cranmore Avenue
Vining, W. J., publican, 130, 132 Durham Street
Vint, Alex., painter, 87 Elizabeth Street
Vint, Charles, M.A., solicitor, 19, 21 Ocean Buildings
Vint, Charles, solicitor, Ivydene, Malone Park
Vint, John, J.P., merchant, Fern Royd, Ashley Gardens
Vint, Jonathan, Mount Moan, Gray's Lane, Greencastle
Vint, Mrs., Cranethorpe, 2 Sydenham Park
Vint, Mrs. J. H., 21 Brookvale Avenue
Vint, William, & Sons, preserve manufacturers, 38, 40 Unity Street
Vint & Co., painters, 74 Victoria Street
Vint & Whyte, solicitors, 19, 21 Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square East
Vitty, James, grocer, 123 Park Terrace, Park Avenue
Vitty, James, plater, 117 Park Terrace, Park Avenue
Vivash, Emily, 17 Ulsterville Avenue
Vivash, William, 104 Fitzroy Avenue
Vogan, Andrew J., traveller, 28 Victoria Gardens
Vogan, James, tram conductor, 64 Edinburgh Street
Vogan, John, managing director of Falls Flax Spinning Co., 40 Lisburn Road
Vogan, Robert, bread server, 104 Upper Meadow Street
Vogen, Samuel, 23 Atlantic Avenue
Vokes, Samuel, 23 Atlantic Avenue
Vokes, Charlotte, professional nurse, 18 Edlingham Street
Volento, Dominick, musician, 52 Little Patrick Street
Vornberger & Co. Ltd., musical string, gut and sausage skin manufacturers, 5 Dalton Street and McAuley Street
Vulcanite Ltd., Managing Director, G. M. Beer, Stranmillis Road; registered office, 7 Donegall Square West


Wack, William, watch maker, 3 Ashbourne Street
Waddell, Charles, bill inspector, 18 St. Kilda Street
Waddell, Elizabeth, Larkfield House, Larkfield Road
Waddell, Francis, plater, 190 Connsbrook Avenue (2)
Waddell, James, commercial traveller, 3 Richmond Villas, Lisburn Road
Waddell, Mary D., 61 South Parade
Waddell, Mrs. Eliza, 19 Cedar Avenue
Waddell, M., mill manager, 23 Orient Gardens
Waddell, Rev. J., B.A., Newington Presbyterian Church; res., Antrim Lodge, 347 Antrim Road
Waddell, Richard, engine driver, 72 Enfield Street
Waddell, Robert, printer, 26 Kingscourt Street
Waddell, Robert, collector, 53 Portallo Street
Waddell, Robert, platers' helper, 15 Fort Street
Waddell, Robert, cabinet maker, 19 Dorchester Street
Waddell, R., saleroom, 54 Albertbridge Road
Waddell, Robert J., tailor, 295 Shankill Road
Waddell, R. D., sausage manufacturer, R. C. Muir, representative, 29 Pakenham Street; branch shops, 10 Shaftesbury Square and 91 North Street
Waddell, Samuel, officer at sea, 8 Willowholme Street
Waddell, Samuel, sawyer, 177 Oldpark Road
Waddell, William, sawyer, 39 Renfrew Street
Waddell, William, gardener, 1 Montrose Street
Waddell, William J., linen lapper, 61 Rushfield Avenue
Wade, A. B., manufacturers' agent, 4 Linenhall Street; res., Felsted, Marlborough Park North
Waddington, Edward, commercial traveller, 64 Deramore Avenue
Wade, Joseph, stoker, 32 Ballarat Street
Wade, Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 Sandhurst Gardens
Waderworth, Mrs., 2 Chrystal Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Waderworth, T., pattern maker, 75 Ballygomartin Road
Wadmore, Walter, 7 Fortwilliam Parade
Wadsworth, A., clerk, 535 Ormeau Road
Wadsworth, A. R., commercial traveller, 10 St. Jude's Avenue
Wadsworth, M., 53 Camden Street
Wadsworth, W. A., M.D., surgeon, Elsinore, 100 Antrim Road
Wagner, Edward, baker, 82 Redcar Street
Wagner, James, grocer, 36, 38 Castlereagh Street
Waid, William, & Co., grocers, 289 Newtownards Road and 77, 79 Albertbridge Road; res., Coningsby House, Cregagh Road
Waide, Joseph, joiner, 13 Ballarat Street
Waite, B., street inspector, 23 Little Grosvenor Street
Waite, David, postman, 23 Belmont Avenue West
Waite, John, packer, 81 Coolbeg Street
Waite, John, assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Co., 12 Woodvale Avenue
Waite, Thomas, blacksmith, 67 Hanover Street
Wakeham, J. F., naval architect, Laxey Villa, Larkfield Road
Wakeham, William, civil engineer, 117 Hampstead, Cavehill Road
Wakeham, W. J., district engineer, G.N.R., Glengall Street
Welbran, Mary, 92 Woodvale Road
Walby, Alfred G., L.D.S., R.C.S., Edin., surgeon dentist, 56 Dublin Road
Walder, Rev. Ernest, minister University Road Methodist Church; res., Ovoca, 274 Lisburn Road
Wales, Ernest, M.D., 59 University Road
Wales, John, stone mason, 9 Boyne Street
Wales, Mrs. E., Cambria, Osborne Park
Walford, Adjutant, Salvation Army, 24 Canterbury Street
Walker, A., weighing machine maker, 5 Cliftonville Street
Walker, Alex., carpenter, 168 Blythe Street
Walker, Alex., painter, 14 Sherwood Street
Walker, Alex., joiner, 51 Tower Street
Walker, Alex., engineer, 56 Bryson Street
Walker, Alfred, store keeper, 79 Great Northern Street
Walker, Andrew, boot maker, 21 Rosebery Street
Walker, Andrew, helper, 132 Halliday's Road
Walker, Campbell, boot maker, 9 Norman Street
Walker, Charles, iron moulder, 14 Baden-Powell Street
Walker, D., dairyman, 17 Mowham Street (Mowhan)
Walker, David, baker, 26 Ravensdale Street
Walker, David, barber, 6 Memel Street
Walker, David, boot maker, 24 Chadolly Street
Walker, Duncan, 38 Keswick Street
Walker, Francis, & Co., wholesale provision merchants, 17 to 21 Great Edward Street
Walker, Francis, traveller, 6 New Street No. 1, Ballysillan
Walker, Francis, blacksmith, 16 Gosford Place
Walker, Francis, provision merchant, 61 Brookvale Street
Walker, Francis, overlooker, 273 Conway Street
Walker, Frank, waiter, 22 James Street
Walker, Fred., meter inspector, 16 Ranfurly Street
Walker, George, joiner, 87 Thistle Street
Walker, George, general dealer, 12 Pottinger Street
Walker, George, carrier, 4 Diamond Street
Walker, George, dealer, 86 Coolbeg Street
Walker, George, french polisher, 30 Bendigo Street
Walker, George, J.P., flax spinner, 1 Brenthamville, Knock Road
Walker, Godfrey, R.I.C., 17 Ratcliffe Street
Walker, G. W., & Co., chemists, 136 Sandy Row; res., 74 Stranmillis Road
Walker, Henry, saddler, 6 Tasmania Street
Walker, Henry, blacksmith, 42 Gertrude Street
Walker, Hugh, painter, 3 Crystal Street
Walker, Hugh, 82 Elimgrove Terrace, Cliftonville Road
Walker, Hugh, painter, 76 Bloomfield Avenue
Walker, H., 20 Victoria Street
Walker, H., butcher, 26 Kashmir Road
Walker, H. C., manufacturers' agent, 7 William Street South
Walker, James, iron turner, 12 Madras Street
Walker, James, traveller, 81 City Street
Walker, James, book binder, 206 Old Lodge Road
Walker, James, blacksmith, 190 Roden Street
Walker, James, box maker, 60 Blythe Street
Walker, James, french polisher, 157 Agnes Street
Walker, James, linen business, 5 St. Ive's Gardens
Walker, James, pattern maker, 4 Albertville Drive
Walker, James, store keeper, 2 London Street
Walker, James, pig dealer, 48 Gardiner Street
Walker, James, painter, 29 Bendigo Street
Walker, James, ship joiner, 13 Adam Street
Walker, James, 90 Charles Street South
Walker, James H., foreman mechanic, 253 Mayo Street
Walker, John, Manufacturers' agent, 8 Donegall Square East
Walker, John, income tax collector, 4 Donegall Square North
Walker, John, linen lapper, 7 Pollard Street
Walker, John, naval pensioner, 44 Windsor Road
Walker, John, butler, 64 Tennent Street
Walker, John, clerk, 43 Park Parade
Walker, John, plasterer, 51 Roslyn Street
Walker, John, rivetter, 41 Memel Street
Walker, John, builder, 59 Alexandra Park Avenue
Walker, John, boot maker, 26 North Boundary Street
Walker, John, tea merchant, Fortairn, Antrim Road
Walker, John, draper, 12 Montana Vista, Maryville Park
Walker, John, sergeant R.I.C., 28 Avonbeg Street
Walker, Johnston, butcher, 74 Donegall Pass
Walker, Joseph, milkman, 3 Blaney Street
Walker, Joseph, hair dresser, 47 Shankill Road
Walker, Joshua, insurance agent, 107 Kilburn Street
Walker, Joshua, 214 Falls Road
Walker, J., assistant foreman, 32 Bread Street East
Walker, J., builder's yard, 123 Limestone Road
Walker, J., carrier, 133 Cosgrave Street
Walker, J., traveller, 55 Ardenvohr Street
Walker, J., engine driver, 40 Burnaby Street
Walker, J., grocer, 26 Glandore Gardens
Walker, J., salesman, 2 Stanley Villas, Cliftonpark Avenue
Walker, J., 563 Ormeau Road
Walker, J., flesher, 34, 36 Sandy Row
Walker, J. & Co., linen manufacturers, 10 College Square East
Walker, J. & E., & Co., general drapers, 89, 91 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Walker, K. G., builder and contractor, 12, 14 Jonesboro' Street
Walker, L., B.A., T.C.D., Music Doctor, Cantab, 2 Easton Gardens, Cliftonville Road
Walker, Margaret, grocer, 52, 54 Cuba Street
Walker, Mary, draper, 11 Shankill Road
Walker, Mary Ann, knitting depot, 42 Woodvale Road
Walker, Miss, studio, 20 Garfield Chambers
Walker, Miss Mary Jane, 23 Rosemount Gardens
Walker, Mrs., 14 Westminister Street (Westminster)
Walker, Mrs., 132 Great Victoria Street
Walker, Mrs. Catherine, 8 Tokio Gardens
Walker, Mrs. E., provision stores, 70 Sandy Row
Walker, Mrs. Isabella, 11 Lisburn Avenue
Walker, Mrs. Isabella, 52 Cliftonpark Avenue
Walker, Mrs. M., 5 Eglantine Avenue
Walker, Peter, rivetter, 35 Meadow Street
Walker, Rev. Robert, M.A., 5 College Park
Walker, Robert, dentist, 5 Tate's Avenue
Walker, Robert, cabinet maker, 43 Ribble Street
Walker, Robert, iron turner, 47 Glenbrook Avenue
Walker, Robert, boiler maker, 9 Ardilaun Street
Walker, Robert, cabinet maker, 74 Bentinck Street
Walker, Robert, linen lapper, 22 Irvine Street
Walker, Robert, sawyer, 35 Kensington Avenue
Walker, Robert, cabinet maker, 90 Derwent Street
Walker, Robert, car owner, 47 Boundary Street
Walker, R. G., builder, 94 Upper Newtownards Road
Walker, R. H., draper and outfitter, 101, 103 Albertbridge Road
Walker, Samuel, platers' helper, 51 Jonesboro' Street
Walker, Samuel, 34 Cromwell Road
Walker, Samuel, joiner, 28 Parker Street
Walker, Stewart, iron turner, 41 Dover Street
Walker, S., grocer, 174, 176 Cupar Street
Walker, S., pig dealer, 31 Gardiner Street
Walker, Thomas, umbrella maker, 68 Beechfield Street
Walker, Thomas, boot maker, 41 Duncairn Gardens
Walker, Thomas, beetler, 13 Tennent Street
Walker, Thomas, artist, 49 Rushfield Avenue
Walker, Thomas, shoe maker, 27 Clifton Crescent
Walker, Thomas, iron turner, 94 Killowen Street
Walker, Thomas, Margaret Villa, Knutsford Drive
Walker, Thomas, yarn dresser, 55 Braemar Street
Walker, T., oiler, 28 Ballycastle Street
Walker, T. B., artist, 22 Wellington Place
Walker, T. N., 44 Elmwood Avenue
Walker, William, fitter, 9 Martin Street
Walker, William, shoe maker, 40 Berlin Street
Walker, William, clerk, 123 University Avenue
Walker, William, linen lapper, 81 Howard Street South
Walker, William, linen lapper, 15 India Street
Walker, William, cabinet maker, 1a Azamor Street
Walker, William, clerk, 127 Spamount Street
Walker, William, cabinet maker, 7 Whitworth Street
Walker, William, boot maker, 11 Mayfield Street
Walker, William, delegate of carpenters and joiners' society, 111 Limestone Road
Walker, William, carpenter, 44 Walmer Street
Walker, William, & Co. Ltd., linen and damask manufacturers, 45 Queen Street
Walker, William J., book maker, 163 Antrim Road
Walker, William J., city missionary, 29 Camden Street
Walker, W., ship's steward, 3 Seaview Terrace, Greencastle
Walker, W., coppersmith, 16 Redcar Street
Walker, W., brass finisher, 11 Martin Street
Walker, W., shipwright, 13 Glenrosa Street
Walker, W. H., commission agent, 6 St. Jude's Avenue
Walker, W. H., wine and spirit agent, 51 Waring Street
Walker, W. J., B.A., Royal Academical Institution, 33 Camden Street
Walker, W. J., R.I.C., 1 Merkland Street
Walker, W. J., bookkeeper, 10 Eblana Street
Walker, W. J., printer, 62 Jocelyn Avenue
Walker, W. J. M., manufacturers' agent, 7 William Street South
Walker, W. R., painter, 151 Woodstock Road
Walker & Co., chartered accountants, 13 Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place
Walker & Co., 42 Lindsay Street
Walker & Co., glass embrasers, 20 Castlereagh Road
Walker & Hall, electro plate manufacturers, gilders, silversmiths, and cutlery manufacturers, 10 Royal Avenue
Walker & Irwin, linen and cambric handkerchief manufacturers, 54 Upper Queen Street
Walker, Empire Theatre, Victoria Square
Walker, J., & Co., linen manufacturers, 10 College Square East
Walkington, D. B., solicitor and commissioner for oaths, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South; res., 44 Wellington Park
Walkington, George, solicitor, 1 Grace Court, Malone Park
Walkington, Miss J., 24 College Green
Walkington, R., commission agent, 28 Cooke Street
Walkington, R. B., & Co. Ltd., shirt & collar manufacturers, 18 Linenhall Street; res., Thornhill, Malone Road
Walkington, Samuel, fitter, 2 Wellington Street
Walkington, Thomas R., merchant, Edenvale, 56 Belmont Road
Walkington & Son, oil merchants, drysalters and lard refiners, 30, 32 Waring Street; stores, Middlepath Street
Walklette, chef, 21 Jameson Street
Wall, John, iron turner, 9 Titania Street
Wallace, Agnes, 138 Mountcollyer Street
Wallace, Alfred E., butcher, 71 Shamrock Street
Wallace, Andrew, 41 Hopewell Street
Wallace, Andrew, boot maker, 47 Harland Street
Wallace, Andrew, joiner, 14 Glencollyer Street
Wallace, A., linen merchant, 2 Elmwood Avenue
Wallace, Campbell, district superintendent, G.N.R., Ireland, Great Victoria Street; res., Novara, 425 Upper Beersbridge Road
Wallace, C. M., Woodvale Brick Works, 74 Woodvale Road
Wallace, David, joiner, 22 Duncairn Gardens
Wallace, Edward, yarn salesman, Tyrone House, Ligoniel Road
Wallace, E., machine master, 5 Wolfhill Terrace, Ligoniel
Wallace, F., refreshment rooms, 122 Corporation Street
Wallace, George, over looker, 1 Lesley Street
Wallace, George, caulker, 13 Clandeboye Street
Wallace, George, packer, 75 Palestine Street
Wallace, Henry, tailor, 47 Annalee Street
Wallace, Henry, 9 The Mount
Wallace, Henry, Ordnance surveyor, 6 Victoria Gardens
Wallace, Henry, painter, 7 Lady Street
Wallace, Henry, merchant tailor, 65 Donegall Street
Wallace, Hugh, hair dresser, 334 Shankill Road
Wallace, Hugh, market gardener, Hawthorne Villa, Knock Road
Wallace, Hugh, 47 Ravenscroft Avenue
Wallace, Hugh B., joiner, 13 Thorndyke Street
Wallace, H., engine driver, 48 Ivan Street
Wallace, H., & Co., wholesale tobacconists, 378 Newtownards Road
Wallace, H., & Co., solicitors, 45 Victoria Street and Church Street, Downpatrick
Wallace, H. S., insurance agent, 13 Witham Street
Wallace, James, boot maker, 3 Hillmount, Greencastle
Wallace, James, carpenter, 89 Bellevue Street
Wallace, James, pharmaceutical chemist, 305 Hillman Street
Wallace, James, tailor, 22 Malcolm Street
Wallace, James, brick manufacturer, 2 Mount Clifton, Cliftonville Road
Wallace, James, bookkeeper, 14 Sandymount Street
Wallace, James, carpenter, 11 Gainsborough Drive
Wallace, James, linen business, 83 University Street
Wallace, James, & Sons, Marquis Brick Works, Ava Avenue
Wallace, James, & Sons, Oldpark Brick Works, 25 Ardilea Street; res., 2 The Gables, Cliftonville Road
Wallace, John, rivetter, 16 Martin Street
Wallace, John, caretaker Independent Orange Hall, 113 Great Victoria Street
Wallace, John, mechanic, 13 Havana Street
Wallace, John, commercial traveller, 21 Elaine Street
Wallace, John, Carlingford, Knockbreda Road
Wallace, John, plumber, 12 Dock Street
Wallace, John, linen merchant, 125 University Street
Wallace, John, winding master, 219 Ainsworth Avenue
Wallace, Joseph, millwright, 111 Oldpark Road
Wallace, Joseph, tailor, 8 Ballynure Street
Wallace, J., joiner, 21 Jerusalem Street
Wallace, J., railway guard, 30 Hartington Street
Wallace, J., grocer, 12 Melrose Avenue, Bloomfield
Wallace, J., 33 Hartington Street
Wallace, J., winding master, 70 Brittanic Street (Britannic)
Wallace, J. B., bookkeeper, 123 Agincourt Avenue
Wallace, J. C. A. & Co., agents and accountants, 79 Royal Avenue
Wallace, J. J., cabinet maker, 166 Hillman Street
Wallace, J. S., 2 Red Hill Villas, Upper Newtownards Road
Wallace, Martin, painter and decorator, 148, 150 Dublin Road
Wallace, Martin, Woodvale Brick Works, Ainsworth Avenue; res., 117 Crumlin Road
Wallace, Martin L., mill manager, 2a Woodland Avenue
Wallace, Mary, Moy Elta, 7 Bristol Avenue
Wallace, Mary Ann, 10 Rutland Street
Wallace, Matilda, 17 Cooke Street
Wallace, Maud, 122 Rugby Avenue
Wallace, M., tobacconist, 207 Newtownards Road
Wallace, Miss J., 9 Clifton Crescent
Wallace, Miss, dress maker, 1 Dudley Street
Wallace, Mrs. J., 6 Glandore Street
Wallace, Mrs. C., 9 Fountainville Avenue
Wallace, Mrs., 4 Cromwell Road
Wallace, Mrs., 80 Limestone Road
Wallace, Mrs., 88 Deramore Avenue
Wallace, Mrs., 79 Eglantine Avenue
Wallace, Mrs., Charnwood, Charnwood Avenue
Wallace, Mrs., Bergendal, Rosetta Park
Wallace, N., warehouseman, 633 Lisburn Road
Wallace, Patrick, customs officer, 38 Duncairn Gardens
Wallace, P. H., The Drift, Antrim Road
Wallace, Richard, butcher, 19 Ligoniel Road
Wallace, Robert, driller, 24 McMaster Street
Wallace, Robert, baker, 2 Brunswick Cottages, Cavehill Road
Wallace, Robert, clerk, 33 Broadway
Wallace, Robert, blacksmith, 24 Bread Street East
Wallace, Robert, & Co., linen, damask handkerchief manufacturers and merchants, 4 Dublin Road; res., 15 Rugby Road
Wallace, R., foreman engineer, 356 Newtownards Road
Wallace, R. J., brick layer, 561 Donegall Road
Wallace, Samuel, plater, 41 Mountcollyer Road
Wallace, Samuel, 38 Roseleigh Street
Wallace, Samuel H., baker, 11 Rutland Street
Wallace, Thomas, printer, 68 King Street
Wallace, Thomas, joiner, 33 Eccles Street
Wallace, Thomas, R.I.C., 26 Buckingham Street
Wallace, Thomas, 7 Tilley Street
Wallace, T., shop assistant, 56 Harper Street
Wallace, William, manager of Cantrell & Cochrane, Dorrington, Newtownbreda
Wallace, William, clerk, 44 Kansas Avenue
Wallace, William, watch maker, 59 Mountview Street
Wallace, William, french polisher, 17 Lawyer Street
Wallace, William, fireman, 10 Fire Brigade Station, Chichester Street
Wallace, William, chemist, 3 Rutherglen, Ballygomartin Road
Wallace, William, printer, 29 Halcombe Street
Wallace, William, Ardnabreena, Cliftonville Circus
Wallace, William, painter, 5 Crumlin Street
Wallace, William, fireman, 44 Mountjoy Street
Wallace, William, commercial traveller, 8 Salisbury Terrace, Salisbury Avenue
Wallace, William, jeweller, 238 Manor Street
Wallace, H., manager, 146 Dublin Road (Wm. H. in 1907)
Wallace, William James, sexton, 29 Vernon Street
Wallace, William John, tailor and draper, 268, 270 Springfield Road
Wallace, William J., grocer, 14 Orient Gardens
Wallace, William J., flax dresser, 57 Eastland Street
Wallace, W. J., hair dresser, 398 Shankill Road
Willis, John & Sons, Railway Agents, Furniture Removers, General Carriers and Warehousemen, 4 Donegall Street; warehouses, 67 to 73 Great George's Street (Wallis in 1907)
Wallis, Mrs. M., 71 Kansas Avenue
Walmsly, Walter, insurance superintendent, 38 Bramcote Street
Walpole Bros. Limited, Linen and Damask and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturers, 44 Bedford Street
Walls, Edward, shoe maker, 141 Nelson Street
Walls, F., fitter, 128 Cullingtree Road
Walls, John, foreman tenter, 90 Duncairn Gardens
Walls, M., clerk, 164 Nelson Street
Walls, P., stevedore, 59 Pilot Street
Walls, William, hair dresser, 369 Upper Beersbridge Road
Wallwin, W. H., foreman, 6 Kinallen Street
Walsh, Alfred F., grocer and provision merchant, 208 Albertbridge Road
Walsh, Annie, 5 Clifton Drive
Walsh, A., hackle setter, 15 Lower Clonard Street
Walsh, Daniel, 31 Deramore Avenue
Walsh, Edward, machine man, 43 Matilda Street
Walsh, Edward, butcher, 30 Susan Street
Walsh, Fred. A., linen merchant, 161 Stranmillis Road
Walsh, George, cabinet maker, 12 Willowholme Street
Walsh, Halliday, caretaker, 13 Donegall Square North
Walsh, Henry, thread finisher, 6 Chief Street
Walsh, Hugh, painter, 62 Chadwick Street
Walsh, H. E., traveller, 30 Salisbury Street
Walsh, H. R., tobacconist and confectioner, 63 Ravenhill Road
Walsh, Jacob, chemist, 209 York Street; res., Florenceville, Lansdowne Road
Walsh, James, carpenter, 3 Westmoreland Street
Walsh, James, slater, 63 Nail Street
Walsh, James, musician, 229 Spamount Street
Walsh, James, foreman, 2 Bethany Street
Walsh, James, foreman, 72 Cavendish Street
Walsh, James, time keeper, 13 Farnham Street
Walsh, James, shoe maker, 16 Norfolk Street
Walsh, John, slater, 5 Whitehall Court
Walsh, John, iron turner, 4 Merkland Street
Walsh, John, joiner, 5 Stranmillis Street
Walsh, John, motorman, 14 Hatton Drive
Walsh, John, clerk, 2 St. Aubyn Terrace, Shore Road
Walsh, John P., clerk, 19 Lincoln Avenue
Walsh, John T., wholesale bottler, Richview House, Donegall Road
Walsh, Joseph, blacksmith, 7 Dundee Street
Walsh, Joseph, brass moulder, 22 Lady Street
Walsh, Joseph A., M.P.S.I., agent for pharmaceutical preparations and surgical sundries, 1 Howard Street
Walsh, J., druggist and chemist, 209 York Street
Walsh, J., carpenter, 40 Devonshire Street
Walsh, J. W., clerk, 17 Ainsworth Avenue
Walsh, Margaret, 189 St. Mary's Terrace, Crumlin Road
Walsh, Michael, clerk, 88 Cavendish Street
Walsh, Michael, R.I.C., 36 London Street
Walsh, Michael, hospital attendant, 52 Hawthorne Street
Walsh, M., iron turner, 34 Abercorn Street North
Walsh, Miss Lizzie, 36 St. Alban's Gardens
Walsh, Patrick, distiller, 8 Thompson Place
Walsh, Peter, electrician, 36 Kashmir Road
Walsh, Robert, & Sons, chartered accountants, 67 High Street; res., Ashestiel, University Road
Walsh, Samuel, carpenter, 2 Norwood Street
Walsh, Samuel J., manager, 1 Balmoral Street
Walsh, Thomas, pensioner, 96 Hatton Drive
Walsh, William, clerk, 49 Delhi Street
Walsh, William, 27 Tate's Avenue
Walsh, William, 127 Upper Newtownards Road
Walsh, William, posting establishment, 149 Antrim Road
Walsh, William, clerk, 28 Kensington Avenue
Walsh, William, boiler maker, 7 Meadow Street
Walsh, William J., architect, Kylemore, Ravenhill Road
Walsh, William J., clerk, 44 Hawthorn Street
Walsh, William J., motorman, 17 Majestic Street
Walshe, A., dress maker, 25 Ardmoulin Avenue
Walshe, A., 141 University Avenue
Walshe, George, bookkeeper, 10 Bathgate Drive
Walters, Albert, traveller, 10 Thorndyke Street
Walters, Arthur J., dentist, 190 Crumlin Road
Walters, Edward, postal clerk, 3 Ulsterville Gardens
Walters, James, clerk, 156 Corporation Street
Walton, W., electrician, 70 Moyola Street
Walton, W. E., jeweller, stationer and fancy goods dealer, 39  and 57 Royal Avenue; res., 80 Malone Avenue
Wamsley, Charles, draughtsman, 10 Stranmillis Park
Wann, Miss, 95 Lisburn Road
Wann, Mrs. J., Earlsfort, 33 Stranmillis Road
Wann, William H., Redlands, Chichester Park
Want, Noah, horse knacker, 50 Chemical Street
Warbarton, Sandford, electrician, 12 Third Avenue, Strandtown
Ward, Charles, spirit grocer, 119 New Lodge Road
Ward, Charles, cloth cutter, 42 Upton Street
Ward, Charles, confectioner, 60 Falls Road
Ward, Edward, boot cutter, 14 Irwin Street
Ward, Fanny, grocer, 58 Lavinia Street
Ward, Francis, tram conductor, 48 Clowney Street
Ward, Francis E., manager, Airlie, Marlborough Park
Ward, George, sanitary engineer, Bellaville Cottage, Cregagh Road
Ward, George G., director Davidson & Co. Ltd., Sirocco Works; res., Redlands, Adelaide Park
Ward, Griffin, boot and shoe merchant, 60 North Street, 99 York Street, 101 Shankill Road, 150, 152 Newtownards Road
Ward, Henry, traveller, 209 Upper Meadow Street
Ward, Isaac W., 24 Camden Street
Ward, James, plater, 10 Seaview Street
Ward, James, fruiterer, 238 Albertbridge Road
Ward, James, engineer, 2a Huss Street
Ward, James, engineer, 113 Limestone Road
Ward, James F., Aranmore, Malone Park
Ward, John, shoe maker, 37 Upton Street
Ward, John, berth master, 35 Ship Street
Ward, John, auctioneer, 133 Ormeau Road
Ward, John, book binder, 43 Ulsterville Gardens
Ward, John, cooper, 69 Lagan Street
Ward, John, traveller, 44 Sandhurst Gardens
Ward, John, R.I.C., 117 Stratheden Street
Ward, John, tinsmith, 19 Durham Street
Ward, John, fitter, 38 Charlotte Street
Ward, John, joiner, 51 Crosscollyer Street
Ward, John, dealer, 22 Eversleigh Street
Ward, John, waiter, 14 Auburn Street
Ward, John, publican, 79 Cromac Street
Ward, John, baker, 50 Leeson Street
Ward, John, fitter, 119 Albert Street
Ward, Joseph, plasterer, 5 Alexander Street
Ward, J., linen lapper, 56 Penrith Street
Ward, J., mechanic, 3 Dufferin Terrace, Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
Ward, J. K., yarn salesman, St. Keyne, Myrtlefield Park
Ward, J. T., district insurance manager, 13 Wellington Place; residence, Cherryhill, University Road
Ward, Mary, publican, 72 Beersbridge Road
Ward, Michael, street inspector, 1 Oberon Street
Ward, Miss, tobacconist, 9 York Street
Ward, Miss, 157 Albertbridge Road
Ward, Mrs., refreshment rooms, 93 Whitla Street
Ward, Mrs., 43 University Street
Ward, Mrs., Braiduile, Rosetta Park
Ward, Mrs., 42 Stranmillis Road
Ward, M., cork manufacturer, 22 King Street
Ward, Owen, barman, 11 Dromara Street
Ward, Owen, R.I.C., 45 Clowney Street
Ward, Owen, 22 Gloucester Street
Ward, P., plater, 25 Gloucester Street
Ward, P., school master, 12 Cavendish Square
Ward, P., hair dresser, 18 Sydney Street
Ward, Park, warehouseman, 191 Spamount Street (Patk. ?)
Ward, Patrick, boot merchant, 7 Eastleigh Drive
Ward, Paul, engineer, 1 Orangefield Terrace, Knock Road
Ward, Robert, telegraphist, Ard-ma-Grene, Skegoniel Avenue
Ward, Robert, stone cutter, 81 Cyprus Street
Ward, Robert J., tenter, 83 Chief Street
Ward, Samuel D., 23 Melrose Street
Ward, Steven, boot maker, 71 Tobergill Street
Ward, S. Stewart, manufacturers' agent, 7 Waring Street; res., 3 Rosemount Gardens
Ward, Thomas, railway guard, 29 Eliza Street
Ward, Thomas, cooper, 19 Kildare Street
Ward, Thomas, tailor, 41 Cultra Street
Ward, T. G., commission agent, 75 High Street
Ward, W. H., & Son, agent Sun Insurance Office, 21 Callender Street
Ward & Co., drapers and hosiers and shirt manufacturers, 68, 70 Old Lodge Road
Ward & Partners, stained glass artists and leaded light manufacturers, 31 May Street

Warde, T. Allan, loan and discount agent, 3 Magdala Street
Wardell, Miss, Glencoe, Osborne Park
Wardley, William, manager, 17 Tudor Park
Warden, F. W., managing director Palace Theatre
Warden, Mrs. J. F., Shakespeare House, 2 Adelaide Park
Warden, Samuel, platers' helper, 8 Anglesea Street
Warden & Stewart, grain, potato and hay merchants, 57, 59, 67, 69 May Street; res., William Ross Warden, Cultra
Wardlow, R., plasterer, 255 Hillman Street
Wardlow, Robert, printer, 13 Park Parade
Wardlow, Robert, compositor, 79 Rathmore Street
Ware, Theo. E., 14 Cyprus Avenue
Waring, C., brick layer, 81 Lilliput Street
Waring, David, grocer, 19 Windsor Road
Waring, E. B., clerk, 1 Warren Villas, Cavehill Road
Waring, Henry, steward, 49 Adam Street
Waring, Holt, foreman, 129 Oldpark Road
Warner, Mrs., Ben Madigan, Alexandra Gardens
Waring, R., rivetter, 55 Adam Street
Waring, Richard, millwright, 27 Excise Street
Waring, Robert, carpenter, 12 Byron Street
Waring, Samuel, builder, 24, 26 North Queen Street
Waring, Samuel, preparing master, 98 Woodvale Road
Waring, W. J., carpenter, 133 Roden Street
Waring, W. T., chair maker, 17 Hatfield Street
Waringstown Damask Co., 17 Franklin Street
Wark, J. A., Civil Engineer, 95, 96 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Wark, John, packer, 8 Radnor Street
Wark, Samuel, linen lapper, 16 Ardgowan Street
Warner, M., 1 Hamden Terrace, Rugby Street
Warning, Robert, shoe maker, 24 Hector Street
Warnock, Earnest, painter, 41 Tavanagh Street (Ernest)
Warnock, George, Ashville, 2 Inver Avenue
Warnock, Hugh, 34 Greenville Street
Warnock, James, sail maker, 19 Mersey Street
Warnock, John, clerk, 46 Agra Street
Warnock, John, clothier, 72 Royal Avenue
Warnock, John, hair dresser, 62 Duncairn Gardens
Warnock, John, brass moulder, 145 Nelson Street
Warnock, Mrs., Iverna, 1 Deramore Park
Warnock, R., customs officer, 53 Kansas Avenue
Warnock, Robert S., tenter, 3 Mourne Street
Warnock, S., flax dresser, 6 Hooker Street
Warnock, Thomas, fireman, 27 Ayr Street
Warnock, William, mechanic, 3 Majorca Street
Warnock, William, Isleworth, 86 North Road
Warnock, William J., sail maker, 18 Downpatrick Street
Warnock & Co., pawn brokers, 269 Shankill Road
Warren, Alex., card cutter, 22 Chief Street
Warren, Buckley, & Co., manufacturers and merchants, 8 James Street South
Warren, Frederick, holderup, 180 Snugville Street
Warren, James, carpenter, 22 Surrey Street
Warren, James, guard, 5 Kensington Avenue
Warren, T., thread spinner, 20 Leopold Street
Warren, William, pensioner, 42 Ponsonby Avenue
Warren, William, clerk, 14 River Terrace
Warren, Young, traveller, 13 Kensington Street
Warrick, S., traveller, 44 Atlantic Avenue
Warmington, Hugh, baker, 39 Howe Street
Warrington, W. H., packing case maker, 100 Sandy Row
Warwick, F. S. H., clerk, 3 Skegoniel Avenue
Warwick, J., agent Prudential Insurance Co., 77a Upper Meadow Street
Warwick, J., hardware and fancy goods, 13 Donegall Road
Warwick, James, bookkeeper, 11 Wellington Park Avenue
Warwick, John, hardware and china merchant, 5 Cameron Street
Warwick, John, pawn broker, 203 Shankill Road
Warwick, John, moulder, 225 Oldpark Road
Warwick, John, grocer, 1, 3 Prospect Street
Warwick, John, Felt Street Bakery, Felt Street
Warwick, Joseph, stone mason, 54 Post Office Row
Warwick, N., lithographer, 36 Richardson Street
Warwick, Robert, dairyman, Mountpleasant, Ballysillan Road
Warwick, Samuel, tailor, 1 Wolfhill Back Row
Warwick, William, grocer, 25 Arnon Street
Wasson, George, carpenter, 10 Willowholme Street
Wasson, Mrs., 10 Landscape Terrace
Wasson, Parker, butcher, 424 Shankill Road; res., Danescroft, Glastonbury Avenue
Wasson, Robert, publican, 53, 55 Sandy Row
Wasson, Samuel, foreman, 42 London Road
Wasson, Samuel, fitter, 15 Isoline Street
Wasson, W. J., clerk, 206 Ravenhill Avenue
Waters, Frank, ex-sergeant R.I.C., 17 Bedeque Street
Waters, George, artist, 48 Ophir Gardens
Waters, George, railway guard, 5 Majorca Street
Waters, John, civil engineer, 34 Arthur Street
Waters, Martha, fruiterer, 274 Crumlin Road
Waters, Robert, machinist, 17 Southland Street
Waters, Thomas, pensioner, 61 Bloomfield Avenue
Waters, T., painter, 50 Christopher Street
Waters, Thomas, & Co., 12 Howard Street; res., 120 Limestone Road
Waters, William, foreman, 23 Fraser Street
Waterworth, D., tailor, 13 Riverview Street
Waterworth, John, tenter, 61 Enfield Street
Waterworth, John, rivetter, 9 Kenilworth Street
Waterworth, Thomas, red leader, 11 Dunn Street
Waterworth, William, tenter, 77 Bray Street
Watkins, E., pensioner, 51 Cooke Street
Watkins, James, finisher, 10 Lower Rockview Street
Watkins, T., boot maker, 249 Mountpottinger Road
Watkins, William, hair dresser, 50 Henry Street
Watkinson, J. W., cashier, 80 Castlereagh Road
Watkinson, R., bookkeeper, 93 Madrid Street
Watson, A., coach builder, 10 Slate Street
Watson, A., accountant, 96 Woodvale Road
Watson, A., marble mason, 88 Bristol Street
Watson, Alex., seedsman, Craigard, Cranmore Avenue
Watson, Alex., painter, 48 Bendigo Street
Watson, Alex., cooper, 12 Kingscourt Street
Watson, Alex., mechanic, 31 Distillery Street
Watson, Arthur, photographer, 69 Castlereagh Street
Watson, Armstrong, & Co., linen and damask manufacturers and bleachers, 12 Donegall Square West
Watson & Brewster, dentists, 57 Donegall Place
Watson, Charles, shop assistant, 21 Regent Street
Watson, Charles, painter, 28 Epworth Street
Watson, Daniel, cabinet maker, 20 Stratheden Street
Watson, David, rivetter, 9 Earl Street
Watson, David, fitter, 43 Lecale Street
Watson, D., commission agent, 27a Donegall Place
Watson, Dr. Robert, Redlands, Bloomfield Avenue
Watson, Dr. Annie, Redlands, Bloomfield Avenue
Watson, Edward, jeweller, 102 Malone Avenue
Watson, Edward, painter, 46 Combermere Street
Watson, Eleanor, milliner and dress maker, 10 Century Street
Watson, Fred., shipwright, 55 Elizabeth Street
Watson, George, carpenter, 34 Raleigh Street
Watson, George, 445 Upper Beersbridge Road
Watson, Henry, manager Workman & Clark Ltd., 268 Antrim Road
Watson, Henry C., 31 Cliftonville Road
Watson, H. C., traveller, 31 Park Parade
Watson, H. J., carpenter, 86 Tennent Street
Watson, H. McE., bookkeeper, 111 Upper Newtownards Road
Watson, Hugh, grocer, 93 Lodge Road Old
Watson, J., boiler maker, 68 Mersey Street
Watson, J., thread finisher, 52 Ambleside Street
Watson, J., painter, 13 Rockmore Road
Watson, J., shipwright, 75 Madrid Street
Watson, J., butcher, 125 Woodstock Road
Watson, J. C., commercial traveller, 81 Malone Avenue
Watson, J. J., foreman, 30 Belmont Avenue
Watson, J. R. B., 623 Lisburn Road
Watson, J. W., carpenter, 42 Mountpottinger Road
Watson, James, helper, 45 Thistle Street
Watson, James, clerk, 45 Rosemount Gardens
Watson, James Lyle, joiner, 13 Groomsport Street
Watson, James, plumber, 2 Castleton Street
Watson, James, carpenter, 50 Wilcar Street
Watson, James, pastry baker, 33 Landscape Terrace
Watson, James, tenter, 14 Ardoyne Village
Watson, James, motorman, 32 Hartington Street
Watson, James, bread server, 51 Surrey Street
Watson, James, boot maker, 16 Dundela View
Watson, James, flax dresser, 25 Waterford Street
Watson, James, mariner, 125 Upper Canning Street
Watson, James, tailor, 218 Old Lodge Road
Watson, John, shipwright, 68 Enfield Street
Watson, John, fitter, 3 Olive Street
Watson, John, joiner, 2 Cadogan Street
Watson, John, tailor, 8 Athol Street
Watson, John, joiner, 5 Auburn Street
Watson, John, holderup, 29 Comber Street
Watson, John, fitter, 45 Lilliput Street
Watson, John, clerk, 2 Helen's Vale, Glenburn Park
Watson, John, ship carpenter, 35 Lewis Street
Watson, John, warehouse, 69 Farnham Street
Watson, John, Victoria Crescent, Ravenhill Road
Watson, John, shipwright, 32 Irwin Street
Watson, John, rivetter, 108 Crimea Street
Watson, John, salesman, 81 Castlereagh Street
Watson, John F., foreman engineer, Nevahoe, Ashton Gardens
Watson, John, & Co., wholesale druggists, oil, and general merchants, 52 to 56 Donegall Street; res., Rosemount, Knock Road
Watson, Joseph, builder, 166 Crumlin Road
Watson, Joseph, engine driver, 18 Santiago Street
Watson, Joseph, clerk, 3 Vialo Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Watson, Lewis, painter, 65 Viola Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Watson, Malcolmson, & Co., blouse manufacturers, 171 Templemore Avenue
Watson, Margaret, 108 North Queen Street
Watson, Martin, rivetter, 27 Humber Street
Watson, Matt., joiner, 30 Hardcastle Street
Watson, Miss, Servants' Registry office and apartments agency, 81 High Street
Watson, Miss, dress maker, 181 Tennent Street
Watson, Miss, 122 Ormeau Road
Watson, Miss, principal Lansdowne Ladies' School, Danescroft, Somerton Road
Watson, Miss, 23 Elim Terrace, Wandsworth Road
Watson, Miss, 125 Dublin Road
Watson, Moses, checker, 30 Vernon Street
Watson, Mrs., 4 Glenarm Terrace, Shore Road
Watson, Mrs., grocer, 63 Belmont Road
Watson, Mrs., Tilecote, Malone Park
Watson, Mrs., 131 My Lady's Road
Watson, Mrs., 224 Earlswood Road
Watson, Mrs., grocer, 131 Upper Canning Street
Watson, Mrs. Woodvale, Knockbreda Road
Watson, Mrs. Margaret, 48 Shaftesbury Avenue
Watson, Peel, & Co. Ltd., ladies' and children's outfitters, 53 Waring Street
Watson, R., boot maker, 56 Castlereagh Street
Watson, Richard, engineer, 8 Jocelyn Street
Watson, Richard, yarn dresser, 3 Brookfield Place
Watson, Robert, mechanic, 35 Carlow Street
Watson, Robert, clerk, 90 Dunraven Avenue
Watson, Robert, commercial traveller, 68 Brookvale Street
Watson, Robert, insurance agent, 110 Molane Avenue (Malone)
Watson, Robert J., fitter, 9 Lawnbrook Avenue
Watson, Robert J., joiner, 36 Edinburgh Street
Watson, Robert & Co. Ltd., of Belfast, Cabinet Makers, Bedding and Wire Mattress Manufacturers, General House Furnishers, Carpet, Linoleum and Oilcloth Factors, 90 to 94 Donegall Street; factory and showrooms, Library House, Library Street
Watson, R., & Sons, handkerchief manufacturers, bleachers, and printers, 6 Donegall Square South; works at Lurgan
Watson, S., engineer, 273 Skegoniel Avenue
Watson, Samuel, warehouseman, 6 South Parade
Watson, Sarah J., 96 Mountpottinger Road
Watson, Sinclair, machine man, 26 Chelsea Street
Watson, T., boiler maker, 167 Spamount Street
Watson, T., R.I.C., 19 Beverley Street
Watson, Thomas, 2 Murray's Terrace
Watson, Thomas, cashier, 32 Willowbank Street
Watson, Thomas, chauffeur, 7 Surrey Street
Watson, Thomas, painter, 85 Mervue Street
Watson, Thomas, pawn broker, 64 Enfield Street
Watson, Thomas, grocer, 31 Carnan Street
Watson, Thomas, rivetter, 97 Glenwood Street
Watson, T. H., grocer, 73 Castlereagh Road
Watson, Valentine, & Co. Ltd., Brunswick Street Factory, Bain's Place
Watson, Rev. W. A., minister York Street Presbyterian Church; res., 42 Elmwood Avenue
Watson, William, joiner, 59 Ogilvie Street
Watson, William, builder, 621 Lisburn Road
Watson, William, seed merchant, Roslyn, King's Road
Watson, William, professional footballer, 6 Newport Street
Watson, William, fly maker, 44 Iris Street
Watson, William, grocer, 172 Crumlin Road
Watson, William, carpenter, 20 Kensington Avenue
Watson, William, smith, 36 Bentinck Street
Watson, William, joiner, 9 Adelaide Avenue
Watson, William, merchant tailor, 7 Garfield Street
Watson, William G., commission agent, 27a Donegall Place
Watson, William G., merchant, Mamreville, Hawthornden Road
Watson, William H., tailor, 130 Agincourt Avenue
Watson, William H., brass finisher, 98 Snugville Street
Watson, William H., butcher, 30 Ormiston Buildings, Holywood Road
Watson, William H., general merchant, 58 Upper Newtownards Road
Watson, William J., grocer, 8 Broadway
Watson, William J., plumber, 5 Union Street; res., 128 Limestone Road
Watson, William J., plumber, 118 Woodstock Road
Watson, William J., caulker, 1 Harrisburg Street
Watson, William J., over looker, 3 Lawnbrook Avenue
Watson, William J., foreman, 7 McMaster Street
Watson, William J., fitter, 2 Kilmood Street
Watson, William J., & Sons, House and Land Agents, 25 Woodstock Road
Watson, W. K., & Co., shirt and collar manufacturers, 128, 130 Joy Street
Watson & Sons, clothiers, 100 Donegall Street
Watson, W. L., engraver, 115a Victoria Street
Watson, W. R., & Co., ladies' shirts and collar and cuff manufacturers, 128, 130 Joy Street
Watt, George, fruiterer, 53 Duncairn Gardens and 178 York Street
Watt, Henry, pattern maker, 78 Thistle Street
Watt, Hugh, shoeing forge, 31 Albertbridge Road
Watt, James, hair dresser, 4 Bankmore Street
Watt, James, grocer's assistant, 25 Battenberg Street
Watt, John, joiner, 9 Symons Street
Watt, Joseph, egg and provision merchant, 4 Frederick Street
Watt, Joseph, joiner, 135 Falls Road
Watt, Mary, 21 Brookhill Avenue
Watt, Michael, boiler maker, 30 Roxburgh Street
Watt, R., M.B., B.Ch., 71 Agnes Street
Watt, Rev. George, Royston, Marlborough Park
Watt, Rev. W., Edenville, 26 Bawnmore Road
Watt, Robert, plater, 87 Upper Newtownards Road
Watt, Robert, fitter, 3 Lower Clara Crescent
Watt, S., grocer and hardware, 191 York Road
Watt, Samuel, joiner, 141 Upper Meadow Street
Watt, Samuel, commercial traveller, Eastleigh Drive
Watt, Thomas, grocer, 16 Nevis Avenue
Watt, Thomas, salesman, 35 Hurst Street
Watt, Thomas, fitter, 16 Mountcollyer Street
Watt, William, saddler, 78 Agnes Street
Watt, William, foreman, 8 Wolff Street
Watt, William, 214 Ravenhill Road
Watt, William, of Springfield Finishing Co., 326 Springfield Road
Watts, A., chef, 38 Bendigo Street
Watts, James, collector, 66 Jerusalem Street
Watts, John, stone cutter, 14 Bray Street
Watts, William R., pensioner, 59 Connsbrook Avenue
Watters, A., horse dealer, 41, 43 Frank Street
Watters, C. & J., drapers, 134, 136 Turin Street
Watters, F., pensioner, 70 Osborne Street
Watters, F., sergeant R.I.C., 4 Franklin Street
Watters, G., dairyman, Alexandra Villa, Oldpark Road
Watters, Henry, commercial traveller, 5 Edinburgh Street
Watters, Hugh, gasfitter, 36 Lindsay Street
Watters, J., linen lapper, 10 Hart Street
Watters, James, brick layer, 5 Cavendish Street
Watters, John J., tenter, 23 Lyle Street
Watters, John W. T., solicitor, 16 High Street; res., 32 Ann Street
Watters, M., spirit grocer, 1 Oldpark Road
Watters, Mrs., 105 University Street
Watters, Robert, joiner, 8 Bowness Street
Watters, Robert, dairyman, Andersonstown, Falls Road
Watters, T., shirt and collar manufacturer, 120 Limestone Road
Watters, Thomas, blacksmith, 40 Well Street
Watters, William, plater, 157 Madrid Street
Watters, William D., traveller, 15 Upper Clara Crescent
Watterson, E. J., 50 Farnham Street
Watterson, J., publican, 304, 306 Upper Newtownards Road
Watterson, J., insurance agent, 135 Blythe Street
Watterson, James, painter, 59 Hatton Drive
Watterson, James, steam tug owner, 158 Corporation Street
Watterson, James, driller, 7 Linden Street
Watterson, James, rope merchant, 25 Evelyn Avenue
Watterson, John, cabinet maker, 19 Chatsworth Street
Watterson, Moses, coach builder, 8 Russell Street
Watterson, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 32 Virginia Street
Watterson, Robert, rivetter, 27 Barrington Street
Watterson, Samuel, hair dresser, 5 Ormeau Road
Watton, Alex. Stewart, 22 Jocelyn Street
Watton, Charles, painter, 60 Downing Street
Watty, Charles, rivetter, 21 Belvoir Street
Waugh, David, clerk, 87 Balfour Avenue
Waugh, David, & Co., proprietors Ligoniel Finishing Co.; res., Lodore, Innisfoyle Road
Waugh, Dr. G. H., surgeon, 134 Grosvenor Road
Waugh, D. W., manager, Vervena Villas, Shore Road
Waugh, James, farmer, Church View, Malone Road
Waugh, James, plumber, 48 Ogilvie Street
Waugh, James, baker, 268 Ravenhill Avenue
Waugh, Joseph, baker, 47 California Street
Waugh, Joseph, baker, 13 Kendal Street
Waugh, Joseph, baker, 80 Battenberg Street
Waugh, Mary Ann, 44 Violet Terrace, Crumlin Road
Waugh's Medical Hall, 132 Grosvenor Road
Waugh, Patrick, joiner, 15 Seaview Street
Waugh, R., foreman baker, 266 Woodstock Road
Waugh, Robert, clerk, Lisvarna, Upper Newtownards Road
Waugh, Thomas, pawnbroker's assistant, 64 Hillview Street
Waugh, Walsh, & Co., wholesale tea merchants, commission agents, and gun-powder merchants, 44, 46 Waring Street
Waugh, William, rivetter, 67 Glenrosa Street
Waugh, William, 4 St. John's Park
Waverley Hotel, 2 Tomb Street
Wear, Sylvenus, Rosebery Villas, 2 Evelyn Gardens
Weatherall, Joshua, shoe maker, 89 Mayo Street
Weatherall, Thomas, waiter, 45 Vernon Street
Weatherall, T., linen warehouseman, Aldwych, Central Avenue, Marlborough Park
Weatherall, William, solicitor's clerk, 13 Edinburgh Street
Weatherall, William, manager, 6 Broom Street
Weatherall, W. J., packer, 3 Percy Street
Weatherspoon, D. F., engineer, 12 Klondyke Street
Weatherspoon, J., watchman, 2 Ropeworks Cottages, Ravenhill Gardens
Weatherspoon, William, cabinet maker, 21 Rochester Street
Weatherup, William, traveller, 2 Indiana Avenue
Webb, Alfred, watch maker, 19 Bath Gate Drive
Webb, A. H., watch and clock maker, 125 Newtownards Road
Webb, B., accountant, The Myrtles, 109 North Road
Webb, E., plasterer, 4 Shaftesbury Street
Webb, Frank, painter, 75 Balkan Street
Webb, Francis, organ builder, 18 Jaffa Street
Webb, George, art metal worker, 8 Worcester Terrace, Chamberlain Street
Webb, G. A., chemist, 141 York Street; res., 15 Brookvale Avenue
Webb, G. F., clerk, 9 Worcester Terrace, Chamberlain Street
Webb, George, & Son, Ulster Metal Works, 73a Chamberlain Street
Webb, James, fireman, 15 Barrington Street
Webb, John, flax buyer, 85 Omeath Street
Webb, John, painter, 76 Balkan Street
Webb, Joseph, cloth passer, 21 Elswick Street
Webb, Robert, fitter, 10 Soudan Street
Webb, Robert, joiner, 49 Edinburgh Street
Webb, R. T., linen manufacturer, Rath House, Shandon Park
Webb, S., butcher, 66 Falls Road
Webb, T., street inspector, 87 Killowen Street
Webb, Thomas, warehouseman, 378 Upper Beersbridge Road
Webb, W. H., baker, 69 Cyprus Street
Webster, Andrew, bookkeeper, 39 Oakland Avenue
Webster, David, joiner, 27 Cheviot Avenue
Webster, G. T., newsagent, 153 Grosvenor Road
Webster, G. T., tobacconist, 155 Grosvenor Road
Webster, J., warehouseman, 11 Indiana Avenue
Webster, James, water commissioner, 38 Edinburgh Street
Webster, Joseph, butcher, 116 Brookmount Street
Webster, Rev. G. L., minister Ballynafeigh Methodist Church, 32 North Parade
Webster, Thomas, engineer, 32 Virginia Street
Webster, W., spirit grocer, 51, 53 Welland Street
Wedgwood, Rev. G. R., minister Sandy Row Methodist Church, 18 Claremont Street
Weeks, C., engineer, 14 Seaview Street
Weeks, William H., fitter, 35 Gawn Street
Weegmann, Henry, engineer, 19 Victoria Gardens
W. E. F. Flat Roofing Company, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South
Weightman, W. H., lithographer, 21 Park Parade
Weiner, G., Provincial Loan Bank, 16 Waring Street
Weiner, S., draper, 16 Waring Street
Weir, A., barman, 64 Jerusalem Street
Weir, A. J., deputy register Local Bankruptcy Court, Crumlin Road
Weir, Adam, smiths helper, 53 Bright Street
Weir, Albert, machine man, 29 Dewey Street
Weir, Andrew, fitter, 32 Albion Street
Weir, Ann, 7 Century Street
Weir, C., shirt cutter, 50 Woodvale Avenue
Weir, Charles, grocer, 20 Lawnmount Street
Weir, Charles F., chemist, 95 University Street
Weir, H., carpenter, 129 Euston Street
Weir, H. C., LL.B., solicitor, 13 Mayfair Buildings, Arthur Square
Weir, Hugh, gardener, 41 St. Albans Gardens
Weir, Isaac, confectioner, 34 Woodvale Road
Weir, Isaac, dealer, 33 Boundary Street
Weir, Isabella, 125 Beersbridge Road
Weir, J., joiner, 69 Jaffa Street
Weir, James, tenter, 97 Enfield Street
Weir, James, clerk, 47 Eglinton Street
Weir, James, Springfield Mills, Edenderry House, Woodvale Road
Weir, James, fitter, 35 Lawnbrook Avenue
Weir, James, commission agent, 13 Queen's Square
Weir, John, stock broker, 61 Royal Avenue
Weir, John, yarn dresser, 4 Oldpark Road
Weir, John, joiner, 607 Donegall Road
Weir, John, joiner, 8 Colvin Street
Weir, John, carpenter, 8 Chatsworth Street
Weir, John, grocer's assistant, 20 Ballarat Street
Weir, Joseph, driller, 34 Lawnbrook Avenue
Weir, Joseph, cutter, Bridge Cottage, Malone Road
Weir, Joseph, joiner, 1 Druse Street
Weir, Joseph, flax dresser, 60 Bombay Street
Weir, Maggie, draper, 280 Shankill Road
Weir, Margaret, 333 Antrim Road
Weir, Mary Ann, 36 Ravenhill Road
Weir, Matthew, winding master, 4 Belair Street
Weir, Miss, 22 Westminster Street
Weir, Miss, 55 University Street
Weir, Mrs., 14 Glenravel Street
Weir, Mrs., 74 Macauley Terrace, Cliftonpark Avenue
Weir, Mrs., Hawthornden Road
Weir, Mrs., 15 University Avenue
Weir, Mrs., Glenfarg, Cranmore Park
Weir, Patrick, dealer, 4 Boyd's Place
Weir, Patrick, 51 New Lodge Road
Weir, R., credit draper, 34 Lawther Street
Weir, Richard, boiler maker, 4 Ardenvohr Street
Weir, Robert, carpenter, 20 Rosewood Street
Weir, Robert, linen business, 3 St. Ives Gardens
Weir, Robert, rivetter, 6 Stonyford Street
Weir, Robert, blacksmith, 62 Roslyn Street
Weir, Robert, R.I.C., 10 Pakenham Street
Weir, Robert, smiths' helper, 11 Hunt Street
Weir, Robert, miller, 43 Upper Frank Street
Weir, Robert, confectioner, 97 Albertbridge Road
Weir, Robert, joiner, 64 Jaffa Street
Weir, Robert J., joiner, 52 Annalee Street
Weir, S, linen lapper, 202 Grosvenor Road
Weir, Samuel, carpenter, 63 Upper Newtownards Road
Weir, Samuel, iron moulder, 12 Woodvale Street
Weir, Stewart, grocer, 96, 98 Nelson Street
Weir, Sydney, joiner, 38 Buckingham Street
Weir, Thomas, fruiterer, 163 Shankill Road
Weir, Thomas, engineer, 120 Spamount Street
Weir, Thomas, plumber, 24 Baden Powell Street
Weir, Thomas, flax rougher, 45 Cambrai Street
Weir, Thomas, blacksmith, 48 Brittanic Street
Weir, Thomas, slater, 7 Blackwood Street
Weir, Thomas H., blacksmith, 20 Canmore Street
Weir, William, overseer G.P.O., 26 Glantane Street
Weir, William, foreman tenter, 7 Ainsworth Avenue
Weir, William, fitter, 20 Eighth Street
Weir, William James, compositor, 33 Martin Street
Weir, W. C., plater, 8 Woodlawn Avenue
Weir, W. G., & Co., fancy box makers, 74 Great Victoria Street
Welch & Anderson, dentists, 1 Victoria Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Welch, John, joiner, 99 Beechfield Street
Welch, Mrs., 13 Newington Street
Welch, Robert, "Irish News," Publisher, 49 Lonsdale Street
Weldon, E., commission merchant, 13 Rugby Road
Weldon, J., linen lapper, 25 Dargle Street
Weldon, James, foreman, 120 Butler Street
Wellbelove, Mrs., 32 Lothair Avenue
Welldon, C. K., quarter master sergeant R.I.R., 11 Court Street
Wellington, R., shoe maker, 60 McTier Street
Wellington, William, spinning master, 168 Cambrai Street
Wells, Albert, salesman, 24 Stranmillis Gardens
Wells, James, carpenter, 264 Conway Street
Wells, John, fitter, 102 Ainsworth Avenue
Wells, Rev. H., Presbyterian minister, 26 Essex Street
Wells, William, fireman, 14 Heather Street
Wells, William, grocer, 35 Cherryville Street
Wells, William, shipwright, 42 Glenallen Street
Wellwood, J. E., flour merchant, Bronhurst, Green Road
Wellwood, Robert, iron monger, Sandbrook Villas, Wellwood Avenue
Wellwood, William, estate agent, Garooch, Green Road
Wellwood, William John, R.I.C., 102 Jocelyn Avenue
Welsh, Agnes, flax spinner, 10 Colligan Street
Welsh, A. P., butcher, 53 Israel Street
Welsh, D. F., publican, 30 Ravenhill Road
Welsh, J., mechanic, 57 Balkan Street
Welsh, J., tailor, 93 Cyprus Street
Welsh, James, cloth finisher, 8 Vistula Street
Welsh, James, thread finisher, 81 Brookfield Street
Welsh, John, stone cutter, 162 Urney Street
Welsh, Joseph, barman, 6 Springfield Village
Welsh, Mary, 3 Ravenscroft Street
Welsh, Michael, clerk, 24 Derg Street
Welsh, Robert, oiler, 4 Conway Street
Welsh, Samuel, engine driver, 170 Roden Street
Welsh, Thomas, engine driver, 28 Egeria Street
Welsh, William, stone cutter, 12 Dromara Street
Welsh, William, driller, 18 Oswald Street
Welshman, J., ship clerk, 28 Fortwilliam Parade
Welshman, J., R.I.C., 36 Fortwilliam Parade
Welshman, Thomas, storeman, 78 Bentinck Street
Wemaere, C., & Co., flax merchants, 43 Commercial Court
Werner, Herr Louis, professor of music, 120 Clanerlean, Antrim Road
West, Christopher, R.I.C., 20 Tasmania Street
West, G. & J., provision merchants, 150 York Street
West, George, 147 Alexandrapark Avenue
West, J. C., mariner, 15 Glantane Street
West, J., & Co., grocers, 74 Euston Street
West, James, boot maker, 20 Nore Street
West, Joseph, confectioner, 6 Jones' Buildings, Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
West, Miss, Dunedin, 363 Antrim Road
West, Miss, 253 Hillman Street
West, Mrs., 26 Newington Street
West, Mrs., 80 Cromwell Road
West, R., 15 New Dock Street
West, William, school teacher, 55 Langford Street
West, W. H., clerk, 46 Dunvegan Street
Wetherall, A., handkerchief manufacturer, 20 Jocelyn Gardens
Wetherall, J., tinsmith, 45 Sherbrook Street
Wetherall & Johnston, linen merchants, 10 Donegall Square South
Whale, Mrs., music and day school, 71 Fitzroy Avenue
Whalen, Fred., clerk, 21 Willowbank Street
Whaley, J. G., H.M.C., 5 Frank Street
Whaley, R., plate leveller, 14 Linfield Road
Whaley, R. E., foreman, 3 Rochester Street
Whaley, W., solicitor, 16 High Street; res., Knockboy House, Waringstown
Whally, J., caretaker, 41 Donegall Street
Whalley, William, clerk, 33 Elaine Street
Whan, David, tailor, 174 Spamount Street
Whan, George, rigger, 72 Saunders Street
Wharry, William, butcher, Ballymurphy
Wharton, Albert, 12 Argyle Street
Wharton, Mrs., 27 Ulsterville Avenue
Whatmore, W. J., 19 Sintonville Avenue
Wheatley, Mrs., 81 Wellesley Avenue
Wheatley, Thomas, mounted constable R.I.C., 5 Southview Cottages
Wheelan, W., commissionaire, 3, 4 Mountain Bush, Cavehill Road
Wheeler, Charles, & Co., The Hamlet, 318 Ravenhill Road
Wheeler, Charles F., civil engineer, 2 Warren Villa, Old Cavehill Road
Wheeler, Edmond, clerk, 12 Clonlee Drive
Wheeler, George, hatter, 4 Lime Street
Wheeler, G. H., solicitor, 3 Thornhill Gardens, Marlborough Park
Wheeler, G., newsagent, 19 Tavanagh Street
Wheeler, Mrs. W. J., Lennoxvale
Wheeler, Samuel, french polisher, 88 Northbrook Street
Wheeler, T. K., M.D., surgeon, Abbotsford, University Road
Wheeler, Walter K., surveyor, Mount Ava, 144 Upper Newtownards Road
Wheeler, W. L., solicitor, 41 Adelaide Park
Wheeler, William, hatter, 68 Argyle Street
Wheeler, William, farmer, Finaghy Lane
Wheeler & Co. Ltd., export aerated water manufacturers, 8 to 16 Eliza Street; res., F. R. Wheeler, 71 University Road
Wheeler & McCutcheon, solicitors, 2 Wellington Place
Wheelhouse, Albert, carman, 3 Cavour Street
Wheelhouse, George, 33 Pandora Street
Wheelhouse, George M., showcard finisher, 13 Ardmore Avenue
Whelan, A., dress maker, 216 Falls Road
Whelan, Charles, coach painter, 27 North Boundary Street
Whelan, H. B., french polisher, 71 Battenberg Street
Whelan, James, french polisher, 30 Rusholme Street
Whelan, J. E., storeman, 23 Emerald Street
Whelan, John, dealer, Terence Street
Whelan, Joseph, agent Bank of Ireland, Donegall Place; res., Woodleigh, Malone Park
Whelan, William, dealer, 69 Smithfield Market
Whelan, William J., musician, 31 Drew Street
Whelehan, C., inspector N.S.P.C.C., 16 Rosevale Street
Whelehan, Rev. J., Holy Cross Retreat, Crumlin Road
Wherrie, William H., 18 Orient Gardens
Wherry, A., post mistress, Balmoral Post Office
Wherry, J., Chester Cottage, Lisburn Road
Wherry, Mrs., 36 Lime Street
Whilesmith, J. F., Rokeby, Wandsworth Road
Whinnery, Henry, 24 Braemar Street
Whinnery, Hugh, fireman, 22 Sultan Street
Whinnery, Hugh, coal porter, 48 Middlepath Street
Whisher, William, barman, 94 Maryville Street
Whisker, James, butcher, 25 Carlisle Street
Whisker, John, cabinet maker, 68 Agnes Street
Whitaker, Henry, M.D., Antrim House, Cliftonville Road
Whitaker, H. T., LL.B., solicitor, 35 High Street
White, A., merchant tailor, 31 Queen's Arcade
White, Adam, 11 Wellington Park Terrace
White, Andrew, R.I.C., 59 Cheviot Avenue
White, Andrew, block maker, 10 Duncairn Gardens
White, Alex., boat builder, 66 Avon Street
White Bros., cycle agents, 6 Agnes Street
White, C. E., manager, 3 Manilla Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
White, C. E., store keeper, 49 Bray Street
White, D. B., clerk, 12 Southport Street
White, D. S., boot and shoe merchant, 103 and 121 Dublin Road
White, E., litho. artist, 26 Vicinage Park
White, Edmond, pawn broker, 459 Ormeau Road
White, Edward H., pawn broker, 110, 112 Falls Road
White, Frederick, manager, 93 South Parade
White, George, railway guard, 16 Richardson Street
White, George, boot finisher, 7 Lorton Street
White, George, sheet metal worker, 29 Academy Street
White, George, plumber, 5 Curzon Street
White, George, holderup, 13 Kimona Street
White, H., pawn broker, 110, 112 Cromac Street
White, H., linen lapper, 5 Woodvale Street
White, Henry, painter, 25 Eccles Street
White, Henry, plumber, 6 Dromara Street
White, Henry, engineer, 18 Seaview Street
White, Hugh, & Co. Ltd., Wine and Spirit Merchants, 2, 4 Winecellar Entry; Customs Stack, 10, 16 Tomb Street
White, Hugh, rivetter, 49 Severn Street
White, J., caretaker Union Chambers, 7 Waring Street
White, J., flax dresser, 69 Hardinge Street
White, J., 4 Ardline Villas, Glandore Avenue
White, J., insurance agent, 12 Albertville Drive
White, James, painter, 103 Lilliput Street
White, James, 28 Mountcollyer Road
White, James, harbour constable, 16 Ilchester Street
White, James, sawyer, 74 Joy Street
White, James, grocer, 160 Old Lodge Road
White, James, machinist, 40 Wolff Street
White, James, joiner, 22 McMaster Street
White, James, plasterer, 9 Aberdeen Street
White, James, carpenter, 35 Bradford Street
White, James, insurance agent, 7 Ulsterdale Street
White, James, painter, 35 Prospect Street
White, James, painter, 31 Sydney Street West
White, James, clerk, 23 Riverview Street
White, James C., fireman, 4 Fire Brigade Station, Chichester Street
White, J. B., traveller, 8 Ethel Street
White, J. C., & Co., solicitors, 45 Arthur Street; res., J. C. White, 2 College Park East
White, J. D., bookkeeper, 30 Cliftonpark Avenue
White, J. M., Irish lace merchant, 32 Chichester Street
White, J. M., merchant, Chatsworth, Balmoral Avenue
White, John, stevedore, 29 Ship Street
White, John, builder, Glendalough, Glen Road
White, John, tinsmith, 310 Newtownards Road
White, John, pensioner, 29 Eccles Street
White, John, bread server, 41 Lavinia Street
White, John, driller, 26 Maria Place
White, John, shoe maker, 16 Lady Street
White, John, tailor, 7 Little Patrick Street
White, John, tailor, 26 Little Patrick Street
White, John, painter, 46 Bendigo Street
White, John, rivetter, 82 Battenberg Street
White, John, shoe maker, 16 Leoville Street
White, John, clerk, 44 Virginia Street
White, John, pawn broker, 547 Ormeau Road
White, John, boiler maker, 11 Rosebery Street
White, John, rivetter, 1 Hatton Drive
White, Joseph, oiler, 17 Milliken Street
White, Joseph, brick layer, 61 Methuen Street
White, Joseph, confectioner, 43 Donegall Street
White, Joseph, hackler, 176 Cambrai Street
White, Joseph, printer, 5 Evolina Street
White, Lindsay, flax dresser, 4 Hooker Street
White, M., dress maker, 266 Grosvenor Road
White, Margaret, 62 Hardcastle Street
White, Margaret, 146 Duncairn Gardens
White, Miss, superintendent Depot Nurses for Sick Poor, 3 College Square North
White, Miss, 2 Allworthy Avenue
White, Miss, 8 Balfour Avenue
White, Miss, 57 Castlereagh Place
White, Miss, 120 Fitzroy Avenue
White, Mrs., 84 Cromwell Road
White, Mrs., 11 Clonlee Drive
White, Miss, 7 Hopefield Avenue
White, Mrs. 52 Newington Avenue
White, Mrs. 1 Arranmore, Cliftonpark Avenue
White, P., publican, 129, 131 Grosvenor Road
White, Patrick, joiner, 161 Cavendish Street
White, Patrick, dealer, 61, 63 Lancaster Street
White, R., boiler maker, 26 Clanmorris Street
White, R., ship carpenter, 23 Upper Meadow Street
White, R., bread server, 13 Collingwood Avenue
White, R. A., postman, 34 Nevis Avenue
White, Robert, spirit grocer, 28 McClure Street; res., 123 Ormeau Road
White, Robert, carpenter, 34 Carnalea Street
White, Robert, clerk, 45 Rutland Street
White, Robert, stone cutter, 12 Frank Street
White, Robert, bookkeeper, 108 Rugby Avenue
White, Robert, baker, 22 Jerusalem Street
White, Robert, fitter, 77 Rowland Street
White, Robert W., agent, 41 Donnybrook Street
White, R. S., bleacher, 175 Upper Meadow Street
White, Samuel, bread server, 17 Manor Street
White, Samuel, plater, 8 Baltic Street
White, Samuel, engineer, 11 Grace Avenue
White, Samuel, joiner, 15 Central Street
White, Samuel, mechanic, 6 Melrose Avenue
White, Sarah, nurse, 139 Euston Street
White, S. J., agent, 49 Victoria Street
White, Thomas, fireman, 74 Mountcollyer Road
White, Thomas, manager, 132 Oldpark Avenue
White, Thomas, house furnisher, 148 Duncairn Gardens
White, Thomas, painter, 13 New Andrew Street
White, Thomas, storeman, 53 Eglinton Street
White, Timothy, M.D., 140 Peter's Hill
White, Tomkins, & Courage Ltd., Oatmeal and Oatflour Manufacturers, Clarendon Mills, 4 to 10 Henry Street; res., Thomas H. White, J.P., Lisnadene, 209 Belmont Road
White, Victor C., tea agent, 39 Victoria Street; res., St. Ive's, Bladon Drive
White, William, block manufacturer, 16, 17 Prince's Dock
White, William, baker, 32 Eversleigh Street
White, William, engine driver, 23 Crosscollyer Street
White, William, iron dresser, 33 Little Grosvenor Street
White, William, boot maker, 5 Craigavad Street
White, William, dairyman, 6 Portallo Street
White, William, carpenter, 53 Majestic Street
White, William, pawn broker, 92 Bridge End
White, William, boiler maker, 30 Upper Townsend Street
White, William, sample cutter, 4 Naples Street
White, William, joiner, 107 Beechfield Street
White, William, confectioner, 46 Newtownards Road
White, William, B. H., R.N.R., Deputy Superintendent Board of Trade, Villa de Russe, Gilnahirk Road
White, William J., commercial traveller, 5 Jubilee Avenue
White, William J., tenter, 39 Upper Glenfarne Street
White, William J., baker, 12 Castlereagh Road
White & Stewart, drapers, 235 Woodstock Road
Whiteabbey Bleaching Co., Whiteabbey, Andrew Henderson, manager
Whiteabbey Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Whiteabbey, James Barkley, manager
Whitehouse Spinning Co., Whitehouse, J. H. Hamilton, manager; res., Sunnyside, Whitehouse
Whiteford, John, cloth passer, 2 Dunstan Street
Whiteford, William J., clerk, 39 Avoca Street
Whitehead, Charles D., cashier, Wellwood Avenue
Whitehead, H., broker and merchant, Winnington House, Knockbreda Road
Whitehead, H., & Co., commission agents, wholesale glue and gelatine merchants, 21 Mayfair Buildings, Arthur Square
Whitehill, Thomas, joiner, 18 Chelsea Street
Whiteman, Francis, cabinet maker, 26 Ashburne Street
Whiteman, James, 14 Hardcastle Street
Whiterock Bleaching Co., Ballymurphy, William Watt, manager
Whiteside, A., dairy man, 41, 43 Beresford Street
Whiteside, David, brick layer, 54 Canmore Street
Whiteside, Geo., & Co., paint manufacturers and general mill furnishers, 100 Great Patrick Street
Whiteside, H., machinist, 16 Ballymoney Street
Whiteside, J., iron turner, 185 Durham Street
Whiteside, J., grocer's assistant, 59 City Street
Whiteside, J., coal merchant, 108 Agnes Street
Whiteside, James, school teacher, 15 Salisbury Street
Whiteside, James, baker, 69 Woodstock Road
Whiteside, James, hair dresser, 28 York Road
Whiteside, John, joiner, 6 Avonbeg Street
Whiteside, John, agent Bank of Ireland Branch, Queen's Bridge; res., Cnoc Allum, University Road
Whiteside, John, carpenter, 17 Roxburgh Street
Whiteside, Margaret, 143 Beersbridge Road
Whiteside, Margaret, draper, 71 Ormeau Road
Whiteside, Mrs., 4 Alexandra Terrace
Whiteside, Mrs., spirit grocer, 22, 24 Kenmare Street
Whiteside, Mrs., spirit grocer, 41 Rowland Street
Whiteside, R., brush maker, 15 Beechnut Street
Whiteside, R., brush maker, 101 Conlig Street
Whiteside, R., engineer, 239 Newtownards Road
Whiteside, Robert, baker, 71 Donard Street
Whiteside, Robert, draper, 91 Oldpark Road
Whiteside, Robert, 15 Lonsdale Street
Whiteside, Robert W., 43 Sandy Row
Whiteside, Samuel, house and estate agent, 30 Royal Avenue; res., Dumbarton, Fortwilliam Park
Whiteside, S., dairy man, 7, 9 Lovett Street
Whiteside, S., fitter, 6 Seventh Street
Whiteside, T., grocer, 122, 124 Crimea Street
Whiteside, T., iron turner, 27 Keswick Street
Whiteside, T., furniture broker, 62 Great George's Street
Whiteside, W., smith, 127 Oldpark Avenue
Whiteside, William, meter inspector, 55 Killowen Street
Whitewell Hygienic Laundry, Whitewell, Belfast; city office, 8 Royal Avenue
Whitfield, J., Brookside, Oldpark Road
Whitfield, Robert, foreign correspondent, 13 Salisbury Avenue
Whiting & Tedford, Shipping Agents, 31, 33 Victoria Street
Whitla, Edward, plater, 30 Mersey Street
Whitla, George, electrician, 11 Titania Street
Whitla, Hugh, mechanic, 24 Uniondale Street
Whitla, J., flax dresser, 35 Ruth Street
Whitla, James, clerk, 108 Tildarg Street
Whitla, Robert John, caulker, 39 Bryson Street
Whitla, Sir William, M.D., J.P., Professor of Materia Medica Queen's College, 8 College Square North; res., Lennoxvale House, Lennoxvale
Whitlaw, F., master mariner, 141 York Road
Whitley, Edward, musician, 26 Ardmoulin Avenue
Whitley, Francis, fitter, 9 Glenravel Street
Whitley, George, sample maker, 52 Enfield Street
Whitley, Henry T., compositor, 291 Ardenlee Avenue
Whitley, Hugh, joiner, 62 Fernwood Street
Whitley, James, painter, 2 Ottawa Street
Whitley, R., painter, 133 Dee Street
Whitley, Rev. Alex. William, Pine Villa, Upper Newtownards Road
Whitley, Samuel, wholesale warehouseman, 14 Waring Street; res., Fermanagh House, Malone Road
Whitley, Samuel, book binder, 23 Reid Street
Whitley, Thomas, manager, 20 Bath Gate Drive
Whitley, William G., compositor, 38 Westbourne Street
Whitley, William J., joiner, 13 Fingal Street
Whitman, D., joiner, 1 Drew Street
Whitman, Robert G., rivetter, 36 Erskine Street
Whitta, Thomas, 11 Cliftonville Street
Whittaker, A., captain Salvation Army, 10 Capstone Street
Whittaker, Dr. J. M., 43 South Parade
Whittaker, Robert, insurance and commission agent, 161 Templemore Avenue
Whitten, Charles, dealer, 114 Hillman Street
Whitten, George, mason, 138 Roden Street
Whitten, R., stevedore, 185 Nelson Street
Whitten, William, joiner, 14 Melrose Street
Whitters, James, time keeper, 50 Hardcastle Street
Whittington, Ellen, 4 Fitzwilliam Street
Whittley, James, grocer, 32 Mountview Street
Whittley, James, tram inspector, 37 Palestine Street
Whittley, Robert J., joiner, 28 Chelsea Street
Whyman, Sydney, harbour constable, 18 Wolff Street
Whyte, D. J. E., 344 Upper Newtownards Road
Whyte, Dr. Samuel H., surgeon, 132 Ravenhill Road
Whyte, J. R., solicitor, 19 to 21 Ocean Buildings
Whyte, James M., chemist's agent, 107 Donegall Street
Whyte, Joseph, linen lapper, 8 Utility Street
Whyte, Miss, 68 Kansas Avenue
Whyte, Mrs., Tower Villas, Park Avenue
Whyte, Robert, grocer, 2 Upper Charleville Street
Whyte, Samuel, music teacher, 241 Antrim Road
Whyte, T., manager "Irish News," 115, 117 Donegall Street
Whyte, T. N., L.D.S., 119 Great Victoria Street
Whyte, Timothy, M.D., 140 Peter's Hill
Wickins, William G., painter, 17 Hart Street
Wicklow, John, plumber, 8 Lecale Street
Wicklow, Joseph, brass moulder, 46 Seaforde Street
Wiener, Samuel, draper, 121 Cliftonpark Avenue
Wigan Coal and Iron Co. Ltd., James Carter, agent, 10 Corn Market; coal yard, Abercorn Basin
Wiggins, William, sexton St. Columbia Church, 12 Bethany Street
Wiggins, William J., compositor, 66 Northumberland Street
Wight, Robert J., engineer, 9 Stranmillis Street
Wightman Bros., cabinet makers, 2 Rathbone Street
Wightman, Edward, trimmer, 104 North Queen Street
Wightman, Henry, joiner, 14 Abbot Street
Wightman, James, saddler, 347 Newtownards Road
Wightman, John, cabinet maker, 60 My Lady's Road
Wightman, J., 112 Fitzroy Avenue
Wightman, Robert, rigger, 335 Newtownards Road
Wightman, R., baker, 39 London Road
Wightman, William J., driller, 42 Chadolly Street
Wigley, F. G., linen manufacturer, 1, 3 Bain's Place (ground floor)
Wigoder, M., draper, 49 Dargle Street
Wilby, Fred., stage manager, Theatre Royal, 94 Great Victoria Street
Wilcox, Mary Jane, 144 Grosvenor Road
Wilcox, Mrs., 41 Ulsterville Gardens
Wilcox, William J., litho artist, 5 College Street
Wildridge, Charles, painter, 50 Devonshire Street
Wildridge, John, painter, 23 Turin Street
Wildy, Anthony, clock maker, 7 Catherine Street North
Wiley, E. D., solicitor, 7, 8 Deveney Chambers, North Street
Wiley, F. J., general merchant, 70 Union Street
Wiley, William, dairy man, Lower Lodge Avenue
Wilgar, John, mechanic, 75 Cosgrave Street
Wilgar, W. J., carpenter, 25 Southport Street
Wilger, John, mechanic, 48 Mervue Street
Wilkes, Charles W., engine fitter, 30 Burmah Street
Wilkie, Edward, joiner, 123 Templemore Street
Wilkie, Edward, sawyer, 107 Beersbridge Road
Wilkin, Mrs., 13 Easton Crescent
Wilkins, H. J., commission agent, 34 Glantane Street
Wilkins, James, R.I.C., 15 Manor Drive
Wilkins, Joseph, plater, 64 Nevis Avenue
Wilkins, Robert, general merchant, 29 Waring Street
Wilkinson, Alex., fitter, 56 Trillick Street
Wilkinson, Alfred, joiner, 4 Beechwood Street
Wilkinson, Andrew H., assistant manager, 7 Marsden Gardens
Wilkinson, Charles, plumber, 45 Alexandrapark Avenue
Wilkinson, Charles, commercial traveller, Dununa, Kelvin Parade
Wilkinson, Charles, grocer, 57 Killowen Street
Wilkinson, David, fitter, 134 Castlereagh Street
Wilkinson, David, fitter, 52 Trillick Street
Wilkinson, Francis, engineer, 46 Derwent Street
Wilkinson, George, moulder, 7 Merkland Street
Wilkinson, George, postman, 31 Windsor Road
Wilkinson, Hugh, painter, 8 Hanover Street
Wilkinson, Isaac, packing case maker, 16 Grosvenor Place
Wilkinson, Isaiah, motorman, 20 Carmel Street
Wilkinson, James, tailor, 52 Ohio Street
Wilkinson, James, butcher, 310 Crumlin Road
Wilkinson, John, handkerchief manufacturer, Greenoge, 247 Holywood Road
Wilkinson, John, fitter, 25 Gawn Street
Wilkinson, John, clerk, 1 Gortaheron, Cliftonville Circus
Wilkinson, John, engineer, 9 Penrose Street
Wilkinson, John, engineer, 29 Solway Street
Wilkinson, J., dairyman, 190 Donegall Avenue
Wilkinson, J., engine driver, 58 Selby Street
Wilkinson, J. F., Medical Printer, Pendleton, Manchester, S. R. Agnew, jun., Irish representative, 133 Donegall Street
Wilkinson, M., traveller, 27 Burmah Street
Wilkinson, Rev. T. G., 89 University Road
Wilkinson, Robert, stoker, 10 Artana Street
Wilkinson, Robert, carrier, 26, 28 Upper Meenan Street
Wilkinson, Robert, clerk, 59 Bendigo Street
Wilkinson, Robert, gas worker, 51 Walmer Street
Wilkinson, Robert F., grocer, 16 Frank Street
Wilkinson, R., fireman, 25 Dunn Street
Wilkinson, R., grocer, 206, 208 Upper Newtownards Road
Wilkinson, Sir Hiram, 89 University Road
Wilkinson, Thomas, clog maker, 272 Cupar Street
Wilkinson, Thomas, engine driver, 13 Lisavon Street
Wilkinson, William, carpenter, 39 Rosewood Street
Wilkinson, William, secretary Irish Temperance League; res., 7 College Square East
Wilkinson, W., foreman joiner, 2 Buller Street
Wilkinson, W. F., 57 Eglantine Avenue
Wilkinson & Turtle, linen collar and cuff manufacturers, 1 Alfred Street
Wilks, Hedley V., engineer's surveyor, 83 Wellington Park
Wilks, H., engine driver, 10 Walmer Street
Wilks, Mrs. Fanny, 63 South Parade
Wilks, Randall C., designer, 16 Ravenhill Gardens
Wilks, William, clerk, 22 Deramore Avenue
Willdridge, J., painter and decorator, 4 Little Victoria Street
Willdridge, W. H., painter, 44 Glenalpin Street
Willet, Wilfred, captain Sussex Regiment, Harborne, Cavehill Road
Williams, B. S., traveller, Poplar Villa, Newtownards Road Upper
Williams, C. D., & Co., gun, golf and fishing tackle manufacturers, 71, 73 Victoria Street; res., C. D. Williams, 4 St. Jude's Avenue
Williams, Edward, marine stores, 23 Canmore Street
Williams, Edward John, clerk, 26 Ruskin Street
Williams, Elizabeth, 95 University Avenue
Williams, E. C., 65 Antrim Road
Williams, Francis, journalist, 6 Linden Gardens
Williams, Fred., boot maker, 183 Argyle Street
Williams,  F. Vawer, 268 Lisburn Road
Williams, G. J., clerk, 18 Campbell Park Avenue
Williams, Harry, postman, 19 Clifford Street
Williams, H., boiler maker, 17 North Thomas Street
Williams, John, clerk, 271 Conway Street
Williams, John, rivetter, 23 Lachagh Street (Lackagh)
Williams, John, engine driver, 32 Roxburgh Street
Williams, John, 163 Alexandra Park Avenue
Williams, John, agent C.O.S., 36 Bloomfield Avenue
Williams, J., ordnance surveyor, 46 Fortwilliam Parade
Williams, Mrs. Annie, matron Magdalene Asylum Laundry, Donegall Pass
Williams, Rev. J. F., 16 Claremont Street
Williams, Richard, flax dresser, 2 Milewater Street
Williams, Richard, insurance agent, 37 Delaware Street
Williams, Richard, customs officer, 9 Bedeque Street
Williams, Richard V., manufacturer, 5 Mount Pleasant
Williams, Robert, R.I.C., 7 Frank Street
Williams, Samuel, butcher, 35 Alloa Street
Williams, S., fireman, 22 Fire Brigade Station, Chichester Street
Williams, S., butcher, 13 Lee Street
Williams, Thomas, pensioner, 36 Mountcollyer Street
Williams, Thomas, shipwright, 75 Donard Street
Williams, Thomas A., carpenter, 7 Edinburgh Street
Williams, T., warehouseman, 12 Myrtle Terrace, Lisburn Road
Williams, T., butcher, 170 Oldpark Road
Williams, T., draper, 92 Duncairn Gardens
Williams, William, tea tester, 28 Delhi Street
Williams, William, butcher, 3 Oldpark Road
Williams, W., H.M. inspector of factories, Marsh's Buildings, 124 Donegall Street; res., Kiltermon, Donegall Park Avenue
Williames, W. E., coal merchant and shipping agent, 15, 17 Donegall Quay
Williams, William J., boiler maker, 60 Montrose Street
Williams, W. R., Imperial Steam Laundry, 15 Grosvenor Road
Williamson, Alex., 44 North Boundary Street
Williamson, Arthur, B.A., English teacher Municipal T.I., Pheasant Terrace, 43 Fitzroy Avenue
Williamson, A., fitter, 21 Clonard Gardens
Williamson, A. G., stationer and tobacconist, 186 York Street
Williamson Bros. Ltd., Tanners, Curriers, leather Merchants and Shoe Manufacturers, 46 Royal Avenue
Williamson, Charles, carpenter, 28 Ruskin Street
Williamson, Charles, publican, 220, 222 Old Lodge Road
Williamson, David, 46 Carmel Street
Williamson, David, 8 Prospect Street
Williamson, D., dealer, 22 Lagan Street
Williamson, D., dealer, 22 Stanfield Street
Williamson, D., dairy man, 14 Coningsby Street
Williamson, F., grocer, 8 Carmel Street
Williamson, George, plater, 68 Duncairn Gardens
Williamson, Henry, coach builder, 46 Clementine Street
Williamson, H., clerk, 3 Weirville Terrace, Crumlin Road
Williamson, H., leather merchant, 319 Antrim Road
Williamson, H., barman, 43 Bellevue Street
Williamson, H., iron turner, 29 Evolina Street
Williamson, James, insurance manager, 79 Royal Avenue; res., 2 King Edward Villas, Sandown Road
Williamson, James, carpenter, 36 Percy Street
Williamson, James, butcher, 211 Lisburn Road
Williamson, James, 39 Southport Street
Williamson, James, tanner and leather merchant, 119 University Street
Williamson, John, draper, 95 Oldpark Road
Williamson, John, smith, 70 Spamount Street
Williamson, John, dealer, 7 Francis Street
Williamson, John, butcher, 151 Lisburn Road; res., 15 Tate's Avenue
Williamson, John, 125 Dunluce Avenue
Williamson, John, painter, 71 Palestine Street
Williamson, John, dealer, 12 Winetavern Street
Williamson, Joseph, chemist, Beechgrove, Knockbreda Road
Williamson, J., manager, 2 Manilla Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Williamson, J., clerk, 24 Silvio Street
Williamson, J., carpenter, 96 Clonard Gardens
Williamson, J., iron turner, 55 Glencollyer Street
Williamson, J., damask mounter, 115 Northumberland Street
Williamson, J., foreman plater, 125 Madrid Street
Williamson, J., moulder, Albert Terrace, 25 Victoria Road
Williamson, J., chemist, druggist, glass, paint, oil, colour and wallpaper merchant, 167 Cromac Street
Williamson, J., traveller, 64 Tate's Avenue
Williamson, J. D., M.D., J.P., 189 Albertbridge Road
Williamson, Mrs., 38 Oldpark Road
Williamson, M., green grocer, 60 Nelson Street
Williamson, Peter, coach maker, 66 Melrose Street
Williamson, R., harbour constable, 64 Agra Street
Williamson, Samuel, foreman, Ravenswood, Oldpark Road
Williamson, S., iron turner, 104 Mountcollyer Street
Williamson, S., clerk, 129 Oldpark Avenue
Williamson, S., general dealer, 6 Smithfield Market
Williamson, S., linen lapper, 50 Excise Street
Williamson, Thomas, blacksmith, 69 Brick Row, Greencastle
Williamson, Thomas, stabling and yard, 124 Boundary Street
Williamson, Thomas, carpenter, 44 Donegall Pass
Williamson, Thomas, fitter, 60 Carnan Street
Williamson, T., manager, 44 Eglinton Street
Williamson, T. K., engineer, 64 Limestone Road
Williamson, Walter, leather merchant, 48 Eglantine Avenue
Williamson, William, saddler, 10 Naples Street
Williamson, William, fitter, 46 Epworth Street
Williamson, William, painter, 3 Agra Street
Williamson, William, grocer, 58 Bloomfield Avenue
Williamson, William, electrician, 26 Foyle Street
Williamson, William, brass finisher, 5 Springmount Street
Williamson, William, tobacconist, 130 Newtownards Road
Williamson, W. H., leather merchant, 77 Dunluce Avenue
Williamson, W. J., hair dresser, 30, 32 Hope Street
Williamson, W. J., holderup, 173 Vernon Street
Williamson, W. J., baker, 31 Dargle Street
Williamson, W. J., coppersmith, 81 Beresford Street
Williamson, W. J.., postman, 20 Hugh Street
Williamson, W. J., plater, 5 Connsbrook Street
Willis, Agnes, dress maker, 5 Garfield Street
Willis, A., draughtsman, 88 Ravenscroft Avenue
Willis, Charles, printer, 17 Jude Street
Willis, George, pressman, 93 Craigmore Street
Willis, James, commercial traveller, 17 Cavehill Road
Willis, James R., hackler, 15 Wolfhill Place, Ligoniel Road
Willis, J., bookkeeper, 6 Manilla Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Willis, J., carding master, 142 Sugarfield Street
Willis, J., warehouseman, 31 St. Aubyn Street
Willis, Margaret, draper, 198, 200 Albertbridge Road
Willis, Mrs. Lizzie, 23 University Road
Willis, Mrs. Margaret, Windsor Dairy, 181 Lisburn Road
Willis, P. W., street inspector B.C.C., 13 Glandore Gardens
Willis, Rev. M. H. G., B.A., rector of St. Michael's Church, 41 Cliftonville Road
Willis, Robert, rent agent, 3 Garfield Street; res., Engracia, Malone Park
Willis, Robert, fitter, 18 Penrith Street
Willis, Thomas, boot maker, 15 Kitchener Street
Willis, Thomas, dairyman, 6 Donnybrook Street
Willis, T., french polisher, 72 Glenwood Street
Willis, William, postal clerk, 22 Churchill Street
Willis, William, warehouseman, 128 Mountcollyer Street
Willis, William, caretaker, 142 Royal Avenue
Willis, William, sanitary hydraulic, heating engineer, 33 Dublin Road; res., 120 Malone Avenue
Willis, William, iron monger, 27 Great Edward Street
Willis, William, millwright, 2 Capstone Street
Willis, W. A., plumber, 50 Botanic Avenue
Willis, W. A., plumber and gasfitter, 20 William Street South
Willis, W. D., spinning master, 7 High Street, Greencastle
Willison, fitter, Moorlands, Oldpark Road
Willix, James, coach wheel maker, 59 Hatfield Street
Willix, R. G., brass finisher, 16 Derwent Street
Willox, F., blacksmith, 57 Turin Street
Willox & Reid, cycle mechanics, 79 Grosvenor Road
Willock, John, clerk, 9 Eia Street
Willock, Mrs. Isabella, 24 Chichester Avenue
Willowpark Dairy Depot, 23 Shaftesbury Square
Willmersdorf, Miss A., teacher of modern languages, 126 Eglantine Avenue
Wilson, Adam, joiner, 20 Deacon Street
Wilson, Alex., engineer, Agra, Knutsford Drive
Wilson, Alex., commercial traveller, 22 Kansas Avenue
Wilson, Alex., cloth passer, 20 Donard Street
Wilson, Alex., warehouseman, 92 Jocelyn Avenue
Wilson, Alex., car owner, 20 North Thomas Street
Wilson, Alfred, cashier, 60 South Parade
Wilson, Andrew, pharmaceutical chemist, 187 Albertbridge Road; res., 24 Irwin Avenue
Wilson, Andrew J., clerk, G.P.O., 2 Lucerne, Downshire Road
Wilson, Andrew, cloth passer, 60 Newington Avenue
Wilson, Andrew, boiler maker, 9 St. Leonard's Street
Wilson, Arthur, engineer, 62 Enfield Street
Wilson, A., carpenter, 118 Hillman Street
Wilson, A., school master, 3 Hillside Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Wilson, A., tobacconist, 58 Mountpottinger Road
Wilson, A., car owner, 2 Glasgow Street
Wilson, A., practical tailor, 5 Carlisle Street
Wilson, A., watch maker, 8 Mabel Street
Wilson, A., motorman, 116 Hillman Street
Wilson, A. B., M.I.C.E., consulting engineer, Maryville, Malone Road
Wilson Bros., electrical engineers, 3 Clarence Street
Wilson, Captain Frederick, 2 Belgravia Avenue
Wilson, Caulfield, Kelvin Parade
Wilson, Charles, linen finisher, 18 Lawyer Street
Wilson, Charles, painter, 24 Newport Street
Wilson, Charles, commission agent, 8 Scotland Street
Wilson, Charles, overseer, 122 Ravenhill Avenue
Wilson, Charles H., pawn broker, 1 Annadale Street
Wilson, Clare, painter, 28 Charles Street South
Wilson, Clarke, coach builder, 2 Harrow Street
Wilson, Clifford, typist, 34 Donnybrook Street
Wilson, David, grocer, 64 Cedar Avenue
Wilson, David, caulker, 4 Armitage Street
Wilson, David, M.D., 50 Violet Terrace, Crumlin Road
Wilson, David, caulker, 141 Dee Street
Wilson, David, printer, 58 Burnaby Street
Wilson, David, bread server, 162 Ravenhill Avenue
Wilson, David, merchant, 96 Oldpark Road
Wilson, David, grocer, 169 Old Lodge Road
Wilson, David, Baroda, Oldpark Road
Wilson, David, fitter, 43 Thorndyke Street
Wilson, David, flax dresser, 35 Spencer Street
Wilson, David, baker, 45 Tower Street
Wilson, D., assurance agent, 67 Windsor Road
Wilson, D., milkman, Monkeystown Cottages
Wilson, D., mechanic, 3 Posnett Street
Wilson, D., dairy man, 380 Oldpark Road
Wilson, D., brass finisher, 5 Queen Victoria Street
Wilson, D., manufacturer, 2 Grace Villas, Cliftonpark Avenue
Wilson, D., & Co. Ltd., cotton and jute bag manufacturers, 6 Townhall Street
Wilson, Edward, collar cutter, 26 Edinburgh Street
Wilson, Edward, grocer, 2 Golconda Terrace, Woodstock Road
Wilson, Edward, shipwright, 11 St. Vincent Street
Wilson, Edward L., provision merchant, 110 Castlereagh Street
Wilson, Eliza Jane, 11 Ulsterville Gardens
Wilson, Elizabeth, 593 Ormeau Road
Wilson, Ernest, draughtsman, Hartington Villas, Earlswood Road
Wilson, E., ship carpenter, 4 Loughview Villas, Shore Road
Wilson, E., engine driver, 42 Mervue Street
Wilson, E., & Son, hosiers and outfitters, 139 Royal Avenue; res., South Parade
Wilson, Francis, shipwright, 74 Bloomfield Avenue
Wilson, Francis, grocer, 67 Enfield Street
Wilson, Francis, traveller, 7 Rusholme Street
Wilson, Fred., commission agent, 42 Donegall Street
Wilson, Fred., engine man, 31 Elm Street
Wilson, F. G. H., solicitor and insurance agent, 14 Garfield Chambers
Wilson, F. Coe, manufacturers' agent, 149 Donegall Street
Wilson, George, traveller, 29 Woodvale Road
Wilson, George, carpenter, 1 St. Paul's Street
Wilson, George, carrier and furniture remover, 38 Tomb Street
Wilson, George, carpenter, 18 Perth Street
Wilson, George, Ashbourne, Lisburn Road
Wilson, George, boiler maker, 12 Downpatrick Street
Wilson, George, accountant, Inniskeen, Cranmore Gardens
Wilson, George, merchant, 139 Glentilt, Cavehill Road
Wilson, George, traveller, 4 Balfour Avenue
Wilson, George, painter, 95 Ogilvie Street
Wilson, George, blacksmith, 23 Hartley Street
Wilson, Gordon, joiner, 51 Ruth Street
Wilson, Gregg, professor at Queen's College, Deraness, 9 Deramore Park
Wilson, G. W., linen business, Longsight Villas, Cherryvalley Park, Knock
Wilson, Hamilton, butler, 2 Rathlin Street
Wilson, Hannan, confectioner, 27 Oldpark Avenue
Wilson, Henry, head preparing master, Wheatfield Avenue
Wilson, Henry, spinning master, Crumlin Road
Wilson, Henry, cabinet maker, 19 Rosebery Road
Wilson, Henry, tenter, 6 Trelford Street
Wilson, Hugh, grocer, 43 Glenallen Street
Wilson, Hugh, Sporting Tailor and Breeches Maker, 49 Royal Avenue
Wilson, Hugh, tinsmith, 18 Melbourne Street
Wilson, H., collar cutter, 57 St. Kilda Street
Wilson, Jane, Ardgreenan, 37 Indiana Avenue
Wilson, James, grocer, 15, 17 Woodvale Road
Wilson, James, boiler maker, 145 Parkgate Avenue
Wilson, James, warehouseman, 13 University Street
Wilson, James, rivetter, 7 Wolff Street
Wilson, James, mill furnisher, 43 Rugby Road
Wilson, James, clerk, 37 Upper Townsend Street
Wilson, James, blacksmith, 151 Spamount Street
Wilson, James, & Son Ltd., Spirit Merchants, 26 to 32 Tomb Street; Bonded Warehouse, Stack E, 18 to 24 Tomb Street
Wilson, James, draughtsman, 7 Elswick Street
Wilson, James, bookkeeper, 16 Ravenscroft Avenue
Wilson, James, finisher, Oldpark Road
Wilson, James, beetler, 11 Tennyson Street
Wilson, James, gasfitter, 23 Wesley Street
Wilson, James, shipwright, 48 Westbourne Street
Wilson, James, designer, Alexandra Villas, Lisburn Road
Wilson, James, driller, 64 Henry Street
Wilson, James, joiner, 17 Dock Street
Wilson, James, painter, 71 Albertbridge Road
Wilson, James, grocer, Ballysillan
Wilson, James, boiler maker, 11 Grampian Avenue
Wilson, James, rivetter, 16 Fleming Street
Wilson, James, merchant, 92 Dunraven Avenue
Wilson, James, engineer, 388 Upper Beersbridge Road
Wilson, James, checker, 224 Beersbridge Road
Wilson, James, carpenter, 28 Mossvale Street
Wilson, James, plumber, 33 Byron Street
Wilson, James, fireman, 246 Cambrai Street
Wilson, James, joiner, 134 Hillman Street
Wilson, James, fitter, 31 Armitage Street
Wilson, James, engineer, 34 Chelsea Street
Wilson, James, merchant tailor, 27 Cedar Avenue
Wilson, James, paper cutter, 37 Erin Street
Wilson, James, traveller, 2 Rutherglen, Ballygomartin Road
Wilson, James, coppersmith, 9 Hogarth Street
Wilson, John, builder, 33 Ulsterville Avenue
Wilson, John, rivetter, 106 Mountcollyer Avenue
Wilson, John, sawyer, 44 Mountcollyer Avenue
Wilson, John, grocer, 42 York Road
Wilson, John, seaman, 53 Nevis Avenue
Wilson, John, boiler maker, 65 St. Leonard's Street
Wilson, John, fitter, 13 St. Vincent Street
Wilson, John, clerk, 17 Mountcollyer Avenue
Wilson, John, dealer, 61 Medway Street
Wilson, John , baker, 85 Roslyn Street
Wilson, John, dairyman, 24 Thorndale Avenue
Wilson, John, blacksmith, 16 Skegoniel Avenue
Wilson, John, boot maker, 24 Broadway
Wilson, John, steamship canvasser, 1 Seaview, Greencastle
Wilson, John, merchant, Delcoosha, Kensington Road
Wilson, John, painter, 52 Tate's Avenue
Wilson, John, sea captain, 25 Westbourne Street
Wilson, John, joiner, 40 Island Street
Wilson, John, fish and ice merchant, 429 Lisburn Road
Wilson, John, box maker, 41 Braemar Street
Wilson, John, painter, 16 Newport Street
Wilson, John, fitter, 105 Dee Street
Wilson, John, plasterer, 43 Apsley Street
Wilson, John, shipwright, 85 Upper Meadow Street
Wilson, John, flax dresser, 16 Haddow Street
Wilson, John, clerk, 12 Bootle Street
Wilson, John, harbour constable, 18 Bryson Street
Wilson, John, tenter, 12 Capstone Street
Wilson, John, rivetter, 40 Beechfield Street
Wilson, John, dealer, 10, 12 McMillan's Place
Wilson, John, linen lapper, 97 Maryville Street
Wilson, John, grocer, 25 Major Street
Wilson, John, clerk, Edgcumbe, Holywood Road
Wilson, John, compositor, 60 Beersbridge Road
Wilson, John, engineer and cycle factor, 28 Church Street
Wilson, John, grocer, 5 Hemsworth Street
Wilson, John, ship carpenter, 12 Greenmount Street
Wilson, John, moulder, 52 Devonshire Street
Wilson, John & Son Ltd., Manufacturers of Linen, Damask and Handkerchiefs, 8 Royal Avenue; res., John Wilson, J.P., Fauronan, Greenisland
Wilson, John B., butcher, 13 York Road
Wilson, John G. H., B.A., solicitor, 143 Royal Avenue
Wilson, John Gilmore Hill, solicitor, Cairn-Lynn, Donegall Park Avenue
Wilson, John J., insurance agent, 5 Royal Avenue; res., 1 Eileen Gardens, Windsor Park
Wilson, Johnston, grocer, 235 Shankill Road
Wilson, Jordan, & Hamilton, Wholesale General Merchants, 42 to 46 Tomb Street
Wilson, Joseph, wireman, 8 Pearl Street
Wilson, Joseph, solicitor, 1 York Villas, Sandown Park
Wilson, Joseph, clerk, 13 Brassey Street
Wilson, Joseph, cotton sizer, 64 Killowen Street
Wilson, Joseph, fireman, 34 Buckingham Street
Wilson, Joseph, iron turner, 107 Dee Street
Wilson, Joseph, shoe maker, 46 Mayo Street
Wilson, Joseph, blacksmith, 56 Parker Street
Wilson, Joseph, boot maker, 5 Kyle Street
Wilson, Joseph, plater, 9 Glencairn Street
Wilson, Joseph, grocer, 48 Brougham Street
Wilson, Joseph, iron turner, 8 Clifford Street
Wilson, Joseph T., manufacturers' agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Wilson, J., fish monger, 72 Albertbridge Road
Wilson, J., dairyman, 7 to 11 Leadbetter Street
Wilson, J., school master, 2 Glenbank Terrace, Ballysillan
Wilson, J., linen lapper, 59 Excise Street
Wilson, J., dealer, 247 Matilda Street
Wilson, J., fitter, 90 Fortingale Street
Wilson, J., saddler, 1 Theodore Street
Wilson, J., fish merchant, Fish Market
Wilson, J., church officer, Townsend Street Church, 32 Townsend Street
Wilson, J., preparing master, 82 Roseleigh Street
Wilson, J. B., publican, 2, 4 Wilton Street
Wilson, J. B., traveller, Lorna, Innisfayle Road
Wilson, J. F., manager, Glenside House, Ashley Place, Ligoniel Road
Wilson, J. H., linen merchant, 49 Queen Street
Wilson, J. K. & Co. Ltd., wholesale merchants and manufacturers, 6, 8 Donegall Street
Wilson, J. M., commercial traveller, 158 Mountcollyer Street
Wilson, J. M., painter, 217 Spamount Street
Wilson, J. N., engineer, 21 Deramore Street
Wilson, J. R., traveller, 46 Glantane Street
Wilson, J. T., potato merchant, 13 Potato Market
Wilson's Loan Office, 124, 126 Sandy Row
Wilson, Margaret, dress maker, 87 Manor Street
Wilson, Maggie, grocer, 28 North Queen Street
Wilson, Matthew, joiner, 33 Spencer Street
Wilson, Mervyn H., clothier, 3 Shankill Road
Wilson, Mrs., 292 Antrim Road
Wilson, Mrs., Lennoxvale
Wilson, Mrs., 4 Avonmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
Wilson, Mrs., grocer, 126, 128 Butler Street
Wilson, Mrs., teacher of pianoforte and singing, 30 Atlantic Avenue
Wilson, Mrs. Fred., 77 Fitzroy Avenue
Wilson, Mrs. Hugh, 247 Upper Newtownards Road
Wilson, Mrs. Jane, 5 Allworthy Avenue
Wilson, Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 35 Little Patrick Street
Wilson, Mrs. Mary, 8 Mountcharles
Wilson, Mrs. Mary Ann, 11 University Street
Wilson, Mrs. Mary J., 7 Mountcharles
Wilson, Mrs. Sarah, 123 Hampstead, Cavehill Road
Wilson, Mrs. Susanna, Cregagh House, Knockbreda Road
Wilson, Mrs. Walter, Belvoir Park, Newtownbreda
Wilson, M., J.P., director of Belfast Bank, 24 Windsor Park
Wilson, M., moulder, 25 Granville Street
Wilson, M. H., clothier, 16 Carlisle Street
Wilson, M. J., fish merchant and poulterer, 2 Mount Street Lower
Wilson, M. & M., dress makers and milliners, 22 Wellington Place
Wilson, Norman, solicitor, 30 Arthur Street
Wilson, Patk., tailor, Lansdowne , Lansdowne Road
Wilson, Peter, sea captain, Lilyvale Terrace, 51 Nevis Avenue
Wilson, Peter, saddler, 63 Balkan Street
Wilson, Reginald, book binder, 56 Windsor Road
Wilson, Rev. Andrew James, B.A., Malone Presbyterian Church; The Manse, Malone Park
Wilson, Rev. J., minister Argyle Place Presbyterian Church; res., Cliftonview Terrace,  Cliftonpark Avenue
Wilson, Rev. S. Law, M.A., D.D., 2 College Park
Wilson, Richard, cashier, 162 University Avenue
Wilson, Robert, dairyman, 164 My Lady's Road
Wilson, Robert, fitter, 56 Limestone Road
Wilson, Robert, ship carpenter, 29 Limestone Road
Wilson, Robert, winding master, 22 Hind Street
Wilson, Robert, electric engineer, 212 Leeson Street
Wilson, Robert, butcher, 248 Albertbridge Road
Wilson, Robert, overseer, 5 Dunmore Street
Wilson, Robert, builder, Mount Delphi, 262 Antrim Road
Wilson, Robert, linen business, 60 Deramore Avenue
Wilson, Robert, linen lapper, 38 Barrington Street
Wilson, Robert, grocer, 247 Cambrai Street
Wilson, Robert, yarn dresser, 35 Battenberg Street
Wilson, Robert, butcher, 162 Beersbridge Road
Wilson, Robert, checker, 7 Beresford Street
Wilson, Robert, The Beeches, Hampton Park
Wilson, Robert, checker, 10 Aberdeen Street
Wilson, Robert, fitter, 3 Annalee Street
Wilson, Robert, car owner, 47 Carnalea Street
Wilson, Robert, printer, 21 Brittanic Street
Wilson, Robert, linen lapper, 23 Hurst Street
Wilson, Robert, iron turner, 49 Third Street
Wilson, Robert, saddler, 2 Laganview Street
Wilson, Robert, yarn dresser, 16 Pollard Street
Wilson, Robert, traveller, 199 Springfield Road
Wilson, Robert, 82 Rugby Avenue
Wilson, R., laundry, 133 Westmoreland Street
Wilson, R., M.D., surgeon, 262 York Street
Wilson, R., Baker and flour merchant, 92 Cromac Street
Wilson, R., mill manager, 27 Evolina Street
Wilson, R., car owner, 25 Clanmorris Street
Wilson, R., plumber, 44 Linfield Road
Wilson, R., manager, 160 Mountcollyer Street
Wilson, R. A., agent, 9 Wellington Park Avenue
Wilson, R. C., & Co., furniture and cabinet makers, 62, 66 Patrick Street Great; res., 14 Cranmore Gardens
Wilson, R. G., postman, 10 Cairo Street
Wilson, R. H., Master Union Workhouse, Lisburn Road
Wilson, R. L., hardware merchant, 12 Kimberley Street
Wilson, Samuel, insurance agent, 57 Glenwood Street
Wilson, Samuel, moulder, 19 Tennent Street
Wilson, Samuel, car owner, 21 Clanmorris Street
Wilson, Samuel, plumber, 82 Canning Street Upper
Wilson, Samuel, caulker, 60 Belvoir Street
Wilson, Samuel, secretary, 267 Crumlin Road
Wilson, Samuel, motorman, 107 Meadow Street Upper
Wilson, Samuel, buyer, 114 Oldpark Avenue
Wilson, Samuel, warehouseman, 29 Cedar Avenue
Wilson, Samuel, fitter, 92 Fortingale Street
Wilson, Samuel, postal telegraph department, 36 Vicinage Park
Wilson, Samuel, builder, 1 Delhi Street
Wilson, Samuel, clerk, 134 Ravenhill Avenue
Wilson, Samuel, joiner, 21 Rutland Street
Wilson, Samuel, rivetter, 45 Seaforde Street
Wilson, Sarah, draper, 258 Shankill Road
Wilson, Singleton, plater, Ballygomartin Road
Wilson, S., linen draper, 110 Spamount Street
Wilson, S., confectioner, 91 Peter's Hill
Wilson, S. C., coal merchant, 33 Queen's Quay
Wilson, S., & Co., tent and lifebelt makers, 3 Clarence Street
Wilson, S. G., coal importer, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South
Wilson, S. J., corn merchant, 2 Claremont, Knock Road
Wilson, Thomas, grocer, 135 Old Lodge Road
Wilson, Thomas, millwright, 67 Bray Street
Wilson, Thomas, seaman, 70 Brandon Street
Wilson, Thomas, linen overseer, 46 Thorndale Avenue
Wilson, Thomas, plumber, 7 Cliftonville Street
Wilson, Thomas, rivetter, 27 Gainsborough Drive
Wilson, Thomas, grocer, 72 Eglinton Street
Wilson, Thomas, boot maker, 83 Agincourt Avenue
Wilson, Thomas, builder, 13 Bandon Street
Wilson, Thomas, sea captain, 1 Edith Villas, Cliftonpark Avenue
Wilson, Thomas, joiner, 227 Cambrai Street
Wilson, Thomas, mechanic, 42 Hatfield Street
Wilson, Thomas, carpenter, 56 Clementine Street
Wilson, Thomas, beetler, 41 Enfield Street
Wilson, Thomas, painter, 4 Bloomfield Avenue
Wilson, Thomas, butcher, 9 Carrington Street
Wilson, Thomas, checker, 94 Canning Street Upper
Wilson, Thomas, cabinet maker, 4 Maymount Street
Wilson, T., engine driver, 183 Madrid Street
Wilson, T. J., telegraphist, 4 Eglantine Gardens
Wilson, T. W., school teacher, Edenville, Central Avenue, Marlborough Park
Wilson, William, artist, 247 Lisburn Road
Wilson, William, yarn dyer, 8 Moltke Street
Wilson, William, sail maker, 10 Ship Street Little
Wilson, William, plumber, 7 Thomas Street North
Wilson, William, linen trade, Denehurst, Cranmore Park
Wilson, William, fitter, 3 Euston Street
Wilson, William, foreman, 3 Chambers Street
Wilson, William, joiner, 59 Limestone Road
Wilson, William, tenter, 16 Irwin Street
Wilson, William, confectioner, 76 Mackey Street
Wilson, William, storeman, 166 Ravenhill Road
Wilson, William, preparing master, 22 Uniondale Street
Wilson, William, pilot, 5 Moyola Street
Wilson, William, linen lapper, 17 Posnett Street
Wilson, William, army pensioner, 41 Portallo Street
Wilson, William, tailor, 27 Rutherford Street
Wilson, William, joiner, 47 Rutland Street
Wilson, William, iron turner, 133 Rosebery Road
Wilson, William, clerk, Islandreagh, Ravenhill Park
Wilson, William, machinist, 51 Redcar Street
Wilson, William, mechanic, 17 Legane Street
Wilson, William, yarn bundler, 111 Disraeli Street
Wilson, William, postman, 5 Derlett Street
Wilson, William, commercial traveller for Stewart & Young, Glasgow, 8 Oakley Terrace, Cliftonville Street
Wilson, William, boiler maker, 34 Hopewell Street
Wilson, William, engine driver, 6 Hillview Street
Wilson, William, grocer, 71 Byron Street
Wilson, William, hair dresser, 8 Ambleside Street
Wilson, William, ward master, 34 Albion Street
Wilson, William, commission agent, 22 Castle Place
Wilson, William, boiler maker, 19 Crystal Street
Wilson, William, horse dealer, 34 Brown Street
Wilson, William, butcher, 21 Erin Street
Wilson, William, rivetter, 9 Bloomfield Avenue
Wilson, William, engineer, 59 Carlisle Street
Wilson, William, plumber, 66 Beechfield Street
Wilson, William, water inspector, 138 Manor Street
Wilson, William, tobacconist, 178 Newtownards Road
Wilson, William, plumber, 124 Mountcollyer Street
Wilson, William, J.P., 57 Atlantic Avenue
Wilson, William, boot and shoe manufacturer, 29, 31 King Street
Wilson, W., ship carpenter, 41 Mountpottinger Road
Wilson, W., pork cutter, 178 Leeson Street
Wilson, W., boiler maker, 46 Halcombe Street
Wilson, W., engine driver, 12 Apsley Street
Wilson, W., commissioner, 12 Cheviot Avenue
Wilson, W., holderup, 140 Earl Street
Wilson, W., spinning master, 24 Wolfhill Place, Ligoniel Road
Wilson, W., boiler maker, 8 Nevis Street
Wilson, W. D., 294 Antrim Road
Wilson, W. G., solicitor, 44 Wellington Place; res., Florenceville, Everton Drive
Wilson, William G., pensioner, 96 Chief Street
Wilson, William George, constable R.I.C., 2 Rosevelt Street (Roosevelt)
Wilson, William H., traveller, 57 Ambleside Street
Wilson, W. H., iron monger, 25 The Mount
Wilson, William J., wood turner, 34 Wayland Street
Wilson, William J., draper, 1 Brookland Terrace, Lower Windsor Avenue
Wilson, William J., cabinet maker, 14 Montrose Street
Wilson, William J., wholesale clothier, 148 Shankill Road
Wilson, W. J., saleroom, 152 Templemore Avenue
Wilson, W. J., music teacher, 14 Silvio Street
Wilson, W. J., outfitter, 128, 130 Sandy Row
Wilson, W. J., draper, 54 Lisburn Road
Wilson, W. J., clothier, 99 Castlereagh Street
Wilson, W. J., steward, 33 Newport Street
Wilson, W. J., engine driver, 26 Lismore Street
Wilson, W. J. B., grain and provision merchant, 22 to 26 Great Patrick Street
Wilson, W. M., The Paragon Laundry, 171 to 181 McClure Street
Wilson, William McCracken, Rowallen, Hampton Park
Wilson, William McNeill, of Paragon Laundry, 27 Cameron Street
Wilson, William R., 69 Ballygomartin Road
Wilson, William S., commercial traveller, 11 Rossmore Avenue
Wilson & Co., grocers, 36, 38 Meadow Street
Wilson & Co., linen sample case makers, 9 Linenhall Street
Wilson & McClure, pawn brokers' salesmen, 51, 53 Peter's Hill
Wilson & Montgomery, grocers, 72 Newtownards Road, 24 Castlereagh Road
Wilson & Reid, ship brokers and ship chandlers, sail makers & riggers, 11, 12 Donegall Quay
Wilson & Strain, Bakers and Confectioners, Wholesale and retail Flour Merchants, 1, 3 Cromac Street; bakery and stores, 81, 83 May Street; stables, 49 to 55 May Street
Wilton, D., coach painter, 13 Westminster Avenue
Wilton, G. R., constable R.I.C., Lomond Avenue
Wilton, W., coach smith, 48 Donegall Avenue
Winder, W. P., boiler maker, 9 Pottinger Street
Windrim, Alex., watch maker, 124 Ravenhill Road
Windrim, William, iron turner, 55 Ruth Street
Windrim, William, boot maker, 78 Dee Street
Windrim, W., coppersmith, 43 Delhi Street
Windrim, W. J., plasterer, 4 South Parade
Windrum, Arthur, & Sons, plasterers, 30 Bankmore Street and 1a Charlotte Street
Windrum, Robert, plasterer, 16 Belmore Street
Windsor Cafe, restaurant, 23 Bridge Street
Windsor, John, stationer, 205 Shankill Road
Wine, F., jeweller, 44 Orient Gardens
Winnington & Co., brass founders, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and machinists, 7 to 15 Wilson Street; res., Beechmount, 153 Ravenhill Road
Winnington, G., window dresser, 92 Bray Street
Winnington, Jas., traveller, 11 South Parade
Winnington, John, brass finisher, 18 Essex Street
Winnington, T., hair dresser, 237 Mayo Street
Winter, Albert, printer, 30 Bryansford Street
Winter, J. Edgar, wood and stone carver and monumental works, 79 May Street; res., 20 Seymour Street
Winter, Robert, rivetter, 35 Stonyford Street
Winter, Robert J., painter, 29 Cheviot Avenue
Winter, Walter, blacksmith, 14 Flora Street
Winter, Wm., Crown Terrace, 3 Fitzroy Avenue
Winters, Francis, draper, 15 Walnut Place
Winters, James, linen lapper, 112 Turin Street
Winters, John, painter, 135 Parkgate Avenue
Winters, Maggie, despatch clerk, 226 Snugville Street
Winters, Robert, car owner, 59 Westmoreland Street
Winters, S., coal merchant, 9 Lawther Place
Winters, William, clerk, 4 Kinallen Street
Wise, B. D., engineer Midland Railway, N.C.C., York Street
Wise, Francis, broker, 32 Library Street Upper
Wise, Mrs., 50 University Street
Wise, Mrs. M., provincial servants' registry office, 53a York Street
Wiseman, W. H., boot maker, 19 Oldpark Road
Wishard, James, joiner, 4 Martin Street
Wishart, G., warehouseman, 24 Farnham Street
Wishart, Robert, rivetter, 37 Major Street
Wisley, James, spirit grocer, Ravenbank, 138 Ravenhill Road
Wisley, James, plumber, 73 Templemore Street
Wisnom, Hugh, superintendent engineer, Dunesk, Knockbreda Road
Witherow, Rev. Wm., minister Westbourne Presbyterian Church, Kohinoor, 8 Kirkleston Drive
Withers, Edward, compositor, 12 Baltic Avenue
Withers, Harry, dealer, 84 McTier Street
Withers, James, sawyer, 11 Stoneyford Street
Withers, John, tailor, 212 Spamount Street
Withers, John, mechanic, 195 Ainsworth Avenue
Withers, Robert, factory manager, 92 Annalee Terrace, Cliftonpark Avenue
Witouski, W. L., joiner, 102 Alexandra Park Avenue
Witts, Walter, baker, 17 Lucknow Street
Wolf, Wm., baker, 26 Baskin Street
Wolff, Bruno Louis, Continental traveller, Rosapenna Street
Wolff, Gustav Wilhelm, M.P., for East Belfast, The Den, Station Road, Strandtown
Wolfhill Spinning Co. Ltd., Fred. W. Finlay, chairman; J. B. Morrison, manager; works, Wolfhill Avenue; town office, 1a Bedford Street
Wolfson, A., traveller, 14 Dawson Street
Wolfson, A., tailor, 34 Unity Street
Wotton, Charles, carpenter, 138 Glenwood Street
Wonfor, P., 495 Tyrone Crescent, Falls Road
Wood, George, loco. engineer, 18 Brookvale Avenue
Wood, George, carpenter, 1 Chatsworth Street
Wood, G., foreman smith, 11 Castlereagh Place
Wood, H., painter, 39 Grosvenor Place
Wood, John, warehouseman and manufacturer, 83 Bridge End
Wood, Joseph, boiler maker, 22 Harper Street
Wood, J., draper, Edithville, Upper Newtownards Road
Wood, J., shipwright, 101 Tower Street
Wood, J. H., mill furnisher, Scottish Temperance Buildings
Wood, J. W., manufacturers' agent, 10 Howard Street
Wood, Mrs., draper and stationer, 261 Antrim Road
Wood, Mrs., 17 Cromwell Road
Wood, Samuel, warehouseman, 37 Malone Avenue
Wood, Thompson, foreman, 40 Chatsworth Street
Wood, Thomas, insurance agent, 54 Woodvale Street
Wood, Wm., blacksmith, 14 Glenallen Street
Wood, Wm., post office official, 261 Antrim Road
Woodburn, George, traveller, 37 Dunluce Avenue
Woodburn, Mrs., Salem Cottage, Lisburn Road
Woodburn, Mrs., 7 Rugby Parade
Woodhouse, E., confectioner, 15 Newtownards Road
Woodhouse, Mrs., Cranmore Crescent, 637 Lisburn Road
Woodley, Wm., boiler maker, 13 Ulverston Street
Woodman, J., flax dresser, 24 Leopold Street
Woods, Adam, dairy keeper, Hollymount, Finaghy Lane
Woods, Alexander, R.I.C., 47 Dover Street
Woods, Alex., 42 Ulsterville Avenue
Woods, A. M., proprietress Waverley Temperance Hotel, 60 Waring Street
Woods, Charles, traveller, 27a Woodvale Street
Woods, D., draper, 180 Albertbridge Road
Woods, Emily, 19 University Street
Woods, Fred. D., 18 Stranmillis Gardens
Woods, F. W., foreign correspondent, 15 Haypark Avenue
Woods, George, grocer, 98 Millfield
Woods, George, chef, 82 My Lady's Road
Woods, Henry S., director in Bank Buildings; res., Macedon, 22 Deramore Drive
Woods, Henry, salesman, 29 Avonbeg Street
Woods, H., ord. surveyor, 295 Queen Victoria Crescent, Skegoniel Avenue
Woods, Isaac, driller, 92 Redcar Street
Woods, James, manager, 3 Keersland Drive
Woods, James, merchant, 2 Odense, Upper Newtownards Road
Woods, James, dairyman, 23 Mountview Street
Woods, Jas., linen merchant, 24 Wellesley Avenue
Woods, James, proprietor Scotch Arcade, 251, 253 Newtownards Road
Woods, James, 39 Castlereagh Street
Woods, Jane, dairy keeper, 6 Beechpark Street
Woods, John, pensioner, 32 Vicinage Park
Woods, John, draper, 93, 95 Albertbridge Road
Woods, John, carpenter, 5 Belmont Avenue West
Woods, John, compositor, 19 Beechnut Street
Woods, John, clerk, 12 Riverview Street
Woods, John, & Co., tea and sugar merchants, 78 Ann Street; res., 51 South Park Villas, Park Road
Woods, John, bread server, 28 London Road
Woods, Julia, 99 My Lady's Road
Woods, J., draper, 104 Mount Street (No. 2)
Woods, J., fitter, 20 Alma Street
Woods, Leah, servants' registry office, 9 Victoria Terrace and 9 Castlereagh Street
Woods, Margaret, confectionery, 419 Ormeau Road
Woods, Michael, pinafore manufacturer, 25 Grosvenor Road
Woods, Miss, confectioner, 103 Mayo Street
Woods, Miss M., 32 Lawrence Street
Woods, Mrs., Woodlands, Finaghy Lane
Woods, Mrs., 43 Woodvale Street
Woods, Mrs. Caroline, 10 Magdala Street
Woods, Mrs. Mary Ann, 35 The Mount
Woods, Owen, & Son, fish merchants and salesmen, Fish Market, Oxford Street
Woods, O., tailor, 6 Riley's Court
Woods, Patrick, tailor, 65 Earlscourt Street
Woods, Peter, painter, 38 Servia Street
Woods, Peter, baker, 15 Cape Street
Woods, Peter, clerk, 124 Maralin Street
Woods, Phillip J., Industrial Designer, 4 Howard Street; res., The Elms, 225 Belmont Road
Woods, Robert, musician, 58 Enfield Street
Woods, Robert, clerk, 22 Combermere Street
Woods, R. S., draper, 8 Woodvale, Cranmore Gardens
Woods, Samuel, 14 Eglantine Avenue
Woods, Stafford, engineer, 38 Montrose Street
Woods, Susan, grocer, 42a New Lodge Road
Woods, S., tailor, 255 North Queen Street
Woods, Thomas, ex-sergeant R.I.C., 3 Tate's Avenue
Woods, Thomas, tenter, 8 Ottawa Street
Woods, William, weigh master, 1 Catherine Villas, Greencastle
Woods, William, postman, 71 Bray Street
Woods, William, coach wheeler, 10 Ballymena Street
Woods, William, dairyman, 1, 3 Coningsby Street
Woods, William, engine driver, Milewater Road
Woods, W., butcher, 165 Oldpark Road
Woods, William, & Co., wholesale druggists and general merchants, 15, 17 Waring Street
Woods, William H., banker, 3 Invergowrie, Galwally Park
Woods, William John, painter, 14 Norwood Street
Woods, W. J., joiner, 45 Daisyfield Street
Woods, W. J., clerk, 16 Collingwood Avenue
Woods, W. J., driller, 53 Disraeli Street
Woodside, Charles, traveller, 27a Woodvale Street
Woodside, Charles, warehouseman, 83 Deramore Avenue
Woodside, C. J., slater, 84, 86 Durham Street
Woodside, Henry, secretary, 99 Grosvenor Road
Woodside, H., stationer, 77 Grosvenor Road
Woodside, Isaac, caretaker, 43 Waring Street
Woodside, John, tailor, 34 Enfield Street
Woodside, John, electrical engineer, Crosti, Deramore Park South
Woodside, J., warehouseman, 34 London Street
Woodside, J. A., M.I.E.E., consulting engineer, 32 and 33 Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square East
Woodside, Mrs., 3 Princess Terrace, Cregagh Road
Woodside, Robert, Liswyn, Osborne Park
Woodside, Samuel, tailor, 3 Belair Street
Woodside, William, tailor, 68 Sugarfield Street
Woodside, William, merchant tailor, 17 Dunmoyle Street
Woodside, William, house furnisher, 2 Ashleigh Villas, Charnwood Avenue
Woodside, W., plasterer, 40 Jerusalem Street
Woodside & Sons, clothiers, 312 Shankill Road and 67 Grosvenor Road
Woodward, John, ship carpenter, 33 Epworth Street
Woodward, Rev. A. S., M.A., The Parsonage, Ligoniel
Wooloughan, P., Nautical Academy, 8 Dock Street
Woollcombe, Mrs. C., Ashurst, Glastonbury Avenue, Antrim Road
Woolsey, John, carpenter, 115 Mervue Street
Woolsey, Thomas, fitter, 22 Kenilworth Street
Wordie & Co., contractors, carriers and general forwarding agents, 38, 40 Waring Street; stores and stables, 33, 35 Divis Street, A. Monroe, manager
Workman & Clark Ltd., ship builders, engineers and boiler makers, Spencer Basin, South Yard, Queen's Road. Managing director, George S. Clark, M.P.; res., Dunlambert, Fortwilliam Park. Directors, Frank Workman, The Moat, Strandtown; C. E. Allen, Stormount Castle; William Strachan, secretary
Workman, John, J.P., 47 Windsor Avenue
Workman, Rev. R., D.D., minister, Newtownbreda Presbyterian Church; residence, The Manse, Ormeau Road
Workman, J. & T., 20 Bedford Street
Workman, J. & R., 20 Bedford Street
Workman, J. S., checker, 24 Greenmount Street
Workman, J. & W. S., 20 Bedford Street
Workman, Mrs., 106a Ormeau Road
Workman, R. E., ship broker and linen merchant, 78 Eglantine Avenue
Workman, R., & Co., stock and share brokers and insurance agents, 8 Corporation Street
Workman, W. J., & Co., wholesale clothiers, 6 Peter's Hill
Workman, T., shipwright, 120 Upper Canning Street
Workman, T.. & G. A., Ltd., linen merchant, 6 Dublin Road
Workman, William, stock and share broker, Nottinghill
Workman, William, tailor, 4 Greenmount Street
Workman, W. H., stock broker, 4 Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place
Workman & Lemon, 20 Bedford Street
Workman Ltd., contractors and quarry owners, 15 Rugby Parade
Worrall, George J., 21 Malone Avenue
Worsley, Arthur, boiler maker, 64 Ravenhill Road
Worsley, Frank E., restaurant, 25 Bridge End
Worsley, John, weigh master, 39 Meadow Street
Worsley, M., boiler maker, 42 Central Street
Worth, Arthur, waiter, 20 Ormeau Street
Worth, Joseph, yarn and waste merchant, 17 to 21 Henry Street
Worth, Joseph Walden, 23 Cyprus Avenue
Worthington, Irwin, dairyman, 89 Templemore Street
Worthington, Rev. Joseph, B.A., minister, Mountpottinger Unitarian Church, 17 College Gardens
Worthington, S., baker, 13 Southport Street
Worthington, S., machine man, 18 Cranburn Street
Wortley, Mrs., confectioner, 152 North Queen Street
Wortley, Stewart, clerk, 1 Rosewood Street, Crumlin Road
Wotherspoon, Miss, costumier, 64 Donegall Street
Wotherspoon, Mrs. A., fish merchant, 221 York Street
Wotherspoon, Robert, plasterer, 87 Cosgrave Street
Wotherspoon, William, agent Pumpharston Oil Co. Ltd., 22 Victoria Street
Wray, Samuel, moulder, 46 Glencollyer Street
Wren, Alexander, draughtsman, 21 Rosevale Street
Wren, Mrs., 28 Third Street
Wright, Alexander, commission agent, 91 Donegall Street
Wright, Alexander, french polisher, 28 Kathleen Street
Wright, Alexander, plater, 43 Silvio Street
Wright, Andrew, merchant tailor, 38a Shankill Road
Wright, Arch., iron moulder, 8 Campbell Street South
Wright, A., manager, The American Shoe Co., 19, 21 Wellington Place
Wright, A., commercial traveller, 21 Madison Avenue
Wright, A. & D., iron mongers and joiners' tool merchants, 33, 35 Church Lane
Wright, B., grocer, 42 Springfield Road
Wright, Bernard, spirit grocer, 156 Falls Road
Wright, D., spirit grocer, 1 Crocus Street
Wright, David, tenter, 79 Tate's Avenue
Wright, David, rivetter, 6 Finvoy Street
Wright, David, R.I.C., 8 Ardenvohr Street
Wright, D., & Co. Ltd., Stranmillis Bottle Works, Stranmillis Road; res., D. Wright, Dunesk, Stranmillis Road
Wright, Ernest J., ordnance surveyor, 54 Fortwilliam Parade
Wright, Edward, R.I.C., 21 Hartington Street
Wright, F., clerk, 9 Limestone Street
Wright, Fitzsimmons & Mayes, chartered accountants, 101 Donegall Street
Wright, George, engineer, 1 Belmont Avenue
Wright, George, plumber, 27, 29 Pilot Street
Wright, George, stone mason, 30 Ashdale Street
Wright, George, coach trimmer, 85 Joy Street
Wright, G. B., dairy keeper, Hampton House, Ormeau Road
Wright, Hugh, C.E., 17 Riverview Street
Wright, Hugh, driller, 103 Bray Street
Wright, H., surveyor of income tax, Custom House
Wright, H., musician, 3 Fortwilliam View Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Wright, H., boiler maker, 15 Moyola Street
Wright, James, boot maker, 17 Hope Street
Wright, James, butcher, 117 Ormeau Road
Wright, James, blacksmith, 32 Turin Street
Wright, James, clerk, 13 St. James Street
Wright, James, clerk, 96 Oldpark Road
Wright, James, insurance agent, 66 Groomsport Street
Wright, James, printer, 76 Bann Street
Wright, John, bookkeeper, 3 Haypark Avenue
Wright, John, butcher, 38 Magdala Street
Wright, John, clerk, 12 Crimea Street
Wright, John, clerk, 13 Moyola Street
Wright, John, compositor, 22 Belgravia Avenue
Wright, John, joiner, 49 Kilmood Street
Wright, John, joiner, 44 Turin Street
Wright, John, tailor, 32 Havana Street
Wright, John C., artist, 14 Clanchattan Street
Wright, John F., engineer, 2 Lomond Street
Wright, John, & Sons, agents, 7 College Street
Wright, Joseph, clerk, 76 North Howard Street
Wright, Joseph, clerk, 94 Upper Hyndford Street
Wright, Joseph S., rate collector, 38 Hopefield Avenue
Wright, Joseph, F.G.S., 4 Alfred Street
Wright, J., boot maker, 28 Albertbridge Road
Wright, J., commercial traveller, 18 Stranmillis Road
Wright, J., confectioner, 179 Grosvenor Road
Wright, J., draper, 181 Grosvenor Road
Wright, J., flax dresser, 32 Woodlee Street
Wright, J., horse dealer, 53 Cooke Street
Wright, J., shipwright, 30 Crystal Street
Wright, J. L., coal merchant, 2 Newington Street
Wright, J. T., joiner, 169 Spamount Street
Wright, Millford, engineer, 7 Eglantine Avenue
Wright, Miss, assistant Belfast Ladies' Clothing Society, 20 Carlisle Street
Wright, Mrs. Margaret, principal school teacher, 27 Agincourt Avenue
Wright, Mrs. J., Lauriston, Derryvolgie Avenue
Wright, Mrs., 91 Wellesley Avenue
Wright, P., tile merchant, 71 Haypark Avenue
Wright, Philip, & Sons, coal merchants and steamship owners, 1, 2 Scrabo Street
Wright, Richard, painter and decorator, 136 Ormeau Road
Wright, Robert, butcher, 148 Ravenhill Road
Wright, Robert, carpenter, 54 Frome Street
Wright, Robert, carpenter, 19 Derg Street
Wright, Robert, iron dresser, 8 Wilton Square North
Wright, Robert J., painter and decorator, 9 Edinburgh Street
Wright, Robert, ship carpenter, 2 Chater Street
Wright, Robert, tailor, 80 Balfour Avenue
Wright, R., bread server, 16 Lisburn Avenue
Wright, R., dairy man, 131, 132 Beersbridge Road
Wright, R., tailor, 4 Cavehill View, Greencastle
Wright, R. L., commission agent, 13 Ann Street; res., Leahurst, Upper Newtownards Road
Wright, Samuel, fitter, 24 Edenderry Street
Wright, Samuel, flax dresser, 21 Heatherbell Street
Wright, Samuel, hair dresser, 3 Manor Terrace, Cregagh Road
Wright, Samuel, spinning master, 27 Groomsport Street
Wright, Samuel, spinning master, 6 Elmgrove Street
Wright, S., coach trimmer, 4 Joy Street
Wright, S., hair dresser, 79 Ann Street
Wright, Thomas, bookkeeper, 40 Agincourt Avenue
Wright, Thomas, carpenter, 40 Hornby Street
Wright, Thomas, draper, 40 Palestine Street
Wright, Thomas, fireman, 21 Mountcollyer Street
Wright, Thomas, joiner, 26 Carlton Street
Wright, Thomas, linen lapper, 12 Oakman Street
Wright, Thomas, tram conductor, 6 Henderson Avenue
Wright, Thomas, coach trimmer, 25 Little May Street
Wright, Thomas B., painter, 138 Albertbridge Road
Wright, William, box cutter, 21 Majestic Street
Wright, William, driller, 21 Barton Street
Wright, William, foreman, 36 Maryville Street
Wright, William, gas inspector, 2 Jocelyn Avenue
Wright, William, linen lapper, 19 Ormeau Street
Wright, William, motorman, 30 Melrose Street
Wright, William, painter, 60 Carlow Street
Wright, William, painter, 13 Cumberland Street
Wright, William, rivetter, 63 Avon Street
Wright, William, secretary Irish Union of Y.M.C.A.s, 374 Ravenhill Road
Wright, William, stone cutter, 13 Ettrick Street
Wright, William, tailor, 1 Lower Clara Crescent
Wright, William, warehouseman, 126 Agincourt Avenue
Wright, William, secretary, 78 Connsbrook Terrace, Holywood Road
Wright, William C., of Henry Gowan & Co., Charlevoix, Marlborough Park
Wright, W. F., manager, 1 Allworthy Avenue
Wright, W. J., provision merchant, 122 Crumlin Place, Crumlin Road
Wright, W. J., mechanic, Daisyfield House, Whiterock Road
Wright, W. J., traveller, 1a Cliftonpark Avenue
Wright, W. S., bookkeeper, 53 Willowfield Cottage, Castlereagh Road
Wright & Hunter, Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, Carpet Warehousemen, Bedding and Bed Manufacturers and General House Furnishers, 16 to 22 Arthur Street; res., Stanley M. Wright, 286 Ormeau Road
Wright, Wm., & Co.,. merchant tailors, 5 College Street
Wroughton, Captain J. B., Sussex Regt., 46 Castleton Street
Wyatt, Thomas, Scripture reader, 38 Harcourt Street
Wyber, David, linen lapper, 10 Silby Street (Selby)
Wybrants, William, clerk, 15 Lewis Street
Wykis & Wykeman, costumiers, 73 Dublin Road
Wylie, Andrew, fish merchant, 213 Woodstock Road
Wylie, Charles, dealer, 46, 48 Hill Street
Wylie, D., tailor, 5 Foyle Street
Wylie, F. J., flour merchant, 9 Botanic Avenue
Wylie, George, electrician, 36 Reid Street
Wylie, Hugh, fireman, 62 Mountcollyer Road
Wylie, Hugh, flax dresser, 120 Cambrai Street
Wylie, James, draper, 25, 27 Bridge Street
Wylie, James, grocer, 59, 61 Edinburgh Street
Wylie, James, house agent, Ulsterville Avenue
Wylie, James, novelty warehouse, Mowbray, Cyprus Park
Wylie, James, paper cutter, 10 Stewart Street
Wylie, James, platers' helper, 59 Andrew Street
Wylie, James, tenter, 15 Crocus Street
Wylie, James, N.S. teacher, Thornemount Cottage, Antrim Road
Wylie, John, 4 Princess Terrace, Cregagh Road
Wylie, John, checker, 27 Mackay Street
Wylie, John, cooper, 14 Hart Street
Wylie, John, B.A., demonstrator Physics, Queen's College
Wylie, John, french polisher, 31 Wimbledon Street
Wylie, John, plater, 206 Mayo Street
Wylie, John, Plain and Ornamental Painter, 6a Foreman Street
Wylie, Joseph, boot maker, 4 Brownlow Street
Wylie, J., cooper, 77 Elizabeth Street
Wylie, J., confectioner, 65 Old Lodge Road
Wylie, J. A., moulder, 208 Cupar Street
Wylie, Matthew, LL.D., Crown Solicitor, 11 Chichester Street; res., Gordon House, Annadale Avenue
Wylie, Miss, dress maker, 6 Murray's Terrace
Wylie, Miss, principal Knock Intermediate School, Lalghar, Knock Road
Wylie, Mrs., 45 Eia Street
Wylie, Mrs., 89 Ulsterville Gardens
Wylie, M. A., grocer, 38 North Boundary Street
Wylie, Richard, currier and leather belt manufacturer,  North Boundary Street
Wylie, Robert, builder, 2 The Laurels, Cliftonville Circus
Wylie, Robert, foreman, 49 McClure Street
Wylie, Robert, linen lapper, 5 Neely Street
Wylie, S., confectioner, 76 Stratheden Street
Wylie, Thomas, dealer, 39 Boundary Street
Wylie, Thomas, motorman, 237 Spamount Street
Wylie, Thomas, tailor, 72 Matchett Street
Wylie, William, cabinet maker, 24 Denmark Street
Wylie, William, french polisher, 12 Pine Street
Wylie, William, iron moulder, 29 Tavanagh Street
Wylie, William, potato merchant, 10 Potato Market
Wylie & Co., grocers, 99 Bray Street

Wynne, Cahoon, & Co., manufacturers' and merchants, 1 Adelaide Street
Wynne, Edith, 1 Palermo Villas, Knock Road
Wynne, F., engine driver, 177 Madrid Street
Wynne, F., engine driver, 133 My Lady's Road
Wynne, George, tailor and clothier, 4 Wellington Street
Wynne, James, rivetter, 104 Island Street
Wynne, John, agent, 16 Wellington Street
Wynne, John, R.I.C., 6 Harrogate Street
Wynne, M., stone dresser, 54 East Street
Wynne, Mrs. Margaret, 2 Camden Villas, Lisburn Road
Wynne, Robert, tailor, 35 Oakley Street
Wynne, Samuel, clerk, 44 Woodvale Avenue


X.L. Clothing Co., 131 Donegall Street
X.L. Pastry and Confectionery Shop, 29 Corn Market
X.L. Vegetarian Restaurant, The McCaughey Hotels and Restaurants Ltd., proprietors, 27 Corn Market


Yardley, James, rivetter, 21 Kimona Street
Yarn Bundlers' and Dressers' Society, Arizans' Hall, 5 Lower Garfield Street (Artizans)
Yarr, James, grocer, 41 Springfield Row
Yarr, Joseph, flesher, 38 Hardcastle Street
Yarr, Joseph R., Post Office official, 18 India Street
Yarr, W., confectioner, 126 Crumlin Road
Yarr, W. R., butcher, 84, 86 Cromac Street
Yates, Mrs., 1 Westminster Street
Yaugh, J., compositor, 66 McDonnell Street
Yaw, Joseph, postal clerk, 26 Belmont Avenue
Yaw, Mrs., 26 Belmont Avenue
Yaw, Patrick, dairyman, 20 Foxglove Street
Yaw, S. A., despatch clerk, 9 Foxglove Street
Yeates, Fred., pattern maker, 26 Belmont Avenue West
Yeates, G., engine driver, 114 Templemore Avenue
Yeates, Henry, baker, 10 Berlin Street
Yeates, Hugh, painter, 14 Garden Street
Yeates, James, coppersmith, Albert Terrace, 3 Victoria Road
Yeates, John, seaman, 4 Grafton Street
Yeates, Mrs. Wm., Coniston, 19 Derryvolgie Avenue
Yeates, Mrs., 123 Wellesley Avenue
Yeates, Robert, joiner, 75 Euston Street
Ye Old Castle Restaurant, F. W. Henry, proprietor, 26 Castle Place; res., Bisley, Chichester Park
Yochal, Joseph, Draper and Outfitter, 23 Lincoln Avenue
York Billiard Rooms, J. M. McCluskey, 63a York Street
York, Robert, brick layer, 3 Stratheden Terrace, Halliday's Road
York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Henry Street; City Yarn office, 4 Donegall Square North; handkerchief department, Henry Street; York Road Mills, Milewater Street
York, William, clerk, 22 Cairo Street
Yorke, Jane, 44 Queensland Street
Yorke, William, joiner, 10 Roe Street
Yorkshire Fire, Life and Accident Insurance Co., 36 Rosemary Street, W. H. Harper and H. M. Pim, inspectors and John Alexander, district agent
Young, Alex., smith, 20 Beverley Street
Young, Alex., blacksmith, 5 Bathurst Court
Young, Alex., mechanic, 48 Imperial Street
Young, Alex., boiler maker, 59 Mountcollyer Street
Young, Alex., carpenter, 181 Mountpottinger Road
Young, Alex., cabinet maker, 38 Ormond Avenue
Young, Alex., ship carpenter, 4 Woodlee Street
Young, A. E., furniture salesman, Albertville, Glandore Avenue
Young, Charles, joiner, 6 Collingwood Avenue
Young, Charles, insurance agent, 59 Killowen Street
Young, Cherry, 147 My Lady's Road
Young, D., cabinet maker, 22 Limestone Road
Young, David, baker, 76a Bryson Street
Young, David, carpenter, 14 Dundee Street
Young, David, clerk, Balfour Terrace, 178 My Lady's Road
Young, David, 28 Oakland Road
Young, David, caulker, 130 Templemore Avenue
Young, David D., corporate accountant and auditor, 67 High Street
Young, David D., Sydenham poultry farm, Hazeldene, 42 Inverary Avenue
Young, E., clerk, 308 Upper Beersbridge Road
Young, Ernest, Kilmaurs, Marlborough Park
Young, F. W., draper, Randox House, Whiterock Road
Young, F. W., Ardlea, Waterloo Gardens
Young, George, joiner, 71 Killowen Street
Young, George, teacher, 21 Indiana Avenue
Young, Hugh, painter, 1 Saunders Street
Young, Hugh, tram inspector, 50 Melrose Street
Young, Isaac, dairyman, 1 Brandon Villa, Park Avenue
Young, Ivan H., solicitor, 25 Chichester Street
Young, James, rivetter, 157 Beersbridge Road
Young, James, caulker, 46 Chatsworth Street
Young, James, clerk, 61 Woodvale Road
Young, James, plasterer, 65 Woodvule Road (Woodvale)
Young, James, fitter, 52 Beersbridge Road
Young, James, ship carpenter, 34 Frome Street
Young, James, butler, 14 Gloucester Street
Young, James, mason, 2 Gretna, Greencastle
Young, James, plater, 93 Mountcollyer Avenue
Young, James, painter, 96 My Lady's Road
Young, James, carpenter, 2 Pine Street
Young, James, fitter, 67 Westbourne Street
Young, Jane, 81 Rugby Avenue
Young, John, french polisher, 17 Alexandra Avenue
Young, John, ship carpenter, 179 Alexandrapark Avenue
Young, John, hardware merchant, 18 Antrim Road
Young, John, surgical instrument maker, 9 Artana Street
Young, John, Troy Castle Park, Cavehill Road
Young, John, fruiterer, 154 Disraeli Street
Young, John, carpenter, 91 Edinburgh Street
Young, John, engineer, 84 Upper Hyndford Street
Young, John, winding master, 11 Isoline Street
Young, John, painter, 21 Maymount Street
Young, John, mechanic, 107 Melrose Street
Young, John, engineer, 116 Mountcollyer Street
Young, John, joiner, 13 Orchard Street
Young, John, cooper, 108 Trillick Street
Young, John, salesman, 10 Riverview Street
Young, John, engineer, 105 Bray Street
Young, Joseph, 296 Ardenlee Avenue
Young, M., dress maker, 122 Woodstock Road
Young, Mary, 39 Duncairn Gardens
Young, Mary, grocer, 74 Westmoreland Street
Young Men's Christian Association, D. A Black, secretary, Wellington Place
Young Men's Christian Association, Mountpottinger
Young, Miss, 127 Great Victoria Street
Young, Miss, 1 Lothair Avenue
Young, Miss, principal Brown Street Female National School, 1 Melbourne Street
Young, Miss, teacher, 17 Tate's Avenue
Young, Mrs., Ava Terrace, 28 Irwin Avenue
Young, Mrs., 30 Sandown Road
Young, Mary A., dairy keeper, 8 Beersbridge Road
Young, Mrs. A., 38 Atlantic Avenue
Young, Mrs. W. J., Sub-Postmistress Albertbridge Post Office, 8 Madrid Street
Young, Paul, grocer, 47 Queen Victoria Gardens
Young, P. J., assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Co., 125 Grosvenor Road
Young, Quinton, agent for Glasgow and South Western Railway, 47 Queen's Square; res., 76 Deramore Avenue
Young, Mrs. R., leather merchant, 128 North Street
Young, Rebecca, 293 Ormeau Road
Young, Right Hon. Robert M., P.C., J.P., Rathvarna, Chichester Park
Young, R. M., J.P., architect, Rathvarna, Chichester Park
Young, Robert, fitter, 8 Kirk Street
Young, Robert, joiner, 62 Mountcollyer Avenue
Young, Robert, 27 Rathdrum Street
Young, Robert, boot closer, 54 North Boundary Street
Young, Robert, dealer, 41 Boyd Street
Young, Rev. C. M., B.A., of Bloomfield Presbyterian Church, Eglantine, Cyprus Park
Young, R. H., car inspector, 76 Portallo Street
Young, S., foreman labourer, 173 Mountpottinger Road
Young, Samuel, blacksmith, 37 Brussels Street
Young, Samuel, ship carpenter, 28 Nile Street
Young, Samuel, rent agent, Craiglea, Cliftonville Circus
Young, Samuel, J.P., M.P., distiller, Avonmore, Derryvolgie Avenue
Young, T., brick layer, 100 Mountcollyer Street
Young, T., blacksmith, 27 Upper Newtownards Road
Young, Thomas, blacksmith, 85 Newcastle Street
Young, Thomas, engineer, 37 Newington Avenue
Young, Thomas, bottler, 10 Palmerston Street
Young, Thomas, brick layer, 27 Printworks Terrace
Young, Thomas, grocer and newsagent, 163a Snugville Street
Young, Thomas Jas., R.I.C., 15 Lancefield Road
Young, W., clerk, 201 Hillman Street
Young, W., 21 Ratcliffe Street
Young, William, rivetter, 28 Adam Street
Young, William, manager Irish Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., 249 Antrim Road
Young, William, weigh master, Corporation Toll Office, Market Department, Antrim Road
Young, William, boiler maker, 52 Ballarat Street
Young, William, engine driver, 18 Upper Canning Street
Young, William, horse shoer, 10 Donegall Pass
Young, William, rivetter, 13 Lewis Street
Young, William, postal clerk, 29 Newington Avenue
Young, William, mechanic, 112 Percy Street
Young, William, horse shoer, 10 Vernon Street
Young, William, sawyer, 3 Westbourne Street
Young, William, weigh master, 25 Woodvale Street
Young, William, boiler maker, 8 North Thomas Street
Young, William, painter, 79 Wall Street
Young, W. A., National School teacher, 38 Indiana Avenue
Young, William F., Woodvale Mineral Water Co., 34 Emerson Street
Young, William H., dairy man, 17 Batley Street
Young, W. J., wholesale and retail confectioner, 8 Madrid Street
Young, W. J., farmer, 10 Campbell Park Avenue
Young, W. A. C., linen salesman, Nyrusk, Lancefield Road
Young & Co., shoe makers, 395, 397 Newtownards Road
Young, James, & Co., General Carriers and Furniture Removers, 7 Queen's Square. Tel. No. 620
Young, R., & Co., pianoforte and organ warehousemen, 42 Bedford Street; res., Maureen, Balmoral Avenue
Young, William & Co., Lead and Composition Pipe Manufacturers and Metal Merchants, 28, 30 Little York Street
Young, W. R., & Co., linen and linen yarn merchants, 34 Bedford Street
Young, James, & Son, ships' store merchants, 1, 3 Prince's Dock
Young, Wellington & Sons, solicitors, 25 Chichester Street
Young & Anderson, wholesale woollen and general drapers, 23 Donegall Street
Young & Hyde, linen merchants and manufacturers, 36 Bedford Street; res., Ranelagh, Malone Road
Young & Mackenzie, architects and civil engineers, 71 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Young, Lyttle, & Co., iron workers, 29, 31 Westmoreland Street
Young, King, & Co., distillers, 32 to 76 Talbot Street
Young, King, & Co., bonded stores for dry goods, 37 Talbot Street
Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co., 3 Hill Street, James Grant, manager
Younger, Mrs., draper, 255 Grosvenor Road
Younger, William, & Co. Ltd., brewers, John McGrillen, traveller, second floor, 16 High Street
Yonds, Robert, 143 Agincourt Avenue
Yonds, Thomas, Cavehill Nursery, Castle Park, Cavehill Road
Yovill, Mrs. Elizabeth, 42 Donard Street
Youell, John G., manager for Grattan & Co. Ltd., 5 Corn Market
Yoxell, Miss Mary, 100 Stranmillis Road
Yuil, R. D., shipping clerk, 46 Grassmere Terrace, Hopefield Avenue
Yule, J. L., auditor, Scottston, Marlborough Park


Zackary, J. G., assistant superintendent Works Department, New City Hall, Donegall Square North
Zachary, James G., clerk, 64 Ardenlee Avenue
Zebedee, Mrs. J., 10 Newington Street
Zerny Ltd., Wallpaper Merchants, 45 Ann Street. Telegraphic address, "Zerney." Telephone No. 2740