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1908 Belfast Street Directory

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Labour Union Branch, Artizans' Hall, 5 Lower Garfield Street
Lacy, Bessie, dress maker and draper, 144 Divis Street
Laden, John, plasterer, 71 Market Street
Lafayette Ltd., photographers, 8a Donegall Place
Lafferty, William, draper, 17 Finvoy Street
Lagan, J., packing case maker, 12 Keegan Street
Lagan Navigation Company, Henry T. Rea, secretary, 80 High Street
Laganvale Estate, Brick & Terra Cotta Works Ltd., 59 to 65 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West; Works, Stranmillis Road, H. R. Vaughan, Managing Director
Laird, Alfred, engine driver, 13 Chadolly Street
Laird, Andrew, engineer, Tayside, Donegall Road
Laird, A., joiner, 30 Nevis Avenue
Laird, James, driller, 5 Denmark Street
Laird, James A., clerk, Probate Court, Custom House
Laird, John, 8 Delhi Street
Laird, J. D., confectioner, 162 Agnes Street
Laird, Mrs. Jane, 10 Glandore Avenue
Laird, Mrs., Ardmore, Oldpark Road
Laird, Mrs. Lizzie, 150 Lisburn Road
Laird, R. M. & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 30 Great Edward Street
Laird, Samuel, engine driver, 137 Cupar Street
Laird, Sarah, principal Stanhope National School, Stanhope Street
Laird, William, hatter, 13 Corn Market; res., 33 Atlantic Avenue
Laird, William, wire worker, 108 Canmore Street
Laird, William, clerk, 98 Tate's Avenue
Laird, W. J., pensioner, 26 Arkwright Street
Lake, James, milkman, 13 Perry Street
Lake, Thomas, warehouseman, 25 Delaware Street
Lalla & Co., tea, dairy and provision experts, 245 York Street; Telegraphic address; "Lalla"
Lamb, D. A., cabinet maker, 9 Victoria Road
Lamb, James, agent, 30 Queen Street
Lamb, Miss Lucy, 117b Lisburn Road
Lamb, Mrs. Lucy, Training College for Ladies, 343 Antrim Road
Lamb, Robert, stone cutter, 9 Crosscollyer Street
Lamb, Robert, stone mason, 11 Urney Street
Lamb, Robert, & Co., linen merchants, 114, 115 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Lamb, R., proprietor The Wheatfield Dairy Depot, 25 University Road
Lamb, W. W., accountant, 35 Cliftonville Avenue
Lamb & Bullick, butchers, 155b York Street
Lambe, George, stone mason, 17 Khartoum Street
Lambe, Mrs., 85 Botanic Avenue
Lambe, Patrick, publican, 181 York Street
Lambert, William, baker, 20 Dorchester Street
Lambert, Edward, baker, 29 Sixth Street
Lambert, H. G., plater, 95 Madrid Street
Lambert, Joseph, linen lapper, 78 Lindsay Street
Lamble, Thomas, foreman, 8 Lothair Avenue
Lamont, Alexander, engineer, 23 Alexandrapark Avenue
Lamont, David, packer, 24 Maymount Street
Lamont, H., store keeper, 58 Eia Street
Lamont, John, salesman, 15 Kensington Avenue
Lamont, John, iron turner, 28 Upper Charleville Street
Lamont, L., captain, 30 Madison Avenue
Lamont, Miss, artist, 126 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Lamont, Moses, tenter, 51 Dover Street
Lamont, Mrs. Sarah, 35 Ponsonby Avenue
Lamont, Rev. J. D., Methodist Manse, Green Road
Lamont, Robert, draper, Direct Supply Company, 210 to 216 Albertbridge Road
Lamont, Robert, fitter, 143 Bellvue Street (Bellevue)
Lamont, S., & Sons, linen manufacturers, 20 Franklin Street; res., Samuel Lamont, Brookhurst, 3 Rosetta Avenue
Lanaghan, Cecilia, 89 Cullingtree Road
Lancashire and Yorkshire and London and North Western Railway, Arthur J. Cotton, agent, 20 Donegall Quay
Landa, David, manager British Louvrie Incandescent Light Co., 8 Berry Street; Telephone No. 420y
Landa, David, hardware & delph merchant, 81 Enfield Buildings, Crumlin Road
Landscape Cycle, 11, 12 Windsor Buildings, North Street
Lane, Fred. W., civil engineer, Brompton, Winston Gardens
Lane, Henry A., & Co. Ltd., Provision Merchants, 4 Corporation Street; Telegraphic Address: "Cintura"; Telephone No. 188
Lane, Mrs. Mary, 70 Balfour Avenue
Lane, Mrs. Mary, 82 Mountpottinger Road
Lang, Joseph, ship draughtsman, 14 Gainsborough Drive
Langan, William, spindle turner, 23 Lay Street
Langeman, J., & Co., watch makers, jewellers and opticians, 241 Woodstock Road
Langley, Arthur, draughtsman, 5 Martinez Avenue
Langtry Ltd., glover, hosier, and outfitter, 57 Donegall Place
Langtry, James, joiner, 6 Keatley Street
Langtry, Mrs., 79 South Parade
Langtry, Patrick, flax dresser, 83 Lepper Street
Langtry, S., boot maker, 34 Wellington Place; res., Woodvale, Malone Park
Langtry, William, tailor, 7 City Street
Lanigan, D. J., provision merchant, 128 Castlereagh Street
Lanigan, William, grocer, 103 Castlereagh Road
Lannigan, James, butler, 6 Rosebery Street
Lappin, Charles, slater, 39 Pound Street
Lappin, H., Servants' Registry office, 67 Jerusalem Street
Lappin, H., B.A., school teacher, 61 Raglan Street
Lappin, John, pig dealer, 77 Leeson Street
Lappin, Patrick, publican, Carrick Castle, 66, 68 Upper Library Street
Lappin, Thomas, furnace man, 25 Wansbeck Street
Lappin, William, brick layer, 9 Toronto Street
Lappin, William, traveller, 23 Rochester Street
Lappin, William J., waiter, 52 Ardenvohr Street
Lapping, John, compositor, 62 Townsend Street
Lapsley, James, coppersmith, 47 Westbourne Street
Larcombe, E., laundry, 155 Cambrai Street
Larcombe, W. J., ship surveyor, Board of Trade, Surveyor Office, Custom House; res., Chalcots, Shandon Park
Large, William H., rivetter, 24 Kenilworth Street
Largey, Henry, grocer, 52, 54 Peter's Hill
Largey, H., car owner, 60 Gardiner Street
Largey, James, dealer, 5 Currie Street
Largey, James, spirit grocer, 45 Greenore Street
Largey, William, car driver, 27 Abbey Street
Larkin, Matthew, harbour official, Edwyn, Ashgrove Park
Larkin, Robert, hackle maker, 14 Bromley Street
Larkin, Thomas, tailor, 26 Electric Street
Larkin, W. J., painter, 8 Drake's Lane
Larmour, Aaron, plumber, 3 Glenfarne Street
Larmour, Annie, confectioner, 180 Upper Meadow Street
Larmour, David, engine driver, 54 Memel Street
Larmour, D., & Co., tailors, 318 Crumlin Road
Larmour, Edward, moulder, 152 Crimea Street
Larmour, Edward, moulder, 10 Weir Street
Larmour, E., moulder, 3 Blythe Street
Larmour, Frank, grocer, 2 Leroy Street
Larmour, H., plater, 29 Pomona Avenue
Larmour, James, moulder, 2 Cappy Street
Larmour, James, blacksmith, 30 Pitt Street
Larmour, James, horse shoer, Middlepath Street
Larmour, James, joiner, 7 Upper Canning Street
Larmour, John, painter, 30 McCleery Street
Larmour, John, carpenter, 84 Cosgrave Street
Larmour, Joseph W., plumber and gas fitter, 317 Shankill Road
Larmour, J., carpenter, 23 Jaffa Street
Larmour, J., harbour constable, 11 Fitzroy Avenue
Larmour, J. E., teacher, 30 Allworthy Avenue
Larmour, J. K., plumber, 28 Mountjoy Street
Larmour, J. W., tinsmith, 94a Tennent Street
Larmour, Mrs. E., 5 St. James Street
Larmour, Mrs. M., draper & milliner, 85 Sandy Row
Larmour, Robert, fitter, 35 Glendower Street
Larmour, Robert A., tailor, 1 Forth Glen, Whiterock Road
Larmour, R., wire polisher, 240 Matilda Street
Larmour, R., land steward, 58 Raby Street
Larmour, R. J., painter, 49 Castlereagh Street
Larmour, Samuel, joiner, 10 Brookmount Street
Larmour, Samuel, park ranger, 3 Glencairn Street
Larmour, Sarah, 30 Indiana Avenue
Larmour, William, caulker, 8 Paxton Street
Larmour, William, winding master, 4 Shannonville Terrace, Whiterock Road
Larmour, William, Nautical Academy, 4 Pilot Street
Larmour, William, moulder, 258 Conway Street
Larmour, William, 140 Duncairn Gardens
Larmour, William, gardener, 1 Avondale Terrace, Greencastle
Larmour, W. J., grocer, 16, 18 Wellwood Street
Larmour & Harrison, merchant tailors, 68 Shankill Road
Larne & Stranraer Steamship Joint Committee, William McConchie, traffic manager, 21 Waring Street
Larsen, Mrs., Vista, Skegoniel Avenue
Larzarson, M., traveller, 60 Groomsport Street
Lasher, M., picture frame maker, 107 Fortingale Street
Lasty, Bridget, caretaker, 21 Waring Street
Latta, John, engineer, 2 Roundhill Street
Latham, Charles William, organist, 85 Donegall Pass
Latimer, Charles, gardener, Belmont Road
Latimer, James, time keeper, 5 Shandon Street
Latimer, James A., banker, 40 Hopefield Avenue
Latimer, John, manager, 32 Albertville Drive
Latimer, John, R.I.C., 25 Belmont Avenue West
Latimer, Miss, teacher, 3 Surrey Street
Latimer, Samuel, boot maker, 53 Egmont Street
Latimer, William J., trunk maker, 2 Esmond Street
Lattimore, R. T., leather cutter, 30 Mill Street
Lattimore, W., pork cutter, 16 Isabella Street
Lauder, H., ordnance survey, 271 Skegoniel Avenue
Lauder, H. H., linen lapper, 200 Oldpark Road
Lauder, James, engineer, 44 Bryson Street
Lauder, James, fitter, 22 Dunraven Avenue
Lauder, Peter, clerk, 80 Oldpark Avenue
Lauder, Thomas, sawyer, 89 Balfour Avenue
Laufenberg, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 1 Murray's Terrace
Laughlan, Robert, engineer, 14 Woodvale Avenue
Laughlin, J. G., music teacher, 44 Lisburn Road
Laughlin, James, fireman, 62 Nansen Street
Laughlin, James, driller, 38 Carnan Street
Laughlin, James, brick layer, 5 Arlington Street
Laughlin, James A., City Brush Co., 5 Mill Street; res., Chievely, King's Road
Laughlin, John Alex., cashier, York Street Flax Spinning Co.; res., 20 Silverplum Villas, Kansas Avenue
Laughlin, J., joiner, 15 Tasmania Street
Laughlin, Margaret, laundress, 21 Berlin Street
Laughlin, Mrs., grocer, 28, 30 Malvern Street
Laughlin, Robert, hackler, 92 Cambrai Street
Laughlin, Robert G., wholesale hardware merchant, 16 & 20 Skipper Street; res., 129 University Street
Laughlin, R. G., iron monger, 631 Lisburn Road
Laughlin, William, fitter, 15 Coniston Street
Laughran, H., butcher, 3 Canada Street
Laughran, John, iron turner, 77 Riga Street
Laughran, Patrick, rivetter, 7 Memel Street
Laughridge, shoe maker, 234 York Street
Laurance, Alfred, tailor, 43 Charles Street South
Laurence, John, clerk, 16 Edlingham Street
Laurey, J., grocer, 4 Fedora Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Laurie, G., builder, 115 Cliftonpark Avenue
Laurie, Major, R.I. R., Hartfell, Fortwilliam Park
Laurie, R. H., 23 College Gardens
Laurison, Henry, overseer, 18 Chief Street
Laurison, John, sexton, St. Thomas' Church, 146 Lisburn Road
Laut, James, agent, 142 Royal Avenue
Laut, James, mission agent, 22 Grampian Avenue
Lavell, A., linen manager, 9 Pacific Avenue
Lavelle, George, harbour constable, 5 Agincourt Street
Lavelle, James, rougher, 14 Theresa Street
Lavelle, John, rougher, 49 Leeson Street
Lavelle, M., R.I.C., 4 London Street
Laverty, Alexander, rivetter, 95 Tower Street
Laverty, Alex., flax buyer, 3 Avoca Street
Laverty, Alex., saddler, 11 Barginnis Street
Laverty, B. J., spirit grocer, 443 Ormeau Road
Laverty, Daniel, coach maker, 4 Upper Lepper Street
Laverty, David, carpenter, 41 Severn Street
Laverty, D., fitter, 1 Copperfield Street
Laverty, F., plasterer, 19 Waterville Street
Laverty, Felix, spirit merchant, 483 Ormeau Road
Laverty, Felix, & Co., wine merchants, York Castle Hotel, 160 York Street; Branch, Family grocers and Tea Merchants, 429 Ormeau Road
Laverty, George, cloth passer, 26 Ardoyne Village
Laverty, H., & Son, builders & contractors, 58a Brougham Street; 12, 14 Cambridge Street
Laverty, Jas., gardener, 7 Park Row, Greencastle
Laverty, James, land steward, 3 Brookland Street
Laverty, James, iron turner, 9 Ballymena Street
Laverty, John, linen lapper, 51 Dargle Street
Laverty, John, packing case maker, 54 Crumlin Road
Laverty, John, butcher, 48 Rathmore Street
Laverty, John, rigger, 13 Burlington Street
Laverty, Joseph, grocer, 25 Empress Street
Laverty, Mrs. M., stationer & book seller, 20 Great Victoria Street
Laverty, Miss E. F., Mountcollyer Cottage, Limestone Street
Laverty, Patrick, B.A., LL.B., solicitor, 19 Chichester Street; res., 7 Upper Crescent
Laverty, Patrick, baker, 3? Garnet Street (Garnett)
Laverty, Rev. Bernard Jos., St. Peter's Parochial House, 53a Milford Street
Laverty, Rev. B., C.C., St. Matthew's R.C. Presbytery, Bryson Street
Laverty, Rev. H., D.D., V.G., P.P., St. Matthew's Presbytery, Bryson Street
Laverty, Rev. M., P.P., Hillview Place, Ligoniel Road
Laverty, Robert, tailor, 100 Melrose Street
Laverty, Robert, boot maker, 195 Oldpark Road
Laverty, Robert Foster, rougher, 54 Snugville Street
Laverty, William, caulker, 3 Ballymena Street
Laverty, William, stock keeper, 25a Sydney Street West
Lavery & Co., publicans, 107 May Street
Laver, Agnes, grocer, 67 Abyssinia Street
Lavery, Andrew, pawn broker, 171, 173 New Lodge Road and 5, 7 Berlin Street
Lavery, Andrew, 154 Albert Street
Lavery, Andrew, barman, 154 Albert Street
Lavery, Arthur, produce merchant, Ashdale, Parkmount Road
Lavery, A. P., wood turner, 48 Merrion Street
Lavery, B., blacksmith, 96 Cavendish Street
Lavery, D., branch manager Manufacturers' Life Co., 12 High Street
Lavery, Edward, gardener, 34 Sunnyside Street
Lavery, E., car owner, 1 Eliza Street
Lavery, Francis, bookkeeper, 6 Oakman Street
Lavery, Fred, directory publisher, 47 Jocelyn Avenue
Lavery, Henry, publican, 22, 24 Millfield
Lavery, Henry, & Sons, Cranmore Brickworks, Charleville Avenue
Lavery, Hugh, 105 May Street

Lavery, Hugh, flax dresser, 39 Balkan Street
Lavery, H., publican, 55, 57 Old Lodge Road
Lavery, H., publican, 60, 62 Stanhope Street
Lavery, H., packer, 4 Edinburgh Street
Lavery, James, linen merchant, 18, 20 King Street
Lavery, James, cabinet maker, 17 Arundel Street
Lavery, James, butcher, 23 Arnon Street
Lavery, James, bottler, 119 Leeson Street
Lavery, James, fowl butcher, 18 East Street
Lavery, James, accountant, 15 Marsden Street
Lavery, John, cycle agent, 72 Bridge End
Lavery, John, tenter, 63 Enfield Street
Lavery, John, sawyer, 24 Bantry Street
Lavery, John, plasterer, 92 Chatham Street
Lavery, John, weaver, 125 Cavendish Street
Lavery, Joseph, plumber, 57 Armoy Street
Lavery, Joseph, 41 Surrey Street
Lavery, J., spirit grocer, 26, 28 Halliday's Road
Lavery, J., traveller, 47 Dunvegan Street
Lavery, J., box maker, 14, 16 York Lane; res., 54 Crumlin Road
Lavery, J., publican, 213, 215 Mountpottinger Road
Lavery, J., fitter, 21 North Thomas Street
Lavery, J. F., publican, 149 Lisburn Road
Lavery, Mark, lithographer, 65 Apsley Street
Lavery, M., shoe maker, 41 Halliday's Road
Lavery, Mrs. E., pawn broker, Hollymount, 194 Antrim Road
Lavery, Mrs., 53 Fitzwilliam Street
Lavery, Robert, shoe maker, 5 Albion Street
Lavery, Robert, clerk, 59 Kimberley Street
Lavery, Robert, driller, 37 Denmark Street
Lavery, Terence, spirit grocer, 51 Sultan Street
Lavery, Terence, traveller, 130 Albert Street
Lavery, Thomas, publican, 41 to 45 May Street
Lavery, Thomas, publican, 117 May Street
Lavery, Thomas, publican, 41, 43 Lawther Street
Lavery, Thomas, plater, 19 Mayo Street
Lavery, Thomas, coach painter, 69 Copperfield Street
Lavery, Thomas, publican, 15 Institution Place
Lavery, Thomas, draper, 100 Cliftonpark Avenue
Lavery, Thomas, blacksmith, 157 Vernon Street
Lavery, T., potato dealer, 12 Pearl Street
Lavery, T. & J., publicans, 186, 188 Woodstock Road
Lavery, William, printer's engineer, 113 Butler Street
Lavery, William, builder & contractor, 19 Hopefield Avenue
Lavery, William, card cutter, 11 Southport Street
Lavery, William, boat builder, 31 Wolff Street
Lavery, Wm., collar cutter, 46 Palestine Street
Lavery, Wm., manager, 8 Century Street
Lavery, Wm. H., shipwright, 323 Woodstock Road
Lavery, Wm. J., cycle agent, 115 Woodstock Road
Lavery, Wm. J., linen lapper, 16 Virginia Street
Lavery, Wm. J., printer, 57 Edinburgh Street
Lavery, Wm. J., shoe maker, 73 Enfield Street
Lavery, W., blacksmith, 5 Westbourne Street
Law, Agnes, post office, 285 Newtownards Road
Law, Alex., clerk, 467 Lisburn Road
Law, Alex., plastering & granolithic contractors, 148 University Street
Law, Andrew, painter, 67 Brussels Street
Law, A., plasterer, 31 Agincourt Avenue
Law, Charles, flax dresser, 4 Britannic Street
Law, F. W., motorman, 20 Pittsburg Street
Law (The), Guarantee and Trust Society Ltd., Stewart Blacker Quin & Co., C. A., district agents
Law, Harry, carpenter, 25 Rathdrum Street
Law, Herbert, linen merchant, Silverlea, 5 Bristol Avenue
Law, H. H., 97 University Street
Law, James, brick layer, 45 Mayfair Street
Law, James, moulder, 26 Mashona Street
Law, James, boot and shoe maker, 45 Agincourt Avenue
Law, John, boiler maker, 92 Beechfield Street
Law, John, 74 Ardenlee Avenue
Law, John I., registered plumber (London 1907), 10 Northumberland Street
Law, Miss E. H., Hollyrood, Lansdowne Road
Law, Robert, storeman, 26 Churchill Street
Law, Robert T., grocer, 58 Montrose Street
Law, R., manager, Antrim Iron Ore Co., Ravensworth, 96 Holywood Road
Law, Thomas, cabinet maker, 32 Keswick Street
Law, Thomas, tailor, 33 Vistula Street
Law, T. E., builder, 27 Lawnview Street
Law, Wm., moulder, 48 Westland Street
Law, Wm., joiner, 10 Lendrick Street
Law, Wm., general merchant, 11 Havelock Street
Law, Wm., clerk, 130 My Lady's Road
Law, Accident, Insurance Society Ltd., The, branch manager, R. G. Moftet (Moffet), 15 Donegall Square South
Law & Co., drapers, 76 Oldpark Road
Law & McCartney, linen merchants and shirt & collar manufacturers, 7 Albert Street
Law, Union, and Crown Insurance Co., The, J. H. Brown, district inspector, Ulster Buildings, 33 Waring Street
Lawless, James, clerk, 106 Crumlin Road
Lawlor, Daniel, poultry dealer, 6 Lower Mount Street
Lawlor, H., 114 Upper Hyndford Street
Lawlor, Henry C., Kilfaddy, 8 Windsor Avenue
Lawlor, Joseph, fowl dealer, 52 Belmont Street
Lawlor, Mary, fruiterer, 27 Castlereagh Road
Lawlor, Samuel, watchman, Harmony, Glenbank, Ligoniel
Lawlor, Thomas, caretaker, Mercantile Marine Office, Custom House
Lawlor, W. H., district agent for the Vulcan Boiler and General Insurance Co. Ltd., Manchester, 33 Scottish Provident Buildings, Wellington Place
Lawnbrook Weaving Co., linen and cotton manufacturers, A. C. Hill, partner, Lawnbrook Avenue
Lawrence, John, A.C.A., accountant & auditor, 5 Rosemary Street
Lawrence, T., pattern maker, 50 Omeath Street
Lawrie, David, Fireclay Goods, Field Drain Pipes, Sanitary ware & Cement Merchant, also Brick, Tile, and Pottery Manufacturer, East Bridge Street & 7 Turnley Street. Telephone No. 534. Res., Redholme, Craigavad
Lawrie, R. H., 23 College Gardens
Lawson, Alexander, furniture dealer, 208 Woodstock Road
Lawson, Alexander, tailor, 6 Albert Street Place
Lawson, Alex., warehouseman, 3 Candahar Street
Lawson, Ellen, 142 North Queen Street
Lawther, David, confectioner, 80 Chadwick Street
Lawther, James, joiner, 35 Rutherglen Street
Lawther, James, tram conductor, 53 Belmont Avenue
Lawther, John, carpenter, 10 Batley Street
Lawther, Joshua, foreman, 41 Brookland Street
Lawther, J., clerk, 2 Loughview Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Lawther, J., ship carpenter, 156 Spamount Street
Lawther, Miss, 60 The Mount
Lawther, Mary A., 79 Lisburn Road
Lawther, Mrs. Margaret, 63 Antrim Road
Lawther, Ralph, paper ruler, 97 Howard Street South
Lawther, Samuel, D.L., J.P., ship owner, Mount Vernon, Shore Road
Lawther, S., & Sons, managers Belfast and Mersey Steamship Co. Ltd., and Manchester Steamship Co., 21 Corporation Square
Lawther, Thomas, shunter, 103 Tate's Avenue
Lawther, William, tailor, 97 Bristol Street
Lawther, W. J., traveller, 13 Daisyfield Street
Lawther & Alexander, auditors and accomntants, 1 Waring Street (accountants)
Lawther & Garrett, Estate Agents and coal merchants, 14 Donegall Square West, 13 Lisburn Road, and 108 Albertbridge Road
Lawther & Harvey, ship owners, shipping agents, and timber merchants, 2 Corporation Square
Layton, William H., 2 Lower Windsor Avenue
Lazarus, Jacob, grocer, 180 Old Lodge Road
Lazenbatt, John, smith, 52 Crosby Street
Lazenbatt, N., fireman, 44 Canning Street
Lazenbatt, W., fitter, 85 Spamount Street
Lea, William, Belfast, Ltd., Motor Car Factors and Engineers, 19, 21 York Street. Telephone No. 79
Leabody, H., accountant, 51 Ohio Street
Leacock, D. G., spirit grocer, 111 Lower Broadway
Leader, Mrs., 15 Mountcollyer Road
Leadbetter, Thomas, fish monger, 2 Duncairn Gardens
Leahy, Kelly, & Leahy, Wholesale & Retail Tobacconists, 2 Castle Place, 3 Royal Avenue, 18a Donegall Place, 4 Wellington Place, N.C. Committee Midland Railway & County Down Railway
Leask, H. M., & Co., feeding cake depot, 15 Oxford Street
Leathem, Arthur, Ulster Bank, Rokeby, Marlborough Park
Leathem, Charles W., J.P., Nevara, Chichester Park
Leatham, Cranston, pattern maker, 85 Mountcollyer Avenue
Leathem, David, baker, 37 Dundee Street
Leathem, Edward, manager, 4 Gordon Terrace, Agincourt Avenue
Leathem, Edward, plasterer, 2 Glenvarlock Street
Leathem, E. & W., pawn brokers and musical instrument manufacturers, 7 Shankill Road
Leathem, H., flesher, 3, 5 Ferndale Terrace, Lisburn Road
Leathem, H., smith, 13 Austin Street
Leathem, James, brick layer, 38 Glenvarlock Street
Leathem, James, musician, 22 Roslea Street
Leathem, John, sail maker, 8a Trafalgar Street
Leathem, John Milton, pattern maker, 197 Ainsworth Street
Leathem, Joseph, damask weaver, 89 Chatham Street
Leathem, Jos., carpenter, 67 Vernon Street
Leathem, J., cooper, 2 McIvor's Place
Leathem, J. H., gas fitter, 69 Westmoreland Street
Leathem, Patrick, dealer, 18 Cullingtree Road
Leathem, Robert R., M.B., M.Ch., 101 Lisburn Road
Leathem, R., hair dresser, 15a Dover Street
Leathem, R., pensioner, 169 Grosvenor Road
Leathem, R., cloth passer, 13 Glasgow Street
Leathem, Samuel, builder, 9 Tate's Avenue
Leathem, Samuel, plater, Hazel Villa, 286 Ravenhill Road
Leathem, Samuel, mechanic, 10 Elizabeth Street
Leathem, Samuel, grocer, 11, 13 Well Street
Leathem, Sarah, confectioner, 61 Newtownards Road
Leathem, Thomas, litho. printer, 64 Greenore Street
Leathem, William, fitter, 28 North Ann Street
Leathem, Wm., pawn broker, 90 Woodvale Road
Leathem, William, rivetter, 29 Fleet Street
Leathem, William, baker, 22 Ravensdale Street
Leavy, John, steward, 45 Upper Meadow Street
Leckey, Andrew, baker, 64 Rathmore Street
Leckey, Hamilton, printer, 11 Palestine Street
Leckey, H., paper cutter, 1 Ravensdale Street
Leckey, Robert, cartwright, 213 Matilda Street
Leckey, R., preparing master, 322 Springfield Road
Leckey, R., engine driver, 32 Grace Avenue
Leckey, Samuel, baker, 61 Burmah Street
Leckey, Thomas, smith, 18 Keatley Street
Leckie, Carl, Mus.Bac., R.U.I., Glenfang, Central Avenue, Marlborough Park
Lecky, Edward, bookkeeper, 22 Melrose Street
Lecky, F. B., & Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers, 33 Linenhall Street
Lecky, James, coachman, 34 Clementine Street
Lecky, Miss Elizabeth, 14 Kinnaird Street
Lecky, William A., clerk, 97 Killowen Street
Lecky, Wm., manager, 50 Fairview Street
Leddy, Letitia, upholsterer, 30 Ardmoulin Street
Leddy, Samuel, clerk, 16 Brookfield Street
Ledely, Wm., horse dealer, 47 Beresford Street
Ledger, Wallace, Y.M.C. secretary, Ava Terrace, 26 Irwin Avenue
Ledgerwood & Co., Linen, Yarn, Flax and Hemp Merchants, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South; res., N. J. Ledgerwood, J.P., 23 Wellesley Avenue
Ledgett, H., 147 Rugby Avenue
Ledgett, J., clothier, 45, 47 Berry Street
Ledgett, Richard, salesman, 31 Broadbent Street
Ledgett, Robert, fruiterer, 76 Peter's Hill
Ledley Memorial National School, Lord Street
Ledlie, A., M.D., Strangemore Terrace, 73 Crumlin Road
Ledlie, Mrs., 61 Connsbrook Avenue (2)
Lee, Agnes, grocer, 147 Nelson Street
Lee, Alex., iron turner, 63 Richardson Street
Lee, David, coachman, Belmont Road
Lee, Elizabeth, grocer, 417 Donegall Road
Lee, Ellen, dining rooms, 250 Albertbridge Road
Lee, E., spirit grocer, 191, 193 Cupar Street
Lee, F. A., accountant, 33 University Street
Lee, F. C., manager, 130a Durham Street
Lee, Geo., furniture remover, 170 Albertbridge Road
Lee, Geo., coal merchant, 21 Frank Street
Lee, Geo., box maker, 1 Seventh Street
Lee, G. H., insurance agent, 41 Newport Street
Lee, Henry, R.I.C., 17 Pacific Avenue
Lee, Henry James, boot cutting machinist, 108 My Lady's Road
Lee, Isaac, merchant, 6 University Street
Lee, James, blacksmith, 28 Glenallen Street
Lee, James, traveller, 2 Ardgowan Street
Lee, James, finisher, 12 Colchester Street
Lee, James, manager Malone Protestant Reformatory
Lee, Jeremiah, R.I.C., 13 Eia Street
Lee, John, contractor, 28, 30 Brown Street
Lee, John, fitter, 102 Woodvale Avenue
Lee, John A., traveller, 15 Evolina Street
Lee, Joseph, wire worker, 27 Bow Street
Lee, Joseph, carpenter, 26 Glenalpin Street
Lee, Joseph, fireman, 22 Keswick Street
Lee, Joseph, pensioner, 279 Crumlin Road
Lee, J. M., school teacher, 140 Cliftonpark Avenue
Lee, Mary, ladies' nurse, 113 Manor Street
Lee, Matthew, goldsmith, 43a High Street
Lee, Matthew, jeweller, 12 Wellington Street
Lee, Michael, french polisher, 13 Glenview Street
Lee, Miss, Studio, 130 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Lee, Mrs. A., 3 Mountpleasant
Lee, Mrs., 396 Upper Beersbridge Road
Lee, Mrs., Cromac Linen Co., 7 Cromac Street
Lee, Mrs., laundress, 69 Rathmore Street
Lee, Rev. R. S., Mountpottinger Methodist Church, 167 Templemore Avenue
Lee, Rev. W. H., St. Aidan's Church, 23 Eglantine Avenue
Lee, Richard, sawyer, 18 Glenfarne Street
Lee, Richard, bookbinder, 5 Elm Street
Lee, Samuel, cotton agent, Carlyon, 2 Ardinlee Avenue (Ardenlee)
Lee, S., coachman, 80 Wilcar Street
Lee, S., draper, 134 Newtownards Road
Lee, William, bread server, 34 Chadwick Street
Lee & Co., spirit grocers, 40 to 44 McDonnell Street
Leebody, H., accountant & agent, 75 High Street
Leebody, James, coal vendor and furniture remover, 3 Fox Street
Leebody, Joseph, draper, 87 Woodvale Road
Leebody, Sarah, grocer, 25 Cuba Street
Leeburn, James, insurance agent, 38 Rosevale Street
Leeburn, James, iron turner, 5 Anglesea Street
Leeburn, Parker, gardener, 52 Henderson Avenue
Leeburn, W. C., tailor, 283 Queen Victoria Crescent, Skegoniel Avenue
Leeburn, W. J., grocer, 86 Blythe Street
Leech, Andrew, linen lapper, 38 Eversleigh Street
Leech, Edward, plasterer, 180 Spamount Street
Leech, Miss Phoebe, 55 South Parade
Leech, Neil, joiner, 48 Harper Street
Leech, W. N., carpenter, 5 Printworks Terrace
Leeman, James, tailor, 67 Agincourt Avenue
Leeman, James, painter, 22 Chelsea Street
Leeman, J., grocer, 35 Tyrone Street
Leeman, William, painter, 31 Ormond Avenue
Leeman, Wm. J., iron turner, 36 Kensington Avenue
Leeman, William J., tailor, 9 Agincourt Avenue
Lees, Hugh, umbrella and stick manufacturer, 133a Royal Avenue
Lees, James, Builder and Contractor, 104 Great George's Street; res., Drumadoon, Cavehill Road
Lees, Richard, builder, Cranareen, Cavehill Road
Lees, Robert, factory and workshop inspector, 12 Ava Street
Lees, William John, joiner, 47 Enfield Street
Leet, David, plumber, 23 Penrith Street
Leet, Thomas, ex-con. R.I.C., 33 Dargle Street
Lefevre, Miss M., costumier, 4 Murray's Terrace
Legate, J., warehouseman, 38 Cromwell Road
Legg, D. S., cutter, 37 Wyndham Street
Legg, Joseph, engineer, 50 North Thomas Street
Legg, M., 4 Dunluce Buildings, Dunluce Avenue
Legg, Thomas, baker, 36 Springfield Road
Legg, W., engineer, 57 North Thomas Street
Legge, Alexander, traveller, 60 Trillick Street
Legge, Jane, grocer, 35 Little Grosvenor Street
Legge, William, tailor, 79 Unity Street
Legge, W., clerk, 20 Nevis Avenue
Leggett, Robert Leslie, Swiss embroiderer, 67 Damascus Street
Leighton, John, plater, 79 Glenwood Street
Leighton, J. A., & Son, solicitors, 32 Ann Street
Leighton, draughtsman, 4 Camberwell Street
Leikin, Bernard, mineral water manufacturer, 7 Vicinage Park
Leinster, John, blacksmith, 10 Wayland Street
Leinster, J., gardener, 29 Ruth Street
Leinster, Thos. J., insurance agent, 37 Grosvenor Road
Leishman, Thomas, foreman builder, 9 Eblana Street
Leitch, Charles, plasterer, 23 Dagmar Street
Leitch, D. D., & Sons, flax merchants, 6, 8 Commercial Court; res., C. N. Leitch, Edzell, Sans Souci Park
Leitch, James, carpenter, 16 Pine Street
Leitch, Rev. Matthew, D.D., D.Lit., President Presbyterian College, Botanic Avenue; res., 3 College Park
Leitch, Robert, commercial traveller, 15 Rossmore Avenue
Leitch, Thomas, plasterer, 40 Fairview Street
Leitch, Thomas Wm., plasterer and contractor, 15 Orient Gardens
Leitch, William, 84 Alexandra Park Avenue
Leitch, William A., painter, 97 Great Northern Street
Leitch, William, joiner, 4 Oban Street
Leith, Andrew, hair dresser, 37 Lepper Street
Leith, A., compositor, 15 Derg Street
Leith, J., iron fitter, 93 North Queen Street
Leith, R., telegraph clerk, 83 Killowen Street
Lemann, William, flax dresser, 29 Fox Row
Lemon, Alexander, grocer, 83 Crumlin Road
Lemon, Alexander, boiler maker, 22 Ballarat Street
Lemon, Alexander, joiner, 59 Willowfield Street
Lemon, Archie, french polisher, 16 Wilcar Street
Lemon, A. D., J.P., Edgecumbe, Holywood Road
Lemon, Edward, B.A., solicitor, 48 Upper Arthur Street
Lemon, Edward, traveller, 150 Leeson Street
Lemon, Ellen Jane, grocer, 10 Waterford Street
Lemon, F. W., french polisher, 16 Hartington Street
Lemon, Hugh, carpenter, 32 Nevis Avenue
Lemon, H., Corporate Accountant and Auditor, secretary Provident Mutual Building Society, 75 High Street; res., 75 Cavehill Road
Lemon, H., french polisher, 9 Joy Street
Lemon, James, & Son, cabinet makers and upholsterers, 14 York Street
Lemon, James, embroiderer, 67 Greenore Street
Lemon, James, cycle agent, 27 Rutland Street
Lemon, John, grocers' assistant, 15 Nevis Avenue
Lemon, John, house furnisher, 129 Cavehill Road
Lemon, J., slater, 69 Lomond Avenue (plater in 1907)
Lemon, J., carpenter, 4 McClure Street
Lemon, J. W., & Co., yarn and cloth merchants, 5 Bedford Street
Lemon, Moses, R.I.C., 149 Spamount Street
Lemon, P. M., pensioner, 102 Chief Street
Lemon, Robert, tailor, 28 Tenth Street
Lemon, R., mechanic, 185 Crimea Street
Lemon, R. J., carpenter, 28 Ribble Street
Lemon, Samuel, compositor, 57 Burmah Street
Lemon, Samuel, groom, Glenmachan Cottages, Old Holywood Road
Lemon, Thomas, coachman, 184 Duncairn Gardens
Lemon, J., furniture dealer, 273 North Queen Street (T. in 1907)
Lemon, William, coachman, 23 Pomona Avenue
Lemon, William, cabinet maker, 37 Fitzroy Avenue
Lemon, William, grocer, 350 Shankill Road
Lemon & Co., cycle agents, 37a Donegall Pass
Lemond, Samuel, compositor, 31 Yarrow Street
Lenaghan, P., postman, 59 Dunmore Street
Lenaghan, Robert, lamp lighter, 8 Lower Clonard Street
Lenaghan, Rosina A., spirit grocer, 215, 217 Beersbridge Road
Lenaghan, R., plater, 232 Spamount Street
Lenaghan, William, baker, 16 Abbot Street
Lenfesty, J., pensioner, 33 Kashmir Road
Lennie, James, gardener, 7 Mayfield Street
Lennon, Alice, publican, 2, 4 Pottinger's Entry
Lennon, Andrew, dealer, 127 Belmont Road
Lennon, Arthur, fitter, 13 Baden-Powel Street
Lennon Brothers, family grocers and wine merchants, 200, 202 Bray Street and 68, 70 Snugville Street
Lennon Brothers Ltd., wholesale fruit merchants and commission agents, 10 Bridge Street East; 15 to 21 Verner Street; 1, 3 Ann Street, telephone No. 932
Lennon, Dr., surgeon, Laharna, Holywood Road
Lennon, E. J., tailor, 22 Benares Street
Lennon, F., commercial traveller, 191 Upper Meadow Street
Lennon, H., commercial traveller, 372 Upper Beersbridge Road
Lennon, James, Roman Catholic Repository and book seller, 52 Castle Street and 19, 21 Chapel Lane
Lennon, John, fowl dealer, 2 Eliza Street
Lennon, John, baker, 6 River Street
Lennon, J., sexton St. Stephen's Church, 8 Johnston Street
Lennon, Patrick, basket maker, 56 Malcolm Lane
Lennon, P., spirit grocer, 79 Newtownards Road
Lennon, P. J., licensed vintner, 3 The Lindens, Cliftonville Road
Lennon, R. W., grocer, 2, 4 Berlin Street
Lennon, Samuel, tailor, 22 Bootle Street
Lennox, Ben A., linen lapper, 36 Melrose Street
Lennox, Miss, dress maker, 102 Great Victoria Street
Lennox, Mrs., draper, 427 Ormeau Road
Lennox, Robert, bread server, 88 Ardenvohr Street
Lennox, William, driller, 88 Newcastle Street
Lennox, W., boiler maker, 23 Dock Street
Leon, William, manager, 130 Dunluce Avenue
Leonard, Andrew, iron turner, 22 Townsend Street
Leonard, Dr., house physician to Mater Infirmorum Hospital
Leonard, James, R.I.C., 45 Newport Street
Leonard, John, dealer, 35a Clonard Street
Leonard, J., hair dresser, 22 Garmoyle Street
Leonard, L., french polisher, 49 Penrith Street
Leonard, Mary, confectioner, 4 Garmoyle Street
Leonard, Michael, fitter, 30 Cairns Street
Leonard, Mrs. Jessie, 72 Salisbury Avenue
Leonard, M., stationer, 49 Cromac Street
Leonard, Owen, shoe maker, 2 Milliken Street
Leonard, O., boot maker, 17 Convention Street
Leonard, Patrick, carpenter, 25 Durham Street
Leonard, Robert, mechanic, 55 Townsend Street
Leonard, Teresa, tobacconist and confectioner, 44 Divis Street
Leonard, William, prison warder, 28 Bandon Street
Leopold, Philips, tailor, 34 Roe Street
Lepper, Charles W., creamery proprietor, 22 Shaftesbury Square and 6 Castlereagh Street; public call office for National Telephone Co.; res., 22 The Mount
Lepper, F. R., director Ulster Bank; res., Elsinore, Crawfordsburn
Lepper, G. H., solicitor, 72 High Street
Lepper, John, Barnagheeha, Somerton Road
Lepper, J. C. H., wholesale tea merchant, 58 Donegall Street
Lepper & Fennell, architects, 33 Waring Street
Leslie, G., clerk of works, 242 Old Lodge Road
Leslie, James, mineral water manufacturer, 69 Lisburn Road
Leslie, James, & Co., Aerated Water Manufacturers, 69a Sandy Row
Leslie, John, flax dresser, 10 Bloomfield Street
Leslie. Joseph, printer, 65 Great Northern Street
Leslie, J., bread server, 39 Oldpark Avenue
Leslie, Nathan, linen lapper, 34 Virginia Street
Leslie, Richard W., M.D. and surgeon, St. Heliers, 60 Belmont Road
Leslie, Robert, stock taker, 147 Agincourt Avenue
Leslie, Robert, tobacconist, 14 Antrim Road
Leslie, R. W., M.D., 6 Belmont Road
Leslie, Samuel, bleacher, 38 Hooker Street
Leslie, Scott, & Co., house furnishers and auctioneers, 36 Arthur Street
Leslie, Thomas, flax dresser, 78 Cambrai Street
Leslie, Thomas, commissionaire, 105 Ardilea Street
Leslie, William, chair polisher, 6 Peveril Street
Leslie, William, Mayfield, Kensington Road
Lester, A. H., grocer, 1, 3 Cranmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
Lester, Jacob W., builder and contractor, Dock Building Works and Sawmills, Milewater Road; res., Elsinore Lodge, Glenburn Park
Lester, John, baker, 21 Nevis Avenue
Lester, Miss, 635 Lisburn Road
Lestea, R. J., family grocer, 124 Ormeau Road (Lester)
Lester, W. J., agent for General Accident, Fire and Life Assurance Corporation Ltd., 23 Chichester Street; res., 1 Eleanor Villas, Osborne Park
L'Estrange & Brett, solicitors, 9 Chichester Street; res., Thomas L'Estrange, 7 Howard Street; Sir G. H. Brett, Gretton, Malone Road; Alfred E. Brett, Charleville, Osborne Park
Letters, Patrick, brick layer, 27 Craigavad Street
Leuria, H., tobacconist, 173 Antrim Road
Leuria, H., cigarette expert, 16 Cambridge Street
Levell, Jane, laundress, East Cottage, King's Road
Leventon, Alex., traveller, 24 Fortingale Street
Levenson, Moses, cabinet maker, 177 Spamount Street
Levental, Jacob, joiner, 30 Tasmania Street
Leventon, draper, 3 Baden-Powell Street
Levi, David, draper, 37 Dargle Street
Levi, Joseph, traveller, 42 Annalee Street
Levine, Bernard, tailor, 1a Vicinage Park
Levine, Myer, draper, 29 Thorndale Avenue
Levington, Alex., traveller, 2 Queensland Street
Levinson, D., draper, 26 Annalee Street
Levinson, Lewis, traveller, 58 Groomsport Street
Levinson, M., traveller, 36 Groomsport Street
Levitt, Morris, draper, 9 Glenravel Street
Lewesley, Ellen, grocer, 47 Alexander Street West
Lewesley, H. J., moulder, 1 Lucknow Street
Lewesley, Mary J., grocer, 31 Gilford Street
Lewin, Charles, driller, 3 Baltic Street East
Lewis, Albert James, solicitor, 83 Royal Avenue; res., Little Lea, Circular Road, Strandtown
Lewis, Arthur, mechanic, 56 Fourth Street
Lewis, Arthur, fitter, 156 Argyle Street
Lewis, A., factory manager, Glenardock, Connsbrook Avenue (No. 1)
Lewis, Captain, 102 Fitzroy Avenue
Lewis, David, plater, 36 Lendrick Street
Lewis, David, driller, 19 Holywood View Terrace, Shore Road
Lewis, D., fitter, 88 Sugarfield Street
Lewis, Edward, fitter, 110 Sugarfield Street
Lewis, Edward, brick layer, 81 Brookmount Street
Lewis, Fred, permanent way superintendent, Weldon, 18 Ardenlee Avenue
Lewis, F., spinning master, 243 Mayo Street
Lewis, James, engineer, 10 Holywood View terrace, Shore Road
Lewis, James, driller, 2 Bandon Street
Lewis, James, hardware merchant, 6 Madison Avenue
Lewis, James, brick layer, 5 Barbour Street
Lewis, James W. & Co., builders, hardware merchants and iron mongers, 47 Waring Street
Lewis, Jane, fruiterer, 100 Shankill Road
Lewis, John, baker, 88 Bright Street
Lewis, John, carpenter, 37 Distillery Street
Lewis, Joseph, Sandycroft, 30 Cyprus Avenue
Lewis, J., consulting engineer, 80 High Street; res., Sandycroft, 50 Cyprus Avenue
Lewis, J. & H., fleshers, 3 Cambridge Terrace, 169 Ormeau Road
Lewis, L., photographer, 21 Pakenham Street
Lewis, Margaret, grocer, 87, 89 Wilton Street
Lewis, Mrs., Skegoniel Post office, Shore Road
Lewis, Mrs., 89 Eglantine Avenue
Lewis, Mrs. Sarah, ladies' nurse, 65 Delhi Street
Lewis, P. E., window cleaner, 49 Brookland Street
Lewis, Robert, boot closer, 64 Bristol Street
Lewis, Robert, linen lapper, 29 Battenberg Street
Lewis, Rupert A., printer, 22 Toronto Street
Lewis, Samuel, hardware merchant, 33 Shankill Road
Lewis, Samuel, City Window Cleaning Co., 11 Rosemary Street
Lewis, S., glazier and wall paper merchant, 21 Silvio Street
Lewis, Thomas, rivetter, 3 Murphy Court
Lewis, Thomas, mechanic, 9 Albert Terrace, Ballysillan
Lewis, Thomas, fireman, 29 Lackagh Street
Lewis, T. G., clerk, 45 Eia Street
Lewis, William, blacksmith, 96 Newcastle Street
Lewis, William, fitter, 10 Josephine Street
Lewis, William, pork cutter, 3 Malvern Street
Lewis, William, engineer, 18 Euston Street
Lewis, William, fitter, 88 North Howard Street
Lewis, William, foreman, 51 Enfield Street
Lewis, W., ship's officer, 37 Moyola Street
Lewis, W. H., fitter, 33 Comber Street
Lewis, W. J., linen lapper, 58 Rutland Street
Lewis, W. J., clerk, Anchor Lodge, 332 Ravenhill Road
Lewis, W. M., druggist, 116 Cliftonpark Avenue
Lewis, W. M., druggist and grocer, 96 Falls Road
Leyland, Alfred, naval architect, 124 Agincourt Avenue
Libby, McNeill, & Libby, Ltd., packers and preservers of meat, 4 Corporation Street; telegraphic address, "Libbiment;" telephone No. 1818
Licensed Vintners' Association - 81 High Street
Liddell, Alexander, joiner, 8 Central Street
Liddell, James, engine man, 102 McDonnell Street
Liddell, R., carpenter, 92 Cosgrave Street
Liddell, Wm., & Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers and bleachers, 42, 44 Upper Queen Street
Liddy, John, pavior, 99 North Queen Street
Lidester, G., file cutter, 42 Bombay Street
Lidger, John G., plater, 68 Omeath Street
Lickin, D., refreshment rooms, 147 York Street
Life Association of Scotland, The,  Alfred Tipping Secretary, 37 Donegall Place
Liggett, Geo., telegraphist, 77, 79 College Street
Liggett, Hugh, clerk, 189 Ainsworth Avenue
Liggett, John, 56 Damascus Street
Liggett, John, pensioner, 71 James Street
Liggett, Margaret, grocer, 59, 61 Epworth Street
Liggett, Mrs. Essie, 16 Carnan Street
Liggett, Mrs., 73 Fitzroy Avenue
Liggett, W. G., shipwright, 109 The Mount
Light, Henry, joiner, 33 Raleigh Street
Light, John, painter, 30 Brussels Street
Lightbody, H., mechanic, 85 Britannic Street
Lightbody, W., boot maker, 82 Howard Street South
Lightbody, Wm, clerk, 38 University Avenue
Lightbody, W. J., engraver, 11 Glencairn Street
Ligoniel Brick Co. Ltd., Hillview Place, Ligoniel Road
Ligoniel Dispensary, Dr. C. J. Milligan, registrar; R. J. O'Hara, assistant, Hillview Place, Ligoniel Road
Ligoniel Finishing Co., David Waugh & Co., Ligoniel Road
Ligoniel Post Office, William A. Bell, sub-postmaster, Ligoniel Road
Ligoniel Weaving Co., J. S. Corry, manager, Ligoniel Villas, Ligoniel Road
Ligoniel & Mayo Street Weaving Co.
Ligoniel Workingmen's Club, Joseph Wright, caretaker, Ligoniel Road
Lilburn, J., excise officer, 230 Grosvenor Road
Lilburn, Miss Eliza Jane, 47 Stranmillis Road
Lilburn, Mrs. Annie, Dunedin, 369 Antrim Road
Lilburn, Mrs., grocer, Prince William Villa, Lisburn Road
Lilburn, Mrs., 407 Lisburn Road
Lilburn, Thomas, block printer, 24 Carmel Street
Lilburn, William, 18 Thorndale Avenue
Lilburn, William, cattle dealer, 2 Titania Street
Lilley, Alfred, driller, 16 Loftus Street
Lilley, David, litho artist, 5 Delaware Street
Lilley, George, carpenter, 44 Epworth Street
Lilley, James, blacksmith, 48 Carrington Street
Lilley, John, agent, 13 College Street
Lilley, Joseph, 23 Indiana Avenue
Lilley, J., commission agent, 40 Harcourt Street
Lilley, Miss A. J., matron Belfast Hospital for Diseases of the Skin, Glenravel Street
Lilley, Miss, superintendent Prison Gate Mission Laundry, Tudor Place
Lilley, Richard, builder, 108 McClure Street
Lilley, Richard, mission hall, 2, 4 Boyne Square
Lilley, Robert, sawyer, 33 Ravenhill Road
Lilley, William J., boat builder, 8 Moorgate Street
Lillie, Charles, Milltown House, Falls Road
Lillie, John, fitter, 21 Epworth Street
Lillie, Peter, machine man, 12 Colinward Street
Lillie, Robert, sawyer, 40 Bendigo Street
Lillie, Robert, weaver, 19 Ohio Street
Linaghan, J., lamp lighter, 56 Dunmore Street
Lincoln, Cecil, sergeant Army Pay Corps, 2 Madras Street
Linden, John, bread server, 51 Cawnpore Street
Linden, John, storeman, 64 Maryville Street
Linden's High-Class Confectionery, 12 Corn Market
Lindop, Robert, painter, 13 Albertville Drive
Lindores, A., boiler maker, 146 Urney Street
Lindores, James, rivetter, 98 Westmoreland Street
Lindsay, Andrew, joiner, 8 Thistle Street
Lindsay, Benjamin, chief clerk G.P.O., 551 Ormeau Road
Lindsay Bros. Ltd., linen and woollen merchants and manufacturers, 7, 9 Donegall Place; telephone nos. 52 and 53; telegraphic address, "Oregon"
Lindsay, David, of Lindsay bros. Ltd., 2 Palmerston Road
Lindsay, David, carpenter, 22 Battenberg Street
Lindsay, David, joiner, 177 Tennent Street
Lindsay, D., brick layer, 54 Avoniel Road
Lindsay, Foster, guard, 46 Burnaby Street
Lindsay, George, book binder, 4 Cumberland Street
Lindsay, Hugh, publican, 64, 66 Denmark Street and 6 Regent Street; residence, 48 Carlisle Street
Lindsay, H., railway official, 48 Cumberland Street
Lindsay, James, finisher, 56 Lawnbrook Avenue
Lindsay, James, building works, Templemore Avenue
Lindsay, James, painter, 19 Edinburgh Street
Lindsay, James, cloth passer, 19 Cambrai Street
Lindsay, James G., architect and civil engineer, 13 Lisburn Road
Lindsay, James, pensioner, 31 Oldpark Avenue
Lindsay, James, engine driver, 14 Tenth Street
Lindsay, James, coach builder, 54 Lavinia Street
Lindsay, James, dealer, 18 Fingal Street
Lindsay, James, & Co. Ltd., General Drapers, and silk mercers, The Ulster Arcade, 28 Donegall Place
Lindsay, John, agent, 11 Waring Street
Lindsay, John, Hollybank, 18 Cyprus Avenue
Lindsay, John, house furnisher, 4 Cooke Street
Lindsay, John, draper, 250 Newtownards Road
Lindsay, John, caretaker, Waterworks gate lodge, Antrim Road
Lindsay, John A., J.P., merchant, Tyrone House, Malone Road
Lindsay, Joseph, painter, 44 Bellevue Street
Lindsay, J., joiner, 33 Alexandrapark Avenue
Lindsay, J., builder, 157 Templemore Avenue
Lindsay, J., druggist, 200 Newtownards Road
Lindsay, J., cellar man, 198 Old Lodge Road
Lindsay, J. B., & Co., linen manufacturers and bleachers, 4 Linenhall Street; res., 114 Balmoral Avenue
Lindsay, J. H., linen lapper, 34 Mountview Street
Lindsay, Miss Mary, Victoria Gardens, 22 Windsor Park
Lindsay, Mrs. Robert, Rosebery, Marlborough Park
Lindsay, Mrs., 19 Landscape Terrace
Lindsay, Professor James, A.M.D., F.R.C.P. (London), professor of medicine Queen's College, Queen's Elms, 81 University Road
Lindsay, P. F., 294 Springfield Road
Lindsay, Rebecca, 149 Rugby Avenue
Lindsay, Rev. Samuel, Presbyterian minister, 23 Camden Street
Lindsay, Robert, carpenter, 23 Pernau Street
Lindsay, Robert, grocer's assistant, 40 Lecale Street
Lindsay, Robert, driller, 9 Emerson Street
Lindsay, Robert, brick layer, 12 Roundhill Street
Lindsay, Robert, engineer, 9 Stranview Street
Lindsay, R., fireman, 21 Fire Brigade Station, Chichester Street
Lindsay, T. J., professor of music, 3 North Street
Lindsay, Samuel, rivetter, 22 Blackwood Street
Lindsay, D. J., driller, 3 Northumberland Street (S. J. in 1907)
Lindsay, Thomas, & Co., accountants and auditors, 13 Lisburn Road
Lindsay, Thomas, joiner, 5 Israel Street
Lindsay, T. H., painter, 46 Apsley Street
Lindsay, Thompson & Co. Ltd., linen and muslin  manufacturers, bleachers and printers Mulhouse Street
Lindsay, Thompson & Co. Ltd., Prospect Mill, Flax Spinners, Linen Thread Manufacturers, bleachers and dyers, Flax Street
Lindsay, Wm., stone cutter, 2 Baltic Street
Lindsay, William, clerk, 285 Beersbridge Road
Lindsay, William, gas fitter, 67 Riga Street
Lindsay, William James, fireman, 157 Snugville Street
Lindsay, Wm., upholsterer, 12 Little Brunswick Street
Lindsay, Wm., plumber and gas fitter, 103 Northumberland Street
Lindsay, Wm., gas collector, Madras Terrace, 19 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Lindsay, Wm., bookkeeper, 25 Rutland Street
Lindsay, Wm., engine driver, 2 Ireton Street
Lindsay, Wm., brick layer, 13 Sherwood Street
Lindsay, W., carpet planner, 27 Charlotte Street
Lindsay, W. J., carpenter, 61 Lomond Avenue
Lindsay, W. J., house furnisher, Upper Newtownards Road; res., 2 Bedford Villa, Knock Road
Lindsay,  W. J., rougher, 43 Clementine Street
Linehan, Mrs., 35 Madison Avenue
Linehan, Wm., salesman, 317 Catherine Terrace, Crumlin Road
Linenhall Hotel - P. Dempsey, proprietor, 3 Donegall Square East
Linenhall Library, Librarian, Frank J. P. Burgoyne, 17 Donegall Square North
Linen Shirt and Handkerchief Co., Miss McGeown, proprietress, 19 Queen's Arcade
Linfield Toilet Club, Mrs. Delaney, proprietress, 218a Sandy Row
Linney, James, iron moulder, 66 Oregon Street
Linton, David, confectioner, 84 Albertbridge Road
Linton, David, mill furnisher, 66 Brookvale Street
Linton, David G., manager, 9 Salisbury Street
Linton, George, grocer and wholesale poulterer, 217 Mountpottinger Road
Linton, George, tobacconist and newsagent, 38 Albertbridge Road
Linton, Miss, Ava Terrace, 38 Irwin Avenue
Linton, Mrs. Jane, 5 Marlborough Gardens
Linton, Mrs., dress maker, 2 Washington Villa, Kansas Avenue
Linton, P., baker, 18 Bankmore Street
Linton, Samuel, rivetter, 27 Earl Street
Linton, Thomas, grocer, 44 Hutchinson Street
Linton, Wallace, tobacconist, 4 Shankill Road
Linton & Co., provision dealers, 181 Newtownards Road
Lipsett, Mrs., Sharon Terrace, 64 Willowbank Street
Lipsey, J., & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, Belfast and Glasgow, telegraphic address, "Lip," Belfast, and "Maclachlan, Glasgow;" telephone No. 372; 16, 20 Ann Street
Lipson, J. & Co., general house furnishers, 40 Castle Street
Lipton Ltd., tea and provision stores, 13 High Street
Lipton Ltd., provision merchants, 95, 97 Shankill Road
Lipzith, Joseph, traveller, 7 Arnon Street
Lisburn Road Methodist Church, Rev. T. Scott, minister, 266 Lisburn Road
Lisburn Road R.I.C. Barracks, John Irwin, sergeant in charge, 471 Lisburn Road
Lisk, Thomas, engine driver, 395 Donegall Road
Lislie, Wm. Jas., seaman, 47 New Andrew Street
Lister, Miss, dress maker, 35 Fortwilliam Parade
Little, Alexander, rivetter, 39 Lilliput Street
Little, A., general draper, 31 Mill Street
Little, A. & J., house and land agents, 1st floor, 19 High Street
Little, Charles, pork cutter, 87 Donard Street
Little, Charles, motorman, 21 Wilton Square South
Little, David, tailor, 31 Ilchester Street
Little, David, mechanic, 58 Mossvale Street
Little, Frank, lithographic artist, 241 Ravenhill Avenue
Little, George, 119 Hampstead, Cavehill Road
Little, James, pensioner, 84 Turin Street
Little, James, beetler, 7 Brookfield Place
Little, James & Co., 1 Manager Midland Railway and Heysham Steamers, Barrow Steam Navigation Co., Agents Anchor Line, American Steamers and Cork Steam Shipping Co., 1, 3 Albert Square
Little, James, packer, 43 Bentinck Street
Little, John, hair dresser, 31 Bridge End
Little, John Henry, 11 Allworthy Avenue
Little, John T., salesman, 123 Dunluce Avenue
Little, J., furniture dealer, 135 Smithfield Market
Little, J. & Son, plumbers and gas fitters, 423, 425 Newtownards Road
Little, Margaret, draper, 62 Grosvenor Road
Little, Mark, dealer, 74 Bridge End
Little, Mary, furniture dealer, 122 to 124 Smithfield Market
Little, Matthew, painter, 16 Seventh Street
Little, Miss E., 4 Windsor Park
Little, Miss, laundry, 126 Maryville Street
Little, Mrs. Jane, 24 James Street
Little, Mrs. Mary Ann, Glenhisk, The Glen
Little, Mrs., 3 Ava Avenue
Little, Rev. James, A.M., 28 Windsor Park
Little, Robert, manufacturers' agent, 16 Regent Street
Little, Samuel, tailor, 30 Belvoir Street
Little, Samuel, contractor, Moss Side Cottage, Upper Newtownards Road
Little, Sidney, galvaniser, 34 Ashton Street
Little, T., weigh master, Falls Road weighbridge
Little, Wm., cooper, 69 Devonshire Street
Little, Wm. John, tailor, 58 McTier Street (M'Tier)
Little & McLean Ltd., wholesale stationers, paper merchants, paper bag manufacturers and letter press printers and lithographers, 65 to 71 Church Lane 
Littlewood, C. J., boiler maker, 5 Shannonville Terrace, Whiterock Road
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co., W. F. Daniels, inspector, 57, 58 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Livesley, Albert, engineer, 15 Ranfurly Street
Livingston, Jas. Robert, inland revenue, Blytheswood House, Ardenlee Avenue
Livingston, Mrs., 84 Deramore Avenue
Livingstone, A., linen lapper, 28 Agincourt Street
Livingstone, C., ship carpenter, 10 Garden Street
Livingstone, David, plater, 200 Templemore Street
Livingstone, George, coachman, Glen Ebor Cottages, Old Holywood Road
Livingstone, James, clerk, 100 Killowen Street
Livingstone, Jane, Sandymount House, Holywood Road
Livingstone, John, grocer, 89 Montrose Street
Livingstone, John, butcher, 312 Crumlin Road
Livingstone, J., confectioner, 2 Bangor Street
Livingstone, J., coal dealer, 94 Roden Street
Livingstone, J. E., bookkeeper, Cavehill House, Henderson Avenue
Livingstone, J. G., engineer, 9 Larkstone Street
Livingstone, Mrs., butcher, 258 Old Lodge Road
Livingstone, P., cabinet maker, 46 Glenbrook Avenue
Livingstone, Robert Jas., tailor, 158 Crumlin Road
Livingstone, R. H., joiner, 7 Twickenham Street
Livingstone, R. J., 3 Lonsdale Street
Livingstone, Thomas, gardener, 14 James' Street
Livingstone, T., carpenter, 5 Palmerston Street
Livingstone, W., secretary, 262 Grosvenor Road
Livingstone, W., storeman, 48 My Lady's Road
Livingstone, W., gardener, 3 Parkgate Avenue
Livingstone, Wm., yeast maker, 120 Upper Hynford Street
Livingstone, Wm., tailor, 9 Merrion Street (Mervue in 1907)
Livingstone, W. J., fruiterer, 314 Crumlin Road
Livingstone, W. J., coachman, 19 Westminster Avenue
Livingstone, W. J., shoe maker, 46 Herbert Street
Lizars, J., optician dealers and photographic apparatus, 8 Wellington Place
Llewellyn, Samuel, assistant builder, 77 Edinburgh Street
Lloyd, Edward, carpenter, 89 Glenwood Street
Lloyd, Edward, gate and time keeper, 54 Osborne Street
Lloyd, George, machinist, 25 Ballymoney Street
Lloyd, M. T., blacksmith, 3 Trainfield Street
Lloyd, Robert, clerk, Church Crescent, Ligoniel Road
Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping - Beveridge, R. J., engineer and ship surveyor - 97, 98 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Lloyd, Wm., 35 Earl Street
Loan, Wm., wood turner, 38 Eglinton Street
Loan, F., painter, 38 Eglinton Street
Loan, Frank, painter, 9 Tudor Place
Lobell, Casto, 48 Ormond Avenue
Local Bankruptcy Court, Crumlin Road
Lochrie, Daniel, mechanic, 289 Oldpark Road
Locke, S., pawn broker and jeweller, 83 Duncairn Gardens
Locke, F. J., boiler maker, 26 Spencer Street
Lockart, A., rent agent, 45 Falls Road
Lockhart, Edward, watch maker & jeweller, 42 Dublin Road; res., 1 Tyrella, Sans Souci Park
Lockhart, J., winding master, 35 Landscape Terrace
Lockhart, James dealer, 24 California Street
Lockhart, J., shoe maker, 9 Blythe Street
Lockhart, J., tram conductor, 1 Rockmore Road
Lockhart, Jos., shoe maker, 147 Leopold Street
Lockhart, J., tobacco spinner, 38 Institution Place
Lockhart, J., R.I.C., 33 Belmont Avenue West
Lockhart, J., warehouseman, 2 Oakley Terrace, Cliftonville Street
Lockhart, Miss, Lymore, 7 Adelaide Park
Lockhart, Patrick, basket maker, 11 Slate Street
Lockart, Richard, National Telephone, 25 Howe Street
Lockhart, Robert, foreman, Kingsmere Avenue
Lockhart, Robert, mechanic, 34 Emerald Street
Lockhart, R., sergeant R.I.C., 42 Jameson Street
Lockhart, Shepherd, rivetter, 17 Ballymena Street
Lockhart, S., insurance agent, 24 Lecumpher Street
Lockhart, S., spirit grocer, 26 California Street
Lockhart, Thomas, jeweller, 27 Elaine Street
Lockhart, Thomas, iron turner, 129 Upper Malvern Street
Lockhart, T., draper, 12 Deramore Avenue
Lockhart, William, engineer, 57 Dunvegan Street
Lockhart, Wm., carpenter, 44 Cherryville Street
Lockie, Robert, electrician, 45 Glenbrook Avenue
Lockington, John, 74 Palestine Street
Lockington, J. W., carrier, 21 Leadbetter Street
Lockington, S., tailor, 16 Bowness Street
Lockyear, Herbert E., ordnance surveyor, 5 Victoria Gardens
Lockyer, James, fitter, 70 Brookmount Street
Lodder, Thos. O., linesman, 34 Harcourt Street
Loewenthal, John, Vice-Consul for Brazil and linen merchant, 12 Linenhall Street; res., Elboon, Marlborough Park
Loewenthal, Ferdinand A., linen merchant, Rusholm, Osborne Park
Loewenthal, Julius, linen merchant, Lennoxvale, Malone Road
Lofthouse, John, dyer, 108 Disraeli Street
Loftus, James F. H., registration agent, 45 Adam Street
Loftus, Mrs. D., 34 Duncairn Gardens
Loftus, Thomas, fitter, 84 Upper Meadow Street
Loftus, William, spirit grocer, 124 Hillman Street
Logan, Andrew, engine driver, 92 Belmont Avenue
Logan, Andrew, carpenter, 136 Ainsworth Avenue
Logan, Archibald, joiner, 52 Tobergill Street
Logan, Charles, painter, 73 Carmel Street
Logan, David, butcher, 235 York Street and 209 Antrim Road
Logan, David, machine man, 80 Dee Street
Logan, David, flax dresser, 33 Mossvale Street
Logan, David, plumber, 16 Glenwood Street
Logan, D., sheet metal worker, 22 Wilson Street
Logan, Felix, plasterer, 15 Baker Street
Logan, Hugh, N.S. teacher, 67 Kansas Avenue
Logan, James, stone cutter, 18 Victor Street
Logan, James, R.I.C., 6 Ranfurly Drive
Logan, John, tailor, 46 Ogilvie Street
Logan, John, shoe maker, 20 Sidney Street
Logan, John, carpenter, 216 Manor Street
Logan, John, butcher, 24 Divis Street
Logan, John, provision assistant, 136 Oldpark Road
Logan, John, 4 Loughview Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Logan, J., rivetter, 30 Mountcollyer Street
Logan, J., joiner, 8 Sintonville Avenue
Logan, J. M., mill manager, 19 Woodvale Road
Logan, John P., preparing master, 264 Cambrai Street
Logan, Maggie, confectioner, 56 Bridge End
Logan, Moses, dealer, 15 Bangor Street
Logan, Mrs., 13 Dunluce Avenue
Logan, P. A., captain, 11 Agincourt Avenue
Logan, Robert, fitter, 33 Havana Street
Logan, Robert, traveller, 30 Columbia Street
Logan, Samuel, fitter, 7 London Street
Logan, Samuel, heckle setter, 17 Yarrow Street (hackle)
Logan, Samuel, missionary, 45 Ravenscroft Avenue
Logan, Samuel, coal merchant, 25 Newington Avenue
Logan, Samuel, grocer, 128 Shankill Road and 48 Percy Street
Logan, Thomas, mechanic, 5 Ardmoulin Street
Logan, Thomas, rivetter, 94 Newcastle Street
Logan, William, painter, 78 Tate's Avenue
Logan, William, joiner, 46 Newport Street
Logan, William, mechanic, 20 Chief Street
Logan, William, caretaker, Windsor Buildings, North Street
Logan, W., boot upper cutter, 45 Dagmar Street
Logan, W., boot maker, 53 Hanover Street
Logan, William, foreman joiner, 1a Adam Street
Logan, William, brass finisher, 12 Bloomdale Street
Logan, William, draper, 1 Broadway
Logan, Wm., stone cutter, 9 Arnon Street
Logan, Wm., rivetter, 22 Sherbrook Street
Logan, Wm. J., sexton of Duncairn Presbyterian Church, 21 Shandon Street
Logie, Thos. W., engineer, 21 Rushfield Avenue
Logue, John, butcher, 26 Welsh Street
Logue, S., spirit grocer, 176, 178 Leopold Street
Lombard Cafe, 16, 18 Lombard Street, Miss Barbour, manageress
London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Assurance Ltd., 82 Royal Avenue, W. L. Walmsley, district superintendent
London Guarantee and Accident Co. Ltd., 75 High Street, John Atkinson & Co.
London and Lancaster Fire Insurance Co. - 12 High Street, James M. Scott, Local Manager
London and Paris Exchange Ltd., General Bankers, 14 Donegall Square West
London Tea Merchants, 4 Peter's Hill
Loney, John, bookkeeper, 17 Salisbury Street
Loney, Robert, cabinet maker, 227 Spamount Street
Loney, Thomas, painter, 29 Hutchinson Street
Long, Alex., saddler, 24 City Street
Long, Alex., joiner, 344 Upper Beersbridge Road
Long, Catherine, grocer, 77a Newtownards Road
Long, David, 105 Mountcollyer Road
Long, Edmund, joiner, 54 London Street
Long, Fred., iron moulder, 17 Buckingham Street
Long, George, hotel boots, 60 City Street
Long, Henry, plasterer, 19 Currie Street
Long, James, shipwright, 22 North Ann Street
Long, James, blacksmith, 65 Kashmir Road
Long, James, tinsmith, 82 McTier Street
Long, James, caretaker, 28 Cheviot Avenue
Long, James C., & Co., manufacturers' agents, 37 Fountain Street
Long, James, carpenter, 15 Dufferin Street
Long, John, butcher, 27 Brookland Street
Long, John, carpenter, 13 Cambrai Street
Long, John, grocer, 20, 22 Emerald Street
Long, John, 96 Jonesboro' Terrace, Castlereagh Road
Long, John, sub-postmaster Beersbridge Road Post Office, 6 Castlereagh Road
Long, John, hair dresser, 30 North Queen Street
Long, J., watch maker, 248 Grosvenor Road
Long, J. C., 5 College Park East
Long, Martin, jeweller, 343 Newtownards Road
Long, Miss L., dress maker, 48 Bankmore Street
Long, Mrs., 56 Oakland Avenue
Long, Mrs., dress maker, 11 Lavinia Street
Long, Robert, tailor, 37 Ballycarry Street
Long, Robert, moulder, 105 Lawnbrook Avenue
Long, R., clerk, 19 Glantane Street
Long, Thomas, blacksmith, 28 Trillick Street
Long, William, carpenter, 21 Glenallen Street
Long, W., Western Fur Co., 25 May Street
Long, Wm., insurance agent, 75 Lindsay Street
Long, William, joiner, 39 Copperfield Street
Long, W. J., smiths helper, 48 Bentham Street
Long, William M., moulder, 118 Maryville Avenue
Longley, Watson, box maker, 14 Riverview Street
Longmore, H., blocksmith, 320 Springfield Road (blacksmith in 1907)
Longmore, James, hardware merchant, 243 Shankill Road
Longmoor, Miss, typist, 3 Depot Terrace, Shore Road
Longridge, D., boiler maker, 27 Carew Street
Longridge, James, miller and stone dresser, 1a Tower Street
Longridge, John, draper, 98 Beechfield Street
Longridge, J., warehouseman, 22 Roslyn Street
Longridge, J. F., confectioner, 143 Castlereagh Road
Longridge, William, rivetter, 19 Finmore Street
Longworth, Geo. H., fitter, 9 Sandymount Street
Longworth, Mrs., dress maker, 22 Marsden Gardens
Longworth, William, machine maker, 66 South Parade
Longworth & Co. Ltd., machine makers and engineers, 7 Elgin Street
Lonsdale, Charles, vice man, 18 Buckingham Street
Lonsdale, Elizabeth, dress and mantle maker, 173 University Street
Looby, P., ship inspector, Portal Inspection Office, Custom House; res., 45 Fairview Street
Looney, John, engineer, 91 Upper Canning Street
Looney, William, insurance agent, 3 Gretna, Greencastle
Lord, John, rivetter, 66 Westbourne Street
Lord, Joseph, manager, 7 Ranfurly Drive
Lord, John William, fitter, 35 Rosewood Street
Lord Street National Schools, James Watson, principal; Mrs. Kell, principal infant school
Lorn, Francis, painter, 6 Hartley Street
Lorimer, Andrew, store keeper, 9 Donnybrook Street
Lorimer, Andrew, 331 Antrim Road
Lorimer, A., salesman, 7 Glanworth Street
Lorimer, A., plumber, 31 Fortwilliam Parade
Lorimer, David, fitter, 49 Rainey Street
Lorimer, William, bookkeeper, 12 Thorndale Avenue
Lorimer, William, foreman, 7 Woodstock Street
Lorimer, W., iron turner, 21 London Road
Lorimer, W., blacksmith, 38 Upper Glenfarne Street
Lorimer, Wm. P., carpenter, 72 Carnan Street
Lorrimer and Gibson, The Misses, Nurses Home, 13 Ponsonby Avenue
Louch, J. H., grocer, 116 Donegall Pass
Louden, David, merchant, Holmlea, Knockdeane Park
Louden, D., agriculturalist, 56 Newington Avenue
Louden, J., plumber and gas fitter, 39 Smithfield
Louden, J. H., 14 Camden Street
Louden, Miss, draper, 99 Old Lodge Road
Louden & Wilson, tea and sugar merchants, 79 Victoria Street
Lough, James, grocer, 97 Hopewell Street
Lough, Kennedy, rivetter, 25 Adam Street
Lough, Robert, tailor, 27 Cumberland Street
Lough, W., joiner, 95 Delhi Street
Loughead, Alexander, joiner, 10 Susan Street
Loughead, J. J., grocer, 76, 78 Louisa Street
Loughead, Thomas, iron turner, 45 Seventh Street
Loughlan, H., brick layer, 10 Bute Street
Loughlin, Bernard, boots, 27 Cavendish Street
Loughlin, H., brush manufacturer, 7 Somerville Gardens, Falls Road
Loughlin, John, outfitter, 70 Royal Avenue
Loughlin, Mrs. M., 1 Lyncroft, Cliftonville Circus
Laughlin, P. A., law clerk, 35 Albert Street
Loughlin, T. J., glass bevler, 27 Maryville Street (beveller)
Loughran, Catherine, confectioner, 179 Oldpark Road
Loughran, Charles, hair dresser, 5 Garmoyle Street
Loughran, C., hair dresser, 42 North Queen Street
Loughran, Daniel, flax dresser, 5 Ormond Street
Loughran, Francis, artist, 10 Cromac Street
Loughran, Henry, hackle maker, 73 Kashmir Street
Loughran, John, flax dresser, 78 Brookfield Street
Loughran, J., iron turner, 49 Riga Street
Loughran, John, moulder, 82 Dover Street
Loughran, John, dealer, 12 Campbell's Row
Loughran, John, wood turner, 30 Garnet Street
Loughran, John, iron turner, 17 Riga Street
Loughran, John T., R.I.C., 20 Chief Street
Loughran, John, compositor, Board of Erin Hibernian Hall, Division 130, 43 Divis Street
Loughran, J., wood turner, 37 Cinnamond Street
Loughran, J., fitter, 18 College Street
Loughran, Mary, Vista, Glandore Avenue
Loughran, Michael, caretaker, 2, 4 Hastings Street
Loughran, M., dress maker, 53 Hawthorn Street
Loughran, M., clothier, 24 King Street
Loughran, Patrick, postman, 27 Turin Street
Loughran, Patrick, grocer, 26 Wall Street
Loughran, Patk., hair dresser, 13 Old Lodge Road
Loughran, Patrick, grocer, 76 North Queen Street
Loughran, P., butcher, 27 Old Lodge Road
Loughran, P., spirit grocer, 80 to 84 Pernau Street
Loughran, P., litho. printer, 17 Thompson Street
Loughran, Robert, brick layer, 31 Arran Street
Loughran, Robert, fitter, 15 Charleville Street
Loughran, Thomas, tinsmith, 36 Gibson Street
Loughrey, Henry, 77 Divis Street
Loughrey, James, hair dresser, 14 Coates Street
Loughrey, John, Castlereagh Dairy Co., 308 Woodstock Road
Loughrey, John, traveller, 45 Springfield Road
Loughrey, J., compositor, 73 Hillman Street
Loughrey, William, shoe maker, 5 Alton Street
Loughrey, Wm., coachman, 38 Rathcoole Street
Loughridge, James, bookkeeper, 79 Dunluce Avenue
Loughridge, Wm., card cutter, 37 Carnan Street
Love, A., cotton manager, 7 Chlorine Gardens
Love, Barbara, confectioner, 109, 111 Newtownards Road
Love, D., of Belfast Steamship Co. Ltd., 87 University Street
Love, Francis, general jobber, 40 Clonard Street
Love, Henry, manager, 16 Jocelyn Gardens
Love, John, waiter, 18 Dundela Street
Love, J., pensioner R.I.C., 185 Springfield Road
Love, Miss, 29 Orient Gardens
Love, Mrs. Morden, Osborne Park
Love, Mrs., 4 Parkgate Avenue
Love, P., shoe maker, 54 Stanfield Street
Love, Robert, sample maker, 49 Lavinia Street
Love, R. F., carrier, 3 Queen's Square
Love, Thomas, superintendent Prudential Assurance Co., 20 Ashley Avenue
Love, Thomas, builder, 32 Thorndale Avenue
Love, T., bookkeeper, 160 My Lady's Road
Love, William, brick layer, 134 Balfour Avenue
Love, William J., store keeper, 56 Surrey Street
Lovell, John, gardener, 55 Adelaide Avenue, Lisburn Road
Lovell, Samuel, Inland Revenue, 140 Upper Newtownards Road
Lovell, William, litho printer, 23 Glenwherry Street
Lovell, William, printer, 74 Glentoran Street
Lovette, William, commission agent, 62 Donegall Street
Low, Walter C., insurance manager, 8 Lonsdale Street
Lowans, J., iron moulder, 8 Howe Street
Lowans, Thomas, iron moulder, 17 Rusholme Street
Lowans, William, iron moulder, 2 Roe Street
Lowden, James, 3 Euston Avenue
Lowden, James, & Co., Contractors for Plumbing, Heating and Lighting, Sanitary and Electrical Engineers, Brass Founders, 46 Ann Street; Telephone 518; Private Res., Easton Avenue, Cliftonville
Lowe, Alfred, Gayenville, 7 Chlorine Gardens
Lowe, Frank, turner, 86 Leeson Street
Lowe, George, moulder, 24 Rathlin Street
Lowe, Henry, spinning master, Legann Street
Lowe, Joseph J., insurance agent, 43 Ponsonby Avenue
Lowe, Joseph, brush maker, 143 Mayo Street
Lowe, J., draper, 2 Maryville Street
Lowe, J., reed finisher, 124 Maryville Street
Lowe, Mrs. Maria, confectioner, 76 Bankmore Street
Lowe, W., insurance agent, 60 Glenalpin Street
Lowe, William B., insurance manager, Rosebery Villas, Evelyn Gardens
Lowe, W. J., mechanic, 171 Canmore Street
Lowens, Jno. D., compositor, 7 Lawnview Street
Lowery, William, compositor, 19 Ayr Street
Lowery, William, commercial traveller, Maryville, Balmoral Avenue
Lowry, Alexander, Fairholme, 17 Sanford Avenue
Lowry, Archibald, boiler maker, 41 Southport Street
Lowry, Charles G., M.D., 58 Dublin Road
Lowry, D., compositor, 12 Fleet Street
Lowry, Elizabeth, 8 Candahar Street
Lowry, Henry, builder and contractor, Rossendale, Lansdowne Road
Lowry, Hugh, R.I.C., 42 Carmel Street
Lowry, H., bank official, Woodbine, 6 Knockbreda Park
Lowry, H., draper, 285 Antrim Road
Lowry, James, assistant superintendent insurance company, 74 Farnham Street
Lowry, James, grocer, 2 Aughrim Street
Lowry, James, commercial traveller, 10 Victoria Gardens
Lowry, James, coachman, Lismachan Cottages, Belmont Road
Lowry, Jane, 25 Rushfield Street
Lowry, John, manufacturers' agent, 3 Queen's Square; res., 20 Ravenhill Gardens
Lowry, John, brick layer, 244 Beersbridge Road
Lowry, John, carpenter, 42 Carlisle Street
Lowry, John, clerk, 395 Woodstock Road
Lowry, John, 76 Upper Newtownards Road
Lowry, John A., traveller, 1 Clongowan, Cliftonpark Avenue
Lowry, J., litho printer, 8 Colin View Cottages, Stockman's Lane
Lowry, J. F., flax merchant, 2, 4 Commercial Court
Lowry, J. F., Inver Mor, Sans Souci Park
Lowry, J. F., 358 Upper Newtownards Road
Lowry, Lawson, McCormick & Co., general drapers and outfitters, 178 North Street
Lowry, Miss L., school teacher, 7 Alexandra Avenue
Lowry, Miss Mary A., 79 Limestone Road
Lowry, Mrs., Fairfield, Belmont Road
Lowry, Mrs., 14 Woodland Villas, Belmont Church Road
Lowry, Mrs., 188 Upper Newtownards Road
Lowry, Richard, & Co., linen merchants, 138 Dublin Road
Lowry, Robert, 6 Erindale, Cliftonville Avenue
Lowry, Robert, brick layer, 59 Tennent Street
Lowry, R. M., traveller, Laurieston, Waterloo Gardens
Lowry, Samuel, flax dresser, 46 Linwood Street
Lowry, Samuel, hair dresser, 170 Woodstock Road
Lowry, Samuel, tailor, 43 Humber Street
Lowry, Samuel, commercial traveller, 10 Cedar Avenue
Lowry, Samuel, carpenter, 98 Agnes Street
Lowry, S., compositor, 9 Tudor Place
Lowry, S., fitter, 24 Bryansford Street
Lowry, Thomas, commission agent, 18 Commercial Court
Lowry, T., marine dealer, 77, 79 Market Street
Lowry, T., coach builder, Turnley Street
Lowry, T., coach builder, 19 Welsh Street
Lowry, T., coach builder, 54 Lagan Street
Lowry, T., coach builder, 113 South Parade
Lowry, T. & W., builders and contractors, 219a Woodstock Road
Lowry, William, coachman, 15 Donnybrook Street
Lowry, William, plumber, 68 Newcastle Street
Lowry, William, furrier, Oakley, 151 Belmont Church Road
Lowry, William, foreman, 212 Grosvenor Road
Lowry, William, carpenter, 30 Kingscourt Street
Lowry, William, tinsmith, 29 Lindsay Street
Lowry, William, joiner, 37 Melrose Street
Lowry, William, joiner, 40 Euston Street
Lowry, William, coachman, 7 Reformatory Avenue
Lowry, W. J., plumber, 275 North Queen Street
Lowry & Co., silk mercers, costumiers, manufacturing furriers, 25, 27 Donegall Place
Lowry & Officer, Merchant Tailors, Hosiers and outfitters, 12 Donegall Street
Lowry & Percy, builders and contractors, 40, 42 Earl Street
Lowther, Patrick, baker, 73 Townsend Street
Lowther, S. E., cutter, 15 Silvio Street
Loyal, Charles, fitter, 7 Ruth Street
Loyal, James, accountant, 29 Duncairn Gardens
Loyal, Joseph, shipwright, 40 Greenmount Street
Lucas, James, fitter, 55 Connsbrook Avenue
Lucas, Joseph, shoe maker, 34 East Church Street
Lucas, Joseph, fitter, 144 Hillman Street
Lucas, J., carpenter, 14 Glentoran Street
Lucas, Robt., harbour constable, 71 Northumberland Street
Lucas, Robert, mechanic, 94 Battenberg Street
Lucas, R., carpenter, 41 London Street
Lucas, R., rivetter, 18 Beechnut Street
Lucas, Thomas, mechanic, 69 Glenwood Street
Lucas, William W., gardener, 15 Queensland Street
Lucy, Mary Ann, nurse, 14 Belair Street
Ludlow, James, ship carpenter, 7 Skegoniel Avenue
Luff, George, compositor, 144 Snugville Street
Luke, A., driller, 26 Ivan Street
Luke, J., carpenter, 94 Richardson Street
Luke, M. J., 55 Albertbridge Road
Luke, William J., 23 Salisbury Avenue
Luke, William, fitter, 10 Parkgate Avenue
Lumbard, William, pay office messenger, 69 Hanover Street
Lumley, Margaret, draper, 395 Lisburn Road
Lumley, Mrs. M., 1 Windsor Road
Lumsden, George, rivetter, 18 Island Street
Lumsden, T., buyer, 381 Ormeau Road
Lundie, Robert, cashier, 166 Cliftonville Road
Lundy, Jacob, engineer, 38 Mountcollyer Street
Lundy, John, dealer, 88 Eliza Street
Lundy, John, plasterer, 5 Anderson Street
Lundy, J., bread server, 47 Iris Street
Lundy, Mrs. Lizzie, servants' registry office, 13 Jubilee Avenue
Lundy, R., school attendance officer, 13 Jubilee Avenue
Lundy, tailor, 50 Keegan Street
Luney, David, bleacher, 3 Mountview Place, Ligoniel Road
Luney, James, cabinet maker, 13 Dawson Street; res., Lydia Villa, Antrim Road
Luney, J., & Sons, cabinet makers, 13 Dawson Street
Luney, John, grocer, 16 Ardenvohr Street
Luney, Mrs., 6 Wolfhill Terrace, Ligoniel
Luney, R., cabinet maker, 3 Loughview Villas, Shore Road
Luney, Thomas, cabinet maker, 16 Banbury Street
Luney, W. H., cabinet maker, 6, 8 Dawson Street; res., 26 Kansas Avenue
Lunn, Edward, carpenter, 32 Britannic Street
Lunn, Israel, foreman, 37 St. Alban's Gardens
Lunn, James, fitter, 38 Ward Street
Lunn, John, fitter, 18 Barton Street
Lunn, Robert, packer, 38 Balfour Avenue
Lunn, Robert, iron moulder, 3 Monarch Street
Lunn, Robert, fitter, 46 Roden Street
Lunn, Robert, cloth passer, 30 Lisburn Avenue
Lunn, Samuel, brass finisher, 100 Beechfield Street
Lunn, William, shoe maker, 20 Lake Street
Lunneback, Otto, teacher of languages, 26 Lothair Avenue
Lunney, John, tea merchant, 119 North Street
Lunt, Alfred, tea salesman, 6 Grampian Avenue
Lunt, William, 50 Church Street East
Lupane, Mrs., 26 Shaftesbury Avenue
Lupane, P., clerk, 66 Cooke Street
Lura, Madame, palmist, 30 Joy Street
Lusty, Robert, dealer, 2, 4 Brown Square
Lusty, Thomas, driller, 49 to 57 Brown Square
Luther, Mrs., 2 Chlorine Place, University Road
Lutton, Charles, buyer, 34 South Parade
Lutton, James, blacksmith, 42 Ballarat Street
Lutton, John, provincial corresponding secretary Independent Order of Oddfellows (Manchester Unity), 37 Rosevale Street
Lutton, John, insurance agent, 9 Dublin Street
Lutton, John, store keeper, 39 Halcombe Street
Lutton, Ralph, cabinet maker, 14 Beechnut Street
Lutton, Richard, 2 Montrose Villas, Knockbreda Road
Lutton, R., linen merchant, 65 Dunluce Avenue
Lutton, Saml., gardener, Gate Lodge, Malone Park
Lutton, T., wire worker and weaver and wire guards and revolving shutter maker, 83 Corporation Street; res., 10 Bentinck Street
Lutton, Wesley, compositor, 97 Greenore Street
Lutton, William, manager, 24 Orient Gardens
Lyle, John, moulder, 70 Bristol Street
Lyle, J., flax dresser, 8 Hillview Street
Lyle, Lizzie, dress maker, 25 Ruth Street
Lyle, Matthew, broker, 102 Shankill Road
Lyle, Mrs., confectioner, 489 Falls Road
Lyle, Robert, engineer, 21 Chestnutt Gardens
Lyle, Samuel, blacksmith, 10 Burton Street
Lyle, Thomas, engine driver, 31 Kingscourt Street
Lyle, William, painter, 64 Groomsport Street
Lyle, William, foreman, 49 Dunvegan Street
Lyle, William, gardener, 126 Templemore Avenue
Lyle & Kinahan Ltd., Wine and Spirit Merchants, Stout and Ale Bottlers, Aerated Water Manufacturers, 14 Donegall Square North; bottling stores and factory, 101 Cullingtree Road; excise warehouse, Clarence Place Mews; bonded warehouse, 11 Chapel Lane
Lynas, Andrew, compositor, 51 Mount Street (No. 2)
Lynas, Hugh, carpenter, 59 Abyssinia Street
Lynas, H., bookkeeper, Lisburn Road
Lynas, James, butcher, 22 Burlington Street
Lynas, James, mill manager, 358 Antrim Road
Lynas, James, hackle setter, 5 Carew Street
Lynas, John, stoneworks, 45 Bridge End
Lynas, John, painter, 29 Athol Street
Lynas, John, flax dresser, 23 Witham Street
Lynas, Joseph, solicitor, Carlton House, Ormeau Road
Lynas, Joseph, shoe maker, 32 Malcolm Lane
Lynas, J., iron turner, 22 Frere Street
Lynas, J., artist, 32 Wellington Place
Lynas, J., hair dresser, 3 Jones's Buildings, Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
Lynas, J., linen lapper, 182 Ormeau Road
Lynas, Mrs., 12 Ulsterville Avenue
Lynas, Mrs. 7 Beechlawn Terrace, Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
Lynas, Robert, coach painter, 33 Powerscourt Street
Lynas, Robert, & Co., glass and china merchants, 84, 86 High Street; res., Robert Lynas, 1 Rosetta Avenue
Lynas, William, gardener, Newforge Cottages, Newforge
Lynas, William, painter and decorator, 123 Dublin Road and 218 Sandy Row
Lynas, William, painter, 36 Hutchinson Street
Lynas, William, flax dresser, 97 Mayo Street
Lynas, William, clerk, 7 Lothair Avenue
Lynas, William, painter, 82 Madrid Street
Lynas, William, shoe maker, 19 Skipton Street
Lynas, William, marble cutter, 150 Earl Street
Lynas, W. A., pharmaceutical wholesale manufacturing and retail chemist, and Garfadene Remedy Co.; Telegraphic address; "Garfadene"; Telephone No. 21y & 2630; res., 62 Belgravia
Lynass, Hugh, grocer, 21 & 23 Annalee Street
Lynass, John, stone cutter, 44 Bendigo Street
Lynass, Martin E., & Co., chartered accountants, 7 to 9 Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square East; res., 1 Thornhill Gardens, Marlborough Park
Lynass, Mrs., Private Hospital, 44 University Street
Lynass, William, foreman, 76 Cosgrave Street
Lynass, William H., Ormington House, Cregagh Road
Lynch, Edward, carpenter, 17 Kenilworth Street
Lynch, Edward, hair dresser, 40 Mayo Street
Lynch, James, musician, 17 Rotterdam Street
Lynch, James, lithographic artist, 44 Killowen Street
Lynch, John, spirit grocer, 72 Donnybrook Street
Lynch, John, flax dresser, 42 Raglan Street
Lynch, J., pawn broker, 2 North Queen Street
Lynch, J. H., pawn broker, 111, 113 Old Lodge Road
Lynch, Mark,& Co., scrap iron and metal merchants, Sydenham Road; res., 180 Upper Newtownards Road
Lynch, Mrs., 59 Malone Avenue
Lynch, M., confectioner, 23 Great Edward Street
Lynch, Patrick, foreman joiner, 5 Cranburn Street
Lynch, Peter, sexton, 20a Alfred Street
Lynch, P. J., superintendent refreshment room, G.N.R., 54 Springfield Road
Lynch, T., coffee stand attendant, 7 Agincourt Street
Lynch, William, compositor, 5 Kenilworth Street
Lynch, W., chimney sweep, 254 Ormeau Road
Lynch, W. J., bread server, 17 Woodlawn Avenue
Lynd, John, grocer, 40 Queensland Street
Lynd, Rev. John, D.D., minister of R.P. Church, Dublin Road, 86 Eglantine Avenue
Lynd, Robert T., salesman, 12 Gainsborough Drive
Lynd, Miss Annie, 140 Fitzroy Avenue
Lyness, A., painter, 164 Upper Meadow Street
Lyness, James, preparing master, 12 Yarrow Street
Lyness, Mrs., 27 Rossmore Avenue
Lyness, R., stone cutter, 84 Hillman Street
Lyness & Hayes, solicitors, Hugh Hayes, commissioner for oaths, 12 High Street; residences, Joseph Lyness, Carlton House, Ormeau Road; Hugh Hayes, Moorfield, Maralin, Lurgan
Lynn, Archibald, city missioner, 72 Mountcollyer Avenue
Lynn, Daniel, publican, 48 Cromac Street
Lynn, David, carpenter, 9 Kensington Street
Lynn, D., manager, 135 Crumlin Road
Lynn, George, clerk, 122 Mountcollyer Street
Lynn, Hugh, smith, 71 Hopeton Street
Lynn, James, book binder, 24 Lewis Street
Lynn, James, rivetter, 148 Spamount Street
Lynn, John, salesman, 6 Scotland Street South
Lynn, John, manager The Sabbath School Society for Ireland, 2 Fisherwick Place; res., 31 Madison Avenue
Lynn, John, commission agent, 9 Telfair Street
Lynn, John, checker, 37 Third Street
Lynn, John, spirit grocer, 135 York Road
Lynn, John, insurance superintendent, 13 Cliftonpark Avenue
Lynn, John, damask weaver, 19 Servia Street
Lynn, John, grocer's assistant, 7 Baden-Powell Street
Lynn, Joseph, mechanic, 40 Stratheden Street
Lynn, Joseph H., horse shoer, 43 Shankill Road
Lynn, J. L., publican, 22 York Road
Lynn, M., assurance agent, 32 Westmoreland Street
Lynn, Mrs., 493 Tyrone Crescent, Falls Road
Lynn, Robert, assistant editor "Northern Whig," 6 Eastern Crescent
Lynn, Robert, land stewart, 89 Fortingale Street (steward)
Lynn, Samuel, Princess Terrace, Cregagh Road
Lynn, William, fitter, 45 Mountjoy Street
Lynn, William, bleacher, 9 Ainsworth Street
Lynn, William, clock maker, 10 Farnham Street
Lynn, W. H., C.E., architect, 21 Callender Street; res., Ard-Stratha, 250 Antrim Road
Lynn, W. H., horse shoer, 61 Dover Street
Lyons, Alexander, tinsmith, 29 Berlin Street
Lyons, Harriette, draper and milliner, 236 Crumlin Road
Lyons, James, engraver and designer, 37 Fountain Street
Lyons, James, plater, York Villas, 67 Victoria Road
Lyons, James, grocer, 305, 307 Antrim Road
Lyons, John, foreman, 70 Lindsay Street
Lyons, Joseph, electrician, 27 Ardmoulin Avenue
Lyons, Joseph, fitter, 24 Foundry Street
Lyons, J., artist, 52 Nut Grove, North Parade
Lyons, J., engine fitter, 20 Evelyn Street
Lyons, J. J., proprietor Central Hotel, 33 Great Edward Street
Lyons, Mrs., 8 Lower Crescent
Lyons, Norah, 60 Palmerston Road
Lyons, Rev. B. S., Newtownards Road Methodist Church, 80 Holywood Road
Lyons, Robert, coal merchant, 66 Divis Street
Lyons, Robert, brass finisher, 79 Enfield Street
Lyons, Robert, brick layer, 1 Upper Charleville Street
Lyons, R. S., commercial traveller, 88 Eglantine Avenue
Lyons, Samuel, buyer, 5 Eglantine Place
Lyons, Samuel, brick layer, 32 Upper Meenan Street
Lyons, Thomas, carpenter, 8 Caledon Street
Lyons, Thomas, brick layer, 24 Donegall Avenue
Lyons, Thomas, moulder, 100 Lindsay Street
Lyons, T., confectioner, 9 Crumlin Road
Lyons, T. H., manufacturers' agent, 11 College Street; res., Valere, Rosetta Park
Lyons, William, draper, 267 Beersbridge Road
Lyons, William, publican, 4 Donegall Quay
Lyons, William, draper, 3 Adela Street
Lyons, W. H. H., D.L., J.P., Richmond Lodge, Holywood Road
Lyons, W. T., agent, 39 Victoria Street
Lyster, Edith, dress maker, 4 Allworthy Avenue
Lyster, William, school teacher, 8 Newington Road
Lytle, A., manager of chemical works, 4 Braemar Terrace, Lisburn Road
Lytle, Andrew, litho artist, 18 Malone Avenue
Lytle, Andrew, & Co., general printers, 10 Alfred Street
Lytle, George O., Ashleigh, 16 Windsor Avenue
Lytle, John, & Sons Ltd., Seed and Tea Merchants; Offices of North of Ireland Chemical Co., Works, 56 Bond Street; offices, 34 Victoria Street; res., John Lytle, Ashleigh, 16 Windsor Avenue
Lytle, J. B., agent, 46 Upper Arthur Street; res., 59 Kansas Avenue
Lytle, R. B., of J. Lytle & Sons Ltd., 19 Rosetta Avenue
Lytle, Thos. S., manufacturer, Mountpelier, Malone Road
Lyttle, Alexander, electroplate finisher, 92, 94 Havana Street
Lyttle, Daniel M., grocer & provision merchant 141 Divis Street
Lyttle, Edith, confectioner, 182 Crumlin Road
Lyttle, George, warehouseman, 32 Ethel Street
Lyttle, George, ship carpenter, 66 Great Victoria Street
Lyttle, James, engine driver, 6 Elm Street
Lyttle, James, boiler maker, 30 Kimona Street
Lyttle, James, plumber, 53 Damascus Street
Lyttle, James, law clerk, 15 Hillside Place, Ligoniel Road
Lyttle, J., jun., sand merchant, Streamvale, Sandown Road
Lyttle, Margaret J., confectioner, 14 Westbourne Street
Lyttle, Miss Mary, Ebrington, Waterloo Gardens
Lyttle, Mrs., furniture dealer, 8 Garfield Street
Lyttle, Mrs., Albert Villa, 3 Sydenham Park
Lyttle, Robert S., clerk, Easton Villas, Osborne Park
Lyttle, Samuel, blacksmith, 15 Sandhurst Gardens
Lyttle, Samuel, paper ruler, 189 Agnes Street
Lyttle, Samuel, contractor and tobacconist, 362 Woodstock Road
Lyttle, Thomas, weigh master, 391 Woodstock Road
Lyttle, T., warehouseman, 12 Westminster Street
Lyttle, T. W., draughtsman, 14 Rosemount Gardens
Lyttle, William, book binder, 21 Buller Street
Lyttle, Williamson, iron moulder, 69 Brookmount Street
Lyttle, Wm., stoker, 30 Ravenhill Street
Lyttle, Wm., druggist, 172 North Queen Street
Lyttle, W. C., compositor, 2 Ashburne Street
Lyttle, Wm. J., draper, 72 York Road
Lyttle, Wm., & Sons, soap and candle manufacturers, 71 Sandy Row
Lyttle & Pollock, hardwood timber merchants, 18, 20 Dunbar Street; stores, Dufferin Road