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1890 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Village Directory

Co. Antrim
About three miles from Belfast

   Post Office - James Dickson, postmaster
   National Schools - M. McNeill, school mistress. Roseland - Saml. Kirkpatrick, school master
   Wesleyan Chapel - Various preachers
   Police Barracks - Sergeant Leyden
   Agnew, James, Kilferest Lodge, managing law clerk
   Anderson, James, Ballydownfine, carpenter
   Bell, Arthur, Lodge, Lake Glenn
   Boyd, Daniel, provision merchant
   Campbell, Mary F., Somerville House, publican
   Carroll, Patrick, labourer
   Chapman, Mary, Prospect
   Coates, Jane, Prospect
   Collins, George, blacksmith
   Copeland, Maria
   Cullin, John, carter
   Dickey, William, Lake Glen House, bookkeeper
   Dickson, Abraham, market man
   Dickson, Edward, brick layer
   Dickson, Isaac, thatcher
   Dickson, Wm. John, brick layer
   Doherty, Francis, labourer
   Doherty, Robert, labourer
   Doran, William, dairyman
   Douglas, Robert, farmer
   Douglas, Thomas, farmer
   Getty, James, grocer
   Graham, Adam
   Graham, James, farmer
   Gorman, James, farmer
   Graham, Thomas, farmer
   Graham, Thos., jun., Rose Lodge, farmer
   Gray, James, pensioner
   Green, James, cart maker
   Hamill, Arthur, J.P., Trench House
   Hicks, Henry, Erindale, cotton and thread merchant
   Ireland, Robert Hugh, P.L.G., Erindale, farmer
   Irvine, William, beetler
   Kearney, Andrew, labourer
   Kelly, Patrick, labourer
   Kennedy, Ambrose, labourer
   Kirkwood, Hugh, Roseland, farmer
   Kirkwood, James, Dahlia Lodge, farmer
   Lecky, William John, labourer
   Magee, Edward, Fairview House, dairyman
   Magee, Joseph J., Model View, pensioner
   Magee, William, labourer
   Montgomery, James, yarn man
   Montgomery, Robert, coachman
   McBride, Nathaniel, Turf Lodge, cattle dealer
   McClean, Daniel, labourer
   McClean, Robert, labourer
   McClean, Wm. John, Whitesidetown, dairyman
   McClenaghan, Ann, laundress
   McCoy, Henry, labourer
   McFarland, Henry, dairyman
   McFarland, William, Hillhead, farmer
   McQuillan, Philip, labourer
   McWatters, Robert, dairyman
   Purdy, Joseph, Rising Sun, farmer
   Rainey, James, labourer
   Robinson, John, labourer
   Sands, Robert, labourer
   Sinclair, Richard, Avoca Park
   Sinclair, Thomas, Dahlia Lodge, manager
   Smith, John, yarn bleacher
   Steed, James, labourer
   Stevenson, Mrs., Riversdale House
   Stevenson, Robert, park ranger, Falls Park
   Stevenson, Thomas, farmer
   Telford, William, Fruithill, linen merchant
   Watson, James, labourer
   Woods, James, Maryburn, farmer
   Woods, Michael, manager Falls tramway stables
   Wylie, James, farmer
   Wylie, William, mechanic
   Boomer, Henry, labourer
   Dowling, William, yarn man
   Ferris, Joseph, farmer
   Glenalina Bleaching Company
   Hamilton, Samuel, labourer
   Kirker, James, farmer
   McBride, Henry James, P.L.G., Glenalina House
   O'Hare, Thomas, dairyman
   Purdy, Henry, labourer
   Smith, Francis, millright (millwright)
   Smith, Robert, manager
   Walsh, Thomas, labourer
   Wilson, David, assistant superintendent City Cemetery

Co. Antrim
One and three quarter miles from Belfast

   Edenderry National Schools, Mr. McLean, principal; Arthur McLean, Mary McClenahan, J., Sarah McBride, assistants
   Andrews, George, Ardoyne House
   Andrews, Michael, Royal Ardoyne Damask Weaving Factory and Lower Lodge Powerloom Factory
   Andrews, Mrs. Michael, Ardoyne House
   Barr, David, cashier
   Curry, John, manager
   Curry, Wm., linen lapper
   Damask Weaving Factory - George Andrews, proprietor
   Farrell, Francis, bookkeeper
   Farrell, W. J., Ardoyne Cottage
   Laverty, George, cloth passer and mounter
   Lower Lodge Powerloom Factory - George Andrews, proprietor; J. C. Hill, manager; D. D. Leitch, assistant manager
   Strachan, William, grocer

Co. Antrim
Two miles from Belfast

   Carmichael, Thos. S., farmer, Stormount
   Colville, Alex., labourer, Stormount Lodge
   Cunningham, Josias, Glencairn
   Dougal, Wm. J., bookkeeper, Heath View
   Dougal, Wm. J., coachman, Solitude
   Frazer, Wm., farmer and dairy keeper, Ballygomartin House
   Gibson, Henry H., gardener, Glencairn Lodge
   Irvine, James, labourer
   Kirkwood, James, labourer
   Malone, John, Glendivis, director of Wolfhill Spinning Co., Belfast
   Morton, Thomas, farmer, Crow Glen
   Mulholland, Wm., labourer
   McLernon, Wm., labourer
   Parkinson, Joseph, farmer
   Reid, Joseph, gardener, Fernhill Lodge
   Shanks, Matthew L., farmer and dairy keeper, Mountgilbert
   Smith, Thomas, Fern Hill
   Taylor, John, labourer
   Taylor, Wm. John, labourer
   Clarke, Arthur, farmer and dairy keeper
   Donnelly, Joseph, farmer and dairy keeper
   Forth River National Schools - Miss McCartney, principal
   Gilliland, David
   Moody, Hugh, land steward
   Moreland, A., dairy inspector, Forthbrook Cottage
   McCartney, Andrew, box maker
   McCartney, Wm., labourer
   McClelland, Thomas, labourer
   McConnell, Henry, farmer and dairy keeper
   Neilly, George, school teacher, Springhill
   Reid, J. C., com. agent, Glenview House
   Rippard, John, flax dresser, Rockview Cottage
   Salters, James, B.A., Forth River House
   Salters, Thomas, farmer, Forth River House
   Salters, Wm., Forth River Dairy
   Watson, Hugh, car owner, Edenderry Cottage


   Bell, John, linen lapper
   Bell, Wm., dairy keeper
   Brown, George S., farmer and dairy keeper
   Brown, John, milkman
   Britton, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer
   Clayton, Robert, farmer
   Donnelly, James, butcher and farmer
   Dunwoody, Joseph, farmer and dairy keeper
   Forsythe, Samuel, farmer
   Forsythe, Thomas, game keeper
   Hamill, John, farmer
   Kerr, Thomas, carpenter
   Kirkwood, Eleanor, farmer and dairy keeper
   Magee, Alex., farmer
   Meighan, P. & J., farmers
   Morrison, Hugh, farmer
   Patridge, Daniel, farmer
   Salters, Elizabeth, dairy keeper
   Salters, Thomas, farmer
   Sinclair, David, farmer and dairy keeper
   Tate, Wm., farmer
   Welsh, Thomas, labourer
   Wharry, Wm., dairy keeper
                  NEW BARNSLEY
   Bill, John, engine driver
   Carson, Robert, beetler
   Couser, John, beetler
   Couser, Wm., beetler
   Cowser, George, beetler
   Firth, Joseph, farmer & bleacher, Whiterock House
   Harkness, Robert, beetler
   Kelly, Hugh, carter
   McIlroy, Andrew, bleacher
   Press, Wm., millwright
   Rossbottom, Michael, beetler
   Whiterock Bleaching Co. - Joseph Firth & Son, proprietors

Newtownards Road
two and a half miles from Belfast

   Agnew, Alex., Dundela Street
   Agnew, Charles, Dundela Street
   Agnew, Hugh, Dundela Street
   Agnew, James, sen., Dundela Street
   Agnew, James, jun., Dundela Street
   Agnew, Robert, Dundela Street
   Agnew, Thomas, sen., Dundela Street
   Agnew, Thomas, jun., Dundela Street
   Allan, Samuel, Arch Villa
   Anderson, David, Dundela Street
   Anderson, James, Dundela Street
   Anderson, John, Dundela Street
   Beattie, Joseph, Ballyhackamore
   Callaghan, Mrs., Park Cottages
   Clarke, James, Ballyhackamore
   Coulter, James, Park Cottages
   Dornan, George, Park Cottages
   Doyle, Hugh, Dundela Street
   Duffy, J., Park Cottages
   Frames, Hugh, Dundela Street
   Garrett, John, Maidston Avenue
   Gelston, James, Dundela Street
   Gordon, Wm., Dundela Street
   Greenaway, J., Park Cottages
   Green, Wm., Dundela Street
   Gunn, Wm., Dundela Street
   Irwin, Mrs. Ann, Dundela Street
   Lemon, John, Ballyhackamore
   Logan, David, Dundela Street
   Mellan, James, Dundela Street
   Moore, Thomas, Ballyhackamore
   McBurney, Mrs. Sarah, Dundela Street
   McBurney, Mrs. Sarah, Dundela Street
   McCann, Miss, Ballyhackamore
   McCann, Thomas, Ballyhackamore
   McCready, Hugh, Dundela Street
   Rutherford, John, Ballyhackamore
   Steenson, Isaac, Ballyhackamore
   Vance, Hugh, Ballyhackamore
   Walker, William, Ballyhackamore
   Webb, Simpson, Ballyhackamore
   Wilson, Hugh, Ballyhackamore
   Wilson, Jacob, Ballyhackamore
   Yaw, Charles, Edenvale Lodge

Co. Down
Five miles from Belfast

   Post Office at Ballyaughlis, Mr. Brown, post master. Delivery of mails, 8.45 a.m. Despatch of mails, 6.50 a.m.
   Ballylesson Church, Rev. T. Dudley, rector, res. The Rectory
   Presbyterian Church, Rev. James McNeill; res. The Manse, and Rev. George Duncan, Ballycairn
   Dispensary, Dr. Orr, medical officer
   Edenderry Weaving Factory
   Coates, William, Hill Terrace
   Dunlop, Charles
   Dwyer, Francis, J.P., Belvidere
   Moore, Archibald, Newgrove
   Moore, Samuel
   Thompson, Robert
   Wardlaw, Mr., Braidjuile

Co. Antrim
Three miles from Belfast

   Post Office - Arthur Boyd, postmaster. Mails received at 8-13 a.m., 2-15 p.m. Despatched ay 10-45 a.m. and 6 p.m.
   St. Mark's Church, Rev. Charles W. Harding, M.A., incumbent
   Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. Louden, minister
   Methodist Church - Rev. Samuel Cowdy
   Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Camillus
   Dispensary Station, Robert Hudson Newett, M.D., medical officer and registrar of births, deaths and marriages
   St. Mark's National School, George P. McCaig, James Mulvagh, Miss Cunningham & Miss Andrews, teachers
   Wolfhill Mill National School - G. R. Begley, Misses Magowan, Nasmyth and Higginson, teachers
   Ligoniel Village National School - John Wilson, principal; Miss Hamilton, Miss Wilson, assistants
   Wolfhill Village National School - The Misses Leddy, teachers
   Constabulary Station, Ligoniel - Sergt. Farrell
   Petty Sessions - Held in the Court house on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday in each month
   Ballagh, Wm., Glenview
   Beck, James A., Everton House
   Begley, G. R., Wolfhill Lodge
   Black, Robert, Glenbank
   Broom, Wm. M., Ballysillan
   Cairns, Wm., Glenview
   Clements, Andrew, The Glen
   Darling, Samuel, Ligoniel
   Diamond, Philip, Ligoniel House
   Erskine, John, Wolfhill Villa
   Ewart, Lavens M., J.P., Glenbank House
   Fee, Wm., Ballysillan
   Finlay, Fred. W., Wolfhill House
   Giffen, James, Clearstream Cottage
   Graham, J. Saunders, M.D., Ligoniel
   Hall, W. J., Glenbank
   Hamilton, George, Wolfhill Cottage
   Harding, Rev. Charles W., The Parsonage
   Henderson, Samuel, Ligoniel
   Johnston, Matthew, Loughview
   Kennedy, James, Wolfhill
   Louden, Rev. James, The Manse
   Macaulay, Robert H., Wheatfield
   Montgomery, John, Ligoniel House
   Morrison, Hugh, Ligoniel Villa
   McAdam, John, Ballysillan
   McAdam, Thomas, Ballysillan
   McBride, Andrew, Thornhill Cottage
   McCullough, James, Ballysillan
   McDowell, Matthew, Glenbank
   Newett, Robert Hudson, M.D.
   Pedlow, Wm., Post Office Terrace
   Robb, John, Ballysillan House
   Scott, James, Hillside Terrace
   Smith, Thomas, Glenview
   Wilson, John, Scotchview

   Bailie, John, spirit grocer
   Ballysillan Spinning Co.
   Bamber, Robert, publican
   Bell, William A.,, grocer
   Boyd, Arthur, grocer
   Cuddy, Wm., grocer
   Ewart, Wm., & Son Ltd., Glenbank Bleachgreen
   Ewart, Wm., & Son Ltd., The Mountain Spinning Mill
   Fitzpatrick, Hugh, publican and grocer
   Fleming, Malcolm, flesher
   Heron, John, grocer
   Ligoniel Co-Operative Society
   Ligoniel Spinning Company, Ligoniel - Mr. Morrison, manager
   Moag, John, grocer
   McAdam, William, grocer
   McCartney, Wm., publican
   McIlwrath, M., grocer
   McKeown, R., quarry owner
   McKnight, J., grocer
   Nicholson, Samuel, haberdasher
   O'Hara, R. J., watch maker
   O'Hare, James J., publican and grocer
   Ritchie, John, grocer
   Smyrl, Wm., publican
   White, Wm., publican
   Wolfhill Spinning Company, Wolfhill - Mr. Erskine, manager

Co. Armagh
Five miles west of Camlough

   Post Office - Postmaster, J. McGenney
   Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. T. Donnellan
   National School - N. Campbell
   Constabulary Station - Sergeant O'Brady
   B. McArdle, spirit retailer
   J. McGenney, draper
   John O'Hare, grocer

Co. Armagh
Three miles west of Newry

   Post Office - M. Sheeran, postmaster
   Roman Catholic Church - Rev. C. Quinn, P.P.
   National School - Peter McParland and Mrs. McParland
   Dispensary - J. Lightburne, M.D.
   Constabulary Station - Sergeant McKinney
   Auctioneers - J. P. Cardwell and D. Cosgrove
   Bakers - P. Doyle, J. Doyle and M. Murphy
   Grocers - J. Doyle and T. Rafferty
   Spirit Dealers - P. Doyle, R. Clancy, Mrs. Collins, J. Doyle, M. Murphy and J. Rafferty

Co. Down
Six miles from Belfast

   Post Office - Wm. Clarke, postmaster. Delivery of mails, 9-30 a.m.
   Carryduff Presbyterian Church - Rev. S. D. Burnside, minister
   Carryduff Male National School - Mr. Shaw, teacher
   Knockbracken Covenanting Church - Rev. Jas. Patterson, minister
   Allen, Wm., farmer, Knockbracken
   Bittal, John, farmer
   Bodel, Robert, farmer
   Brown, William, farmer
   Burnside, Rev. S. D., The Manse
   Campbell, Mrs., farmer
   Carnduff, Samuel, farmer, Knockbracken
   Carlisle, John, farmer
   Carlisle, Miss, Knockbracken
   Carse, John, farmer
   Chaine, Miss, Knockbracken
   Clarke, Alexander, farmer
   Dobbin, Stewart, farmer
   Dobbin, Wm. S., farmer
   Dunn, James, farmer, Knockbracken
   Edgar, Samuel, farmer
   Finlay, James, farmer, Knockbracken
   Finlay, John, farmer
   Finlay, Wm., farmer, Knockbracken
   Foreman, Samuel, farmer, Knockbracken
   Foreman, Thomas, farmer, Knockbracken
   Gaw, George, farmer
   Gibson, James, farmer, Knockbracken
   Gibson, Samuel, farmer
   Gilliland, James, farmer
   Hanna, James, farmer
   Johnston, George, farmer
   Level, John, farmer
   Lowe, Thomas, farmer
   Milliken, Wm., farmer, Knockbracken
   Moorecroft, Hugh, farmer
   Morrow, James, farmer, Knockbracken
   Morrow, James, blacksmith, Knockbracken
   Musgrave, David, farmer, Knockbracken
   McCormack, Thomas, farmer
   McCulloch, John, farmer, Knockbracken
   McDowell, James, farmer, Knockbracken
   McDowell, Wm., farmer, Knockbracken
   McIlveen, Allen, farmer
   McIlveen, James, farmer
   McKeown, Wm., farmer
   McLoughtry, Wm., farmer, Knockbracken
   Patterson, Adam, farmer
   Patterson, David, farmer
   Scott, James, farmer, Knockbracken
   Shaw, David, farmer
   Spence, Samuel, grocer, Knockbracken
   Taylor, Miss, Knockbracken
   Thompson, James, farmer, Knockbracken
   Thompson, James, farmer
   Thompson, John, farmer
   White, Henry, farmer, Knockbracken
   White, James, farmer, Knockbracken
   Woods, Mrs., Knockbracken

Co. Down
About three miles from Belfast

   Anderson, Samuel, farmer
   Forsythe, J., P.L.G., farmer, Castlereagh House
   Harrison, James, labourer
   Houston, John B., J.P., Vice-Lieutenant of the County Down, Orangefield House
   Hughes, John, labourer
   Longridge, Samuel, farmer
   Levell, Hugh, sexton (Lovell)
   Moore, Robert, blacksmith
   Morgan, John, horse dealer
   McClune, Hugh, farmer
   McClure, John, do
   McCue, Henry, do
   McCullough, James, do.
   McCullough, T.,   do.
   McCullough, William, milkman
   Robinson, Samuel T., teacher of Castlereagh N.S.
   Robinson, William, farmer
   Smith, James, do
   Thompson, William, pensioner
   Thompson, Rev. J. B.
   Wright, Robert, labourer
            from Glenvale to Castlereagh Road
   Campbell, Hugh, farmer
   Erwin, Wm., labourer
   Hoy, James, labourer
   Mackey, Thomas, labourer
   Stewart, Archibald, dairy man
   Thompson, William, farmer
   Watt, Wm., dairyman
   Whitehead, Henry
   Busby, Hugh, farmer
   Busby, James, do
   Murphy, Robert, do
   McClune, Robert, do
   McQuoid, James, do
   McQuoid, Wm. J., do
   Rainey, William, do
   Robinson, John, do
   Rainey, David, do
   Rainey, Wm. John, farmer
   Ramsey, Robert, do
   Robinson, Elizabeth, do
   Bruce, Mary Jane
   McCaughan, Rev. Wm. John, Glenview House
   McClure, Thomas, farmer
   Rainey, James, do
   Magowan, David, farmer
   Magowan, William, do
   Aiken, Francis, farmer
   Brown, Andrew, DO., Galwally Cottage
   Martin, John (of Messrs. T. & J. Martin & Co.), Galwally House
   McCormick, John, farmer
   Smyth, William, do
   Carlile, Wm. John, farmer
   Greer, William, do
   Hill, William, do
   Milliken, Wm. J., do
   McDowell, Thomas, do
   McDowell, William,   do.
   Patterson, Thomas, do., Bloomendale House
   Robb, John, sen., merchant, Lisnabreeny House
   Robb, John, jun., merchant, Charleville
   Ross, William, farmer
   Ross, Wm. John, do
   Wilson, Adam, blacksmith
   Wilson, Samuel, farmer
   Young, John, do
   Young, William, do
     Cregagh, from Cregagh Road to Castlereagh
   Hamilton, R., gardener, Glenbrook Gate Lodge
   Hinde, William, coal merchant and ship owner, Glenbrook
   MacRea, Kenneth, land steward, Glenvale
   Wilson, T., poor-rate collector, Cregagh House

                       Co. Down

   Post Office - James Corry, postmaster. Mails arrive at 7 a.m., 11-55 a.m., and 3-30 p.m., and are despatched at 10-55 a.m., 2-10 p.m., and 6-17 p.m.
   Station Master - James Corry
   Church of Ireland, Glencraig - Rev. J. Hare Duke, D.D., rector
   Glencraig National Schools - J. Smyley, principal
   Ballyrobert Orange Hall
   Anderson, Mrs., Woodside Bridge
   Bretland, J. C., Belfast City Surveyor, Bramcote
   Carmichael, William, Fairholme
   Corley, Alexander, farmer, Ballygrainey
   Cowan, Andrew, J.P., Craigowen
   Cowan, Sir Edward Porter, J.P., Lord Lieutenant Co. Antrim, Craigavad House
   Crawford, William, Ardnalea
   Drake, Mrs., Woodside Bridge
   Duke, Rev. J. Hare, D.D., Glencraig Vicarage
   Ferrie, Miss, Iva Craig
   Gardner, Mrs., Greenmount
   Gibson, Alexander, farmer, Ballyrobert
   Gibson, John, farmer, Ballydavey
   Graham, Capt. William, farmer, Ballydavey
   Grainger, W., farmer, Grangefield, Ballygrainey
   Gray, Mrs., farmer, Ballydavey
   Greenfield, Hugh, farmer, Ballygrainey
   Greenfield, W. H., farmer, Jackson Hall, Ballygrainey
   Hanson, John, J.P., Oranmore
   Hartley, James, coachman, Glencraig
   Hewitt, Samuel, land steward, Craigavad
   Hodge, John, farmer, Larchhill
   Houston, Isaac, farmer, Ballydavey
   Johnston, John M., Mosella
   Killips, William, farmer, Ballydavey
   Kirker, Archibald M., Dunratho
   Langtry, Miss, Lorne
   Letts, E. A., professor of chemistry, Queen's Collage, Belfast, Avonmore
   Mitchell, John, Olinda
   Moore, Mrs., Dalchoolin
   Morrow, George, gardener, Greenmount Lodge
   Murphy, Mrs., farmer, Ballyrobert
   McConnell, William, Ballyrobert
   McCormick, H. McNeile, clerk of the Crown, County Antrim, Ardavon
   McCormick, William, Ardavon
   McCullough, David, Sarahville, Ballyrobert
   McCutcheon, David, The Ivies
   McDonnell, Miss, Dalchoolin Cottages
   McDowell, Alexander, farmer, Ballydavey
   McIldowie, George, jun., solicitor, Ardavon
   McWha, James, farmer, Ballyrobert
   Neill, Henry J., Rockport House
   Rea, John, farmer, Ballydavey
   Ritchie, John, farmer, Ballydavey
   Roper, H. W., Deramore
   Ross, Wm. A., Iva Craig
   Shaw, F. H., Ailsa Lodge
   Shaw, G. M., Iva Craig Cottage
   Shaw, James, game keeper, Cultra Estate
   Shaw, Mrs., Ailsa Lodge
   Smyley, J., principal National School, Glencraig
   Stewart, John, farmer, Ballydavey
   Taylor, Alexander, blacksmith, Ballyrobert
   Taylor, Edward, farmer, Ballydavey
   Taylor, Samuel, grocer, Ballyrobert
   Templeton, John D, Janeville
   Thompson, William, Glencraig House
   Trimble, Miss, Ardavon
   Wallace, Wm. J., farmer, Ballygrainey
   Wise, James L., Glen Cultra
   Woods, Mrs., grocer, Ballygrainey

Co. Down

   Crawfordsburn Post Office - Miss Waugh, postmistress. Mails arrive at 7-30 a.m., 4 p.m.; despatched at 10-30 a.m. and 5-55 p.m.
   Helen's Bay Post Office and Postal Telegraph Office - James Thompson, postmaster. Mails arrive at 7 a.m., 12 noon and 3-40 p.m.; despatched at 10-50 a.m.; 2-15 p.m. and 6-15 p.m. Telegraph Office open on Week days from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sundays, 9 to 10 a.m.
   Station Master, Helen's Bay - James Thompson
   Ballygilbert Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Quartz, minister. Service on Sundays at 11-30 a.m. and 1-30 p.m. Mission Service in Old Schoolhouse, Crawfordsburn, every alternate Sunday at 5 o'clock.
   Ballymullan National School - J. Pyper, principal
   Clandeboye Coastguard Station - Richard Kane, chief officer; James Clarke, Llewellyn Brinkworth, Teddy Row, J. Brunsdon, Wm. Waycott, and J. Abel
   Rising Sun Masonic Lodge, No. 170, Masonic Hall, Crawfordsburn - Meets first Tuesday on or after full moon
   Adair, Hugh, farmer, Springhill, Ballykillaire
   Bradley, John, do, Ballymullan
   Bradley, Robert, do, do
   Cargo, John, farmer, Ballymullan
   Cousins, Isaac, labourer, do
   Crawford, Arthur Sharman, D.L., J.P.; Crawfordsburn House
   Davidson, Samuel C., Killaire House
   Finlay, Andrew, farmer, Ballymullan
   Finlay, John, do do
   Gibson, Robert, do do
   Gilmer, Alexander, do do
   Gilmer, Robert, do do
   Gribben, William, do, Ballykillaire
   Hamilton, James, do Ballymullan
   Higginson, John M., J.P., Carnalea House
   Houston, David, farmer, Ballymullan
   Knox, John, Masonic Hall, Crawfordsburn
   Lemon, Charles, farmer, Ballymullan
   Lepper, F. R., Elsinore, Carnalea
   Lowry, William, Bellevue House, Ballykillaire
   Magowan, Adam, grocer, Crawfordsburn
   Mitchell, Thomas, farmer, Ballykillaire
   Moffatt, John, farmer, Ballygrot
   Moffatt, Patk., do Ballymullan
   Montgomery, J., do do
   Montgomery, T., do. do
   Moreland, William, Glen House
   Morrison, John, land steward, Crawfordsburn
   Mull, Henry, Glendore
   McConnell, Miss, The Inn, Crawfordsburn
   McConnell, Robert, farmer, Ballygrot
   McGiffard, Robert, do. Ballymullan
   McKee, William, do. do.
   McMurray, James, gardener, Glen House
   McMurray, Thomas, farmer, Ballykillaire
   McNeill, H., solicitor, Craigview House, Carnalea
   McWha, George, farmer, Ballymullan
   McWha, Hugh, do. do.
   Nelson, Hugh, do. do.
   Quartz, Rev. John, The Manse, Ballygilbert
   Shaw, Henry, farmer, Ballywooley House
   Shaw, Samuel, do. do,
   Shaw, William, do. do.
   Smith, John, Pebble Lodge, Carnalea
   Stevenson, Frederick, saddler, Crawfordsburn
   Thompson, Chas., farmer, Seaview, Ballykillaire
   Thompson, Wm., do. do.
   Thompson, Wm., do. Ballykillaire
   Wallace, Miss, do. Ballymullan
   Wallace, Robert, grocer, Crawfordsburn
   Warnock, William, blacksmith, Crawfordsburn
   Wilson, James, farmer, Ballymullan
   Aston, James, farmer, The Cottage, Ballygrot
   Baillie, Samuel, The Cottage
   Browne, G. H., Tordeevra
   Charters, Mrs., farmer, Skellyhill, Ballygrot
   Coulter, G. B., Carranmore, Ballygrot
   Graham, John C., Salisbury House
   Gregg, William, Redlands
   Hardy, T. L., Carranmore
   Hutchinson, Wm., farmer, Ballygrot
   Kane, James, do. do.
   Lynas, William, Hotel
   Mathewson, L. L., Ballygrot House
   Mollan, W. S., Thornleigh
   Moreland, Andrew, farmer, Ballygrot
   McCloskey, James, do. do.
   McConnell, Robert, Curacoa
   McFerran, Miss, Skellyhill, Ballygrot
   McIlwaine, John, farmer, do
   McKee, Hugh, do. do.
   Patton, Andrew, do. Seaview, Ballygrot
   Patton, Hugh, do. do. do.
   Patton, James, do. do. do.
   Pyper, J., Aden Cottage, principal Ballymullan N.S.
   Robinson, James, Shanks' Cottage
   Ross, Hugh, Rusthall Lodge
   Struver, H. M., Hanover
   Walkington, R. B., Carrigowan
   Welsh, Robert, Breathulla
   Whightman, James, Crawfordsburn Gate Lodge

Four miles from Belfast

   Post Office, William Wallace
   Church of Ireland, Rev. A. Thomas Farrell, Rectory, Dundonald
   Presbyterian Church, Rev. John Bingham, minister; residence, Ballyriggan
   Gilnahirk Presbyterian Church, Rev. D. S. Coulter, minister, residence, Tullycarnett
   National School, Mr. Weir, principal
   Railway Station, J. Nixon, station master
   Agnew, Mrs., publican
   Ballagh, William, Glenview
   Chancellor, Mrs., Solitude
   Cleland, John, J.P., D.L., Stormount Castle
   Ferguson, William, cess collector
   Galway, Mrs., Millmount
   Gordon, Robert, J.P., Summerfield
   Gray, William John, Ballyregan
   Haslett, Samuel, Ballyhanwood
   Killops, Thomas, Dunlady House
   Kirkwood, William, Dundonald Cottage
   Lepper, Charles, Bessmount
   Miskelly, J., Ballybeen
   Morrison, David, Killeen Cottage
   Morrow, Thomas, Henryvale
   Munce, Andrew, Millbank
   McBeth, Robert, Carrowreagh
   McClement, Hugh, Ballyhanwood
   McDowell, James, Ballybeen
   McGarrey, Mrs., Larchhill
   McKenzie, David, Rockfort
   McRoberts, Francis, Ballyoran
   Nightingale, Mrs., Rosepark
   Purse, Miss, Ballyhanwood
   Robb, Alexander, jun., Ballybeen
   Robb, Miss Mary
   Robinson, John, Ballyoran Mills
   Sheppard, Orr, grocer
   Stewart, John, spirit dealer
   Stewart, William, Tullycarnett, farmer
   Symington, Samuel, Ballyoran House

Co. Antrim
Five miles from Belfast

   Post Office, J. Conkey, post master. Despatch of mails on week-days at 11.0 a.m., 3.0 p.m., 6.45 p.m. and on Sundays at 10.10 a.m. only. Delivery of mails 7.15 a.m., 11.20 a.m. & 3.16 p.m. Sundays 9.15 a.m.
   Upper Falls Church, Rev. B. Hall, A.B., incumbent, res., The Vicarage
   Presbyterian Church, Rev. Robt. J. Arnold, M.A., res., The Manse
   Unitarian Church, Rev. Thomas H. M. Scott, minister
   Roman Catholic Chapel (2½ miles from Dunmurry) - Rev. George Conway, P.P., res., Hannahstown
   Police Barrack, Sergeant McCaffrey
   Dispensary, Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, John Ruddy. Dr. Gaussen, medical officer
   National Schools, Teachers, Alexander Stewart, Miss Sloan, Miss McCalmont and Miss Herd
   Railway Station (Great Northern) - Mr. Hutchinson, station master
   Boomer, William, The Bridge
   Boyd, Henry, Woodburn House
   Boyd, James S., Dunmurry House
   Bradshaw, Joseph, The Cottage
   Bristow, Jones, The Park
   Brown, Mrs., Sunnyside
   Burrows, G. W., Willowdale
   Caldwell, George, Lismoyne
   Charley, Edward J., Seymour Hill
   Charley, Miss Emily, Huntley
   Charley, William, J.P., D.L., Seymour Hill
   Clarke, Dr., M.D., Ashley
   Coates, Eccles R., Mossvale House
   Coates, Victor, J.P., Rathmore
   Coates, William, Mossvale Cottage
   Cowan, Major, Drenta
   Crawford, Thomas, The Green
   Down and Connor and Dromore, The Bishop of, Conway House
   Dugan, Miss, Beechlawn
   Duffin, Charles H., The Lodge
   Fair, William, Stewartstown
   Ferguson, Mrs., Rosemount Terrace
   Gaussen, Dr., Churchhill
   Gilliland, Richard, Laurel Glen
   Hanna, The Misses (ladies' school), Dunmurry Hall
   Hanna, T., Rosemount Terrace
   Hutchinson, T., Railway Cottage
   Jaffé, Alfred, J.P., Cloona
   Johnston, Samuel, Warren View
   Kidd, George, Lisnatore
   Macauley, Mrs., Strathearn
   Martin, William, Finaghy
   May, George, Prospect House
   Montgomery, Thomas, D.L., J.P., Ballydrain
   Moore, James, Finaghy House
   Moore, Rev. S. M., The Vicarage, Derriaghy
   McCance, Finlay, J.P., Suffolk
   McCance, Henry J., Larkfield
   McConnell, Mrs., Rosemount Cottage
   McHenry, David, Mosside
   McMaster, H. B., J.P., Collin Grove
   McMaster, Mrs., The Bridge
   McKittrick, Mrs., Sunnyside
   Neill, William, Glen Cottage
   Newitt, B. J., Green View
   Osborne, Edward, Thornhill
   Reade, Robert H., Wilmont
   Reilly, Mrs., Drenta
   Richardson, Edward, Farmhill
   Robb, John, land steward, Seymour Hill
   Roberts, Mrs., Auburn
   Robinson, David, Grove Cottage
   Russell, Wm., Brighton House
   Scott, Rev. Thomas H. M., The Glebe
   Scott, Thomas, Grove Cottage
   Stevenson, Mrs., Huntley
   Stringer, Edward, Suffolk Lodge
   Thompson, William, Oak Hill
   Wallace, Mrs., Sunnyside
   Waugh, Rev. J., Rosemount Cottage
   Wilson, George, Kilmakee
   Wilson, James, Old Forge

   Charley, J. & W., & Co., linen manufacturers, bleachers and merchants
   Close, James, blacksmith
   Dickson, William, carpenter and grocer
   Dunn, James, shoe maker
   Finlay, Robert, car owner
   Harvey, David, shoe maker
   MacHenry, David and Paul, builders
   Mussen, Henry, spirit dealer
   McHenry, Jos., grocer and spirit dealer
   McKenzie, Collin, gardener, Seymour Hill
   McKittrick & Co., general grocers
   Sloan, Isaac, grocer
   The Dunmurry Print Works, Thomas Crawford, proprietor
   The Suffolk Finishing Co. Ltd., Glenville
   Valentine, Messrs., Colin Bleach Works
   Weir, A. C., & Co., spinners

Co. Antrim
Two and three quarter miles from Belfast

   Roman Catholic Chapel, Rev. James Hamill, P.P., Rev. John Quinn, curate
   Constabulary Station (Whitehouse) - Sergeant Poyntz
   Greencastle N. School - Mr. Macool, teacher
   Whitehouse N. School, Mr. Elliott, teacher
   Northern Counties Railway Station, William Wallace, station master
   Armor, Wm., carpenter
   Brackenridge, Samuel, foreman flax dresser
   Brodie, Wm., draper
   Dornan, Wm., blacksmith
   Heath, Mrs., Sycamore Cottage
   Keegan, John, stone mason
   Kinahan, Frederick, J.P., Low-wood
   Mackessy, Thomas, woollen draper
   Magill, Alexander, sea captain
   Moore, J., Clough Lodge
   Morrison, Thomas, carpenter
   McCarroll, Charles, carpenter and blacksmith
   McCarthy, Edward, stone mason
   McCavanagh, James, spirit dealer
   McCormick, John, carpenter and builder
   McCoy, W. J., dealer
   McDowell, Patrick, spirit dealer
   McGarry, Mrs., spirit dealer
   McKinstry, Wm., saddler
   McNeill, H. H., D.L., J.P., Parkmount
   Nash, Charles L., Cavehill
   Stewart, Wm., shoe maker
   Williamson, Mrs., spirit dealer

Co. Antrim
Seven and a half miles from Belfast

   Post Office, John Hagan, post master. Arrival of mails, 6.55 a.m., 2.40 p.m. Despatch of mails, 10.15 a.m., 6.0 p.m.
   Railway Station (Carrickfergus Junction) T. Bunting, station master
   Andrews, Miss, Inisglass
   Andrews, Mrs., Willow Lodge
   Barkley, Captain, Huntley Cottage
   Barry, Ezekiel, Grimston House
   Bell, William, J.P., Silverstream House
   Berner, Mrs., Copeland Lodge
   Brydon, W. W., Silverstream
   Cowie, John, Barton Terrace
   Cuming, Dr., Loughside
   Currie, John, Bay View Villa
   Dixon, Mrs., Greenisland Lodge
   Fagan, Surgeon, Annalore
   Fisken, Alexander, Swallow Cottage
   Fitzsimmons, Mrs., Tudor
   Forbes, W. C., Ravenhill
   Gardiner, Thomas, Castle Lugg
   Greer, Thomas, J.P., Seapark
   Herdman, Mrs., Longpark
   Hunt, P. C., Silverstream
   Johnstone, Charles J., New Bath, No. 1
   Johnstone, Francis, Glenfield
   Johnstone, John, Longfield
   Johnstone, R. M. McCheyne, Knock Lodge
   Johnstone, Robert, Pentland Place
   Johnstone, Robert, New Bath, No. 2
   Johnstone, Thomas, Strand View
   Johnstone, William, Bloomfield
   Jordan, T., Silverstream
   Keegan, G., J.P., Scoutbush
   Kelly, H. C., sub-sheriff Co. Down, Seaview House
   Kelly, Robert, jun., solicitor, Sub-Sheriff County of the Town of Carrickfergus
   Kelly, Robert, solicitor, Seaview House
   Kiinghan, William, Silverstream Lodge
   Knox, R. Kyle, bank director, Rose Lodge
   Lee, James, Ardilea
   Marshall, Miss, Gortalee
   Meeke, J., Greenisland Villa
   Miller, Mrs., Ballynascreen
   McCalmont, David, Junction Road
   Neill, Mrs., Greenisland House
   Nicholl, Mrs., Rathmore House
   O'Rorke, A. H., solicitor
   O'Rorke, Daniel, Tinnamara, solicitor
   Porter, A. Fisken, Bayview, solicitor
   Porter, Robert J., solicitor, Silverdale
   Porter, William, J.P., Bayview
   Scott, Mrs., Hannahville
   Suffern, Wm., Ventnor
   Wales, George Fred., M.D., Landscape
   Wise, B. D., C.E., Northern Counties Railway, Waterside

Co. Antrim
Six and a quarter miles from Belfast
(Greenisland Post-Office)

   Railway Station, James Gourley, station master
   Carson, Mrs.
   Cotton, Edward J., Elsinore
   Currie, John, Bayview
   Fitzgibbon, Henry, Q.C., Recorder of Belfast, and County Court Judge and Chairman of County Antrim
   Johnstone, Charles, Silverstream
   Johnston, Samuel A., J.P., Dalriada
   Jordan, John
   Lee, James, J.P., Ardilea
   Magill, James, Clonvara
   Martin, William
   McGaw, Wm. O., Thornville
   Porter, Robert J., solicitor, Silverdale
   Spears, William, Mountpleasant

Co. Armagh

   Post Office - Miss M. Esterbrook, postmistress
   Church of Ireland - Rev. Herbert E. Sandford
   Presbyterian - Rev. William Waddell
   Stationmaster - Robert Marshall
   National Schools - William Marshall and Miss Esterbrook, teachers
   Bleakely, William, nurseryman
   Costigan, William, draper
   Fitzsimmons, John, baker
   Gordon, David, carpenter
   Hughes, Cornelius, spirit dealer
   Woods, James, painter

About three miles from Belfast

   Post Office, Martin Anderson, postmaster
   Belfast & Co. Down Railway Station, Fred Hambleton, station master
   Church of Ireland - Rev. Francis Graham, M.A.
   Presbyterian Church, Rev. James Hunter, M.A.,  minister
   Methodist Church - Rev. James D. Lamont, minister
   Knock Lawn Tennis Club - President, John A. Hanna; vice-presidents, Wm. Wellwood and H. H. Montgomery; hon. treasurer, Thomas Paul; hon. secretary, J. E. Wellwood; committee, Dr. Patterson, W. A. Wellwood, John McKibbin, jun., D. Thompson
   Abernethy, Joseph, Myrtle Villas
   Allardice, J. C., Knock Cottage
   Anderson, T., Erin Villas
   Anderson, Martin, post-office, Newtownards Road
   Archer, James Henry, B.A.
   Archer, John, Home Villas
   Armstrong, William
   Biggar, The Misses, Brantryville
   Boyd, David, Claremont
   Buchanan, Robert, Sunnyside
   Burns, T., Sandon Villa
   Caldwell, J., Fountain Villas
   Carlisle, James, caretaker, Presbyterian Church
   Carse, Hamilton, Kensington Villas
   Clegg, R. H., Newmarket Lodge
   Clements, Miss, Bedford Villa
   Clotworthy, Samuel, Maple Villa
   Coates, J. Dunville, Riverdale
   Compton, George, Sussex House
   Cooper, John R., Ingleside
   Corry, Robert, Sandown
   Coulter, Rev. D. S. K., Gilnahirk Manse
   Crawford, Captain, Newmarket Lodge
   Cuming, Mrs., Lanevan
   Davidson, James, Hawthornden
   Davidson, Mrs., Marybrook
   Davidson, The Misses, Marybrook
   Dill, Mrs., Lincoln Villa
   Dill, R. F., M.A., Lincoln Villa
   Dill, Rev. A. H., M.A., Lincoln Villa
   Dill, R. F. N., Lincoln Villa
   Dinnen, John, Cabin Hill House
   Duncan, John, Northcote Villa
   Emerson, Edward, Enderly
   Ferguson, J. M., Belgrave Villa
   Frame, John, Hazelbank
   Freeman, Miss, Knockvale
   Garrett, Edward, Clinen
   Gelston, John, Knock Farm
   Gelston, Samuel, Orangefield Terrace
   Gibson, Wm., Rushford
   Graham, Rev. Francis, M.A.
   Hanna, John A., Marrietta
   Hanna, Julius, Marrietta
   Heron, James, Bedford Villa
   Holland, Wm., Crofton Villas
   Holland, B., Holland House
   Holywood, David, Hill Cottage
   Howard, Spencer Effingham, Bedford Villa
   Hunter, Rev. James, M.A., Dundela Manse
   Hutchinson, Wm., caretaker, Methodist Church
   Jamison, Wm., Hawthornden
   Jenkins, James, Lauriston
   Johnston, Henderson, Dundela Cottage
   Jones, David, Nestleton
   Kirk, Captain
   Kirker, Mrs., Knockvale
   Knox, Mrs., Brenthamville
   Lamont, Rev.. J. D., Methodist Manse
   Lawther, T., Kensington Villa
   Lowry, Mrs., Brenthamville
   Lytle, J., Scotia
   Macauley, H. Tubberkyle
   Mackie, James, Bellhaven
   Major, George Parker, Hubertville
   Malcolm, John, Beechwood Villas
   Mansfield, J. E.
   Martin, D., Dun Alastair
   Martin, Mrs., Nestleton
   Miller, Joseph, Beaconsfield
   Milliken, John, Brenthamville
   Milliken, Mrs., Beechwood Villas
   Milliken, The Misses,   do.
   Milling, Wm., Washington House
   Montgomery, H. H., Brazil Cottage
   Moorhead, Robert, Ingleside
   Morrow, James, Brantryville
   Morrow, The Misses, East Lothian
   Morrow, Wm., do
   MacGeagh, Robert, J.P., Maple Villas
   McCullough, A., Fountain Villas
   McCleave, Thomas, Ville de Russe
   McErvel, James
   McFadden, James, Knock House
   Neill, A., Brenthamville
   Nicholl, Washington, Myrtle Villa
   Park, J., Woodlawn Villas
   Parsons, Robert
   Paul, Thomas, Redcot
   Patterson, H. H., Holly Park
   Patterson, W. S. P., M.D., Holly Park
   Pollock, John, Hawthornden
   Presho, Christopher, Belmont Lodge
   Presho, Samuel A., Belmont Lodge
   Pullman, Alfred J., Claremont
   Pullman, John L., Claremont
   Pullman, Thomas, Claremont
   Rodgers, George, Milverton
   Scott, John, P.L.G., Brantryville
   Shaw, Lancelot, Brooklyn
   Smith, F. W., Rydalmount
   Smyth, James H., Clinen
   Smyth, John, Home Villas
   Stevenson, William, Claremont
   Valentine, Thomas, J.P., Sandhurst
   Walker, George, J.P., Woodlawn Villas
   Watson, D., Hillview
   Watson, John, Rosemount
   Waugh, Mrs., Salem Villa
   Waugh, Mrs., Sandon Villa
   Wellwood, J. E., Tubberkyle
   Wellwood, W. A., Garvock
   Wellwood, William, Garvock
   Wilkinson, William, Hillview

Shaw's Bridge, Malone
Four miles from Belfast

   Bailie, Hugh, mechanic
   Blackstock, William, cord cutter
   Briggs, John, dairyman
   Brown, John S., & Sons, St. Ellen's Works
   Brown, Mrs. John S., Edenderry House
   Coates, Wm., Terrace Hill, Edenderry
   Coates, William
   Crothers, James
   Dorrity, Francis, grocer
   Dunlop, Charles, Edenderry House, farmer
   Dunwoody, Robert, farmer
   Garrett, Thomas, designer
   Gray, John A., dairyman
   Gray, Mrs. W.
   Gray, Thomas, farmer
   Gray, Thomas A., miller and farmer
   Haslem, James, clerk, St. Ellen's Works
   Heazley, Samuel, land steward, Edenderry House
   Highlands, Hugh, farmer
   Jordan, Mrs.
   Kane, James, clerk, St. Ellen's Works
   Kertland, Carlile, manager, St. Ellen's Works
   Maxwell, David, farmer
   Montgomery, George
   Moreland, James, bleacher, St. Ellen's Works
   Moreland, Joseph, bleacher
   McClinton, James, farmer
   McConnell, George, farmer
   McKee, Thomas, dresser
   McKeown, Mrs.
   McKeown, Wm.
   McQuoid, Miss, laundress
   McQuoid, Mrs.
   Nesbitt, John, farmer
   Press, Joseph, farmer
   Scott, J., clerk, St. Ellen's Works
   Smith, John
   Thompson, Sarah E., publican
   Weir, Joseph, card cutter
   Wishart, David, carpenter
   Wishart, James, sawyer
   Woods, John

Co. Down
Three miles from Belfast

   Post Office, Francis Lee Cleland, post master. Delivery of mails, 7-30 a.m. & 1-10 p.m. Despatch of mails, 10-15 a.m. & 5-0 p.m.
   Knockbreda Parish Church, Rev. H. W. Stewart, M.A., rector
   Constabulary Barrack, Sergeant Kearney
   Newtownbreda Burying Ground - Sexton, Geo. Gray
   Newtownbreda Male National School, Francis Lee Cleland, teacher. Female National School, Mrs. Cleland, teacher
   Bailie, James
   Bell, Wm.
   Boyd, Samuel
   Britton, James, blacksmith
   Bryson, Thomas
   Burrell, Wm., painter
   Casey, Patrick
   Clawson, James, farmer
   Corry, Benjamin, linen lapper
   Corry, Charles, blacksmith
   Courtney, James, inn keeper and farmer
   Crawford, Thomas D., J.P., Fortbreda
   Deramore, The Right Hon. Lord, Belvoir Park
   England, George, grocer
   Farr, Robert, shepherd
   Ferguson, Wm., gate keeper, Belvoir Park
   Fitzsimmons, Mrs.
   Gracey, Matthew, dairyman, Bromhill
   Gray, George, sexton, Knockbreda Church
   Greer, James, gardener, Belvoir Park
   Guy, John, linen lapper
   Harvey, Wm.
   Hawthorne, John
   Hill, James, land steward, Belvoir Park
   Hill, James, tailor
   Hogg, Alexander, grocer
   Hunter, Thomas
   Jackson, Hugh
   Jacques, James
   Jacques, Wm., D.I., Hillberry
   Jamison, Robert
   Jordan, Andrew, labourer
   Kelly, David Wilson, Custom House Officer, Breda Lodge
   Martin, John, farmer
   Montgomery, H. C., com. agent, Newtown Lodge
   Moore, Robert C., mill furnisher
   Morton, John, Islandgreen
   Murdoch, James
   McClinton, John, Shrub Hill
   McCormack, James, farmer
   McCormack, Wm. J., farmer
   McCormick, James
   McLaren, Wm., gardener, Belvoir Park
   McVeigh, James
   Nicholl, George, traveller, Myrtle Cottage
   Parker, William, butcher
   Purdy, Gabriel, sculptor
   Rea, John, iron turner
   Rea, John
   Robb, Kennedy, Mornington House
   Russel, Mrs.
   Stewart, Alexander, postman
   Stewart, John, contractor, Breda Park
   Stewart, Robert, Beechhill
   Thompson, Robert R., traveller, Parkview
   Tiffen, Ebenezer, night watchman
   Tumath, Christopher, manager
   Wilkinson, G., dairyman, Beechhill
   Wylie, Miss, grocer
   Young, Thomas, shoe maker
   Dunn, John, commercial traveller, Stormount
   Malcolmson, A., wine merchant, Glendun House
   McCormack, Wm. John, farmer, Willowbank

Co. Down
Four miles from Belfast

   Post Office, John Martin, post master. Delivery of mails, 8-30 a.m. & 2-50 p.m. Despatch of mails, 8-35 a.m. & 4-15 p.m.
   Male National School, Robt. Enwhistle, teacher. Female National School, Mrs. Anderson, teacher
   Batt, Robert Narcissus, J.P., D.L., Purdysburn House
   Bell, Charles, carpenter
   Blakely, Mrs.
   Dorrity, Wm., farmer
   Gardner, John, farmer
   Gregg, Joseph
   Hall, Mrs.
   Hunter, John, miller
   Martin, John, grocer
   Moore, Mrs., laundress
   Murray, John, farmer
   Murray, William
   McClure, Alexander
   McCreight, John, farmer
   McCullough, Wm.
   Patterson, Wm., designer
   Reid, James, game keeper
   Robinson, Alexander, brick layer
   Skates, Richard
   Skates, Mrs.
   Stevenson, A., land steward
   Stevenson, Samuel, gardener

Co. Down
Two miles from Belfast

   Post Office, Belmont Terrace, postmistress, Mrs. H. Perry.  Arrival of mails, 6.30 a.m., 11-50 & 3-30 p.m. Deliveries of mails, 7 a.m. & 12.15 p.m. & 3-50 p.m. Telegraph Office, open 8 a.m., closed 8 p.m.
   Telephone Call Office, Belmont Terrace - Open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
      Strandtown (I.C.) National School, St. Mark's - Principal, Robert Dickson; Assistants, Mrs. Dickson
   St. Mark's Church, Rev. T. R. Hamilton, M.A., Rector, res., St. Mark's Rectory
   Belmont Presbyterian Church, Rev. John McDermott, minister, res., Belmont Manse
   National Schools, Belmont (Male and Female) - Mr. H. A. Skillen and Miss McBride, teachers
   Constabulary Barracks, James Doherty, sergeant, Strandtown Road
   Acheson, Robert, Windermere Villas
   Adair, James, Belmont Terrace
   Adams, Hugh, Ranfurley Place
   Adams, Isaac, Belmont Park grocery
   Addy, E. J. L., Alexandra Villas
   Agnew, James, Belmont Terrace
   Alexander, R., Kintore Villas
   Allen, David, Kintore Villas
   Allen, David, Wandsworth Villas
   Allen, G. W., Connsbrook Terrace
   Allen, James, Laburnum Cottage
   Allen, Miss Jane, Laburnum Cottage
   Anderson, David, Dundela Street
   Anderson, John, Dundela Street
   Anderson, Mrs., Strandtown House
   Anderson, T., Alexandra Villas
   Anderson, W. J., Harrystrand Villas
   Bailey, John, Hill House
   Balmer, J., Roseneath
   Barkley, J., Woodland Villas
   Barr, John, Kincora Villas
   Bears, Mrs., Myrtle Villas
   Beck, Mrs., Mamreville
   Bell, E. H., Knockdarra
   Bell, Richard, Yarrow Cottages
   Bell, Samuel, Alderfield
   Birkmyre, The Misses, Culvennon
   Black, Charles, Glen Ebor
   Black, James, Glen Ebor
   Black, John, Ravensworth
   Black, Samuel, Town Clerk, Glen Ebor
   Boucher, C., Glenardock
   Boucher, F., Glenardock
   Boucher, J., Glenardock
   Boucher, J. H., Glenardock
   Boyd, Robert S., Beechcroft
   Boyd, The Misses,   do.
   Brown, Miss, Parkside
   Brown, Robert, Larkfield Cottage
   Brown, Samuel, M.D., Lindesfarne
   Brown, William, Beechcroft
   Brownlie, James, Norfolk Villas
   Brownlie, Richard, Hazelwood Villas
   Burrows, A. E., Harrystrand
   Byers, James, Dundela Terrace
   Campbell, James A., Ulidia
   Campbell, James, Sydenham Park
   Campbell, John, Seaview Villa
   Campbell, Miss, Lismullen
   Campbell, Miss, Norfolk Villas
   Campbell, Mrs., Glastry Villa
   Campbell, Phillip, Glastry Villa
   Campbell, Robert, Seaview Villa
   Carlisle, Miss R., Bayview Terrace
   Carlisle, Mrs., Ashburn
   Carlisle, Robert, Annie Villa
   Carlisle, William, Iveagh Villas
   Carlton, Mrs., Alma House
   Carrol, Mrs., Fairview Villas
   Carrol, Mrs. Wm., Fairview Villas
   Chambers, John, Sandbrook
   Charley, H. M., jun., Palmerston Terrace
   Churchill, William, Inverary
   Clarke, B., The Laurels
   Clotworthy, Mrs., Bay View Terrace
   Coates, D. L., J.P., Clonallon
   Coates, John, Vulcan Terrace
   Coates, Wm. F., Clonallon
   Colville, The Misses, Dundela Street
   Connor, Mrs., Connsbrook
   Corry, Miss, Parkside
   Craig, Alexander, Sandringham Villas
   Craig, H. C., Clifton
   Craig, James, J.P., Craigavon
   Craig, Vincent, Craigavon
   Cramsie, John, Lisavon
   Crawford, James, Landscape House
   Crawford, John, Landscape House
   Davidson, John, J.P., Turf Lodge
   Dick, Mrs., Ambrose Villa
   Dickson, Hugh, The Nurseries, Belmont
   Donnan, G., Carlton Gardens
   Douglas, Mrs., Bayview Terrace
   Downey, George, Deveny Villas
   Duffin, Mrs., Strandtown Lodge
   Dunwoody, Robert, Dundela Villas
   Eaton, Richard, R.M., Evelyn Lodge
   Edwards, Alfred, The Laurels
   Ewart, G. Herbert, Sydenham Park
   Ewart, Lady, Glenmachan House
   Ewart, Sir William Q., J.P., Schomberg
   Ewing, Patrick, Glendhu
   Ewing, Robert, Hampton Villa
   Faloon, Robert, Bayview Terrace
   Fee, Thomas, Palmerston Terrace
   Fenton, Francis G., St. George's Villas
   Ferguson, Robert, J.P., Sydenham House
   Filson, Mrs., Carlton Gardens
   Finnegan, E. S., Raschid
   Fitchie, James, jun., Belmont Terrace
   Fitchie, James, Maryville, Bloomfield
   Fitzgerald, Sinclair, Belmont Terrace
   Francis, James, Hillview House
   Galvin, H. J., Palmerston Terrace
   Galvin, Mrs., Palmerston Terrace
   Gamble, David, Maidson Avenue
   Garner, A. W., Garnerville
   Garrick, J. G., Larkfield Villas
   Gay, James, Rosnakil Terrace
   Gibson, Miss, Bayview Terrace
   Gibson, Wm., Tarbert Villa
   Glenfield, Francis, Mamreville
   Gordon, George, J.P., Cambridge Villa
   Gordon, John, Albert Villa
   Gordon, John, Inverary
   Gordon, Mrs. Olivia, Graig Dhu
   Gordon, Wm., Dundela Street
   Greer, Mrs., Seville Lodge
   Greer, The Misses, Llandaff Villas
   Greeves, John, Lismachan
   Greeves, Joseph M., Tweskard
   Gregg, Mrs. M., Ellerslie
   Gregg, William, Redcliffe (H. & W. Gregg)
   Grindley, John, Belmont Terrace
   Hadden, James, Llandaff Villas
   Hamilton, Rev. T. R., St. Mark's Rectory
   Hanna, G., Kincora Villas
   Hanna, James, Hartington Villas
   Hansard, Mrs. Emma, Sandbrook
   Harrison, H. S., Westminster Villas
   Hart, E. B., Lisnacree
   Hassard, H., Edenview Place
   Henderson, Mrs., Norwood Tower
   Henderson, C. W., Norwood Tower
   Henderson, H. Trevor, Norwood Tower
   Herring, W. H., Hartington Villas
   Hewitt, Lanktree, Tynagort
   Heyn, F. L., Brandon Towers
   Heyn, John M., Brandon Towers
   Heyn, The Misses, Brandon Towers
   Hill, Henry, Connsbrook House
   Hogg, Thomas, Polnoon
   Holland, Joseph, Holland House
   Holmes, Hugh, Belmont Terrace
   Holmshaw, Rev. Wm., Belmont Terrace
   Hurley, Frederick, Cremorne Villa
   Hyde, Richard C., Essex House
   Irvine, James, M.D., Glastry Villa
   Irwin, Thomas, Sydenham Station
   Irwin, Wilson, Connsbrook Terrace
   Irwin, Wm., Belmont Terrace
   Jackson, Thomas, Altona
   Jamieson, George, Llandaff Villas
   Jamieson, Mrs., Penrigh Villas
   Jamieson, William, Hawthornden
   Jeffers, C. D., Dundela Park
   Jefferson, Wm., Rosnakie Terrace
   Johnston, Abraham, Deveny Villas
   Kelly, John, Belmont Terrace
   Kelly, Thomson, Colleen
   Kelso, Mrs., Bayview Terrace
   Kennedy, James, J.P., Richmond Lodge
   Kerr, S. P., Seafield
   King, J. Foster, Belgrave Villa
   Kirk, Capt., Glendhu
   Lane, R. Q., Inverary Cottage
   Lawrie, David, Parkside Villa
   Lappin, Samuel, Belmont Terrace
   Lawther, James, Strandtown
   Leathem, Mrs. Elizabeth, Belmont Terrace
   Lee, Thomas, Coonsbrook Terrace (Connsbrook)
   Lemon, A. D., J.P., Edgcumbe
   Leslie. R. Whytock, M.D., St. Andrew's Terrace
   Lewis, A. J., solicitor, Ty Isa
   Lewis, Richard, Ty-Isa
   Lindsay, D. J., Ashburn
   Littleboy, Miss E., Sandbrook
   Lowry, Alex., Newton Villa
   Lowry, David, Oakley
   Lowry, John, jun., Palmerston Terrace
   Lowry, Mrs. John, Oakley
   Lowry, Mrs., Llandaff Villas
   Lowry, William, Oakley
   Lyons, Thomas, Brookvale House
   MacColl, H., Saxonia Villa
   MacDermott, Rev. J., Belmont Manse
   MacIlwaine, John, Brandon Villa
   MacNaughton, Wm., Chanzy Villa
   Magee, John, Hopemount
   Magee, Wm., The Knock Nurseries
   Magowan, Wm., Beaconsfield Cottage
   Maguire, Hugh, Wandsworth Villas
   Malcomson, James, Cairnburn
   Mann, Miss, Rosebank
   Marshall, James, Seaview Terrace
   Martin, Mrs., Fairview Villas
   Masaroon, W. R., The Lodge
   Masterson, William, Ballymisert House
   May, George, Sandringham
   Merrick, H., Holmside
   Millar, Mrs., Connsbrook Villas
   Millar, Thos. M., Clonoriel
   Milliken, J., Greenwood
   Miskelly, John, Ranfurley Place
   Mitchell, W. C., J.P., Marmont
   Morrison, David, Killeen Cottage
   Mullan, Mrs., Lismullan
   Mulligan, Mrs. A. M., Clonallon
   Mulligan, Mrs. Martha, Clonoriel
   Murray, Mrs., Creevy
   McAleevy, James, Corner House
   McArthur, J. P., Belmont Park
   McBride, Jas., Cyprus Avenue, Bloomfield
   McCalmont, Thos., Bayview Terrace
   McCance, John, Lieut.-Colonel, J.P., Knocknagoney House
   McClelland, J., Grasmere Villa
   McClelland, Thomas, Southview Villas
   McClure, Sir Thomas, Bart., D.L., J.P., Belmont House
   McCombe, J., Dundela Park
   McConnell, Wm., Lakeview
   McCormick, J., Norfolk Villas
   McCracken, Robert, Farm Lodge
   McCracken, Robt. James, Dundela Terrace
   McDowell, John, Ranfurley Place
   McDowell, Mrs. James, Belmont Terrace
   McDowell, Mrs., Ranfurley Place
   McErvil, Thomas, Almeida House
   McErvil, Wm., Pembroke Villa
   McGinness, Patrick, Iveagh Villa
   McGonigal, Michael, Parkview
   McIldowie, George, Kin Edar
   McIldowie, Wm., Kin Edar
   McIlwaine, Mrs., Hartington Villas
   McKean, Rev. Wm., The Manse, Strandtown
   McKee, Thomas, Southview Villa
   McHutchison, John, Dundela Park
   McMaster, Albert, Glendarnel
   McMaster, J., Belmont Terrace
   McMaster, Mrs., Glendarnel
   McMunn, Mrs., Wandsworth Villas
   McMillan, Mrs., Bayview Terrace
   McMullen, John, Edenview Place
   McWhinney, James, Parkside Villa
   Neill, J., Sandringham
   Nelson, Miss, Wandsworth Villas
   Nelson, Wm. R., Fernville
   Page, Wm., Albert Villa
   Palmer, Joseph, Belmont Terrace
   Parkinson, Solomon, Ranfurley Cottage
   Patterson, Edward, Penrhyn
   Patterson, J., Sandbrook
   Patterson, Wm. H., Garranard
   Payne, Reuben, Dundela
   Pinkerton, J. C., Ballyhackamore House
   Pirrie, W. J., Ormiston
   Pollock, John, Hawthornden
   Pollock, Mrs., Ashfield
   Pollock, William, Ashfield
   Porter, Wm., Belgrave Cottage
   Presho, Mrs., Belmont Lodge
   Pyper, Wm., Marlborough House
   Ratcliffe, H., Connsbrook Terrace
   Reade, Robert, Alma House
   Reid, J., Brooleigh
   Reid, Miss A., Station Villa
   Reid, The Misses, The Elms
   Reynolds, Capt. W., Tarbert Villas
   Richards, Capt. John, Yarrow Villas
   Robertson, Wm., J.P., Netherleigh
   Robb, Alex., Eden Cottage
   Robb, Fredk., do
   Rogers, Edgar, Creevy
   Rogers, G., Carlton Gardens
   Ross, David, Dundela House
   Ross, Hugh, do
   Ross, John, do
   Ross, Samuel, Rossville
   Ross, Wm., Rossville
   Russell, N., Sandringham
   Scott, James K., Belavon
   Scott, Thomas, Connsbrook Terrace
   Shaw, David, Mamreville
   Shaw, Martin, Rosnakil
   Shaw, Martin, Congleton Villa
   Shaw, Mrs., Belmont Terrace
   Shaw, Thomas, J.P., Pine Lodge
   Shaw, W. R., Bayview Terrace
   Shillington, J. J., J.P., Glenmachan Tower
   Skillen, Hugh A., St. Andrews Terrace
   Smiles, W. H., Canadian Villas
   Smiley, Mrs., Rathcoole
   Smyth, Harold, Hopeview
   Snowden, John, Bayview Terrace
   Stewart, David J., Victoria Villas
   Stewart, Miss J., Congleton Villas
   Stewart, Samuel, Henrietta Villas
   Stewart, The Misses, Consuelo
   Sturgeon, J., St. Andrews Terrace
   Taylor, Henry, Rathcoole
   Taylor, James, Glenfurlough
   Taylor, Mrs., Rathcoole
   Taylor, P., Henrietta Villa
   Tedford, Wm., Dundela Terrace
   Thompson, James A., Addisbrae
   Thompson, Maxwell, Seaforth Villa
   Thompson, Mrs. James, Seaforth Villa
   Thompson, Robert, Dundela Villa
   Thompson, Wm. E., Seaforth Villa
   Trainor, Ann, Dundela Terrace
   Turnbull, J., Bunchy Cottage
   Turpin, J., Laurel Lodge
   Turtle, David, Connsbrook Terrace
   Turtle, James G., Claremont
   Vance, Gilbert Edenview House
   Vance, Robert, Ashville
   Vint, Wm., Radcliffe
   Walkington, Thomas R., Edenvale
   Ward, F. D., J.P., Clonaver
   Ward, George, Eversleigh
   Watson, Hugh McE., Belmont Terrace
   Watson, John, Rosemount
   Watson, Mrs., Bayview Terrace
   Watson, Wesley, The Moat
   Wellwood, Joseph, Sandbrook
   Whyte, S., Whyteville
   Whyte, Wm., Eastleigh
   Wilkinson, John, Greenoge
   Wilson, Charles, Magdala House
   Wilson, Samuel, Ellerslie
   Wilson, The Misses, St. Helier's
   Wolff, G. W., J.P., The Den

Co. Antrim
Five and a quarter miles from Belfast

   Post Office, Ellen Boyd, Post Mistress. Arrival of mails, 6.25 a.m. & 12.15 p.m. Despatch of mails, 9.45 a.m. & 6.15 p.m.
   St. Patrick's Church, Jordanstown, Rev. James Reade, incumbent
   Presbyterian Church. Rev. Dr. Rogers, pastor
   News Room, Samuel Houston, secretary
   Protestant Hall, Cloughfern, J. Craig, sec.
   National School (no.1) - William Murray & Mrs. Murray, teachers
   National School (No. 2) - James Turley and Mrs. Keyland, teachers
   Railway Station (Northern Counties Railway, 3rd from Belfast) - John McLaverty, station master
   Constabulary Station, Sergeant Craig
   Andrews, Mrs., Roseville
   Bell, Mrs., Seaview Terrace
   Biggar, Miss, Thornfield
   Boyd, Richard, Cloughfern
   Campbell, Hugh, Cloughfern
   Campbell, John, Rathfern
   Chisholm, Miss, Cloughfern
   Christie, Mrs., Belfast Hotel
   Craig, John, Willowpark
   Duncan, Mrs., Prospect House
   Dwyer, E. L., Whiteabbey Spinning Co.
   Fitzsimmons, Mrs., Tudor, Greenisland
   Gill, W. R., sec. Northern Counties Railway
   Grainger, W. A., Fernville
   Gray, James, Hazelbank
   Hamilton, John, Rifle Lodge
   Henderson, Joseph
   Kennedy, Andrew, Old Manse
   Keyland, Charles, spirit grocer
   Legg, John (Moreland & Legg)
   Moreland & Legg, coal merchants
   McCalmont, Colonel, Abbeylands
   McFall, Archibald, Sprayfield
   McNeill, Hugh, Stag's Head Tavern
   Nicholson, Mrs., spirit dealer
   Potts, Robert, jun.
   Torrens, T. H., J.P., Edenmore
   Valentine, William, J.P., Glanavna
   Watson, John, engineer, Whiteabbey Spinning Co.
   Whiteabbey Bleaching Co.
   Whiteabbey Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.
   Whiteabbey Spinning Company's grocery store
   Wilson, D., surgeon, M.R.C.S. L.R.C.P.E.

Co. Antrim
Three miles from Belfast

   Post Office, Charles J. McNally, post master. Mails received, 8 a.m. & 2 p.m. Mails despatched, 10.40 a.m. & 6-10 p.m.
   St. John's Church, Rev. J. E. Costello, A.M., incumbent. Rev. Mr. Farrar, curate
   Presbyterian Church, Rev. R. Barron, minister
   St. Mary's (The Star of the Sea) Roman Catholic Church, Rev. James Hamill, P.P.; Rev. D.I. McAllister, curate
   Coastguard Station, John Love, officer
   Constabulary Station, Constable Poyntz
   Court House, now removed to Whiteabbey
   Dispensary, Dr. Henry C. Manley, Monday & Thursday
   National School, J. J. Elliott, principal
   Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, Dr. H. C. Manley
   St. John's Church School, Richard Robinson, principal
   Whitehouse Railway Station (2nd from Belfast) - James Johnston, station master
   Adams, John, painter and glazier
   Aitken, James A.
   Archibold, Thomas, spirit dealer
   Barbour, John & Co., flax spinners
   Barrett, J. T., Stag Hall
   Barron, Rev. Robert, The Manse
   Bell, Joseph, Feldon, architect
   Bodel, William, farmer
   Clements, Sarah
   Coey, Edward, J.P., Merville
   Costello, Rev. J. E., The Parsonage
   Craig, James, Glenmount
   Crawford, William, grocer
   Currell, Miss, Abbeyhill
   Easdale, W., dyer
   Estler, Miss, grocer
   Fleming, Henry, flesher
   Gallagher, Thomas, Middlepark
   Hall, Mrs., Moygara
   Hamill, Rev. James, P.P.
   Leckey, Wm., The Cottage
   Martin, Miss, dress maker, Abbeyhill Cottage
   Mitchell, Robert, grocer
   Muller, Mrs., Lismoy
   McCarroll Brothers, carpenters and blacksmiths
   McCaughey, J., Fairy Knowe
   McConkey, Daniel, land steward
   McIlroy, Hugh, house and land agent, Ballygolan Lodge
   McKelvey, Miss, dress maker, Plantation Row
   McLarnon, Robert, grocer
   Orr, R. H., Glassabredon
   Prince, Ruth
   Purcell, Richard D., Carnbin
   Rice, Edward, Lucyville
   Semple, John, farmer
   Shaw, Jacob, watch maker
   Stevenson, Samuel, architect, Sunnyville
   Tate, Alexander, Longwood
   Tennent, Robert, Rushpark
   The Whitehouse Spinning Co.
   Thompson, James, J.P., Macedon
   Thompson, James, Old Whitehouse
   Wallace, James, shoe maker
   Wallace, M. L., mill manager
   Wallace, William, news agent
   Whitehouse Grocery Store
   Wilson, James, bookkeeper
   Wilson, J., farmer
   Woodside, W. J., Bawnmore
   Young, Wellington, Rantallard

Co. Antrim
Five miles from Belfast

   Post Office, Mrs. Craig, post mistress. Arrival of mails, 9-15 a.m. and 3-15 p.m. Despatch, 9-30 a.m. and 5.15 p.m.
   Carnmoney Post Office - Wm. Darragh, postmaster
   Carnmoney Church, Rev. G. C. Smythe, M.A., vicar, res., Coole Glebe, Carnmoney
   Carnmoney Presbyterian Church, Rev. Hugh Waterworth, M.A., res., The Manse, Carnmoney
   Hyde Park Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. D. Craig- Houston, B.A., B.D., res., The Manse, Hyde Park
   Ballycraigy Independent Church, Rev. John Forsythe
   Carnmoney National School (No.1) - D. Prince, teacher
   Carnmoney National School (No.2) - J. Stronge, teacher
   Mallusk National School, Douglas Stevenson, teacher
   High Town National School, Jane Patterson, teacher
   Ballycraigy National School, John Paisley, teacher
   Adams, James, warehouse manager
   Anderson, Wm., farmer
   Archibold, Hugh, Bog House, farmer
   Archibold, John, farmer
   Archibold, Thomas, P.L.G.
   Armstrong, Robert, J.P., mill owner
   Bailie, Thomas
   Barklimore, Mrs., grocer & spirit merchant
   Birkmyre, Abraham, dairy keeper
   Boal, John
   Burney, Andrew, Bush Park, farmer
   Burney, John, farmer
   Burney, Paul, farmer
   Cave Hill Railway Company Lime works - Jas. Turner, manager
   Dundee, John, M.D., Carnmoney
   Glengormley Print Works - John Marshall, manager
   Grant, Wm., merchant
   Hughes, Robert, merchant
   Hunter, R., publican
   Jamison, James, farmer
   Jukes, Paul, mill manager
   Kenyon, Whitaker, foreman printer
   Meneely, Joseph, foreman bleacher
   Moreland, Mrs.
   Moore, Mrs., publican
   McCarthy, James, builder
   McCormick, E., bookkeeper, Colinward Cottage
   McCrum, James, farmer
   McKinney, Wm., farmer
   McKinney, Wm. F., farmer
   McMillen, Samuel, Hightown, farmer
   Pender, Charles
   Pender, Owen, foreman printer
   Quinn, Alexander, designer
   Quirey, Mrs.
   Rogers, Miss, Old Manse
   Russell, John, Hightown, farmer
   Smith, Andrew, Mossvale
   Smith, Thomas, farmer
   Tyrrell, William, carpenter
   Whitewell Retreat Ltd., The - Secretary, Mr. R. Dougan
   Whitewell Print Works Co., bleachers, printers & finishers
   Williamson, James, farmer
   Wilson, Thomas, farmer
   Wilson, Wm. John, farmer

* * For changes of residence, omissions, alterations, etc., see Appendix