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1890 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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List of Removals and Deaths


Allan, J. Carmichael, 14 & 16 James's Street South to 6 College Street

Barnett, R., M.D., M.R.C.S., Eng., D.D.S., 74 Pakenham Place (omitted from list of doctors)
Blackhall, A. M., Bromsgrove, Bloomfield
Brady, James, 174 Falls Road to 8 Springfield Road
Brown, Wm., cabinet maker, Fountain Street to 31 Penrith Street
Browne, T. H., West Elmwood to the Priory, Windsor Park, Malone Road

Carlile, A. M., Lorne Cottage, Strandtown to Annieville, Bloomfield
Chapman, Wm. A., 33 Earlsfort Terrace, Stranmillis Road to Rose Lodge, Stockman's Lane (now Balmoral Avenue)
Corbett, John (of Brown, Corbett & Co.), 3 Windsor Park Terrace to Belvidere, Windsor Park
Corbett, Miss, 134 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass to 1 Wilmont Place, Lisburn Road
Cowan, P. Chalmers, B. & A.M.I.C.L., County Surveyor of Co. Down; res., 9 College Gardens; office, Downpatrick
Cuming, Joseph, 9 Elm Street to 30 Eiffel Terrace, My Lady's Road

Donelan, Charles Geo., commercial traveller, 6 Chatsworth Street off Templemore Avenue

Filson, Mrs., 3 Windsor Park Terrace, Lisburn Road
Fraser, James, supervisor Inland Revenue, 10 Cameron Street to Cherryville, Willowfield
Fryer, T., 11 Queen's Arcade to 6 Donegall Street

Gray, W. M., 98 Fitzroy Avenue to 95 St. Mary's Terrace, Crumlin Road

Hadden, Samuel, 57 Denmark Street to 18 Baltic Avenue
Harvey & Phillips, 44 Church Lane to 83 Victoria Street and 63 Ann Street
Higgins, E. Platt, Rathcoole, Fortwilliam Park (change of name)
Hill, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 31, 33 May Street to 5 Sussex Place
Howard, J. J., tea merchant, 10 Mountpleasant to 33 Earlsfort Terrace, Strandmillis Road (Stranmillis)
Hudson, J., 29 Lavinia Street to 4 Cooke Street
Hunter, Samuel C., 9 Baltic Avenue to Brookvale Avenue

Irwin, R. H., clerk, 31 Penrith Street to 1 Penrith Street

Johnston, W. Mervue, Jordanstown to Breda Park, Newtownbreda

Keown & Quinn, tea & coffee dealers & grocers, 80 Donegall Street
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., 19 Hopewell Street to 245 Hillman Street, Antrim Road
Kirkwood, Adam, 43 Upper Frank Street to 2 Cherryville Terrace, Woodstock Road

Lane, Richard Q., Inverary Cottage, Sydenham to Firbeck, Sydenham
Leathem, J. G., Northern Bank House, 2 Queen's Square to 1 Victoria Gardens, Windsor Park

Macartney, William, Eva Cottage, Shankhill Road to 98 Cliftonpark Avenue
Macaulay, William, 18 College Green to Alma Cottage, Rugby Road
Magrath, James, jun., Crown Chambers, Royal Avenue
Malone, Edward M., 52 Brookvale Avenue to 23 Brookvale Avenue
May & Manderson, wood carvers, 1 Academy Street
Milliken, T. S., advertising agency, Atlas Chambers, Skipper Street to Central Chambers, Donegall Street
Mooney, John, 48 Elmwood Avenue to Rosetta Park
Murray, A., 68 Denmark Street to 14 Lothair Avenue

McCreery, S. B., 36 Waring Street to Rosemount Avenue
McCormick, W. J., teacher of music, My Lady's Road to 86 Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger
McDuff, John, Hope Cottage, Newtownards Road to 27 Wellesley Avenue, Malone Road
McIlveen, Hugh, Bella Vista, Bangor, to Castleton, Bangor
McMaster, Robert, 12 Ardmoulin Avenue to 9 Deramore Street, Ballynafeigh
McMullan, John, Corporation Square; residence, Whitehouse

Nelson, John George, 18 Prospect Street to 37 Donegall Pass
Northern Milling Co. Ltd., oatmeal manufacturers, Princes Dock

Oswald, Andrew S., house and land agent, etc., 3 Customhouse Square to 43 Berry Street, Royal Avenue
O'Neill, Charles, M.D., M.C.A., from country to 41 Hamptonville Terrace, Castlereagh Street

Phillips, James J., architect, Arthur Street to 61 Royal Avenue
Phillips, John, designer, Wellesley Avenue to 19 Newington Avenue, Antrim Road
Phillips, Thomas, Wellesley Avenue to 19 Newington Avenue, Antrim Road

Quarry, G. H., 4 Carlton Gardens, Belmont Park, Strandtown

Ritchie, Wm. A., 32 Hillman Street to a Cliftonpark Avenue
Rogers, Mrs., 4 McClure Street to 22 Upper Frank Street

Scott, Wm. M., 54 Eia Street to Madison House, Cavehill Road
Sharland, Wm., 2 Montalto, South Parade
Shaw, Wm., 9 College Gardens to Abbotsmead, Whiteabbey
Smyth, Mrs. Adile, (Adele) 2 Glousterville, Fitzroy Avenue to 4 Brook Crescent, University Street
Stephenson, J., warehouseman, 78 Vernon Street
Stephenson, W. R., warehouseman, 21 Lincoln Avenue
Stewart, Alexander, from country to 45 Mount Nebo, Oldpark Road
Stewart, John, builder, etc., Breda Park, Newtownbreda
Stewart, S., & Co., 4 Wellington Place is now James Stewart & Co., same address

Taylor, Henry, 26, 28 Dover Street to 28, 30 Brown's Square
Taylor, Thomas, & Co., 14 & 16 James's Street South to 6 College Street
Templeton, R., 440 Shankhill Road to 1 Enfield Terrace, Shankhill Road
The North of Ireland Linen Manufacturing Co., 159 University Street to Bangor, Co. Down
Thompson, Charles, Alma Cottage, Rugby Road to 19 Wellington Park
Thomson, R. J., 44 Trevelyan  Terrace to 21 Brookvale Avenue
Thomson, Mrs., 44 Castlereagh Street to 45 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road

Wallace, J. & G. A., & Co., auditors, etc., 87 Donegall Street to Telegraph Chambers, Royal Avenue
Ward, John, Normanville, South Parade
Ward, Wm. H., 35 Wellington Park to Upper Crescent, University Road
Williams, W. J., 40 Ormeau Street to 4 Agincourt Street
Willock & Totton, auditors and accountants, 105 Royal Avenue
Wilton, James, compositor, 34 Sherbrooke Street to Meadow Street
Woods, Richard, 18 Wellesley Avenue to 62 Botanic Avenue


Adair, James, 148 Grosvenor Street
Addy, Edward, 147 Old Lodge Road
Alexander, Alex., 69 Lindsay Street
Allen, Jas. G., Sydenham Park Avenue, Belfast
Anderson, T. S., Harrystrand Villas, Strandtown

Bailie, John, 10 Dock Street
Baird, Thomas, 1 Sydney Terrace, South Parade
Barns, George, 90 Dover Street
Barry, John, 32 Willowfield Street
Beattie, Robert, 42 Elizabeth Street
Betzold, George, Anhalt House, Derryvolgie Avenue
Biggar, Joseph G., Ardrie, Antrim Road
Billingsley, William, 85 Louisa Street
Blair, Rev. Hugh, A.M.,  40 Melrose Terrace
Boyce, William F., 25 Ashley Avenue
Boyle, Hugh, 78 Divis Street
Bromhead, H. H., 42 Gloucester Street
Brown, James, 14 Sixth Street
Brown, Wm. K., J.P., Rushmere, Malone Road
Browne, R. J., 5 Colin View
Brownlee, Henry, 26 Great George's Street
Bruce, Henry, The Farm, Kennaird Street
Bruce, Thomas A., 56 Donegall Street

Carlisle, David, 23 Carlisle Street
Charley, James, 13 Spencer Street
Christie, J., 21 Kearney's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Clibborn, William, 10 Windsor Terrace
Cochburn, William, 17 Carnan Street
Conlan, Peter, R.I.C., 34 Cosgrave Street
Corry, James, 14 Strand Street
Cowan, Sir Edward Porter, Lord Lieutenant for County Antrim, Craig-a-Vad, Belfast
Coulter, Robert, 20 Schomberg Street
Crawford, James, 120 Bristol Street
Creighton, James, 181 Durham Street
Croft, James, 24 Athol Street

Dixon, Thomas S., J.P., York Street
Downey, Hugh, 10 Sackville Street
Drean, Hugh, 90 Fitzroy Avenue
Duddy, John, 131 Elgin Terrace, Limestone Road

Ferguson, John, The Beeches, Annadale
Ferguson, Richard, 38 Great George's Street
Frazer, Thomas, 101 North Street

Galway, Robert, 36 Pilot Street
Garvie, David, 60 Denmark Street
Gayton, Thomas, 161 St. Helens, Albertbridge Road
Gibson, John, 17 Castle Lane
Gilmer, John, Beechcroft, Sydenham
Gordon, Norris, 20 Frederick Street
Granston, Capt. J., 6 Richmond Crescent, Antrim Road
Green, Robert, 35 Ship Street

Haines, Thomas, 8 Radcliffe Street
Hall, James, 20 Dunluce Terrace
Hamilton, Francis, 10 Ardmoulin Avenue
Hamilton, Geo., 9 Tezuca Terrace, Fitzroy Avenue
Hayes, Dr. R. E., Ravenbank, Belfast
Henry, William, 6 Havelock Street
Hill, Thomas A., 54 Elizabeth Street
Hinde, William, Brooklyn, Knock
Holmes, Matthew, 19 Annalee Street

Ingram, Richard, Whitehouse

Jamison, Daniel, 8 Duncairn Terrace
Johns, Alex., J.P., Sunnylands, Carrickfergus

King, James, 80 Vernon Street

Langtry, W. R., 4 Ravendale, South Parade
Laverty, James, 58 Rowland Street
Ledley, Joseph, 18 Seymour Street
Logan, William, 3 Carnan Street

Mallaghan, Henry, 221 New Lodge Road
Martin, Andrew, Lilliput Cottage
Martin, George, Rushford, Knock
Martin, T. J., Ashley Place, Mountpottinger Road
Martin, William, 3 Upper Madrid Street
Meharg, James, Ardlussa, Antrim Road
Molony, John Parker, T.C.D., 22 Regent Street
Montgomery, James, 6 Irwell Street
Moore, Henry, 37 Tyrone Street

McCance, Finlay, J.P., Suffolk, Dunmurry
McCann, Charles, 27 Canning Street
McConnell, W. C., Rosetta Park, Ballynafeigh
McCracken, Robert, Strandtown
McDowell, David, 27 Landscape Terrace
McDowell, John, Hazelfield Cottage, Crumlin Road
McElroy, John, 66 Cumberland Street
McHugh, John B., barrister-at-law, 2 Clonsilla Terrace, Antrim Road
McKee, Robert, 1 Mount Street
McMeekan, James, 34 Rainey Street
McMeekan, James, Edenvale
McRoberts, John, 26 Dock Street
McRoberts, William, 46 Thompson Street

Neill, Samuel, 8 Hopeton Street
Newburn, William, 19 Turin Street

O'Toole, Daniel, 7 Fairview Street

Patterson, James, 17 Tyrone Street

Radcliffe, Thomas, 19 Cambrai Street
Reid, John, 22 Lonsdale Street
Robinson, H., M.R.I.A., Helen's View, Antrim Road
Rodgers, Johnston, 181 Grosvenor Street
Ross, Robert, 53 Lincoln Street, Larne

Scully, Alexander, 216 Albertbridge Road
Smylie, William, 14 Albion Street
Stevelly, William, 229 Mountpottinger Road

Todd, Arthur, 16 Rugby Road
Todd, John S., 63 Grosvenor Street
Todd, John, 5 Dillon Street
Trelford, William, 39 Laburnum Terrace

Wadsworth, R. M., 3 St. Jude's Avenue, Ballynafeigh
Wallace, John M., 163 York Street
Weames, William J., 3 Mayo Street
Weir, Alexander, 20 Fleet Street
Wellwood, William, Sandbrook, Lower Sydenham
Wilson, John, 32 Ormeau Street
Woods, George, Colin, Dunmurry
Woods, William, 28 Lothair Avenue
Wylie, Alex., 80 Avoca Terrace, University Street