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1877 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Is the capital of the County Tyrone, a distinction which it has enjoyed since the year 1768, It is situated 95 English miles N.N.W. from Dublin ; 66 W. from Belfast ; 34 S. from Londonderry. It is the principal inland station on the Irish North-Western Railway, and also the terminus of the Dungannon and Omagh Junction, thus rendering it a place of considerable importance. The County Court House is a fine building with four Doric columns. The market day is Saturday in each week, and a monthly fair is held on the first Tuesday in each month. The population of Omagh, at the last census was 3661. The principal public buildings, institutions and offices, are the Omagh District Lunatic Asylum, erected in 1853, at a cost of 40,000, Military Barracks, County Court House, Jail and Infirmary, the Union Workhouse, Fever Hospital and Dispensary, the Parish Church, two Presbyterian churches, the Wesleyan Methodist church, Primitive Methodist Church, Roman Catholic chapel, Loretto Convent and Christian Brothers' School, the Omagh District Model School, Gas Works, etc. There are also banks, police barracks, post office, and two first class hotels. Considerable improvements have been effected during the past few years.

Post Office and Post Office Savings Bank, Market Street - Miss Clinton, postmistress
Town Commissioners (9th Geo. IV., cap. 82) - Jos. Smyth, chairman ; Sam. Shelbourne, clerk

Places of Worship

Parish Church, Church Street - Rev. William Chatres, B.A., rector ; Rev. R. S. O'Loughlin, M.A., curate
Presbyterian Church, Dublin Road - Rev. James Maconaghie
Presbyterian Church, John Street - Rev. Josias Mitchell
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Church Street - Rev. John Hazelton
Primitive Methodist Church, Dublin Road - Rev. John Johnston, missionary
Roman Catholic Chapel, Brook Street - Rev. Bernard McNamee, P.P.; Rev. J. Campbell and Rev. John Keenan, curates

Public Institutions, etc.

Banks - Bank of Ireland, Market Street - William Harcourt, agent. Provincial Bank, High Street - Wm. McCullough, manager. Ulster Banking Company, High Street - James Meeke, manager. Loan Fund Bank, John Street - James Graham, treasurer. Open on Thursday and Saturday from 12 to 3 p.m.
Gas Works - Daniel McCallum, secretary and manager
Junction Railway Station - Richard Revelle, station master
Insurance Agents - Alliance Fire and Life - William McCullough. Northern Assurance - Richard Stack. Queen Fire and Life - N. Carson. Indisputable Life Policy - T. C. Dickie. London and Lancashire Fire - Scottish Union Fire and Life - William Houston. Caledonian Insurance - James Alcorn. Scottish Widows' Fund - Wm. Harcourt. English and Scottish Law, Life and Scottish Fire - John G. R. Porter. Scottish Amicable Life and Mercantile Fire - William Mullin. Life Association of Scotland - T. C. Dickie. Scottish Provincial - John McMaster. Standard Life - James Meeke. Scottish Amicable - John Boyle
Emigration Agents - Nathaniel Carson, William Elliott, I. G. Moore & Son, J. & R. Waterson.
Union Workhouse - Thirty three electoral divisions. Board meets on Saturdays. Colonel Francis Ellis, Seaton Lodge, Omagh, chairman ; James Greer, Mullaghmore, Omagh, vice chairman ; Alex. C. Buchanan, Riverdale, Omagh, deputy vice chairman ; Joseph Rogers, master ; Mrs. Rogers, matron ; Hans Fleming, M.D., surgeon ; Wm. J. McKnight, clerk and returning officer, and executive sanitary officer
District Lunatic Asylum - Resident Physician, Francis John West, M.D.; visiting physician, E. C. Thompson, M.B.; clerk, Charles J. McMullen ; matron, Mrs. Sophia Mathers ; chaplains - Protestant, Rev. Henry Faussett ; Presbyterian, Rev. J. Mitchell ; Roman Catholic, Rev. Patrick McCawley
Infirmary, High Street - Treasurer, W. McCullough ; surgeon, E. C. Thompson, M.B.; registrar, Richard Stack
Dispensary, Castle Street - Wm. S. Love, surgeon ; open every Tuesday and Friday from 12 till 2
Excise Office, at the King's Arms - Supervisor, James Munce, Enniskillen ; excise officer, J. T. Audas, 51 High Street
Stamp Office - A. C. Buchanan, head distributor, George Street
Marriage Registration Office - Richard Stack, registrar
County Jail, Castle Place - Local inspector, G. Rogers; governor, Geo. E. Mason. Chaplains - Protestant, Rev. W. Chatres; Presbyterian, Rev. Josias Mitchell ; Roman Catholic, Rev. B. McNamee
Court House, High Street - Miss McFarland, keeper
Petty Sessions Office, John Street - Rowley A. Miller, clerk
Constabulary Station - Oliver Milling, county inspector ; W. F. Purcell, sub inspector
Hotels - White Hart, High Street, W. Mullin ; Stewart Arms, Abbey Street, Robert McConnell ; Royal Arms, High Street, John G. R. Porter
Newspaper - Tyrone Constitution (Friday) ; Nathaniel Carson, proprietor and publisher
Ladies' School, Tyrone House, High Street - Mrs. Knighton
Loretto Convent, Brook Street - Superioress, Mrs. Johnston
Omagh District Model School, Mountjoy Road - S. H. Ferguson, head teacher
Christian Brothers' School, Brook Street
Convent Female School, Brook Street
Omagh Young Men's Christian and Literary Association - Francis Anderson, secretary

Gentry, Clergy and Professional

Alexander, Rev. S., Termon Glebe, Carrickmore
Arnold, Rev. John, P.M., Dublin Road
Auchinleck, Captain Thomas, J.P., Crevenagh House
Barrett, John, Inspector N.S., John Street
Black, W. F., J.P., Lislap
Buchanan, A. C., J.P., Riverdale
Buchanan, Major Lewis M., Edenfel
Byrne, Very Rev. James, Dean of Clonfert, Ergenagh Rectory
Chartres, Rev. William, Castle Place
Colhoun, James, Lisonally House
Clarke, Rev. Marshall A., Campsie
Dickie, Thomas C., Sessional Crown Solicitor, High Street
Dill, Rev. James R., Dromore
Dixon, Rev. R. V., D.D., J.P., Clougherney Glebe
Eccles, John S., D.L., Ecclesville, Fintona
Elliott, A., solicitor, John Street
Ellis, Captain R. C. D., adjutant R.T.F., Gortmore Terrace
Ellis, Colonel Francis, J.P., Seaton Lodge
Faussett, Rev. Henry, Edenderry, Omagh
Ferguson, Robert, estate agent, commissioner of affidavits, Campsie Place
Fleming, Hans, M.D., Church Street
Galbraith, John Samuel, J.P., Clanabogan
Galbraith, John A., Greenmount, Omagh
Gilmore, Rev. John, P.M., Gillygooly
Greer, James, jun., J.P., Crown Solicitor for County Antrim, Mullaghmore
Greer, Edward, M.A., High Street
Hamilton, Major A. W. Cole, Beltrim, Gortin
Hamilton, Mrs., Castle Street
Hibbert, Colonel, Commandant 64th Brigade Depot, Omagh
Houston, Mrs., Coneywarren
Houston, Rev. John, Ballynahatty
Houston, King, solicitor, George's Street
Irvine, Captain Henry, J.P., Tattynure
Irvine, Rev. Christopher, Parsonage, Lislimnaghan
Junk, Rev. T. W., Sixmilecross
Laughlin, Dr. Alexander, R.N., Gortin
Logan, Rev. Matthew, Gortin
Love, W. S., surgeon, Castle Street
Mackay, James, sub-sheriff, Seskanore
Mann, Major Deane, J.P., Dunmoyle Lodge, Carrickmore
Mansfield, George, Kilmore Lodge, Drumquin
Maxwell, Joseph, M.D., Dergmoney
Meeke, James, Ulster Bank
Milligan, Seaton F., Campsie
Mitchell, Rev. J., Coneywarren
Molony, George A., R.M., Mullaghmore
Moore, Hugh H., solicitor, Church Street
McClintock, Major George P., J.P., D.L., Seskanore House
McCullough, William, Provincial Bank
McFarland, John, Gortmore Terrace
Orr, William O., Crevenagh
Orr, John, Mount Prospect
O'Gorman, C., Hillside, Omagh
O'Loughlin, Rev. R. S., Castle Street
Paul, Rev. Samuel, Gortmore
Purcell, W. F., S.I., R.I.C., Church Street
Riordan, J., solicitor, Church Street
Scott, Commander Charles, R.N., J.P., Strathroy
Scott, William, Lisonally
Sproule, Robert, Coolnagard
Stack, George H., Mullaghmore
Stack, R. F., Mullaghmore
Stack, Richard, solicitor, Castle Street
Stuart, Hamilton, Coneywarren
Stuart, Major, Burleigh, Dergmoney
Thompson, Edward C., M.B., Tyrone Infirmary
Trenar, F., John Street
Vesey, Major G. W., D.L., Derrabard House
Weir, Rev. Wm. R., The Parsonage, Sixmilecross
West, F. J., M.D., Asylum
Wilson, James, attorney, Church Street
Wilson, Stewart, M.D., Church Street

Traders, etc.

Adams, Robert, merchant tailor, draper, etc., High Street
Alcorn, James, tanner, currier, leather merchant, and grocer, Market Street
Alison, John, draper, High Street
Anderson, Joseph & Co., drapers and haberdashers, Market Street
Bell, James, baker and grocer, Bridge Street
Bergin, John, painter and glazier, Market Street
Beverley, Mrs., fancy goods, High Street
Boyle, Edward, & Sons, tobacco manufacturers, Market Street
Boyle, John, wine and spirit merchant, High Street
Caldwell, Joseph, iron monger, Market Street
Carson, Nathaniel, grocer, seedsman, proprietor and publisher of Tyrone Constitution, book seller, stationer, and public library, High Street
Clements, David, butter merchant
Clements, Mrs., Eagle Hotel, Market Street
Crawford, Brothers, hardware merchant, iron monger, grocer and baker, High Street
Cunningham, John, hide merchant, Market Street
Dale, Henry, butcher, George Street
Devlin, Michl., linen & woollen draper, George Street
Donnelly, John, miller and provision merchant, Market Street
Donnelly, Patk., draper and haberdasher, High Street
Elliott, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, Abbey Street and High Street
Elliott, James, emigration agent, commissioner of affidavits, High Street
Elliott, William, soap and candle manufacturer, baker, confectioner, grocer and provision dealer, High Street
Elliott, William, glass and china warehouse, High Street
Fletcher, John, butter merchant, Campsie Place
Fox, Thomas, baker, Castle Street
Fox, Charles, auctioneer, Castle Street
Gallagher, W., glass and china warehouse, George Street
Graham, Andrew, clothes dealer and pawn broker, George Street
Gray, David, cooper, Market Street
Hacket, John, painter and glazier, Castle Street
Hamilton, John, tailor, Bridge Street
Henry, Mrs., butter and egg merchant, Market Street
Hill, Joseph, painter and glazier, Gortmore
Houston, John, cabinet maker and auctioneer, Market Street
Houston, William, iron monger, George Street
Hutchison, John, baker and grocer, John Street
Johnston, W. J., draper and haberdasher, High Street
Kerr, James, grocer, Market Street
Kirk, Hugh, gutta-percha boot and shoe warehouse, High Street
Kirkpatrick, James, draper and merchant tailor, High Street
Kirkpatrick, Wm., draper and tailor, 27 High Street
Logue, R., news agent, Bridge Street
Lyons, Andrew T., Farmers' Hotel, George Street
Lyons, H. & R., grocers and druggists, High Street
Maguire, James, carpenter, Gortmore
Marshall, James, spirit dealer, George's Street
Marshall, Jas., veterinary surgeon, Campsie Place
Mann, Misses, milliners, Market Street
Mullan, James, provision and seed merchant, Market Street
Meenan, John, woollen draper and haberdasher, High Street
Montgomery, S. D., printer, John Street
Moore, I. G., & Son, auctioneers, Castle Street
Mullin, W., builder, White Hart Hotel, High Street
McAdam, John, grocer and druggist, High Street
McAdam, T. J., pharmaceutical chemist, High Street
McAleer, C., spirit dealer, John Street
McAleer, John, grocer, tanner and leather seller, Market Street
McAlinny, Thomas, spirit dealer, John Street and High Street
McCanny, Thomas, coach builder, Castle Lane
McChristal, John, wine and spirit dealer, Market Street
McConnell, Robert, Stewart's Arms Hotel, Abbey Street
McCorkell, Geo. Isaac, saddler, Market Street
McCutcheon, Mrs. John, blacksmith, John Street
McDonnell, Hugh, fish monger, High Street
McDougal, Robert, saddler, John Street
McFarland, John, linen and woollen draper, High Street
McFarland, D., & Co., drapers, High Street
McGarvey, P. & J., butchers, John Street
McGee, Peter, boot and shoe shop, John Street
McGinn, Daniel, baker and confectioner, High Street
McGinn, James, haberdasher, John Street
McGolrick, Michael, blacksmith, Church Street
McGowan, William, cabinet maker, George Street
McGurgan, Thomas, spirit dealer, High Street
McHugh, Gilbert, Commercial Hotel, John Street
McKibbin, Alexander, plumber and gas fitter, George Street
McMaster, John, pawn broker and wholesale provision merchant, High Street
Nelson, Robert M., clock and watch maker, etc., High Street
Orr, George, grocer, tanner and leather merchant, High Street
O'Brien, Hugh, spirit dealer, John Street
O'Flaherty, Denis, spirit dealer, John Street
Patterson, Mrs., watch and clock maker, High Street
Patton, M., woollen draper and haberdasher, High Street
Philson, M. S., pharmaceutical chemist, High Street
Porter, J. G. R., Royal Arms, High Street
Quirk, Patrick, spirit dealer, Market Street
Reynolds, Jas., draper and haberdasher, Market Street
Richardson, Johnston, carpenter, contractor & spirit dealer, Brook Street
Rolleston, Mrs., dress maker and milliner, servants' registry, Campsie
Roulston, S. & T., grocers and provision merchants, High Street
Robinson, J. & Son, merchant tailors, Bridge Street
Scarlett, A., printer and stationer, Bridge Street
Scott, W. & C., meal and flour millers, Millbank Mills, Mountjoy Road
Shannon, James, butter merchant and builder, Castle Street
Shields, James, spirit dealer, John Street
Slevin, Michael, coach builder and smith, George Street
Somerville, James, baker and grocer, High Street
Smyth, Joseph, wine, spirit and tea merchant, Market Street
Thompson, John, photographer, High Street
Todd, John, poulterer, etc., High Street
Todd, Mrs., milliner and haberdasher, High Street
Trenar, Catherine, milliner, High Street
Waterson, J. & R., millers, wholesale meal and flour, timber, slate and coal merchants, High Street - Mills, Cranny
White, John, hardware merchant, Market Street
Wilson, James, draper, High Street
Wilson, W., iron monger, grocer and leather dealer, Market Street


Portadown, a market town in the County Armagh, twenty five miles from Belfast, situated on the banks of the River Bann. It is an important railway junction. The lines of the Great Northern Railway branch off from it, to Dublin, Derry and Armagh, and it is in direct railway communication with Belfast. The Newry canal which joins the Bann about a mile from the town opens a water communication from Carlingford Lough, and the river itself being navigable all the way to Lough Neagh, affords a ready means of traffic by lighters and barges from Belfast and towns adjoining the lake. The ancient name of the town was Port-ne-doon, or the Port of the fortified eminence, it has increased rapidly within the last half century, the population in 1816 being only 600, while in the census of 1870, it was 8,000. The town stands on a hill, and is well cleansed and lighter, the footpaths are flagged, the houses are of modern construction and the chief streets are of imposing appearance. Two markets are held in the week, one on Wednesday for the sale of hay, straw, and other farm produce. In the season a very large quantity of grass seed is brought to this market, and the buyers are numerous, and the highest market price is realized. The market on Saturday is for the sale of all kinds of farm produce, the trade in pork is very large, and a fair is held on the third Saturday in every month. The manufacture of linen and cambric is extensively carried on, there are four large weaving factories and a spinning mill, which give employment to a large number, and two large flour mills. The chief public buildings are the Town Hall which occupies a central position and contains an assembly room and a court where Petty Sessions are held, and several smaller rooms where committees meet and associations and clubs have their sittings. The Bank of Ireland, a large and handsome structure built of Dundalk granite, three storeys high, the Belfast Bank and the Ulster Bank.  Carleton Street School, erected in 1870, where Sabbath Schools in connection with St. Mark's Church are held. The Orange Hall opened in 1875, and Victoria Hall. The Parish Church of Drumcree is situated about one mile from the town. In the town is St. Mark's Church, and about half a mile distant is Seagoe Church. The Wesleyan Methodist premises in Thomas Street, are handsome buildings, containing a chapel, several school rooms and class rooms. The Presbyterian Meeting Houses, three in number, are commodious and well appointed. The Roman Catholic Chapel in William Street, is a spacious edifice, and there is a second chapel in the Edenderry end of the town. Besides, there are preaching houses belonging to the Primitive Wesleyans, and to the Primitive Methodists. Within the last few years a lease of land to the extent of twenty three acres has been obtained from his Grace the Duke of Manchester for a public park. It has been tastefully laid out in walks and planted with evergreens and trees of various kinds, while a river flowing through the centre and a handsome pond contribute much to its appearance. In 1872 a public library and reading rooms were established, which open daily. There are over 2,000 vols. in the library, and the news room is well supplied with papers. Petty Sessions are held on the second and fourth Mondays in each month.

Post Office, Market Street - Francis Ignatius O'Hanlon, postmaster

Public Offices and Officers

Stamp Office - Averell Shillington, jun., sub distributor
Petty Sessions - John Eccles, clerk ; also distributor of fishing licences
Town Constable - Sergeant Henry Grimason
Town Commissioners - Wm. J. Paul, chairman ; Averell Shillington, J.P.; Arthur Thornton, John Kernan, William John Guy, Hugh Wallace, J. Eccles, Wm. Hall, James Johnston, A. C. Capper, David W. Waugh, Anthony Cowdy, Thomas Carleton, Wm. J. Locke, J. Davidson
Town Clerk - Robert McClatchey
Magistrates - Captain Whelan, R.M.; Thomas Shillington, Esq.; Major Blacker, D.L.; Thos. H. White, Orange Hill, Tandragee; Averell Shillington; Thos. Armstrong

Public Institutions

Bank of Ireland - Robert Kernaghan, agent
Belfast Bank, Geo. Kinkead, manager
Ulster Bank, Hugh Anderson
Portadown Discount Co. (Limited) - Jas. Boyle, manager
Portadown Loan Co. - Jas. Wightman, manager
Dispensary - Wm. Stewart, M.D., medical officer
Fever Hospital, Armagh Road
Public Library - William Hunter, librarian
Town Park - J. W. Mullin, hon. sec.
Portadown Discount Co. Limited - James Boyle, manager (twice?) 

Places of Worship

Episcopal Church, Seagoe - Ven. Archdeacon Saurin, rector; Rev. Albert B. Burnett, curate
Episcopal Church, Drumcree - Rev. Robert Hamilton, rector ; Rev. W. Devenish, curate
Episcopal Church, Portadown - Rev. Augustine Fitzgerald, A.M., incumbent, and licenser of marriages ; Rev. Nicholas James, curate
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. L. D. Elliott, licenser of marriages ; Rev. R. Vint
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. Samuel Andrews, A.M.
United Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Murray
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. Edward Harte and Rev. Charles Baskin, Epworth Terrace; Rev. W. M. McWilliam, Eglish
Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. Jas. Eales
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. L. Byrne, adm.; Rev. ? O'Donnell, C.C.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Edenderry - Rev. L. L. Morgan, P.P., Derrymacash, Lurgan

Gentry and Professional

Armstrong, Alfred, Edenderry House
Armstrong, Mrs., Edenderry House
Armstrong, Thomas, J.P., Eden Hall
Atkinson, Edward Dawson, solicitor, Thomas Street and Tandragee
Atkinson, Joseph, J.P., D.L., Crow Hill, Loughgall
Atkinson, Miss, Mahon House
Atkinson, Miss, Millicent Terrace
Atkinson, Woolsey, Eden Villa
Beck, Mrs., Castle Street
Bigger, D., M.D., West Street
Blacker, Major Stewart, D.L., J.P.
Bredon, Mrs., Millicent Terrace
Carleton & Atkinson, solicitors, Millicent Terrace
Clindinning, S., Wheatfield, Derryhale
Cowdy, Anthony, Killicomain House
Edgar, John, St. Amand's Place
Edgar, Mrs., St. Amand's Place
Foster, Mrs., Carleton Street
Green, James, Gleneyre, Moyallon
Harris, H. J., Church Street
Henry, Mrs., Carleton Street
Heron, S., M.D., Bridge Street
Johnston, Wm., solicitor, Castle Street
McLaughlin, Patrick, surgeon, Church Street
Pepper, Richmond, Ballyworkan House
Quarry, Mrs., Victoria Terrace
Reed, The Misses, Alma Terrace
Robinson, William, Ballybreagh, Derryhale
Robinson, William, Lylo House
Shillington, T., J.P., Tavanagh House
Shillington, Thomas, Alta Villa
Shillington, Averell, J.P., High Street
Sinton, Jacob, Annagh
Stanley, Henry, M.D., Annagh
Stewart, William, M.D., High Street
Wakefield, C. F., Corcrain Villa
Walker, John, Seagoe Cottage
Whelan, Captain, R.M.

Traders, etc.

Acheson, J. & J., grocers, druggists, etc., Market Street
Acheson, J. J. & Co., linen manufacturers, Bann View Factory
Aikin, James, general draper, 43 High Street
Alexander, John, pawn broker & relieving officer
Allen, John, whitesmith, West Street
Allen, William, carpenter, West Street
Allen, Woolsey, engineer, Thomas Street
Anderson, Robert, entertainment & lodging, Market Street
Armstrong & Watson, Edenderry, power loom weavers, Watson Street
Atkinson, J., coach builder, Woodhouse Street
Bailey, R., Hanover Street
Barris, Isaac, driver maker, Edenderry
Best, Thos., miller and grain merchant, Castle Place
Beattie, Joseph, grain factor, St. Amand's Place
Boyd, David, tailor, Edenderry
Boyd, John, dealer, Carleton Street
Boyd, Samuel, reed maker, David Street
Boyle, Jas., manager Portadown Discount Co.
Brady, Geo., painter and decorator, Millicent Terrace
Brady, Sergeant, Carleton Street
Brankin, John, car owner, Obins Street
Bright, Bros., steam saw mills , timber and coal yard, Bridge Street
Brogan, Thomas, stationer, High Street
Brown, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Woodhouse Street
Brown, Francis, fowl dealer, Obins Street
Brown, Alex., land steward, Thomas Street
Brown, James, grocer, Edenderry
Brown, Miss, dress maker, Edenderry
Bryson, J., grocer, Woodhouse Street
Burrell, B., lodging house keeper, Bridge Street
Burns, Hugh, car man
Burns, Mrs., spirit grocer, High Street
Burns, J. & Edward, cattle dealers, Woodside
Burnett & Corbett, drapers, High Street
Byrne, Charles, spirit dealer, Market Street
Calvert, Joseph, rate collector, Levaghery
Campbell, Jas., com. traveller, Carrickblacker Avenue
Campbell, John, victualler, Woodhouse Street
Campbell, The Misses, dress makers, Bridge Street
Capper, A. C., yarn dealer, High Street
Carrick, Samuel, watch maker and jeweller, West Street
Cassidy, James, provision merchant, Market Street
Castleisland Linen Co. (Shillington & Johnston)
Collen, Bros., builders, Carleton Street
Constabulary Barracks - No. 1, Woodhouse Street ; No. 2, Edenderry - Thos. Hayes, S.I.
Cochrane, Wm., plumber and gas fitter, Thomas Street
Cosgrove, Hugh, cooper, Thomas Street
Cullen, T., builder, Armagh Road
Collins, J., Edenderry
Cowdy, Anthony, sen., yarn dealer, Thomas Street
Cowdy, Anthony, jun., Bleachworks, Lochgall
Cowdy, William, yarn dealer, Thomas Street
Cultra, John, clerk, Burleigh Court
Cumming, John, grocer, leather, Market Street
Darragh, Robt., temple maker, Thomas Street
Davidson, John, hardware merchant, Woodhouse Street
Dawson, Thos., yarn merchant and linen manufacturer, Corcrain House
Dawson, Mrs., grocer, High Street
Dickson, Wm., draper and saddler, Market Street
Ditty, Samuel, sen., West Street
Dollar, John, grocer, Edgarstown
Donaghy, Patrick, clog maker, High Street
Donnelly, John, spirit store, Woodhouse Street
Donnelly, Robt., poet and canvasser, West Street
Downey, Miss, bonnet maker, Bridge Street
Eccles, John, clerk of Petty Sessions and licenser of fishers, Millicent Terrace
English, Wm., teacher, Church Place
Espinesse, J., Bank of Ireland, High Street
Espy, Miss, Bridge Street
Farrell, Sarah, Portadown News and general printing office
Fearon, Miss, dress maker and milliner, Woodhouse Street
Fergus, Samuel spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Ferguson, John, farmer, Clonnagh
Fisher, Robt., linen agent, Carleton Street
Fordyce, James, auctioneer, Thomas Street
Fowler, Henry, leather and toy dealer, Woodhouse Street
Frizelle, James, engine deriver, Woodhouse Street
Frizell, Wm., linen manufacturer, Woodhouse Street
Fulton, John & Sons, pork merchants, Church Street
Forbes, John, clerk, Hanover Street
Gardner, Thos., grocer, Edenderry
Gass, J., lodging house keeper, Bridge Street
Geddis, David, teacher, Edenderry National School
Gibson, John, brick maker, William Street
Glass, Robert, linen merchant, Alma Terrace
Graham, David, Millicent Terrace; spinning mills, Castle Street
Gray & McMaster, linen manufacturers, The Factory, Armagh Road
Grant & Co., Park Nursery, Garvaghy Road
Greer, J., pork merchant, spirit store, and grocer
Greer, James, grain merchant, Carleton Street
Greer, Miss, teacher of music, etc., Church Street
Grew, James & Co., grain merchants, High Street and Thomas Street
Grew, Margaret, Queen's Hotel, and general grocer, High Street and Thomas Street
Guinness, George, grocer, Church Street
Guy, W. John, accountant, Carleton Street
Hall, James, linen yarn merchant, Bridge Street
Hall, James, clerk, Baltylum
Hall, Wm., farmer, Imperial Hotel, High Street
Harden, Charles, linen manufacturer, Thomas Street
Harden, Bros., linen manufacturers, Thomas Street
Hawthorne, S., grocer, High Street
Hosey, J., draper, Woodhouse Street
Hunter, Wm., librarian and accountant, Bridge Street
Honeyford, Wm., grocer, Woodhouse Street
Harvey, Jacob, egg and butter merchant, Clonnagh
Hawey, Stephen, tea dealer, Clonnagh
Heron, Wm., draper, Woodhouse Street
Holmes, Mrs., spirit dealer, High Street
Hunter, Miss, teacher in Edenderry National School
Huston, ?, carpenter, Baltylum
Irwine, David W., Castle Street
Irwin, Thos., grocer and tailor, Mary Street
Jenkinson, W. J., boot and shoe maker, West Street
Johnston, Alex., bakery, High Street and Edenderry
Johnston, Charles, linen manufacturer, Castle Island Weaving Factory
Johnston, Mrs. C., milliner, etc., High Street
Johnston, James, grain merchant, Bridge Street, Edenderry
Johnston, John, pawn broker, Woodhouse Street
Johnston, Thos., station master (passenger station)
Jones & Frizell, grocers and grain merchants, William Street
Jones, J., lodgings, Bridge Street
Keatings & Dogherty, bakers, etc., High Street
Kelly, Mrs., spirit merchant, Woodhouse Street
Kernaghan, Robert, manager of Bank of Ireland, High Street
Kernahan, Thos., linen manufacturer & grocer, Woodhouse Street
Kernan, John & Son, newsagents, stationers & leather merchants, High Street
Kennedy, John, foreman builder, Carleton Street
Kerr, John, boot and shoe warehouse, High Street
Kerr, Robert, house agent, Watson's Terrace
Kilpatrick, Isaiah, grocer, Bridge Street
Kinney, Thomas, grocer, Bridge Street
Kinney, Edward, wood turner, West Street
Lackey, John, civil bill officer
Lamb, John, carpenter, Bridge Street
Lamb, Mrs., dress maker, Bridge Street
Lappin, John, lodgings, Woodhouse
Leney, John, gas director, Thomas Street
Levingstone, Henry, grocer and delf merchant, Bridge Street
Levingstone, J. G., emigration and dyeing agent, Bridge Street
Little, W. J., general dealer, Corcrain
Locke, George, grocer and hardware merchant, Woodhouse Street
Locke, William J., coach factory, Woodhouse Street
Logan, Henry, rope and twine manufacturer, James Street
Logan, James, carpenter, Montague Street
Loughran, Edward, victualler, Woodhouse Street
Lutton, Joshua, spirit dealer, Market Street
Lutton, John, linen manufacturer, Edenderry
Lutton, Wm., printer, Bridge Street
Mackle, W., lodgings, Bridge Street
Magee, Wm., painter, West Street
Maginness, E., Scotch House, Woodhouse Street
Maginness, E., wholesale clothes dealer, Woodhouse Street
Major, John, excise officer, Church Place
Malcomson, John, linen manufacturer, Castle Street
Malcomson, Thos., grocer, Edenderry
Malcomson and Wilson, linen manufacturers, Castle Street
Mann, H. A., station master, Woodhouse Street
Marley, Miss, Bridge Street
Marley, Thomas, Castle Street
Mayes, Miss, grocer, Edenderry
Mercier, David, flour mills, Moyallen
Mercier, Wm., Moyallen
Mercier, Samuel, Moyallen
Mitchell, Wm., general grocer and baker, High Street
Monaghan, Lawrence, boat owner, etc., Castle Street
Moneypenny, Hiram, linen manufacturer and yarn dealer, Cornascreibe
Montgomery, James, spirit merchant, Market Street
Montgomery, John, yarn dealer and linen manufacturer, Derryvore and Derryanville
Montgomery, Wm., auctioneer and valuator, at W. J. Guy's office
Moore, George, pawn broker, Woodhouse Street
Morgan, Mary, spirit store, Church Street
Moore, Miss, grocer, etc., Edenderry
Morrison, Robert, grocer, Woodhouse Street
Morrison, Robt., tailor, Carleton Street
Mullin, J. W., flour miller, Castle Street
Murray, Patrick, hair dresser, Church Street
McCaghey, Joseph, dealer, Obins Street
McCammon, J. M., spirit dealer, West Street
McCann, George, spirit grocer, Woodhouse Street
McCann, Bernard, carter, Water Street
McCann, George, grocer, Market Street
McCart, Robert, grocer, Edenderry
McClatchy, Mrs., spirit dealer, Edenderry
McClure, Mrs., grain merchant and spirit store, Woodhouse Street
McConnell, Wm., spirit store, Market Street
McConnell, Mrs., Carleton Street
McConvill, John & James, boot and shoe makers, Bridge Street
McConville, Henry, spirit dealer, High Street
McConville, Henry, wholesale spirit dealer, Castle Street
McCorry, Hugh, spirit store, Market Street
McCulla, ?, draper, Market Street
McDermott, Charles, clerk, Carleton Street
McDowell, Andrew, grocer, High Street
McDowell, Wm., marine dealer, Obins Street
McEvoy, Henry, entertainment and lodging, Woodhouse Street
McIlveen, Wm. John, baker, High Street
McIlveen, Miss, grocer, etc., Bridge Street
McKell, James, baker, Market Street
McKeown, Henry, grocer, James Street
McKenzie, James, agent for Stewart & Co., manufacturers, Bridge Street
McKinley, James, saddler, Woodhouse Street
McKinney, Mrs., Carleton Street
McLaughlin, Patrick, surgeon, Medical Hall, Church Street
McMullan, Hugh, auctioneer, valuator and potato dealer, Obins Street
McMullin, John, draper, Market Street
McMurdie, Leslie, Castle Island Factory
Neill, Robert, reed maker, Edenderry
Nelson, Charles, shuttle maker, Woodhouse Street
Niblock, Mrs., grocer, High Street
Northern Fire & Life Insurance Office - Agents, James Fordyce and John Boyd, 33 Carleton Street
Norton, W., poulterer and furnisher
Orr, William, broker, Church Street
O'Connor, Patrick, dealer, The Rookery
O'Hanlon, Francis, postmaster, Market Street
O'Hanlon, Felix, spirit merchant, High Street
Parke, J. S., commercial traveller, Maudeville Cottage, Edgarstown
Patterson, John, photographer, Woodhouse Street
Paul, Wm. & Son, general drapers, millinery and perfumery
Peele, W. N., Drug Hall, Market Street
Porter, Mrs. & Miss, dress makers, Obins Street
Proctor, J., lodgings, Bridge Street
Pentland, Edwd., boot and shoe maker, Edenderry
Pentland, John, valuator, West Street
Quarry, Mrs., Victoria Terrace
Redmond, W. J., baker, Thomas Street
Reid, Robt., linen manufacturer and yarn dealer, Tarson
Reid, the Misses, Ladies' Seminary, Alma Terrace
Reid, Wm., printer, etc., Church Street
Richardson, Henry, Hanover Street
Richardson, Bros., drapers, grocers and druggists, Market Street
Richardson, John, High Street
Robb, Benjamin, corn factor, Thomas Street
Robb, Hamilton, steam power warper and linen manufacturer, etc., Edenderry
Robb, Seth, farmer and grain factor, Garvaghy Road
Rooney, James, contractor and builder, Edenderry
Ross, J. H., foreman tailor, Hanover Street
Rountree, John, general grocer, glass and china merchant, High Street
Rowan, William, baker, West Street
Russell, Thomas, rent agent, Edenderry
Sanderson, Robert, painter and glazier, West Street
Shemeld, A. & Co., grocers, Golden Teapot, Market Street and Edenderry
Shillington, A. & Son, drapers, hatters, boot and shoe warehouse, High Street
Shillington, John, Castle Street
Shillington, Thomas, Castleisland Linen Co.
Shillington, T. A. & Son, corn factors and steam saw mills, Castle Street
Sinnamon, W. H., general draper, Market Street
Sinnamon, D'Arcy, general emigration agent, Bridge Street and Wentworth House
Sinnamon, Henry, linen manufacturer, etc., Clanamola
Sinnamon, John, Derryanvill
Sinton, Jacob, farmer and flax buyer, Anna House
Sinton, Thomas, linen manufacturer, Thomas Street and Laurelvale, Tandragee
Smith & Co., general drapers, High Street
Somerville, W., smith, Edenderry
Stanley, Mrs., music teacher, Anuagh
Stanley, Henry, M.D., Annagh
Stanley, John, grocer, etc., High Street
Stanley, Thomas D., agent for Belfast & Ulster Brewing Co. (Limited), Victoria Terrace
Stewart, Wm., M.D., Portadown Dispensary, High Street
Tate, Dawson, farmer, Drumcree Cottage
Tate, Luke, foreman tailor, Millicent Terrace
Thompson, W., general dealer, Edenderry
Thornton, Arthur, wholesale grocer, etc., Thomas Street and wine and spirit merchant, High Street
Thornton, David, wholesale and retail grocer, High Street
Totton, Stewart, victualler, Market Street
Totton, John, chandler, West Street
Tovey, John, grocer, West Street
Tovey, Miss, newsagent, High Street
Treanor, J., baker, Woodhouse Street
Trotter, Robert, lodgings, Woodhouse Street
Trouton, J., gaocer, High Street (grocer)
Twinem, Robert, rate collector, Kernan
Walker, Isaac, Edenderry
Wallace, Hugh, wholesale and retail iron monger watch maker, etc., Woodhouse Street
Watson, Jas., linen manufacturer, Devon Lodge
Waugh, D. W., news vender and book seller, High Street
Waugh, Miss, Thomas Street
White, T. H. & Co., steam flour mills, Castle Street and Tandragee
Wightman, James, manager of Loan Company, Woodhouse Street
Wilson, Edward, spirit dealer, Edenderry
Wilson, L. C., linen manufacturer, Market Street
Wilson, Mrs., grocer, Castle Street
Wilson, Mathew, pawn broker, Bridge Street
Wilson, Valentine, spirit dealer, Edenderry
Wilson, Samuel, grocer, provision dealer and posting establishment, Edenderry
Woodhouse, James, clerk, Edenderry
Woodhouse, Wm., inn keeper and grocer, Woodhouse Street
Woods, T., clothes dealer, Woodhouse Street
Woolsey, Geo., baker, Castle Street
Woolsey, J. & Son, Foundry Street
Wright, Joseph, painter and decorator and furniture warehouse, Woodhouse Street
Wright, Thomas, painter and decorator, Woodhouse Street
Wright, Robert, baker, West Street


Is a thriving seaport and market town on the County of Down, twenty three miles S.E. by S. from Belfast, situated on the Eastern shore of the strait to the sea that forms the entrance to Strangford Lough. From the strength of the current the name Strong-ford, and hence, by corruption, Strangford is derived. At Portaferry is a good quay, where vessels of light burden can discharge their cargoes. There is a considerable trade in coal, timber, corn and agricultural produce. The herring fishery is carried on from the month of June to September inclusive. The Market House is a commodious building, in which the magistrates hold Petty Sessions, the last Tuesday in each month. The places of worship are - the Parish Church of Ballyphillip, a neat structure ; a Presbyterian church, Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist churches ; and a Roman Catholic chapel. The charitable institutions consist of a dispensary and four public schools, all under the National Board. Colonel Andrew Nugent, D.L., J.P., commanding the 2nd Dragoons (Scots Greys), is the proprietor of Portaferry, and has a fine mansion and demesne immediately contiguous to the town. The market is held on Saturday, and the fairs on the 31st July and 12th December, and the second Tuesday monthly. The town contained, by the census in 1871, 1,938 inhabitants. The town is much improved of late years, a Protestant Hall was built in 1870, and a handsome Coast Guard Station has just been finished at the south end of the town. Messrs. Norton & Shaw run an excellent long car and also the mail car between Portaferry and Belfast.

Post Office and Telegraph Office - Eliza Press, postmistress
Constabulary Station - Michael Tully, constable
Petty Sessions - J. Scanlan, clerk
Commissioner for taking affidavits for Chancery and Law Courts - Geo. E. Bowen
Harbour Master - Peter Brown

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. James Leslie Montgomery Scott, A.M., chancellor, rector
Church of Ireland, Ardquin - Rev. Francis Scott
Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Orr and Rev. T. E. Clouston
Primitive Methodist Church - Ministers various
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. J. Smyley
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. James Killen, P.P., and Rev. B. McCartan, C.C.

Public Institutions

Dispensary - Alexander Filson, M.D.
Belfast Bank (branch) - Thomas A. Vesey, manager
Church Male National School - McCall, teacher
Church Female National School - Agnes F. Hawkins, teacher
Presbyterian (mixed) School - Geo. R. Bagley, teacher
Chapel (mixed) School - J. Doyle, teacher
News Room - D. Lawson, secretary
Academy for Young Ladies - Mrs. McCombe, teacher
Gas Works - R. V. Smith, manager

Gentry, Clergy, etc.

Boden, Alexander D., Tara
Bowen, George E., J.P., agent for Portaferry and Quintin Estate, and Fire, Life and Marine agent
Bullick, Rev. Alexander, Ardkeen
Curran, The Misses
Donnan, Mrs. Jane
Filson, Alexander, M.D., apothecary and surgeon
Filson, Mrs.
Gardner, Mrs. Jane
Greer, John
Killen, Rev. James, P.P.
Miller, Henry R., J.P.
Miller, James
Maxwell, Miss Charlotte
Maxwell, Benjamin, Ballyhuly House
Gracey, John, high constable of barony
Hastings, James, surgeon
Murphy, John, Carstown
Murphy, The Misses, Tara
McCartan, Rev. B., C.C.
McKibbin, Mrs. James
McMeehan, James, Thomastown House
Nugent, Colonel Andrew, J.P., D.L., Portaferry House
Nugent, Hon. Mrs., Portaferry House
Orr, Rev. John, A.M.
Savage, The Misses
Scott, Rev. James L. M., Ballyphillip Rectory
Vesey, Thomas A.
Scott, Rev. Francis M., Quintin Castle
Russell, Robert, Ballyhenry Cottage
Warnock, John, solicitor, Ballywhite
Warnock, The Misses
Welsh, The Misses

Traders, etc.

Anderson, Mary, earthenware dealer and grocer
Anderson, Mrs., dress maker
Back, Hugh, carpenter
Bailie, Samuel, posting establishment
Bailie, Sarah, lodging house
Baird, Robert, carpenter
Baxter, Alexander, blacksmith
Beattie, Thomas, shoe maker
Branniff, John, nailor
Brown, Hugh, timber, slate, flag, coal and corn merchant, ship owner and potato merchant
Brown, Peter, spirit dealer and general merchant, and agent for Lloyd's
Brown, William, spirit dealer and grocer
Bryce, Edward, grocer and spirit dealer and agent for Messrs. Norton & Shaw's Cars
Byrne, Edward, grocer and spirit dealer
Byrns, Rose, publican
Caughey, James, carpenter and grocer
Caughey, Robert, haberdashery and millinery
Conkey, Mrs., straw bonnet maker
Cooper, Mrs.
Crangle, Robert, publican
Curran, Robert, whitesmith
Curran, William, miller
Davis, Mary, grocer
Dodds, Samuel, sexton and shoe maker
Donahue, James, bill poster
Donnan, Henry, tailor
Donnan, Hugh, corn and coal merchant and ship owner
Donnan, William, grocer and spirit dealer
Dorrian, Patrick, publican and grocer
Elliott, James, grocer, provision and coal merchant, temperance hotel and posting establishment
Finnigan, Hugh
Friate, Jonathan, chief boatman in charge of coastguards
Gilbert, Daniel, land steward
Gribbon, Patrick, master of Norton & Shaw's boat between Portaferry and Strangford, in connection with their car
Hackett, Robert, letter carrier
Hawkins, Mark, blacksmith
Hinds, Hugh, carter and general carrier to Belfast
Jenkins, Philip H., watch and clock maker and jeweller
Johnston, Allen, carpenter
Johnston, David, carpenter
Johnston, Edward, shoe maker ands grocer
Johnston, E. & M. A., dress makers
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., Ballytrustan
Knox, John, publican
Lawson, John, & Son, linen drapers, haberdashers, woollen drapers and millinery
Lennon, Bernard, boot and shoe maker and posting establishment
Lennon, John, farmer and lodging house keeper
Linchy, Patrick green grocer
Little, Eliza A., haberdasher, milliner and dress maker
Long, William, stucco plasterer
Lowry, Richard, mail boat proprietor
Maffett, E., dress maker
Magee, James, grocer
Magee, James, saddler and harness maker
Magee, Michael, spirit dealer
Marshall, Robert, gardener
Moore, John, tailor
Moreland, James, baker and grocer and stamp office
Moreland & McDonnell, woollen drapers, haberdashers
Morrow, William, labourer
Morrow, William, tailor
Murray, William, carter and general carrier to Belfast
McCappin, Thomas, butcher
McCausland, Samuel, milliner and haberdasher
McCausland, Joshua, grocer
McConnell, James, bailiff for Portaferry estate
McCracken, Francis, jeweller
McDade, William, process server
McDonnell, James & Sons, grocers, tallow chandlers, soap boilers and ship owners
McDonnell, Thomas, spirit dealer and grocer
McDowell, Jos., sewed muslin agent and milliner and grocer
McGeean, Jane, dress maker
McGee, James, grocer
McGrath, Edwd., cabinet maker and upholsterer
McGrath, Edward, jun., carpenter
McGrath, Patrick, blacksmith
McGrath, Mary, grocer and delf dealer
McKay, Duncan, game keeper
McKerry, Margaret, green grocer
McKibbin, George, farmer
McMath, Mary, grocer
McMullan, Alexander, woollen draper, grocer and grain merchant
McMullan, Hugh, tailor
McNabb, Richard
McNabb, Patrick
McNabb, John, cooper
McPolin, Daniel, publican and grocer
McVeagh, George, shoe maker
O'Pray, Hugh, shoe maker
O'Pray, James, posting establishment
O'Ryan, James, Medical Hall
Park, William, Nugent Arms Hotel
Parkinson, Henry, painter and glazier
Polly, Alexander, lodging house keeper
Ringland, John, baker
Russell, Thomas, & Sons, potato, grain and coal merchants
Roddy, Robert, relieving officer and summons server for Petty Sessions Court
Rutherford, J., boot and shoe maker
Savage, William, head posting establishment
Sloan, Rachel, grocer and dress maker
Smith, Robert, gas manager
Smith, John, postman
Stitt, James, painter and glazier and stucco plasterer
Stoop, Eliza, spirit dealer and grocer
Torney, Thomas, shoe maker
Trainor, Hugh, shoe maker and farmer
Turney, Hugh, grocer, spirit dealer, ironmonger, flint and crown glass merchant
Watterson, Henry, shoe maker
Wilson, Mary Ann, grocer
Wilson, Samuel, publican and grocer
Woods, Samuel, shoe maker and sexton of church
Woods, John, marine store keeper
Young, Hugh, P.L.G., Dunavilly


Is a seaport and watering place in the North of Antrim, about six miles N.E. from Coleraine and seven from the world famed coast scenery, the Giants' Causeway. The place has more than trebled its population during the last few years, owing to the opening up of the railway communication. It is now one of the most fashionable watering places in the North of Ireland, and is much resorted to during the bathing season. There are many superior lodging houses and bathing lodges for the accommodation of visitors; and owing to its temperate and tonic atmosphere, many respectable families have located themselves as permanent residents. There is steamboat communication with Glasgow twice a week, and fortnightly to Islay, Oban, etc., during the summer months, giving the tourists ample opportunity of visiting Highland scenery. There is also steam communication with Morecambe once a week and occasionally with Liverpool. Norton & Shaw's well appointed van take tourists twice daily to Causeway, and once to Carrick-a-rede and Ballycastle. Coleman's van also leaved at ten o'clock a.m., for Causeway Hotel. Portrush possesses eight hotels, as below. The permanent population is about 1,300, but during the bathing season it amounts to about 4,000.

Post Office - Miss Thompson, postmistress
Harbour Master - Saml. Patton
Customs - J. Dixon, tide surveyor
Dispensary - A. T. Carson, M.D.
Baths - T. E. Linden
House Agent - John Shiel
Secretary for Life Boat - Rev. J. Simpson
Chief Officer Coastguards - W. Fowler
Inspector of Vessels - Constable Lindsay
Veterinary Surgeon - Mr. Bradshaw

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. H. Ffolliott, rector ; Rev. P. Wilson, curate
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Simpson
Methodist Church - Rev. James Hughes
Roman Catholic Church - Rev. Peter McKenna


No. 1 National School - Mr. McLaughlin, teacher
No. 2 National School - Mr. Porter, teacher; Miss Clarke, assistant
No. 3 National School - Mr. Moonan, teacher
Female National School - Miss Hughes, teacher
Infant National School - Miss Bradley, teacher
Methodist School - Mr. Thompson, teacher


Antrim Arms Hotel - T. E. Linden
Portrush Hotel - W. Coleman
Eglinton Hotel - J. Massey
Railway Hotel - Wm. Ferguson
Family and Commercial Hotel - Mrs. Osborne
Neptune Hotel - Jane Henry
Londonderry Hotel - D. McCulla
Temperance Hotel - J. Cooney


Blackwood, Mrs., Bayview House
Chaine, Mrs., Seabank
Crookshank, Robert, Glenmanis House
Hamilton, Dr., Magherabuoy House
Knox, N. A., Strandmore House
Lecky, Mrs., Old Rockryan
Moody, A. J. H., Bath Cottage
Ogilby, J. D., The Nest
Porteus, Mrs., Strandmore Cottage
Smyley, Colonel, Craig Dhu Varreen
Young, Wm., Rockryan House

Craigvarra Terrace

Moore, The Misses
Young, John
Young, William A.


Alexander, Rev. S.
Murray, Mrs.

Seymour Place

Barklie, George
Beavington, J. B.
Cramsie, Mrs.

Bath Terrace

Anderson, J. S.
Carson, Mrs.
Crawford, Mrs.
Horner, Captain, R.N.
Richardson, Mrs.

Bath Street

Fleming, Rev. Mr.
Lusk, John

Dunluce Terrace

Dawson, Albert

Causeway View

Baxter, John
Burnside, David
Coleman, John
Stephenson. Miss

Church Street

Adams, Miss
Bamford, John, grocer
Bell, Miss
Boggs, Mrs., draper
Boyle, Miss
Brown, John
Burle, Miss
Campbell, S. H., M.D.
Caskey & Co., Berlin warehouse
Cox, Mrs.
Crockett, Miss
Fleming, H., shoe maker
Fleming, Thos., shoe maker
Hale, Miss, fancy bazaar
Hamill, James, watch maker
Hughes, Brothers, butchers
Knox, Mrs.
Moore, J., draper
McCulla, D., hotel
McLernon, R., baker
McKeague, Mrs.
Nevin, W. & J., grocers
Osborne, Mrs., hotel
Patton, Samuel
Scott, W., builder
Sheills, J., house agent, etc.
Simpson, Rev. J.
Sloan, The Misses, drapers
Small, John
Stewart, Wm., grocer
Thompson, Miss, postmistress
Thompson, Mrs., milliner
Wade, John
Williamson, Mrs.

Main Street

Agnes, Samuel, nailer
Briens, Mrs.
Campbell, R., baker
Chapman, T., coachman
Cochrane, Miss, milliner
Coleman, W., hotel
Connor, J., coastguard
Craig, J., carpenter
Dempsy, J., coastguard
Dinsmore, B., carpenter
Doherty, John, fisherman
Fall, D., ship agent and grocer
Farren, J., refreshment room
Fleming, John, shoe maker
Fowler, W., coastguard
Gillespie, John, pilot
Graham, George, shoe maker
Graham, John, builder
Hallaghan, Dan, coastguard
Henry, John, fisherman
Hutchenson, R., plasterer
Jackson, W., tailor
Kane, John, mat maker
Kane, Peter, broom maker
Kelly, Hugh, coachman
Kelly, T., boatman
Knight, H., coastguard
Linden, T. E., hotel
Logan, John, mason
Loughran, M., spirit dealer
Lyons, R., waiter
Mann, William, captain
Manwell, Hannah
Murphy, James, fisherman
Murphy, John, pilot
McCalldridge, Bell
McIntyre, L., coachman
McQuilkin, Sam
Patton, Nancy
Shaw, Allen, grocer, etc.
Shaw, Mrs. Captain
Simpson, Hugh, smith

Garden Court

Boyle, A.
Gillespie, Adam
Kelly, Mrs.
McKay, W.

Bazaar Street

Flanagan, Dan, coachman
Kelly, R., fisherman
Martin, James, pilot
Martin, J., fisherman
Martin, R., fisherman
Martin, T., fisherman
McCollum, D., tailor
McGee, Mrs., lodgings
McShannick, Mrs.
Wilson, John, gardener
Young, Betty


Kennedy, S., spirit merchant
Mann, John, dealer
Moon, Hugh, dairy
McAllister, James, fisherman
McMullan, Nelly, green grocer

Kerr Street

Baydor, Miss, lodgings
Bellas, Hugh, timber merchant
Cairns, Mrs.
Clarke, Mrs., lodgings
Cowan, Miss, lodgings
Davidson, Miss
Denham, Mrs.
Dunlop, John
Gillespie, W., pilot
Graham, Mrs.
Henry, Miss, hotel
Huston, A., stationer
Huston, Miss, lodgings
Jeffares, Rev. J., rector
Kennedy, S., lodgings
Knox, Mrs., lodgings
Moore, A.
McCarter, J.
McIntyre, Miss, lodgings
McMichael, Patrick, carpenter
McVicker, J.
Oulton, Mrs.
Porter, W. J., teacher
Quinelevan, D., income tax sur.
Reynolds, Miss
Sterling, Captain
Usher, Mrs.
Watt, J. R., coal merchant
Wilson, Rev. P., curate

Market Street

Bigger, John, lodgings
Caldwell, J. C., agent
Carr, Mrs., lodgings
Carson, A. T., M.A.
Carver, W. E.
Davinport, Miss, lodgings
Ffolliott, Mrs.
Ffolliott, Rev. H.
Fitzgerald, W. J., lodgings
Frazer, Miss
Gray, Miss
Hill, Arthur, lodgings
Hill, Mrs. Captain, lodgings
Hunter, Mrs., lodgings
McIlwaine, Miss, lodgings
McKirgan, A., pilot and lodgings
Stewart, John
Stewart, Mrs., lodgings
Young, William

Eglinton Terrace

Coffey, Mrs.
Cox, Mrs.
Cuthbert, Miss
Cuthbert, Mrs.
Greaves, Miss
Hannay, E., J.P., Lieut.-Col.
Mackey, W., lodgings
Orr, W., lodgings
Reeves, Miss
Stott, The Misses
Weir, Miss

Railway Terrace

Allen, James, car proprietor
Dixon, John, lodgings
Ferguson, W., hotel
Graham, G., station master
Hall, John, auctioneer
Massey, James, hotel
Morrow, Mrs., lodgings
Quinn, John, sawyer
Reynolds, Mrs., lodgings

Sandy Row

Fall, A., watchman
Kelly, John, fisherman
Kelly, Patrick, fisherman
McGee, R., fish monger
McClarty, R.
McNeill, N., shoe maker
McYarland, Mrs.
Parkhill, H., car proprietor
Shaw, George, fruit dealer

Spring Hill

Adams, W., fisherman
Alley, S., lodgings
Atkinson, W. G., refreshment rooms
Blue, R., posting establishment
Boyland, Thos., grocer
Boyle, E., porter
Brown, Mrs., lodgings
Burnett, Mrs.
Byrne, E., gas manager
Campbell, N., lodgings
Carr, Edward, spirit merchant
Carr, Mrs., lodgings
Christie, D., carpenter
Clarke, Wm., linen merchant
Cochrane, George, carpenter
Cooney, J., hotel
Dowds, John, fisherman
Dunlop, Mrs., lodgings
Edmundson, Mrs., lodgings
Faith, T., plasterer
Gillespie, A., lodgings
Green, S., sawyer
Hamill, D., lodgings
Hamill, Jane, laundress
Hamilton, Mrs., lodgings
Heaghty, M., Captain
Hopkins, J., boat builder
Hopkins, John, fisherman
Hopkins, Mrs., lodgings
Houghey, T., gardener
Houston, Miss, dress maker
Kane, J., shoe maker
Kelly, J., fisherman
Kerr, ?, grocer
Lowey, Mrs., lodgings
Loney, R. S.
McAllister, A., lodgings
McAllister, C., fisherman
McAllister, C., jun., fisherman
McAllister, John, fisherman
McAllister, Mrs., lodgings
McCann, James, shoe maker
McCartney, Mrs., lodgings
McGahey, Joseph, coachman
McGarry, S., laundress
McGowan, Hugh, sailor
McMichael, J., smith
McCotter, J., mason
Neill, Mrs.
Patton, Mrs., lodgings
Smith, Thomas, porter
Smith, T., harbour constable
Simmons, Capt. (mines)
Watt, A., mason
Young, J., porter


Is a seaport and watering place in County Derry, four miles North from Coleraine, and ten from the celebrated Giants' Causeway ; very prettily and romantically situated at the foot of a branch of the great basaltic range of mountains, and commands an extensive view of the estuary of the Bann, the entrance into Lough Foyle, and the promontory of Downhill, with the peninsula of Innishowen in the distance. The air here is pure, the scenery grand and picturesque, and the facilities for bathing very great. There are public baths, lodging houses and a first rate hotel, the latter fitted up with every accommodation for families and visitors. In appearance the town resembles an English watering place, and is a favourite place of resort during the Summer, and even in the Winter months, having a dry, sandy soil, and being sheltered from easterly winds. The place is plentifully supplied with fish. The population in 1871 was 512.

Post Office - John Parker, postmaster
Dispensary - Dr. McIntyre, medical officer
Public Baths - John McIlreavy, proprietor
Constabulary - Alex. Patterson, constable

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. Thomas Cooper, Agherton Rectory
Presbyterian Church - Rev. David Aiken

Gentry, Clergy, etc.

Bellis, Hugh
Cooper, Rev. Thomas, Agherton Rectory
Cromie, Mrs., Cromore
Cromie, Miss
Galt, Miss
Knox, Thomas
Lyle, James A., J.P.
Mackay, Miss
Norris, John
Ross, Miss
Ross, Miss Mary
Shuldham, Mrs., Flowerfield
Walker, Samuel

Traders, etc.

Ditty, Mrs., grocer
Henry, John, grocer
Kerr, John, boot and shoe maker
Kerr, William, tailor
Louden, Samuel, boot and shoe maker
Martin, William, grocer
McConaghy, Wm., carpenter
McGowan, Angus, baker
McLaughlin, John, spirit dealer
McWilliam, Thomas, grocer
Parker, John, draper, book seller, stationer, etc.
Smyth, Samuel, Montague Arms Hotel
Trainor, Archibald, Commercial Hotel & grocer


Is a market town in County Antrim, seventeen miles N.W. by W. from Belfast, two miles North from the nearest part of Lough Neagh. The Maine is crossed, at the entrance of the town, by a stone bridge of nine arches, whence it pursues its course to Lough Neagh, through Shane's Castle Park. This magnificent park extends southwards for upwards of five miles, through a richly wooded demesne on "Lough Neagh's banks," and is kindly thrown open by its indulgent and hospitable proprietor every Tuesday and Friday. On the banks of the Maine, adjoining the town, stand the corn, flax beetling and power loom mills of Messrs. Webb, Brothers. Petty Sessions are held first Tuesday in each month. The Parish Church of Drummaul is situated in a commanding position close to the town. The rectorial tithes of the parish are lay impropriate, the property of the Marquis of Donegal, who has also the right of presentation - the vicarial tithes (now rent charge) belong to the vicar or incumbent. There are also three Presbyterian churches, a Wesleyan Methodist church, a Roman Catholic chapel, a spacious Court House, two National Schools, and one established and maintained by the Right Hon. and Rev. Lord O'Neill, for the benefit of the children of his tenantry in the locality, and an infant school, capable of holding 150 children, erected by Miss Alexander, daughter of the late Bishop of Meath. There is a Dispensary for the district. A company has been formed for lighting the town with gas. The Northern Banking Company have erected a spacious and handsome Bank House for the transaction of business. There is an extensive weekly market every Wednesday, for flax, grain, pork, butter, meat, poultry, eggs, etc.; and on the last Wednesday in each month a fair is held for the sale of cattle, sheep, pigs, and other farm produce ; and in addition to these, there are two fairs in the year, on the 16th July and 1st November. The late Lord O'Neill built and fitted up a commodious and elegant hotel, an extensive walled in market square, shedded on all sides, containing flax stores, butchers' stalls, butter store, weigh bridge, etc.; with ample convenience for every commodity brought to market, and abundant accommodation for all attending it (also free of expense)

Post Office - John Stevenson, post master
Bank - Wm. J. Orr, manager, Bankhouse ; Thos. Fisher, cashier
Dispensary - Jas. McKee, M.D., medical officer
Hotel - O' Neill Arms - Mrs. Kerr
Constabulary Station - Constable Boyd

Places of Worship

Parish Church, Drummaul - Rev. William Colquhoun, vicar
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. James E. Ferguson, M.A.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. H. Stewart
Third Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert Marr
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Ministers, various
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. McGrahan, P.P.; Rev. James Kennedy, C.C.

Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Carson, J. J. H., J.P., Millmount
Colquhoun, Rev. William, vicar
Denham, Rev. Wm., Cloverhill
Ferguson, Rev. James E., Millbrook
Marr, Rev. Robert, Rosebrook, Drumminaway
McKee, James, M.D., surgeon
McDonnell, Michael, surgeon
O'Neill, Right Hon. and Rev. Lord, Shane's Castle
O'Neill, Hon. Robert, Shane's Castle
Stewart, Rev. Henry, The Manse
Smythe, Rev. H., Students' Recess, Craigmore
Webb, Charles J., Knockvarre House
Webb, Richard T., Knockvarre House

Traders, etc.

Adams, D. & S., watch makers
Armstrong, Robert, tailor
Armstrong, Francis, tailor
Barclay, James, spirit dealer
Black, John, shoe maker
Bonar, Robert, grocer
Bradley, James, chemist
Butler & Co., woollen drapers, etc.
Cashell, William, barony constable
Connor, Robert, draper
Connor, Mary, grocer
Corry, Robert, assistant county surveyor
Craig, Miss, millinery, etc.
Davison, Samuel, saddlery and harness
Downey, Francis, surveyor
Gilbert, The Misses, grocers
Gordon, Mrs., grocer
Gribben, John, grocer
Hannan, Mrs., spirit dealer
Howard, Whiteside, Farmers' Hotel and posting establishment
Johnston, Francis, tailor
Kerr, Mrs., O'Neill Arms Hotel
Magee, James, shoe maker
Mulholland, Charles, grocer
McAlister, Daniel, grain merchant and general dealer
McAuley, Donald, hotel and posting establishment
McCleary, John, shoe maker
McCleary, William, shoe maker
McEneany, Mrs., baker
McFadden, Hugh, grocer
McManus, H., & Sons, builders, timber and iron merchants
McNally, James, shoe maker
McVea, John, saddlery and harness
Neeson, Peter, grocer, painter and glazier
Nesbitt, Wm., grocer and draper
Noble, Robert, butcher
O'Kane, John, grocer and spirit dealer
Peoples, Wm. J., draper
Porter, John, draper
Robinson, Alex., grocer and spirit dealer
Robinson, Edmund, grocer and petty sessions clerk
Stevenson, John, post master
Swan, Thomas, grocer and weigh master
Webb, Brothers, linen manufacturers, etc.
Wright, Robert, grocer and leather dealer


Is a market town in County Down, twenty four miles S.S.W. from Belfast, situated between Newry and Downpatrick ; it stands on the acclivities of a hill, and consists of seven principal streets, which radiate downward from a tolerably spacious square towards the five roads which meet at its site. The summit of the hill, which commands an extensive view of the surrounding country, is crowned by the ruins of an old castle, anciently one of the fortified residences of the Magenises, Lords of Iveagh. The Market House is in the Square, in the upper part of which a Petty Sessions Court is held the first and third Friday in every month. The Parish Church of Drumgath is a small, neat edifice with a tower. There are three Presbyterian churches, and also places of worship for the Covenanters and Society of Friends, Methodists, and Roman Catholics. The charitable establishments are public schools for children of both sexes, and a dispensary. The markets are held on Wednesday ; the fairs are on the first Wednesday of every month.

Post Office - William Davidson, postmaster

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Church Street - Rev. J. J. Brown, incumbent
Presbyterian Church (First), Newry Street - Rev. James Wilson
Presbyterian Church (Second), Newry Street - Rev. David Fleming
Presbyterian Church (Third), Newry Street - Rev. Joseph Dickie, sen.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Church Street - Ministers, various
Covenanting Chapel, Castle Street - Rev. Thos. Hart
Friends' Meeting House
Roman Catholic Chapel, Newry Street - Rev. Dr. McGivern, P.P.; and Rev. Mr. Bradley, curate

Public Institutions, etc.

Branch of the Hibernian Bank, Church Street - Wm. Godfrey Syme, manager ; Mr. England, cashier
Branch of the Belfast Bank, Church Street - Edwd. Taylor, manager ; John McKee, cashier ; and R. Lindsay, accountant
Gas Works - John Watson, secretary
Dispensary, Main Street - Joseph May, physician, surgeon and apothecary
Reading Room - James Hudson, secretary
Rathfriland Sabbath School Union Library - William Peters, librarian
Newry Street National School - J. M. Williams and the Misses McKee, teachers
Commons National Schools - Michael Grant and Mrs. Lowry, teachers
Choral Society - David Allen, secretary
Amateur Band - John Watson, secretary
Constabulary Station - W. H. Joyce, sub inspector
Petty Sessions House, Church Street - Wm. Fagan, clerk ; John Murphy, summons server
Cricket Club - W. G. Syme, secretary
Boarding and Day School, Dromore Street - Teachers, Miss Moffett, principal ; Miss Maxwell, assistant

Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Beers, Rev. James Annesley, Ballyroney Glebe
Corbett, Robert S., Lisnacreevy House
Dickie, Rev. Joseph, Newry Street
Edgar, Rev. Samuel, clerk of Presbytery, and licenser, Dromore Street
Gartlin, G. H., J.P., Cabra House
Joyce, W. H., S.I., R.I.C.
May, Joseph, physician, surgeon and apothecary, and registrar of births, marriages, and deaths, Newry Street
Mills, Samuel, A.B., surgeon, Church Street
Murphy, Joseph, Main Street
Murphy, John, Dromore Street
McClenaghan, James Martin, J.P., Church Street
McNeilly, Mrs., Downpatrick Street
Regan, Daniel, M.D., Downpatrick Street
Syme, W. G., manager, Hibernian Bank
Taylor, Edward, manager, Belfast Bank

Traders, etc.

Aiken, Henry, boot maker, Downpatrick Street
Allen, D. & W., grocers and iron mongers, Church Street
Allen, William, grocer, Church Street
Annett, Samuel, woollen draper and haberdasher, Church Street
Bell, Martha, baker, Church Street
Bell, Robert, grocer, Downpatrick Street
Bell, William, spirit dealer, Dromore Street
Bennett, John, shoe maker, leather cutter, and gutta percha worker, Main Street
Bennett, Rowan, spirit dealer, Church Street
Bell, John, general merchant, Church Street
Bradley, Francis, clothes dealer, etc., Church Street
Bradley, John, clothes dealer, Newry Street
Clark, Miss, dress maker, Newry Street
Cochran, John, tinsmith, Castle Street
Cochran, Joseph, tinsmith, Castle Street
Cochran, Samuel, shoe maker, Downpatrick Street
Cochran, William, tinsmith, Castle Street
Copeland, Samuel, spirit grocer, Newry Street
Copes, Miss, dress maker, Newry Street
Corbett, William, grocer, Newry Street
Crothers, Mary, grocer, Main Street
Crothers, J., grocer and woollen draper, Main Street
Davidson, Joseph, Dromore Street
Davidson, Wm., postmaster, woollen draper and posting establishment, Church Street
Dickson, David, blacksmith, Church Street
Dickson, Isaac, haberdasher, Dromore Street
Donnelly, Joseph, merchant, Main Street
Douglass, John, shoe maker, Castle Street
Doyle, P., spirit dealer, Main Street
Fagan, William, farmer and clerk of Petty Sessions, Newry Street
Fitzpatrick, Peter, cooper, Downpatrick Street
Fitzpatrick, P., dealer, Downpatrick Street
Hanna, Wm., baker and grocer, Main Street
Hardy, Mat., painter, glazier and spirit dealer, Newry Street
Hart, The Misses, dress makers, Downpatrick Street
Haslett, Jane, haberdasher, Main Street
Haslip, Alex., seed merchant, Church Street
Heenan, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Dromore Street
Heron, Robert, woollen draper, Main Street
Heslip, David, leather seller, Main Street
Hudson, James, auctioneer, Dromore Street
Hudson, Samuel, merchant, Downpatrick Street
Hutchinson, J., builder, Newry Street
Irvine, John, grocer, Main Street
Johnston, Robert, spirit dealer, Church Street
Johnston, William, sewing agent and relieving officer, Church Street
Johnstone, Thomas, saddler, Church Street
Keown, Robert, carpenter, Newry Street
Keown, William, painter, Dromore Street
Kirk, Andrew, publican and grocer, Dromore Street
Little, John, sewing agent, Downpatrick Street
Magee, Jane, earthenware dealer, Church Street
Magee, Patrick, Downpatrick Street
Maginn, James, furniture dealer, Main Street
Main, James, haberdasher, Main Street
Martin, John, publican, Dromore Street
Martin, James, grocer and iron monger, Newry Street
Meek, B. B., provision and seed merchant, baker, etc., Red House, Newry Street
Moore, Thomas, shoe maker, Downpatrick Street
Morgan, Agnes, spirit dealer, Church Street
Morrison, John, grocer & leather dealer, Main Street
Murphy, William, manor bailiff, Newry Street
McAleary, Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, Dromore Street
McAvoy, James, boot and shoe maker, Downpatrick Street
McCaulay, Miss, grocer, Newry Street
McConvill, Peter, lodgings, Church Street
McConville, Daniel, butcher, Newry Street
McCutcheon, J., sewing agent, Newry Street
McKee, Ebenezer, haberdasher, Dromore Street
McKee, Miss, dress maker, Main Street
McMain, James, haberdasher, Main Street
McNarney, J., haberdasher, Stamp Office, Newry Street
McNuff, John, tailor, Caddell Street
Northern Fire and Life Insurance Office - Agent, B. B. Meek, Newry Street
O'Hagan, Patrick, saddler, Dromore Street
Patterson, David, carpenter, Dromore Street
Parke, John, grocer, Main Street
Phillips, Edward, reed maker, Downpatrick Street
Reilly, Miss, dress maker, Downpatrick Street
Rowan Bros., drapers, Church Street
Sheridan, Miss, manageress, George Hotel, Caddell Street
Sloan, Thomas, butcher, Newry Street
Spiers, Thomas, farmer, Castle Hill
Spiers, William, spirit dealer, Dromore Street
Swan, Robert, flax miller, Grallagh
Thomas, O., saddler, Dromore Street
Toman, John, spirit dealer, Downpatrick Street
Toman, Mrs., spirit dealer, Newry Street
Tufts, John, bailiff, John Street
Watson, Jas., sewing agent and draper, Main Street
Watson, James, woollen draper, Main Street
Watson, John, sewing agent, Newry Street
Wilson, David, grocer, Main Street
Wilson, R., pawn broker, Downpatrick Street
Wilson, William, haberdasher, Newry Street


The George, Caddell Street - Norton & Shaw, proprietors
The Farmers and Commercial, Church Street - Robert D. Morton, proprietor


Is a post town in County Armagh, and about five miles E. by N. from Armagh ; situated on the River Tallwater, in the heart of a rich agricultural and populous district, interested also deeply in the linen manufacture. There is a station of the Great Northern Railway about one mile from the town ; also a station of the Newry and Armagh Railway Company about a mile and a quarter from the village. The Market House, a substantial building, was erected in 1753, by William Richardson, Esq.; it is now converted into a neat Episcopalian Chapel of Ease. There are also other places of worship for Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Wesleyan Methodists, and the Society of Friends. A Good Templars' Hall has been erected lately, in which public meetings are allowed to be held. Fairs - Shrove Tuesday, 26th July, and 15th October. Population of the town, about 700.

Post Office - Wolsey Kane, postmaster

Places of Worship

Parish Church, Kilmore - Rev. Richd. Johnston, rector
Richhill Church - Rev. Alexander Irwin, Incumbent
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Andrew McCaldin
Independent Church - Rev. Charles Skuse

Public Institutions

Constabulary - Christopher Reid, constable
Dispensary - John White, physician and surgeon
Erasmus Smith's School - Richard Lindsay and Miss Mc Kendrick, teachers

Clergy, etc.

Bacon, Mrs.
Irwin, Rev. Alexander, A.M., The Parsonage
Johnston, Rev. Richard, A.M., Kilmore Rectory
McCaldin, Rev. Andrew, The Manse

Traders, etc.

Best, James & Sons, grocers and drapers
Best, James & Francis James, proprietors and managers of Richhill Loan Co.
Callaghan, William, boot and shoe maker
Connor, William, cabinet maker
Fforde, Jane Eliza, spirit dealer
Greer, William, reed maker
Griffith, Mary Anne, grocer
Hardy, Martha, tanner
Hutchinson, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer
Hutchinson, Thomas, baker
Jackson, John, tanner
Kane, Wolsey, grocer
Proctor, James, boot and shoe maker
Spence, Geo., cabinet maker and furniture dealer
Towell, Joseph, cabinet maker
Walker, David, linen draper
Williamson, William John, baker
Wright, James, spirit and porter dealer


Is a beautiful watering place in the County Down. It is not quite two miles distant East from Warrenpoint, nor similarly situated as Warrenpoint, for Rostrevor is completely sheltered from the East winds by the mountains, and thus an advantageous place, in point of climate, for invalids, and particularly recommended for pulmonary disorders. The town is delightfully seated on a gentle declivity, which rises from a little cove of Carlingford Lough, and commands beautiful views of the woods, mountains, and waters of the Lough's basin. Mr. Inglis, in noticing Rostrevor, says it is, "one of the most beautiful spots in Ireland." The Woodside Hotel is beautifully situated on the main road between Warrenpoint, Rostrevor and Newcastle, and commands unrivalled views of mountain scenery, which are unsurpassed for grandeur by any in Ireland. The hotel is surrounded by its own ornamental grounds, flower gardens, lawns, etc., and commands views of Carlingford Lough and mountains on the one side, with the charming Slieve Ban mountain and wood on the other side. About a quarter of a mile South West of the town stands a handsome monument to the memory of the late General Ross, who fell while leading his troops to victory at Bladensburg, in America. The trade is very little, except the extensive bleach greens belonging to the Messrs. Martin and Forrest, Brook Spinning Company. The Parish Church forms a conspicuous object to the quiet aspect of the place. There are also a Presbyterian Church and a Roman Catholic Chapel. Fairs - Monday before Shrove Tuesday, Easter Monday, Whit Tuesday, 1st August, 19th September, 1st November and 11th December. Norton and Shaw's long cars daily pass through Rostrevor, and a 'bus, belonging to the same firm, plies several times each day between the village and Warrenpoint. Population in 1871, 626.

Post Office and Postal Telegraph Office - Wm. Shaw, postmaster
Dispensary - T. Agmon. Vesey, Esq., M.B., medical officer, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages ; deputy, Wm. Shaw.
Constabulary Barracks - Mr. Price, constable in charge
National School - Mr. Kimmon, master
Convent School

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. W. C. Barker, M.A., The Vicarage
Roman Catholic Church - Rev. Patrick O'Neill, P.P.; Rev. J. Lowry, P.P.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thos. Morgan, B.A., The Manse

Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Balfour, Miss, Fairy Hill
Ball, Miss, The Villa
Bowen, R., Drumsesk
Campbell, Alexander, Rosetta
Canning, the Hon. A. S. G., The Lodge
Corry, Mrs., Old Park
Crawley, ?, Forest Brook
Crumlin, N., Benvenue
Douglas, W. C., Bellevue
Ensor, Mrs., Riverside
Forde, Mrs., Carpenham
Greer, E., solicitor, Moygannon
Hall, Mrs. S., Greenpark
Hamilton, Mrs., Mary Street
Innis, The Misses, The Anchorage
Irwin, John Robert, J.P., Quay House
L'Estrange, Rev. G., Vicarage
Macneile, Miss, Riverside
Madden, Mrs., Moygannon House
Maguire, Mrs., The Ghann
Maine, Miss, Millvale
Martin, David, Lecain
Martin, Robert, Kilbroney
Morgan, Rev. Thomas, The Manse
McBlain, Robert, Arnos Vale
McBride, Miss, Mary Street
McCarten, ?, Baymount
McFarland, J., Seapoint House
Nunn, Mrs., Mary Street
O'Neill, Rev. P., P.P.
Pollard, Mrs., Lowwood House
Ramadge, Captain, Woodhouse
Ramsay, Captain, Mourne Park
Ross, the Hon. Mrs., of Bladensburg, Carrigbhan
Sharkey, Mrs., Southview
Squires, Mrs., Lisnarran
Stead, David, Steadily
Steiglitz, C. A., J.P., Knockbarrough Park
Stewart, Alex., J.P., Ballyedmond House
Vandeleur, Miss, The Craig

Traders, etc.

Boyd, Mrs., lodging house
Brown, William, painter and glazier
Calvert, John, lodging house
Calvert, William, general family grocer
Cole, R., smith
Copelands, Mrs., lodging house
Cowan, John, grocer
Crawford, Michael, spirit dealer, grocer and baker
Crawford, Wm., boot and shoe maker
Cull, John, spirit dealer, coal yard, timber and iron merchant and grocer
Cullen, James, & Son, coal merchants
Devlin, Mrs., grocer
Donnan, J., builder and contractor
Doyle, Miss, haberdasher
Dunn, Bernard, draper and haberdasher
Emerson, Mrs., lodging house
Fearon, J. A., grocer
Goodwin, H., posting establishment
Jones, Mrs., lodging house
Jones, R. A., pharmaceutical chemist, china, glass and earthenware warehouse and confectioner
Lightbody, N. H., builder and contractor
Lindsay, Miss, milliner and haberdasher
Mahood, John, painter, glazier and posting
Moffett, Hugh, hotel
McAvoy, Mrs., lodging house
McCormick, D., general smith
McCormick, Mrs., millinery & fancy warehouse
McCullough, John, baker and grocer
McCullough, W., boot and shoe maker
McCullough, J., boot and shoe maker
McEnulty, D. & Sons, car proprietor & posting
McGivern, J., grocer
McVeagh, P., baker and grocer
Norton & Shaw, Woodside Hotel and Baths, & The Mourne Hotel and posting establishment
Parks, Mrs., grocer
Roe, Miss, ladies' school
Sanxter, William, Queen's Arms Hotel and posting establishment
Shaw, W., family grocer
Sloane, Charles, spirit dealer, coal store & grocer
Smith, John, flour store and grocer
Ward, J., tailor
Ward, O., tailor
Ward, W., butcher
White, P., grocer
White, Sarah, grocer
White, James, butcher