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1877 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Bailieborough, is a market town and a parish, in the County Cavan, about fifty four miles N.W. from Dublin. It consists of one principal street and several diverging ones. General Sessions of the Peace for the Hilary and Midsummer periods are held annually ; Petty Sessions fortnightly.  There is a very fine Model National School.  About one mile to the North of the town is Bailieborough Castle, the seat of the Right Hon. Lady Lisgar.  It is situated in a fine demesne, and occupies the site of an ancient fortress or castle. The market is held on Monday. Fairs are held on the first Monday in each month.

Post Office - Thomas King, postmaster
Stamp Office, Market Street - Robert Gibson, stamp distributor

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. A. T. Gilmor, LL.D., Rector
1st Presbyterian Church (Corglass) - Rev. Thos. Robert White, minister
2nd Presbyterian Church (Urcher) - Rev. Thos. Johnston, minister
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Frs. O'Reilly, P.P.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - various

Public Institutions

Bible Society - Rev. Patrick White, secretary; William King, agent
Constabulary Station - W. W. B. Faussett, sub-inspector ; John Kelly, head constable
Petty Sessions - Robt. Gibson, clerk
Bridewell - Adam Barron, keeper
Model National School - A. S. Cowley, inspector ; J. J. Doherty, head master, male department ; John Sharkey, assistant master, male department; Miss Cleary, head mistress, Infant department ; Miss Brady, teacher, infant department
Northern Bank - W. B. Cross, manager ; R. P. Leathem, cashier
Ulster Bank - Wm. Jamison, agent
Union Workhouse - Twelve electoral divisions. Board meets on Mondays. Thomas Chambers, vice-chairman ; Charles McCombe, P. L. G., Shercock, deputy-chairman ; R. Ryans, M.D., medical officer ; Clement Graham, master ; A. S. Higgins, sub-sanitary officer.

Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Brady, Miss, Henry Street
Chambers, Thomas, land agent, Market Street
Chambers, William, Henry Street
Clarke, Joseph, surgeon, Market Street
Cleary, Miss, Henry Street
Cowley, A. S,, inspector of national schools
Cross, W. B., Northern Bank
Doherty, J. J., Model House
Faussett, W. W. B., sub-inspector R.I.C.
Gillmor, Rev. Dr.
Higgins, A. S., Lakeview Cottage
Hunter, Mrs., Henry Street
Johnston, Rev. T., Urcher
Keany, Rev. P., C.C., Henry Street
Knox, Rev. Andrew, Main Street
Lancashire, John, Drumbannon Lodge
Leathem, R. P., Henry Street
Lisgar, Right Hon. Lady, Lisgar House
Mehaffy, William, attorney, Market Street
Moore, James, Main Street
O'Reilly, Rev. Francis, P.P.
Robinson, Rev. Dr.
Robinson, Wm., M.D., Main Street
Ryan, Richard, M.D.
Simpson, H. K., J.P., Millmount
Small, Jamet, J.P., Villa (James in 1880)
Taylor, Rev. J. W., LL.B., Henry Street
Waring, Holt, R.M., Barrack Street

Traders, etc.

Argue, William, butcher, Market Street
Argue, Thomas, Adelaide Hotel
Armstrong, Mrs., Henry Street
Barclay, William, glazier, Market Street
Barclay, John, cess collector, Urcher
Bartley, W., grocer, Main Street
Bell, William, baker and grocer, Main Street
Boyle, Samuel, watch maker, Market Street
Bridget, Carroll, grocer, Main Street
Broome, Isaac, draper and seed merchant
Burns, M., butcher, William Street
Burns, O. & E., grocer, Main Street
Burns, Wm., spirit dealer, Main Street
Campbell, Mrs., Dispensary, William Street
Carolan, Owen, Church Street
Carrol, A., grain and provision dealer, Market Square
Carroll, Bridget, grocer, Main Street
Carroll, James, grocer, Market Street
Carroll, Phillip, spirit dealer, William Street
Cassidy, Patrick, labourer, William Street
Chambers, Stewart, shop keeper, Market Street
Chambers, Thomas, estate agency office
Clarke, Andrew, baker, Main Street
Clarke, James John, Church Street
Clarke, P., watch repairer, Main Street
Clarke, Patrick, baker and grocer
Clarke, Peter, spirit dealer, Main Street
Clarke, Thomas, butcher, William Street
Cochrane, John, Lisgar Arms Hotel, Main Street
Coleman, J., iron monger, etc., Main Street
Collins, Patrick, carpenter, Main Street
Cooke, James, tailor and draper, Main Street
Cooney, P., harness maker, William Street
Crossen, Patrick, Main Street
Cullen, Bartley, baker, William Street
Donnelly, Catherine, lodging house, William Street
Dunne, Charles, Main Street
Farrelly, Eliza, baker, car owner & spirit dealer, Market Street
Farrelly, Ellen, seed merchant
Farrelly, E., butcher, William Street
Farrelly, Mrs., hotel, Market Street
Farrelly, Patrick, shoe maker, William Street
Fearon, Eliza, bakery, Market Street
Fisher, Jane, Church Street
Ferguson, John, grocer, Main Street
Gamble, J. J., chemist, Main Street
Gibson, Robert, grocer and iron monger
Gibson, Thomas, draper, Main Street
Gunn, James, tinsmith, William Street
Hall, Thomas, spirit dealer
Jackson, William, shoe maker, William Street
James, R., Main Street
Kellett, E., woollen draper. etc.
King, Catherine, lodging house, William Street
King, George, leather merchant and grocer, Main Street
King, Thomas, painter and glazier, grocer, baker, etc.
Lawless, J., tailor, Market Street
Longmore, John, grocer, Main Street
Lynch, Patrick, spirit dealer, Market Square
Lytle, William, grocer, etc., Main Street
Mahaffy, William, solicitor
Mahood, George, process server, Main Street
Martin, M. A., grocer, Main Street
Maxwell, J. J., spirit dealer, Main Street
Moore, George, coach factory
Moore, N., woollen draper, Main Street
Monaghan, Michael, grocer, Main Street
Murray, Bernard, tailor, William Street
Murphy, John, grocer, Main Street
Murphy, Mrs., grocer, Market Square
McCombs, Mrs., milliner
McDonnell, Eliza, Church Street
McElwaine, S., Main Street
McEntee, Edward, R.I.C., William Street
McKinlay, John, harness maker, Market Street
McPhillips, E., spirit dealer and auctioneer, Main Street
O'Dowde, P., baker, Main Street
O'Hare, J. & H., hide and feather merchants
Parr, Harris, Church Street
Preston, Edward, labourer, William Street
Reilly, John, grocer, Main Street
Reilly, John, butcher, William Street
Reilly, Thomas, butcher, William Street
Reynolds, John, slater and plasterer, William Street
Rochford, Patrick, Main Street
Shannon, Robert, grocer, Main Street
Skelly, John, William Street
Simpson, Hugh K., miller, Millmount
Smith, Owen, fruit warehouse, William Street
Soraghan, Thomas, blacksmith and car owner, Market Street
Stafford, James, tin worker, Market Street
Traynor, Philip, draper, Market Street
Trotter, John, carrier, William Street
White, Miss, teacher, William Street
Wilson, John, provision dealer
Young, John, tailor, Thomas Street


A market town in the County of Monaghan, pleasantly situated in a valley, fifty two miles distant from Belfast, and eight from the county town, Monaghan - is situate on the direct line of road and railway from Dundalk to Enniskillen. Within a mile of the town are very extensive corn mills. There is a Protestant and a Roman Catholic Church, Presbyterian Meeting House, and market house. The markets are held on Saturday, and the fair held on the third Saturday in each month is celebrated for horses and black cattle. There is also a flax market. Town revenue, 1876, 150 ; expenditure, 110 ; debt, 394. Population, 1861, 1,658 ; 1871, 1,714.

Town Commissioners

Benjamin Brown, J.P., chairman ; John McManus, Francis McMahon, Samuel M. Cleave, Joseph Nicholson, Edward Murray, William McElvey, John J. McMahon, Isaiah Carson
Town Clerk - T. McSherry
Auditor - Thos. Collot, Local Government Board, Dublin

Banks and Managers

Bank of Ireland - Sidney Jackson, agent ; open Tuesday and Saturday
Belfast Bank - William Smith
Northern Bank - M. Edwards
Ulster Bank - Wm. Caruthers, open every Saturdays
Registration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Dr. Martin


A seaport and market town in County Antrim, forty two miles N.N.W. from Belfast. The name of the place, Ballycashlin, signifying in the Irish language, "Castletown," is derived from a castle built here in 1609, by Randolph, Earl of Antrim, the remains of which, in the year 1856, were removed, and the site let for building ground. Its advantages for sea bathing and magnificent scenery adjacent, have rendered Ballycastle very attractive in the summer. An inland revenue office and stations of the constabulary and coast guard are established here. The Northern Banking Company have a branch of their bank here. The weekly general market is held on Tuesday ; and for oats, etc., on Thursday ; there is also a pork, flax and butter market held every Wednesday fortnight. Monthly new fair the second Tuesday in each month. Fairs - Easter Tuesday, the last Tuesday in May, 26th July, the last Tuesday in the month of August, October and November

Post Office - Mrs. Black, postmistress
Union Workhouse - 15 Electoral Divisions. Board meets on Mondays. Chairman, John Casement, Esq., J.P., Churchfield, Ballycastle, Vice-Chairman, Robt. Gage, Esq., J.P., Rathlin Island, Ballycastle ; Deputy Vice-Chairman, Alex. McKeenan, Esq., Cloughcor, Ballintroy. Clerk and relieving officer, Chas. McCaughan. Timothy Kelly, relieving officer. Matron, Miss Mawhinney. School mistress, Jane King. Master, J. Harvey

Places of Worship

Episcopal Church - Ramoan, Rev. H. H. Biederman, A.M., Chancellor of Connor; Rev. Geo. Gillinton, curate
Methodist Church - Ministers, various
Presbyterian Church - Rev. George McFarland
Roman Catholic Church - Rev. Patrick McAlister, P.P.; Armoy, Rev. Mr. McCarty

Gentry, Clergy, etc.

Anderson, Captain, R.N., inspecting commander coastguard service
Barnes, Rev. J. P., Ballycastle Church
Barry, Wm., sub-inspector of Constabulary
Biederman, Rev. W. H., Ramoan rectory
Black, Mrs.
Boyd, Andrew
Boyd, Sir H. H., J.P., Mansion House
Boyd, W. G., Ramoan
Carmuddy, Miss
Casement, John, J.P., Churchfield
Clarke, Miss
Cuppage, Adam, J.P., Glenbank
D'Eveylin, Rev. J. W., Glebe, Armoy
Dobbs, Rev. Francis, Ballintoy
Dunn, Rev. John, P.P., Rathlin
Gage, Ezekiel, Colonel
Gage, Robert, J.P., Rathlin
Gillinton, Rev. George
Graham, Rev. Jackson, Armoy
Greer, Rev. J. B., Culfeighdren rectory
Hunter, Mrs.
Kearney, Rev. R., P.P., Ballyoy
Kirkpatrick, H. C., manager Northern Bank
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., Whitehall
McAlister, Rev. Patrick, P.P.
McCartney, Rev. Mr., P.P., Armoy
McFarland, Rev. George
McGildowney, John, J.P., Clare Park
McKeenan, Alexander, Cloughcor, Ballintroy
Moore, John S., J.P., Moyarget Lodge
O'Connor, G. M., M.D.
Stewart, J. H., surgeon
White, John Leeland
Wilson, Mrs., Cainsampson
Woodside, Robert

Traders, etc.

Archer, Hugh, carpenter
Black, Ann
Black, John, grocer
Black, Robert, woollen draper
Black, Robert, boarding house
Black, W. B., grocer and auctioneer
Boyd, Hugh, baker and grocer
Boyd, William J., farmer
Branigan, Moses, spirit dealer
Cameron, John, blacksmith
Clarke, James, cooper
Cochrane, John, shoe maker
Conley, Hugh, horse shoer
Coyles, Archibald, butcher
Curry, Archibald, grocer
Curry, Frederick, carpenter
Day, Patrick, dealer
Douglas, George, carpenter and builder
Duncan, James, spirit dealer
Ewing, Margaret, grocer
Fitzpatrick, James
Glass, William, spirit dealer
Henwood, Henry, grocer
Higgins, Bernard, farmer
Higgins, John, grocer and carpenter
Humfries, Henry, carpenter
Johnston, John, grocer
Jolly, A. M., collector of cess
Jolly, John, woollen draper
Kelly, Mrs., dress maker
Kinney, James, butcher
Knox, T. & J., grain merchants
Laverty, Ann, woollen draper and haberdasher
Magill, The Misses, milliners
Mathers, Mary Anne, grocer
Miller, James, boot and shoe maker
Mitchell, James, tailor
Moore, William, saddler
Murphy, Francis, tailor
McAlister, Alexander, grocer, distributor of stamps, clerk of petty sessions, Commissioner for taking Affidavits for the Court of Chancery and Court of Queen's Bench in Ireland, and Deputy Registrar of Births and Deaths
McAlister, John, tailor
McAlister, Rose, bonnet maker
McAuley, Robert, spirit dealer
McCambridge, Elizabeth, grocer
McCaughan, Mrs., grocer and leather cutter
McCaughan, Nehemiah, grocer
McCay, Margaret, spirit dealer
McCloy, Charles, shoe maker
McCluskey, Patrick, spirit dealer
McCollum, A., baker
McDonnell, Mary, Antrim Arms Hotel and posting establishment
McGrath, John, spirit dealer and auctioneer
McGugan, Neal, spirit dealer
McHenry, James, spirit dealer
McHenry, John, spirit dealer and posting establishment
McKendry, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer
McKillop, Archibald, marine store dealer
McLaughlin, D., grocer and boot and shoe maker
McLean, Alexander, painter, glazier & spirit dealer
McMichael, Daniel, grocer and baker
McMichael, Hugh, poor rate collector
McMichael, James, sewed muslin agent
McMullin, Charles, boot and shoe maker
McNeill, Archibald, grocer
McNeill, Francis, tailor
McPeak, Mary, woollen draper
McQuigg, Henry, grocer and hardware merchant
McVicker, William, spirit dealer
Neely, James, grocer
Nickle, John, timber merchant
O'Hara, John, general merchant
O'Hara, Patrick, spirit dealer
Quin, Edward, carpenter
Ranigan, Moses, spirit dealer
Reavy, Andrew, nailer
Robinson, Ann, medicine vendor
Sharpe, Wm., grocers, iron monger, hardware merchant, registrar of marriages, and agent for the sale of agricultural implements
Simms, George
Smith, James, blacksmith
Smith, John, blacksmith
Stewart, J. H., surgeon
Stuart, C. M. D., barony cess collector
Taylor, James, draper
Thompson, Daniel, baker, grocer and grocer
Thompson, Mary, draper
Verdon, Jane, spirit dealer
White, Archibald, grain merchant
Whiteford, John, grocer
Wilkinson, Catherine, draper
Wilson, Elizabeth, grocer
Woodside, Mrs., milliner


Ballyclare is a flourishing little market town in the County Antrim, ten miles from Belfast.  Near the town are the extensive bleachworks of Mr. James Whisker, and the North of Ireland Co.'s paper mills, and linen is manufactured by other establishments in the vicinity. A railway connecting the town with the seaport of Larne will shortly be opened for traffic. Within an area of two miles there are thirteen manufacturing establishments - spinning factories, paper mills, bleach greens, and beetling engines. A Court of Petty Sessions is held every third Thursday. There is a market every Tuesday for butter and pork; and markets - chiefly for cattle - are held on the third Wednesday of each month. The fairs are held on the last Tuesday of January, the second Tuesdays after 12th May, 12th July, and 12th November. The May fair is one of the largest and best for horses in the Province of Ulster. A railway connecting the town with the seaport of Larne will shortly be opened for traffic

Postal Telegraph Office - Thomas Beggs, postmaster

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Ballyeaston - Rev. Thomas F. Black, rector; Rev. Samuel Black, perpetual curate
Church of Ireland, Ballynure - Rev. W. J. Kerr, D.D.
Presbyterian Church, 1st Ballyeaston - Rev. Wm. Young
Presbyterian Church, 2nd Ballyeaston - Rev. Andrew B. Porter
Presbyterian Church, Ballynure - Rev. William Kerr
Presbyterian Church, Kilbride - Rev. Wm. Orr
Presbyterian Church, Ballylinney - Rev. Isaac Adams
Presbyterian Church - Rev. E. M. Legate
Covenanters' Church - Rev. Wm. Russell
Wesleyan Chapel - Rev. T. Pearson
Methodist (New Connection) Chapel - Rev. S. Nicholson
Unitarian Church - Rev. John Hall
Unitarian Church, Northern Presbytery - Rev. Joseph McFadden
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Mr. O'Neill

Gentry, Clergy, etc.

Adams, Rev. Isaac, Ballylinney
Alexander, James, Sizehill
Alexander, Thomas, Knowehead
Allen, Arthur, J.P., Collin
Anderson, W. C., manager Northern Banking Company
Bain, Rev. James, Straid
Black, Rev. Samuel, Episcopalian minister
Broadbent, Samuel E., Cogry
Clugston, William A., M.D., medical officer of Doagh Dispensary
Galt, James, Clairview
Galt, William, Doagh
Gilmor, William H., Rashee
Graham, Isaac, Craigs
Hall, Rev. John
Heron, William
Hill, Thomas
Hughes, Thomas, Ballynashee
Kerr, Rev. William, Ballynure
Kirkpatrick, John J., Henryfield
Legate, Rev. E. M.
Mackey, William
Murdoch, Miss
McFadden, Rev. Joseph
McKinstry, Henry
O'Neill, Rev. Mr.
Orr, Rev. William, Kilbride
Owens, James, J.P., Holestone
Park, Richard Dobbs, Ballynure
Parkhill, Robert, Glenpark
Peden, James, surgeon and commissioner for taking affidavits for the superior courts of common law
Pearson, Rev. J.
Porter, Rev. Andrew B.
Russell, Rev. William
Shaw, George, Doagh
Simms, William, Ballywalter
Simpson, Mrs. Eliza, Cogry
Stevenson, Thomas, Palentine
White, Dr. P. H., Ballymore
Wiley, William A., Rushvale
Wiley, James Alexander, Drumadarragh
Williams, Alexander, Fisherwick
Wilson, James G. and John G., Rashee
Wilson, Samuel, Holding
Woodside, Alexander, surgeon
Wright, William John
Young, rev. William, Ballyeaston

Traders, etc.

Adrain, Robert, tailor and draper
Alexander, James, jun., road surveyor
Baird, John, hotel keeper
Beatty, R., woollen draper, Ballynure
Beggs, Thomas, conveyancer and clerk of petty sessions, postmaster and Commissioner in Chancery
Beresford, Nimmon, pump maker
Blair, James, slater
Boyd, David, spirit dealer, Ballynure
Boyd, Mrs., spirit dealer, Straid
Boyd, Robert, coach builder
Boyd, John, teacher, N.S.
Britton, J. W., woollen draper
Broadbent, Samuel E., flax spinner, Cogry
Brown, Thomas, teacher of music, Whitepark
Cameron, James, shoe maker
Cameron, Arthur, shoe maker and printer
Cameron, David, shoe maker
Cameron, Robert, shoe maker
Cannon, John, grocer and leather cutter
Carlin, Wm. J., grocer
Carruth, John, plasterer
Clarke, John, coach builder
Cole, Charles, nailor
Corry, Samuel, book binder and photographer
Coulter, Miss, milliner
Coulter, John, spirit dealer and jaunting car proprietor
Crawford, Eliza, grocer
Cunningham, A., shoe maker
Curran, Mary, grocer
Dickey, John, grocer
Erskine, Mrs., inn keeper
Farquhar, Samuel, cashier in Northern Bank
Fleming, John, spirit dealer
Galt, Alexander, woollen draper, Doagh
Gettingby, Robert, tailor
Gettingby, Mathew, woollen draper
Gilbert, Mrs., grocer
Gilmore, James, spirit dealer
Gilmore, Jane, grocer
Girvan, William, spirit dealer, Ballynure
Gordon, W. & J., pork and butter merchants
Gregg, James, family grocery and general merchant
Hamilton, John, sewed muslin agent
Hamilton, John, shoe maker
Hanley, James, mechanic, Bruslee Mill & manufacturer of farming implements
Heaney, John, civil bill officer
Hill, James, grocer, Ballynure
Hill, John, tailor
Hill, John, blacksmith
Hill, David, butter merchant, Ballynure
Hill, James, carrier
Horner, John, shoe maker
Houston, Thomas, painter and glazier
Hunter, John, cow doctor
Irvine, George, grocer
Johnston, James H., leather cutter
Johnston, James, jun., saddler
Lawson, William, woollen draper
Lowes, Miss, milliner
Magee, Francis, builder
Magee, Francis, tailor and draper
Magee, Robert, builder
Marshall, James, shoe maker
Marshall, Robert, carrier
Millar, David, blacksmith
Miller, James, butcher
Miller, David, spirit dealer
Miller, Thomas, watch maker
Milliken, John, shoe maker
Milford, John, inn keeper, Doagh
Moore, William, grocer
Moore, William, linen manufacturer
Moore, Samuel, linen manufacturer
Moore, Thomas, shoe maker
Morrow, Samuel, carrier
McClean, S., grocer
McClelland, David, spirit dealer
McClelland, John, baker
McClelland, Margaret, grocer
McClelland, Mrs., inn keeper
McConnell, John M., inn keeper
McCrone, James, woollen draper
McCullough, William, builder
McCune, David John, teacher, N.S.
McDowell, John, carpenter
McGladdery, Alexander, inn keeper
McGinnis, Con., inn keeper
McGuigan, Mrs., grocer
McIlroy, John, saddler
McIlroy, William, linen lapper and grocer
McNeilly, James, inn keeper
McNeight, Thomas, grocer
Nesbitt, James, hardware merchant
North of Ireland Paper manufacturing Co.
Nicholson, Robert, baker
Patten, Samuel, carpenter
Percy, Robert, cooper
Percy, Thomas, jun., teacher, second N.S.
Rooney, Miss, grocer
Service, Wm., grocer
Shannon, Alexander, woollen draper
Smyth, Hugh, inn keeper
Streight, Ephraim, draper
Thompson, Thomas, cabinet maker
Todd, John, Petty Sessions bailiff
Townsley, Robert, grocer
Valentine, James, newsagent
Valentine, Miss, female teacher National School
Walmsley, James, grocer
Warwick, F. C., watch maker
Warwick, N. W., grocer and hardware merchant
Whisker, James, muslin bleacher
Wilson, James, spirit dealer and grocer


A nice little village in the County Tyrone, the property of Sir John Stewart, Bart., ten miles from Dungannon Railway Station. It contains a brewery and distillery, and a corn mill ; one mile from the town is the Lisdourt Spinning Mill and Flax Mill. A monthly fair second Friday of the month, and market every Friday throughout the year, for the sale of potatoes, oats and butter, etc. Petty Sessions third Tuesday of each month - John Macartney, clerk.

Post Office - Miss Sarah Stuart, Postmistress

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. T. Adderley
Presbyterian Church - Rev. D. G. Smyth
Protestant Hall
Roman Catholic Chapel, two miles from town

Public Institutions

Constabulary Station - Sergeant McElhenny and four men
Dispensary - Open each Tuesday and Saturday - S. Phillips, M.D.
2 National Schools

Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Adderley, Rev. T., Knockonney House
Byrne, Rev. Mr., C.C.
Crory, Rev. Mr., C.C.
Crosslie, James, J.P., Anahoe House
Fairon, Rev. J., C.C.
Fitzpatrick, Lawrence, distiller
Mann, Major, Dunmoyle Lodge
Moutray, Anketell, J.P., Mountpleasant
Moutray, Edmund, J.P., Riversdale, Glencull
Moutray, Rev. J. J., Favor Royal
Moutray, Rev. J. M., Richmond Glebe
Murphey, J., Supervisor of Inland Revenue
McDowell, Mr., Baptist Minister
Nangle, J., Excise Officer
Phillips, Samuel, M.D., The Grange
Riddle, Rev. T. J., Manse, Ballyreigh
Skelly, Mr., Baptist minister
Smyth, Rev. D. G., The Manse
Stewart, Sir J. M., Bart., Ballygawley Park
Stewart, Captain Mervyn

Traders, etc.

Ashfield, Miss Mary, dress maker
Barrett, Whitney, boot and shoe maker
Brown, Mrs. S., grocer
Bushey, William, dealer
Cairns, William G., spirit dealer
Cairns, Miss M., milliner and woollen draper
Campbell, Charles, sewed muslin agent
Carney, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer and hardware
Devers, Samuel, spirit dealer
Dickey, Eliza, grocer and dress maker
Droogan, F., grocer and spirit dealer
Ewins, Robert, boot and shoe maker
Ewins, Samuel, blacksmith
Farrell, Peter, boot and shoe maker
Fitzpatrick, P., grocer and spirit dealer
Girvan, J. S., spirit grocer and leather merchant
Hagan, P., grocer and leather merchant
Harvey, James, teacher, National School
Henderson, M., boot and shoe maker
Hughes, Patrick, mail car contractor
Lucas, James, grocer
Mullin, Alexander, grocer, spirit and leather merchant
Mullin, James, saddler
Mullin, Neil, tailor
Murphy, Patrick, grocer
McCutcheon & Co., woollen drapers
McCutcheon, Stewart's Arms Hotel and posting establishment
McGurk, Mary, dress maker and haberdasher
McMinn, J., grocer and spirit dealer
McMinn, Matthew, grocer and carpenter
McMenimen, Denis, delf and hardware merchant
O'Neill, F., spirit dealer
Patterson, John, spirit dealer
Simpson, Stewart, carpenter
Stuart Miss M. A., milliner and draper
Thompson, Charles, spirit dealer
Trainor, F., grocer and baker
Williamson, William, tailor
Wright, William, carpenter


Ballymena, is a stirring, business, and thronged market inland town, in the County of Antrim - twenty one miles from Belfast - pleasantly situated two miles above the confluence of the Braid and the Main waters, and on the high road from Belfast to Coleraine and Londonderry. Large quantities of linen cloth are manufactured in the neighbourhood, and brought to the Ballymena bleach greens, of which there are many in the vicinity of the town, where the water is abundant and pure. It holds the highest position as a linen market in the United Kingdom. General Sessions of the Peace are held four times a year, and Petty Sessions every fortnight. There is a Town Hall, a Court House, a large Protestant Hall, and commodious hotels. There are branches of the Belfast Banking Company, the Northern Banking Company, the Ulster banking Company, and the Provincial Bank of Ireland. There are also a News room, a Protestant Society, and a Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association. There are two local newspapers - Ballymena Observer, established in 1855, and the Ballymena Advertiser - both published on Saturday. The parish church, beautifully situated within the demesne of Lord Waveney, at the head of Castle Street, was completed and opened for Divine service in 1855. Every window in the edifice was of richly stained glass. The total cost of the Church was about 5,000, the whole of which sum, except 1,500, was provided by the then Colonel Adair, now Lord Waveney, the Lord of the soil. It is called the Church of St. Patrick, and is universally regarded as a model of architectural taste. In connection with this church is a new Parochial School House, which cost 1,500; and a Diocesan School House was established in 1827. There are five Presbyterian churches, a Roman Catholic Chapel, one Methodist, and a Baptist Meeting House. A local Linen Company was established in 1864, and an extensive Yarn spinning factory has been erected in Bridge Street. The capital invested in this concern is 50,000. There are three weekly markets - namely, on Tuesday, for pork and butter ; on Wednesday, for grain ; but the principal one is on Saturday, and is a large linen market. Fairs, 26th July and 21st October. Population in 1861, 6,774, and in 1871, 7,931

Post Office - Postmaster - Frederic A. Matthews

Town Commissioners - Robert Simpson, J.P., chairman ; Alex. Caruth, Hugh Davidson, James martin, Robert Chesney, Joseph Stewart, Alex. Wiley, John Young, James B. Patrick. Meetings on first Monday of every month and more frequently by adjournment. Office - Town Hall Buildings, Bridge Street. Clerk - George Ballentine
Coroner - William Raphael, Galgorm
Inspector of National Schools - Ed. MacCreanor, Wellington Street
Clerk of Petty Sessions - George Ballentine, Master in Chancery and Commissioner for taking affidavits for all Courts, High Street
Stamp Distributor - Lambert McKillop, Wellington Street
District Registrar of Marriages - Frederic A. Mathews, Audley Lodge
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Arthur Ross, M.D., Wellington Street
Superintendent Registrar of Births, etc. - Frederic A. Mathews, Audley Lodge
High Constable for the Barony - Frederic A. Mathews, Audley Lodge
Clerk of Markets - John Beaumont

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. J. W. Murray, LL.D., incumbent; Revs. J. N. Shearman, curate
Ballyclug Parish Church as Chapel of Ease to Ballymena - Rev. Henry Holden, curate
First Presbyterian Church, Castle Street - Rev. Saml. Marcus Dill, minister
Second Presbyterian Church, High Street - Rev. David McMeekin, minister
Third Presbyterian Church, Wellington Street - Rev. W. McCloy, minister
West Presbyterian Church, Flixton Place - Rev. E. G. Simpson, minister
Unitarian Church, High Street - Vacant
Gospel Hall, Wellington Street - Rev. John G. McVickar, minister
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Castle Street - Rev. Stewart Smith, minister
Baptist Chapel, Hill Street - Rev. R. S. Eccles, M.D., minister
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. Lynch, P.P., Rev. Timothy O'Kane, C.C.; Rev. Maurice Sheachan, C.C.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Craigbilly -

Public Institutions

Belfast Bank, Wellington Street - John Patrick, local director; Robt. J. Calvert, manager
Northern Bank, George's Street - J. & R. Young, local directors ; Wm. M. Armstrong, manager
Provincial Bank, Wellington Street - John Raphael, local director; John H. Lawlor, manager
Ulster Bank, Wellington Street - Wm. Hogg, manager
Schools - Diocesan School - Rev. Robert King, A.B., principal
Mercantile School, High Street - Rev. James Rutherford, teacher
Parochial School, Ballymoney Street - John Metarnaghan, teacher
Ballymena National Schools, near Roman Catholic Chapel - Robert Black, teacher
Model School, Ballymoney Road - Jas. Breslave, head teacher ; Miss Brown, female teacher ; Mrs. O'Keane, infant teacher
Castle Street National School, Castle Street - J. McCartney, teacher
Female National School, Wellington Street - Margt. Cameron, teacher
Geological Survey for Co. Antrim - William A. Traill, C.E., M.A.I., F.R.G.S.I.
Guy's Free School, Wellington Street - J. Alexander, teacher
Harryville National School, Larne Street
Harryville National School, Harryville Bridge - Arthur O'Neill, teacher
Infant National School, Wellington Street - Margt. Buchanan, teacher
Mutual Improvement Association, Wellington Street - Edward S. Wilson, secretary
News-Room and Library, Wellington Street - Wm. Parker, secretary and treasurer; J. Craig, caretaker
Protestant Association, Ballymoney Street - James Ballentine, treasurer
Union Workhouse, Cushendall Road - 23 electoral divisions. Board meets on Thursday. Thomas Hamilton-Jones, D.L., J.P., Moneyglass House, chairman ; John Raphael, Galgorm House, vice chairman ; Wm. A. Young, Kiltullagh, deputy vice chairman ; Frederic A. Mathews, clerk and returning officer ; John B. French and Mary Ann French, master and matron ; Abraham Kidd, M.D., L.K. and Q.C.P., M.R.I.A., medical attendant
Dispensary, Mount Street - Arthur Ross, M.D., Wellington Street, medical officer
Town Hall, corner of Bridge Street and Mill Street - The lower part of which is fitted up as armoury for the local pensioners in charge of Sergeant Major Barland. Staff Officer, Major Reid, 2nd division. Belfast
Court House, Ballymoney Road - Petty Sessions held every alternate Monday - George Ballentine, clerk to justices
Quarter Sessions held four times each year - John Hastings Otway, Q.C., Chairman of County ; Thomas Cunningham, deputy clerk of the peace ; Wm. McAllan, court keeper
Bridewell - Behind the Court House - contains 7 cells, 1 solitary, 1 male and 1 female day room. William McAllan, governor; Major Griffin, local inspector
Constabulary Barracks, Albert Place - Arthur W. Stafford, county inspector ; Bernard Geo. Shaw, sub inspector ; Wm. Kennedy, head constable
Constabulary Barracks, Harryville - Jas. Howe, constable in charge
Excise - Michael Egan, High Street, supervisor ; James A. O'Neill, Raglan Place, warehouse keeper, James Dooley, Fountain Place, ride officer
Railway Station, Portglenone Road - Thomas Rigby, station master. Goods Station, Harryville - Thomas Rigby, superintendent

Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Waveney, Lord, D.L., J.P., The Castle, Ballymena ; 7 Audley Square, London
Armstrong, William, George's Street
Balfour, Miss, Lawnview
Beggs, Mrs., Lisnafillen
Bellis, George, Flixton Place
Black, William, surgeon, Hill Street
Brown, Robert, Kildrum
Calvert, Robert J., Wellington Street
Caruth, Alexander, solicitor, Flixton Place
Casement, Mrs., Brocklamont
Casement, Rev. Robert, Harryville
Christie, Robert, solicitor, High Street and Brocklamont Lodge
Courtenay, Dr., Galgorm
Currell, Andrew, J.P., Ballygarvey
Davison, Richard, Audley Place
Dawson, Albert, Henry Street
Dickey, Misses, Victoria Place
Dill, Rev. S. Marcus, The Manse
Disney, Miss, Lawnview
Dogherty, Dr., Broughshane Street
Dunseath, Mrs., Knockanure
Egan, Michael, supervisor, High Street
Ferguson, George, solicitor, Harryville
Gihon, William, Clonavon
Greene, Mrs., Castle Street
Hastings, Thomas, Audley Place
Hogg, William, Wellington Street
Holden, Rev. Henry, Church Street
Johnston, Rev. Walter, Connor
Kidd, Abraham, M.D. and surgeon, Linenhall Street
Killen, James B., Church Street
Lawlor, John H., Wellington Street
Lynch, Rev. John, P.P., Chapel House
MacCreanor, Edward, supervisor of Excise, Wellington Street
Magill, Thomas S., Greenfield
Maine, Miss, High Street
Martin, James, Harryville
Martin, Mrs. A., Harryville
Martin, Mrs. D., High Street
Mathews, Frederic A., Audley Lodge
Minnis, Miss, High Street
Montgomery, A. C., R.M., Ballee House
Morton, Nathaniel, Brookville
Mullan, Andrew, M.D., Bridge Street
Murray, Rev. John Walton, LL.D., The Rectory
McCloy, Rev. William
McKillop, David, solicitor, Wellington Street and Ballygarvey House
McKillop, Lambert, Ballygarvey House
McMeekin, Rev. David, Pentagon
McVickar, rev. John G., High Street
O'Kane, Rev. Timothy, C.C., Sandy Cottage
O'Neill, James A., excise officer, Raglan Place
O'Rorke, Ambrose, J.P., Ballybollin
O'Rorke, Alexander, solicitor, High Street
Orr, Hugh H., solicitor, Bridge Street ; res., Hugomont
Orr, Mrs., Hugomont
Patrick, James, J.P., Flixton Place
Perry, Samuel William, J.P., Grange
Raphael, John, Galgorm House
Raphael, William, Galgorm Park
Robinson, Rev. John, Ballymoney Street
Ross, Arthur, M.D., surgeon, Wellington Street
Rowan, Rev. R. W., Mount Davys
Rowan, John J., J.P., Mount Davys
Sheahan, Rev. Maurice, C.C., Sandy Cottage
Simpson, Rev. E. F., The Manse
Smyth, Andrew, M.D., surgeon and apothecary, Church Street
Smyth, Rev. Stewart, Castle Street
Stafford, Arthur W., C.I.R.I.C., Audley House
Strahan, John, Wellington Street
Thompson, Miss, Galgorm
Traill, Wm. A., C.E., geological survey, Ballymena and Glenarm
Treacy, Mrs., Brigadee
Wallace, John, navy surgeon, Wellington Street
Wallace, Hugh, Greenfield
Wardlow, Mrs., Craigbilly House
Wilson, Daniel M., inspector of National Schools, High Street
Young, Alexander, M.D., Bridge Street
Young, John, D.L., Galgorm Castle
Young, John, jun., Wellington Street
Young, Samuel R., Farm Lodge
Young, Wm. A., J.P., Kentullagh
Young, Wm., Finaghy, Cullybackey

Merchants, Traders, etc.

Adair, Blayney, architect, Wellington Street
Agnew, Thomas, tailor, Mill Street
Allison, John, boarding house, Pentagon House
Allen & Son, seedsmen and florists, Church Street
American Light Company (George Copeland & Co.), Bridge Street
Anderson, Thomas, Church Street
Atkinson, John & Son, hardware, delf, glass and china warehouse, Mill Street
Ballentine, J., leather cutter, Wellington Street
Barbour, Alexander, Bridge Street
Barr, Wm., posting establishment, Wellington Street
Beattie, Jas., chemist and druggist, Wellington Street
Bell, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, Ballymoney Street
Bell, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, Ballymoney Street
Black, Alexander, book seller, Church Street
Black, Archibald, boot and shoe maker, Church Street
Black, R., spirit dealer, Wellington Street
Bolan, William, grocer, Broughshane Street
Boyd, John, grocer, High Street
Boyle, James, tailor and woollen draper, Wellington Street
Brown, Jane, family grocer, Bridge Street
Brown, S. & T., sewed muslin agents, High Street
Brownlee, Alexander, spirit dealer, William Street
Brownlee, David, spirit dealer, Hill Street
Buchanan, Robert, spirit dealer, Wellington Street
Buick, William, grocer, Broughshane Street
Butler, Maria, refreshments, Railway Street
Byrne, Mrs. (Royal Hotel), Church Street
Caldwell, William, glazier, Church Street
Callaghan, John, spirit dealer, High Street
Cameron, The Misses, High Street
Cameron, Thomas, Bridge Street
Carson, J., saddler, Linenhall Street
Chesney, Robert, draper, High Street
Christie, John, cabinet maker, Mill Street
Close, Robert, yarn merchant, Linenhall Street
Compton, Henry, spirit dealer, High Street
Cooney, Edward, Temperance Hotel, Bridge Street
Cooney, Kichard, butcher, Linenhall Street (Richard)
Copland, George & Co. (American Light Company), Bridge Street
Cosbie, John, saddler, Wellington Street
Cosbie, James, builder, Bridge Street
Craig, Alexander, saddler, Church Street
Craig, Francis, woollen draper, Church Street
Craig, William J., woollen draper and merchant tailor, Church Street
Crawford, Robert, pawn broker, High Street
Cumming, John, spirit dealer, William Street
Cumming, Thomas, spirit dealer, Linenhall Street
Davidson, William, reed maker, William Street
Davis, Wm. J., boot and shoe maker, Church Street
Davison, Hugh, rope and twine maker, Bridge Street
Delargey, High, spirit dealer, Church Street
Dilger, Charles, clock maker and spirit dealer, William Street
Dowling, Michael, publican, Church Street
Drennan, Robert, cabinet maker, High Street
Eagleson, Jane, hotel keeper, Bridge Street
English, Jas., grocer and spirit dealer, William Street
Erwin, Moses, printer, proprietor of Ballymena Advertiser, Wellington Street
Erwin, Thomas, tract depository, Church Street
Eslar, W., grocer & provision merchant, Church Street
Eslar, Wm., pawn broker, Linenhall Street
Fielding, Mrs., servants' registry office, High Street
Fleck, James, spirit dealer, Church Street
Forbes, Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, High Street
Forsythe, Robert, haberdasher, Bridge Street
Gault, J., coal and timber merchant, Harryville
Getty, John, spirit dealer, Mill Street
Gihon, W., jun., bleacher, Lisnafillen and Ballymena
Gilmour, Wm., yarn merchant, Broughshane Street
Graham, Geo., iron mongers and leather dealers, Bridge Street
Graham, J., spirit dealer, Ballymoney Street
Hale, John, gas works manager, Bridge Street
Hanna, Wm., Harryville
Hanna, Wilson, spirit dealer and grocer, William Street
Hardy, James, N., woollen draper, haberdasher and linen draper, Church Street
Harkness, Alexander (Farmer's Hotel,), Mill Street
Harrison, Thomas, clog manufacturer, Mill Street
Higgins, Mrs., spirit dealer and grocer, Bridge Street
Hilditch, John, tailor, Harryville
Hill, John, grocer and provision dealer, Broughshane Street
Hood, S., auctioneer, Linenhall Street
Hunter, Hugh, pawn broker, Mill Street
Irwin, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, Broughshane Street
Johnston, L., house painter, Bridge Street
Kennedy, Mary Jane, milliner, Church Street
Kennedy, Robert, spirit dealer & grocer, pork & butter merchant, William Street
Kidd, Mrs., Castle Street
Killen, John, grocer, Church Street
Kilpatrick, Mary, spirit dealer, Mill Street
Kirk, David, linen manufacturer, bleacher, dyer, and holland finisher, Moorfields
Knowles, James, cabinet maker and upholsterer, High Street
Larkin, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Galgorm Street
Leech, Joseph, publican, Bryan Street
Liggett, Wm., plumber, Bridge Street
Love & Co., timber merchants, High Street
Macartney, David, & Son, grocers and provision merchants, Church Street
Magee, Edward, land surveyor, Albert Place
Malaghan, Bros., coach builders, Broughshane Street
Montgomery, Hugh, cabinet maker, High Street
Montgomery, John, grocer, William Street
Montgomery, Matthew, coach maker, Church Street
Moore, James, solicitor's clerk, High Street
Moore, W. & R., builders ; Wellington Street; timber, slate and tile yard, Ballymoney Street
Morton & Co., merchants and mill owners, Brookvale
Morton & Simpson, grocers, bakers and provision dealers, Church Street
Mullan, Mrs., spirit store, Church Street
McAleese, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, Broughshane Street
McAlister, Hector, spirit dealer, Broughshane Street
McAlister, J., spirit dealer, Bryan Street
McAlister, J., spirit dealer, Wellington Street
McAtameny, T. & H., spirit dealers & grocers, Mill Street
McAulay, A., auctioneer, valuator and jobber, Castle Street
McAulay, James, haberdasher, Church Street
McCampbell, S., leather seller, Church Street
McCann, J., spirit dealer, Bryan Street
McCarry, Daniel, spirit dealer, Church Street
McCaughey, Hugh, grocer and chandler, wine and spirit merchant, Church St.
McClean, Charles, grocer, William Street
McClure & Co., yarn store, Linenhall Street
McConnell, A., clothes broker, Mill Street
McConnell, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, Hill Street
McClelland, William, grocer, Church Street
McCullough, M., spirit dealer, Broughshane Street
McCutcheon, Gilbert, pawn broker, Wellington Street
McCutcheon, Jas., boot and shoe dealer, Church Street
McFeeters, Wm., boot and shoe maker, Church Street
McGahey, Mrs., spirit dealer, Mill Street
McKay, Samuel, boot and shoe shop, Church Street
McKerville, Andrew, butcher, Linenhall Street
McKee, William, confectioner, Bridge Street
McKinley, Wm., & Co., iron mongers, Church Street
McLaughlin, James, cooper, William Street
McMullan, Alexander, cooper, Church Street
McNaughtan, M., grocer, Harryville
McNees, Henry, reed maker, Harryville
McNees, James, reed maker, Mill Street
McNees, John Alex., reed maker, Harryville
McNeill, John, spirit dealer, Bridge Street
McVicker, John, woollen and linen draper, Church Street
McWhirter, Patrick J., spirit dealer, Mill Street
Nicholl, David, saddler and harness maker, Mill Street
Nicholl, J., clerk and land surveyor, Bridewell Street
Northern Fire and Life Insurance Office - Agent, Samuel Hood, Linenhall Street
Orr, Margaret, tavern keeper, Linenhall Street
O'Boyle, James, spirit dealer, Broughshane Street
O'Neill, James, watch maker, Bridge Street
O'Neill, John, fruiterer, Bridge Street
O'Neill, W., watch maker, Church Street
Patterson, A., family grocer, Mill Street
Pauley, Isaiah, baker, grocer and spirit dealer, High Street
Pauley, G. H., grocer and spirit dealer, High Street
Quinn, Michael, smith, Galgorm Street
Rainey, Hugh, grocer, Church Street
Ramsay, John, grocer, Springwell Street
Rankin, Charles, plumber, Bridge Street
Reid, R. G., grocer and iron monger, Church Street
Robinson, Wm., wholesale and family grocer, seed and provision merchant, Church Street
Rutherford, John, High Street
Rutherford, William, Bridge Street
Russell, William, stationer, Mill Street
Saunderson, J. A., meal and flour merchant, Church Street
Saunderton, J., spirit dealer, Church Street
Scott, William, grocer, Bridge Street
Shannon, H. M. & A., Emporium, haberdashers, woollen drapers, etc., Mill Street
Simpson, James, emigration agent, Linenhall Street
Simpson, William, butcher, Linenhall Street
Sinclair, Abraham, woollen draper, hatter, silk mercer, hosier, haberdasher, etc., Mill Street
Sinclair, Geo. & Co., woollen drapers & haberdashers, Scotch House, Church St
Sloan, John, publican and grocer, Harryville
Sloan, Samuel, reed maker, Mill Street
Sloan, W., watch maker, Mill Street
Sloan, William, jeweller
Smith, The Misses, Albert Place
Smyth & Ferguson, bakers, Springwell Street
Stewart, Joseph, bakery, Bridge Street
Strahan, John, merchant, Wellington Street
Swan, William, spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Thompson, Richard, Adair Arms Hotel
Tomb, George, woollen draper, haberdasher and silk mercer, Church Street
Ulster Supply Co., grocers, wine and spirit merchants, Mill Street - Jas. Torbott, of Belfast, proprietor
Wallace, Magill & Co., linen merchants and bleachers
Watson, J., woollen draper, Church Street
Weir, David, publican, Linenhall Street
Weir, John, printer, etc., proprietor Ballymena Observer, Church Street
White, Catherine, spirit dealer, Bridge Street
White, David, grocer, Wellington Street
White, Daniel, Broughshane Street
White, James, grocer, Wellington Street
Williams, J., tailor, Raglan Place
Wilson, W., woollen draper, Church Street
Wilson, E. S., woollen draper, Church Street
Wylie, Alexander, baker, High Street
Wylie, S. & Co., hardware house, Bridge Street
Young, J. & R., bleachers and linen merchants, Galgorm Street
Young, W., watch maker, Mill Street


A market town and parish in the County of Antrim, seated on a small tributary of the Bann.  The town lies over an area extending from Milltown on the Rasharkin Road, to Rodenfoot.  It is the capital of the two baronies of Dunluce,  and the largest seat of their population and trade.  The linen manufacture prevails in the neighbourhood.  Branches of the Belfast Bank and of the Ulster Bank are established here.  General Sessions of the Peace are held quarterly in each year; Petty Sessions first and third Monday in every month.  The Court House and the bridewell are in Charlotte Street.  The Church was erected in 1782, near the site of an ancient church,  of which some fragments still remain.  The other places of worship are for Presbyterians, Roman Catholics, Unitarians, Covenanters, and Methodists.  The trustees of Erasmus Smith's Fund established a school in 1813. There is a Model Agricultural School for the training of young men to agricultural pursuits.  A large market is held on the first and third Thursdays in each month, and a weekly market on Thursday.  Fairs - May 6th, July 10th, and October 6th. Population in 1861, 2,603 ; in 1871, 2,930.  In 1867 a new Town Hall was erected by public subscription.  The building comprises Town Commissioners' Offices, Newsroom, Library, and Large Assembly Hall. In 1868 the Church was nearly rebuilt, and now presents a fine front.  The tower is surmounted by a handsome spire.  There is no linen market now, such trade being confined to drapers. The markets are supplied largely in the season with flax, pork, oats, etc., etc.

Post Office, Charlotte Street - David Wilson, postmaster.

Commissioner for taking acknowledgements of married women, and affidavits in the Courts of Chancery and Common Law - Thomas Stott, office, Charlotte St.
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Thomas Stott, Charlotte Street
Baronial Surveyor - H. Morrison, Ballymoney
High Constable for Upper Dunluce - James Douglas, Dervock

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Church Street - Rev. William M. Johnston, rector ; Rev. G. G. Parkinson, curate
First Presbyterian Church, Meeting House Street - Rev. Alexander Patten, minister
Second Presbyterian Church, Rodenfoot - Rev. James Armour, minister
Third Presbyterian Church, Townhead Street - Rev. Thomas A. Thompson, minister
Covenanters' Meeting House, Charlotte Street - Rev. James Brown, minister
Unitarian Meeting House, Charles Street - Rev. D. Matts, minister
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. John McErlean, P.P.

Public Institutions

Belfast Banking Company (Branch) - High Street (draws on Union Bank, London) - Manager, Wm. Read
Ulster Banking Company (Branch), Church Street - Wm. Henry, manager
Insurance Offices - Standard, J. Cramsie ; Scottish Provincial, Thomas Stott ; County Fire and Standard, Wm. Henry ; The Scottish Provident, J. Boyd ; Royal and Scottish Widows' Fund, Wm. Read ; The Atlas, David Wilson ; The Queen, James Craig ; Scottish Amicable, H. McC. Hamilton & Sons ; Imperial and Crown Life, D. Dempsey ; Life Association of Scotland, Joseph Gordon
Northern Fire and Life Insurance Office, agent, Robert C. Martin, solicitor
Model National School - William Craig
Model Agricultural School - Daniel Ryan, agriculturist
Infant School - Miss Heritage, mistress
Adult Female School - Miss Bradley, mistress
Union Workhouse (Counties Antrim and Londonderry) - 22 Electoral divisions. Board meets on Mondays. J. L. Beers, J.P., Weston Crofts, chairman ; David Wilson, Ballymoney, vice chairman ; Mr. Johnston, deputy vice chairman ; Thomas B. Hamilton, clerk and returning officer
Dispensary, Main Street - Wm. Thomas Leathem, M.D.
Excise Office - Chief officer, James Gibson, Charlotte Street
Constabulary Station, Charlotte Street - M. M. Stritch, sub-inspector
Registrar of Marriages - Adam Thompson, Church Street
Ballymoney Free Press (newspaper) - S. C. McElroy, publisher - every Thursday

Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Armstrong, Rev. William, O'Harabrook
Adams, John, J.P., Ballydevitt
Adams, James, Ballydevitt
Ash, J. P., Gorton
Armour, Rev. James, Rodenfoot
Barcley, Thomas, Cullycapple
Barcley, Miss, Mullamore
Beers, J. Leslie, J.P., Weston Crofts
Brown, Rev. James, Ballyboyland
Brown, Rev. John, Garryduff
Bryan, William, Ballinamore
Cameron, M. J., solicitor, Cameron Place
Cramsie, James S., Ballinacree House
Cramsie, Mrs., High Street
Cramsie, Alexander, High Street
Cramsie, James (Cramsie & Greer), solicitor, Charlotte Street
Douglas, Richard M., J.P., Dervock and Portballintrae
Douglas, James, Dervock
Filgate, L. G. P., J.P., Loughguile
Field, Rev. Alexander, Dervock
Greer, Thomas (Cramsie & Greer), solicitor, High Street
Hutchinson, Thomas L., J.P., Main Street
Hutchinson, William F., Stranocham
Johnston, Rev. W. M., Glebe
Laughlin, James, Dervock
Leathem, William T., M.D., Charlotte Street
Leslie, Edmund, Lieut-Colonel, Leslie Hill
Leslie, James E., J.P., D.L., Leslie Hill
Lindsay, James, Grace Hill
Macartney, Mrs., Lissanoure Castle
Macaulay, Henry A (Stott & Macaulay), Charlotte Street
Martin, solicitor, High Street
Moore, Mrs., Main Street
Moore, Miss, Charlotte Street
Moore, William, J.P., Moorefoot
Mitchell, Miss S., Main Street
McCloskey, J.P., Agwey House
McErlain, Rev. John, P.P., Castle Street
McNaul, Robt., apothecary and surgeon, Main Street
O'Hara, Mrs., O'Harabrook
Parkinson, Rev., Charlotte Street
Stott, Thomas (Stott & Macaulay), solicitors, Charlotte Street and Millicent
Stritch, R.I.C., Charlotte Street
Stronge, Captain E., Lizard Manor
Taylor, Wm., apothecary and surgeon, Main Street
Thornhill, Frederick W., Lissanoure
Thompson, James, apothecary and surgeon, Church Street
Thompson, W. G. W., apothecary and surgeon, Main Street
Thompson, Rev. Thomas A., Manse
Todd, Rev. Andrew, Finvoy

Traders, etc.

Adams, Jane, spirit dealer, Main Street
Barr, Gabriel, grocer, Main Street
Boyd, John, woollen draper, etc., Church Street
Boyle, John, spirit dealer, Church Street
Boyle, Patrick, spirit dealer, Main Street
Caldwell, Alex., boot and shoe maker, Main Street
Caldwell, Sarah, straw bonnet and dress maker, Church Street
Cameron, James & Sons, linen manufacturers, Cameron Place
Cameron, John, & Co., saw mill, timber and slates, Market Street
Cameron, W. John, dealer and grocer, Church Street
Campbell, Adam, glazier, Church Street
Campbell, Jane, baker, High Street
Clarke, John, woollen draper and haberdasher, Main Street
Cochran, W., haberdasher, High Street
Cochran, Miss, haberdasher, Church Street
Cramsie, Edwd., boot and shoe maker, Charlotte Street
Craig, James, iron monger and hardware merchant, Church Street
Darach, Roger, manager gas works, Meeting House Street
Dempsey, Daniel, grocer and baker, Main Street
Doherty, John & Co., flax, grain and provision merchants, High Street
Dunlop, John, Imperial Hotel, Main Street
Erskine, Mrs., leather seller, Church Street
Galloway, Charles, grain merchant, Linenhall Street
Gamble, Alex., painter, etc., Townhead Street
Gardner, J., clothes broker, Main Street
Gault, John, grocer, wine & spirit merchant, Main Street
Gault, Miss, emigration agent, High Street
Gilmour, Brice, grocer and spirit dealer, Church Street
Gordon, Joseph, watch and clock maker, Main Street
Graham, Mrs., sewed muslin warehouse, Charlotte Street
Griffith, John, Main Street
Hamilton, Thos. B., woollen drapers and haberdasher, Church Street
Hamill, James, watch maker and hardware dealer, Main Street
Hayes, John, blacksmith, Charlotte Street
Hunter, J., spirit dealer, Charles Street
Hunter, Miss, haberdasher, Church Street
Johnston, John, flour and meal store, New Market Street
Jordan, James, builder and carpenter, Main Street
Kelly, Hugh, saddler and harness maker, Main Street
Kennedy, W. G., grocer, etc., Linenhall Street
Kennedy, R. A., grocer, etc., Main Street
Knox, James, Main Street
Lilley, James, grocer, Cameron Place
Lyle, Charles, Royal Hotel
Lyons, Hugh, carpenter, High Street
Meekan, Hugh, rope and twine maker, Castle Street
Mooney, Edward, Antrim Arms Hotel and posting establishment, High Street
Morton, John, woollen draper, High Street
McAfee, William, spirit dealer, Main Street
McCaughern, John, painter, Castle Street
McCloskey, John, spirit dealer, Main Street
McColgan, James, brewer, wine and spirit merchant, Main Street
McDermott, Jane, provision store, Main Street
McElderry, T. & J., general merchants, Charles Street
McIlroy, Saml. C., stationer and auctioneer, Main Street
McKeag, Benjamin, saddle and harness maker, Main Street
McKirnan, Patrick
McLoughlin, Robt., butcher, Linenhall Street
McVicker, John, cooper, Townhead Street
Nickle, Bernard, blacksmith, Meetinghouse Street
Nickle, George, boot and shoe maker, Castle Street
Orr, Mrs. W. M., linen and woollen draper and haberdasher, High Street
O'Bryan, Mrs., baker, Main Street
O'Kane, D., flour and grain merchant, Linenhall Street
Patterson, John, grocer and merchant, Main Street
Platt, David, shoe maker, Main Street
Reynold, David, grocer, High Street
Robinson, Charles, coach builder
Robinson, John, spirit dealer, Church Street
Smith, M., cabinet warerooms, Church Street
Speir, Mrs., dress maker, Charles Street
Stewart, A. M., boot and shoe dealer, Main Street
Stuart, Hugh, pawn broker, Castle Street
Thompson, Wm., flax packer, etc., Linenhall Street
Thomson, Adam, leather seller, Church Street
Todd, Andrew, baker and grocer, Main Street
Torrens, William, leather seller, Main Street
Tweed, John, grocer, Church Street
Wilson, David, tanner and currier, Charlotte Street
Young, James, grocer, Main Street
Young, Wm., carpenter and builder, Charlotte Street


A small market town in the County Down, thirteen miles from Belfast, the property of David A. Ker, Esq.  There is a very neat Episcopal Church, three Presbyterian Churches, a Methodist Church, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. The market is held on Thursdays.  Fairs, third Thursday in every month.  The Spa is about two miles S.W. of the town, and the wells have been put in the best order by the proprietor.

Post Office - Mr. Thomas Maguire, postmaster
Court House - Petty Sessions held on the Friday after each fair - James B. McConnell, clerk
Justices of the Peace - Captain David Alfred Ker, Captain C. D. Lloyd; Marcus Gage; and W. J. Hurst
Railway Station - John Galway, stationmaster
Constabulary - Constable McCartney
High Constable - John Blackwood
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. Dickson

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. E. McConkey McCready, Vicar
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. John McIlveen
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. David Edgar
Third Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Davis
Wesleyan Chapel (Lisburn Street) - Revs. McClorian and Kirkpatrick
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Charles O'Hare

Public Institutions

National School (Rev. David Edgar) - John Watts and Miss Watts, teachers
National School (Rev. C. O'Hare) - F. Gallagher and Mrs. McCauley, teachers
National School (Rev. J. Davis) - J. McAloney and Miss Harding
Dispensary (Church Street) - James Dickson, surgeon
Police Station - Dromore Street
Court House - Market Square

Gentry, Clergy, etc.

Brown, William, architect
Davis, Rev. John, Ballykine
Dickson, Dr.
Edgar, Rev. David, Rock Cottage, Ballymaglave
Foreman, T. D., physician & surgeon, Medical Hall
Gage, Marcus, J.P.
Graham, James, Ballymaglave
Hurst, W. J., J.P., Drumaness
Ker, David Alfred, J.P., Montalto House
McCready, Rev. E. McC., Glebe, Magheradroll
McIlveen, Rev. John, Manse
McKey, Dr.
O'Hare, Rev. Charles, Ballynahinch

Traders, etc.

Church Street

Brown, William, plasterer
Carr, John, spirit dealer
Chambers, William, grocer
Dickson, James, M.D., dispensary
Johnston, William, grocer
Kenmuir, William, watch maker
Lennox, Robert A., surveyor
Lenyhan, Rose, lodgings
Logan, Thomas, blacksmith
Lunday, David, spirit dealer
Maguire, James, draper
McGrady, Mrs., spirit dealer
McStay, Hugh, spirit dealer
Reid, John, saddler
Rice, Mrs., lodgings
Rogan, John, lodgings
Turley, John, spirit dealer
Wallace & Co., grocer
Wilson, Mrs., spirit dealer

Dromore Street

Barr, Robert, gunsmith
Braney, Bernard, grocer
Burns, Thomas
Cummins, William, shoe shop
Dalzell, Robert, grocer
Dickson, John, spirit dealer
Dickson, Samuel, grocer
Doak, James, grocer
Foreman, T. D., surgeon, medical hall
Graham, Jonathan, grocer
Hamilton, William, spirit dealer
Hunter, John, grocer
Innis, Mrs., grocer
Kilpatrick, Thomas, spirit dealer, grocer, etc.
Leahy, William, spirit dealer
Martin, Robert, tailor
McCarthy, James, grocer
McDowell, Hamilton, tinsmith
Patterson, William, shoe maker
Savage, Thomas, shoe maker
Smilie, James, spirits, leather shop, etc.
Stranahan, James, shoe maker
Waddell, William, shoe maker
Walker, William, grocer
Whiteside, Thomas, grocer, etc.
Wilson, John, grocer

High Street

Bailer, John, watch and clock maker, grocer and hardware merchant
Bell, William, grocer
Blakly, Miss, dress maker
Bradley, Hugh, publican and grocer
Campbell, John, hardware and grocery
Campbell & Co., clothiers and outfitters
Campbell & Co., milliners and haberdashers
Campbell & Co., boot and shoe warehouse
Clokey, Mary, lodgings
Croskery, Mrs., grocer
Davis, Henry, tailor
Davidson, William, lodgings
Dick, Samuel, millinery and dress making
Dunwoody, Robert, lodgings
Johnston, John, publican
Kirk, Joseph D., draper, etc.
Lewis, William Armstrong, publican
Lilley, James, chandler
McAlea, James, publican, etc.
McCalla, Eliza, millinery and dress making
McClain, James, publican and grocery
McDowell, Robert, china and delf warehouse
McGraw, John, carter
McKeown, James, dress and millinery house
McRobert, Hugh R., draper
Maguire, Thomas, painter and post office
Martin, Robert, draper and dress making
Martin, John, jun., draper
Moore, Mrs., toy shop
Northern Bank - William McCammon, manager
Northern Fire and Life Insurance Office - Agent, Hugh Robert McRobert
Osborne, Sarah
Owens, Patrick, butcher
Owens, Hugh, lodgings
Rea, Daniel, saddler
Savage, J. & T., drapers
Scott, Arthur, baker
Scott, Joseph, public bakery
Scott, Mary, sewing and embroidery
Walker, Mary R., hotel and posting establishment

Lisburn Street

Chambers, Mrs., travellers home
Crail, Jordan, weigh master
Hanna, William, blacksmith
McCormack, Davis, draper and marine store
McCormick, Joseph, lodgings
McKelvey, James, saddler
Newell, William, auctioneer
Norwood, William, barber
Patterson, James, saw mills and timber yard
Pollen, Robert, grocer and posting
Priestly, Samuel, lodgings
Rush, John, tailor
Stranaghan, John, shoe maker

Market Square

Bailie, Sarah
Bruce, W. J., woollen draper and stamp office
Cleeland, Hugh, tailor
Dickson, Robert, tailor
Livingston, William, publican
Magee, William, shoe maker
Morrow, Margaret, grocer
McComb, Miss
McNamara, William, bailiff
Pollen, Mrs., publican
Scott, James, shoe maker
Sullivan and Maguire, milliners and dress makers

Mourne View

Bogan, Edward, flax buyer
Boyd, George, engine driver
Ellis, Henry, coal merchant
Mack, John
Martin, John, tailor
McAloney, R. S., teacher
McCormack, Hugh
McKee, James
McMullan, Daniel
Nolan, Robert, railway guard
Patterson, James, mason
Young, Robert

Railway Street

Armstrong, Matthew, publican
Bell, Ephraim, grocer
Campbell, William, grocer
Cleeland, Miss, milliner and dress maker
Cooper, John, woollen draper
Crawford, John, publican
Douglas, Hugh, grocer
Dunlop, H., grocer
Gallagher, Joseph, publican and posting
Gordon, John, grocer
Heron, Samuel, painter and decorator
Howard, R. W., publican


Ballyshannon is a market town and seaport (formerly a Parliamentary borough) in the County of Donegal. The harbour looks right through the centre of the bay's entrance into the open Atlantic. Immediately above the head of the harbour a large body of the Erne water falls tumultuously over a ridge of rocks sixteen feet above the level of the ordinary tides, and forms a cataract beautiful and interesting.  This is deemed one of the finest, if not the finest, salmon leap in all Ireland.  Nearly five hundred yards above the fall a handsome stone bridge, of fourteen arches, connects the two sections of the town.  The fishing commences about the middle of April,  and continues till the latter end of August.  The Sessions and Market House constitute one building.  There are also a Custom House, a Union Workhouse, a Dispensary, Public Schools, and a Barrack - the last named is generally occupied by infantry.  The Parish Church,  a very neat structure, surmounts the summit of a hill on the West side of the town. Presbyterians and Wesleyan Methodists have churches, and within the parishes to which the town belongs are other places of worship for various religious denominations. There are two Roman Catholic Chapels. The market, a good one for grain, besides the usual commodities, is held on Saturday. There is also a market on Thursday for flax and pork during the season. The fairs are held on the second day of every month, except 18th September. Population in 1871, 2,958.

Post Office, The Port, Ballyshannon - Ferdinand McFadden, postmaster

Places of Worship

Parish Church (Kilbarron), Church Avenue - Rev. S. G. Cochrane, incumbent
Presbyterian Church, Mall - Rev. Andrew Lowry, minister
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Main - Various ministers
Methodist Chapel, Mall - Various ministers
Roman Catholic Chapel (Kilbarron), Chapel Street - Rev. Daniel Spence, P.P.; Rev. James Gallagher, curate
Roman Catholic Chapel (Innismacsaint) - Rev. F. Kilaghan, P.P.; curate, Rev. John Quigley

Public Institutions, etc.

Belfast Bank (branch of) - A. N. Reid, manager
Provincial Bank of Ireland (branch of), Main Street - D. B. Stuart, manager ; J. Rogers, cashier
National School, Church Avenue - R. M. Moore, teacher
National School, College Street - John McIntyre, teacher
National School, Carrickboy - F. McGowan, teacher ; Elizabeth McGowan, teacher
Infant School - Eliza Graham, teacher
Newspaper - The Ballyshannon Herald (Saturday) - A. Green, editor and proprietor
Stamp Office, Castle Street - James McGloin, sub distributor
Union Workhouse, Carrickboy - John B. Chism, clerk of union ; A. Graham, master ; relieving officer, John McClay ; J. Welsh, M.D., surgeon
Dispensary, Market Street - John Welsh, M.D.
Excise Office - Mr. Joseph Todd
Coast Guard Station - J. Gallivan, principal coast officer
Barrack, Barrack Hill - J. McDermot, caretaker
Station House, Ballyshannon - Mr. D. Beatty, stationmaster
Constabulary Station, Main Street - Andrew Nunan, S.I.

Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Allingham, Mrs., Willybrook
Atkinson, John, J.P., Cavangarden
Atkinson, Thomas John, J.P., Cavangarden
Bloomfield, John, J.P., Castlecaldwell
Chirm, Edward, Rock House
Coane, Henry, Higginstown
Crawford, Samuel, attorney, Mall
Cullen, Cerness Cross, Loughmaron House
Dane, Paul, solicitor, Main Street
Dickson, John, J.P., Tullaghan House
Fausett, Francis, Rowantree Hill, Belleek
Green, Mrs., Rock
Green, Andrew, jun., coroner, Cottage, Main Street
Hamilton, William, M.D., Coxstown
Hobson, John, Rockville
Lipsett, Richard, T.C., Main Street
Lipsett, Robert, C.T.C., Main Street
Lowry, Rev. Andrew, Mall
Mecredy, Robert, solicitor, Main Street
Sheil, Mrs., Francis, Waterloo House
Sheil, S., J.P., M.D., College Lane
Stubbs, Alfred, solicitor, Main Street
Tottenham, Loftus, Glenade House
Tredennick, J., J.P., Camlin Castle
Tredennick, William, Fort William
Tuthill, Hugh
Tuthill, Rev. James, J.P., Globe. Castlecaldwell
Welsh, John, M.D., Main Street

Merchants, Traders, etc.

Andrews, John, Market Street
Beatty, William, boot and shoe maker, Bishop Street
Bigger, Alexander, butter buyer, Main Street
Brady, Wm., clothes dealer, Port
Burns, James, Rock
Campbell, James, leather merchant, and tanner, Back Street
Campbell, James, leather merchant and provision store, Back Street
Carleton, John, hair dresser, Back Street
Coane, William, tailor, East Port
Condon, J. D., M.D., Chapel Lane
Connolly, Hamilton, weigh master, Market Yard
Connolly, Patrick, process server, College Street
Connolly, Edward, Rock
Corscadden, Mrs., Bachelor's Walk
Craig, W. J., saddler, Bridge End
Curry, Joseph, fancy warehouse, Mall
Curry, William, Market Street
Daly, John, carpenter and cart maker, Port
Daly, John, T. C., draper, Diamond
Daly, Margaret, Port
Downey, David, grocer and seedsman, East Port
D'Arcy, Patrick, Port
Dinedass, James, Milltown
Duffy, Daniel, ironmonger, Port
Erne Fishery Company's Office, Mall
Ferguson, Charles, leather cutter and grocer, Port
Flanagan, Edward, hotel, Port
Flanagan, Terence, tailor, West Port
Flannigan & Co., woollen drapers, etc., Main Street
Fleming, William, Port
Fox, James, Port
Gallagher, James, provision merchant, Finner
Gallagher, John, Port
Gallagher, Thomas, Port
Gallagher, William, spirit dealer, Main Street
Gallagher, Wm., grocer, Diamond
Galloghy, Patrick, Port
Gavigan, Anne, grocer and iron monger, Market Street
Gillespie, Brothers, Market Street
Gillespie, James, butcher, Port
Gillespie, Thomas, Market Street
Gorman, Patrick, fish dealer, West Port
Green, Andrew, printer, etc., Mall
Hagerty, Bernard, watch and clock maker, Main Street
Hamilton, Miss, Rock
Hannah, Cath., milliner and dress maker, Main Street
Henderson, Robert, & Co., merchants, Main Street
Higgins, Edward, tailor, Market Street
Hough, Mrs., spirit dealer, East Port
Irvine, Mary, milliner and dress maker, Mall
Ivers, Charles, apothecary, druggist and grocer, Main Street
Ivers, Hugh, apothecary and surgeon, Castle Street
Johnston, Ann Jane, Main Street
Johnston, John, Port
Johnston, Porteus, provision merchant, East Port
Keenan, Mrs., lodging house
Keenan, William, Portnason
Kelly, John, carpenter, Port
Kelly, Peter, grocer, West Port
Kelly, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, brewer and maltster, Mall
Keon, Francis, Rock
Keon, Peter, Mason, East Port
Keon, William, Rock
Kerrigan, Thomas, Milltown
Laughlin, James, Milltown
Lipsett, Robert, Castle Street
Lipsett, R. & R., posting establishment and general merchants, Main Street
Lipsett, William, Main Street
Little, Mrs., Rock
Madden, Michael, spirit dealer, West Port
Madden, Patrick, College Street
Maguire, David, Castle Street
Maguire, Michael, Port
Martin, Michael, Bishop Street
Maxwell, Robert, tailoring establishment, Main Street
Mitchell, Hugh, Chapel Lane
Monaghan, Patrick, Port
Montgomery, Matthew, auctioneer, Dunmuckran
Montgomery, Miss, College Lane
Moohan, James, leather merchant, Bridge Street
Mulhern, Matthew, mason, East Port
Myles, John, clerk of petty sessions, timber merchant and ship agent
McCartney, Charles, china & glass warehouse, Main Street
McFadden, Jas., proprietor, Erne Hotel, Main Street
McGinley, Francis, spirit dealer, Main Street
McGloin, James, master extraordinary, auctioneer and ironmonger, Main Street
McGloin, Patrick, hide and butter merchant
McGonigle, John, baker, grocer, seedsman, and inn keeper, Back Street
McGonigle, Peter, spirit dealer, West Port
McGovern, Hugh, Milltown
McGowan, Farrell, Milltown
McGowan, Francis, draper, Main Street
McGowan, Patrick, Rock
McGowan, Thomas, baker and grocer, Market Street
McGowan, T., clothes broker, Mall
McGuire, James, T. C., woollen draper, Port
McGuire, John, grocer and baker, East Port
McNeely, Terence, Back Street
McNulty, Edward, bakery and provision store, Castle Street
McPhilim, Patrick, Port
McQuade, Patrick, smith, West Port
McShea, Robert, Port
McShea, William, Port
McVetty, Wm., boot and shoe maker, Market Street
Nelson, Christopher, Port
Nelson, Wm., turner and cart maker, Bishop Street
Northern Fire and Life Insurance Office - John Hoey, agent
O'Connor, John, posting establishment, Port
O'Neill, John, butcher, Main Street
Regan, Michael, fishing tackle manufacturer, West Port
Reynolds, Robert, Mullins
Riky, Mrs., Main Street
Roberts, George, Port
Sadd, John, Imperial Hotel, Main Street
Sadd, W., boot and shoe maker, Mall
Smyth, Patrick, architect and delph warehouse, East Port
Smyth, Thomas, Milltown
Stephens, J., T.C., woollen draper, Castle Street
Sweeny, Joseph, grocer, Market Street
Sweeney, Robert, T.C., draper, Main Street
Teevan, W., woolen draper, Bridge End
Thompson, Thomas, Market Street
Treacy, C., grocer, spirit dealer and boat builder, East Port
Vaughan, David, grocer, Main Street


Ballywalter, is a neat, clean and thriving little post and seaport town on the east coast of County Down, about six Irish miles distant, in a southerly direction, from Donaghadee, eight from Newtownards, and sixteen from Belfast. It contains nearly 1,000 inhabitants, and is situated within a parish of the same name, otherwise called Whitechurch and anciently Templefyn. Except that it is intersected at right angles by a few houses near its centre, it consists almost entirely of a single long wide street running parallel with the sea, and having in view the Isle of Man, the Mull of Galloway, and the south-west coast of Scotland. The houses are good, remarkable for cleanliness, and for neat, well paved sidepaths, kerbed with granite, except at its Northern end, which requires improvement.  It is also remarkable for its beautiful strand - one of the finest along the entire coast - and for the salubrity of its air, and the orderly, peaceable disposition of its inhabitants, and, as proof, has neither doctor nor policeman. It has a good tidal harbour and quay, got up chiefly through the energy of its inhabitants, headed by the late highly respected Andrew Mulholland, Esq., father of the member for Downpatrick ; and there is a fair coasting trade in coals, limestone, agricultural produce, etc., which it is hoped will be largely increased by the re-opening of the extensive slate quarries adjacent to the town, under the direction of those enterprising gentlemen, Messrs. Ritchie and Jackson. The town and adjoining lands are the joint property of Captain J. D. Hamill Stewart, representative of the Hamill family, whose ancient seat, Ballyatwood House, is about half a mile distant, and of John Mulholland, Esq., M.P., whose beautiful mansion and demesne are close to its southern extremity. The only public buildings worthy of notice are the Lifeboat House, and two very handsome school houses, now under the National Board, built at the sole expense of the late Mr. & Mrs. Mulholland. There is also a very pretty little parish church, and close to it is the residence of the Rev. H. Wilson, rector of the parish. Besides, there are two Presbyterian Churches - the one having for its minister the Rev. Dr. Magill, and the other the Rev. John Rogers. The only resident landed proprietors are John Mulholland, Esq., D.L., M.P., Ballywalter Park, and the representative of the late John Reid Allen, Esq., J.P., who occasionally resides in Dunover House, within the parish.

Traders, etc.

Askin, Mrs., grocery and delf warehouse keeper
Bowden, John, cooper
Boyd, James, shoe maker and leather cutter
Boyd, Miss, school teacher
Boyd, Mrs., grocer
Caughey, Miss, dress maker and dyeing agent
Clarke, Samuel, shoe maker
Clelland, Mrs., Post and Telegraph office, grocer & spirit dealer
Cooper, John, stone mason
Cooper, William, stone mason
Eccles, Robert, carpenter
Erskine, Miss, National School Teacher
Grogan, Henry, carpenter
Grogan, William, carpenter
Gibson, William, ship owner, timber, coal and general merchant, and woollen draper
Glen, Mrs., grocer
Glover, James B., sen., grocer, ship owner and general merchant
Glover, James B., jun., woollen draper, ship owner and coal merchant
Hamilton, Andrew, ship owner, coal merchant and lime burner
Hamilton, John, grocer, haberdasher and lime burner
Little, Mrs., grocer and posting establishment keeper
McCormick, John, carpenter
McKenzie, James, & Sons, blacksmiths and implement makers
Milby, John, grocer and shoe maker
Morrison, Miss, grocer and spirit dealer
Morrison, Mrs., dress maker
Pritchard, David, carpenter
Purse, William, grocer, haberdasher, and delf merchant
Ross, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer


A flourishing market town in the County of Down, twenty miles S.S.W. from Belfast, lying on the old coach road from Belfast to Dublin and on both banks of the Bann.  The principal street,  which commences at the bridge,  is straight and spacious and forms part of the thoroughfare between Belfast and Dublin. There is a considerable market held every Monday, for the sale of flax, pork, butter and grass seed, and a market for the sale of grain, hay, straw, etc., every Tuesday and Friday. The Market House, erected at the cost of the Marquis of Downshire, is a handsome building.   A monument has been erected in Church Square to the memory of Captain Crozier, R.N., who was a native of Banbridge and who was second in command in Sir John Franklin's Arctic expedition.  It is a very beautiful object. There are a Parish Church a chaste and elegant structure, two Presbyterian and two Unitarian Churches, the Baptist and two Methodist Chapels, and also a Roman Catholic Chapel, and a Good Templar Hall, which is a very handsome edifice. The town is lighted with gas. The Petty Sessions are held every alternate Thursday, and Quarter Sessions every April and October in the new Courthouse, Bridge Street. The market days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, the first named being the most important. Fairs - January 12th, June 9th, and August 26th, being noted for their extensive horse fairs ; there is also a fair on first Monday in April and first Monday in November for the sale of black cattle, sheep, etc. Population in 1871, 5,600.

Post Office, Bridge Street - Miss Brown, postmaster
Clerk of Petty Sessions - William MacCormac, Newry Road
Downshire Office, Church Square - J. T. Reilly, J.P., D.L., agent

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. Henry Stewart, rector
Presbyterian Church, Scarva Street - Rev. J. S. Hamilton
Presbyterian Church, Bann Side - Rev. George Wilson
First Unitarian Church, Bridge Street - Rev. F. McCammon
Second Unitarian Church, Church Square - vacant
Baptist Chapel, Newry Street - Rev. S. J. Banks
Wesleyan Chapel, Downshire Road - Rev. Wm. Storey
Primitive Wesleyan Chapel, Scarva Street - Rev. Mr. Lutton
Roman Catholic Chapel, Dromore Street - Rev. J. O'Brien, P.P.

Public Institutions

Provincial Bank, Bridge Street - J. J. C. Canning, manager
Ulster Bank, Bridge Street - R. P. McKee, manager ; A. T. Moody, pro-manager
Northern Bank, Bridge Street - W. A. Chapman, manager
Banbridge and Lisburn Railway - J. Neil, station master
The Great Northern Railway - G. Scarlett, stationmaster
English and Classical Academy, Library Lane - H. J. Cooke, principal
Banbridge Collegiate Institution - A. Elder, principal
Ladies' Boarding and Day Schools, Castlewellan Road - Miss McIlwrath, principal
Church National Schools, Church Street - Mr. Hampton, teacher
National Schools, Scarva Street - Jas. Gillespie, teacher
National Schools, Church Street - Mrs. Moody, and Miss Glass, and W. A. Conkey, teachers
Roman Catholic Schools, N.S., Dromore Road - Mr. McConville and Miss McIver, teachers
Union Workhouse (Counties Down & Armagh) - Twenty three Electoral divisions. Board meets on Mondays - John Temple Reilly, D.L., Scarva House, Scarva, chairman ; John Lindsay, J.P., Tullyhenan, Banbridge, vice chairman ; David Hale, J.P., Drumnavaddy, Banbridge, deputy vice chairman ; E. Wyley, clerk and returning officer.
Dispensary, Scarva Street - Wm. Dobbin, M.D., Medical Officer
Registrar of Marriages - William MacCromac, Newry Road
Registrar of Births, Death, and Marriages - Wm. Dobbin, M.D.
Distributor of Stamps - E. Ardery, Bridge Street
Market House in centre of town, with a fine yard and stores attached - under the supervision of James Harvey, W. M.
Constabulary Barracks, Church Square - Samuel Boyce, Sub-Inspector ; William Davis, Head Constable
Gas Works, Reilly's Street - James Mearns, manager - Dr. J. Hawthorne, chairman ; James C. Hill, secretary

Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Banks, S., Baptist minister, Dromore Street
Barclay, Capt., Chinauley
Best, Rev., Loughbrickland
Buchanan, Rev. A. C., Loughbrickland
Cooper, G. P., solicitor, Mountainview
Coulter, G. B.
Crawford, George, Ballievey
Crawford, Mrs., The Castle, Ballievey
Crawford and Lindsay, Ballydown
Crothers, John Henry, Ballydown
Crozier, T. & Sons, solicitors, Church Square
Dobbin, Wm., surgeon, M.D., L.R.C.P., Newry Street
Dowdall, Dr. Edward, Bridge Street
Doyle, P., solicitor
Evans, Mrs., Ballyvalley
Ferguson, Thomas, J.P., Edenderry House
Glass, Hugh, solicitor, Bridge Street and Fortview
Hawthorn, John, surgeon, M.D., L.R.C.P.E., Church Square
Hill, J. C., Daisy Hill
Hill, Samuel, Solitude
Hackett, Rev. H. M.
Hayes, Mrs. Richard, Millmount
Hayes, Mrs. William, Seapatrick
Hayes, Richard, Millmount
Hayes, Rev. Wm., Millmount
Lindsay, John, J.P., Tullyhenan
Lindsay, George, J.P., Ballydown, Banbridge
Lefroy, Very Rev. Jeffrey, Dean of Dromore, Loughbrickland
Metge, R. J., surgeon
McCarten, James, solicitor, Bridge Street
McClelland, Robert, J.P., Belmont
McClelland, Andrew, solicitor, Bridge Street
McWilliam, James, Ballydown
McWilliam, David, Ballydown
McWilliam, John, Newry Street
Reilly, J. T., D.L., J.P., Scarva House
Smyth, John, Milltown
Smyth, Wm., Lenaderg House
Smyth, William, Brookfield
Tyrell, G. G., solicitor, Bridge Street
Tyrell, Mrs. Richard, Church Street
Walker, William, Church Street

Traders, etc.

Agnew, George, contractor, Newry Street
Allen, J., grocer, Bridge Street
Anderson, T., grocer, etc., Newry Street
Andrews, David, spirit dealer, Scarva Street
Ardery & Co., stationers, etc., Bridge Street
Atkinson, A., leather merchant, Newry Street
Austin, James, cabinet maker, Dromore Street
Bambrick, John, saddler and harness maker, Scarva Street
Bambrick, W. G., saddler and draper, Newry Street
Bambrick, Joseph, grocer and coal merchant, Newry Street
Bambrick, Richard & Henry, saddlers, Newry Street
Bittle, Jane, baker and grocer, Dromore Street
Boyd, James, spirit dealer and posting establishment, Newry Street
Brown, John, spirit dealer and grocer, Dromore Street
Card, George, coach builder and farm implement maker, Dromore Street
Carleton, Andrew, spirit dealer and posting establishment, Scarva Street
Cathcart, Robert, clothier, etc., Bridge Street
Cherry, William, leather merchant, Newry Street
Close, J., plumber and gas fitter, Rathfriland Street
Coburn & Henry, seed merchants, Newry Street
Cowan, Martin, grocer, Church Square
Crothers, Archibald, draper, Bridge Street
Crothers, Thomas, spirit dealer and grocer, Newry Street
Crozier, James, victualler, Church Square
Cunningham, John, clothier, Bridge Street
Davidson, T. L., draper, Bridge Street
Davidson & Powers, clothiers, Bridge Street
Dawson, Thomas, baker, Newry Street
Dodds, James, grocer and hardware merchant, Bridge Street
Emerson, J. E., printing office and stationer, Bridge Street
Ervin, M., draper, Bridge Street
Ewart, M., spirit dealer, Church Square
Ewart, J., clothier, Church Square
Ewing, Thomas, plumber, etc., Newry Street
Finlay, John, baker, Bridge Street
Fitzpatrick, James, spirit dealer, Scarva Street
Flanigan, Bros., spirit dealers and grocers, Newry Street
Flanigan, John, spirit dealer and grocer, Church Square
Friar, Wm., baker and grocer, Newry Street
Geoghegan, A., spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Gill, John, clog maker, Rathfriland Street
Gillespie, T., druggist and grocer, Newry Street
Gray, David, watch maker, Bridge Street
Gray, John, roper, Newry Street
Gribben, Patrick, baker and grocer, Newry Street
Hamilton, R., grocer, Bridge Street
Harvey, James, grocer, Newry Street
Hargrave, E., spirit dealer, Dromore Street
Hawthorn, Thomas, spirit dealer and auctioneer, Scarva Street
Henry, John, seed merchant, Church Street
Hill, Hugh, spirit dealer, Newry Street
Hood, Thomas, draper, Newry Street
Hughes, John, painter and glazier, Newry Street
Hughes, S., smith and farrier, Newry Street
Hutchinson, James & Sons, cabinet makers, Bridge Street
Kinley, William, victualler, Newry Street
Jamison, M., grocer, Bridge Street
Kernaghan, William, spirit dealer and grocer, Newry Street
Lackey, M., grocer, Dromore Street
Linn, Richard, provision merchant, Newry Street
Logan, George, roper, Newry Street
Love Sisters, stationer, Bridge Street
Macauley, Samuel, pawn broker and saddler, Newry Street
Magee, Patrick, spirit dealer and posting establishment, Newry Street
Maguire, James, grocer, Newry Street
Mahood, George, draper, Church Square
Main, Mrs. A., draper, Bridge Street
Main, James, spirit dealer, grocer and draper, Newry Street
Mann Brothers, watch makers and jewellers, Newry Street
Mearns, James, manager of gas works
Megaw, Hugh, draper, Bridge Street
Morton, J. & J., provision and seed merchants, Newry Street
Morton, Joseph, provision and seed merchant, Newry Street
Morton, John, provision merchant, Newry Street
Morton, Samuel, hardware merchant, Bridge Street
Moore, M., draper, Church Square
Mulligan, F., spirit dealer, Rathfriland Street
Munaghan, Daniel, contractor, Scarva Street
McAleavey, J., spirit dealer, Scarva Street
McCaldin, A., draper, Newry Street
McCammon, John, pawn broker, Newry Street
McCartin, John, spirit dealer, Church Square
McClelland & Walters, clothiers, Newry Street
McConkey, P., tinsmith, Scarva Street
McCrory, C., posting establishment, Newry Street
McComish, N., victualler, Newry Street
McCullough, Mrs., pawn broker, Newry Street
McGivern, B., spirit dealer and grocer, Newry Street
McIlroy, James, baker, Rathfriland Street
McIlveen, D. & J., grocers and seed merchants, Bridge Street
McIlwain, D., seed merchant, etc., Newry Street
McIlwrath, Wm., coal merchant, Dromore Street
McKee, Hugh & Son, timber, iron and coal merchants, Newry Street
McKeown, Wm. J., contractor, etc., Reilly Street
McLoughlin, C., Imperial Hotel, Bridge Street
McMahon, P., stationer, Bridge Street
McMullan, Hugh, coach builder, etc., Dromore Street
McWilliam, Wm., pawn broker, Bridge Street
Northern Fire and Life Insurance Office - Agents, Thomas Crozier & Son, Church Square
O'Hare, E., spirit dealer, Rathfriland Street
O'Hare, M., spirit dealer and posting establishment, Scarva Street
Printer, John, saddler, Scarva Street
Proctor, John, leather merchant, Newry Street
Proctor, Thomas, cabinet maker, Dromore Street
Quee, Robert, printer, Newry Street
Radcliffe, S. A., grocer and hardware merchant, Newry Street
Robinson, John, hotel keeper and posting establishment, Newry Street
Rowan, Mrs. Joseph, draper, Newry Street
Rowney, James, grocer, Bridge Street
Russell, Miss, draper, Bridge Street
Russell, S., spirit dealer, Rathfriland Street
Russell, William, spirit dealer, Dromore Street
Savage, W., draper, Bridge Street
Simms, James, druggist and grocer, Bridge Street
Smyth, E. & E., leather merchants, Newry Street
Smyth, Joseph, draper and leather merchant, Newry Street
Stephenson, W. J., watch maker, Bridge Street
Strong, R. M., draper, Bridge Street
Teggart, Mrs. T., grocer and spirit dealer, Scarva Street
Templeton, H., grocer and spirit merchant, Bridge Street
Templeton, R., grocer, Bridge Street
Thompson, John, spirit dealer, Newry Street
Thompson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Thomson, Joseph, grocer and baker, Bridge Street
Thomson, D., stationer, Bridge Street
Tully, Peter, Railway Hotel, Reilly Street
Waddell, S., draper, Bridge Street
Wallace, T. & A., grocers and hardware merchants, Bridge Street
Walker, William, grocer, Newry Street
Watt, S., painter and glazier, Newry Street
Willis, F. J., spirit dealer, Newry Street
Willis, George, blacksmith, Scarva Street
Wilson, M. A., draper, Bridge Street
Woods, F., grocer and spirit dealer, Newry Street
Wright, Thomas, spirit dealer and posting establishment, Newry Street
Young, James, Downshire Arms Hotel, Newry Street


A seaport town in the County of Down, ten miles from Belfast. The town is very ancient. It is said the first stone and lime house built in Ireland was built in Bangor. Close to the Episcopal Church is to be seen part of the old Abbey walls destroyed by the Danes in 821.  (They are still there, with a plaque, which I will go and read someday and put here, funnily enough I pass by them at least twice a week - Mary) The town has greatly improved within the last few years ; the harbour is good and commodious ; there is a good pier, on which a sum of 5,000 has been lately expended by the proprietor R. E. Ward, Esq., (The Pier and the Seafront of Bangor is currently a mess, there is no beach left  and unless you own a boat, the seafront is strictly for driving through with blinkers on) adding very considerably to the accommodation of the Port. There is also a steamboat wharf, and fine beach, well adapted for bathing. The shore on all sides of the bay is clad with houses and villas, for the accommodation of parties resorting to this favourite bathing shore. A Steamer plies between Belfast and Bangor thrice daily during the summer season. The principal hotels - "The Royal"  is in a most agreeable position facing the sea, commanding beautiful views of the Lough and of the County Antrim on the other side ; "The Imperial" in Main Street, which is a very comfortable, and convenient to the train. These conveniences and attractions, together with hot and cold baths, render this one of the most agreeable localities for the Summer season. The vicinity is enriched with several elegant seats. R. F. Ward, Esq., D.L., J.P., part proprietor of the town, has a splendid new castle in the Elizabethan style of architecture. The castle is surrounded by an extensive demesne, tastefully planted, and is contiguous to the town ; and the seat of Lord Dufferin is within two miles of the town. A Court of Petty Sessions is held by the magistrates of the county on the first and third Wednesday of each month, at twelve o'clock noon. The Episcopal Church is a beautiful edifice, with a lofty spire. There are two Presbyterian Churches. The Methodists have one place of worship. There is also a Roman Catholic Chapel, and Orange and Templar's Halls. A parochial school, an infant school, and a dispensary are the established charities. Fairs - January 12, May 1 August 1st & 22nd November. Population in 1861, 2,531 ; in 1871, 2,560. The Towns Improvement Act for Ireland (1854) has been adopted, and Commissioners have been elected who have had public pumps erected in the streets and the town lighted with gas, etc., etc.

Post Office, Main Street - John Mathews, postmaster

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. Edwd. Maguire, rector ; Rev. Mayne Wadsworth, curate
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. C. McCullagh
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. Patterson
Methodist Chapel - Rev. Wm. Williams

Public Institutions

Town Commissioners - Hugh Furey, chairman ; Robert Bowman, Robert Russell, Dr. H. Thompson, David Harvey, James Pollock, David McKenzie, Captain James Campbell, and Dr. H. Bell
Belfast Banking Company's branch - A. Cuthbert, manager ; - ? Lowry, accountant
Dispensary (under Medical Charities' Act), Catherine Place - Dr. Thompson, Main Street, surgeon. The committee of management meet at the Dispensary on the 1st Monday of each month. Chairman of committee, A. Cowan, Esq., J.P.
Endowed School, Main Street - Dr. Molony, teacher
Gas Works, Ballymagee Street - R. Russell, jun., sec.
Coastguard - Chief boatman, Mr. Wm. Page
Constabulary Station, Main Street - Mr. Rea, S.L.

Nobility, Gentry, etc.

Cleland, Richard Rose, Rathgael House
Connor, Foster, J.P., Sea Court
Cowan, Andrew, J.P., Glenghana
Crawford, Major John, J.P., Crawfordsburn
Dufferin and Clandeboye, Earl of, Clandeboye
Lyle, G., J.P., Little Clandeboye, Conlig
Maxwell, R. Percival, J.P., Groomsport House, Major of N. D. Militia
MacLaine, George L., Princetown
Orme, Edward, R.M., Ward's Villas
Ward, Robert E., D.L., J.P., The Castle

Clergy, Professional, etc.

Bell, Henry, surgeon, Main Street
Maguire, Rev. Edward
Mayne, Rev. Wadsworth
McCullough, Rev. J. C., Main Street
Patteson, Rev. W., The Manse
Ritchey, William, surgeon, Seaview
Roberts, ?, harbour master, Main Street
Thompson, Dr., dispensary surgeon, Main Street
Watson, Rev. C.
Williams, Rev. William, Catherine Place

Traders, etc.

Aicken, Mrs., spirit dealer, Main Street
Barr, John, saddler, Main Street
Barr, Wilson, spirit dealer and grocer, Ballymagee Street
Bowman, James, coal merchant and brick manufacturer
Bowman, Robert, butcher, Main Street
Brice, James, grocer, Main Street
Brown, Mrs., grocer, Main Street
Campbell, Fred., haberdasher
Campbell, Hugh, carpenter, Main Street
Campbell, Robert, boot and shoe shop
Crosby, Mrs., dealer, Ballymagee Street
Drennan, Patrick, car owner, Ballymagee Street
Dunn & McCartney, coal merchants, Quay Street
Edgar, Robert, baker and grocer, Main Street
Erskine, Miss, milliner, Main Street
Fletcher, Jas., carpenter, Ballymagee Street
Furey, Hugh, woollen draper, grocer, spirit dealer, etc., Main Street
Gibson, Alexander, butcher, Castle Street
Gibson, Mrs., grocer, Quay Street
Gorman, Robert A., druggist, Sandy Row
Gray, John, teacher, Market House
Green, Miss, National School, Sandy Row
Hanna, Joseph, grocer, Main Street
Hanna, Wm., grocer and hardware shop, Main Street
Johnston, Alex., grocer, Church Street
Johnston, Miss, Royal Hotel
Kelly, James, Sandy Row
Kenny, Miss, Lodge Schoolhouse
Lemon, Mrs., grocer, Main Street
Lyndsay, Thomas, carter, Ballymagee Street
Martin, James, smith, Old Mill Yard
Martin, Mrs., dress maker, Front Street
Martin, James, confectioner, Quay Street
Mathews, John, jun., baker, Main Street
Mathews, J. (Belfast Hotel), Main Street
Miller, Alexander, carpenter, Main Street
Mitchell, Miss, Sandy Row
Molony, Dr., teacher, Main Street
Montgomery, H., merchant tailor, Main Street
Montgomery, James, lime burner, Ballymagee Street
Moore, James, carter, Ballymagee Street
Moore, Miss, stationer, Main Street
Moore, Miss, grocer, Main Street
Morrow, David, publican, Ballymagee Street
Murphy, John, Main Street
McBride, Wm., Main Street
McBurney, Matthew, grocer and small wares
McCartney, John, grocer, Quay Street
McConnell, John, spirit dealer, Ballymagee Street
McCormick, Samuel, grocer, Main Street
McCune, Wm., grocer, Church Street
McDowell, Miss, milliner, Main Street
McKee, Henry, grocer, Main Street
McKenzie, David, sewed muslin manufacturer
McKenzie & McMeeckan, Main Street
McMeeckan, James, grocer, Main Street
McMurray, James, grain merchant
McWha, William, car owner, West Street
Neill, Charles, spirit dealer, etc., Quay Street
Neill, Charles, hardware shop, Main Street
Neill, Mrs.
Neill, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Main Street.
Neill, Robert & Sons, ship owners, lime burners, and coal merchant, Sandy Row
Oliver, Samuel, Main Street
Pim, E. & W., family grocers and wine merchants, Ballymagee Street
Pollock, Jas., brick manufacturer, Ballymagee Street
Potter, ?, (Belfast Tavern), Quay Street
Rippet, John, spirit dealer, Castle Street
Russell, Robert, jun., woollen draper, Main Street
Small, Hugh, bog oak carver, Ballymagee Street
Smith, Mrs., grocer, Church Street
Smylie, Wm., smith, Mill Row
Strahan, Mrs., grocer, Main Street
Thompson, Mrs., spirit dealer, Quay Street
Thompson, Mrs., spirit dealer, Main Street
Thompson, Samuel, carter, Ballymagee Street
Tibbison, Maynes, carpenter, Sandy Row


A market town in the County of Cavan, seven miles N.N.W. from Cavan, pleasantly situated on the banks of the Erne, which river is crossed by a handsome stone bridge of three arches, erected in 1836. Belturbet owes its origin to the Lanesborough family, whose patronage contributed materially to the prosperity of the town. Petty Sessions are held every alternate Saturday on the Town Hall. A station of Constabulary Police and Cavalry Barracks are established here. There are a Parish Church, a Roman Catholic Church, two Methodist Churches and a Presbyterian Church. A commodious flax market and store are situate in Butler street. The market day is Thursday. Annual fairs - Ash Wednesday, 4th September, and first Thursday in every month. Population of the town in 1861, 2,068 ; 1871, 1,759.

Post Office, Butler Street - James Mahaffy, postmaster

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Church Street - Rev. Thomas Jackson, rector; Rev. J. C. M. Jackson and Rev. Jas. Clarke, curates
Presbyterian Church - Rev. James Thompson, The Manse
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, The Lawn - Ministers various
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Green Street - Ministers various
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Jas. Dunne, P.P., and rev. Francis Teevan, C.C.

Public Institutions

Town Commissioners - Thomas F. Knipe, J.P., chairman ; John Donegan, E. S. Winslow, J. Mahaffy, H. Mee, J. Murphy, T. Boland, T. Small Devine
Town Hall - Petty Sessions held every Saturday in Town Hall. Magistrates who attend - E. J. Saunderson, D.L.; T. F. Knipe, J. E. Vernon, D.L.; Major M. Phillips, J. A. Nesbitt, Rev. G. W. Venables, S. Saunderson. Resident magistrate, J. T. Dillon, Killeshandra.  Thos. Clark, clerk
Ulster Bank (branch) - R. Walker, manager
Erasmus Smith's School, Deanery Street - Abraham Brown, teacher and parish clerk
National School - B. Reilly and Mill Kelly, teachers
Free School (girls), Green Street - Miss Tilson, teacher
Dispensary, Church Street - Hugh Thompson, M.D., surgeon and registrar of births, deaths and marriages
Excise Office - J. M. Atwell, ride officer
Constabulary Station - M. Sweeny, head constable
Coroner - J. Berry, Ardlogher
Town Sergeant - Alexander Nixon, Deanery Street

Gentry & Clergy, etc.

Baker, The Misses, Barrack Street
Berry, J., Carrick Hill
Berry, J., Sandvile House (Sandville)
Cassidy, Rev. H., P.P., V.G.
Clarke, Thomas, Butler Street
Clarke, Rev. James, Main Street
Cregan, Rev. C., Drumscladdy
Dunne, Rev. J., P.P., Church Street
Fagan, J., barony cess collector
Gregg, William, Clowney House
Griffith, John, Tomkin Road House
Griffith, Mrs., Lodge, Milltown
Healy, William, National School Inspector, Fair View
Jackson, Rev. Thomas, Rectory
Jackson, Rev. J. C. M., curate, Oriel Lodge
Jones, J. C., Nahillah Cottage
Kellett, Rev. O. S., Cranahan Rectory
Knipe, T. Frederick, J.P., Lawn
Knipe, S. N., attorney and commissioner extraordinary for taking affidavits for the Court of Chancery, Lawn
Lanesborough, The Right Hon. the earl of, Lanesborough Lodge
Leech, Rev. R., Drumlane
Leslie, Cecil, Erne Hill
McNally, Rev. F. G., chaplain to the earl of Lanesborough
Morton, Miss S., Holborn Hill
Nesbitt, Albert, Killicar Lodge
O'Reilly, Rev. P., P.P., Staghall
O'Reilly, Mrs., Anna House
Phillips, Major Michael, J.P., Glenview
Phillips, Rev. T. G. J., Redhills
Reynell, Rev. W., A.B., St. John's Rock
Rogers, Mrs., Floraville
Saunderson, Hon. Mrs., Castle Saunderson
Saunderson, Edward, Castle Saunderson
Saunderson, S., J.P., Cloverhill
Shaw, Miss, Lawn
Teevan, Rev. F., C.C., The Lawn
Thompson, Rev. Joseph, The Manse
Thomson, H. W., M.D., Lawn
Vernon, John E., D.L., J.P., Erne Hill
Wade, Wm. Maxwell, M.D., Holborn Hill
White-Venables, L. B., Redhills

Traders, etc.

Acres, Miss, boarding house, Holborn Hill
Atwell, James, crane master, Holborn Hill
Atwell, Miss L., millinery, etc., Main Street
Baker, James, spirit dealer, Barrack Hill
Barrett, Patrick, blacksmith, Water Lane
Best, William, grocer, Deanery Street
Boland, T., grocer and pork dealer, Upper Bridge Street
Brady, Patrick, blacksmith, Butler Street
Clarke, Thomas, clerk to the commissioners, magistrates and petty sessions, Butler Street
Cosgrove, Wm., leather seller, Butler Street
Coyle, M., grocer, Barrack Hill
Coyle, Patrick, carpenter, Upper Bridge Street
Dale, Wm., provision curer, Holborn Hill
Dale, William, grocer, Holborn Hill
Dale, Mrs., provision dealer, Holborn Hill
Davis, John, professor of music, Fairview, Belturbet; 39 Westmoreland Street and Great Brunswick Street, Dublin
Deering, E., publican, Lower Bridge Street
Devine, Thomas, publican, Market Square
Dolan, Thomas, grocer, Upper Bridge Street
Donaldson, R. (Lanesborough Arms Hotel), Holborn Hill
Donaldson, Thomas, tailor, Holborn Hill
Donaldson, Wm., draper, Market Square
Donavan, P., cooper, Castle Hill
Donegan, John, draper, Butler Street
Donohoe, Patrick, blacksmith
Donovan, Miss J., fancy shop
Donovan, Patrick, timber merchant, Lower Bridge Street
Duffy, Richard, publican and timber merchant, Lower Bridge Street
Farrelly, Patrick, publican, Upper Bridge Street
Flanaghan, Patrick R., draper, Butler Street
Flood, John, baker and grocer, Lower Bridge Street
Fitzpatrick, James, shoe maker, Holborn Hill
Fitzpatrick, John, cooper, Upper Bridge Street
Fitzpatrick, John, coach builder, The Lawn
Fitzpatrick, John, butcher, Upper Bridge Street
Fitzpatrick, M. A., lodging house, Holborn Hill
Fitzpatrick, M., publican, Market Square
Fitzpatrick, Peter, grocer and publican, Butler Street and Water Lane
Fitzpatrick, Sarah, grocer, Kilcunny
Fitzpatrick, Terence, tailor, Barrack Street
Fitzpatrick, Thos., cooper and night watchman, Upper Bridge Street
Fitzsimons, Andrew, post car proprietor
Fitzsimons, James, lodging house and provision store, Butler Street
Galdrich, W. C., grocer, Holborn Hill
Gilborne, Edward P., draper, Butler Street
Gleeson, E., publican, Holborn Hill
Griffith, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer
Harman, Robert, painter and glazier, Holborn Hill
Hennessy, Thomas, grocer, Holborn Hill
Hughes, Henry, carpenter, Holborn Hill
John, Mrs. John, grocer and corn dealer, Holborn Hill
Johnston, J. & J. W., grocers and drapers, Butler Street
Kennedy, J., draper and grocer, Bridge Street
Lovett, James, grocer, Upper Bridge Street
Magahran, John, Kilcunny
Mahaffy, James, grocer, ironmonger, timber and coal merchant, Butler Street
Martin, Michael, grocer, Main Street
Martin & Sons, provision merchants, Yarn Market Hill
Martin, Thomas P., car proprietor, The Lawn
Martin, Walker M., butter and egg exporter, Lawn
Mayne, Henry, wheelwright, Kilcunny
Mee, Henry, draper, Holborn Hill
Megaw, Edward, shoe maker, lawn
Mortimer, Francis, spirit store, Lower Bridge Street
Murphy, John, publican, Castle Street
Murphy, Mrs., grocer, Barrack Street
Murphy, T., grocer, Holborn Hill
McAdam, McC., grocer, Upper Bridge Street
McAlister, J., cart maker, Patrick Street
McCabe, James, car proprietor, Holborn Hill
McCaffery, Thomas, blacksmith, Water Lane
McCally, Thomas, stone mason, Holborn Hill
McCardle, Edward, post car proprietor, Butler Street
McClean, Alexander, stone mason and contractor, Kilcunny
McEvay, Thomas, tailor, Holborn Hill
McHugh, H., shoe maker, Upper Bridge Street
McKendry, John, draper, sewing agent, and photographic artist, Holborn Hill
McLean, James, builder, Kilcunny Upper
McMahon, J., whitesmith, William Street
McMahon, William, grocer and publican, Bridge Street
McManus, Charles, grocer, Kilcunny
McNally, T. & Son, carpenters, Chapel Street
Naun, J. (Commercial Hotel), Butler Street and Castle Street
Noble, James, clock maker, Butler Street
Norton, Henry, publican & grocer, Upper Bridge Street
Nunn, Joseph, painter and glazier, Holborn Hill
Oliver, J., blacksmith, William Street
O'Donovan, Miss, boarding house, Market Square
O'Rorke, H., spirit dealer and grocer, Butler Street
Phillips, Robt., draper, grocer and spirit dealer, Market Square
Quinn, Andrew, lodging house, Lower Bridge Street
Quinn, P., blacksmith, Kilcunny
Ratigan, Michael, stone cutter, Kilcunny
Rathborne, Sons & Co., Distillery Mills
Reilly, Edward, shoe maker, Barrack Gate
Reilly, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Holborn Hill
Reilly, Edward, shoe maker, Church Lane
Reilly, Edward, land surveyor, Holborn Hill
Reilly, Edward, spirit dealer
Reilly, John, boot and shoe maker, Barrack Street
Reilly, John, saddler and harness maker, Holborn Hill
Reilly, Luke, spirit dealer and hotel, Butler Street
Reilly, Thos., boot and shoe maker, Holborn Hill
Reilly, Robert, shoe maker, Holborn Hill
Reynolds, Patrick, slater, Lower Bridge Street
Roberts, H., grocer and hardware dealer, Butler Street
Scolans, Patrick, carter, Bridge Street
Slaven, James, pig dealer, Holborn Hill
Small, John, butler, Holborn Hill
Small, Hugh, butcher, Water Lane
Small, Terence, pawn broker, Butler Street
Small, Terence, china and glass dealer and haberdasher, Upper Bridge Street
Smith, B., Lower Bridge Street
Smith, Hugh, grocer and baker, The Diamond
Somers, James, shoe maker, Chapel Street
Stewart, Miss J.
Storey, William, blacksmith, Lower Bridge Street
Sullivan, F., cooper, Upper Bridge Street
Sullivan, Patrick, cooper, Kilcunny
Taylor, Edward, watch maker and jeweller, Holborn Hill
The Lanesborough Estate Office, Deanery Street
Thompson, Mrs. Matilda, grocer, publican and china warehouse, Main Street
Tinneny, Frank, carpenter, Barrack Gate
Tracy, Hugh, cart maker, Castle Hill
Trotter, Thomas, turner, The Green
Winslow, Edmund, spirit dealer, Butler Street
Wyan, Owen, spirit dealer, Lower Bridge Street
Yaw, E. & Son, grocer, baker and spirit dealer, Kilcunny


A Post Town in the parish of Clonfeacle, County Armagh, thirty nine English miles south-west from Belfast.  It is situated on the northern bank of the Blackwater, from which stream the town derives its name. The ancient cemetery of Clonfeacle is on the western side of the river. The Ulster Canal lies near it, and sloops of fifty tons burthen can deliver their cargoes at the quay, which gives it local facilities for trade. There are a Constabulary station, Dispensary and National school

Post Office - Postmistress, Ellen Campbell

Places of Worship

Clonfeacle Parish Church, Benburb - Rev. J. MacNiece, rector; Rev. R. C. Oulton, curate; Benjamin Beattie, clerk
Roman Catholic Chapel, Clonfeacle - rev. Michael Coyne, P.P.; Rev. Arthur O'Toole, curate

Public Institutions

National Male School - D. Campbell, master
National Female School - Mrs. Campbell, mistress
Dispensary - Dr. T. Martin, surgeon
Constabulary Station, Blackwatertown - John McLoughlin, constable

Gentry, Clergy, etc.

MacNiece, Rev. J., Clonfeacle Rectory
Martin, Thomas, M.D., surgeon
McAlevy, Rev. John, C.C., Moy
Pringle, Thomas, Dartry Lodge
McKeogh, Mary, haberdasher

Traders, etc.

Beattie, James, grocer and haberdasher
Crummy, Catherine, spirit dealer
Doran, J., shoe maker, Clonfeacle
Finn, Edward, grocer
Fox, Felix, baker
Fox, Thomas, carpenter and blacksmith
Frazer, Joseph
Fullon, Thomas, tailor
Hagan, Thomas, spirit dealer
Kelly, Francis, carpenter, Clonfeacle
Kelly, Mary, grocer
Kelly, Francis, carpenter
Queen, Arthur, blacksmith
Rafferty, Thomas, blacksmith
Trotter, Hamilton, post cars


Is a small market town in the County of Antrim, about six miles N.E. by N. from Coleraine, on the road to the Giant's Causeway. It is celebrated for the superior "Bush" whisky produced, and of which large quantities are exported to England, etc., independent of that retained for the consumption of Ireland, which is likewise very considerable. There is also an extensive manufactory of spades, shovels, and other agricultural implements ; and the River Bush is celebrated as one of the best salmon rivers in Ireland. The town, which is pleasantly situated near the mouth of the River Bush, from which it derives its name, is neatly built, and is passed through by parties visiting the Giant's Causeway. The Parish Church of Dunluce, a large structure is situated in the town ; and there are two schools under the National Board. The market is held on Tuesday. Fairs on the first Tuesday of each month.

Post Office - Samuel Steele, postmaster
Belfast Bank - Thomas M. Combe, manager

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Dunluce - Rev. Edward Maguire
Presbyterian Church - Rev. James Boyle
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. G. Kirkpatrick
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. John McGrahan, P.., Portrush
National School - David Elliott and J Sinclair, masters

Gentry, Clergy, etc.

Boyle, Rev. James
Dunlop, John, M.D.
Douglas, Richard, Bushfoot
Giveen, G. M., Blackrock House
Hincks, Venerable, Archdeacon
Kirkpatrick, Rev. J. G.
Moore, Robert, M.D.
MacNaughten, Sir E. W., Bart., D.L., Dundarave
McCaw, James, M.D., M.R.C.S.
Ritchie, Rev. William
Traill, William, Ballylough
Wadsworth, Rev. Mr.

Traders, etc.

3rd Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. Davis
Boyd, Robert, grocer and ironmonger
Corrigan & Co., distillers
Curry, James, miller
Doherty, William, fishing tackle maker
Haill, Neill, tailor
Hall, John, builder
Hunter, Andrew, grocer
Keveny, P. T., grocer and news agent
Marsh, Richard, publican
Martin, John, draper
Martin, William, grocer
McCauley, James, saddler
McCauley, John, grocer
McCauley, Mrs. James, milliner and dress maker
McCauley, Samuel, publican
McConnell, Thomas, posting establishment
McConnell, Miss, bonnet maker
McConnell, Hamilton, shoe maker
McIlroy, John, grocer
McKee, William, publican
McKelvy, James, carpenter and grocer
McKinney, W. J., merchant
McMullan, D., haberdasher
McMullen, William, tailor
McNaul, John, grocer
Owens, Joseph, flax buyer
Patterson, James, publican
Robinson, Robt., seed merchant and leather cutter
Russell, Francis, veterinary surgeon
Shaw, Wm., seed merchant and leather cutter
Sinclair, James, miller
Steele, Samuel & A. S., drapers, Hull
Taggart, L., grocer
Unsworth, Jonathan, clog maker
Watts, John, teacher
Woods, John, iron works, and manufacturer of agricultural implements


Bailie, Samuel, cooper
Boyd, John, publican
Clelland, John, tailor
McGurgan, Edward, publican
McCoubrey, Mary, toy shop
McFadden, Thomas, dish turner
Reid, James, publican
Scott, John, shoe maker
Scott, Henry, grocer
Smith, James, hatter
Williams, William, tinsmith
Williams, James, process server
Watson, Hugh H., blacksmith