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Presented with Sunday Stories March 4th 1916                                                                                                      

Ulster Will Fight Series 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10

The Rt. Hnb. Andrew Bonar Law, M.P., Photographed at Mountstewart 9th April 1912
written on front 'Molly' - Music! J. Hamilton, 40 Church Lane, Belfast
Rev. R. H. S. Cooper, M.A., Belfast Battalion Boys' Brigade President
Home Rule Rhymes - 1st July 1916 - The Ulster Division - Sick Parade
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Special United Service 11th July 1915, Downpatrick - All-Ireland Demonstration Dublin 25th to 238th June 1914

The Review of the Year 1914:- The Plot That Failed; Story of the Gun Running; Arming the Ulster Volunteers; The European War; Sir Edward Carson's Declaration; Enlistment in Lord Kitchener's Army; Famous Ulster Fighting Families

Motor Spirit Ration Book 21st March 1940 EZ 6?597

People's Penny Stories Supplement Gummed Labels for the Larder

Boating - An Evening on Lough Neagh

When the zephyr's faintly blowing, And the shadows long are growing,
What a pleasure to be rowing, on the silent limped bosom of the bay!
While the sun is gently dipping, And the silvery drops are dripping,
From the oars as one goes slipping, round the coast of Massereene at close of Day.

When the land around lies dreaming, With the peaceful foliage gleaming,
In the slanting rays a-beaming, From the hatch of sky containing Phoebus' throne;
Then the forward strokes impelling, Urge the boat through wavelets swelling,
Either side with waters welling, While the foaming wake outstretches clearly shown.

And anon the oars uplifting, Then the boat goes idly drifting,
O'er the quiet waters shifting, With a motion slow and steady, unperceived;
While the very slightest cleaving, Of the surface gives a heaving,
That's a lullaby, while leaving, Shoreward objects rearward with advance achieved.

Then the eye around goes viewing, Work the fishermen are doing,
In their tasks engrossed while wooing, Scanty catch of pollen to repay their toll.
And the far-off dim horizon, Seems to hold a sail that lies on,
Just a rim that one descries on, Focussing the watery marge with sky as foil.

Gnats in motion gaily reeling; Round our heads are swallows wheeling,
Circling heavenwards, lakewards keeling, Through the air with curves of geometric flight
And a distant seagull crying, Flashes white-spread wings while flying,
In the sickly sunlight dying, On the verdant tree tops - object of delight.

And the beauty, linked with feeling, Right into the soul goes stealing,
Soothing, resting it, and healing, Scars of wounds in Life's rude warfare of the past.
So that when the boat comes gliding, To its moorings; from the siding,
Through the dusk, contented, striding, Homewards, wearily, we go to rest at last.

Antrim  W.J.C.

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