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Autograph and Photo Albums
from the estate of Lt. Cmdr. J. S. Kerans
made famous by Richard Todd in the film "The Yangtse Incident"

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Memory Album

Bailey, Wm. Bailey, Norah M. Williams; Gordon D. King, 9-1-41; Edward W. Bailey
Alix Bailey; John F. M. P. Bailey; Derek B.; E. W. Bailey; Margaret Eunice Mary Bailey, 9/1/41; Arlette Lepage; John Bailey; Eunice Bailey

C. Janet Kingan, 21st May 1941
There was a young girl of Twickenham, Whose boots were too big to stick in em',
She went but a mile and sat down on a stile, Took off her boots and was sick in 'em.

One white foot, buy a horse, Two white feet, try a horse,
Three white feet, look well about him, Four white feet, go home without him.

A horse is dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle.
The great art of riding is keeping the horse between yourself and the ground.

H. Ussher, M.H.L. 21.1.41
To Margaret
One and one make two, But if one and one should marry,
How is it in a year or so, There's two and one to carry.

Alix E. C. Bailey 6.1.40                                              D. Capper 27/6/40
Margaret Bailey is your name, Belfast is your station,
Happy(?) is the little man, Who makes the alteration.

To Margaret from Rowena Cruickshank, 23rd July 1941 - Nawor House School, Milford, Armagh
Marian Chatsworth 28/6/40 May your journey through life's sea, Be long and happy as can be.

From M. D. Corry, January 18th 1941
P. McLaughlin, 29/1/41 This is the picture of an aeroplane just out of sight!

Arlette Lepage 5.1.40 Minnie Mouse
Susan Park 17/1/41 - Mary had a little watch, She swallowed it one day,
And now she's taking Epsom's salts, To pass the time away.
It was not the cough, that carried him off, It was the coffin they carried him off in.

To Margaret with much love Rosemary Coulter 28/1/41 - Little dog crossing street, Motor Car, Mince Meat
Little pig crossing street, Motor car, Sausage Meat
G. Winn 24th March 1940 - A few lines by a bashful poet

Anon. 31/1/41 - The boy stood on the burning deck, His luggage was labelled Jerusalem,
He slipped on a piece of banana skin, And scattered his Allacohusem.
How's the family - "Ma sits among the lettuces and leaks" "Pa walks among the cabbages and peas"
D. Hall 1940 - Can't write, Bad pen, All blotches. Amen

To Margaret with love Clodagh 11/2/50 - I wish you health, I wish you wealth, I wish you joy galore,
I wish you heaven after death, What could I wish you more
B. Maunder 26/6/40 - An aeroplane out of sight

Anne Henry 25/1/41 - In your long chain of friendship may I always add a link
Black is the raven, Black is the rook, But blacker the rogue, Who owns this book.
If the owner of this book you'd see Look on page 103

Dorothy ?, Hazel Smyth, Florence Wallace, Eileen Martin, Irene Larmour
Amy E. Purvis, Anna P. Minnis, F. Ma?, Priscilla Barclay, Elizabeth Green, B. C. La?, E. Beryl Sibbett, Mona J. Baird, Edith M. Nairn, B. Glen?, Dorothy Stone, Foreen? Squire, Olive M. Wilson, 17 Hanover Funston?, M. Elizabeth Pim

Staff of Manor House School - R. Doreen Ewing, ? R. Wiltshire, Marjorie F. Douglas
Darkie, Elizabeth Montgomery

With Love from Lorna Renee Carleton Allen 23/7/41 - O there was a little hen, and she had a wooden leg,
The last little hen that even laid an egg, And she laid more eggs more eggs than any hen on the farm,
Another little drink wouldn't do us any harm.
O we had some duck, & a lot of green peas, A pint of ginger beer & some Stilton cheese,
And we got such a pain in the "shade of the palm"
Another little drink wouldn't do us any harm.
O there was a pretty maid & I grieve to say, She climbed upon a tree upon a windy day,
And a naughty little breeze blew an awful storm,
Another little drink wouldn't do us any harm.
That's not the end, but it's quite enough.
O. Smith 26/6/40 - I went to the pictures tomorrow, I took a front seat in the back,
I feel from the pit to the gallery, And broke a front bone in my back.

Joan Stevenson 18th February 1942
Nan McCartan 23.7.40 - Mt pen is bad, My ink is pale, But my love for you, Will never fail.

To Margaret from betty Hodges 28/1/41 - Dogs delight to bark and bite, For tis their nature to,
But little children never let your angry passions rise, Your little hands were never made to tear each others eyes.
B,. Butler July 1940 - If Wisdoms ways you'd wisely seek, Five things observe with care,
To whom you speak, of whom you speak, and how and when, and where.

Nancy Clark - The Boy stood on the burning deck, His feet were full of blisters,
In the rush he tore his pants, And had to wear his sisters.
Maureen Gunn June 1940 - I can't dance but I will show you some steps

Lizzie Anderson 7/2/41 - Don't challenge me.
Peggy McElderney? - Margaret now Margaret ever, Bailey now, but not for ever,
In years to come & this you see, I wonder what your name will be.
Lily McPhillips, 29.3.40 - In your golden chain of memories regard me as a link.

Susan Park January 25th 1941 - Maggie went out for a walk one day Ha Ha! He He!
And she met Gordon on the way Ha! Ha! He! He!
He took her up upon his knee Ha! Ha! He! He!
And he gave her a kiss that was well worth three Ha Ha He He
"Its a brau bricght moon licght nicght th' nicght" old Scottish saying
Susan Park January 25th 1941 - They walked down the lane together, The sky was studded with stars,
They came to the end together, And he opened for her the bars,
She raised her soft eyes to him, There was nothing between them now,
For he was only a farmer, And she was a Jersey cow. - Maggie the Jersey cow.

Maureen R. with love 20/5/41
Sheelagh Maeve Patterson 28/1/41 - John Welsey was a preacher of children he had seven,
He bought a little donkey to drive them all to heaven,
But the road was rough and stoney, and he didn't know it well,
So the donkey turned them over, And drove them all to H___

To Margaret with love from Daphne 28.1.41 -
Read    and    that    if   
   up,     you    I     you,
   read   will    love   love
down,   see,    you,   me.
O. Smith 27/6/40 - Margaret Bailey is your name, England is your nation,
Belfast is your dwelling place, And heaven is your expectation.

When you're dead and gone, And all your bones are rotten,
This little book will tell your name, When you are quite forgotten.

A. Faris M.H.S. 6th October 1941 - It is hard to lose your lover, When your heart is full of hope,
But its worse to lose your towel, When your eyes are full of soap.

Mary C??? 17/1/41 - There was an old lady of Yarrow, Who went into church in a barrow,
When she stuck in the aisle, She said with a smile, They make there ??? churches too narrow

Evie Stronge 1/4/42 - Captain B B B B Sent his e e e e  To the Wests To dig pot o o o o o o o o o
Jones and Brooks went out to shoot, and Jones shot Brooks
Ashley S. Phoenix 6th January 1940 - Mr. Dam, Master Dam, Mrs. Dam, Miss Dam, not to mention the damn dog

John Bailey 30th June 1940 - Lord George stood on the tramway deck, The driver pulled the bell,
The tram went on to Islingham, Lord George went down to h_ _ _
Lily ? 21/7/48 from me to thee I send my kindest thoughts

Beresford ? 26/6/40 - What! write in a book, Where critics look, Not I, I'm shy
"Simmie" ?.H.S. 1942 - Carve your name on hearts and not on Marble"

S. McCartan 17th July 1940 Mourne? Croft, Newcastle - Ships are lost at sea for want of tar and rubber,
But girls may lose their fellows for flirting with another.
Pooh 9/1/40
M. B. Clarke 6/1/41 - image removed as it was offensive
Edna Larmour 1940

J. Carlyle 27/6/40  The cause of many a silent tear - onion

Staff of Manor House School - Eileen F. Fleming, 16th December 1942
Rosemary Hanson or Harrison 26/6/40 There is a kiss implanted here, It is to you my dearest dear. Boozey Nose

Manor House School - Heather Cu??, Patricia Heyn, Janet Kingan, Ruth Morton, June Charley, Evie E. Stronge, Francine Woodside, Mary Clarke
Manor House School - Anne Henry, Susan Park, Sheila Parker, Mavis Corry, Mary Roller, Maya McCorry, Anne Tenison, Nancy Clark, Gladys M. McCoy, Rosemary Houghton, Elizabeth A. Lucas, Lorna ? C. Allen, Angela Lowndes, Betty Hodges, Helen Webb, Priscilla McLaughlin, Rosemary Potter, Shirley Proctor, Hetty Ussher, Maureen Rebbeck?, Daphne Alexander, Mary Coey, Mary Kirkpatrick, Helen Blackwell Smyth, Rowena Cruickshank, Heather Johnston, Philippa Cochrane, M. Dorothy McCoy,
S. Marshall 26th June (image removed, too offensive)
Anne Tenison 17/1/41 - YYUR  YYUB  ICUR  YY4me

Helen Montgomery 26/6/40 - If you get married, And your husband gets cross, Just pick up the poker, And say I'm the boss
Peggy McElkerney 12/9/45 - Remember me when this you see, Remember me forever, And don't forget the day we spent in Newcastle together

Maya McCorry, January 17th - Good girls love their brothers, But I so good have grown,
That I love other girls' brothers, Better than my own.
Célene 26th June '40 - Yield not to flirtation, For flirting is sin, Each sister will help you, her brother to win,
Fight manfully onward, Dark corners won't do, Don't wink at the boys, And they won't wink at you!

Philippa Cochrane, with love January 17th '41 - Made up by the Dean of Residence, Trinity College -
Brian O Lyain had a house to be sure, With the stars for a roof and the bog for a floor,
There was a way to go out, and a way to come in, But there's nothing like FREEDOM says Brian O Lyain
Anne Woodside 8/9/41 - When this you see remember me

Jean Morrice 26th June 1940 - Margaret Bailey is your name, Single is your station,
Happy is the little man who makes the alteration.
M. June Charley April 1st 1942 - When the war is over and Hitler's dead,
He won't go to heaven with a hallow (halo) round his head, The devil's far too respectable to have him down below,
So he is all dressed up and nowhere to go.
Robin Charley 24/10/42

E. Waterhouse 27th June 1940 - Bright skies to shine above you, No shadows to depress you,
But many friends to love you, And God, himself to bless you
love from H.B.S. - When over this book you look, And over this page you frown,
Think of the girl who spoiled it, By writing this upside down

"Reggie" M.H.S. 1942 - You know what makes your life worth while, The kindly hand, the friendly smile,
The courteous manner, thoughtful deed, The sympathy in hour of need.
You know what makes the day look down, The surly tongue, the bitter frown, The touchy temper, changing mood,
Then see that every contact made, Each life that brushes yours is swayed, By cheer and kindness,
So achieve my giving what you would receive
Anne Henry 25/1/41 - While shepards washed their socks by night all seated round the tub,
a bar of sunlight soap came down and they began to scrub

Joan Stevenson 1st April 1941 - Fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind;
Methinks the pas6t would have changed his mind, If walking down the street he, chanced to find,
A fellow feeling in his coat behind
H. Webb 30th January 1941

103 The Owner A. McCreary 17.1.40
Vera Jordan 7th Feb

? F. Douglas - Shelley - Away, away, from men and towns, to the wild wood and the downs,
To the silent wilderness, where the Soul need not repress its music lest it should not find, An echo in another's mind
I wish you to have lots of lovely feelings!! from Winnie Abrahall, Richmond Lodge 26/6/40 - Love -
Love it is a funny thing, A very funny feeling, A feeling that you never felt before,
A feeling that you'll feel, when you think you're going to feel, A feeling that you'll feel for evermore

Barbara K. Sullivan April 1st '42 - Here lies the body of Emily White, She put out her left hand but turned to the right
Joy Crothers 9/1/40 having some fun

With love from Rosemary - R. Haughton 2/2/41 - Roses Red, Violets blue, Honey Sweet, and so are you.
Guess who 18/2/41 - Good King Wencelaslas looked out, In his pink pyjamas, What do you think he shouted out,
Here we sell bananas, Someone threw a skin at him, The he slipped and fell,
Where are you going said Joseph to him, I'm afraid I'm going to hell

Susan Park Jan 25th 1941 - Good King Wenclas last looked out on the feast of Steven,
Snowball hit him on the snout, made it all uneven, How his nose bled that night Oh the pain was cruel!
When the doctor came in sight riding on a mule.
Anne Henry 17/1/41 - Did you ever discover you could write on the cover

By hook or by crook I'll be last in this book. D. Eagleson?
By the stroke of my quill, I'm damned if you will  N. C.

Best Wishes - Mary ? Peters            Jay or Gary Porter                       Maeve Kyle                   

Best wishes - Mike Bull                                        ?                                                   ?                

Eric Bowyer, Alan Pierce?                      Tom Gor??? 27/9/70?                              Phil D???             

? ? Telegraph?                                                                               

book owned by John Chambers R.B.A.I. 2B - 232 Lisburn Road, Belfast 9

Doug Good - A. Riordan - Michael Ruth - J. Hanson - ? Colhoun - G. A. L. Duffy - Ireland, ? Colhoun - Michael Reith or Keith - L. P. Hughes - Doug Goodwin

Ivan Anderson - Alec. O'Riordan - Pa? - Maria? ? - Mau? Foster - Basil Butcher - Clive? Floyd?

? ?  Cha? Davis? - Peter Chambers - Joy C?

Grayson Witherspoon? - Michael ? - Basil Butcher - W. B. N. Walker - ? Blair - Clive Lloyd? - P? R?

C? Davis? - ? ? - Grayson ? ? - John Ship? - Maurice Foster - ? ? - Michael Reith - J. Hanson

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