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Ryan Collection
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no date Postmark London to Mrs. Wm. Donaldson, Sunnyside, Newtownards, Co. Down, Ireland from Bert & Chris - On our way home. Hope all well. Love ? Friday. Bert & Chris
2) 1937 20th June Postmark Brighton & Hove, Sussex to Miss Donaldson, Sunnyside, Newtownards, Co. Down, Ulster - Hoping to see you soon, love from Brighton
3) 1937 15th June Postmark London to Miss ? Donaldson, c/o Mr. & Mrs. Ryan, St. Hilary, Old Lurgan Road, Portadown, Co. Armagh, Ulster from M. & D. - Dear Illia?, We have gone round & round & round today & come back here. Selfridges is a wonderful sight, saw Miss L's apartments, saw M. ? but was too tired to go in, had dinner just over the street from Selfridges in Oxford Street, we do see life. Love M. & D.
4) 1937 21st June Postmark London to Miss Donaldson c/o Mrs. Ryan, St. Hilary, Old Lurgan Road, Portadown, Ulster, Co. Armagh from M. - We are still enjoying our holiday, hope you are too, hope to see you Tues. evg. Love M.
5) 1946 5th August Postmark Douglas, Isle of Man to Miss L. Donaldson, Victoria Avenue, Newtownards, Co. Down from Margaret - Having a lovely time. Wish we could stay a month. Thanks a lot for letter & lovely present. Hope to see you soon and I shall give you all the gen about the wedding. Cheerio, Love Margaret
6) 1949 5th September Postmark Penzance, Cornwall to Mrs. Donaldson, Sunny Side, Victoria Avenue, Newtownards, Co. Down, Northern Ireland from Chris - Dear Mother, This is where we were yesterday. We got the compas? thanks awfully, hope you didn't dash out immediately as we had equivalent, so those are extra. If it clears up this afternoon we go to Newlyn, we went Penzance this morning & it rained on us. We have only had one wet day yet. Bill has had a good ? of shopping & has still more to do. Much love & thanks Chris
7) 1953 28th April Postmark Hastings, Sussex to Mrs. W. Donaldson, Lamorna? Londonderry Avenue, Comber, Co. Down, N. Ireland from B. - Arrived safely, we are comfortable. Phoned Annie last night & she told me she had got safely to Penzance. It's chilly here, but its a lovely place, quite a city with lovely shops. You could fill your mothbay? of you were here. All the best & regards to Pop. B.
8) 1953 28th April? Postmark Penzance - Mrs. Donaldson, Lamorna, Londonderry Avenue, Comber, Co. Down, N. Ireland from Chris? - I'm in the train about Newton Abbot, so you see I'm well on my way. We had a very smooth crossing. It rained in London this morning but no sign of rain here. The journey seems much quicker going this route. I was in ? in no time at all, which was first stop from London. I left Bert? in London, he goes to Hastings? this ? Hope you are o.k. Love Chris

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1956 19th September Postmark Menton to Mr. & Mrs. Donaldson, Lamorna?, Londonderry Avenue, Comber, Co. Down, Nord Irlandic, Grande Britaigne from Chris???? - Wednesday, Arrived here this morning in beautiful sunshine and heat. It is a splendid party and there is no doubt that we will enjoy ourselves. Going to Monaco & Monte Carlo tomorrow. Hope you are better. Love
2) 1956 Postmark Menton to Miss I. G. Donaldson, Lamorna, Londonderry Avenue, Comber, N. Ireland, Grande Bretagne - Wednesday, Had a lovely day in Paris & arrived here this morning. This is lovely spot & the weather simply glorious. Hope ? you are having a good too. We ??????? Paris
3) 1956 22nd September Postmark Cannes to Miss I. Donaldson, Lamorna, Londonderry Avenue, Comber, Co. Down, Nord Irlande, Grande ? from Chris & Bert - Visiting Aga Khan today
4) 1956 24th September Postmark Cannes to Mr. & Mrs. Donaldson, Lamorna, Londonderry Avenue, Comber, Co,. Down, N. Irelande, Grande Bretagne from Chris & Bert - Saturday We had a lovely sail to this little island today & picnicked. Weather still wonderful and we are enjoying every minute.
5) 1956 no date Postmark Paris to Mrs. Donaldson, Lamorna, Londonderry Avenue, Comber, Northern Ireland, Grande Bretagne from Chris & Bert - Have got this far, had a lovely sail, pancakes are delicious, the weather has been fine & it was after dark when we arrived here. Breakfast in bed in the morning & a long journey tomorrow. Hope you are better. Much Love, Chris & Bert
6) 1956 19th February Postmark Falfield, Glos. to Mr. & Mrs. & Miss Donaldson, Lamorna, Londonderry Avenue, Comber, Co. Down, N. Ireland from B. & ? - This is the Main Street of the little village 4 miles from here. Studying hard but enjoying the course. Spending all today in school. See you all when I get back. Love to all
7) 1957 28th September Postmark Cornwall to Mr. & Mrs. Donaldson, Lamorna, Londonderry Avenue, Comber, Co. Down, N. Ireland from C???? - This is where we are today, but the time has simply flown & we have to ? & going back now. Love, see you soon.
8) 1958 March Postmark London to Mr. & Mrs. Donaldson, Lamorna, Londonderry Avenue, Comber, Belfast from C. B. & B. - Weather improved today - Hope to do some touring now that the big event is over. Love C. B. & B.
9) 1958 12th March Postmark London to Mr. & Mrs. Donaldson, Lamorna, Londonderry Avenue, Comber, Belfast, N. Ireland from Bill - Shopping today, weather still very cold. Going to Festival Hall tonight for concert. Bert greatly improved, Love Bill

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1962 no date Postmark Paris to Miss Donaldson, Lamorna, Londonderry Avenue, Comber, Co. Down, N. Ireland from C. & B. - Here we are but haven't time to see much of this gay city. Have had dinner and are just waiting for our train. So far - 1 very pleasant journey. Love C. & B.
2) 1966 19th October Postmark London to Miss Donaldson, G.R.O. 2/8, Ministry of Health & Social Services, Castle Grounds, Stormont, Belfast 4, N. Ireland from Alice - This is the life! So far, we haven't noticed the "Squeeze" being put into practice. Enjoying London as much as ever. Kind regards Alice
3) 1948 22nd March Postmark Hamilton, Ontario to Miss Annie Donaldson, Sunnyside, Victoria Avenue, Newtownards, County Down, N. Ireland from John Kinnaird, 16 Edward Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
4) Le Versailles - Old Bar
5) Madame and Tony welcome you - written on side in pencil 261 Ravenhill Avenue
6) Dear Mr. Ryan, Glad to know you and Madame are well. Hope to see you in Menton in the near future. Kind regards L Abbo

Royal Victoria Hospital Ladies' Committee - The Chairman and Members invite you and your friends to the Annual General meeting on Friday, 1st February, 1963, at 3 p.m. on Bostock House, Falls Road, Belfast.
Speakers - Professor J. H. Biggart, C.B.E., D.Sc., M.D., F.R.C.P. & Dr. Margaret Wilson, F.R.C.S.I.
Lady Johnston will preside.

Vitznau - Kurkarte Carte de séjour Visitors Card 23rd Juni 1964 Miss Donaldson

Ryan S8079? Camin? ???fect Don't use 120

Popular Brownie - Takes 620 Kodak Film

Henry Duke of Gloucester, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Grand Prior in the British Realm of the Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, to William Albert Ryan, Esquire Greeting.
Whereas His Majesty the King, the Sovereign Head in the British Realm of the Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, has thought fit to sanction your appointment as a Serving Brother in the said Venerable Order.
Now therefore I, by these presents, in the name and by the authority of His Majesty, do grant unto you the Dignity of a Serving Brother in the said Venerable Order and I do hereby authorize you to have, hold and enjoy the said Dignity as a Serving Brother of the aforesaid Order, together with all and singular the privileges thereunto belonging or appertaining.
Order at St. John's Gate under the Signature of His Royal Highness The Grand Prior and the Seal of the said Venerable Order this Sixth day of March One thousand, Nine hundred and Forty-seven in the Eleventh year of His Majesty's Reign. BY the Grand Prior's Command. Edwin ? Chancellor.
Grant of the Dignity of a Serving Brother of the Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem to William Albert Ryan, Esquire

Health Services Act (Northern Ireland), 1948 South Belfast Hospital Management Committee
Belfast City Hospital    Musgrave Park Hospital    Malone Place Hospital
Appointment of Honorary Governor
Whereas is it provided in the Hospital Management Scheme made by the Northern Ireland Hospitals Authority under Section 29 of the Health Services Act (Northern Ireland), 1948, that the South Belfast Hospital Management Committee may, by an instrument under its common seal, appoint as Honorary Governor of the hospitals managed by the South Belfast Hospital Management Committee any person whose work on behalf of the Management Committee in a voluntary capacity merits the gratitude of the Management Committee and of the public.
And whereas since January, 1954, including a period of one year and nine months as Vice-Chairman and five years and nine months as Chairman of the Management Committee, Mr. William Albert Ryan, M.B.E., C.St.J., J.P., has given outstanding service to the Management Committee and to the community at large and has carried out the duties of his office with dignity, fairness and a concern for the welfare of patients and staff.
And whereas the outstanding service so rendered by the said Mr. William Albert Ryan merits the gratitude of the Management Committee and of the public.
Now, therefore the South Belfast Hospital Management Committee hereby expresses its gratitude for the said service, appoints Mr. William Albert Ryan to be an Honorary Governor of the hospitals in the South Belfast Group, and records that it has resolved to accord and extend to the said Mr. William Albert Ryan such recognition and privileges as may appear to the Management Committee to be consonant with the distinction which is intended to attach to this appointment.
Sealed with the common seal of the South Belfast Hospital Management Committee this Twenty0eighth day of September, One thousand nine hundred and seventy-three.
Members of the Committee - A. G. Belford, John Baxter, ? Taylor; Group Medical Superintendent/Acting Secretary, G. J. N. Lawson

                                   1                                                2                     3
1) R. Clements Lyttle Studios, 12 High Street, Belfast - Mr. W. A. Ryan, Great Northern Railway, Great Victoria Street, Belfast
2) Mr. Wm. A. Ryan, M.B.E., Glenartney, 11 Clanbrassil Road, Cultra, Co. Down
3) 4th October 1974 Postmark Belfast

16th June 1964 Postmark Holywood, Co. Down
Mr. W. A. Ryan, Esq., M.B.E., J.P., 90 Hotel Beha via Guiseppe Nazzini, Lugano, Switzerland
Glenartney, 16th June 1964
Dear Bertie, Hope everything went according to plan & that you both had a less tiring journey than you expected - hope you are both feeling better. Bill wasn't feeling well either before she left - she had no rest. You should both go to bed for a while after you arrive. We didn't see or hear anything of Bill's plane, hope she got away safely. Pop & I got the 10 Bus home & did you get an empty Compartment for the long night journey back? I expect it was a rough crossing. I forgot to give you the small dictionaries - I may try to post them. What is the crowd like? hope no snags. Is the sun shining? It's very dull here but not raining! I've no news except Mrs. Samuel wrote about a bus for 15th July & Bill took it in to Mr. Dunlop, hope that wasn't the wrong thing to do. I'm ringing her to tell her what I've done in case she expected to see you at the competitors.? Well love I hope you are both enjoying lovely sunshine by now. Love C.

Birthday Greetings with love from Chris Bert
Ulster admissions to Order of St. John - The King has sanctioned the following admissions as Serving Brothers of the Order of St. John:-
Dr. Marshall F. Leslie (Divisional Surgeon, Londonderry Ambulance Division, St. John Ambulance Brigade)
Mr. William A. Ryan (Assistant Commissioner)
Mr. William Wilton (District Officer, Ambulance Cadets)

From the Makers of Cookeen Mrs. W. Ryan, Glenartry, Cultra, Co. Down, N.I.

Balcary Bay, Galloway                                                    Loch Eck, Argyll
McGill Duncan
To Illia from May - This is Mr. Duncan (my Inspector at the office) He's also an artist

Vernon Ward
23rd September 1974 Postmark Slough, Bucks to Mrs. C. E. Ryan, 11 Clanbrassil Road, Cultra, Holywood, N. Ireland

Skal Club of Belfast - Annual Ladies' Luncheon Midland Hotel, Thursday, 17th December 1959
President: T. K. Sargent - Vice-President R. B. Thomas
Compliments of the Season to you all
Pianist - Mr. Walter Wilkinson

With love from Chris Bert see you Sunday   -   from Illia with Love!

Forget Me Not

1                                                                                       2         
1) Wishing you the Compliments of the Season, From Matt & Etta - do you know the spot on front of card, what do you think of the idea, hope that you are keeping well, Mrs. Cunningham hopes that you will like the Chocs. Love Matt & Etta
2) Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, Sept. 1952, Christmas Greetings and Best Wishes for the coming year, from Max & Judy Beaton, Dundela House, 2 Palmerston Road, Belfast

                                1                                                                                             2                                       3           
1) Merry Christmas from T. Irwin(?), Xmas 1937
2) A Birthday Wish
3) Christmas Wishes to Ruth from Uncle Bob and Aunt Lilian, with love

1                                                                            2                                                
1) Sheet Music 'Ramona'
2) Presented to Mr. W. A. Ryan by his friends and colleagues in the Civil Service on the occasion of his retirement: John A. Oliver, Hoey(?), Higgins, Bertha Duncan, Dorothy Hunter, Smythe(?), Logan, R. McMullan, Collins, ?, R. B. Spence, C. F. S. Newman, Minshull(?), George Hamilton, ?, ?, Younger, J. G. McComish, Ballantyne, ?, Roberta Blaney, Knipe(?), Jas. Hyndman, J. R. Ingram, ?, Beckett, ?. -  Ford(?), Edward A. Simpson, McCormick, ?, A. Platt, Brian M. Rutherford, A. M. Henderson, H. R. Higginbotham, ?, ?, John B. McNally, W. F. Stout(?). Hewlett, Rogers(?), Gilbert Camblin, David Boyd, Woods, ?, ?. - Brian Henning(?), Connelly, V. A. Thompson, W. Rankin, Doreen McCullagh, ?, Acheson, Smith, C. A. McIlwrath, William Robb, Derek Mackenzie, T. ?, June Hay, ?, K. Lowry, ?, ?, Mo. Marcus, Phyllis Montgomery. - M. McMaster, B. Graham, J. N. D. Anderson, Furphy, Boyd, R. F. McMinnis, Elder, Cunningham, Margaret Raybould(?), Pat Patton, O. Gellan, Helen Agnew, ?, Murphy, Denis Noble, ?, Sheila Dixon, ?. - McClune, ?, B. McKeown, ?, J. L. Stevenson

a few photos from negatives

Newspaper Clippings

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1) Congratulations, The congratulations of all are extended to Mr. W. A. Ryan, 93 Killicomaine Road, who has been awarded the Diploma of the Bennet College following his recent successful studies in Air Raid Precautions, with a proficiency of 98 per cent. Mr. Ryan is at present lecturing in Thomas St. P.E.S. (under the local A.R.P. scheme) each Monday evening at 8 p.m.
2) News Letter Monday, June 17, 1974 - Day of Dedication, St. John Brigade Hold Service, The Dean of Belfast, the Very Rev. S. B. Crooks, dedicated new ambulances for the St. John Ambulance Brigade after the Commandery of Ards annual re-dedication service to mark the Festival of St. John in St. Anne's Cathedral yesterday. On the left is Sir Ian Fraser, Lieutenant of the Commandery of Ards, also in St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Upper Donegall Street another religious service was conducted by the Rev. J. M. Blaney. In the cathedral the lesson was read by the Lieutenant, Sir Ian Fraser, and the sermon preached by the Rev. James Harkness. After the service in both churches the dignitaries and members of the Brigade stood in Academy Street where the dedication of ambulances took place. A march past by ambulance personnel was held in Lower Donegall Street outside Belfast Cathedral after the ceremony. Representatives of the armed forces also attended the service. Bowlers injured, Seven members of Bangor bowling team were injured on Saturday when the bus taking them to Dublin to play Blackrock in an Irish Senior Cup match overturned after a tyre blew out. Six were discharged after treatment, and a seventh was detained with minor injuries. The match was postponed.
3) (paper same as #2) ... a girl .. friends (part article) .. transmitter as well as any man. Christine - pictured at Bangor Amateur Radio Society's annual "mobile rally" at Castlewellan Forest Park yesterday - leads a pretty active life.  For as well as keeping up with rapidly changing radio techniques she also manages to bring up three young sons. And that, as you can imagine, can lead to all sorts of problems - especially when you have a transmitter installed in the family car. Christine G14CX1 in ham parlance, has been interested in radio communications since her teens and was persuaded to try for her licence by her husband Brian, a lecturer in marine electronics at the Northern Ireland Polytechnic. Now, he says with a smile, she spends part of the week chatting to other men. "Amateur radio is terrific fun but I do get a bit fed up talking to men all the time", admits the Glengormley housewife. "However, it's a hobby attracting a lot of interest at the moment and the day can't be too far off when a few girls join up."  Old Friends Meet Man Behind Voice, My Harry McAlister and Mr. Lionel Waring are the best of friends. In fact they spend hours every week chatting to each other. But yesterday was the first time they actually met. Until then it was a case of "G13WUO calling G13UVX". For Harry and Lionel (pictured above) are just two of Ulster's 350 licenced hams who regularly tune in to each other, but rarely meet face to face. Harry, a 26-year-old radio officer on the Larne-Stranraer ferry, said: "We've been talking through car transmitters for about a year but I wouldn't have known Lionel if I'd met him on the street." They met at the Castlewellan Forest Park 'mobile rally'  There Lionel, a research officer at Queen's University, who lives at Holywood, was able to show Harry and other radio enthusiasts the transmitter he built and ? himself. The rally, revived last year after a six-year lapse, was mainly aimed at boosting interest in amateur radio. "We have lost contact over the years with the public," said rally organiser Mr. Joe McCormick, "This type of event gives us a chance to introduce more people to our work." Photo: Mr. Joe McCormack, of Victoria Avenue, Bangor, "talking in" ...... goes to the convention at Castlewellan yesterday.
4) St. Bartholomew's Church Magazine - Parish Notes, Congratulations. Among the recipients of the M.B.E. in the New Year Honours List was Mr. William Albert Ryan, O.St.J., of "Glenartney," Cultra, Co. Down, who is attached to the Traffic Manager's Office (Publicity and Public Relations), Great Northern Railway, Belfast, and to whom we delight to extend our very warmest felicitations. Mr. Ryan, who was educated at Drogheda Grammar School, is one of the best known public men in Northern Ireland. He is also well known in Dublin, where he has many friends. A member of the Commandery Chapter of the Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Commandery of Ards), of the Road Traffic Advisory Council under the Ministry of Home Affairs, and of Down County Council, he also serves on many other local bodies. He is Vice-Chairman of Castlereagh Rural District Council, and is also a member of the South Belfast Hospitals' Management Committee. Other activities with which he is associated include the King George VI Northern Ireland Memorial Youth Council, the Northern Ireland Local Government Officers Superannuation Fund, the Ulster Tourist Development Association (on which he is the G.N.R. representative), the Ulster Folk Museum and the Belfast Safety Council. Mr. Ryan is Honorary Public Relations Officer of the Order of St. John, and an Area Commissioner in the St. John Ambulance Brigade. He is also a qualified Civil Defence Instructor. A housing estate in the suburbs of Belfast has been named Ryan Park in appreciation of his work on the Housing Committee of Castlereagh Rural District Council. In addition to his many other pursuits, Mr. Ryan finds time to write short stories of absorbing interest, one of which has been broadcast by the B.B.C. In Church circles he has played an outstanding part in the life of Saint Bartholomew's Parish, Belfast, where he formerly resided, and was for many years Rector's Churchwarden, Parochial Nominator and leading member of our Select Vestry. He is a trustee of Saint Bartholomew's and he has acted in the capacity of Lector at our Sunday Services with great acceptance. His charming wife will accompany him to Buckingham Palace when he receives his highly merited decoration from Her Majesty the Queen, and upon his worthy head we on our part shower our congratulations and fervent wishes that he may long enjoy the honour thus bestowed upon him.
5) The Spectator, Knighthood for Native of Craigavad.
6) The Sunday Press, January 5, 1958. Helping the sick is his second job.
7) News Letter 12.3.58 Ulster People at Palace investiture.
8) Belfast News-Letter 7th July 1951 Licensing Laws, Relaxation Move Not Supported, Castlereagh Council - By four votes to two, with several members abstaining, Castlereagh Rural District Council yesterday refused to support a resolution from Downpatrick Rural Council calling for a relaxation of the licensing laws in smaller towns. The resolution asked the Ulster Tourist Development Association to press the Government to allow licensed premises to remain open to a later hour each night. Mr. W. Ryan, who moved that the Downpatrick resolution be supported, said that if one belonged to a club in towns with a population below 5,000 one could get a drink after nine p.m. There should be a uniform closing hour throughout Northern Ireland. Visitors from Great Britain were used to getting a drink up to a later hour. Mr. J. Pettigrew said that, from his experience in Bangor, the public houses there would be better closed at nine p.m. He would be in favour of nine o'clock closing in all towns.  Cultra Water Supply - The Down County Planning Officer (Mr. N. B. Mitchell), who attended the meeting, told Miss McCormick that he would consult with the County Solicitor regarding the question of postponing further private development at Cultra until a water supply was available. Miss McCormick said that the water supply at Cultra and Marino presented such a serious problem at the moment that the residents were appalled at reports of possible new private development, which would impose a fresh strain on the available springs. The Council agreed to a resolution from the Belfast Rural District Council that the present joint administrative arrangements of Belfast and Castlereagh Rural Councils be terminated. Mr. W. H. Jones, clerk, said that he thought the dissolution would take at least six months.
9) Sunday Despatch, 8th July 1951, They Want 'Time, Please' Later in Smaller Towns - Demand for a new deal on drinks hours in Northern Ireland and consistency in closing times for towns within a few miles of each other, is being made by public bodies in Ulster. In towns with a population of under 5,000 closing time is 9 p.m. and in towns with more than 5,000 it is 10 p.m. The 9 p.m. "Time please" hits a number of seaside towns and also pubs in a rural area within a few miles of Belfast. One 9 p.m. pub has the city's trolley buses stopping at its doors. Mr. W. A. Ryan, a prominent figure in the Ulster transport industry, said yesterday, "It would be in the interests of the tourist traffic to have the drinks laws overhauled."
10) Telegraph, 26th June 1951 Schoolboy Hit By Ambulance, £790 settlement - An eight-year-old schoolboy Brian R. Moore, son of James Moore, Palmerston Street, Belfast, had an action settled for £790 in the Ulster High Court to-day against the St. John Ambulance Brigade, Bedford Street, Belfast, and against William Chasty, ambulance driver, Chesham Crescent, Belfast. The action arose out of an accident on April 26, 1949, when an ambulance driven by the second-named defendant, collided with the boy when he was crossing the road in Durham Street and severely injured his foot. Lord Justice Black received the consent and made it a rule of Court. Mr. J. McSparran, K.C., and Mr. R. Lowry, (instructed by J. C. W. Rea) were for the plaintiff: and Mr. E. W. Jones, K.C., and Mr. T. A. Blair (instructed by McKinty & Wright) for the defendant.
11) Telegraph 16th July (1951?) Holiday Traffic Heavy To-day, 14 Trains go to Dublin - Ulster Transport organisations dealt with heavy two-way passenger traffic to-day, holiday makes who were returning home and those going away. The Great Northern Railway operated 14 trains from Dublin to Belfast and 14 in the reverse direction. Traffic was also heavy to and from Londonderry, Enniskillen and the West. Mr. W. A. Ryan, of the G.N.R., said to-day that while the railway had been heavily engaged over the holidays there had been few complaints and the arrangements made worked smoothly. Newcastle and Warrenpoint were popular with day trippers, while cross-Border towns were also favoured. The Ulster Transport Authority had a large number of buses on private hire and tours, with the Mountains of Mourne, the Glens of Antrim, Portrush, and the Bann Valley favourite venues. Rail traffic was described by an official as 'steady but with no exceptional rush.'

1             2             3              4               5                  6                  7   
1) Northern Whig 4th October 1951 Last of St. John ambulance drivers to be paid off - Mr. W. A. Ryan, Assistant Commissioner of the St. John Ambulance Brigade in Northern Ireland confirmed in Belfast last night that the last of the paid ambulance personnel would have to be paid off on Saturday because of falling income. Until fairly recently the Brigade had three ambulances with paid staffs to augment the city ambulance force in case of emergency and help with Hospitals Authority work when demand was greater than supply. Since the Hospitals Authority have built up their own ambulance fleet, however, the Brigade, because of the fewer calls on its services, has had to reduce its paid staff to one, a driver who will be paid off at the end of the week. Mr. Ryan emphasized that St. John ambulances would still carry out their normal functions as a voluntary public service, attending sports events and other functions were accidents were liable to occur. In addition, it is hoped to have the ambulances available for any emergency with volunteer staffs after normal working hours, and to render service when needed if due notice is given. Recently the Brigade has done a considerable amount of ambulance work for the Northern Ireland Tuberculosis Authority and the Ministry of Pensions, and these two bodies have been officially informed of the closing down of the permanent paid service.
2) Irish Press 8th October 1951 Belfast Pays-Off Ambulance Men, Belfast Sunday - The last of the paid, full-time St. John Ambulance Brigade personnel in Belfast were paid off at the week-end.   ......   click image 2 to read the full article
3) Daily Mail 8th October 1951 Took Pilgrim 400 Miles in Ambulance, St. John Men Gave Up Week-end - A Belfast bus driver and a clerk sacrificed their week-end leave to take a Dungannon Chest Hospital patient - suffering from a spinal disease - on a pilgrimage to the Roman Catholic shrine at Knock, County Mayo. Last Thursday the St. John Ambulance Brigade was asked if they would convey the patient to Knock, and Privates J. Green, the bus driver, and J. Chestnutt, the clerk, promptly volunteered. Immediately they finished work at midday on Saturday they drove the ambulance 40 miles from Belfast to Dungannon, County Tyrone. There they picked up 30-year-old Joseph McVeigh and Nurse Eleanor McKenna, for whom McVeigh made a special request, and made the 200-mile journey to Knock, where they stayed the night. Yesterday they visited the shrine before starting home, and this morning Private Green will be at the wheel of his bus and Private Chestnutt at his desk. Said Mr. William Ryan, the Brigade's assistant commissioner: "This is the first time I've known an ambulance to go on a pilgrimage, and the two privates gave their time voluntarily. "The 400-mile round trip is a long, tiring journey, but the two men's sacrifice is in keeping with the traditions of the St. John Ambulance Brigade."
4) Irish Press 8th October 1951 200 Miles By Ambulance To Shrine ... click image 4 to read full article
5) Telegraph 4th October 1951 Last of St. John Brigade Paid Personnel .. click image 5 to read full article
6) Daily Mail 1st October 1951 Modest Heroine Honoured - Mrs. Michael Quail, of Sydney Street, Belfast, a sergeant in the St. John Ambulance Brigade, and "unknown heroine" of the Juan Peron gangway disaster at Belfast shipyard last January, has been awarded a meritorious service certificate by the brigade. Praised by Dr. H. P. Lowe, the Belfast coroner, for her long vigil in the biting cold at the wharfside, she modestly kept silent when efforts were made to trace her. Divisional Superintendents J. Wilson, of Windsor ambulance division, and R. E. M. Humphreys, transport division, and Privates Raymond Semple and W. G. Wallace are similarly honoured.
7) Telegraph 26th September 1951 Wilfred's Appeal Aids Children - There was a large attendance at the monthly meeting of Division 3 Voluntary Care and After-care Committee of the Down County Health Services. Mrs. Mary S. McLeavy, J.P., presided in the absence of the Chairman, Mr. W. A. Ryan. It was reported that an allocation of money had been made to the Division out of "Wilfred Pickles Christmas Children's Hour Appeal" for the benefit of invalids and crippled children. On the motion of Dr. S. Hayes, seconded by Mrs. Stanfield, it was unanimously decided to invite Rev. Father J. F. McPhillips, P.P., Carryduff, to join the Committee. A welcome was extended to the new Assistant Divisional Medical Officer, Dr. G. T. N. Lawson.

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