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Ryan Collection
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all came together and are connected

William Albert Ryan

Dance Photo by Van Buren, Belfast

U.T.A. Killarney 1963 September 15th

                                                                                    June 1948

                                                                                Richard Dimbleby Fintona Horse Tram

This is Bea & I with Mom 29th June 1946                                           1940                                                       

1941 - 472872        James White, Jeweller, Newtownards

1                     2                    3                   4                     5                    6                 7
Donaghadee Pier (Wilds & Self)
2) Donaghadee Pier (Boats) (better image)
3) Carrickfergus Castle (Bad)
4) Carrickfergus Castle (Ep & Jchk)
5) Carrick-a-Rede
6) Sheep Island
7) Home - Wilds & Ep.

8                   11                   12                  13                   14                 15
Austrians leaving G U or V Station
11) Engine No 98 on 12/30 23/8/67?
12) } Engine No 98 Nameplate
13) }Engine No 98 King Edward VIII
14) Rostrevor Hotel Mr. Gilpin
15) Rostrevor Hotel Self

16                   17                 18                 19                20
Hamilton Dawn?
17) Bowl of Roses
18) Bowl of Roses
19) Ep in Garden
20) Potting


W. A. Ryan Inspector Belfast? >


                                                                             Comber 1952

June 1952                             June 1952                                                                                                                   

Mother and Baby ages six weeks;                            Baby & myself Auntie Viley's
in her christening gown, view of terrace                       We took her pram to N. with us       

Taken in November, a bit dull, a little silk cap Lillian Bullick gave him but he keeps putting them off

Dunholm, Cornwall 1957                                                     1957               

Cork 1964                                                               City Hospital 1963

Menton Tuesday May 3rd 1960 At the back U.S.S. "Terrebonne Parish"

                         1946 (Bangor)                                       June 1952 (Bangor)                        Bangor      

                                        Bangor                                       Souvenir of Milan 1961

                 1946                  Sept. 1948 Snaffles                     Marion, Snaffles & Chappie 1948          

1937                           1938

          Sept. 1948                          Press interview town                   Office September 1961
                                                         hall of Belfast                                                              

Early October 1950 The Strawy Border. Larkspur. Dahlias. Tobacco Plant & Godelias, etc. in full glory. Taken from bed-room window
Crab & Cherry Blossom. The Chinese plum is also in bloom. The small tree on the right border, also Gordon's apple tree on left. Wish I could ?ave the colours

fish "washed up" at Newlyn


1930-31                                                                                                 1933


Bangor Parish Men's Bible Fellowship 1948

1                                                       2
1) Jeanette with Jack the dog
2) Dad with Jeanette while picnicking

1                                              2                                          3
1) This is Jeanette Taken in the front lawn last June
2) Jeanette 1948
3) Jeanette 1952

1950                               Anthony Easter 1950                                      

Glenartney? 1957                                                  Glenartney

Biarritz 1959                       1959                                       1959                 
              Captain Onslow or Unsworth 1963 - Dr. Gregg & Miss Boyce

Covenant Centenary Celebrations 1960

At the launch of Port Nicholson, Harland & Wolfe, Belfast Shipyard 1962

Ballygally Castle - Turf Lodge, Bloomfield, Belfast 17th August 1901
Postmarks Belfast - Nottingham to Miss Terrey, Beech House, West Eagle House, Sherwood, Mablethorp, Nottingham, Lincolnshire, England

                                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Sights,
                                                                                                                              Slieve Donard Hotel, Newcastle

Castle Gardens School 1929                                   Castlereagh R.D.C. Offices

1st Bn. The King's Own Royal Regiment - Winners - Madras District Hockey Tournament 36-37
L/c. Farghar  Pte. Morgan   Pte. Hopkins   Drm. Ainsley   Pte. Seed   Pte. Kerner
Pte. Gray   Sgt. Spilsbury   Lt. Wyberg   Lt.-Col. C. G. S. Irvine   B/Sgt. Morton   Dr/Maj/Gardiner   Pte. Channon
on back says Campbell

CLICK to enlarge
1st Bn. The King's Own Royal Regiment "C" Coy. Wellington 1938
on back says Campbell

CLICK to enlarge
1st Bn. The King's Own Royal Regiment, Wellington - Trooping The Colour
St. George's Day 23rd April 1937
on back says Campbell

CLICK to enlarge
1st Bn. The King's Own Royal Regt. 'C' Company - Karachi India 1939

CLICK to enlarge
1st Bn. The King's Own Royal Regt. 'C' Company - Karachi India 1939

Drummers 1st Bn. The Lancashire Fusiliers Minden Day 1940
Back Row:-
L/c Dunmore, Drms. Leeming, Doyle, Lancaster, McGovern, Hanley, Toms, Mickleburgh, Young, Cpl. Watt
Middle Row:-
Drm. Lanty, L/c. Meanock, Drms. Watterson, Wray, Halpin, Hodgson, Hardy, Lewis, Booth, Sharples, Bramieh, L/c Westhead
Seated:-Drms. Hastings, Morris, Cook, Sgt. Lloyd, Capt. F. H. Bowen, Adjutant, D/M Hillidge, L/c. Crew, Drms. Aspinall, Sherriff, McGarry
Ulster Transport Authority - Examples of Engineering Production
name on book cover W. A. Ryan

CLICK to enlarge
Brief Statistics of Assets Maintained at August 1963

Albion, diesel-engined drop-side lorry                              Covered trailer for local deliveries
                                                                                            Send it by UTA (by Ulster Transport)

Austin 5 ton "Bus Parcels" delivery van                                 A.E.C. 41 seater semi-luxury coach
Ulster Transport Bus Parcels Delivery Service                                                    Bangor                               

20 seater Bedford omnibus                                     Multi-purpose diesel power car

Rail/Road terminal, Gt. Victoria Street, Belfast, bus departure platform
Panorama Bar, Slieve Donard Hotel, Newcastle

              Permanent way track relaying                          Reconstructed railway bridge at Templepatrick

Donaldson Photographs

The Bridal Party of My. Hugh Donaldson, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Donaldson, Moville, Newtownards, and Miss Helen Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Brown, 73 Seedhill Road, Paisley
(left to right) - Miss Helen Mullen, Master Sandy McClymont (Trainbearer), the Bridegroom, the Bride, Miss Helen McClymont, and Mr. George McCutcheon, J.P.

Newtownards Wedding - Bridal Party at the Wedding of Mr. R. H. Morrison, eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Morrison, Newtownards, and Miss Molly H. McRoberts, only Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William McRoberts, Victoria Avenue, Newtownards, in Greyabbey Parish Church
Left to right) Miss Ella Stroupe, Miss Jean Smith (Bridesmaids), The Bridegroom, Bride, Mr. F. A. Morrison (Best man), and Miss Muriel Moore (Bridesmaid)

1                               2
on back Mr. Donaldson, Station Road
2) To Mrs. Donaldson, With Best Wishes

                                                           all Belfast                                                 yours with love Molly

Wm. A. Ryan, front row, 2nd from left, I assume Donaldson is in there somewhere?

1                                                                                           2
Great Ocean Road - We travelled along this road when we went on a day trip to "Lorne" (a popular seaside resort on the open sea) J.S.
2) This is one of the districts we travelled through on our tour of Tasie? Jennie

"Our Home" To Aunt Annie with love from Jennie & Lilla - Lilla is on verandah

1                                                                                                                 2                                       
1) To Lil Lel from Paddy           2) My wee Jane for Aunt Annie



Ballyhay 1919                                                            


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