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Majury Collection

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City and County Borough of Belfast 1934-35 - The Ulster Cyclist 1936 - Dunmore Speedway 1950
Smoke Rings Gallahers

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

James Majury, 19 Jellicoe Avenue, Dunmore Park, Belfast 1925, 1951
Wee Jim Majury 14 3/12 yrs
Wee Desmond Majury 13 yrs
Wee Scotty Majury 7 2/12 yrs
Wee Beatrice Majury 10 8/as yrs
Wee Rosemary Majury 10/12 of a year 1942

Daddy's 5 Wee Darlings - I hope God will bless each one of them & prosper them & that his Holy Spirit will rest & abide with each one of them through their journey in this world.

1951 Mr. & Mrs. Majury, 19 Jellicoe Avenue, Dunmore Park, Belfast, Ireland from Son and Daughter-in-law, Jim and Audrey in Clacton-on-Sea - Dear Mother and Father in law, We are on holiday as you can see by the photo, you will be surprised to see that Jim is with us, we will write and tell you all the details when we get home again, we have bought a small present for Rosemary and Beatrice which we will also send. I do hope this card finds you all very well, the weather is lovely and we are having the time of our lives. Lots of love

James Majury, Saintfield, County of Down, Ireland 1926 - Horatio & Priscilla
James Majury & Priscilla & Horatio - Sarah Jane, Leggygowan, Saintfield 1924
James Majury & Horatio Majury

D. Majury Chief Steward, Strathnaver 14th January 1950
22 February 1975 - Top Galloways for Ballymena - John A. Crawford, of the Collin, Moorfields, Ballymena
Presented to Mrs. Jane Elliott Wright, M.A., by the Girls of her Sabbath School Class and Teachers, Hillington Park Church Cardonald, June 1931
He who knows not, & knows not what he knows not, He is a fool (Shun him)
He who knows not, & knows that he knows not, he is simple (Teach him)
He who knows, & knows not what he knows, he is asleep (Wake him)
He who knows, & knows that he knows, He is a wise man (Follow him)

Christmas 1935 Kind Regards and Hearty Greetings for Christmas and the New Year from Mr. & Mrs. W. O'Brien Armstrong "Beech Lawn" Helen's Bay, Co. Down "Kind words can never die; but they must be spoken before they can live"
1937 - 769 Self, Sandy Conway; 447 J. A. Mackintosh, 589 W. Stevenson & D. McMillan, 1029 S. Conway, ? McMillan Burn; 933 Self - no other Dist. Officer present, G. Skimm in Dm. Chris Close & Blain ?; 862 Conlig, W. Stevenson, D. K. McMillan; 862 Conlig, W. Stevenson, D. K. McMillan; 589 Port Stevenson & D. K. McMillan, 677 Bangor S. Conway & W. H. McMillan; 1027 Bangor, W. J. 7 Sandy; 1029 Cotton, J. A, Mackintosh; District 1029 Cottown, J. A. Mackintosh, McMillan; 865 Bangor, Sandy, J. A. Mackintosh
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A Handy Guide for Everyone to Correct Spelling and Pronunciation - Bought in Woolworths' Londonderry Branch on Saturday 30th April 1932 James Majury
2) W. Duffy

A splendid civic occasion: Londonderry, 1933. Flags and bunting fly as the coach carrying the Lord Mayor of London, Sir Percy Greenaway, passes through Shipquay Gate in the ancient walls. The Lord Mayor and the members of the Honourable the Irish Society were visiting the city on the Foyle to mark the opening of the Craigavon Bridge. (From a painting by Frank McKelvey)

Donaghadee from the Pier - Welch's Irish Views

City and County Borough of Belfast 1934-1935

Addenda Et Corrigenda - The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Sir Crawford McCullagh, D.L., J.P. - The Lady Mayoress of Belfast, Lady McCullagh, C.B.E. - Town Clerks of Belfast - The Right Hon. Sir Thomas Dixon, Bart., His Majesty's Lieutenant for the County of the City of Belfast - H. M. Lieutenants - Mayors and Lord Mayors of Belfast Since 1842...

Lord Mayors of Belfast Since 1885 - Alderman James Dunlop Williamson, M.D., J.P., High Sheriff - High Sheriffs - Officers of the County of the City of Belfast 1934-1935 - Deputy Lieutenants - High Sheriffs - Members Elected to Serve in the Parliament of Northern Ireland.....

Members Elected to Serve in the Parliament of Northern Ireland - Members of the Imperial Parliament - Supreme Court of Judicature of Northern Ireland - City Magistrates

Members of the Council

Port Sanitary Authority - The Belfast Corporation Employees' Provident Society - The Belfast Holywood and Castlereagh Joint Board - Sir Robert Meyer, Town Clerk - Principal Officers of the Corporation.....

Principal Officers of the Corporation - List of R.U.C. Officers Serving in Belfast - Belfast Corporation Local Acts - The Principal Consular Officials at Belfast - Public Officers, Belfast - Some Important Events.....

Some Important Events

The Ulster Cyclist May 1936

Editorial - N.C.U. and Ulster Cyclists - Letters to the Editor - Youth Hostel Association of Northern Ireland

County Down - Two Speed Gears - Daisies on Wheels - Practical Hints - Five Days Awheel....

Five Days Awheel - It Is Rumoured - Club News....

Club News - Athletic Section - R.U.C. Sports - The Joy of Cycling - Trade Notes

Dunmore Speedway First Season 1950

Programme of Events Thirteenth Meeting, Friday 11th August 1950
Belfast "Bees" v Liverpool "Chads"

Smoke Rings (Gallaher Ltd.) Editorial - Pattreioeux Girls - York Street Factory - Gallaher Ladies Hockey Team

Gallaher Ladies 2nd XI Hockey Team
Standing: G. Harpur, M. McBride, M. McCann, P. Braithwaite, F. McKinless, and M. McCay
Seated: R. Cowser, D. Allen, S. Wright, M. Atkinson and A. Adair

York Street Factory - Connswater - Lisnafillan - Bonny Ahoghill - Pattreioeux (Derby Street)...

Pattreioeux (Derby Street) - Pattreioeux (Ashton Factory) - Bertie didn't know! - Miss Nessie Scott - The New Look and the Old

Factory "Close-Up" - From All Quarters - J. & E. Arnfield Ltd. - The Branches

Darts Competition - Correspondence - Among The Alps