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1805 - 1806 - 1807 - 1808 - 1819 - 1843 - 1852 - 1861 - 1868 - 1877 - 1880 - 1890
1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1939 - 1943 - 1951 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Joe 219 Camp 36 Ulster Division CLICK to enlarge                                                 CLICK to enlarge       

      10653 1st R.I.F. France            CLICK to enlarge                                  Sam                   CLICK to enlarge

                10653 1st R.I.F. France             CLICK to enlarge

Mrs. W. H. Johnston, 40 Sunnyside Street Rachel   CLICK                           to Sue from Meg 1932   CLICK      
Minnie Russell, Tonaghmore               Hugh Rea                                                    Annie Torrens                       

From Martha, 1 Stranmillis Street, Belfast to Sue (addressed to Miss Sara Rea, m/c Miss Adams, Main Street, Millisle, Donaghadee) mention of 'Sue' being on holiday, hence the different address than Sunnyside Street

To Miss Sara Ray, 40 Sunnyside Street, Belfast from ?? Kennan, Walkers Town, Portadown
mention of Andy and Maggie date could be 1919? its unclear

from Tommie, 26 Albion Street, Belfast to Sarah

Happy Birthday card from A. B. to Sarah dated 4th Feb 1920

birthday wishes from Auntie Min to Master Rea Johnston, 40 Sunnyside Street, Ormeau Road, Belfast
August 1930

     From Raymond to Mr. Ray Johnston           From Aggie to Sara 8th November 1920

from Madge, Cara Street, Clones, 28/12/15 to Sara Rea, 40 Sunnyside Street

from Uncle Geo & Auntie Meg to Master Ray Johnston, birthday

From Rachel to Mr. W. H. Johnston, 40 Sunnyside Street, Belfast

From S. Massey to Sara Rea, 40 Sunnyside Street 26 June or July, 1920 (Saintfield?)

From Noel & ????? & Mama, Seattle December 10 1914 to Sarah Rea, 40 Sunnyside Street

from Joseph Porter to Sarah, mentions Martha and Kingsbridge

Miss Aggie Wright, 42 Sunnyside Street

Dear Sara, When this Bridge was being built a big lot of Workmen were killed as it fell when it was getting erected, and the people say here it is rumoured that it will give way again as there's a big lot of traffic passes over it.  I don't want you to think I'm a pro-German for if you look carefully over this P.C. you will see where it was printed.  From yours with love & Kisses. Tommie

Hawaiian Fish Pilikoa                                           Hawaiian Fish Humuhumu

from L. Hillen, 15 Ardoyne Vill. Crumlin Road to Sarah Rea, 40 Sunnyside Street 7th Aug. 1917?

from Sadie, Bungalow, Comber to Miss Sue Rea, 2 Seaview Avenue, Millisle 14 July 1923

from Martha in Bangor on the 8th March 1932 to Sue, Mrs. W. Johnston, 40 Sunnyside Street

Dear Sara & Maggie, Please do not come tonight as it is rather dangerous at the present on this road & I would not like anything to happen yous but I will send you word to come next week if all is quiet, with love Eva, to Miss S. Rea, 40 Sunnyside Street

from Dolly (D. Lindrum or Lendrum), Cara Street, Clones to Miss S. Rea, 40 Sunnyside Street 14 April 1914?

Bangor                                                                Memories of Ireland

Boathouse on the Lagan                                                     Sea View Avenue, Millisle

Blue Pool, Portrush                                                      Main Street, Saintfield

Shaw's Bridge, Belfast                                                         Tyrone Infirmary, Omagh

             Long Sands, Ballywalter                                  Ballywalter Harbour and Coastguard Station

A Rough Sea, Ballyholme Bay, Bangor

Ballyholme Beach, Bangor                                               Queen's Parade, Bangor

Cingalee Tea Gardens, Crawfordsburn,                                     Bangor Harbour and Bay             
Lovers' Walk and Wishing Stone                                                                                           

Carelton Street, Showing Orange and                                    The Esplanade, Warrenpoint  
Parochial Halls, Portadown                                                                                   

The Esplanade, Bangor                                              Castle Place, Belfast

Hell's Hole, Malin Head, Co. Donegal                                             Portstewart                       

Sunset, Portstewart                                               Episcopal Church, Killinchy

                                                                                      Masonic Hall, Millisle 192?

R.M.S. Cedric                                                             "Duchess of Richmond"

Did you see our Photos in Evg. Telegraph, laying foundation Stone of Hall

The Boy Hero of the Battle of Jutland  "H.M.S. Vivid"
Boy, First Class, John Travers Cornwell, V.C.  Died June 2nd 1916. Mortally wounded early in the action, he remained standing along at a most exposed post quietly awaiting orders, until the end of the battle, with the gun's crew dead and wounded all around him.  Age 16 years

Throne Hospital, Mrs. Rea, No. 1 Ward. R.V. Hospital, Belfast? from Emma, Mrs. Gray & Mrs. Marshall

13th Sept. 1923 from Sadie, 4 Titania Street, Cregagh to Miss Sue Rea, 40 Sunnyside Street, Belfast

Saturday 7th Dec. 1918 from 290??3 Pte. T. Bell, R.A.F., West Jesmond School, Forsythe Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne to Miss S. Rea, 40 Sunnyside Street, Belfast
Dear Miss Rea, Just a line to let you know I received your P.C. to-day, thanking you very much for your consideration of sending me one for me collection, From Tom.

Dear Sarah, How sorry I was to know that you & May were up on Wed. evening and that I was not in. Well Sarah I did not receive your P.C. until Wed night & I think the delay is through putting Old P.K. (Park) Cottage instead of Village, the cottages are further up the road & by the look of your P.C. it has travelled a bit. I was speaking to Eva on Tuesday & she said you told her you sent me a P.C. to-day, you would be up & I wondered at not getting it so you will know the next time you are writing. I suppose you will be going away for Easter if not Sarah perhaps you will come up some day.  Willie wants to know were you are going to trundle your egg. This is all dear till I see you hoping it wont be long & remember me to Maggie. With best love from your old friend Sarah 6 Old Park Village

To Miss S. Rea, 40 Sunnyside Street, Belfast 7th November 1918 from 290153 Pte. T. Bell, R.A.F., D.5 Block, ??????Willow? School, Flower Down, ???? Winchester, Hants.
Dear Miss Rea, I hope this finds you enjoying good health as it leaves me also. I'm sure you were sorry to hear about Willie, but I hope it won't be long until he recovers. I will draw to a close as I have nothing more to say at present. From Tom

To Mr. W. Johnston, 247 Conway Street, Shankill Road, Belfast
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and may you see many more. Meg

Dear Minnie & Pop, If you address your envelope like this card we will get it OK. Albert Miller, R.D.1 Saltsburg Road, Verona, Pa. W.S.A.

Mrs. Hugh Rea, 40 Sunnyside Street, Belfast

4 July 1934 to Master Rea Johnson, 299 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Manchester
Dear Rea, I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Wont we have good fun? It is very warm over here, you could do without any clothes. love from Maurice