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Albin Collection
this page - a few photos, letters, papers etc.
page one - 3 photo albums
other pages with the Albin name - Auto Album

absolutely no idea what this is, it looks like its made of ivory but could just be plastic or some kind of bone

In Memoriam. In Affectionate Remembrance of
Robert Armstrong, Who Departed this Life the 30th April, 1891
Aged 76 Years
and was Interred in the Family Burying-Ground, Clough.

A light is from our household gone, A voice we loved is still'd;
A place is vacant at our hearth, Which never can be fill'd.
A gentle heart that throbb'd but now, With tenderness and love,
Has hush'd its weary throbbings here, To throb in bliss above.
Yes, to the house where angels are, His trusting soul has fled!
And yet we bend above the tomb, With tears, and call him dead.
We call his dead, but ah! we know, He dwells where living waters flow.

Thy will be done. In Loving Remembrance of
Edgar Rowland Smyth, aged 23 years
who entered into life eternal
25th June, 1900

God knows the way, He holds the key, He guides us with unerring hand;
Some time with tearless eyes will see; Yes there, up there we'll understand.
Then trust in God thro' all thy days, Fear not; for He doth hold thy hand,
Though dark the way, still sing and praise; Some time, some time, we'll understand.

Mrs. Albin, Chelmsford Road - In Memoriam, In Loving Memory of
Richard Clarke, who entered into rest on
Saturday, the 15th April, 1905, Aged 55 years.

Sleep thy last sleep, Free from care and sorrow,
Rest, where none weep, 'Till the eternal morrow.
Though dark waves roll, O'er the silent river,
Thy fainting soul, Jesus can deliver.
Life's dream is past, All its sin its sadness;
Brightly at last, Dawns a day of gladness,
Under thy sod, Earth receive our treasure,
To rest in God, Waiting all His pleasure.

1                                                            2                                                       3
1) Lafayette, Belfast Photographer
2) Princes Studio, Belfast Photographer (Branch of Abernethy's)
3) can't make out writing

1                                                           2                                                    3
1) R. Clements Lyttle Studios, Belfast Photographer
2) Mavius & Vivash, Belfast Photographers
3) Chas. H. Halliday Belfast Photographer

Belfast Photographer                                                                     Miss M. Kirton, Douglas, I.O.M.     

Ration Book, July 1943 Issue
Austin Albin, 250 Ravenhill Road, Belfast

1                     2                             3                                      4                              5                              6           
1) 12th April 1941 - Postal Censorship Dept., Bank Buildings Chambers, Castle Street, Belfast - Dear Sir, With reference to your application for employment, I have to inform you that you have been appointed as an Examiner, Grade 1, and you should report for duty to 15 Corporation Street, Belfast, (Room 6) on Tuesday 15th inst., at 10 a.m. etc. etc. M. H. McDermott, for Chief Staff Officer. Maurice Albin, Esq., 250 Ravenhill Road, Belfast
2) 20th November 1956 - 51 Irwin Drive, Strandtown, Belfast - Dear Cecil, Enclosed herewith 52/-, my half-yearly subscription to the Debt Extinction Fund. As you will see by the books, no collections have been made since May last, and as I know the boys were not too keen on collecting I could not ask them to carry on after the lapse of time the books were out of my possession. Regarding my own subscription, I will forward it on to you each half-year so long as the Fund continues to function. Yours sincerely, Fred
3) 14th October 1914 H. Wiles Ltd., 124 Market Street and 2 Mosley Street, Manchester to Mr. C. G. Albin, 65 Richardson Street, Belfast - Dear Sir, I beg to acquaint the Conjuring Fraternity that I have obtained the services of De Meglio, the well known Conjuror and Ventriloquist, as manager of my Magical department. His experience and abilities are at the services of my customers. A new illustrated Conjuring Catalogue is in the printers hands, a copy of which will be forwarded to you as soon as complete. In the meantime, should you require any tricks or illusions, we shall be pleased to supple them to you. Customers' tricks and ideas worked out. Absolute secrecy guaranteed. Yours truly, H. Wiles
4) 19th January 1956 Postmark Belfast to Herbert Albin, Esq., 250 Ravenhill Road, Belfast - Belfast Naturalists Field Club. Under the direction of Richard Hayward the Easter Excursion for 1956 will be to the Burren of Clare. Headquarters will be at the Falls Hotel, Ennistymon, one of the nicest country hotels in Ireland, and the party will leave on the 10.30 train on Good Friday morning, return will be on Easter Tuesday, arriving back in Belfast about 9 p.m. A varied programme of archaeological, geological and botanical interest has been arranged, and the Burren is rich in all these things. The charge is 13.10.0 per person, fully inclusive of transport, hotel, all meals and tips, and immediate application should be made to Richard Hayward at Seven Bedford Street, Belfast. The party is definitely limited to 40 and cannot be enlarged. 5 deposit must be sent with each application, and under no circumstances can this deposit be refunded.
5) Still on Top, Thomas Inch, Britain's Strongest Man
6) Sharp's Mickey Mouse Toffee

             1                                                                      2                                           3
1) Belfast Savings Bank, King Street, Established 1816 - Christopher Albin
2) Daisy Air Rifles
3) Jack Hinds, 10 Victoria Square, Belfast

1                     2                                                    3                                                                 4                      
1) 12th December 1947 Miss or Mrs. Albin, Ravenhill Terrace Bought of W. McCartney, 121 & 123 Ravenhill Road, Baby Beef Specialist
2) Ballymacarrett Masonic Charity Board. Masonic Hall, Newtownards Road, Saturday 6th December, 1947
3) Belfast Cathedral. Ulster Day Anniversary, 28th September, 1913, Special Service of Intercession
4) Church of Ireland Temperance Society Members' Card, St. Ann's Branch, ? Hon. Sec., Address, 37 Dawson Street? - Christopher Albin, H. H. Dickenson? 15th August 1907

1                    2                    3                               4                                        5                              6
1) 14th December 1933 C. ? Albin, 236 Ravenhill Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland
2) With the Compliments of the Season and Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year from Abraham Johnson & Son, 6 Waring Street, Belfast. Christmas 1937
3) 4th October 1909 T. Inch, Physical Culture Expert to C. Albin
4) 24th December 1936 Postmark Manchester to Mr. Cecil G. Albin, 236 Ravenhill Road, Belfast - Sunday Chronicle, Horoscope for 1937 (First Half) Virgo
5) 26th May 1929 Postmark Belfast to Mr. Albin, 236 Ravenhill Road, Belfast - Mayfair Dance Circle, Messrs. Gillis & McFarlane beg to invite Mr. Albin to their May Dance Thursday 30th May  8.30 - 1 Subscription 2/6 Including Tea
6) Dr. A. D. Glasgow, Belfast 189 - Powders 6 Hours Apart - 7 Belgravia, Lisburn Road, Belfast

     1                                                                   2                                                             3
1) National Insurance Card 63/64, Cecil G. Albin, 250 Ravenhill Road, Belfast 6
2) Civil Service (N.I.) Rugby Football Club. The Committee request the pleasure of your Company at the Autumn Dance to be held in the Plaza Ballroom, on Tuesday, November 7th, 1939. Novelty Dances, Prizes, etc. Dancing 8.30 - 2 to the Music of Archie Craig and his Band. Subscription 3s. 6d.
3) The Mayfair Dance Circle, Membership card. Miss Millar, 157 University Street, Belfast - Messrs. Gillis & McFarlane, 30 William Street, South

           1                                                  2                                    3                           4                              5
1) Belfast Philharmonic Society Annual Autumn Dance Tuesday 24th November, The Plaza, Belfast. Dance Committee: Mrs. M. McBride (Convener), Mrs. E. Godfrey Brown, Miss E. G. Lynas (Secretary), Miss E. Dales, Mrs. R. L. Kemp, Miss N. Dunlop, Miss N. Erskine, Miss M. Milligan, Mrs. G. L. Marshall, Miss J. Beggs, Mr. G. L. Marshall, Mr. W. Johnson, Mr. W. Martin, Mr. W. Crossey, Mr. J. H. Craig, Mr. P. Whiteway, Mr. Hooton Mitchell, Mr. J. W. Stratford, Mr. A. V. Froggatt, Mr. H. Dyson, Mr. T. B. Andison. Les Thorpe and His Band.
2a/b) 1st February 1937 Postmark Belfast to Mr. Cecil Albin, 236 Ravenhill Road, Albertbridge, Belfast - Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Staff Dance (Under the Patronage of Mrs. F. E. Rebbeck) In Aid of Children's Hospital, Templemore Avenue will be held in The Plaza, Belfast. On Thursday, 25th February 1937
2c) Tracing Office, H. & W., Ltd., Queen's Road, Belfast. Monday 1st. Feb. 37 - Dear Cecil, I am enclosing you an invitation to the Staff Dance which is being held on the 25th Feb. (Thursday). Could you & your brother come & join our party. Tables No. 34b & ? I will guarantee you will have a good time. Perhaps you will let me know. Hoping you are keeping in the best of health. Yours sincerely Eva Hamilton
3) 7th May 1925. 18 Rossmore Avenue, Belfast - Dear Sir, Outing to Greyabbey - It has been suggested that an outing should be held early in the summer, and the Committee have been able to arrange with Mr. F. J. Bigger, M.R.I.A. (one of the vice-presidents of this society) to conduct a party to Greyabbey on Saturday, 29th May.  A Char-a-banc will leave the City centre at about three o'clock on that date, and will probably return to Belfast about eight o'clock. Details will be made known to you later, but before final arrangements can be made, it will be necessary to know how many members will wish to join the party. The cost will be approximately 2/6 per head, including tea. Please, therefore, fill in the attached Post Card, and forward it to me at your earliest convenience. Yours truly, R. W. McBride, Hon, Secretary. St. Anne's Past Choristers'? Society.
4) 9th July 1923 The Palace and Coliseum
5) Estelle, Palmists, "Black Hand," Douglas Head (Nr. Port Soderick Cars) Palmistry, Crystal, Clairvoyance. Expert Advice on Health, Marriage, Business, etc.

1                    2                     3                     4                    5                   6                    7                    8
1) February 1926 John Currie & Co., 48 & 50 High Street, Belfast - Mr. Wm. Bradshaw, 3 Wyndham Street
2) Bedford Social Club. Request the pleasure of your company at a Dance to be held in the Locksley Hall, on Wednesday, 8th February 1928. Dancing 8 till 11 p.m.
3) A Private Dance. The pleasure of your company is requested at a Dance to be held in Gardner's, Victoria Street, on Friday, 23rd March, 1928. Select Orchestral Music
4) St. James' Cricket Club. The Committee requests the pleasure of the company of  ..... and friends at a Dance to be held in the Locksley Hall, Fountain Street, on Thursday, 25th February, 1926. Miss Kelly's Orchestra
5) 4th August 1933 Postmark Belfast - Mr. Albin, Carisbrook, Douglas, I.O.M.
6) Maurice F. Albin, Manufacturers' Agent, 250 Ravenhill Road, Belfast
7) 17th - 25th September, 1937 - The Ulster Radio Traders' Association, Ltd. Twelfth Annual Radio Exhibition in the Plaza, Belfast.
8) Bill Boy - Where hev ye been aal the day, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
Where hev ye been aal the day me Billy Boy?
I've been walk-in aal the day - With me Charm-in Nancy Gray,
And me Nancy Kittle'd me fancy Oh me charmin Billy Boy.

Is she fit to be yor wife Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
Is she fit to be yor wife, me Billy Boy?
She's as fit to be my wife as the fork is to the knife,
And me Nancy kittle'd me fancy Oh me charmin Billy Boy.

Can she cook a bit O' steak Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
Can she cook a bit o' steak me Billy Boy?
She can cook a bit o'steak, Aye, and myek a gairdle cake
And me Nancy kittle'd me fancy Oh me charmin Billy Boy.

Can she myek an Irish Stew Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
Can she myek an Irish Stew, my Billy Boy?
She can myek an Irish Stew, Aye, and Singin' Hinnies' too.
And me Nancy kittle'd me fancy Oh me charmin Billy Boy.

 1                                    2                                        3                                         4                             5
1) Drink Byers' Golden Cup Tea - Belfast City Tramways
2) Swift Matches
3) Famous Race Courses Leicester
4) Belfast Civil Defence Authority, Occupants' Record Card - This card to be completed in Pencil after every "Alert" and to be hung on the front door for the Warden to collect during the raid. After the raid, the Warden will return the card, which should be cleaned and kept in a convenient place for future use.
5) 11th April 1927 Newell's, 43-47 Royal Avenue, Belfast - Miss Albins House

1                              2                             3                 4                  5                   6                  7                   8
1) Horoscope for "Virgo" August 23rd to September 22nd - You are of a kind, modest and retiring nature, but very difficult to get to know .... click image 1 to read the rest
2) Gypsy Petulengro "Lucky Discs" for 1936
3) Belfast Naturalists' Field Club, Eighty-Second Year 1944-45. President: W. J. Weatherup, B.S.c. The A.G.M. will be held in the Old Museum Building, College Square North. The following Members have been nominated as Office-bearers:-
President - George C. Reilly; Vice-President - E. Estyn Evans, M.A., D.Sc., F.S.A.; Hon. Secretaries - Joseph Skillen, W. Graham R. Skillen; Hon. Treasurer - R. G. Henderson, F.C.A.; Hon. Librarian - V. F. Grainger; Editor of Proceedings - A. McI. Cleland; Representative at A.M. Committee - R. S. Lepper, M.A., F.R., Hist.S.; Hon. Recording Secretaries - J. A. S. Stendall, M.R.I.A., R. C. G. C. Acheson; Hon. Secretaries, Botanical Section - Miss M. Patricia H. Kertland, M.Sc., J. McK. Moon; Hon. Secretaries, Geological Section - Alex. H. Davison, F.R.S.A.I., H. S. Black; Hon. Secretaries, Zoological Section - Ranald MacDonald, J. S. Loughridge, B.Sc., M.D., F.R.C.S.; Hon. Secretaries Archaeological Section - Mrs. I. R. Crozier, J. Skillen; Hon. Secretaries, Survey of Antiquities Committee - A. Albert Campbell, F.R.S.A.I., Prof. J. Kaye Charlesworth, D.Sc., M.R.I.A., F.G.S.; Hon. Secretary, Junior Division - Miss Felicity Bolton.  In accordance with Rule VI the following Members have been nominated for Election as Ordinary Members of Committee:- Mrs. V. F. Grainger, Miss W. J. Sayers, B.A.  April 1945
4) Leg for amputation above knee. A. G. Campbell, Manufacturer, 88 Great Victoria Street, Belfast
5) Copy Objection. Glasgow, August 59 James H or Awm?? 1839 can't make out address 4 lines, 1st ends in ..ow? 2nd ..ingal? 3rd ..side, 4th Mickinsillook?
6) 13th April 1933 Messrs J. Currie & Co., High Street Bought of Alexander Finlay, Ltd., Victoria Square, Belfast - doz. Shamrock Shaving Sticks
7) 21st December 1940? Mrs. Albin & Family, 2 Raven Hill Terrace, Raven Hill Road, Belfast
8) General Accident Fire & Life Assurance Corporation, Ltd.  General French.

 1                                         2                               3                     4                  5                  6                 7
1) J. & J. Colman, Ltd. Mustard
2) The Scripture Union, Christ Church L???? Park Branch, Member's Card.
Mabel Evelein? Albin, 13th January 1905. Signed Martin? J. Walsh, 65 Wellington Road, Dublin
3) The Palace and Coliseum, 1920s?
4) Character Analysis. Tell your character from your method of urinating. Study the following types of men carefully and discover which most clearly resembles your type. CLICK to read :o)
5) Orange and Protestant Friendly Society, 42 Clifton Street, Belfast. This is to Certify that Christopher Albin has been accepted as an Insured Member for the purposes of the National Insurance Act of the East Belfast (Men's) Branch of the Orange and Protestant Friendly Society. Joseph A. Woods, Branch Secretary. R. S. H. Noble, Secretary of the Society, J. A. Woods, 160 Albertbridge Road, Belfast
6) 13th June 1944 - Baths Hotel, Donaghadee, Co. Down to Miss O. Albin, 2 Ravenhill Terrace, Ravenhill Road, Belfast - Dear Madam, We are in receipt of your letter of 1st inst., and thank you for same. We regret that we are fully booked for the period mentioned in your letter. The terms are 12/6 per person per day. Thanking you and assuring you of our best attention at all times. Yours faithfully, for Baths Hotel Limited A. J. Groves, Manager
7) The Call to the Home Front. "Innisfallen," Annadale Avenue, Belfast, September 1940. Yours faithfully Fred Keown & Son?, M.P., Ballynafeigh

1                           2              3             4             5               6                    7                    8                   9
1) Conference of Field Clubs United Week-end at Corrymeela near Ballycastle
The Eighty Annual Meeting will be held from Friday 6th to 8th September, 1940
Joseph Skillen, W. Graham R. Skillen - Honorary Secretaries
2) H. Albin. Star of Down Temperance R.A.P.C. No. 428. Bro. W. Anderson, W.M.
Orange Hall, Albertbridge Road. Thursday 11th October 1945
3) Orange and Protestant Approved Society, 12 Donegall Square West, Belfast, December, 1936 - Yours faithfully W. Mahaffey, Secretary
4) 10th May 1924 Dr. to John Granville, Violin Maker & Repairer, Pianoforte Dealer, etc., 32 Salisbury Street, Belfast
5) Christ Church, Leeson Park, Children's Service. Mabel Albin
6) Christ Church, Leeson Park, Children's Service. This card is given for Regular Attendance during the Month of June 1904 to Cecil Albin
7) Christ Church, Leeson Park, Children's Service. This card is given for Regular Attendance during the Month of March 1905 to Cecil Albin
8) Christ Church, Leeson Park, Children's Service. This card is given for Regular Attendance during the Month of April 1906 to Cecil Albin
9) Christ Church, Leeson Park, Children's Service. This card is given for Regular Attendance during the Month of July 1905 to Cecil Albin

1                   2                   3                 4              5                        6                                   7         
1) Christ Church, Leeson Park, Children's Service. This card is given for Regular Attendance during the Month of July 1907 to Mabel Albin
2) Christ Church, Leeson Park, Children's Service. This card is given for Regular Attendance during the Month of February 1907 to Mabel Albin
3) Belfast Naturalists' Field Club, Details of General Excursions, August - September, 1953 - Mr. G. B. Adams; Mr. Richard Hayward; Mr. T. G. F. Paterson, M.R.I.A.; T. B. Black, Esq.; Canon J. G. Neissner, M.R.I.A.; Miss L. M. Cunningham, Applecroft, Rostrevor; M4r. H. E. Wilson, M.Sc.; Mr. J. J. Brown, 15 Kerrsland Crescent, Belfast; J. J. Brown, J. St.-C. Boyd
4) Belfast Naturalists' Field Club Session 1941-42 President Mr. J. S. Loughridge, F.R.C.S. 23rd May to 25th May 1941
5) Belfast Naturalists' Field Club Seventy-Ninth Year 1941-43 President: J. S. Loughridge, F.R.C.S. 20th May 1941
6) 4th July 1939 Postmark Little Hampton, Sussex to Miss Olive Albin, 2 Ravenhill Terrace, Ormeau Road, Belfast - Saturday. East Preston Infirmary?, Nr. Angresing, Sussex, Mr dear Olive, Just a card, hoping to find you are keeping better. What about the holidays, their are a good way off yet. September `st. I know you have been to the country just recently, did you enjoy it. I was wondering if you would be up for the 12th. Send me a card if you are. I wish I could be there for it. It is ages since I have been to the walk. Give my love to Auntie and Dolly, tell them I shall see them soon. I do wish we could have leave together. We might have a good time? I'm on night duty, just now wish I was back on days, more fun. However one thing certain, there is less work. Have you picked up any nice flames, for heavens sake see and get one for me when I go home. By the way, if there happens to be a couple of fowls to prepare for dinner. Remember Dolly and I can do the job to Perfection, so Auntie need not worry? Its rotten weather for this time of the year, lass, aint it. & I hope it changes by September. Do you know I forgot the number of your house - fat head. Anyway this will have to take pot luck. I'm off to bed. Write soon. Love to all. ????
7) 13th September 1945 Postmark Belfast to Mr. Cecil Albin, 248 Ravenhill Road, Belfast - Dun-Lin Male Voice Choir, Conductor: Mr. Samuel Croft, L.T.C.L., 14 Belvedere Park, Stranmillis, Belfast. 12th Sept. 1945 - Dear Sir, I have been advised by Mr. S. Croft that you are interested in Male Choir singing, and on behalf of the Choir I am taking the liberty of writing to extend to you a very hearty invitation to join us at our next rehearsal. The Choir meets each Monday evening at 7.45 p.m. in the Committee Room, C.P.A., 47 Howard Street, (Upstairs), and we shall be looking forward to meeting you at our next rehearsal on Monday 17th inst. Yours sincerely, I. D??ay Hon. Sec.

1                                        2                                       3                                        4
1) 24th September 1940 Postmark Belfast to Mr. C. Albin, 2 Ravenhill Terrace, Belfast - Willowfield Rectory, Belfast - Dear Mr. Albin, The Harvest Thanksgiving Services will be held (D.V.) on Sunday, 6th October, in Willowfield Church. Rector John Frazer; A. R. Taylor, Hon. Sec. Select Vestry
2) Orange and Protestant Approved Society. W. Mahaffey, Secretary
3) 9th October 1940 Postmark Belfast to Herbert Albin, Esq., 236 Ravenhill Road, Belfast - Belfast Naturalists' Field Club, Session 1940-41 President A. H. Davison, F.R.S.A.I.
4) Metaphysics Made Simple, The Game of Life and How to Play it by Florence Scovel Shinn

                                                  1                                                                                        2
1) 7th April 1938 Purdy & Millard, 21 College Square North, Belfast - Mr. Albin, 236 Ravenhill Road, Belfast - Dear Sir, Further to your call with us we have seen your ground at Knockbreda Cemetery, and have pleasure in sending you herewith few suggestions with approximate prices. As mentioned to you, you will understand that it is not necessarily to be taken that the prices quoted cover only the design of memorial shown on the photograph, the outline of course, can be more or less varied within reason, at similar cost. There is a slope in your ground which will necessitate an under or subplinth along the top, foot and left hand side; we would suggest putting this is to show on the outside only and level the ground up with the polished work on the inside. On the right of your ground there is a Bon Accord black enclosure, and nothing on the left, so that as you are anxious for a black granite enclosure, either an Ebony Black or a good colour Bon Accord black would look quite well.
Daly - Headblock say 4' 6" x 2' 7" x 9" with 9" x 8" kerbs and 9" posts, an enclosure throughout of substantial sizes; in Best quality all polished Irish grey subplinth, as mentioned, approximately 87; If in Bon Accord Black granite 80. Similar enclosure but to lighter sizes throughout, headblock 4' 5" x2' 0" x 7" with 8" x 6" kerbs: In all polished Ebony Black granite 70; If in Bon Accord Black granite 65.
Magill - Lower type of headblock, either as photograph or with headblock right across the ground, say 4' 6" x 1' 8" x 7" with 7" x 6" kerbs; In all polished Ebony Black granite 65; If in Bon Accord Black granite 62
640 - If to heavier sizes throughout similar to photograph 640 (showing crest on headblock) headblock and posts 8" thick with 9" x 7" kerbs; In all polished Ebony Black granite 70; If in Bon Accord Black granite 65. The above prices are approximate only. We also enclose other photographs which may be of interest. All lettering extra. If there is any particular memorial which you fancy in Knockbreda, we shall be happy to quote you on hearing from you. Trusting to hear favourably from you in the matter, and assuring you of our best services. We are, dear Sir, Yours faithfully, Purdy & Millard.
2) Carron Company, Carron Works, Falkirk. Agent for Ireland, John R. Wilson, 62 Frankfort Avenue, Rathgar, Dublin

1                                    2                                   3                                     4                                         5  
1) Municipal Technical Institute, Belfast - Home Work Exercises written by C. Albin; Bookkeeping IV Mr. Boyd, January 29, 1907
2) Municipal Technical Institute, Belfast - Home Work Exercises written by C. Albin; Bookkeeping IV Mr. Boyd, January 29, 1921 - 8
3) as #2
4) A. F. & A. Masons of Ireland - Provincial Grand Lodges of Antrim and Down Supper, In honour of the visit of the M. W. The Grand Lodge of Ireland, Thursday 5th October 1944 - Vocalists: W. Bro. R. M. Kent, W. Bro. A. V. Froggatt; Accompanist: W. Bro. Jack McKeown
5) 22nd February 1945 Postmark Belfast to The Occupier, 250 Ravenhill Road, City - Thomas McClune & Sons, 3-5 Hope Street, Belfast. 1st February 1945 - Dear Sir (or Madam), We have been instructed by your Rent Agent to inform you that the changing of obscured War Glass to Clear Glass is having their attention. This work will be carried out by us as soon as possible after we have received authority from the War Damage Commission. Yours faithfully, Thomas McClune & Sons

                                       1                                                                             2
1) Jessie Weir, Belmont G.N.S. (Gardens? or is it a school?), Belfast 16.8.14
2) Mrs. C. Albin, 2 Raven Hill Terrace, Raven Hill Road, Belfast - shopping list:- 3 B Milk, st? flour, dried eggs, ? wheat meal, Sunlight

To My Dear Friend with Best Wishes
A Happy Christmas - A Happy New Year too.
May Fortune Smile with every mile, All the Glad days through
from Sophia Albin to Mrs. C. Albin

the end