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Arthur Hill Coates
Arthur Hill Coates
Karl Smyth writes about a Bangor resident of many parts.

     Arthur Hill Coates was a keen sailing man of many parts. Originally he lived at 12 Abercorn Terrace in Belfast, and when he came to Bangor he chose one of the best sited houses in the town - on the shore side of Seacliffe Road, facing Pickie. Mr. Coates kept his 23' 9" 2-ton yawl "Otter" in the Royal Ulster creek in front of his house. It was from the "Otter" that he made the float tests of the tides in Belfast Lough. He published the results of his researches in a booklet of twelve chartlets entitled "Belfast Lough - Tidal Stream Charts," showing the direction of the currents for every hour of the Flood and Ebb and other information. This booklet continues to be used by yachtsmen.
     In addition to his duties in the County Antrim Courthouse Arthur Hill Coates was founder Captain of Bangor Corinthian Sailing Club when it was established in 1881, and Commodore of Ballyholme Sailing Club in 1908 and 1909 - and possibly in other years. He has two spells as secretary of the Royal Ulster Yacht Club - 1870-1880 and 1884-1889. That Club has in its possession a photograph of him (showing a very good looking man) together with a framed presentation from which the following is quoted:
          "Combining as you do, a thorough businesslike system in your work, and an intimate technical knowledge of all yachting matters, you have gained for the Club the enviable character of being one of the best and most correctly managed yacht clubs in the United Kingdom, while your uniform courtesy and sterling upright character have endeared you not only to your fellow members but also to the strangers visiting our waters.  "We now beg your acceptance of the accompanying Astronomical Clock and purse of Sovereigns, as a token of the great esteem and regard in which you are held.  "We also desire that at the same time you will convey to Mrs. Coates our warmest thanks for the great interest she has taken in the welfare and prosperity of the Club, and ask her acceptance of the accompanying diamond ring."
     The pleasant cast-iron fountain in the sunken garden at the Esplanade, which is painted white and kept in good order by the local authority, bears the following inscription:
          "Erected by members of the Bangor Corinthian Sailing Club in memory of their sincere friend, Mr. Arthur Hill Coates, 1893."
     In addition to being a yachtsman A.H.C. was a keen photographer. The accompanying photographs, taken by him, illustrate points made in Ian Wilson's article on the "new" pier in a recent issue of the "Spectator." Should any readers have additional information about Arthur Hill Coates I would be pleased if they would contact me, through the Editor or by telephoning Bangor 60906.

all photos are watermarked and may not be used for profit, please feel free to share but link back to this site or credit lennonwylie - thank you

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