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Autograph Album 4

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H. G. Y. 22.12.14

D. R. Cochrane 1915

L. E. C. 6.3.17
The Locks o' Glenshiel

To South African Scots twas Dalrymple that spoke:
"Far awa' over the sea, theres a crown to be broke.
There's a tyrant that threatens Scotch thistles to heel,
But we'll gag? him awa' ? frae the yaird at Glenshiel."

Then up roar the Scots frae the mines frae the dorps?
And swore they was fecht till the Kaiser's a corpse.
When the Kaiser got word ? he swore like the sleil,
That he kens he's no match for the men o' Glenshiel.

Then on wi the Khaki, the cap and the kilt,
For our King and auld Scotland well arm to the hilt,
At sight o' the Springboks the Germans will reel,
For they've ne'er seen the like o' the lads o' Glenshiel.

Then here's to the Scottish in Khaki and kilt,
The sub that will sink them has never been built,
When we welcome them home 'twill be said, 'They facht weel.
The bonnie brave ? hearted lads o' Glenshiel.

Pte. Geo. Mills
South African Scottish
18th August 1916

Hugh McCrea, R. I. Rifles, Newcastle 20th August 1916

a view of a beauty spot - P. E. Brown 18.8.16

Tis sweet to court a girl, But oh how bitter
To court a girl, and then not get her.
8.5.17  Uncle Jack

Press bravely onward with your face towards the light,
and the shadows will fall behind you

J. A. Kelly

20th August 1917


When a bit of sunshine hits ye,
After passing of a cloud
When a fir of laughing gits ye,
An' yer spine is feelin proud.
Don't forget to up an fling it,
At a soul that's feelin' blue
For the minit that ye sling it
Its a boomerang to you

Tom Henry

By gum it sticks - Thos. H. Ennis 19.3.16

Love goes toward love, as school boys from their books,
But love from love, toward school with heavy looks.

W. D. Davidson 17.1.17

Inconstant Constant

Though I love many maidens fair,
As fondly as a heart may dare,
And though my life is like a song,
Each maid a stanza sweet & strong,
Yet always I return again,
To you who are the sweet refrain.

Adam Seed Lieut.
27th Aus. Inf. Bn.

this could possibly be him

"Go to father" she said when I asked her to wed,
But she knew that I knew that her father was dead,
And she knew that I knew what a life he has led,
So she knew that I knew what she meant when she said "Go to father"

J. A. Chambers 27.8.17

If scribbling in albums remembrance ensures
With the greatest of pleasure I'll scribble in yours

Snow Drop - 18.8.16 or 15

Think of me on the river, Think of me on the lake
Think of me on your wedding day and send me a piece of cake

Peggie Dickie 18.8.16


Fill up the cup, what boots it to repeat?
How time is slipping underneath out feet
Unborn tomorrow and dead yesterday
Why fret about them if today be sweet

Belle M. Duff?

Cluntagh, Crossgar



Co. Infirmary? August 15th 1916

Two in a hammock attempted to kiss
In less than a moment they landed !! (like this) (upside down)

Tis better to have loved & lost than never to have loved at all

? ? Questionable!!!

B. Purcell?

R. Darragh 6th August 1915                  Richard Rourke 20.8.16                  ? ? Beechfield                            ? A. Artell 30.4.17                        

Little drops of Allsop, Little drops of Bass, Take away mans senses, and make him an Ass - W. H. Rourke 31.8.19

Some people to Church repair, Not for the Gospel
But the Fashions there, And you go for the boys there
A. L. C. April 1915

Many are called but few get up - Nora 18.8.16

Little drops of whisky, Little drops of beer
Make you see blue elephants, If you persevere
Frank W. Young, Dec. 22. 1914

An' in the years to come
An you & I should meet,
I ken there wadna' be
A happier twa than you an' me

Baith "Aye the same"

Meg Cromie Nov. 1916

Elizabeth Kydd, Dec. 22nd 1917, J. A. Rourke, Lieut. A.S.C.

Time passes - ways divide and friends must sever, what matter, Friendships true are friendships ever - Alexander B. Wallace 23.12.1914

Better late than never,

Is a comforting refrain,

Except when you arrive at the station,

Too late to catch the train.

A. Coulter


We men have many faults, Women have but two !!
There is nothing good they say, And there's nothing good they do.
? Cochrane 27.5.17

When on this book you look, And at this page you frown
Just think of the one who spoiled your book
By writing upside down - A. G. Martin, G. D. I. ? 15th Aug 16


Smile a smile,

And while you smile,

Another smiles;

And soon - there'll be,

Miles & miles of smiles,

And lifes worth while

Because you smile

James G. Booth, "Chiltern" Albury St.,
Carden? N. S. Wales, Australia

30259 Gunner J. G. Booth,
38th Battery
Australian Field Artillery
A. I. F.



A link in the chain of friendship, With a clasp all riveted through,
Well forged and evenly welded, With pleasure I give to you.

Love lies in woman's eyes (Helen's)
And lies! and lies! and lies!

People who live in glass houses,
Should undress in the dark

Raymond Gartrell, Hasgar? Berry's Estate,
Wollstonecraft?, Sydney, N. S. W. Australia

No. 30261
Gun. Gartrell, R. J.
38th Battery Australian Field Artillery A.I.F.

12.12.17 Ditto Repeats 7:12:18  7:1:19

Adam and Eve

Said Adam to Eve in a moment of bliss,

My dear Eve will you give me a kiss?

She puckered her lips and said with a coo -

Indeed I don't care A-dam if I do.


(Joe Newman)

Remember this and bear in mind, A constant friend is hard to find,
But, when you find one good & true, Change not the old one for the new.

R. Mason

A little re-mine-der of G. S. M. July '17

Why did the fly fly?, Because -----?
Mark how the neat assiduous bee, Pattern of frugal industry,
Pursues his earnest toil J. B. Douglas 27.5.17

S. J. ? Beechfield - For ladies only

S. J. ? Beechfield - Are not men inquisitive ?

Two's company - three's none Feb. 11th 1915 - K. MacElroy

G R Go into training to-day to help your comrades at the front, come and do your bit, God save the King
Types of the Army, The Fireside Rangers
W. Johnston Cochrane 1915


Keep Smiling

no idea, terrible writing

can't make out initials ? G. H.?

I have not power to bid your troubles cease,
Nor lead you where Good Fortune smiling stands
But if bright hopes can make your joys increase
Your heart should be the lightest in the land


Johnie Cr? Ringawoody 20.8.1916

If you should forget,
Then may this recall,
Sweet days of a long past time,
And a true hearted friend,
Who wishes you joy,
For the sake of dear Auld Lang Syne

J. Newman
can't make out letters

He is happy whose circumstances suit his temper,
But he is excellent who can suit his temper to any circumstances

A. H. C.


Its better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all


Its still better to have lost one
And loved another

? W. R. 13.5.15