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Autograph Book belonging to Margaret McIvor

Index to all such albums


Margaret Elizabeth MacIvor Christmas 1947

I shall pass through this world but once, any good therefore that I can do, let me not neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again
A. I. Kelly

Every good wish, Michael Feney, Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Company, 1950




Best Wishes from N. G. Ahern 12th Jan 1948

To my girl, with all my love, Harold

Hoping you will have very happiest memories of "The Quaker Girl" With love from Sylvia 3.3.48
Lillian Ray Austin 1948
Good wishes from Aunt Rachel
Good luck & all Best Wishes, love, S. Murphy

Good Luck to a charming little dancer, Robt. Johnston, 6.3.48
All the very best of good luck, from Edwd. AWyal?

To the 'Blue Bird of the Quaker Girl with best wishes from Prince Carlo, David Nelson
Good Luck & all the best from the Capitaine, James  ?

French - We will always remember your lovely dancing, Love ?
A Brazilian loved to see you dance, Aiary ? Bresil

Best wishes, from Terry Taggart
illegible Ilwaine with love
Eddie Peal or Pearl

With all my love & admiration, Li? Papagery? Alle? greec?
Fanny Hertouleri ? > > > > India
Anne M. Howdle, Inter?, Oxford, ? 1950

To the "Little Blue? from the "Lost One" with love, Arthur Poole, "Quaker Girl" Empire Theatre, March 1948

To my Little Blue Bird, may your life be a very happy one, I think it will!! Lena King March 3rd 1948, Empire Theatre Dressing Room

John Body, BBC 18 Jan 49
D. G or S Waring? "Up Against It" Quiz

Good wishes to a Fellow Guide, Olave Baden-Powell, Chief Guide July 1950

Sincere best wishes, Catherine ? O'Hare, Ballet Mistress, Carl? Rosa Opera Co. 1951

french writing - Gabriel Vicouie?
"Margot my sweetly. Do you want to know who is making the noise in the chimney. It is the start of a new year." Then it repeats. A few times. It's a poem - thank you Carl Howdle for the translation
To Margaret with my best wishes, 19 Fauvier 1949 Monique Souby?

Don't wait for your ship to come in, Row out to it ! Lillian T. Brown, 28.12.1947

To Margaret with love, from the Chief of Police, Cyril C. Holland?

"Dansez les petite filles, Toutes en roud" En vous voyant si gentilles, les bois ri?" (V. Hugo)
With my best wishes to Margaret 27th May 1948 Alice d'Hausay?

Best wishes, Frank Woodfield
All good wishes, Robin Howard
Best of luck, John Ingram

Catherine Wyndham

An Inspector Calls, by J. B. Priestley, Arthur Birling - Guest James, Sybil Birling - Betty Romaine, Sheila Birling - Helen Crockford, Eric Birling - John Spicer, Gerald Croft - Eric Bretherton, Edna - Christina Hodgson, Inspector Goole - John Le Mesurier, Directed by Yvonne Le Dain, 

To Margaret, with all my best wishes, Eddie Williams 1949

Sincerely yours, Jean Simmons

Hoping ? ? be well again, Margaret Montgomery
All good wishes, chinese signature, cant make name out ? ? Yang 28.3.50?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~sincerely Suzanne Rog?

Armande Bonchietieu, 11 Palace Street, London SW, 28.7.50 12 me du 11 Novembre Cannes, A.M. France

Sincerely Elizabeth Cooper
With all good wishes, Jane Fisher
To Maggie my dancing friend, Roy Muir?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Margaret, from Jean Fibell?

Best wishes for your success, Veronica Bruce

To Margaret with all my best wishes for her future, and good luck, Mina? Flatier? Hatier?

Bettine? ? - Evelyn Lippen? "Ballet for Two"

Best wishes, June Geissler
Good luck to Margaret from Roma Heritage?
All the best, Michael Facer?

Betty Winer? Driver?

Chas. C. Greer?
Robert ?,  Robert Haldane, Gerry Farnon

Ewen? Catley, best wishes

To Margaret, all good wishes, Charlie King

Godfrey Bond, Bernard J. Collingwood?, M. B?, Robert Hardy, Reginald ?

Robert Shaw, Percy Herbert, Brian Brockman, Pam Ash?, Eric Lander, Michael Ney, Marjorie Steel, John S. Hayes, John Mony?, Harry Andrews, Timothy Bateson, Michael Bates, Nigel Green, John Wright, "?Irish?" Paddy Donnell

Form Five, CHB? Cambridge House, Margaret Petticrew, Helen Parker, Margaret MacIvor, Ray Gaston, Rita Stewart, Maureen Elvins, Annie Currie, Maureen Blelock, Edythe Connery, Maureen Courtney, Eleanor Thompson, ? Knipe, Nan McCourtney, Diane Lockhart, Rosemary Cathcart, Muriel Surgenor, Doris Wright, Jean Crabbe?, Jane Eagleson, Gertrude Crawford, Lottie Johnston, Eleanor Greenwood

Best wishes, Ken Huxham, yours sincerely, Christopher Casson, good luck, Coralie Carmichael, With my very best wishes, Ronald Ibbs, With best wishes, Christobel J. Hackett, With very best wishes, Maureen Halligan, Wishung you lots of luck, Phyllis Nightingale

To Margaret, with love & best wished for Friday, I do hope you will like these, I thought they would suit you, Grace, Pat ?

Friendship is a golden chain, which binds two friends together, unless we break that golden chain, we shall be friends for ever, Beverley Brown, 28th December 47

Barry Powell?

CEMA Northern Ireland, Presents Ronald Ibbs Productions in Hamlet by William Shakespeare, 1950

Kay Cavendish

Best wishes, Alison Petrie
Good Luck, Dorothy Rolston, Oct. 1949

Grand Opera House, Belfast Programme Price 3d

Sincerely Peter Sellers

Best wishes, Ida Shepley, Oct 1949
All the best, ? ?

Internation Opera Company, Grand Opera House, September 1948, Belfast
? ?, John Hea?, H? Robinson, David, Gilbert?, ? ?, Michel de ?, William Brown

Bridget Kelly, Do?? Callaghan, Moira Tucker, Joan Tucker,
Anne ?, Errol Addison, Helene Arnfell?, Sandra Va?, J. King

Barbara Dolby
? Johnson

no idea

July 1950, Enid? Burnham? Deputy Chief Commissioner for England

? ? , Jordan Billy? , Beatrice Cado?, Sophia ? 

Heline Arnfeld? Bridget Kidd?, ? ?, Myra Kidd, Ernest Hewitt?

Marcel? ? Pianist for C.E.M.A., "Ballet for Two"

Mona Taylor?, my best wishes

Good wishes Margaret, Hazel Penwarden

God Bless You Margaret, W. Howard? Suli?

Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Measure for Measure, 1950 Festival, Maxine Audley, Harry Andrews, George Rose, Harold Kasket, Michael Gwynn, Hazel Penwalden, 

Sincerely, Lenwood? Maises?, Milton? Drapo?

no idea

Saby Bradley, Wendy West, Belinda Wright, Pelmus Bosman

With love to a grand little trooper, Gwen Gracey? 3rd March 1948

John Gilpin, Geoffrey Webb

Florence Walker, Sheilah Ewart, Betty Walker, Kathleen Lavell or Farrell, Adeline Johnston, Florence Fleming, Ruth Allen, Iris Beattie, Hilda Glenny, Margaret Fellows, Iris Hall, Joan E. Miskimmin, Audrey Clarke, Freda Matchett, Edna Johnston

no idea

Para Margaret, con mi Sinpaba t afrcto, Teresa?

Home Sweet Home - Dreamin' o' thee! J. Driscoll, xi.2.48

Best wishes, many thanks for helping to make my stay in Belfast so happy. Joan F. Weston, Carl Rosa Opera, Nov. 1953

Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.
W.? G. Simpson  25.2.48

Life is merely froth & bubble, two things stand like stone, kindness in anothers trouble, courage in your own.
Simpson 25.2.1948

Margaret ?, Josephine Sp?, Pa? Fisher, ? ?, Audrey Brookes, Norma or Norman Piso?. Beryl Gold?, Mary Munio?, Ronald? ?, Gillian Marthew?

Michael ?, Shirley Rees?, Alex. Blun?, ? ?, Margaret Hill, Cecil? Bates?, Geoffrey Corbett

Kay Cavendish?

Jean Weston, Brookdale, Victoria Park Avenue, Prestatyn, North Wales, Garrick Theatre, Southport, 1 week, Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, 1 week, Theatre Royal, Birmingham, 2 weeks