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Anderson Auto. Book
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Isabel Anderson 2nd November 1915
purchased at auction 15/12/2016

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1) Definition of a Kiss.  Something rather dangerous, Something rather nice, Something rather naughty, Though it can't be called a vice. Some say it's nonsense, Others say it's wrong, But all agree it's jolly, Though it don't last long. Olive N. Young 25th November 1915
2) Thoughts. J. F. T.? December 1918
3) Love Pie. Ingred. - 1 Shady tree, 1 Small seat, 4 Lips well pressed together, 1 Neat waist well squeezed. Method - Mix the ingredients well together & serve in the dark. E. Linden, Ardenlee Avenue, Belfast

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1) Oh! Topsy how I love you, I cannot tell you why, Your face is like a flour bag, And your nose is never dry. Hope W. Culbert. 3.8.17
2) (With apologies) He swalked along the City streets, Upon his way to lunch, A Runt? like those one often meets, In "L.Q." or in "Punch" A puppy in his Oxford Shoes, Conspicuous to the eye, With socks resembling in their hues, A rainbow in the sly. Where is he now? What! don't you know, What's happened now to Jim, Why! he's in Khaki now; and oh! The difference to him. K. or R. McC.
3) Four-year-old John was looking curiously at some gooseberries, "Auntie" said he, "what funny little eggs geese lay" E. McM. Portadown 1918
4) On the stormy eves of life, When one needs an umbrella, May yours be upheld, By a handsome young fellow. Minnie Forde, Belfast 25th Nov. 1915
5) Nature's Gifts.  All boys love there sisters, But some so good have grown, That they love some other sisters, Far better than their own. R. J. Nixon 30/5/17
6) Some say kissing is a sin, But I say it's nane ava, For kissing has been in the world, Since ever there was twa. If it wasna (Holy) ministers wadna do it, If it wasna lawful lawyers wadna allow it, If it wasna modest ladies wadna take it, If it wasna plenty pius? folks wadna get it.  25/11/15 G. Ferguson
7) There's bad in the best of us, there's good in the worst of us, so it behoves none of us, to talk ill of the rest of us. N. Price
8) A kiss is a common noun, Given standing up or sitting down, Indicative mood and present tense, Given by a man with "Common Sense" Minnie Forde, Belfast 25th November 1915

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1) It's poor washing for a woman when there isn't a shirt in the tub. L. S.? 12/5/19
2) A kiss may be given to many, In friendship it forms a part, But give not a kiss to any, Who holds not the Love if thy heart. A. Friend
3) Tis nice to love, but oh! how bitter, To love a girl, and then not get her.  (So Sad) M. H. 1918
4) Sometime perhaps it may not be, Till in our twilight days, Too late to alter we may see, The folly of our ways. T. Hill 25th November 1915
5) Love.  Love it is a funny thing, Did you ever feel the pain, I would rather be in a sweetie bottle, as be in love again. S. A. 24/5/17
6) There are heads, and heads, and heads, Long heads, round heads, and flats, Some heads are made to carry brains, And some to carry hats. Sis Rodgers, Comber 8.10.17
7) O wad some power the giftie gie us, Tae see ourselves as ithers see us, It would frae many a blunder free us, An foolish notion (Burns) M. G., D'Dee, Sept. 1915
8) Alas! Alas! What is this world, Those we love are gone (or someone else) Poor thing! M. H. 1918

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1) There's a pleasure in the pathless woods, There's a rapture on the lonely shore, There's a society where none intrudes, By the deep sea, and music in its roar. E. V. Scarlett, Whiteabbey 19th July 1917
2) Oh ye who are so good yourselves, So pius & so holy, Have naught to do but mark & tell, Your neighbours faults & folly. J. ?
3) A Recipe for Love. Take two young folks with light young hearts and mix them up in equal parts, Add sentiment to suit the taste, also a slim attractive waist. Season with kisses, cakes and sweets and prospects of a hopeful kind, also a purse quite amply lined, With bliss the whole should then be stirred, Until he meets another Bird. Jas. Cairns 22/11/19
4) You may talk of the signs of the weather, The barometer's praises you sing, But sitting down on a red hot stove, Is the sign of an early "Spring" Minnie Forde, 17 Lomond Avenue 25th November 1915
5) Advice.  Be good sweet maid and let who will be clever, Dance, sing, and flirt the whole day long, Or else when you are old and all the rest are married, You'll sing a different song. E. P. Small 24th March 1919
6) Original Lines William Forde 25th November 1915
7)May Graham January 24, 1916 Donaghadee

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1) 27 Nov. 1915  When the Golden Sun is setting, And your thoughts from care are free, When of others you are thinking, Won't you sometimes think of me.  Think of me when you are lonely, Leave for me one little spot, In the depths of your affection, Plant the sweet Forget-me-not. Edith L. Crawford
2) J. T. F.? December 1918
3) She smiled a smole, And she winked a wunk, But oh! 'twas wicked, The thought she thunk. Boys o' boys! K. S. or R. S.
4) My heart to you is given, If you'll give yours to me, We will lock them both together, And throw away the key. A. S. 22/5/17
5) M. D. Bruce 29th March 1916

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1) Don't run after a boy if you want to be his wife, For he's sure to lead you such a terrible life, Don't run after a boy but the best thing you can do, Is to show your Independence and let him run after you. E. Andrews 29th May 17
2) Tis ever thus. Truth on the scaffold and wrong on the throne, Still that scaffold sways the future, And behind the dim unknown, Standeth God behind the shadows, Keeping watch above his own. Mabel Scarlett 28/11/19
3) "Hair was made to curl, Cheeks were made to blush, Eyes were made to roll about, Lips were made _____ "Oh hush" A friend
4) The waste of life lies in the love we have not given, the powers we have not used, the selfish prudence which will risk nothing, and which shirking pain misses happiness as well" E. P. S. March 24th 19
5) I wish I were a broomstick, And you a bunch of heather, And some old lady come along, And tie us both together. W. J. A. How sweet!
6) If you your lips would keep from slips, Five things observe with care, Of whom you speak, To whom you speak, And how, And when, And where. 16.1.18 Isabel Josephine Shields, 32 Rosebank Street, Belfast
7) There was an old man of Nantucket, Who kept all his cash in a bucket, His daughter named Nan ran away with a man, and as for the bucket, Nan-tuck-it. G. Graham. 14 Novr. 1930
8) Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours wife, His ox thou shalt not slaughter, But goodness gracious it is no harm, To covet Mrs. Anderson's daughter.  Should be written by a young man.  A.? Jackson, 27/10/17 "Bunrie" Carnacross?, Monaghan

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1) The Glory of a Lion is His Mane  M. Mawhinney 24/3/16
2) Much Hattached to Each Other  E. McAbam 19/10/17
3) Did You See Any Sign of "Mutt" John? A. Heyburn with Compliments

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1) You Have The Most Beautiful Lips - And Mine Come Next.  E. Linden 17/3/16
2) G. Carmichael 25/6/1919
3) W. A. A. C. S. Matches  R.M.J.?  Artist I.D.I.  A. M.? 15/6/18

             Ladies Only                                         Aren't men inquisitive?

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1) True Friendship consist not in the multitude of Friends, but in their worth and choice. (Ben Jonson) E. Paisley, Ashville, Carnmoney 17th November 1919
2) During the whole of my School days I never rose higher than about fourth from the foot of the Class. I never got a prize in my life, either in a Sunday or Day School. Needless to say I hated both and look back with disgust on them still. I have been under different Schoolmasters, each one was as bad as the other and worse. Hugh Graham, Donaghadee 23rd January 1916
3) An Auction.  Now, here is Miss Anderson, For sale as a Wife, Does anyone want a treasure for life? She's pleasant, good looking, And as neat as a pin, For further particulars, Apply Within.  J. Carmichael
4) Love?  Love is a thing I can't explain, It tickles the heart & burns the brain. It gives some pleasure, others pain, And yet it's a thing I can't explain. I. S. S.? 17 April 1916 Belfast
5) The man that hath no music in his soul, And is not moved by concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, stratagems & spoils, Let no such man be trusted. Ellie Lindsay 27/2/20
6) What's in thy mind let no man know, Nor to thy friend thy secrets show, For when thy friend becomes thy foe, Then all the world thy secrets know.  May your joys be as deep as the ocean, Your sorrows as light as its foam. Eva Rodgers, Comber 8th Nov. 1917
7) "Now is the Time" Now is the time - Ah! friend no longer wait, To scatter loving smiles, and words of cheer; To those around, whose lives are now so dear, They may not meet you in the coming year, Now is the Time. I. Campbell, Trench House, Lisburn 19/7/17
8) Life is but a passing shadow, A poor player, that struts and frets each hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more, It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. A. ??? 15/6/18

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1) War Time 1914, 15, 16  Every thing up (in price) except the rain, which comes down. M. Graham dearie me!
2) A few touching lines by a sympathetic authoress. Jn.? Graham, D'Dee. 1916
3) Man was made of dust, Woman saw dust, and Liked it. G. Ferguson 25.11.15
4) Love.  A love that's firm, A heart that's true, My dearest one, I offer you; Oh! do not then, The offering spurn, But give affections, In return. J. A. 30/5/17
5) 24th November 1919  When you are married, And Robert is cross, Lift up the poker, And say I'm boss. Peggy

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1) There's many a ship has went a wreck, For the want of tar & timber, And there's many a lad has lost his lass, For the want of sticking to her. J. ??
2) A Disaster.  There was an old person called Hannah, Who slipped on a piece of banana, With a slip and a slide, More stars she espied, Than are seen on a star spangled banner.  A gentleman flew to assist her, He picked up her muff and her wrister, "Did you fall Ma'am," he cried, "Do you think," she replied, "I sat down for the fun of it, mister?"  38 Victoria Gardens, Cavehill Road, Belfast  G. Kerr 25.7.18
3) By hook or by crook, I'll be last in this book. M. Craig   "I don't think" M. Graham, D'Dee  A. L.
4) By hook, or by crook, I'm last in your book. E. L. Farquhar 22nd Nov. 1919
5) I'm last after all. E. A.   no yer not. M. B.?  By this and by that, Indeed you will not. G. Kerr 9.8.18