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Ulster Covenant


compared with the 1910 Street Directory and where available Census 1911

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 Irwell Street
Irwell Street ran between the end of  Thames street and Broadway Road.


Ulster Covenant - 1912

1. Stead, Hugh and Sarah     * [a]
   2. Hall, Alexander and Maggie  * [b]
   3. McKeown, Lizzie     * [c]
   4. Mercer, Letitia 
       Dorman, Samuel 
       Kennedy, Joseph 
   5. Martin, Elizabeth & John
       Todd, David and Mrs. Jane 
   6. Sinclair, Maggie, ‘Sarah Jane’ and Sarah and Annie
   7. Graham, Lizzie 
   8. Ashton, Jane and Mary
       Gamble , Anna
   9. Hill , Ellen  * [d]
 10. Hall, Sadie 
       Herson, Ada
 11. Corken, Mary 
 12. Magee, Isabella 
 14. McNab,  Maggie, Ellen  
 16. Doherty, Letitia
 20. McDowell, Margaret 
 22. Clarke, Margaret Adam and William 
       Gillespie, Esther 
 24. McCaskey, Jeannie and Susan   * [e]

Belfast Street Directory - 1910
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1. Hall, Alexander, beetler
   2. Ashton, Jane
   3. McKeown, Jas., sheet metal worker
   4. Mercer, Charles
   5. Carberry, Saml., labourer
   6. Sinclair, James, labourer
   7. Graham, Mrs.
   8. Crowe, G., yarn dresser
   9. Hill, Mary
 10. Megaw, Wm., moulder
 11. Corken, Robert, labourer
 12. Magee, Bella
 14. McNab, Ellen
 16. Wilson, William, tenter
 18. Little, Jane
 20. McDowell, Jas.
 22. Clarke, Esther
 24. McCaskey, A., plasterer

* [a] Sarah Stead, nee Cassells, b 1879, was sister of my Grandfather Francis Cassells.
 Sarah signed with Margaret Montgomery of 58 Braemar St., who may be related, as Francis Cassells’ brother Samuel had a daughter Cassie [b about 1900] who married Jim Montgomery.
 Her husband, Hugh, signed with a James McCartney of 14 Rockdale St – may be son of Bella [Anna] McCartney, sister of Francis Cassells. Bella was at the same address but born 1880, which would make her son rather young in 1912.
* [b] Signed with Margaret Hall of nearby 59 Braemar St.

* [c] Likely to be Elizabeth [Lily] McKeown, nee Cassells, b 1883, also sister of  Francis Cassells. She and husband Jim had a dairy in Thames Street.

* [d] May be related to George Hill m Elizabeth [Lily] Cassells,      b. 1915 – they lived in this area. There are also Samuel, Annie, David and Henry Hill at 2 Thames Street.

* [e] Signed with Ellen J. Campbell – may be related to my grandmother Ellen J. Hayes whose mother was Mary Hayes nee Campbell.

Memories of Irwell Street

My grandfather, Francis Cassells, and his family were living in Irwell Street at the time of the death of his father William Cassells in 1947. [Prior to this he lived with his parents in 5 Rockmore Street as per the 1910 census, then Thames Street - was there at the time of his wedding in 1917, then at Norway Row where my father was born in 1925. By the time of my father’s wedding in 1952, Francis and family were in Fortfield Cottage, Dunmurry.]
My father recalls cousins, Jim and Lily McKeown on the corner of Irwell and Thames Street having their dairy around the corner in Thames Street, with his grandfather living opposite. More cousins, family of  Francis’ brother William Cassells and Elizabeth [nee McIntyre] – children inc. Bill and  Lily -  were round the corner in Broadway Street. Bowden’s shop was on the corner of Irwell and Broadway.
On the other side of Broadway Road on the corner of Fall’s Road was a chemist. Opposite that on Falls Road was ‘The Beehive’ [?] and just along from that a Catholic school.
At the Thames Street end of Irwell Street was a bluestone wall. The kids used to use gaps in between the blocks as footholds to climb over it, but there was barbed wire along the top which was a bit of an obstacle.
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