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Lost Photos - WW2
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102 ULSTER HEAVY REGT  -  F. Blok, Schiedam  -  ARP Holywood and District  -  A.T.S.  -  Sailors Galore





F. Blok
F. Blok, Schiedam, 5th February 1941 Belfast
any ideas what this inscription means, I know Blok is a Dutch name and Schiedam is a place in the Netherlands?


ARP Air Raid Precautions - Holywood and District - Casualty Service 1944 - on back - photograph taken at Sullivan School, Holywood

Top Row:  Miss A. Taverner   Miss J. Stevenson   A. Evans   L. S. Phillips   Miss M. Robson   Miss M. Shannon   Mrs. E. Blunden   Miss E. R. Wilson   Miss O. V. Wylie   Miss M. McKay   Miss J. Smeltzer  J. N. Meneely  R. Brennan   W. C. Galway   J. White   R. T. Maxwell   H. Stevenson   B. M. Savage   Miss K. Boyd   Miss D. Boyd   Miss B. Beggs   J. J. Duffy

Third Row:  Miss M. Gordon   Miss L. Crawford   W. Wallace   Mrs. H. Shannon   Miss M. Rowe   Mrs. W. Morrison   Mrs. W. Robson   C. P. McCullough   Mrs. J. McClelland   T. Collins   S. Gault   R. McWilliams
Miss S. M. McCarthy   Miss S. Gracey   Mrs. M. E. G. Bingham   Miss A. Graham   Miss B. Franklin   Miss E. M. Wilson   Miss D. Thomas   Miss E. Millar   Mrs. W. Millar   L. Harris

Second Row:  Miss F. M. Heyn   Mrs. O. Morley   Mrs. L. S. Phillips   Mrs. W. J. Henderson   Mrs. L. McKelvey   Mrs. T. Matthews   Mrs. A. J. Haslett   Mrs. M. Johnston   Miss E. Geddis   Miss D. C. Lowry
Mrs. J. McMurray   Miss A. Edgar   Miss J. Shaw   J. B. Cowan   A. E. Barker   Miss G. D'R. Carr   A. B. Manning   F. Ballagh   Mrs. W. W. Palmer   Mrs. T. H. Barrett   J. Conkey   W. Stevenson

Front Row:  Miss M. Crawford   Mrs. W. A. Bigger   J. H. Curphey   F. A. Robinson   Mrs. C. L. Gaussen   Miss O. K. Neill   Miss K. T. Neill   Miss A. Drennan   J. H. McKay   Dr. H. L. Donnan   Miss M. E. Boyd
Miss M. T. McAleese   Mrs. G. D'R. Carr   K. R. Dunlop   H. Shannon   Mrs. D. A. Tait   Mrs. E. M. Mawhinney   Mrs. H. C. Randal   Wm. Millar


A.T.S. newspaper clippings, Belfast News Letter 1941, sketching and USA shoe token, all found together at auction

Mrs. Jean Knox, youthful Chief Controller of the A.T.S., who arrived un Northern Ireland yesterday, inspecting a guard of honour formed by members of the Service at a reception depot.

   signed Gracey                       U.S.A. Shoe Purchase Certificate G. M. Godfrey, A.T.S., W/93765 Rank: W.O.II (CSM)


Can anyone identify what ship these men would have been serving on?
This was possibly taken in Portsmouth or Southampton at the time out he outbreak of WW1.  The small sallow skinned man seven from the left is James Patrick McCann born Randalstown Co Antrim 1888 died 3 November 1940 on the HMS Patroclus.  He was my father’s uncle (my grandfather’s brother).  There were four boys and one girl in the family and their mother had died young and their father either couldn’t or wouldn’t look after them so the family was split up.  James tried to enlist in the navy in 1900 when he was 12 but was too young.  In 1903 (aged 15) he stole my grandfather’s baptism certificate and somehow made his way to Portsmouth where he enlisted under my grandfather’s name giving his age as 18.  He served in WW1 including the Battle of Jutland.  In 1920 he joined the RNFR and went to work on passenger liners.  At the beginning of WW2 he re-enlisted and because of his age (51) he was offered a desk job but asked to go back on the boats.  He was lost on the HMS Patroclus.  My grandfather received 2 10 shillings compensation. - Seamus McCann


on back R.A.C.K. third Row L to R 4th framed by John Gilbert, 120 Patrick Street, Cork

on back 46 (F) lqdw/2/38 Boots Picture Framing Department