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Memory Album - Teresa McKeever
5 St. James Road, Belfast

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
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To Theresa with heaps of love & best wishes - Ethel
When in this book you chance to look and perhaps get many a laugh,            Keep on keeping on  T. Blaney 3.2.29                
I would be glad if you would add another "Autograph"  ?H                                                                                          

In your chimney of your memory regard me as a "brick"  M. Toal 11.2.29

Some were born for great thing, some were born for small, Some it isn't recorded, why they were born at all
L. Gardiner H.S.C.A.

Dashing Romeo and his Jazz Band
Blessed is he that walketh on his heels, For his soul will surley be saved. Dynpna Holland Dec.29.29

A lonely spot - Dannie Boy 27.12.1929

A thought for two would-be men, "The greater courtesy. The greater man" M. ? R.

Where Everybody's Happy,

There's a town called Don't-You-Worry,
On the banks of the River Smile,
Where the Cheer-up and Be-happy,
Blossoms sweetly all the while;

Where the Never-Grumble flower,
Blooms beside the fragrant Try,
And the Ne'er-Give-Up and Patience
Point their faces to the sky.

In the valley of Contentment,
In the province of I-Will,
You will find this lovely city,
At the foot of No-Fret Hill.

There are thoroughfares delightful,
In this very charming town,
And on every hand are shady trees,
Named the Very-Seldom frown.

Rusty benches, quite enticing,
You will find scattered here and there,
And to each a vine is clinging,
Called the Frequent-Earnest Prayer.

Everybody there is happy,
And is singing all the while,
In the town of Don't-You-Worry,
On the banks of River Smile.

"Everybody sees me when I's naughty, But nobody sees me when I's good"  M. Kearns
All the girls admire my independent (h)air S. McN.
Where's Adam? H. McK. 12.4.28

When first he came to see her, T'was with a timid heart,
And when they sat together, They      sat      this      far      apart.
But when the love grew stronger, And they learned the joy of a kiss,
They blocked out all the spaces, andsatascloseasthis  -  L. Gardiner

When the golden sun is sinking and your heart from care is free,
When of others you are thinking will you sometimes think of me?  L. Magee

Remember me now, remember me ever, remember the times at "Hughes's! together  J. Holland 19.11.30
Ita McGinley 25.1.29

If for a smoke you are inclined just strike a match on my - rub gently please D. Holland January 1930
Mona Colgan, 20.2.29  "We's The Lucky Kids"
Clinging to her Youth

With head held high and knife in hand, The guilty woman stands,
"I cannot do the deed" she cries, The knife falls from her hand,
"But ah! I must" she cries, The knife again she feels,
And as the tears roll down her cheeks, The "Onion Then she Peels" - Sheena

11.10.30 Tell your mother to hold her tongue, For she had a fellow when she was young,
Tell your Father to do the same, For he asked your Mother to change her name. Love Eileen Orr H.C.S.A. 1930

Like atoms we float down the river of life, On our way to the ultimate Sea,
And life with its pleasures, its cares and its tears, Brings changes to you and to me.
But if as those swift footed years hurry by, We lose sight of each other at last,
May we even remember we two you and I, Were friends in the far reaching past. L. Houston 10.4.29

I have looked these pages o'er and o'er, To see what others have written before,
And in this little lonely spot, I here inscribe. Forget-me-not  B. Hunt 25.4.29

Some talk of the sings of the weather, And the changes that seasons bring,
But to sit on a red hot poker, Is the sign of an early spring. J. Holland 28.12.29

He sat on the bridge by moonlight, His feet were in the water.  Longfellow H. Blake

Josie Holland is my name, Erin is my nation,
St. James Road my swelling place, And heaven my expectation.  J. Holland 29.12.29

Let bygones be bygones if bygones be clouded, By aught that occasioned a pang of regret,
Oh! let them in darkest oblivion be shrouded, Tis wise and tis kind to forgive and forget. D.

I've looked these pages o'er and o'er, To see what others wrote before,
And in this little lonely spot, I here inscribe. "Forget-me-not" L. Tweedie

An Epitaph - Here lies the bones of William Denim, If you saw him now you "wudnae ken him"  D. Crilley

Think of me on the River, Think of me on the Lake, Think of me on your Wedding Day, and send me a piece of cake
L. Tweedie

He held her hand in his, But spoke no words of love,
He was a first class salesman, He was fitting on her glove. L. Gardiner

When hills and dales divide us, And we are far apart,
Remember it was Mary, Who wrote this from her heart. M. McFarland 17.2.29

In your golden chain of friendship, Regard me as a link. D. Holland

Links od steel may rust and sever, But links of friendships last forever. Dannie Boy 27.12.1929

A few lines by a modest Poetess - J. Holland 19.12.29

Two Chambers Hath the heart, Joy and Pain, When Joy awakens one, Step softly lest you awaken Pain
M. Shevlin 10.4.29

An Ideal Mistress B. Blake 1927                                              McNally 10.4.29                  

A Baby sat upon the floor, and caught its tiny feet,
It stuck its toes into its mouth and this make both ends meet. Love Eileen O'Neill H.C.S.A. 1930

Roses red, Violets blue, Sugars sweet, and so are you.  Dannie Boy 27.12.1929

Keep your eyes open where ere you may roam, The "Asylum" is all right but there is no place like "home"
Josie Holland 19.11.30

Where was Moses when the light went out?  In the dark. D. Holland Dec. 1929

Beneath the tree he told his love, The colour left her cheeks,
But on the shoulder of his coat, It showed up plain for weeks.  L. Gardiner

14th April 1929  B. O'Callighan
Curved is the line of beauty, Straight is the patch of duty,
Walk by the last, and thou shalt see, The other ever follow thee.

For Ladies Only - Little dabs of powder, little drops of paint, make a girls complexion something that it aint.
J. Holland 18.12 29

                      Ita                                           Cherry Ripe                             A Daffodil Bright
                                                               Dympna Holland Dec 1929          M. McFarland 17.2.29

My heart is like a cabbage, All broken up in two,
The leaves I've given to many, But the heart I've kept for you.  Mamie  Dec 1929

Write in your Album, What shall I say? Only two words "Remember me" L. Gardiner H.C.S.A. 1930

I turn from many newer ways, In which I might address you,
To one old fashioned simple phrase, The ever dear God-Bless-You.  J. Holland 28.12.29

The cause of many silent tears   -  onions!!!  M. M. Farland

Alice Ward  23.4.29 - The Elfin Painters
When all the corn has ripened, And garnered are the sheaves, Then come the Elfin Painters, And paint the autumn leaves;
The trees that through the summer, Went soberly in green, They clothe in gold and crimson, All gorgeous to be seen.
With magic brush and palette, The elves flit up and down, And make the woods a glory, Of orange, red, and brown.
But let them feel the chill touch, Of Winters icy hand, And - Whish! - those busy Painters, Fly back to Fairyland

M. McManus  11/4/29  The City of Content
The City of Content is small and hard to find, And thousands still are left in Grumble Town behind;
Yet, would they but remove from that unhealthy site, They'd find in sweet Content, A city of delight.
Its streets are not of gold, but full of happy hearts; Its homes are cottages from which love never parts.
Its windows catch the sun, when first he shows his face, Its very horses trot, as if they love the place!

M. Burns 1929 - I'm a regular little brat, there's no one quite me level, and for a Tidy bit of skirt, I'm a regular little ___

Cahore Road, Draperstown 13.10.30  M. Donnelly H.C.S.A.
They walked the lanes to-gether, The sky was studded with stars,
They reached the end in silence, And he lowered for her the bars.
She raised her soft eyes to him, There was nothing between them now.
For he was only a farm-hand, And she was a "Jersey Cow"

Two in a hammock attempted to kiss, and just in a moment they were like this.  Thelma McManus 1929

Blessed is the man that sitteth on a thistle for he shall surely rise. M.A. Dec 29

Love many, Trust few, Always paddle your own canoe. J. Holland 19.11.30

Give me a thought in the hour if pleasure, Spare me one in the hour of leisure,
If I'm forgotten in the hour of care, Please remember me in the hour of prayer. Linda Watters, 25th April 1929

When you are married, happy may you be, Blest with little children, One Two Three,
One to wash the dishes, One to brush the floor, One to rock the cradle if there is any more. T. Holland Jan 1930

Forget me not, Forget me not, I do not wish to be forgot,
Forget me when I am forgot, But until then forget-me-not.  M. McLaughlin

                                                         Poem by Keating - M. Fegan 19.4.29                  March 1927 M. Nil.
Oft in the stilly night, Ere slumber chain has bound me, Those little things that bite, Are sorry that they found me.
Make new friends but keep the old, One is silver, The other is Gold.  J. Holland 22.12.29

Eithne Kirwan  25.4.29
A Good Hint - M. McManus  11.4.29
If one looks upon the bright side, It is sure to be the right side,
At least that's how I've found it as I've journeyed through each day.
And its queer how shadows vanish, And how easy it is to banish, From a bright side sort of nature
Every doeful thing away

A. Ward 1929
My dearest child, My loving child, I plead each day with thee,
To leave thy friends, thy father's house, to come and follow me.
The field is wide, the harvest great, the labourers are few,
Wilt thou refuse to do the work, I've destines thee to do?
At times thou wilt be happy child, At times thou wilt be sad,
But mid thy trials and crosses dear, My grace will make thee glad.
Each sacrifice thou makest child, For purest love of Me,
I will reward a hundredfold, And love thee tenderly.
Arise, make haste, and heed my call, Thy fears place in My breast,
And I will come at death's dread hour, And crown thee with the blest.

May she to who this book belongs, Have troubles few, if any,
Her hours of care, may they be few, Her happy moments many. L. Gardiner

So Long as Pussy wears a tail, My Love for you shall never fail. J. Holland 28.12.29

By hook or by crook, I'll be last in this book  J.H. 19.11.30