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Audrey and Joan
small photo album
some good news, a relative of Audrey & Joan's has been in touch and we now have some history on these 2 ladies and others in the photos, Thank you very much 'Ian Alexander' for this great background...

     This album relates to the family of William and Eleanor Alexander (née Rodgers). They had four children, Audrey and Joan who feature in the album plus another daughter, Maureen and a son also called William who is mentioned in one of the photos. The family lived at Rosedene on Old Cavehill Road which is pictured in a number of the photos. Some of the other photos were taken at Millisle, I suspect, and also at Portrush where the family holidayed. William was born in 1883 at Greenmount Road (now North Queen Street), the son of a newspaper compositor, and later moved to Clanchattan Street from where he married Eleanor, the daughter of a boilermaker in the shipyard from Grampian Avenue.

     William Snr. started working as a clerk in James Mc Caughey & Co. Ltd., Henry Street, as a teenager and quickly learned the trade and eventually became managing director of the firm. McCaugheys were major flour and grain importers and millers of the time. William became a prominent figure in local commercial life holding positions in various trade bodies, including:

- President of the Irish Flour and Feeding Stuffs Association.
- Governor of the Presbyterian Orphans Society.
- Secretary and elder of Macrory Presbyterian Church. He had been secretary for 20 years and elder for 14 years.
- Chairman of the Local Committee for the Royal Society for The Encouragement of Arts Manufactures & Commerce.
- Member of the Ulster Reform Club.
- President of Cavehill Bowling Club.

In addition, he was President of Belfast Rotary and during this presidency was awarded honorary life membership of the Board of Management for the Belfast Hospital for Sick Children in 1929 to acknowledge his fundraising efforts for the hospital. Very much a family man, his personal life was devoted to his family and the Church where he was an active member. This was recognised in the Address at his funeral in 1951, read by the Rev James Patterson of Macrory Presbyterian Church, which "praised his kindness and generosity in both his family and church life with reference to how he rose in business circles, where he attained the high position of managing director in McCaugheys and to whom the firm owed much of its prosperity and growth while never advancing either his own position or that of the firm by any shady or dishonest practices. His life was honoured throughout not only by his fellow directors but by his business associates and even his competitors"

Their mother, Eleanor, continued to live in the Antrim Road area until she died in 1989 at the age of 96.

Baby - Snap Shots - 1927 Xmas

           Audrey           Audrey and Mummy        Audrey and Joan                 Audrey                  Cecil and Audrey

  Cecile and Audrey                Audrey and Norma         Audrey and ?              Audrey                           Joan

        Joan                            Joan                        Joan and Father                  Joan                    Joan and daddy

William (can't make out writing)                                 Joan and dog                                          Joan         

        Joan?                     Joan and Audrey                    Joan                  Audrey and Joan                Mummy and Joan     

Audrey and Joan                      Audrey and Joan                                                 Joan                                     Daddy and Joan

Cecile, Audrey, Norma & Joan                                Norma & Joan                            Cecile Norma, Audrey & Joan

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                                                                                      The Esplanade, Ballyholme, Bangor

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