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1908 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Clara Avenue
off Upper Beersbridge Road, Bloomfield

   1. Bell, Mary E.
   3. Anderson, J. C., plater
   5. Burns, Robt., engineer
.........Clara Crescent Upper intersects
       Vacant ground
 33. Foreman, J. A., grocer
 35. Anderson, Samuel, acting sergeant R.I.C.
      Vacant ground
.........Clara Crescent intersects

   2. Smyrl, J. K., draper
   4. Vacant
   6. Nesbitt, W., engineer
      Vacant ground
.........Woodlawn Avenue intersects

Clara Crescent Lower
off Clara Avenue, Bloomfield

   1. Wright, William, tailor
   3. Watt, Robert, fitter
   5. Steenson, William

Clara Crescent Upper
off Clara Avenue

   1. Burns, Wm. Jas., bread server
   3. Carson, William, plater
   5. McPherson, D., engineer
   7. Keddie, A., baker
   9. Beck, Thos., spinning master
 11. Vacant
 13. Johnston, Geo., manager
 15. Watters, W. D., traveller
 17. Scott, Wm., bookkeeper
 19. Foreman, Jas. A., grocer

      Vacant ground

Clara Park
off Sandown Road

                             {right hand side}
       Flood, Hugh, Gov. Vet. Insp.
                                Clara Villa
       Totten, Jackson, accountant

                             {left hand side}
       Hill, Charles, insurance manager

Clara Street
Castlereagh Road to Beersbridge Road

   2. Mehaffey, Jane
   4. Nesbitt, John, labourer
   6. Robinson, Jos., labourer
   8. Howitt, James, clerk
 10. Shaw, John, labourer
 12. Gardiner, Mrs.
 14. Vacant
..........Jonesboro Street intersects
 16. Murray, John, traveller
 18. Nelson, Wm., ship carpenter
 20. Wotherspoon, W., hacklesr.
 22. Moore, Elias, printer
 24. Barnes, John, foreman
 26. Green, Frac., moulder
 28. Taylor, Chas., clerk
 30. Costley, E. J., yarn dresser
 32. Stanley, John, lamplighter
 34. Ginn, James, plater
 36. Girvin, Mrs.
 38. Hunter, Duncan, labourer
 40. Roney, Chas., blacksmith
 42. Minnis, Saml., labourer
 44. Smith, David, machine man
 46. Kennedy, M., grocer
..........Ravensdale Street intersects
 48. Ramsey, Mrs.
 50. Anderson, Alex., baker
 52. Uprichard, J., pawn broker
 54. Spratt, Arthur, coal merchant

Claremont Mews
Claremont Street to Camden Street

       Hamill, Robert, labourer
       Johnston, M., posting establishment

Claremont Street
University Road to Lisburn Road

   1. Side entrance to Grattan & Co.'s branch establishment, Wm. Macartney, manager
   3. Vacant
   5. Turkington, Geo., labourer
   7. Cleeland, Robert, teacher
   9. Carruthers, Rose
 11. Campbell, Robt., clerk of works
 11. Robinson, Dr. W. Clarke
 13. Donaghy, E., commission agent
  "    Donaghy, Miss, teacher of music and painting
15, 17. Private Nursing Home - Nurse, Miss Dickie
 19. Ramsey, Mrs. J.
 21. McMahon, Mrs.
 23. Roberts, Wm., manager
 25. Young, Sarah
 27. Irwin, Thomas, tailor
 29. Caldwell, Geo., confectioner
 31. Rothwell, Miss
 33. Ruxton, Miss, dress maker
 35. Herron, Robt., salesman
 37. Rooney, Minnie, dress maker
 39. McNiece, Elizabeth
 41. Henderson, A.
 43. Rainey, John, carpenter

                         Claremont Terrace
   2. Millar, Catherine
   4. Creighton, Francis
   6. Hegan, W., book finisher
   8. Anderson, Mrs. S. J.
 10. Foy, Miss
 12. O'Neill, Mrs.
 14. Hospital for Diseases of the Nervous System, Paralysis and Epilepsy - Dr. J. M. MacCormac, hon. physician; Robt. Diamond, hon. sec.; Miss Margaret Ritchie, lady supt.
 16. Williams, Rev. J. F.
 18. Wedgwood, Rev. G. R., minister of Sandy Row Methodist Church
 20. The Nurses' Association - Matron, Miss Alderdice
..........Abercorn Street intersects
 22. Cupples, Mrs. Mary
 24. Smith, Mrs. M.
 28. Thornton, Robt., coachman

Clarence Place Mews
off Arthur Street Upper

       Lyle & Kinahan, Excise and general duty free warehouse

Clarence Street
Bedford Street to Alfred Street

..........Linenhall Street intersects
   1. Johnston & Allen, yarn merchants
   3. S. Wilson & Co., tent and life belt manufacturers. Tel. 999. Private address, S. Wilson, Dundonald; J. J. Wilson, Delcoosha, Kensington Road, Knock
   3. Wilson Bros., electrical engineers
   5. Cotter & Co., Oil and Chemical Merchants & Mill Furnishers. Tel. 1555. Tel. address, "Mordant, Belfast"
   5. Paton, James, handkerchief hemstitcher
   7. Spence, J., & Co., Engineers & Machinists
   7. Spence, J., & Co., motor car agents
   7. Maxwell, Wm., & Co., electrical engineer
   9. Fiddes, Todd & Corry, Ltd., side entrance
..........Adelaide Street intersects
       McCann, Thos,., side entrance

   4. Conland, John & Sons, packers
   4. Wilson, S., & Co., goods entrance
   6. MacCutcheon, Lowry & Co., Linens, Damasks, Cloths and Jute Goods
8, 10. Nicholl, Wm., shirt manufacturer
..........Linenhall Street and McCavana's Place intersects
 16. Gilmour, Wm., packing case maker and carpenter Tel 190y
..........Adelaide Street intersects
       Dunville & Co. Ltd. (Side entrance)

Clarence Street West
off Bedford Street

       Ewart, William & Son, Ltd., Bedford Street Factory
       Sinclair's Weaving Co., linen and damask manufacturers

Clarendon Avenue
off Bloomfield Road

   1. Marks, Mrs.
   3. Heaps, John, brick layer
   5. Stanley, Fred., fishmonger
   7. Thompson, A., shipwright
   9. Meek, Robt., preparing master
 11. Gunn, F., N.S.P.C.C., inspector
 13. Cosgrove, Mary Ann
 15. Simpson, Elizabeth
 17. Vacant
 19. Proctor, Arthur, litho. artist
 21. Heaney, Wm., rivetter
 23. Ayre, James, driller

Clarendon Docks
End of Donegall Quay and from Corporation Street

       Hill, R. J., deputy harbour master. Clarendon Dock House
       Harbour Commissioner's yard, pay office and workshops
       Henderson, W. D., & Sons Ltd., fire clay goods depot, rere of Harbour Office

Clarendon Street
off Lower Windsor Avenue

       St. Nicholas' National Schools, male and female. H. Bennett, principal, male. Miss Bailie, principal, female

Clark's Lane
off Curtis Street

12 small houses

Claughton Street
off Harleston Street

no houses yet erected

Clementine Street
Rowland Street to Blythe Street

        Methodist New Connexion Ebenezer Church - Rev. George R. Wedgwood; res., 18 Claremont Street
    1. Sweeney, Maria, grocer
    3. Simpson, Mrs.
    5. Homer, Chas., van man
    7. Leeman, John, labourer
    9. McConnell, Joseph, iron moulder
  11. Leeman, James, labourer
  13. Hinds, Jos., red leader
  15. Beattie, Robt., brick layer
  17. Mitchell, Robt., labourer
  19. Leech, Matthew, labourer
  21. Dowling, Chas., labourer
  23. McAuley, John, labourer
  25. Side door
  27. Catherwood, Hugh, labourer
  29. McFetridge, Hugh, labourer
  31. Coborn, Eliza
  33. McCoy, Robt., despatch clerk
  35. Cheyne, Robert, van man
  37. Vacant
  39. Watson, Richd., baker
  41. Weir, Moses, lamp lighter
...........City Street intersects
  43. Lindsay, W. J., rougher
  45. McWilliams, W., hackler
  47. Murdy, Alex., yarn dresser
  49. Storey, Samuel, labourer
  51. Booth, A., labourer
  53. Booth, A., labourer
  55. Beattie, John, van man
  57. Vacant
  59. Spence, Wm., labourer
  61. Adams, Henry John, labourer
  63. Gibson, Geo., brick layer
  65. Watson, Wm., lamp lighter
  67. Forbes, Alex., insurance agent
  69. Chambers, Geo., labourer
  71. McKissack, Thos., wremr. (wire maker)
  73. Pearson, David, labourer
  75. Wilson, Wm., labourer
  77. McGibbon, Alfred, box cutter
  79. McMaster, Thos., labourer
  81. Brown, Ellen
  83. Kidd, Jas., gardener
  85. Brown, Mrs.
  87. Hutcheson, Jas., labourer
  89. Patterson, Mrs.
  91. Robinson, Agnes
  93. Thompson, Robt., fitter
  95. Symington, Wm., labourer
  97. Vacant

    2. Mallon, Sarah
    4. Shanks, H., labourer
    6. Sleith, Samuel, labourer
    8. Murphy, Wm., labourer
  10. Booth, Thos., labourer
  12. Bell, George, labourer
  14. Henry, John, carter
  16. Whiters, Miss
  18. Vacant
  20. Greer, Wm., labourer
  22. Vacant
  24. Martin, Daniel, labourer
  26. Stewart, John, labourer
  28. Wallace, Alex., labourer
  30. Magee, Robt., labourer
  32. Beattie, R., brick layer
  34. Lecky, Jos., coachman
  36. Hinds, Robt., labourer
  38. Kidd, John, labourer
40, 44. Vacant
  46. Williamson, Henry, coach builder
  48. Quinn, Robert, labourer
  50. Vacant
  52. Grundle, Robert
  54. Simpson, Wm. John, hclr. (hackler?)
...........City Street intersects
  56. Wilson, Thos., carpenter
  58. Thompson, J., iron moulder
  60. Moore, John, labourer
  62. Crawford, Hugh, rougher
  64. Carson, Wm., labourer
  66. McAuley, John, pavior
  68. McGuigan, J., paper cutter
  70. Martin, John, labourer
  72. Elliott, Alex., brick layer
  74. Chambers, R., motor man
  76. Doran, Edw., linen lapper
  78. Henry, Robt., labourer
  80. McClure, Andrew, labourer
  82. Vacant
  84. Lyons, James, labourer
  86. Linstrom, Andrew, labourer
  88. Vacant
  90. McClay, Andw., labourer
  92. McAllister, S., boot maker
  94. Taylor, George, porter
  96. Richardson, M. J.
  98. Harold, J., painter
100. Haslam, H. John, labourer
102. Pinkerton, W., linen lapper
104. Beattie, Thos., labourer
106. McKernon, Samuel, labourer (McKeenan, Saml., labourer in 1907)
108. Thompson, George, labourer
110. Stetford, Geo., carpenter

Clements Street
off Malvern Street

   1. Howard, Mrs.
   3. Simpson, Wm., labourer

   2. Adams, Mrs. Sarah
   4. Montgomery, James, carter
   6. Friers, James, labourer
8, 10. Donaldson, W., brass founder
 12. Morrison, Hugh, labourer
 14. Lemon, James, labourer
 16. Lemon, John
 18. Foreman, Mrs. Mary
 20. Davidson, Mrs. R.
 22. Hewitt, John
 24. McCurdy, James, labourer
 26. Casement, Wm., carter
 28. Murry, Wm. James, labourer
 30. Vacant

Clermont Lane
Woodstock Road to Mount Street

..........Malcolm Lane intersects
1, 3. McArevey, John, dealer
   5. Wilson, David, labourer
   7. Cahir, William J., labourer
   9. Clarke, Wm., labourer
 11. Cowden, Robert W., labourer
 13. Murray, Mrs. W.
..........Malcolm Street intersects
 15. Rice, Robert, publican
 17. Pottinger Social Club
 19. Keenan, William John, labourer
 21. Gorman, Mrs.
..........Mount Street Lower intersects

   2. Finlay, Margaret
   4. Stafford, Mary Ann
   6. Lynas, Jas., labourer
   8. Smith, Margaret
 10. Carson, Robt., labourer
 12. Stafford, John, labourer
 14. Lynas, Thomas, labourer
 16. Gateway
 18. Vacant
 20. Hamilton, Robt., labourer
 22. Rea, John, carter
 24. Miller, John, labourer
 26. Swain, Isabella
 28. Vacant
 30. Riley, Mary Jane
 32. Catherwood, Jas., labourer
 34. Murray, Samuel, labourer
 36. Pimlott, T. J., labourer
.........Malcolm Street intersects
38 to 54. Vacant
 56. Brown, Mrs. Ruth
 58. Moore, James, labourer
 60. Hagans, Mrs. M.
..........Mount Street Lower intersects
 62. Ferguson, David, dealer

Clifford Street
Roden Street to Magnetic Street

       Darby, P., spgr. (side door) (spirit grocer)
   1. Cavender, Mary
   3. Quinn, J., cloth storer
   5. Copeland, Mary Ellen
   7. Wilson, Margaret Jane
   9. Jess, John, brick layer (Gess in 1907)
 11. Henry, Wm., despatch clerk
 13. Davis, Wm., tailor (Davidson in 1907)
 15. Downey, Andw., paper cutter
 17. McNiece, Robt., polisher
 19. Williams, Hy., postman
 21. Kane, Alex., coachman
 23. Blaney, Eliza

   2. Hastings, Thomas, waiter
   4. Boomer, Jas., linen finisher
   6. Finlay, Wm., iron turner
   8. Wilson, Joseph, iron turner
 10. Smith, James, labourer

Clifton Crescent
off Cliftonville Road

                             {right hand side}
                            Netherlea Terrace
   1. Thompson, G., commercial traveller
   3. McCombe, G., clerk
   5. Simpson, William
   7. McMaster, John A.
   9. Wallace, Miss Jane
 11. O'Doherty, D., bookkeeper
 13. Thompson, D. J., telegraphist
 15. Alexander, G., bookkeeper
 17. O'Hara, C., sub-manager
 19. Davidson, Mrs.
 21. Cairns, Robt., manager
 23. Duff, Eliza
 25. Smith, R., commercial agent
 27. Walker, Thomas, shoe maker
 29. Cinnamond, Jos., manager
 31. Neild, A., stores manager
 33. Scott, Wm., draper

                            {left hand side}
   2. Johnston, Agnes
   4. Gibson, Jos., commercial traveller
   6. McCurdy, Margaret
   8. Stewart, Mrs. S.
 10. McConnell, Francis, civil service tutor
 12. Boal, Elizabeth
 14. Brown, James, print cutter
 16. McCloskie, James, draper
 18. Ince, Jos., commercial traveller
 20. Sewell, John, sergt.-major
 22. Nesbitt, A., bookkeeper
 24. Vacant
 26. Taggart, R. L., harbour officer
 28. Taylor, Jas. A., warehouseman
 30. Vacant
 32. McCreedy, John, clerk
 34. Crawford, Agnes
 36. Balmer, W. J.
 38. Simpson, Thomas, clerk
 40. Murray, Mrs.

Clifton Drive
from Cliftonville Road to Harcourt Street

   1. Keith, James, stationer
   3. Mahood, Mrs. A. S.
   5. Walsh, Annie
   7. MacGowan, A. S., clerk
   9. Simons, Mrs. M.
 11. Hamilton, A. H. R., wholesale confectioner
 13. Reid, Samuel, french polisher
 15. Chalke, Mrs. H.
 17. Miller, Mrs. M.
 19. Stronge, Robt., boot maker
 21. Vacant
 23. McGill, Thos., school master
 25. Sweeney, J. B., traveller
 27. Turner, A., band master

Clifton Street
Donegall Street to Carlisle Circus

........Glenravel Street intersects
       Benn's Ulster Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital - Matron, Mrs. Middleton; Surgeon, W. M. Killen, M.D., M.Ch.; Assistant Surgeon, Robert Allen, M.B., F.R.C.S.I.; anaesthetist, Isaac A. Davidson, M.D.
   3. Elliott, Jos., hair dresser
   5. Straight, E., Merchant Tailor
   7. Austin, John Johnston, M.D.
   9. Killen, Wm. M., M.D., Surgeon, Tel. No. 02311 res., Abbotsford, Helen's Bay
  "    Martin, Henry Havelock, Dental Surgeon
 11. Moore, J. B., M.B., Surgeon
 13. Vacant
..........Henry Place intersects
       Clifton Street U.F. Presbyterian Church - Minister, Rev. John McLay, B.D.; res., 30 Brookvale Avenue; sexton's residence (Hugh Houston) 21 Arlington Street.
       St. Enoch's National Schools - Senior school - Principal, S. McMurray, B.A. Infant school - Principal, Miss Browne.
                         St. Enoch's Buildings
 11. Bullick, Miss E. S., grocer, delph & hardware merchant
   9. Irish Temperance League Coffee Stand
   7. Cree, William Alex., merchant tailor
   5. Clendinning, R. & Co., cabinet makers
   3. Milliken, Mrs., stationer
   1. Smyth, James, F., boot and shoe manufacturer

2, 4. Murray & Co., spirit merchants
 4a. Griffiths, John, wholesale confectioner
   6. Gilfedder, M., draper
   5. Thompson, David, optician
   8. McGowan, Edw., confectioner, stationer & tobacconist
 10. Martin, Fred., House, Land & Insurance Agent
 12. Turner, A., stables
 14. O'Hare, Miss, confectioner and tobacconist
 16. Hogsett, Emily, tobacconist
 18. Turner, W. G., fruiterer
18a. Vacant
 20. Vacant
 22. Turner, Adam, Funeral Undertaker, Posting Establishment, Auctioneer; Private Residence, Dunelin, Malone Road
..........Trinity Street intersects
24 to 32. Millar, Andrew, & Co. Limited, Manufacturers of Confectionery and Preserves
       Postal Pillar Box
..........Stanhope Street intersects
 34. Clifton St. Presbyterian Church - Rev. Samuel Thompson, M.A.; Rev. Samuel Thompson, M.A.; Rev. George Thompson
 36. Dempsey, A., M.D., J.P.
 38. Vacant
                             Hanover House
 40. Morrow, Geo., & Sons, house renovators and decorators
       Soldiers' Home - Superintendent, Miss E. Sands; bar manager, McIntyre, Archd.
 42. Vacant
 44. Amery, Albert E., Royal Naval Recruiter
       Belfast Orange Hall - Waring, Wm., caretaker
       Carlisle Memorial Church and Schools - Minister, Rev. Wm. Bracken; res., 9 Kinnaird Terrace; sexton's res.; John Campbell, 94 Hanover Street

Cliftonpark Avenue
Crumlin Road to Cliftonville

                            {right hand side}
    1. Vacant
  1a. Wright, W. J., traveller
  1b. Fitzpatrick, James, pensioner
    3. McCullough, A., sea captain
    5. Majury, C. W., rent agent
    7. Gault, J. H., rent agent
    9. Fulton, Jonathan, wood carver
  11. Robertson, G., engineer
  13. Lynn, John, insurance superintendent
  15. Davies, Mrs. Margt. A.
  17. Campbell, D., accountant
  19. Heaney, Mrs. M. J.
  21. Shannon, D., confectioner
  23. Mitchell, R. A., tenter
  25. Patterson, J., mill manager
  27. McMeekin, Geo., plater
  29. Orr, Mrs. Annie
  31. Stewart, G. H., hatter
  33. Henry, Wm. J., compositor
..........Summer Street intersects
  53. Murphy, John, timber merchant
  55. McBratney, Saml., mill furnisher
  57. Phoenix, E. J.
                             Urban Terrace
  59. Keaveny, Thos., district inspector R.I.C.
  61. Reynolds, Mrs.
63 to 67. Vacant
  69. McLean, Wm., manager
        Vacant ground
  93. Brown, Rev. J. E., St. Stephen's Rectory
  95. McConkey, W., bookkeeper
       Vacant ground
                             Newton Terrace
101. Rosenfield, M., draper
103. Connell, Mrs. Catherine
105. Chambers, J., cashier
107. McKibbin, Fred., rent agent
109. Gamble, J.
111. Taylor, Miss Jane
113. McGuffin, W. J., clerk
115. Laurie, G., builder
117. Dennison, Minnie
119. Vacant
121. Wiener, Saml., draper
123. Tolland, Hugh, plater
125. Hunter, H., traveller
127. Stewart, Wm., printer
129. Vacant
131. Thompson, David, assistant superintendent Prudential Insurance Co.
133. Vacant
135. Kennedy, Mrs. Annie
145. Finlay, Jas., pawn broker
147. Nicholls, Mrs.
    1. McKeown, Mrs. R. A.
    2. Pyper, Rev. John, editor "Bible Temperance Educator"
    1. McFarland, Walter, grocer
    2. Cochrane, Thos., manager
    1. White, Mrs. Mary
    2. Charleton, William
    1. Lowry, John A., traveller
    2. Price, Miss
    2. Thompson, Mrs. S.
                              Kennett Place
        Hanna, Mrs.
                                Erin View
        Armstrong, William, grocer
                              Edith Villas
    2. Johnston, C. W., draughtsman
    1. Wilson, Thos., sea captain
                            Norman Villas
    2. Bill, Miss Sarah
    1. McCutcheon, Martha
                              Grace Villas
    2. Wilson, D., manufacturer
    1. Kelly, Geo., grocer
                             Cyrene Villas
    3. Taylor, N. K., buyer
    2. Cotton, Jos., iron founder and machine maker
    1. McCoach, Rev. Wm., Oldpark Presbyterian Church

                          {left hand side}
                       Strangemore House
2, 4, 6. McCaughan, A., spirit grocer
        Clifton Park Congregational Church
  4a. Stewart, Dr. J. H., surgeon
    4. Houston, James, builder and contractor
8. Thompson, W., stone works
  10. Cliftonpark Avenue Baptist Hall
  18. McIntosh, Miss Mary
20, 22. Vacant
  24. Houston, James
  26. Porter, R. A., draper
  28. Gaw, Mrs.
  30. White, J. D., bookkeeper
  32. Vacant
                        Cliftonview Terrace
  34. McCormick, T., rate collector
  36. Scott, Mrs. Margaret
  38. Gilmore, Henrietta
  40. Jennings, H., B.A.
  42. Smyth, Rev. Jas., LL.B., Lynn Memorial Methodist Church
  44. Sloan, David G., teacher
  46. Robinson, Samuel, N.S. teacher
  48. Hazelton, Rev. Edward, Crumlin Road Methodist Church
  50. Kerninghin, Saml., frman
  52. Walker, Mrs. Isabella
...........Summer Street intersects
  54. McMurry, Thomas, lamp inspector
  56. Andrews, R., coal merchant
  58. Vacant
  60. Wilson, Rev. J., Argyle Place Presbyterian Church
                        Macaulay Terrace
  62. Purdy, Jas., warehouseman
  64. Gordon, Alex., grocer 
  66. George, Elizabeth
  68. Best, J., linen & yarn merchant
  70. McCullough, W. K., flax buyer
  72. Potts, John
  74. Weir, Mrs.
  76. Elliott, Thos., cashier
  78. Cullen, Rev. E. B., Agnes Street Methodist Church
  80. Paul, Chas., bookkeeper
  82. Hayes, Edward, telegraph engineer
...........Alloa Street intersects
                         Summer Terrace
  84. Harrison, Val., publican
  86. Seeds, James, rent agent
  88. Heaton, Alf., print works manager
...........Dargle Street intersects
                         Annalee Terrace
  90. Kennedy, G., machine maker
  92. Withers, Robert, factory manager
  94. Campbell, J., teacher
  96. Hewitt, R., school teacher
  98. O'Neill, John, school teacher
...........Annalee Street intersects
100. Lavery, Thos., draper
102. Brohan, Mrs. M. A.
104. Carleton, H. C., accountant
106. Howard, Miss
108. Graham, Miss
............Avonbeg Street intersects
110. Ballentine, J., bookkeeper
112. Arnold, Carlisle
114. Service, Miss Mary
116. Lewis, W. M., druggist
118. Andrews, R. B., traveller
...........Roe Street intersects
120. Hogg, J., chemist & druggist
122. Geary, John, engineer
124. McKeown, W., commercial traveller
126. Keys, Mrs.
128. Milliken, W. J.
130. Shields, Mrs. Arabella
132. McDowell, A. E.
134. Tomb, Mrs. Sarah S.
136. Forbes, Rev. T., minister Nelson Memorial Church
138. McDowell, Mrs. E.
140. Lee, J. M., school teacher (Ardenlee)
142. Nelson, Mrs. Jane
144. Addy, Edw. T., manager
146. McMullan, Jas., storeman
148. Hawthorn, Thos., builder (Roseville)
150. McComb, Rosanna
        Cliftonville Presbyterian Church - Rev. George Thompson, Clifton Street Manse; Rev. Geo. Magill, Elmwood Avenue; D. Creelman, sexton.
        Belfast Corporation Yard
                           Clifton Park House
        Macartney, Wm., rope and twine manufacturer
                                Seylob Villa
        Hull, George E., builder
        McGowan, Joseph L., manager
                               Stanley Villas
    1. Martin, David, merchant tailor
    2. Walker, J., salesman
176. Blair, Emmelia
178. Crozier, Samuel, draper
180. Ellis, Daniel, flax store proprietor
                              Cyprus Villas
    2. Agnew, S. R., house and land agent
    1. Higginson, Robt., wholesale draper

Cliftonville Avenue
from Cliftonville Road to Brookvale Avenue

                            {right hand side}
   1. Kirker, G. S., linen merchant, of Kirker, Grundler & Co.
   3. Burns, Mary S.
   5. Duggan, Patrick
   7. Dickson, J., harbour official
   9. Turner, Saml., flour agent
 11. Seaton, Miss
 13. Patterson, Jas., commission agent
 15. Baxter, Jas., auditor
 17. Vacant
 19. Stuart, Jas., secretary T. & J. McErvel Ltd.
 21. Smyth, John (of Belfast Coach Factory)
 23. Purdon, Joseph, hatter
.........Woodland Avenue intersects
 25. Donelly, J.
 27. Hart, Bernard, commercial traveller
 29. Frizell, Wm. G., manager
                           Landguard House
 31. Todd, Frank, butcher
                           Brookvale House
 33. Dempsey, Patrick, J.P.
 35. Lamb, W. W., accountant

                            {left hand side}
   2. Malone, Alfred, director of Forster Green & Co.
   4. Hastings, A.
   6. Lowry, Robert
 4a. Swanston, William (of Messrs. Swanston & Bones, Mountcollyer Factory)
 6a. Steele, F. M. (of Ulster Bank)
   8. Holywood, J., J.P., distiller
 10. Montgomery, Mrs. E.
 14. Gibson, Andrew (agent Messrs. G. & J. Burns, of Glasgow)
 16. McMurray, C. J., insurance agent
 18. Boucher, Mary Elizabeth
 20. Henesey, Alicia
 22. McMurray, T. H., engineer
.........Woodland Avenue intersects
 28. Rice, T. M., tobacco manufacturer
 30. McLelland, Thos., cutler
 32. Tate, James, chemist
 34. Fisher, Alfred, manager
 36. Turtle, S., merchant
 38. Moffitt, C. C., commercial traveller
 40. McKnight, Alex., house furnisher

Cliftonville Circus
from Cliftonville Road to Oldpark Road

                            {right hand side}
........Cardigan Drive intersects
                              The Granges
      Gracey, Thomas, draper
      Hessen, Henry, draper
                              The Myrtles
   1. Vacant
   2. Hill, H., manager
                              The Laurels
   1. Vacant
   2. Wylie, Robert, builder
       Two new houses in course of erection
       Vacant ground
      Morton, Jas., manufacturer
      Sweeney, Wm., commercial traveller
.........Knutsford Street intersects
      Vacant ground
.........Kelvin Parade intersects
      Young, Saml., rent agent
      Streight, Barbara
      Vacant ground
      Kelly, Joshua, painter and decorator
      Risk, J., builder
........Kingsmere Avenue intersects
      Evans, J., manager
      Hanna, Jas., tea and butter merchant
      Butler, W. J., commission agent
      Forde, Thos., provision merchant
      Kennedy, Felix, draper
       Gamble, J. D., tea merchant
..........Ashgrove Park intersects
      Moss, Wm., manufacturer
      Reid, Mrs.
      Comerton, E., secretary of Vintners' Association
      Carlisle, Wm., manager
      Wallace, William
      Cliftonville Circus Gardens - Garden Estates Co. (Inquiry Office) - R. J. McConnell & Co.
                             May Buildings
      May, James, grocer, confectioner and dairyman

                            {left hand side}
   1. Campbell, F. W., linen manufacturer
   2. Grimason, Edward, com. traveller
       Two houses in course of erection
      Mitchell, Geo., stock keeper
   1. Wilkinson, John, clerk
   2. Boyd, Robt., accountant
                              Randel Villa
      Cummings, Alex., provision merchant
                             Killarney Villa
      Hutton, J., tailor
   1. Archer, William, foreman
   2. Morgan, John, builder
                              Cavehill View
   1. Smith, F., retired naval officer
      Martin, Saml., insurance inspector
      Hudson, J., engineer
                             Northland Villas
   1. Thompson, J. E., salesman
   2. McKee, Jas., commission agent
      Murphy, Mrs. M.
      Fletcher, J.
   1 Austin, James, cabinet maker
   2. Bergin, John, salesman
   1. Loughlin, Mrs. M.
   2. Moorcroft, J., salesman
       Brown, Samuel, road contractor
       Fleming Bros., grocers

Cliftonville Road
off Antrim Road

                             {right hand side}
      St. James's Church - Venerable John Bristow, Archdeacon of Connor, Incumbent.
                              The Parsonage
      Bristow, John, The Venerable Archdeacon of Connor.
                                 The Manse
      Cochrane, Rev. Saml., B.A., Sinclair Seamen's Church
                       Belfast Royal Academy
       T. R. Collier, M.A., principal' res.,   5 Brookhill Avenue; Rev. W. J. Jackson, M.A., hon. sec.
 15. McCausland, S., railway official
 17. Gray, Mrs. Margaret
..........Brookhill Avenue intersects
                               Roslea House
 19. Jefferson, W. J., resident sec. Royal Insurance Co.
  "    Jefferson, Chas. Gordon, solicitor
  "    Jefferson, Harold, solicitor
                               Orient House
 21. Ross, Mrs. E.
 23. Fisher, T. A., house and land agent
       Pillar Box
 25. Archibald, W., J.P., agent for Brunner, Mond. & Co. Ltd., chemical manufacturers, Northwich
.........Cliftonville Avenue intersects
 27. Fisher, E., manager
 29. O'Rorke, Mrs. J. E.
 31. Watson, Henry C.
 33. Clifton, A., manager
                         Brookview Terrace
 35. Hoey, Miss K. M.
 37. Martin, Jane
 39. Duncan, Andrew, engineer
 41. Willis, Rev. M. H. G., B.A., rector of St. Michael's Church
 43. Morton, Rev. J. H., B.A., Eglinton Street Presbyterian Church
 45. Phillips, Henry
                        Laurel View Terrace
 47. Robinson, J. J., bookkeeper
 49. Mallaghan, Miss M. J.
 51. Boyd, Wm. H., merchant
 53. Martin, Jos., assistant manager
 55. Mercer, James (of Ulster Steam Bakery)
 57. Sinclair, Miss Elizabeth
                             Easton Lodge
      Dick, Rev. Prof. Jas., M.A., D.D., Trinity Street Reformed Presbyterian Church
.........Orient Gardens intersects
                            Mount Easton
   1. Haydock, Thos., ex-mill manager
   2. Gray, John A. (of The Falls Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.)
   3. Elliott, T. R., commercial traveller
   4. Clayton, E. M., district inspector R.I.C.
.........Easton Crescent intersects
                           Easton Gardens
   1. Hill, G. H., linen manufacturer
   2. Walker, L., B.A., T.C.D., Mus. Doc. (Cantab.)
   3. Squire, Edwin, city councillor, merchant
   4. McCaughey, J., flour and bran merchant
                           Easton Terrace
   1. Magill, J. E., C.A.
   2. Houston, T. C.
   3. McCance, J., of McCance & McFadden, yarn merchants
...........Easton Avenue intersects
                             Mount Clifton
   1. Mitchell, Rev. D. K., Crumlin Road Presbyterian Church
   2. Wallace, Jas., brick manufacturer
   3. Garrett, Richard (of Gunning & Campbell Ltd.)
                              Old Lodge
      Hook, Henry, commission agent
      Crowe, Alex., commission agent
      O'Reilly, Mrs.
........Chestnut Gardens intersects
                               The Gables
   1. Atkinson, John, manager, York Street Mill
   2. Wallace, J. B., Oldpark Brickworks
   3. McKeown, R., mill manager
   4. Orr, Andrew, managing director Rosebank Weaving Co.
.........Linden Gardens intersects
                               The Lindens
   1. Cooke, Rev. John W., B.A., rector of St. Silas' Church
   2. Ferguson, J., civil engineer
   3. Lennon, P. J., licensed vintner
                              Ashley Villas
   1. Spence, A., N.S. teacher
   2. Knox, A., stationer
   3. Mundell, R., customs officer
.........Cliftonville Street intersects
       Vacant ground

                             {left hand side}
      Denby, Wm. & Sons, Cliftonville carriage and motor works
      Station Cab Company
      Jaffe Memorial National Schools, P. J. MacCarthy, principal
      Nixon, Jas., merchant
      Rogers, Francis
                             Maryville House
      Carr, Michael
      Tougher, Wm., alderman
      Cinnamond, A. M.
      Porter, Rev. J. R., minister, Albert St. Presbyterian Church
   4. Beck, John
6, 8, 10. Home for the Blind, Miss Sinton, matron
 12. Vacant
 14. Jackson, Mrs. Elizabeth
 16. Husband, Archibald, manager
 18. Ring, Mrs. James
 20. Brown, F., house and land agent
                            Brookhill House
      Morrison, Hugh
.........Cliftonpark Avenue intersects
                              Antrim House
      Whitaker, Henry, M.D.
 48. Hill, A. C. (of Lawnbrook Weaving Factory)
 50. Vacant
...........Manor Street intersects
      Doohan, Thomas, head constable R.I.C.
      Shaw, Wm., commercial traveller
      Hanna, Samuel
       Cathcart, Mrs. H. C.
   2. Hopper, Geo., secretary Gresham Insurance Co.
      Jagoe, Edward T.
.........Clifton Crescent intersects
.........Clifton Drive intersects
                                 The Lodge
      Rentoul, Miss, ladies' school
      Dixon, Mrs. Wakefield H.
      Duffin, Adam, J.P.
                                Clifton Lodge
      Erskine, Mrs. Jane
      Cliftonville Cricket and Lawn Tennis Ground
.........Oldpark Avenue intersects
                             Elmgrove Villas
   1. Crockett, Wm. R., bookkeeper
   2. Howard, Mrs.
..........Elimgrove Street intersects
                          Elim Grove Terrace
 62. Elimgrove Post Office - Caroline McLelland, sub-postmistress
  "    McLelland, Rev. R., pastor
 64. Harbison, J., N.S. teacher
 66. Lundie, Robert, cashier
 68. Barlow, J. A., journalist
 70. Jacques, W. D., clerk
 72. Ingleby, B., photographer
 74. Christie, Jas., plumber
 76. Martin, Mark W., grocers' assistant
 78. Barkley, Andrew
 80. Elwood, Robt., shipping clerk
 82. Walker, Hugh
 84. Shannon, Alex., coal agent
 86. Irwin, Jas., bookkeeper
86a. Ferguson, John, commercial traveller
 88. Hill, John, sign writer
 90. Jordan, Thos. H., printer
 92. Broomhead, H., manager
 94. Manning, Wm., bank official
 96. Hamilton, J., yarn dresser
      Oldpark Presbyterian Church - Rev. William McCoach, B.A.

Cliftonville Street
off Cliftonville Road

   1. Palmer, Richard, plumber
   3. Harper, Jas., mechanic
   5. Walker, A., weighing machine maker
   7. Wilson, Thomas, plumber
   9. Calvert, W. H., draper
 11. Whitta, Thomas
 13. Cahill, Elizabeth
 15. Plunkett, Simon, traveller
 17. Scott, James
       Cliftonville Recreation Grounds

                             Oakley Terrace
   2. Lockhart, J., warehouseman
   4. Campbell, Mrs.
   6. Robertson, W., plumber and gas fitter
   8. Wilson, Wm., commercial traveller for Stewart & Young, Glasgow

Clonallon Street
Newtownards Road to Harland Street

   1. Side door
   3. McCutcheon, Saml., labourer
   5. Keenan, John, labourer
   7. Keenan, R., labourer
   9. Cabb, Saml., labourer
 11. Barnes, Daniel, labourer
 13. McMeanamy, T., labourer
 15. Benson, William, boiler maker
 17. Bingham, Jane
 19. Nelson, David, labourer
 21. Ryland, Wm., driller
 23. Dilworth, Wm., guard
 25. Clarke, Wm., labourer
 27. Allen, Robert, coachman
 29. Graham, Mary
 31. Shields, Henry, tailor
 33. Gibson, Alex., labourer
 35. Stanfield, Alex., labourer
..........Lackagh Street intersects
 37. Mays, John, labourer
 39. Devlin, Bernard, labourer
 41. Huddleston, John, labourer
 43. Rooney, Thomas, labourer
 45. Reevy, David, labourer

   2. Side door
   4. Mills, John, labourer
   6. Kelly, S., carter
   8. Sloan, Wm., labourer
 10. McKean, Sarah
 12. Harvey, Alex., labourer
 14. Mawhinney, John, seaman
 16. Duffy, John, labourer
 18. Ardnor, Alex., labourer
 20. Garrett, David, grocer
 22. Orr, John, labourer
 24. Kidman, Lizzie
 26. Campbell, A., dealer
 28. McArdle, Peter, labourer
 30. Taylor, James, labourer
 32. Neill, Wm., engineer
 34. Scott, Martha
 36. Cochrane, R.
 38. Herron, Wm., labourer
 40. Dobson, J., labourer
 42. McMeanamy, Thos., labourer
 44. Hughes, Patrick, labourer
 46. Cochrane, Robert, foreman
 48. Vacant
 50. McAllister, Alex., labourer
 52. White, Samuel, labourer
 54. Devlin, J., labourer
 56. Scott, William, labourer
 58. Kilpatrick, John, labourer
 60. Connery, Bernard, labourer
 62. Williamson, Matt., labourer
 64. Graham, John, labourer
 66. Eagle, John, pork cutter

Clonard Gardens
Clonard Street to Cupar Street

                           {right hand side}
    1. Church of the Most Holy Redeemer - Very Rev. P. Murray, C.S.S.R.
        Redemptorist Monastery - Very Rev. P. Murray, C.S.S.R.
...........Waterville Street intersects
    3. Reid, Wm., school master
    5. Keenan, Jos., sorting clerk
    7. O'Neill, Catherine
    9. Irwin, C., constable R.I.C.
  11. O'Boyle, P., stock keeper
...........Kashmir Road intersects
  13. O'Hanlon, P. E., provision merchant
  15. Andrews, Thos., iron turner
  17. Brehen, Wm. John, clerk
  19. Miller, William, spinning master
  21. Williamson, A., fitter
  23. McGoran, Hugh, customs assistant
  25. Montgomery, F. J., overlooker
  27. Vacant
  29. McPeake, Patrick, baker
  31. McComb, Margaret
  33. Campbell, Felix, labourer
  35. Guthrie, W. G., hackle maker
  37. McArdle, Henry, foreman
  39. Coogan, Mary Ann
  41. Megarry, Catherine
  43. Annan, Wm., fitter
  45. Pearson, Alfred, moulder
  47. Thompson, A., mechanic
  49. McErlean, Henry, spirit grocer
...........Bombay Street intersects
  51. Finlay, David, shoe maker

    6. St. Vincent Girls' Home - Superioress Sister Mary Josephine Graham
...........Dunmore Street intersects
    8. Canavan, Alicia
  10. Monaghan, Patk., tenter
  12. Green, Patk., clerk
  14. McCann, Jas., sergeant R.I.C.
16, 18. Sheehan, T., spirit grocer
..........Oranmore Street intersects
       Pillar Box here
  24. Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent-De-Paul; Superioress, Sister Mary Josephine Graham
  34. Cush, George, traveller
  36. McDaniel, Francis
  38. Vacant
  40. Marron, J., boiler maker
  42. Curran, John, brick layer
  44. McKeown, Jas., compositor
  46. McKeown, Michael, grain superintendent
  48. McPhillips, Jas., head porter
  50. Cahill, Jos., compositor
  52. Murray, Mrs.
...........Kashmir Road intersects
  62. Side door
  64. Duffin, Henry, labourer
  66. Quinn, Denis, traveller
  68. McClatchie, Wm., insurance agent
  70. Dealott, James, labourer
  72. Robinson, Catherine
  74. Maguire, Mrs.
  76. Manderson, William, flax dresser
  78. Gill, Isabella
  80. Floyd, Geo., carpenter
  82. Beattie, J., constable R.I.C.
  84. Gibson, Samuel, fitter
  86. Holland, Agnes
  88. McCartney, John, salesman
  90. McDowell, Robt., store keeper
  92. Hamill, A., labourer
  94. Dobbin, John, rent collector
  96. Williamson, J., carpenter
  98. Norwood, Russell, foreman tenter
100. Moore, Wm., mechanic
102. Maginnis, S. R., lamp lighter
104. Agnew, John, winding master
106. Gordon, Robt., lamp lighter

Clonard Street
Falls Road to Clonard Gardens

       Side door
   1. O'Neill, Fras., plumber
   3. Peake, Wm. James, labourer
   5. Tumilty, Thos., grocer
   7. Cullen, Hugh, labourer
   9. McAuley, John, baker
 11. Campbell, John, labourer
 13. Diamond, Mary, preparer
 15. McIlroy, Richard, labourer
 17. Halpin, Patrick, labourer
 19. Dean, Wm., fitter
 21. Larkin, Maggie, warper
 23. Magee, Felix, labourer
 25. Murphy, Wm., dyer
 27. Magowan, John, postman
 29. Reid, Charles, clerk
 31. Hanratty, Hugh, insurance agent
 33. Stewart, John, blacksmith
 35. Charleton, Geo., newsagent
35a. Leonard, John, dealer
 37. Carleton, William, pawn broker
..........Odessa Street intersects

   2. McKenna, Jas., labourer
   4. Breen, Chas., plasterer
   6. Hamill, Thos., labourer
   8. Hinds, Mary, spinner
 10. Hanratty, Ann Jane, flax spinner
 12. Lowry, Jane, winder
 14. Johnston, Ellen, preparer
 16. Shortt, Kate
 18. Robinson, Hannah, weaver
 20. Campbell, Margaret
 22. McLarnon, Mary, winder
 24. McCann, Mary, winder
 26. Hope, John, bundler
 28. Summers, Maria, reeler
 30. Harkin, James, labourer
 32. Hughes, Kate, flax spinner
 34. Hope, Henry, painter
 36. O'Neill, Jane
 38. Fagan, Edward, labourer
 40. Love, Francis, general jobber
.........O'Neill Street intersects

Clonard Street Lower
Falls Road to Cairns Street

   1. McAteer, F., labourer
   3. Shaw, Jas., traveller
   5. Hanna, Thos., flax dresser
   7. Ball, Thos., engineer
   9. McCullough, John, monumental letterer
 11. Hinds, P., spinning master
 13. McAlinden, Mrs.
 15. Walsh, A., hackle setter
 17. Quinn, J., labourer
 19. O'Neill, James, brick layer
 21. Tier, Robt., labourer
 23. White, Maggie
 25. Austin, Richard, labourer
 27. Vacant
 29. McGrath, S., reeler
 31. Vacant
 33. Quinn, John, flax dresser
 35. Vacant
 37. Boyle, Michael, hackler
 39. McIlroy, Francis, motor man
.........Spinner Street intersects
                            Sexton Terrace
 41. Beacon, John, spirit grocer

       Side door
 2a. McAleese, James, mechanic
   2. McKeown, H., moulder
   4. Judge, Miss Theresa
   6. Macartney, E., tailor
   8. Lenaghan, Robert, lamp lighter
 10. Donegan, J., labourer
 12. Hatton, John, turner
 14. Harvey, Wm., engraver
 16. McClarnon, J., flax dresser
 18. Grimes, Luke, engine driver
 20. McCormick, Jos., engineer
 22. McCarty, Ellen, reeler
 24. McCarragher, John, iron turner
 26. McSorley, P., flax dresser
 28. Cherry, John, flax sorter
 30. Flannaghan, Berd., fitter
 32. Kennedy, John, labourer
 34. Holly, Patrick, tailor
 36. Fitzpatrick, Phil, labourer
 38. McAtamaney, Thos., motor man
 40. McCann, Bernard, labourer
 42. Downey, Wm. J., labourer
 44. Sweeney, John, rougher
 46. Hamill, Robert, carter

Clondara Street
off Falls Road

   1. Matthews, Jos., labourer
   3. Lowry, Mrs.
   5. Doherty, John, motor man
   7. Magee, Hugh, gardener
   9. Milligan, John, labourer
 11. Heaney, John, boot maker
 13. Hodgon, J., bleacher

   2. Heatherington, George
   4. Punting, D., labourer
   6. Coates, Wm., labourer
   8. Quinn, Patrick, labourer
 10. McGoey, Patk., labourer
 12. Houston, Wm., labourer
 14. Carson, Mrs.
 16. Hall, James, ranger
 18. Lynn, Wm., labourer
 20. Vacant
 22. McGinn, J., caretaker
 24. Feenan, Jas., shopman

Clonlee Drive
off Dundela Avenue

                             {right hand side}
   1. Shaw, Joseph, merchant
   3. Kelly, John, advertising agent
   5. Todd, Mrs. (St. Gotthard)
   7. Meakin, Bernard, sausage skin manufacturer
   9. O'Leary, Daniel, excise officer
 11. White, Mrs.
 13. Hamilton, James, engineer (Beechwood)

                              {left hand side}
   8. Black, Mrs.
 10. Brown, Mrs.
 12. Wheeler, Edmond, clerk
 14. Cully, civil engineer (Leevinney)

Clovelly Street
off Matmouth Street

   1. Gray, M., soap maker
   3. Woods, Robert, labourer
   5. Moles, Wm., fitter
   7. Gray, R., cotton spinner
   9. McCurry, Wm., labourer
 11. Chapman, J., labourer
 13. Hall, Alex., labourer
 15. Davidson, Robert James, joiner
 17. Russell, John, shoe maker
 19. McCleery, Robert, tenter
 21. McMahon, P., labourer
 23. Belshaw, J., oiler
 25. Glencross, Saml., joiner
 27. Vacant
 29. McGrath, D., labourer
 31. Miller, John, plumber
 33. Forsythe, A., rivetter
 35. Vacant
 37. Miller, Thos., labourer
 39. Crow, John, labourer
 41. McGrath, Wm., machinist
 43. Walker, A., brush maker
 45. Dougan, Mrs.
 47. Vacant
 49. Gorman, David, stone cutter
 51. Robinson, Mrs.
 53. Reynolds, R., labourer

Clowney Street
off Beechmount Avenue

   1. McGowan, John, tailor
   3. Shiels, Hugh
   5. Madden, Jas., mechanic
   7. Moorhead, James, tenter
   9. Black, Miss Maggie
 11. Stewart, John
 13. Gallagher, Francis, baker
 15. Coyle, Neill, fireman
 17. Magowan, Henry, labourer
 19. McCully, Abraham, foreman
 21. Montgomery, J., yarn drier
 23. Diamond, Phillip, salesman
 25. McAllister, Samuel, card cutter
 27. March, Mrs. Nancy
 29. Elemenett, Walter, labourer
 31. Burns, Robert, mechanic
 33. Clarke, J. W., tenter
 35. Duffy, Mrs. Annie
 37. Magowan, Jas., mechanic
 39. McLaverty, Charles, com. agent
 41. Finnigan, Thomas, labourer
 43. Gallagher, Harry, sergeant R.I.C.
 45. Ward, Owen, constable R.I.C.
 47. Robbin, Arthur, clerk

   2. McMullan, Hugh, mechanic
   4. Slowey, John, labourer
   6. Gorry, Thos., pensioner
   8. McCotter, John, brick layer
 10. Stevenson, Thos., moulder
 12. Vacant
 14. Donnelly, Alfred, postman
 16. Rafferty, Jas., mount cutter
 18. Geoff, Edward
 20. Brannigan, Jos., teacher
 22. Brannigan, Bernard, teacher
 24. McKinney, John, agent
 26. Mulgrew, James, traveller
 28. McQuade, Patk., linen lapper
 30. McVoy, Constantine, foreman
 32. Mulholland, Thos., block printer
 34. Maguire, Jas., labourer
 36. Forsythe, Miss Sarah
 38. Cormican, Daniel, labourer
 40. Vacant
 42. Tierney, Richard, tailor
 44. Hammon, Thos., clerk
 46. Moore, Mrs. Ellen
 48. Ward, Fras., tram conductor
 50. O'Brien, Patk., finisher

Cluan Place
off Mountpottinger Road

       Car stand
   1. Russell, Mrs. Margaret
   3. Archbold, Thos., labourer
   5. Waid, Richard, porter
   7. McDowell, Mrs. Sophia
   9. Baird, Samuel, pork cutter
 11. Halliday, James, baker
 13. Kelly, George, labourer
 15. McCamley, W. J., caulker
 17. England, Hy., mechanic
 19. Cranston, Joseph, labourer
 21. Topping, Thomas, labourer
 23. McCullough, James, labourer
 25. Duff, Mrs. Margaret J.
 27. Harris, Jas., saddler
 29. Vacant

   2. Melville & Co. Ltd. (branch) shrouding warehouse
 2a. Magowan, Mrs. L.
   4. Orr, Wm. G., rivetter
   6. Secker, Duncan, cooper
   8. Vacant
 10. Donaldson, Thos., joiner
 12. Scott, Charles, labourer
 14. Fine, Mrs. Catherine
 16. Curry, Wm., carter
 18. Hamilton, Mrs.
 20. Donnelly, Mrs. Sarah
 22. McDowell, Mrs. Jane
 24. Haylock, Francis, labourer
 26. Vacant
 28. Stalford, Wm. H., labourer
 30. Marshall, Wm., smiths helper
 32. Skillen, Samuel, clerk
 34. Moffitt, Geo., labourer
 36. McClenaghan, Jas., rivetter
 38. Jenkinson, Henry, boot maker
 40. Vacant
 42. Simpson, Saml., carter
 44. Smith, Mrs. Margaret
 46. Kilpatrick, Wm., labourer
       Musgrave & Co. Ltd., St. Anne's Foundry, workers' entrance

Clyde Place
Clyde Street to Thompson Street

       Stewart, J. C., Short Strand Engineering Works, maker of valves and fittings for steam, gas and water

Clyde Street
Short Strand to Moira Street

........White Street intersects
........Thompson Place intersects
   1. Stewart's Acetylene Works Co., Plant and Carbide Manufacturers
   3. Reid, Fred, rivetter
   5. Vacant
   7. Sullivan, Michael, labourer
.........Clyde Place intersects
9, 11. McDonagh, Martin, spirit grocer
 13. Copeland, Samuel, labourer
 15. Gargen, Andrew, shunter
 17. McDonnell, Francis, labourer
 19. Herdman, Chas., labourer
 21. Moore, Martin, labourer
 23. Power, Thos., labourer
 25. Greer, Bernard, carter
 27. McMullen, Jas., labourer
 29. McGibney, F., labourer
 31. Boyd, David, dealer
 33. Mallen, James, carter
 35. Kelly, Miss Mary
 37. Johnston, Albert, stoker
 39. Hazel & Son, W., toy manufacturers

   2. McMullan, Susan
   4. Robinson, Daniel, labourer
   6. McCann, Mrs. Mary
   8. McQuade, Thomas John, labourer
 10. Cunningham, Isabella
 12. McGuigan, George
 14. Devlin, John, labourer
 16. Vacant
 18. Conkey, Mrs. Catherine
 20. Grant, Edward, labourer
 22. Sullivan, M., labourer
 24. Noade, James, labourer
 26. Smith, Daniel, japaner
 28. Smith, Wm., labourer
 30. Vacant
 32. McQuade, Thos., labourer
 34. Hill, Wm., labourer
 36. Quigley, P., labourer
 38. Brannigan, J., labourer
 40. Tenison, Owen, store keeper
 42. Walsh, Mrs. Mary
 44. Finlay, J., labourer
 46. Vacant
 48. Doyle, John, labourer
 50. McGuckin, Margaret
 52. Fitzpatrick, Thos., labourer
 54. Gilmore, Patk., labourer
 56. Vacant
 58. Ferguson, Robert
 60. Cannon, Albert, tailor
 62. Copeland, Saml., labourer
 64. Breslin, James, coach painter
 66. McDonnell, Wm., coach painter
 68. Vacant
 70. Vacant
 72. Marmion, Mrs. Margaret
 74. Vacant
 76. McComb, Robert, stone finisher
78, 80. Campbell, M. J., spirit grocer

Coates' Place
off Coates' Street

   2. McCann, Mary
   4. Vacant
   6. Small, C., moulder
   8. Smyth, John, iron dresser

   1. Stewart, Robert, carter

Coates' Row
(late Cameron's Row)
off McMullan's Lane

   2. Agnew, Ellen
   4. Abernethy, Hugh, labourer
   6. Mason, David, labourer
   8. Sloan, Thos. John, labourer
 10. Abernethy, John, labourer
 12. Topping, James, labourer
 14. Morrison, Mrs.
 16. Lannigan, W. J., labourer

Coates' Street
Townsend Street to Sackville Street

1 & 3. Side door
   5. Vacant
   7. Nelson, John, cooper
   9. McShane, Felix, labourer
 11. McCray, Mrs.
 13. Gray, Andrew, stevedore
 15. Dunn, James, labourer
 17. Denvar, Robert, labourer
 19. Vacant
..........Hastings Street intersects
 21. Cunningham, Edw., boot maker
 23. Downey, Robt., sawyer
 25. McFarland, Martha
 27. McSorley, Mrs.
 29. Beggs, R., french polisher

2 & 4. Side door
   6. McManus, Patrick, waiter
   8. Dever, Edward, dealer
 10. Pierce, Patk., carter
.........Coates' Place intersects
 12. McNeice, John, labourer
 14. Masterson, M. A., dealer
14. Loughrey, Jas., barber
..........Herd's Court intersects
 16. Evans, Patk., carpenter
 18. Cavanagh, Joseph
 24. Hicks, Bullick & Co. Ltd., sewing cotton manufacturers. Tel. No. 2400
 26. Dorrens, S., mechanic
..........Sackville Place intersects
 30. Dillon, Robert John, labourer
 32. Higgins, John

Coburg Street
Lismore Street to Roslyn Street

   1. Finlay, James, labourer
   3. Beverland, Maggie
   5. Dewart, Geo., labourer
   7. Johnston, R. J., labourer
   9. Lowry, Ellen
 11. Mills, Rainey, labourer
 13. Best, Andrew, labourer
 15. Patterson, Ellen
 17. Moore, Thos., labourer
 19. Barr, Margaret
 21. McIlwaine, Geo., van driver

   2. Rankin, John
   4. McKell, Wm., holder up
   6. Harper, Thos., traveller
   8. Campbell, James, fitter
 10. Farrell, J., french polisher
 12. Burrows, S. J., weaver
 14. Martin, W. J., plumber
 16. Mackey, James, flagger
 18. Fleming, Wm., crane man
 20. Cairnduff, John, labourer
 22. McWatters, Jas., storeman
 24. Gray, Mrs.
 26. Kinnear, A., labourer
 28. Campbell, Jas., labourer
 30. Jordan, Jas., coal porter
 32. Newberry, James
 34. Reid, John, upholsterer
 36. Boyle, Thomas, musician
 38. Bloomfield, David, fireman
 40. Patterson, Andw., labourer
 42. Kilpatrick, Alex., fireman

Coburn Court
off Cargill Street

   1. Hamil, John, slater
   2. Ferris, Samuel, labourer

Colchester Street
off Donegall Road

   1. Graham, Saml., labourer
   3. Jamieson, R., tram conductor
   5. Neill, James, labourer
   7. Cleland, David, car driver
   9. Prenter, Nathaniel, pork cutter
 11. Reid, Robert, labourer
 13. Hill, W. S., carter
 15. Vacant
 17. Jamison, Deans, labourer
 19. Patterson, Mrs.
 21. Megarry, G., bottler
 23. Gracey, Saml., french polisher
 25. Mills, Fred, laundry mechanic
 27. Gilmore, Mrs. Elizabeth
 29. Henderson, Wm., salesman
 31. Couchman, Archd., driver

   2. Benson, Elizabeth Ann
   4. McKee, John, brick layer
   6. Emerson, David, labourer
   8. Ferguson, Margaret
 10. Mahood, Jas., labourer
 12. Lee, James, finisher
 14. Clarke, Wm., street inspector
 16. Rice, Matilda
 18. Wilson, Jas., labourer
 20. Percy, Edward, shirt cutter
 22. Webster, Jos., porter
 24. Robinson, Johnston, labourer
 26. Brown, Jas., iron turner
 28. Arneil, John, iron turner
 30. Totten, Thos., labourer
 32. Horner, John, labourer
 34. Vacant
...........Abingdon Street intersects

Colenso Street
Botanic Park Terrace
off Landseer Street

   1. Moyes, W., damask designer
   3. Hillis, R., warehouse manager
   5. McKinley, Hugh, postal clerk
   7. Sinton, David
   9. McMullen, Mrs. Grace
..........Landseer Street intersects
       Sex new houses in course of erection

Colin Street
Falls Road to Ross Street

   3. Side door
   5. McIlhone, Thos., labourer
   7. Horner, Jas., labourer
   9. Hart, Patrick, labourer
 11. Hobbs, John, labourer
.........Mary Street intersects
 13. Hughes, James, labourer
 15. Sherry, Michael, labourer
 17. Lynn, Mark, machine man

   4. Brown, Elizabeth, rover
   6. Maxwell, Nellie, spinner
   8. Morris, Margaret, dealer
.........Mary Street intersects
 10. Mallon, Bridget
 12. Carr, Bridget
 14. Brannigan, Ann Jane
 16. Frazer, John, labourer

Colinpark Street
off Springfield Road

   2. O'Neill, Thomas, collar and shirt cutter
       Vacant ground

Colinview Street
off Springfield Road

                            {right hand side}
 1a. McKenna, James, shoe maker (side door)
   1. Keown, Wm., labourer
   3. Haddock, Albert, tailor
   5. Scott, Sarah
   7. Gordon, Wm., iron moulder
   9. Ringland, John, labourer
 11. McCready, Hugh, tailor
       Cupples, Jane, draper (side door)

Colinward Street
off Springfield Road

                             {right hand side}
 1a. Sheilds, Fred, provision merchant
       Vacant ground

                              {left hand side}
 2a. Duncan, Robert, grocer and draper (side door)
   2. Maginnis, Rowld., hackle maker
   4. Keegan, John, labourer
   6. McCormick, John, foreman labourer
   8. McKeown, Thomas, iron turner
 10. Shannon, Jos., labourer
 12. Lillie, Peter, machine man
 14. Goudie, Wm., brass finisher
 16. Teggart, John, iron turner
 18. Sedgwick, Robert, yarn bundler
 20. O'Hara, Mrs. Isabella
 22. Hackett, James, labourer
 24. O'Brian, Thos., labourer (O'Brien)
 26. Irvine, Grace
 28. Booth, Wm., machine man
 30. Doherty, Patrick, painter
 32. Armour, John, linen lapper
 34. Slane, Patk., labourer
 36. McKinley, Jos., cotton spinner
 38. Murphy, A., cotton spinner
 40. McNamee, Patrick, tailor
 42. Minhinnick, Wm. Thomas, labourer
 44. Shaw, Joseph, machine man
 46. McCall, Peter, cabinet maker

College Court
off College Street

   1. Spence Bros., Wholesale Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers and Furniture Removers
   3. Green, John, shop assistant
   5. Terry, Wm. James, coachman
   7. Vacant
       Belfast Corporation Gas Workshops
       Dispensary Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

   2. stables (demolished)
   4. Vacant
   6. Borella, F., ice cream mert
   8. Vacant
 10. Mullan, Fras., labourer

College Gardens
University Road to Lisburn Road

                             {right hand side}
   1. Knox, R. Kyle, LL.D., director Northern Banking Co. Ltd.
   2. Neill, Abraham
   3. Black, S.
   4. Donnelly, Jos., solicitor
   5. Mercier, W. T., mill owner
   6. Vacant
   7. Atkinson, John H.
   8. Sinclair, John, manufacturer
   9. Rodgers, Mrs. Margaret
 10. Connor, Charles C., J.P.
 11. Pollock, H. M.
 12. Andrews, the Misses
 13. Smith, Mrs. F. W.
 14. Martin, R. T., solicitor
 15. Worthington, Rev. Joseph, B.A., Mountpottinger Unitarian Church
 16. Hardy, S. C.
 17. Martin, Mrs. Kathleen R.
 18. Sinclair, Miss
  "    Sinclair, F. H., M.D.; residence, Cooleen, Warrenpoint
 19. Gault, Robt., flax merchant
 20. McKee, Joseph W., commission agent
 21. Russell, Wm., managing director of A. S. Henry & Co. Ltd.
 22. Capper, Bass
 23. Lawrie, Robert H.
 24. Stirling, Jas. H., director York Street Flaxspinning Co. Ltd.
 25. Dowling, J., plumber and gasfitter
 26. Mackie, Mrs. C. L.
 27. McCoy, John P.
 28. Joyce, Henry, commercial traveller
 29. Black, Mrs. Mary
 30. Steen, Mrs. J. C.
 31. Herdman, Mrs.
 32. Crawford, Miss
                                 The Manse
 33. Smyth, Rev. W. H., minister University Road Methodist Church
       Porter Lodge - Ringland, D., caretaker

                             {left hand side}
                           The McArthur Hall
       Ritchie, Miss, lady principal

College Green
Botanic Avenue to Caledonia Street

   2. Dewar, James
   4. Fleming, Miss
   6. Rutherford, Wm.
   8. Fennell, Mrs. Mary D.
 10. Vacant
 12. Vacant
 14. Hogg, Mrs.
 18. Dunn, Miss
 20. McCune, F. A., Rev., minister of Rugby Avenue Evangelical Union Congregational Church
 22. Keay, J. D.
 24. Walkington, Miss J.
 26. McVicker, Wm., leather merchant
                             College House
       Martin, Rev. W. Todd, D.D., D.Lit., professor of Ethics and Apologetics, Assembly's College

College Lane East
off College Street

       Johnston, James, horse dealer
       Shaw, Martin M., stores

College Park
off Belmont Road

       Heslip, Wm. B., bookkeeper
       Hunter, Norman M., ship yard manager

College Park
Botanic Avenue to Caledonia Street

   1. Hamill, Rev. T. M., M.A., D.D., professor of Systematic Theology, Assembly's College.
   2. Wilson, Rev. S. Law, M.A., D.D., professor of Practical Theology, Assembly's College
   3. Leitch, Rev. M., D.D., D.Lit., professor of Biblical Criticism, Assembly's College, and President Assembly's College.
   4. Heron, Rev. James, D.D., professor of Church History, Assembly's College
   5. Walker, Rev. Thos., M.A., professor of Hebrew, Assembly's College

College Park Avenue
Botanic Avenue to Carmel Street

..........College Park East intersects
 26. Heaney, William, linen business
 28. Vacant
 30. Kidd, John, com. traveller
 32. Vacant
 34. Vacant
 36. Brown, Robert
 38. Capper, J. M.
 40. Pegg, Thomas
 42. Crouch, W. R., bookkeeper
 44. Cromby, Geo., designer
 46. Carse, Mrs. Margaret
 48. Dickey, Mrs. Martha J.
       Evangelical Union Congregational Church - Minister, Rev. F. A. McCune; res., 20 College Green; sexton's residence, 47 Palestine Street

                             {right hand side}
       Vacant ground
 59. Donaldson, Susan
 61. Heaney, Thomas
 63. Vacant

College Park East
off University Avenue

   1. Thomson, Alfred, linen & yarn agent
   2. White, J. C., solicitor
   3. McCann, T., linen merchant
   4. Denham, Mrs. M.
   5. Long, J. C.
   6. Robinson, The Very Rev. John J., M.A., Dean of St. Anne's Cathedral
.........College Park Avenue intersects
   7. Edgar, John
   8. Gordon, Mrs.
       Belfast Bowling Club Ltd. - A. Torney, hon. sec. pro. tem.; res., 49 South Parade

College Place North
College Square North

       Neill, J., Ltd., Reliable Flour Mills
   3. Gourley, J., porter
   5. Boyd, Jas., horse shoer
   7. Alexander, W. H., sexton of Christ Church
   9. James, S., sergeant R.I.C.
 11. Cathcart, Wm., frame maker
 13. Vacant
 15. Stewart, Mrs.

2, 4. Stables - Matthew Johnston in charge
   6. McAtackney, Alexander
   8. Neill, Robert, miller
 10. Kenney, Michael

College Square East
from College Square North to Great Victoria Street

                            {left hand side}
   1. Barnett, Dr. N., F.R.C.S., surgeon
   2. Glass, Mrs., servants' registry office. Established 1870; Telephone No. 31X
   3. Murray, H. B., M.D., surgeon
   4. McStay, John, L.D.S., R.C.S. Eng., Dental Surgeon
   5. International Temperance Hotel - Wm. Wilkinson, Proprietor
   6. O'Neill, Henry, M.D., M.Ch., B.L., J.P.
   7. International Temperance Hotel - Wm. Wilkinson, Proprietor
   8. McQuitty, W. B., M.A., M.D.
   9. Vacant
 10. Galvin, M.A., solicitor, notary public and commissioner for oaths
 10. The Office Supplies Co. - H. L. Rafter, Proprietor. Telephone No. 578Y
                               First Floor
  "    Walker, J., & Co., linen manufacturers
  "    Maze, A., & Son, house and land and insurance agents; Income Tax Claims prepared
  "    Nicholson, R., agent
..........Wellington Place intersects
 11. Cooke Cigar and Tobacco Stores - Smyth & Co., proprietors
 12. Martin, T. S., House, Land and Insurance Agent, Valuator and Secretary of Belfast Mutual Building Society, Office of Alexander Estate
 13. Crymble's pianoforte showrooms and warehouse; entrance, Wellington Place
 15. Maguire, W. J., L.D.S., Eng., Dental Surgeon
 16. Hamilton, Madame, Costumier and Milliner
 17. Robb, A. Gardiner, M.B., physician
 18. Shaw, C. E., M.A., M.D., Ophthalmic surgeon
 19. Royal Liver Friendly Society - R. Gillen, district manager
 20. Clarence Hotel - Miss Gregston, proprietress
 21. Vacant
 22. Disc Linen Company - D. N. Macauley. Household Linens and Ladies' Underclothing. Tel. No. 2486
 23. Vacant
 24. Dunne, A. E., Dental Surgeon
 25. Vacant
                           {right hand side}
       Belfast Municipal Technical Institute - Principal, Fras. C. Forth, Assoc. R.C.ScI.
       Royal Belfast Academical Institution - R. M. Jones, M.A., principal; E. J. Dowdall, secretary and registrar