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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Indexes etc part 1
Indexes etc part 2

Historical Description

Streets - Alphabetically

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The Belfast


Compiled at the "Belfast News-Letter" Office.

Volume X
I - Alphabetical Indexes
I I - Town and Trade of Belfast
I I I - Local Institutions, Societies, etc
I V - Belfast Street Directory
V - Village Directory
V I - Alphabetical Directory
V I I - Country Residents
V I I I - Professional Directory
I X - Ulster Counties Directory
X - Ulster Towns Directory

Belfast :
Printed at the "Belfast News-Letter" Steam Book Printing House
55, 57 & 59 Donegall Street

To The Reader.
The Tenth Volume of "The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory" is now presented to the Public in an enlarged size. Copious Alphabetical Indexes, for the convenience of enquiries, are given in the present issue, and so classified under each divisional heading, that any place, residence, institution or business can be easily discovered. In the Appendix (at end of Professions and Trades) will be found a number of omissions and alterations of addresses which took place during the progress of the printing. Every exertion has been used to make the work as correct as possible, and no expense has been spared to render it worthy of Belfast and the Province of Ulster. The Publisher is confident that it will be found a useful and reliable Book for every day reference.

News-Letter Office,
Belfast, March 1880.


Local Institutions, Companies, Societies, Churches etc.
(I'm not putting the page numbers as they are irrelevant here)
n.b. The First Name is the Street etc, the Second name is the Street etc that the first Street connects to,
M'Tier = McTier / McTear / McTeir ( spelt several ways)

Belfast Banking Company
Northern Banking Company
Ulster Banking Company
Bank Of Ireland
Provincial Bank Of Ireland
The National Bank
Belfast Savings Bank

Benevolent Institutions
Association for the Employment of Industrious Blind.
Belfast Charitable Society.
Belfast District Hospital (Lunatic Asylum) for the Insane Poor.
Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.
Belfast Hospital for Skin Diseases.
Belfast Ladies' Clothing Society.
Belfast Ophthalmic Hospital.
Belfast Ragged School.
Belfast Royal Hospital.
Belfast Sailors' Home.
Belfast Sailors' Institute and Workmen's Reading Rooms.
Belfast Union.
Belfast Union Dispensaries.
Boys' Industrial Brigade and Home.
Convalescent Home & Children's Hospital.
Convent of Good Shepherd.
Convent of Our Lady of Mercy, Crumlin Road.
Convent of Our Lady of Mercy, Sussex Place.
Convent of Nazareth, Ballynafeigh.
Convent of the Sisters of the Bon Secours.
Dominion Convent.
Hampton House Protestant Female Industrial School, Balmoral.
Ladies' Industrial School for Girls.
Lady Johnson's Bounty.
Lodging Establishment.
Lying - In Hospital.
Malone Protestant Reformatory.
Mrs. Wilson's Bequest for Widows.
Pensioners' Benevo Society.
Presbyterian Orphan Society.
Protestant Orphan Society for Counties of Antrim and Down.
Provident Home for Friendless Females of Good Character.
Roman Catholic Ladies' Clothing Society.
Royal Medical Benevolent Fund Society of Ireland.
Royal National Lifeboat Institution.
Samaritan Hospital for Women and Children.
Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society.
Society for Providing Nurses for the Sick Poor.
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Society for the Relief of the Destitute Sick.
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Orphanage.
The Belfast Nurses' Home and Training School.
Ulster, Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.
Ulster Magdalene Asylum.
Ulster Institution for Promoting the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind.
Ulster Female Penitentiary.
Ulster Hospital for Children.
Ulster Training Ship Gibraltar for Homeless and Destitute Boys.

Borough of Belfast
Aldermen and Town Councillors.
Borough Magistrates.
Mayors from 1842 to 1880.
Mayor for 1880.
Parliamentary Representatives.
Public Officers.
Resident Magistrates.

Building Societies
Belfast & Provincial Building and Investment Co. Ltd.
Belfast Economic Building Society.
Belfast Imperial Building and Investment Society (Permanent).
Belfast Discount Company Limited.
The City Loan and Discount Company Limited.
The Ulster Permanent Building and Investment Society.
The Belfast Equitable Building Society.
The Northern Permanent Building Society.
Ulster Land, Building and Investment Co. Ltd.
Union Building Society.
Royal Land, Building and Investment Company Ltd.

Churches, Religious Societies.
Church of Ireland.
Presbyterian Church.
Unitarian Church.
Methodist Church.
Roman Catholic Church.
Various Denominations.
Societies etc., in connexion with the Church of Ireland.
Statistics of Church of Ireland.
Missions and Societies of the Presbyterian Church.
Free Congregational Union.
Belfast Unitarian Missionary Association.
The Ulster Unitarian Christian Association.
Belfast Female Mission.
Belfast Midnight Mission.
Belfast Prison Gate Mission.
Belfast Town Mission.
Belfast Presbyterian Church Building Association.

Royal Ulster Yacht Club.
Ulster Club.
Union Club.
Belfast Boat Club.
Belfast Bowling Club.
Belmont Bowling Club.
North of Ireland Cricket Club.

Educational Institutions
Queen's College, Belfast.
General Assembly's College.
Methodist College, Belfast.
St. Malachy's Diocesan College, Belfast.
Royal Academical Institution.
Belfast Academy.
Belfast Ladies' Collegiate School.
Belfast National District Model School.
Belfast Government School of Art.
Brown Street Sunday and Daily Schools.
Northern Sunday School Association.
St. Ann's Parochial Schools.
Drew Memorial School.
Christ Church Sunday and Daily Schools.

Joint Stock Companies.
Belfast Flax and Jute Co. Ltd.
Belfast Steamship Co. Ltd.
Belfast Warehouse Co. Ltd.
Blackstaff Flax Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd.
Brookfield Linen Co. Ltd.
D. Anderson & Son Ltd.
Dunville & Co. Ltd.
Gunning & Campbells Ltd.
Jas. Lindsay & Co. Ltd.
John Rowan & Sons Ltd.
L. H. Guynet & Co. Ltd.
Lindsay Bros. Ltd.
Philip Johnston & Sons Ltd.
Royal Belfast Botanic and Horticultural Co. Ltd.
Smithfield Flax Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd.
The Edenderry Spinning Co. Ltd.
The Falls Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.
The Northern Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd.
The Rosebank Linen Co. Ltd.
The Ulster Hall Co. Ltd.
Ulster Spinning Co. Ltd.
York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.

Law Courts
High Court of Justice, Ireland.
Belfast Recorder's Court.
County Antrim Courthouse.
Court of Probate.
General Quarter Sessions.
Her Majesty's Prison, Belfast.
Northern Law Society.
North-East Bar.
North-West Bar.
Petty Sessions.




Literary & Scientific Societies
Belfast Dog Show Society.
Belfast Friends' Institute.
Belfast Library & Society for Promoting Knowledge.
Belfast Naturalists' Field Club.
Belfast Typographical Association.
Belfast Young Men's Christian Association.
Chemico-Agricultural Society of Ulster.
Church of Ireland Young Men's Society.
Commercial Buildings.
Flax Supply Association.
Linen Merchant's Association.
Literary Society.
Natural History and Philosophical Society.
North-East Agricultural Association of Ireland.
People's Literary Institute.
Queen's College Literary and Scientific Society.
The Theological Society.
Ulster Book, Tract and Bible Depository.
Ulster Medical Society.
Ulster Rifle Association.
Unitarian Society for the Diffusion of Christian Knowledge.
Working Men's Institute and Temperance Hall.

Masonic and Friendly Societies
Ancient Order of Foresters.
Belfast Friendly Society.
Independent Order of Oddfellows (M.U.) Friendly Society.
Independent Order of Rechabites (S. U.).
Provincial Grand Masonic Lodge of Antrim.

Association for Employment of Industrious Blind.
Belfast Corporation Gas Works.
Belfast Markets.
Belfast Omnibuses.
Belfast Street Tramway Cars.
Fire Brigade Station.
Licensed Vehicles in Belfast.
Public Halls and Rooms.
Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
Royal Irish Constabulary.
The Belfast Poultry and Pigeon Society.
The Belfast Vegetarian and Food Reform Society.
Turkish Baths.

Musical Societies
The Belfast Choir.
The Belfast Choral Association.
The Belfast Philharmonic Society.
Strandtown Choral Union (see Village Directory).

Post Office Regulations
General Post Office.
Post Office Telegraphs.

Public Boards
Association of Linen Bleachers & Finishers.
Belfast Harbour Commission.
Belfast Water Commission.
Chamber of Commerce.
Custom House.
Income Tax Office.
Inland Revenue Office.
Irish Linen Trade Association.
Lagan Navigation Company.
Linen Trade Committee.
Local Marine Board.
Office of Public Works.
Registrar of Marriages' Office.
Stamp Office.
White Linen Hall.

Belfast and County Down.
Belfast and Northern Counties.
Belfast Central.
Belfast, Holywood and Bangor.
The Ballymena and Larne.
The Great Northern Railway Co. (Ireland)

Temperance Societies
Church of Ireland Temperance Society - Down and Connor and Dromore.
In. Order of Good Templars.
Irish Temperance League.
Temperance Association.
The Belfast Ladies' Temperance Union.
Women's Temperance Association.


Abbey Street, Peter's Hill.
Abbey Street West, Paul Street.
Abbotsford Place, see York Street.
Abbot Street, Peveril Street.
Abercorn Basin, Queen's Quay.
Abercorn Buildings, see Victoria Street.
Abercorn Cottages, Ballymacarrett, see Castlereagh St.
Abercorn Street, Claremont Street.
Abercorn Street North, Leeson Street.
Abercorn Terrace, see Brookvale Avenue.
Aberdeen Street, Shankill Road.
Abingdon Terrace, Lisburn Road.
Abyssinia Street, Leeson Street.
Academical Institution, see College Square East.
Academy Court, Academy Street.
Addition Place, Coates Street.
Academy Street, Donegall Street.
Adela Place, Duncairn Street.
Adela Street, Duncairn Street.
Adela Terrace, see Duncairn Street.
Adelaide Lodge, see Malone Road.
Adelaide Place, Donegall Square South.
Adelaide Row, see Malone Road.
Adelaide Street, Franklin Street.
Agincourt Terrace, see Rugby Road.
Agnes Street, Crumlin Road.
Albany Street, Agnew Street.
Albert Bridge Road, Mount Pottinger.
Albert Buildings, see Albert Bridge.
Albert Crescent, Durham Street.
Albert Place, Albert Street.
Albert Street, Falls Road.
Albert Place, see Donegall Pass.
Albert Square, Waring Street.
Albert Street Place, Albert Street.
Albert Terrace, see Divis Street.
Albert terrace, see Malone Road.
Albertview, see University Street.
Albertville, see Crumlin Road.
Albion Buildings, see York Street.
Albion, Place, see Dublin Road.
Albion Street, Great Victoria Street.
Alexander Street, Frederick Street.
Alexander Street West, Milford Street.
Alexander Villa, Lisburn Road.
Alexandra Terrace, Ashley Avenue. (Alexander?)
Alexandra Terrace, see Albert Bridge Road.
Alexandraville, see Crumlin Road.
Alfred Street, May Street.
Alfred Terrace, see Mount Pottinger Road.
Allworthy Avenue, Duncairn Street.
Allworthy Street, Duncairn Street.
Alma Cottage, Rugby Road.
Alloa Street, Cliftonpark Avenue.
Alma Street, Falls Road.
Alma Terrace, see Crumlin Road.
Altmore, see Antrim Road.
Altona, see Windsor Avenue.
Alton Street, Old Lodge Road.
Ambrose Street, Little York Street.
Amelia Street, Great Victoria Street.
Analea Terrace, Cliftonpark Avenue.
Analea Street, Cliftonpark Avenue.
Anderson Court, Millfield.
Anderson Street, Short Strand.
Andrew Street, Nelson Street.
Andrew Street New, Nelson Street.
Anglesea Street, Beresford Street.
Annadale, see Ballynafeigh Road New.
Annadale Street, Duncairn Street.
Annavale, see Windsor Avenue.
Annesley Street, Duncairn Street.
Annette Street, Verner Street.
Annie Court, College Street West.
Anna's Cottage, see Ballynafeigh New Road.
Ann's Place, see Lodge Road Old.
Ann Street, Arthur Square.
Ann Street North, Nelson Street.
Antigua Street, Oldpark Road.
Antrim Cottage, see Thorndale Avenue.
Antrim House, see Cliftonville.
Antrim Place, see Duncairn Street.
Antrim Road, Limestone Road.
Antrim Street, Wall Street.
Antrim Terrace, see Duncairn Street.
Antrimville, see Duncairn Street.
Applevale House, see Ballynafeigh Road Old.
Apsley Place, see Donegall Pass.
Apsley Street, Bismarck Street.
Apsley Terrace, see Donegall Pass.
Ardeen Villa, see Antrim Road.
Ardilea Street, Oldpark Road.
Ardmore, see Windsor Park.
Ardmoulin Cottages, Percy Street.
Ardmoulin Place, see Divis Street.
Ardmoulin Street, Divis Street.
Ardriven, see Antrim Road.
Ardsallagh, see Fortwilliam Park.
Ardville, see Antrim Road.
Argyle Place, see Shankill Road.
Argyle Street, Shankill Road.
Ariel Street, Agnes Street.
Arkwright Street, Tamsworth Place.
Arnon Street, Old Lodge Road.
Arthur Lane, Arthur Street.
Arthur Place, Arthur Street.
Arthur Square, Arthur Street.
Arthur Street Lower, Arthur Square.
Arthur Street Upper, Chichester Street.
Arthur Terrace, see Duncairn Street.
Artillery Street, North Queen Street.
Arundel Street, Grosvenor Street.
Ashfield, see Antrim Road.
Ashfield Cottages, see Ballynafeigh Old Road.
Ashfield House, see Ballynafeigh Old Road.
Ashley Avenue, Lisburn Road.
Ashley House, see Albert Bridge Road.
Ashley Place, Mount Pottinger, see Albert Bridge Rd.
Ashmore Street, Conway Street.
Athol Street, College Street South.
Atlantic Avenue, Antrim Road.
Atlantic House, Limestone Road.
Atlas Chambers, see Skipper Street.
Auburn House, see Vernon Street.
Auburn Street, Elm Street.
Auburn Terrace, see Vernon Street.
Auburn Villas, see Ballynafeigh Road New.
Aughton Terrace, see Donegall Pass.
Avoca Street, Cliftonpark Avenue.
Avoca Terrace, see University Street.
Avondale Terrace, see Castlereagh Street.
Avoneil House, Ballymacarrett, see Albert Bridge Rd.
Avoneil Street, Beersbridge Road.
Avonmore Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Avonmore House, Fortwilliam Park.
Baggot Street, McClure Street.
Bain's Place, Amelia Street.
Baker Street, Cullingtree Road.
Balaklava Street, Falls Road.
Ball's Buildings, see Lawrence Street.
Balmer's Court, Verner Street.
Balmoral, see Lisburn Road.
Balmoral Cottage, see Lisburn.
Balmoral House, see Lisburn Road.
Balmoral Nursery, see Lisburn Road.
Balmoral Terrace, see Great Victoria Street.
Balmoral Villages, see Lisburn Road.
Baltic Avenue, Duncairn Street.
Baltic Street, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Baltic Street East, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Ballymacarrett House, see Newtownards Road.
Ballymurphy, see Falls Road.
Ballynafeigh Road New, Ormeau Bridge.
Ballynafeigh Road Old, Lagan Village.
Bank Buildings, see Castle Place.
Bank Street, Hercules Place.
Banna Cottage, see Lisburn Road.
Bann Street, Crumlin Road.
Barnes' Court, Curtis Street.
Barrack Lane, Alexander Street.
Barrack Street, Durham Street.
Barrack Street Court, Barrack Street.
Barrow Street, Shannon Street.
Bath Place, Divis Street.
Bathurst Court, Durham Street.
Beaconsfield Terrace, see University Street.
Beattie's Entry, Hamill Street.
Bedeque House, see Crumlin Road.
Bedeque Street, Crumlin Road.
Bedford Street, Howard Street.
Bedford Terrace, see Sandy Row.
Beechfield, Mount Pottinger.
Beechfield Street, Mount Pottinger Road.
Beechmount, see Falls Road.
Beechpark Street, Avoca Street.
Beechpark, see Oldpark Road.
Beech Street, Vernon Street.
Beehive, see Falls Road.
Beersbridge Cottage, see Beersbridge Road.
Beersbridge Place, see Beersbridge Road.
Beersbridge Road, Mount Pottinger.
Beggs Street, Linfield Road.
Belfast Castle, see Antrim Road.
Belfast Municipal Buildings, see Victoria Street.
Belgrade Street, Servia Street.
Belgrave Street, Mansfield Street.
Beliavale, Castlereagh Street.
Belgrave Terrace, Eglantine Avenue.
Belgravia, Lisburn Road.
Bella Vista, see Antrim Road.
Belleville House, see Newtownards Road. (?)
Belleville House, see Stranmillis Road. (?)
Bellevue, see Summer Street.
Bellevue Street, Shankhill Road.
Bell's Lane, Smithfield.
Belmont Street, Woodstock Road.
Belmore Street, McClure Street.
Belvidere Place, see Great Victoria Street.
Belvoir Court, Newtownards Road.
Belvoir Park, Newtownbreda.
Belvoir Place, see Ballynafeigh Road New.
Belvoir Street, Newtownards Road.
Belvoir Terrace, Ballymacarrett, see Newtownards Rd.
Belvoir Terrace, see University Street.
Ben Eden, see Antrim Road.
Bennett's Place, Lagan Village.
Bentham Street, Blackstaff Road.
Bentinck Street, York Street.
Benview, see Malone Road.
Benwell Street, Oldpark Road.
Benwell Terrace, see Oldpark Road.
Beresford Street, Shankhill Road.
Berlin Street, Shankhill Road.
Berryhill court, Little Donegall Street.
Berry Street, Hercules Street.
Bertha House, see Malone Road.
Bertie Place, Divis Street.
Beverley Street, Percy Street.
Bilton Court, Wilson Street.
Birch Street, Little Donegall Street.
Bismarck Street, (formerly Basin Lane), Ormeau Rd.
Black's Cottages, see Ballynafeigh Old Road.
Black's Place, Torren's Row.
Blackstaff Road, Sandy Row.
Blackwater Street, Grosvenor Street.
Blaney Street, Agnes Street.
Blenheim Street, Malvern Street.
Blenheim Terrace, see Cromwell Road.
Blondhill Terrace, see Bloomfield.
Blondin street, Napier Street.
Bloomfield, Beersbridge Road.
Bloomfield Brick Works, see Bloomfield.
Bloomfield House, see Bloomfield.
Blythe Street, Sandy Row.
Bolton Street, Verner Street.
Bond Street, New, Eliza Street.
Boomer Street, Bath Place.
Bosnia Street, Servia Street.
Botanic Avenue, Donegall Pass.
Botanic Gardens, Royal, University Road.
Botanic Hill Cottages, see Malone Road.
Botanic Road, see Great Victoria Street.
Botanic Terrace, see Dublin Road.
Botanic View, see University Road.
Boundary Court, Boundary Street.
Boundary Street, Divis Street.
Boundary Street, North, Peter's Hill.
Bower's Hill, see Shankhill Road.
Bow Street, Cullintree Road.
Boyd's Buildings, see Bloomfield.
Boyd's Court, Hercules Place.
Boyd's Place, Boyd Street.
Boyd's Row, Ballyhackamore.
Boyd Street, Peter's Hill.
Boyle Street, Lawther Street.
Boyne Square, Sandy Row.
Bradbury Court, Wesley Place.
Bradbury Place, see Dublin Road.
Bradford Square, Tomb Street.
Bradford Street, Old Lodge Road.
Brady's Lane, Peter's Hill.
Brady's Row, Grattan Street.
Braemar House, see Braemar Terrace.
Braemar Street, Broadway.
Braemar Terrace, Broadway. (?)
Braemar Terrace, see Lisburn Road (?)
Breadalbane Place, see Great Victoria Street.
Bread Street, Derby Street.
Brennan Street, Agnes Street.
Bridge End, Ballymacarrett, Queen's Bridge.
Bridge Street, Waring Street.
Bristol Street, Old Lodge Road.
Britton Street, Byron Street.
Broadbent Street, Lodge Road Old.
Broadway, Falls Road.
Broadway Place, Falls Road.
Brook Crescent, see University Street.
Brookfield Cottages, see Tennent Street.
Brookfield House, see Tennent Street.
Brookfield Place, Tennent Street.
Brookfield Street, Crumlin Road.
Brookhill House, Cliftonville.
Brookhill Avenue, Cliftonville.
Brookhill Terrace, see Cliftonville.
Brookland Terrace, off Lisburn Road.
Brooklands, see Lisburn Road.
Brook Street, Cullingtree Road.
Brookhill Avenue, Cliftonville.
Brookvale Avenue, Duncairn Street.
Brookvale House, see Cliftonville Avenue.
Brookvale Lodge, see Lisburn Road.
Brookvale Terrace, Duncairn Street.
Brookville, see Duncairn Street.
Brougham Street Court, Brougham Street.
Brougham Street, York Street.
Brownlow Street, Blenheim Street.
Brown's Entry, Divis Street.
Brown Square, Brown Street.
Brown's Row, Academy Street.
Brown Street, Millfield.
Bruce Street, Dublin Road.
Brunel Street, Agnes Street.
Brunswick Street, Howard Street.
Brunswick Street Little, Bruce Street.
Bruslee Street, Lodge Road New.
Burke Street, Annadale Street.
Burns Court, Mill Street.
Butler Street, Crumlin Road.
Byrne's Lane, East Street.
Byron Place, Byron Street.
Byron Street, Oldpark Road.
Byron Row, Byron Street.
Cable Street, Falls Road.
Cabul Street, Summer Street.
Cairns Street, Leeson Street.
Caledonia House, Caledonia Street.
Caledonia Street, Rugby Road.
Caledonia Terrace, see Caledonia Street.
Calendar Street, Castle Lane.
California Street, Lodge Road Old.
California Street Lower, Peter's Hill.
Calvin Street, Mount Pottinger.
Camberwell Street, Antrim Road.
Camberwell Terrace, see Camberwell Street.
Cambrai Place, see Crumlin Road. (Cambria)
Cambria Street, Crumlin Road.
Cambridge Street, Meadow Street.
Cambridge Terrace, see Ormeau Road.
Camden Street, Lisburn Road.
Camden Terrace, see Camden Street.
Camden Villa, see Lisburn Road.
Cameron Street, Botanic Avenue.
Campbell's Place, Staunton Street.
Campbell's Row, Townsend Street.
Campbell Street, Lodge Road Old.
Campbell Street South, Johnston Street.
Canal Quay, Oxford Street.
Canmore street, Shankhill Road.
Canning Court, Shankhill Road.
Canning Place, Canning Street.
Canning Street Place, Canning Street.
Canning Street, York Street.
Cargill Court, Cargill Street.
Cargill Street, Townsend Street.
Cargill Street Upper, Boundary Street.
Carlisle Circus, Clifton Street.
Carlisle Place, see Carlisle Street.
Carlisle Street, Lodge Road Old.
Carlisle Terrace, see Crumlin Road.
Carlow Street, Shankhill Road.
Carnarvon Terrace, see Donegall Pass.
Carnmoney Street, Lodge Road New.
Carntall Street, Lodge Road New.
Caroline Court, Caroline Street.
Caroline Street, Patrick Street Little.
Carradaragh, see Windsor Avenue.
Carrickhill Court, Carrickhill.
Carrickhill, North Street.
Carrickhill Place, Carrickhill.
Carson's Place, see Lisburn Road.
Carson's Row, see Lisburn Road.
Carvill's Terrace, see Ormeau Road.
Casino House, Henry Place.
Castle Arcade, Corn Market.
Castle, Belfast, see Antrim Road.
Castle Buildings, see Castle Place & Donegall Place
Castle Chambers, Rosemary Street.
Castle Lane, Arthur Square.
Castle Market, Castle Lane.
Castle Place, High Street.
Castle Street, off Castle Place.
Castle, The, off Castle Place.
Castle Yard, off Castle Lane.
Castlereagh Avenue, Mount Pottinger.
Castlereagh Place, Mount Pottinger, Castlereagh St.
Castlereagh Road, Ballymacarrett, Loop Bridge.
Castlereagh Street, Mount Pottinger, Albert Bridge Rd.
Castlereagh View, Mount Pottinger, Castlereagh Rd.
Castleton, see Shore Road.
Castleton Park, see Antrim Road.
Castleton Street, Camberwell Street.
Castleton Villa, see Antrim Road.
Castleton Terrace, see Antrim Road.
Catherine Court, Catherine Street.
Catherine Street, Henrietta Street.
Catherine Street North, May Street Little.
Cavehill Road, Antrim Road.
Cavour Street, Lodge Road Old.
Caxton Street, Robert Street.
Ceara, see Windsor Avenue.
Central Buildings, Newtownards Road.
Central Street, Newtownards Road.
Chambers Street, Donegall Pass.
Channing Street, Castlereagh Road.
Chapel Lane, Castle Street.
Chaplin Street, Lisburn Road.
Charlemont Lane, Malcolm Street.
Charlemont Street, Berry Street.
Charles Street South, Hope Street.
Charles Street, Union Street.
Charlotte Court, Charlotte Street.
Charlotte Street, Donegall Pass.
Charlotte Street Little, Charlotte Street.
Chatham Street, Crumlin Road.
Check Street, Carlow Street.
Chelsea Cottage, Lisburn Road.
Cherryhill, see Malone Road.
Cherrymount, see Crumlin Road.
Cherryvale, see Ballynafeigh Old Road.
Cherryvale, see My Lady's Road.
Chester Cottage, Lisburn Road.
Chichester Park, see Antrim Road.
Chichester Street, Donegall Square East.
Chlorine Place, see Malone Road.
Chlorine, see Malone Road.
Christian Place, Irvine Street.
Christopher Street, Peter's Hill.
Church Lane, High Street.
Church Street, back, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Rd.
Church Street, Donegall Street.
Church Street, East, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Rd.
Church View, off Newtownards Road.
Churchville, see Newtownards Road.
Cinnamond Street, Cullingtree Road.
City View Terrace, see Falls Road.
Clanbrassil Terrace, see Castlereagh Street.
Clandeboye Street, Ballymacarrett, Castlereagh St.
Claremont Lane, Ballymacarrett, Woodstock Road.
Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett, see Albert Bridge Rd
Claremont Street, University Road.
Claremont Terrace, Claremont Street.
Clarence Place, Alfred Street.
Clarence Street, Bedford Street.
Clarke's Lane, Patrick Street Great.
Clement Street, Hopeton Street.
Clementine Street, Tea Lane.
Clifton Lodge, see Cliftonville.
Clifton Park Avenue, Crumlin Road.
Clifton Park Avenue, Summer Street.
Clifton Park House, Clifton Park Avenue.
Clifton Street, Donegall Street.
Clifton Terrace, see Duncairn Street.
Clifton View Terrace, see Clifton Park Avenue.
Cliftonville. Duncairn Street.
Cliftonville Avenue, Cliftonville.
Clinkhill, see Malone Road.
Clonallon Street, Newtownards Road.
Clonard Buildings, see Falls Road.
Clonard Street Lower, Falls Road.
Clonard Street Upper, Falls Road.
Clonard Terrace, Falls Road.
Clonsilla, see Antrim Road.
Cluan House, Cluan Place.
Cluan Place, Mount Pottinger.
Club Row Lane, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road.
Club, Row Lower, Ballymacarrett.
Club Row Upper, Ballymacarrett.
Clyde Street, Ballymacarrett, Short Strand.
Clyde Terrace, Ballymacarrett, see Short Strand.
Coal Exchange, Ballymacarrett, see Queen's Quay.
Coalfield House, see Ballynafeigh Road Old.
Coar's Lane, Patrick Street Great.
Coates Place, off Coates Street.
Coates Street, Townsend Street.
Coates Row, Lagan Village Road.
Coburn Court, Cargill Street.
Cole's Alley, Ann Street.
Colin Street, Falls Road.
Colinview, Lisburn Road.
Colinview Terrace, see Colinview.
College Court, College Street.
College Gardens Avenue.
College Green, see Fitzroy Avenue.
College Park East, University Avenue.
College Place North, College Square North.
College Park, University Avenue.
College Square East, King Street.
College Square North, King Street.
College Street, Fountain Street.
College Street South, Howard Street.
College Street West, Durham Street.
Colligan Street, Waterford Street.
Collyer Street, Lawther Street.
Columbus Street, Union Street.
Comber Place, Crumlin Road.
Combermere Street, Albion Street.
Commercial Buildings, see Waring Street.
Commercial Chambers, see Telfair Street.
Commercial Chambers, see Waring Street.
Commercial Court, Donegall Street.
Concord Street, Unity Street.
Coningsby House, Newtownards Road.
Conlig Street, Lodge Road Old.
Conlon Street, Lodge Road Old.
Connaught Terrace, Lawrence Street.
Connolly's Court, M'Tier Street (McTier/McTear).
Connswater Street, Newtownards Road.
Constabulary Lane, Queen Street North.
Constance Street, Templemore Park, Mount Pottinger.
Conway Street, Falls Road.
Cooke Street, Ormeau Road.
Cooke Terrace, see Ormeau Road.
Coolaven, see Malone Road.
Coolgreany House, see Fortwilliam Park.
Coomassie Terrace, see Stranmillis Road.
Cooper's Row, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road.
Copeland Place, see Bismarck Street.
Copeland Street, Bismarck Street.
Corduke's Place, see York Street.
Corn Market, Castle Place.
Corn Market Place, off Corn Market.
Cornwall Street, Byron Street.
Coronation Court, York Street Little.
Corporation Square, Corporation Street.
Corporation Street Little, Corporation Street.
Corporation Street, Victoria Street.
Corunna House, see Ballynafeigh Road Old.
Cosgrave Street, North Queen Street.
Courthouse Terrace, Old Lodge Road.
Courtrai Street, see Canbria Street. (Courtrall, Courtria)
Court Street, Crumlin Road.
Cowan's Court, Hutchinson Street.
Coyle's Place, Ormeau Road.
Coyle Street, Ormeau Road.
Craigmore Street, Bismarck Street.
Craig Street, Falls Road.
Craig's Terrace, Northumberland Street.
Cranbrook Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Cranburn Street, Duncairn Street.
Crane Court, Cullingtree Road.
Cranston Place, see Duncairn Street.
Craven Street, Shankhill Road.
Crawford Street, Welsh Street.
Crecy Terrace, Rugby Road.
Crescent House, see Crescent Upper.
Crescent Lower, University Road.
Crescent Terrace, see University Road.
Crescent Upper, University Road.
Cricket Grounds, Ormeau Road.
Cricketview Cottage, see Ormeau Road.
Crimea Street, Shankhill Road.
Cromac Buildings, see Victoria Square.
Cromac Cottages, Ormeau Street.
Cromac Park House, see Ormeau Road.
Cromac Park Terrace, see Ormeau Road.
Cromac Street, May Street.
Cromwell Road, Botanic Avenue.
Cromwell Street, Byron Street.
Cromwell Terrace, see Cromwell Road.
Cromwell House, see Cromwell Road.
Crone Court, Pilot Street.
Crossley Street, Templemore Park.
Cross Street, off Memel Street.
Cross Street South, Hamill Street.
Cross Street, Sussex Street.
Crown Entry, High Street.
Crown Terrace, Ormeau Road.
Crozier's Row, Duffy's Place.
Crumlin Place, see Crumlin Road.
Crumlin Road, Carlisle Circus.
Crumlin Street, Flax Street.
Crumlin Terrace, see Crumlin Road.
Culbert's Court, York Street Little.
Culfeightrin House, see Botanic Avenue.
Cullingtree Place, Stanley Street.
Cullingtree Road, Pound Street.
Cullingtree Street, Durham Street.
Cultra Street, off Roman Street.
Cumberland Street, Percy Street.
Cumberland Place, see Donegall Pass.
Cupar Street, Falls Road.
Currel's Place, Townsend Street.
Currier's Court, Mill Street.
Currie Street, Irvine Street.
Curry's Court, off Mill Street.
Curtis Street, York Street.
Cussick Street, Lisburn Road.
Custom House Square, Queen Square.
Cyprus Street, off Leeson Street.
Cyprus Terrace, My Lady's Road.
Cyprus Villas, Clifton Park Avenue.
Cyrene Villas, Clifton Park Avenue.
Dagmar Street, Lodge Road Old.
Dale Street, Sussex Street.
Dalriada Terrace, see Donegall Pass.
Daly's Place, North Street.
Dalton street, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Dane Street, Hemworth Street.
Dan's Row, Lagan Village.
Danube Street, Silvia Street.
Davidson's Court, Durham Street.
David Street, Conway Street.
Dawson Street, see Duncairn Street.
Dayton Court, Dayton Street.
Dayton Street, Townsend Street.
Deerpark, see Antrim Road.
Deesa Place, see Ballynafeigh Road New.
Denmark Street, Lodge Road Old.
Derby Cottages, Ballymacarrett, see Albert Bridge Rd.
Derby Court, Divis Street.
Derby Place, see Divis Street.
Derby Street, Divis Street.
Derg Street, off Avoca Street.
Derryvolgie Avenue, Lisburn Road.
Derryvolgie House, see Malone Road.
Derry Street, Crimea Street.
Devonshire Street, Albert Crescent.
Diamond Street, Shankhill Road.
Dickson Street, Grosvenor Street.
Disraeli Street. Crumlin Road.
Distillery Street Little, Distillery Street.
Divis Street, Mill Street.
Divis View Buildings, see Falls Road.
Divis View, see Lisburn Road. (Lisburn)
Dock Lane, North Thomas Street.
Dock Street New, Little Ship Street.
Dick Street, York Street.
Dominick Street, Annette Street.
Donaldson's Court, Divis Street.
Donegall Lane, Donegall Street.
Donegall Pass, Dublin Road.
Donegall Place Buildings, see Donegall Place.
Donegall Place, Castle Place.
Donegall Quay, Queen's Bridge.
Donegall Square East, Chichester Street.
Donegall Square Mews, Adelaide Place.
Donegall Square North, Chichester Street.
Donegall Square South, Adelaide Place.
Donegall Square West, Wellington Place.
Donegall Street Little, John Street.
Donegall Street Place, Donegall Street.
Donegall Street, Waring Street.
Donegall Street Court, Donegall Street.
Donegall Terrace, see Duncairn Street.
Donegore Street, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Donore Place, Lodge Road New.
Donore Street, Lodge Road New.
Dover Street, Shankhill Road.
Downing Street, Shankhill Road.
Downshire Place, Ballymacarrett, see Albert Bridge Rd.
Downshire Place, Victoria Street Great. (?)
Drain's Court, Durham Street.
Drake's Lane, Union Place.
Drummond's Court, Carrick Hill.
Dublin Road, Bedford Street.
Dufferin Dock, Garmoyle Street.
McAuley's Court, McAuley Street.
McBratney's Court, George's Street.
McCandless Street, Crumlin Road.
Dufferin Street, Ballymacarrett, Templemore Park.
Duffy's Court, Samuel Street.
Duffy's Place, Dover Street.
Duncairn Avenue, Duncairn Street.
Duncairn House, see North Queen Street.
Duncairn, see Lodge Road New.
Duncairn Street, Carlisle Circus.
Duncairn Terrace, see Duncairn Street.
Duncrue Street, off Whitla Street.
Dundee Street, Shankhill Road.
Dunedin House, see Antrim Road.
Dunedin, see Antrim Road.
Dunedin Terrace, see Antrim Road.
Dunesk House, Stranmillis Road.
Dunlambert, Fortwilliam Park.
Dunlop's Place, off Cromac Street.
Dunlop Terrace, see Limestone Road.
Dunluce Street, Lisburn Road.
Dunluce Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Dunmore House, see Bloomfield.
Dunmore, see Antrim Road.
Dunowen, see Cliftonville.
Dunn Street, Tilley Street.
Dunraven, see Malone Road.
Dunraven Court, Shankhill Road.
Dunraven Street, Craven Street.
Dunville Street, off Falls Road.
Durham Court, Durham Street.
Durham Place, Durham Street.
Durham Street, Divis Street.
Dysart Street, Alexander Street West.
Eagleson Place, see Duncairn Street.
Earl Court, Earl Lane.
Earl Lane, Earl Street.
Earl Place, Earl Street.
Earl Street, York Street.
Earl Street Upper, North Queen Street.
Eastland Street, Cupar Street.
Easton Lodge, see Cliftonville.
East Street, Verner Street.
Eaton Terrace, see Rugby Street.
Eaton Street, Hemsworth Street.
Eblana Street, University Street.
Economy Place, George's Street Little.
Edenbank, see Windsor Avenue.
Edenderry House, see Shankhill Road.
Edenderry Street, Tennent Street.
Edenmore, see Cavehill Road.
Edenmore Terrace, see Cavehill Road.
Eden Terrace, see Shankhill Road.
Edith Street, Ballymacarrett, Templemore Park.
Edward Street Great, Chichester Street.
Edward Street Little, Academy Street.
Edward Street, Robert Street.
Eglantine Avenue, Lisburn Road.
Eglinton Cottage, see Ventry Street.
Eglinton Place, see Crumlin Road.
Eglinton Street, Crumlin Road.
Eglinton Terrace, see Crumlin Road.
Eglinton View, see Malone Road.
Eglintoun, see Antrim Road. (Eglinton)
Eia, see Duncairn Street.
Eldon Court, M'Teir Street. (McTeir)
Eldon Street, Riversdale Street.
Elgin Terrace, see Limestone Road.
Elizabeth Street, Albert Crescent.
Eliza Court, Eliza Street.
Eliza Place, Eliza Street.
Eliza Street, Cromac Street.
Ellenborough Terr., Ballymacarrett, see Castlereagh St.
Ellen's Court, Nile Street.
Ellerslie, see Windsor Park.
Elliott's Row, Springfield Road.
Elmgrove House, Ballymacarrett, see Beersbridge Rd.
Elm Street, Pine Street.
Elmwood Avenue, Lisburn Road.
Elmwood Manse, see University Road.
Elmwood, see Elmwood Avenue.
Elmwood Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Emily Place, George Street Great.
Emma Court, College Street West.
Enfield House, see Crumlin Road.
English Street, Cullingtree Road.
Eno House, see Falls Road.
Erin Street, Charlotte Street.
Erin Terrace, see Eblana Street.
Essex Street, Ormeau Road.
Ettrick Street, Peveril Street.
Eureka Street, Blackstaff Road.
Everley Villas, see Ballynafeigh Road.
Everton Street, Crumlin Road.
Everton Terrace, see Crumlin Road.
Ewart's Row, Crumlin Road.
Exchange Buildings, see Waring Street.
Exchange Place, Donegall Street.
Fairfax Street, Briton Street.
Fairview Street, Crumlin Road.
Falloon's Court, Fleet Street.
Falls Court, Durham Street.
Falls Road, Divis Street.
Fanny's Cottages, see Ballynafeigh Road Old.
Farm, The, Kinnaird Street.
Farringdon, see Antrim Road.
Faulkner Street, Glenalpin Street.
Felt Street, Utility Street.
Ferguson's Court, Smithfield.
Fern Cottage, see Malone Road Upper.
Fernleigh, see Malone Road.
Fifth Street, Howard Street North.
Finvoy Terrace, Fitzroy Avenue.
Firmount, see Fortwilliam Park.
First Street, Howard Street North.
Fisherwick Place, College Street South.
Fitzroy Avenue, Botanic Avenue.
Fitzroy Crescent, see University Street.
Fitzroy Terrace, see University Street.
Fitzwilliam Place, see University Road.
Fitzwilliam Street, University Road.
Flannagan's Court, Melbourne Street.
Flax Street, Crumlin Road.
Fleet Street, York Street.
Fleetwood Street, Crumlin Road.
Fleming Street, Boundary Street North.
Florence Place, Crumlin Road.
Forcade's Court, Berry Street.
Foreman Street, Lodge Road Old.
Forsythe Street, Dover Street.
Fortingale Street, Lodge Road Old.
Fortwilliam Park, Shore Road.
Fortview, see Antrim Road.
Fortview Terrace, see Duncairn Street.
Fortwilliam Terrace, see Antrim Road.
Foundry Row, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road.
Fountain Lane, Donegall Place.
Fountain Street, Castle Street.
Fountain Street North, Lodge Road New.
Fountainville Avenue, University Road.
Fountainville Cottage, see University Road.
Fountainville House, see Chaplain Street.
Fountainville Park Cottage, see University Road.
Fountainville, see University Road.
Fourth Street, Howard Street North.
Fox;s Row, Cullingtree Street.
Foyle Street, Crumlin Road.
Francis Street Place, Francis Street.
Francis Street, Smithfield.
Franklin Place, see Franklin Street.
Franklin Street, Alfred Street.
Frank Place, Frank Street Upper.
Frank Street, Mount Pottinger, Castlereagh Street.
Frank Street Upper, Castlereagh Street.
Frazer Street, Newtownards Road.
Frederick Court, Frederick Street.
Frederick Lane, Frederick Street.
Frederick Place, Frederick Street.
Frederick Street, York Street.
Frederick Terrace, see Posnett Street.
Friendly Street, Welsh Street.
Furlong Terrace, see Albertbridge Road.
Gable Street, Greenland Street.
Gaffikin's Row, see Malone Road.
Gaffikin Street, Sandy Row.
Galbraith's Court, see Lagan Village.
Galway Court, Galway Street.
Galway Street, Durham Street.
Gamble Street, Corporation Street.
Gardenhill, see North Queen Street.
Garden Place, Meadow Street.
Garden Street, Cambridge Street.
Gardiner's Court, New Lodge Road.
Gardiner's Row, Conlig Street.
Gardiner Street, Brown Street.
Garmoyle Street, Corporation Street.
Garston Street, York Street Little.
Gas Court, Howard Street South.
Gaskin's Place, M'Tier Street. (McTier/McTear)
Gavin's Court, Shankhill Road.
Gay Street, Mayne Street.
General Assembly's Buildings, see May Street.
Genoa Street, Distillery Street.
Geoffrey Street, Crumlin Road.
George's Court, Frederick Street.
George's Court East, Lagan Village.
George's Place, George's Street Great.
George's Street, Lagan Village.
George's Street Great, Corporation Street.
George's Street Little, York Street.
Getty Street, Leeson Street.
Gertrude Street, Newtownards Road.
Ghent Street, Cambrai Street. (Cambria)
Gibson Street, Grosvenor Street.
Gilbert Street, Byron Street.
Gilford Street, Divis Street.
Glasshouse Place, see Mount Pottinger Road.
Glasshouse Street, Boyd Street.
Glasshouse Terrace, Short Strand.
Glenalpin Street, Victoria Street Great.
Gleariff Street, William's Place.
Glenallon Street, Mount Pottinger, Albert Bridge Road.
Glenburn Alley, Sandy Row.
Glencoe House, see Antrim Road.
Glenfield Place, see Ormeau Road.
Glengall Place, College Street South.
Glengall Street, Victoria Street Great.
Glenpark Street, Oldpark Road.
Glenravel Street, Clifton Street.
Glentilt Place, Lodge Road Old.
Glentilt Street, Lodge Road Old.
Glen's Row, Albert Bridge Road.
Glentoran, Old Ballynafeigh Road.
Glenwood House, see Shankhill Road.
Glenview House, see Camberwell Street.
Gloucester Villa, Duncairn Street.
Gloucester Street, Edward Street Great.
Gordon Street, Hill Street.
Goudy's Court, William Street South.
Gosford Street, McClure Street.
Gosford Terrace, Gosford Street.
Gosford Place, Gosford Street.
Grafton Street, Beresford Street.
Grace Street, Hamilton Street.
Graham's Entry, Rosemary Street.
Granville House, Sandhurst Road.
Granville Street, Grosvenor Street.
Granville terrace, see Magdala Street.
Grasmere Terrace, see Hopefield Avenue.
Grattan Court, Grattan Street.
Gratan Place, Grattan Street.
Grattan Street, Gordon Street.
Greenhill Cottage, see Mount Pottinger Road.
Greenhill Terrace, see Mount Pottinger Road.
Greenland Street, Cargill Street.
Greenmount Road, see North Queen Street.
Green Street, Academy Street.
Green Street Court, Green Street.
Greenvale House, Beersbridge Road.
Gregg's Lane, Samuel Street.
Gregg's Row, West Street.
Grosvenor Place, Grosvenor Street.
Grosvenor Street, Durham Street.
Grosvenor Street Little, Grosvenor Street.
Grosvenor Terrace, Grosvenor Street.
Grove, The, see Shore Road.
Grove Cottages, see Shore Road.
Grovefield House, see Woodstock Road.
Grovefield Terrace, see Woodstock Road.
Grove Street East, Beersbridge Road.
Grove Street West, see Beersbridge Road.
Grove Street, Cross Street.
Haldane Court, Haldane Street.
Haldane Street, Hampden Street.
Halliday's Road, Duncairn Street.
Hamill Court, Hamill Street.
Hamill Place, Hamill Street.
Hamill Square, Lettuce Hill.
Hamill Street, Mill Street.
Hamilton Court, High Street.
Hamilton's Place, Moore Street.
Hamilton Place West, Boundary Street.
Hamilton Street, Cromac Street.
Hampden Street, Agnes Street.
Hampden Terrace, see Rugby Road.
Hampden Villas, see Rugby Road.
Hampstead, see Cavehill Road.
Hampton, see Derryvolgie Avenue.
Hampton Cottage, see Ormeau Road.
Hampton Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Hamptonville, see Ormeau Road.
Hanna's Court, Shankhill Road.
Hanna's Lane, Peter's Hill.
Hanna Place, Melbourne Street.
Hanna Street, York Street.
Hanover Street, Lodge Road Old.
Hardinge Court, Hardinge Street.
Hardinge Street, North Queen Street.
Harland Street, Newtownards Road.
Harmony Place, see Dublin Road.
Harmony Street, Dublin Road.
Harrow Street, Crecy Terrace.
Harper's Court, Curtis Street.
Hartley Street, Lodge Road Old.
Hartrick Place. Annette Street.
Hartwell Street, Annadale Street.
Hastings Street, Divis Street.
Havelock Cottage, see Havelock Place.
Havelock Place, Ormeau Street.
Havelock Street, Ormeau Road.
Havelock View, Vernon Street.
Hawthorn Cottage, see Lisburn Road.
Haypark Terrace, see Ballynafeigh Road.
Haypark Avenue, see Ballynafeigh Road.
Hazelfield Cottage, Haldane Street.
Helmsdale Street, Clifton Park Avenue.
Hemsworth Street, M'Tear Street. (McTear/McTier)
Henrietta Street, Cromac Street.
Henry's Lane, Henry Street Little.
Henry Place, Clifton Street.
Henry Square, Green Street.
Henry Street, Corporation Street.
Henry Street Little, Henry Street.
Henryville House, see Lagan Village Road.
Herbert Street, Crumlin Road.
Hercules Place, Castle Place.
Hercules Street, Hercules Place.
Herd's Court, Coates Street.
Heron's Row,. Beresford Street.
Hertford Place, see Dublin Road.
Hertford Street, Grosvenor Street.
Hibernia Place, see Lisburn Road.
Hibernia Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
High Street, Castle Place.
Hill Street North, Henry Street.
Hill Street, Waring Street.
Hilland Street, Blackstaff Road.
Hillview, see Duncairn Street.
Hillview Street, Oldpark Road.
Hodgson's Entry, High Street.
Hollybank, see Wellington Park.
Hollymount, see Duncairn Street.
Holmes' Court, Verner Street.
Holmes Street, Bruce Street.
Holyrood, see Malone Road.
Hope Cottage, see Newtownards Road.
Hope Court, Hope Street.
Hopefield, see Antrim Road.
Hopefield Avenue, Antrim Road.
Hopefield Terrace, see Antrim Road.
Hope House, College Park East.
Hope's Place, Melbourne Street.
Hope Street, Victoria Street Great.
Hopeton Street, Shankhill Road.
Hopewell Street, Shankhill Road.
Hopp's Court, Millfield.
Hornby Street, Newtownards Road.
Hornidge Street, Short Strand.
Howard Street, Donegall Square South.
Howard Street North, Falls Road.
Howard Street South, Ormeau Road.
Howie Terrace, Cooke Street.
Huddleston's Place, Newtownards Road.
Hudson's Place, Hudson Street.
Hudson's Street, Shankhill Road.
Hughes Buildings, see Divis Street.
Humphrey's Court, Brown Square.
Hume's Court, Ludlow Street.
Huntley Villas, see Derryvolgie Avenue.
Hurst Street, Sandy Row.
Huss Street, Agnes Street.
Hutchinson's Street, Stanley Street.
Hutton's Court, Annette Street.
Imperial Buildings. see Victoria Street.
Improvement Court, Magee's Lane.
Independent Street, Short Strand.
India Street, Botanic Avenue.
Inkerman Street.
Inkerman Terrace, see Dublin Road.
Innis Place, Blackstaff Road.
Institution Court, Lettuce Hill.
Institution Place, Killen Street.
Inverness Place, Coates Street.
Ireland Court, Raphael Street.
Ireland Row, Newtownards Road.
Irwin Street, Cullingtree Road.
Isabella Street, Henry Street.
Israel Street, Peter's Hill.
Ivanhoe Street, Peveril Street.
Ivy Row, Beersbridge Road.
Jackson Street North, Boundary Street.
James' Court, Carrick Hill.
James' Pass, Howard Street South.
James' Place, Nelson Street.
James' Square, Little Henry Street.
James' Street South, Linenhall Street.
James' Street, Snugville Street.
Jasmine Place, see Limestone Road.
Jennymount Street, Shore Road.
Jennymount Terrace, Shore Road.
John Street, Donegall Street.
Johnston's Buildings, Shankhill Road.
Johnston's Court, Millfield.
Johnston's Street, Wilson Street.
Jordanstown, Village Directory.
Joseph Street, Clement Street.
Josephine Street, Newtownards Road.
Joy's Entry, High Street.
Joy Street, May Street.
Jude Street, Irvine Street.
Kathleen Terrace, Colinview.
Kearney's Buildings, Bridge End.
Kearney's Court, Bridge End.
Kearney's Terrace, Newtownards Road.
Keegan Street, Stewart Street.
Keenan's Court, Newtownards Road.
Kells Street, Meadow Street.
Kelso Street, Conlig Street.
Kenbella Avenue, see Antrim Road.
Kenbella House, see Antrim Road.
Kendal Street, Percy Street.
Kenilworth Street, Newtownards Road.
Kenmare Street, Linfield Road.
Kennedy's Buildings, Shankhill Road.
Kennedy's Entry, Barrack Street.
Kennedy's Row, Smithfield.
Kensington, see Windsor Avenue.
Kensington Street, Albion Street.
Kent Street, John Street.
Kent Street Square, Kent Street.
Keyland's Place, Amelia Street.
Kildare Street, Park Street.
Killarney Street, Hemsworth Street.
Killen Place, Killen Street.
Killen Street, College Square North.
Killymoon Buildings, see Divis Street.
Kincraig, see Antrim Road.
King's Court, Lancaster Street.
King Street, Mill Street.
King Street North, Brown's Square.
King Street Place, King Street.
Kinnaird Street, Duncairn Street.
Kinnaird Terrace, Kinnaird Street.
Knock, see Village Directory.
Knox Street, Leadbetter Street.
Laburnum Cottage, see Ballynafeigh Road.
Laburnum Place, Antrim Road.
Laburnum Terrace, Antrim Road.
Lackagh Street, Newtownards Road.
Lady Street, Cullingtree Road.
Lagan Lane, Lagan Street.
Lagan Street, Cromac Street.
Laganview Street, Bridge End.
Lagan Village Road, Mount Pottinger.
Lake Street, Havelock Street.
Lancaster Street, York Street.
Landscape Terrace, Crumlin Road.
Langford Street, Mansfield Street.
Langford Villa, Duncairn Street.
Landsdowne Terrace, Botanic Avenue.
Laurine, see Antrim Road.
Lauriston House, see Derryvolgie Avenue.
Lavinia Street, Ormeau Road.
Lawrence Buildings, Short Strand.
Lawrence Street, Cromwell Road.
Law's Court, Hercules Street.
Law's Lane, North Street.
Lawther Place, Lawther Street.
Lawther Street, Collyer Street.
Lawyer Street, Linfield Road.
Ledbetter Street, Old Lodge Road.
Lee Street, Shannon Street.
Leeds Street, Hutchinson Street.
Leeson Street, Falls Road.
Lemon Street, Falls Road.
Lennon's Row, see Beersbridge Road.
Lennoxvale, see Malone Road.
Leopold Street, Crumlin Road.
Lepper Street, New Lodge Road.
Letitia Street, Wilson Street.
Lettuce Hill, Divis Street.
Lewis' Court, Brown's Square.
Liddy's Court, Little Donegall Street.
Liffey Street, Shannon Street.
Ligoniel, Village Directory.
Lilliput Place, North Queen Street.
Lilliput Street, Greenmount Road.
Limestone Road, Greenmount Road.
Lime Street, Peter's Hill.
Lincoln Avenue, Duncairn Street.
Lincoln Place, Hope Street.
Lincoln Street, Leeson Street.
Linden Place, see Falls Road.
Linden Street, Falls Road.
Lindsay Street, Ormeau Road.
Linen Hall, Donegall Square North.
Linenhall Street, Donegall Square South.
Linen Street, Northumberland Street.
Linfield Road, Sandy Row.
Linfield Street, Linfield Road.
Linview Street, Grosvenor Street.
Linwood Street, Byron Street.
Lisanore Villa, see Antrim Road.
Lisanore House, see Antrim Road.
Lisbon Street, Albert Bridge Road.
Lisburn Road, Dublin Road.
Liscard Terrace, Ormeau Road.
Livingstone Terrace, University Street.
Locust Lodge, see Ballynafeigh.
Lodge Place New, New Lodge Road.
Lodge Road New, North Queen's Street.
Lodge Road Old, Peter's Hill.
Loftus Street, Agnes Street.
Lombard Street, High Street.
Long Lane, Church Street.
Longford Court, May Street.
Lonsdale Street, Crumlin Road.
Lonsdale Terrace, see Crumlin Road.
Lord Street, Albert Bridge Road.
Lorne Cottage, Rugby Road.
Lorne Terrace, see Albert Bridge Road.
Lorton Street, Westmoreland Street.
Lothair Avenue, Oceanic Avenue.
Louden Street, Dover Street.
Louisa Street, Oldpark Road.
Lover's Bower, Newtownards Road.
Lower Castlereagh Street, Late Morgan's Buildings.
Low-Wood, see Shore Road.
Lowe's Court, Magee's Lane.
Ludlow Street, New Lodge Road.
Luke Street, Northumberland Street.
Luther Terrace, see Cooke Street.
Lyle street, Crumlin Road.
Lynas' Lane, Green Street.
Lyons' Court, M'Tear Street. (McTear/McTeir/McTier)
Lyons Street, Rotterdam Street.
Lys Marie, see Ballynafeigh Road New.
Mackay Street, Lawther Street.
Macnamara's Court, New Lodge Road.
Madrid street, Albert Bridge Road.
Magdala Street, Caledonia Street.
Magee's Lane, Great George's Street.
Malcolm Lane, Clermont Lane.
Malcolm Street, Albert Bridge Road.
Malcolmson Street, Waterford Street.
Malone Cottage, see Lisburn Road.
Malone House, Malone Road Upper.
Malone Park, Malone Road.
Malone Place, Lisburn Road.
Malone Road, University Road.
Malone Road Upper, Strandmillis Road.
Malt Street, Grosvenor Street.
Malvern Place, Hopeton Street.
Malvern Street, Shankhill Road.
Malvern Street Upper, Hemsworth Street.
Manor House, see Duncairn Street.
Mansfield Street, Brownlow Street.
Marguerite Terrace, see Ballynafeigh.
Maria Place, Hudson Street.
Maria Street, Ledbetter Street.
Marine Street, Ship Street Little.
Market Street, May Street.
Marlborough Street, Victoria Street.
Marlborough Terrace, University Street.
Marquis Street, Mill Street.
Marsden Villa, see Antrim Road.
Marshall's Place, Townsend Street.
Marshall Square, Lynas Lane.
Martello Tower, see Antrim Road.
Martha Place, Conlon Street.
Mary's Market, Townsend Street.
Maryvale, see Malone Road Upper.
Mary's Place, Wylie Street.
Mary Street, Albert Street.
Masonic Buildings, Arthur Square.
Massareene Street, Cullingtree Road.
Matilda Street, Blackstaff Road.
Matlock Street, Hemsworth Street.
Maurice Street, see Springfield Road.
Mawhinney's Court, Melbourne Street.
Maxwell Court, Maxwell Street.
Maxwell Place, Maxwell Street.
Maxwell Street, Sandy Row.
Mayfield Cottage, see Albert Bridge Road.
Mayne Street, Linfield Road.
Mayo Street, Shankhill Road.
May's Lane, North Queen Street.
May's Market, Fruit Market.
May Street, Clarence Place.
May Street Little, Cromac Street.
Meadowbank Street, Lisburn Road.
Meadow Lane, Meadow Street.
Meadow Street, York Street.
Meenan Street, Agnes Street.
Meetinghouse Lane, William Street.
Melbourne Court, Melbourne Street.
Melbourne Street, Brown Street.
Melrose Terrace, see Wolseley Street.
Melville's Buildings, Albert Bridge Road.
Memel Street, Bridge End.
Mercer's Court, Divis Street.
Merrion Street, Leeson Street.
Michael Court, Hamill Street.
Michael Street, George's Street Great.
Midland Street, Wilton Street.
Middlepath Street, Bridge End.
Milan Street, Ross Street.
Milewater Street, Shore Street.
Milford Street, Pound Street.
Millar's Lane, Berry Street.
Mill Street, Castle Street.
Millfield, North Street.
Millfield Place, Millfield.
Milliken Street. Falls Road.
Millview Place, Townsend Street.
Milton Street, Ross Street.
Milton Terrace, see Wolseley Street.
Mitchell's Row, Gardiner Street.
Mitchell Street, Millfield.
Moffatt Street, Isabella Street.
Moira Street, Short Strand.
Molyneux Street, Henry Street.
Montgomery Court, Caroline Street.
Montgomery's Row, Templemore Park.
Montgomery Street, Chichester Street.
Montpellier, see Malone Road.
Mooney's Court, New Lodge Road.
Moore's Place, Sandy Row.
Moore Street, Lagan Village.
Morcambe Place, Albert Bridge Road.
Moreland's Row, see Castlereagh Road.
Morgan's Buildings, Thompson Street.
Mornington Street, McClure Street.
Morpeth Street, Westmoreland Street.
Morrison's Court, Boundary Street.
Morrow's Entry, Hill Street.
Mostaphir House, Cavehill Road.
Moscow Street, Shankhill Road.
Mossville, see Antrim Road.
Mountain Bush, Cavehill Road.
Mountcharles, University Road.
Mountcollyer Terrace, Limestone Road.
Mount Eden, see Shankhill Road.
Mountjoy Street, Shankhill Road.
Mount Ovid, see Ballynafeigh Road.
Mountpleasent House, Stranmillis Road.
Mount Pottinger Road, Bridge End.
Mountprospect, Lisburn Road.
Mount Street, Albert Bridge Road.
Mount Street, Mountain Crescent.
Mount Street, Back.
Mount Street Lower, Albert Bridge Road.
Mount, The, Albert Bridge Road.
Mountview Terrace, Crumlin Road.
Mountvernon, see Shore Road.
Mountview,, see Crumlin Road.
Mourne Villa, see Shankhill Road.
Mullan's Place, Trafalgar Street.
Murdoch Street, Cullingtree Road.
Murphy's Court, George's Street Little.
Murphy's Lane, Verner Street.
Murphy's Row, Barrack Street.
Murphy's Street, Verner Street.
Murray's Place, Lagan Village.
Murray's Row, Duncairn Street.
Murray's Row, Lagan Village.
Murray's Terrace, College Square East.
Musgrave Street, Ann Street.
Music Hall Lane, Arthur Street.
Mustard Street, John Street.
My Lady's Road, Woodstock Road.
Myrtle Street, Moore Street.
Myrtle Terrace, Limestone Road.
McAdam Street, Sandy Row.
McAreavy's Court, Verner Street.
McAuley Street, Cromac Street.
McCavanagh's Place, Franklin Street.
McCleery Street, Henry Street.

McClenaghan's Court, Mill Street.
McClure Street, Ormeau Road.
McClure Terrace, see McClure Street.
McConkey's Court, Brown Square.
McConkey's Entry, Brown Square.
McCracken's Place, Newtownards Road.
McCully's Court, Peter's Hill.
McDonnell Street, Albert Street.
McDowell's Court, Durham Street.
McDowell's Place, see Oldpark Road.
McFarland's Court, Wesley Place.
McGowan's Place, see Albert Bridge Road.
McIvor's Place, Wilson Street.
McKellar's Court, Nelson Street.
McKenna's Place, Welsh Street.
McKibben's Court, North Street.
McMillen's Buildings, Albert Bridge Road.
McMillen's Lane, Lagan Village.
McMillan's Place, Durham Street, McNamara's Court.
McQuillan Street, Falls Road.
McRoberts' Court, Mustard Street.
M'Tier Street, Shankhill Road. (McTier/McTeir/McTear)
Nail Street, English Street.
Napier Place, see Sandy Row.
Napier Street, Sandy Row.
Naples Street, Grosvenor Street.
Nassau Street, Beresford Street.
National Provident Chambers, see Victoria Street.
Nelson Court, Nelson Street.
Nelson Place, Nelson Street.
Nelson Street, Patrick Street Great.
Nettlefield, see My Lady's Road.
Nettlefield View, My Lady's Road.
Newforge, see Malone Road Upper.
Newington, see Limestone Road.
Newington Avenue, Limestone Road.
Newington Street, Limestone Road.
Newington Terrace, Limestone Road.
New Row, Berry Street.
Newtownards Road, Bridge End.
Nee Street, Nelson Street.
Nilon Street, Conway Street.
Nixe Street, Shannon Street.
Norfolk Street, Falls Road.
Norman Street, Meadow Street.
North Nerby Street, Shore Road (it's Derby)
Northland Street, Wilton Street.
North Street, Rosemary Street.
North Street Place, see North Street.
Northburn Place, Old Lodge Road.
North Hill Street, York Street.
Northumberland Street, Falls Road.
North Queen Place, Albert Street.
Nortn (North) Queen Street Place, North Queen Street.
North Queen Street, Donegall Street.
Norton Street, McAuley Street.
Norwood Place, Albert Bridge Road.
Norwood Street, Windsor Street.
Nottinghill, Malone Road, see Appendix. ***
Nottinghill House, Malone Road. see Appendix ***
Oak Street, Donegall Street.
Oban Street, Gaffikin Street.
Oberon Villas, see Ballynafeigh.
Oceanic Avenue, Duncairn Street.
Odessa Street, Sevastopol Street.
O'Haggerty Court, Boundary Street.
O'Haggerty Street, Greenland Street.
O'Kane's Place, Newtownards Road.
Oldpark Cottages, Oldpark Road.
Oldpark Crescent, Oldpark Road.
Oldpark Road, Crumlin Road.
Oldpark House, Cliftonville.
Omar Street, Falls Road.
O'Neill Street, Clonard Street.
Orangegrove, Malone Road.
Orangefield, Beersbridge Road.
Orchard Street, Canning Street.
Ormeau Cricket Grounds, see Ormeau Road.
Ormeau Park, see Ballynafeigh.
Ormeau Road, Cromac Street.
Ormeau Street, Ormeau Road.
Ormeau Terrace, see Ormeau Road.
Ormond Court, Ormond Street.
Ormond Street, Ross Street.
Ormond Terrace, Crumlin Road.
Orr's Entry, High Street.
Orrington, see Lisburn Road.
Orrington House, Lisburn Road.
Osborne Cottages, see Lisburn Road.
Osborne House, Osborne Park. see Appendix ***
Osborne Park, Lisburn Road, see Appendix ***
Osborne Street, Lawther Street.
Osborne Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Osborne Villas, Osborne Park, see Appendix ***
Outram Street, Havelock Place.
Owen O'Cork House, see Beersbridge Road.
Oxford Buildings, Donegall Pass.
Oxford Street, Annette Street.
Pacific Avenue, Oceanic Avenue.
Pakenham Lane, Pakenham Street.
Pakenham Place, see Dublin Road.
Pakenham Street, Dublin Road.
Palmerston Street, Grosvenor Street.
Palmyra Terrace, see Rugby Road.
Panpark Street Upper, Cupar Street.
Paris Street, off Berlin Street.
Panton Street, Falls Road.
Park House, see Antrim Road.
Parker's Court, Gamble Street.
Park Lodge, see Oldpark Road.
Park Lodge, see Antrim Road.
Park Place, see Ormeau Road.
Parkmount, see Shore Road.
Park Street, Carrickhill.
Parkview, Albert Bridge Road.
Parkview, see Antrim Road.
Parkview, Ballynafeigh Road New.
Parkview, Ravenhill, see Ballynafeigh Road Old.
Parkview Terrace, Cooke Street.
Parkview, see Antrim Road.
Patrick's Lane, Patrick Street Great.
Patrick Street Great, York Street.
Patrick Street Little, York Street.
Patterson's Court, Patrick Street Little.
Paxton Street, Templemore Park.
Pebble Cottage, see Duncairn Street.
Peel Street, Falls Road.
Pelan's Buildings, Limestone Road.
Pepperhill Court, Carrickhill.
Pembroke Terrace, Grosvenor Street.
Pendrith Street, Westmoreland Street.
Percy Street, Shankhill Road.
Perth Street, Lodge Road Old.
Peter's Place, Peter's Hill.
Peter's Hill, North Street.
Pernau Street, Snugville Street.
Peveril Street, Ormeau Road.
Pilot Court, Pilot Street.
Pilot Place, Pilot Street.
Pilot Street, Corporation Street.
Pine street, Donegall Pass.
Pinkerton Street, New Lodge Road.
Pisa Street, Distillery Street.
Pitt Place, Newtownards Road.
Pitt Street, Newtownards Road.
Plevna Street, Leeson Street.
Plough Buildings, Corn Market.
Plunkett Court, Union Street.
Ponsonby Avenue, Atlantic Avenue.
Pool Lane, Sandy Row.
Portland Place, Portland Street.
Portland street, George's Street Great.
Portview, see Bridge End.
Posnett Street, Donegall Pass.
Pottinger Cottages, Albert Bridge Road.
Pottinger Place, see Albert Bridge Road.
Pottinger's Court, Pottinger's Entry.
Pottinger's Entry, High Street.
Pottinger's Terrace, see Albert Bridge Road.
Pound Street, Durham Street.
Powerscourt Street, McClure Street.
Prim Street, Albert Bridge Road.
Primitive Street, Blythe Street.
Prince Arthur Tor (?), Crumlin Road.
Prince Arthur Terrace, see Victoria Street Great.
Prince's Court, Prince's Street.
Prince's Dock, Dock Street.
Prince's Street, Queen's Square.
Princess Gardens, University Street.
Prospect House, Ballynafeigh Road New.
Prospect Street, Elm Street.
Prospect Terrace, see University Road.
Quadrant Street, Albert Crescent.
Queen's Bridge, Ann Street.
Queen's College, University Road.
Queen's Elms, University Road.
Queen's Island, South side of River Lagan.
Queen's Quay, Ballymacarrett.
Queen's Square, Victoria Street.
Queen Street, Castle Street.
Queen Street Upper, Wellington Place.
Quigley's Court, Nelson Street.
Quinn's Entry, Newtownards Road.
Quinn's Place, Nelson Street.
Quinn Street, Short Strand.
Raby Street, Ballynafeigh Road.
Racoon House, Fortwilliam Park.
Radcliffe Street, Donegall Pass.
Radnor Street, Woodstock Road.
Raglan Street, Albert Street.
Raglan Street Little, Bosnia Street.
Railway Cottage, see Colinview.
Railway Street, McGahen Street.
Rainey Street, Copeland Street.
Randolph Terrace, Ulsterville Avenue.
Raphael Street, Cromac Street.
Rathbone street, Sussex Place.
Rathcoole, see Antrim Road.
Rathowen, see Windsor Avenue.
Rathvarna, see Antrim Road.
Ravenhill, Old Ballynafeigh Road.
Ravenhill Terrace, Ballynafeigh Road Old.
Ravenscroft, see Bloomfield.
Reavey's Court, Frederick Street.
Regent Buildings, Victoria Street.
Regent Street, Trinity Street.
Reid's Buildings, Albert Bridge Road.
Reid's Buildings, Mount Pottinger Road.
Reid's Place, Boundary Street.
Reilly's Court, Reilly's Place.
Reilly's Place, Cromac Street.
Renfrew Street, Tea Lane.
Renwick Court, Sandy Row.
Renwick Place, Sandy Row.
Retreat Lodge, Ballynafeigh Road New.
Richmond, see Antrim Road.
Richmond Crescent, see Antrim Road.
Richmond Lodge, Cavehill Road.
Richmond Place, Cavehill Road.
Richmond Square, Cavehill Road.
Richmond Street, Woburn Street.
Richmond Terrace, Great Victoria Street.
Richmond Nurseries, Cavehill Road.
Richview House, Blackstaff Road.
Riga Street, Crimea Street.
Ritchie's Cottages, Mount Pottinger Road.
Riversdale Street, Christopher Street.
River Terrace, see Rugby Road.
River Terrace, see Short Strand.
River Terrace, Cooke Street.
Rivoli House, Lower Crescent.
Robert's Court, Mustard Street.
Robert Street, Talbot Street.
Robie Street, Ballynafeigh Road Old.
Robina Street, Limestone Road.
Rochelle Place, College Court.
Rochford Place, College Court.
Rock Cottage, see Lisburn Road.
Rockview Buildings, Shankhill Road.
Roden Street, Grosvenor Street.
Roden Terrace, see Limestone Road.
Rooney's Row, see Lisburn Road.
Roper's Row, Newtownards Road.
Rosaville, see Fortwilliam Park.
Rosebank, see Windsor Avenue.
Rossville, see Windsor Avenue.
Rose Cottage, see Coyle Place.
Rose Cottages, Ballynafeigh Road New.
Roseland Place, Blackstaff Road.
Rose Lodge, see Ballynafeigh.
Rosemary Place, see Rosemary Street.
Rosemary Street, Bridge Street.
Rosemount, see Antrim Road.
Rosemount Terrace, Albert Bridge Road.
Rosetta, see Ballynafeigh Road New.
Rosetta Avenue, Ballynafeigh Road.
Rosewood Street, Pine Street.
Rothesay Street, Glenpark Street.
Ross Place, Albert Street.
Ross Street, Albert Street.
Roslin Villas, Ballynafeigh Road.
Rotterdam Street, Bridge End.
Roumania Street, Servia Street.
Round Entry, North Street.
Roundhill Cottages, see Albert Bridge Road.
Roundhill House, see Albert Bridge Road.
Rowallen House, see Oldpark Road.
Rowan Street, York Street.
Rowantree Court, Brown Square.
Royal Botanic Gardens, see University Road.
Royal Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Roy Street, Stanfield Street.
Rugby Road, Botanic Avenue.
Rugby Terrace, Rugby Road.
Rugby Street, Rugby Road.
Rumford Court, Rumford Street.
Rumford Street, Downing Street.
Rushfield, see Oldpark Road.
Rushmere, see Malone Road.
Russell Place, see Lodge Road Old.
Russell Street, Cromac Street.
Rutherford Street, Hopewell Street.
Rutland Terrace, see Shankhill Road.
Sackville Place, Sackville Street Little.
Sackville Place Little, Sackville Street Little.
Sackville Street Little, Sackville Street.
Sackville Street, Melbourne Street.
Sailor's Institute, Queen's Quay.
Sailor's Home, Corporation Street.
Salem, see Crumlin Road.
Salem Cottage, see Lisburn Road.
Salisbury Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Salisbury Terrace, see Avoca Street.
Samuel Street Court, Samuel Street.
Samuel Street, Winetavern Street.
Sancroft, Crimea Street.
Sandhurst Road, University Street.
Sand Quay, Queen's Bridge.
Saunderson Street, Antigua Street.
Sandymount, Strandmillis Road.
Sandy Row, Durham Street.
Sans Souci, see Malone Road.
Sarah Street, Frederick Street.
Schomberg Street, off Sandy Row.
Schoolhouse Yard, Lagan Village.
Scotchmount Terrace, Lisburn Road.
Scotchmount, see Lisburn Road.
Scotch Row, Newtownards Road.
Scotch Street, Cullingtree Road.
Scotland Street, Mill Street.
Scotchmount School, Lisburn Road.
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Buildings, Victoria St.
Scott Street, Sandy Row.
Scrabo Street, Bridge End.
Seaforde Street, Newtownards Road.
Seaview, see Shore Road.
Seaview House, Ponsonqy Avenue (Ponsonby)
Seaview Place, see Newtownards Road.
Second Street, Howard Street North.
Selina Street, Dickson Street.
Servia Street, off Albert Street.
Sevastopol Street, Falls Road.
Seymour Lane, Seymour Street.
Seymour Row, Seymour Street.
Seymour Street, Chichester Street.
Shaftsbury Street, Arkwright Street.
Shandon Street, Annadale Street.
Shankhill Road, Peter's Hill.
Shane's Court, Shankhill Road.
Shannon Street, Oldpark Road.
Sheals Street, Broadway.
Sherebrooke Street, Peter's Hill.
Sheridan Street, Dawson Street.
Shiell's Court, Carrick Hill.
Shiell's Entry, Carrick Hill.
Shipbuoy Street, Nelson Street.
Shipbuilding Yard, Queen's Island.
Ship Street Back, Ship Street Little.
Ship Street Little, Fleet Street.
Ship Street, York Street.
Shore Street, Waterloo Street.
Shore Road, York Street.
Short Strand, Albert Bridge Road.
Short Street, Pilot Street.
Silvergrove Street, Elm Street.
Silvio Street, off Crumlin Road.
Singleton Street, Annadale Street.
Sir Henry's Buildings, see Albert Bridge Road.
Sixth Street, Howard Street North.
Skegoneil Cottage, see Shore Road.
Skegoneil, see Shore Road.
Skelly's Row, Beersbridge Road.
Skipper Street, Waring Street.
Skipton Street, Templemore Park.
Slate Street, McDonnell Street.
Smithfield, Berry Street.
Smithfield Square, inside sheds, Smithfield.
Smithfield Square, outside sheds Smithfield.
Gresham Street, North Street.
Smith Street, Lagan Street.
Snugville Street, Shankhill Road.
Solomon's Yard, Verner Street.
Somerset, see Fortwilliam Park.
Somerset Terrace, see University Street.
South Mews.
South View Cottages, Crecy Terrace.
Southwell Street, York Street.
Spamount, see North Queen Street.
Spencer Street, York Street.
Spiers Place, Shankhill Road.
Spinner Street, Falls Road.
Springfield, off falls Road.
Springfield Cottages, see Springfield Road.
Springfield Place, see Newtownards Road.
Springfield Road, Falls Road.
Springfield Terrace, see Falls Road.
Springfield Village, see Springfield Road.
Springmount Street, Hemsworth Street.
Springview Street, Waterford Street.
Spruce Street, Elm Street.
Stamford Terrace, see Donegall Pass.
Stanfield Court, Stanfield Street.
Stonfield Street, Murphy Street. (Stanfield)
Stanhope Street, Lodge Road Old.
Stanley Lane, York Street Little.
Stanley Place, York Street Little.
Stanley Street, Albert Crescent.
Stanley Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Statisn Street, Bridge End. (Station)
Staunton Street, off Eliza Street.
Steammill Lane, Gamble Street.
Steele Court, Hamill Street.
Steele Street, Lettuce Hill.
Steen's Row. Ballymacarrett, Beersbridge Road.
Stephen Street Court, Stephen Street.
Stephen Street, Donegall Street Little.
Stewart Street, Eliza Street.
Stockman's Court, Nelson Street.
Stormount Street, Albertbridge Road.
Strandmillis Cottage, Strandmillis Road.
Strandmillis House, Strandmillis Road.
Strandmillis Road, University Road.
Strasburg Terrace, Albert Bridge Road.
Stroud Street, Sandy Row.
St. Andrew's Square, Hope Street.
St. Ann's Buildings, Donegall Street.
St. Helen's, see Albert Bridge Road.
St. James' Parsonage, Cliftonville.
St. James's Street, Duncairn Street.
St. Leonard's, Newtownards Road.
St. Sebastian's Street, Memel Street.
St. Mary's Terrace, Crumlin Road.
St. Pancras' Street, Memel Street.
St. Oran's, Fortwilliam Park.
St. Paul Street, York Street.
St. Thomas' Parsonage, see Lisburn Road.
Sturgeon Street, Linfield Road.
Sugarfield, see Bellevue Street
Sugarhouse Entry, Waring Street.
Suir Street, Oldpark Road.
Summer Street, Landscape Terrace.
Sunnyside, Osborne Park, see Appendix ***
Sunnyside, Ballynafeigh Road.
Sunnyside Street, Ballynafeigh Road.
Sussex Place, Joy Street.
Sussex Street, York Street.
Swift Street, Lagan Village.
Sydney Street, Park Street.
Sydney Street West, Tennent Street.
Sylvian Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Tait's Court, Millfield.
Talbot Street, Donegall Street.
Talbot Court, Grattan Street.
Tamery Street, Beersbridge Road.
Tamsworth Place, Comber Place.
Tanner's Court, Millfield.
Taylor Street, Norwood Street.
Tea Lane, Sandy Row.
Telfair Street, Ann Street.
Templar Terrace, see Grosvenor Street.
Templemore Avenue, Ballymacarrett.
Templemore Street, Ballymacarrett.
Tennent's Court, Patrick Street Little.
Tennent Street, Shankhill Road.
Terence Street, Short Strand.
Thames Street, Broadway.
The Lodge, Cliftonville.
The Manse, see Malone Road.
Theodore Street, Lesson Street.
Theresa Street, Falls Road.
Third Street, Howard Street North.
Thomas Court, Montgomery Street.
Thomas Street, George's Street.
Thomas Street North, York Street.
Thomas Street North, Court Street.
Thomasville Terrace, Lisburn Road.
Thompson Court, Lodge Road.
Thompson Place, off Clyde Street.
Thompson Street, Short Strand.
Thorndale, Kinnaird Street.
Thorndale Avenue, Duncairn Avenue.
Thorndale Terrace, Duncairn Street.
Thorndyke Street, Ballymacarrett.
Throne, The, see Antrim Road.
Thronemount, see Antrim Road.
Throne Villas, see Antrim Road.
Tilly Street, Court Street.
Tierney Street, Blackstaff Road.
Tomb Street, Albert Square.
Ton Street, McDonnell Street.
Torrens Market, Hercules Street.
Torrens Row, Hercules Street.
Torwood, see Windsor Avenue.
Townhill Street, Victoria Street.
Townsend Place, Townsend Street.
Townsend Street, Divis Street.
Townsend Street Upper, Peter's Hill.
Trafalgar Court, Trafalgar Street.
Trafalgar Street, York Street.
Trainfield House, Lodge Road New.
Trainview, Ballymacarrett.
Tramway Street, Lilliput Street.
Trench Street, Short Strand.
Trelford Street, Cullingtree Street.
Trinity Street, Clifton Street.
Troon Court, Northumberland Street.
Tudor Lodge, see Tudor Place.
Tudor Place, Crumlin Road.
Turin Street, Grosvenor Street.
Turnley Street, Annette Street.
Twickenham Street, Crumlin Road.
Tyne Cottages, Castlereagh Road.
Tyne Street, Percy Street.
Tyrone House, see Malone Road.
Tyrone Street, Stanhope Street.
Ullswater Terrace, see Cavehill Road.
Ulster Buildings, see Waring Street.
Ulster Magdaline Asylum, see Donegall Pass.
Ulster Villas, see Lisburn Road.
Ulster Chambers, see Waring Street.
Ulster Street, Custom House Square.
Ulster Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Ulsterville, Lisburn Road.
Ulsterville Avenue, see Lisburn Road.
Ulsterville Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Union Place, Lancaster Street.
Union Street, Donegall Street.
Unity Street, Trinity Street.
University Avenue, Botanic Avenue.
Universits Road, Dublin Road. (University)
University Square, University Road.
University Street Little, University Street.
University Street, University Road.
University Terrace, University Road.
Upton Street, Lodge Road.
Urney Street, Shankhill Road.
Urney Street Lower.
Utility Street, Blackstaff Road.
Valentine Street, Isabella Street.
Venice Street, Grosvenor Street.
Ventnor Terrace, see Divis Street.
Ventry Street, Dublin Road.
Vere Street, Cross Street.
Vermont Lodge, see Oldpark Road.
Verner Lane, Verner Street.
Verner Street, May Street.
Vernon Street, Prospect Street.
Vicinage Park, Cranburn Street.
Victoria Buildings, see Victoria Street.
Victoria Place, William Street South.
Victoria Chambers, see Victoria Street & Waring St.
Victoria Place, see Victoria Street.
Victoria Square, (late Police Square).
Victoria Street, Corporation Street.
Victoria Street Great, Glengall Place.
Victoria Street Little, Hope Street.
Victoria Terrace, see Limestone Road.
Victoria Terrace, see Dublin Road.
Viewmount, see Windsor Avenue.
Vine Cottage, Mount Pottinger.
Virginia Terrace, see Vernon Street.
Virginia Street, Donegall Pass.
Walker's Lane, Frederick Street.
Walnut Place, Walnut Street.
Walnut Street, Donegall Pass.
Wall Street, Carrick Hill.
Walpole Court, M'Tier Street (McTier, McTeir, McTear)
Walton, see Fortwilliam Park.
Walton Place, Walton Street.
Walton Street, Crumllin Road.
Wardlow Row, Lisburn Road.
Wardlow Street, Hemsworth Street.
Ward Street, Leeson Street.
Warehouse Lane, Waring Street.
Waring Street, Bridge Street.
Warkworth Street, Percy Street.
Warwick Terrace, Victoria Street Great.
Warwick Terrace, Woodstock Road.
Warwick Street, Hemsworth Street.
Washington Street, Frederick Street.
Waterford Street, Falls Road.
Waterloo Street, Shore Road.
Water Row, Cromac Street.
Waterproof Street, Byron Street.
Water Works, see Duncairn Street.
Watson Street, Linfield Road.
Waugh's Court, North Street.
Waugh's Place, Sandy Row.
Waverley Terrace, see Ashley Avenue.
Weaver Street, Shore Road.
Weir Street, Snugville Street.
Wellesley Avenue, Malone Road.
Wellington Court, Wellington Street.
Wellington Park Cottage, Wellington Park.
Wellington Park House, see Wellington Park.
Wellington Park, Malone Road.
Wellington Park Terrace, Wellington Park.
Wellington Place, Fountain Street.
Wellington Street, Donegall Square West.
Wellwood Place, Mount Pottinger Road.
Wellwood Place, Victoria Street Great.
Wellwynne Street, Hemsworth Street.
Welsh Street, Lagan Street.
Wensley Street, Henry Street.
Wesley Court, Wesley Place.
Wesley Place, Dublin Road.
Wesley Street, Albion Street.
Wesley Terrace, Cooke Street.
Wesley Terrace, Newtownards Road.
Westmoreland Street, Dover Street.
West Elmwood, Lisburn Road.
Westburn, see Windsor Avenue.
West Street, Smithfield.
Wheeler's Court, Carrickhill.
Whitehall Court, Pound Street.
White's Entry, Shankhill Road.
White Street, Short Strand.
Whitfield Terrace, Cooke Street.
Whitla Street, York Street.
William's Lane, Green Street.
William's Place, Sandy Row.
William's Place, University Road.
William Street, Church Street.
William Street South, Arthur Square.
Willis' Entry, Shankhill Road.
Willowbank, see Falls Road.
Willowbank, see Antrim Road.
Willowfield, see Woodstock Road.
Willowfield Place, Woodstock Road.
Willow Street, Grosvenor Street.
Wildown Villa, see Antrim Road.
Wilmont Place, see Lisburn Road.
Wilmont Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Wilson's Court, High Street.
Wilson Street, Millfield.
Wilton Place, see Shankhill Road.
Wilton Street Lower, Cupar Street.
Wilton Square North, Wilton Street.
Wilton Square South, Wilton Street.
Wilton Street, Shankhill Road.
Woodbine Cottage, see Duncairn Street.
Woodburn Terrace, Ormeau Road.
Woodford Street, Peter's Hill.
Woodland Avenue, Cliftonville Avenue.
Woodstock, see Woodstock Road.
Woodstock Place, Woodstock Road.
Woodstock Road, Albertbridge Road.
Woodstock Street, Albertbridge Road.
Woodstock Terrace, Woodstock Road.
Woodville House, see Shankhill Road.
Working Men's Institute, Temperance Hall, Queen St.
Wylie Place, Albert Place.
Wylie Street, Stanley Street.
Wilton Terrace, see Shankhill Road.
Winburne Street, Hemsworth Street.
Windsor Avenue, Lisburn Road.
Windsor Crescent, see Lisburn Road.
Windsor Park, Lisburn Road.
Windsor Street, Victoria Street Great.
Windsor Terrace, see Lisburn Road.
Windsor Terrace Lower, Lisburn Road.
Winecellar Entry, Rosemary Street.
Winetavern Street Place, Winetavern Street.
Winetavern Street, Smithfield.
Woburn Place, see Agnes Street.
Woburn Street, Agnes Street.
Wolff Street, Newtownards Road.
Wolsley Street, Cromwell Road.
Woodburn Street, Downing Street.
York Lane, York Street.
York Street, Donegall Street.
York Street Little, Patrick Street Great.
Young's Place, Newtownards Road.
Young's Row, Newtownards Road.
Zetland Street, McClure Street.

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