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1907 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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McAdam, Charles, jeweller, 33 Garfield Chambers, Garfield Street
McAdam, David, tailor, 25 Fleming Street
McAdam, Geo., iron turner, 15 Kendal Street
McAdam, G., farmer, Ballysillan Road
McAdam, Jas., brick layer, 12 Dickson Street
McAdam, Jas., linen merchant, 47 Queen Street
McAdam, James, naval pensioner, 6 Deramore Avenue
McAdam, John, city missionary, 23 Ravenscroft Avenue
McAdam, John, glazier, 49 Townsend Street
McAdam, John, salesman, 6 Mileriver Street
McAdam, J., baker, 60 Alexandra Street West
McAdam, J., carpenter, 79 Roden Street
McAdam, J., manufacturer, 3 Victoria Gardens
McAdam, Saml., fitter, 23 Tyne Street
McAdam, S., shipwright, 21 Spencer Street
McAdam, Wm., grocer & farmer, 5 Ligoniel Road
McAdam, Wm., shipwright, 22 Canning Street
McAdorey, Pat., joiner, 6 Glentoran Street
McAdorey, W., advertising department, "The Northern Whig Ltd.," 2 Clifton Terrace, 76 Antrim Road
McAfee, Andrew, joiner, 10 Battenberg Street
McAfee, D. & H., spirit grocer, 10 Shamrock Street
McAfee, E., gardener, 7 Lancefield Road
McAfee, Geo., foreman, 41 Donegall Avenue
McAfee, Jas. G., Doreen, Malone Road
McAfee, John, blacksmith, 69 Balkan Street
McAfee, John, & Son, Hunting and Military, and Ladies' and Children's Bootmakers, 14 Corn Market
McAfee, J., carpenter, 17 Jaffa Street
McAfee, Miss M., confectioner, 43 Donegall Pass
McAfee, Mrs., 58 Brookvale Street
McAfee, N., tailor, 27 Unity Street
McAfee, Robt., baker, 16 Southport Street
McAfee, Samuel, baker, 17 Olive Street
McAfee, Saml., grocer, 412 Shankill Road and 2 Mayo Street
McAfee, Walter, secretary, 87 Woodvale Road
McAfee, W., linen ornamenter, 38 Mountview Street
McAlden, Joseph, engineer, 40 Pine Street
McAlea, Danl., baker, 2 Earlscourt Street
McAlea, James, grocer, 12 Nail Street
McAlea, Patk., provision dealer, 194 Shankill Road
McAlea, Patk., grocer, 5 Florence Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
McAleavey, Chas., hair dresser, 1 Powerscourt Street
McAleavey, Patk., & Co., fish, oyster and ice merchants, 22, 24 Corn Market. Telephone No. 337
McAleenan, T., publican, 13, 15 Skipper Street
McAleer, Catherine, spirit grocer, 125 Castlereagh Road
McAleer, Chas., plasterer, 48 Nelson Street
McAleer, F., plasterer, 48 Nelson Street
McAleer, Jas., joiner, 2 Bristol Street
McAleer, H., rigger, 12 Bute Street
McAleer, John, plasterer, 3 Melbourne Street
McAleer, Patk., foreman railway goods yard, 37 Albert Street
McAleese, A., sergt. R.I.C., 59 Denmark Street
McAleese, Jas., time keeper, 10 Crossley Street
McAleese, Jas., mechanic, 2a Clonard Street Lower
McAleese, Jas., shop assistant, 50 Roslyn Avenue
McAleese, John, car driver, 108 Albert Street
McAleese, John, flax dresser, 36 Brookfield Street
McAleese, P., pawn broker, 25 Albert Street; res., 6 Lincoln Avenue
McAleese, P., publican, 59 Newtownards Road
McAleese, P., publican, 12 Divis Street
McAleese, P., ganger, Greencastle
McAleese, J., publican, 33 Henry Street
McAleese, P., publican, 32 Albert Street
McAleese, Thos., boot maker, 8 Leeson Street
McAleese, Wm., carpenter, 37 Nevis Avenue
McAleese, Wm., coachman, 41 Queen Victoria Gardens
McAlery, John, manager, 16 Ireton Street
McAlery, J. M., clerical and merchant tailor, Irish Tweed House, 15 and 27 Rosemary Street; res., J. McAlery, Marino, Whitehead
McAlevey, Mary, Maryville, Ravenscroft Avenue
McAlevey, Patk., 142 Falls Road
McAlinden, Hugh, Sugarhouse Entry
McAlinden, Hugh, publican, 29 Deramore Avenue
McAlinden, H. J., artist, 61 Springfield Road
McAlinden, James, spirit grocer, 44, 46 Glentoran Street ,77 Mount Street No. 2
McAlinden, J. H., painter, 7 Kashmir Street
McAlinden, Miss Sarah J., 6 Sussex Place
McAlinden, T., traveller, 285 Falls Road
McAlinden, Wm., printer, 89 Albert Street
McAllion, Wm., carpenter, 50 Moyola Street
McAlister, Annie, dress maker, 21 Distillery Street
McAlister, A., painter, 4 Flora Street
McAlister, B., grocer, 31, 33 Park Street
McAlister, C., pensioner, 35 Derby Street
McAlister, Henry, secretary Machinemen and Mill Sawyers Society, 64 Royal Avenue
McAlister, James, boatman, 16 Wensley Street
McAlister, Jas., clerk, 22 Yarrow Street
McAlister, Jas., coach maker, 29 Lepper Street
McAlister, Jno., clerk, 21 Fleetwood Street
McAlister, J., commercial traveller, 92 Killowen Street
McAlister, J., fruiterer and fowl dealer, 2 Cromac Square
McAlister, J., publican, 62 Corporation Street
McAlister, Robert, carpenter, 61 Berlin Street
McAlister, Robt., commercial traveller, 19 Willowbank Street
McAlister, Thos., Vaslere, Rosetta Park
McAlister, Wm., sawyer, 7 Ruth Street
McAlister, W., plater, 108 Spamount Street
McAlister, W. S., commercial traveller, 12 Wellington Park
McAllen, G., carpenter, 251 Woodstock Road
McAllister, Alex., book binder, 63 Greenore Street
McAllister, Arthur, cooper, 54 and 62 Howard Street South
McAllister, Archibald, printer, 1 Cairo Street
McAllister, A., rivetter, 33 Second Street
McAllister, A., pilot, 16 Spencer Street
McAllister, Chas., ship carpenter, 266 Lodge Road Old
McAllister, Colin, R.I.C., 23 Eliza Street
McAllister, Daniel, groom, 7 Park Row, Greencastle
McAllister, Geo., painter, 24 Flora Street
McAllister, James, clerk, 22 Yarrow Street
McAllister, James, butter and egg merchant, 92 Wilcar Street
McAllister, James, rivetter, 5 Stanley Lane
McAllister, Jas., linen roller, 5 Albert Terrace
McAllister, John, rivetter, 12 Mileriver Road
McAllister, John, berthing master, 71 Tower Street
McAllister, John, clerk, 21 Fleetwood Street
McAllister, John, boot maker, 3 Islandbawn Street
McAllister, John, clerk, 3 St. Joseph's Terrace, Marlborough Street
McAllister, John, postman, 14 Balmoral Street
McAllister, J., butter merchant, 92 Wilcar Street
McAllister, J., card cutter, 7 Fallswater Street
McAllister, J., baker, 153 Falls Road
McAllister, J., gardener, 4 Printworks Terrace, Oldpark Road
McAllister, J., fowl dealer, 2 Cromac Square
McAllister, Miss, school teacher, 51 Stanhope Street
McAllister, Miss, 4 Marlborough Park Terrace, Lisburn Road
McAllister, Mrs., 32 Eglinton Street
McAllister, Patk., engine driver, 22 Canning Street Upper
McAllister, Patk., pilot, 24 Ship Street
McAllister, Patk., sawyer, 19 Glencollyer Street
McAllister, R., commercial traveller, 19 Willowbank Street
McAllister, R., sawyer, 34 Greenmount Street
McAllister, R. & D., wine and spirit merchants, 25 Bank Street; residences, R. McAllister, Glandore Park, 270 Antrim Road; D. McAllister, Knock House, Knock Road
McAllister, Sarah, school teacher, 51 Stanhope Street
McAllister, S., shoe maker, 12 Dundela Avenue
McAllister, S., boot maker, 92 Clementine Street
McAllister, T., life insurance agent, 47 Mineral Street
McAllister, W. J., rivetter, 93 Newtownards Road Upper
McAllonan, A., mechanic, 1 Albert Terrace
McAlonan, James, joiner, 38 Ormond Avenue
McAloney, John, fireman, 46 Mervue Street
McAlooney, Samuel, dealer, 64 Brown Street
McAlpin, Chas., planer, 28 Westmoreland Street
McAlpine, James, plater, 66 Limestone Road
McAlpin, Jas., plater, 113 Alexandrapark Avenue
McAlpin, Danl., engineer, 31 Ribble Street
McAlpin, D., mechanic, 5 Yew Street
McAlpin, T., butcher, 5 Avonbeg Street
McAlpin, Wm., preparing master, 229 Cambrai Street
McAlpine, Alex., plater, 1 Brentwood Street
McAlpine, John, Eventide, Springfield Road
McAlpine, J., angle ironsmith, 8 Battenberg Street No. 2
McAlpine, M. J., 8 Glandore Avenue
McAlpine, M., machinist, 6 Battenberg Street No. 2
McAlpine, Robt., decorator and painter, Sandymount, 207, 209 Holywood Road
McAlpine, Robt., rivetter, 69 Mervue Street Upper
McAlpine, Wm., rivetter, 73 Mervue Street Upper
McAlpine, W. S., seaman, 6 Bendigo Street
McAnally, A., painter, 25 Theodore Street
McAnally, C., school teacher, 25 Shamrock Street
McAnally, Edward, blacksmith, Vulcan Terrace, 321 & 323 Newtownards Road Upper
McAnally, Jas., confectioner, 13 Whitla Street
McAnally, Jas., linen finisher, 52 Agincourt Avenue
McAnally, John, seaman, 82 Westmoreland Street
McAnally, Jos., cloth passer, 8 Symons Street
McAnally, Patk., plasterer, 15 Burlington Street
McAnally, Saml., dealer, 30 Lagan Street
McAnaney, A., carpenter, Greencastle
McAneny, David, engineer, 15 Madras Street
McAnearney, James, boiler maker, 90 Short Strand
McAnearney, Michael, boot maker, 126 Albert Street
McAnearney, Patk., dealer, 25 Merrion Street
McAnespie, H., shoe maker, 35 Irwin Street
McAnespie, M. A., refreshment rooms, 14, 16 Gamble Street
McAnoy, John, linen lapper, 59 Maryville Street
McAnuff, Robert, manager, 6 Lonsdale Street
McAnulty, James, sawyer, 15 McMullan's Place
McAnulty, J., glass silverer, 24 Dunmore Street
McAnulty, Michael, slater, 50 Cawnpore Street
McAnulty, Patk., plumber, 63 Meadow Street
McArd, James, coach painter, 3 Bagot Street
McArdle, A., civil engineer, A.I.C.E.I., 36 Victoria Road
McArdle, Ber., publican, 56 Alexander Street West & 1, 3 Ardmoulin Street
McArdle, John, clerk, 12 Abbot Street
McArdle, John, fitter, 32 Foundry Street
McArdle, John, fitter, 35 Middlepath Street
McArdle, Henry, foreman, 37 Clonard Gardens
McArdle, Mary, confectioner and tobacconist, 351 Albertbridge Road
McArdle, Patrick, grocer, Parkview, 211 Oldpark Road
McArdle, P. F., publican, 94 Tomb Street
McArdle, Thos., block printer, 44 Sixth Street
McArdle, Thomas, hair dresser, 3 High Street
McArdle, Thos., painter, 42 Willow Street
McArdle, W. H., ex D.I., R.I.C., Ashfield House, Glandore Avenue
McAreavey, Bernd., gardener, 44 Rutland Street
McAreavey, D., carpenter, 85 Donnybrook Street
McAreavey, H., assistant spinning master, 36 Legnavea Street
McAreavey, Jas., hair dresser, 14 Durham Street
McAreavey, J., boot maker, 53 McDonnell Street
McAreavey, J., brick layer, 233 Cupar Street
McAreavey, Peter, pork cutter, 62 Frederick Street
McAreavey, Thos., slater, 1 Whitehall Court
McAreavey, W. H., brick layer, 2 Ballymagarry
McAree, Alex., coal dealer, 258 Donegall Road
McAree, Hugh, french polisher, 48 Raglan Street
McAree, Hugh, spinning master, 28 Leeson Street
McAree, John, shoe maker, 174 Hillman Street
McAree, M., cooper, 17 Winetavern Street
McArthur, Charles, upholsterer, 5 Gainsborough Drive
McArthur, David, grocer, 44 Downing Street
McArthur, James, tailor, 82 Greenore Street
McArthur, John, dairyman, 60 Portallo Street
McArthur, J. P., tea merchant (of McArthur & Willis, 77 High Street), Arnside, 8 Windsor Park
McArthur, Mrs., grocer, 1 Woburn Street
McArthur, W., brick layer, 11 Finmore Street
McArthur & Willis, wholesale tea and sugar merchants, 77 Ann Street
McAtackney, A., box cutter, 8 College Place North
McAtamney, Daniel, clerk, 43 Stratheden Street
McAtamney, Jas., plater, 37 Adam Street
McAtamney, Mrs. Maria, 9 Allworthy Avenue
McAtamney, W., fitter, 15 Lemon Street
McAtaswey, Jas., carpenter, 7 Gilford Street
McAtee, Henry, shipwright, 37 Fleet Street
McAtee, Saml., postman, 4 Hazelbank Cottages, King's Road
McAteer, H., coach builder, 34 Nelson Street
McAteer, P., spirit merchant and grocer, 114, 116 Milford Street & 77 Falls Road
McAteer, S., publican, 254, 256 Crumlin Road
McAteer, W., joiner, 33 Lorton Street
McAughey, Archd., manager, 17 University Avenue
McAuley, Arthur, carpenter, 66 Eliza Street
McAuley, David, clerk, 1 Elmgrove Street
McAuley, David, linen lapper, 6 Vernon Street
McAuley, Denis, baker, 15 Kerrera Street
McAuley, Henry, packing case manufacturer, 54 Shaftesbury Avenue
McAulay, H., carpenter, 46 Alexander Street West
McAulay, H., lodgings, 61 Alexander Street West
McAuley, I., blacksmith, 11 Saunders Street
McAuley, James, publican, 20 Ship Street
McAuley, James, painter, 53 Epworth Street
McAuley, Jas., painter, 216 Hillman Street
McAuley, Jas., banker, 25 Rosemount Gardens
McAuley, John, brush maker, 12 Springview Street
McAuley, Joseph, stone mason, 39 Alexander Street West
McAuley, Jos., spinning master, 10 Getty Street
McAuley, J., baker, 9 Clonard Street
McAuley, J., joiners' machinist, 8 California Street
McAuley, J., printer, 31 California Street
McAuley, J., packing case maker, 1 Stranmillis Street
McAuley, J., builder, 50 St. Alban's Gardens
McAuley, J. Alfred, House, Land and Estate Agent, 14 Arthur Street; res., Moyleen, Deramore Park South
McAuley, Mary, grocer, 73 Leeson Street
McAuley, Miss, 30 Lincoln Avenue
McAuley, Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Orient Gardens
McAuley, Mrs., publican, 58 Bankmore Street
McAuley, Mrs. Ellie, 441 Lisburn Road
McAuley, M., dress maker, 4 Shaftesbury Avenue
McAuley, Oliver, carpenter, 41 Cooke Street
McAuley, Patk., painter, 17 Cyprus Street
McAuley, Richard, street inspector, 43 Ashdale Street
McAuley, Robt., joiner, 85 Mountcollyer Avenue
McAuley, R., baker, 102 Curnan Street
McAuley, Saml., painter, 138 Cosgrave Street
McAuley, S., engine fitter, 45 Moyola Street
McAuley, Thos., packer, 12 Broadbent Street
McAuley, W., mechanic, 41 Balaclava Street
McAuley & McIlroy, builders, 164 Cromac Street
McAuliffe, W., boot maker, 5 Beersbridge Road
McAvoy, Constantine, grocer, 74 Hawthorn Street
McAvoy, Isaac, builder, Ravenscroft Avenue; res., Annaville, Newtownards Road Upper
McAvoy, James, printer, 19 Sorella Street
McAvoy, James, iron moulder, 24 Iris Street
McAvoy, James, clerk, 20 Moore Street
McAvoy, James, driller, 21 Meadow Street Upper
McAvoy, James, clerk, 24 Second Avenue
McAvoy, Jas., publican, 13, 15 Bond Street
McAvoy, John, bleacher, 201 Mayo Street
McAvoy, John, carpenter, 33 Bright Street
McAvoy, Joseph, coal merchant, 11 Gipsy Street
McAvoy, J., publican, 49 McAuley Street
McAvoy, Patk., moulder, 49 Lincoln Street
McAvoy, Wm., brush maker, 132 Cupar Street
McAvoy, W. J., hackle setter, 171 Canmore Street


McBain, Alex., manager, 45 Stranmillis Road
McBay, E., stone cutter, 16 Sherwood Street
McBeigh, Wm., dealer, 80 Sandy Row
McBeth, Wm., butcher, 351 Woodstock Road
McBeigh, W., dealer, 22 Wellwood Street
McBirney, Mrs. E., Nurses' Home, 10 Eia Street
McBlain, John, iron turner, 74 Grove Street East
McBlain, J., & Co., leather merchants, 2, 4 Talbot Street and 4 Union Street
McBratney, Hugh, carpenter, 27 Paxton Street
McBratney, Jas., traveller, 45 Dunvegan Street
McBratney, John, 75 Fitzwilliam Street
McBratney, John, clerk, 31 Haypark Avenue
McBratney, J., moulder, 15 Elswick Street
McBratney, Jas., painter, 172 Woodstock Road
McBratney, M., 1 Endsleigh Gardens, Newtownards Road Upper
McBratney, Saml. M., & Co., mill furnisher, 20 Waring Street; res., 55 Cliftonpark Avenue
McBratney, Saml., secretary, Claremont, Bristol Avenue
McBratney, Thos., commercial traveller, 7 Ulsterville Gardens
McBratney, Wm., cashier, The Poplars, Barnett's Road
McBreen, John, compositor, 86 Cavendish Street
McBriar, David, boot maker, 1 Hillview Avenue
McBriar, Eleanor, dress maker, 4 Sundown Road
McBriar, James, foreman, Sirocco Works, York Villas, 100 Earlswood Road
McBriar, S., boot maker, 16 Sinclair's Row
McBriarty, Jas., plumber, 16 Kerrera Street
McBriarty, Jos., park ranger, 10 Benares Street
McBride, Alfred, brick layer, 2 Myrtle Street
McBride, Andrew, publican, The Glen, Ligoniel Road
McBride, Alex., butcher, 62 Shankill Road
McBride, A., draper, 112 Castlereagh Street
McBride, A., wheelwright, 19 Newtownards Road
McBride, A. H. (of Robert McBride & Co., Ormeau Avenue), 80 Eglantine Avenue
McBride, Chas., coal merchant, 36 Raby Street
McBride, C., lamp lighter, 2 Sherwood Street
McBride, C. G., tailor, 50 Limestone Road
McBride, Daniel, clerk, 30 Combermere Street
McBride, Daniel, cattle dealer, 1 Eccles Street
McBride, Danl., publican, 41, 43 Lawther Street & 70 Roden Terrace, Limestone Road
McBride, David, brick layer, 12 Walmer Street
McBride, David, brick layer, 2 Agra Street
McBride, David, tailor, 30 Bellevue Street
McBride, David, despatch clerk, 16 St. Ives Gardens
McBride, David, plater, 42 Glenwood Street
McBride, David, Coningsby, Glandore Avenue
McBride, D., painter, 62 Derwent Street
McBride, Francis, shipping clerk, 2 Bendigo Street
McBride, Fras., plater, 346 Woodstock Road
McBride, Geo., fitter, 18 Glenwood Street
McBride, Henry, pensioner R.I.C., 26 Nansen Street
McBride, Hugh, printer, 74 Portallo Street
McBride, Hugh, Ltd., butcher, 27 York Street
McBride, H., cooper, 5 Jennymount Terrace, York Road
McBride, H. J., & Son Ltd., linen merchants, bleachers, 35 Bedford Street; works, Hydepark, Mallusk; res., H. J. McBride, The Ravens, Hydepark, Mallusk
McBride, James, builder, Lake Glan, Falls Road
McBride, James, 1 Glenmount, Windsor Avenue
McBride, James, Belfast Bank, 99 South Parade
McBride, James, 27 South Parade
McBride, Jas., student, 2 Wyncroft, Newtownards Road Upper
McBride, Jas., brick layer, 19 Essex Street
McBride, Jas., checker, 41 Charleville Street Upper
McBride, Jas., brick layer, 35 Ravenhill Road
McBride, Jas., foreman, 100 Dover Street
McBride, Jas., baker, 22 Parker Street
McBride, Jas., coach builder, 219 & 221 Durham Street
McBride, James, house furnisher, Palermo Villas, Knock Road
McBride, James, pawn broker, 81, 83 Cromac Street; res., Lismore, Ormeau Road
McBride, Jas., coach builder, 45 Copperfield Street
McBride, John, gardener, Glencairn Lodge, Ballygomartin
McBride, John, engineer, 257 Springfield Road
McBride, John, linen business, 39 Sandhurst Gardens
McBride, John, fitter, 227 Conway Street
McBride, John, plater, 18 Walnut Street
McBride, John, time keeper, 30 Holyrood Avenue
McBride, John, plater, 27 Euston Street
McBride, John, brick layer, 75 Elizabeth Street
McBride, John, postman, 17 Fallswater Street
McBride, John, tailor, 10 Grovefield Street
McBride, John, painter, 6 Lomond Street
McBride, John, manager of Musgrave & Co. Ltd., 117 Mornington Crescent, Newtownards Road Upper
McBride, John, journalist, St. Filan's, 41 Palmerston Road
McBride, John, carpenter, 37 Ravenhill Road
McBride, John, school attendance officer, 77 Cavendish Street
McBride, John, clerk, 2 Tate's Avenue
McBride, John, carpenter, 48 Queen Victoria Gardens
McBride, John, bookkeeper, 23 Glenbrook Street
McBride, John, linen lapper, 265 Conway Street
McBride, Jno., chandler, 24 Rossmore Avenue
McBride, Joseph, grocer, 10 Berlin Street
McBride, Joseph, hair dresser, 30a Ann Street
McBride, Jos., shoe maker, 20 Snugville Street
McBride, J., sailor, 26 Woodford Street
McBride, J., head gardener, 8 Mountcollyer Street
McBride, J., tenter, 44 Sandy Row
McBride, J., soap maker, 24 Carlisle Street
McBride, J., brick layer, 7 Lisbon Street
McBride, J., horse dealer, 8, 10 Conlon Street
McBridge, J. D., brick layer, 12 Walmer Street
McBride, J. S., dairyman, Applevale, Ravenhill Road
McBrinn, Henry, dealer, 20 Sinclair's Row
McBride, Miss, 49 Windsor Avenue
McBride, Miss Jennie, 18 Ava Avenue
McBride, Miss, dress maker, 7 Lomond Avenue
McBride, Morton, draper, 25 Sandhurst
McBride, Mrs., 7 Brookvale Drive
McBride, Mrs. E., York Crescent, North Parade
McBride, M., milliner and dress maker, 120 Donegall Street
McBride, M., postman, 31 Derg Street
McBride, N., cattle dealer, 17 Wandsworth Road
McBride, Osborne, painter, 1 Bryansford Street
McBride, Robert, Soap Manufacturer, Windsor Buildings, 160 North Street; res., 4 Sandhurst Road
McBride, Robt., plater, 64 Bryson Street
McBride, Robt., carpenter, 95 Chief Street
McBride, Robt., handkerchief manufacturer, 2 Bladon Park
McBride, Robt., painter, 43 Greenmount Street
McBride, Robt., butcher, 31 Donegall Road
McBride, Robt. & Co. Ltd., linen and cotton manufacturers, Ormeau Avenue and 18 Alfred Street
McBride, R., clerk, 33 Westmoreland Street
McBride, R., supt. house cleaning department, 98 Ormeau Road
McBride, R., & Co. Ltd., Bruce Street Weaving Co., 11 to 15 Bruce Street
McBride, R. J., iron monger and china merchant, Corlespratton Terrace, 201 Antrim Road
McBride, Samuel, linen merchant, Edge Hill, Lennoxvale
McBride, Saml., tobacconist and confectioner, 187 Durham Street
McBride, Saml., rivetter, 73 Westbourne Street
McBride, Saml., rivetter, 19 Ward Street
McBride, Saml., fitter, 13 Bendigo Street
McBride, Saml., plater, 41 Meadow Street Upper
McBride, Saml., plater, 44 Adam Street
McBride, Saml., pattern maker, 56 Euston Street
McBride, Susanna, fowl dealer, 55 Lagan Street
McBride, S., slater, 62 Ainsworth Avenue
McBride, Thos., head postman, 17 Collingwood Avenue
McBride, Thos., grain merchant, 20 Atlantic Avenue
McBride, Thos., grocer and provision merchant, 128, 130 University Street
McBride, Thos., pensioner, 54 London Street
McBride, T., engine driver, 76 Joseph Street
McBride, T., painter and decorator, 3 Lord Street
McBride, T. R., plumber, 40 Corporation Street; res., 374 Ravenhill Road
McBride, Wm., time keeper, 40 Mayflower Street
McBride, Wm., iron moulder, 12 Canning Street
McBride, Wm., confectioner, 102 Euston Street
McBride, Wm., linen business, 142 Ormeau Road
McBride, Wm., artist and portrait painter, 109a Donegall Street
McBride, Wm., litho. printer, 63 Carmel Street
McBride, Wm. D., linen merchant, Roseneath, 26 Adelaide Park
McBride, W., tailor, 69 Windsor road
McBride, W., carpenter, 109 Cavehill Road
McBride, W., dairyman, Ballysillan Road
McBride & Co., cabinet makers, upholsterers, and house furnishers, 81, 81a Victoria Street
McBride, Mann, & Co., Blouse Manufacturers, 14a Bedford Street
McBride & Williams Limited, Cotton and Lawn Handkerchief and Household Linen Manufacturers and Embroiderers, Ormeau Avenue and 17 Franklin Street
McBriarty, Jos., park ranger, 10 Benares Street
McBrien, Thos., pensioner, 54 London Street
McBrin, Henry, rivetter, 152 Ainsworth Avenue
McBrinn, Henry, dealer, 152 Ainsworth Avenue
McBrinn, P., ex-head-con., 40 Southport Street
McBroom, G., engineer, 97 Alexandrapark Avenue
McBroom, Jas., ship joiner, 80a Bentinck Street
McBroom, Jas., joiner, 37 Glenrosa Street
McBroom, John, shipsmith, 11 Canning Street
McBroom, John, clerk, 4 Victoria Gardens
McBroom, Thos., ship carpenter, 17 Clanmorris Street
McBroom, T., moulder, 3 Woodvale Road
McBroom, W., dairyman, Ballysillan Road
McBurney, C., baker, 74 Harrybrook Street
McBurney, H., telegraphist, 10 Oakland Avenue
McBurney, James, painter and decorator, Edinburgh Street
McBurney, Jas., commission agent, 30 Deramore Avenue
McBurney, Jas., pensioner, 9 Manor Drive
McBurney, Jas., lodgings, 5 Barrack Street
McBurney, Jas., lodgings, 5 Barrack Street
McBurney, John, clerk, 102 Mervue Street
McBurney, Jno., moulder, 213 Mayo Street
McBurney, J., grocer, 44 Craigmore Street
McBurney, J., block printer, 58 Agnes Street
McBurney, Miss H., 19 Belmont Avenue
McBurney, Mrs. E., 42 Thorndale Avenue
McBurney, S., painter, 28 Chadwick Street
McBurney, T., druggist, 48 Oldpark Road
McBurney, Wm., fitter, 1 Montreal Street
McBurney, Wm., engraver, 41 Palestine Street
McBurney, Wm., butcher, 100 Grosvenor Road
McBurney, Wm., plumber, 3 Newport Street
McBurney, W., plumber, 423 Donegall Road
McBurney, W., engraver, 30 Queen Street
McBurney's Glass and China Hall, 73 High Street; and also at Dundee, Aberdeen and Perth


McCabe, Alex., printer, 34 Hope Street
McCabe, Charles, iron turner, 105 McDonnell Street
McCabe, Fras., army pensioner, 15 Chareville Street (Charlesville)
McCabe, Francis, painter, 11 Mervue Street Upper
McCabe, Hugh, boiler maker, 77 Foundry Street
McCabe, H., sign writer, 123 Oldpark Road
McCabe, Jas., mechanic, 240 Donegall Avenue
McCabe, James, R.I.C., 4 Lomond Street
McCabe, Jas., bread server, 111 Cavendish Street
McCabe, James, traveller, 34 Cawnpore Street
McCabe, John, painter, 16 Cinnamond Street
McCabe, John, printer, 113 Butler Street
McCabe, John, draper, 177, 179 Divis Street
McCabe, John, boiler maker, 79 Foundry Street
McCabe, Jos., postman, 18 Kerrera Street
McCabe, J., storeman, 29 Peveril Street
McCabe, Michael, sergt. R.I.C., 10 Derby Street
McCabe, Patrick, cooperage, 94, 95, 105, 129, 130 Smithfield Market, 4, 6 Lettuce Hill; res., 9 Boyd Street
McCabe, Patk., lithoprinter, 14 Hutchinson Street
McCabe, Patk., cooper, 4 Jude Street
McCabe, Saml. O., warehouseman, 6 Eglantine Avenue
McCabe, Thos., shipwright, 53 Elizabeth Street
McCabe, Thos., shoe maker, 214 Woodstock Road
McCabe, T. G., rivetter, 21 Foyle Street
McCabe, Wm., engine driver, 4 Forthriver Gardens
McCabe, Wm., gardener, 2 Shaftesbury Street
McCabe, W., tailor, 52 Boundary Street
McCabe, W. H., 46 Virginia Street
McCabe & Bullock, manufacturers and warehousemen, 11 Upper Queen Street
McCabry, Robt., joiner, 44 Middlepath Street
McCadden, A. W., cycle agent, 415 Ormeau Road
McCadden, Isabella, laundry, 62 Rainey Street
McCadden, John, Belfast Ropeworks Company, 129 Newtownards Road Upper
McCafferty, Alex., builder, 2 Arlington Street and 21 Donore Street
McCafferty, Jas., confectioner, Ligoniel Road
McCafferty, John, brick layer, 12 Fairfield Street
McCaffery, Adam, 77 Wellesley Avenue
McCaffrey, Hugh, shipwright, 17 Bendigo Street
McCaffrey, Jas., gilder, 18 Conduit Street
McCaffrey, Jas., clerk, 172 Ainsworth Avenue
McCaffrey, James, dairyman, 35 Raby Street
McCafferty, Jas., confectioner, Ligoniel Road
McCaffrey, H., warehouseman, 30 College Square North
McCaffrey, Patrick, hardware merchant, 56 and 87 Smithfield Market
McCaffrey, W. J., telegraphist, 44 Belmont Avenue
McCaherty, James, draper and warehouseman, 14, 15 Myrtle Terrace, Lisburn Road
McCaughey, W. J., Laurel Lodge, Glenburn Park
McCaherty, Miss, grocer, 75 Bellevue Street
McCalden, Samuel, pork cutter, 45 Ogilvie Street
McCalden, Samuel, boiler maker, 5 Coyle's Place
McCalister, John, berthing master, 71 Tower Street
McCall, Alex., brick layer, 17 Holywood Road
McCall, A., linen lapper, 23 Brougham Street
McCall, D., brick layer, 23 Glenmore Street
McCall, John, publican, 2 Woodvale Road
McCall, John, cabinet maker, 17 Servia Street
McCall, John, confectioner, 18 Brownlow Street
McCall, Joseph, rigger, 4 Washington Street
McCall, J., carpenter, 16 Castlereagh Place
McCall, P., cabinet maker, 34 Raglan Street
McCall, Robert, clerk, 98 Bellevue Street
McCall, Wm. Alex., brick layer, 137 Rosebery Road
McCall, Wm., brick layer, 10 Castlereagh Place
McCall, W. R., & Co., linen manufacturers & merchants (Consul for Venezuela, also Hayti), 14 Linenhall Street; res., W. R. McCall, J.P., Waterside, Greenisland; Jno. Young Caldwell, Woodlawn, Strandtown
McCalla, Ann J., dress and mantle maker, 52 Carlisle Street
McCalla, D. T., manager, 2 Newington Avenue
McCalla, Samuel, bread server, 80 Templemore Avenue
McCalla, W., & Co., Shipping and Forwarding Agents, Fire, Life and Insurance Brokers, Ship and Passage Brokers, 41 Victoria Street; res., Wm. McCalla, Redburn, 141 Newtownards Road Upper
McCallan, John, dealer, 54a, 56a Oldpark Road
McCallan, J., flax dealer, 88 Mountjoy Street
McCallen, Jno., moulder, 60 Bellevue Street
McCallen, Wm., overlooker, 1 Ainsworth Street
McCallister, Alex., painter, 4 Flora Street
McCallister, Chas., moulder, 107 Newcastle Street
McCallister, John, clerk, 6 McClure Street
McCallister, John, machineman, 39 Derwent Street
McCallister, John, pilot, 11 Ruth Street
McCallister, Robt., foreman, 45 Jameson Street
McCallister, Saml., printer, 77 Howard Street South
McCallister, W., rigger, 9 Bread Server
McCallon, Robt., cooper, 23 Lucknow Street
McCallum, Alex., 90 Ainsworth Avenue
McCallum, Andrew, painter, 49 Tyrone Street
McCallum, Ber., painter, 16 Iris Street
McCallum, D., bleacher, 9 Tennyson Street
McCallum, George, tailor, 25 Coolderry Street
McCallum, H., pattern maker, 96 Greenore Street
McCallum, James, plater, 24 Edlingham Street
McCallum, Jas., time keeper, 36 Essex Street
McCallum, John, clerk, 31 Ballycastle Street
McCallum, John, boot maker, 26 Peveril Street
McCallum, J., blacksmith, 41 Woodlawn Terrace, Woodlawn Avenue
McCallum, Miss, hosier and general draper, 171 York Street
McCallum, Mrs., Ardenvohr, 2 Windsor Avenue
McCallum, Mrs., Lucerne, 83 Malone Avenue
McCallum, Robt., boot maker, 76 Halliday's Road
McCallum, Saml., bread server, 55 Belvoir Street
McCallum, Wm., overlooker, 1 Ainsworth Street
McCallum, W. J., 31 Woodvale Road
McCalmont, Ann, grocer, 2, 4 Haddow Street
McCalmont, H., insurance agent, 3 Woodvale Street
McCalmont, H., storeman, 289 Skegoniel Avenue
McCalmont, Colonel James, M.P., Magheramorne House, County Antrim
McCalmont, Major-General Sir Hugh, K.C.B., Mount Julet, Thomastown, Kilkenny
McCalmont, E., preparing master, 11 Woodvale Street
McCalmont, John, shoe maker, 201 Cambrai Street
McCalmont, Mrs., Collingwood, Chichester Park
McCalmont, Mrs., 15 College Gardens
McCalmont, Nellie, dress maker, 90 Jocelyn Avenue
McCalmont, Robert, & Sons Ltd., Felt and Manure Manufacturers, Roofing Manufacturers, Pitt Street; res., 15 College Gardens
McCalmont, Robt., foreman, 6 Buron Street
McCalmont, Wm., manager, 15 The Mount
McCalpin, Thos., pilot, 63 Canning Street Upper
McCambley, Edw., manager, 17 Thorndale Avenue
McCambley, Saml., bookkeeper, 42 Delhi Street
McCambley, Saml., N.S. teacher, 79 The Mount
McCamley, Wm. J., caulker, 15 Cluan Place
McCamley, W. J., coal merchant, 110 Lord Street
McCamley, John, fitter, 268 Leopold Street
McCambridge, H., joiner, 93 Omeath Street
McCammon, John, engineer, 14 Glandore Street
McCammon, Major T. V. P., Woodville, Holywood
McCammon, Miss, 2 Windsor Villas
McCammon, R. T., 23 Kensington Avenue
McCammon, T., commission agent, 3 Queen's Square
McCammond, Annie, dress maker, 41 Dargle Street
McCammond, James N., Ormisdale, Fortwilliam Park, builder, and contractor
McCammond, Jas., yarn bleacher, 158 Grosvenor Road
McCammond, J., iron turner, 27 Danube Street
McCammond, Major W. E. C., J.P., 4th Batt. R.I.R., Innisfayle, Donegall Park
McCammond, N., sawyer, 43 McClure Street
McCammond, R., guard B.C.D. Railway, 23 Kensington Avenue
McCammond, Wm., brick layer, 50 Cooke Street
McCammond, W. A., house and land agent, 11 Royal Avenue; res., Claremont, Fortwilliam Park
McCammond & Sons, Builders and Contractors, 207 Antrim Road
McCamphill, Gerald S., J.P., stock broker, 15a Donegall Place; res., Moygara, Whitehouse
McCance, Andrew, carpenter, 35 Westmoreland Street
McCance, Colonel John, J.P., D.L., Knocknagoney House, Holywood Road
McCance, E., printer, 15 Mayfair Street
McCance, J., Old Lodge, Cliftonville Road
McCance, J. S. F., Woodburn, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim
McCance, Mrs., Suffolk, Dunmurry
McCance & Co., drapers, 189, 191 and 411, 413 Newtownards Road and 116 Ormeau Road
McCance, Wm., fitter, 13 Gainsborough Drive
McCance & Co., merchant tailors and outfitters, 15 Lombard Street; res., W. McCance, Maymount, Rosetta Park
McCance & McFadden, yarn merchants, 3 Brunswick Street (3rd floor)
McCance, Wm., merchant tailor, Maymount, Knockbreda Road
McCandless, A., dress maker, 47 Lisburn Road
McCandless, A., hair dresser, 18 Shankill Road
McCandless, A., confectioner, 158 North Queen Street
McCandless, David, upholsterer, 1 Woodvale Street
McCandless, D., blacksmith, 30 Clandeboye Street
McCandless, Jas., factory manager, 26 Crumlin Road
McCandless, John, manager Belfast Ropework Company, 123 Newtownards Road Upper
McCandless, J., coal merchant, 13 Tudor Place
McCandless, J., painter, 63 Palestine Street
McCandless, Lyle, bank official, 103 Eglantine Avenue
McCandless, Mrs. Sarah, 104 Wellesley Avenue
McCandless, Robt. J., provision merchant, 399, 401 Ormeau Road
McCandless, R., conductor, 14 Bethany Street
McCandless, Thos., brick layer, 75 Clementine Street
McCandless, W. H., dealer, 105 Bread Street
McCandless, W., gardener, 41 Lilliput Street
McCandliss, W., surveyor, 2 Wellington Place; res., 29 Eglantine Avenue
McCann, Adam, fitter, 14 Willowfield Gardens
McCann, Alex., motorman, 161 Dunluce Avenue
McCann, Alex., publican, 27 Queen's Square; 119 My Lady's Road and 69 Chichester Street; res., Seville Lodge, Holywood Road
McCann, Arabella, confectioner, 124 Divis Street
McCann, Arthur, carpenter, 29 California Street
McCann, A., grains & slummage store, 6 Great Edward Street
McCann, B., boot maker, 19 Townsend Street
McCann, B., carpenter, 75 Newcastle Street
McCann, Daniel, butcher, 68 Divis Street
McCann, D., butcher, 117 Leeson Street
McCann, D., & Sons, Poulterers, Game Dealers, and Fishmongers, 20 High Street and 277 Antrim Road, Telephone No. 692
McCann, E., furniture packer, 8 Essex Street
McCann, E., cork cutter, 47 Dock Street
McCann, E., grocer, 8 Seaforde Street
McCann, E. A., spirit grocer, Ligoniel Road
McCann, Fras., spirit grocer, 55 Copperfield Street
McCann, Felix, shoe maker, 38 Lodge Road New
McCann, Fred., engineer, 2 Delhi Street
McCann, George, superintendent Belfast Cemetery, Falls Road
McCann, Geo., 13 Agincourt Avenue
McCann, Geo., & D., sculptors, 509 Falls Road
McCann, G., railway clerk, 40 Moorgate Street
McCann, Hamilton, clerk of markets, 9 Galwally Park
McCann, Henry, dealer, 54 Baker Street
McCann, Henry, cutter, 17 Avoca Street
McCann, Hugh, carpenter, 29 Massereene Street
McCann, James, sergt. R.I.C., 14 Clonard Gardens
McCann, Jas., railway constable, 1 Radnor Street
McCann, Jas., lithoprinter, 27 Utility Street
McCann, Jas., shoe maker, 48 Foyle Street
McCann, Jas., stevedore, 95 Whitla Street
McCann, Jas., coachman, 22 Roe Street
McCann, Jas., ticket writer, 49 Mayo Street
McCann, Jas. B., merchant tailor, 78 Chichester Street
McCann, Jas., rivetter, 177 Manor Street
McCann, Jas., carpenter, 9 Broadbent Street
McCann, Jas., auctioneer and valuator, 2a Iveagh Chambers, North Street
McCann, Jane, confectioner, 259 Falls Road
McCann, Jane, provision merchant, 64 North
McCann, John, shoe maker, 39 Ballyclare Street
McCann, John, grocer, 18 Raglan Street
McCann, John, preparing master, 8 Mount Street No. 1, Greencastle
McCann, Jno., salesman, 4 Dunlewey Street
McCann, John, shoe maker, 30 Malt Street
McCann, John, carpenter, 64 Oranmore Street
McCann, John, painter, 8 Glenwood Street
McCann, John, income tax collector, 4 Windsor Buildings, 160 North Street; res., 11 Malone Avenue
McCann, John, carpenter, 59 Elizabeth Street
McCann, John, carpenter, 11 Kashmir Road
McCann, Jno., grocer, 18 Raglan Road
McCann, John C., house, land and insurance agent, 2 North Street; res., 6 Wellington Park Avenue
McCann, John, clerk, 79 Bellevue Street
McCann, John, & Co., 35 Linenhall Street
McCann, John, warehouseman, 53 Rutland Street
McCann, Jno., spirit grocer, 82, 84 Crimea Street
McCann, Joseph, sack and bag merchant, 13 Jocelyn Gardens
McCann, Joseph, sack merchant, 17 Exchange Street
McCann, Jos., linen lapper, 5 Bagot Street
McCann, J., linen lapper, 37 London Road
McCann, J., publican, 163 York Road
McCann, J., furniture remover, 26 Albertville Drive
McCann, J., valuer, 6 Landscape Terrace
McCann, J., confectioner, 27 Mount Street No. 2
McCann, J., plasterer, 183 Divis Street
McCann, J., flax dresser, 18 Getty Street
McCann, Kinley, carpenter, 44 Jaffa Street
McCann, L., fruiterer, 153c York Street, 7 Mill Street and 95 North Street
McCann, Mary Ann, spirit grocer, 2, 4 Fox Street
McCann, Mary, dress maker, Ardenza Lodge, King's Road
McCann, Mrs., grocer, 32 Alton Street
McCann, Mrs., dress maker, 139 Belmont Road
McCann, Mrs., confectioner, Cranston Place, 32 Antrim Road
McCann, Mrs., grocer, 19 Winetavern Street
McCann, Mrs., dealer, 1 & 3 King Street
McCann, O., stone mason, 1 Holyrood Avenue
McCann, Patk., dealer, 39, 41 Wall Street
McCann, Patk., hair dresser, 2 Bridge Street East
McCann, Patk., spinning master, 32 Cape Street
McCann, Patk., publican, 59, 61 Hillview Street
McCann, Patk., boot maker, 3 Rosebank Street
McCann, Patk., shirt cutter, 14 Woodford Street
McCann, Philip, joiner, 55 Ormond Avenue
McCann, P., spirit grocer, 31, 33 Canton Street
McCann, Robt., blacksmith, 79 Brookmount Street
McCann, Robt., railway clerk, 40 Moorgate Street
McCann, Robt., boiler maker, 45 Frank Street
McCann, Rose, grocer, 44 Milford Street
McCann, R., butcher, 21 Eglinton Street
McCann, R., hackle maker, 3 Derby Street North
McCann, Thomas, painter, 22 Hazelnut Street
McCann, Thomas, apron, pinafore and handkerchief manufacturer, 20 Adelaide Street; res., 3 College Park East
McCann, Thos., tailor, 7 London Road
McCann, Thos., joiner, 2 Maymount Street
McCann, Thos., boot and shoe maker, 28 Imperial Street
McCann, Wm., customs, 28 Newington Avenue
McCann, W. G., carpenter, 48 Battenberg Street
McCann, W. J., moulder, 42 Woodlee Street
McCann, W. J., mill manager, 28 Mountcharles
McCappin, Chas., butcher, 20 Spring Street
McCappin, Edwd., boiler maker, 26 Hillman Street
McCappin, Jas., block printer, 9 Charleville Avenue
McCappin, Jas., painter, 11 Sussex Street
McCappin, Wm., spirit grocer, 40 Ranfurly Place, Belmont Road
McCappin, Wm., dining rooms, 68, 70 Corporation Street
McCardle, A., carpenter, 22 Glentilt Street
McCardle, A., carpenter, 124 Milford Street
McCardle, Patrick, shipping and railway claims superintendent, 14 Vicinage Park
McCardle, Patk., clerk, 87 Cullingtree Road
McCardle, Patk., blacksmith, 24 Crocus Street
McCardle, P. J., buyer, 13 Roseleigh Street
McCardle, Thos., baker, 41 Leeson Street
McCarey, Josias, hay merchant, 66 Edlingham Street
McCarrison, John, rivetter, 89 Euston Street
McCarrison, J. B., warehouseman, 119 Wellesley Avenue
McCarrison, Wm., driller, 54 Chadwick Street
McCarrison, W. J., storekeeper, 33 Pacific Avenue
McCarroll, Harry, tailor, 22 Benwell Street
McCarroll, James, foreman, 133 Manor Street
McCarroll, Jas., joiner, 30 Nore Street
McCarroll, Joseph, slater, 32 Servia Street
McCarroll, Joseph, tailor, 21 Emerson Street
McCarroll, J., joiner, 30 Nore Street
McCarroll, Mrs., publican, 99 Agnes Street & 2 Brennan Street
McCarroll, Robt. J., joiner, 59 Jerusalem Street
McCarroll, Robt., spirit grocer, 48 Charleville Street Upper
McCarroll, Robt. J., joiner, 64 Omeath Street
McCarroll, R., spirit grocer, 135 Snugville Street
McCarron, John, spirit grocer, 2 Martin Street
McCarney, Mrs., spirit grocer, Klondyke Buildings, 76 Holywood Road
McCart, Alex., electrician, 23 Lepper Street
McCart, John, cloth finisher, 16 Courtrai Street
McCartan, H. J., blacksmith, 33 Pilot Street & 125 Nelson Street
McCartan, Jas., assistant draper, 13 Frederick Street
McCartan, John, railway guard, 31 Moorgate Street
McCartan, J., publican, 344a Springfield Road
McCartan, J., spirit grocer, 47, 49 Short Strand
McCartan, Sarah, publican, 1 Maurice Street
McCartan, S., 10 Dunraven Avenue
McCartan, S., 52 Kensington Avenue
McCartan, Thos., clerk, 3 Boyle Street
McCartan's Stores, 61 to 66 Smithfield Market
McCarten, Ed., dealer, 7 Chapel Lane
McCartin, Edw., iron monger, 5 Ventry Street
McCarter, M., wholesale oak stain coffin manufacturer, 69 to 75 Academy Street; res., 18 Frederick Street
McCarter, Richd., cabinet maker, 22 Leitrim Street
McCarter, Saml., manager, 30 Agincourt Avenue
McCarter, T., confectioner and tobacconist, 108 Newtownards Road
McCarthy, A., embroiderer, 22 Abingdon Street
McCarthy Bros., linen merchants, 5 Donegall Square South
McCarthy, Daniel, refreshment saloon, 250 Crumlin Road
McCarthy, John, school teacher, 203 New Lodge Road
McCarthy, James, druggist, 10 Landseer Street
McCarthy, Jas., caulker, 19 Lomond Avenue
McCarthy, John, joiner, 3 Dover Street
McCarthy, John, R.I.C., 19 Trainfield Street
McCarthy, Joseph, joiner, 15 Pansy Street
McCarthy, Mary, teacher, Greencastle
McCarthy, Miss, 46 Stranmillis Road
McCarthy, Mrs., 2 Holland Mount, King's Road
McCarthy, Mrs. Marion, 5 Meadowbank Street
McCarthy, Mrs., 7 Laharna Terrace, Grampian Avenue
McCarthy, Mrs., 24 Stanley Terrace, Lisburn Road
McCarthy, M., publican, 103 Victoria Street
McCarthy, Patk., N.S. teacher, 44 Oldpark Road
McCarthy, P., spirit grocer, 36, 38 Memel Street
McCarthy, P., R.I.C., 19 Hartington Terrace
McCarthy, Robt. John, commercial traveller, 37 Haypark Avenue
McCarthy, R. J., & Co., linen manufacturers and merchants, 8, 10 Clarence Street
McCarthy, Thos., caulker, 47 Donard Street
McCarthy, Thos., mason, 282 Donegall Road
McCarthy, Thos., caretaker, 44 Wellington Place
McCarthy, Thos., commercial traveller, 25 Deramore Street
McCarthy, Wm., carpenter, 4 Leitrim Street
McCarthy, W., joiner, 16 Beechpark Street
McCarthy & Brookes, building surveyors, 123 Donegall Square West
McCartney, Alfred, plumber, 17 Third Avenue
McCartney, A., plater, 4 Isthmus Street
McCartney, A., dairyman, 21, 23 Mountjoy Street
McCartney, D., carpenter, 41 Arnon Street
McCartney, D. J., fitter, 18 Wyland Street
McCartney, Edward (Law & McCartney), shirt and collar manufacturers, Albert Street; res., 11 Eglantine Avenue
McCartney, Edw., mechanic, 4 Oranmore Street
McCartney, Elizabeth, 12 Rosemount, Ashley Avenue, Lisburn Road
McCartney, E., hosier, 24 Pound Street
McCartney, G., brick layer, 128 Lismore Street
McCartney, G., fitter, 121 Canmore Street
McCartney, G., tenter, 123 Cromac Street
McCartney, Hamilton, butcher, 20 Shamrock Street
McCartney, Henry, iron turner, 78 Carlow Street
McCartney, Henry, slater, 22 Townsend Street
McCartney, Hugh, bottler, 49 Cherryville Street
McCartney, Hugh, fowl dealer, 34 Lagan Street
McCartney, Hugh, pig butcher, 9 Kildare Street
McCartney, H., slater, 21 Bow Street
McCartney, H., plumber, 15 Bute Street
McCartney, I., ship flag maker, 1 Henry Street
McCartney, James, manager, 37 Woodvale Road
McCartney, James, foreman fancy box maker, 10 Curzon Street
McCartney, James, clerk, 14 Parkend Street
McCartney, James, sea captain, 86 Ashgrove Crescent, Newtownards Road Upper
McCartney, James, auction mart, 35 Great Edward Street
McCartney, Jas., commission agent, 10 Summerhill Street
McCartney, Jas., pig butcher, 17 Crane Court
McCartney, Jas., mechanic, 11 Colinview Street
McCartney, Jas., butcher, Glenalina
McCartney, John, coppersmith, 15 Third Avenue
McCartney, John, driller, 3 Cavour Street
McCartney, John, preparing master, 22 Deacon Street
McCartney, John, salesman, 88 Clonard Gardens
McCartney, John, engineer, 37 Broom Street
McCartney, J., carpenter, 28 Tyrone Street
McCartney, J., builder, 35 Rossmore Avenue
McCartney, J., master mariner, Itacoatiara, Castle Avenue
McCartney, J. E., servants' registry office, 37 Fairview Street
McCartney, J. W., sanitary officer, 5 Fortview Terrace, Shore Road
McCartney, J., & Co., auctioneers and valuators, house and land agents, 42 May Street
McCartney, Miss Elizabeth, 20 St. Alban's Gardens
McCartney, Miss, Montrose, Osborne Park
McCartney, Mrs. Celina, 262 Ravenhill Avenue
McCartney, P., assurance agent, 366 Oldpark Road
McCartney, Patk., fowl dealer, 7 Raphael Street
McCartney, Richard, traveller, 114 Bristol Street
McCartney, Robt., packing case maker, 17 Windsor Street
McCartney, Robt., rivetter, 8 Ninth Street
McCartney, R., iron turner, 30 Bristol Street
McCartney, Samuel, grocer, 38 Hopewell Street
McCartney, Saml., joiner, 24 Austin Street
McCartney, Thomas, brick layer, 19 Agincourt Avenue
McCartney, Thos., hotel boots, 58 Wigton Street
McCartney, Wm., sheet metal worker, 29 Bryson Street
McCartney, W., store keeper, 31 Barrington Street
McCartney, W., ship's steward, 15 Linwood Street
McCartney, W. S., shoe maker, 146 Old Lodge Road
McCartney, W., carpenter, 59 Bentham Street
McCartney, W. H., clerk, 60 Bloomfield Avenue
McCartney, W. J., seaman, 2 Brentwood Street
McCartney & Garey, merchant tailors, 5 Rosemary Street; res., J. McCartney, 5 The Mount
McCarty, James, boiler maker, 80 Cheviot Avenue
McCashin, Ellen, 102 Fitzroy Avenue
McCashin, John, clerk, 116 Dunluce Avenue
McCashin, J. M., boot maker, 27a Falls Road
McCashin, Rev. Daniel, Adm. St. Malachy's Presbytery, 24 Alfred Street
McCaughan, A., spirit grocer, 7 Crumlin Road, 79, 81 Millfield, 2, 4 Melbourne Street and 2 to 6 Strangemore House, Cliftonpark Avenue
McCaughan, D., carpenter, 177 Spamount Street
McCaughan, H., painter, 33 Moneyrea Street
McCaughan, James, painter, 17 Newtownards Road Upper
McCaughan, James, tailor, 29 May Street Little
McCaughan, John, painter, 295 Newtownards Road
McCaughan & Moyes, Shaftesbury Laundry, 92 Donegall Pass
McCaugherty, John F., brush maker, 54 Carlow Street
McCaughey, A., stone mason, 36 Flax Street
McCaughey, Edward, baker, 20 Donegall Avenue
McCaughey, James, R.I.C., 52 Raby Street
McCaughey, Geo., boot maker, 236 Albertbridge Road
McCaughey, James & Co., flour and bran merchants etc., 6 Trafalgar Street; res., 4 Easton Gardens, Cliftonville Road
McCaughey, John, confectioner, 230 Leeson Street
McCaughey, John, J.P., linen merchant, 40 Arthur Street Upper; res., Lancedean, Derryvolgie Avenue
McCaughey, J., crane driver, 17 White Street
McCaughey, Miss, 7 Chestnut Gardens
McCaughey, Mrs., Merlock, Bawnmore Road
McCaughey, Samuel, clerk, 22 Schomberg Street
McCaughey, Stewart, plumber, 131 Oldpark Avenue
McCaughey, W., brass finisher, 69 Redcar Street
McCaughey, Wm. J., traveller, Easton Cottage, 16 Easton Crescent
McCaughey & Co., manufacturers, 40 Upper Arthur Street
McCaughran, Jas., bleacher, 10 Liffey Street
McCaul, James, publican, 2 Woodvale Road
McCaul, Thos., engine driver, 37 Copperfield Street
McCaul, Thos. H., architect, Fairview, Osborne Park
McCaull, J., M.D., Hampton Terrace, 182 Lisburn Road & 85 Grosvenor Road
McCauley, A., packing case maker, works, 1 Dublin Road
McCauley, A., spirit grocer, 57, 59 Fortwilliam Parade
McCauley, Chas., boot maker, 3 Belgrade Street
McCauley, Fras., plasterer, 24 Keegan Street
McCauley, Geo., joiner, 155 Spamount Street
McCauley, Geo., confectioner, 43 My Lady's Road
McCauley, Jas., postman, 54 Mountcollyer Road
McCauley, Jas., clerk, 63 Cheviot Avenue
McCauley, Jas., clerk, 95 Brookmount Street
McCauley, Jos., mechanic, 32 Danube Street
McCauley, J., joiner, 85 North Queen Street
McCauley, L. A., provision store, 76 Dunluce Avenue
McCauley, Robt., sailor, 94 Bryson Street
McCauley, R., street inspector, 43 Ashdale Street
McCauley, Thos., shoe maker, 112 Crimea Street
McCauley, Thos. J., newsagent, 143 Newtownards Road
McCauley, W. H., street inspector, 17 Swift Street
McCaulfield, R., dairyman, 38 Cyprus Street
McCausland, A., mechanic, 20 Westmoreland Street
McCausland, Charles, waste and metal merchant, 59 Milford Street
McCausland, David, Stevedore, 92 Corporation Street; stores, 76, 78 Corporation Street
McCausland, Helen, 84 University Street
McCausland, James, litho. printer, 79 Old Lodge Road
McCausland, John J., clerk, 219 Cambrai Street
McCausland, J., stereotyper, 19 Upton Street
McCausland, J., plumber, 32 Tower Street
McCausland, L., refreshment rooms, 3, 4 Oxford Street
McCausland, Lynch, & Co., scrap iron and timber merchants and machinery dealers, Queen's Road; res., Chas. McCausland, Clondarra Buildings, Falls Road
McCausland, Mrs., stationer and confectioner, 98 Corporation Street
McCausland, Mrs., Garda, Malone Park
McCausland, Mrs. J. K., Lennoxvale, Malone Road
McCausland, M. R., & Co., mill furnishers and hardware merchants and rope and twine manufacturers, 13 Waring Street; works, Castlereagh Road
McCausland, Samuel, Wholesale Tea, Sugar and Seed Merchant, 36, 38 Victoria Street; Stores, 13 Prince's Street; Residence, Wm. McCausland, Cherryvale, Ravenhill Road
McCausland, Saml., railway official, 15 Cliftonville Road
McCausland, S., general draper, 154 North Queen Street
McCausland, Thomas, supt. commercial newsroom, 1 Waring Street; res., 19 Deramore Street
McCausland, T., iron turner, 22 Vistula Street
McCausland, Wm., gardener, 21 Churchill Street
McCausland, W., clerk, 189 Snugville Street
McCausland, W. & J., hemstitchers and finishers, Floral Buildings, East Bridge Street
McCausland, Wm. S., 1 Invergourie, Galwally Park
McCavana, Jas., confectioner, 37 Bedeque Street
McCavana, John, boot maker, 47 Mountpottinger Road
McCavana, Mary, publican, 170 Grosvenor Road
McCavanagh, H., flax and tow waste merchant, 1a Grosvenor Place. Tel. No. 856
McCavanagh, Thos., butcher, 4 Catherine Street
McCavert, R., insurance agent, 9 Buller Street
McCaw, Alex., 21 Eia Street
McCaw, Fred. W., warehouseman, 6 Florenceville Avenue
McCaw, Frederick & Co., fancy linen manufacturers, 18 Howard Street
McCaw, Geo., clerk, Grianan, Kensington Road
McCaw, James, moulder, 1 Mulhouse Street
McCaw, John, M.D., L.R.C.P., surgeon, 74 Dublin Road
McCaw, J., linen business, 7 Haypark Avenue
McCaw, Jos., hardware, 324 Woodstock Road
McCaw, Maria J. B., 21 Cyprus Gardens
McCaw, Mary, grocer, 20 Lyons Street
McCaw, Miss Agnes, 97 Malone Avenue
McCaw, Miss Annie, 31 Wellesley Avenue
McCaw, Miss Minnie, 68 University Street
McCaw, Mrs., Hopetown, Malone Road
McCaw, Mrs. S. A., 2 Lonsdale Street
McCaw, Robert, commission agent, 64 Malone Avenue
McCaw, Stevenson, & Orr, Ltd., printers, publishers and chromo lithographers, Loop Bridge Works, Castlereagh Road
McCaw, Thomas, collar and cuff manufacturer, 130 Dover Street; res., 2 Kingswear, Knockburn Park
McCaw, T., grocer, 52, 54 Henry Street
McCaw, Wm., collar and cuff manufacturer, 10 Lonsdale Street
McCaw, Wm. John, moulder, 18 Irwell Street
McCaw, W., pattern maker, 74 Beverley Street
McCay, F., engine driver, 1 Glasgow Street
McCay, J. W., clerk, 73 Rosevale Street
McChesney, Hugh, sawyer, 4 Mileriver Street
McChesney, J., watch maker and jeweller, 20 Royal Avenue; res., 32 Camden Street
McChesney, S., clerk, 208 Ravenhill Street
McChrisken, Henry, barber, 12 Grace Street
McClafferty, John M., publican, 152, 154 North Street
McClarin, George, 6 Fountainville Avenue
McClarkin, J., costumier, 187 Snugville Street
McClarnon, John, brick layer, 35 Tralee Street
McClarnon, John, joiner, 31 Bentinck Street
McClarnon, John, Chain Testing Works, 38 Dock Street
McClarnon, J., ship joiner, 35 Bentinck Street
McClarnon, J., dealer, 16 Walnut Street
McClarnon, Patk., public dining rooms, 136, 138 Corporation Street
McClarnon, P., grocer, 110 Nelson Street
McClarnon, Robt., rivetter, 24 Midland Street
McClarnon, Robt., carpenter, 93 Bloomfield Avenue
McClarnon, Robert, tenter, 42 Chief Street
McClarnon, W., tobacconist, 2 Surrey Street
McClarnon, W. J., tenter, 118 Silvio Street
McClarty, John, ship carpenter, 10 Shipboy Street
McClatchey, David, brick layer, 8 Moltke Street
McClatchey, H., cloth passer, Emilyville, Oldpark Road
McClatchey, Hy., dresser, 288 Donegall Road
McClatchey, John, superintendent Carrick House, Regent Street Lower
McClatchey, Miss, 151 University Road
McClatchey, Robt., secretary, 16 Stranmillis Street
McClatchie, E., grocer, 12 Charles Street South
McClatchie, Wm., insurance agent, 68 Clonard Gardens
McClatchy, R., linen lapper, 49 Excise Street
McClay, Fras., joiner, 5c Glenallen Street
McClay, John, horse shoer and jobbing smith, 3 Glenbank Terrace, Ballysillan
McClay, Robert, Bible and Tract Depot, 42, 44 Ann Street
McClay, Robert, jeweller, 68 Ann Street
McClea, Jas., joiner, 89 Stratheden Street
McClea, J., builder, 2 Harcourt Street
McClean, Alex., joiner, 16 Abercorn Street North
McClean, Alex., rope maker, 24 Nevis Avenue
McClean, Andrew, carpenter, 4 Newry Street
McClean, Annie, grocer, 23 Legnavea Street
McClean, Archd., joiner, 64 Mountcollyer Avenue
McClean, Arthur, school teacher, 142 Manor Street
McClean, A., ship carpenter, 92 Nelson Street
McClean, B., joiner, 5 Alloa Street
McClean, Chas., butcher, 29 New Lodge Road
McClean, Chas., brass finisher, 26 Summer Street
McClean, Chas., brick layer, 8 Mossvale Street
McClean, Chas. Hry., buyer, 3 Garra Terrace, Shore Road
McClean, F. P., Coniston, 19 Derryvolgie Avenue
McClean, Hugh, cooper, 50 Kenbaan Street
McClean, Hugh, pattern maker, 6 Thistle Street
McClean, Jas., sailor, 48 Wolff Street
McClean, Jas., rivetter, 23 Julia Street
McClean, Jas., apron cutter, 78 Carmel Street
McClean, Jas., confectioner and tobacconist, 14 Albion Street
McClean, James, grocer, 7 Albion Street
McClean, John, boiler maker, 33 Solway Street
McClean, John, cabinet maker, 6 Dysart Street
McClean, John, cart and van maker, 19 Rosewood Street
McClean, J., motor driver, Craigavon Lodge, Strandtown
McClean, John, boiler maker, 40 Armitage Street
McClean, John, foreman turner, 330 Springfield Road
McClean, Jos., joiner, 36 Mersey Street
McClean, J., confectioner, 184 Crumlin Road
McClean, J., brass finisher, 5 Major Street
McClean, J., clerk, 1 Glandore Street
McClean, J., Miss, Strangemore Terrace, 65 Crumlin Road
McClean, Mrs., 29 Lonsdale Street
McClean, M., R.I.C., 36 Dargle Street
McClean, M., painter, 72 Cosgrave Street
McClean, Peter, pattern maker, 78 Cheviot Avenue
McClean, Robert, dairyman, Andersonstown, Falls Road
McClean, Robt., caulker, 24 Nile Street
McClean, Robt., hair dresser, 175 Grosvenor Road
McClean, Robert, & Sons, provision merchants, 40, 42 Old Lodge Road and stores, 54, 56 Kent Street
McClean, R., provision merchant, 44 Townsend Street
McClean, R., coal dealer, 23 Syringa Street
McClean, Saml., boot maker, 23 Riga Street
McClean, S., shipwright, 70 Hillman Street
McClean, T., clerk, 23 Ruth Street
McClean, T., cashier, 1 Helen's Vale, Glenburn Park
McClean, Wm., fruiterer, 36 Hope Street
McClean, Wm., engineer, 7 Fitzwilliam Street
McClean, Wm., R.I.C., 34 Fortwilliam Parade
McClean, Wm. A., bookkeeper, 17 Hartington Street
McClean, W. J., dairyman, Milltown, Falls Road
McClean, Wm., plater, 91 Mountcollyer Road
McCleary, D., plasterer, 105 Mountcollyer Avenue
McCleary, D. A., saddler, 33 Mountpottinger Road
McCleary, Jas., stone cutter, 15 Carmel Street
McCleary, J., pensioner R.I.C., 36 Rutlanl Street (Rutland)
McCleary, J., plate layer, 17 Brunswick Street Little
McCleary, J., police pensioner, 36 Rutland Street
McCleary, Robt., clerk, 23 Carmel Street
McCleary, Sam., grocer, 19 Springfield Avenue
McCleary, Wm., fitter, 51 Meadow Street Upper
McCleary, Wm., tailor, 37 Rutland Street
McCleary, Wm., plumber, 17 Tower Street
McCleave, David, pig dealer, 13 Welland Street
McCleave, Jas., shipwright, 52 Glenbrook Avenue
McCleave, Jas., iron turner, 1 Charleville Avenue
McCleave, Jas., lock keeper, New Forge, Malone
McCleave, John, commission agent, 36 Boyd Street
McCleave, J., engineer, 33 Oakland Avenue
McCleave, Robt., confectioner, 258 Crumlin Road
McCleave, Thomas, foreman, 7 Cambrai Street
McCleave, T., confectioner, 262 Crumlin Road
McCleave, Wm., grocer, 44 Solway Street
McCleery, Alex., moulder, 114 Woodvale Avenue
McCleery, David, fitter, 9 Ardmoulin Avenue
McCleery, F., engineer, 17 Dover Street
McCleery, Hamilton, & Co., yarn merchants, 20 Franklin Street
McCleery, H., brass finisher, 44 Arkwright Street
McCleery, H. C., mill manager, 12 Orient Gardens
McCleery, James, cooper, 5 Buller Street
McCleery, Jas., pattern maker, 97 Templemore Street
McCleery, Jas. C., M.D., Marsden Villas, Antrim Road
McCleery, John, mechanic, 104 Sugarfield Street
McCleery, J., inspector N.C.R., 41 Adam Street
McCleery, J., building inspector, 58 Bray Street
McCleery, J., cabinet maker, 3 Century Street
McCleery, J. O. (managing director Wm. Ross & Co.), Ardstratha, 246 Antrim Road
McCleery, Margt., 82 Cliftonpark Avenue
McCleery, Mary Ann, 37 Dover Street
McCleery, Mrs., 25 Malone Avenue
McCleery, S., fitter, 15 McAdam Street
McCleery, Thos., 46 Toronto Terrace, Lisburn Road
McCleery, Thos. G., traveller, 3 Parkview Terrace, Bray Street
McCleery, T., mechanic, 46 Hillman Street
McCleery, T., pensioner, 14 Soudan Street
McCleery, Wm., overseer, 14 Wigton Street
McClellan, Mrs., Fairview Villas, 172 Earlswood Road
McClellan, Thos., & Co., hair dressers' sundries, 28 Waring Street
McClelland, Agnes, tobacconist, 23 Old Lodge Road
McClelland, Alex., boot maker, 183 Sandy Row
McClelland, Annie, publican, 68, 70 Short Strand
McClelland, A., mechanic, 15 Ballymena Street
McClelland, A., plasterer, 107 Malvern Street Upper
McClelland, D., grocer, 119, 121 Lodge Road Old
McClelland, H. J., commercial traveller, Cooleen, Ashley Gardens
McClelland, James, foreman, 9 Evolina Street
McClelland, James, engineers' merchant, Glencar, Henderson Avenue
McClelland, Jas., mechanic, 284 Cupar Street
McClelland, Jas., engineer, 48 Derwent Street
McClelland, Jas., tailor, 24 Hopewell Street
McClelland, John, moulder, 43 Northumberland Street
McClelland, Joseph, clerk, 63 Turin Street
McClelland, J., grocer, 26, 28 Castlereagh Road
McClelland, J., rivetter, 19 Mervue Street
McClelland, J., mechanic, 10 Glencollyer Street
McClelland, J., rivetter, 48 Glenfarne Street Upper
McClelland, J. T., insurance agent, 18 Ayr Street
McClelland, Mary, grocer, 7 Hope Street
McClelland, Mary, teacher, 3 Jocelyn Terrace, Woodstock Road
McClelland, Mrs., grocer, 55 M'Tier Street
McClelland, Mrs. Agnes, 17 Fitzwilliam Street
McClelland, Mrs. Sarah Ann, publican, 310, 312 and 314 Newtownards Road Upper
McClelland, Robert, blacksmith, 19 Bryson Street
McClelland, Robert, printer, 63 Battenberg Street (No.2)
McClelland, Robt., spirit grocer, 17 Mount Street (No.2)
McClelland, Robt., bookkeeper, 74 Carmel Street
McClelland, Robt., baker, 67 Nevis Avenue
McClelland, Robt., sawyer, 2 Dunn Street
McClelland, Robert, bookkeeper, 104 Killowen Street
McClelland, R., publican, 40 Castlereagh Place
McClelland, R., boot maker, 99 Sandy Row
McClelland, R. W., N.S. teacher, 79 Kansas Avenue
McClelland, Saml., painter, 25 Townsend Street
McClelland, Saml., iron moulder, 40 Bellevue Street
McClelland, S., yarn dresser, 15 Legane Street
McClelland, Thos., fitter, 81 Malvern Street
McClelland, T., iron moulder, 44 Moore Street
McClelland, T. J., tenter, 178 Ainsworth Avenue
McClelland, Wm., blacksmith, 79 Derwent Street
McClelland, Wm., druggist, 50 Rutland Street
McClelland, Wm., cabinet maker, 58 Frome Street
McClelland, W., fish monger, 149 New Lodge Road
McClelland, W. A., gold blocker, Ardnaveigh, Downshire Road
McClelland, Wm. G., draper, 18 Beechfield Street
McClelland, W. J., plumber, 42 Howe Street
McClelland, W. T., 36 Camden Street
McClelland & Co., grocers, 191 Shankill Road
McClelland & Graham, electrical engineers, 55, 57 Corporation Street
McClement, Wm., Erigvale, 33 Indiana Avenue
McClements, A., joiner, 33 Cavehill Road
McClements, H., joiner, 9 Sydney Street West
McClements, Jas., cattle dealer, Turf Lodge, Glen Road
McClements, Jas., tailor, 38 Newry Street
McClements, John, carpenter, 64 Paris Street
McClements, John, joiner, 43 Israel Street
McClements, John, joiner, 64 Seaview Street
McClements, R., shipwright, 64 Cheviot Avenue
McClements, W., time keeper, 31 Nevis Avenue
McClements, W. J., seed merchant, Glenview House, Camberwell Street
McClements, W. P., carpenter, 19 Hurst Street
McClenaghan, C., grocer, 77, 79 Cosgrave Street
McClenaghan, Daniel, gardener, 32 New Lodge Road
McClenaghan, D., meter inspector, Glenmachan Cottages, Old Holywood Road
McClenaghan, F., artist, 390 Beersbridge Road Upper
McClenaghan, H., dealer, 4 California Street
McClenaghan, H., over looker, 51 Lawnbrook Avenue
McClenaghan, John, master tailor in workhouse, 3 Harrow Street
McClenaghan, John, boot maker, 38 York Road
McClenaghan, John, posting establishment, Rosetta Cottage, Rosetta Park
McClenaghan, Joseph, fitter, 17 Jersey Street
McClenaghan, J., plasterer, 69 Edinburgh Street
McClenaghan, J. C., rivetter, 28 Kathleen Street
McClenaghan, Mrs., grocer, 77, 79 Cosgrave Street
McClenaghan, M., yarn dresser, 138 Cambrai Street
McClenaghan, S., boot maker, 42 Cussick Street
McClenaghan, Thos., insurance agent, 54 Dover Street
McClenaghan, Thos., stone cutter, 77 Britannic Street
McClenaghan, T., baker, 17 Belgrade Street
McClenaghan, Wm., weigh master, 45 Woodvale Road
McClenaghan, W. J., dairyman, 172, 174 Leopold Street
McClenaghan, W. J., clerk, 100 Bray Street
McClenahan, J., plater, 1 Glendara, Oldpark Road
McCleren, Wm., rivetter, 70 Killowen Street
McClernon, Jas., blacksmith, 60 Tamar Street
McClintock, B. J., dress maker, 3 George's Terrace, Castlereagh Road
McClintock, Chas., clerk, 2 Legland Street
McClintock, H., finisher, 218 Mayo Street
McClintock, H., draper, 127 Duncairn Gardens
McClintock, James, draper, Heather View Lodge, Ballygomartin
McClintock, James, painter, 24 Lyons Street
McClintock, Jas., engineer, 109 Greenore Street
McClintock, John, iron turner, 21 Derwent Street
McClintock, J., draper, 291, 293 Shankill Road
McClintock, Miss E., confectioner, 24 Clondara Street
McClintock, Miss, dress maker, 64 Stratheden Street
McClintock, S., pensioner, 26 Martin Street
McClintock, S., clerk, 3 Loughview Place, Ballysillan
McClintock, Wm., brass finisher, 26 Baltic Street
McClintock, W., mechanic, 127 Westmoreland Street
McClinton, G., car owner, 39 Townsend Street
McClinton, John, 35 Adelaide Park
McClinton & Co., wholesale seed merchants, 104 Divis Street and 48 Victoria Street; res., John McClinton, Rosaville, 25 Windsor Park
McCloskey, Charles, & Co., linen and handkerchief manufacturers, 4 Amelia Street; goods entrance, 4 Bain's Place; res., Alston, Lisburn Road
McCloskey, D., wine merchant, 115 York Street, agent for D'Arcy & Son, Dublin
McCloskey, Felix, boot maker, 109 Albert Street
McCloskey, Francis, spirit grocer, 24 Albion Street
McCloskey, F., publican, 13 Limestone Street
McCloskey, John, publican, 8, 10 Hope Street
McCloskey, John, mason, 14 Massereene Street
McCloskey, John, postman, 44 North Queen Street
McCloskey, John, spirit grocer, 4 Albert Terrace, Park Avenue
McCloskey, J., proprietor, York Billiard Rooms, 63a York Street
McCloskey, J., spirit grocer, 4 Antrim Road
McCloskey, J., collar cutter, 18 Apsley Street
McCloskey, J., publican, 61 and 75 York Street, 47 Donegall Quay, and 2, 4 Great Patrick Street
McCloskey, Mrs. Margaret, Antrimville, 206 Antrim Road
McCloskey, Mrs., 15 Marlborough Avenue
McCloskey, Thos., carrier, Malone Cottages, Malone Road
McCloskey, W. J., overseer, 36 Euston Street
McCloud, A., driller, 87 Bellevue Street
McCloud, Elizabeth, flesher, 264 Albertbridge Road
McCloud, Jos., joiner, 17 Seventh Street
McCloy, D., caulker, 86 Howard Street South
McCloy, Harrison, plumber, gasfitter and brass founder, 22 to 26 Talbot Street
McCloy, James, engine fitter, 3 Spamount Street
McCloy, John, plumber, 60 Chief Street
McCloy, Miss Margaret, 6 Salisbury Avenue
McCloy, Mrs., 36 Lincoln Avenue
McCloy, Robert Jas., pavior, 4 Maralin Street
McCloy, T. J., tailor, 185 Snugville Street
McCluggage, D., wholesale boot factor, 10a Waring Street
McCluggage, Thos., painter, 26 Columbia Street
McCluggage, W., bread server, 56 Columbia Street
McClughan, Jas., baker, 10 Ambleside Street
McClughan, Jas., carpenter, 29 College Square North
McClughan, John, tobacconist, 23 Shankill Road
McClughan, Joseph, bookkeeper, Elizabeth Terrace, 275 Crumlin Road
McClughan, R., engineer, 163 Agnes Street
McClughan, Thos., carpenter, 79 Victoria Road
McClughan, Wm., boiler maker, 110 Earl Street
McClughan, Wm., joiner, 21 Groomsport Street
McClune, Alex., shoeing forge, Stormount Lane
McClune, Geo., painter and decorator, 4 Evelyn Avenue
McClune, Hugh, engraver, 4 Thistle Street
McClune, Hugh, linen trade, 11 Madrid Street
McClune, J. A., clerk, 11 Florenceville Avenue
McClune, John A., secretary, City Loan & District Bank, 22 Florenceville Avenue
McClune, Mrs., 5 Cadogan Street
McClune, Robert, painter, 77 Isoline Street
McClune, Saml., hackle maker, 100 Cambrai Street
McCluney, Miss, 26 Agincourt Street
McCluney, Mrs., tobacconist & confectioner, 112 Ormeau Road
McCluney, Robt., painter, 77 Isoline Street
McCluney, T., painter and artistic sign writer, 177 Albertbridge Road

McCluney, Wm. J., gardener, 28 Cheviot Avenue
McCluney, W., gas stoker, 142 University Avenue
McClung, James, cooper, 6 Woodvale Street
McClung, John, preparing master, 6 Syringa Street
McClung, J. C., manager Brookfield Linen Company Ltd.; res., Avonmore, 2 Alexandra Gardens
McClung, Robert, & Co., wholesale warehousemen and hardware merchants, Cathedral Buildings, 58 Donegall Street; res., Moss Villa, Lisburn Road
McClung, S., Verdant Lee Dairy, 74 Holywood Road
McClung, Thos., polisher, 7 Willow Street
McClure, Alex., plumber, 5 Earl Place
McClure, Chas., joiner, 38 Lomond Avenue
McClure, D., horse shoer, 9 George's Street
McClure, E., dress maker, 98 York Road
McClure, G. E., journalist, 39 Fairview Street
McClure, H., gardener, 8 Evolina Street
McClure, James, boot maker, 20 Melrose Street
McClure, James, shoe maker, 3 Rowland Street
McClure, James, toolsmith, 18 Hogarth Street
McClure, James, plumber, 15 Lavinia Street
McClure, James, foreman, 34 Bloomfield Avenue
McClure, James, bread server, 40 Dover Street
McClure, John, painter and glazier, 81 Utility Street
McClure, John (of York Street Flaxspinning Co. Ltd.) Knock Erne, Jordanstown
McClure, John, painter and glazier, 79 Utility Street
McClure, John, brick layer, 54 Oldpark Road
McClure, John, brass finisher, 26 Shipboy Street
McClure, John B., grocer, 2 Dock Street
McClure, John, joiner, 37 Lomond Avenue
McClure, John G., mineral water manufacturer, 24 Newington Street
McClure, Jno., 7 Kinnaird Terrace
McClure, J., joiner, 56 Seaview Street
McClure, J., bread server, 1 Tyne Street
McClure, J., publican, 1, 3 Pound Street & 45, 47 Durham Street
McClure, J., iron turner, 182 Wilton Street
McClure, J. D., chartered accountant, 35 High Street
McClure, Mrs. Sarah, 17 South Parade
McClure, Richd., fruiterer, 150 Crumlin Road
McClure, Richd., salesman, 7 Maymount Street
McClure, Robinson, baker, 35, 37 McClure Street
McClure, Robt., traveller, 25 Hopeton Street
McClure, R. Sherwood, accountant, 16 Hopefield Avenue
McClure, R., bread server, 27 Agra Street
McClure, Saml., linen merchant, 10 Howard Street
McClure, S., engineer, 3 Esther Street
McClure, S., carpenter, 7 Walnut Street
McClure, S., pawn broker, 51, 53 Peter's Hill
McClure, S., weaving factory, 1 Milner Street
McClure, Thos., clerk, 39 Kensington Avenue
McClure, Thos., insurance agent, 7 Gotha Street
McClure, Thos., practical watch maker and jeweller, 4 Ann Street; res., Innisfail, Knockbreda Park
McClure, T., tram conductor, 14 Bread Street
McClure, Wm., posting establishment, 527 Ormeau Road
McClure, Wm. J., fitter, 37 Maryville Avenue
McClure, Wm., carpenter, 50 Ribble Street
McClure, Wm., mechanic, 30 Arnon Street
McClure, Wm., iron moulder, 82 Hopeton Street
McClure, Wm., saddler, 52 Denmark Street
McClure, Wm., grocer, 7 Bridge Street
McClure, Wm., postal clerk, 103 Newtownards Road Upper
McClure, W., merchant tailor, 16 Donegall Square North; res., Ashbank, Ardenlee Avenue
McClure, W. J., grocer, 52 Elizabeth Street
McClurg, Chas., brick layer, 12 Cherryville Street
McClurg, Chas., brass finisher, 78 Tennent Street
McClurg, Henry, shoe maker, 13 Westcott Street
McClurg, H., brick layer, 20 Laburnum Street
McClurg, James, cloth passer, 44 Agnes Street
McClurg, James, book binder, 236 Old Lodge Road
McClurg, Mrs. W., 125 Park Avenue
McClurg, Robert, cellarman, 108 Balfour Avenue
McClurg, Robt., plumber, 8 Madras Street
McClurg, R., warehouseman, Kilyfidy, Oldpark Road
McClurg, Robt., fitter, 20 Dunraven Avenue
McClurg, S., clerk, 29 Esmond Street
McClurg, Wm., Norfolk Villas, Newtownards Road Upper
McClurg, Wm., cooper, 85 Roden Street
McClurg, Wm., plumber and gasfitter, 7 Altcar Street
McClurg, Wm., ship & general grocery stores, 55 Great Patrick Street
McClurg, Wm., brick layer, 138 Broadway Lower
McClurg & Co., general commission merchants & publishers of "Mercantile Gazette," 53 Patrick Street Great
McClurkin, F., carpenter, 93 Conlig Street
McClurkin, S. J., moulder, 65 Snugville Street
McClurkin, Thos., joiner, 37 Newport Street
McCluskey, Ber., bread server, 15 Syringa Street
McCluskey, Elizabeth, grocer, 40 Ardmoulin Avenue
McCluskey, E., confectioner, 46 King Street
McCluskey, Henry, cooper and tinsmith, 124 Halliday's Road
McCluskey, Henry, shirt cutter, 15 Ballarat Street
McCluskey, Felix, spirit grocer, 2 Cultra Street
McCluskey, John, clerk, 15 Hawthorn Street
McCluskey, Michl., shoe maker, 23 Elmdale Street
McCluskey, W. J., chief clerk Belfast Harbour Storage Department, Dufferin Road
McCoach, Rev. W. (Oldpark Presbyterian Church), 1 Cyrene Villas, Cliftonpark Avenue
McCobrie, Robt., miller, 21 Twickenham Street
McCoey, D., boot maker, 61 Dunmore Street
McCoey, James, printer, 46 Clowney Street
McCoey, Thos., shoe maker, 17 Bombay Street
McCoey, Thos., shoe maker, 11 Lucan Street
McCoard, Saml., engineer, 6 Glenvale Street
McColgan, John, joiner, 54 Battenberg Street (No. 2)
McColl, Hector (of McColl & Co. Ltd.), Queen's Road; 4 Kirkliston Drive
McColl, John, smith, 16 Pandora Street
McColl, John, brick later, 8 Rockview Street Lower
McColl, Matthew, joiner, 6 Ardenvohr Street
McColl, Robt., car driver, 67 Bellevue Street
McCollam, Joseph, coal merchant, 8 Richmond Terrace, Richardson Street
McCollum, D., clerk, 32 Battenberg Street No.2
McCollough, Alex., sea captain, 3 Cliftonpark Avenue
McComb, Adam, carpenter, 40 Grace Street
McComb, Alex. Allen, 2 Dunluce Avenue
McComb Bros., 7, 9 Talbot Street
McComb & Co., leather merchants, 32 Mill Street
McComb, David, provision merchant, 131, 133 Newtownards Road
McComb, Edw., stone cutter, 15 Cyprus Street
McComb, Francis, painter, 8 Posnett Street
McComb, Fred., clerk, 76 Ogilvie Street
McComb, Geo., boiler maker, 79 Hillman Street
McComb, Geo., clerk, 3 Clifton Crescent
McComb, G., flax and tow merchant, 7, 9 Talbot Street
McComb, James, saddler, 33 Hillman Street
McComb, Jas., Customs officer, 181 Alexandrapark Avenue
McComb, Jas., cabinet maker, 68 Portallo Street
McComb, Jas., carpenter, 38 Grace Avenue
McComb, John, coal merchant, 90 Albert Street
McComb, John, fitter, 22 Dunmore Street
McComb, Jos., commission agent, 26 Salisbury Avenue
McComb, J., flour and provision broker, 39 Victoria Street
McComb, J., railway guard, 43 Adam Street
McComb, J., grocer, 72 Old Lodge Road
McComb, J. S., hon. treasurer Students' Union Society, University Square
McComb, Margaret, 31 Clonard Gardens
McComb, Miss, 109 Wellesley Avenue
McComb, Robert, baker, 4 Belmore Street
McComb, Robt., journalist, 167 Crumlin Road
McComb, Robt., spinning master, 39 Ruth Street
McComb, Rosanna, 150 Cliftonpark Avenue
McComb, Samuel, butter merchant, 4 Castle Chambers; res., 3 Woodland Avenue
McComb, Saml., painter, 39 London Street
McComb, Thos., joiner, 179 Nelson Street
McComb, Thos. H., commission agent and merchant, 1 Hope Street (1st floor); res., 121 University Street
McComb, T., boiler maker, 23 Hillman Street
McComb, Wm., carpenter, 193 Sandy Row
McComb, William, Snugville Steam Bakery, 15 to 19 Snugville Street, and 223, 225 Shankill Road; res., Dunedin, 361 Antrim Road
McComb, Wm., dresser, 84 Ainsworth Avenue
McComb, Wm., carpenter, 20 Castlereagh Place
McCombe, G. M. (McKelvey & McCombe), estate agent. 107 University Road
McCombe, John, caretaker, Beechmount, Downview Avenue
McCombe, Jos., bottler, 53 Cherryville Street
McCombe, Mary Ann, 6 Richmond Square
McCombe, Mrs., grocer, 4, 6 Ava Avenue
McCombe, Robt., supervisor Inland Revenue, 67 University Street
McCombe, W. G., mechanic, 67 Percy Street
McCombie, Chas., gardener, 58 Wilcar Street
McComish, A., baker, 26 Campbell Park Avenue
McComish, H., butcher, 21 Catherine Street
McComish, James, 20, 22 Manderson Street
McComish, John, painter, 26 Benwell Street
McComish, John, Benmore House, Sydenham Avenue, Belmont
McComish, J., house painter, 8 Burke Street
McComish, Mrs., 11 Abercorn Street
McComish, R., bookkeeper, 51 Kansas Avenue
McComish, R., 15 Kenilworth Street
McComish, Susan, grocer, 21 Carnan Street
McComish, Wm., rivetter, 52 Cheviot Avenue
McComish, Wm., plumber, 9 Naples Street
McComish, Wm., clerk, 86 Melrose Street
McComish & Shaw, tea merchants, 1 Mill Street and 120 Albertbridge Road
McComisky, Arth., traveller, 2 Ravenhill Street
McComisky, Michl., carpenter, 55 Hartley Street
McComiskey, J., yarn dresser, 36 Witham Street
McConaghey, A., pensioner, 183a Meadow Street Upper
McConaghey, G., shoe maker, 94 Beersbridge Road
McConaghey, Mrs., 10 Carolan Road
McConaghy, Patk., grocer, 54, 56 Irwin Street
McConchie, Wm., traffic manager, Larne and Stranraer Steamship Company, 5 St. Jude's Avenue
McCone, J., plater, 73 Woodvale Road
McCone, Wm., clerk, 63 Annadale Street
McConi, D., figure maker and moulder, 65, 67 Great Patrick Street
McConkey, Barclay (of "Belfast Evening Telegraph"), Marathon, Greenisland
McConkey, E., plater, 32 Walton Street
McConkey, E., teacher, 31 Brookland Street
McConkey, G. D., registered druggist, 126 Agnes Street
McConkey, H., tinsmith, 76 Hopewell Street
McConkey, Jas., grocer, 177 Duncairn Gardens
McConkey, Jas., tailor, 28 Welsh Street
McConkey, John, 31 Thorndale Avenue
McConkey, John, R.I.C., 32 Dunraven Avenue
McConkey, John, druggist and grocer, 155 Divis Street
McConkey, Mrs., the Cottages, Balmoral Avenue
McConkey, Richard W., bookkeeper, 3 Golconda Terrace, Woodstock Road
McConkey, Robt., machine man, 30 Mountpottinger Road
McConkey, Thomas, insurance agent, 45 Ponsonby Avenue
McConkey, Thos., baker, 1 Stranview Street
McConkey, Thos., engine driver, 39 Tomb Street
McConkey, Thos., clerk, 15 Mossvale Street
McConkey, T., brick layer, 36 Summer Street
McConkey, T. J., & Co., mahogany and bent timber merchant, 34 to 40 York Street
McConkey, William, clothier and outfitter, 14 Bedford Street; res., Clementine, Rosetta Park
McConkey, Wm., bookkeeper, 129 Cliftonpark Avenue
McConkey, W., brick layer, 45 Montreal Street
McConnell, Alex., coal merchant, 1 Isthmus Street
McConnell, Alex., moulder, 13 Waterville Street
McConnell, A., plasterer, 1 Shaftesbury Street
McConnell, A., bread server, 13 Century Street
McConnell, A., M.D., surgeon, 12 College Square North
McConnell, David, coachman, 6 Cheviot Street
McConnell, Esther, tobacconist, 166 Shankill Road
McConnell, Eva, 49 Brookvale Street
McConnell, E., postman, 13 Kashmir Road
McConnell, Fras., school teacher, 76 Cavendish Street
McConnell, Grace, dress maker, 93 Agnes Street
McConnell, Henry, dairy keeper, Ballymagarry
McConnell, Henry, engineer, 63 Pim's Avenue
McConnell, Hugh, manager, manager, 12 Delhi Street
McConnell, Hugh, mattress maker, 18 Lime Street
McConnell, Hugh, tailor, 167 Canmore Street
McConnell, H., carpenter, 191 Snugville Street
McConnell, H., coach builder, 160 Leeson Street
McConnell, H., coach builder, 49 Divis Street
McConnell, H. F., pensioner R.I.C., 67 Ogilvie Street
McConnell, Isaac, builders' assistant, 80 Fitzroy Avenue
McConnell, James, painter, 17 Mervue Street
Mconnell, James, fitter, 69 Crimea Street
McConnell, Jas., baker, 166 Donegall Road
McConnell, Jas., boiler maker, Laburnum Street
McConnell, Jas., foreman, 32 St. Alban's Gardens
McConnell, Jas., clerk, 87 Deramore Avenue
McConnell, Jas., J.P. (of W. D. Henderson & Sons Ltd.), 55 Waring Street; res., Stranmillis House
McConnell, James, painter, 193 Meadow Street Upper
McConnell, John, Chimney sweep and soot merchant, 14, 16 Francis Street and 51 Mill Street. Telephone Number 02308
McConnell, John, mechanic, 35 Mervue Street
McConnell, John, boot maker, 78 Convention Street
McConnell, John, spirit grocer, 1 Havelock View
McConnell, John, clerk, 6 Willowfield Street
McConnell, John, chemist, 92 Oldpark Avenue
McConnell, John, spirit grocer, 82, 84 Vernon Street
McConnell, John, boot maker, 18 Isthmus Street
McConnell, John, J.P., College Green House, Botanic Avenue
McConnell, John S., Arden Villas, Lisburn Road
McConnell, Jno., litho. printer, 227 Cregagh Street
McConnell, Jno. C., grocer, 36 Delhi Street
McConnell, John & J., watch makers and jewellers, 74 North Street
McConnell, Joseph, time keeper, 48 Hatfield Street
McConnell, Jos., iron moulder, 9 Clementine Street
McConnell, E., 49 Brookvale Street
McConnell, J. G., school master, Tara, Cregagh Road
McConnell, J. & J., Ltd., Cromac Distillery, Lagan Village (pot stills only); bonded warehouses, stack 1, Dunbar Street; offices, 22 Corporation Street. Secretary, R. Montgomery, 38 Wellington Park
McConnell, J., flax dresser, 22 Wesley Street
McConnell, J., rivetter, 11 Avoca Street
McConnell, L., clerk, 9 Columbia Street
McConnell, Miss, confectioner, 96 Corporation Street
McConnell, Miss, temperance hotel, 99 York Street
McConnell, Miss, 4 Deramore Avenue
McConnell, Miss A., midwife, 103 Stratheden Street
McConnell, Miss Frances, 43 Tate's Avenue
McConnell, Mrs., 2 Empress Buildings, Ravenhill Road
McConnell, Mrs., Dunearn, Marlborough Park
McConnell, Mrs., 185 Alexandrapark Avenue
McConnell, Mrs., 13 Marlborough Gardens
McConnell, Mrs., 221 Albertbridge Road
McConnell, Mrs., Lynwood, King's Road
McConnell, Mrs. Mary, 96 Cromwell Road
McConnell, Neill, postman, 13 Kashmir Road
McConnell, N. O., M.B., B.A.O., L.A.H., Dublin Apothecaries' Hall, 113 North Street; res., 20 Stranmillis Road
McConnell, Patrick, tenter, 25 Hutchinson Street
McConnell, Rev. Jas., Megain Memorial Presbyterian Church, Elizaville, North Road
McConnell, Robert, carpenter, 4 Dromara Street
McConnell, Robt., cabinet maker, 18 Glencollyer Street
McConnell, Robt., shoe maker, 35 Beech Street
McConnell, R. J., & Co., Traffic and Passenger Agents, Auctioneers, Valuers and Estate Agents, 37 Royal Avenue, 140 Albertbridge Road and 152 Shankill Road; res., Sir Robert James McConnell, Bart., D.L., J.P., Ardenreagh, Windsor Avenue; Joseph McConnell, Ardenreagh, Windsor Avenue
McConnell, Samuel, baker, 9 Beverley, Street
McConnell, Samuel, solicitor, Avonmore Lodge, Lisburn Road
McConnell, S., bread server, 68 Newington Avenue
McConnell, S. F., solicitor, 60 Ann Street
McConnell, Thos., baker, 58 Oldpark Road
McConnell, Thos., car owner, 22, 24 East Street
McConnell, Thos., stone cutter, 2 St. Vincent Street
McConnell, Thomas E., Auctioneer and Valuer, 47 Arthur Street; res., Augustaville, Bangor, Co. Down
McConnell, T., brick layer, 82 Farnham Street
McConnell, T., brick layer, 22 Urney Street Lower
McConnell, T., carpenter, 179 Snugville Street
McConnell, William, draper, 51 Cromac Street
McConnell, Wm., umbrella maker, 105 Albertbridge Road
McConnell, Wm., foreman builder, 19 Eglinton Street
McConnell, Wm., moulder, 15 Clandeboy Street
McConnell, Wm., commission agent, 4 Waring Street; res., Dunmara, 306 Antrim Road
McConnell, Wm., Ingledean, 2 Sunbury Avenue
McConnell, Wm., plater, 73 Mountcollyer Avenue
McConnell, Wm., shipwright, 12 St. Vincent Street
McConnell, Wm., carpenter, 127 Castlereagh Road
McConnell, Wm., draper, 110 Dunluce Avenue
McConnell, Wm., french polisher, 29 Rutherglen Street
McConnell, Wm., plumber, 7 Edinburgh Street
McConnell, Wm., brick layer, 121 Wilton Street
McConnell, Wm., chimney sweep, 1 Scotland Place
McConnell, Wm., damask weaver, 57 Balfour Avenue
McConnell, W., N.S. teacher, 54 Bray Street
McConnell, W., traveller, 50 Oldpark Road
McConnell, W. J., brick layer, 74 London Street
McConvery, Robt., joiner, 20 Bantry Street
McConvery, W., Railway Hotel, 15, 17 Scrabo Street
McConvey, Jas., bookkeeper, 22 Thompson Street
McConvey, N., railway guard, 23 Beechwood Street
McConvey, R., fruiterer, 46 Mountpottinger Road
McConvey, Wm., publican, 66 Bridge End and 25, 27 Station Street
McConville, Henry, time keeper, 8 Boundary Street
McConville, John, publican, 168 Albert Street
McConville, John, dealer, 54 Bond Street
McConville, J., publican, 29 Garmoyle Street
McConville, J., over looker, 51 Derby Street
McConville, Patk., engineer, 28 Dock Street
McCool, Thomas, grocer, 58 Leeson Street
McCord, C., clerk, 3 Wolfhill Place, Ligoniel Road
McCord, Alfred, plasterer, 182 Manor Street
McCord, A., french polisher, 32 Glenalpin Street
McCord, D., foreman, 31 Oakland Avenue
McCord, James, iron turner, 11 Glenbank Place
McCord, Jas., dairyman, Glenside Farm, Legmurn Street
McCord, J., hackle setter, 10 Wolfhill Place, Ligoniel Road
McCord, Miss, dress maker, 131 York Road
McCord, Miss B., 98 Wellesley Avenue
McCord, Robt., rigger, 11 Kenilworth Street
McCord, Robt., electroplater and enameller, 11 Victoria Street
McCord, R., National School teacher, 18 Tate's Avenue
McCord, Saml., postal clerk, 27 Delaware Street
McCord, S., engineer, 4 Baden Powell Street
McCord, S., bundling master, 129 Beersbridge Road
McCord, Thos., mechanic, 3 Legburn Street
McCord, Thos., postal official, 22 Lomond Avenue
McCord, Thos., commission agent, 47 Candahar Street
McCord, T., preparing master, 192 Crumlin Road
McCord, Wm., grocer, 14 Bodel's Row, Ligoniel Road
McCord, Wm., bookkeeper, St. David's Villa, Holland Park
McCord, Wm. John, joiner, 60 Stratheden Street
McCord, W., engine fitter, 19 Lewis Street
McCord, W. J., postal official, 28 Lomond Avenue
McCord, W. R., commercial traveller, Kona Vista, Lisburn Road
McCorduck, John, tailor, 29 Harper Street
McCorkell, James, mechanic, 78 Agincourt Avenue
McCormac, Jas. A., wholesale grocer, 423 Woodstock Road
McCormac, Mrs., 373 Woodstock Road
McCormack, D., pensioner, 42 Summer Street
McCormack, H., butcher, 27 Gilford Street
McCormack, John, Newington, 100 Limestone Road
McCormack,  J., salesman, 29 Fortwilliam Parade
McCormack, J., signalman, 6 Bryansford Street
McCormack, Mrs., confectioner, 108 Donegall Pass
McCormack, Patk., dealer, 27, 29 Marquis Street
McCormack, Saml., draper, 48 Cromwell Road
McCormack, Thos., store keeper, 5 Larkstone Street
McCormack, Thos., Edinburgh Street
McCormack, W. J., clerical and ladies' tailor, 21 Bridge Street
McCormick, Andrew, shoe maker, 35 Rowland Street
McCormick, A., cabinet maker, 21 McMillans Place
McCormick, A., linen lapper, 112 Woodvale Avenue
McCormick, A., traveller, 10 Rossmore Avenue
McCormick, C., stone cutter, 75 Carmel Street
McCormick, C., tailor, 24 Damascus Street
McCormick, C., carpenter, 10 Meadow Street Upper
McCormick, C. P., warehouseman, 91 Ulsterville Gardens
McCormick, David, painter, 21 Newtownards Road
McCormick, D., fitter, 23 Frere Street
McCormick, Edw., carpenter, Greencastle
McCormick, Edw., painter, 13 Euston Street
McCormick, Ellen, draper, 294a Shankill Road
McCormick, E., carpenter, 19 Spencer Street
McCormick, E., gardener, 15 Major Street
McCormick, Francis John, tailor, 109 Cullingtree Road
McCormick, G., hackler setter, 7 Mount Street (No. 1)
McCormick, G., sheet metal worker, 15 Bootle Street
McCormick, Henry, ploughman, Gate Lodge, Norwood Tower, Circular Road
McCormick, Henry, driller, 74 Bann Street
McCormick, Hugh, commissionaire, 25 Churchill Street
McCormick, H., butcher, 27 Gilford Street
McCormick, H. McNeile, clerk of the Crown Court Antrim, Cultra House, Co. Down
McCormick, James, house painter and decorator, 34 Russell Street
McCormick, James, blacksmith, 36 Foundry Street
McCormick, James, publican, 298 Crumlin Road
McCormick, James, J.P., farmer, Loughview, Knockbreda Road
McCormick, Jas., painter, 118 Joy Street
McCormick, Jas., clerk, 74 Mountcollyer Street
McCormick, Jas., linen finisher, 16 Court Street
McCormick, Jas., gardener, 172 Ravenhill Road
McCormick, Jas., engine driver, 41 Glenallen Street
McCormick, Jas., coach painter, 4 Danube Street
McCormick, Jas., gardener, Danesfort House, Gate Lodge, Malone Road
McCormick, Jas., rivetter, 100 Foundry Street
McCormick, Jas., traveller, 59 Emerald Street
McCormick, John, car owner, 138 Lord Street
McCormick, John, inspector, 2 Athol Street
McCormick, John, buyer, 12 Florenceville Avenue
McCormick, John, gardener, 119 Manor Street
McCormick, John, painter, 24 Arkwright Street
McCormick, John, solicitor, Craigroyston, Cherryvalley
McCormick, Jno., brick layer, 118 Hallidays Road
McCormick, Jno., rent agent, 301 Albertbridge Road
McCormick, Jno., coach trimmer, 24 Egeria Street
McCormick, Joseph, warehouseman, 18 Lecale Street
McCormick, J., dealer, 23 Brown Street
McCormick, J., ship carpenter, 13 St. Paul's Street
McCormick, J., pork cutter, 27 Theodore Street
McCormick, J., rivetter, 23 Queen Victoria Gardens
McCormick, J., coach painter, 4 Danube Street
McCormick, J., engine driver, 55 Beverley Street
McCormick, J., grocer, 90 Mountjoy Street
McCormick, J., general dealer, 18 Derby Street
McCormick, J., gardener, 119 Manor Street
McCormick, J., publican, 323 Crumlin Road
McCormick, J. G. A., warehouseman, Laburnum Cottage, 26 Park Avenue
McCormick, J. W., painter, 12 Legann Street
McCormick, Margaret, grocer, 23 Elm Street
McCormick, Mary, fruit dealer, 23 King Street
McCormick, Miss, 61 Agincourt Avenue
McCormick, Miss M., confectioner, 30a Donegall Road
McCormick, Mrs., furniture dealer, 125, 134 Smithfield Market
McCormick, Mrs., 6 Glenview Terrace, Ballysillan
McCormick, Mrs. Isabella, Martella, Donegall Park
McCormick, Mrs., draper, 5 Greencastle
McCormick, Mrs., confectioner, 108 Donegall Pass
McCormick, M. A., laundry, 75, 77 Snugville Street
McCormick, N., postman, 42 Danube Street
McCormick, Patk., painter, 39 Burnaby Street
McCormick, P., school officer, 19 Tudor Place
McCormick, P., spirit grocer, 81 Leeson Street
McCormick & Quail (John McCormick and James Quail), solicitors, 81 High Street; res., John McCormick, Craigroyston, Cherryvalley Road; James Quail, Montana Villa, Knockbreda Road
McCormick, Robert, fruiterer, 92 Newtownards Road
McCormick, Robt., stone carver, 7 Penrose Street
McCormick, Robt., plater, 72 Deramore Avenue
McCormick, Robt., dresser, 5 Arundel Street
McCormick, Robt., joiner, 34 Chamberlain Street
McCormick, Robt., joiner, 14 Belvoir Street
McCormick, Robt., plumber, 11 Crosscollyer Street
McCormick, R., Elizabeth Terrace, 271 Crumlin Road
McCormick, R. H., traveller, 8 Garra Terrace, Shore Road
McCormick, Saml., baker, 203 Ainsworth Avenue
McCormick, Saml., caretaker, Masonic Hall, Knockbreda Road, 14 Burmah Street
McCormick, Saml., caretaker, 39 Royal Avenue
McCormick, Saml., grocer, Knockview Villas, Newtownards Road Upper
McCormick, S., wood turner, 36 Stanley Street
McCormick, S., finisher, 227 Springfield Road
McCormick, S., grocer, 59 Glenallen Street
McCormick, S., carrier, 83 Joy Street
McCormick, S., dealer, 13 to 31 Brown Square
McCormick, Thomas, publican, 41 Divis Street
McCormick, Thomas, carpenter, 55 Cumberland Street
McCormick, Thos., foreman, 70a Castlereagh Road
McCormick, Thos., stone works, Antrim Road
McCormick, Thos., baker, 22 Carrington Street
McCormick, Thos., civil service pensioner, 55 Edinburgh Street
McCormick, Thos., rate collector to Belfast and District Water Commissioners, 34 Cliftonpark Avenue
McCormick, T., port sanitary inspector, West Twin Island
McCormick, T., spirit grocer, 81 Leeson Street
McCormick, T., flax dresser, 3 Cairn's Buildings, Crumlin Road
McCormick, T., stone cutter, 1 Cranburn Street
McCormick, William, carpenter, 56 Greenmount Street
McCormick, Wm., provision merchant, 64 Falls Road and 60 Divis Street
McCormick, Wm., stone cutter, 14 Burlington Street
McCormick, Wm., caulker, 47 Andrew Street
McCormick, Wm., Iowa Villas, Norfolk Drive
McCormick, Wm., joiner, 45 Gainsborough Drive
McCormick, Wm., linen lapper, 292 Donegall Road
McCormick, Wm., driller, 8 Israel Street
McCormick, Wm., machine man, 25 Jersey Street
McCormick, Wm., flax dresser, 17 Ligoniel Road
McCormick, Wm., blacksmith, 23 Thompson Street
McCormick, Wm., tailor, 31 McCandless Street
McCormick, Wm., clerk, Emily Terrace, 279 Oldpark Road
McCormick, W., blacksmith, 9 O'Kane's Court
McCormick, W., J.P., House and Land Agent and Accountant, 21 Chichester Street; res., 9 Windsor Gardens, University Road
McCormick, W. J., farmer, Willowbank House, Knockbreda Road
McCormick, W. J., game keeper, Martlet Towers, Antrim Road
McCorrison, J., jeweller, 35 My Lady's Road
McCorry, Henry, marine dealer, 27 Newtownards Road
McCorry, James, stationer and tobacconist, 44 Newtownards Road
McCorry, James, smith, 74 Bristol Street
McCorry, James, J.P., merchant, 6 Linenhall Street; res., Kylemore, Adelaide Park
McCorry, John, baker, 41 Unity Street
McCorry, J., smith, 74 Bristol Street
McCorry, J., coppersmith, 8 Comber Street
McCorry, J. J., school teacher, 182 Earlswood Road
McCorry, R., commission agent, 6 Victoria Street; res., Fernlea, Lisburn Road
McCorry, W. J., 36 Lecale Street
McCosh, John, tutor, 7 Dawson Street
McCotter, Edw., joiner, 3 Fleet Street
McCottor, John, brick layer, 30 Kashmir Road
McCoubrey, F., joiner, 105 Omeath Street
McCoubrey, Jas., district agent Royal Liver Society, 153 Albertbridge Road
McCoubrey, John T., electrician, 37 Candahar Street
McCoubrey, John, joiner, 152 Dunluce Avenue
McCoubrey, John, gardener, 14 Dundela View
McCoubrey, J., bookkeeper, 48 Calvin Street
McCoubrey, J., manager, 6 Mornington Crescent, Upper Newtownards Road
McCoubrey, J., manager, 119 Mornington Crescent, Upper Newtownards Road
McCoubrey, Miss, dress maker, 22 Carmel Street
McCoubrey, Miss, fowl dealer, 30 Stanfield Street
McCoubrey, Saml., joiner, 18 First Avenue
McCoubrey, T. J., carpenter, 24 Tasmania Street
McCoubrie, J., poulterer, 19 Combermere Street
McCoubrie, W. J., plater, 50 Alexandrapark Avenue
McCoull, Mrs. Jane, 16 Salisbury Avenue
McCoull, M., commission agent, Tolka, Deramore Drive
McCoull, W., tea agent, 85 Victoria Street
McCourt, David, sawyer, 185 Donegall Road
McCourt, Edward, joiner, 14 Lomond Avenue
McCourt, Miss B., spirit merchant, 140 Ravenhill Road
McCourt, James, spirit grocer, 36 Oldpark Avenue
McCourt, James, dealer, 28, 30 Pound Street
McCourt, John B., moulder, 47 Cuba Street
McCourt, John, cabinet maker, 16 Stratheden Street
McCourt, J., R.I.C., 31 Athol Street
McCourt, J., inspector S.P.C.A., 6 Castleton Street
McCourt, Margaret, grocer, 43 Sultan Street
McCourt, P., car owner, 10 Athol Street
McCourt, T., saleroom, 22 Falls Road
McCourt, T., traveller, 3 Brown's Buildings, Crumlin Road
McCourt, T., hair dresser, 24 Falls Road
McCourtney, H., stationer, 16 Divis Street
McCourtney, H. J. & Son, contracting plasterers, 31 Belmont Avenue West
McCourtney, M., plasterer, 7 John Street
McCowan, S. M., linen merchant, 8 Linenhall Street
McCowen, Victor A. H., electrical engineer to the Belfast Corporation; res., Crosti, Deramore Park South
McCowett, Wm., engineer, 37 Elgin Street
McCay, F., engine driver, 1 Glasgow Street
McCay, A., clerk, 71 Tobergill Street
McCoy, James, box maker, 27 Sixth Street
McCoy, James, clothes dealer, 24 Smithfield Market
McCoy, Joseph, store keeper, 84 Cromwell Road
McCoy, John P., 27 College Gardens
McCoy, M., Customs officer, 7 Victoria Terrace, Castlereagh Street
McCoy, Robt., despatch clerk, 33 Clementine Street
McCoy, Wm., cloth finisher, 15 Armitage Street
McCoy, Wm. R. S., clerk, 27 Damascus Street
McCoy & Sons Ltd., auctioneers and valuators and general brokers, 84 to 86 Smithfield
McCoyd, W. J., saddler, 21 Jonesborough Street
McCracken, Archibald, brick layer, 131 Euston Street
McCracken, A., clerk, 95 Agincourt Avenue
McCracken, Geo., solicitor, 46 Arthur Street
McCracken, G., printer, 151 Rosebery Road
McCracken, H., machine man, 15 Springfield Row
McCracken, H. J., Austenville, 139 Newtownards Road Upper
McCracken, Jas., coal merchant, 92 Seaview Street
McCracken, Jas., millwright, 21 Glantane Street
McCracken, Jas., coal merchant, 39 Westmoreland Street
McCracken, John, Ye Olde Temperance Hotel, 10 May Street
McCracken, John, saw maker, 16 King Street
McCracken, John, linen lapper, 12 St. Alban's Gardens
McCracken, John, linen business, 97 University Avenue
McCracken, J., dairyman, 3 Glen Road
McCracken, J., flax dresser, 4 Salisbury Terrace, Ligoniel Road
McCracken, J., 155 University Street
McCracken, J., cloth passer, 209 Springfield Road
McCracken, J., painter, 5 Lilliput Street
McCracken, J., brick layer, 26 Woodstock Road
McCracken, Margaret, grocer, 139, 141 Templemore Street
McCracken, Mary, spirit grocer, 60 Duncairn Gardens
McCracken, Miss, draper, 394 Newtownards Road
McCracken, Miss, 13 Wellesley Avenue
McCracken, Miss, 24 University Street
McCracken, Mrs., 4 Ashley Place, Ligoniel Road
McCracken, Mrs. Sarah A., 129 Stranmillis Road
McCracken, Robt., accountant, 1 Glantane Street
McCracken, R., coach man, 20 Cussick Street
McCracken, Saml., brick layer, 11 Belmont Avenue
McCracken, Stewart, commercial traveller, 68 Pine Street
McCracken, S., brass finisher, 43 Legnavea Street
McCracken, S., time keeper, 8 Templemore Street
McCracken, S., collar cutter, 80 Excise Street
McCracken, The Misses, music and drawing school, 11 Parkend Street
McCracken, Thomas, grocer, 217 Mountpottinger Road
McCracken, Thos., carpenter, 9 Grampian Street
McCracken, Thos., mechanic, 315 Grosvenor Road
McCracken, Wm., rivetter, 83a Tower Street
McCracken, Wm., 8 Landscape Terrace
McCracken, Wm., Mount Oriel, 138 Upper Newtownards Road
McCracken, Wm., tenter, 4 Nansen Street
McCracken, Wm., linen merchant, Marathon, Marlborough Park
McCracken, Wm., saw maker, 13 Wigton Street
McCracken, W., postman, 45 Donnybrook Street
McCracken, W. J., teacher, 21 Dunluce Avenue
McCrae, James, painter, 44 Alexander Street West
McCrainor, J., warehouseman, 55 Newport Street
McCray, Wm., designer, 21 St. Ive's Gardens
McCrea, Alex., plasterer, 5 Little Patrick Street
McCrea, Alex., boiler maker, 55 Chadolly Street
McCrea, Basil (of McCrea & McFarland's), 50 Cliftonville Road
McCrea, David, hair dresser, 119 Snugville Street
McCrea, E., & Co., paper merchants and paper bag makers, 6 Marcus Ward Street
McCrea, Henry, plasterer, 22 Somerset Street
McCrea, H., smith, 103 Malvern Street Upper
McCrea, H., iron turner, 172 Sugarfield Street
McCrea, James, gas meter inspector, 20 Ridgeway Street
McCrea, James, tobacconist and hairdresser, 180 and 281 York Street and 6 Ship Street
McCrea, James, hairdresser, 17 Spencer Street
McCrea, John, dairyman, Glen Road
McCrea, John, joiner, 17 Fortwilliam Parade
McCrea, J., painter, 8 Durham Street
McCrea, Mary, confectioner, 77 Lodge Road Old
McCrea, Mrs., 103 Malone Avenue
McCrea, Robt., tailor, 85 Wall Street
McCrea, Saml., 68 Willowgrove, Newtownards Road Upper
McCrea, William, traveller, Ty-Isa, Parkgate Avenue
McCrea, Wm., reeling master, 6 Mount Street (No. 1)
McCrea, Wm., plasterer, 66 Somerset Street
McCrea, Wm., hackle maker, 52 Mountcollyer Avenue
McCrea, Wm., clerk, 5 Greencastle
McCrea & McFarland Ltd., railway and forwarding agents, furniture removers, and contractors; stores, 34, 36, 36 Ship Street
McCrea & Nixon, costumiers and milliners, 43, 45 Royal Avenue
McCready, A., tobacconist, 50 Milford Street
McCready, D, W., pawn broker, 8 Pollard Street
McCready, G. B., linen business, 33 South Parade
McCready, Henry, boot maker, 5 Hornby Street
McCready, Hugh, joiner, 56 Frazer Street
McCready, James, bread server, 48 Jaffa Street
McCready, Jas., caretaker, 25 Frank Street
McCready, Jas., grocer, 9 Brookhill Avenue
McCready, Joseph, bookkeeper, 29 Rochester Street
McCready, Miss, 31 Belmont Avenue
McCready, Mrs., Inniscleraun, Beechlands, off Malone Road
McCready, Robt., brass finisher, 195 Avoniel Road
McCready, Saml., insurance agent, 8 Syringa Street
McCready, Saml., grocer, 175 Duncairn Gardens
McCready, Saml., gardener, 8 Dundela Avenue
McCready, William, lithographer, 2 Jameson Street
McCready, Wm., joiner, 33 Adam Street
McCready, W. J., grocer, 194 Oldpark Road
McCreanor, J., warehouseman, 55 Newport Street
McCreanor, R., shop keeper, 97 Cambrai Street
McCreary, Alfred E. J., L.Mus., London College of Music, 4 Belfast Bank Chambers, North Street; res., Bangor, Co. Down
McCreary, W. A., commercial traveller, 73 South Parade
McCreedy, Geo., clerk, 11 Glenbrook Avenue
McCreedy, Jas., caretaker, 25 Frank Street
McCreedy, John, clerk, 32 Clifton Crescent
McCreedy, John, saddler, 32 Twickenham Street
McCreedy, John, painter, 9 Glentilt Street
McCreedy, James, grocer, 43 Carnan Street
McCreedy, Jas., engineer, 10 Ainsworth Street
McCreely, Henry, pig dealer, 39 Milford Street
McCreely, Thos., pipe maker, 25 Tyrone Street
McCreery, Adam, joiner, 140 Canning Street Upper
McCreery, James, foreman, 69 Portallo Street
McCreery, J. K., clerk, 9 Glenbrook Avenue
McCreery, S. B., 102 Stranmillis Road
McCreery, Jas., & Son, Bog Oak Carvers, Dealers in Bric-a-Brac, and Irish Spinning Wheel Manufacturers (established 1805), 257 Albertbridge Road
McCreery, W. H., carpenter, 71 McClure Street
McCreery, W. J., iron turner, 37 Moneyrea Street
McCreave, R., commission agent, 9 Jubilee Avenue
McCreesh, Patrick, publican, 78 Stanhope Street
McCreesh, Sarah, publican, 233, 235 Grosvenor Road
McCreight, G., pensioner, 52 Jameson Street
McCreight, John, engineer, 34 Moyola Street
McCreight, John, fitter, 80 Seaforde Street
McCreight, J., boot maker, 18 Cargill Street
McCreight, Mrs. M. J., 3 Virginia Street
McCreight, Saml., Mossgiel, Antrim Road
McCreskin, E., ship carpenter, 1 Bond Street New
McCrink, Elizabeth, dress maker, 111 Grosvenor Road
McCrisken, P., ship carpenter, 11 Eliza Street
McCrombie, Jas., tobacconist and stationer, 366 Newtownards Road
McCrory, Chas., cutter, 77 Willowbank Street
McCrory, Daniel, painter, 5 Quadrant Street
McCrory, Jas., rivetter, 15 Bryson Street
McCrory, John, painter, 33 Bow Street
McCrory, John, rigger, 5 Wall Street
McCrory, Michael, plumber, 37 Queen Street North
McCrory, Michael, machinery dealer, 52, 57, 58, 86 & 91 Smithfield Market
McCrory, Mrs., dealer, 83 Smithfield Market
McCrory, Patk., rigger, 37 Marine Street
McCrory, Saml., clerk, 68 Omeath Street
McCrory, Thos., insurance agent, 28 Elizabeth Street
McCrory, Thos., painter, 6 Institution Street
McCrory, Wm., baker, 14 Cable Street
McCrossan, J., hackle maker, 32 Legann Street
McCrossan, R., Elizabeth Terrace, 274 Crumlin Road
McCrudden, James, iron moulder, 32 Wilton Street
McCrudden, James, station master Belfast Terminus of G.N.R., 52 Glengall Street
McCrudden, Jas., carpenter, 191 Oldpark Road
McCrudden, John, engine driver, 58 Jerusalem Street
McCrudden, J., brass finisher, 90 Lilliput Street
McCrudden, J., plasterer, 7 Whitehall Court
McCrudden, J., engineer, 94 My Lady's Road
McCrudden, P., commercial traveller, 82 Newtownards Road Upper
McCrudden, Robert, gardener, 20 Jameson Street
McCrudden, Saml., accountant, 11 Bloomfield Road
McCrudden, Thos., boiler maker, 93 Snugville Street
McCrudden, W. R., blacksmith, 60 Oregon Street
McCrum, Isaac, mechanic, 1 Southend Street
McCrum, James, engineer, 4 Willowfield Gardens
McCrum, John, dairyman, 1 Ben Eden Terrace, Greencastle
McCrum, Mrs., grocer, 40, 44 Alexander Street
McCrum, Robert & Sons, shirt and collar manufacturers, 16 Linenhall Street
McCrum, R., brick layer, 161 Hillman Street
McCrum, S., iron founder, 105 Tilderg Street
McCrum, Thos., fitter, 263 Tennent Street
McCrum, Watson & Mercer Ltd., linen manufacturers and bleachers, 13 Linenhall Street; res., R. J. McCrum, D.L., J.P., Milford, Armagh
McCrum, Wm., Ben Eden dairy, Mount Street No. 1
McCrystal, Jas., compositor, 13 Orchard Street
McCrystal, Patk., dairyman, Whiterock
McCue, R., packer, 14 Westmoreland Street
McCue, Thos., blacksmith, 7 Ardmoulin Avenue
McCuig, D., engineer, 5 Delhi Street
McCulla, D. T., manager, 2 Newington Avenue
McCulla, Elizabeth, 1 Clara Crescent Upper
McCullagh, Annie, hardware dealer, 306 Crumlin Road
McCullough, A., sea captain, 3 Cliftonpark, Crumlin Road
McCullagh, C., fitter, 209 Mayo Street
McCullagh, David, harbour constable, 21 Queensland Street
McCullagh, E., plumber, 23 Richardson Street
McCullagh, H., hair dresser, 5 Canmore Street
McCullagh, Jas., bread server, 63 Jaffa Street
McCullagh, Jas., grocer, 22 Hutchinson Street
McCullagh, Jas., draper, 33 Willowbank Street
McCullagh, John, foreman, 8 Lepper Street Upper
McCullagh, J., damask weaver, 25 Heather Street
McCullagh, J. P., commercial traveller, 84 Great Victoria Street
McCullagh, Mrs., 58 Woodstock Road
McCullagh, R., R.I.C., 80 Tate's Avenue
McCullagh, R. C., M.D., surgeon, Alma Terrace, 31 Crumlin Road
McCullagh, Stephen, 1 Hillside, Glen Road
McCullen, H., baker, 229 Meadow Street Upper
McCulloch, Hy., book binder, Auburn, King's Road
McCulloch, Henry, & Son, manufacturing stationers, 42 Arthur Street Upper
McCullough, Alex., Craigroney, Knock Road
McCullough, A., cashier, 5 Garra Terrace, Shore Road
McCullough, A., bread server, 64 Palestine Street
McCullough, Arthur, tailor, 22 Oranmore Street
McCullough, A., carpenter, 88 Raglan Street
McCullough, A., sea captain, 3 Cliftonpark Avenue
McCullough, C., brick layer, 4 Montrose Street
McCullough, C., & Co., silk mercers, milliners and fancy drapery warehouse, 10 to 18 Castle Place
McCullough, David, overseer, 100 Oldpark Avenue
McCullough, David, fitter, 33 Burnaby Street
McCullough, D., grocer, 319 Grosvenor Road
McCullough, D., tinsmith, 13 Forth River Gardens
McCullough, D., joiner, 22 Kensington Drive
McCullough, D., flax dresser, 36 Buckingham Street
McCullough, Edwd., linen business, 47 Bendigo Street
McCullough, Eliza, nurse, 3 Ardmoulin Avenue
McCullough, E., grocer, 28 North Queen Street
McCullough, Fras., clerk, 26 Newington Avenue
McCullough, F., spirit grocer, 35 Jocelyn Street
McCullough, F. W., C.E., engineer to the Belfast Water Commissioners, Oranmore, Craigavad
McCullough, Geo., auditor, 14 Wyndham Street
McCullough, Geo., cabinet maker, 62 Penrith Street
McCullough, Henry, stationer, 12 North Parade
McCullough, Henry, commission agent, 31 South Parade
McCullough, Henry, book binder, Auburn, King's Road
McCullough, Henry I., commission agent, 10 College Street
McCullough, Hugh, painter, 25 Riley's Place
McCullough, Hugh, 11 Camden Street
McCullough, Hugh, clerk, 154 Dunluce Avenue
McCullough, Hugh, watch maker, 66 Trillick Street
McCullough, H., clerk, 8 Cameron Street
McCullough, H. F., sexton Agnes Street Methodist Church
McCullough, H. J., commission agent, 143 Ormeau Road
McCullough, H., hair dresser, 1 Canmore Street
McCullough, Isaac, shoe maker, 32 Craigmore Street
McCullough, James, printer, 51 Townsend Street
McCullough, James, hair dresser, 3 Maymount Street
McCullough, James, chip potato and fish saloon, 42 Donegall Road
McCullough, James, M.D., 33 Lisburn Road
McCullough, James, traveller, 2 Roden Terrace, Woodstock Road
McCullough, Jas., farmer, Poplar Gardens, Newtownards Road Upper
McCullough, Jas., coal merchant, 13 Earl Place
McCullough, Jas., dairyman, Upper Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
McCullough, Jas., baker, Glenpark Villa, Knockbreda Road
McCullough, Jas., fitter, 53 Crimea Street
McCullough, Jas., shoe maker, 11 Carew Street
McCullough, Jas., baker, 69 Newtownards Road
McCullough, Jas., bread server, 63 Jaffa Street
McCullough, James, carpenter, 21 Everton Street
McCullough, Jas., engine driver, 29 Chatsworth Street
McCullough, Jas. H., restaurant, 18 Sussex Place
McCullough, John & Burns, chartered accountants, Kingscourt, 17 Wellington Place. Tel. No. 263. Telegraphic Address, "Finance, Belfast."
McCullough, John, flax dresser, 60 Palestine Street
McCullough, John, joiner, 5 Memel Street
McCullough, John, traveller, 15 Wolseley Street
McCullough, John, broker, 49 Bridge End
McCullough, John, joiner, 2 Sintonville Avenue
McCullough, John, stone cutter, 3 Leitrim Street
McCullough, John, monumental letterer, 9 Clonard Street Lower
McCullogh, John, accountant, Fairy Hill, Osborne Gardens
McCullough, John, driller, 112 Carnan Street
McCullough, John, dairyman, Brookvale Cottage, Cregagh Road
McCullough, Joseph, shipwright, 9 Avoca Street
McCullough, Joseph, draper, 12 Mayfair Street
McCullough, Jos., postman, 98 Killowen Street
McCullough, J., accountant, 5 Glandore Street
McCullough, J., shoe maker, 20 Louden Street
McCullough, J., stone cutter, 23 Bedeque Street
McCullough, J., cabinet maker, 25 Fingal Street
McCullough, J., card cutter, 67 Glenwood Street
McCullough, J., engine driver, 29 Chatsworth Street
McCullough, J., mechanic, 15 Forth River Gardens
McCullough, J., linen lapper, 71 Meadow Street Upper
McCullough, J., french polisher, 12a Welsh Street
McCullough, J., joiner, 45 Newtownards Road Upper
McCullough, J., reeling master, 67 Limestone Road
McCullough, J., winding master, 63 Charleville Street Upper
McCullough, J., publican, 47, 49 Albion Street
McCullough, J., cattle dealer, Beechvale Lane, Whiterock
McCullough, J., confectioner, 20 Church Lane
McCullough, J., baker, confectioner & flour merchant, 63 Cromac Street
McCullough, J., traveller, 42 Jocelyn Avenue
McCullough, J., iron moulder, 149 Rosebery Road
McCullough, J., baker, 92 Hatton Drive
McCullough, W. J., winding master, 63 Charleville Street Upper
McCullough, L., spirit grocer, 31, 33 Glasgow Street
McCullough, Margaret, 126 University Street
McCullough, Margaret, 28 Agincourt Avenue
McCullough, Matt., joiner, 21 Willowfield Street
McCullough, Matt., coal vendor, 13 Dundela Street
McCullough, Miss, dress maker, 35 Delhi Street
McCullough, Miss Mary, 19 Fitzwilliam Street
McCullough, Miss L., Wellington Crescent, 356 Ravenhill Road
McCullough, Miss Mary Ann, 91 South Parade
McCullough, Mrs., 66 Haypark Avenue
McCullough, Mrs., 43 Fitzwilliam Street
McCullough, Mrs., 14 Joy Street
McCullough, P., flax dresser, 69 Norfolk Street
McCullough, P., pork cutter, 36 Lincoln Street
McCullough, P., engineer, 7 Forth River Gardens
McCullough, P., sawyer, 43 Grove Street
McCullough, Robert, farmer, Glencar, Ballysillan Road
McCullough, Robert, gardener, York House, Earlswood Road
McCullough, Robert, joiner, Edenview Place, 324 Newtownards Road Upper
McCullough, Robert, carpenter, 97 Lord Street
McCullough, Robt., painter, 67 Turin Street
McCullough, Robt., pawn broker, 14 Glenbrook Avenue
McCullough, Robt., joiner, 4 Manor Drive
McCullough, Robt., retired engineer, Poplar Gardens, Newtownards Road Upper
McCullough, R. J., farmer, Ballygomartin
McCullough, R. S., bookkeeper, 13 Deramore Avenue
McCullough, R. S., bookkeeper, 20 Irwin Avenue
McCullough, R., R.I.C., 80 Tate's Avenue
McCullough, R., linen finisher, 27 McCandless Street
McCullough, Samuel, pawn broker, 29 and 31 Cullingtree Road; res., 58 South Parade
McCullough, Samuel, printer, 3 Loughview Street (No. 2)
McCullough, Saml., iron moulder, 5 Eccles Street
McCullough, Saml., grocer, 22 Court Street
McCullough, Samuel, grocer, 26 Everton Street
McCullough, S., fitter, 8 Beechwood Street
McCullough, S., railway guard, 151 Kitchener Street
McCullough, S., commercial traveller, 99 Cavehill Road
McCullough, S., teacher, Roselands, Rosetta Park
McCullough, S. L., ladies' tailor and habit maker, 57 Donegall Place
McCullough, Thos., dealer, 36 Springmount Street
McCullough, Thos., tailor, 263 Falls Road
McCullough, Thos., carrier, 31 Fleet Street
McCullough, William, tailor, 2 Parkside Street
McCullough, Wm., boot maker, 77 Woodstock Road
McCullough, Wm., horse trainer, 74 Coolderry Street
McCullough, Wm., carpenter, 4 Dargle Street
McCullough, Wm., engine driver, 37 Kathleen Street
McCullough, Wm., clerk, 72 Sandymount Street
McCullough, W. J., moulder, 31 Dover Street
McCullough, W., carpenter, 5 Wolfhill Place, Ligoniel Road
McCullough, W. K., flax buyer, 70 Cliftonpark Avenue
McCullough & Co., drapers, 136 North Queen Street
McCullough & Co., silk mercers, milliners and fancy drapery warehouse, 12 to 18 Castle Place
McCullough & Sons, plumbers, 24, 26 Princes Street
McCully, Abraham, foreman, 19 Clowney Street
McCully, Andw., fruiterer, 146 Ravenhill Road
McCully, Arthur, sawyer, 27 Bisley Street
McCully, A., baker, 5 Lendrick Street
McCully, David, 13 Allworthy Avenue
McCully, Hugh, limeworks, 223 Ainsworth Avenue
McCully, John, plumber, 233 James Street
McCully, R., & Son, colliery agents and ship brokers, Prince's Buildings, 106 Ann Street (1st floor)
McCully, Samuel, flax buyer, 34 Elmwood Avenue
McCully, T., stone sawyer, 154 Utility Street
McCully, Wm. J., shipwright, 91 Euston Street
McCumiskey, Jas., confectioner, 85 Duncairn Gardens
McCumisky, T., wood turner, 7 Blomfield Street (Bloomfield)
McCune Bros., butchers and grocers, Green Castle, 5 Shore Road, 3 Duncairn Buildings, Atlantic Avenue, and 46 Agincourt Avenue
McCune, Jas., shipwright, 33 Woodstock Road
McCune, Jas., furniture dealer, 154 Smithfield Market
McCune, Jas., motorman, 15 Woodstock Road
McCune, John, hair dresser, 21 King Street
McCune, John, dealer, 154 Smithfield Market
McCune, J., shipwright, 7 Thorndyke Street
McCune, J., shipwright, 33 Woodstock Road
McCune, Miss, dress maker, 63 Townsend Street
McCune, Patk., fish monger, 14 Scotland Street South
McCune, Rev. F. A., E.U., Congregational Church, Rugby Avenue; res., 71 Botanic Avenue
McCune, Robert, coachman, Tweskard Cottages, Belmont Road
McCurdy, Robt., collar and cuff manufacturer, Tieve Tarra, Somerton Road
McCune, Saml., shipwright, 31 Conduit Street
McCune, Thomas, butcher, 48 Eia Street
McCune, Wm. G., 15 Brookhill Avenue
McCurdy, Alex., tailor, 38 Dagmar Street
McCurdy, John, commission agent, 8 Belgravia Avenue
McCurdy, John, clerk of works, 144 University Street
McCurdy, John, jun., agent for Stewart, Lloyd & Co. Ltd., tube manufacturers, 7 Waring Street
McCurdy, J., carpenter, 33 Susan Street
McCurdy, L., blacksmith, 28 Gainsborough Drive
McCurdy, Margaret, 6 Clifton Crescent
McCurdy, Robert, collar and cuff manufacturer, Tievetarra, Somerton Road
McCurdy, Robt., & Co., collar and cuff manufacturers, 16 Library Street; res., 2 Chichester Avenue
McCurley, John, foreman bleacher, 41 Hamptonville Terrace, Castlereagh Street
McCurley, James, engine driver, 26 Wolfhill Place, Ligoniel
McCurley, Robt., butler, 78 Bray Street
McCurley, W. R., carpenter, Fortview, Oldpark Road
McCurrie, W., hackle setter, 190 Snugville Street
McCurry, F., store keeper, 8 Ardmoulin Street
McCurry, Henry, painter, 62 Divis Street
McCurry, Hugh, grocer, 15, 17 Elmfield Street
McCurry, Hugh, cashier, 3 Violet Street
McCurry, H., linen lapper, 37 Alexander Street West
McCurry, Isaac, builder and contractor, Ventry Lane; res., 33 Cromwell Road
McCurry, James S., 67 Ulsterville Avenue
McCurry, J., soap boiler, 80 Divis Street
McCurry, Mrs., publican and grocer, 57, 59 Cullingtree Road
McCurry, Wm., brass finisher, 208 Leeson Street
McCusker, Alice, draper, 64 Newtownards Road
McCusker, James, publican, 20 Gamble Street
McCusker, J., publican, 101 York Street and 2 Little Patrick Street
McCusker, Matthew, P.L.G., wine and spirit merchant, 9 Murray's Terrace
McCusker, M., family grocer and wine merchant, 5 Donegall Pass, 3, 5 Halliday's Road, 35, 37 Queen's Square, 54 North Street, 83 Woodstock Road, 155 Albert Street, 143, 145 Cullingtree Road, and 2 Albert Place
McCusker, Patk., clothes dealer, 96, 97 Smithfield Market; res., 1 John Street
McCusker, P., joiner, 11 Sorella Street
McCusker, W., house repairer, 52 Lettuce Hill
McCuskey, Danl., moulder, 57 Brookmount Street
McCutcheon, David, caretaker, The Tower, Park Avenue
McCutcheon, D., sawyer, 33 Tyne Street
McCutcheon, G., horse shoer, 31 Delhi Street
McCutcheon, Henry, grocer, 62, 64 Fifth Street
McCutcheon, H., engineer, 36 Cheviot Avenue
McCutcheon, H., iron turner, 77 Sugarfield Street
McCutcheon, Jas., traveller, 3 Lawnview Street
McCutcheon, Jas., deputy harbour master, 11 Duncairn Gardens
McCutcheon, John, & Sons, carpenters and shop fitters, 40 Fairview Street
McCutcheon, John, carpenter, 86 Alexandrapark Avenue
McCutcheon, J., plater, 10 Lawnview Street
McCutcheon, J., carpenter, 67 Matchett Street
McCutcheon, J. B., solicitor (of Wheeler & McCutcheon), Collullata, Deramore Park
McCutcheon, Lowry, & Co., damask cloths and jute goods, 6 Clarence Street
McCutcheon, Martha, 1 Norman Villas, Clifton Park Avenue
McCutcheon, Mrs., Irene, Bawnmore Road
McCutcheon, Percy, warehouseman, 9 Chichester Avenue
McCutcheon, R., carpenter, 89 Hillman Street
McCutcheon, Saml., watch maker, 24 Wayland Street
McCutcheon, Wm., traveller, 2 Rushfield Avenue
McCutcheon, Wm., tinsmith, 9 Cable Street
McCutcheon, W., gardener, 62 Melrose Street
McCutcheon & Donaldson, watch and clock makers and jewellers, 113 Royal Avenue


McDade, A., electrician, 7 Ashbourne Street
McDade, Chas., Rubyville Terrace, Lisburn Road
McDade, James, publican, 16 Shankill Road
McDade, Jas., hair dresser, 94 Bridge End
McDade, Joseph A., clerk, 2 Glenvale Street
McDade, Mary, spirit grocer, 18, 20 Barginnis Street
McDade, T., tailor, 45 Kimberley Street
McDade, Wm., artist, 58 Rosemount Gardens
McDaniel, Francis, 36 Clonard Gardens
MacDouall, Mrs., 2 Crescent Lower
McDade, R. (of McCrum, Watson & Mercer, 13 Linenhall Street), Ardtara, 32 Adelaide Park
McDavid, Agnes, publican, 57 Pilot Street
McDavitt, John, brass finisher, 163 McClure Street
McDermott, Annie, clothier, 54 Bridge End
McDearmid, A., coppersmith, 10 Chadwick Street
McDermott, A., detective, 17 Elaine Street
McDermott, C., commercial traveller, hon. sec. North and West of Ireland Com. Travellers Association, 15 Cameron Street
McDermott, D., painter, 33 Townsend Street
McDermott, D., flax dresser, Greencastle
McDermott, D., painter, 33 Townsend Street
McDermott, E., reeling master, 5 Mary Street
McDermott, James, grocer, 54 Brown Street
McDermott, Jas., cashier, 133 University Avenue
McDermott, Jno., collector, 12 Kinallen Street
McDermott, J., grocer, 150 Ross Street and 16 Balaclava Street
McDermott, J., rivetter, 47 Kilmood Street
McDermott, Martin, R.I.C., 2 Cavendish Street
McDermott, Michl., book binder, 38 Cultra Street
McDermott, Miss, 220 Salisbury Avenue
McDermott, Miss Sarah J., 220 Salisbury Avenue
McDermott, Mrs., 188 Smithfield Market
McDermott, The Misses, art and fancy depot, 49 Dublin Road
McDevitt, D., manager Tailors' Co-partnership, 455 Falls Road
McDevitt, H., lithographer, 26 St. Alban's Gardens
McDevitt, Mary, grocer, 30 Library Street Upper
McDonagh, P. W., sergeant R.I.C., Benedin, Oldpark Road
McDonagh, Thos., spirit grocer, 45 Hillview Street
McDonald, Alex., brick layer, 221 Spamount Street
McDonald, Alex., journalist, Elswick, Cavehill Road
McDonald, Alex., confectioner, 153, 153 Old Lodge Road
McDonald, Alex., painter, 75 Oldpark Road
McDonald, Alex., collar cutter, 82 Balfour Avenue
McDonald, A., joiner, 19 New North Queen Street
McDonald, C., stereo typer, 20 Vicinage Park
McDonald, Donald, solicitor, Cathedral Buildings, Donegall Street; res., 1 Avonmore, Alexandra Gardens
McDonald, Elizabeth, fruiterer, 29 Antrim Road
McDonald, Geo., joiner, 27 Ardmoulin Avenue
McDonald, Henry, printer, 11 Malvern Street
McDonald, Henry J., engineer, 2 St. Paul's Terrace, Cavendish Square
McDonald, Hugh, tenter, 19 Leopold Street
McDonald, James, sheet metal worker, 9 Dunvegan Street
McDonald, James, grocer, 46 Anderson Street
McDonald, James, farmer, Killeen Road
McDonald, James, shoe maker, 33 Cosgrave Street
McDonald, Jas., brick layer, 28 Israel Street
McDonald, Jas., brick layer, 7 Beggs Street
McDonald, Jas., coppersmith, 18 Dunraven Avenue
McDonald, Jas., car owner, 3 St. Andrew's Square North
McDonald, John, blacksmith, 44 Cheviot Avenue
McDonald, John, painter, 88 Palmerston Road
McDonald, John, bill poster, 9 Upton Street
McDonald, John, machine man, 63 Craigmore Street
McDonald, John, boiler maker, 63 Limestone Road
McDonald, John, iron moulder, 36 Cumberland Street
McDonald, John, M.D., 261 York Street
McDonald, J., engine driver, 21 Fleet Street
McDonald, J., grocer, 18, 20 Mansfield Street
McDonald, J., rivetter, 49 Ivan Street
McDonald, J., flax dresser, 9 Lesley Street
McDonald, J., bookkeeper, 7 Ashville, Skegoniel Avenue
McDonald, J., shoe maker, 24 Park Street
McDonald, J., bookkeeper, 10 Ravenscroft Avenue
McDonald, J. A., advertising agent, 14 Ashbourne Street
McDonald, J., & Co., successors to Belfast Bread Consumers, bakers, 22, 24 Frederick Street
McDonald, Miss, Orananna, Maryville Park
McDonald, Mrs., 98 Beechfield Street
McDonald, Mrs., 69 Bloomfield Avenue
McDonald, Mrs., provision stores, 1 Fortview Terrace, Shore Road
McDonald, Mrs. Elizabeth, 16 Kansas Avenue
McDonald, Mrs. R., 2 Vicinage Park
McDonald, Mrs., 90 Corporation Street
McDonald, M., M.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist, 122 Donegall Street
McDonald, M., bleacher, Milltown Row
McDonald, N., rivetter, 25 Wolff Street
McDonald, Peter, iron turner, 90 Lord Street
McDonald, Rev. C., St. Joseph's R.C. Presbytery, Pilot Street
McDonald, Robt., manager Globe Parcel Express; res., 8 Deramore Avenue
McDonald, Roderick, cashier, 13 Ireton Street
McDonald, Samuel, brass finisher, 14 Matilda Street
McDonald, Saml., commercial traveller, 54 Earlswood Road
McDonald, S., grocer, 46 Townsend Street
McDonald, S. W., wholesale and retail saddle and harness maker, 61 Chichester Street
McDonald, Thos., plumber, 8 Woodstock Place
McDonald, T., iron dresser, 27, 29 Linwood Street
McDonald, T., boot maker, 84 York Road
McDonald, Wm., draper, 5 Wellington Park Terrace
McDonald, Wm., fitter, 10 Somerset Street
McDonald, Wm., foreman, 96 Woodvale Avenue
McDonald, Wm., painter and decorator, 46a Henry Street
McDonald, Wm., postman, 46 Ambleside Street
McDonald, Wm., painter, 8 Woodford Street
McDonald, W., piano tuner, 93 Dover Street
McDonald, W., iron turner, 31 Cumberland Street
McDonnell, Alex., finisher, 53 Frome Street
McDonnell, Alex., boiler maker, 16 Fraser Street
McDonnell, Andrew, baker and grocer, 17 Divis Street
McDonnell, A., engine driver, 65 Cyprus Street
McDonnell, A., draper, 56 Albert Street
McDonnell, C., hair dresser, 56 Durham Street
McDonnell, E., poulterer, 18 Currie Street
McDonnell, F., cork cutter, 20 Hamill Street
McDonnell, Hy., spirit grocer, 41 Glentoran Street
McDonnell, James, boiler maker, 9 Fraser Street
McDonnell, James, plumber, 37 Willowfield Street
McDonnell, James, compositor, 20 Pim Street
McDonnell, James, spirit grocer, Roseville, Stockman's Lane
McDonnell, Jas., dealer, 100 Leeson Street
McDonnell, Jas., flax dresser, 31 Whitla Street
McDonnell, James, 501 Falls Road
McDonnell, Jas., dealer, 41 Massereene Street
McDonnell, Jas., waste merchant, 505 Falls Road
McDonnell, Jas., draper, 6 Antrim Road
McDonnell, John, brass finisher, 81 Cosgrave Street
McDonnell, John, dealer, 100 Leeson Street
McDonnell, John, ticket collector, 104 Canning Street Upper
McDonnell, John, fowl dealer, 4 Staunton Street
McDonnell, John, painter, 33 Magnetic Street
McDonnell, John, manager, 299 Falls Road
McDonnell, John, bread server, 29 Iris Street
McDonnell, Joseph, baker, 29 Kashmir Road
McDonnell, J., teacher Belfast Union, 248 Springfield Road
McDonnell, J., publican, 164 Falls Road
McDonnell, J., publican, 277, 279 Grosvenor Road
McDonnell, J., publican, 118 Leeson Street
McDonnell, J., moulder, 27 Sugarfield Street
McDonnell, J. J., M.R.I.A.I., J.P., architect, 27 Chichester Street; res., Lorretto Villa, Ravenhill Road
McDonnell, J., spirit grocer, 45 Cyprus Street
McDonnell, J. L., solicitor (office No. 6, 2nd floor), 2 Wellington Place; res., Roseville, Andersonstown
McDonnell, Mrs., 97 Falls Road
McDonnell, Mrs., 22 Eia Street
McDonnell, N. J., M.D., 101 Falls Road
McDonnell, Peter, school attendance officer, 43 Fallswater Street
McDonnell, Rev. D., P.P., St. Brigid's R.C. Presbytery, Derryvolgie Avenue
McDonnell, Rose, 18 Lincoln Avenue
McDonnell, Saml., commercial traveller, 78 University Street
McDonnell, William, brick layer, 35 Balkan Street
McDonnell, Wm., carpenter, Greencastle
McDonough, P. J., draper, 139 Springfield Road
McDougall, David, pattern maker, 28 Pansy Street
McDougal, John, driller, 16 Shipbuoy Street
McDougall, J., blacksmith, 37 Woodlawn Street
McDowall, Mrs., newsagent and stationer, 17 Brookhill Avenue
McDougall, Robt., engine fitter, 115 Snugville Street
McDougall, R., engine driver, 1 Virginia Street
McDowell, Agnes, grocer, 83 Hanover Street
McDowell, Alexander, solicitor (of Carson & McDowell, 51 Royal Avenue; res., Ventnor, Greenisland)
McDowell, Alex., baker, 121 Divis Street
McDowell, Alex., foreman, 67 Killowen Street
McDowell, Alex., H.M.C., 11 Ranfurly Street
McDowell, Alex., clerk, 43 Dunluce Avenue
McDowell, A. E., 132 Cliftonpark Avenue
McDowell, A., confectioner, 159 York Street
McDowell, A., blacksmith, 64 Percy Street
McDowell, A., linen lapper, 15 Mayfair Street
McDowell, A., grocer, 20 Geoffrey Street
McDowell, A. P., clerk, 23 Bloomfield Road
McDowell, B., shipwright, 3 Glenarm Terrace, Shore Road
McDowell, Chas., furniture dealer, 337 Shankill Road
McDowell, Chas., pipe manufacturer, 48 Upton Street
McDowell, David, sexton (Berry Street Presbyterian Church); res., 23 Chapel Lane
McDowell, David, baker, 96 Selby Street
McDowell, David, manager, 16 Wellington Park Avenue
McDowell, David, cabinet maker, 15 Meenan Street
McDowell, David, manager and secretary Balmoral Industrial School, West End Park
McDowell, D., machine master, 37 Israel Street
McDowell, F., & Co., collar and cuff manufacturers, 6, 8 Brunswick Street; res., F. McDowell, Claremont, 21 Windsor Park
McDowell, George, sea captain, 29 Roundhill Street
McDowell, Geo., mechanic, 17 Dewey Street
McDowell, Henry, blacksmith, 66 Matchett Street
McDowell, Hugh, painter, 23 Pacific Avenue
McDowell, Hugh, carpenter, 89 Westmoreland Street
McDowell, H., coachman, 21 Buckingham Street
McDowell, Hugh, grocer, 9, 11 Lord Street
McDowell, Hugh, carpenter, 17 Hopeton Street
McDowell, Hugh, merchant tailor, 147 Albertbridge Road
McDowell, Hy., merchant, 19 Chestnut Gardens
McDowell, Hy., dentist, 2 Warren Terrace, Oldpark Road
McDowell, H., manager of Riddell & Co., 11 Brookhill Avenue
McDowell, Isaac, Belfast ad Glasgow Boot Repairing Co., 294 Old Lodge Road
McDowell, I., ship carpenter, 4 Sintonville Avenue
McDowell, James, book binder, 24 Agincourt Avenue
McDowell, James, grocer, 23 Bloomfield Avenue
McDowell, James, saddler, 27 Garfield Chambers, Garfield Street
McDowell, Jas., tram conductor, 12 Edlingham Street
McDowell, Jas., baker, 17 Woodvale Street
McDowell, Jas., traveller, Rathmona, Knock Road
McDowell, Jas., painter, 1 Vicinage Park
McDowell, Jas., saddler, 27 Garfield Street
McDowell, James, grocer, 54, 56 M'Tier Street
McDowell, James, manager Belfast Steamship Company Ltd.; res., Hazelbank, Osborne Park
McDowell, Jas., salesman, 26 Clanchattan Street
McDowell, Jas., baker, 31 Roslyn Street
McDowell, Jas., mechanic, 8 Legnavea Street
McDowell, Jas., gardener, 84 Northbrook Street
McDowell, Jas., saddler, Mount Olive, Cavehill Road
McDowell, Jane, furniture dealer, 23 Ormeau Road
McDowell, John, mechanic, 4 Wolfhill Terrace, Ligoniel Road
McDowell, John, painter, 24 Howe Street
McDowell, John, telephone worker, 21 Greenmount Street
McDowell, John, commercial traveller, 123 Newtownards Road
McDowell, John, jeweller, 16 Cromwell Road
McDowell, John, joiner, 7 Hazelnut Street
McDowell, John, commercial traveller, 3 Florenceville Avenue
McDowell, John, over looker, 15 Tennyson Street
McDowell, John, manager, 83 Eglantine Avenue
McDowell, John, market toll collector, 2 Glendara, Oldpark Road
McDowell, John, commission agent, 32 Sackville Street
McDowell, Jno., brick layer, Woodburn Terrace, Fitzroy Avenue
McDowell, Joseph, carpenter, 5 St. Kilda Street
McDowell, J., school teacher, 11 Dunlewey Street
McDowell, J., milliner and dress maker, 107 Duncairn Gardens
McDowell, J., mechanic, 228 Tennent Street
McDowell, J., & Co., timber and tile merchants, 25 Great Patrick Street
McDowell, Kenneth C., dry salter, 15a Divis Street
McDowell, Leathem & Fraser, builders and contractors, 29, 77, 79 Northbrook Street and 56 Alexander Street; res., Samuel Leathem, 9 Tate's Avenue
McDowell, L., blacksmith, 192 Manor Street
McDowell, Margt., confectioner, 81 Louisa Street
McDowell, Martha, draper, 1 Portallo Street
McDowell, Matthew, manager, Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
McDowell, Miss Annie, 52 Windsor Road
McDowell, Miss, 2 Glandore Villas, King's Road
McDowell, Miss Jane, 45 Hopefield Avenue
McDowell, Miss Jane, 30 Landscape Terrace
McDowell, Miss Rebecca, 3 Frank Street Upper
McDowell, Miss R., teacher of music, Thorndale Terrace, 98 Antrim Road
McDowell, Mrs., muslin agent, 261 Albertbridge Road
McDowell, Mrs., 38 Lincoln Avenue
McDowell, Mrs., 21 Richmond Place, Cavehill Road
McDowell, Mrs. E., Thornville, 138 Cliftonpark Avenue
McDowell, Mrs. Margt., 18 Scotville Terrace, North Parade
McDowell, Mrs. M. I. T., Oakleigh, Osborne Park
McDowell, Richd., brass finisher, 46 Agnes Street
McDowell, Robt., M.D., surgeon, Thorndale Terrace, 98 Antrim Road
McDowell, Robert, clerk, 9 Castleview Terrace
McDowell, Robt., R.I.C., 80 Belmont Avenue
McDowell, Robt., 54 Denmark Street
McDowell, Robt., rivetter, 34 Kathleen Street
McDowell, Robt., carpenter, Greencastle
McDowell, Robt., store keeper, 90 Clonard Gardens
McDowell, Robt., flax dresser, 14 Frankfort Street
McDowell, Robt., caretaker, 9 Chichester Street
McDowell, Robt., carpenter, 13 Garra Terrace, Shore Road
McDowell, Robt., ship carpenter, 21 Queen Victoria Gardens
McDowell, Robt. Geo., baker, 8 Brookmount Street
McDowell, Robt., traveller, 89 Charleville Street Upper
McDowell, Robt., Rostellan, Newtownards Road Upper
McDowell, Robt., linen buyer, 74 North Parade
McDowell, R., iron planer, 15 Pottinger Street
McDowell, R., draper, 134, 136 Peter's Hill
McDowell, R. W., Alexandraville, 127 Crumlin Road
McDowell, R. W., manager, Alexandraville, 127 Crumlin Road
McDowell, R., shipwright, 54 Fortwilliam Parade
McDowell, Samuel, druggist and grocer, 209 Shankill Road, 308 Crumlin Road and 2, 4 Crimea Street
McDowell, Saml., druggist, Brook House, Kensington Road
McDowell, Saml., shipping agent, Redholme, Myrtlesfield Park
McDowell, Saml., shipwright, 132 Castlereagh Street
McDowell, Saml., fruiterer, 79 Duncairn Gardens (see 3 down)
McDowell, Saml., saleroom, 325 Shankill Road
McDowell, Saml., ship carpenter, 15 Agnes Street
McDowell, Sarah, fruiterer, 79 Duncairn Gardens (see 3 above)
McDowell, Sarah, confectioner, 85 Peter's Hill
McDowell, Stephen, & Son, dry salters and dye works furnishers, 19 Queen Street and 15a Divis Street. Telephone No. 22. Telegraphic address, "Sago, Belfast."
McDowell, Stewart, painter, 85 Saunders Street
McDowell, S., mill manager, 207 Springfield Road
McDowell, S., saddler, 12 Perth Street
McDowell, Thomas, clerk, 14 Rosevale Street
McDowell, Thomas, seaman, 3 Benwell Street
McDowell, Thomas, painter, 235 New Lodge Road
McDowell, Thos., flax dresser, 68 Cambrai Street
McDowell, Thos., Inver House, Knockbreda Park
McDowell, Thos., salesman, 1 Abingdon Street
McDowell, Thos., baker, 22 Landscape Terrace
McDowell, T., carpenter, 130 Meadow Street Upper
McDowell, T. P., secretary, Wm. Ewart & Son Ltd., Beaufort Buildings, 24 Stranmillis Road
McDowell, Wm., joiner, 35 Ritchie Street
McDowell, Wm. Jas., draper, 270 Shankill Road
McDowell, Wm., brass moulder, 20 Charleville Street Upper
McDowell, Wm., manager, 2 Woodhaye, Belmont Church Road
McDowell, Wm., linen finisher, 57 Wigton Street
McDowell, Wm., clerk, 96 Ainsworth Avenue
McDowell, Wm., tailor, 51 Devonshire Street
McDowell, Wm., car driver, 92 Butler Street
McDowell, Wm., bread server, 192 Donegall Road
McDowell, Wm. C., grocer, 190, 192 Ormeau Road
McDowell, W., caulker, 113 Mountcollyer Road
McDowell, W. J., street inspector, 67 Vernon Street
McDowell, W. J., confectioner, 50 North Queen Street
McDowell, W. J., blacksmith, 1 Gilnahirk Road
McDowell, W. J., fancy handkerchief manufacturer, 1 Howard Street
McDowell, W. J., draper, 270 Shankill Road
McDowell, W. J., timber merchant, 25 Great Patrick Street; res., Elsinore, Gilnahirk Road
McDowell, W. R., blacksmith, 24 Erin Street
McDowell, W. S., clerk, 306 Beersbridge Road ***
McDowell & Larmour, merchant tailors, 23 Dublin Road
McDowell & Stewart, dress maker, 79 Royal Avenue
McDowell, W. S., clerk, 306 Beersbridge Road ***
McDuff, Alex., lino-operator, 24 Florence Avenue (Florenceville?)
McDuff, G. T., cashier, Maymount Villas, Lisburn Road
McDuff, Jas. B., florist (of 85 High Street), res.; 8 Kansas Avenue
McDuff, John, Artistic Florist, 85 High Street; res., James B. McDuff, 6 Kansas Avenue
McDuff, Miss, 74 Deramore Avenue


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