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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Dacca Twist Company, Reynolds & Sons Ltd., Proprietors, 15 College Street
Dalahunty, William, harbour constable, 33 New Andrew Street
Dale, John, tailor, 13 Warkworth Street
Dales, John, butter & provision merchant, 60 & 62 Talbot Street
Dales, Matthew, grocer, 116 & 118 Drumlin Road
Dales, R. & M., grocers, 72 North Queen Street
Dales, Robert, pork merchant, Farringdon, Antrim Road
Dalrymple, Mrs., grocer, 63 Millfield
Dalton, Charles, 221 Rosemount Terrace, Albert Bridge Road
Daly, Ann, publican, 65 Union Street
Daly, Ann, grocer, 15 Durham Street
Daly, Edward, F.R.C.S.E., surgeon & apothecary, 147 North Street, res., Richmond, Cavehill Road
Daly, Henry, book keeper, 2 Silvergrove Street
Daly, James, furniture dealer, 21 Millfield
Daly, John, grocer, 36 & 34 Moscow Street
Daly, Mrs., 19 Victoria Street Little
Daly, Mrs., grocer, 22 New Lodge Road
Daly, Patrick, family grocer, provision merchant & and bonder of spirits, 170 & 172 Old Lodge Road & 81 Peter's Hill
Daly, Robert, machine master, 1 Boomer Street
Daly, Sarah, grocer, 22 Lodge Road New
Dalzell, Agnes, dress maker, 8 Roden Street
Dalzell, Alexander, carpenter, 74 Tennent Street
Dalzell, James, carpenter, 13 Brennan Street
Dalzell, Mrs., 24 Botanic Avenue
Dalzell, W. J., & Co., grocers & provision merchants, 120 Durham Street
Dane, N., draper etc., York Street, res., 3 Lincoln Avenue
Dane, William, 4 Waring Street
Daniel, James, nail manufacturer, 61 Peter's Hill
Darbishire Brothers, linen manufacturers, bleachers, dyers, finishers, 9 Fountain Lane
Darbishire, Herbert (of Darbishire Brothers), Antrimville, Duncairn Street
Darbishire, James M., commission agent, 13 Lombard Street, res., 1 Kinnaird Terrace
D'Arcy, Nicholas, blacksmith, 24 Boomer Street
Darley, Rev. Wm. Shaw, inspector of religious education, 8 Upper Crescent
Darling, Samuel, grocer, Ligoniel
Darling, Sarah, teacher, 8 Linview Street
Darragh, Dugan, book keeper, 15 Station Street
Darragh, Hugh, carpenter, 4b Trafalgar Street
Darragh, John, clerk, 6 Wardlow Avenue
Darragh, Margaret, 150 Conroy Street
Darragh, William, curator Museum, 7 College Square North
Darragh, William, & Son, taxidermists, etc., 7 College Square North
Davey, Catherine, butcher, 25 Hercules Street
Davey, Charles, butcher, 175 York Street
Davey, Henry, cattle dealer, 17 Ormeau Street
Davey, James, butcher, 44 Bank Street
Davey, James, butcher, 146 Ventnor Terrace, Divis Street
Davey, Jane, flesher, 13 Hercules Street
Davey, J. B., 88 Great George's Street
Davey, Miss, flesher, 15 Hercules Place
Davey, Mrs., 9 Hercules Place
Davidson, Archibald, 314 Newtownards Road Upper
Davidson, Alexander, stationer, 21 Hopeton Street
Davidson, Alexander, draper, 3 Mill Street
Davidson, A., sample maker, 50 Beech Street
Davidson, A., china warehouse, 195 & 197 York Street
Davidson, Andrew, chemist, 4 Cavehill Road
Davidson, Andrew, grocer, 5 Ashmore Street
Davidson, Andrew, ship carpenter, 92 Upper Earl Street
Davidson, Daniel, mechanic, 11 Milliken Street
Davidson, James, harbour constable, 48 Cultra Street
Davidson, James, mechanic, 15 Turin Street
Davidson, James, carpenter, 21 Dock Street
Davidson, James, Dundela Villa, Strandtown
Davidson, John and James, millers, 89 & 91 Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Davidson, John, tailor & outfitter, 1 Fleetwood Street
Davidson, John, Turf Lodge, Strandtown
Davidson, John, builder, 223 Durham Street
Davidson, John, rope and twine merchant, Mayfield Cottage, Albert Bridge Road
Davidson, John, coach builder, 19 Scotch Street
Davidson, John, salesman, 14 Upper Townsend Street
Davidson, J., grocer, 8 & 10 Cargill Street
Davidson, John, & Son, drapers & haberdashers, 3 Mill Street
Davidson, Joseph, tailor, 26 Old Lodge Road
Davidson & Leslie, pharmaceutical chemists, 20 Castle Place
Davidson, M., dress maker, 14 Upper Townsend Street
Davidson, M., tobacconist, 285 York Street
Davidson, Mrs., Ballyhackamore House, Strandtown
Davidson, Mrs., 31 Dunluce Street
Davidson, Mrs., 24 Meadow Street
Davidson, Peter, gardener, 46 Lawther Street
Davidson, Richard, (of Wm. & R. Davidson), 3 Little Brunswick Street
Davidson, Robert, & Co., linen manufacturers & merchants, 29 Bedford Street
Davidson, Robert, (of Robert Davidson & Co.), 1 Salisbury Terrace, Lisburn Rd.
Davidson, Robert, clerk, 4 Gardner Street
Davidson, Robert, carpenter, 47 Sandy Row
Davidson, S. C., Belavon House, Strandtown
Davidson, Thos., draper, 9 Wellington Park Terrace
Davidson, Thomas, sea captain, 56 Nelson Street
Davidson, Thomas, carpenter, 10 Florence Place
Davidson, Thomas, instructor Gibraltar training ship, 42 Canning Street
Davidson, Wm. John, grocer & potato dealer, 119 Grosvenor Street
Davidson, Wm. J., Pembroke Villa, Strandtown
Davidson, William, clerk, 15 Eglinton Street
Davidson, William & Richard, carpenters & builders, Pakenham Lane
Davidson, William, (of W. & R. Davidson), 84 McClure Street
Davidson, W., boot & shoe maker, 12 Dundee Street
Davidson, Wm., ship carpenter, 24 Meadow Street
Davie, Robert, manager for Wm. Gibson, jeweller, 19 College Square North
Davis, Charles N., rate collector, 67 Kathleen Terrace
Davis, E. P., printer, 42 Luther Terrace
Davis, Fredk. R. Ernest, (of Wm. Davis & Sons), Crawfordsburn
Davis, Henry, grocer, 44 Shankhill Road and 2 & 4 Langford Street
Davis, Henry, manufacturer, 4 Wellington Place
Davis, James, over looker, 30 Ship Street
Davis, Joseph, mechanic, 88 Alfred Terrace
Davis, Miss, house keeper, Forster Green & Co.'s young men's buildings, Arthur Place
Davis, Mrs., 115 Ballynafeigh Road
Davis, Mrs., 18 Fountain Street
Davis, Mrs., 35 Railway Street
Davis, Patrick, grocer, 151 New Lodge Road
Davis, R., butter & egg merchant, 22 & 24 Trinity Street
Davis, R. H., draper's assistant, 5 Tudor Place
Davis, Stephen, 3 Sunnyside Street
Davis, Thomas, tailor, 40 Claremont Lane
Davis, Walter, 6 Brougham Street
Davis, W., Custom House Officer, 24 Thorndyke Street
Davis, William, coal merchant, 346 Shankhill Street
Davis, William, 1 Frederick Street
Davis, William, hair dresser, 1 Frederick Street
Davis, William, musician, 64 North Boundary Street
Davis, William, 18 Fountain Street
Davis, William, & Sons, insurance agents, 3 Masonic Buildings
Davis, Wm., (of Wm. Davis & Sons), Tach-Na-Mara, Crawfordsburn
Davis, W. John, nail manufacturer, 140 North Street
Davis, W. T., millinery stand maker, 8 Letitia Street
Davison, Andrew, sample maker, 50 Beech Street
Davison, A., china merchant, 195 & 197 York Street
Davison, Andrew, currier, 4 St. Andrew Square
Davison Brothers, grocers, 40 Morris Place
Davison, Jas., (of News Letter office), 3 Regent Street
Davison, J. J., linen merchant, 8 Windsor Terrace
Davison, Henry, Brooklands, 19 Silvergrove Street
Davison, H., spirit merchant, 28 & 29 Smithfield
Davison, Mrs., 47 Riga Street
Davison, Mrs., 21 Beaconsfield terrace
Davison, Robert, & Co., linen manufacturers & merchants, 29 Bedford Street
Davison, Robert, clerk, General Post Office, 28 Bentinck Street
Davison, Robert, carpenter, 47 Sandy Row
Davison, Thomas James, (of Robt. Davidson & Co.), Windsor Terrace, Lisburn Road
Davison, Thomas, cabinet maker, 4 Corporation Street Little
Davison, Thomas, draper, 13 Wellington Park Terrace
Davison, Thomas, carpenter, 2 Pakenham Street
Davison, W. R., commission agent, 22 College Street, res., Lincoln Avenue
Davison, W., 31 & 33 Hill Street
Dawson, Cornelius, traveller, 5 Connaught Terrace
Dawson, James, jail warder, 10 Lyle Street
Dawson, J., spirit dealer, 2 & 4 Moore's Place
Dawson, Mrs., furniture dealer, 22 Smithfield Square
Dawson, Robert, carpenter, 26 Scotch Row, Ballymacarrett
Dawson, William, iron monger & furniture dealer, 18, 19 & 22 Smithfield
Dawson, Wm., out door officer, Board of Trade, 18 Dock Street
Dawson, William, carpenter & builder, 15 Brunswick Street
Dawson & Wilson, Helping Hand Joinery, Proprietors, Lisburn Road
Dawson, William, carpenter, 7 Brunswick Street
Day, John, carrier, 13 Bank Street
Day Nursery, 24 Barrack Street, Mrs. Zebdie, manager
Deacon, Rev. Isaac Henry, Incumbent of Trinity Church, Mossville, Antrim Road
Dean, Hugh, carpenter, 65 & 67 Smithfield
Dean, John, contractor, 1 Baggot Street
Dean, William, engineer, 190 Leeson Street
Deans, Charles, under steward, Ulster Club, 2a Virginia Terrace
Deans, Haddin & Co., rectifying distillers, York Lane
Deans, Samuel, draper, 14 Baggot Street
De Bruyn, H. T., flax and seed merchant and commission agent, 16 Victoria Chambers, Victoria Street
De Cobain, Edward S. W., cashier, Town Hall, res., 31 Rugby Road
De Courcy, E. B., book keeper, 15 Glentilt Street
De Courcy, H. M., dress maker, 40 Frederick Street
De Courcy, John, 50 Clandeboye Street, Mountpottinger
De Carvet, Julius, French Vice Consul, third floor Scottish Amicable Buildings, Ulster Street
Deeble, Mrs., 63 Botanic View, University Road
Deer, Thomas, mechanic, 46 Spinner Street
Deering, James, stationer, 37 Devonshire Street
Deering, William, clerk, 16 Ormeau Street
Deery, John, baker, Whitehouse
Deeves, Richard, buyer, 12 St. Lawrence Street
Delahunty, William, R.I.C., 33 New Andrew Street
Delany, John, leather dresser, 31 Bank Street
Delaney, Edward, law clerk, 12 Alfred Street
Delaney, J., boarding house, 48 John Street
Dempsey, A., M.D., surgeon, 78 Donegall Street
Dempsey, Bernard, proprietor Linen Hall Hotel, 2 Donegall Square East
Dempsey, C. J., 18 Eglinton Terrace, Crumlin Road
Dempsey, Henry, carpenter, 74 Hopeton Street
Dempsey, James, wine & spirit merchant & brewer, Shore Road
Dempsey, P., spirit merchant, 55 Crumlin Road
Dempsey, P., wine & spirit merchant, 47 & 49 York Street, and 1, 3 & 5 Curtis St.
Dempsey, Patrick, carpenter, 31 Sandy Row
Dempsey, Rev. Wm., C.C., Milford Street
Dempsey, William, carpenter, 4 Woodstock Road
Dempsey, William, spirit dealer, 99 Whitla Street
Dempsey, William James, miller, 19 Ashmore Street
Dempster, Andrew, grocer, 32 Middlepath Street
Dempster, George, carpenter, 33 Cavour Street
Dempster, Isabella, grocer, 14 Marlborough Street
Dempster, James, car owner, 73 New Lodge Road
Dempster, John, baker, 6 Cosgrave Street
Dempster, John, clerk, 68 Hopeton Street
Dempster, John, book keeper, 95 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Dempster, Robert, carpenter, 25 Bellevue Street
Denby, George, pianoforte maker, 105 Joy Street
Denby, W., coach builder, 16 Ardmoulin Cottages
Denham, A., flesher, 8 New Lodge Road
Denham, J. W., clerk, 159 Albert Bridge Road
Dennison, Edward, baker, 25 Morpeth Street
Dennison, James, carpenter, 41 Agnes Street
Dennison, James M., draper, Albert Bridge Road
Dennison, Robert, bank clerk, 21 Dunluce Street
Dennison, Thomas, carpenter, 113 Agnes Street
Dent, Albert, R.N., secretary Mercantile Marine Board, Malone Road
Depot of Workshops for the Blind, 31 Castle Place
Depository of Sunday School for Ireland, 6 Clarence Place
Depository of the Unitarian Society for the Diffusion of Christian Knowledge, L. Coe, agent, 33 Donegall Street
Despard, Ed., house steward, Belfast Charitable Institution, North Queen Street, res., 24 Regent Street
Despard, W. F., agent General Life and Fire Insurance Co., 16 Corporation Street, res., Holywood
Devenny, Walter, 17 Little George's Street
Devericks, Mary, grocer, 322 Newtownards Road
Devine, Bernard, clerk, 114 Divis Street
Devine, Charles, R.I.C., 16 McCleery Street
Devine, Daniel, grocer, 10 & 12 Raphael Street
Devine, Denis, spirit dealer, 10 Divis Street
Devine, John, store keeper, 39 Railway Street
Devine, William, teacher, 32 Osborne Street
Devlin, Charles, car owner, 14 Hamill Street
Devlin, David, painter, 34 Howard Street South
Devlin, Felix, engineer, 49 Falls Road
Devlin, Francis, grocer, 3 Newtownards Road
Devlin, Francis, letter carrier, 27 Lackagh Street
Devlin, George, mechanic, 30 Ross Street
Devlin, Henry, shop keeper & engineer, 37 & 39 Grove Street
Devlin, Hugh, spirit dealer, 57, 79 (59) Cullingtree Road
Devlin, John, cooper, 4 Spencer Street
Devlin, John, bleacher, Newforge, Upper Malone Road
Devlin, John, wine & spirit merchant, 44 & 46 Corporation Street
Devlin, John, clerk, 13 Independent Street
Devlin, Joseph, clerk, 22 Crumlin Street
Devlin, Mark, tailor, 20 Sherbrook Street
Devlin, Michael, beer dealer, 18 Moira Street
Devlin, Mrs., furniture dealer, 60 & 61 Smithfield
Devlin, Mrs., 160 Divis Street
Devlin, Patrick, car owner, 38 & 40 Chichester Street
Devlin, Terence, fruiterer & poulterer, 11 Ann Street
Devlin, Thos., grocer, 1 Ulster Villas, Lisburn Road
Devlin, Thomas, over looker, 10 Blondin Street
Deeves, Michael, 12 Lawrence Street
Dewar, C., & Co., seed merchants, 64 Victoria Street
Dewar, Rev. Jas., 150 Ashley Place, Albert Bridge Road
DeWinter, William, grocer, 28 Ship Street
Deyermon, Robt., boarding house, 46 Princes Street
Diamond, Francis, engraver, 15 Montgomery Street
Diamond, F., horse shoer, 2 Morpeth Street
Diamond, Robt., French polisher, 47 Belmont Street
Diamond, Samuel, tenter, 12 Agnes Street
Diamond, Wm., brick layer, 63 Blenheim Street
Dick, Ingram, engineer, 44 Nelson Street
Dick, R., clerk in County Prison, 4 Florence Place
Dick, Samuel, book keeper, 1 Chaplin Street
Dick, The Misses, ladies' school, 14 Botanic Avenue
Dick, Wm., dairyman, 18 & 20 Spruce Street
Dickenson, J., & Co., wholesale stationers & fancy box & linen ornament manufacturers, 13 Wellington Place
Dickey, E. O'R. (of Cunningham & Dickey), Castleton Terrace
Dickey, John, grocer, 63 North Street
Dickey, John, moulder, 24 Albert Bridge Road
Dickey, John, 30 Church Street
Dickey, Joseph, butcher, 53 Cromac Street
Dickey, Matilda, dress maker, 27 May Street
Dickey, Sarah, school teacher, 50 Twickenham Street
Dickey, Wm., pattern maker, 42 Swift Street
Dickie, J. W., horse shoer & farrier, 29 May Street
Dickinson, P., fruit dealer, 5, 7 Albert Bridge Road
Dickson, Alex., gas fitter, 2 Crawford Street
Dickson, Alex., solicitor, 121 Victoria Street, res., 19 Belmore Street
Dickson, Brothers, pawn brokers, 46 Hope Street
Dickson, Bros., carpenters, 15 Adelaide Street
Dickson, Ferguson, & Co., linen merchants, manufacturers & bleachers, 2 Howard Street, works at Banbridge
Dickson, James, (of Dickson, Ferguson & Co.), Elmfield, Gilford
Dickson, Gawn, Belmont Terrace, Strandtown
Dickson, Hugh, Belmont Nurseries, Strandtown
Dickson, James, manager Northern Whig Ltd., Fortwilliam Park
Dickson, James, carpenter, 26 Rainey Street
Dickson, James, clerk, Andersonstown
Dickson, James, stone cutter, 13 Carlisle Street
Dickson, James, cook, 34 Bentinck Street
Dickson, James, Colonel, 44 Atlantic Avenue
Dickson, John, wholesale wine & spirit merchant, 15 Wilmont Terrace
Dickson, Lucas, grocer, 23 Ward Street
Dickson, Mrs., milliner, 118 Henry Street
Dickson, Robert, cork manufacturer & merchant, 47 & 49 Howard Street South
Dickson, Robert, yarn merchant, 3 Bedford Street, res., Cromwell House, The Plains
Dickson, Thomas, salesman, 203 New Ballynafeigh Road
Dickson, Thomas A., M.P., linen merchant, 1b Donegall Square West, res., Dungannon
Dickson, T. J., railway contractor, 17 College Square East
Dickson, William, pawn broker, 17 Athol Street
Dickson, William, & Co., umbrella & walking stick manufacturer, 29b Donegall Place, and 47 Donegall Street
Dickson, William, hair dresser, 111 Sandy Row
Dickson, William, pawn broker, 6 Sandy Row
Dickson, William, grocer, 86 & 88 Argyle Street
Dickson, William M., packing case maker, 47 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Dill, Mrs., Lincoln Villa, Knock
Dill, Richard Foster, M.D., M.R.C.S., England, Coroner for the borough of Belfast, Professor Q.C.B., Fisherwick Place
Dillon, Francis, grocer, 31 Anderson Street
Dinnen, James, flesher, 66 North Queen Street
Dinnen, James book keeper, Spencer Street
Dinnen, James, flesher, 18 Robert Street
Dinnen, John, solicitor etc., 43 Chichester Street, res., Cabinhill House, The Knock
Dinnen, William, car owner, 27 Russell Street
Dinsmore, Henry, R.I.C., 27 Sherbrook Street
Dinsmore, W., car owner, 36 & 38 River Terrace
Discount Corporation of Ireland Ltd., 31 Donegall Quay, Wm. Steen, secretary
Ditty, John, cashier, 149 McClure Street
Dixon, Campbell T., draper, 29 Queen Street
Dixon, Daniel, Strandtown
Dixon, George, plumber, 15 Boyne Square
Dixon, James, carpenter, 26 Rainey Street
Dixon, James, cook, Cromac Cottages
Dixon, John M., engine, machine & general smith works, 30 Macauley Street
Dixon, J. S., merchant, Great George's Street
Dixon's Mortar Machine Works, 114 Carrick Hill
Dixon & Morrison, timber & slate merchants, 58 Garmoyle Street
Dixon, Thomas, & Co., builders & contractors, 4, 6 & 8 Clifton Street
Dixon, Thomas, & Sons, timber, slate & tile yard, office, 113 & 115 Corporation Street
Dixon, Wakefield H., (of Messrs. Richardson Brothers & Co.), Dunowen, Cliftonville
Dixon, William, boiler maker, 2 Ambrose Street
Dixon, Wm., brass founder, 4 Albert Bridge Road
Doak, Alexander, painter, 24 Malcolm Street
Doak, William, dealer, 13 Theodore Street
Dobie, H., French teacher, 33 Eglinton Street
Dobie, Wm. G., Conlin Grove, Dunmurry
Dobbin, G., 9 Cromwell Road
Dobbin, J., 5 Claremont Lane
Dobbin, James G., & Co., iron mongers, etc., 3 Castle Place
Dobbin, Mrs. Hamilton, servants' registry & reference office, 15 Seymour Street
Dobbin, Mrs., 102 Crumlin Place, Crumlin Road
Dobbin, Thomas, flesher, 82 Bridge End
Dobbin, William, (of Smithfield Brewing Co. Ltd.), 1 Upper Crescent
Dobbin, Wm., & Co., grocers, biscuit manufacturers, confectioners & druggists, 45 & 47 North Street
Dobbin, William, (of Wm. Dobbin & Co.), Park Lodge, Old Park Road
Dobbs, Richard, flesher, 139 Cromac Street
Dobbs, William, flesher, 42 Norwood Place
Dobson, A., engineer, 246 Cambria Place
Dobson, H., Waterside, Greenisland
Dobson, Mrs. Ventnor, Greenisland
Dobson, Richard, traveller, 36 Sandcroft
Dockray, Wm., sea captain, 14 Wellwood Place
Docker, Fredk., painter, 32 Blackstaff Road
Dodds, James, lithographic printer, 2 Southview Cottages
Dodds, Mrs., teacher, 54 Lavinia Street
Dodds, William, car owner, 8 Maria Place
Doey, H., salesman in provision warehouse, 111 North Queen Street
Dogherty, Arthur, reporter, 189 North Queen Street
Dogherty, D. T., printer, book binder & lithographer, 58 Ann Street
Doherty, Edward, mechanic, 10 Alma Street
Dogherty, Edward, car owner, 7 Conswater Street
Dogherty, Edward, mechanic, 38 Bismarck Street
Dogherty, Francis, accountant, 42 Spencer Street
Dogherty, Hugh, linen lapper, 16 Ambrose Street
Dogherty, Hugh, grocer, 33 Crumlin Road
Dogherty, James, linen lapper, 22 Albion Street
Dogherty, Jas., boot & shoe maker, 81 Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Dogherty, John, 3 Crossley Street
Dogherty, John, poultry & potato merchant, 115 Victoria Street
Dogherty, John, clerk, 28 Boundary Street
Dogherty, Joseph, tailor, 60 Silvergrove Street
Dogherty, Joseph, insurance agent, 24 Raglan Street
Dogherty, Michael, 19 Pine Street
Dogherty, Mrs., 64 York Street
Dogherty, Patrick, grocer, 37 New Lodge Road
Dogherty, Robert, lodging house, 7 Prince's Street
Dogherty, Sarah, stationer, 40 Cromac Street
Doherty, T., assistant inspector N.S., 4 Lavinia Street
Doherty, George, ex-R.I.C., 166 Stanhope Street
Doherty, Samuel, marine store, 83 & 85 Union Street
Doghrey, S. J., dress maker, 121 Carrick Hill
Doig, Andrew, cheese factor & commission agent, 26 Donegall Street
Doig, Wm., manager, 26 College Square North
Dolin, Simon, pensioner, 122 Albert Street
Dommican, Hugh, carpenter, 55 Boundary Street
Donaghy, Arthur, publican, Ligoniel
Donaghy, Bernard, carpenter, 41 Gibson Street
Donaghy, F., hay & straw dealer, 3 & 5 Carrick Hill
Donaghy, J., painter, 74 Old Lodge Road
Donaghy, James, flax buyer, 113 Little Patrick Street
Donaghy, James, fireman, 70 Beresford Street
Donaghy, James, grocer, 46 Verner Street
Donaghy, John, boot maker, 15 Cromac Street
Donaghy, Mrs., green grocer, 16 Barrack Street
Donaghy, Mrs., confectioner, 84 Divis Street
Donaghy, O., book keeper, 17 Sevastopol Street
Donaghy & Gibson, painters & glaziers, 113 New Lodge Road
Donald, John, jeweller, 3 Cavour Street
Donaldson, D., carpenter, 5 Arnon Street
Donaldson, E. J., tailor, Joy's Entry
Donaldson, G., ticket writer, 13 Church Street, res., 7 Boyle Street
Donaldson, George, draughtsman, Cosgrave Street
Donaldson, Hugh, missionary, 23 Athol Street
Donaldson, James, carpenter, 130 Kearney's Terrace
Donaldson, James, jeweller, 103 Joy Street
Donaldson, John, spirit dealer, 15 Smithfield
Donaldson, John, tailor, 149 Durham Street
Donaldson, John, carpenter, 55 Christopher Street
Donaldson, J. A., principal Brown Street National Schools, 22 Thorndale Avenue
Donaldson, M., dress maker, 45 Agnes Street
Donaldson, Mrs., 70 Christopher Street
Donaldson, Mrs. H., lace maker, 47 Rainey Street
Donaldson, Mrs., milliner, 3 Lime Street
Donaldson, Samuel, mechanic, 46 Claremont Lane, Mountpottinger
Donaldson, William, carpenter, 30 Albert Street
Donaldson, William, carpenter, 31 Keegan Street
Donaldson, William, 9 Crumlin Street
Donaldson, William, grocer, 69 Woodstock Road
Donaldson, William, linen lapper, 15 McClure Street
Donegal, Marquis of, Belfast Castle, Antrim Road
Donegall Pass Presbyterian Church, Rev. James Dewar, minister
Donegall Street Presbyterian Church, Rev. Isaac Nelson, minister
Donegan, John, sergeant Royal Antrim Rifles, 13 Killarney Street
Donegan, Theresa, fancy goods shop, 22 Ann Street
Donnan, Captain, Seaview Terrace, Whiteabbey
Donnan, Francis, surveyor, 6 Powerscourt Street
Donnan, George, ship chandler, 13 Prince's Dock
Donnan, James, civil bill officer, 79 Anderson Street
Donnan, Jas. M., U.S. Consul, 7 Donegall Square South
Donnan, John, 181 Ballynafeigh Road
Donnan, William, (of Brown, Corbett & Co.), Chichester Park
Donnell, Arthur, artist, 21 Thompson Street
Donnelly, Andrew, (of Holywood & Donnelly), Holywood
Donovan, Robert, mechanic, 23 Aberdeen Street
Donnelly, Daniel, grocer, 53 Carrick Hill
Donnelly, David, carpenter, 9 Lee Street
Donnelly, Edward, engine driver, 16 Dagmar Street
Donnelly, Ellen, provision dealer, 40 Lancaster Street
Donnelly, Hugh, tailor, 3 Bread Street
Donnelly, James, printer, 5 Clyde Street
Donnelly, Jas., furniture dealer, 13 Woodford Street
Donnelly, James, agent for cattle feeding stuffs, Townhall Street
Donnelly, James, pensioner, 27 Rutherford Street
Donnelly, James, Inspector of Public Works, 88 Dover Street
Donnelly, James, shoe maker, 7 Cargill Street
Donnelly, John, clerk, 165 Woodstock Road
Donnelly, John, wholesale & retail spirit merchant, 2 North Street and 1 & 3 Rosemary Street
Donnelly, John, clerk, 20 Carlow Street
Donnelly, John, compositor, 4 Milan Street
Donnelly, John, spirit dealer, 90 North Queen Street
Donnelly, John, tobacconist & cigar importer, 4 North Street
Donnelly, J., H.M. Customs, Dock Street
Donnelly, Joseph, (of Carrol & Donnelly), 27 York Street
Donnelly, Luke, coach builder, 22 New Dock Street
Donnelly, Michael, grocer, 69 Divis Street
Donnelly, Mrs., Servants' Registry Office, 55 Carlisle Street
Donnelly, Robert, clerk, 6 Castlereagh Street
Donnelly, Robert, furniture dealer, 43 & 45 Smithfield Square
Donnelly, William, 46 Cambridge Street
Donnelly, William, book keeper, 55 Tyrone Street
Donning, James, grocer, 12 Staunton Street
Donning, John, car owner, 2 & 4 Frank Street
Donning, William, buyer, 33 Prospect Street
Donnon, Eliza, 5 Canning Street
Doogan, William, painter, 78 Market Street
Dooley, L., captain, 3 Lawther Street
Doran, Denis, carpenter, 59 Lagan Street
Doran, Henry, dairyman, Andersonstown
Doran, James A., publican, 6 West Street
Doran, Jas., wine & spirit dealer, 46 Smithfield
Doran, Jas. A., commercial traveller, 29 India Street
Doran, J., publican, 43 & 47 Annette Street
Doran, John, tobacco spinner, 8 Kearney's Terrace
Doran, Joseph, hackle setter, 63 McDonnell Street
Doran, Jos., commercial traveller, 32 McClure Street
Doran, Michael, store keeper, 6 Albert Place
Doran, Robert, shoe maker, 58 Hutchinson Street
Doran, Samuel, engineer, 27 Downing Street
Doran, W. J., wine & spirit merchant, 62 Pakenham Place
Doran, W. T. (of Doran & Anderson), 62 Pakenham Place
Doran & Anderson, wine & spirit merchants, 88 Tomb Street
Doresa, Stavro, interpreter, 74 Cosgrave Street
Doris, Arthur, draper, 46 & 48 Castle Street, res., 4 Empress Buildings
Dorris, Catherine, boarding house, 52 John Street
Dorris, D., R.I.C., pensioner, 21 Ship Street
Dorrian, Adam, carpenter, 29 Bedeque Street
Dorrian, Michael, store keeper, Albert Place
Dorrian, Miss, 43 Botanic Terrace, Dublin Road
Dorrian, Robert, painter, 25 Market Street
Dorrian, Right Rev. Dr., Roman Catholic Bishop of Down & Connor, Chichester Park, Antrim Road
Dorrity, Charles, tailor, 122 Falls Road
Dorrity, Thomas, engineer, 64 Boundary Street
Dorman, David, carpenter, 15 Blythe Street
Dorman, James, dairyman, 9 Tierney Street
Dorman, J., warehouseman, 41 Church Street
Dorman, Jno., farmer, 117 Colin View, Lisburn Road
Dornan, A., commercial traveller, 98 Cosgrave Street
Dornan, Edward, engine drive, (driver) 15 Artillery Street
Dornan, James, Strandmillis Road
Dornan, John, pawn broker, 1 & 3 Sandy Row
Dornan, John, Scripture Reader, 58 Denmark Street
Dornan, Margaret, 26 Joy Street
Dornan, Robert, hardware merchant & spirit dealer, 13 & 15 King Street
Dornan, Sarah, grocer, 106 Falls Road
Dougal, A., carrier, 20 & 22 May Street
Dougal, James, confectioner, etc., 95 Hercules Street
Dougal, Jas., car owner, 68 & 70 Millfield
Dougal, John, car owner, 35 Leadbetter Street
Dougal, M., tailor, 7 Brownlow Street
Dougal, Wm., clerk, 6 Mount Street, Mountpottinger
Dougal, Wm. John, cashier, 61 Benwell Terrace   *** wrong place in Directory :- Dougall, William, 8 Mount Street  ***                                     "                   "
Dougan, John, carpenter, 2 Antrim Street   ***                     "                   "
Dougan, E., boot top manufacturer, 32a Mill Street
Dougan, George, carpenter, 129 Leeson Street
Dougan, James, land steward, 10 Limestone Road
Dougan, John J., bank cashier, 16 Claremont Street
Dougan, Michael, spirit dealer, 45 Smithfield
Dougan, M., cabinet maker, 82 Hanover Street
Dougherty, Charles, 4 Moffett's Terrace, Holywood
Dougherty, David, lodgings, 24 Winetavern Street
Dougherty, Edward, mechanic, 36 Bismarck Street
Dougherty, G. H., merchant, 66 Carlisle Street
Dougherty, James, boot maker, 21 Clonallon Street
Dougherty, James, compositor, 50 McCleery Street
Dougherty, John, dealer, 47 & 50 Smithfield Square
Dougherty, John, fruit merchant, 115 Victoria Street
Dougherty, John, tobacconist, 65 Mill Street
Dougherty, Margaret, dress maker, 43 Hamill Street
Dougherty, Miss, 4 Essex Street
Dougherty, William, grocer, 45 Barrack Street
Douglas, A., grocer, 1 Gibson Street
Douglas, Alexander, draper, 84 Livingston Terrace, University Street
Douglas, Alexander, farmer, Andersonstown
Douglas, Archibald, 95 Leeson Street
Douglas, Ellen, grocer, 91 Castlereagh Road
Douglas, Henry, prov. dealer, 162 Shankhill Road
Douglas, H., painter, 30 Edith Street, Mountpottinger
Douglas, James, ship owner, 144 York Street
Douglas, Jane, straw bonnet, dress & mantle maker, 4 Sussex Place
Douglas, John Luke, Glen Cot., Andersonstown
Douglas, John, clerk, 43 Ward Street
Douglas, John, mechanic, 86 Argyle Street
Douglas, John, traveller, 46 Denmark Street
Douglas, John, manufacturer & bleacher of muslins & embroideries, 24 Donegall Street, res., 20 Elmwood Avenue
Douglas, Josiah, grocer, 57 New Lodge Road
Douglas, Miss Ellen, 17 Fleetwood Street
Douglas, Mrs., Edward Street
Douglas, Richard, grocer, 22 Westmoreland Street
Douglas, Richard, painter, 200 Agnes Street
Douglas, R., drapers' assistant, 20 Woodford Street
Douglas, Robert, draper, 78 York Street
Douglas, S., mechanic, 5 Dagmar Street
Douglas, Samuel, grocer, 197 Albert Bridge Road
Douglas, Samuel, plater, 40 Cavour Street
Douglas, Samuel, sea captain, 35 Paxton Street
Douglas, Thomas, butcher, 159 Old Lodge Road
Douglas, Wm., mechanic, 28 Howard Street North
Douglas, William J., compositor, 24 Nelson Street
Douglas, William, 16 Wesley Place
Douglas, William, printer, 19 Arundel Street
Douglas, William, milliner & draper, 57 Cromac Street, res., 21 Ponsonby Ave.
Douglas, William, shipwright, 1 Belvoir Street
Douglas, William, house painter, 47 Hopewell Street
Douglass, Archibald, grocer, 1 Gibson Street
Douglass, Josias, grocer, 59 New Lodge Road
Douglass, Samuel, grocer, 197 Lorne Terrace, Albert Bridge Road
Doura Fireclay Co., Townhall Street, Jas. Fowler, agent
Dow, Hugh, ship carpenter, 148 Kearney's Terrace
Dowdal, Miss, 88 Dalriada Terrace, Donegall Pass
Dowdall, William, 107 Crumlin Road
Dowdwell, Mrs., 29 Raglan Street
Dowds, Isabella, grocer, 2 & 4 New Street
Dowds, Mrs., boarding house, 15 Carrickhill
Dowds, Wm., machine master, 14 Albert Crescent
Dowdy, William, commission agent, 4 Waring Street, res., 15 Wellington Park Terrace
Dowdy, William, dining rooms, 3 Crown Entry
Dowie, James, baker, 33 McMillan's Buildings
Dowie, Robert, fancy box paper manufacturer, 21 & 23 Hamilton Street
Dowie, Wm., manager Wheeler & Co.'s, 110 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Dowling, Joseph, grocer, 14 New Lodge Road
Dowling, John, plumber, 23 King Street
Dowling, J. M., Connsbrook Villa, Strandtown
Dowling, William, carpenter, 54 Beech Street
Dowling, W. J., collar cutter, 24 Lindsay Street
Down and Connor and Dromore Church Education Society, 6 Clarence Place
Downey, Biggar, furniture dealer, 6 & 7 Smithfield Square
Downey, George, insurance agent, 45 Riga Street
Downey, Hugh, carpenter, 3 Anderson's Row
Downey, John, shopman, 135 Agnes Street
Downey, Mrs., 2 Essex Street
Downey, R., cabinet maker, 104 Peter's Hill
Downey, Richard, carpenter, 13 Brown Street
Downey, Richard, carpenter, 12 Cargill Street
Downey, Rose, grocer, 27 East Street
Downey, Samuel, poulterer, 110 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Downey, Sarah, 122 Hughes Buildings, Divis Street
Downey, Thomas, law clerk, 119 McClure Street
Downey, William, grocer, 17 Lancaster Street
Downie, Mrs., 5 Roden Terrace, Limestone Road
Downing, Alex., brass founder, plumber & gas fitter, 17 William Street South
Downing, J. W., 9 Upper Crescent
Downing, J., clerk & deputy registrar of marriages, 68 Eglinton Street
Downing, Mary, dress maker, 5 Clarence Street
Downing, Mr., brass founder, 1 Garden Place
Downing, Wm. M., book binder & account book manufacturer, 65 Donegall Street, res., 15 Lavinia Street
Downing, Wm., tailor, 13 Arundel Street
Downs, Archibald, engineer, 57 Earl Street
Downshire Arms Hotel, Great Victoria Street, N. J. Finnegan, proprietor
Doyle, Charles, car owner, 50 Tyrone Street
Doyle, Ellen, lodging house, 13 Princes Street
Doyle, Felix, spirit dealer, 12 Station Street
Doyle, Frances Ruth, music teacher, 8 Independent Street
Doyle, John, cabinet maker, 1 Little May Street
Doyle, Mary, dress & mantle maker, 48 Joy Street
Doyle, Sarah, proprietress, Donegall Hotel, 5 Donegall Square West
Doyle, Thomas, salesman, 29 Massereene Street
Draffin, Thomas, grocer, 21 Kendal Street
Drake, Richard, spirit dealer, 27 Lagan Village Road
Drake, Wm., flesher, 31 Cromac Street
Drain, George, tailor, 67 Hanover Street
Drain, Matilda, grocer, 284 Shankhill Road
Drain, Michael, cabinet maker, 4 Marquis Street
Drain, Thomas, 187 Ballynafeigh Road
Drean, Thomas, book keeper, 151 Glenfield Place
Drennan, David, corn trader, 13 Kendal Street
Drennan, John S., M.D., 73 Chichester Street
Drennan, J., compositor, 7 Townsend Street Upper
Drennan, Mary Jane, 1 Frank Street
Druce, J., commission agent, 4 Duncairn Terrace, Duncairn Street
Druitt, Mrs. Eleanor, Fortview Terrace, Duncairn Street
Drummond, Margaret, grocer, 19 & 21 Nelson Street
Drummond, Oliver, 69 Dock Street
Drummond, R., iron turner, Black's Cottages, Ballynafeigh
*** Drury, Thomas, boot manufacturer & sewing machine agent, 9 Lombard Street   *** wrong place in book, see below
Drysdale, Henry, haberdasher, 116 Kearney's Terrace
Drysdale, Jas., linen lapper, 7 Westmoreland Street
Duddy, John, spirit dealer, 3 Henry Street
Duddy, John, spirit dealer, 2 & 4 Grattan Street
Dudgeon, J. S., boot maker, Albany Street
Dudgeon, W., factory manager, 37 College Street South
Dudley, John S., agent, 5 Sussex Place, res., 15 Cooke Street
Duff, Bros., bakers, 32 to 36 Beresford Street
Duff, David, car inspector, 72 Ballynafeigh Road
Duff, Hugh, painter, 7 Harley Street
Duff, James, boot maker, 12 Gardner Street
Duff, James B., cooper, 113 Kathleen Terrace
Duff, J., marble & stone works, York Street
Duff, John, baker & grocer, 38 Avoca Street
Duff, Joseph, clothier, 20 King Street
Duff, Joseph, stone yard, 21 Cargill Street Upper
Duff, William, grocer, 47 Edward Street
Duff, William, French polisher, 29 Carlisle Street
Duffield, G., Forth River Cottage, Ballygomartin
Duffield, G., jun., Glenview, Ballygomartin
Duffield, Mrs., Balmoral Villas
Duffield, Samuel, provision merchant, 88 Great Patrick Street, res., 40 Clifton Park Avenue
Duffield, John, dairyman, Ulsterville Avenue
Duffin, A. B. L. (of T. Bushell & Co.), University Square
Duffin, Charles, & Co., flax spinners, mill owners & insurance agents, 26 Waring Street
Duffin, Charles, J.P. (of C. Duffin & Co.), Strandtown Lodge
Duffin, Edward, & Co., Clarence Street Factory, Manufacturer of Hessians & Bags
Duffin, George, car owner, 8 Union Place
Duffin, James, master bleacher, Upper Malone Road
Duffin, Lewis, carpenter, 14 Andrew Street
Duffin, Mrs., cap manufacturer, 38 Berry Street
Duffin, Samuel, boot maker, 13 St. Paul Street
Duffy, Hugh, painter, 7 Hartley Street
Duffy, James, hotel, 13 Chichester Street
Duffy, James, contractor, 48 Leeson Street
Duffy, John, saddler, 14 Bow Street
Duffy, J. J., spirit dealer, 57 Chichester Street, 6 Great Edward Street and Church Lane
Duffy, John, stationer, 89 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Duffy, Michael, shoe maker, Whitehouse
Duffy, Philip, spirit dealer, 74 Corporation Street
Dougall, William, 8 Mount Street                          ***  see above
Dougan, John, carpenter, 2 Antrim Street           ***  see above
Dugan, David, factory manager, 78 Carlow Street
Dugan, M., cabinet maker, 82 Hanover Street
Dugan, William, coach builder, 122 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Dugan, William, stone cutter, 6 Lyons Street
Dugdale, John, mechanic, 25 Scotland Street
Duggan, H., carpenter, 146 Crimea Street
Duggan, Joseph, shoe maker, 38 Scotch Street
Duggan, M., & Co., drapers, 152 Derby Place, Falls Road
Dugrass, Robert, painter, 8 Market Street
Duke, Ann, 57 Denmark Street
Duke, Graham & Lockwood, linen & handkerchief manufacturers, 22 Bedford St.
Dunadry Bleaching Co., 4 Howard Street, H. Campbell, agent
Duncan, Geo., toy and fancy warehouse, 28 & 30 Mill Street
Duncan, James, guard, 29 Malt Street
Duncan, John, gardener, Brooklands
Duncan, John, contractor, Ligoniel
Duncan, J., provision dealer, 27 Christopher Street
Duncan, J., harbour constable, 130 Henry Street
Duncan, John, flax buyers, Botanic Hill Cottage, Malone Road
Duncan, Miss, draper, 32 Mill Street
Duncan, Mrs., 5 Meadowbank Street
Duncan, Mrs., Emerald Hill, Whiteabbey
Duncan, M., coach painter, 15 Garmoyle Street
Duncan, Richard, 12 McClure Street
Duncan, Richard, grocer, 44 Beresford Street
Duncan, R., coal merchant, 33 Meadowbank Street
Duncan, Thos., wholesale wine & spirit merchant, 42 Great Patrick Street
Duncan, W. J., brick layer, 74 Bank Street
Duncan, William, tailor, 96 Argyle Street
Duncan, William, rent agent, 38 Calvin Street
Duncan, William, wholesale hat and cap manufacturer, 36 North Street
Duncan, Wm., pensioner, 5 College Street West
Dunbar, David, boot & shoe maker, 26 Northumberland Street
Dunbar, Geo., gardener, 111 Kathleen Terrace
Dunbar, James, grocer, 33 Wilson Street
Dunbar, Joseph, clerk, 23 Calvin Street
Dunbar, Mrs., 147 Warwick Terrace, Woodstock Road
Dunbar, McMaster, & Co., yarn merchants, 6 Donegall Square South
Dunbar, Robt., boot and shoe maker, 68 Dover Street
Dunbar, Samuel H., tailor, Oceanic Avenue
Dunbar, William, tailor, 38 Lindsay Street
Dunbar, William, car owner, 8 & 10 Tyne Street
Dunleavy, John, mechanic, 13 Pernau Street
Dunlop, A., contractor, 41 & 43 Newtownards Road
Dunlop, Alex., engineer, Grosvenor Lodge
Dunlop, Alex., sand merchant, Sand Quay
Dunlop, Andrew, 5 Lower Windsor Terrace
Dunlop, C., farmer, Edenderry House, Milltown
Dunlop, Charles, Ballylesson
Dunlop, David, carpenter, 112 Sandy Row
Dunlop, David, Thistle Hotel, Arthur Square
Dunlop, Fenton, engineer, 12 Castlereagh Avenue
Dunlop, George, millwright, 67 Woodstock Road
Dunlop, Henry, carpenter, 13 North Boundary Street
Dunlop, James, (agent for Peek, Bros., & Co.), London, 97 Victoria Street, res., 23 Eglantine Avenue
Dunlop, James, engineer, 5 Willow Street
Dunlop, James, foreman, 19 Woodstock Road
Dunlop, James, manager, 26 Botanic Avenue
Dunlop, James, warehouse over looker, 65 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Dunlop, Jas. B., veterinary surgeon, 14 May Street, res., 50 Gloucester Street
Dunlop, John, miller, 89 Mountpottinger Road
Dunlop, J., spirit dealer, 185 Old Lodge Road
Dunlop, Q., engineer, Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger Road
Dunlop, Robert, accountant, 15 Silvio Street
Dunlop, Robert, grocer & prov. merchant, 33 Edward Street, branches, 186 Nelson Street, and 34 New Lodge Road, res., Chichester Park
Dunlop, Samuel, cashier, 197 Greenhill Terrace, Mountpottinger Road
Dunlop, Susan, straw bonnet maker, 97 Joy Street
Dunlop, Thomas, grocer, 10 Pakenham Street
Dunlop, W., coach trimmer, 101 Donegall Pass
Dunlop, W. H., & Co., linen manufacturers, 35 Linenhall Street
Dunlop, William, grocer, 62 Cromac Street
Dunlop, William, wine merchant, 2 Alfred Terrace
Dunlop, W., spirit dealer, 1 Newtownards Road
Dunlop & Co., cart & wagon manufacturers, 5 Hamilton Street
Dunn, Elizabeth, Berlin Wool House, 74 High Street, res., Roden Terrace
Dunn, Gilbert R. W., wood turner, 44 Glenpark Street
Dunn, J. K. W., grocer, 52 Ardilea Street
Dunn, James, warehouseman, 94 Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger
Dunn, James, builder, 46 Avoca Street
Dunn, Jas., sail maker, 44 Roden Terrace, Limestone Road
Dunn, James H., 3 Beechpark Street
Dunn, Jas. H., bedding manufacturer, 29 York Street
Dunn, James, grocer, 45 Union Street
Dunn, John, mechanic, 8 Carntall Street
Dunn, John, clerk, 33 Wall Street
Dunn, John, book keeper, 9 Auburn Street
Dunn, John, tailor, 29 Ross Street
Dunn, Joseph, sea captain, 23 Landscape Terrace, Crumlin Road
Dunn, Michael, carpenter, 6 Cullingtree Place
Dunn, Miss, 56 Fitzroy Avenue
Dunn, Mrs., 9 Charlotte Street
Dunn, R., house agent, 151 & 153 McDonnell Street
Dunn, William, traveller, 193 Argyle Street
Dunn, William, printer, 38 Spruce Street
Dunne, Mrs., 35 Magdala Street
Dunne, Peter, jeweller, 3 Kildare Street
Dunseath, J., Cricketview Cottage, Ormeau Road
Dunseath, John, (of Dunseath & Flack), 26 Upper Townsend Street
Dunseath, Mary Ellen, 47 Castlereagh Street
Dunseath, Robert J., packer, 21 James Street South
Dunseath & Flack, tailors & drapers, 2 Rosemary Street
Dunseath & Sons, makers-up and bleachers, 21 South James Street
"Dunluce Castle," wine and spirit store, 10 & 12 Great Patrick Street, R. McDonald, proprietor
Dunston, James A., draper, 6 York Street, res., 7 Windsor Terrace
Dunville & Co. Ltd., distillers and wine and spirit merchants, offices, Calendar Street. Distilleries, Royal Irish Distillery, Distillery Street. Warehouses, Alfred Street, Adelaide Street, Franklin Street, and Clarence Street. Bonded and Duty Warehouses, Franklin Place. ( See Advertisement)
Dunville, Robert G., J.P. (of Dunville & Co.), Redburn, Holywood and Zion, Navan, Count Meath
Dunwoody, Alexander, painter, 46 Merrion Street
Dunwoody, D., grocer, Snugville Street
Dunwoody, D., brick maker, Ballynafeigh
Dunwoody, H., spirit dealer, 191b Grosvenor Street
Dunwoody, H. G., spirit dealer, 43 Townsend Street Lower
Dunwoody, James, grocer, 72 Albert Bridge Road
Dunwoody, J., grocer, 31 & 33 Calvin Street
Dunwoody, John, car owner, 59 Utility Street
Dunwoody, Robert, (of McKee & Dunwoody), 6 Mount Collyer Terrace
Dunwoody, Robert, farmer, Milltown
Dunwoody, Robert, ship carpenter, 71 Eagleson Place, Duncairn Street
Dunwoody, Thomas, grocer, 62 Beersbridge Road
Dunwoody, W., carpenter, 3 Little Brunswick Street
Dunwoody, William, carpenter, 10 Loftus Street
Dunwoodie, William, grocer & spirit dealer, 92 Malvern Street
Dupree, D., drapers' assistant, 32 Bradford Street
Dupre, John A., book keeper, 48 King Street
Durand, A., hair dresser, perfumer & shampooing rooms, 73 Donegall Street
Drury, Thomas, boot manufacturer & sewing machine agent, 9 Lombard Street
Durey, John, publican, 15 Berlin Street
Durham Street Flax Spinning Mill and Power Loom linen manufactory, John Hind & Sons, proprietors
Dwyer, E. L., Whiteabbey Spinning Company, Whiteabbey
Dwyer, Francis, Belvidere, Ballylesson
Dwyer, George, over looker, 289 Shankhill Road
Dyas, Daniel, delf & china warehouse, 11 Smithfield, res., 73 Ormeau Road
Dyer, George, fancy bird and pigeon dealer, 9 Academy Street
Dyer, Hugh, 3 Gardner's Row
Dyer, Isabella, 41 Laburnum Terrace, Duncairn Street
Dyer, Mrs., 26 Ormeau Street
Dyer, Mrs., 42 Beech Street
Dyer, S., preparing master, 23 Cumberland Street
Dyer, Thomas, flesher, 154 Shankhill Road
Dysart, William, auctioneer, 75 Smithfield, res., 37 Queen Street


Eagan, Robert, grocer, 2 Kenilworth Street
Eagleson, James, book keeper, 69 Eagleson Place
Eagleson, Mrs., 60 Botanic Avenue
Eakin, Andrew, secretary to Commutation and Sustentation Fund, 3 General Assembly's Buildings, May Street, res., 5 Fitzroy Crescent
Eakin, Wm., & Co., wholesale druggists, 52 Donegall Street
Eakin, Wm. (of W. Eakin & Co.), 35 Alma Terrace
Earl Street National School, 3 & 5 Earl Street, Hugh McElwee, principal
Early, William, bottler, 63 Carlow Street
Easdale, Wm. (of W. Easdale & Co.), Willow Bank, Falls Road
Eason, Thos. B., superintendent of telegraphs, G.P.O., 95 Dunlop Terrace
Easton, Daniel, saddler, Dayton Street
Easton, George, coke works, 42 Middlepath Street
Easton, Robert, confectioner, 44 Brown Street
Eaton, John, locomotive superintendent, 6 University Terrace
Eaton, Joseph, 3 Castle Chambers, res., 29 Charlotte Street
Eaton, Samuel, linen lapper, 129 Argyle Street
Eaton, William, architect, 15 Cameron Street
Eccles, Mrs., 43 University Road
Edenderry Spinning Company, flax and tow spinners, Crumlin Road, John Beck, managing director, John T. Abbot, secretary
Edgar, A. L., provision dealer, 132 North Street
Edgar, Agnes, 3 Lincoln Avenue
Edgar, David, clerk, 26 Lyons Street, Ballymacarrett
Edgar, Henry, engineer, 18 Marine Street
Edgar, Jane, 7 Victoria Street
Edgar, John, 7 College Park East
Edgar, John, harbour constable, 14 Thomas Street
Edgar, Margaret, 7 Atlantic Street
Edgar, Mrs., 14 Richmond Place
Edgar, Robert, seed merchant, 44 Great Patrick Street
Edgar, Robert, manager, 6 Henry Street
Edgar & Lowry, wholesale & retail woollen drapers, 2 Arthur Square & 5 Arthur Street
Edmondson, Edwd., cabinet maker, 50 Marine Street
Edmondson, John, constable, 38 Kensington Street
Edmondson, Wm., cabinet maker & upholsterer, 31 Queen Street
Edmondson, Wm., shoe maker, 12 North Boundary Street
Edwards, Andrew, grocer, 293 Springfield Place, Newtownards Road
Edwards, Alfred, (of Maguire & Edwards), 4 Wilton Terrace, The Plains
Edwards, Benjamin, bottle works, 72 Tomb Street
Edwards, Mrs., fruiterer, 61 Old Lodge Road
Edwards, Wm., carpenter, 17 California Street
Egar, Mrs., 17 North Queen Street
Egan, James, music teacher, 13 Powerscourt Street
Egan, Timothy, musician, Little May Street
Eglinton & Winton Hotel, 85 High Street
Elcock, Charles, clerk, 48 Fitzroy Avenue
Elliott, Archibald, draper, 73 Benwell Terrace
Elliott, Eliza, grocer, 5 Trafalgar Street
Elliott, George, engineer & boiler inspector, 2 Railway Street
Elliott, James, flesher, 202 Leeson Street
Elliott, J., warehouseman, 166 Wilton Terrace
Elliott, James, R.I.C., 298 Sandy Row
Elliott, John, poulterer, 18 Wesley Place
Elliott, John, traveller, 95 Northumberland Street
Elliott, John, draper, 138 Kearney's Terrace
Elliott, John, clerk, 90 Woodstock Road
Elliott, John, & Co., linen manufacturers & yarn merchants, works at Lurgan, powerloom factory Springfield, office, 2 Bedford Street
Elliott, John, (of John Elliott & Co.), Maryvale, Sydenham
Elliott, John, 30 Twickenham Street
Elliott, Miss, milliner, 43 & 45 York Street
Elliott, Mrs., 10 Walnut Place
Elliott, Mrs., 5 Vance Street
Elliott, Mrs., 7 Upper Townsend Street
Elliott, Mrs. E., 15 Antrim Place, Duncairn Street
Elliott, Torrens, teacher, 42 University Street
Elliott, William, tailor, 4 College Street
Elliott, William, cloth presser, 25 Osborne Street
Elliott, William, grocer, 117 Sandy Row
Ellis, Alexander, silver polisher, 35 Cultra Street
Ellis Bros., cambric handkerchief manufacturers, 7 Linenhall Street
Ellis, Clement, book seller, 116 Donegall Street
Ellis, D., waste dealer, 76 & 78 Green Street
Ellis, Edward, grocer, 7 Singleton Street
Ellis, James, saddler, 138 North Street
Ellis, James, clerk, 17 Crossley Street
Ellis, J., stationer, 45 Old Lodge Road
Ellis, John, carpenter, 2 Midlands Street
Ellis, John, coach maker, 23 Bank Street
Ellis, John, clerk, 40 Frederick Terrace
Ellis, John, wood turner, 27 Talbot Street
Ellis, John, mechanic, 18 Dagmar Street
Ellis, John, insurance agent, 13 Paxton Street
Ellis, John, (of Ellis & Co.), 40 Frederick Terrace
Ellis, Joshua, artist, 25 Radcliffe Street
Ellis, M., provision merchant, 31 & 33 Peveril Street
Ellis, Samuel, commission agent, 26 Wesley Street
Ellis, Thomas, 28 Albion Street
Ellis, S. & Co., felt manufacturers, Malone Mills, Utility Street
Ellis & Co., publishers, etc., 31 Queen Street
Eliza Street National School, Eliza Street, W. Cullen, teacher
Ellison, James J., rate collector, rent and insurance agent, 4b Donegall Street, res., 88 Denmark Street
Ellison, William, book keeper, 92 Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger Road
Elmore, Thomas, fruiterer, 66b Mill Street
Elwood, J., carpenter, 30 Kensington Street
Elwood, Robert, carpenter, 37 Carlow Street
Elwood, William H., dentist, 23 Dublin Road
Ely, William, pensioner, 19 Bank Street
Emerson, Alexander, grocer, 236 Wilton Place
Emerson, Edward, traveller, 57 Atlantic Avenue
Emerson, Samuel, mechanic, 39 Moscow Street
Emerson, W., Cromac Dining Rooms, 43 Cromac Street
Emerson, William, bonded stores, and insurance agent, 14 & 15 Donegall Quay
English, George, store keeper, 43 Denmark Street
English, H. F., manager, (Stubbs & Co.), Balmoral
English, James, flour merchant, res., Cliftonville Avenue
English, John, grocer, 19 Skipper Street
English, John, carpenter, 23 Carlisle Street
English, Mary A., grocer, 86 Stanhope Street
English, Miss, 1 Tyrone Street
English, Mrs., 46 Old Lodge Road
English, William, publican, 19 Hope Street
English, William, & Co., manufacturers, 18 Howard Street, res., 4 Wesley Avenue
English, William, manager, Renfrew Cottage
English, W. J., linen measurer, 17 Silvergrove Street
Ennis, Alexander J., sub-editor, Northern Whig, 19 Richmond Place
Ennis, Jamison, car owner, 68 Lawther Street
Ennis, J. F., clerk, 17 Lincoln Avenue
Entwistle, L., grocer, 20 Talbot Street
Erskine, David, linen lapper, 6 Beech Street
Erskine, Henry, 5 Richmond Square
Erskine, Jas., paper merchant, 3 Donegall Square West
Erskine, John, builder, 1 Pacific Avenue
Erskine, Martin, book keeper, 23 Richmond Place
Erskine, Mrs. M., 106 Joy Street
Erskine, Samuel G., commission agent, Clifton Lodge, Cliftonville
Erskine, William, teacher, 39 Avoca Street
Erskine, W. J., carpenter, 5 Dagmar Street
Eskine, R., brush and trunk warehouse, 24 North Street, res., Eldon House, Holywood
Erwin, D., draper & clothier, 26 Mill Street
Erwin, F. M., grocer & provision merchant, 88 Spamount
Erwin, John, butter merchant, 39 Eglinton Street
Erwin, Margaret, grocer, 137 Cromac Street
Ervine, George, grocer, 4 Scotchmount Terrace
Ervine, Robert, foreman, 7 Frank Place
Esler, Mary, 27 Athol Street
Esler, Robert, M.D., surgeon, 64 Pakenham Place, Dublin Road
Espy, Mary, grocer, 64 Broadbent Street
Espy, Robt. B., block printer, 62 Broadbent Street
Evans, Edward, 4 Castleton Street
Evans, James, aerated water manufacturer and porter bottler, 14 & 16 Great George's Street
Evans, John, grocer, 184 Woodstock Road
Evans, John, ship smith, 24 & 25 Prince's Dock, res., 13 Brougham Street
Evans, John, boot and shoe maker, 85 Northumberland Street
Evans, Joseph, glazier, 35 Boundary Street
Evans, Mary, 1 Lincoln Avenue
Evans, Silas, manager Dunloy Iron Ore Co., secretary for Ballymena, Cushendall and Red Bay Railway Co., and Downpatrick, Dundrum and Newcastle Railway Co., agent for Tyrone Coal Mining Co., Alliance Insurance Co. (Fire and Life), and Knockboy Mining Co., 9 Victoria Chambers, res., 4 Wellington Park
Evans, Wm., confectioner, 211 York Street
Everett, Jos. David, M.A., D.C.L., F.R.C.S.E., Professor of Natural Philosophy in Queen's College, Rushmere, Malone Road
Ewart, Hugh, clerk, 11 Bagot Street (Baggot)
Ewart, William, & Son, flax spinners, linen manufacturers, bleachers, and merchants  :- 
Head Offices and Warehouse - 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 & 17 Bedford Street
Flax Spinning Mills - The Crumlin Road Mills, Belfast, the Mountain Mill, Ligoniel
Weaving Factories - The Crumlin Road Weaving Factories, the Bedford Street Weaving Factory, the McTier Street Factory
Linen and Yarn Bleaching and Dye Works - Glenbank Bleachgreen, Ballysillan
Also at Manchester, London and New York
Ewart, William, J.P., M.P., (of William Ewart & Son), res., Glenmachan House, Strandtown
Ewart, William Quartus, (of William Ewart & Son), res., Clonaver, Strandtown
Ewart, Lavens M., (of William Ewart & Son), res., Glenbank House, Ballysillan
Ewart, James, architect, 31 Donegall Street, res., 18 College Street South
Ewart, William, broker, 140 Peter's Hill
Ewing, Andrew, muslin manufacturer, St. Ann's Buildings, res., Fanny's Cottages, Ballynafeigh
Ewing, Eliza, dealer, 43 Union Street
Ewing, Sons & Co., linen merchants & bleachers, 13 Donegall Square South

F   top

Fagan, Alice, spirit dealer, 12 & 14 Albert Bridge Road
Fagan, Arthur, cattle dealer, 28 Brougham Street
Fagan, Constantine, upholsterer, polisher and furniture warehouse, 109 Victoria Street
Fagan, James, cattle dealer, 57 Whitla Street
Fagan, John, builder, 16 Cosgrave Street
Fagan, John, M.D., surgeon, 11 College Square North
Fagan, Mrs., 40 University Street
Fagan, Mrs., 33 Bank Street
Fagan, Patrick, hair dresser, 60 & 62 Mill Street
Fagan, W., cattle dealer, 2 & 4 Dock Street New
Failey, Samuel, carpenter, 9 Venice Street
Fair, J., builder, 22 Alfred Street, res., 1 Carvill's Terrace
Fairburn, D., inland revenue officer, 8 Meadowbank Street
Fairweath, John, 31 Mount Street
Fallen, John, coach painter, 104 George's Street Great
Fairfield, Catherine, grocer, 12 Conlon Street
Falls Park, Falls Road, T. Dickson, superintendent
Falloon, H., spirit dealer, 76 & 82 Great Patrick Street
Falloon, James, cotton spinner, 45 Cosgrave Street
Falloon, Mrs., draper, 44 Hopeton Street
Falloon, Patrick, ale agent, 22 Boundary Street
Falloon, Patrick, tailor, 29 Townsend Street
Falloon, Robert, Bayview Terrace, Strandtown
Faren, Joseph, & Sons, brokers, insurance agents, and commission merchants, 34 Waring Street
Faren, Wm. & Henry J., (of Joseph Faren & Sons), 11 Mountcharles
Farley, F., spirit dealer, 80 North Street
Farley, John, baker, 11 Servia Street
Farley, Patrick, traveller, 152 Leeson Street
Farley, Thomas, dyer, 43 Utility Street
Farrell, Bernard, mechanic, 23 Sevastopol Street
Farrell, J., plumber & gas fitter, 43 Califronia Street
Farrell, J., plumber, 20 Portland Street
Farrell, J., tailor, 48 Old Lodge Road
Farrell, Joseph, clerk, 25 Rotterdam Street
Farrell, M., manager, 45 Falls Road
Farrell, R., general dealer, 15 & 17 York Street
Farrell, Rev. A., Thornhill, Dundonald
Farrell, Thomas, Victoria Hotel, York Street
Farrell. T., tinsmith, etc., 24 Ardmoulin Street
Farrell, William R., clerk, 3 Sarah Street
Farrell, William, R.I.C., 84 Elizabeth Street
Farrelly, Agnes, grocer, 107 Shankhill Road
Farrelly, R., foreman printer, 32 Peveril Street
Farmer, David, brush maker, 3 Killarney Street
Farquhar, Mrs., Jordanstown
Farquharson, J., seedsman, 56 Memel Street
Fasco, Louis, ice cream manufacturer, 90 Little Patrick Street
Faulkner, Mrs., 102 Donegall Pass
Faulkner, Robert, boot maker, 37 Beresford Street
Faulkner, William, draper, 49 Castlereagh Street
Faulkner, Wm., spirit dealer, 6 & 8 Fountain Street
Fawcett, Mrs., 79 Stamford Terrace, Donegall Pass
Feary, Stephen, manager, 5 Cameron Street
Fearon, M., fish monger, 18 & 20 Berry Street
Fee, Isabella, grocer, 6 Glentilt Street
Fee, John, carpenter, 133 Albert Street
Fee, Miss, 102 Ann Street
Fee, Robert, ship carpenter, 15 Cosgrove Street
Fee, S., house and land agent, 70 & 72 Eglinton Street
Fee, Thomas, stabling yard, 11 Marlborough Street
Fee, William, painter, 35 Dickson Street
Feely, Bernard, manufacturers' agent, 15 Donegall Place, res., 33 College Street
Feely, Thomas, ship carpenter, 128 Henry Street
Fehrenbach, Sarah, 73 Wall Street
Feiretag, Fabian, watch and clock maker, 62 Corporation Street
Fell, W. H., boiler inspector, 8 Baltic Avenue
Fennell, John G., merchant, 4 Wilmont Terrace
Fenning, Ann Jane, 10 Wesley Place
Fenning, F., cabinet maker, 43 Keegan Street
Fenning, William, clerk, 1 Sunnyside Street
Feening, John, tenter, Ferndale House
Fenton, Connor & Co., linen merchants, manufacturers and bleachers, Linen Hall
Fenton, Edward, book keeper, 44 Ann Street
Fenton, Samuel G., & Co., flax spinners, linen yarn and general commission merchants, Linen Hall
Fenton, M. (of Sam. G. Fenton & Co.), Windsor
Ferrar, Michael, 1 Camden Street
Ferguson, Adam, stationer, 104 Central Buildings
Ferguson, C., dress maker, 19 King Street
Ferguson, Charles, teacher, 264 Shankhill Road
Ferguson, David, clerk, 6 Cranbourn Street
Ferguson, David, draper, 112 Peter's Hill
Ferguson, Hamilton, draper, 21 Kenilworth Street
Ferguson, H., carpenter, 108 Howard Street South
Ferguson, H., carpenter, 36 Wesley Street
Ferguson, H., clerk Probate Office, 54 McClure Street
Ferguson, Henry, clothier, shirt maker & outfitter, 8 Bridge Street, res., Holywood
Ferguson, H. S., M.D., M.R.C.S., Fisherwick Place
Ferguson, H., & Co., linen collar, cuff and shirt front manufacturers, 3 & 5 Alfred Street
Ferguson, H. (of Ferguson & Co.), Sydenham
Ferguson, James B., (of Molyneux & Ferguson), Cliftonville
Ferguson, James, butcher, 23 Ann Street
Ferguson, James, engineer, 4 Lyons Street
Ferguson, James, tobacconist, 15 William Street
Ferguson, James, traveller, Myrtlefield
Ferguson, James, wholesale draper, 5 Fountainville Avenue
Ferguson, J. H., starch manufacturer, Langford Villa, Duncairn Street
Ferguson, J., & Co., linen manufacturers, 31 Linenhall Street
Ferguson, J., (of J. Ferguson & Co.), Belgravia, Lisburn Road
Ferguson, James, mechanic, 102 Upper Earl Street
Ferguson, John, Milltown, Andersonstown
Ferguson, John, woollen draper, 2 Bridge Street, res., 18 Abercorn Cottages
Ferguson, John, 29 Rugby Road
Ferguson, John, gas fitter, 11 Outram Street
Ferguson, John, dyer, 22 Canmore Street
Ferguson, John, draper, 10 Glentilt Place
Ferguson, John, barber, 58 Great Patrick Street
Ferguson, J., commercial traveller, 20 Vicinage Park
Ferguson, J. B., draper, 10 Canning Street
Ferguson, Miss, 32 Tyne Cottages, Castlereagh Street
Ferguson, M., milliner, haberdasher and under clothier, 42 Donegall Street
Ferguson, Miss, 5 Dunluce Street
Ferguson, Miss, 64 Belvidere Place, Great Victoria Street
Ferguson, Mrs., 25 Crescent Terrace
Ferguson, Mrs., 1 Windsor Street
Ferguson, Mrs., 7 Mount Pleasant
Ferguson, Mrs., 4 Granville Terrace
Ferguson, P., mill manager, Springfield Road
Ferguson, Robert, (of Robertson, Ledlie, Fergsuon & Co. Ltd.,), Sydenham House, Strandtown
Ferguson, Robert, grocer, 38 Sandy Row
Ferguson, Robert, baker, 6 Charlotte Street
Fergsuon, Robert, clerk, 36 Shannon Street
Ferguson, Robert L., accountant, 23 Carlisle Street
Ferguson, R., Scripture Reader, 157 Warwick Terrace
Ferguson, Rosetta, 4 Cambridge Street
Ferguson, Samuel, grocer, 28 McClure Street
Ferguson, S., draper, 38 Great Patrick Street
Ferguson, Thomas, dairyman, 107 Kathleen Terrace
Ferguson, T., timber merchant, 20 Cambridge Street
Ferguson, Thos., confectioner, 62 Victoria Street
Ferguson, Thos., J.P., (of Dickson, Ferguson & Co.), Edenderry House, Banbridge
Ferguson, Thomas, carpenter, 356 Shankhill Road
Ferguson, W., factory manager, 14 Radcliffe Street
Ferguson, W., & Co., general merchants and agents, 41 Donegall Place
Ferguson, William, 40 Turin Street
Ferguson, William, grocer, My Lady's Road
Ferguson, William, hair dresser, 211 Durham Street
Ferguson, W. J., book keeper, 47 Laburnum Terrace
Ferguson, W. & L., bleach works, Malone Road
Ferguson, W. John, grocer, 47 Apsley Street
Ferguson, Wm. R. D., Scottish Imperial Insurance Company's Agent, 41 Donegall Place, res., 4 Mountcharles
Farrar, A. M., linen merchant, 1c University Square
Ferrar, Michael, 1 Camden Street
Ferrier, George, engineer, 6 Earl Street
Ferrier, George, baker, 6 Milford Street
Ferrier, John, engineer, 68 Nelson Street
Ferrin, Eliza, 2 Seymour Street
Ferris, A., sexton York Street Presbyterian Church, 74 Upper Earl Street
Ferris, B., timber merchant, 141 & 143 Millfield
Ferris, Edward, engraver, 9 Ivanhoe Street
Ferris, Hugh, box maker, 3 Carsonville
Ferris, James, cabinet maker, 35 Keegan Street
Ferris, James, plumber, 25 Corporation Street
Ferris, James, boot maker, 12 Berlin Street
Ferris, J., grocery & spirit dealer, 16 Russell Street
Ferris, John, book keeper, 13 Sheridan Street
Ferris, John, boot and shoe maker, 13 Masonic Buildings
Ferris, Mrs., 16 Mountcharles
Ferris, Peter, farrier, 39 & 41 Little Patrick Street
Ferris, Rachel, draper, 104 & 106 Grosvenor Street
Ferris, Robert, coach builder, 43 Grosvenor Street
Ferris, Robt., boot and shoe maker, 114 Dublin Road
Ferris, Stewart, painter, 10 Frederick Terrace, Dublin Road
Ferris, S. G., insurance and commission agent, 111 Donegall Street, res., 14 Barron Street
Ferrette, William, tailor, 29 Wesley Place
Ferris, Wm., plumber, 146 Cromac Street
Ferris, Wm., gilder, 53 Cyprus Terrace
Ferris, Wm. John, clerk, 9 Fleet Street
Ferris, W. E., harbour constable, 5 Liffey Street
Festu, Jules, French teacher, 5 Upper Crescent
Festu, Mrs., ladies' school, 5 Upper Crescent
Fetherston-H., Mrs., 19 Essex Street
Fiddes, M. J., linen and linen yarn merchant, Bedford Street
Field, Alex., baker, 9 Tyne Street
Finch, David, spirit grocer, 221 Durham Street
Filson, Thomas, 61 Auburn Terrace
Findlater, John, manager, Provincial Bank, 2 Hercules Place
Finlay, Alex., soap and candle manufacturer, 35 Ann Street, res., Holywood
Finlay, Alex., 5 Frank Street
Finlay, Alex., dairyman, 80 & 82 Millfield
Finlay, Bros., & Co., Wolfhill Spinning Co., 16 Corporation Street
Finlay, W. L., (of Finlay, Bros., & Co.), Altoona, Windsor Avenue
Finlay, Edward H., compositor, 45 Hopewell Street
Finlay, George, miller, 14 Malone Place
Finlay, Isaac, harbour constable, 100 Henry Street
Finlay, James, carpenter, 317 Springfield Place
Finlay, James, tenter, 178 Agnes Street
Finlay, James, builder, 24 Elizabeth Street
Finlay, Jane & Eliza, straw bonnet makers. 24 & 26 Hill Street
Finlay, Joseph, 115 North Queen Street
Finlay, Mary, grocer, 32 Massereene Street
Finlay, Mark, (of H. Matier & Co.), New York
Finlay, Mrs. M., 42 Lonsdale Street
Finlay, M. C., linen merchant, 3 Erin Terrace, Eblana Street
Finlay, R., harbour constable, 100 Henry Street  (see Isaac above also)
Finlay, R., plumber & brass founder, 125 Shankhill Road
Finlay, Samuel, 43 Townsend Street
Finlay, William, bleacher, 60 Malvern Street
Finlay, William, carpenter, 39 Cosgrave Street
Finlay, William, carpenter, 6 Hanover Street
Finlay, William, grocer & publican, Whiteabbey
Finlay, William H., fitter, 2 Walnut Place
Finlay, William, plasterer, 5 Wellwood Place
Finlay, William, R.I.C., 14 Scotland Street
Finlay, William, traveller, Rosetta Avenue
Finlay & Burrowes, carpenters and builders, 8 York Lane
Finnegan, Edward S., secretary, Antrim & Down Constitutional Associations, Lombard Street, res., Sunnyside, Knock
Finnegan, William J., Downshire Arms Hotel, Great Victoria Street (see advertisement)
Finnegan, William, mechanic, 7 Sandy Row
Firth, E. & W., railway works, Middlepath Street
Firth, Edwd., (of E. & W. Firth), 6 New Bond Street
Firth, Joseph, manager, Whiterock Green, New Barnsley
Firth, Thomas, clerk of works, New Barnsley
Firth, Timothy, calenderer, New Barnsley
Firth, W., (of E, & W. Firth), 60 Queen's Bridge
Fishbourne, R., gentleman, 69 Kathleen Terrace
Fisher, Francis, butcher, 57 Argyle Street
Fisher, George, (Castle Restaurant and Bar), 31 Castle Lane
Fisher, James, brass foundry, 33 California Street
Fisher, James, butcher, 16 Mount Street Lower
Fisher, Joseph B., smith, 46 Beech Street
Fisher, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 24 May Street, res., 26 Outram Street
Fisher, Mrs., 51 Prospect Terrace, University Road
Fisher, Mrs., 48 William's Place, University Road
Fisher, Richard, 52 Brookvale Avenue
Fisher, Reuben J., cashier, Abercorn Terrace
Fisher, S. Rainey, boot maker, 73 Academy Street
Fisher, Thomas, house, land, rent and estate agent, etc., Arthur Street, res., 17 May Street
Fisher, Thomas, painter, oil and colour merchant, 78 Ann Street, works, 205 Woodstock Road, res., Cherryvale
Fisher, William, painter, 75 Albert Bridge Road
Fisher, William J., clerk, 46 Auburn Street
Fisher & Duffin, West of England Insurance Company, 28 Waring Street
Fisherwick Place Church, Rev. H. M. Williamson
Fitchie, John, compositor, 19 Kendal Street
Fitchie, James, (of Macarthur & Co.), Coomassie Villa, Strandtown
Fitzgerald, Michael, flesher, 121 York Street
Fitzgerald, Mrs. C., Portland Place
Fitzpatrick, Ann, spirit dealer, 65 Falls Road
Fitzpatrick, Bros., contractors and builders, 3 Great Victoria Street
Fitzpatrick, William, (of Fitzpatrick Bros.), Locust Lodge, New Ballynafeigh Road
Fitzpatrick, John, family grocer and wine merchant, 3 Carlisle Circus
Fitzpatrick, John, coal merchant, 20 Queen's Quay, res., 114 & 118 Joy Street
Fitzpatrick, John, salesman, 108 Cullingtree Street
Fitzpatrick, Mrs., Oberon Villa, New Ballynafeigh Road
Fitzsimmons, F., carpenter, 1 Canning Street Place
Fitzsimmons, H., carpenter, 160 Leeson Street
Fitzsimmons, J., carpenter, 1 Alloa Street
Fitzsimmons, J., nail manufacturer, 150 North Street
Fitzsimmons, John Gerald, 23 Stanfield Street
Fitzsimmons, M. A., spirit dealer, 79 Cromac Street
Fitzsimmons, Miss, dress maker, New Ballynafeigh Road
Fitzsimmons, Miss, Berlin wool and fancy goods warehouse, 7 Lombard Street, res., 35 Botanic Avenue
Flack, David, painter, 29 Hopeton Street
Flack, David, spinning master, 21 Riga Street
Flack, Robert, (of Dunseath & Flack), 4 Woodburn Terrace
Flack, Thomas, salesman, 51 Westmoreland Street
Flanagan, Mrs., flesher, 4 Carlisle Circus
Flanagan, R., spirit merchant, 1 & 3 Copeland Street
Flanagan, Robert, clerk of works, 3 Flax Street
Flatley, Henry, St. Patrick's Assurance and Burial Society, 154 Derby Place, Divis Street
Flax Supply Association, 10 Donegall Square West, M. Andrews, jun., secretary
Fleetwood, William, mechanic, 169 Loftus Street
Fleming, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 50 Elizabeth Street
Fleming, Henry, coal merchant, 21 Marlborough Street
Fleming, H., flesher, Whitewell
Fleming, James, pawn broker, 47 Cromac Street, res., Railway Street
Fleming, John, grain agent, Queen's Quay
Fleming, John, 117 Greenhill Terrace
Fleming, John, mechanic, 5 Amelia Street
Fleming, Mary, draper, 23 Shankhill Road
Fleming, Miss, 12 Brunswick Street
Fleming, Miss, 48 Botanic Avenue
Fleming, M., butcher, Ligoniel
Fleming, Patrick, clerk, 106 Lindsay Street
Fleming, Samuel, 9 Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Fleming, S. S., Northern Waggon Works and round timber merchant, 5 Hamilton Street, res., 3 Trinity Street
Fleming, William, printer, 25 Essex Street
Fletches, W. H., carpenter, 15 Arnon Street
Flinn, James, agent for Blackie & Sons, 26 Albert Place, Donegall Pass
Flinn, Miss, 4 Franklin Street
Flood, John, gas fitter, 64 Joy Street
Flynn, P., publican, 11 Gamble Street
Forden, Harcourt, agent for executors of Col. Hargreaves, Burnley Collieries, Victoria Street
Foley, Francis, butcher, 23 Hercules Place
Foley, Miss, grocer, 57 Millfield
Foley, R., cloth finisher, 22 Ardmoulin Street
Forbes, A., contractor, 2 Elm Street
Forbes, Thomas, upholsterer and Venetian blind manufacturer, 17 & 19 King St.
Forbes, Trevor, (Ulster Foundry), iron founder and engineer, 40 & 42 Townsend Street, res., 5 Castleton Terrace
Forde, Charles, stationer, 160 Bower's Hill
Forde, Joseph, boot manufacturer. 4 Ann Street
Forde, J., boot maker, 19 Cromac Street
Forde, Miss, 67 Prince Arthur Terrace
Forde, Thomas, Belgrave Terrace, Strandtown
Forde, Wm., carpenter, 1 Genoa Street
Foreman, John, mechanic, 33 Ashmore Street
Foreman, Mrs. E., 8 Tudor Place
Fordyce, John, commission agent, 25 Victoria Street, res., Malone Park
Fordyce, Mrs., 3 Little Patrick Street
Forrest, Alexander, ship broker, agent for Francis Ritchie & Sons, iron ore merchants, 13 Victoria Street, res., 19 Canning Street
Forrester, Alexander, wine & spirit merchant, 5 & 7 Lower Arthur Street, res., Bunkerhill House
Forsythe, A., spinning master, 25 Broadbent Street
Forsythe, Chas., nail manufacturer, 21 Skipper Street
Forsythe, Charles, iron moulder, 43 Carlow Street
Forsythe, G., wood carver, 25 Conlon Street
Forsythe, H., nail maker, 8 Amelia Street
Forsythe, Hannah, draper, 56 Duncairn Street
Forsythe, H., wood turner, 6 Fountainville Terrace
Forsythe, James, carpenter, 32 Salisbury Terrace
Forsythe, John, clerk, 17 Beresford Street
Forsythe, John, grocer, hay, straw & provision dealer, 146 & 148 Boundary St.
Forsythe, John, soap and candle manufacturer, 91 Victoria Street, res., Rosetta Avenue
Forsythe, Mrs., 28 Canning Street
Forsythe, Wm., pensioner, 11 Naples Street
Forsythe, Wm. J., over looker, 3 Linview Street
Foster, John, stationer, 50 Auburn Terrace
Foster, John, hair dresser, 28 Malcolm Street
Foster, Mrs. Mary Ann, 2 Comber Place
Foster, Wm., carpenter, 67 New Lodge Road
Foster, Wm., grocer and provision dealer, 116 Durham Street
Fowler, James, confectioner, 149 North Street
Fowler, Margaret, 83 Wall Street
Fox, Henry, (of William Hartley & Co.), Flush House, Knockbreda
Fox, James, turncock, 70 Argyle Street
Fox, James, baker, 91 McDonnell Street
Fox, M., spirit dealer, 85 & 87 North Queen Street
Fox, Thomas, wine and spirit store, 220 York Street
Fox, Thomas, spirit dealer, 60 & 62 Stanhope Street
Fox, Thomas, draper, 15 Great Patrick Street
Fox, Wm., army general contractor, 64 High Street
Foy, Charles, Canadian Emigration Agent, 9 Great Victoria Street
Foy, D. & G., Windsor chair manufacturers, 14 Sandy Row
Foy, Mrs., pawn broker, 31 & 33 Great Patrick Street
Frackleton, John, chemist & commission agent, 49 Queen Street, res., 33 University Street
Frackleton, John, & Sons, painters, glaziers and colour merchants, 42 & 44 Church Lane, res., 76 Avoca Terrace
Frame, H., traveller, Ashley Avenue
Frame, James, carpenter, 54 Market Street
Frame, John, family grocer and provision merchant, Gosford Terrace, The Plains, ( See Advertisement)
Frame, Samuel, tailor, 10 Melbourne Street
Francis, Alexander, sailors' boarding house, 49 Pilot Street and 8 Short Strand
Francis, James, merchant and commission agent, 6 Donegall Place Buildings, res., Holywood
Franklin, Robert, flesher, 5 York Street
Franklin Street Collar Co. Ltd., 2 Great Victoria Street, J. Bain, sec.
Fraser, Charles, painter, 37 Beersbridge Road
Fraser, Hugh, engineer, 3 Newtownards Road
Fraser, James, supervisor, 10 Cameron Street
Fraser, James, litho. printer, 29 Bruce Street
Fraser, James, 13 Templemore Street
Fraser, James C., 6 Granville Terrace
Fraser, John, (of Fraser & Son), Clanbrassil Terrace
Fraser, Michael, clothier, 64 Victoria Street, res., 16 Gloucester Street
Fraser, Thomas, Fireclay goods, cement and flag stone merchant, 34, 36 & 38 Bridge End, res., 30 Wellington Park
Frayne, John, house and land agent, 21 Arthur Street
Frazer, George, engineer, 49 Meadow Street
Frazer, H., draper, 23 Church Street
Frazer, H., draper, 3 Vicinage Park
Frazer, James, commission agent, 1 College Street, res., 4 Elizabeth Terrace, Bangor
Frazer, James, Brookvale Cottage, Lisburn Road
Frazer, James, litho. printer, 103 Joy Street
Frazer, James, C.E., 75 Castlereagh Street
Frazer, J., & Son, engineers, 117 Victoria Street
Frazer, J., leather merchant, 101 North Street
Frazer, John, dealer, 68 Victoria Street, res., 103 Joy Street
Frazer, John, painter, 25 Renfrew Street
Frazer, Joseph, clerk, 5 River Terrace
Frazer, Mrs., 1 Agincourt Terrace
Freeland, C., mechanic, 109 Northumberland Street
Freeman, John, rope and twine manufacturer, 15 May Street Little
Freeman's Journal, branch office, 28 Rosemary Street
French, Andrew, baker, 28 Summer Street
French, J., haberdasher, 95 Old Lodge Road
French, Thomas, carpenter, 34 Fairview Street
French, W. A., 1 Cavour Street
Frew, Alexander, engine driver, 109 Cosgrave Street
Frew, Mrs., servants' registry office, 22 Joy Street
Frew, Stewart, grocer, Renfrew Cottage
Frew, The Misses, 54 Gloucester Street
Friedlander, J., picture frame maker, 6 York Street
Frith, William H., engineer, 5 Lavinia Street
Frizell, John, spirit dealer, 32 Hopeton Street
Fry, David, clerk, 59 Meadow Street
Fry, Robert, flesher, 117 McClure Street
Fry, R., butcher, 19 Hopeton Street
Fry, W. S., (of Lepper & Co.), 74 St. Helen's Place, London
Fry, William, linen lapper, 145 McClure Street
Fryer, Charles, draper, 33 King Street
Fryer, Jas., spindle and flyer works, 5 Malvern Street
Fryer, Mrs., 7 Camberwell Street
Fryer, T., boot maker, 53 North Street
Fhr, Ernest Augustus, 1 Mountpleasant, Strandmillis Road
Fuller, George, civil engineer, 14 College Gardens
Fullen, Edmond, wine & spirit merchant, 51, 53 & 55 Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Fullerton, Alfred, carpenter and builder, 83 Durham Street
Fullerton, Mrs., 121 Hertford Place, Dublin Road
Fullerton, Terence, baker, 99 Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Fullerton, Thos., clothier and draper, 93 Albion Buildings, York Street
Fullerton, W., cabinet maker, 93 Cosgrave Street
Fulling, Andrew, cork merchant, 10 Hercules Street, res., 15 Beechpark Street
Fulling, John, cork cutter, 10 Hercules Street
Fulton, David, 267 York Street
Fulton, John, printer, 10 Falls Road
Fulton, John, publican, Whitewell
Fulton, John, (of Thompson & Fulton), Brougham Villas, Knock
Fulton, John, carpenter, 3 Independent Street
Fulton, J., wood carver, 12 Talbot Street, res., 41 Tyrone Street
Fulton, J., (of Fulton & Kinghan), 24 Canning Street
Fulton, Jos., provision merchant, 24 Canning Street
Fulton, Matthew, dairyman, 9 Conlon Street
Fulton, Mrs., 12 Pine Street
Fulton, R. & H., builders and contractors, 12 and 14 Cambridge Street
Fulton, Samuel, gardener, 67 Cambria Street
Fulton, W. H., fancy box maker, 52 Tyrone Street
Fulton & Kinghan, provision merchants, 64 Corporation Street
Furlong, James, reporter, 10 Ardilea Street
Furphy, Samuel, book keeper, 23 Combermere Street
Futtit, James B., clerk, 109 Everton Terrace
Futts, William, pensioner, 24 Killarney Street

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