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1894 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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          Donegal is a maritime County in the Province of Ulster. Boundaries - N., the Atlantic Ocean; E., Lough Foyle, Londonderry, and Tyrone; S., Tyrone, Fermanagh and Leitrim; W., the Atlantic Ocean. Greatest length (N.E. and S.W.), 85 miles; greatest breadth (S.E. and N.W.), 41 miles; comprising an area of 1,495,154 acres, of which 231,448 are arable, 380,510 in pasture, 7,517 in plantations, 554,759 waste, bog, mountain, &c.; and 22,880 under water. The coast is indented by numerous bays, the principal being Lough Swilly, Lough Foyle, Mulroy, Sheephaven, Teelin, Killybegs, Inver, and Donegal. The islands are numerous; seventeen are inhabited; the principal are North Arran, containing 4,335 acres, and in 1861 a population of 1,220, Tory Island, and Innistrahul. On the latter there is a lighthouse, showing a light revolving every two minutes; there are other lighthouses, showing fixed lights, on North Arran, Tory Island, at Fannet Point, W. of Lough Swilly, Rathlin, O'Beirne's Island, North-West side of the entrance of the Bay of Donegal, and at St. John's Point, Killybegs. The surface is mountainous and boggy. The lakes are numerous, but small; the most remarkable is Lough Derg, 3,214 acres, having in it St. Patrick's Purgatory - a place of pilgrimage for Roman Catholics. The population in 1881 was 206,035. The occupations are chiefly agricultural. The weaving of woollen stockings is engaged in by females; the inhabitants near the coast are much engaged in the fisheries. The Finn Valley Railway Lines from Strabane to Stranorlar, from Derry to Buncrana, and from Enniskillen to Bundoran are in operation. The Lough Swilly Railway runs from Derry to Buncrana. The Tory Island Lighthouse, the most powerful light in Ireland, is close to the coast of Donegal. The county contains Raphoe Diocese, and parts of Derry and Clogher, consisting of fifty one parishes. The principal towns are Ballyshannon, Letterkenny, Ramelton, Donegal, Moville, Buncrana, and Killybegs, which are seaports, and carry on trade. The county returns four members to Parliament; and it contains twenty seven polling places. The Assizes are held at Lifford. There are bridewells there and at Donegal and Letterkenny. Quarter Sessions are held at Ballyshannon, Cardonagh, Buncrana, Donegal, Glenties, Letterkenny and Lifford. The County Infirmary is at Lifford; the District Lunatic Asylum, a handsome structure, is at Letterkenny. There are Union Workhouses at Ballyshannon, Donegal, Dunfanaghy, Glenties, Innishowen, Letterkenny, Milford and Stranorlar. There are Artillery Stations at the Forts of Knockalla, Macomish, Dunree, Inch, and Ned's Point, on Lough Swilly, and at Greencastle on the Foyle; there are barracks for infantry at Ballyshannon and Lifford. The county is within the Belfast Military District, and forms part of No. 64 Sub-District, in conjunction with the Counties Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone. The head-quarters of the constabulary force are at Letterkenny; those of the nine districts, comprising forty-eight stations at Rathmullan, Raphoe, Buncrana, Ballyshannon, Ardara, Moville, Dunfanaghy, Letterkenny, and Dungloe. There are several coastguard stations. The net annual value of property under the Tenement Valuation Act, is 297,145.

Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum
His Grace The Duke of Abercorn, Baronscourt, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; Hampden House, 61 Green Street, Grosvenor Square, London

High Sheriff, 1894 - Mr. Robert Crawford, J.P., stone Wold, Ballyshannon

County Members
North Division - Mr. John Mains, Portrush.  South Division - Mr. J. J. Swifte McNeill, Dublin.  East Division - Mr. Arthur O'Connor, Rowan Road, Brook Green, Dublin.  West Division - Mr. T. D. Sullivan, 90 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin

County Court Judge and Chairman of Quarter Sessions - His Honour Thomas E. Webb, Q.C., 5 Mount Street Crescent, Dublin

Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates

Alexander, Joseph, Imlick, Carrigans
Archdale, Captain Mervyn Edward, Castle Archdale, Irvinestown
Archdall, Charles, Enniskillen
Arran, Right Hon. the Earl of, Castlegore, Co. Mayo
Atkinson, Thomas John, D.L., Cavan Garden, Donegal
Baird, Andrew, Moville
Barton, Charles Robert, Waterfoot, Pettigo
Barton, Baptist Johnston, D.L., Greenfort, Croaghross, Letterkenny
Batt, Thomas E., Rathmullan House, Rathmullan
Batt, Thomas, D.L., Rathmullan House, Rathmullan
Beatty, Rev. John, Cupar, Fife, Scotland
Beatty, John, B.A., 66 Wellington Road, Dublin
Beresford, John B., D.L., Ashbrook, Derry
Black, Alexander, Londonderry and Buncrana
Boyd, William Henry, Ballymacool House, Letterkenny; Junior Carlton Club
Brooke, Arthur, Whitehouse, Killybegs
Bryan, John, M.D., Pettigo
Carr, Fenwick, M.D., Spruckburn House, Letterkenny
Cassidy, Samuel, Bruckless House, Donegal
Clarke, James, Port Hall, Clonleigh, Strabane
Cochrane, Hon. Ernest Grey Lambton, R.N., D.L., Meentiaghs Lodge, Derry; and Gortgowan, Derry
Cochrane, John, M.A., Lifford
Cochrane, Richard. Spring Hill, Quigley's Point, Derry
Coleman, James R. H., Killybegs
Colquhoun, Thomas, Rockfort, Buncrana
Condon, James David, Ballyshannon
Corry, Matthew, Ramelton
Cox, Ven. Michael B., Glenties, Stranorlar
Coyle, Neil
Crawford, R., Stonewold, Ballyshannon
Crosbie, Pierce, Castle House, Moville
Cunningham, Richard, Dorset House, Leinster Road, Dublin
Dickson, Captain John Wm., Tullaghan House, Sligo
Doherty, Wm. James, St. Muras, Fahan, Derry
Doherty, Wm., Rochefort Villa, Buncrana
Donaldson, Samuel, Glenafton, Welshtown, Stranorlar
Dopping, Colonel James Henry, Derrycassan, Dring, Granard, Co. Longford
Doyne, Major Henry Archdall, Letterkenny
Ellison, Andrew J., Tober, Ballindrait, Strabane
Ewing, William, Ardee, Newtowncunningham
Fenwick, Charles Bisset, Greenhill, Convoy
Fleming, Richard M., Carthage House, Culdaff
Fleming, Samuel, Windy Hall, Letterkenny
Flood, Alexander W., Bundoran
Foster, Arthur H., St. Ernau's, Donegal
Fullerton, James Watt, Shellfield, Ramelton
Gallagher, Patrick, Ardtogher, Donegal
Gallagher, Patrick, Castlegoland, Glenties
Gilliland, George Knox, Kilmoyle, Greencastle; and Brookhall, Derry
Grove, John Montgomery Charles, Castlegrove, Letterkenny
Hamilton, Major J., D.L., Brownhall, Ballintra
Hamilton, James A., Seaview House, Bundoran
Hamilton, W. A., Coolmore House, Ballyshannon
Hamilton, William John P., Mossville, Glenties
Hammond, Wm., Lackbeg House, Burtonport, Stranorlar
Hanna, Wm. James, Whitehouse, Carrigans, Derry
Hart, George Vaughan, D.L., Kilderry, Derry
Hart, Henry Chichester, B.A., T.C.D., Carroblagh, Croaghcross, Letterkenny
Hart, William Edward, Portavela, Greencastle
Harvey, George Miller, D.L., Malin Hall, Malin
Hayes, Sir Samuel H., Bart., D.L., Drumboe Castle, Stranorlar; Carlton and White's Clubs, London, S.W.
Hewetson, Edward D., Churchhill, Letterkenny
Hime, Maurice C., M.A., LL.D., Foyle College, Londonderry
Humphreys, T. W. D., Donaghmore House, Castlefin
Irvine, Wm., Q.C., Prospect Hill, Dublin
Irwin, Burton, Streamstown, Ballymote; and Lord Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin
Jeffcott, William, Dublin
Johnston, John S., Rockfield, Stranorlar
Johnstone, Major J. H. Eden, Ardara
Kelly, Edward, Ramelton and Londonderry
Kelly, James, Moville
Kelly, J. T., M.D., Glenties
Kelly, Peter, Ballyshannon
King, Robert A., Trinaragh, Letterkenny
Knox, Lieut.-Colonel George, D.L., Prehen, Derry
Knox, Captain Wm., Clonleigh, Lifford
Lepper, Robert, Foyle View, Redcastle, Derry
Leslie, Sir John, Bart., Pettigo
Lifford, Viscount Jas. Wilfred, Clapton House, Stratford, England, and Meenglass, Stranorlar
Lloyd, Minchin P., Northland Road, Derry
Longworth, Francis Travers Dunas, Glenwood, Athlone, Kildare Street, Dublin

Loughrey, John, Binion House, Clonmany
Loughrey, John, Moville
Lyle, Lieut.-Col. Hugh Chetham, Southport, England
Macky, Francis C., Belmont, Londonderry
Magee, John, The Diamond, Donegal
Major, J. M. Porter, Ballyeriston House, Glenties
Manning, A., Mulroy
Mansfield, Lieut.-Colonel Francis Stewart, D.L., Castlewray, Letterkenny
Mansfield, Edmund Christopher, Ardrummon House, Ballymaleel, Letterkenny
Marshall, Samuel, Sallybrook, Manorcunningham
Miller, John, Ardview House, Killinchy, Co. Down
Montgomery, Robert George, D.L., Convoy House, Raphoe
Montgomery, General George S., C.S.T., Fort Royal, Rathmullan
Motherwell, Samuel, Castleforward, Burt
Murphy, James Frazer, Boyle, Roscommon
Murphy, Edmund, Dunfanaghy; 1 Customhouse Square, Belfast
Murray-Stewart, Horatio G., D.L., Whitehouse, Killybegs, Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Musgrave, John Riddell, D.L., Knockbrack, Croaghross, Ramelton; Drumglass House, Belfast
Musgrave, James, Carrick Lodge, Killybegs; Drumglass House, Belfast
McClintock, T. M., Hampstead Hall, Derry
McClintock, R., D.L., Dunmore, Carrigans
McConnelogue, Bernard, Gleneely, Moville
McCorkell, David B., B.L., Ballyarnett, Londonderry
McCullagh, James, jun., Pettigo
McDowell, Edward, Moville
McFadden, M., Drumnahough House, Breenagh, Glenswilly
McFarlane, James, Melmount, Strabane
McFeely, Joseph D., M.D., Allingham Lodge, Bundoran
McGlade, Francis, The Lodge, Glencolumbkill
McGlinchey, Andrew, Buncrana
McGlinchey, James, Kindroy Head, Culdaff
McLoone, Joseph, The Diamond, Donegal
McMenamin, Patrick, Strabane
McSheffry, James, Drumaville House, Carndonagh
Norman, Thomas, D.L., Glengollan, Fahan, Derry
Olphert, John, D.L., St. John's, Fahan
Osborne, Charles Wm., Rosnaree, Slane, Co. Meath
Osborne, Dr. John A., Milford
Ovens, John Coote, M.D., Aughnagaddy House, Ramelton
O'Donnell, John, Letterilly, Glenties
O'Donnell, Anthony, Dungloe
Patterson, Thomas, Gortlee House, Letterkenny
Pomeroy, J. A., St. Angelo, Ballycassidy, Co. Fermanagh
Pope, Richard Henry, Invereske Lodge, Donegal
Ramsay, Charles Alexander, Dunfanaghy
Reid, Andrew Nichol, Belfast Bank, Ballyshannon
Riky, Captain John, Mounthall, Killygordon
Rodger, Peter T., Buncrana, and Strand Road, Derry
Sinclair, William, D.L., Drumbeg, Donegal
Sinclair, Jas. Montgomery, Bonnyglen, Donegal
Smyth, William, M.D., Rosheen Lodge, Burton Port, Dungloe (abroad)
Stack, Owen R., Divisional Commissioner, Armagh
Stevenson, Robert, Ardkill, Derry
Stewart, Alexander J. R., D.L., Ards, Cashelmore, Letterkenny, and 28 Palmira Square, Brighton
Stewart, Alexander Montgomery, Killendaragh, Lifford
Stewart, Charles Frederick, Hornhead, Dunfanaghy
Stewart, James Augustus, Ayr Hill, Ramelton, and Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Stoney, Major T. Butler, D.L., Oakfield, Raphoe
Stubbs, C. Albert, Rossylongan, Donegal
Stubbs, Henry, Danby, Ballyshannon
Style, Sir William Henry Marsham, Bart., D.L., M.A., Glenmore, Stranorlar
Sweeney, James, Dungloe
Sweeney, Robert, Ballyshannon
Swiney, J. Hazlett, Moyagh, Ramelton
Thompson, J. N., Bridge Cottage, Carndonagh
Thompson, Rev. Mungo, Neville, Donagh Rectory, Carndonagh, Derry
Thompson, William Dean Freeman, Bayview, Ballintra
Toner, Wm., Malin
Torrens, James, Edenmore, Belfast
Tredennick, Charles J., Fortwilliam, Ballyshannon
Tredennick, Gen. J. R. N. K., Woodhill, Ardara
Walker, William, Kilcadden, Stranorlar
Wallace, A. R., Ardnamona, Lough Eske
Walsh, John E., M.A., Greenoge, Fahan, Derry
Warnock, H. T. A., M.D., Ardchicken, Donegal
Weir, John S., Carrickbunch, Convoy
White, George B., The Mall, Ramelton
White, Michael, Carndonagh
Young, Geo. Lawrence, Culdaff House, Culdaff, Donegal, and Dungiven, County Derry
Resident Magistrates

Bowlby, Colonel Pulteney E., Rathmullan
Joyce, Wm. H., Londonderry
Hamilton, Thomas, Salthill, Mountcharles

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown - Robert A. Wilson, LL.B., T.C.D., Raphoe
Clerk of the Peace - John Cochrane, M.A., T.C.D., Lifford, Strabane, and University Club, Dublin
Registrar Civil Bill Court - Robert N. Barron, 4 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin
Coroners - James E. O'Doherty, Buncrana; Andrew Green, jun., Ballyshannon; Robert Ramsey, Letterkenny; James Boyle, Dungloe; John S. Weir, Ballindrait, Strabane
County Surveyors - North Division, W. Harte, C.E., Londonderry; South Division, Vacant
Crown Solicitor - Thomas Fitzgerald, 20 St. Andrew's Street, Dublin
Secretary to the Grand Jury - J. Montgomery Grove, Castlegrove, Letterkenny
Sessional Crown Solicitor - J. Mackay, 22 Ormond Quay, Dublin, and Ramelton
Sheriff's Returning Officer - George C. Lett, 43 Dame Street, Dublin
Sub-Sheriff - John McCay, Bishop Street, Derry
Treasurer - Belfast Banking Co., Letterkenny

County Cess Collectors

Banagh - John Cassidy, Corraduffy; John Kennedy, Drimark; William Maxwell, Clinticrow; James Crawford, Tullintain; Michael Murrin
Boylagh - Andrew Brennan, Dungloe; Bernard McGloone, Gortnamuklagh
Innishowen, East - George H. Mitchell, St. Helen's, Buncrana
Innishowen West - George H. Mitchell, St. Helen's, Buncrana
Kilmacrenan - Vacant
Raphoe North - James Clarke, Porthall, Clonleigh
Raphoe South - James Clarke, Porthall, Clonleigh; John Graham, Tullymoanan


Donegal - Robert Keatley, keeper
Letterkenny - James Wilson, keeper

County Infirmary

Quarterly meetings held at the Board-room, Lifford, at one o'clock, on the first Tuesday in January, April, July, and October
     Ex-Officio Governors
The Lord Chancellor of Ireland
The Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe
     Life Governors
     (Being donors of twenty guineas or upwards)
Duke of Abercorn, Baronscourt
Miss Delap, Monellan, Killygordon
The Earl of Erne, Crom Castle
Blair Hamilton, Raphoe
Lord Claud John Hamilton, Baronscourt
Sir Samuel H. Hayes, Bart., Drumboe
John Herdman, Carricklee
E. T. Herdman, Sion Mills
T. W. D. Humphreys, Donaghmore House, Castlefin
Joseph Hunter, Milford
Captain Wm. Knox, Clonleigh House
The Earl of Leitrim, Milford
Frank C. Macky, Belmont, Derry
Rev. John S. McClintock, Croghan House
James McFarlane, Melmount
Major Thomas Patterson, Gortlea
J. M. Sinclair, Bonnyglen, Donegal
Sir W. H. M. Style, Bart., Glenmore
Surgeon - John Craig Boyd, M.B. and M.Ch., L.R.C.S.I., L.M., Lifford
Apothecary and Registrar - James Gillespie, Lifford
Matron - Mrs. Gillespie

District Lunatic Asylum - Letterkenny
Board of Governors
(Meets second Tuesday of each month)

Resident Medical Superintendent - E. E. Moore, M.D., B.Ch. (Dublin), L.M.K.Q.C.P.I.
Visiting Physician - Fenwick Carre, F.R.C.S.I.
Church of Ireland Chaplain - Rev. William Bailie
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. S. Kinnear
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. Wm. Sheridan
Apothecary - T. E. Moore, L.R.C.P. and S.Ed., and L.M.
Clerk - Stuart Russell
Matron - Mrs. Malseed
Storekeeper - Andrew McConnell

Constabulary Officers

County Inspector - G. Henry Walker Dobbyn
     District-Inspectors' Stations
Ardara - Owen Fallon
Ballyshannon - R. G. C. Flower
Buncrana - James M. Hewett
Dunfanaghy - H. O'H. Hill
Dungloe - Charles L. D. Maxwell
Letterkenny - R. Phillips
Moville - James Wilbond
Rathmullan - W. M. Davies
Raphoe - Nicholson R. Gardener

Coastguard Divisional Officers

Killybegs - Lieutenant Val. D. Hughes, R.N.
Rathmullan - Lieutenant C. Prater, R.N.
Moville - Commander W. H. G. Nowell, R.N.; Chief Officer, George Cairns, R.N.


          Down, a maritime County in the Province of Ulster. Boundaries - N., Antrim and Carrickfergus Bay; E. and S., the Irish Sea; W., Armagh. Greatest length (N.E. and S.W.), 51 miles; greatest breadth (N.W. and S.E.), 38 miles, comprising an area of 96 square miles, or 612,399 acres, of which 301,533 are under tillage, 217,543 in pasture, 77,083 uncultivated, 13,236 under plantations, and 3,204 under water. On the coast are Carrickfergus Bay, Strangford Bay (or Lough Cone), Killough, Dundrum, and Carlingford Bays; and at a short distance from it are the Copeland Islands, on the lesser of which is a lighthouse, showing a fixed light; a new lighthouse is now completed on Mew Island; there are also four others - namely, at Haulbowline Rock, off Carlingford Bay, showing a fixed light; at Ardglass Harbour; and one revolving light at St. John's Point. There are now two lightships, one off South Road, and one off Skulmartin Reef. The surface is hilly, rising into mountains in the South; the highest, Slieve Donard, near Newcastle, being 2,809 feet above high sea level. The fishery districts are Donaghadee, Strangford, Newcastle, and Carlingford, together comprising 139 miles of maritime boundaries. The River Lagan skirts the County on the North, and the Bann on the West; the subsoil is clay-slate and some limestone, with granite in the South. The soil is of an average quality; the chief crops are potatoes, barley, and oats. Flax is largely cultivated, and linen is the staple manufacture. The population in 1891 was 272,107, or 57,226 families, inhabiting 55,455 houses; 5,379 uninhabited. The County is divided into baronies :- Ards, Lower and Upper: Castlereagh, Lower and Upper; Dufferin; Iveagh, Lower and Upper; Kinlarty, Lecale, Mourne, and Newry Lordship, and contains 70 parishes, 1,286 townlands. It is in the diocese of Down and Dromore, with a small portion in that of Connor. The county returns five members to Parliament - four for the North, South, East and West Down Parliamentary Divisions, and one for Newry. The portion of the City of Belfast in this County contains a population of 60,000. The Assizes are held at Downpatrick (population in 1891, 3,940). There are Bridewells at Newry and Newtownards. Quarter Sessions are held at Downpatrick, Newtownards, Newry, and Banbridge; Petty Sessions in twenty-six places. The County Infirmary and the Lunatic Asylum are at Downpatrick, the latter an imposing structure in a park of some 120 acres, completed in 1869 at a cost of 75,000; and for architectural appearance, and internal arrangements and accommodation, stands one of the first in the country. The county is in the Belfast Military District, and, with the County Antrim, forms No. 63 Regimental District, the Brigade Depot being appointed at Downpatrick; and the Union Workhouses are at Downpatrick, Banbridge, Kilkeel, Newry, and Newtownards. The Constabulary force of the county consists of five officers, and 266 men. The headquarters of the Constabulary force are at Downpatrick; those of the four districts, comprising 43 stations, at Newtownards, Rathfriland, Banbridge, and Newry. There are 24 Coastguard stations. The net annual value of property, under the Tenement Valuation Act, is 865,051 3s 0d

Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum
His Excellency the Marquis of Dufferin and Ava (1864), K.P., Clandeboye, Bangor; Dufferin Lodge, Highgate, Middlesex; Travellers' Club, London.

Mr. John Blakiston Houston, V.L., Orangefield, Belfast

High Sheriff, 1894
Mr. Charles W. Dunbar Buller, J.P., Woburne, Donaghadee

Members of Parliament

North Division - Colonel Thomas Waring, D.L., Waringstown House, Lurgan.  South Division - Mr. Michael McCartan, Hopefield Terrace, Antrim Road, Belfast.  East Division - Mr. J. A. Rentoul, LL.D., Inner Temple, London.  West Division - Right Hon. Lord A. W. Hill, Hillsborough Castle, Hillsborough

Deputy Lieutenants
Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates marked (a) have served the Office of High Sheriff in this County.

Annesley, Earl, The Castle, Castlewellan; 25 Norfolk Street, Park Lane, W.; Guards and Carlton Clubs, London, S.W.; Sackville Street Club, Dublin.
Bangor, Right Hon. Viscount, Castleward, Downpatrick
a Cleland, John, Stormount Castle, Dundonald
a De La Cherois, Daniel, Manor House, Donaghadee; Sackville Street Club, Dublin.
De Ros, Major-General the Right Hon. Lord, Old Court, Strangford; 36 Park Street, London, W.
Dunleath, the Right Hon. John, Baron, Ballywalter Park, Newtownards; 7 Eaton Square, London, S.W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W.; Sackville Street, Dublin
a Dunville, Robert Grimshaw, Redburn, Holywood; Boodle's Club, S.W.; Ulster Club, Belfast. Sackville Street Club, Dublin
a Forde, Colonel the Right Hon. William B., Seaforde, P.C., Clough (M.P. for County Down 1857-74); Carlton and Junior United Service Clubs, London; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Gordon, Alexander W. M. H., Delamont, Killylea; and Florida Manor, Killinchy
Graham, O. B., Larchfield, Lisburn
a Hall, Major William J., Narrow-Water Castle, Warrenpoint; Carlton and Junior United Service Clubs, S.W.; Kildare Street Club, Dublin
a Hamilton, Gawn William Rowan, The Castle, Killyleagh
Houston, John Blakiston, Vice-Lieutenant for the County, Orangefield, Belfast; Kildare Street Club, Dublin; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Innes-Cross, Arthur C., Dromantine, Newry; Kildare Street and Sackville Street Clubs, Dublin; and Carlton Club, London, S.W.

Kilmorey, Earl of, Gordon House, Isleworth; Mourne Park, Rostrevor; Shavington Hall, Market Drayton; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Londonderry, Most Hon. Marquis of, Mountstewart, Newtownards; Carlton Club, London; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
a Maxwell-Percival, Finnebrogue, Downpatrick, and Moore Hill, Tallow, County Waterford
Meade, Captain John Percy, Earsham Hall, Bungay, Suffolk, and Burrenwood; Bryansford, Co. Down
a Montgomery, Hugh, Rosemount, Greyabbey, and Carlton Club, London, S.W.
a Nugent, Major-General Andrew, late the Scots Greys, Portaferry House, Portaferry; Ulster Club, Belfast
a Price, James Charles, Saintfield House, Saintfield
a Reilly, J. Temple, Scarva House, Scarva; and  Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Roden, Earl of, Dundalk House, Dundalk; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Ross-of-Bladensberg, John Foster G., Captain, Rostrevor House, Rostrevor
a Stewart, Alex. J. R., Ards, Cashelmore, Letterkenny; Laurencetown House, Gilford; Carlton and Travellers' Clubs, London, S.W.
Trevor, Lord, Brynkinalt, Chirk, South Wales; Carlton Club, London; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
a Wallace, William Nevin, Downpatrick
a Ward, Robert E., Bangor Castle, Bangor; and Travellers' Club, London, S.W.
a Waring, Colonel Thomas, M.P., Waringstown House, Waringstown
a Whyte, John J., Loughbrickland House, Loughbrickland

County Court Judge and Chairman of Quarter Sessions - His Honour David Colquhoun, Q.C., Leeson Street, Dublin


Adamson, John George, M.D., Lurgan
Alexander, Major, H. G. S., Caledon, County Tyrone
Allen, George, Mountpanther, Clough
Andrews, John, Maxwell's Court, Comber
Annesley, Earl of, D.L., The Castle, Castlewellan
Atkinson, James Brooke, Greyabbey
Bailie, Major James, Ringdufferin, Killyleagh
Bangor, Viscount, Castleward, Downpatrick
Barbour, James, Ardville, Holywood
Barbour, John D., Forthouse, Lisburn
a Beauclerk, Aubrey De Vere, Ardglass Castle, Ardglass
Bell, Samuel Alexander, Bellview, Lurgan
Bingham, G. G., Ellersville, Bangor
Blakney, Stewart, Reigh Island, Comber
Bolton, Reuben, M.D., Bangor
Bowen, George E., Portaferry
Boyd, William, Ballywilliam, Comber
Brownlow, Charles, Newtownards
Brownlow, Claud W. B., Lurgan
Brown, Wm. K., Edenderry, Shaws Bridge
Brush, Augustus E., Drumnabreeze House, Magheralin
Brush, George, Gillhall, Dromore
Buller, Charles W., Woburn, Donaghadee
Campbell, Alex. F., Dromore Lodge, Warrenpoint
Canning, Hon. Albert S. F., Garvagh; and The Lodge, Rostrevor
Capron, Frederick L., Lisburn
Carmichael, Wm., Rathmore, Donaghadee
Carson, Wm., Carnalea House, Bangor
Clanmorris, Lord, Newbrook, Ballyglass
Clarke, David K., Rosebank, Crossgar
Clarke, George H., The Steeple, Antrim
Cleland, David, Greenvale, Crossgar
Cleland, James, Tobar Mhuire, Crossgar
a Cleland, John, D.L., Stormount Castle, Dundonald
Cleland, John, Ballyvange House, Downpatrick
Close, John F., Mourne Rectory, Kilkeel
Coates, David Lindsay, Clonallon, Strandtown
Coates, John, Sea Cliff, Bangor
Connor, Samuel, Hill Street, Newry
Corbett, R. S., Lisnacreevy House, Rathfriland
Corry, R. W., Benvue, Windsor, Belfast
Cowan, Andrew, Glenhana, Bangor
Cowan, Samuel P., The Lodge, Hilltown
Craig, Colonel John, Myra Castle, Downpatrick
Craig-Laurie, Rowland, Myra Castle, Downpatrick
Craig, James, Craigavon, Strandtown
Crawford, Thomas D., Fortbreda, Newtownards
Cromie, Robert, M.D., Clough
Crommelin, Frederick Armand De La Cherois, Carrowdore Castle, Donaghadee
Davidson, Wm., Rathfriland
a De La Cherois, D., D.L., Manor House, Donaghadee
Delacherois, Major Daniel Louis, Donaghadee
De Ros, Lieutenant-General the Right Hon. Lord, D.L., Old Court, Strangford
Dickson, Sir Benjamin, Gilford House, Gilford
Dickson, James, M.D., Ballynahinch
Dixon, Sir Daniel, Ballymenoch, Belfast
Donnan, Henry, Portaferry
Douglas, Allen Edmond, M.D., Coolbawn, Warrenpoint
Douie, James L., Levingstone, Moira
Dunleath, the Right Hon. John, Ballywalter Park; 7 Eaton Square, London, W.
Dunlop, Archibald, Holywood
Dunville, Robert G., Redburn, Holywood
Dwyer, Francis, Belvidere, Lisburn
Erskine, James F., Newry
Ewart, Sir William Quartus, Bart., Schomberg, Strandtown, Belfast
Ferguson, Robert, Sydenham House, Strandtown
Ferguson, Thomas, Edenderry House, Banbridge
Fforde, James, Raughlin, Lurgan
Forde, Colonel the Right Hon. Wm. B., P.C., D.L., Seaford, Clough
Forster, Adam S., Union Club, S.W.
Fulton, Thomas, M.D., Saintfield
Gallagher, Andrew, Newcastle, Castlewellan
Gallagher, Thomas, Greenisland, Belfast
Garrett, Jas. Hugh Moore, Rowallen, Saintfield
Gartlan, George Henry, Cabra House, Newry
Gibson, Wm., Ballyobegan House, Ballywalter
Gordon, Alex., Kilkeel
Gordon, Robert, M.A., T.C.D., Secretary to the Grand Jury, Highlands, Seaforde, Clough
Gordon, Robert A., Summerfield, Dundonald
Gordon, Samuel, Mount Kearney, Newry
Gourley, James, Derryboy Cottage, Killyleagh
Gracey, Lt. Col. Alex., Ballyhossett, Ballee, Downpatrick
Graham, Ogilvie B., Larchfield, Lisburn
Graham, Thomas, Holywood
Gray, George, M.D., Castlewellan
Greer, Edward, Rostrevor
Greer, John, Portaferry
Hall, Major Roger, Green Park, Rostrevor
a Hall, William Jas., D.L., Narrow-water Castle, Warrenpoint
a Hamilton, Col. Gawn Wm. R., D.L., The Castle, Killyleagh
Harrison, Capt. J., Holywood
Harrison, John, Merriville, Dromore
Hawthorne, John, Banbridge
Hay, James, Annefield, Killyleagh
Head, Henry H., 7 Fitzwilliam Square E., Dublin
Henderson, Major A. M., Ava House, Helen's Bay, Crawfordsburn
Hennessy, Edward George, Dundrum, Co. Down
Henry, John Q., Mourne Abbey, Kilkeel
Henry, Wm. Tennent, C.E., Park House, Hillsborough
Heron, Alex., coroner, South Down, Greenfield House, Rathfriland
Heron, James, Tullyvery House, Killyleagh
a Heron, W. C., Maryfield, Holywood
Hill, The Right Hon. Lord Arthur William, M.P., Hillsborough Castle
Horner, Francis, Rostrevor
a Houston, John Blakiston, Orangefield, Belfast
Howe, Thomas Scrope, Cromlyn Lodge, Hillsborough
Hurst, W. J., Drumaness, Ballynahinch
Hutton, John, Legamaddy, Downpatrick
Innes-Cross, Arthur, D.L., Dromantine, Newry
Jamison, Robert, Movilla, Newtownards
Jelly, James, Glovett, Tyrella
Johnston, John, Lurgan
Johnston, Wm. S., Glen House, Newtownards
Joy, Robert, Millmount, Banbridge
Keegan, John J., Brooklyn, Holywood
Kelly, C. Russell, Killough
Kelly, Nicholas, Ballymacarron, Ballynahinch
Kennedy, R. J., Cultra, Holywood
a Keown-Boyd, R., Ballydugan House, Downpatrick
a Ker, Richard W. B., Montalto, Ballynahinch
a Kilmorey, Earl of, D.L., Mourne Park, Rostrevor
Kingan, Samuel, Glenghana, Bangor
Lemon, Archibald D., Edgecumbe House, Strandtown
Leslie, Charles Edward Trench, Killowen, Rostrevor

a Liddell, William, Banogue House, Donacloney, Lurgan
Lindsay, John, Ballydown, Banbridge
Lindsay, Walter, Tullyhenan House, Banbridge
Londonderry, Marquis of, K.P., Mountstewart, Newtownards; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Lowry, John, Ballymacashen, Killinchy
Lurgan, Lord, K.P., Brownlow House, Lurgan
Mackintosh, Patrick, Newtownards
Macoun, John, Kilmore, Lurgan
Magennis, Edward, M.D., Lurgan
Magowan, Matthew, Ballykinlar, Clough
Maguire, Colonel Constantine, Bridge Street, Newry
Malcolm, James, Lurgan
Martin, David, Kilbroney, Rostrecor
Martin, David., Littleton House, Newry
Martin, Simon, Bishopscourt, Downpatrick
Martin, Wm., Ivy Cottage, Ballydugan
Maxwell, General John P., Drumadoney, Kilkeel
a Maxwell, Robert P., D.L., Groomsport, Bangor and Finnebrogue, Downpatrick
May, Joseph, Newry, Rathfriland
Mayne, Joseph, Catherine Lodge, Warrenpoint
Mayne, William, Mountpleasant, Newtownards
Meeke, Benjamin B., Rathfriland
Menown, Andrew, Newtownards
Miller, John, Ardview, Killinchy
Miller, Henry R., Portaferry
Minn, Alexander, Herdstown, Donaghadee
Minniss, John Rowan, Mossvale, Dromore
a Montgomery, Hugh, D.L., Rosemount, Greyabbey
Montgomery, Lieutenant Col. W. E., Greyabbey
Moore, John, Ashfield, Dromore
Moorehead, Hercules B., Belmont, Downshire Road, Newry
Morrow, Robert, Legacurry, Lisburn
Mulholland, the Hon. Henry Lyle, M.P., Ballywalter Park, Newtownards
Murland, Clotworthy, Ardnabannan, Castlewellan
Murphy, Edmund, St. Patrick's, Dunfanaghy
Murphy, Joseph, Lurgan
Murray, James, Ravenbank House, Ballygowan
Murray, James, Ballynahinch
Musgrave, Samuel, M.D., Lisburn
MacGeorge, Ebenezer, Wellington Park, Belfast
MacLaine, L., Shrigley, Killyleagh
MacLoughlin, Frederick P.
McArdle, Daniel, Bellevue, Warrenpoint
McCammon, David G., Nutgrove, Seaforde
McCance, Lieutenant-Col. John, Knocknagoney, Belfast
McCann, Arthur, 30 Hill Street, Newry
McCartan, Michael, Crossgar House, Dromara
McClelland, Andrew, Belmont House, Banbridge
McClelland, Robert Brown, M.D., Banbridge
McClenehan, James M., Rathfriland
McClintock, Major Henry Stanley, Kilwarlin House, Hillsborough
McConnell, Wm. Robert, Donaghadee
McConnell, John, Rathmore, Donaghadee; and Calender Street, Belfast
McCormick, Francis, Newtownards
McLoughlin, John S., Lenish, Rathfriland
McLoughlin, Joseph P., Laurel Hill, Newry
McMaster, H. D., Dunbarton House, Gilford
McNabb, John, Clogher, Downpatrick
McNabb, Richard, Portaferry
McNally, John Phillip, Newry
McRoberts, John, Rademon, Listooder, Crossgar
Orr, John, Kilkeel
O'Hagan, John J., Newry
O'Hagan, Felix, Newry
O'Neill, Captain James
Parke, Robert Cooper, M.D., coroner, North Down, Regent House, Newtownards
Parr, Thomas, Donaghadee
Patterson, Robt. Lloyd, Croft House, Holywood
Pattison, Jacob Guard, England
Patterson, Richard, Holywood
Perry, John M., Perrymount, Clough
Price, J. C., Saintfield
Price, Major James N., Blackwood, Saintfield
Quin, John T. C., Tower Hill, Newry
Quinn, Peter, The Agency, Newry
a Reilly, J. T., D.L., Scarva
Richardson, Charles, Mountstewart, Newtownards
Richardson, Jonathan, Lambeg House, Lisburn
Richardson, Thomas W., Moyallon, Co. Down; Bessbrook, Co. Armagh
Robertson, Wm., Netherleigh, Strandtown
Rogers, George Murray, Hazlebank, Banbridge
Rogers, John Park, Belfast
Ross-of-Bladensburg, John Foster George, Rostrevor House, Rostrevor
Russell, Patrick Wm., Ballyshew, Downpatrick
Sharman-Crawford, Captain Robert Gordon, Crawfordsburn
Shaw, Thomas, Kirkcubbin, Co. Down
Shaw, William Edward, The Lodge, Castlewellan
Shaw, William, Eglinton, Ballynahinch
Shillington, John J., Glenmachan Tower, Strandtown
Silcock, James, Maybrook House, Listooder, Crossgar
Skelly, Robert, Maybrook, Kinallen
Slacke, Capt. Owen R.
Smyth, William, Brookfield, Banbridge
Smyth, Henry, E.C., Eastern Villa, Newcastle
Sprott, Robert, Dromore
Stannus, Walter Trevor, LL.D., T.C.D., Manor House, Lisburn
a Stewart, A. J. R., D.L., Ards, Cashelmore, Letterkenny
Stone, Samuel, Barn Hill, Comber
Stronge, Charles E. Sinclair, Bryansford
Stronge, Walter L., The Lodge, Seaforde
Tate, John, Marlborough House, Downpatrick
Thomson, Henry, Altnaveigh House, Newry
Thompson, William, M.D., Annahilt House, Hillsborough
Toman, John, Rathfriland
Trevor, Lord M.A., D.L., Brynkinalt Chirk, Denbighshire
Uprichard, Henry Albert, Laurencetown House, Gilford
Valentine, Thomas, The Knock, Strandtown
Vaughan, G. Montgomery, Quilly House, Dromore
Waddell, Robert, Magheralin
Walker, George, Newtownards
a Wallace, Hugh John, Velvedere Lodge, Newry (Belvedere)
Wallace, William Nevin, Downpatrick
Walmsley, James, Ballykeel House, Kilkeel
Ward, Lieutenant-Colonel James, Lisburn
Ward, Hon. Somerset R. H., Isle o' Valla, Strangford
a Ward, R. E., D.L., Bangor Castle, Bangor
a Waring, Colonel Thomas, M.P., Waringstown House, Waringstown
Watson, Francis, Lakeview, Lurgan
Watson, Wm. James, C.E., Warrenpoint
Waugh, George, Sion Hill, Dromara
Weir, Marshall, Dromore
a Whyte, J. J., D.L., Loughbrickland House, Loughbrickland
White, William, The Tower, Bangor
Wilson, Abraham, Downshire House, Newry
Workman, Thos., Craigdarragh House, Craigavad
a Woulfe, Stephen R., Tiermaclane, Ennis
Resident Magistrate
(Appointed under 6th Wm. IV., cap. 13.)
C. L'Estrange, Downpatrick

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown and Peace - George L. MacLaine (1874), Wandsworth House, Strandtown, Belfast. Principal Assistant - Thomas Gracey, Victoria Terrace, Downpatrick
County Court Registrar - Charles Higginson, Royal Avenue, Belfast
Crown Solicitor - Beauchamp N. Johnston (1875-1890), Downpatrick
Treasurer - Belfast Banking Company Limited, Belfast
Secretary to Grand Jury - Robt. Gordon, Downpatrick; and Highlands, Seaforde
Deputy Secretary - Robert MacIlwaine, Downpatrick
County Surveyor - P. C. Cowan, C.E., Downpatrick and 9 College Gardens, Belfast
Assistant Surveyors - John W. Bassett, Thomas Nolan, John McAleenan, Cornelius Kearney, Henry Chappell, James Mitchell, William T. Henry, T. W. Lamon, Hugh N. Reid, W. Gregory, and F. W. Parkin
Sub-Sheriff - Hugh C. Kelly, Ballymacarrett
Sheriff's Returning Officer - H. T. Stewart, 33 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin
District Registrar, Court of Probate, for Antrim and Down - H. H. Corley, LL.B., Belfast
Coroners - Alexander Heron, M.D., J.P., Greenfield House, Rathfriland; R. C. Parke, M.D., J.P., Newtownards
Head Stamp Distributor at Downpatrick - John R. McConnell

Baronial High Constables

Ards Lower - John B. McConnell, Newtownards
Ards Upper - William Savage, Portaferry
Castlereagh Lower - D. McCutcheon, Craigavad
Castlereagh Upper - A. J. Morrow, Legacurry Mills, Lisburn
Dufferin - James Ringland, Cluntagh
Lower Iveagh, Upper Half - William John McGifford, Carnrea, Hillsborough
Lower Iveagh, Lower Half - David John Martin, Skeagh, Dromore
Upper Iveagh, Upper Half - William Preston, Thorndale, Dromore
Upper Iveagh, Lower Half - Samuel Davison, Drumnascamph, Rathfriland
Kinalarty - A. McCammon, The Cottage, Seaforde
Lecale, Upper Half - James Rooney, Dundrum
Lecale, Lower Half - Alexander Napier, Ballybranagh, Downpatrick
Mourne - P. McKay, Drumcrow, Kilkeel
Newry - A. H. Davidson, Rathfriland

County Infirmary - Downpatrick

Surgeon - Thomas Marshall Tate, M.D., R.C.D.
Assistant Surgeon and Registrar - A. McComisky, M.D.

County Lunatic Asylum - Downpatrick
Meets first Saturday in every month)

Resident Medical Superintendent - Michael James Nolan
Resident Medical Assistant - George W. O'Flaherty, M.R.C.S.
Church of Ireland Chaplain - Ven. Archdeacon Price, Rector of Down
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. Thomas McAfee, Ardglass
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. P. O'Kane
Clerk - Samuel Rea
Matron - Sarah M. Taylor

Poor Law Unions

The County is comprised in Eight Unions, viz. - Banbridge, Downpatrick, Kilkeel, Newry, Lurgan, Lisburn, Belfast and Newtownards

Royal Irish Constabulary

County Inspector - Samuel H. Stephens, Downpatrick
     District-Inspectors' Stations
Banbridge - E. M. Clayton
Downpatrick - J. F. Macnamara
Newtownards - E. W. Mulliner
Rathfriland - G. W. P. Knox


     Third Battalion Royal Irish Rifles (late Royal North Down Rifles) - Facings, Dark Green
Honorary Colonel - The Marquis of Dufferin and Ava, K.P., K.C.B.
Majors - John McCance, D. L. De La Cheroise
Captains - Wm. Morrison, F. Findlay, E. T. Pakenham, S. A. Menzies, C. D. O'Callaghan, J. C. F. Finn, R. C. Newton, G. C. Oppenheim
Lieutenants - W. A. C. Mills, E. T. Stanley, D. Dixon, J. F. Humby, G. A. Kirkpatrick
Second Lieutenants - J. Rosborough, Blackwood-Hamilton
Adjutant - R. A. S. Buckle
Quartermaster - T. H. Lane

Fifth Batt. Royal Irish Rifles (late Royal South Down Militia) - Facings, Dark Green
Honorary Colonel - The Right Hon. W. B. Forde, P.C.
Lieut.-Colonel - Thomas A. McCammon, hon. colonel
Majors - H. L. Mulholland, R. H. Wallace
Captains - S. S. F. Warren, hon. major; E. Cuppaidge, W. G. Forde, A. M. Ross (instructor in musketry), N. A. Delacherois-Crommelin, J. M. Morrison, R. W. Johnston
Lieutenants - A. N. Wilkinson, T. Hughes, T. V. P. McCammon, R. L. Adlercron, W. P. Thompson, C. H. Edye, G. E. H. Barrett-Hamilton
Adjutant - Captain L. T. V. Wilkinson
Quartermaster - S. McClenahan
Surgeon-Major - E. F. Nelson
Chaplain - The Ven. Archdeacon T. B. Price

Coastguard Stations and Officers

Divisional Officers - Lieutenant J. C. Roughton, R.N., Newcastle; James McCullen, Strangford; Commander W. S. White, Donaghadee
Ardglass - Wm. Fleming
Bangor - William Page
Donaghadee - G. Treeby
Newcastle - A. B. Daniels
Ballywalter (Roddens) - Frederick Downing

Inspectors of National Schools

Downpatrick - J. B. Skeffington, LL.B.
Newry - E. MacCreanor
Newtownards - Wm. Pedlow


          Fermanagh, an inland county in the province of Ulster. Boundaries - N., Donegal and Tyrone; E., Tyrone and Monaghan; S., Cavan and Leitrim. Greatest length (N.W. and S.E.), 45 miles; greatest breadth (N.E. and S.W.), 29 miles; comprising an area of 714 square miles, or 457,369 acres, of which 106,439 are under tillage. 235,423 in pasture, 5,111 in plantations, 63,965 waste bog, mountain, &c., and 46,431 under water. The surface generally exhibits a succession of abrupt eminences of slight elevation, and is mountainous along the Western Boundary from Ballyconnell to the sea, and also between Lisnaskea, Fivemiletown, and Roslea. Lough Erne, its most attractive feature, extends from one extremity to the other for forty five miles in a N.W. direction; it bisects the county, and is divided into Upper and Lower. The Upper extends from Wattle Bridge to Enniskillen; the Lower from the County Donegal, and falls into the sea at Ballyshannon. It is navigable during the winter season through its whole extent to the fall at Belleek, within three miles of Ballyshannon. A steamer plies daily during the summer months between Enniskillen and Belleek on the lower lake; another steamer has been provided for the upper lake. The other lakes next in size are Loughs Melvin and Macnean. The soil is variable, heavy and retentive of moisture, light and friable, and moorish. Coal and iron ore are found in small quantities, and there are sand and limestone in abundance. The climate mild and moist. The trade in butter is considerable, and the linen manufacture, of a coarse description, chiefly for domestic use, is carried on to a small extent. The county is divided into eight baronies, and contains 23 parishes and 2,183 townlands, having a population in 1891 of 85,00 persons, or 17,111 families, inhabiting 16,296 houses; also 900 uninhabited. It is chiefly in Clogher Diocese, with a small portion in that of Kilmore. The county town is Enniskillen; population last census, 5,710. The county returns two members to Parliament. The Assizes are held in Enniskillen, where Her Majesty's Prison is situated. Quarter Sessions are held at Enniskillen and Newtownbutler. The County Infirmary is in Enniskillen; and the District Lunatic Asylum, to which the county is entitled to send 21 patients, is at Omagh, County Tyrone. The Union Workhouses are at Enniskillen, Lisnaskea and Irvinestown. There are Barrack Stations at Enniskillen and Belleek, and the county is in the Belfast Military District, and, in conjunction with the Counties of Donegal, Londonderry, and Tyrone, forms No. 64 sub-district, the Brigade Depot of which is at Omagh. The net annual value of property, under the Tenement Valuation Act, is 235,806.

Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum
The Earl of Erne, K.P. (1885) Crom Castle, Newtownbutler; 95 Eaton Square, S.W.; and Carlton Club, London, S.W.; Sackville Street, Dublin

High Sheriff, 18903-94 - Mr. Archibald Collum, 54 Leeson Park, Dublin

Members of Parliament for the County
North Division - Mr. Richard M. Dane, M.A., Barrister-at-Law, 7 Percy Place, Dublin.  South Fermanagh - Mr. Patrick McGilligan, The Villa, Castle Knock, and Coleraine, County Derry

Deputy Lieutenants
Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates marked thus (*) have served the office of High Sheriff in this County

* Archdale, Captain, Mervyn Edward, J.P., Counties Donegal and Tyrone, was M.P., for County Fermanagh, 1834 and '74; late Captain 6th Inniskilling Dragoons; Castle Archdale, Irvinestown; Trillick, Tyrone, Carlton, and White's Clubs, London, S.W.; Kildare Street Club, Dublin
* Archdale, Wm. Humphreys, B.A. (Oxon), J.P., County Tyrone; M.P., County Fermanagh, 1873-85; Riversdale, Ballycassidy
* Barton, Charles Robert (late Fermanagh Militia), The Waterfoot, Middlebrook, Enniskillen, Mount Prospect, Kinlough, Co. Leitrim
* Bloomfield, J. Caldwell, Castlecaldwell, Belleek
Brooke, Frank Ashbrook, Brookeborough; Ardeen, Shillelagh; Kildare Street, Club, Dublin
* Collum, Wm. (late Capt. 94 Regt.), Bellevue, Tamlaght, Enniskillen; Junior United Service Club, S.W.
* Enniskillen, Right Hon. the Earl of (M.P. for Enniskillen, 1880-85, Hon. Colonel 3rd Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers), Florence Court, Enniskillen, Carlton Club, S.W.; Sackville Street, Dublin
* Graham, Fras. John (J.P. Co. Galway), Drumgoon, Maguiresbridge; Ballinakill Lodge, Clifden; Carlton Club, S.W.
* Irvine, William D'Arcy, Castle Irvine, Irvinestown
* Irvine, Col. John Gerard, 3rd Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (J.P. Co. Tyrone), Killadeas, Ballycassidy; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Johnston, Samuel Yates, M.A., T.C.D. (called to the Bar 1839), Snowhill, Lisbellaw; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Lanesborough, Right Hon. the Earl of (elected a representative Peer for Ireland, 1870), Lord Lieutenant, and Custos Rotulorum, Co. Cavan, 1876 (Comm. R.N., retired list); Lanesborough Lodge, Belturbet, Co. Cavan; Swithland Hall, Lanesborough; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
* Lendrum, George Cosby (J.P., Co. Tyrone), Corkill; Kildare Street Club, Dublin
* Madden, John, J.P., Co. Monaghan; Aghafin, Clones; Kildare Street Club, Dublin
* Madden, John, Hilton Park, Clones
* Montgomery, Hugh De Fellenburg (J.P. and D.L., Co. Tyrone), Blessingbourne, Fivemiletown, Co. Tyrone
* Richardson, Col. John Mervyn, A.C. (3rd Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers), Rossfad, Ballycassidy
St. George, Major Capel (J.P., Co.'s Monaghan and Tyrone), Aughinver, Kesh; Lough Emy, Emyvale; Sackville Street Club, Dublin

County Court Judge and Chairman of Quarter Sessions
His Honour James Orr, M.A., Q.C. (1891), 60 Mountjoy Square, Dublin


Archdale, Captain Mervyn Edward, D.L., J.P., Counties Donegal and Tyrone, was M.P. for County Fermanagh, 1834-74; late Captain 6th Inniskillen Dragoons; Castle Archdale, Irvinestown, Trillick, Tyrone, Carlton, and White's Clubs, S.W.; Kildare Street Club, Dublin
Archdale, Edward Mervyn, Lieutenant Royal Navy, Crocknacrieve, Ballinamallard
Archdale, Wm. H., B.A. (Oxon), D.L., J.P., Co. Tyrone; M.P., Co. Fermanagh, 1874-85; Riversdale, Ballycassidy; Carlton Club, S.W.
Armstrong, James, Farmhill, Clones
Atthill, Edward Eyre, J.P., County Tyrone; Ardvarney House, Lack
Barton, Capt. Charles Robert, D.L., J.P., Co. Donegal; The Waterfoot, Pettigo, Co. Fermanagh
Barton, Hugh, Clonelly, Pettigo
Belmore, Right Hon. Earl, P.C., G.C.M.G., M.A. (Cantab) J.P., and D.L., Co. Tyrone, was under Secretary of State, Home Department, 1866-67; Governor of New South Wales, 1867-72, Castlecool, Enniskillen; Sackville Street Club, Dublin; Carlton Club, S.W.
Benison, John Joseph, J.P., Co. Cavan; Slieve Russell, Ballyconnell
Beresford, G. Massey, St. Hurberts, Belturbet
Betty, Moore, Derrygiff House, Enniskillen
Bloomfield, J. Caldwell, D.L., Castlecaldwell, Belleek
Brooke, Captain Sir Arthur Douglas, Bart., Colebrook, Brookeborough
Brooke, Frank T., D.L., J.P., Co. Wicklow, Ashbrook, Brookeborough; Ardeen, Shillelagh; Kildare Street Club, Dublin
Buchanan, John, Gortatole, Blacklion
Carr, Lieut.-Colonel Nicholas Edward, Clonelly
Carson, William, Willoughby Hall, Enniskillen
Cole, Hon. A. E. Casamajor, East Bilney Hall, Derham, Norfolk
Collum, W., D.L. (late Captain 94th Regt.), Bellevue, Tamlaght, Enniskillen; Junior United Service Club, S.W.
Conway, Patrick Joseph, J.P., Co. Mayo; Gortoral House, Swanlinbar, Tuam, County Galway; 14 Wellington Quay, Dublin
Corry, Viscount, D.L., B.A. (Cantab), Castlecoole, Enniskillen; Carlton Club, S.W.
Creighton, Robert, Deputy Inspector-General, R.N., Derryree House, Lisnaskea
Dickson, Thomas William, Bundoran, County Donegal
Enniskillen, Right Hon. the Earl of, D.L., Florence Court, Enniskillen; Carlton Club, S.W.; Sackville Club, Dublin
Fawcett, Robert, Callowhill, Derrylin
Frith, James Moore, Lawnakilla, Enniskillen
Frith, Rev. John B., The Cross, Enniskillen
Fritzmaude, Anthony, Drumadravey, Irvinestown
Gilleece, James, Spingtown, Swanlinbar (Springtown)
Gledstanes, Captain Moutray (late Lieutenant 57th Foot & Captain Tyrone Fusiliers), (J.P. County Tyrone), Fardross, Clogher
Gordon, James, Portnaclyduff, Churchill
Graham, Francis John, D.L. (J.P. Co. Galway) Drumgoon, Maguiresbridge; Ballynakill Lodge, Clifden; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Humphreys, Robert, Clareview, Kesh
Hunter, Christopher, Belcoo, Blacklion
Hurst, Wm., Drumsterg, Enniskillen
Irvine, William D'Arcy, D.L., Castle Irvine, Irvinestown
Irvine, William, Q.C. (J.P. Counties Donegal, Dublin, and Wexford), 31 Dawson Street, Dublin; Prospect Hill, Carrickmines, County Dublin
Irvine, Major J. G. C., Goblusk, Ballinamallard
Jackson, Samuel Kidd, Cara House, Clones
Johnston, David, Belleek
Johnston, John, Newtownbutler
Johnston, S. Yates, M.A., T.C.D., D.L. (called to the bar, 1839), Snowhill, Lisbellaw; 4 North Frederick Street, Dublin
Jordan, Jeremiah, M.P. (South Meath), Enniskillen
Kerr, John, The Coagh, Enniskillen
Lanesborough, Right Hon., the Earl of, D.L. (elected a Representative Peer for Ireland, 1870), Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum, Co. Cavan, 1876 (Comm. R.N. Retired List), Lanesborough Lodge, Belturbet, Swithland Hall, Lanesborough, 9 Great Stanhope Street, London, W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W.; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Leeper, Dr. George Reginald, Drumkeeran House, Kesh
Lendrum, George Cosby, D.L., J.P., County Tyrone, Cookhill, Kilskeery, Co. Tyrone
Lindsay, Hugh Robert, Esq., Enniskillen
Macartney, J. W. Ellison, J.P., D.L., Co. Tyrone, Clogher Park, Clogher, and Mountjoy Grange, Omagh; Clubs, Kildare Street, Dublin; Carlton, and St. Stephens, S.W.; Ulster, Belfast
Madden, John, D.L., J.P., County Monaghan; Aghafin, Clones; Kildare Street, Dublin
Maguire, James, Enniskillen
Maguire, John, Irvinestown
Maguire, Thomas, of Manville, Lisnaskea
Maude, Fred., Vivash, Riversdale, Ballycassidy
Maude, Maurice Ceely, J.P., Co. Leitrim, Tipperary, and Tyrone, Lenaghan Park, Enniskillen
Montgomery, Hugh De Fellenberg, J.P., D.L., Co. Tyrone, Blessingbourne, Fivemiletown
McCullagh, James, J.P., Co. Donegal, and Monaghan, Glasslough, and Corfadd, Aughnamullen, Ballibay, Co. Monaghan; Pettigo, Co. Donegal; Baragh, Ballinamallard, County Fermanagh
Nixon, John, J.P., Co. Cavan, Killyglasson House, Blacklion, Belcoo Cottage, Belcoo, Co. Cavan
O'Brien, John, Irvinestown
Pomeroy, John Arthur, J.P., Co. Donegal, St. Angelo, Ballycassidy
Porter, John Porter, J.P., D.L., Co. Longford, Jamestown, Ballinamallard; Kildare Street Club, Dublin
Porter, Thos. Stewart, Clogher Park, Clogher, Co. Tyrone
Richardson, John, Q.C., D.L., J.P., County Monaghan, and Longford, Summerhill House, Clones; 72 Lower Baggot Street; Kildare Street and University Clubs, Dublin
Richardson, Colonel John Mervyn A. C., D.L., Ballycassidy, Co. Fermanagh
Sclater, Edward, B.A., Cantab; J.P. Co. Cavan and Meath; Caddagh House, Navan; Estate Offices, Balrath and Shane; Rathdaire Queen's Co.; Tempo, Co. Fermanagh. Clubs - Kildare Street, Dublin; Junior Carleton, S.W.
Smyth, Edward, Enniskillen
Stack, Right Rev. Charles Maurice, D.D., Bishop of Clougher, Knockblalymon, Clones (Knockballymon)
Stephens, William, M.D., Belleek
St. George, Major Capel, D.L., late Paymaster Fermanagh Militia; J.P., Co. Monaghan and Tyrone; Aughinver, Kesh; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Stubbs, Henry, J.P., Co. Donegal; Danby, Ballyshannon
Teele, William, 35 Townhall Street, Enniskillen
Teevan, Thomas, Surgeon-General, A.M.D., Raceview, Enniskillen
Tredennick, Charles John, J.P., Co. Donegal; Fortwilliam, Ballyshannon
Trench, Arthur, J.P., Co. Cavan and Monaghan; Drumkeen House, Cavan; Estate Office, Lisnaskea; Windham Club, S.W.; Kildare Street Club, Dublin
Walsh, R. Pakenham, L.R.C.S.I., Enniskillen
Westrop, C. G., L.R.C.S., Edin.; Monkstown, Co. Dublin
Winslow, Major Blayney Thomas, 3rd Batt. Royal Inniskillen Fusiliers, Mount Prospect, Derrylin
Wrench, Frederick S., J.P., Monaghan and Cavan; Irish Land Commissioner, Kilcoona, Ballybrick, Co. Dublin; 24 Upper Merrion Street, Dublin. Clubs - Kildare Street, Dublin, Junior Carlton, S.W.

Resident Magistrate
Appointed under 6 William IV., cap. 31.) - Moloney, George A., Enniskillen

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown and Peace - James William Hanrahan (1880), Stephen's Green Club, Dublin and Enniskillen
Crown Solicitor - James Riordan (1881) 19 Eustace Street, Dublin, and Omagh
Sessional Crown Solicitor - Chas. E. R. A. Irvine, Lisgoole Abbey, Enniskillen, 20 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin, and Enniskillen
Registrar County Court - Henry B. E. Disney, M.A., 83 Lower Gardiner Street
Secretary to Grand Jury - E. H. Archdale, Drumadreevy, Irvinestown
County Surveyor - Frederick Wilson, Enniskillen
Assistant Surveyors - Wm. Scott, Robert Scott, and Edward Wilson
Sub-Sheriff - Luke P. Knight, Abbey Lodge, Maguiresbridge
Sheriff's Returning Officer - Michael E. Knight, 14 North Great George's Street, Dublin
Coroners - Baptist Gamble, M.D., Enniskillen; Major B. T. Winslow, J.P., Mount Prospect, Derrylin
Inspector of National Schools - J. J. Murphy, M.A., Enniskillen
Head Stamp Distributor - S. Gunning, Enniskillen

Baronial High Constables

Clanawley - Jas. Willis, Moneen, Florencecourt
Clankelly - James West, Drumuskey, Clones
Coole - Samuel Moore, Peper Hill
Lurg - Francis Johnston, Drumarkay, Lisnareck
Magheraboy - Thomas A. Belly, Derrygiff, Belnaleck
Magherastephena - James Forster, Drumbrughas, Lisnaskea
Turkennedy - Henry West, Knockmanowe, Enniskillen

Her Majesty's Prison - Enniskillen
Visiting Committee
(Meets first Monday in each month)

Colonel J. G. Irvine, M. C. Maude, J.P.; Thos. Teevan, J.P.; Edward Archdale, J.P.
Chief Warder - J. Scillen

County Infirmary - Enniskillen

Treasurer - The Ulster Banking Co. Ltd.
Surgeon - R. P. Walsh, L.R.C.S.I.
Apothecary and Hon. Assistant Surgeon - J. S. Gunning, L.R.C.S.I.
Registrar - C. Wilson

District Lunatic Asylum (1853) - Omagh
For Counties Fermanagh and Tyrone
Board of Governors for Fermanagh
(Meets second Thursday in each Month)

E. M. Archdale, J.P., R.N., Crocknacrieve, Ballinamallard; Surgeon-General Thomas Teevan, J.P., A.M.D., Raceview, Enniskillen; Rev. David Clements, Presbyterian Minister, Tempo; Anthony Cassidy, Edw., Enniskillen
Resident Medical Superintendent - George E. Carre, M.B.
Visiting Physician - Edward C. Thompson, M.B.
Church of Ireland Chaplain - Rev. W. G. Rennison
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. Wm. Colquhoun
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. Jas. McGoerty
Apothecary - Matthew S. Philson
Clerk - S. J. McCreery
Storekeeper - Richard Coffey
Matron - Sophia Mathers

Poor Law Unions

The County is comprised in portions of three unions - viz.: Enniskillen, Irvinestown, and Lisnaskea

Third Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
(Old 27th)
Facings, Blue

Hon. Col. - Earl of Enniskillen, Florencecourt
Lieutenant Colonel - W. B. Neville
Majors - J. G. C. Irvine and J. Reilly
Captains - A. P. T. Collum, E. T. White, J. M. F. Neill, Viscount Corry, and E. J. Teist
Lieutenants - R. P. Walsh, Musketry Inst.; F. W. Bloomfield, J. R. Heard, H. B. H. Gibbins, H. A. Johnson, H. D. C. Denny, and G. W. Atkinson
Adjutant -Capt. K. L. B. Steele
Medical officer - Dr. B. H. Gibbins

Royal Irish Constabulary

County Inspector - Henry B. Lynch, Enniskillen
     District-Inspectors' Stations
Derrygonnelly - E. O'Connor
Enniskillen - Alfred E. Fleury
Kesh - R. Sparrow
Lisnaskea - George A. De M. E. Dagg, M.A., LL.B., F.F.C.

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