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1890 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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County of Antrim

          A Maritime County in the Province of Ulster. Boundaries - N., the Atlantic Ocean; E., the Northern Channel; S., Down; and W., Lough Neagh and Derry. Greatest length (North and South), 56 miles; greatest breadth (East and West), 30 miles, comprising an area of 1,164 square miles, or 762,080 acres, of which 248,330 are arable, 340,120 in pasture, 114,000 uncultivated, 7,382 in plantations, and 52,248 under water, including a portion of Lough Neagh. Off the N. coast are Rathlin or Raghery Island, and the Skerries. On the Maiden Rocks, off Larne Lough, are two lighthouses, showing fixed lights. The principal bays are Belfast Lough and Larne Lough. The subsoil is basalt or trap, forming the celebrated Giants' Causeway on the North coast, clay-slate, and limestone; there is coal at Ballycastle, and a salt mine at Duncrue, Carrickfergus, on the property of the Marquis of Downshire. Large beds of iron ore have recently been discovered in the hill region, extending from Larne to Cushendall, which are likely to prove of great importance. Already ten companies have been formed for the purpose of working the mines, some of which are of English origin. The ore is shipped from Larne, Glenarm, Carnlough and Red Bay, to the ports of Cumberland, Wales and the Clyde. One third of the country is mountain, not rising more than 1,600 feet above high sea level, and declining from the sea coast towards Lough Neagh in the South West. The River Bann forms the Western and the Lagan the Southern boundary of the  county. The Lagan Canal connects Lough Neagh with Belfast Lough. Bogs are large and numerous. The staple trade of this county are the spinning of linen and cotton yarn, and linen and cotton weaving, in which a large number of the population are engaged. The fishery districts are Ballycastle and Carrickfergus, comprising 121 miles of maritime boundaries. The population in 1851 was 352,368; in 1861, 368,948; and in 1871, 404,015; and in 1881 (including the Cities of Belfast and Carrickfergus), 421,943. The principal towns are the Parliamentary City of Belfast, including the suburb of Ballymacarrett. Population in 1881, 208,122 - at present it exceeds 250,000; the county of the town of Carrickfergus, 10,009; the Parliamentary borough of Lisburn has a population in this county of 9,603, and the remaining inhabitants, 1,480 are in Down County. The county returns six members to Parliament. Registered electors, 1889:- North division, 9,566; South division, 10,840; East division, 8,717; West division, 7,908. The county is divided into fourteen baronies - Antrim, Lower and Upper; Belfast, Lower and Upper; Carey, Dunluce, Lower and Upper; Glenarm, Lower and Upper; Kilconway; Massereene, Lower and Upper; Toome, Lower and Upper; and contains 79 parishes and parts of parishes. It is in the diocese of Connor. The county is in the North Eastern circuit, in the Belfast military district, and with the County Down forms the Sub-District No. 63, the Brigade Depot being at Downpatrick; Belfast is the head quarters of the recruiting district. There are Barracks in Belfast and in Carrickfergus. The Assizes are held at Belfast for Antrim and Carrickfergus, and the County is in the North Eastern Circuit. Quarter Sessions are held at Antrim, Belfast, Ballymoney and Ballymena. The head quarters of the Constabulary force are at Ballymena. There are resident magistrates at Belfast and Ballymena. The nett annual value of property, under the Tenement Valuation Act, is 1,179,123, exclusive of 3,021, valuation of Telegraph and Fisheries

Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum - Vacant
High Sheriff, 1890 -
William Moore, M.D., J.P., 67 Fitzwilliam Square North, Dublin, and Moore Lodge, Kilrea

Members of Parliament for the County

North Division:- Sir C. E. Lewis, Bart., 36 Hyde Park Gate, S.W.
South Division:- W. Grey Ellison Macartney, Clogher Park, Clogher, Co. Tyrone
East Division:- Captain James McCalmont, Holywood House, Co. Down
West Division:- Hon. Robert Torrens O'Neill, Tullymore Lodge, Ballymena

Deputy Lieutenants
Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates marked (a) have served the Office of High Sheriff in this County

a Alexander, John Staples, J.P., Co. Londonderry, Portglenone House, Portglenone
a Antrim, Right Hon. Earl of, Glenarm Castle, Glenarm, Larne; St. James' Club, Whites, London
Barbour, John Doherty, J.P., Co. Down, Fort House, Lisburn
Charley, William, J.P., Co. Down and Belfast, Seymour Hill, Dunmurry
Clarke, George J., The Steeple, Antrim
Crossin, James, Massereene Villa, Lisburn
Dixon, Daniel, J.P., for Belfast, Stranmillis, Belfast
Dornan, Patrick, Malaboy House, Corbey
Dysart, John, M.D., Portglenone
Fagan, John, M.D., Glengall Place, Belfast
Filgate, L. George, Checker Hall, Killagan
Finlay, William Laird, Windsor, Belfast
Frazer, John W., Hillmont, Cullybackey
Macaulay, John, Redhall, Ballycarry
Macnaghten, Colonel, Sir Francis E., Bart., Duderave, Bushmills (Dunderave)
Massereene and Ferrard, Lord Viscount, Oriel Temple, Collon, Co. Louth; Junior United Service, Carlton Athenaeum, and Boodles' Club, London, S.W.; Kildare and Sackville Street Clubs, Dublin.
a Montagu, Right Hon. Lord R., P.C., M.A., 41 Queen's Gate, London, S.W.; Carlton and Athenaeum Clubs, London, S.W.
Montgomery, Robert James, J.P., Benvarden, Ballymoney; Carlton Club, S.W.; Kildare Street Club, Dublin
McCance, Henry P., Larkfield, Dunmurry
McDonnell, Col. J., Kilmore, Glenariff, Cushendall, Belfast; Army and Navy Club, S.W.
a McNeile, H. H., Parkmount, Belfast; Carlton Club, S.W.
a Owens, James, Holestone House, Doagh
O'Neill, Lord, Tullymore Lodge, Broughshane, Antrim; 19 Belgrave Square, London, S.W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W., and Sackville Street Club, Dublin.
Stannus, Walter Trevor, LL.D., T.C.D., Manor House, Lisburn, Kildare Street Club, Dublin
Turnly, John, Drumnasole, Glenarm, Larne
Wallace, Sir Richard, Bart., Hon. Colonel Antrim Artillery; J.P. for Co. Down; Castle House, Lisburn; Subbourn Hall, Wickham Market, Suffolk; Hertford House, Manchester Square, London, W.; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
White (V.C.), Colonel, Sir Geo. Stewart, T.C.D., Whitehall, Broughshane, Ballymena, Sackville Street Club, Dublin
a Young, John, Right Hon. J.P., Galgorm Castle, Ballymena; Sackville Street Club, Dublin

Chairman of Quarter Sessions - Fitzgibbon, Henry, Q.C., 1887, Recorder of Belfast and County Court Judge, Dunedin, Jordanstown, Belfast.


a Adair, Sir Hugh Edward, Bart, 63 Portland Place, London, W.
Agnew, William, Kilwaughter Castle, Larne
Alexander, Robert, Ballynacree, Ballymoney
Allen, Arthur Chichester, Collon, Moorfields, Ballymena
Allen, Samuel, LL.D., M.A., Lisconnan, Dervock
Anderson, Thomas, Church Street, Ballymena
Antrim, the Earl of, Glenarm Castle, Glenarm
Archer, Henry, Orlands, Carrickfergus
Armstrong, Capt. Alexander Moore, Culmore House, Kilrea
Barbour, John Doherty, Lisburn
Beers, John Leslie, Dublin
Bellis, George, Ben Vista, Ballymena
Black, Joseph B., Raceview House, Ballymena
Black, Patrick, Crookedstone, Antrim
Black, Samuel, Randalstown
Bland, Robert Henry, Castle Street, Lisburn
Bowles, Charles, Windsor, Belfast
Bruce, Col. Henry S. B., Ballyscullion House, County Derry, Castledawson
Capron, Frederick Lucas, Lisburn
Carson, William, Bangor, Co. Down
Carver, W. E., 18 Mark Street, Portrush
Casement, John, A.M., Churchfield, Ballycastle
Casement, Julius, Cronroe, Ashford, Co. Wicklow
Charley, William, Seymour Hill, Dunmurry
Chichester, Major, Lord Adolphus, Moyola Park, Castledawson
a Clarke, George Jackson, D.L., The Steeple, Antrim
Clarke, George Henry, Roseville, Lisburn
Clarke, Stewart, Cairncastle, Larne
Coates, John, Seacliffe, Bangor, Co. Down
Coates, Victor, Rathmore, Dunmurry
Coey, Edward, Merville, Whitehouse
Cordner, Clement Kennedy, Muckamore, Belfast
Corry, Armor Henry Lowry, Holywood, Co. Down and 8 Eaton Square, London
Corry, Sir J. P., Bart., M.P., Dunraven, Belfast
Cramsie, Sir J. P., Bart, M.P., Dunraven, Belfast
Curell, Andrew, Ballygarvey House, Ballymena
Dobbs, Conway Edward, Glenariff Lodge, Larne
Dobbs, Montagu William Edward, Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus
Douglas, Richard M., Knockanboy House, Dervock
Dowglass, George, Gobranna, Crumlin
Ewart, Lavens M., Glenbank House, Ballysillan
Falloon, William Harris, Q.C., 24 Kildare Street, Dublin
Gage, General Ezekiel, Ballycastle
Gage, Marcus McCausland, Dunmurry
Gage, Robert, Rathlin Island, Ballycastle
Gihon, W., Lisnafillan, Galgorm, Ballymena
Giveen, Butler Mildmay, Cooldarragh, Coleraine
Gray, James, Hazelbank, Whiteabbey
Greer, Thomas, M.P., Seapark, Carrickfergus
Grimshaw, Nicholas Wm., Cloona, Dunmurry
Hamill, Arthur, also J.P. for Belfast, Trench House, Belfast
Hamilton, Robt. Lawrence, also J.P. for Belfast, Windsor, Belfast
Hamilton, William, Church Street, Ballymoney
Hannay, Lieut.-Col. Edmund A., Ballylough, Bushmills
Hanson, John, Oranmore, Craigavad
Harkin, Alex., M.D., J.P., for Belfast, 5 College Square North, Belfast
Harland, Sir. E. J., Bart., M.P., Kensington Palace Gardens, London, and Glenfarne Hall, Co. Leitrim
Henderson, Major Alexander Mackey, J.P. for Co. Down, New Lodge, Muckamore, Belfast
a Henry, Frederick Hugh, Lodge Park, Straffan, Co. Kildare; Ulster Club, Belfast
Hertford, Right Hon. Marquis, 20 Beaufort Gardens, London, S.W.
Hodges, John F., Glenravel House, Ballymena
Hodges, John Frederick, M.D., Belfast
Huey, John, Clooneavin, Coleraine
Hutchinson, William Ford, Stranocum House, Ballymoney
Johnstone, John Brett, Ballycastle
Johnstone, Saml. Alex., Dalriada, Jordanstown
Keers, William Adams, Stoney House, Finvoy, Ballymoney
Kennedy, James, Richmond Lodge, Strandtown
Kirkpatrick, James C., The Greens, Ballyclare
Kirkpatrick, John J., The Greens, Ballyclare
Knox, W. B., Strandmore, Portrush
a Lecky, Hugh, Beardiville, Coleraine
Lee, James, Ardilea, Greenisland
Lepper, Alfred John A., The Barn, Carrickfergus
Leslie, Lieut.-Col. Edmund Douglas, Leslie Hill, Ballymoney
Lyle, James Acheson, Portstewart House, Portstewart
Macnaghten, Lord, D.L., Runkerry, Bushmills, 198 Queen's Gate, London, S.W.
a Magenis, Major-General H., Finvoy Lodge, Ballymoney
Malcolm, James, D.L., Co. Armagh, Lurgan
Mallaghan, James, Broughshane Street, Ballymena
Massereene and Ferrard, Viscount, D.L., Oriel Temple, Collon, Co. Louth
Matier, Henry, Dunlambert, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast
Megaw, John, Ballyboyland, Ballymoney
Mitchell, W. J., Ballydugan House, Toomebridge
Molyneaux, John, Fisherwick Lodge, Doagh
a Montague, Right Hon. Lord Robert, 6 Clifton Gardens, Folkestone, Kent
a Montgomery, Robt. J., Benvarden, Ballymoney
a Montgomery, Thomas, Ballydrain, Dunmurry
Moore, James, Moorefield, Cullybackey
Moore, James S., Ballydivitty, Ballymoney
Moore, William, A.B., M.D., T.C.D., Moore Lodge, Kilrea
Moore, Wm., Fairview, Hillhead, Cullybackey
Mulholland, John, Ballywalter Park, Greyabbey
Murney. Henry, M.D., Belfast
Murray, Major Alex., Drumadoan, Cloughmills
Murray, Robert Wallace, Fortwilliam, Belfast
Musgrave, Samuel, F.R.C.S., Edin., Lisburn
McClintock, H. Stanley, Kilwarlin House, Hillsborough
McClure, Sir Thos., Bart, D.L., Belmont, Belfast
McColgan, James, Ballymoney
McDonald, Alexander, Glenarm, Larne
McDonnell, Lieutenant-Colonel John, Kilmore, Glenariff
McDonnell, Michael, M.R.C.S.E., Randalstown
McElderry, John, Ballymoney
McFerran, George, Drumnagreagh, Larne
McGarel-Hogg, Sir J. M., Bart., Magheramorne, 17 Grosvenor Gardens, London, S.W.
McGeagh, Robert, College Park, Belfast
McGildowney, Henry, Clare Park, Ballycastle
McIlroy, James, Lavin House, Ballymoney
McMeekin, John, Churchfield, Ballymoney
McMeekin, Wm., Cogry, Doagh
McNeill, Alex., Gardenvale, Ballymoney
a McNeile, Henry Hugh, Parkmount, Belfast
a McNeill, Edward, Craigdun, Craigs, Belfast
McNeill, Malcolm, The Curran, Larne
McNeill, Captain Daniel Alexander, Cushendun
Nelson, David, Larne
a Owens, James, D.L., Holestone, Doagh
O'Hagan, The Hon. John, Q.C., 22 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin
O'Neill, Lord, Tullymore Lodge, Ballymena
Pakenham, Rev. A. Hercules, M.A., Langford Lodge, Crumlin
Patrick, John, Dunminning, Glarryford
Patterson, Robt. Lloyd, Croft House, Holywood
Perry, Samuel William, The Grange, Ballymena
Pinkerton, John, Secon, Ballymoney
Porter, Wm., Bayview, Greenisland
Preston, George J., Woodbank, Whiteabbey
Preston, Sir John, Dunmore, Belfast
Reade, R. H. Sherrock, Wilmont, Dunmurry
Richardson, James Theodore, Glenone, Lisburn
Richardson, John, Townbeg, Lisburn
Richardson, Jonathan, Glenmore, Lisburn
Richardson, Jonathan, Killeaton, Dunmurry
Riddel, Wm., Beechmount, Belfast
Robinson, Alex., Killy Lodge, Glarryford
Robinson, Henry J., Westport House, Portrush
Rowan, Major John J., Mountdavys, Ballymena
Seeds, Robert, Q.C., 11 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin
Sharpe, T. M., Moyarget, Ballycastle
Silvertop, H. T., Glenville, Cushendall
Simpson, Robert, Ballymena
Sinclair, Thomas, Hopefield, Belfast
Smilie, H. H., Drumalis, Larne
Smith, Moore, Toome House, Toome Bridge
Smyth, John Watt, Duneira, Larne
Stannus, Thos. Robert, Magheraleave, Lisburn
Stannus, W. T., D.L., Manor House, Moneymore
Stewart, Wm., Larchfield, Ballymoney
Taylor, Sir David, Bertha House, Windsor, Belfast
Thompson, James, Hazelbank, Belfast
Thompson, Samuel, Muckamore Abbey, Antrim
Torrens, Thos. Hughes, Edenmore, Whiteabbey
a Traill, Anthony, LL.D., Ballylough House, Bushmills
Turnly, John, B.A., T.C.D., Drumnasole, Glenarm, Larne
Turtle, Launcelot, Wenderholme, Aghalee
Valentine, Wm., Glenavna, Whiteabbey, Belfast
Wallace, Sir R., Bart., D.L., T.C.D., Lisburn
Wallace, Wm. N., Downpatrick
Ward, Lieut.-Colonel James, Lisburn
Webb, Charles James, Knockvarre House, Randalstown
Whitla, Wm., M.D., 8 College Street, Belfast
Williams, Alex., Larne
Wilson, David, Larne
Wilson, M. F., Drumalla, Carnlough
Workman, John, Windsor, Belfast
a Young, John, Right Hon., D.L., Galgorm Castle, Ballymena
Young, Wm., Fenaghy, Cullybackey, Ballymena
Young, Wm. Alex., Kintullagh, Ballymena

Resident Magistrates
(Appointed under 6 Wm. IV., cap. 13.)
Eaton, R. J., Belfast - MacCarthy, Felix J., Chichester Park, Belfast - Rutherford, J. C., Ballymena

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown - H. McNeile McCormick, Ardmara, Craigavad, Co. Down
Clerk of the Peace - The Marquis of Donegall, 36 Great George's Street, Westminister, London (Westminster)
Deputy Clerk of the Peace - Thos. Cunningham (1875), 59 Royal Avenue, Belfast
Crown Solicitor - James Greer (1867), 29 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin; Coneywarren, Omagh
Crown Solicitor at Quarter Sessions - J. McLean (1868), Belfast and 7 Inns Quay, Dublin
Registrar of County Court - H. McN. McCormick, County Courthouse
Secretary to Grand Jury - Arthur Hill Coates (1880), Sea Cliff, Bangor, and Count Court House
Treasurer - Wm. Verner, B.A., County Courthouse
Governor County Prison - J. D. Sheehan
County Surveyor - John H. Brett, C.E.; office, County Courthouse, Belfast
Sub-Sheriff - Henry Haigh Bottomley; office, Garfield Street, Belfast
Sheriff's Returning Officer - William M. Moore, 8 Anglesea Street, Dublin
Coroners - John J. Adams, M.D., Ballyclare; Alex. Caruth, Ballymena; Robt. J. Camac, Ballymoney; Arthur Mussen, M.D., Glenavy, Lisburn
District Registrar, Her Majesty's Court of Probate for Antrim and Down - John McC. Higginson, J.P., Carnalea House, Crawfordsburn; office, Waring Street, Belfast
Joint Registrar, United Diocese, Down, Connor and Dromore - John McConnell Higginson, J.P., Carnalea House, Crawfordsburn
Notaries Public - Robt. Vance, John W. Smith, William Thompson, and Henry H. Bottomley, Belfast
Agents for Lloyd's - Messrs. Sinclair & Boyd, Belfast

Inspectors of National Schools
Wm. Bole, Belfast, head inspector; S. Starrit, Ballymena; W. P. Head, North Belfast; John Gordon, South Belfast

Stamp Distributor
Head Distributor for the County - George Compton, Belfast

Her Majesty's Prison
Visiting Committee
Meets first Friday in each month
Messrs. George J. Clarke, H. H. McNeile, John Young, Sir John Preston, Sir David Taylor, John Hind, J.P., Alex. Dempsey, M.D., Thos. Sinclair, J.P., Colonel W. B. Forde, D.L., Sir Thomas McClure, Bart., John Blackiston-Houston, D.L.

County Infirmary - Lisburn
Treasurer - J. T. Richardson
Surgeon - George St. George, M.D.
Secretary - John McClure

Poor Law Unions
The County is comprised in seven unions - viz., Antrim, Ballycastle, Ballymena, Ballymoney, Belfast, Larne and Lisburn

County Lunatic Asylum (1829) - Belfast
For County of Antrim and the County of the Town of Carrickfergus
Board of Governors
Meets second Monday in each month
Primate of all Ireland; Lord Bishop of Down; Rt. Rev. Bishop McAlister, D.D.; Marquis of Dufferin and Ava, K.P., K.C.B.; Sir Thomas McClure, Bart.,; Colonel Wm. B. Forde, D.L.; Right Hon. John Young, J.P., D.L.; H. H. McNeile, J.P., D.L.; John Blackiston-Houston, J.P., V.L.; Right Hon. Lord Deramore; Sir David Taylor, J.P.; Professor James Cuming, M.D.; Rev. Robert Hannay, D.D.; Henry Matier, J.P.; Jas. Musgrave, J.P.; Rev. Wm. Johnston, D.D.; Arthur Hamill, J.P.; John Fagan, F.R.C.S.I.; John D. Barbour, D.L., J.P.; Robert G. Dunville, D.L., J.P.; Samuel Lawther, J.P.; Charles C. Connor
Resident Medical Superintendent - Alexander S. Merrick, M.D.
Assistant - Samuel Graham, M.R.C.P.
Visiting Physician - Richard J. Purdon, M.D.
Chaplains - Church of Ireland - Rev. N. E. Smith - Presbyterian - Rev. John Mecredy - Roman Catholic - Rev. J. McArdle
Matron - Miss Elizabeth Gibson
Clerk - Alexander Gibson

Barony Cess Collectors

Antrim, Upper - Captain J. Lepper Alison, Ardeen, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast
Antrim, Lower - Jos. Kirkpatrick, Broughshane
Belfast, Upper - W. H. H. Lyons, Brookhill, Lisburn
Belfast, Lower - Andrew Burney, Belfast
Carey - Charles McD. Stewart, Ballyhivistock, Dervock
Dunluce, Upper - James Douglas, Dervock
Dunluce, Lower - James Douglas, Dervock
Glenarm, Upper - John A. Nairn, Larne
Glenarm, Lower - Daniel Jamison, Cushendall
Kilconway - George S. Kirkpatrick, Crays, Co. Antrim
Massereene, Upper - W. H. H. Lyons, Brookhill, Lisburn
Massereene, Lower - William McConnell, Lakeview, Strandtown, Belfast
Toome, Upper - Henry Ferguson, Dunsilly House, Antrim
Toome, Lower - Michael Dawson, Audley Terrace, Ballymena

Coastguard Officers and Stations

Divisional Officers - Ballycastle - Lieutenant Alfred M. Carston, R.N. - Carrickfergus - Commander E. Dorwall, R.N.

Chief Officers - Carrickfergus, Richard Tremlett - Cushendall, Frederick Rabbets - Glenarm, Vacant - Larne, Wm. J. Driscoll - Portrush, Galbraith Grills - Cushendun, Samuel Jeffreys

Chief Boatmen in Charge - Ballycastle, William M. Right; Ballyalley, F. Smith; Portballintrae, A. Auld; Torrhead, John Harvey; Portmuck, J. McCarthy; Whitehead, E. Jeffers; Whitehouse, W. Love

Militia - The Royal Irish Rifles (83) - Rifle Green, Facings, Dark Green
Lieutenant-Colonel - Edmund Douglas Leslie
Majors - Alexander Murray, Edward Vandeleur
Captains - Eldred T. Pottinger, late captain Bombay Artillery; John J. Rowan, late Lieutenant 62nd Foot; F. M. Leslie, J. A. Whitla, W. Eshiller, F. A. Cunningham
Lieutenant - J. A. Montgomery
Second-Lieutenants - C. F. Murray, H. A. White, C. B. J. Rickard, C. C. Todd, F. S. Atkinson, B. Wake
Quartermaster - M. Naughton
Adjutant - Major Skelly Smyth

Antrim Royal Artillery (2) Facings Scarlet - Head Quarters, Carrickfergus

Honorary Colonel - Sir Richard Wallace, Bart., K.C.B.
Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant - H. B. Johnston
Majors - W. T. R. Atkin, J. L. Allison
Captains - Edward J. Kinsey, V. J. Cornwall, D. H. Doherty, F. W. Panzera, H. P. Johnston, p.s.; P. A. K. B. Kirk, W. E. Head, R. L. Crosby
Lieutenants - G. E. K. Kirk, H. M. Butler, H. C. W. Hamilton
Instructor of Artillery - E. J. Kinsey, captain
Adjutant - W. R. Thring
Quartermaster - William Gunn
Medical Officer - D. R. Taggart, surgeon-major

Royal Irish Constabulary

County Inspector - Wm. S. Irvine, Ballymena
     District-Inspectors' Stations
Antrim - Gilbert Joseph Talbot
Ballymena - Alexander Campbell
Carrickfergus - O. A. T. Mason
Glenarm - George F. H. McClintock
Lisburn - A. E. Fleury