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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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County Antrim

Greatest length, North and South, 56 miles; greatest breadth, East and West, 30 1/2 miles; comprising an area of 1,164 square miles or 745,177 acres, of which 503,288 are arable, 176,335 uncultivated, 10,358 in plantations, 1,908 in towns and 53,288 under water, including a portion of Lough Neagh. On the Maiden Rocks, off Larne Bay, are two light-houses, showing fixed lights. The principal bays are Belfast Lough and Lough Larne. The subsoil is basalt, or trap, forming the celebrated Giant's Causeway on the North Coast, clay-slate, and limestone: there is coal at Ballycastle, and a salt mine at Duncrue, Carrickfergus, on the property of the Marquis of Downshire. A company works the mine, the produce of which is of superior quality. One-third of the county is mountain, not rising more than 1,600 feet above high sea-level, and declining from the sea coast towards Lough Neagh in the South-West. The River Bann forms the West, and the Lagan the Southern Boundary of the county. The Lagan canal connects Lough Neagh with Belfast Lough. The great staple commodity of this county is the spinning of linen and cotton yarn, and linen and cotton weaving, in which a large number of the population are engaged. The sewed muslin trade also gives occupation to a vast number of the female population. The fishery districts are Ballycastle and Carrickfergus, comprising 121 miles of maritime boundaries. The population in 1841 was 276,188, exclusive of the towns of Belfast and Carrickfergus; and in 1851 the population of the county was 355,224.  The county returns two members to Parliament; constituency in 1859, 5,805. The county is divided into fourteen baronies - Antrim Lower and Upper, Belfast Lower and Upper, Carey, Dunluce Lower and Upper, Glenarm Lower and Upper, Kilconway, Massereene Lower and Upper, Toome Lower and Upper, and contains 75 parishes and parts of parishes. It is in the diocese of Connor. Belfast is the head quarters of the recruiting district of that name, and is now occupied with depots of regiments. There are barracks there and in Carrickfergus. The Assizes are held at Belfast. The head-quarters of the Constabulary force are at Belfast. There are Resident Magistrates at Belfast and Ballymena, and twenty-one Coast-Guard stations through-out the county.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum - The Most Noble George Hamilton Chichester, Marquis of Donegall, 8 Grosvenor Street, London.

High-Sheriff (1861) - H. H. O'Hara, Esq., J.P., Crebilly House, Ballymena.

Members for the County - Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Henry Pakenham, 30th Regiment (1855) (second surviving son of the late General Sir H. R. Pakenham, K.C.B.)

Langford Lodge, Crumlin - Major General the Hon. G. F. Upton (1859), Castle Upton, and 27 George's Street, Hanover Square, United Service Club, London.

Deputy Lieutenants

Adair, Robert A. Shafto, Farm Lodge, Ballymena and Audley Square, London.
Blayney, Lord, Carleton Club, London.
Chichester, Lord John, London.
Crommelin, N. D., Newtowncrommelin.
Dobbs, Conway Richard, Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus.
Dunbar, Geo., Woburn, Donaghadee.
Ferguson, John Francis, Belfast.
Grimshaw, R., Whitehouse, Belfast.
Legge, William Wallace, Malone House, Belfast.
Leslie, James E., Leslie Hill, Ballymoney.
Macartney, Geo., Lissanore Castle, Ballymoney.
Macnaughten, Sir E. W., Dundarave, Bushmills.
Magennis, Richard W., Harold Hall, Bedfordshire.
Massereene and Ferrard, Viscount, Antrim Castle and Oriel Temple, County Louth.
Montagu, Lord R., M.P., Portstewart.
Montgomery, John, Benvarden, Ballymoney.
Moore, James Stewart, Ballydivity, Dervock.
Mulholland, Andrew, Springvale, Ballywalter.
McGarel, Charles, Magheramorne House, Larne and London.
McGildowny, John, Clare Park, Ballycastle.
Tennent, Robert James.
Verner, Captain Thomas.

Chairman of Quarter Sessions.

John Hastings Otway (1858), 86 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin.


Adair, R. S., Col., D.L., Farm Lodge, Ballymena.
Agnew, James, Larne.
Agnew, W., Kilwaughter Castle, Larne.
Allen, W. J. C., Faunoran.
Antrim, Earl of, Glenarm Castle.
Armstrong, James William.
Barbour, William Hilden.
Belfast, the Mayor of, for the time being..
Bennett, Thomas, Coleraine.
Birnie, Thomas M., Carrickfergus.
Bland, Rev. Robert W., Abbeyville.
Boyd, Major Francis T., Ballycastle.
Boyd, John, M.P., Dundoan House, Coleraine.
Brooke, Captain Gustavus Travers, Templepatrick.
Bradshaw, Hercules, Hillsborough.
Bruce, Henry S. B., Bellaghy.
Burleigh, William, Carrickfergus.
Bushell, Theobald, Belfast.
Calwell, George, Lismoyne, Dunmurry.
Casement, E. McG., Invermore, Larne.
Casement, Julius, Portglenone House, Portglenone.
Casement, T., Ballee House, Ballymena.
Charley, John s., Woodburn, Dunmurry.
Charley, Wm., Seymour Hill, Dunmurry.
Clarke, George J., Steeple, Antrim.
Clarke, John, College Square, Belfast.
Coates, Wm., Glentoran, Belfast.
Coey, Edward, Merville, Belfast.
Courtenay, J., Glenburn, Portglenone.
Crommelin, N. D., D.L., Carrowdore Castle, County Down.
Crommelin, N. D., jun., Belfast.
Crommelin, Samuel Arthur Hill Delacherois, Carrowdore Castle, Donaghadee.
Cuppage, Adam, Glenbank, Ballycastle.
Cuppage, Edmund F., Mount Edwards, Cushendall.
Currell, John, sen., Belfast.
Dalway, Marriott Robert, Bella Hill, Carrickfergus.
Davison, Alexander, Knockboy, Ballymena.
Dickey, John, Leighinmohr, Ballymena.
Dobbs, Conway Richard, D.L., Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus.
Dobbs, Richard Conway, Cushendun.
Douglas, Charles, Dervock.
Downshire, Marquis of, Hillsborough.
Dunbar, George, D.L., Woburn, Donaghadee.
Dungannon, Viscount, Brynkinalt, Wales, and 3 Grafton Street, London.
Dunville, William, Richmond Lodge, Belfast.
Ewart, William, jun., Wheatfield, Belfast.
Fenton, Samuel G., Belfast.
Ferguson, J. F., D.L., Belfast.
Filgate, Fitzherbert, Hillsborough.
Fulton, J. W., Braidujle, Lisburn. (as in book)
Gage, Rev. Robert, Rathlin Island, Ballycastle.
Getty, Samuel Gibson, M.P., Belfast.
Gihon, Wm., Hillhead, Ballymena.
Giveen, Butler, Mildmay, Portstewart.
Gordon, Robert Francis, Holywood.
Gray, George, Graymount, Belfast.
Greg, Thomas, Ballymenoch, Holywood.
Gregg, William, Lisburn.
Grimshaw, Robert, D.L., Whitehouse, Belfast.
Hamilton, H., Mount Vernon, Belfast.
Hannay, Edmund Alexander, Ballylough, Bushmills.
Hancock, John, Lurgan.
Hancock, Hon. George.
Hartwell, J. B., Glenmona Lodge, Cushendall.
Henry, Fred. Hugh, Lodge Park, Straffan.
Heyland, L., Glendarragh, Crumlin.
Higginson, H. T., Carnalea House, Crawfordsburn.
Higginson, John O'Neill, Springmount, Ballymena.
Hill, John, Bellaghy.
Hutchinson, William Forde.
Johnson, Sir Wm. G., Belfast.
Johnston, J. B., Glynn, Larne.
Jones, Thomas M. H., Moneyglass, Toomebridge.
Kennedy, James, Belfast.
Lecky, H., Beardiville, Coleraine.
Legge, Wm. Wallace, D.L., Malone House.
Leslie, Henry, Seaport Lodge, Bushmills.
Leslie, James E., D.L., Leslie Hill, Ballymoney.
Lyle, Jas. Acheson, Knockintern, Coleraine.
Lyons, W. Thos. B., Oldpark, Belfast.
McCance, Jas. L., Glenville, Belfast.
McCance, John W., Suffolk, Belfast.
McCance, William, Belfast.
McClintock, Major H. Stanley, Millmount, Randalstown.
McClure, Thos., Belmont, Belfast.
McGarel, Charles, D.L., Magheramorne House, Larne.
McGee, William, M.D., College Square, Belfast.
Mackenzie, Major John Kenneth, Antrim Rifles.
McGildowny, John, D.L., Clare Park, Ballycastle.
McNeill, Edmund Alex., Cushendall.
McNeill, Edmund, Ballycastle.
McNeile, Henry Hugh, Parkmount.
McCartney, George, D.L., Lissanore.
Macnaughten, Sir E. C. W., Bart, D.L., Dundarave, Bushmills.
Magennis, Richard, D.L., Harrold Hall, Bedford, England.
Magill, Joseph, Martlett Tower.
Massereene and Ferrard, Viscount, D.L., Antrim Castle.
Miller, Rowley, Portna House, Moneymore.
Montagu, Lord Robert, M.P., D.L., Portstewart.
Montgomery, John, D.L., Benvarden, Ballymoney.
Montgomery, Thomas, Birch Hill, Antrim.
Moore, Jas. Stewart, D.L., Ballydivity, Dervock.
Moore, John Stewart, Moyarget Lodge, Dervock.
Mulholland, Andw., D.L., Springvale, Ballywalter.
Mulholland, John, Craigavad, Holywood.
Murney, Henry, M.D., Wellington Place, Belfast.
Murray, Alexander, Drumradoan, Clough Mills.
O'Hara, Charles, O'Harabrook, Ballymoney.
Owens, Jas., Holestone, Ballyclare.
Pakenham, Arthur Hercules, Langford Lodge, Crumlin.
Patrick, John, Dunminning, Ballymena.
Richardson, Jonathan, M.P., Lisburn.
Richardson, Jonathan Joseph, Lisburn.

Richardson, Wm. P., Portrush.
Roberts, John, Collin, Dunmurry.
Robinson, H. J., The Castle, Portstewart.
Shaw, John M., Belfast.
Sinclair, Thos., Hopefield, Belfast.
Smyth, John, Orlands, Carrickfergus.
Stannus, Walter Trevor, Lisburn.
Stevenson, William, Belfast.
Stuart, Charles George, Ballyhibbistock, Dervock.
Tennent, Robert James, D.L.
Tennent, Jas. T., Belfast.
Thompson, Major Richard, Muckamore Abbey.
Thompson, Robert, Clonard, Belfast.
Thomson, John, Lowwood, Belfast.
Thomson, Robert, Castleton, Belfast.
Turnley, J., Drumnasole, Glenarm.
Verner, Capt. Thos., D.L.
Whitla, James, Gobrana, Glenavy.
Wilson, Richd., Carnlough, Glenarm.
Walkington, Thomas, Ballinderry.
Wray, Captain Jackson, Ashleigh, Newcastle, County Down.
Young, John, Galgorm Castle, Ballymena.

Resident Magistrates

Hunt, Charles, Ballymena.
Tracy, William Samuel, Belfast.

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown (1832) - Walter Bourne, 71 Harcourt Street, Dublin.
Deputy Clerk of the Crown - J. K. Jackson, solicitor, Donegall Place, Belfast.
Clerk of the Peace (1849) - Geo. A. H. Chichester.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace - W. C. Cunningham, solicitor, Victoria Chambers, Waring Street, Belfast.
Crown Solicitor (1830) - Maxwell Hamilton, 5 Kildare Street, Dublin.
Crown Solicitor at Quarter Sessions (1859) - J. Birney, Esq., Lisburn.
Treasurer (1858) - Major W. Verner.
Secretary to Grand Jury (1821) - John Coates, Wellington Park, and County Court-House, Belfast.
County Surveyor - Charles Lanyon, C.E., Queen Street, Belfast.
Sub-Sheriff (1861) - Henry Hugh Bottomley, office, Donegall Place, Belfast.
Sheriff's Returning Officer - Andrew Carey, 19 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin.
Deputy Sheriff for granting replevins &c. - John Kennedy, 41 Arthur Street
Coroners - James Kennedy Jackson, Belfast; Alex. Markham, Carrickfergus; John Jellett, Ballymena; Robt. Clarke, Armoy; Ballymoney.
District Registrar, Her Majesty's Court of Probate, Belfast - J. M. Higginson.

Stamp Distributor

Head Distributor, for the county - Thomas Robert Stannus, Belfast, April 1841.

County Jail (see Belfast p. 435) {The New Jail}

Antrim Queen's Royal Rifles {79} Head Quarters, Belfast.
Colonel - Marquis of Donegall, G. C. H., late 7th Hussars, 3rd April 1841.
Lieut-Colonel - George Ferguson, 22nd August 1853.
Major - William John Verner, late Capt. 21st Foot, 6th March 1854.
Captains - T. W. A. Wray, late Capt. 96th Foot, 28th January 1846; Henry S. B. Bruce, late Lieutenant, Rifle Brigade, 8th November 1854; E. D. Leslie, 8th December 1854; Charles B. Hartwell, 26th May 1855; George Alexander Whitla, 9th July 1856; Wm. J. Clarke, 22nd December 1856; John F. Montgomery, 12th January 1858; Wm. S. Butson, 18th March 1858; Humphrey May, 21st October 1859; Anthony Lord Ashley, late R.N., 7th September 1860.
Lieutenants - Alexander Murray, 5th February 1856; Frederick G. Thompson, 15th May 1856; L. O'Brien Williams, 22nd December 1856; Hugh F. Mahon, late 75th Foot, 15th July 1858; Charles Hill, 18th May 1859; David Lewellyn, 7th November 1857; Charles M. Lett, 21st November 1860.
Paymaster - Capt. Donald Sinclair, h.p. 93rd Foot, 1st September 1857.
Adjutant - J. K. Mackenzie, Major, h.p. late 60th Foot, 12 th January 1855.
Quartermaster - Lieut. Alexander Markham, 28th January 1846.
Surgeon - John L. Gaussen, M.D., 5th November 1854.
Assistant-Surgeon - Nathaniel Hunter, 7th December 1854.
Facings - Scarlet.
Agents - Borough, Armit & Co.

Antrim Royal Artillery {1}
Head Quarters, Carrickfergus.

Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant - Viscount Massereene and Ferrard, K.P., late Lieut-Col., Louth Rifles, 15th November 1854.
Major - William Verner.
Captains - Stephen R. Rice, 16th December 1854; George Gray, 23rd December 1854; Edmond a. Hannay, 4th January 1855; Benjamin C. Adair, 29th March 1855; Henry a. Pollock, 28th March 1859; Skeffington Thompson, 1st August 1859.
1st Lieutenants - R. T. B. Russell, 2nd January 1856; Joseph W. O'Donnell, 2nd January 1856; Horatio Sloan, 22nd December 1856; Henry Langtry, 28th March 1859; Alexander Macauley Markham, 20th October 1859; James Craig, 13th August 1860.
2nd Lieutenants - J. Smith O'Brien Blake, 16th April 1859; Robert W. Goddard, 11th May 1859; Francis Green, 7th September 1859; F. C. Hamilton Parks, late Lieut. E. York Militia; Wm. H. Verner, 13th august 1960.
Paymaster - William Houghton, late 11th Hussars, 5th January 1855.
Adjutant - Andrew Munroe, late Captain, R.A., 1st December 1854.
Quartermaster - Wm. Chew, 28th March 1859.
Surgeon - George Nixon, M.D., 3nd January 1855.
Assistant-Surgeon - Alex. Haldane Cooke, 8th March 1859.
Facings - Red.
Agents - Borough, Armit & Co.

Constabulary Officers

County Inspector - Wm. Williams, Belfast.
Antrim - William Taylor.
Ballycastle - Thomas Rodwell.
Ballymena - George Dobbyn.
Ballymoney - Mason Alcock.
Belfast - Harris Bindon.
Carrickfergus - W. S. Cole.
Glenarm - W. S. Irvine.
Lisburn - J. F. Fallon.

Barony Cess. Collectors

Antrim Upper - John G. Allen, Ballyclare.
Antrim Lower - Joseph Kilpatrick, Broughshane.
Belfast Upper - Robert T. Goddard, Belfast.
Belfast Lower - Malcolm McNeill, Larne.
Carey - Robert Clark, Armoy, Ballymoney.
Dunluce Upper - James Thompson, Ballymoney.
Dunluce Lower - James Laughlin, Dervock.
Glenarm Upper - Robert Forbes, Larne.
Glenarm Lower - Daniel Jamison, Cushendall.
Kilconway - R. M. Douglas, Dervock.
Massereene Upper - John Gregg Murray, Lisburn.
Massereene Lower - William McN. Dickey, Antrim.
Toome Upper - John Cashell, Randalstown.
Toome Lower - Fred. A. Matthews, Ballymena.

Coast-Guard Officers and Stations

Inspecting Officers - Com. Colin C. A. Kane, R.N., Ballycastle; Commander W. H. Jones, R.N., Carrickfergus; Commander S. E. Douglas, R.N., Donaghadee.
Ballygarry, Cairncastle - Lieut. W. Burt, R.N.
Carrickfergus - John Campbell, Esq., late E.I.C.S.
Cushendall - Edward Carr, Esq.
Larne - Robt. B. Graham, Esq., R.N.
Donaghadee - Lieut. Edward J. B. Clarke, R.N. (1856)
Glenarm - Lieut S. W. H. Thompson.
Portmuck, Glenarm - James Harry, Esq. (1850)
Whitehouse - John G. Morgan, Esq. (1848)


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Armagh is am inland county. Greatest length, N. and S.. 32 miles; greatest breadth, E. and W., 20 miles; comprising an area of 512 1/2 square miles, or 228,076 acres, of which 265,243 are arable, 35,117 uncultivated, 8,996 in plantations, 778 in towns and 17,942 under water. The Newry Canal skirts the county on the East. The Ulster Railway is extended from Belfast to Armagh and onwards to Monaghan. The population in 1841 was 232,393. According to the census of 1851, the total population of the county was, 196,085, being a decrease of 36,308. The county is divided into eight baronies. It is mostly in Armagh diocese. The principal towns are Armagh, Lurgan, Portadown and part of Newry. The county returns two members to Parliament; constituency in 1859, 5,805. The Assizes are held at Armagh, where are also the County Prison, the County Infirmary and District Lunatic Asylum. The are Bridewells at Ballybot, Lurgan, Newtownhamilton and Markethill; Quarter Sessions are held in these places, as well as in Armagh. The Union Workhouses are at Armagh and Lurgan. The are barracks in Armagh, Charlemont and Newry. The head quarters of the Constabulary force are at Armagh; those of the five districts, comprising thirty-six stations, at Armagh, Ballybot, Crossmaglen, Newtownhamilton and Portadown. The are Resident Magistrates at Armagh and Newry.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum - Lieut.-Colonel James Molyneaux Caulfield, Roxborough, Moy and Reform Club, London.

High Sheriff (1861-62), St. John Blacker, Esq., Elm Park, Killylea.

Members for the County - Colonel Sir William Verner, Bart. (1832), Churchhill, Moy and 86 Eaton Square, London; Maxwell Charles Close, Esq., D.L. (1857), Drumbanagher, Poyntzpass & Carlton Club, London.
Chairman of Quarter Sessions - Hans H. Hamilton, Esq., Q.C. (1851), 26 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin.

Deputy Lieutenants

Alexander Henry, Forkhill.
Armstrong, A. M., Glenaule House, Killylea.
Charlemont, Earl of, K.P., Roxborough Castle, Moy.
Close, Colonel Maxwell, Drumbanagher House, Newry.
Close, M. Charles, M.P., Drumbanagher, Newry.
De Salis, Count, Tandragee.
Eastwood, Jas., Castleton, Dundalk.
Fox, Charles, Keady.
Gosford, Earl of, K.P., Gosford Castle, Markethill.
Harden, James, Harrybrook, Tandragee.
Lurgan, Lord, Brownlow House, Lurgan.
Robinson, George, Abbey Street, Armagh.
Stronge, Sir James Matthew, Bart., Tynan Abbey.
Stronge, James Matthew, Tynan Abbey.
Wilson, Joseph, Lisnadell and Dublin.


Alexander, Robert Quin, Acton, Poyntzpass.
Armstrong, Wm. Jones, A.M., D.L., Glenaule House, Killylea.
Atkinson, Joseph, Crowhill, Loughgall.
Bernard, Major Arthur A., Crossmaglen.
Bond, Joshua Walter McGeough, The Argory, Moy.
Boyd, James Brown, Balleer, Keady.
Boyle, Hugh, Armagh.
Brady, Denis Caulfield, Newry.
Caulfield, James Molyneaux, Roxborough, Moy.
Chambre, Meredith, Hawthorn Hill, Flurrybridge.
Charlemont, Earl of, K.P., D.L., Roxborough Castle, Moy and Dublin.
Clermont, Lord, Ravensdale, Flurrybridge.
Close, Colonel Maxwell, D.L., Drumbanagher House, Poyntzpass.
Close, Maxwell C., M.P., D.L., Drumbanagher House, Poyntzpass.
Corry, Isaac, Abbey-yard, Newry.
Cross, Maxwell, Dartan, Armagh.
De Salis, Count, D.L., Tandragee.
Dobbin, Thomas, Mall, Armagh.
Douglas, John, Mountain Lodge, Keady.
Eastwood, James, D.L., Castleton, Dundalk.
Ensor, George, Ardress, Loughgall.
Eyre, John, Maydown, Benburb.
Foxall, John, Killevy Castle, Flurrybridge.
Foxall, Powell.
Gosford, Earl of, K.P., D.L., Gosford Castle.
Greer, John Waite, Lurgan.
Greer, Joseph, The Grange, Moy.
Hall Roger, Narrow-water Castle.
Hancock, John, Lurgan.
Harden, James, D.L., Harrybrook, Tandragee.
Henry, Thomas Gibson, Newry.
Heron, Denis Caulfield, Q.C., 7 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin.
Irvine, Hill, Dromalane, Newry.
Irwin, J. R., Carnagh House, Keady.
Jones, T. M. Hamilton, Jonesborough and Moneyglass House, Toome.
Kidd, Thomas, English Street, Armagh.
Kirk, Wm., Annvale, Keady.
Lurgan, Lord, D.L., Brownlow House, Lurgan.
Maguire, Denis, Newry.
Miller, Wm. M., R.M., Armagh.
McCance, James L., R.M., Ballybot, Newry.
McClintock, George A., Jocelyn, Fellows Hall, Tynan.
McKee, Joseph, Markethill.
McWatty, James, Castleblayney.
Nicholson, Joseph, Cranagill House, Loughall.
Olpherts, William, Dartry, Blackwatertown.
O'Brien, John, Stackpool, Parkview, Tandragee.
Paton, William, Charlemont Place, Armagh.
Prentice, Henry Leslie, Caledon.
Quinn, P., M.P., Acton Lodge, Poyntzpass.
Reid, William, Portadown.
Reilly, John Temple, Scarva House, Loughbrickland.
Robinson, Geo., D.L., Abbey Street, Armagh.
Shillington, Thomas A., Tavanagh House, Portadown.
Stronge, Sir James Matthew, Bart., D.L., Tynan Abbey.
Stronge, James Matthew, D.L., Tynan Abbey.
Synnot, Marcus, Ballymoyer, Newtownhamilton.
Synnot, Parke George, Ballymoyer House, Newtownhamilton.
Tenison, T. J., Port Nelligan, Tynan.
Verner, Col. Sir Wm., Bart., M.P., D.L., Churchhill, Verner's Bridge, Moy.
Verner, Wm. jun., Churchhill, Verner's Bridge, Moy.
Wann, William, Markethill.
Waring, Major Henry, Newry.

White, John, Divernagh, Newry.
Woodhouse, John Obins, Portadown.
Winder, John Gervais, Armagh.

Resident Magistrates

Miller, Wm. M., Armagh.
McCance, James L., Ballybot, Newry.

County Officers

Clerk of the County and Clerk of the Peace (1832), Leonard Dobbin, Esq., English Street, Armagh and 27 Gardiner's Place, Dublin.
Deputy - J. McKinstry, Esq., St. Mark's Place, Armagh.
Crown Solicitor - Maxwell Hamilton, Esq. (1830), 5 Kildare Street, Dublin.
Sessional Court Prosecutor - J. McKinstry, Esq., jun. (1850), Armagh.
Treasurer - Acheson, St. George (1854), Woodpark, Tynan.
Secretary to the Grand Jury - John Gervais Winder, Esq. (1846), English Street, Armagh.
County Surveyor - Henry Davison, Esq., Melbourne Terrace, Armagh.
Sub-Sheriff - Wm. Hardy, Esq., Armagh.
Sheriff's Returning Officers - Messrs. Ardill & Stephens, 72 Aungier Street, Dublin.
Coroners - Joshua Michael Magee, Esq., Newry; Arthur A. Kay, Esq., Armagh; Edward D. Atkinson, Esq., Tandragee.

Stamp Distributors

Head Distributor for the County - T. A. Prentice, Esq., Scotch Street, Armagh.
Keady - William McBride.
Lurgan - Dora McLeavy.
Markethill - Matten Pollard.
Newtownhamilton - Alex. Stitt.
Portadown - T. Shillington.
Tandragee - Robert Trotter.

Armagh Light Infantry {75}

Colonel - The earl of Gosford, K.P.
Lieutenant-Colonel - William Cross, late Captain, 68Ft.
Major - Henry W. Caulfield.
Captains - Edward Stanley, late Captain, 62 Ft.; Andrew Craig; Edwrd. W. Verne; Wm. A. Hutchinson; Wm. Forbes Synnot; John Smith; William Paton, late Lieut. E.I.S.
Lieutenants - Wm. W. Scott, late Ens. 17 Ft.; W. C. O'B. Tenison; Osborne Kidd; Edward V. Ryan; William Atkinson; T. Erskine Barton; J. J. D. Latouche; Thos. Stanley.
Ensigns - Thomas Young; Alexander Cuppage; William Browne; Geo. G. Atkinson.
Paymaster - James A. Vint.
Adjutant - W. W. Bond, late Capt. 4 Ft.
Quartermaster - Wm. Henry Barker, Surgeon; J. Marshall Lynn.
Assistant Surgeon - Robert Gillespie, M.D.
Facings - Grey.
Agents - Cane & Sons.

Constabulary Officers

County Inspector - Louis Anderson, Esq., Armagh

Sub. Inspector's Stations

Armagh - Robert Fausset, Esq.
Ballybot , Newry - Thos. Armstrong, Esq.
Crossmaglen - Gordon Holmes, Esq.
Newtownhamilton - Maurice C. Elrington, Esq.
Portadown - Thos. P. Hewitt, Esq.

Barony Cess. Collectors

Armagh - Robert Clarke.
Fews, Lower - H. Atkinson.
Fews, Lower - John Maclean.
O'Neiland, East - Robert Calvert.
O'Neiland, West - Nathaniel Greer.
Orior, Lower - John Bennett.
Orior, Upper - Thomas Rantin.
Tureny - John Gamble.

County Jail, Armagh

The Board of superintendence meets the second Saturday of every month.
Inspector - John McKinstry, Esq.
Protestant Chaplain - Rev. John Walton Murray, A.B.
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. Wm. Henderson.
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. J. Campbell, C.C.
Surgeon - Alex. Robinson, A.M., M.B., F. & L. R.C.S.I.
Apothecary - Meredith Armstrong, M.R.C.S.E.
Governor - John McCutcheon.


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Cavan, an inland county in Ulster province, comprising an area of 746 square miles, or 477,460 acres, of which 375,473 are arable, 71,918 uncultivated, 7,325 in plantations, 502 in towns, and 22,142 under water. The surface is undulating with mountainous ranges in the North. There are indications of coal, iron, copper and lead, and numerous mineral springs. The soil is light and poor, except along the courses of the rivers. Lakes are numerous - many highly picturesque. The population in 1841 was 243,158; according to the census of 1851, the population of the county was 174,071, being a decrease of 69,087 since 1841. The occupations are chiefly agricultural. The linen trade was carried on here extensively, and there are many bleach-greens. The principal towns are Cavan, Cootehill and Belturbet. The county returns two members to Parliament; constituency in 1850, 5,989. Assizes are held in Cavan, where the county prison is. The are Bridewells at Bailieborough, Ballyconnell and Cootehill; Quarter Sessions are held there, as also in Cavan. The County Infirmary is in Cavan. The Union Workhouses are at Cavan, Bailieborough, Cootehill and Bawnboy. There are Barracks in Cavan and Belturbet. The head quarters of the Constabulary force, consisting of 419 men, officers included are at Cavan; those of the eight districts, comprising thirty-nine stations, at Cavan, Arva, Bailieborough, Cootehill, Belturbet, Swanlinbar, Killeshandra and Virginia. There are Resident Magistrates at Arva and Bailieborough.

Lieutenant and Custos Rorulorum - The Marquis of Headfort (1831), K.P., Virginia Park, County Cavan, and Headfort, County Meath.

Vice-Lieutenant - James Arthur Dease, Esq., Turbotston, Coole, County Westmeath and Orangefield, County Cavan.

High-Sheriff (1861-62) - Matthew O'Reilly Dease, esq., Dee Farm, Dunleer.

Members for the County - Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. J. P. Maxwell, (1843), Farnham and 48 Curzon Street, London; Colonel the Hon. Hugh Annesley (1857), Castlewellan, County Down & Carlton Club, London.

Chairman of Quarter Sessions - P. M. Murphy, Q.C. (1836), 9 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin.

Deputy Lieutenants

Burrows, Robert, Stradone House.
Butler, Hon. H. Cavendish, Innisrath, Lisnaskea.
Clements, Lieut.-Colonel Henry Thos., Ashfield, Cootehill.
Dease, James Arthur, Turbotston, Coole, County Westmeath.
Farnham, Lord, K. P., Farnham.
Hamilton, James, Esq., Castlehamilton, Killeshandra.
Humphreys,  Wm., Ballyhaise House, Ballyhaise.
Maxwell, Hon. R. Y., Fortland, Mount Nugent.
O'Reilly, A., Baltrasna, Oldcastle.
Quinn, Lord G., Headfort, Kells.
Vernon, John Edward, Mount Merrion, Stillorgan.
Young, Right Hon. Sir J., Bart, of Bailieborough Castle - Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands.


Adams, Charles Stuart, Ashfield, King's County.
Adams, J. H., Northlands, Shercock, Carrickmacross.
Adams, Benjamin Samuel, Shinan House, Shercock.
Babington, Wm., Fortview, Cavan.
Battersby, Thos., Newcastle House, Oldcastle.
Battersby, Geo., Q.C., Loughbawn, Collinstown.
Bective, Lieut-Colonel the Earl of, The Park, Virginia.
Benson, James, Garvarry Lodge, Ballyconnell.
Benison, John Joseph, Ballyconnell.
Bredin, E. R., Loughonagh, County Monaghan.
Brush, A., Drumbar, Cavan.
Burrowes, R., D.L., Stradone House.
Butler, Hon. H. C., D.L., Innisrath, Lisnaskea.
Carden, Andw., Drumkeen, Cavan.
Clements, H. T., Ashfield, Cootehill.
Clements, T. Henry, D.L., Rakenny, Tullavin.
Coote, T., Branedrum, Monaghan.
Cullen, F. N., Corry, Drumkeeran, County Leitrim.
Cumming, Robert John, Crover, Mount Nugent.
Dare, Robert, Westley Hall, Temple House, Ballymote.
Dease, J. A., D.L., Turbotston, Castlepollard, Orangefield.
Dease, M. O'R., Dee Farm, Dunleer.
Dickson, Joseph, Bailieborough.
Dickson, R. S., Bailieborough.
Enniskillen, Earl of, Florence Court.
Erskine, Robert, Cavan.
Farnham, Lord, D.L., K.P., Farnham.
Finlay, David, Bawnboy.
Finlay, J., Brackley, Bawnboy.
Finlay, Sir Thomas, Knight.
Fitzpatrick, Rev. F., Bailieborough.
Fitzpatrick, Rev. Frederick, jun., Templeport, Bawnboy.
Fleming, John, Slyan House, Lenamore, County Longford.
Fox, R., Awbawn, Killeshandra.
Godley, Archibald, Killygar, Killeshandra.
Greville, Col. F. S., M.P., Cloyn, Devlin.
Hamilton, J., D.L., Castlehamilton, Killeshandra.
Hickson, Wm. Murray, (Res. Mag.) Drumnully, Killeshandra.
Hughes, Hon. Baron, Cornadrung, Arva and Dublin.
Humphreys, William, D.L., Ballyhaise House.
Johnston, Captain J., Swanlinbar.
Johnston, T., Grangemore, Raheny, County Dublin.
Jones, D. F., Nahillab Cottage, Belturbet.
Jones, T. H. M., Moneyglass.
Ker, A. A. M., Newbliss House.
Knipe, T. F., Erne Hill, Belturbet.
L'Estrange, G. Henry, Hatley Manor, Carrick-on-Shannon.
Litton, John, Newtownbutler.
Maguire, Edward, Gortoral House, Swanlinbar.
Maxwell, Hon. R. T., D.L., Fortland, Mount Nugent.
Mayne, Richard, Castleblayney and 6 Martello Terrace, Kingstown.
Minnitt, R. A., Derrygooney Lodge, Cortubber, Ballybay.
Montgomery, N., Cullies, Cavan.
Moore, Samuel, The Rocks, Crossdoney.
Moorehead, Samuel R., Fortwilliam, Cootehill.
Mortimer, C., Lakeview, Mullagh, Moynalty.
Murray, William, Cootehill.
McManus, John, jun., Gurteen House, Edgeworthstown.
Nesbitt, J. A., Forthill, Drumaladdy.
Nugent, Richard, Mount Nugent.
Nugent, E. Robert, Bobsgrove, Mount Nugent.

O'Brien, Robert F., Rockfield, Cavan.
O'Reilly, Anthony, D.L., Baltresna, Oldcastle.
Phillips, M., Glenview, Belturbet.
Pratt, Col., Cabra Castle, Kingscourt.
Rogers, John, Belturbet.
Ruxton, W., Ardee House, Ardee.
Saunderson, Edward James, Castle Saunderson, Belturbet.
Smith, S., Cherrymount, Moynalty.
Smith, W., Drumhell House, Cavan.
Story, James, Ture, Belturbet.
Story, J. H., Derryalles House, Trillick, Omagh.
Story, Jos., Bingfield, Crossdoney.
Tatlow, J., The Lodge, Crossdoney.
Thompson, J., Killabandrick, Belturbet.
Thompson, Thos., Fort Lodge, Cavan.
Thornton, P., Greenville, Belturbet.
Trench, Captain Charles Le Poer.
Venables, Rev. E. W., Redhills.
Vernon, J. E., D.L., Stillorgan and Erne Hill, Belturbet.
Vesey, G. W., Derrabard House, Omagh.
Walker, Capt. Alexander, Gore Port, Finea, County Westmeath.
Young, Right Hon. Sir J., Bart, D.L., Bailieborough Castle.

Resident Magistrates

Hickson, Wm. Murray, Killeshandra.
Veevers, John, Bailieborough.

County Officers

Clerk of Crown - Henry J. Rae, Esq. (1859)
Clerk of Peace - G. T. Dalton, Cavan, 50 Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin.
Deputy - P. Caffrey, Cavan.
Crown Solicitor - Edward Geale (1856) Dublin.
Sessional Crown Prosecutor - B. Armstrong, Kingscourt and 31 Summerhill, Dublin.
Treasurer - S. Moore, (1841), Cavan.
Secretary to Grand Jury - John G. Tatlow, Esq., J.P. (1860), Leggelan, Crossdoney and Courthouse, Cavan.
County Surveyor - Frederick Gahan, Esq., Cavan.
Sub-Sheriff - Arthur Harrison, Esq., Carrick-on-Shannon.
Sheriff's Returning Officer - Patrick Dargan, Esq., 29 North Great George's Street, Dublin.
Coroners - J. McFadden, M.D., Cootehill;  James Berry, Sandville, Ardlougher;  William Pollock, Ballinagh.
Head Stamp Distributor for County - Patrick McGinn, Esq., Enniskillen.

Cavan Light Infantry {101}

Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant - Earl of Bective.
Majors - H. L. Saunderson, late Captain 66th Foot;  Samuel Moore.
Captains - Michael Phillips, Henry D. Edwards, Gerald R. Dease, Charles P. Roche, late Lieutenant Westmeath Rifles;  J. L. Nugent, Thomas Leslie, Robt. J. Cuming, James Berry.
Lieutenants - Henry M. Hearne, Thomas H. Wilson, Henry S. Clemenger, James Kerr, John B. Laffere, Joseph Twigg, Frederick Betty.
Ensigns - William Frocke.
Paymaster - James Robinson, late Captain 50th Foot.
Adjutant - N. Gosselin, late captain 46th Foot.
Quartermaster - Patrick Duff, late 66th Foot.
Surgeon - Wm. Malcolmson.
Assistant-Surgeon - Robt. P. White.
Facings - Black.
Agents - Cane & Sons.

Constabulary Officers

County Inspector - D. Patton, Cavan.
Arva - G. F. H. McClintock.
Bailieborough - Archd. E. O. Hayes.
Ballyjamesduff - Henry Ware.
Belturbet - Wm. Houston Matthew.
Cavan - W. R. Napier.
Cootehill - Thomas Moriarty.
Killeshandra - Francis Valentine.
Swanlinbar - Daniel Connor.

Barony Cess Collectors

Castlerahan - A. Porter, Ballyjamesduff.
Clonkee - John Bartley, jun., Bailieborough.
Clonmahen - James Reilly, Lacken.
Loughtee Upper - T. Reilly, Butlersbridge.
Loughtee Lower - Thomas Smith, Milltown.
Tullygarvey - R. Bowden, Cootehill.
Tullyhaw - Richd. Netterfield, jun., Ballyconnell.
Tullyhunco - Thomas Davis, Killeshandra.

County Jail, Cavan

Inspector - Theophilus Thompson.
Governor - George R. Gallogly.

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