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Large Photo Collection
assorted names include Allen, McCurry, Thompson, Stella etc.

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7th August 1980 Postmark Manchester to Miss Stella Armstrong, 5 Rocky Road, Upper Knockbreda Road, Belfast, N. Ireland from Fang Fang - Dear Stella, I hope you are well and that you enjoyed your holiday. Thanks for the postcard. The pop group, that is probably your favourite (you probably know which one I mean!) is printed in quite a few magazines and a few posters. The weather over here is fine. Did you know that it is Gordon Summer's birthday on October 2nd? Piccadilly is quite near the town centre which I visit frequently. Love Fang Fang
2) 1984? Postmark Ibiza to Stella Armstrong, 5 Rocky Road, Upper Knockbreda, Northern Ireland from Linda - Stella, Having a great time here, though I miss Paul! The apartments are really lovely but the beach is too rocky. Found a really good disco last night. It's free entrance, but too expensive to buy anything to drink. There are a few British bars over here cheap to drink in, and a good laugh at night. The weather here is really too hot, and this makes it hard to lie in as you get restless. See you soon. Love Linda
3) no date or postmark Stamp Espana to Miss Stella Armstrong, 5 Rocky Road, Upper Knockbreda Road, Belfast, N. Ireland from Allison - Dear Stella, The weather here is great, it's so warm, I can hardly breath. There's plenty of shops, bars and discos. Everything is so cheap, we're surrounded by restaurants of all nationalities 0 the food is scrummy. See you soon, Allison
4) 6th March 1987 Postmark Sydney, Australia to Mr. & Mrs. T. F. Schofield, 11 Tullynagardy Road, Newtownards, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, U.K. from Haslett - G'Day, This is a photo I had taken of me - good tan but the sun lotion is a bit messey!! Back down in Sydney for my last few days down here. You will have to come and see this country, you will be so surprised. Next stop Thailand then back to Carbridge. Bye from Auz. Love Haslett x

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Matthew McCurry, 57 Denmark Street, Belfast
2) From a lover xoxoxo 28 Apr 194?
3) Bob. India
4) Jim McIlwaine

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Mrs. Thompson, 38 Willowfield Street, Castlereagh Road
2) These snaps are taken at the side of the house


To my dear friend Lilian, from M. E. Morris, June 12th 1949

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7/3/45  George Wexford 1944, To Lilian with love, George
2) These picture where taken out at the back of Allen Mothers place. You can see here how big the baby is
3) To Mum with love from Albert & Gladys
4) From Bill Portrush August 1946

Chinkie March 1948               Big Betsy Lin              Harry, Edmund & Buddy                                        
                                               August 1946


these 2 photos were in the same frame, there is writing but its pretty blurry

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This is the entrance to the Fort July 5th 1951, The holes are were the soldiers used to shoot from
2) This is me taken where the old guns used to be. 4th July 1951
3) Mother and I taken at the old well they used at the Fort July 4th 1951
4) This is Mother taken at one of the buildings, it was very windy that day. July 5th 1951

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Allen taken at Fort George it is beautiful inside this place. It is in Canada taken 5th July 1951
2) One of the old buildings, it was built in 1870, this is were the soldiers used to eat

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This is Mother, Uncle Bill, Allen, and myself taken at the side of Aunt Ellie house July 3rd 1951
2) Taken 4th July up in Canada at one of the lakes. Mother & Allen, he doesn't like to have a picture taken so we took this one and he didn't know it.
3) This is me, I am all legs in this picture up in Canada July 6th 1951
4) This is Allen and our car taken in Canada 6th July 1951

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J. Gault
2) J. Gault
3) J. Gault
4) Florrie & David

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June 43 this is my home, yes I like it
2) The two with the x (not visible) above there head are Allen two cousins, the one with apron on is Grace, that the one I go around with, she isn't dress on this picture as she was doing cook that day for 17 of us we we. there for dinner, they are sisters (exactly as its written on the back)
3) Jean taken at a Wedding and Maurice 1937. Remember The little Boy is this Dress. Maurice

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12th July 1951 Fleetwood, Some of the boys in camp and me
2) Joe Cummings, Ward 14A, Musgrave Hospital, Balmoral, Belfast
3) This is taken at the other side of the house so you see he has plenty of room to play

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Taken on Banks of Loch Lomond by Malcolm McAllister who made us miss the Steamer, Dunoon, August 1949, Margaret, Vida, Edna, Myself and Charlotte
2) Taken on Banks of Loch Lomond with little Scottish Girl who sold white heather, Dunoon, August 1949 Vida, Edna, and Myself
3) Taken on Steps of Hotel, Dunoon, August 1940 Charlotte, Myself and Margaret at back, Edna and Vida in front

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May 1947
2) this is little Denise
3) This is Denise Edith has her here one Sunday hasn't she got big

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This one is taken at the side of our house
2) This is Allen Grandfather & Baby Allen. They are taken out on the road. May 1947
3) This was taken outside our house
4) Remember what it feels like to light

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This is taken out at back garden of Bill's home in Canada June 1951
2) Allen Aunt the one who looks after the baby at the weekends he sleeps down at his place
3) here is Grace and Denise at Grace Place
4) 180 Holywood Road

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May 1947 for Uncle Sammy
2) To My Aunt Philomena and Kathleen and granny with love from Sammy
3) Florrie & Cousin Molly
4) May 1947

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2) 1950
3) Central Park

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My School Days 1951-52
2) to Mother from Elizabeth & Allen
3) Lillie this is taken 5 minutes from the shop. It was a real warm day

Taken in Ellis' Living Room Niagara Falls August 1957
above is all the photos with any information