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Royal Irish Constabulary List and Directory
July 1914
containing lists of the Constabulary Departments, Dublin Metropolitan Police, Resident Magistrates, Coast Guard, etc.

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1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1939 - 1943 - 1951 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Index - Calendar for July 1914 (with remarkable days, sun rises and sets, moon rises, high water at Dublin) - Returns
Succession of Superintending Officers from 1836

                                                        Inspectors-General (1836) Under 6th Wm. IV., c.13.
          Lieut.-General James Shaw Kennedy, 1836
          Major George Warburton, 1838
          General Sir Duncan McGregor, K.C.B., 1838
          Sir Henry John Brownrigg, C.B., 19 Oct., 1858
          Col. Sir John Stewart Wood, K.C.B., 8th May, 1865
          Lt.-Col. George E. Hillier, C.B., 19th Sept., 1876
          Colonel Robert Bruce, C.B. (unatt.), 12th May, 1882
          Sir Andrew Reed, K.C.B., C.V.O., LL.D., B.L., 21 Sept., 1885
          Colonel Sir Neville F. F. Chamberlain, K.C.B., Civ., C.B., Mil., K.C.V.O., 1st September, 1900


Deputy Inspectors-General

          Major George Warburton, 1836; Colonel Wm. Miller, C.B. and K.H., 1836; Major Priestley, 1836; Major George Browne; Lieut.-Col. Holmes; Henry John Brownrigg, 1838; (W?)  H. W. Thompson, 1848; Francis Percy, 1857; (V.C.) Major Esmonde, 1859; Lieut.-Col. Hillier, 1st Jan., 1860; S. P. Crawford, Jan. 1, 1863; T. M. Brownrigg, 8th May, 1865; John Duncan, 30th July, 1867; J. M. Colegrave, 11th Feb., 1869; Wm. R. Burke, 8th April, 1872; R. F. N. Fanning, Nov. 16, 1876; Wellington Colomb, 16 Oct. 1877; Andrew Reed, 14th Sept., 1882; Geo. E. Newland, 1st Oct., 1882; Frs. N. Cullen, 20th Sept., 1885; E. G. Pennington, 1st Oct., 1888; C. E. A. Cameron, 3rd Oct., 1889; Thos. Whelan, 10th Sept., 1891; T. F. Singleton, 28th June, 1896; S. A. W. Waters, 27th Apr., 1901; Alex. Gambell, 1st April, 1902; S. B. Hamilton, 16th Feb., 1905; William Reeves, 22nd Oct., 1909; Frederic J. Ball, 1 April, 1908; H. A. C. Rogers, 26 Oct., 1909; W. M. Davies, 17th Feb., 1910; W. A. O'Connell, 19th Apr., 1911; E. H. Pearson, 9th Nov., 1911; H. D. Tyacke, 1st July, 1912

R.I. Constabulary Officers Granted Medals

          1. - Chamberlain, Colonel Sir N., K.C.B. Civ., C.B. Mil., K.C.V.O., Inspector-General
               1. Knight Commander of the Bath, Civil, and Companion of the Bath Military
               2. Knight Commander of the Victorian Order
               3. Afghan War Medal, 1878-80 - with Clasps for "Peiwar Kotal" - "Charasiab" - "Kabul" - "Kandahar"
               4. Bronze Star, Kabul to Kandahar March
               5. Indian Frontier Medal - Clasp for "Burmah," 1886-87
               6. South African Medal - with Clasps for "Cape Colony" - "Paardeberg" - Dreifontein" - Johannesburg" - "Diamond Hill"
               7. King Edward the Seventh's Commemoration Medal, 1903
               8. King George the Fifth's Commemoration Medal, 1911

          2. - O'Connell, William Arthur, B.L., D.I.G. - Queen Victoria's Commemoration Medal, 1900, King Edward the Seventh's Commemoration Medal 1903, and King George the Fifth's Commemoration Medal, 1911, and The King's Police Medal, 1909

          3. - Davies, William Moorhouse, A.I.G. - King George the Fifth's Commemoration Medal, 1911

          4. - Pearson, Edward Humble, A.I.G. - King Edward the Seventh's Commemoration Medal, 1903, and King George the Fifth's Commemoration Medal, 1911

          5. Tyacke, Henry D., A.I.G., King Edward the Seventh's Commemoration Medal, 1903, and King George the Fifth's Commemoration Medal, 1911

          6. Gordon, Samuel Thomas, Surgeon - Turco-Servian War Medal, 1876, Zulu War Medal, 1879, Queen Victoria's Commemoration Medal, 1900, King Edward the Seventh's Commemoration Medal, 1903, and King George the Fifth's Commemoration Medal, 1911

          7. - Preston, Elystan G. C., 1st D.I., M.V.O. - Member of the Victoria Order

          8. Shore, Patrick B., 3rd D.I. - Medal and Clasp of the Royal Humane Society

Medal in Commemoration of Queen Victoria's Visit to Ireland, in April, 1900, was also granted to the under mentioned -

          9 - Daly, James V., Veterinary Surgeon;  10 - Power, Pierce C., C.I.;  11 - Gray, Alexander, C.I.;  12 - Mulliner, Ernest W., C.I.;  13 - Roberts, Albert A., C.I.;  14 - Steadman, David A., C.I.;  15 - Hughes, John, C.I.;  16 - Yeldham, Charles C., C.I.;  17 - Maunsell, Robert J., C.I.;  18 - Lowndes, Hugh M., D.I.;  19 - Hildebrand, George L., D.I.;  20 - Wansbrough, Alfred J., D.I.;  21 - O'Shee, J. M. Poer, D.I.;  22 - Potter, Gilbert N., D.I.;  23 - Simey, A. J. D., D.I.;  24 - Marks, John A., D.I.;  25 - Bane, John J.;  26 - McGarry, James E.

Medal in Commemoration of the Visit of King Edward VII. to Ireland in July, 1903, was granted to the under mentioned -

Commissioner of Police, Belfast - Smith, Thomas J.

County Inspectors

          Cary, Edward G.;  Clayton, Edward Miles;  Crane, Hubert William;  Gray, Alexander;  Heard, Wilson H. R.;  Hetreed, William P. C.;  Holmes, J. E. L.;  Howe, Thomas A.;  Hurst, George;  Ireland, F. Crawford-V.;  Irwin, William;  Langhorne, William H.;  Maunsell, Robert J.;  Morell, Henry Brown;  Morrison, Robert D.;  Mulliner, Ernest W.;  Power, Pierce C.;  Ruttledge, Geo. Bedell;  Steadman, David Addie;  Yates, Henry E. W.;  Yeldham, Charles C.;  Daly, James V., Vet. Surg.;  Burgess, John, Surgeon

District Inspectors

          Adderley, Albert W.;  Armstrong, Chas. E.;  Atteridge, William;  Bane, John J.;  Barry, David;  Beirne, Patrick;  Bird, John B.;  Blayney, William;  Britten, Fredk. A.;  Brownrigg, Herbert G.;  Burke, Francis C.;  Carbery, Joseph A.;  Cheeseman, Charles;  Conlin, Bernard;  Dale, J. H. W. L.;  Davis, John H.;  Dobbyn, Alex. M. R.;  Dowling, Thomas;  Fleming, Cyril F., Adjutant;  Gamble, T. E. Galt;  Greer, Hugh C.;  Gregory, Vere R. T.;  Hanna, Samuel;  Heard, George B.;  Hearnden, Arthur C.;  Henderson, Harold E.;  Hodge, Isaac Lang;  Hussey, Wm. H.;  Jones, Hume R.;  Keaveny, Thomas;  Leatham, W. S. B. (i.m.);  Lennon, William S.;  Lilly, Chas. J.;  Lowndes, Thomas F.;  McCoy, John;  McDonagh, Philip;  McGarry, James E.;  McGinley, Wm. J.;  McHugh, Patrick;  McMahon, Patrick;  Marks, John A.;  Maxwell, George;  Mercer, George H., Private Secretary;  Molloy, Michael J.;  Moloney, Harry B.;  Moore, Thomas;  Moore, Wm. Sneyd;  Morant, George A.;  Neylon, Thomas;  Norris, Thomas D.;  O'Hara, Charles H. (Police Instructor);  O'Shee, J. M. Poer;  Patrick, George W. R.;  Preston, E. G. C.;  Price, Ivon H.;  Redmond, W. C. F.;  Richardson, John E. H.;  Richmond, A. H. R.;  Roe, Peter Thomas;  Ross, James;  Rowan, John;  Ryan, Joseph;  Scully, Michael;  Sheehy, Thomas;  Shore, P. B.;  Studdert, John F.;  Taylor, Joseph O.;  Taylour, Herbert F.;  Tyrrell, F. R. St. L.;  Walsh, Andrew;  Woods, William;  Yeates, William

By Command of His Majesty George the Fifth, Police Medals were granted to the under mentioned Officers, on the occasion of his Coronation in June, 1911 :-

County Inspectors

          Carden, Arnold P.;  Cary, Edward G.;  Flower, Robert G. C.;  Gray, Alexander;  Hill, Hugh O'Halloran;  Holmes, Joseph E. L.;  Howe, Thomas A.;  Hurst, George;  Irwin, William;  Millar, William J.;  Morell, Henry B.;  Morrison, Robert D.;  Mulliner, Ernest W.;  Oulton, Courtenay C.;  Power, Pierce C.;  Rainsford, Ross C.;  Smith, Thomas J., Commissioner;  Sullivan, Robert I.;  Supple, Kerry Leyne;  Tweedy, Thomas;  Tyacke, Ernest P.;  Yates, Henry E. W.

District Inspectors

          Bane, John J.;  Cahill, Thomas;  Graves, Arthur J.;  McClelland, Thomas L.;  Macdonald, A. Le C.;  McHugh, Patrick;  Ross, James

Medal in Commemoration of the Visit of King George the Fifth to Ireland in July, 1911
by command of the King a Silver Commemorative Medal was issued to the under mentioned :-

County Inspectors

          Crane, Hubert W.;  Heard, Wilson H. R.;  Hughes, John;  Kelly, O'Neill F., Barrack Master;  Daly, James V., Veterinary Surgeon

District Inspectors

          Baldwin, O. G. de C.;  Burke, Francis C.;  Cary, Henry J. L.;  Cheesman, Charles;  Davis, John H.;  Fleming, Cyril F., Adjutant;  Foley, Gerald R. E.;  Jones, Hume R.;  Leatham, William S. B. (i.m.);  McDonnell, James A.;  Mercer, George H., Private Secretary;  Molloy, Michael J.;  Neylon, Thomas;  Odlum, R. E., Riding Master;  O'Hara, Charles H., Police Instructor;  Potter, Gilbert N.;  Rodwell, G. D'Urban;  Sheahan, Patrick;  Smyth, Frederick J.;  Taylor, Joseph O.;  Tyrrell, F. R. St. Lawrence;  Villar, Robert P.;  Walsh, Charles A.

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